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WANTS," "FOB bam," "id It?,"
"ODND,"4o.ita ttmolunm, occupying le n
or leas, two Insertions, twenty-live cents.
West Sixth-street.'''-,
at , o.Mvnwl Par. ADDlV 10 J.
BrFALUDU, Omnibus ManMiftory, Bank-street.,,..
active boy or girl to attend a store: on that
can epeas- Herman preferred. Ininiroat No.SU iim
tiut. Two rooms for rent at the" same place.
, , . lan'fl-trj -.
famllv, l.jr a young man of good moral cnsr.
ooter. West End preferred. Address H tuls omct,
wriKftin Tr TPAnK One btndred
W and slat acres of Land W Wft'. -'"'A".
nnex-Ifwl lease or dw.llli.s-bouse la the city. AC-
dress C, ibrongb thli office ;
BOABDIKG Two gentlemen desiring a
plotuant plare to board. In a private famil t
would do will to rail at o. io7 Longworib.sma.fc
between Kim and Pl'im. Terms mndorate. an27-b
Third-street, for sight or ten days, a skillful
and active Journeyman carpenter. buM-d
WANTED TO RENT A homo of font
r Are rooma by prompt paving tenan t: will
l.l It fnr turn or three vsare if I' suits Would like
to take possession by the Ut of September.
B. II. W., this office. ,
Add rem
lady desires boarding in a Srl
h.n. f hm n no other hoarder!. . References
men, srw 110 hiuvi iwmn.- . - .
Addrau Postofflce Box 142, with n1? ."i1"
WAN TED 8ITUATI0N As po.'ter In a
store, carriage trlmm ng or finishing. Beit
of city reference given. Address D. Jattbla office.
. au-dJ
lir A N T K D An sxnerienoed SO AP
WW BOILEB. Apply to Proctor ft Gamble, No.
ANTED Fifteen good CAP MAKERS,
immediately, at 264 Mein-etreot. ...
... auM-c'TuWeFrSa
"E10R SALE PIANO An elegant Barred
JE?. Rosewood Plauo-forte and Stool, warranted
Wial.tf not aiiperlor, In tone to any In thto ctiy. It la
even octave-baa tho corrugated aoundiug board, and
toe tiolco Uampana attachment. oat at tho maou
facturnn, a year since, five hundred and lifty dollar.
Price $325. Addrbiia boi 1991, Poitoftlce. auM-a'
or part of a Job Bookblndery In the city, where
a good biulneci ia guaranteed to any iniluatrioua
aober man with a small capital, who nndertan.' tho
trade. For particulars, addreaa BOoKBlNL'Klt,
(Jincirunatl , ,, au2S-l
TOR SALE Low for oash an
for oash an exoelleot
JT bnslnem atand-tbe Bixth-alreot Homo, doinft'
a good huaineaabothln tne bar ana Donming-nouio;
bolng aitnated on the aouth-weat comer of Sixth and
Plmii-.treeta, directly opposite the Markt-house.
Sor ternn apply to 8. BAENNINGBB, Proprietor, or
r. V. lUEDKIt, 73 West Thlrd-atreet, up stairs.
FOR BALE A double two-story BRICK
HOUSE, and two LOT8, In the Cincinnati
Building; Company's Sivinlon, and the whole of
Snare No. , In Maxon ft R-ddlngton'i Division,
ume City; very low for caah, or short credit on
J part. Inquire of J. Freon, att'y., north-wost corner
of Eighth and Main, Cincinnati, or of 8. Maxon. on
the premise. 23-d
FOR SALE OR TRADE Desirable prop
erty In and near Covington, Kentucky, con
Bluing of one a" re of ground, with good boiian, con
;tatnlog alx rooma and kitchen, woll. emtern and
ence turnpike, witnln a quarter of a mile of tl so cor-
ataoie sumciont ior eeven noma, on ineimmpeii"-
wtmtmii nnA m i:nviniiuin. Ai.n. a icit in tnn ltnme-.
Slate neighborhood, fronting fifty feet on the Pik
hv turn hunilrAfl rinnn. Alan, a lot in Austen,(a dlvi.
' ion of Covington, forty-flva by one hnndr (rt r.nd
'. five feet. The above property will be sold ch nap,
j traded for a farm wlihln one hundred miles vf Oln
clnnaii, either in Kentucky, Indiana or Oh io. Kor
further purticulnra, imiulre of K. B. ELUc i, on the
prumiseH; or of JaMKo B. GRAY, Attorney at Law,
Hcutt-etre'et. opposite Fanners' Bank, Co vinion,
Kentucky. . M JM-hw
BOARDING A gentleman and lady, and
two or three single gentlemen can bo acoora
tfniortated with comfortable rooms and boi rd, at No.
W McKarlnnd-atrcet. aii!7-tft
,ti ; FOR BENT.
TtlOIl RENT HOUSE To a pron ipt paying
JCV tenant that will bny lifty or seventy- fivedollHrs
worth of furniture, nhonse of six rooms, gat, bath,
front, aide and rear yard. Apply at 403 Avi uth-it.
' au2f -bJ
FOE RENT A ROOM. A large and com
modiona Boom on Fifth-street, betweesi Main
, anc? Walnut, suitable for a millinery storn.oi a fine
nftlce. Terms moderate. Inquire at Ho. V. Wost
Tifth-atrert. nu2'.awt
.1 '!!
Is.JLW Mercurial, Syphilitic, and all diianwa of tbe
skin, blood and generative organs.
Buch as Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Motorrhogla,
11 OholoToais, Kervotu and General Debility, Ao., suc
cessfully treated. ' ' ' '
""BRTiAMES' Iong practice In Hew Orleans', and
tbe Indorsement df almost tb't entire Southern Frees,
should convince the moat skeptical as to hie pro
flctency. Thousands of tostlmonlale could bo pro
duad,byth Doctorr from peraona whom he haa
auceeMfrlly traeted", did not the delicacy of the sub
ject prevent the publication of names,
, .1 Cltf.; '
PB. FAMES' Ofllpe U No. 9 West Fourth-stroet,
' - ilp stairs, one door below Pike's Opora-honse, where
be can be cenaulUd. ram nlue A. II. till five P. M.
4irrttrofeilonal "J Cisinaentlnl.
gTZ'l "
;iv .i
,JM v.Oil
i tt -i - -. . Til'
) ' n-f. . lOO TO. .fll
136 Walnut at , bet-'Tblrd nnd Foartlt its.,
(Mext.tloor .ta toe Jiaaonic Temple,)
.... . n & . r . . . I
Ir yon want s servant,
, adv
, TH
rtlta in
Iia In '
Ir you vant a bouse, dveri
Ir you want to toll any thiol
).' Til
I, advertise i a
Ir you want to buy an thin.' g, adrtrttae In '
v, . . . . THI. 1 PENNY PRESS.
