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V "WANTS," "FOB 8A 11," "TO LIT," "LOST,"
T0PHr,"4c.,iB thii column, occupying fire lines
or Imi, two Insertions, twenty-llTO eents.
cap makers, immediately, t 264 Jloln-atreet.
... 1 au.T0-a
W0P16D ir pes uoota,
ip stalrsr I
Apply at WO Walnut.
street, up
I au3n-h'
Indies, where there ore few, or no boardeia.
Atldresi 11. A. C, Penny Prem olflue itiian-bt
WANTED TO HENT By respectable
party, a email homo with from tbros toll's
roonis.idther In town or anburba.. Address, this
week.HKNItV. thlsolllee. iiau-b
WANTED GIBL A girl fourtoen to
sixteen yenra old. to lake care of children
and assist In general homework, meat conie well
recommended. Apply to V, HHKEN, 20 Last 'Ihird.
.lr.nl auai-b
ANTED TO BORROW Ten thousand
iBin nwi I. . t..,.. a. Am tin ra n
city property worth 2J,u0o. loiiulra ofw. H, I'A
YHNPOltT, Attorney, Xlo, 30 neat fourth-street,
Cincinnati, 0. miTO-d
VMTANTED BOARD In a private family,
w w iur a gentleman auu uis wuc, wure win iurn
lh their room. , Hoforcnces exchanged. Address
C, 0. C, this office. ii;i-t,
man in a wholesale or retail grocery or com-mission-house.
Host ol reference given. Address
JAMIiiS.at, ahla offlee. au3n-b
WANTED COOK An experienced
woman as cook, washer and ironer; muat
((Ire the vory beat olty reference. Apply, this day,
from ID to ' 13 o'olouK 11., No. 406 Seventh-street,
between Cutter and bine. auao-p
WANTED ROOM Suitable for a gen
tleman and hia wife, la a respectable location,
furnished or unfurnished, I'ernm must be moderate.
AUdiosa II., Press office. aiai-b
the city; would bo of Rood account in a book
store, having been lu the book, periodical and news,
paper businessou my own account in Eastern Ohio.
, P. 8. Having a wife but liae bnlrua. we might Iks
Jointiyeiiiployed,BSalsoprotitablyon the psrtofony
body vvha might employ. Letters addressed to ,, at
til is ollice, shall be attended I u, an.TO-b
man boy 19 to 20 years old, to All a good altu
ation In the city. Also, a good cook and chamber
maid, and art elderly woman, of oxporienc, asntttso,
and an aged woman in the country. Good situations
daily at my office W Elm and Nlnth-etrcetB.
ANTED HELP Those wanting to get
- KtllB tU uwl ' tut BBWlOfCIUilUlllIirB, III
atnnil In Daguerrean Gftl lory, or any other respectable
xlrls to sow, or run aewiiig-nmchlnes, nr
place oi ousiuess, can uo supplied vy ca'iing at jnra,
n'AUNKK'a lntelligenca Ofllce, 3o Flttli-atreiit,
butwecn Weatcrn.rnw and J. bli,
ran be bud for general llouaewnrk,
Also, good help
carpenters, Inmilroof B. P. OTT, near the
of JllaUison and Montgomery Turnpike, Wal-
WANTED ROOMS By a lady, with
little girl of sown years, two, three or foil,
titiriirnlahi'd rooms, with gna, water, Ac, in cential
localityior will p'nt n large homo with a small
IhiiiII.v ntid dlvido gas and water billa. Addrens Mrs.
MAE,this)Hlce,aiBilii),'lociilityand price, nuaub,
WANTED GIRL A girl who oan do
general home-work In aamall tamily, to go a
short distance Into the conn try, near a nailroad
tu ion. Uoud referoncea reiiuiriMl. Apply at the
i'oacli Depot, No, II West Fourihstreet, nearly
oppokite to tho First Preabyiorian Cliurcli, au2V-b'
Hi yenrs, in any ;reapctatile bimluca". Ho is
willing to mako liiiiiHolt' generally useful. M'ould bo
willing to work for low wages in the beginning. Ad
dreaa ). M., at thia othce. au29-b
man aged Ik ycara. Would le willing to
work at any thing, whore tin can make himself gener
ally iia'ful. Any person in want of help, will please
addreaaU. W.,at this office. . a'u2V-b
nan of ateady habit. Apply at the atove
atoro of ADAMS 4 l'KUKOVEli, No. Ml Weet
Fourth-afreet, between tho hours ot luundll A.M.
Inuiiire lor "UID ELL." auW-b
' "VrAJi'rED-CTJST0MEU3 Any num
T V tor of cuntomers to call at foota's Dntter
Store, No. itUO Fiith-atrtot, 3 doora west of Western
m, north side, and procure eomo of that frline
Dm lor for table uae which bo kerps alw ays on hand,
aitf'J-b ' V. U.Ji'OOTB.
keoperor Clerk in aOommlaalon lluiwe, Gro
rerr or Dry tloodii ctore, by h young until who Una
hud experi"tice in Ibu bimini'M". itcferences given if
required. Address K011BUT, Prcaa Ollice. aiUW-b
t gtiTtliat would liku to go West with aamall
family i, no who can ilo general boiiM-woi k. Ad
dieas '." at tills oflitc Immediately. Beterencea
reiiuired. auid-b
work on Street Kailroail Cars. Apply to J.
B. l'AL.MEU, Omnibus Muiiul'uotory, Bank-atreot.
WANTED TO RENT A house of four
orflveroomaliyaproniptpaylngteiiant; will
tnko it for two or three ycara it itanitx. Would like
to take pofaesion by tlie 1st of SepU-mber. Addroaa
It. H. W.,lManlHra. . antffidt
IjOK SALE TABLE A twelve foot oak
extension table: cot even montha ncro Sffl: will
sell for Sl5. iilao, a victory cool atove, cost $22 with
nxiures-witiaoii lor Ji.. imiuireut tutsolnce.
