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"FOUND, "io.,lnthUclnmn, occupying five Hues
or km, two insertion!, twenty-five cents.
ANTED A BOY Who can come well
recommended. ApdIv nt the L'itv Saloon, t.l
"Ptl niAlll-lknifll, i Ullil-UT
WANTED GIRLS Two glriiromjietent
hands, to work on punts. Inquire at 127
Mace-street. uM.h
. w , journeyman Shoemaker on ladles morocco
Jmota and ml tori. Address, with referent, Box l,
mchroonU.lnillaiia. aiiM -h
"7 wil'.ing to get dresses cut nnd fitted; lit their
"l("",rnn get one that Is competent, unit give
RV'tiBlHctloii. ChiirKfd reasonable, full at Mrs.
I -iNKK'S Intelligence Office, JUS Fiftli-ntieet, bet.
y .utem-rowwnd John. iu:il-h
tent Herman woman to do the general houso
Ork nf a small fsmily; to such it one as can couio
n) recommended aa ft cook, washer nnd lruner,
hood wages will lie iail, mirl a permanent and easy
I lace secured. Call attno residence ofT. II. C AL
iKN, Mount Auburn. ; an3l -h
and buy scholarship in B'icon's and Gun
dry'a Commercial College, good lur full course of
Kliidy In double-entry, book -keeping. Time unlim
ited, and young nieu save money hy buying them.
Apply to w. K. A' li I.K.Y at K. W. Tuttlcs1 Exchange
OIhto,north-wejt corner Sycamore and Third-streutfl.
energetic young man, lately from London,
England, wishes asttiiutionin a stoiu.or office, where
lie onuld bouse'ul, (.lias been in an architect's ofiice.)
Salary nutsorouuh an object na employment. City
lefcrenccagivun. Address H. W J., at this olflco.
women'a peg boon. Apply at 210 Walnut
street, up stairs. an:i0-b
ladles, whore thero are few, or no boarders.
Address M. A. C, Fenny Prees oflice au3o-bt
WANTED TO RENT By a respeotable
party, a small homo with from three to tlvo
rooms, either in town or suburbs. Address, this
weok.HKNKVjthisoliice. au.HI-b
WANTED GIRL A girl fourteen to
sixteen years old, to tnko care of children
nnd assist in general housework, must come well
recommended. Apply to t SUEKN,20 East Third
Blrcet. au30-b
dollars, (Jlo,im,) for three or flra cara on
city properly worth J,000. Incinlre of W. 11. 1A
YKNPUKT, Attorney, Ho, 30 West Fourth-street,
Cincinnati, 0. auM-d
WANTED BOARD In a private family,
for a gentleman and his wife, who will furn
ish thoir room, Bcferenooa exchanged. Address
C. 0. t!., title offleo. nu30-b
man in a wholesale or retail grocery or com-nilssion-bouee.
best of reference given, Address
JAMhS.nt this oflice. au3l)-b
WANTED-COOK An experionoed
, woman as cook, washer and ironer: must
gjve the vary best city reference. Apply, this day,
trom 10 Vo 12 o'clock M., Mo. 406 Seventh-street,
betwoen Oiitturand Linn. aiOl-b
tTANTED-RO0M Suitable for a gen-
tinman and his wife, In a respectable loot.. n,
rnrn .shed or unfurnished. Terms must be moderate.
Ad' .rem B., 1'resa olttue. auiM-h
v the city; would bo of good account in a book
tore, having been in the book, iwrlodical and news.
ririer business on my own account In Eastern Ohio.
1'. S. Having a wife but nan bairns, we might lie
jointly employed, im also prntitablyon the part of on?
Jwdy wha might employ. Letters addressed to Y at
thlsollice, shallliouttendedto. au.'K). b
WANTED HELP Those wanting to get
Kirla to sow. nr rim KHwIna.mn.tiTnitB
rtiiml in DaguorreiiD Gallery, or liny other wripevtable
mlU-fl) Ml htliln.iu nn l.u Lnnll,.l K- .... . 1 1 - . i
hiiim hi t-nS(Hirrru uiinery, or miyoiner rvitpuctahU
lTVfJ.'H.ni3 can "PpHoU by catling ut Mm
WARNERS Intelligence Office, m Fiftn-Htreet
between Vieaturn-row and John.
Also, good help
"!i!;'J1.!!!iiIgl:Ll5;1 nousoworK.
" worit on Btreot Bailrond Cars. Apply to J.
tl. rALJltll, Omuilms Naniil'artory, Bank-street.
TOT ANTED TO RENT A home of four
. T .i y "vo rooms by a prompt paying tenant: will
tako itfor two or throe years H it auits. Would like
fji take possession by the 1st of September. Address
K. H. W., thlnolltce. auMt
"lOR SALE GROCERY The utock, fix---
tures and good will of a ji-ocery, in a food loca
b,oek s,"u11 0I"1 we" lelcetcd. Inquire at No.
JH Western-row. au3l-h
ttjlOR SALE TABLE A twelve foot oak
,, ,ex'eu'on table; cost Boveu mouthaago 8?0; will
sell for SI. aIbo, a victory coal stove, cost SMwilb.
niiures-will sell lor Sl5. Imjuire at thia oflice.
. ' lan;iO-b
if; iS 10 ,eav 'he city, tho old and wall-estab-lished
Dimog Saloon, at Jlo.8Kast Kouith streot,
riavlngsovoiity.nve prompt paying boarders, and a
good triinno,nrade. For further parlicnlaiiiiiauire
r nuuaw, au w-D
ItX'IL&ALK IIORSRA Ann famil hnr.o
u,J7 .'d.,Prrectly gentlo and good traveler.
h!S,.J " ':2luut-streel, next door to (ilbson
F0!?1; ALE Pfiflft An ologant oarved
.,nBt wl iisuviune nnu ocooi, warranreu
.aviT ''notauperior, intone to any in thia ciiy. It is
J? ' tl octave lias t ho corrugated sounding hoard, and
r.e uolceCampana attachment, t.'ost at the manu
facturers, a year since, five hundred and Bfty dollurs.