Iai fact, CTery want supplied T by advertising In
Notice. Our patrons, t.ieing on the roulo
bounded by Fifth and Sei enth, Western-row
and Main-streeJj, art notll ed that Mr. Lee g
the carrier, and the only pt rson authorioed to
oolleot subscriptions.
BrThe next meeting of the LaTjdlords'
At sociation will be held at tboHonne, House.
Tha iron for tho Third-street and
Brighton Railroad wlll.be furnished by one of
the Cof.ingtoi Mills, as p r eontraot.
Quite number of persona left Plko'g
Opera-house llast evenl-u j, being unable to pro
cure feats.
Ex-Pol loeman Cox, of the Seventeenth
Ward, was fined five dollars and costs by Judge
Lowe, yesterday j. lor an assault upon a bro
officer; - . ' "!.
S-The aisttsnmenU In the ; Court
yesterday, for fin en and costs, a; 0M
hundred and tweiaty dollar. The iM
were principally iisorderly t '
Emma P ross w admitted to bail in
the Probate C ,urt, yesrday, having suc
ceeded in gettii lg a, freeholder to go onhor
bond. 1
J-PatricU Wiiier a free.bom colored
man, a native of Lynchburg, Virginia, had
his freedom recorded in the Probate Court,
ar-A man" named Farrin, a laborer in a
lamber-yarc',, at Storrs's Station, had hia leg
severely cr a'jhed by the falling of a stack of
lumber yr rterday.
SfT he JtmcicrAocfojr Magaxine, for Sep
tember , Porter', Spirit, the .Home oumal and
New Tork Clipjr, for this week, and other
la'as reading, can be had at Pease iCo.'s,
P,ix'Jl.gtreet,ea8tof Walnut. .
A young man, while walking alonir
the river road, yesterday, in the vioinity of
Etorri' Station, was beset by a gang of des
perate negro girls, and most cruelly beaten wjlh
bowlders, clubs, ke. ,
We are requested by Mr. E4 fy, Wboe
lock, salesman for Wiswell.No. 7 West Fourth
street, to gay that their aplidld Picture Gal
lery will be thrown open to the publio next
PRS0NAL.-Mr, Wrightson, Esq., of the
Railroad ifecotrf, this oity, has just returned
from Arixonia, where he has been sojourning
fer several months . past.. Mr. W. looks re
markably well.
ivauifioN at, White Sulpbdr Spbikos.
n n
This ws .jriog piaoe in our , gt, Js a no.
oess. The loason doses with a festival lasting
'Ve days. ' Be im hand from the 1st to the
4d of September, n,'
Chkwing Todacco. Tho beat in the mar
ket, and in great variety, at rattoreon'g, 197
Walnut, and 115 Main-street, Retailors can
have a few pounds at the same rate as by
the box. ' a . l7eod
23" A coffee-house keeper, named Fred.
Drlebar, entered a plea of guilty in the Police
Coqrt, yesterday, to the obarga ef telling liquor
on Sunday, and was fined ten dollars and the
oostg of proseoutton.
Meteorological observation! for tbe
Pxnkt Peiss, by Henry Ware, Opttafan, No.
7 West Fourth-street, August 26, 1859.
O'clock, ' ; Barometer. . Thermnmntnr
7 A. M
12 M ......
6 P. 11.
3D M
. aBMichael Gnna, for striking his Wo
over the head with a boot-jack, was com
mitted to tho dungeon for five days', by
Judge Lowe, yesterday. Cathorine, his wife,
received five days in the City Prison, for
maliciously destroying property.
E9A rough-looking specimen of human
ity, named Charles Jones, plead guilty in tho
Police Court, yesterday, to the cbuge of
stealing a pair of brogans from a shoe store
ontheXeveo. Ilejvas sent to tho County
Jail for the term of two months.
. Tip-top Fobxitpiib poa a Tip-top Placi. ''
Cincinnati mechanics send their work to all
parts of the world. On the top of the Alle
ghany Mountains, the Glades House, Oakland,
of wbioh Mr. Jailey is landlord, is furnished
from the warerooms of Messrs. Mitchell k
Rammalsburg of this oity. :, , ... . ,,( ,
Andrew Hall, one of the oondootors of
the Little Miami Railroad, met with a serious
aooidont at Loveland, in Clinton County, a few
evenings since. He was . riding ' horsebaok
when his horse fell and rolled over him. His1
shoulder blade was broken, and other injuries
were reoelved, whioh are considered dangerous.
Mam aNois Om't. The Grover A Baker
Sewing-Machlnes are used to a greater extent
than any others. Tbey are of simpler con
struction, and easily managed. The seams
will not unravel, though every other thread Is
out. Trade depot for the West, No. 68 West
Fourth-street. ' Make a note of .these facts,
and when in need of a good family sewing
machine, lay a Grover & Baker. ; ';
-i '' ,
Almost Dbownkd. Yesterday morning a.
ion of Mr. John D. Minor, of theflnnof Minor,
Andrews ft White, of this elty, while 'ashing
from, a steamer lying at Sedamsvillei acci
dentally fell . overboard, i Mr. 'George Bassett
step-ion of Mr. Rbinebard, book-keeper at J.'
ft j. Stevsns', jumped after him from tbe hurricane-deck
of the same steamer, but all efforts
upon bis (art to save his friend proved fruit
less. ' Young Stevens was afterward rescued
h & n.,t. .f ..nt amm h niM.nl rtr a wwn
A Woman Found Dead in
of the Supposed Murderer—Coroner's
Inquest—Particulars, &c.
Carey was eal led upon about nine
o'olook last veoiog toh old an inquest over tha
way or woman name Mary Finn toy who
resides In a house on Si ixth-street. near Loek.
