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It printed tad published dtlr, (Bandars excepted,) by
At NoVUWeiC Poitti Street,
ul delivered to subscribers Id CINCINNATI, OOV
INOTON and NBWPOBT.and in surrounding cities,
snrebl to the carrier.
Single Oopfee, t cti.; One Month, 40 cts.; Ton
riontbj, ft Mi Om Tear, ft M.
"Wood's Theater
John A. Klmui, J. ...Sole Liases andJManager.
(Third night or Farodl's celebrated
JvA i i -..'
CoNlilll-rua .'.
,u. Burrows,
FBI DAY EVENING, August M, will be presented
' iuu miu iruptiinr uuiivu
'' ' ' '' -; Ili TROVATORE. ' " '! 'H .V
Leonora.................. -....Signs. ATjAIMO,
Azncen Slgua. T. PAKOLI.
Inee.......... Six. Zapucci.
(Jnnte dl tiinau .............., ...... Sig. Onone.
Maurico ........81a-. Sbrlglia.
f eruKDUu...... h.h......m...i M Olg. nnrill,
Rues ... .........Big. Nedienl,
Old Qlpauy ......... Big. Locatolli,
Frieuds of the Count, Meii-nuArmi, Gipsies, La'
dies, Jtc. Epoch of tbe MCtiou, H(W,
lSTBoi: Sheet now onen. '.
MFTicketsaiul jjeats may bcieciired at the Theater,
or at W. C. Peters A 8od' Uunio Store.
sHB-Tho Manager of the Perodi Italian Opera
Tninpa, respectfully informa the public generally
that, in acconlanco with the desire and to facilitate
i lie wish oi mmiy, me prices oi aanussion will be
To Droaa Circle and Farquette enly $1
Gallery OOceute.
And no extra charge lor reaorved seats.
WDoors open at 1H o'clock; Upera commences at
8 precisely.
r. ;
? IITi
(Consisting of live large departments.)
. r , . WILL OPEN IN '
riKE's opera-house,
On Thursday, September 1.
M. l'AHliD to receive artlc'ea fur Exhibition; Hioy
will be on baud daily, from 9 to 104 A. M., to localo
space until Snturday,27thlnt., after which time ihoy
will be present during the whole day until the open
ing of the Kxhlbition. All parlies intending to
depdsit articles, aro rouuestod to presont ihem as
early aa possible, in order to proton t dolny la the
For further information, apply to the Clerk of the
Institute. By order of the Committee.
auM-c , JOHN It, H KICK, Clerk.
; Have you seen the Palace Garden Troupe,
In their Comic Pantomime, ,
Full of grand and lofty tumbling,
Bringing back the olden time,
' When weird forms, of passing horror, .' '. 1
. Scampered through the midnight air, -
Through floors, and clocks ana ceiling,
Through the table, and the chair.
a If not, at Palace Garden, . , '. ' ;
You can hear "IIikteb" until Dine;
From that time until midnight,
Song, Dance and Pantomime.
Admission to Courert nnil Promenade,
Only Ten f'rnt.
FOB 830.
raon WT0a.
glnacow, Thomson, Wednesday, A ng. 24. at 11 noon
ilnbarah,0nmniing..Wedneada7, June 1, "
Jlnesow, Tboraeoji...... " Jnlylt, " .
Edinburgh, Gumming.. ' " July 27, "
ibom aiaaoow.
Eillnbn rah, Ouramlng...Ratnrday, Mar 7.
dilnsaow. Thomson. ..Wednesday. July 2
dluburgh, Gumming... " July 2,
Bates of Passage from New York, Philadelphia or
Boston, to Glaegnw. Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin or
an abundance of properly-oooked provisions, t)30.
An experienced Surgeon attached to each steamer.
No charge for medicines.
For Freight or Passnge, apply to "
P3 BOBKKT 0KAIG. IT Broadway.
i V'
Map, Book, and Print-Seller and Stationer,
Hue removed his business to tlio more spacious
and convenient premises, , , . .
(North side, near Main-street,)
Where be will he pleuaed to see his old friends and
cutooiera. au!7
At the Old Established Stand,
stock of Bousehola nd Office Furniture, both
new and second Imnd, consisting of floe bedsteads,
sofas and parlor chairs, Brussels and ingrain carpets,
ill-:loth, cutlery, etc. A line assortment of coun
ters, shelving, office desks and stools, etc. Also, a
stock of Billiard tables, pianos, extra marble-top
conn lets and tables on band and for sale lew.
mi-am . WM. CABTBii, Proprietor.
is St. Charles street, New Orleans, La.,
Importers aro nil Suortlng Apparsitas
will ' AND OtAUBs'lkT OCR POWOtB. " w "
Ofllce hours from
A.1I., 1 to 3, and 7 to 9, P. II.
and Boiler Iron, Plow Slabs, Bailnmd Spikes,
aw.. Aw,aawiur unaioui iruDKiu otarnaiis.
o. 18 last Second Street, Cincinnati,
sMTAU kinds Iron mads to order.