I'rlce Address Box mi, rostolHce. an-aw
K10R SALE OR TRADE Desirable prop
.. orty in and near Uovington, Kentucky, con
fisiingof one acre of ground, with good house, con
taining six rooms und kitchen, well, cisteru aud
stable sufficient lor seven homos, on the Indepenn
elite Tnrnpllie, witnin a iiuartor of a mile of the cor
p mllon line of (Jnvinmon. Alio, a lot in the imme
diate neighborhood, fronting tlfty loot on the Hike
by two hundred deep. Also, a lot in Austeu's divi
sion of Uovington, forly-live by one huudred and
Ave feet. Thoabovo property will be sold cheap, or
traded for'a farm within one hundred miles ol Uln-
cinnati, either in Kentucky, Indiana or Ohio. For
further particulars, imiulro of H. 11. KLLld, on the
premiscH; or of JaM too II. ORA V, Atlornov at Law,
ricott-atreet, opposite Farmers' Bunk, Covington,
Kentucky. austl-bw
BOARDING Soveral gentlemen can be
uccomniodatetl witli good board at H.I Bace
ir.reet, hclow Fourlli. . an3l-o
BOARDING Two or three gentlemen can
obtain room anil hoard, in a private family,
lij applying at No. 107 Lougworth-Btrcet, between
Kim und Plum. Terms moderate. miMI-li
BOARDING A large and pleasant room
with two flue closeti, fur single gentlemen, or
: gentleuiau and wife, furnished or unruruished, at Ho,
U Longworth-siruet. tliroe doors oust of Hace. ,
- nn:il-h'l
BOARDING Two pleasant unfurnished
rooms with board, at No, 346 Kixth-ntreet.
Reference giVcn and rciiuired. . au.Ki-b'
BOARDING Six or eight gentleme'a can
be accommodated with goud board and lodging,
. Jy immedin'ely applying at No. 14H Pearl, Ivtween
Itace find lm-SII'fers. Also, a few riuv honrifar.
wanted meals served punctually.
T 0ST POCKET-BOOK On Saturday lant,
a greon morocco pocket-book, containing about
soventy-livedollata In hills; there waa a white allpof
pupnr arounJ a part of tbcin. The tindor will be lib.
orally rewarded by leaving the same at this oflice,
f 0ST-A SAFE KEY The finder will be
M-d suitably rowurdod by leaving it at the office of
I lie Penny Press. an:ui-h
171 OR RENT HOUSE A dwolllng-houso
. on Ninth-street, between Vino and Walnut.
streets, No 67 ooutalnlngten rooms, bath-room, Ac.
Ann v to W. L. KPtlllNl'lt n..r,l,..,.i ,L.. J.
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner John and Water ta.,Cloolonatl,0,
, apo-lr i
' St. Charlei street, New Orleans, Lw,
Importer of Gone cV gportlnsr Apparatui)
...AUGUST 31
Ir you want a servant, advertise In
THE PENN riixtss
Ir yon want a home, advertise In
THE PENN muss.
Ir you want to aell anything, advertise in
THE PENNY I ttisso.
Ir you want to buy anythiug, advertise in
In fact, orory want supplied by advertising fn
Notick. Mr. Kerr, who formerly served
our patrons in Covington, will hear some
thing to bis advantage by- immodiivUily call- i
ing at our office.
p3" Mr. George A. Jones will serve the oit
izens of Storrs, daily, with the Prnny Prxss.
. Ipif The olosing ceremonies of the Ohio
White Sulphur Springs will commence Tho To
day and close Saturday.
Two little boys, sons of the murderer
Finneiy, were tent to the House of Refuge b 7
Judge Lowe yesterday.
3"IIonry Myers, for selling liquor on
Sunday, was fined ten dollar! and oosts by
Judge Lowe, yesterday.
P"Why aro not lunatics removed from
tho County Jail? Eight, at present, are con
fined in that institution.
' j3T The Finnesy murder oaso was oallod
In the Police Court, yesterday, and oontinued
until Saturday. '
STTho work on tho Cincinnati Street
Railroad is progressing rapidly. Cars will be
running by tho 1st of October.
J$ The Brighton House riot, of which, we
gave full particulars some days since, was
finally settled before 'Squire Bell, yesten lay,
tho defendants paying oosts, &o,
p3 The ralace Garden, for some timo past
so successfully oonduoted by Mr. Loo Mall ory,
has changed hands, Mr. II. E. Morris an mut
ing the proprietorship.
Wolnut-stroet, from Fourth to Piflh,
was thronged yosterday by persons desirous of
witnessing the laying down of timbero for tho
Street Railroad.
The trotting match over the Cincinnati Pat k,
next Thursday, will doubtless be closely eo n
testod. Tho following nags will compete for
the purse of $'675: Fanny Hope, Moonwk,
and Lady Gay. See advertisement.
lour individual named Sowerbii ok
"got his liaik up," some few days since, rand
struck Officer Qrundhaffcr. The aforesaid -was
before Judge Lowe yesterday and fined two
dollars and cobU for his vinegar temper.
pS" A email boy, whose name we could not
obtain, fell in a fit near the corner of 151m and
and Fifth-streets yesterday. He was conveyed
to the Baltimore Saloon, close by, and properly
cared for.
3Attention Is called to the advertisement
of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Rail
road, to be found in another column. Five
dollars to tho Ohio White Sulphur Springs and
back is certainly very cheap.
3fA young jnan, twenty-three years of.
age, named J . b. iioDart, who is stated to have
been a Shaker, was sent from the Probate
Court, vesterdnv n,ftrnnnn. in t.ha T,iint;
' . .MU
JCS" Mary Miller, uini Erwin, pJead guilty
before Judge Lowe, yesterday, to stealing a
bolt ofoalico from a dry. goods store in the
Twelfth Ward. She was sent to the City
Prison for the term of ninety days.
JElTMr. C. H. Doddridge has placed on our
desk a list of iron furnaoes in the vicinity of
Portsmouth, Ohio. Business men will find
'this chart a good advertising medium. Space
is left onthe margin for the insortion of oards
and other ad vertining mt.ttor.
SJ" John Leary, charged with being one
of the party who robbed Henry J. P. Jones,
ot Jtookingham, Va., at the Ohio and Missis
sippl Depot, some days sinoe, was tried in the
Police Court, and held to answer before the
Court of Common Pleas upon a charge of grand
A grand Bibliual and Historical Tab
leaux will be presonted at Franklin Hall,
oornor of Sixth and Sycamore-streets, this
evening, by tho leaders of tho New-itreet
Sinking Fund Sooiety, the proceeds of which
will be appropriated to the use of the New-
street Church.