The Coroner and his Jul y , were Itf iession at a
late hour, 'but Trcm a pi irtlon of the evidence
which we heard, we hat a very reagon1 k..
lieve that Mrs. Finnesy died from the effects of
m-iroaimeai reoetvel n om her husband
. luuo sou oi mrs. jj innesy, testified that
nis latner had been on a spree for several days
past, and bad sent him out for whisky; that
he brought ia a bottle yesterday arhloa was
taken from him by one of the neighbors. He
algo testified thaton last Wednesday bis father
beat' his mother severely;' that he kiokedher
several times in the abdomen. , Other witnesses
testined as to frequently hearing! little Riohatd
calling for help, stating that "father was be
ing mother," , , . , i ,.,! .
r Finnesy is a miserable looklnir ' ""'
and when we visited his housr , ' or9niro'
him lying upon the floor nea J 7 . f?.und
a beastly state of intoxicaf y ' h'8 vwtim' in
We were informed h--;Aaa' ' .'
bors that, for some ' .f "eveT ?
ived disagreeab' past, wj two nave
home drunk - ,fi that Finaesy would come
Mrs. Fin'" ' l,,a're, witlk' his wife.
ing sc 'MM thc' "PPeHanoe of av
v , jn bolter days. ,, .... ; ', .. ,, ., ,
. -innesy was taken into. CBBtodr bv Oficera
Talker and Brockingtcif "and oonveyed to the
Hammond-street Station-house. He begged
hard to remain at home and see hia wife buried.
We snppose the oase will be fully investigated
ia the Polioe Court to-day.
Boahd op Citt iMPRovKJirsis. At the sit
ting of the Board yesterday, the Clerk was
direoted to advertise for scaled proposals 4s
follows:. ' '. . ' X j
To pave, with bowlders, Piatt-slley, from
Vine to Race-street; Piatt-alley, from Rao to
Elm-street; Thorp alley, from Race to Vine
street; School-alley, from John-street west to
?ublic;SchooI Lot; Baldwin-alley, from Seventh
to Eight-street To pave, with limestone; Gay
alley, from York-alley to York-street. , To
Java, with brick, the nnpated sidewalks on
Liberty-street, from Western-row to Pendle-ton-gtreot;
the on pared sidewalks on Baymil-ler-streot,
from Everett to Liberty-street; the
anpaved sidewalks on Bay miller-street from
liberty-street to Western-row. Also to pre
pare and transmit to the City Council, ordi
nances tt assess speoial taxes for improving
upon property abutting on the following streets:
Dunlap street, from Honry-street to Uamllton-
road; Coggswell- alley, from Orchard to Liberty-street.
Also Ordinances as follows: to pave,
with bowlders, Eighth-street, from Broadway
to Miami Canal Bridge; Elder-street; from Raoe
to Elm-itrect; Green-street, from Raoe to Elm
street; Findley-street, from Campbell-street to
Miami Canal; Carter's-alley, from Race-street
to Elm-street; Pine-alley; from Fourteenth to
Fifteenth-street. -
" The following estimate of expenses of this
department, for September, was ordered to be
sent to tbe City Auditor!' '
Paving lntersi'Ctions.,...;,..r'.;.l!, ..,...,l$i.0O0
t'lesning atreofs . .,.... .. jj
Building and repairing of bridges ;. if.JOu
s?ri!,V"-i-,"r-i--:; ; -i- 310
mnimia,. uuu wuui iur mo repairs oi acceptea
streets i .a..
Building and repairiug cul?orta...u....'.'.'.'.'.'.'.i."I l.'ioo
Total ,
By-Plat Last NionT. A display of German
Amerioan life, not in tha bills, took plaoe yes
terday afternoon, entitled Clooinnati and New
York, In which Max Cohnheln, author of the
humorottsplay,entUled "Berlin and New York,."
was hit over the head with a cane by Mr. Beok,
a German ' editor of this oity.' The, ooljision
was not seriousj both editors were taken to tho
Station-bouse and gave security to appear at
the Police Court this morning. Max was re
leased but a short time before the hour of ex
hibition of his play, at Pike's Opera-house,
whi,ch was crowded to excess by the enthusias
tic Germans. - " I
I ;. I '. : . i ' " :'i 0 '
A drayman named Bartholomew vt$ied
in the City Prison about eleven o'clock lott
evening, from the efleots of delirium trtmurii.
Die was sent over by the Polioe Judge yester-'
day, and, we are Informed by Turnkey Hudson,'
was In a dying condition at the time. ' We vis
ited the prison at a late hoar last evening
and found another unfortunate individual la
boring under au attack' of (remena. ' Doubts
were entertained as t whether he would sur
vive until morning.' '' ''' - "' - , ,( j
' -The following is a list of letters de-
tainedfor nonpayment -of -postage at the
postoffice, irif this dity") August 28: J - I
Messrs. Gottlg ft Mill, HavAna, Cuba. i
Win. Uowura, Dayton, 0. 1 I
Piatt Moure, Kansas Cltr.nlQ,
-iWiloby CIWi, tfelmore, 61 W V M
Jcob Iedig.loulavldo, Ind. li x 4 '
8. Ullmun, I'ortOib.uu, Silas.
Wlllianiaon ft Haiiuh, Indlannpolis, Ind.
Jud dlnh Holmes, MelnsoroiO. . at . .' 1 1
Mkhaellloilmau, UhllllqitWo. .
Mrs. Mattio U. Stout, Slouut Healthy, 0. '
John F. Viokers, Kew Orleans, la. ' 1
The festival of . the Independent Order
of Good Samaritans ai'Frankliu" Hall, iajt
evening, was well attended. lhig society Is
oompoaed of colored people, their objeot being
the promotion of the cause of temperance. A
very interesting address Was delive rid by Mrs.
Sarah Ernst, after which a sumptuous repast
was partaken of, when the party dispersed to
to their homes. ':'' ' - ' ':l ;
EitThe German Associatioa of Cincinnati,
held their twenty-fifth anniversary, at Camp
WashirfglOnyesterdays -Speeohos were made
byMessrs. Beeirielittlimd ThiiSlman, of Cin
cinnati, and Daniel ytolft, Estj.., of Newport,
Quite a large'praceeiqij' pbrsded tHroblh 'bur
prinolpal streets,' pre vioaa to visiting the fes
tival grounds. -
. Wood's Thbatib Tai Pabodi Opiba
Taoun.-The Opera of TaovATokt last evening atill
further developed the powers of Signora AlaJmo, '
and her rendition of the difficult role or "Leonora,"
was, beyond all cavil, tho beat e'var presented before
tbe Cincinnati public- Her voice la a rloh and pure
soprano, in the strict sense of the term, and sot a
mezzo-soprano, as tho oritio of a morning cotempo
rary will insist on terming it. It is an evidence of
the correct musical tasieof our citrons that she was
Mjwell appreciated laat evening, Of I'arodl wa can
ay nothing that would add a, ilngl, tribute to the
garland Of laurels she If ai already won,' This evening
the Opera of Lucia si LasiaBBSooBwill Va-ptvsettted
with Alalmo.Sbrlgla, Gnone and Signora Zappuccl in
tlhe;pilhelpU'rble."-A 1 V.l I 'I -inrt , ;
,J&, U 'Malory,', of the .Palace Garden, I
wiabing to present to the jnbllo anch cnrlositles as
are worthy of wltnesslna;, ha, at considerable ex
pense, procured an enormous fliu, makk may be seen
at the drat stand to the right of the main entrance
Jhtt cariosity is well worthy observation. (u
r, YTT: tfri""'. ?