. iaii30-b
M. atory brick hoime, of nine rooms, situated on
(iano-Hticet. Mo. 71. Price t4.Ui. For further ear-
ticulitrs, liKiuire ol HF.NKV t,JCWMAil,Ht C. Wolff
Co. 'a, 37 Main-street. . an30-d
JL dei'ided to leave tbo city, the old ami wolbeatab
lishvd Hiniug 8uloon, at fio. Kust I'ou th street,
having i!venty-lie prompt paying boarders, and
goon transient traae. oriut'tnerpariicuiiirainiiure
on tne preuiues. iiu.i-d-
10 R SALE HORSE A fine family horse,
six reara old. oei fcetlv ircntle and food traveler.
Imiutieut 171 Waluut-atreet, next door to i;ilou
iioiiso, an iy-o-
FOR SALE PIANO An elegant carved
ltoaewoo',1 l'lauo- forte and Stool, warranted
eiiual, if notjuperior, intone to day in tills cny. It la
aeveuoctave baatbe corrugavtea aoundlng board, and
toe nolce Campana attach intitit. oat at the nianu
tactnrers, aymr since, Ave hundred and ilfty dollars.
Priue$:iW. AddrdHB Hox msl, rostoWce. anai-aw
T7I0R SALE Low for easb an excellent
M. bnainess atand the 8ixth-i rcct House, doing
a good Ousineaa both in the bar and bonrding-housej
being sit lotted on the aoulli-vest corner of Sixth and
cliiiii..tii.'etn, diri'Ctlv mixiilte the Mnrkut-hoiite.
For terms apply to S. HAENMNGEK, Proprietor, or
rr.i, ulumi, m neat tnini-sureei, upstuira.
"I70R SALE OR TRADE Desirable prop.
JL- erly in and near Covington, Kentucky, eon
aiailngof one ai -oof ground, with g od b uiae, con
taining six roouis uud kitohen, well, ciaturn and
stable aunlciontlor sevou horaea, on the Iudenend-
tmce lurnpiae, within a quarter olannleol tne cor.
D ration lineof Covinalon. Alao. a lot in the inline.
bate neighborhood, fronting lifty feet on the Pike
liy two hundred deep. Alao, a lot In A union's divi
sion of Corilitfton. fonv.tiva bv ona hundred and
live feet, i Tho above property will be sold cheap, or
trailed for a farm within one hundred milcsof Ufa
ciiuiiiii, either in Kentucky, Indiana or Ohio. For
further particulars, inquire of It. B. ELLIS, on the
promotes; or of J All Ka B. (J It AY, Attorney at Law,
Mcott-Htrect, opiwalte Vuiiiers' Bank, Covington,
Aeuiucay.' . , au,-uw
BOARDING Two plsHgant unfurnished
rooms with hoard, at No. 2tt Klxth-atieet.
Itelerence given and required, au:m-l.
TOAItDING Six or eight gentlemen oan
-SLav be accommodated with good hoard and lodging,
by Immediately applyisg ut No. lta l'earl, between
.Itace and Elm.streeta. Also, a few day boardera
vanicu meaiasarveu punctually. , aiuo-u'
BOARDING A eouple of gentlemen, or
gentleman and wlfo can flnda pleasant room
yth ''oard.Hiy aeplyinr at IHT Smltli-st. an3U-h
T OST A SAFE KEY The finder will be
l-i suitably rewarded by leaving it at the ollice
Tne fenny frees. ; an.tii-n
MigcriCTOBias of
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner John aaa Woter te4ClaoiDnaJl,0.
i-iv t
tr tr-. t r -ti i n i,i 1
Btetj8tones, Btrext-erosslngs and Building pur
poses generally, and, b cheaper than the ilajton
Call and examine for yourselves, at Vo, 312 West
rn now, between ninmena uiontnona.
au3-am ,.lAT , .1HIH, Agent,
Ir you want a aerriat, ad' ertleo in
Ir job want a bouse, adw ertlie in
Ir you want to sell an?tb Inn, advertise in
Ir yon want to huy any ti 'ilng, advertise in
In fact, eTery want snpi i'led by advertising in
IToncE. Mr. Kerr, , who formerly served
our patrons in Covin fjion, will hear tome
thing to his advantage by immediately call
ing at our office.
pjTThe Board of City Improvements meets
at the City Building to-day.
Ifr Another match will come off at the Cin
oinnVtti Trotting Park nest Thursday.
9 .The High Schools in this city were
opened J esterday.
Mbey Hamilton County Fair wiil be
held on the ti'irtoenth or next month.
fftTThore aV at present flfty-e;.ght prison
ers working up.n tho hill-side, up Deer-
0-Real Estate Ai'sessors will )ear In mind
that this is the last week they will have to
make their returns.
At a meeting of the County Commis
sioners, yesterday, orders were passed
amounting to $810 85.
agf Several perona were yesterday dis
charged from the City PHsod, or we might say
city stable, by order of the Prison Committee.
fl-The Marion Gymnastic Association
meet at No. 8 EDginohouao to-morrow
0""Seo ndvcrlisomcnt of Hvelsey & Co.'s
Sowing-Mnchines. D. W. Harrington Jk Co.
aro agents for this scotion of the country.
jjra-John Campbell entered a plea of guilty
in the Police Court, yesterday, to a chargo of
selling liquor on Sunday. He was fined ten
dollars and tho oosts of prosecution.
3S3"Clerk Itoyse, of tho Police Court, wo
are ploased to see, has recovoroil from his lato
illness. IIo graced the Police Court this
morning with his good-looking "phiz."
ICS" Next to the Opera-homo, Wlswell's
Picture Gallery was the Fourth-sheet attrac
tion last night. It was orowdod for several
pi?- The abutments for tho new Railroad
Bridge over tho mouth of Millcroek are nearly
finished, and will be ready for tho frame work
next week.
pS" The new bridge over tho canal nt Sixth-
street is nearly oomploted, and teams are
arossing on it. A new one is badly needed on
aiJ"CharIes Wise, a vcrv tmwue individual.
stole a pooket book and frngor ring from Frank
Span, for which offenso Charles will be tried
by Judge Lowe to-morrow. . .
2r"Madauio Sullivan was before Judge
Lowo, yesterday, charged with keeping a
house of prostitution. Tho case was con
tinued until next Saturday.
8 Joseph Obermeier. residing at the
corner of Clark and Lynn-streeta, was thrown
from his horse while riding along Richmond-
street, yestorday, and severely injured.