Pure, Still & Sparkling Wines,
;'":. i ; JAMESE8ilELBY. ,
Has removtd tils WIN! CELLAR to No. 16 RAM
BOND 8TRKICT ebore Third street. . fyl4
FQB SALE at the , .
uio gixip. AGENCY, OOO i
""! .;. HWmlouiw-itutr,"
A fine 'Assortment of beat Quality of LINKN
auU-awt J.H.JOUVET.Agent.
M. Step-Stones, gtreet-croasinga and Building pur
poses generally, and is oheaper than the Dayton
atone. ,
Call and examine for yourselves, at No. 3U West
ern Bow, between N intu and Blehmvnd.
auT-atn . B. SMITH, Agent.
coMrosmoN roofing, i i
THE undersigned ll prepared to put ba l
Composition Hoof of tie beat quality at short
otlee. ....
Office In J a B. Brace's Carriage Bopoaltorr, cor
ner juinj.Dii vine.
' Booing uiaterul constantly on kand, and for
. Oy27-3m)
j. in. nu.
J. Jt BCTLER'g .-,
MkBnAictory, 3ft Vina m. '"m
VUL. 2. NO. 5.-
AJXJ Villi Villi 1, .
News and Gossip.
JThe Hon. Cave Johnson has resigned
the Presidency of the Bank of Tennosseo. ,
7fS Mr. Frederick Douglass is making ar
rangements for a visit to Great Britain, lie ia
to sail about the beginning of September.
& A lady oat West is charged with "put
ting on tin," beoaaso she refused to go to a
una uareiooi. ,
An exchange intimates that Blond in
will cross the river at Niagara, this week, oar
rying with him a eook stove and utensils, and
win, wnen in me center or ms rope, make om
elets for the passongers of the Maid of the Mut,
Lieutooant M. F. Maurr;' of tho Na.
tional Observatory, Washington, has aeoepted
the invitation to deliver the annual address
at the State Fair at Nashville, Tenn., on Oe-
looor 11.
pgf They have a queer way of doing some
things in Texas. At tho Galveston Theater,
1.1. i i . . ,. .. .
nnu mure iionesiy man aeuoacy, tne Hunch
back has been announced on tho bills with
"'Julia' by Mrs. Henrv her flrat annaaranflA
siuoo nor connnemenc.
-j i. " ..." "
Air UNOBllOlia SNiPPRR. The Bnadinv
(Penn.) (jazettc saya that a snapping turtle,
the largest over caught in Berks County,
weighing twenty-two pounds, and "able to
crawl with a man on his back," was secured a
tew aays ago in tut vicinity of Kutztown.
Travilino. Eenrr Ward Beecher savs.
"Traveling is verv mnoh like eatirnr orahi
You have muoh shell, many claws and little
meat. But to read of travels is to have your
orabs served up to you without trouble of open
ing or exiraouog. t , ; . , , , , .
The self-propellins steam 'fire-entrines
ueeu in iv ew i oral aoes not seem to be in muoh
favor. The Journal of Commerce says it has
been found that the larger self-propelling en
gine will not operate reliably at fires, and it is
now, therefore, comparatively out of use. A
smaller one Is on trial.
Novil Mods or Maimno, A lettor was
yesterday received at the General Land Office.
from Lafayette, Indiana, whioh, beside having
ms usual postmark on the envelope, bad also
written on it "ma balloon Jupiter."' It is sup-
Euocu mis leuer was inciosea wun tne mail
ag which was dropped by Mr. Wise from bis
oauoon aurmg nis reoent asoension. ;.
&A foot-race between two persons adver
tises as "Oliver dacksoD. the American Deer."
and "North Star, of Massachusotw," for a
purse of $200, took place at the Union Raoe
oourse, in Rochester, on the l'Jth inst. "North
Star" came in ten or fifteen foet ahead, amid
tne cneers oi me spectators. The lime made
was thirty-seven miuutes five miles.
The Wab ok tub Womkh Tho vonnu wife
of the Prince Napoleon is a genuine Sardinian,
She does not like the manner in whioh the war
with Austria has been concluded and her father
humbugged. The London f.'ourt Journal,
through its Paris correspondent tells us that
there have been sorious feuds between the Em.
press Eugenie and the Princess Clothilde, Vic
tor ximmanuei s aaugnter. . ;
S3 Tho Washington S'laki say that "the
health of Secretary Floyd is muoh improved,
and that in a very short time he will resume
his dutios nt the War Department. There is
no probability of bis retirement from the Cab
inet, and it is doubtful whether Mr. Buchanan
would accept his resignation, even if Governor
Floyd was to press it strongly upon him. Mr.