. s'.'-.-r 7.1. )
Woninii't ?4T TB( JAif aobs. When the
Mcaing itivor rose with such rapidity a fewdaysaio,
the torrent cams rn.hlno -i.i .
Rim... . i . " " mwu imaipuae
, rttk from' large raft of
.Lam -m . T Mr llfw wl, oa a
u , Nwor' Justabor. tho bridge.- Ad.
vised of the fact, h.empl0Jed a man named r.t rt
bZl .efC.h 0,them' Tortunalely they did not
-7.h . '"""""ngs which bound then together,
and the twain snocoadwl in finding them a short way
nVnd!i ! mW' RB4 ,n bcin" he "
E f., ,"M'WBT bT " Scott-str-ot Ferry.
J tlieyoouideometo ,o aettlement. Subiequmtly
Bust bronght suit In one of onr city courts to
"cover the auiount h m..i...i rr, .
yet known . rami is not
ImMhiBi.,..;. m tv-t:
th ladrw'.. v-. . . r '
Loar for orougni against mr. van
pie h- ""'"s "npare mm to tne Cincinnati peo
tb ,t",,tl"''l suit against him for a breach of
y , nuu iub case win ne iriea do lore jucge
juuar mis morning, xne rase, it seems, grew out or
a robbery committed la Van Lear'a house by Charles
McDonald, at the time Mrs. Hopkins was an Inmate
of his family, and Van Lea; alleges that she wu'
cognizant of the robbery at the time, and for that
reiuon he had her ejected from hlshouso, In which
he waa living. The incidenta attending upon the
ease will doub tless drow a lorjo crowd. r : '
."Strangers entering our city are fre
quently at a loas t nod tbe places the; wish to visit;
oh Inquiring, they may And them located on Greoup,
Scott, or some other street, but bore they are as
much at a loss ai before.' Thenameaof the streets
are not posted on the corners, and they are subjected
to the painful necessity of making frequent inquiries,
annoying to thomstlvea, If not to other The old
residents, well acquaints'! with every port of the
city, seldom think of this. We are led to thesa re
mark., by the frequent Inquiries made for parlicu-,
lur streets, by atrangors, and which might be geno
rally avoided, by having the name of each street
painted on tho corner.
Kentucky Ckntbal Raileoad. The crowd
ed passengor can, and the long, heavily laden freight
trains, would Indicate that this road ia doing a heavy
buslBoas,uand dugM to pay. The interior of Ken
tucky is essentially an agricultural and stock-raising
country, and the only practicable outlet for their
Uominss surplus Is over this road. Droves of thi
flneat cattle., from the countlei of Jayetto, Bourbon,
Clark,' 4c.,' are dally d'lven throogh onr streets,
from the dopot, to the Cincinnati side, on their way
to Hew York.
Didic't QrjiTB Makb It. Just as the ferry,
boat was about to land on Thursday night, Mr
George Gibson, who waa awaiting its arrival, made
an attempt to leap en Guard, but he missed his aim
and fell Into the river.' Beingan eipertewimiuor he
found no difficulty in regaining the shore. H0 was
so deeply enwrapt in modltatlou that hodid not prop
erly nieasnre the distance -between hlra and the
boat, but the shock of tho water soon restored hliu
to his sonses.
BsFOttB this Mayob. The oases before the
Mayor were fow yosterday morning.' Richard Brnna
and John Cipher, charged with disorderly conduct,
were Quod each ia the sum of $3 30, Including costs.
George Flhor and Georgo Bolew, brought In for
drunkenness, woru also flood in the eame amount.
PifBMO Scaoobs On Monday our eohools
will open for the fall torm. Curing the vacation the
school-housos have been cleansed, whitewashed and
fltiel up in a manner superior to their previous ar
rangement The children nnd toacbors will hall
with delight the reunion of their labors and wo bo
speak a pleasant time to both on Monday next.
Tho nam ea of the teacbors who will ofllcluie during
the ensuing easion are: T. D. Edwards. Principal;
J W. Geddard, Miss Glancey, Mrs. Burgess, Misa
Kernohah, Miss Tlngloy, Miss Baucock, ' Miss
Barnes, Miss Maria McComai, Miss Eva McComas,
Mies English, Miss Aloxander and Miss McC'onnell.
. Littbb pbom McDomald. Our City Mar
shal, Mr. Cook, yesterday, recelvod a letter from Mc-Docald-a
burglar, who escaped from tbe Newport
Jail some time ago-purporting that be was in the
Foirmount (Virginia) Jail and invited Mr. C. to
coma up and sue him. The ofikera haw been on tho
lookout for him ovor since his escape; but, up to the
time of the receipt of the above lottor, nothing bad
been heard of him. Mr. Cook telegraphed to tho au
thorities of Fatrmount, to hold McDonald until he
arrived there. '
German Lutheran Picnic the Lutheran
ociety of our city yesterday Indulged in a picnic,
near wanip Washington, back of Cincinnati. At an
early hour thoy met at their Church, corner of Mayo
and Columhla-streete, and marched through tbe
city to tho' ferry-boats, whero they were mot by tho
Clocinnatians, when the two combined proceeded to
tbe Miami Canal, and embarked on their excursion.
Notwithstanding the extreme iuclumcncy a the
weatbor,. they enjoyed themselves finely, and re
turned to the city, in theevening, without the record
of an accident. ' '
B3rs H. Pnrvln, Advertising Agent, No.
80 We.t Foorth-stroet. , , . ,
w Winder's fcky.llglit Gallery-Ail styles
of Pictures made on short notice.
WTwnty-nve Cent Ambrotypes can be
had at ArPLZuAta ft Co.'a, No. M Broadway. .. .
WApplate Si Co.'s Gallery, No. 58
Broadway. Who would not have a likeness of them
selves at a cost of only twenty-five cents
W Winder's Sky-light Mnllery, Western
row, .opposite Court-street.. The cheapest and boat
Pictures made In tho city. '
WTDnguerrean Gallery, South-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford's
drag store. Pictures tnkon and put In good cases for
twenty cents. Wairnntcrt to please. ' '
Photograph's Oaly $1, at Dewey &
Co.'s, 112 West Flltb stroet. If yon want a flnoly
executed "holograph, with Frame go to Dswet ft
CO.'S. , : .1 . .