CfMayor Bishop seems determined to
have none but sober policemen on doty. He
has suspended or dismissed no less than six,
upon charges of drunkenness, within the past
two weeks. . i
Longworth-street, between Stone and
Hoadly, was graded about three months ago,
and since that time fifteen brick dwellings have
boen erected on it. This is Improvement,
fed" A temporary arrangement has been ef
fected, on reoommendation of the Trustees, by
which those pupils studying German residing
west of Mound-street, in the Eight District,
will be transferred to the Twelfth District. ,
ggr A new lot of tha Grovor k Baker" Sewing-Machines
has just been received at their
office, No". 58 West Fourth-street. Those in
need of a good family rewing-maohino cannot
be suited better than with a Grover & Baker
SThievcs are certainly becoming des
perate. ' An attempt was made nt the Police
Court, yesterday, to ' pick ' a gentleman's
pocketof a fine gold watch; fortunately for
the owner, he had a stout 'chain, or ho' would
have been 'minus a watch. : ' '
hungry individual named John
Botel, stole a wrench from a oanal-toat and
offered to trade it off for a dressed chicken.
John was caught in the act and taken before
Judge Lowe, yesterday, who gave him the
benefit of sixty days In the County Jail.
Bio Mui.k. Geo. W. Frost will exhibit at
Knightatowa, Indiana, for three days, oom
menoing to-morrow the largest known mule
in the world. He will also be exhibited at the
Dayton horse show, on the 6th of September,
and at all the County Fairs in Indiana and
Ohio. " " ..
j9"Fupils, whose parents reside in the
Eleventh Distriot, south of Clark and - west
of (Linn-streets, will, hereafter, attend tho
sohool in the Twelfth Distriot. This does not
apply to those attending tha "oobny" of the
Eleventh Distriot, in the Intermediate School
house. '
SAn application was mado to the
County Commissioners, yesterday, by Prose
outing Attorney Gains, urging them to send
to Memphis, Tennessee, for Malloy, the noto
rious pickpocket. Malloy, it will he recol
lected, escaped from the Chain-gang, in this
city, some weeks since.' He is now confined
in the Memphis Jail.
33f Nathan Davit, a gentleman well known
to the polios, took possession of hone and
buggy, a few evenings ilnee.whioh were stand
Ing In front of the Catherine-street Bantiat
Church, and drove- off. He was followed by
Uffloer C. J. Young, of the Fourteenth "Ward,
to the Soutbgata House, where he was arrested
and conveyed to the Ninth-street Station-
nouse. lie was belc-re Judge Lowe, yesterday,
and oomniittad in default of $500 ball, to an.
swer the charge next Thursday. The horse
ana onggy belonged to Dootor Marsh. On the
way to the Watch-house Davis besriped vorv
hard to get off, but no go.
5"Tho report that Mr. S. Longlev had re
covered the goods stolen from his premises
tome lew days since, turns out to be without
lounaation. Air. L. informod us yesterday
that only one article had been found a lady's
brocolet, with gold olasp. This article was nicked
up by a little boy, and not by the Polloe. The
ciasp upon the belt has every annearance of
being brass, but we are assured by Mr. L. that
it is or pure gold, worth twenty-five dollars.
He is of opinion that the thief threw it away,
iniDKing it or no account.
Sad Casualty Man Killed. Yestorday
morning, about half-past six o'clock, a tailor
named Henry Davis, in the employ of Alex.
Boyd, No. 33 East Third-street, while clean
ing the show-window, fell backward to the
door, a distance of about three feet, and in
jured the skull and brain so seriously that
he died about one o'clock in the afternoon.
He hnB been employed as a cutter in Mr.
Uoyd s establishment for about six years.
He was intoxicated at the time of the acci
dent. He leaves no family.
ftST Messrs. Rufus K. Payne. John S.
Powers, and James Woodward, are a Special
committee to dispose of, if possible, with oon
sent of the City Council, such sohool-houses
and lots as may be Inappropriate for present
occupation. Such are the lot on Front and Parsons-street,
near the Rolling-mill: the lot on
Congress-street, near Pike-street; and the two
Race-street sohool-houeoi, to be raoated
when the Runner school-house maybe oom
ploted. '
Sy The colony of sohool children of the
Seoond District Public Sohool, Sycamore-street,
now being instructed in a room in Zimmer
man's wine-depot, opposite, are to be removed
to the parent school-house, and no lonoor ex
posed to danger of running across the stroet, at
piay nours. I be third story is to be parti
tioned, and provision made for a class of lame
children, and the little ones will bo kindly
cared for, on the lower floor.
39No littlo excitement was created last
evening on the canal, between Vine and
Race-streets, by the report that a man had
been murdered, on a canal-boa t, in that vicin
ity. AVo visited the "bloody ground." and
found thnt a fight had ensued between a
counio of boatmen, and that one struck the
other on the nose, causing tho claret to How
proluscly. The belligerents were separated
bol'oro further damage was done.
An ungallant individual named Pat
rick Divine, run against a couple of ladies
who were standing upon a sidewalk in tho
Thirteenth Ward, a few evenings since. Pat
was before His Honor, Judge Lowo, yester
day, and fined $10 and costs. We hopo in
future he will have a better respect for the
opposite Sex. , ' ,
p8 About noon yesterday, while passing
to tne Newport Ferry-landing, wo saw a col
ored gentleman, who had becomo very tired,
and laid down to take a nap, his head down
hill, at a place whore the descent was about
lorty-hve degrees. Comfortable position for a
snooze very.
p" The street-preaching at the wharf, on
Sunday, was deeply interesting and efieotlve.
Dr. Shepardson, Principal of Woodward Hieh
School, spoke at the meeting, at the foot of
Main-street His heart was in his eloquent
words, and every person present was an earnest
, pSf Officer Barley and fireman MoGibbona,
at the late Columbia-street lire, had a disDute
and a broil. The Mayor, Chief Engineer of
the Ore department, and assistants, yesterday
bad both men betore them. On full oxamina
tion it was agreed that both were wrong, and
both should be reprimanded and admonished,
J0Miss Anna Hetlley has been appointed
female assistant teacher in place of her sister,
recently deoeased, in the Eighth District
School. AIi68 Laura Palmer was also ap
pointed teacher in the same sohool. Also,
Miss Kate Bryant, in the Fourteenth District.