Buchanan dosires no change in his Cabinet
during the remainder of his Presidential
Whbrkabouts of Frbmont The California
papers report that Colonel Fremont's family
and household are encamped upon the top of
Mount Bullion, two thousand feet above Bear
Valley, and about four thousand five hundred
feet above tide-water. The atmosphere at this
point is very comfortable during the hottest
season. The spring at which they are en
camped is the resort of grizzlies, and a dispute
regarding the water privileges is quite likely
to arise during tho season, , , , ,
Messrs. Wish and Ould. Those two gentle-,
men, who exchanged' a couple of harmless
shots at each other, in the'icinity of Wash
ington, on Saturday, have, it is stated, through
mutual friends, honorably adjusted their diffi
culty. The friends of the parties are engaged
in preparing the correspondence for publica
tion. The meeting was eocastoned, it is al
leged, by oharges of "untruth" in the Rich
mond Enipiirer, in response to striotures in the
Richmond Examiner upon the Donnelly letter
of Governor Wise.
Sad Akpaib. A sad affair reoent ly took
place in Pittsford, Monroe County, N. Y. A
father left his son of seven years in a wagon
while he wont into a grocery to procure his boy
something to eat. The hejrse became fright
ened, and the boy, seizing one of the lines,
drew the horse into the canal. The father at
once plunged into the water to rescue his boy,
but his feet were so caught in the wagon that
he was unable to move, and he saw his boy
sink before his eyes, crying upon him for help.
The father barely escaped death himself, and
was resoued with difficulty.
General Houston's Position. During the
late Gubernatorial canvass in Texas, the lion.
Sam Houston delivered a speech at Nacog
doches, whioh is reported and published' in
full in the papers. Ia it ho distinctly defined
himself to be a Democrat, abjured his Know
Nothingism, denounced Soward and the Re
publicans, supported Buchanan and opposed
"popular sovereignty," tho African slave
trado, Lecompton and the llre-cating Demo
cratic Conventions of tho South. If ho bo
regarded as a caudidato for the Presidency
it must be against Douglas.
How to Say Ojjk's Beads. An aristocratic
marriage was colokrated a few days since in
Paris, one of tho parties to which was no
less distinguished for her piety than for hor
beauty. Among the ninny rich gifts which
the bride hud ollercd lor her acceptance on
the Toyful occasion, was a rosary, the beads
of which were, diamonds! .. During the fine
music which formed a part of tho nuptial
ceremony, the lady said her rosary with cdi-:
fying devotion, and, utter receiving with her
spouse the benediction, placed tho rosnry
itself in the liana of the priest as hor oiler-'
ing for tho poor of the parish. ; j
. General jACKSors. Gold Enw-Bo.x. The
gold snuff-box designed by General Andrew
Jackson to be presented to the American sol
dier who should acquit himself with most
valor in the late War between the United
States and Mexico, and which, it will be re
membered, was some time since awarded to
General Ward B. Burnottrof New York, was
formally presented at the City Hall, Nash
ville, Tenn., on Wednesday last. Andrew
Jackson, jr., being absent, the presentation
was mode by Dr. John M. Lawrence, of the
Hermitage District, and was received by the
Hon. Gideon J. Pillow, as the representative
of General Burnett
Whv Amrbiuak, NgwsrAPKBs Do Not Pun
i.isb Births.-"-A peculiarity, not so much of
American newspapers as of American soci
ety, i that while marriages and deaths are
invariably announced ' in their journals,
births are excluded.' On asking for an ex
planation, the answer of one person was, that
there was no reason except ancient custom;
while a second informant explained that it
was considered indelicate to parado such
matters before the public; but hows birth
could be more indeltoate than
Dr. Mackey's Life
Dr. Mackey's Life and Liberty in America.
[Special Correspondence of the Penny Press.]
Letter from the "Far West."
or the PbkssI Your correspondent has
uoou uiu&ing sucn rapiu peregrinations through
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, that you
need not expect anything but a rambling let
ter. One can scarce imagine the importance
and progress of some of the beautiful and
tnnving oities in Wisconsin, and three days in
iuauison, me capital, convinced me that some
thing oould be "did," even in this Far West,
ine magnificent structure, where. I am told
10 muoh iniquity has beet nemetrated tth
oapital), is of . beautiful marble, in the center of
ei.gani para, neatly lata out. Xheiron work,
an trie immense oolumns, were oast in Cinoin
no u, una ianaea in tne park, without a re
shipment a temporary rail betas laid for that
purpose. This is poetloally called the City of
mo ruur liaaes, ana is one or the prettiest
places in the country; from thence we took a
trip to Janesville, another oity of from six to
seven thousand inhabitants; this is pleasantly
located on Rook River, with slendld water
power. It boasts of one of the finest hotels in
the country, the Hyatt House now nnder
tne management or the original propietor, A.