' County Jailor Hopkins was, night be
fore last, presented with a now charge in
the shape of a bouncing boy, weighing exactly
thirteen pounds. He was immediately nauiod
Henry Kessler Hopkins, after his grandfather,
Sheriff Kessler. Thia is the Sheriff's first and
only grand-child.
"Considerable anxiety is manifested as to
the whereabouts of a colored girl, aged sixteen
years, who disappeared from the residence of a
gentleman on Third-street some few evenings
sinoe. Fears are entertained that she has been
kidnapped. As full particulars have been fur
nished tho proper ofnoers, something may turn
up altar a, while. . ':
ifThe seventeenth exhibition of the Ohio
Mechanics' Instltate will open to-morrow,
(Thursday) in the lower rooms of Pike's Opera
house. Judging from the extenslvo prepara
tions already made, we have no hesitancy in
tfylngtbil will be the finest exhibition ever
held. The exhibition will olose the 21st of
1pr We have received a letter from Xenia,
Ohio, stating that the report published in our
paper of the 20th instant, that Henry MoBrlde,
of that place, had oommltted suicide by cut
ting his throat, is without foundation. Mr.
MoBrido, we are assured, is, and has been
working at his trade, at Louisville, for the past
five weeks. Oar information was received
from Mr. Frank Goodnll, an old associate of
Mr. MoBride'i, who assured us that his infor
mation was authentic We make the correction
with pleasure.
3oabd or Citt Iitr oviisgnTS Tbwi dav
Xlto sealed proposals offered were opens k! and
a-nrardod as followi: To William Mena h, $647
psr square yard, to grade and psvn, with
bowlders, Longwo) Hh-street frcnu Fifth to
Sixth; to Bart. Don 0Vttn, 24 cents per square
yard to repsir t f itb. bowlders, Lool -street
from Third to Fift J,; to Dennis ICironan , at 64
cents per square j ard, to pave with bo wldera,
south side of I ;ighth-street front Vi ae l0
Elm; U A. R. Smith, at $1 47' per lineal
foot, to jave wi th bowlders, College-alley from
Webster to Frt aklin-iUoet; to James H. Smith,
$1 47J4 p er li neal foot, to pave with bt iv;lden,
Andorson-alli ry from Rsoe to Plum-street; to
A. R. Smith, at 43,' cents per square yard, to
pave with, brie k, the unpaved aide-i ralks on
Allison-strset from Vine to Main; to. Bowers
a, iutaor, , ;y3 cents par square yard, to
pave with bri( k tho uopaved sid'j-walks on
Twelveth-s',Tei it, from Westernvrow to Main; to
Jerome B jin! jridge, at 41 ounU por squaro
yara, top; iva with brick, the ttnpavod side
walks on the west-side of Plunr street, from
George t a Sotnenth.
Tho Clerk was directed to prepare and trans
mit to the City Council ordinances to assess
special, taxes for improvements upon property
abutt'.ng on the foliowrag streets: Fouth
stree t from Mill to Wood -street; Longw,rth
stre et from Stone to Hosd loy-street. A jg0, an
oriinanoe to change the g fade of Eas'j Thifa.'
Btreet from Butler-street, to Min c'naJ
Bridgi). Alfo,ordinanoes.sfollo'y1: Topava
howlder-stone, Jiiohmo-,,, . ,
Plum-stroetto Western. Ror, . Langdon-alley
from Sixth-street to fjeveP.(U.,treet. The fol
lowing repairs we T.40omtaenUe(l. Provi.
dence-slreet from, Tgurfcenth te Fifteenth
street, and Han.,,,,,. from Court-street to a
point t ro hurjar()d feet noTln) fcr $.Q .
wings . ifTru ak.0,iejr(W:ta Mi
Provid jwice- -street, for $27.
Tb'd-ty iays additional lime was reoom
men led to R. E. Smith, to, complete bis eon
tr Jt to pave the sidewrjfrs one Freeman-streot
'" Jra Bank-street to Li.brty-stroet.
The oommunioation. ftom the Trusteos of the
Water-works was r,ferrud to the Commission
ers of the Distriot, connection with the City
Civil Engineer, wnen the Board adjemnrod.
j3-6omo tea days sinco, Mayor BiBhop
received a telegram from the authorities of
Pittsburg, stating thnt an individual named
A. K. Sill, aKni John Dalo, had escaped from
that city, charged -with various offenses. 01m
ot wntcn was Digamy. Mayor Bishop placed
Officer Anthony, of tho Fiftocnth AVitrd.on
tho nlort, who fluccoetletl in arresting Sill at
tho Poatoffice, about teu o'clock yesterday.
He was, by ordorofHis Honor, committed to
await the arrival of propor officers fromPitts
burg, and a telegram forwardod slating his
arrest, ,c.
A little boy, who peddles peaches about
the streets, played a sharp game on one of tho
boarders at the Henrie House last evening.
lie entered the sitting-room with a basket on
his arm, containing about seven peaohos. One
of the boarders purchazed a oouplo for five
cents, aud Iiandod the boy a dollar bill. The
little sharper said he had no change, hut would
step out and get the hill broke. He went out
but failed to return, leaving his victim soven
peaches, worth fifteen oents, And an old basket,
worth about the tamo price, all for one dollar.
TbpS Opera. Xitcto di Lammtrmoor, with its
plot of interest, its charming vocal bursts of
melody nnd stirring chorus, was performed last
night at Pike's Opera-house by the talented
Parodl Italian Opera Company. The attend
ance was unexpectedly thin. The enterprising
efforts of Mr. Pike to afford Cincinnati tho best
musical entertainment, in the best Opera-house,
with the best accessories, should be better ap
preciated. J&TA. man named A. R. Gantz, passed by
here on the Btenraer Ohio, on his way to Cat
lettsburg, day before yesterday, and was fol
lowed yesterday by a man from Shelbyvillo,
Ind., who alleged that he had received $120
from him for a horso, all of which waa coun
terfeit. It appears that the individual has
done something to create suspicion, while
here, and came near being arrested, but was
finally permitted to pass by our officers.
tWho are the greatest philanthropists?