OWHnts'at Hibbert & Bio.'s, No. 8 and
210 West Fifth-street atjeheap rates and fashiona
ble styles. Bemember Not. 8 and 210 West Fifth
streets, i' '
rGeore Seltzers tho well-known rI. D.,
of the Telegraph House, Western-row, near Ninth
street, will prepare for bis friends to-morrow. (Sun
day) a nice bowl of Turtle Soup.1 As Oxoaosiswell
known in this community, this simple announce
ment Is considered sufficient. . :n
WTenal Teas! .Teas! II , at Pendery
ft Co.'s, north-west corner Walnut and Fifth-streets.
Young Hysou, Oolong, Souchong and Black Teas, of
unequaled flavor, can be purohased at the above ostab
llshmont, at sixty oonts por pound. Thoy have just
recelvod a fresh lot of the above superior teas.
Currency remains close, yet there la an improved
feeling In tho Money market. Tbe offerings for Die.
counts are quite heavy, and incrosso us the 1st of
September approaohot. The Discount-houses ore
witling to accommodate their cuatomers to a fair ex
tent, whou short-dato, approved names are orTorwl;
the rate being '1012 percent.' Outside rate 1518
per cent, with but few Discount). ,
Euatora'Exchauge remains firm at X perron, pre
mium, selling rate; buying at 40 centetax per conti
premium. There is but' little Exchange making at
present from shipments of produce, and the "sort.
Ing business" ia expected to supply tbe demand. To
day sale were mads, to neighboring banJtors at X
r 'Vary I It tie doing Is Now Orleans Sight Ixcbangoj
the rate M discount buying; soiling at par: First'
class bills on Now Orleana selling at I2, -Msrkot
not active, ,t . . : ' ,. i . r, $ ii ,
Gold buying rate H&tO cents; selling at 15 cents
H premium.
. Missouri Currency 1M discount, with bat a limited
amount in tfie market. ; all l
Illinois, Wisconsin snd IoWa 2 percent, discount;
heavy, ..' ' . ,. .' " ;:'r': . . .
, Xaatern Xxchange in St. loule 1X1X per cent,
premium. In Chicago 3 percent, premium. . Firm.
It was announced on 'Change,' Thursday that
Mosars. Holmei ft Oonwell, formerly engaged Is the
grocery and commission business, but more recently
In the liquor traffic, had foiled, and tnade an assign
ment to' W. C. Potera.. Mr. ConWell haa Tory and.
d?nly disappeared, and the affairs of the concern are
involved in
mystery.- There is no doubt that he baa
defrauded, his parUer and his creditors to a large
amount. Mr. H. Is as yet unable), from the condition
of the books, to arriro at any definite conclusion as
to the affairs of tbe firm. The general opinion Is
that the creditors' will have nothing out of the wreck,
r.v-.'y.'ii' ' m vtiTfy '
Cincinnati Produce Market.
FRIDAY EVENING, August 26, 1859.
FLOUR The market continues very firm, bu1 the
demand was chkv li.eal. Print .re unchanged.
The aales comprise 600 brl.. at Si 7(y4 74 fiir i.por
flne, and fH WQ.S M fur extra, the latter an extreme
T ,uuil lot of duuhle extra White Wheat.
a'?A'fLs30,S.rac0,rert ,no ' twenty-four hour-.
WtilBKr rh demand continues good, and sricea
Porwaion" ill0'l'.rU,i," JS"c the hater rate
PttOVItilONS-Mess Pork is .offered with more
freediiinat VI4, and 3U0 brls. were suld, in three or
fonr lots at this rate; Haron ia In modorate demand
at 7(47le,n. for Ohoitldum, and 9Mo. Tor Sides. 60
hlirls. hi)n loerSBOldtit "fa" He ,tho fbruier rule for a
lot at Mailhou. Jluthing transpired iu bulk Moats
or Lard. , ,
OU.-A saWJif 20.brls. 1.1 n wed at Vic. " 1
tiUOCCUIK8--Ths dom.nid 1. firm in tbe regular
way, hi full prirtea . Bales nfSrgir at r,14(3i;'Wc. No
laea nt tfHlft.'Wc ! "d 2M) bag. Coffee at I Ili(ai2'ti0.
WHEAT 'flieniarkof ontinuaa Hrut, wiiha utoA
denia ml, anil prime ieil ha further advanced. Su en
l,30ii btmliol. prime Wi'lto at ftl IS; I Sou do. sood do.
Btjl vt, doliverod; wk'do, prime. Red at 81 05; Sue
do. fair White at VI 06; .Is) do. nt $1 oi; m do infe
rior do at $1 at, ) do. g.ood mixed ai $1 im.
i.'OKN The market is qr,'letaud unehanged. Rales
4,0no bnsheis, to arrive, at 71c.) and SOU do. on Land
ing at 79c,
RYE A good demand, and bricea are firm at ".:.
75c. ... 7 7. , ,
: BARL ICY There is but little affering, and the
ales n-e confined to nmxll lots of o Id at 60c
OATS-Xha market it firm at 4l42o. galea. .800
CUEE8B -8alea sop boxes prime Western Reserve
at . Market firm. , . ,
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, August 26—P. M.
Flour firm and So. better: sales 9.400 nrli.
nt84 40tfitt 60 foraiiporflne S'ate; $i 7"(a3 for extra
do.) 91 45 for auperflne'tVestern; Si 7.V.t 30 for
coninion in genu extra e.teru ; 6 V-Xjos M lor old,
and $3 4IX3 60 forgeod shipping brands extra round-noon-
Ohio, closiuff Ann. A:anadian gloitr un.
changed: salessinall at $4 7.V&5 jjfor extra. Small
sales Kye Flour at ts 3.V
T,,e. vuuiiunev amree.HDti jaMC. uvt : aaies
19,001) bushels at S I 3nfor new IteJ and White Mich.
gun, taken together; 71c. for old Jinnound Chicago
Spring: 81 lu for old Winter Red Western) 81 SO tor
now White Kentucky; 9l ?MI SO for new Rwl
Southern; $1 aem 48 iur new White do., and Si III
luroiu wuite aiicmgan. live sreaey at 8c. uorn
heavy: s lea 1S,IK) bushels t7"iatH2H for old and new
mixed Western ;. to. for Western Tallow. Cats
Drill at .Vff.llc. for Stale: 3ffi4l)c. fur- AV'estern. and
42ffl43c. for Canadian.
v ninny llrruer: sales IM brls. at 77(927X0.