-0-The Clerk ot tho School Board, having
issued the printed report of tbo Common
Schools of this city, for the past year, haA
had leave of absence for three weeks. The
Superintendent, Mr. I. J. Allen, olliciatcs in
his stead.
!. .CfThe person who yesterday threw
bowl of dirty water from the second story of
the hotel, corner of Seventh and Western
row, should boar in mind that sidewalks are
made for persons to walk upon not to be
p3i' A barn bolongiog to Harp , Huston,
on the Mount Pleasant Pike, about nino or
ten miles from tho city, was burnt on Sunday
night last. Loss, from four to five thousand
dollars. Supposed to be the work of an in
3rPoterBrophy,an old thiof, was arrested
and confined In the ninth-street Station-house
last evening, charged with being one of the
party who robbed the residence of Mr. Lewis,
on George-street, some weeks since.
jjt 9Mary Miller, an old habitue of the City
Prison, was found walking af ound the Twelfth
Ward with a bolt of calico last evening. She
was confined in the Bremen-street Station-
houso, on suspicion of having stolon the same,
"jeS" Mr. George Geocking hag been ap
pointed, temporarily, teaoher of German in the
second subdivision of the Fourth District
Sohools, Seventeenth Ward.
pS A billiard match ooourrod yesterday at
the Buckeye Billiard Saloon, at which, as we
are informed, one hundred dollars was bet and
lost. The runs madewe re not noteworthy.
pS"A suspicious individual named James
Duff was locked up in'the Ninth-street Sta
tion-hou.se last evening.
Put's Opera-Houbk. The fame of the
magnificent Tarodl in her great role of "Sorma,"
drew a Ana assemblage at the Opera-lionet last niglit.
To attempt to criticise a performance In which for
yeare the criticism or Europe and America have ac
corded to her the higheet degree of excellence,
would bo but traveling anew overground familiar to
everybody. Sufflcelt toeay Unit the same grand vol
ume ef voice flooded tho vaat structure with itsglo- I
Hons depths; tbo aaino tragic Intensity and thorough
identification with the part, which won the admira
tion of Europe in yeara gone by, thrilled ber audi
ence last night.
Slgnor Sbrljlia, tho baudsoine tenor, new to Cincin
nati, poasoascs a voice of great power and sweetness,
and in tbo rendition of the role of "rolllone," took
the hoti.o by surprise, and won tbo liuuticst up
planao, as did several otliera cf the ermpany.
To-night will be produced, for tbo only time dur
ing the engagement of thU truly ftno company,
Donizetti's magnificent opera of Lucia, di Lam
MEaaioou, a composition abounding in Itiiiutnerablo
goins, and Introducing Heuoru Alniuio as '-Lucia,"
and the groat baritone, Signer Gnone, as "Aahtou;"
bhriglia, also appearing ae "Edgurdo." Here ia an
opera, ad a cast, that aliould command the attend
ance of every lover of ramie in Cincinnati.
In connection with the Opera, the public will bo
dollglite'i to lcnrn that Mr. Barras, ayui pathetic witli
native talent, will shortly produce tbo beautiful
Uporaof UiuuLnio, for the pnrpoao of introducing
our talented countrywomaii, Mrs. Charlotte Varien
James lu the principal role, supported by Parodl
8briglia, Onoue, and the lull atruuatb of the com
pany. Wa predict for bor a auccess og.ua! to that
which attended nor concert.
Palach Gabdbn Was filled to overflowing
last evening, by culto a fashionable uudltnco. Tho
uew comedy of "The Uluck Swan" was received with
shouts of applause.
Westisn Museum. At this popular place of
amusement, last evening, a large number were in
attendance. Good tinging, good Uauciug, c.
. Natiomal Theatkb. There was rather a
slim attendance at thia iuatlttition last evening.
Police Court. The following aro thecasos
diapoacd of yesterday mornlug: Julius LongstretiBe,
arrested for a breach of the peace, was discharged,
itappearlngtbat ho acted on tho defensive. John
Pliigh, a good-looking, jolly fellow, who got rather
gloriously drunk, early lust Sunday morning, waa
fined Si 50 for his fun. lie did not loso temper when
the sentence was announced, but alleged he "didn't
knew tho law, as ho had been lu town but three
montha." Henry Hteiirenberg, arrested for stealing
a hog, was discharged; the evldenco went to ahow
that, whether be waa Die legal owner of the hog or
not, he obtained it of a third party In good faith.
Uchrlnkhonso, who waa engaged in tho atabbing
affair on the steumcr "It. 1). lluuiilton," Sunday
evening, demanded his trial, stating that h.i whs
ready to establish tho fact that bo acted on tho de
fensive; but tbo proHOcutlon not being ready for
trial, his case was continued till this morning.
Rdn-awat and Fioiit. Two individuals,
named J. Ruatjand Thomas Herbert, respectively,
got into a difficulty at the foot of Greonnp-street, vc.
terday evening, about live o'clock, which brought on
blowa. While thtis engaged a horse belonging to the
former took fright, and ran off with the buggy to
which he was hitched, und in which waa a little girl
(alont soven or eight years old. Tho horse run up the
street soiuo distance, when It was stopped. No seri
ous damage waa done, cither to the girl or the buegy.
When tho horee was brought back, tho parties went
down near the river bank, und commenced fighting
again, and Buat, throwing a atono ut his oulnjonist,
broke his collar bono. A Deputy Marshal arrived on
the ground at till? juncture, and promplly umwloil
both part lea.
ASuooKSTiow. We have received a commu
nication Trom a citizen, suggesting n cbongo in tho
arrniigcmeiit of our ferries. At present, quarterly
tickets nre only good till "one hour after sundown
Thia, in winter, is abont half-past five o'clock, man
Ifestly too early fur our citizens who do business in
Cincinnati. The change suggested Kltliut a stated
hour, aay seven, or half-past seven, bo fixed upon, re
gardless of sundown,
Improvments. It would be usolcs to attempt
to notice all the Improvements going on in our city.
Two.story brick residences lire the Kreat feature,
however. These aro scattered In every part of tho
city. Covington certainly prosouts many advantages
not powessed by any other place in the vicinity. K
wo only had good wutcr-works, our growth would be
materially accelerated.