Those who contrive to rcliove females of tho
drudgery of the needle, a drudgery which,
while it ruins their health and destroys their
sight, gives no adequate compensation. Grover
& Baker are, then, the friends of philanthro
pists, for their sewing-machines at once ban
ish all the evils we have refered to, as well as
numerous others. Call on them at 58 West
No Opsra To-monT. There will be no per
formanceat the Opera-house to-night, in order
to prepare, by a grand dress-rehearsal, for
Donizetti's splendid opera of Polinlo, which
will be presented on to-morrow evening with
magnificent scenic effects, and the full strength
of the admirable oompany. Thore will be in
troduced upon the stage, in addition to the
regular orchestra, a full military band.
Fiuht. A notorious character, named Bill
Brown, got into a difficulty with a colored
man on the corner of 2?cw-strect and Broad
way, yesterday evening, about half-past six
o'clock. Brown was drunk, end had a diffi
culty with some children, which finally
ended in his boing knocked down by tho
colored man, who espoused their cause. No
serious damage was done.
Tho Volfollatt of yestorday morning
contains Ihe proceedings of a mooting of some
Germans, opposed to the Sunday laws, in
which these laws are declared oppressive and
unjust; and that their protest may be the more
effectivo, a committee of twelve was appointed
to call a genoral meeting of all the opponents
of the laws, and take such farther measures as
may he deemed expedient.'
jr9Evans, who surrendered hinisolf to
the officers, yesterday morninc, of which au
account is given by our Covington rcportoi;,
was sent to Jail by the Police Judge in default
of $500 bail, on the charge of an assault with
intent to till. ' V:: ' "'
9 A lad named Joel Mortals, whose parents
reside some three miles from the city, on the
Reading Pike, fell from a tree on his father's
place, last Thursday, and received such inju
ries as to cause his death. He expired last
Monday evening, after much suffering.
pS" Officer John Anthony starts' this morn
ing for Pitsburg, having In custody A. R. Sill,
aliat John Dill, charged with various crimes in
thatelty. 0 "; :
"MBgy.ng" had much to say, yesterday, at
s je.d appearance or the Jaunty Jiltlo car on
he,(, which now is a great attraction on the
n'i or work on Walnut-street. It is painted
,a Eaea wun letters "American Railroad
Cirous" "Whore do the people ride?" "how
oan they enter?" Mrs. Spriggios says, "now
can ladits with hoops enter that little, side
door?" "la, ma," says little Salley, "ihoro's
the pioneer ear, it must run in a oirole, it says,
it is the American Railroad Circle. I should
think it would soon wind itself op." The lit
tle red wagon is a tool-box, onCe used as a
ticket office by Spalding's Railroad Circus.
0-The following is a list of letters de-
.UOu lur nonpayment of postage at tho.
uoiumce, in mis city, August .10: .
. w triey I'arkor, St. louil, Mo
hn it. BeviK, Ili.vl, o. ' '
.Itihan IJemd Kujlki.r, ilelhauaen '
.'. e, LauiviHe, III. ,"""en, d.
Wllludtii & Van Metre Port- J':
Wtu. KIUenh"u.e.al"r ,'?!utl'. '
O. h. Murrow, Springfle' '
A.J. Kills. Loulsvill
M.H. llnrra.Tern ri,'K,,
J. H. Schwaizd, f ' n'tl'i InJ
W.H. Uamiltc' -"yvill
MisaH.O'nri-. N,e )ork' '
. ,e Lewis, Shrevepurt, La,
jioj -p. numbor of Thirteenth-ward rowdiof
jad just been released from the chain
.'Eg 1 assaulted a quiet German citizen who
works in Bradbury's Milli,oorner of Eighth and
Broadway, last evening, and beat him unmer
cifully. He drew a knife, and ran the assail
ants off, after which he made complaint to Lieu-
tenat Small, of the Hammond-street Station'
house, who started a posse of Police in soarch
of the rowdios. Up to a late hour last evening,
tney had not beon arrested.
JOflioorfl Sluter and Leonard were tried
by His Honor, Mayor Bishop, yesterday
charged with kidnapping a negro boy, last
Saturday, the particulars of which we have
previously published. After a careful examl
nation of all the faots in the premises, Mayo:
tsisnop discharged Slater, and suspendod
Leonard for ten days.
Policr Court. Androw Evans, who was
engaged in the affray with Ceorge Piper, on hoard
1110 11. B. Hamilton, was hrouuht before the Wiunr
yestorday morning, according to oppointmuut, and
tho prosecuting witness gnvo in his lostiuiouy. This
was ofsuch a uaturo that satisfied tho Mayor that a
further investigation would ho necessary. Ho. thero
fore, Informed Emus that if ho did not voluntarily
surrondor himself to tho Ohio officials, it would ho
necessary to remand him to jail to await a rciiulsi
Hon froiu tho (loveniur of Ohio utwti the Governor
of Kentucky; that this would consume considerable
time, possibly sixty dnys, und that in tho ond ho
would bo taken across tho river. Ho readily con
sentod to this arrangement, und wiis conveyed to
Cincinnati, and put in charge of tho proper oIllcinlF,
voui.dnt jnavioatc uur attention was
called ti'tin individual on the south side of Fourth
truot, between JUttdison aud Scott, who appeared to
nave an aversion to straight, walking. Although n
small man, he could not walk tbo pavement without
coming in frequent collision with tho house, which
appeared placed there only to hamper his movements
It wnetinggosted that he was au absent minded man
who fancied himself in the country, marking out u
worm feme. But the conjecture vanished when he
came In collision with tlie laiup-pust on the corner
ufgcott-itroot, where certain nianil'estntions of his
as If endeavoring to shake hands with it in the
politest uianuer possible, ut once convinced all that
lie was a candidate for office. No other supposition
will explain hisextremc urbanity. Of course ho had
not been drinkiug anything but water.
Rkai. Kstati! Tbaxsi'ebs. J. C. Porter,
real estate ogent.dinposed of two lots on Plillmlel-phia-slrect,
yesterday, at $37 60 per front foot. W.