Pork Inwor: salpa l.Aft, hrlw. At Itin 19,TLin 91 fne
prime; $14 for mess : S17 for clear, and $13I3 50
thin mesa. During 'Uhanaro $2 SO was paid iur tbe
pivllflireof delivering l,0oo brla. prime at $10 2J In nil
beptemberat the seller's opitlon. Boot unchanged:
sales 175 brla. At 4t5 for ennnfrv nrlniA! ft?(ai7 9.,
fordo mesa; SsCtol 1 for repacked Chicago, and iKCii
u an ior extra 110.; small sales Deer llama at Jl.Vai
1'. Bacon dull: sales 6,3 llw. Sides at8c.,and:i(i
brls. baeged Uams at 1(1 c. Cut Manu rlrm- .1a.
l pnekstjea at 88V for Rams.
Lard atwuly: sales 400 brla. nt lOtfSI Ic." Butter firm
at 14(,tl7o,. (or Ohio, and 1821 fur State. Cheute
firm at 80J(o. "
Muol firmer, tendlna-unward: sales an.nnn lh .f
3l.Wc. fur Inferior to Haxony; also .10 bales Callfor-
uit .1 .711;. r uroign an 11 ami nominal.
Cotton heavy: tales 12,000 bales; Middling Uplands,
Molasses dull at 404iV. ' .
[By Telegraph.]
Liverpool Market.
LIVERPOOL, August 12.
Breadstuffs Messrs. Richardson. Snenee ft
Co report the weather favor able for tlmeron.. Vln-.t
iin'oi. at luB.icnus. .tu. vnea.t sreany ana noiaers (is.
raana an auvanco; White Se.trdUs, 6(1.; i ed 7s: fid A
7s. Ul. Corn unlet, holilnr. mTerinff frenlv. hnl. iiltj.u.
no dispoaition to press sales; Vblte 7a.7s. 6d.;mbted
Proviitlnna Tteef iiiiIaI nt a .'nrllnn nf Ha' OA bln
last report, and holiWa are prt a-lugon the market:
slca of roparked nt WKtVa. The Government re
foeea to receive American cured in the new contract.
n&cun aionny. ljaril urm at MOTS.
Produce Rico heavy at a docliu e of 3d. I
Resin ateadv at Hi. M ULTx. Oil. fur common. Nnlrli.
Turpentine steady at 34; ., f
Philadelphia Market.
Flour The inspections for the v.eck amount
to only 8,986 brls., agiinst ,lfi Inst wek : sains DCj
hrla. to day at S3 d2 li for suporano, and p 'mi
fur Ur.ltfiiwllLA. 1(vm Klnnp .nil fhieH.niual .im.
changed. .
Wheat unchanged: sulos 3,000 bushels Rod at Si 17
of new Delawvre at 7w Corn is In g"oi riMiuest;
sales 4,0U0 buehola Yellow nt. 8o2 for prime, ami 80c.
ior rmnmpeu, j ,oc oi viine "010 atsc. .uatanot
soabundunt: new Southern worth 333ec,, and old
Pennsylvania 37(($3jo. 1 , . : . .
AVhlsky scarce: sales at 272So. '
I : i I "I . '
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, August 26—P. M.
. ,
Cotton Salf50fl bales; 'old quoteaat 11 J..,
and new )2Mc: suleeforlliavcos3 4U01jii.es; reccip'e
do. AUOO aguiit 4,(0il ble Hint var. Noexpi.rtsi
Iteeoipls ahead of Inst yeor W.W) bales; do. at all
Honthern ports 63n,iKXI nnles; pre-ht Btock 28,0110
bales. Corn dull at Oil- fornrime White. I'rovi.iona
very dull. Rio Cofl'en flrmatllc. f r nrlmo: Bales of
the wetkJ.AlHi ugs; preaentstick'l..7o0 basM.sgaleat
17,000 basa lust year. Sterling ExclinneliiiiJ(allii)i.
ExcbanKo in New York 1)4 dlsconut; tight do.,
preuiium. ., ,. .
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, August 26—M.
steady Howard and Ohio sell at
8512M, and City Mills nt$5. " ...
VVhuat nriii, but unchautted: sales of 10,000 buih.
Corn haa advanced 2c; Yellow 83S3c.,and White 80
(B820. ... ' , . I
, Provisions firm at ihe formor rates, . i
' Whisky steady at 28)c. '. " " .,' ;
[By Telegraph.]
Havre Market.
HAVRE, August 9.
plica. PotaaheB .dull. Bud iiuQtatloua baroly main--tulnod.
CoflVe and Bice firm. Sugar steady. LarU
dull, but. ateady. u.Oila quotations barely main
tained., ..... ; ' ,.. ..!.,, -
[By Telegraph.]
London Market.
LONDON, August 12.
Breadstuff steady. ' Sugar quiet. ' Prioeg
are easy, but quotations unchanged. Coffee firm at
an advance of 4s. ' ., . . . ., ,.,
Steamboat Register.
Abrivaib. Key Weat, Big Sandy; Boston, Louis
ville; Reliance, Marietta: Orb, filUbnrgjCouewngo,
Memphis; Undine, St; Louis; Hairy Queen, Moys
ville; Forest Queen, Madison; Ohio , No. 2, Dock;
Swallonv, do. .
DsPABTUBts. Key West, Big Saidy; BoBton, lou
Isville: Fairy Queun, Maysvllle: Forest Queen, Mdi
son; Reliance, Mariutio; Orb, bt. Louis.
: : -. ' : r;
.', o:'j '-.A'.- i ' . i; '( (-I '"' ''''
"v.: ; . . - .': .' i i v t .:,:.
Omnibus Stands.
Sast Wainbt Hills From corner Sycamore and
Fifth streets every half hour. .
West Walnut Bills (LaneSemlnary.)FromNo.
138 Sycumore street every uoHr. , ., .
Western Row and Brioiitoh. From Main and
Fourth streeta every ten minutes.
West Knd Linh.-From corner Fourth aud Main
to Freeman and Hopkins streets. .'
Rivsa ltoio and HEiAasviLiE.-From corner
Droadway and Poarl, and ooruer Fifth and Sycamore
atroets every ten minutes.
Kultom, Pknoleton, and CoLCHBiA. Fromcorner
Broadway and Lower Market-every ten minutes.
Tiiibd Htbket Liwt.-From Newport Ferss. to
Fifth street Ferry. ' '
MochT Auburn. From corner Main and Fourth
Streets every hour. ,
- Vims street But, ano Cuvton. From oorner
Jxlnfn and Fourth atreeta every half hour.