; 9The reporter takes pleasure in ac
knowledging many favors extended him by the pub
lic olBecra of Covington, in aiding him to obtain the
locnl occurrences of the day. riuch attentions will
always ha appreciated.
pip Casey is ontiroly remodeling the front
of his dry goods store, on Mndlnon-street, near Sixth.
It will add materially to the appearance of the
SJ-Mayor Foley is again in our midst, after
an nhsonce of some time, during which he lias been
enjoying the pnro atmosphere of the lakes.
New Building. Messrs. Richard and
Krunk Ilaymau havo added an ornament to New
port by the erection of their uew brick store. In its
construction, they have left uo part unlluisbod
which would iu acy manuer add to tho cxcellont
arrangement uf tha different apartments. The
length of the building is seventy-twu ami a ia!f foet,
twenty-four und a bulf feet wide, uud three stories
high. The first floor will bo uued as a dry-good
store. The second floor has been rented to tho New
port Temple of Honor. The third (toi-y will bo used
by the Newport Lodgo of Masons. The cost of the
building has been about S'Vioo. (In Monday next
tho Usymuu'e open thuir store, with a new und veil
selected stock or goods.
J0ur Mayor informs us that there aro
frequent applications made to him, by parents who
aro unable to support their children, to learn of
places where they can hare good homes, and bo
raised to habits of temperance and industry. He
says that these children aro frequently intelligent,
and, with proper training, would become respectable
members of society. Our worthy official appears
deeply Interested la tbese UDfurttiuntes, as every
man must be. How, many families there are tb.it
would bo glad tft adopt and educate them, If tbey
knew where to And them.
Tolics Coubt. Thcro wore four cases be
fore tho Mayor this morning: llnry Ann Anderson,
for disorderly conduct, was fined Si and costs.
Miranda Johns, a moat abandoned wretch, was alao
arraigned for the aaino offense and lined $ and costs.
Johu Norton, whose arrest we noticed In our yes
terday morning's Issue, was Until J.'mnd coats. John
McKaddcn, for breach of the peace, was fined $2 and
costs. As none of the prisoners had the means to
liquidate their fines, they wore all committed to
Our Schools. Our free schools commenced
yesterday, and wo are happy to state that the attend
ance is very large, numbering about nine hundred
acholora-a good turnout for the first day. The gen
tlemanly princlpul.T.l). Ed wards, took us intothodif
lorent apartments, anil Introduced ua to his assist
ants. We were charmed with the order everywhere
estubllshod, and everything indicates that, with the
present teachers, the scholars will rapidly advance lu
their studies. '
. pf3 The regular meeting of the Board of
Directors of tho Covington and Newport BridgeCom
pany was to have taken placo yestorday afternoon
at four o'clock, butts there was not a quorum pre
sent, the meeting could not organize.
A Hibernian, badly intoxicated, with
a a.'iond on each arm, started for Covington yesterday
afternoon, but arriving at the brldgo, he beenme a
littlo mulish, and would "wo," After exhibiting
many of tho propensities of the "father of all rab
bits," for about fifteen minutes, bis companions
finally succeeded in getting him across tbo bridge.
Interesting. To see an individual Imbibe
so much of the ardent aa to claim the Court-house
yard aa his property, and Insult at rangers who are
walking In It.
Steamboat Register.
Abivals. Sunday H. B. Hamilton, Wheeling;
Boaton, Louisville; Fairy ljuotrt, Maysville. Mon
dayPurest Uueon, Madison; Nitperior, Louisville;
Kllen Uray. Kanawha; Uncle Ike; Fititburg; Kite
May, Memphis.
l)npATuaia, Sunday Boston, Louisville. Hon-day-i'orait
Queen, Dladlaon; Superior, Louisville;
Fairy Oueon, Maysville; Uncle Ike, INew Orleans;
Ohio No, 3, Marietta.
Befob Jt'oui: Storeb-I Chamiif-rs-A ppi.ua
tio.i toOissoivk an ls.icniTin. sicking va. Lad
and others. An injunction had ben allowed, here
tofore, in thlecaae, restraining tho dofeDdanta from
he mile of ceitain real eatate in this county, which
bud been purchased iu common liy the ran lee. It is
claimed by plnintilf that Iw has paid more than hia
riroporilou, and a largo sum for iinproveiueuta made
,) UKrcciucnl, and lor I lie benefit of both parties.
The defendant, Mrs. bad, refuses to pay her moiety,
ami ilireutc us to convey awav tho intercut to tbo
prejudice of plaintiff, who hhks a judgment for the
amount he has paid, aud that Mrs. L. In prevented,
by prucm of Court, from ii-piint' of the properly.
A motion is now made to dissolve the injunction, on
the ground that the par ties beiuR tenants In cuoiiuon,
and there being no contract that plaintiff should
hare a lieu for his advances nltliouiih made for the
lnpf!t of both be lu,.i nu right now to such alien ou
the defendant's interest. Tho question was argued
an,, i.im'ii lienor aiiviseineni.
KiiyA Dobmeyerfur plaintiff; Ilassaurek & Von
reggein tor defense.
OF Ills Wll'K. J. 8. Now lol, vs .1. I' ( lurk. A nru.
ceediiigiu abt of execution. It appuaia in toHtiinony
linn niiuceriain money wnicn tool oelougeu loins
wife, the defendant hal purchased faritiliiir stock ami
lilimxils, homes and carriage,). Ac , aud a motion was
mane i" nunjeci a pot uou ol tun property to tne pay
uiont of the execution.
J t was claimed on the part of the defense that the
properly wa- exempted Iroin execiitien by virtue of
an act in relation to the interests of husbands in llto
estates ol their wives, paused 2dth Felirunrv, I8SB; or
if not, at least by other acts, mcludiug tbo home
slead law.
It was hold by Judgo Hilton that the common law
duel run, ot the interest of the husband iu the estate
ol hi wile, reniai im iv tart except so far as It iealteired
liy our atatutes and that these statutea mu.t ba
construed strlcily. The first section of theucrre
frn;d toexemplnfroni execution for the husband's
dehtH tlv real estate of tin, wife. Hut, this docs nut
contraveuothuotlier recllolisof the law, giving the
husband a lie estate as lonaut, liy tlie courtesy lit tha
wile's property, hut merely exciiijpis It Iroui execu
tion. If, therefore, he is posncsneti in this way of a
homestead, be caunot plead other sections of the law,
which exempts certain personal property iu the
uhse nee of such homestead .