AUnut, auctioneer, sold three lots, yestorday, as fol
lows: One inside vacant lot, 2.1 feet front, on Elov
bnth-ilroet, by UHl foot deep, at per foot. Lot
cornorof Eleventh nnd Scott-streets, .v fpet onthe
former and loo foot on tho latter.contaiuitiaii brick
house, fur Sl',110. I usitio" lot ou Scott-street, 40 feet
by93feot, at 320 por foot front.
jEETKeenan, who was committed to jail
aouio two weeks since lor disorderly conduct, in de.
laultorpaymentof his fine, was released thia morn
ing, having succeeded in obtaining bail for the por
tion yet tiuliquidatod.
jS29Tho old pavement in 1'rorjt of Ward's
shoeahoponScott-stmot, near Fourth, iatorn up, nnd
a now one commenced, which will add not only to the
beauty of the street, but to tho convenience of po
deitrluns. iJJudging from.the number of arrivals
at Our hotels, 01 landlords are making it pay. Suc
cess to them, for Covington can boast of as good onca
as any other place in tho Union.
SOur friends will confer a favor on us
by apprising us of any circumstanco of gonci al or lo.
cal Interest. Address Press Kcporter, iiox :'l, Cov
ington, Ky.
pS'Tht two men who wore engaged in the
difficulty at the foot of Greennp-streor, day before
yesterday, were flncd eight dollars and costs, each,
fiif Large watormolons nre selling at from
live lo tsn cents, and more sellers than buyers, at
that. ,,
pjf The Kentucky Town-Ball Club, of
Newport, and Excelsior, of Cincinnati, held joint
meeting on tho green, buck of Mowport, yesterday
afternoon, Sides wcro chosen iudiscri minutely, from
the two Vlubs, and each liutde fair runs as follows:
-. Cope'i. Malono's,
1st , Sl....lst ...ki
:'iiil M 2nd
Total 152 , 121
The members eujoj cd thenielves finely, and nftor
the games wore through, they hud a general feast on
water-melons. Flaying ball is a hoalthy oxercise,
and those engaged in sedentary employment would
add greatly to their health, by taking some recrea
tion In this lino occasinally.
Puni.ic Cisterns, By an ordinance of the
City Council, passed August 18, all persons (firomen
When on parodo or duty, and to market-master and
sollcrs, during maikuthoursexcepted) are prohibited
from using water out of public cisterns. A violation
of this ordinance renders a person liable to a fine.
This ordinance takes effect from and nfW tho lirst of
September next.
IPS' We are informed that Mr. A. D. Son
cilley purposes having his large brick building oa
York-street, between Hoi lev no and Madison, com.
plcte in alx weeks. This building, when linhdicd,
will add greatly to the beauty of York-itreet and to
that of tho city generally. Bunds are at work clear
ing away tbo rubbish from the street In front.
: SistkrV Scuooi.. This institution, situated
on York-slrect, liu just oponod. We understand
that tlioito having charge are indofatiguitble in their
efforts to promote the cause of education, and their
efforts have met the undivided, approbation ot their
patrons. There is still room for more scholar;.
Bkzahlt kukhI Staat,9-taxe Pay toue
Stats Taxes. Such Is the Injunction of a handbill,
which has beon posted In our streets for ten days
paat. Notwithstanding the positive nature of this
command, many have failed to obey it. '
KtTWs notice the foundation for a largo
brick ou a vacant lot, on the south sido of Madison,
street, west of Columbia. If tbo structure should
be what the herniation promises, it will be quite en
addition to tho place, - , -
jpST The Republicans of Kenton and Camp
bell Counties will hold a meeting at the Tree South
office next Saturday evening, at seven o'clockfor
the purpose of organizing for the next Presidential
election. ? ' 1
Lambert Bay was fined $5 and oosts,
yesterday, by the Mayor, for soiling liquor on Bun
day. "' ". " ;
pT Potatoes were telling in the market
yesterday at seventy cents per bushel, -
JEVA great number of coal-boats art now
lying at the mouth of the Licking. .
:''. m'7 j- , - ' ' "
. Motion to JInsolve IsjuMrriotc OvKaai'Lf.D.
i .'V'V' ? " otbeis. The facia of this cuse,
i.,..r. - . . " " "'"'ion 10 uissoire an in
junction, were stated in our last report.
m-lii?.?!0'.'.1? '" u!Ptn of tb,j application, re
? . ' 'l'.'1. "'"wcialitof authority might be re
fi . n?i " f" "eOlwhlng the principlelhat
expendlturiuinmilo byono tenant in comiunn upon
,iS.C0,?,,,p',Jl PrPerl' by tho roquest and with the
i 111 ' ,ttlB uo;"-,nt. "oes nut of Itself create a
tiMni'J'e. ''!. Menerul rule: The parties
ill be held to suslnin the relation uf debtor nnd
creditor merely, hut the rule is subject tu manyex
ceptlons.nnd isalvvay enlarged whenever theolrcniu
BiaiiceHut the caaeshow an inlentiou on the part of
Ih.'se iuteiestid, to UitPlon the estate with the ex--penillliiro.
And on pariiti.m. Ilioush the nxo'id
ltiire may not have created stric tly u lien, the ovn.-r,
heiKfllled by ie, will Im comiH llcl to discharge Ins
portion nt the sum expended, below decree on
!y'.,i',!,5Jh? 1"'"'"" us entered. Story, En. Jur.,
Ill this CllilO fll f.iclil Mtnt,.,l nil Dim .! tll.,n VAn.l
milted and the Court did not think the rlKht of tho
mn, iu waa 10 ns uoteinilneo hy tli principle re
lerrcd to. It was n.it a case where prciperty held by
lonants In common hnd been Improveii or repaired,
Where Hint lenuncv had alremlv pviilod. nn,1 tlpn
y.niieenjiiveii ipy uotii; nut it la one where the par
ties purchase in common, become mutually llxlilc for
tho nrii-e. have rnepiv-,,,1 u pwipi-npi....! i. iiA
ruiide their juint morlK.ure, and agreed together h
build a permanent structum. The plaintiff has paid
tho pitruliasc money thus fr. and erected tho build-
ina witn tlio couwmt, and by tiro special riuest of
..,., ,.,.. ,, ,, itjcreeiiig 10 pay ncr eliare 01 the ex-
i"". ue men 110 permitted to become tho
owu,.r o the property thus; improved, without socur.
1 ? . ,a.'"oul!t. .Uu" ,y "er upon hembaro of t
etnte? It would be unjust and iueiaiitnhle lo peril
Li .1,,!J!,,"wKroupi1 for the Court was tosatlsiyt
plmntill s eiiuitable lion.