Hyatt Smith, Esq., one of the "Salts of the
Earth." There aro two doily papers published
uers, uum uoing a gooa paying business. -Watertown
next claimed our attention a
town ot about three thousand its ohief in
habitants being of rather a "too-tonio" extras
tion; we counted no Issathan twentv-twn laser.
beor establishments in this plaoe. We took a
delightful ride into the surrounding eountry;
caught some beautiful piokerel weighing from
two and a half to three pounds each these we
wok to tne nouse ot a triend and had a glori
ous dinner thereof. Hero wefound a fine chess
player, Rov. Dr. Russ, with whom we spent
uiuc piunaani aours. vve leu our reverend
friend with letters of introduction to another
divine living in the loveliest spot on earth
Oconomowoo there we spent a week fishing,
hunting and enjoying ourselves generally;, here
we wore also "laid up," "took down," "noil
comnus menitu; '.' bnt really we do not resret our
sicaness, tor we tound so many true, warm
hearted friends that we feel fully recompensed.
Guess if we ever return to that spot we'll be
sick again, if only to meet with those kind
hearts who administered to our every want.
iiere roBiues one oi tne onampions ot oness in
Wisconsin, Rev. L. W. Davis, a Cinoinnatian.
filayed thirteon games in all, the score stand
ing: four for Cincinnati, five for Ooonomowoo,
and four drawn games. We left Ooonomowoo
with muoh reluotance and dropped anohor at
jutiwaukie on Friday, toe lutn.
Tne JNowball Houio is, and has been, pro
nonnoed tbo house of the West i it it really i
model hotel. We hare never been in its supe
rior, both for oomfort and attention. From the
beautiful City of Brick, (well-named, for the
poople generally are "real brioks,) we stopped
to take tea with that "dnok of a man," as the
ladies call him, John Drake, of the Tremont
John says that the greatest affair of the season
will be the United States hair, to be held at
Ubioago next month; full particulars we will
Hive in our next letter. Dan Boss, Agent of
tne rutsourg and f ort Wayne and Chicago
Railroad, called with a splendid span of horses
and took us out to the ground. There is
already forty acres inolosed, and numerous
fine water-proof buildings are rapidly being
completed; a fine race track is laid out, and as
this is a United States Fair, we anticipate
souietuing out oi ms common line. Air. Harry
Sullivan has been playing here the past week
io miseranie nouses, jncu xuton, Mr. and Mrs,
Leighton, Miss Woodbury, and quite a number
of Cincinnati favorites are at MoVioker's
ir-The force employed in the English dock'
yards is 16,334, and in the steam factories eon-
neotod with the Navy Department, 2,361, and
the yearly expenditure for marine engines is
nearly 600,000. In 1868, according to the
report of the Surveyor of the Navy. Ensrland
naa z iine-oi-battle ships (screw steamers), 11
in course oi preparation, ana iu more build
ing; black ships 9, and frigates 34, with the
addition ot corvettes, gun-boats (102), troop
ship, &a. The whole navy oomnrised 484
steamships and vessels, carrying 8,246 guns,
with a nominal horse power of 105,962, and a
tunnage of 457,881. To this it may be added
that according to the same report, England
possessed in 1858, 35 sailing line-of-battle
ships, frigates, and about 190 sailing vessels of
smaller dimensions. Of these line-of-battle
ships, 6 are forthwith to be converted into
screw vessels. There are in the merchant ser
vice of England, at the present time, 24,40s
registered tailing vessels, and 1,813 steamers;
of the former 763, and of the latter 118, are
above 800 tons burden. All these, of course,
would to some extent be serviceable to tho gov
ernment in oase of war.
Thi Washington Defalcation. It is now
said that if any moneys have beoa misapplied
by the person recently arrested upon the order
of the Secretary of the Treasury, the loss will
fall upon Major Bowman, U.S. A., who is
Superintending Engineer of Construction for
the Treasury Department. In that capacity he
disburses moneys, for the security of which he
furnishes adequate bonds. Subordinate to
him in tho praotical exeoution of this respon
sible trust was Major French, his olassmate at
Went Point, but who, after graduation, was
engaged as Civil Engineer in several important
railroad enterprises of the country. It is sup
posed that the amount ot default will turn out
to be small, the voucher rendered said to be
a duplionto of one already paid being for
some $1,200 only. ' As Major French is a man
of considerable property, that, of oourse, will
be applicable to satiety any lossos that may
have arisen from improper transactions, whether
through mistake or design . Washington Statu j
Auijuit 23.