After referring toilieellectoftbe second, third and
fourth sections uf the law, the Court proceeded to
leuniik thut it appeared ia tills caae, tho horses, car
riage wiigon anil crops taken from the real estate,
were not strictly exempted by this law; but that on
the marriage this persouul property was vualed in 1 he
husband, and was subject f the payment; of bis
il'lits; mid that pergonal property, other than choses-iu-aetiou,
wa. not required 10 be reduced to posses
sion, according to the law governing clioHes-iii-ac-tlou,
hut vests iu the husband at once by virtue of
the uiarriiige.
T. II. NN aro, for plaintiff; Mr. , of Varren
County, for defense.
burner vs. Col Mian. An order was mnde enjoining
ncrt'dit'tr of defumlant from payiug over his debt
unlit further ordor of Court.
An eider waa made gr-nting the petition of Kllen
Tierce luadopt un iiiiant named Gourgo lliuer, aud
to change the uaiuo to (ieorgo 1'iurco.
WS. II. Pnrvin, Advertising Agent, Do.
00 Wost Fourth-street.
BUT Winder's SUy-llght Cinltory-All styles
of Pictures mado on short notice.
B4T Winder' guy-light Gallery, Western
row, opposite Court-street. The cheapest and beat
Fictures mads in the city.
etJ-Dnguerreoii Giillery, South-west cor
ner of Sixth and Weatarn-row, over Ilnnnaford's
drug store. Pictures taken and put in good cases for
twenty cents. Y hi ranted to please.
ftiTPIiotngrnphlc fjallci-y-Cowcn'a;, No.
'2'i West Fifth-street, under Bloom's management.
It you want a mitgliinceut Photograph go to Covin's;
for a Aiubrotype go to the same place. Remember,
plcturos of all styles taken at Oow t.i's, No. 22 West
iftli-Bt root.
Tho Money market remains close, although thoro
la a littlo hotter supply of Currency. The offerings
for Dlscountsure quite largo; partiesevideutly getting
ready for tho tat of September.
The rn'.e for regular customers being ln(AI2 nor
cent, for short-date business Paper.
Kustcrn Kxch.inge remains linn at per cent. pre.
nilum, aolliug rate; buying ut Iul5 ceute premium
field Arm at to III cents, buying rate; selling at i.1
(ai'i per cunt, premium.
Missouri Currency 1 per cent, discount,
ftnatern Exchange, in St. Louis, l(.iil! premium.
Illinois, Wisconsin, aud lows, 2 per cent, discount,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
MONDAY EVENING, August 29, 1859.
FLOl'B Tho mnrket continues without much
change, though, under the newa from Mew York.
there wus no inioyaney, ami tit the close the feeling
waa iuiikuui. mo iiemanu is niiugoiiicr local. Tlie
soles com urifco e.;io hi ls. nt Si ns for sun,Thnc. ami 54
(i-Hi ".' lor extra. I'.'.'ll brls. have been imported the
last fortv-eight hours.
Wlll,SKY-No rhiige In; the market: miles of Ms)
orlH. at L'i 'gti' jrtsc.; uio latter rate lor wegen.
I'UOVksliiNS-A good dcioaiid for Ilacon. with
sales of 200 lihdH. nt 7c. for Shoulders, und .rr.'.i.'uc. for
.Sides; a decline. Mcbsl'ork laiionuiially unchanged.
NothiiiK transoired in bulk Vork or Lard.
liltilfjflnIKS Sugar in fair demand, with sales of
en ninis. at rt'MrCfc.; tne nurer lor prime, molasses
37m:ic. ConVn steady ; 1 lu packet Java sold at li'aj.
01 1,-LiiiHecil is iu good demand, with more buyers
than sellers ot.'gie.
UK AT The market reinaius steady uud firm,
with a good demand, mid light receipts: sales l.issj
lnnll.K'iud While at $1 1-1, delivered; 2.SI do. prime
do. at 5-1 15; lil do. delivered at SI IV; M do. good
do. at SI 1.1; I'e do. at (1 1-'; rsi do. lied at $1 W; aud
l,joo ou. mixed, un private terms.
(OltN-Tho market is steady and price! unchanged:
a sale of 2.DINI bushels at 17c.
KYK-Sales iM bush, at 73c.; a fair demand at this
OATS The market is steady . and prices unchanged:
sales litNi bush, at Depot at i-c, and 1,0UI do., to ar
rive, at inc.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, August 29—P. M.
Flour heavy and 10o. lower: sales 7,000
brla. at 54 "OcM X' tor superllito .State: St ( u4 XI for
extra a ? i .iiau i ti i.tr nupciiiur ,e9o-in, c , ,uiai
5 i'l for coin nun i'io gooil extra estcrn; &.)(,r 311 for
old, ami j.i lc(.-.'ioo tar licit-ground shipping brands
extra rotinil-liuuo Ohio, closing dull. Canadian dull:
bales II Mt nils, at $1 7Wii3tW fur extra. Kyo iflour
(tin i at 5., i-.
Wheat linc.v. lower: sal '-a 17,000 bushels nt tl 'SXHk
1 U l"i' now While Michigan; $1 -lu.! oil for new
W'liitetlo; i?ffr Amber Teiiievsoe. ltyo firmer:
saU-s t.tsiu bushels at tine, for old and re-. C'oru
heavy: eiilcsiil.Wibuslu Isat 77c. forohl; MxMMe. lor
new nnxeil vvosrern, ami -o. i' r i,miow cmern.
uiitrtiiuu ut wtifViu. lor oiaio, auu ovojiiou.ior viesi
era .
VV'lil.L-v uiicliHtiL'i'd- aides MSI hrla. at H.(!iXlK.
