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At No. I West Fourth Street,
l delivered to rabsorlbers la CIMCINNATI, COT.
I&GTON and WBWPOBT.and la surnnuidfngclti,
Village end tWll., at I,,
payabl to th oarrtar. ... .
Unci Ooptss, I cta.l On Month, 40 cU.; Three
Kontba, II 00; One Taar, 91 00.
"Wood's Theater
r 11 ' : ; t ;
Jens A. Ilislkb, J...Jola Laeead.Hnager.
Grand Opening Night of the Season!
Tha Mattaffef host to ftnnonne that thffl favnritci
lace of amusement during vacation ef six week
u undergone a thorough renovation in every part
of tha hulfillng; having been painted, frescoed, orna
mented. Ac. in the moat elegant atvla. making It ous
of tha moat comfortable and home-like place of en
tertainment a,.' resort in the conntry.
for the opening of thin beautiful Templeof Amuse,
luent, Mr. Blister haa effected an engagement
f -. with the celebrated - . 7 v ?
Consisting of sixty performer twelve principal
Artists, and a full and efficient chorus and orcheatra.
The costume and appointments are of tho moat
magnificent style, and made j . ... .
Intact, every Opera will to phetd Upon the etago In
the moat complete and substantial manner, mud
less of expense or labor, ) .
On WEDNESDAY EVUNINQ, August 24, thefol
lowing recognised and brilliant artlata will appear In
Verdi masterpiece, In four acta,
The celebrated Prima Donna;
BItt. O. BBUIQMA, ... ; ,
' : . The eminent Tenon
The famona Baritone:
!' '. ' . ' , 8I- BAWII,
' In the Principal Character!. . . ..
ein or cniBAcnu. .1 .
ylolett Viilery ..... .Slgna. Alalmo,
lora Borvoix, friend of Vloletla. Kig. Ziipuccl,
Alfredo Germont, lover of Vlolelta Big. Hbrigliu,
Qlorglo flermont, hla fiithar ,.......,... ..SIg. tinone.
Doctor drenvllle, a physician M...,..m..Sig. Barill,
Annla, confidante of Violett Hig. Valrlrl.
Gastone, Viscount de IjOterloa,... ,.HIg. Nedlanl.
Baron Duphol. rival of Alfred Aig. Loeatelll.
Marquis d'Aublgnv Big. Billaguer,
Joseph, servant of Vlolatta 8ig. Pernl.
Guests, Friends, OIpsloi, Matadores, Servants, Ac.
Codvctob ........Big. ANOELO TORRIANA.
Btaob ilAH0E,-............. O. BONZ0NK.
y . .
arSeata and tlcketi can be procured on Monday,
August 23, at the Box Office, or at W. O. Paten &
Bona Muito Store.
JVThe Manager of the Parodl Italian Opera
Troupe, respectfully Informa the pnbllo generally
that, In accordance with the desire and tc facilitate
me) wisa 01 men, tae prioes 01 eutuisaioa win oe
So Dress Circle and Paranette only.......... Si
allery .v .... M cents.
And no extra charge for resorted seats.
Can. If. Baii....h. Mauagor.
Haa the honor to annonncs that. In
kcomplianre witn tne aunciiaiion 01
, many 01 tne citizom 01 liinciunaii,
he will, on 3
Thursday Evening, August 25,
Grand Tocah and Instrumental
j .j In which the will be aailatod by
And a full and effoctlro Orcheatra.
I "" '.t 1 !'.J PAST I."S ,
1. Orerturo "Marltana".....
9. Song-"Deareat, 1 think of thee,"....,
. tt . n. uuoaa,,
3. ArU-"Lombardl" .........Verdl
II Rl. Yabian Jahcs.
4. Pot-pourri "The Musical Combat" JIaucr.
0. Bomanza-"Hoberto II Dlarolo" MMo;erbeer,
Haa. Vabiam JiJiKa.
. Dnetto-"! Maanadlcrl".. .......:.....'......... VordI,
Has. Vabiam Jahu axd W. B. CkMKi.
J' 1 l.PABTII,'-i... '
1. Oiortnre-"Martha' Flolow.
3. CTattna-"Btly" ..........Donliottt-
Mu. Vasian Jambs.
3. Romania-"Bnlrlto Oontil"... Donixettl.
. ...! ... W. H.COOKB.
4. Bong'WaaVDaaroat, Wake,". aeaaeataef F. Miller.
.. , , . , Ma. VaaiAN Jxuu.
S. Duetto "Don Paaqualo"....., ....Donliottl.
Site, YasiAM JaHKS axp W. II. Cookb.
6. Orerture "The Fnlat Lake"...,...,.,.......Anber.
, .... , , OBCntBTlA. - .
i. Scenaed ArIa-'Traiata' ...........Verdl,
. . , Mai. Vabian Jauis.
' aVSIgndr ALTT8I will preside at th Piano-forte-'
arnMNAMn at trt commencfl at a o'clock.
AnMiMiov Pamuette Circle, Parquetto and 01'
cod?, so cents; uauery, ducenu. . aiui-u
Thiirsdaye August, 25.
" WaJr Day of the Cincinnati
' "far Trotting. 8weeptakee
for 40O, . Two-mile Iieatt to
Wagoas. ,
A. JbTaaon,..,m.u.w...b.m. Fanny Hope....Wr. Dodge.
Ool. Me0111.......br gr. asnr.....i.Mr. Uorky,
trunbara 4 Higdon....s.ni. Jenuy Dlmmock.