CuHHiNSviLki. From corner Sixth and Main
street. every half hour. , , , ..
OoviNiiTON. From corner Fifth and Walnut streets
t-every honr. .i. .
Post OrricB, Western Bow and Clinton Stieet.
From corner Fonrth and Vine every ten minutes.
fBvaoN, Mason, Lebanok, and Munboe. Dally, at
2 P . d. from lull Walnut street,
Habbison.-Daily, atH A. M., and iP: M (Sab
batnexcopted) from 169 Waluntaireet, :
Brookvilie Dally, rSabbath excepted,) at 8 A.
M.-trom 10O Walnnl street.
Batavis. and UEonoETowN.-Daliy, (Sabbath ex
copted,) at ihi, P. M.-from Broauway and Lower
Alarket. . i : I ,
, Venice and New London. Daily, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 3 P. M. from 169 Walnut atreet. -
MoNiooatBRV From corner Mnth and Sycamore
atreets. Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at SD4, P. M.
Avohdaib. From 171 Walnut street, 8, 18, 11, At M ,
J 43i. 8, M. , : - f
I 43 Tlae 8treet,r tn-,..!i'.
Continues to manufacture all varietisao! . '
H t
-.1 ! '" ti.Mf?' i.,,i.J , .
PTtflMPT ATTVUTTflM a -. .11
sjvuub mvu vu. sjiwrsnMev w 99 ox gooQ auaiitr,
M'l, 'i'.a ji'll
esleyan 'LPemal Gollegef.
TEENTH Year of thi. Institution will baarta
on MONO 4 Y, August M,M hair-pauit eight, A.
anil will contlnun twenty-two weeks.
The cnuime of study Is extensive, and embraces all
tbecomanm and libihjr English trtneaea. tegrtber
with LatiUith M mIhtii Laiiiiiia:eat and Muaic and
Drawing.. Thstni ol teaubiug is thervtuh and
pritctienl, and no pafii.wlll be spars-dby the ableand
elliolent corps of teachera to nuike sound acbolara.
j ii0 course ui aimern Languages will oemaaetuuoe
m"re prar-tlcsl Hum heretofnro.
N. II. There will be a slnitts aeawlon dally, com
mencing at half-past eight A. M and eloslng at
lilf-ttuie I. li,-, , .
Mr Kor further information or for admlslon ap-
Sly at the Collega,on Vlii-slinet, hetwseu Sixth end
nventh. BUUEKt ALLYM, 1'r.sldont,
auleoawcw !"..
Irench-Englisb. and German-Engliili
Female College, Vlne-etreet, have determined
to make the course in Modern LangiuiJ. thoroughly
prncticol, and therefore successful. Io tbla end they
have organised a P-imary Department lu French nd
(German, in which the young pupila will be taught
Spelling, Reading and Writing, in either of these
lanauagea in the same manner and at the tame time
as thoy are taught the same lirauchea in English.
More advanced scholars wl'l be taught as many of
their regular studies aa posaihle lu French and Qar-
mnn. i .
In this way an ability to apeak and write thane lan
guages will be aa readily acquired as if tba pupils
wei-e sent abroad, 1 . , . . - ,
The extra charge will be $10 per annum.
WtJ-Kor further ioiorromtlou apply at the Collage,
on Vine-street, between Sixth and Seventh.
aul6 cawcw BOBKRT ALLYM, President.
Ilerrpn's Seminary.
DAY, August the 29th: The course of instiuotktB
is thornngh, and Boys and Young Wen are hers pre.
pared either for College or for Business. Competent
Teachers, who love to .work, are vmployed, and no
pains will be spared to sustain 1 ho good name it has
enjuyod for fifteen years. Tbe price or Tuition has
not been changed, although too low, as tha ohject Is
not so much tnninkemoneyaatodo good. Tbareare
;hie Departmnnta Primary, Preparatory, and Col.
leglnto-in whicn all the tirancbee of an English Kd
ucation, Latin, Greek. German and French Lan.
guages, Miitliematicsjtatiiral Sciences, andathor.
oiigh course of Book -Keeping are taught, with Lao.
tures every Week: Half au hour, from Sj to 9 every
morning, devoted to moral instruction, reading lb
Scriptures by the pnplls, singing and prayer. Oota,
poaltion&and Declamation weekly.
1 .,' . l'BICBS OF TUITIONt '
Primary Department, Sesaton of flvroonthl,mSH 00
Prensratory Dopartment, " " " . SO 00
Oollrgiate Department, ! ' . 34 09
Gerrann Lauguuge, extra, " " " N, s (O
French " ' " ' " ... too
Book Keeping, ' '" " ' , . 10 00
Drawing and Painting, extra, ' " '" ,,,10 08
Numlier limited to on hundred, snd each pupal
Carefully clasaitied auS-bw-eow,
for young Ladies,,
; MiaVt?mttD,olD'alfc' , !
' The Fall Term of this Seminary will open oa tbe
'' '" ' , First Monday of Heptembor. ,
Professor DE RICQLE3, of whom Proftmor
FnsqueMe says, "I should deem any Institution for.
tuuate In engaging hint aa a teacher of tbe French
language." au24
Literary ; . and Scieiitilic Iostitute,
' Jio. 87 East Third-street,
J September, for the Instruction of persons of
both sexei and all agosy by Dr. A.COUTIS aud a
corps of assistants of the first order.
The object of this Institution is to develop the
whole 1 man, physical, mental and moral;' to give hint
a good knowledno of the most valuable sciences, arts,
languages and lit ratura, ami especially the -irMtsst
of all arte, that of educatlug youth for nwlulnwis
and happiness. For part iciilntm apply at the Institute
to , , - . A, CUU'llbj. A, M., M. D.,
"-2tf : PnHidont.
Ciiiclnuail . Female Scnilnary.
'"'-"' ' Conitr SnenA' ani Moimd sfrseto.
''Th. n.l SflblA. hf nt
ur.TT. i r1"".'" iuib iuuuua win open m
MONDAY, St'Dtembsr 5, 18J!, ,,; . ..'
aiiention ro ine compietoneas OI star
facilities fora substantial and finished Education.
John D.Thorpe, No. 74 Wetl Foiarsfil treat.
i i L 5, 1 UB)IUW8 A, SAY LIB.