Lightning Shootinu Ovr a Gun. The San
Antonio Hirald says: About two weeks ago,
three gontlomen, living on the Hondo, went
nut hunting horses. Their names were Joseph
McMaster and two brothers by the name of
McConibs. When about fifteen miles from
borne, and all of them equated down, watching
mustangs, a flash of lightning struck them,
setting fire to the clothing of one of them and
hooting off one of their guns. The lightning
stuuned tho whole of them severely, so that it
is not known how long they remained insensi
ble. When the two MoConibs came to their
senses, MoMaster was - so badly .burnt that
they left him for dead, and went home for
relief. Tho neighbors wont for McMaster next
morning, and found him still alive, but hor
ribly burnt. He was taken home and lived
some twelve days, when he expired.
fw!H. C. King, foreman in the com posi
tion room of the New Orleans Oreiceut oilice,
was examined .in that city, on Saturday,
August 13, on a charge of mudcr, and in
dicted for manslaughter., During a meeting
of the New Orleans Typographical Union, on
tho 3d of July, Arthur McGill, assistant fore
man, and the accused had an ' altercation,
during which McGill was stabbed . by King
in the back, which resulted in the death of
McG. The dying declaration of MoGill was
not allowed tobeusoTin evidence, bnt the
testimony of several witnesses " wont to Ax
the act upon the Accused, and he was fully-
ooiutniueci to take; nit trial tor manslaughter.
tJ! I!:Iu?ATRD ootrstpondent 0f
the Berkshire, Mass., Courier, in giving an ae-
oount of the drowning or two of the daugthert
ot Mr. George Lemiit, formerly of Boston, at
Sheffield, Mass., states as a remarkable foot
that nine of Mr. Lemltt'e kindred have been
drowned. '1 His father and mother war lost in
The Mormon and Methodist on the
"No Pay" to
"Pay as You Go" Principle.
Horsoe Greeley, when at Salt Lake, cross
questioned Brigham Young, closely, about his
iaith and bis Drastics as a Mormon. Tk. ...
Ply of Brigham, ss to the compensation of
Mormon ministers, might be instructive to the
' no pay.no preset" class of message bearers
in this part of thi country. Brighan Young
says: "All our ministers live by the labor of
their own hands, like the first Apostles. Every
Bishop, every Elder may be daily seen at work
in tbo field or the shop, like his neighbors:
every minister sf the eburch has his proper
calling by whioh he earns the bread of his fam
ily) ho who oan sot or will not do the ehuroh's
work for nothing, Is not wanted in her service.
I am the only person in the churoh who has
not a regular calling apart from the ohuroh's
service, and I never received one farthing from
her treasury. We think a man who ean not
make bis living aside from the ministry of
Christ unsulteilto the office. I am called rioh,
and .consider myself worth $250,000; but no
dollar of it was ever paid me by the churoh, or
for any servioe is a Minister of the everlasting
Gospel." .
The Young Mkthodist Ministkb anu Ilia
Father. Edward, if you must bo a Meth
odist parson, ba a high-minded one; don't
sjxmge. .
Edward What do you mean, fathor?
Father Meanl Why, jou know what I
mean. Pay your way.
E. But St. Paul says, (1 Timothy, v. 18,)
speaking of the ministry, "Thou shall not
muzzle the ox that treadeth out the eurn."
And, the laborer it worthy of his reward.
Do not all denominations act upon the prin
ciple that "they who preach the gospel
should live of the gospel?" Did not tho Sa
vior, in sending out the soventv li
give tho following instruction: "And in the
same house remain, eating- and drinking
such things as they givo; for the laboror is
worthy of his hire." (Lukox, 7.) Moreover
ministers are forbidden to entttnglo them
selves wun -me aimirs ot tnis iiio."
F. Well, well, my boy, you are lcsrnins
to quote scripture, at any rate. I am pleased
to see that. But other ministers don'ttmnnpn
as Methodists do.
E. Because the Church does not rani!
them to travel so much. 1
F. Yes, year but I have known ministers
to travel extensively, and yet refuse to look
tne nospiiatity ot their brcthrou.
E. Ay, but . the church cave tllem muni
salaries, but w Methodist Ministers get but
one hundred dollars a yoar. But what am I
to do? I am called to appointments whoro
there aro no taverns.
f .Then, stop at tho nearest.
E. But my means would soon '! r.
hausted. , . .
F.--Then, cease until you cnu recruit.
E. After all, father, whence vour avnr.
sion to this arrangement?
F. Why ask such a question? Does not
your own sense of propriety answer it? In
trude upon people, and not ashamed? '
E. They don't considor it intrusion, but
accommodation. When I brine a minister
home, you seem to bo deliehtcd. nnrl nnvinn.
to rendur him happy; now, judge other peo
pie by yourself. ,
F Well, but promise me you'll do the
best you can to avoid intrusion.
Certainly. .
Greeley and Brigham Young.
The TWiimccontainB nn interesting Recount
of a conversation between Horace Grooley
and Brigham Young, in tho parlor of the lat
ter at Great Salt Lake City. Wo extract a
portion: ;
H. G. What do vou sav of the an-nnllo.!
Dauites, or DestroYine Anpols. linl.mmn,
your Church? . "
B. Y. What do you say? I know of no,
such band, no such persons or organization.
x uKur mi mem oniy in ina Slanders of our
enemies. , : ,
H. G. With rerun! . then, to Ihn 'mi
question on which your doctrine and prac
tice are avowedly at war with those of the
christian world that of a plurality of wives
is the system of your Church acceptable to
the majority of its women?