P . . . uxui it uuo ny uer upon liembare ol tho
In 1 Ko. Cuseil Alir . 'im II 1. mmlA lift i...!.. -
joint pun'hiue, aud afterward one of them lara out
considerable sum In ropaira orimpiun-monls, and
dim, this ahull Im a Hun on the land, and a trust for
tho represenlntivo of hlui who advaucedil." Tim
;ne rub, is adopted by the Cliancellor in l.ukovs.
Criu dui k and others: 3 P. Wine.. IM. It is ciled n
Rf? j" '" " Abr., vol. 3, (it--., nnd approved
-Z;b,r ,8:l,'fo", i hia work on Vendors, vol" 2, page
3st, aud fully nduptcd by Judgo Story iu bis Kifuity
no iurna tlie plaintiff has paid any portion or tho
purchase money chargiible1 in defendant, he ran well
UKK tobOSUhrOlPJItfll rn rlinrlrrl, ..P
"dl"' t',')r',!":o.w""KI "ot up for hopuriosoof
On the whole esse tho Court shoiilil decline to dis
solve this injunction.
The Money market is not very activo, yet thore It a
fair amount of offerings for Discount, tho rato for
approvod Paper of short datetioing 0l2per cent.
Most of tho Bankers report a bolter mpply of Cur
rency than last work, and an improved feeling lu tho
Money market generally. ' . .
Easlorn Excliango remains firm at por cent, pre
mium, selling rate; buying at 40j cents promluro,
with au nctlve demand.
Uold ?ti to 18 cents, buying; selling at W&H per
cent, premium.
Missouri Currency 1 per cent, discount. "
Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa 2 per cent discount.
Eastern Kscliane in tit. Louis hits declined to -(3)
1 per coat, premium.
Eastern Exchange In Louisville selling at M pre
mium for clear Kentucky Uouey.
Mow Orleans Exchange' dull at ?i discount, buying
rule; Boiling at par.
Iu New York, Plillndelphia, Boston and Baltimore
Money is reported oasy at tlteso rates.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
TUESDAY EVENING, August 30, 1839.
- waa very dull to-dtiy, and
prices wore lower and irregular. There was iiarnly
enough dono In establish a market. Tho onlysnlj
reported was lljil brls. siipotllue at J4 (Ml: 4,301 brls.
With receivnd the lust twulltv-rnnr hinir.
...)V"..l.!'Jill"7.'i'1'," "laraetis uiichaiigtd, and dull at
H'Mm-iSia.; ua latter rite for wngun.
I'uuviaiiida-Auout l.Mi lihils. llacon sold at 7
audyc. for tlioulders nnd Sides; at tho intter rulo
tlieiowero moro luivers tlmn sellers ut tho close:
notliillL'ilnriM in iimppim ,,p l.ppiu l .t I ..-.i .i..n.
brls. sold at lOMo. '
CltiHjrJlllK3--A better (Icmand for Siignr, and
about 2M hh(U. sold at TWak. for gnud fair to prime,
boing u tiirther decline. MnlaHHeu :rfo.:tsp. i:.,n..I
steady nt HJn(8!l2!o. '
WllKAT Tho market is less activo, but tho re
ccipta aro light, and sell rea-lilyat full prices; sales of
WMilMish. prime White nt$l li; 3DI bimli. do. do.de
livcrl, at SI ir,; .'.ill) hush good do.ut Si 10; Wiu blush,
fair Ked at 1; sou lumh. do. do. ut, ii;c.
COltN-Tlio lunikel la very dull, and prices dioop
ItiK, tlioucli not uuotuhly luwor; imlea mm bosh, at
7iC, but ut the dope buyers weie not offering over Tic.
iiiro vni uu.iii, at ,,ic.; murKet Drill,
OATS A itood (lemniwl. n ml nrlp.ia ai..a.1u- u..1 i o,m
bush. at4t?c. ' '.
HA KLiiV Jinthinc of conseiiuonce dnlntr
prices are nominal.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, August 30—P. M.
Flour heavy nnd lu(a15c. lower: nalna n 'inn
brls. at. fl liii.'.t l.'i for Ptipurline State: ?4 .wmi aniVip
extra State; S' infill 4j forsiiperline Weeti-fn: )4 M
6iyt 10 for CKiiiiiion to good extra Western; $;(ui5 in
lor old, and f 'i 2."nji.i 'M lljr fresh-ground shlppiug
brand Pltm rmiml-hiirin Ohirt. iplp.aincr H,,1l .,..,f.t.
cllnlng. 1'auadiiin lower: wiles 2M biis. at bl (MA
.siproxtrii. Small sales Hve Kluurnt 506M 3u.
Wheat without iiiinorlAiit I'lmniip .,.. n ivui l..,.i..
elti mixed Illinois at$l LVffll ; ! axnil II fur new
Whltodo. Ityeiiulelat.'Mic. Burleydull. Coru dull
and dei'lltiing: stiles lii.OTO Imslicln ut (tic. for nsw
mixed Wmteni; .'Ka(3o. for 1'ellow Sotithern, nnd
Mc. for viiutpi,,n Wliiln Smitliern. Iitu li,u..i. ..,.l
dull at .ffi'Jc. fir State; 37(&:o. for Wosteru, und
30iffl lie. tor Canadian.
vt nisKy nriuer; sules 470 brls. at 2fp'frt27c.
Pork llrmerr t X.Hllft tlrl. r Clj 7;..li c- P...
mess; $ia :17 fur thin nieha; $17 lor clear, aud (10 :!7e3
Ml for prime, Inclniltns 1,000 brls. prime, buyers
option in September; nt $111 AH, nnd 1,04m brls. mesa, at
sellera optii;n,i,um time, at $14 M. Jleefdull: sules
J.iO brls. nt J.'i WKififorrountry prime; $7ffll7 2.'ifor do.
mess; I for repacked 1'lucngo, and Sl;?(fiJI2 .111 for
extra, lleef Hums hoavy at Jl.VoJl? '.1. Hacon un
changed. Cut Jleuts llrnier: sales 12.', pnekuges nt
7'4c. for Hhoulilers, and etasMo. for llama. Lard
active and lino: sales 1,(50 brls. lit lurSluJuc for So. 1,
Mtv to priruo Western.
Butter II rm at l.iMi7o. for Ohio, and la:ic. for
State. CkeeBoflrmntsrtii'jJjc. ,
Cotton lint: salea 'joti Ipatea.
Cultiie tlriu nt lli;Sic. Molasses ."VSc.
Tobacco firmer.