Mr. liihawa..........bl.a.. Mohawk. ........ Owner.
. . Race to Commeaee at Four ' O'clock.
rtaa, in endeavoring 10 supply 10 our aport-ioviu.
cititvu. viiat luoy iiiito ..j ,uu, teit. .110 uovvm. v,,
, and no often expreased an ardent desire for a pleasant
, ,' place of retort, and anagrxeabla drlye on ona own
iDSdrTnnaiveH, aannKeoiiaiea ianenieririMviU'
volvlna a heAW Dhcimlarv outlay, he confidently re
V lies on the patronage and aselatanca of the public to
aid aim in carrying tne enterprise to aaucceeami ier.
. mlnatioo, A a beginning he haa auooeeded In get
. . tine four naaa. well mAtcned. and oarneid hr well.
known citizens, and, from their previous perform
anoss, and the opinion generally expressed,, the
proprietor feela well assured that the Race will prove
worthy of aa opening day and of pnbllo patronage.
T. J. H'l-kPHKNS. Pronrletor.
K. B. Omnlbojee will IntTe from the Gait House,
corner Sixth and Main-street, at two o'clock If. M.,
earrvlna Pa aenaera to and from the Park.
JSTA train will leave the Slxth.aireet depot at 3:30
' P. J. forth grounds. Beturntng, leave the ground
at th clou of tb Kara. Fare for the round tiip
nriv cent, jnenier iana win go up oa tnit train.
OVAdmlssion to all parte c
a oi the
I Course, (1. au22
Bate yon seen th Palace Garden Troupe,
. In their Oomle Pantomime, , ,
: Poll of grand and lofty tumbling,
" Bringing back tb olden time,
T e j ,j
When weird fermi, ef pawing horror, -Scampered
through the midnight air,
Through floor, and clock and celling,
Through tha table, and the choir. .
If not, at Palace Garden,
' Ton can hear "Mcktib" until nlas;
From that time until midnight,
Adsnliilen to Concert and ' Promenade
896 Mala afreet. East side, near Eighth,
The eroorietora reanectAillv be ti Inform their
frlenda and the publW, that the above house la newly
renovated, and fitted np In a superior atylr rur th ao-
"- eommodailonof enett. Hoarder will end every at.
ttntloo paid to their comfort and charge moderate.
y- 'i m- -
raiflK tinifavalvfiAff ta ammmS .a tir AM
JL OpmaotlUoBlioof of tit best quality at short
. - Offlc'tlnJ A B. Bruce' Carriage Bapotltory, cor.
1U a Third uiAWItia. , ...
aVT" BooAag usterlat oonstuUyoa hand, and for
fast. UW-tm) . J.H.JiOBW..
" '""I-',...
VOL. 2. NO. 3.
fi V'i.d,
A. I .K -r,.,,. twMwr ... a . A , . . -. , '
MORNING, , AUGUST ,24, 1859.
News and Gossip.
Hon. A. B. Wright, of Georgia, calls-
party platformi, "political man-trapt." ,
-9 Hon. Amos Kendall waa anvantw v. on
old on tha 16th instant
' '3S0-Hon. Daniel E. Sickles la said to hare
bought a farm near Sobeseotady, New York,
and intends to become a "tiller of the toil."
There are six thousand dentiata now
praotislog In the United States. They cause
an awful sight or atoning during the year.
llS B. Ford, a nriioflehter. in Boston, has
been ordered to leare the State, or pay a line
of twenty dollars and bo imprisoned three
laarGoorsre Anderson, colored, convicted
at Lancaster, Fenn., of an outrage on Mary
ijonneiiy, wuite girl or ten years, nag been
sentenced to the penitentiary for twelve
ears. . .
sarPsris has become trav. estravasraut
and foolish again. The ladies are dashing
out in the finest of dresses, and stocks are
rising at a rapid rate. .
9The widow of General Esrjinasse. of
France, has, pursuant to the wishes of her
deceased husband, enrolled her only son in
uio urai regiment 01 zouaves. ;
S37It is said tbat a erirl in PittaCeld was
struck dumb by ' the firing of a cannon.
oince men a numoer oi marriea men nave
invited the artillery to come and discharsa
their pieces on their premises.
The Connersvllle (Indiana) Timet says
that a Mr. lewis Porter, who lives sear that
town, was caught by tho shirt collar the other
day, by the limb of a tree under which ho waa
riding, and lifted out of his aaddle and nearly
strangled beforo he oould be released.
HfS" Jenny Lind Goldeohmidt la) a member
of the new Episoopal Church of St. John, in
the parish of Putney, London. Tha Bishop of
London recently oonseorated the edifice, and
Mr. Otto Goliischmidt has undertaken to Bot
gratuitously at organist for one year.
Waitisq for DivoRCg. The wife of Sher
man Booth, of Milwaukie, recently tried there
for the seduction of a girl of fifteen, has oom
menoed an notion for divorce. The parties are
on good terms notwithstanding, reside in the
same house, and walk out together arm in
Thk Escaped Califobnia rarso.vtM. The
escape of the prisoners from the California
State Prison is explained. The rascals were
set to work originally to build their own
ceils. Taking a practical view or tne sub
ject, tv.ey varied slightly tho plans of the
aruuiveui, uuu jum iuu Hiuues wim reitirence
to the easiest manner of breaking out; and
for their greater convenience they Duried in
the mortar, drills, bars, chisels', and other
tools. '. .