B. Y. They could not be more averse to
it than I was when it was first revealed in
as the Divine will. I think they generally
accept it, as I do, as the will of God.
H. G. How general is Dolvtramv
you? . , . '
B. Y. I could not say. Some of those
present (heads of the Church) hove each but
one wife; others have more. Each deter
mines wliat is his individual duty.
II. G. What is the largest number of
wives belonging to any one man?
B. Y. I have fifteen; I know of no one
who has more; hut some of those sealed to
me are old Indies, whom I regard rather as
mothers than wives, but whom I havo taken
home to cherish and support.
: H. G. loes not the Apostlo Paul say that
a bishop should be "the husband of one
B. Y. So we hold. Wa do rmt, wobtH
but a married man as fitted for the office of
bishop. Bnt tho Apostle docs not forbid a
bishop having inoro wives than one.
H. G. Does not Chriut say that he who
puts away his wife, or marries one whom
another has put away, commits adultery?
B. Y. Yes; and I hold that no man should
ever put awny his wife oxcept for adultery
notalwayB even for that. Such ia Mii,.t;
vidual viow of the matter. I do not sav that
wives have never been put away in our
Church, but that I do not approve of tho
Mrs. Partington Pleased.
The old lady thus speaks of. the success of
her now volume, in the EoBton Gaiettc:
"I'm shore I'm cratoful for
said Mrs. Partington, when assured of the
success of hor book; "I've always observed
that a book soils in icst the nrorjortinn thot
thero't people to buy it; and though this of
lu.Mu ..ju m uv on ui miaul ue a gas meteor,
ui w vuiuiuiuuuo us ijjo norunem lights, it
seems to please people full as well as a book
ofiermons or a quarter dictionary. Well,
j. i uiwuja giau wnen people ieei nappy, be
caase I know they are enjoying thomsolvos."
"Po you know," queried old Rodger, "why
your book is like the corner of Washington
and School-streets," "I don't," said she.
A. ? 1 1 1.. it- ? 1 fTT1 ... '
iriugvwy uva io iuiuk. wny, said no,
"it is because a great manvneonle an huv it."
She smiled at what was reallv a verv n
joke, and Ike laughed outright as the old
isay, in ner agitation, gave turn a new dime,
instead of a penny, for which he had been
teasing her.
Death' op Childm" in New Yobi. The
New York Exprttt, Sligo:
There must be something "rotten in Dan.
mark," when, out of seven hundred deaths in
this elty, last week, upward of Jive hundred
were nnder ten years of age. Swill milk. nn.
ripe or rotten fruit, bad nursing, and the foil
atmosphere of the filthy "tenant houses," are
doubtless the teeds of this harvest of death .
Tfc seams not at all tmM)t,ll. .l. .1. i
I of tae Croton water it the cause of it.
f Along the liae of the Lacrosse Read,
few miles above Horloon, says the Milwaukee
Afoot, is a signboard, on which is painted in
large letters, so plain that "he who rant may
(read:" "At both of are to d f coop, don't
rm ever my cattle, H. H. Eliiis." 1
A Mission Man and False Spirits.
The Montpelier (Vermont) i'miimn tells the
following story : .
On Friday afternoon, August 5, Mr. Thomas
Corr, while working with others at bsying,
near Berlii Pond, suddenly disappeared from
the hay-field. Not returning at night, fears
were entertained for bis safety, and a search
was soon instituted by bit friends and neigh
bors, which was kept up for teveral of the suo
eeeding days. The waten skirting the thores
of the pond were critically examined and ex
plored, the adjacent woods and mountains were
thoroughly tooured, but still no trace of the
missing man could be found. At longth epirit
power was invoked, and a professed spirit
medium revealed that he had drowned himself
in the pond; and tbo very spot whore he en
tered, as well as the place where he finally sank
to rise no more were described - and pointed
out with a minuteness not to be questioned.
An important link, however, to the full con
firmation of the revalation was wanting, In the
nondisoovery of the body at the plaoe speci
fied. But it was alleged that the spirit me
dium was exhausted and needed rest ; and the
people wero assured that if they would wait
until Sunday morning, (Augutt 14) at half past
eight o'clook, they should, unless the body pre
viously rose to tho surface, bo directed to the
exaot tpot whore it lay. Accordingly, arrange
ments were made lor dragging the pond, and
on Sunday morning, before the hour appointed,
quite a orowd of people had assembled tt tho
drowning-place, to aid in the reoovery of the
body. The joy and astonishment of tho mul
titude aa they were Informed that Mr. Carr,
alive and in his proper person, had, tome fif
teen minutes previously, returned alone from
the mountain, and was then In the house near
bj oan be better imagined than described.