Wool lirnier, both Foreign and Domestic.
[By Telegraph.]
Liverpool Market.
LIVERPOOL, August 19.
Cotton Salos of the week 34.000 bales. In.
eluding 3,500 bnlea to speculators and 4,0m bales to
exporters. All iUiilitirn liavo sliehtly declined.
rair uuil iUiartUng qualities lire 3ml. lower. Tiih
ltw'r ntlalitins Alul the miniltr mmlltiua h.u .lnnll.....l
still more.
Tlio nuirUet waa dull on Friday. Tho estimated
sales urn 7,ii0O brls., including l,(ifl bales to Hpeculu.
tors und lor export. The nutrient closed quiet nt tho
followiuqiiotatitins: Orleans lair pal.; Jllildliug7i
Mobile fair 7.'$d.: Sliil.llingr.p.id.; Upland 7d.; Midi
dttiiBB 13-lfid. Stock iu port C.r7,U0O bales, including
.W,6(HI bales.
MHie aiivices from Manchestor aro unfavorable, tho
quotatlous being barely maintained.
Bieadstulls Rictiiirdsou Spence's Circular re
porta favorable harv est prospects. Flour is quiet.
Aiuericiin lirandaiiuotedat 10(al28 3d. Wheat Arm,
nnd the French quHlitics bave slightly advanced;
Western Red 7s. fsf.tlh'Js. ad.,ndWhiteat9s.(ffi98. Hd.
Corn has a decliuing tendency. If olders otter freely,
but Bhow no disposition to press sales: Mixed aud
lenow sou ai os.ou tic.ni. no, nun Hiute 7s.rs7s. (Ml.
rrovisious ine circulars ot jamea iucllonry & Co,
BiElanil, Athya A Co., Kichardson, Hpeuce t Co..
and ottiors, report Heeriieavy.with adecllneon in
ferior aunllties. Holders aro prossing on the mnr
knt, and the limitations are lint nominal. Bacon
heavy nnd declined nana. Lard unlet at S7s. Tallow
slow of sale, but unaltered in price.
Produce Cofleo unlet. Carolina Blcodull. Rnirii.
Tiirpenline stciuly nt lis ed. Darks dull. Linseed
Oil quiet, but steady.
TVs An average business doing, without quotable
LIVERPOOL, August 20.
Cotton continues dull: thesalos this mnrninirara
eUiniaied at 4,nmi bales.
lirtiaiisriius venerniiy quiet,
WheatiMJntiitiHS tirm.
rrovieiuna very dull .
[By Telegraph.]
London Money Market.
LONDON, August 19.
fTunmla 'XtKt?Mti for monev ami amount. Th.
Honey market is eliguty easier.- :
LONDON, August 20.
Consols uiioted at V,',i. American Securities nr.
without chnniro. Kugnr dull, and 6il. lower fur the
middling and lower grades,. ,
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 30—P. M.
Cotton: sales 3,001) bales at 12k'o. for new
Middlings: sales for three days l.fpOO hales: rpprnlnii
3,3ljl bales, includiDg 3,uuj balm new.
[By Telegraph.]
Havre Market.
HAVRE, August 19.
New Orleans tres-ordlnafre llnf: do. baa lOAf. Th
market hostdeclinlng tendency. Sales of the week,
bales. . Stock iu port,2,000 balea. . . .,, ,
[By Telegraph.]
London Market.
LONDON, August 19.
Messrs. Barring; Brothers report breadstoffi
generally stoady. Sngar dull; Bice steady: Iron,
Welsh Balls, steady at 6 5.
p6T A gfiillenian i,;wiiel Thompaoe, whe
resides In Pendleton, was brutally assaulted on
Vine-street nwir Third, laat evening, by a
couple of rowd.ea nouiod Jsihn McDermott and
Augustus Corey. Thompson raised the cry of
watoh, when tho rowdies ran about a square
where thoy came aoross another gentleman,
named 'fheodoro Rnnnef, whom they also
knooked down and beat unmercifully. Bonner
was picked up by a party of friends and con
veyed to his residence, on Fifth-street, between
Main and Sycamore. Upon examination It
was discovered that he had a severe cut upon
the back of the neck, and other sorioos bruises.
McDermott and Corey wcro pursued by Officer
Warren Lundy, arrested and locked up In the
Kiuth-utrcct Siatiou-house. They will be ex
amined by Judge Lowo to day.
. $if Meteorological observations for th
Pkk.nv Pttitss, by Ilenry Ware, Optiolan, No.
7 West Fourth-stroct, August 30, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
I -.29.70 M
12 M
61'. At
- 7e
A.S'J 7
r"p. II. Pnrvin, Advertising Agent, Be,
80 Wo.t Fourth-stroet.
-VIndcr' 8ky-llht (inllcry-All ityla
of Pictures made on short notice.
HS- Winder' SUy-Ilsht Gallery, Wester,
row, opposite Court-street. The cheaoest and beet
Picture mads in the city. '
tte-Dnanerresn fiullcry, Pouth.weit cor.
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Bannaford's
drug store. Pictures taken and put In good cues fop
twenty cents. Warranted to please.
Wesleyan Female College.
TEENTH Year of thw Institution will begin
on MONDAY, August 2'J, nt balf-pait eight, A. Il
and will continue twenty-two weoks.
The course of study la extensive, and embraoeeaU
tho comuion mid higher English branches, together
with Latin.the Jloderu Lnuguages, and Music nnd
Drawing. The system of teaching is thorough and
practical, and no naina will be snarud bv the .niAnil
eflicient corpe of teachers to make sound scholars.
Tbo course uf Modern Language! will be made muca
uiure prncnciu uiiin neroioiore.
N. II. There will bo a single session dally, com
mencing at half-past eight A. Ja aud closing at
half-pustone l1. M.
UP For further information or for admission ap
ply at the College, on Vine-street, between Hiithtnd
Seventh. BOiiEKT ALLYH. Preiident.
French-English and German-English
Female College, Vine-street, have determined
to make tho courso in Modern Languages thoroughly
iiriicuctii, mm inercuuu siiccesftllll. id nils enu tney
huvo orgHiiiieil a Primary Uepurtnient in French and
Cerniau, in which tlie young pupils will be taught
Kpclliiig, Heading ami Writing, in either of thes
lunuuaKos, in the name manner and at the same time
as they are taught (hesuine brandies iu English.