; Prop. Wisg'sTRANs-CouHTr-NKNTAi.TiiiP.
The Lafayette Conner seems disappointed
with Mr. Wise's balloon voyage, and after
giving an "ccount of it, draws the following
conclusion: "The fact is, that tho terial Bhip
Jupiter is about as well adapted to the navi
gation of the tipper current, as Mr. Wise is
adapted to preach the gospel." '
9Tho editor of a Bouthern Ohio paper, in
taking leave of bis readers last week, says :
To my friends, those who have treated me
with docenoy and respeot, I return my thanks;
and to my enemies, if I have any, I ask no fa
vors of you. The man who would be the ene
my of an honest editor is a poor pusillanimous
oreature, and we drop him,
FRov. Henrv Ward Beecher says of tho
"items column" in the newspapers, that it
"is worth more than all the small-fry of cor
respondents, with an editor thrown in to
bootl : Like a caravan, it stretches along its
columns, with packages and parcels, spices
and gems, bits of fragrance or cunningly
wrought metals, gathered from the Orient,
and from the whole world besides."
S" Among the dispossessed orowned heads
who soliolt reinstatement at the hands of for
eign powers, a new claimant has started hit
grievances in the person of Gustavns Vasa.now
in Vienna, who, on the death of King Oscar,
(Bernadotte) elalms to ascend the Swedish
throne of his anoestors. Be has notified his
claim to the Courts of Berlin, Petersburg, Lon
don and Copenhagen.
Song PABK.-Pbcentx Park is one of the
great boasts of Dublin. It contains 1,750
acres, and ig nearly seven miles in circumfer
ence. It is olaitned to be one of the largest
and finest in the British Empire. It is well
planted with trees, though there are open plaoes
where grand military reviews are held, k
number of fine residences are in the Park,
among them that of the Lord Lieutenant of
Ireland. : . '. v ; ' . , , ; j'.. ,
The Narragatuct Weekly records the
death of Susannah Harvey, aged one hundred
vears, six months, and twenty-seven days.
Iler husband was in the War of the Revolution,
and she had long been in the receipt of a pen
sion from the Government Her funeral ser
mon was preached by the Rev. Elihu Cheese
borough, of StonlogtoB, who is in the ninety
first year of his age. ' It was not one of the
modern brief discourse!, bat a regular old
fashioned sermon, a fall hour In length.
fS A wedding took place at Brown's Ho
ln Washington, on Monday last. The
groom was a wealthy widower, with six chil
dren, and the bride a pretty Miss of romantlo
eighteen, who baa just completed a term as
governess In the bouse of the groom, aud wag
ob her way to join her relatives In the Green
Mountain country in eompany with him. On
reaching Washington, they oonoluded to got
married. As tbey arrived on Saturday night
late, no license oould be obtained until Mon
day, when the legal forma were applied to the
. Ejuhilih's G ravi. Thursday last, tie
granite base, to Buppnrt the marble slab ever
the remains of Benjamin and Deborah Frank
lin, at Philadelphia, was placed In position. It
is an Immense blook, being six feet ten Inches
long, and four feet ten inohes wide, and three
feet deep, and rests upon a fonndatlon of ma
sonry. The top is ohiseled out to admit the
slab, whleh was removed yesterday to bave the
lettering recut and the sides dressed. It con
tains simply "Benjamin and Deborah Frank
lin, mo." i
The TJrbana (Ohio) OUisen, speaking of
Robert MoFarland, Esq., of that city, now in
hit seventy-fifth year, says he has lived there
fifty four years, and is a model man. ' He was
in Urbana before any house was built j made
the first bridle ever made in Springfield; never
gave a note or went security j never paid In
terest; never sued any person, or waa aued; he
never ohewed tobacoo or smoked a oigar; he
never drank a dram of whisky In his life, aid
he was the first elass-Ieader in Urbana. Ha
preached from appointments one year in ad
vancesixteen timet at Robinson's, in Harri
son Townahlp, and hat another appointment
there a year ahead. t ... .. , i
Hobmsm DaATp of a Bov. A ton of Mr.
David Nelson, of Spencer, N'T., aged sine
years, on the 6th inst., while driving a cow,
in childish sport took hold of her tail. By
some means nil hand became fast in the long
hair, when the animal took fright and ran,
dragging the ohild alter her ovor'fences,
through brush, and into the creek, when the
agonised father succeeded in extricating his
boy. The lad, mangled and bruised shock
ingly, was brought home senseless, and so
remained till the 14th lntt., when he expired.
"'l'iliit..::Ji.i.;i;i:i r
TThe Buffalo ttepMh relates the follow
instance of senaibility on the part of a boarding-school
Miss i :
A young lady living not overa dozen leagues
from Buffalo, when at home, but being edu
cated at a fashionable seminary east of ns,
last ween received a letter from Her mother
with the usual marks of mourning upon it
black, edged and sealed with black. She was
almost overcome, and fainted twice before she
could summon courage to diapel the fearful
suspense that waa brooding over her. Finally
she opened it, and therein written was the in
formation that ber brother a young man
about eighteen, bad died suddenly from an
attack of oholera-morbus she sunk down in
flood of tears, while her fair companions
grouped around, sadly endeavored to console
her, bat in vain. "Poor follow," said she,
with a succession of sobs, "my brother my
dear and blessed brother ob," said she, for
the first time raising her head since the sad
news arrived addressing the weeping and
sympathising girls around her "to think how
unfortunate and his mersohaum just begin
ning to oolor so beautifully 1" There wag no
consolation for such poignant woe as this, and
the girls left her alone to her sobs and the
teudor reoolleotion of her dear and only
brother, and this scarcely tinted tobacco
JfcSA very reprehensible praottoe prevails
among some of the banking-houses in this city
and elsewhere. We mean the stamping
the same and business of the firm on banknotes
which pass through their hands. A moment's
consideration wil 1 show the danger
the credit of houses indulging in the praotice,
and we wish to suggest that auoh bankera
may render themselves liable for ooun erfait
notes, by the imitation ef their stamp by
ooanterfeiters. The stamp is a simple stencil,
hastily marked on the note in such a way that
it would be perfeotly easy to imitate it so sue
esssfully that no witness before a jury eonld
tell the difference between it and the genuine.