Mr. Carr is a man some fifty yoars of age, and
has previously sometimes imagined that people
wished to kill him, and that he must flee from
them. It would, therefore, seem that in one
of these abberations of mind he strayed off to
the mountains, where he had remained, sub
sisting on berries, and, it may be, tho milk of
cows in the adjaoent pastures, until some par
tial ray of returning reason Induced him to
come back to his friends. His appearance on
his return was pale, haggard, and oaroworn.
He could give no connooted account of him
self or his wanderings, but says he has been
absent only one day and night, tnstoad of nine
days, and that be twice picked and ate berries
when hungry.
Murder and Lynching in Texas.
A correspondent of the Galveston ' Sect,
witting from Corsicana, Texas, July 20, says:
A negro man belonging to a Mr. Blantou,
of Kllis County, was hung at Dresden, in
this county, more than a week since, by the
concurrence of a large number of citizens.
His master, I understand, was promised the
compensation which tho State nllows. The
negro was hung for the murder of a young
man by the name of English, on his way to
Fort Worth, the place of his residence. . it
took place nn Saturday, evening as tho negro
wim going from his home to the house of his
wife. English was a stranger, and tho only
motive tho negro had for the horrid act was
robbery. Ho obtained but a few dollars.
The body of English was buried in a small
hole, and was accidentally discovered nearly
a weok after the murder, and for some days
no clue could be obtained to lead to the per
petrator, although the most rigid efforts wore
made. Finally, some clothing belonging to
the murdered man; found in possession of
the negro, unraveled . the mystery. The
negro confcsied to tho whole transaction;
said he had accomplices, but would not re
veal them, and died, as ha had lived, a most
hardened and abandoned wretch. To attract
buzzards from the body' a hoTse was killed
near the place. , It is believed he had no ac
complice; that the work was entirely his
own. He said he gave the man a blow, as
he passed him in the road, and then stran
gled him with bis. hands. Mr. English was
a smuu man, nineteen or twenty years old;
and tho negro very large and athletic. ".
Why American Railroad do not Pay.
Dr. Mack&y, in his new book, "Life and
Liberty in America," gives the following rea
son why American railroads do not pay:
Anothor, and very important reason why
Amoriean railroads do not pay, notwithstanding
their cheapness of construction, is not suffi
ciently known in Englsnd to the capitalists
who have advanced their money to make them;
It is, that there appears to be no sufficient, or
any efficient; check upon the accounts. The
stations, or stopping-places, are not walled In
us with us; the taking of a tiokct is not imper
ative upon the traveler, though ho who enters
a train without a ticket has to pay ten per
cent, excess to the conductor. The great fim't,
is toat there is no check upon the oonduotur.
ne travels with the train all the way, collects the
tickets and the money, and if he be dishonest,can
put intoh is own pockets all the cash that has
come into his hands. Aoondnotorof this kind
was threatened with dismissal by the directors of
a line. "You aro foolish to dismiss me," he re
pliod. "I have got my gold watch, my chain,
my diamond pin, and my fair lady. If you
turn me away, the next man will have to get
theso things at your expense. Potter let me
"He is Only a Printer."
Tho following tribute to the noble preserva
tive art we find in a ootemporary, and we com
mend its strong contrast to the intelligent
"He is only a printer." Suoh wat the sneer
ing remark of a leader in the circle of aristoc
racythe codfish quality. Who wot the Earl
of Stanhope? lie was only a printer. What
is Prince Ircderiok William, just married to
the Princess Royal of England? Ho, too, was
a printer. Who was William Caxton, one of
the fathers of literature? He wot only a
printer. Who were G. P. Morris, N.P. Willit,
J. Gules, C. Kiohardson, J. Harper, Horace
Greeley, Bayard Taylor, Charles Diokcns,
Tliiors, Jerrold, George Prentice and Senators
Dix, Cameron and Niles?. They, too, were
printers. What was Benjamin Franklin? He,
alio, was a printer. And last, though not
least, who is James Buchanan, who oooupies
the most enviable position on earth? Only a
printer. Every one oan not be a printer
brain t aro neoetsary, . , i ...,
The Oldest Ship.
The bark Maria arrived at thit port last
evening, from a three years' cruise in the Inr
dian Ooean. She was built at the town of
Pembroke, now oalled Hanson, for a privateer
during the Hnvnlnflnn.m W. 6l.
o - - -. . j a,, uuQ waa
bought by William Rotch, a merchant of Nan-
... .1. .A 1 - . . 1 , ... .
'""""i iwiwni oi mis city, in tne year
1783. and In the anma ah- m.U .
to London with a eargo of oil. Her register is
dated A. D. 1782, and she it consequently in
her seventy-seventh yeBr. She claims to be
the first tbip that displayed the United States
flag in a British port after the Revolutionary
War. which flair is now In liii.. .knv.
in thredl. Her model la of .M I...V
ttruction, tumbling home, or rounding very
ui .up biuob, nuu sno is, consequently,
verv Bum. nn ri.-lr I- mmv.,i. i A .
