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"IO0ND,"4o.,ln thlioolamn, oocnpylnf five llntt
or leu, two Insertions, twenty-five centi.
JTANTED A good house-keeper, one
bi ??.' ite14 of work' Inquire at the Burnett
Baloon, 1U Fifth-street. ep.b
17"ANTED GIRL A good steady girl
, w to cook and wash. A competent person will
njANXED SCHOLARS By competent
ii,.' i "ra rrori to receive lessons on
USE ?M " illtrucJ" Invocal music. Addre
.Music," Pinny Prc Office. pl-aw
1.7. nnniondlno in aSliocStoro, whom ho cau
navocoiistsnt employment and good wages. Apply
v.T- JIfKfiAN, Madisou-stroet, near Sixth,
Cotington, Ky. ,.Di-c
rn.I 8e!"?;,facllin htrnXe, at 8. ISAACS
CO. '8, No an Main-street. sepl.c
V"ANTED ROOMS Two or three rooms,
furnished or unfurnished, without board, In
yrhato family. A respectable neighborhood de
ilred. Addros8"B.,"attliis office. iopl.h
r.1.1, 4w',n"tWtothecpnutr. Ia well acquainted
i,tir?.,,,ul ;lrr n,i roc"7 business.
w?n8 w!hin to employ a man as salesman, book-
J.uS5t.'.i4l,iyi0"",j; will And it to their
advantage to add rem Box lU. sepl-b
V"ANTED Two Clorki, two men used
,"h' l? horses, one or two men used to the care
wl?U .'D&fl0'M vn 'o female
rlouaaltuationain city nil oonntry. Apply at the
Coneral Agency Offlce, r,. M2. VToSte-rnw.
A. D. CARMON 4 Co.
yANTEJ BOY Who oan ooms well
w7 sivfh0.n,n,0.,uled' A' ot th Clt smr U
"e"tsl'ft-'.trTOt. au31-b
"WASTED-GIRLS Two girls competent
n .tr ?d' t0 Tork ua vmti. Inquire at 127
itaoe.eir tel. au31-h
knt ' i5"rn?J,mn Hhnoniaker on ladles morocoo
ltlrV ha W"- Addreig, with referonce, Box si,
y nroond, Indiana. auftl-h
T wishing to got dressos cut and fitted, at their
'residence, can get ono that la competent, and give
fv r I nfS'i01.' -i, Charg,-. rpaeonahle. Cal I at Mrs.
; WARNKIl'S Intelligence Office, 30S Fifth-street, tel.
Western-row and John. au3.b'
r f nt f nwomeu to do the general nouns,
work or a email fsmllv: to anrh nn, n n
?n,iii , ? cook' washer and Ironer,
good wages will be paid, and a permanent and easy
"cured. Call at the residence of T. H. 0. AL
JjKM, Mount Auburn. nvSl-b
.i.,,i. 1 ,i..ki """"Bo, h'ou mr iuii course or
study in douhle-ontry, book-kooplng. Time unllm.
iiK -JJI,iri- . ' LK Y ' K-w- Tuttlea' Exchange
ltnBl.nrt irA"tl0 S"n,""" latoly from London,
SSl ii mS'sJ11"" b?'?n ln "n archltecfs olHce.)
ntL2?,Z aaa ol,JCt.is omployment. City
reierencea given. Addresn H, v? J at this offico.
. a.u3.b
Address If lo whoJ"n" wl", or no boirdors.
Auaress M. A. C. Penny pnM olRc0 au:to-bt
"WNTED-T0 RENT By a lospeolablo
rooms ?"jnHhoi"o with from throe to five
wVgaff Aaaresa, Ihl.
nd eiiteen yeare old, to take care of ehildron
. assist In general housework, must come woll
commended. Apply to V. 8UEKN, w East Third
St root. au30-b
dollars, (SIO.WK),) for three or rlvo jearson
city property worth K3J.0OO. Inquire of W. 11. DA
y&h I'OHT, Attorney, Ko. JO Weat Tourth-streot,
Olnclnnatl, 0. au3u-d
, . . fork on Street Railroad Care. Apply to J.
R. FALMJSU, Omnlbua Manufactory, Bank-street.
ANTED TO RENT A house of lour
Orflva raomH hT aV nrntrint iut.vf nir tAnnn t will
take U for tvro or three yeara ii it auittf. Would like
to take poiBtWBlon by ths Utof SeDtembor. Addrflsa
. Ml. TT ,f II
this office.
FOR SALE TABLE A twelve foot oak
,, extension table; cost seven months ago $70; will
sell for $15, Also, a victory coal stove, coat $22 with
fUiuree-wlll sell for $19, Inquire at 1 Collego-atreet.
and well-established Dining Saloon, at No. 8
Kant Foiii th atroet, having seventy-live prompt pay
ing boarders, and a good transienttrade. Vorlurthor
pariioularalnquire on the premises. aepl-b
FOR SALE HORSE A fine family horse,
six years old, perfectly gentle, and good trav
eler. Inquire at 171 Walnut-street, next door ta the
Sibi'on House. aepl-b
FOR SALE GROCERY The itook, fix
tures and good will of a grocery, in a good loca
tion. Stock small and well selected, Inquire at No.
807 Western-row. au31-b
FOR SALE PIANO An elegant oarved
Bosewooa Piano-Forte and Stool, warranted
equal, if not superior, In tone to any in this city. It ia
seven octave has the corrugaledaounding board, and
tne oolce Campana attachment. Coat at the manu
facturers, a year since, live hundred and fifty dollars.