We do not 'think thata prudent banker will
imagine that the notoriety given to his name
and business in this manner, should weigh
an instant against the risk which he ia oer
tainly running in placing such a stamp npon
aback note. Independent of this, It is a re
prehensible practioe, beoause it defaces the
note, whioh ahould not be done. Philadtlphia
Evening BuUttin. ,.
Coptino Dagubrreotyprs. Daguerreotypes
may be copied by the electrotype process
the following manner:
A portion of the back of the daguerreotype
is cieanea oy scraping it, or oy ape
single drop of nitric aoid, which is tehn to
wiped off; a littlo chloride of zinc is now
be put on tho clean spot, and a small peice
tain pewrer soiaor. a tnicxmn copper wiro,
having one end flattened, is now planed
the flamo of a candle or lump, and being
brought in contact with the picture, the heat
is to do continued until tho solder runs. The
back of the daguerrootpo may now
coated with wax, and may then be placed
the bath to receive the deposit of copper.
The electrotype produced m this manner
will be found easily separable from the pic
ture, and it is slightly gilt in order to protect
it from oxidation. ,
Writing from the country this week
and trying to oonsole the poor editors who
cannot get away to enjoy its pleasures. ITenrv
Ward Beeoher says: "Perhaps it may be
some comtort to you to know tbat birds
nearly through their song seaBon. It is only
in maidenhood and marriage that thev sing.
Like many another pretty oreature upon whose
musical education great paint nave been be
stowed, birds, alter they go to housekeeping,
ana nave onimren to onng up, torget to play
much, and quite forgot ail their aooompllsh
nients. The dear little sparrow the song-
sparrow ia an exception. This little homely
bird sings right through tbe year, in the green
leai, yeuow leai, ana sear leaj."
Whitb Fbost is Ddo Days. We learn that
this very unusual atmospherical visitation oc
ourred last night upon the Iowor grounds
many localities in ainerent amotions. Among
other placet beard from, at Ashland, Mass.,
and Somersworth, N. H.. the platforms around
the depots were observed to be covered with
thick collection of hoar frost, and spots of
were plainly visible od most of the lines
railroads at the North. It was thought, how
ever, that little damage was done to crops,
witn tne exception oi some or tne latest sown
vegetables, whioh were of oourse "ninned
the bud" sufficiently to oause them to wilt
nnder the succeeding sunshine. The frost
was, most fortunately, not powerful enough
anect tne corn crop. Uotton Jratucripl, Wed
netday. SThere is a very pretty quarrel just now
between ' Monseisaeur Pinsinnarlt. Roman
Catholio Bishop of Sandwich, Canada West,
and his flock. Be Is aocused of hatred to
Irish forming the great mass of his congrega
tion, of having used deception to induce
rope to onange tne seat of tbe diooeee from
London to Sandwich, and of having swindled
the church and appropriated money belonging
to it. lo these charges tbe liisbop replies;
with regard to tbe peottniary aoeueation,
shows that the diooese Is in debt to him
3,318, a deficit aeeumulated ia three yean,
He donounoes his flock for refusing to pay
forced contribution levied at the doors of
ohurch, and threatens to excommunicate
offenders." - -
AcofpBRT To Ait ACTRtas. Adah llsaaos
Menken wm severely Injured on the 4th Inst.,
on the Shell Road, New Orle ans. It appears
that Adah is the owner of a very fine horse,
whioh she has had in training for the last five
year, iie is a spirited animal, mil of Are,
and fond of leaping a live barred gate.
tbe oooaslon referred to, Adah was exercising
him, as she was wont to do nearly every day,
and, in attempting to take him over the toll
gate, he baulked, shied, and suddenly threw
his rider some twenty feet, severely injuring
ner tor in time being. : '.
' DtAins or Methodist Cikocyusn. The
Baltimore OhrMan Advocate announces
death, on the 13th inst., of the Rev. James
Stevens, at Williamsburg, Blair County,
Penn. Ho .was a member of the Baltimore
Annual Conference for many years, but
the last few years a superannuate. In the
short space of a few weeks six ministers bave
died Smith, Cadden and Brown from
East Baltimore Conference, and McGee, Ste
vens and Eakin from the Baltimore Confer
Clcanino Bill. The following Is said to
an excellent reolpe for oleaning silks: Part
three Irish potatoes into thin slioet, and wash
them well. Pour on them a half-plot of boil
ing water! and let it stand till oold; strain
Water and add to it an equal quantity of alco
bob Sponge the silk on the right tidt, and
when half dry, Iron it on the wrong side. The
most aencate coiorea tug may be oieansea
this . process, which it equally applicable
oloth, velvet or orape. :
-ear ' '"
AitiBiGAK Hoaass in Euslahd. A letter da
ted London, August 5. taysi . '
' Mr. Ten Broeck, who netted about $200,000
last week at Good wood, , yesterday carried
the Queen's gold eup at Brighton, with
horse "Olympat.'.'.Tbe "oup" is ahandredsov
erelgns in tpteie, ($400,) with $25 added
every throo-jtar-old entered, and the stakes
were, therefore, worth taking . 1 - t j
a . i.K,t ;..