Clncmhatl, Aug. , is.-,!,, anl.s . . Principals
WOItK without extra charge, with tbe usual
Wedueeda; and Saturday, at 00 ennta par month,
ALSO Classes In Gieuiaa Painting au28 e
the 19th day Of Soplcmber, A. D. laftl, at tha
ruruuiut lnthaUurt-Iiouae, In the city (if Cincinnati,
nt 12 o'clock M. pf said day, I will sell at publio auc
tion a'l the followlng-descrlt ed real esiaic, via:
1. Lots numbered .even (7) and eight (81 in square
number three (3i of plat B, In tke subdivision ui the
estate of David K. Wade, an rocorded In Book N.i,
117. page lid, of.tbe Ureoi-ds of Hamilton County,
I'hlo.HDd fronting eu6h twehtyifflvBtZAlfeeton West
ern Canal or. Pliim-airest, and running . back tha
same width one hundred aud Bfty-lx fcev thrae
tnchee to Providence-street.
2. Allth"se lots of land iltusteln the city of Ola
clniiHil, Ilnmllton O unty, Ohio, and being num
bered nlnty ion), ninety -one (0), niueiy-two (il2)and
nlnoty-ihree (VS), in situate number niur 141, id the
subdivision of lots made by lktchktss, Av.ry snd
Ciu-t- r, recorded In Hook No. W, page 0i, of the
Itccurds of Hamilton County, Ohio, and each of sid
lots fronting tweniy-aevvnf 27) t'wt, making 104 feet
in all, ou the south title of Monroe-street, and ex
tending bock on parallel lines ninety (vol feet to an
alley. ', ... ..Tir . . ,
3. Also the following, situate in Cincinnati, for
merly in Mlllcreek Township, in section number
nineteen, (in) in Townehip number three (8) in the
second fractional range In the M iami Purcbate.being
sixty-three (to) feet and six inches in front on tha
northerly side of the Cincinnati and Harrison Turn
pike Road, and rnnnlug thence iorthurlyfour hun
dred feet) more ordess, to the la ad of John Klsklle,
sejij, bounded on tho east by s lot of ground conveyed
by Bernard ana wife to John Hockney, November t,
1842. and on tha WA.t hir a lnt nnwnr thpmjtrl tiAlantf.
Ing to Mark Atkins. . , 7,
' . ai3 me iouowing, aitnnte in Cincinnati, nam.
ilton County, anil State of Ohio, and being lots num
bered twenty-three (23) and twcnty-foiir,24ln Wada
A Dudley's addition or subdivision of lute in said
city, aa recorded in Book W, page 14, vf tha Hamil
ton County Records,' said lots twenty-three (28) and
twenty-four (M) being on the south side of Poplar
street, west of Wostorn-row; being each twenty-five
(W) feet In front nn the south aide of Poplar-atrest,
aud running back in parallel lineatoutbone-balf the
distance from Poplar to Oliver-atreet.
8, Alio, tho following ia Cinclunatl, commencing
at a point on tbe south side of Olark-itrest, one
hundred and twenty-three feet eaat of the south
east corner of Clark aud Freeman-streets: thence
south at right anglea to Clark-sireot, two hundred
and one feet; tbenco in nn easterly direction twenty
eight (28) feet; thuuee in a northerly direction and
parallel with said west line at right angles tv Clark
street, two hundred and one foet to Olark-streett
thence westerly on the south line f Clark-street,
twenty-eight (28) fret to tbe beginning: being lot
numbered thirty-nine (89) In 0, W, Tucker's sub
division of the Cutter property, as recorded In book
number Kigbt (8) in tbe division among the heirs of
Seth Cutter, deceased. . ; . , . ,
, 6. Also, the following lot, situate In Hamilton
County, and being lot numbered thirty-nine on the
plat of subdivision of Avondale, in said county, as
recorded In Plat Book No, 1, pears of Ihe records of
said county. '
Title to all the Above property good; tale peremp
tory ; terms cash; being tbe same property conveyed,
to the undersigned by deed of trust from Tha Cincin
nati and Chicago Bailroad Company, July 1, 1884.
recorded In Book No. 204, page IKS. --
JOHN vf.HKRBQN, Trustee,
Collins A Hirron , Att'vs, 148 Wslnut-st. aulvbgt
DAY, tho 24th ofay of September, 1M9, at eleven
o'clock, A. M., A will sell at public auction, at tbe
rotunda of the Court-house, in Oinclunatl. f if noc
auouer disposed of,) tha following-described real
setnto.vli: ,.
i wo nuuarca ana niiy-nve 36 iisj acres oi iana,sit
natfi In th countv of lalhonn. and State of Illinois
and being the North-east fractional ii of election 1,
Township 8, S. Bangs 3, W., aud lot No. 1, N. B. A of
Stctiona, TownS.S. B. 2,W. l.
ALSO One hundred and sixty aores In the.eountv
of Cass, State of Illinois, and Iwlug the North half
of tbe North-west H of Section 15, Towa 18,.M.
K. 10, W and the Fast half of South-east fourth of
Section 17, Town 17, N. of B. 11, W. ' '
A LSo 4Jne hundred anl twenty acres In theoountr
ot Mason, and state ol Illinois, and being the north
half: of Sou lb -went X of Section 1, and the North
east ii of the Soutb-taat )4 of eecllon t, Towa
i wii- : VM
ALSO One hundred and twnntv acrna In tnn oountv
of Unmllton, and Stats of Illinois, aid being the
South half oi -South eaat H-of Seotion sv. Towa
S, 8. IC 7, K. and the eouth-east M of the North
east M of SectlouM, Toa t, S.f K. 7, & -
A LSO One handled and sixty acres la lbs county
of Jasper, and Stale of ludiauau and Being tbsSouth
westJaof Secieul7i To u 80,1. B.7, Wj - i,
auou Aigniy acrvs m vue omie oi xowa, ana
county of tiono Cordo, and being the Houth half of
n norm-west, iracutniai eeetion a, AOtitt yt,
. of Bange22, W. ' 7
To be soul as tba trowrtT of Benjamin F. Lewis
and Orvia U. Mure, pnxtners ant' Lewis A Mors, for
tneuenentoi ttwir ureaitors, pyrsoant io a com
mand of the Buperior voun ol .(JuclouafU 1st aoloa
No. 8.818. wherein J. B. JaO'rav,st.al..arsoumDlaln.
ants snd Lewis A Mors, et, SI ,wv defendants.
. xerane oi sale wnei iia ot ns purnatoaey
to be paid ih ou delivery of deed onviblrd In ens
year, and ose-thlrd 1a two. year,' from tbay of
sale; defsrredpaynwati to be secured by mongageoa
the preailses. '' " Wl&.'ll. SHbiPPAilD, '
iujyav-awuii,fi,q,- -jjj., ;!tsi'-'e,ft. '.Irusuas.
: i, T.J ori) 'i.. i'.ilr yniL-icj'.-ii ei

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