Pork ii'rmer i'riteo tlull ami uuclinugeu: aaleaof
l.sie brls. at sll fSKtwl 02 lor iiiosh; SI7 lor clear, and
$10 2.,1'nr prime. It.- f 'lull: sales M) brls. nt i't .''.
forcoiiutiy prime; 37crJ7 2.r lor Oo. mesa; ifsdtll lor
repickeil Chicago, a'"t Sl2cvl' XI for extra. "Small
sales Beef ilanin at $lo(i(l. Ilacon dull: salus ;uai
tterces naggeti naniHut lo'-tooii c. utii mears nrni
snli s 7i, Dackaees at c. for Miuulders, and tiaei&Xe.
for Hams. Laid quiet : Bttlea Xkj jiackuges ut fHitj
lu'ilc. ,
Butter firm nt l.yftlTc. for Ohio, and 18321c. for
State. Cheese firm ai s.'-s((i'J:!c.
Cotton-Sales 41X1 bales lit ll.tillc. for Middling
Sugar buoyant.
Oilier arlicles dull.
Htocks-Pacilic Mail 81; Now Tork Central 74;
lleii'lma: II; Michigan Central II; Culeua and Chi
cago 6 Illinois Central Mi; Chicugu und Toledo. 24;
Chicago aud UocK Isiauu wa.
[By Telegraph.]
Liverpool Market.
LIVERPOOL, August 16.
Cotton The sales for tho pnst three days
have been Ltl.Oto bales, inchuliug l,i'l bales to spent
tutors, and the saute amount to exporters. The
market closes very dull, and tint quotations are
b-trcly pusmintid, aud inferior ijiialities have declined
1-liiil.l Middling Orleans quotes at 7'nJ.; middling
upmntis ti 4U.
Kreaitstutl.i bavo a declining tendency, and quo
tat lit,,, in ImrvW main rained.
Provisions also tleclidiug. iioef heavy, nnd holders
are pressing on the market. Pork heavy, and all
qualities declined iu cuiiseiiueuce of holders pressing
their stocks ou llto mat set. The quotations are
nontiual. Lartl quiet ami ateady.
Produce Resin steady at 3s. sd. forcnntnion. Sugar
quiet. CoD'eo dull. Lice dull, fpirils Turpentine
LIVERPOOL, August 17—M.
The Cotton market continues dull: Bales
to-ilar harn l cn li.noil bales.
llioailatiiU's Messrs. HleliariUon, Bpence k Co.,
quote the harvest prospects favorable. The market
clones ijuiet. Flour steady. Wheat very dull, and
quotations uro naroiy maiutainon: western lieu ,s,
tiiljL'Ji.i Wliito 9s.oc.is. oil. Corn has a declining
tendeocy, ami is Ireely offered at easier pricee; tlie
qiiotatious, however, are unchanged: inixeu uud
leiiuw oa. rHi.ffi).. iim., ami nnuo ,e.(t7s. on.
[By Telegraph.]
London Markets.
LONDON, August 16.
'Wheat steady, and holders demand an ad
vaace, which, however, baa not been obtained. Flour
nnn. sugar qiitea. uunee nrn. jiicelirni.
Consola closed at oVi&DlH.
LONDON, August 17.
Consols are quoted at 95K(ui'Jo'a for monty
and account.
The fluctuations In the funds have been alight, but
a dull bono prevailed with a downward tendency in
pi it'.,
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, August 29—M.
Flour has an advancing tendency: sales of
117 vim. n. itb. ui-ai uuoynns, snies ou
uuniieiB nt ei ivuai ft lor uea, ana 91 tngii 40 tor
White, Corn unchanged. Provisions ateady. Wbiaky
"Wesleyan reroalo College.
TBK' fibrt session of the EIGH
TKEKTll Year of tbla Institution will begin
on MONDAY, August 29, at ball-past eight, A.M.,
and will continue twenty-two weeks.
The course of study ia exteuHivfHodmbrucea all
the common and hixlii r ftnglish branches, together
with Latin, Die Modru Languages, and 5lu.ii- and
liiawing. The syaleni of teaching Is tlioiouuli at d
practical, and no pains will leapaiedby Ihuableaud
etbeieut corps of teachers to make aouuil scholar.
The cuurso ot Modem Languages will be mado much
more pra--ticul than heretofore.
.N. H There will be a single aesaion daily, com
mencing ar half-east eight A. ffl., and closing at
bHlf-ptiHt one l1. M.
Un)" Vur further information or for adml'sion an-
ply ut the College, ou Viiu -aircol. la-tueeu .Sixth uud
beveiith. IWliKUT ALLYW, President.
French-English and German-English
' bchooi.
rV male Cullfirc, Viiie-trwt, biive riternilnod
to makH tliiicouritti 111 Moitru lnumn ttioroimlily
irnclicnl, mij tncrutore sticcetwlul. 'i ihis tijiil tliuy
iftveurKttoietl Primiiry Department in Frfin-li una
(ivrmaii, in which tho younn pupiU will be lnul.t
HpelliiiKS IttJMiliiig nutl WriliiiK in eithur of theiM
lanKimnfs 111 in BHiue iuanuur ami at iim muub iiiu
1 llit-y are tan ir lit thenamt) braiichtu in hnUnli.
More iitlvHticffl rirliolttitt will be tunilit u many of
ttioir regular bluUiuu iu pcwiblt iu Jj'reiicli auti Ur
In this way aa ability to spunk anil write thee lnn
CiiiiKf will 1m aet readily ucuired as if tlio pupill
wi-ruaent alirnad.
The extra ohan?e will beiopcr annum.
K6'Vor tiirtiittr iiiKirmation tnnlv ut tlm CnliMra.
ou Vine-strwt, tetwocti Sixth and Seventh.
auibcawcw jiuutni. AL,uin, it en men t.
Ilerron Seminary.
UON'S BKMIN ABy will cummenco on MON.