The Killed and Wounded.
The following is said to be an authentic
statement of the killed and wounded on both
sides during the recent war in Italy:
At Montehalln Allloa 7 (inn a:n
killed and wounded. Austrians, 18,000 cn-
iged: 1,150 killed and wounded, and 150
At Palestro Allies, 21,000 engaged, 1,400
killed and wounded. Austrians, 24,000 en
gaged. 2.100 killed and nnnnilml ain ni.
aners, and six pieces of cannon.
At magenta and Turbigo French 65,000
otigaged, 4,500 killed and wounded, 200 pris
oners, aud one ennnon. Austrians, 73,000
engaged, 13,000 killed and wounded. 7,000
nr iann nra an A Ann sinnnn
ft flit gkvtgya tTgirl
BOO killed and wounded. Austrians. 18.000
ignged, 1,400 killed aud wounded. 000 m-ia-
At Solferino Allies, 145,000 oneaged,
I.S0O hillaH on,) or.n ..:?'
AtHtriflnH. 17A flnil Anframwl 41 iirti. l.,M1AJ
J va(J)Bj. 4 A ,VlV AVlllUU
and wounded, 7,000 prisoners and thirty can
It lfl f.htlfl flftATt llln rTia total Isio . 1..'MnJ
-wm whhv aw IVUUI IUOO 114 JhJIACU
and wounded of the Allies was 24,350, and of
iaeAusinans 38,ool, making a difference
afrainatthA Atiar.i.ianinf 11 inn TV, M...kn.
O .,vvv .US UUU1UCI
of French taken prisoners was only 300,
wiiue me Auairians lost I4,guu. Tne b rench
took forty pieces of cannon, and tho Austrians
uuijr V1AU
An American Eagle for the Emperor of
A Richmond correspondent of tha Patara.
burg Exprtu says:
The Virginia Central brought down on its
train of yesterday afternoon a rare bird of
the eagle species. At the invitation of a
friend I visited this natural curiosity to-day.
it is oi enormous aizo, resembles tho common
grey eagle ao frequently caught in Virginia,
but is bicip'toua or doublo-headed and in
this its peculiarity consists. The two heads
are clearly defined, and seem to be perfect
in ell respects. It receives its food with the
same facility in either beak, and apparently
hears and sees alike through all ita eyes and
ears. It was captured when a mere fledgling,
near Luray, Page County, by Mr. Joannes
Schwartzberger, and has been carefully nur
tured and fed by himself and family ever
sinoe. Mr. 8. has disposed of this curious
bird to the Austrian Consul at New York,
who intends presenting it to tho Emperor
Francis Joseph. A more appropriate present
could not be made his Royal Highness, and
he will, doubtloss, prizo it highly. The
national emblem of his vast empire you
will recollect is a double-headed eagle, but
we will venture the assertion that this is the
first live specimen ever Been. It goes to New
York this afternoon by the Adams' Express,
and will be sent out thence by one of the
eorly out-going steamers.
American Seamen in France.
By a curious eoincidence.the same mail which
brought us the news of Mr. Monokten Milnas'
motion lathe House of Commons for an addrea
to tht English Government on the subject of
maureatment oi American seamen by American
captains in English ports, brings also to the
Courrier rf.w talt Unit a copy of the Conrriir
ile la Girond, which relates an instance of sav
age eruelty on board of an American vessol at
Bordeaux, In France. The Amorican shin
Abby Blancliard bos recently been burnt at
that port. During the fire something like a
mutiny broke out on board, in the course of
whioh " tbe captain broke tbe riba of one sailor
with a bar or iron, while the mate struck
another sailor with an ax and cut off the toes
of his right foot." A French fireman, who re
monstrated against these brutal acts, waa also
attacked by these ruffians, but, thanks to his
eonrngo ana strength, saved nunsolf, and con
tributcd to their immediate arrest. The ulti
mate shame and harden of tuah infamous acts
aa this must fall. M Wn ho.VA ulramle .Vinain
on the ship owners and merobants who oommit
their vessels and property to the charge of vile
and incompetent persons, without one thought
of their own heavy responsibility for tbe treat
ment of American sailors, and for the honor of
tne American flag iVeio York Timet.
The King of Prussia.
As her relations with Austria and Germany
grow daily more and more complicated, Prus
sia begins to find it important to put the su
preme authority of the State npon some basis
more durable and solid than a Regency. . Al
most the whole royal family of Prussia, or at
least tne Brothers and sisters of. King Frederick
William iv, erenow assembled at Jim to con
sult nnon the disnnaal nf lha nrnwn. Tha P.m.
press Dowager of Russia, the Grand Dachets of
Meeklenburg, the Princess Frederio of the
Netherlands the Prinoe Regent, and tht Prinoe
Cbarles or rrussia, made up tbe family party.