. . . .. r.uIut uu ty uvr size'
two hundred and two tuns. It It' said that
tbsre standi to her oredit over $200,000; and
from, (he earliest history of thit thip she has
never been anv exnansa hvln. (n.n.jA ti.
except Once, and that to a very tmsll amount'
tio Bedford 8ktnclatxt,llt. f;fi; ,t .t
Term Cftih
Advertisements not sxoeadlng svt Unas (AgataT
OB Inmrtlnn , , .mm... " M
Two"'' -"l,Z!,.,l.,-r?,-.-i, mm!" ' " ' mm," AD
One month I St
Larger advertisements Inserted at the folk) win
rates, for square often linen or least
SOB timrtlnn , , , , f g
ach additional Insertion.. .... a
One ,i,,, .iijn A ,,-r -i i it I, v. ri a in 1 75
Two ui.ii.n.i.1 .!,!.,!,. n, -,sna
One month.
Book Binding
Between Wain and Sycamore,
.. " . . CINCINNATI.. ...
t?yBe.blndlng In every style. Unsfc Books neat,
ly sud durably bound. C. CBOPf IB.
P. B. CLOON & CO.,
Cincinnati Bakery and Flour Store
So. 31, Corner pf Sycamore and Front its. (,
Pilot and Loaf Bread, Soda, Boston, Buffar.Plo-nic.
Water and Butter Crackers. Also, alt grades Of
riiOUB at Wholesale and Retail. jeW-amt
Manchester Building. .
M. W. corner Third and Sycamore ste
Madison House,
1.1 ii i a civs v ik...i.s..
rs r. iiiuiiiiic i rvjirivivr
the citizens of Cincinnati that ba has OBened
an office at No. 121 West Sixth street, for the treat-
generally. Consultation ire. i ...
sMTOffice hours, 10 to 12 and 1 to 4.
WliesldeDce, 233 West fourth street. ' Je1tea
(At the old stand of Pullan, Hatfield & Brown,)
Mo, ft WEST SKOOND ST., , ,
cisonntATr. '
joe ars mm, formerly of Pullan, Hatfield A Brow
wn.e.wiMJAKaOM.. r23-AOW
a. l. ruitUiM. aso.nATniLa. .b.biow, a-ianram
and uum rot
Ne. 65 Columbia (or Second) street. ,
Htr Kenned Sugars and Sirups always on hand. .'
torlt-AO .. ..
371 Plum Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Orders promptly attended to.
ATTORNEY-AT-LAW; and Commissioner i:
for Ohio and other States. Ofllce, South-east
roruer Fifth and Uadison-.trects, Covington, Sen.
lucky. aul-am
, .' Now ' Wloleal' ,; ' ' '
16 West Fourth Street,
Where can bo had every article appertaining to toe
Business at a much lean price, for CASH, thai -has
ever before been offered in this market. . ..
And see for yourselves. . . apU
No. Cor. fifth and Lodge streets, betwe .
Walnut and Vine, Cincinnati. '
A good assortment of Si I V Ell and PLATED WABJL. :
BPKCTACLS, etc., kept constantly on hand.
Special attention given to Cleaning and pal ring ,
Watches and Jewelry. myll
' I
BEGGS db SMITH, No. 6 West 4th St.
lame assortment of Watches, Jewelry,
Silverware and Diamonds.
A line assortment of Plated Tea Sets and Cutlery' '
and Opera O lassos. XSH
No. 336 FUth Street,
osi nooa wist or flcm.
All work warranted to perform well, If aot, ne
Watch elrj sold cheap. JeM-bf '
Book Binder and Paper Ruler,
Third story Times Building, will do all work In hi
line with neatness and dispatch. , jyaMy
X E3 N T I T '
OUice, No. 84, Se vent h-streetr
an!8-amt " CINCINNATI.
. (Sncoestor to Knowlton s Taft.)
No. 96 West Fourth St., bet, Walnut tc Tine.
s. u hamus. ' m. niTw.
Ko.3 West VtT.T.tU.-
Offloe No. 138 West Fourth street, : 1
H . S. Wl NSLOW,
Jy29-cm Oisoiiouri. ;
DR. J. WILSON'S Office, 58 West Foorl.
street, where he may be consulted dally for all
Female Complaints, Inflammation of the Orvbh.
Prolapsus JJterea, all displacements of the WomoT
spinal and Oerobral affections, and other oraaniodis-.
eases common to females. The Doctor's long expe-
rience and recent dlHcovery In the treatment of the
stove diseases, can not fall to giva entire aatll (actios.
ThA llnntnr lai tiers. it (r. a ITiinHti I'an.i. ..iti
;. R. 8. NEWTON, M .
Office, 80 ' Weit Sereath Street, '
...I. SlTWWTIXslAgSBAei.- , ,
O. E. NEWTON. M. '
.C"-Ne. to treat BeTMtl street, betweraThS

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