DAT AiiKuslilio Wth. Tim cunriw of iDlruction
Is ihoroiiKh, uud Buys and Youiim arft litre pre-
?aru'i Bittiur tor CulU'Ktt or fur liuoineRa. Compcteut
Vactiern, who love to wurk, ar Mnployeil, aiid no
pauiii uiu ue itparou to Hutmn i lie gova unue it luu
enjoyed tor flllceu yeara. Th price of Tuition has
not been chit u (fed, although too low, aa tb object ia
not so much to mako mo no van todogood. Tliereare
tlmo lep;rtiiientn Prinmry, Preparatory, and Co
loKiate ui whicli all tlie lirancliosof an bugitoh Kd
ucation. Latin. Greek. Otinniii and Freneh Lan-
gnne, MathoiiNiiim, Naturil iSclncei. andaihur
ouali (onrneof Bwk-KpinK are tauKbr, with Lec
tiircN every week. Hitlf hii hour, from to 9 every
moriiihir, ia dc-vomi to morn I instruction. readiiiiT tha
8frlpliinm hy tin pnpiU, siiifiingand prayer. OoUi-
pnHiijuniianu Ufciuination weeiiiy,
Primary Department, aeailnn of live months,. ..iflS oi
HroDuratory Pnartnient. ' ' 4t ... 20 M
Collegiate Deimrtment, " '! " ... 25 M
Gerniun Jjftiiguuge, extra, 41 ' " ... 0 (Ml
r rencn ... o m
Baok-Koeping, " " " ... In n
Dmwinff and Painting, extra. ' 11 ... 10 Oti
Nunibor limited to oua hundred, and each pupil
carefully classified ait6-bw-ouw.
Is. HAttDIXO, lpriini.
MiM H. A. JlUftD,) Frlnoil,n,"
The Fall Term of this Seminary will open on tho
Firat Monday of McptemUiT.
rroreasor l)E HHgLES, of whom Professor
Kasiiuellesays, "1 should deem any Institution for
tunate in engaging hltu aaaleacher of tha French
lauguage.'1 au-l
Literary and Scientific Institute,
No. 87 Bast Third-street,
Kentrmbar. for tha instruction of rcrhnnnof
both nexi-a and nil Hpc, by Dr. A. CTJKTJS aud a
corps of itHriifttantd of the Arst order.
Tho nbjcct of this liiftilutmii n to doTflop trio
whole imm, phynicul. liienlal and moral; to give liim
a pood knoAvicdvM of tho nuwt valuable hc if nee a, urtR.
laiigimt'ti and lit?raturH, add cepeoially the wrcntost
of all arta. that of witicatiiiir vomh for uetiilii-rt
and bai'piueis. For partinilai supply attiio I nut Hula
Af vUiaa 1 0 a ill . I ill. J'.
A J'llllllu A TLt U Tl
-H. the I'Jtli day of tsenlember, A. D. KW, at tha
rottiiidii iu the Conrt-lioiiM", in the city ol'Cincitinatl,
ut 12 o'clock At. of said day, I will sell at public auc
tion all the following.deacritcd real estate, viz:
1. l,ota niinihered seven (7) and eight (8) in stinnrn
number three (3j of flat 1), In the subdivision ol that-state
of Jjnvia K. Wade, as recorded in ltook No.
117, page Ho, of the Ilecorda of Hamilton County,
I'hlo, and fronting each tweuty-tlvel Hft.i leeton West
em Cauul or riiini-street, and running hack the
same tilth one hundred aud lllty-six feet tluee
inches to 1'roviilonce-atrcet.
'I. All those lots of land situate In the city of Cin
cinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, and being num
bered ninty (WD, biueiy-oue (UU, niuety-two (l.i2) and
nitit'ty-lhree (tfl), in anuare number four (41, ot (he
Btilulivision of lota made by lltchkiss, Avery and
(Jtirttr, recordi-d in Hook No. fty, psgo fiol, ,f the
ItcrordB of lluuiilton C'eimly, tlhio, unit each of aaid
lota fronting twenty-seven (27 J feet, making KM feet
in all,eu the aouth side of Alouroo-Bireet, and ex
tending buck on parallel lines ninety (Wl foot to an
:t. Also the fnllowiag, ailuate In Cincinnati, for
merly in Millcreek Township, In boci ion number
nineteen, (Id) in Township number three (3) iu tha
second fractional range in the Miami Purchase, being
sixty-three (ttn feet and six inches in front on tha -northerly
aide of the Cincinnati and Harrison Turn
pike Koail, and running thence northerlylour hun
dred feet, more or less, to the lam) of John Kiddle,
aen., bounded on the eaat by a lot of groondcoure) ed .
by Barnard andwile to John Ilockney, Kovcinltcri),
1,1-12, ami on the west by a lot now or formerly belong
ing to Mark Atkins.
4. Alto tho following, situate in Cincinnati, Ham
ilton County, aud Suite of Ohio, anil being lute iiuin
bored tweiity.ihrcelzij uud twnly-tuiir,(24) In Wnila
it Dudley's addition or subdivision of lo(a in said
city, as recorded tit llook 'J'.i, page HO, of th. Hamil
ton County llecortls, Mid lots twenty-three (23) and
tweuty-four (Zlt helug on thesotitli side of I'onlnr
Btreel. vvoat of Wesleru-roa; being each twenty-live
(V.ril li ot In front on the south sido of Poplar-street,
unit running hack in paralielliiiesaoutU one-half tho
distance from l'otlar to (diver-street.
ft. Also, the following iu Cincinnati, commencing
at a point on tho south side of Clark-stroet, one
hundred and twenty-tliree teet east of the south
east corner ef Clark ami Kreenian-atreeta; thence
south at right auulea to Clark-street, two hundred
and one feet; tlieticolu an easterly direction tweuty
eight I2S) feet; thence Iu a motherly direction and
parallel with said west line at riuht angles toClark
etreet, two hundred and one feet to lark-street;
thetico westerly on the south lino , f Clark-street,
twenty-eight (2m) feet to the beginning: la-lug lot
numbered thirty-nine (3U) in (). W. 'l ucker'a sub
division of the Cutter property, as recorded in book
number Uightfaj in the division among the heirs of
Hi Cutter, deceased.
A. Also, tho fnllcwing lot, altrato In Hamilton
County, and being lot numbered thirty -nine en tha
plat ef subdivision of Aveudalo, iu said county, aa
recorded in i'lat llook No. 1, page uf the records tf
said county.
Title to all the above property good; sale peienip
torv ; tcrma cash; being the same property conveyed
to the undersigned by ile -d of trust from ike Cincin
nati and Chicaifo ltailroad Company, Julyl,leoi,
recorded in Hook Ho. m, page u3.
CoLLtsRAHrBBOH.Att'ys, Halniit-8l. aiilvbgt
on the shortest notice, and in the latest ana
most fashionable style, all kinds of
Job Printing,
!, -I J
(f,-l;;;,u.H .
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