Tbe King's Physicians declare that though His
Majesty looks stouter and better than before
his journey to Italy, his malady has made ter
rible progress. Paralysis of several limbs ia
constantly looked for, and the celebrated oc
ulist, Dr. Graefe, has announced that there is
reason to fear that the King will shortly become
quit blind. It is a question, therefore, if im
mediate aianifioanse in the aspect of European
affairs, whether the Sovereignty of Prussia
shall pass at once into the keeping ef the
Prince Regent, or be transferred from bim to
bis son Frederiok William, the aon-in-law of
New York Times.
. JSS" A few days sinoe a shocking accident
occurred to George Campbell, at Twelve Poll,
above Ceredo, on the Ohio River. He was en
gaged about a powerful threshing machine.
The looie part or his overalls oanght in the
clevis pin of the joint oa tbe tumbling shaft,
and in a second clutched tbe olotb npon the re
volving shaft in such a manner as to draw bim
around with it ' Tbe shaft- makes sixty to
eighty revolutiont a minute, and, though tbe
machine was stopped as soon as possible, poor
campoeii was snociingiy bruised. . Botn legs
wore broken, bis skull split open, and bis fiesh
torn and mangled. At the first tarn of the
shaft alter be was caught, be must have re
ceived his death wounds.
A Goldxk Wedding. The event hinted at
in tbe Courier of Saturday, came off at the
iioweu island iiouse on eaturuay evening,
It was the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs,
Joel Adams, recently of this city, but now of
Chelmsford. Mr. Adams is the President of
the Prescott Bank of this city, and nearly
seventy-six years of age; Mrs. Adams is
seventy-tbreo. upon tuis occasion Mrs. Ad
cms wore the tamo white satin skirtin which
she appeared at the , original wedding. She
was dressed as a youtntui bndo, witn dou
quets, Ao. About seventy-five persons were
present at the anniversary, and successively
congratulated the couple. Lowell Courier.
Cbockitt's Loo Cabik Oa the Mobile and
Ohio Railroad, not far. from Jackson, In Ten
nessee, says an exobange paper, still stands the
humble log cabin, eighteen by twenty feet In
site, built and oocupiod while he lived in the
district by tbe far-famed David Crookott- Its
logs are fast decaying, and desolation surrounds
it, bat so traveller passes It without an eager
deaire to look upon the bumble roof that shel
tered one ef th truest representatives of the
American pioneer oharsoter a here and an
honest man. : Near It it a railroad station called
Crockett's Station; around It, perhaps, will rite
a town to bear and perpetuate a name at ftmil
lay to hit country men at that of Jaokapn'. h,-
-! "''" J '.' 'I .'M ;.V-id--w j -id
s,ul. -.ii
American Presidents and Vice Presidents.
dents, -j- .
This is an important list for reference, t
1. President ..Wajhiugton..,....VlrgiDia.
Vice President. Adams Massachusetts.
2. Prvtlilent Washington.... Virginia.'
Ice Preeldeut.AilHiiii Mauachuavtts.
3. President Ailanis............MHasachnselt.
Vice President JeHeraou... ..Virginia.
4. President li noraon......i Virginia.
Vice Presideut.Burr ...,.New York.
fi. ITeiiidiMit .Jefferson Virginia.
Vice l'reldent.()llnton.......NBW York.
. frosl.lont Mudieon Virginia.
Vice Prealdnt.i:ilnion.. New York.
T. Pri-ailuui AlailiiKn............Virglnla.
Vice Preeident.Oerry Maswhusetts.
8. Preaideut Monroe, Vlrginiu.
Vice Preeideut.Tompkina Nrw York.
9. Preiiileut.......Miuroa......Virglnli,
Vice Hri.aldeiit.Tomnkina Niw Vnrlr '
10. President J.6. Aduuia Massachusetts.
Men I'ro-ldi nt. alli.nin M Honth Carolina:
11. President Jackson ....n........Tennreete.
Vice President.' ialhouu....... South Carolina.
12. Pre-lduut.. Inckann .....Tpnn.aaee.
Vice Pre.ldeut.Vun Bilren Nnw York.
13. President ..Van Huron New York.
vice rremeut.JoHDou... Kontuckr. ..,
14. President Hnrrison (lui'th).Ohio.
Vice Preideut.Tvler................Virgiol.
13. PreaidflUt........Tyler........ Virginia.
Is. President I'olk. ........TeimemM-e. '
Vice Hrt,sidMDt.Diftllni Pnnn.vlrt.nl..
IT. Pri'aidout Taylor (I year) Louisiana.
VH- rrosldont HHmore.........NfW York.
IB. Presi'ont PiUnmre... NewVork.
19. PreaHnnt Pierre ........N. Hampshire,
Vice Prmidt;iiL.kiiii Alabama.
20. President.... Buchanan ....Pennsylvania.
vice rreeiuuui.ui-oi'Kunriage....tkcutUCBy. . ,
The Story of Quaker Dissensions.
An old correspondent, of Quaker descent,
writes to tbe New York Pott : "'
Much gratuitous sympathy, methlnki, is ef
late manifested by the press at the new divis
ion said to bave lately taken piece in the
Society of Friends, or Quakers. The division
created by the Hicksite, or Unitarian aohiam,
did not take place at all .In the New England
yearly meeting; and although the. hat been
tome secession from the Society,, there baa
been no division seriously toaffeot the two main
bodies Unitarian and Orthodox.' The Wil
borite secession was at first from tht New Eng
land yearly meeting not from any disagree
ment in dootrine, but only ia discipline. It is
these secoders small as they are in numbers
that have again divided, ahd it does cot at all
affect tbe main body of Orthodox Friends,
from whom they, as they themselves confess,
"came out." Iam told by a New York Quaker
who attended the Orthodox yearly meetings at
New York and Newport, that there was great
Christian love and unity In both, particularly
in the New England meeting, where the will
and conceits and wisdom of tbe creature bowed
to the spirit of that Gospel, so divinely taught
by Its great Author in tbe beginning, before its
simplicity was obscured by the forms and oere
raonics ef man's invention.