More advanced scholars will bo taught as many of
their regular studies as possible in French anduer
niau. In this w ay an ability to spenk nnd write these lan
guages will lo us readily acquired as if the pupils
weresont abmad.
The extra charge will be $10 per anuniu.
BfTFur further itiiormntlon apply nt the College,
on Vine-street, between Sixth and Seventh.
Hum cawcw KUJIKIU' ALLYN, President. .
licrrosi's Seminary.
KON'H SEMINA11Y will commence on MON
DAY, AiiKustthe 3lh. The course of tnstructio
is thorough, and Boys und Youug Men are here pre
pared either for College or for Business. Competent '
Teachers, w ho love to work, are employed, aud no
pains will bosparedto nustaln the good name It has
enjoyed fur llftuen years. The price of Tuition has
not been changed, although too low, as the object Is
not so much tumnke mono) as todogood. There are
thrto Departments Priumry, Preparatory, and Col
legiate in which all the brunches of an English Ed
ucation, Latin, Greek, Gorman and French Lan
guages, lUntlicinutirs, huliirul Sciences, and a thor
ough ruurae of llouk-JCeeping are tuiight, with Loo
turea every week. Half an hour, from to II every
morning, is devoted In moral instruction, reading the
fjciiptmcs by the pupils, singing aud prayer. Com
posiiiousand titclanialionwookly.
Primary Department, session of five monthi,...U 00
Preparatory Department, ' " " ... 30 09
ColleEialn Department. " '! " ... 39 Ol
(Icruiati Language, extra, " " " ... I 00
French " '." " " " ... lid
Book-Koeplne, ' " " , lo OS
Sriiwingiiijdi'alnllng.pzltn, " " ...10 00
Nuinlier limited to one hundred, and each pupil
carefully classified auS-bw-eow,
I,. HAUDINU. p-i.ii
The Fall Term of this Seminary will open on the
First Monday of Weptember.
Professor I'K itICQLES, of whom Professor
Kiisijuello nays, ul should ileum any Institution for
tnnate in engaging him as a teacher of the French
language.". au34
Literary and Scientilic Institute,
No. 87 Enst Third-street,
September, tortile instruction of persons of
both eeies und all ages, by Dr. A, CURTIS ud a
corns of asHistants of the first order.
The object of this Jnxtitution Is to develop th
wliolo niun, physical, mental and moral; to give hint
a good knowledge uf tho most valuable scleucea, art,
languages and literature, and especially the greatest
of all arts, that of educating youth for usefulness
aud happiness. For partlculnisapply at the Institute
to A, CUKTJb, A. li., St. D
au25-2w President.
the 19th day of September, A. S. 1830, at th
rotunda in the Court-house, In the city of Cincinnati,
at 12 o'clock M. of said day. I will sell at public auc
tion all the following-described real estate, viz:
1. Lots numbered seven (7) and eight (8) in sqaar
number three (3) of plat 13, in tho subdivision of th
estate of David E. Wado, as recorded In Book No.
117, pago 1 16, of tho Records of Hamilton County,
Ohio, nud fronting each twenty-five (20) feet on West
ern Canal or Pluni-etroet, and running back th
same width one hundred and nfty-tix feet tare
incites to Providence-street,
2. All those lots of land situate In the city of Cin
cinnati. Hamilton County, Ohio, and being num
bered ninty (!, ninety-one ('Jl), ninety-two (93) and
niuoty-three (!)."), iu Bqnare number four (4), ut th
subdivision of lots made by liotchkisa, Avery aud
Cnrttr, recorded in book No. fill, page 601, of th
ltecordsof Hamilton Comity, Ohio, anil each of laid
lots fronting twenty-seven (27) feet, making Hit) fees
In all, on the south side of Monroe-street, and ex-
lonuing uaca ou paronoi iiuei nineiy tw; leniosa
a. Also the following, litnat In Cincinnati, for
merly in Millcreek Township, in lection number
nineteen, (If) in Township number three (S)lnth
second tract lonal range in the Miami Purchase, belca
sixly-throe tfiS) feet and Blx inches in front on th
northerly side of the Cincinnati and Harrison Tern
pike Boad, and miming thence northerlylfour hun
dred feat, mors or less, to the land of John Blddlt. '
sen., bounded on the east by a lot of ground conveyed
bv Uernard und wife! to John Ilockney, November t,
142, and on the west by a lot now or formerly belong-,
ing to Mark Atkins.
4. Alw the following, situate in Cincinnati, Ham
ilton County, and State of Ohio, and being lots num.
bored twenty -three (23) and twenty-four, (34) In Wad
Dudley's addit ion or subdivision of lot In laid
city, as recorded in Book 111), page 149, of the Hamil
ton County itecords, said lots twenty-three (23) and
twenty-fuur (241 being on the south lid of poplar
street, west of Western-row: heing each twenty-nv :
(2M feet in front on the south side of Popiar-itreet,
andrnnnlng backinparnllelllneaicmtliene-baUUi
distance from Poplar to Oliver -street.
a. Also, the following In Cincinnati, commencing
14 a point on the south side of Clark-street, on
hundred nnd twenty-three feet east of the south
east corner of Clark and Freeman-streets; theno
south at right angles to Clark-street, two hundred
and one feet; thence in an easterly direction twenty
eight (2ri) feet; thence in a northerly direction and
parallel with laid west line at right angles te Clark
street, two hundred and on feat to Clark-street)
tliohce westerly on the louth line of 01uk4tret.
twenty-eight (2s) feet to the beginning; being lot
numbered thirty-nine (3V) In O. Wj Tucker"! sub
division of the Cottar property, as recorded in book
number light (8) in the division among th helrt of
Seth Cutter, deceased. .
6. Alio, the following lot, litnat Id Hiralltoa
County, and being lot numbered thirty -S In o th
plat of subdivision of Avondale, in sld county, a
recorded in Plat Beok No. 1, pace of thl recoraa of
said county. ! v.
Title to all the above property good; sals peremp
tory; terms cub; being th same property conveyed
to tueanderalgned by deed of trust from The Clncia
natl and Chicago Railroad Company, July 1, UM.
recorded In Book No, 204.2M. , A'
JOHlTw. JUKRBON.Traitee,
Ceuiss Hjnuoi , AU'ys, Ml Wlnit-t. aaisbgi
: .. I'! (-.'J.

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