A Timely Suggestion.
A Southern journalist, who was once em
ployed in the arduous duties of taking the
cenBUfl, to avoid many of the inconveniences
attending npon that duty,' makes the follow
ing timely suggestions for I860;
Now, what we suggest is, that each farmer
this full, as he gathers his crops, shall keep
something liko an accurate account of the
quantity and value of the samej and, if he
will take the trouble to make out a statement
of the names and ogee of his family; the
number of acres of land, cleared and tim
bered; the number and ages of his servants:
the number and value of his horses and
mules; the number of bales of cotton, bar
rels ol corn, bushels of wheat, oats, rye, bar
ley, potatoes, Ac, and the value of each, and
leave it in some place where any member of
the family who may boat home when the
Deputy Marshal shall call, can readily get
hold of it, it will save time to all concerned,
and very greatly assist to make the census
returns perfect, complete and satisfactory.
A Finr Party. reople poured, in. Tho
rooms began to swarm. Tnero was a warm
odor of kid gloves, scent bags and heliotrope.
There was aa incessant fluttering of fans and
bobbing of heads. One hundred gentlemen
said, "ifov? warm it is!" One hundred ladies
of the highest fashion answered, "Very."
Fifty young rrei who all wore coats, collars
and waistcoats that seemed to have been
made in the lump, and all after tho same
pattern, stood speechless about the rooms,
wondering what under heaven to do with
their hands.' Fifty older married men, who
had solved that problem, folded their hands
behind their backs, aud . beamed vaguely
about, nodding their heads whenever thoy
recognized any other head, and saying, "Good
evening," ana then after a little more beam
ing, "How are yer?" Waiters pushed about
with trays covered with little glasses of lem
onade and port-sangaree, which offered favor
able openings to the unemployed young men
and the married gentlemen, who- crowded
along with a glass in each hand, frightening
all the ladicB, and begging everybody's par
don. ...
Happiness op CHatRBK. Children may
teach as one blessed, one enviable art tbt art
of being easily happy. Kind nature has given
to them that useful power of aocomroodotlon to
oironmatanoes which compensates for many
external disadvantages, and it is only by inju
dicious management that it ia lost. Give him
but a moderate portion of food and kindness,
and the peasant's ohild Is happier that the
auB.e s; tree rrom artinoiti wants, unsauatea ny
Indulgence, all nature ministers to his pleasure;
he oan carve out felicity from a bit of hasel
twig, or fish for it successfully in a puddle.' I
lore to hear tht boisterous joy of a troop of
ragged urohins, whose cheap playthings are
nothing more than mad, snow, sticks, or oyster
shells; or to watch the quiet enjoyment of a
half-clothed, half-washed fellow of four or fire
years old, who sits, with a large, rusty knife
and a lump of bread and baoon, at bis father's
door, and might move tbe envy of an alder
man.r Sam Slick, , ' ' ' ' ' ' " :
' Sax Suck Vron His Lioa. The London
AVwtsays: ',' ' ' '''",'"'-i'.u '
Judge Halibar ton has made his maiden
speech. When he arose the House: was
hushed in silence in a moment, but, hit speech
was not a success, and it is clear cow that
Mr. Haliburton, racy writer as he is, Is no
orator.- The characteristic of Mr. Halibur
ton' works ia rollicking fun and humor, but
there was nothing of this sort in hit speech.
It was just such a speech as any country
gentleman might have made. The appear
ance of Mr. Haliburton is that of a sturdy
old gentleman farmer, utterly unlike what
from reading his works you would imagine
him to be. He is, according to Don, only
sixty-three years old, but ha looks older.
We should, from his appearance, take him to
be at least soventy. ' ' "'.
, "j3TAn exchange gives the following ns
the origin of the use of the- thistle at the
national emblem of Scotland: ,
' When : the Danes from England invaded
Scotland, they availed themselves of the
pitch darkness of night to attack the Scottish
forces unawares. On approaching the Scot
tish cam pi unobserved, and marching bare
footed, to prevent their tramp being heard,
one of the -Danet trod upon a large prickly
thistle, and the sharp cry of pain which he
instinctively uttered, suddenly apprised the
Scots of their danger, who Immediately ran
to their arms and defeated the foe with Croat
slaughter.) The , thistle was .thenceforward
adopted i Ue aaUonaMnsigUia of Scotland,
'"v .j-. sl-trr-',-aMer-
is" HT . I I t ,1 J 2!
Advertlaementa nntnYrauTlnr fl Mtiaaf AJ . bF- I '
One Inaortluu. ..........b tt
On w'k do
two ( . . I SO
On tnntith , .,.. , ,., f flf
Larger advertisement Inaerted at th follewln
ratwi, ftif eiiwv yt too Uneef leea v. , , r.
One lnertlob.'.;.....'..V....'.: LLJjJlLLZjM M " '
xamn auriuivuai liueruon..
On week.
One month....
1 fA
"""""""""" """,",""r" "BllfMtlt" J JjjJ
Book Binding ,
: ' Between Maln'and Sycamdii t ' '
EtT-Re-llnrllng In every style. Mnslc Books neat
ly aud durably bound. C CHOPPER, . - "
, iy-e ,
1 P. B. CLOOtf & CO. wYSi
Cincinnati Bakery and Flour Store
Ho.' 31, Coram4 of Bream ore ana) Frost 1.
Pilot sud Loaf Ih-d,l,&aton,fiueiu-, Pic -nroC ll
Water and Butter Crackers. Also, all grades of I .
PLODS at Wholesale and Retail. jeJO-amt
Manchester Building,
8. W. corner Third and Sycamore sts.,
jyl ' Q1HC1MHAT1. OHIO. ' .
Madison House,
MAIN STREET, "i-... ,.
Ft P. CAI1ILL, Proprietor.,
th cititens of Cincinnati tbat be ha onened
an office at No. 1211 West Sixth street, for the troat
generally. Consultation free.
womce aoun, IV w I, sum w I. " ' i.-.ii
; WSrUeeUlence, 23 West Fourth street. JetO-cost 4
(At the old stand of Pullan, Batfluld ft BrowtU .
,: Mo. a WB8T glCObD ST.,
lessPB nTLtAR, forruerly of Pullan, BatBeid A Brown
a.S,tULLA. B30, BATVIILl. T.a.BBOWB. .a.BK18!Hfif .. (
No. S8 Columbia (or Second) street, i
aMT BeSnsd Sugar tat Blrups always on band. : ,r :
mrti-AO .
; ... 8H1NQLKB, ETC, ETO.,
371 Plant Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. '
.:,' '.. JyaS-CCfl" .,
F. M. MOORE, : 1
' : onrontiiAn, ohio. L: " l.i
Orders prouptlr attended to. .' ' i BIT.:,'
ATT0RNE7-AT-LAW, and Commissioner,
for Ohio and other States. Office, Sooth-ea.it
corner Fifth slid VsoiaoB-atreets, Covington, Kenn
tucky. ault-am
..'n., P. ,ELlA8,i
v ! Now .i Wholeaale
16 West 1 Fourth Street j
Where can be had every article appertaining to the
Business at a much lesa arioe, fox CASH, tbaa
hat ever before been offered In this market.
And ee for yourselves. ' '" " kpU"
., ". i ., JEWELER, . ,
No. MX N. B. Cor. Firth and Lodge itreets, betwe'
Walnut and Vine, Cincinnati. tL, i
A good assortment of SILVER and PLATED WABX
HPEOTACLS, etc., kevt oonatautly oa hand. ,
Special attention given to Cleaning and Bepalrlng
Watohee and Jewfllrv. ' "J mvio
BEGGS A SMITH, No. 6 Wert 4th Sti
their large assortment of Watch, Jewelrr,
Bilverwar and Diamonds. i t -j i,s; ;u t,i
A One assortment ef Plated Tea Bets and bufW
And Opera Gleesa. '. .,;., tit
; watch mak;er and jewkler'.
No. 336 Filth Street, ' 1 ""
' Au. work 'warranted. to perforsa wolf,. If t)ot,,ne
ohargo. ,
Watoh -'I - ,-elry sold cheap. vje344s(
' D. DE FORE3T, '" ' '
" Book Binder and Paper Ruler;
Third story Times Building, will de all work In hi
line with neatness and dispatch. jyaa-ly
B jr T I'ST,
OlUce, No'." 84, Seventh-street,
..aim -i.. 1 THIBD BOOB WB8T Of VIKB, -.
J. TAPT..iwjgi.
' (Successor to Enowlton A Tart.)
No. Sti West Fourth St., bet. Walaat V Vine.
!,"m, CINCINNATI,' OHI O.hb : .
i S.L, BAMLIH. '..,T,y , e, . B. a. ttnrf.
' Drs. HAMLEN i A sSMITHp! ,
X E! N T IS T ,
' No.' 3 Wp'4 Ph" '
'178 ' ' i a.1 ...i .-,;..-. - -
,, dr.; &. waedle, ;
..' ., Office No. 138 West Fourth ftrept, , ,
H : R W I M S LO W P
tj)j.-wtrs T w wjwsbbj-w WW I .-s.'
. 1v2a.em - ChMRfSSAtY.
s. ITIIiDlt A LV;.;u;
DR. J. WILSON'S Office, 69 Wtti Fonrth
street, where he may b consnltad dally for ell
Female Complaints, Inflammation .of th Oervlsv
Prolayau Utvrea, til displacements of the Womb.
Spinal and Cerebral aneetwns, and otb.r ortaniodla
hum comiaoD to females. Th Doctor's long tip
rience aud recent decnrry In the tnatniMt ef tha
above diseases, oan not fail to give entire atluMtion.
The Doctor Is agent foraGuropeanFemaleraohthlr
Pill; price gl and twoatanwa.., , i aol8-3m
- B,, 'S." NEWTON tlf Dt k
bBoo, 80 Wait SwTontll ttnet, '
o M-iJ UrWIIll TIRI A0 jUOB. ,v:.r0 '
O. E. NEWTON.' Mi f D.
Ornca-Ke. M West ftevtatn ttnet, ttmiwi Vlns)
end Hac. aasioaiwa-lio, M Sev.aU street, b-.,
tween W'"nt and Vu. Otrtos Uotoash-Mi It tw '
JP. W.i i.VMS.f4 left ,,M ,-,..7.

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