Price 8323. Address Box 1981. Poatofflce. auW-aw
TOOK SALE OR TRADE Desirable prop
JL erty ln and near Covington, Kentucky, con
sisting of one acre of ground, with good house, con
taining six rooms aud kitchen, well, cistern and
stable sufficient tor aevou borcoB, on the Independ
ence Turnpike, witnin a quarter of a mile of thecor-
S 'ration line of Covington. Alan, a lot ln tbe immo
late neighborhood, fronting fifty feet on the Pike
by two hundred deep. Also, a lot in Auateu's divi
sion of Covington, forly-Ave by one hundred and
five feet. The nbovo property will be sold cheap, or
traded for a form with in one hundred miles of Cin
cinnati, either in Koutucky, Indiana or Ohio. For
further particulars, inquire of K. . EI.LIS, on tbe
premises; or of JA.11KO B. GRAY, Attorney at Law,
Koott-street, opposite Farmers' Bank, Covington,
Kentucky. aniS-bw
0ARDING Several gentlemen can be ao-
t utUI. r.rA hn.,,1 , UnM . , i
below Fourth. Also a furnished and nnfnrniahed1
room, for a family. u31-c
BOARDING Good boarding and good
clean rooms at 31 Itaco-street, aultable for gen
tlemen and their wives, and slnglo gentlemen. Terms
very moderate. seplb
BOARDING Several gentlemen oan be
accommodated with good board at 143 Bace
streot, below Fourth. au3l-c
BOARDING Two or three gentlemen can
obtain room and board, in a private family,
by applying at tio. 107 Lotigworth-street, between
Elm una Plum. Terms moderate. au3l-b
BOARDING A largo and pleasant room
with two fine closets, for single gentlemen, or
gentleman aud wife, lumlelied oruufiiruihd,at rio,
34 Longworth-street, throe doors east of hues,
MJ LOOKET-Setwlth pearls. The finder will be
liberally rewarded by leaving the bame at 113 Main
streot. sipl-ti
T OST POCKET-BOOK On Saturday Inst,
JLi a green morocco nocket-book. containlntrabont
seventy-flvo dollars In bills; there was a wblto slip of
paper arounn a part 01 lucm. i ne nnuer win oe llD
orally rewarded by leaving the same at this office.
Suitablo for shoemakors or seamstresses, and
board If required. Terms moderate. Apply soon,
at 31 Race-street. sopl-b
SECOND FLOOR Anolv at No. SI Front-atreat.
Iwtween Main and Walnut. sepl-df
FOR RENT HOUSE A dwelling-house
on Ninth-street, between Vine and Walnut
streets, No. 67, containing ton rooms, bath-room, Ac.
Apply to W. h SPUONKB, north-west comer Court
and Msln-strwta, aii2I-l
Wood-Working Machinery,
Cerner Jebo aid Water ta.iClDolrjeall,0.
THUU8DA YM.......:...i.i...8 B PTEM BER 1
Ir yon want a servant, advertise In
Ir yon want house, advertise In
Ir you want to sell anything, advertise in
Ir yon want to buy anything, advertise in
Is fact, every want supplied by advertising In
E2rThe sale of Sir. Dav's Canadian conies.
at the Fiflh-street Horse-market, yesterday,
yielded a handsome profit.
fr-Thcre will be a meeting at the City
Couooil Chamber, this evening, of the lot
holders of Catharine-street Burying-ground.
pS-yit. Charles Draeh will give his fifth
annual ooUlion party, at the Melodeon Hall,
on the evening of tbe 8th inst.
$&"k proposition to oontract with Abel
Shawk, for a small steam flro-engine, for
$3,760, is to be discussed by the City Council
next Wednesday night.
3The body of a man was found floating
in the Ohio River, at tho foot of Elem-street,
day before yesterday. It was so much decom
posed as to render recognition impossible.
! ,
SfGantz, who psssed one hundred and
twenty dollars In oounterfelt money on a gen
tleman from Shelbyville, Indiana, some dajs
sinoo, has been arrested at Portsmouth, ia this
Cohcbbt i.y Fulto.v By reforonosj to the
amusement column, it will be seo.i that
grand Sacred Concert ii to be given at
SIcKendne Chapol, by the Continental Choir,
on Tuesday evening next. An attractive
programme will bo offered.
8BA.3IHPUL. We noticed quito a respcotable
looking woman, yesterday, at tho corner of
Ninth-street and Western-row, reeling under
tho influence of liquor. Wo have not the
least doubt but that, she will make hernp
pearanco at the Police Court to-day.
Ho 1 kos DAYTON, A half-faro train will be
run on tho Cincinnati, Ilamilton and Dayton
Railroad during the National Horse Show.
Tbe charge for the round trip will only bo
one dollar and seventy-five cents. See adver
tisement SThe engineers of the Fire Department
report six fires, and two chimneys burnt out
during the last month. The loss is estimated
at $3,500, exclusive of that of the Columbia-
street fire, which is estimated at from $125,
000, to 130,000.
aiTQuite a number of our oitiitens visited
the Florence, Ky., Fair, yesterday. A fine
premium milch cow was purchased, at an
enormous price, by B. Cavagna, of this city.
The purchase was made before the exhibi
tion took place, and Mr. C. had tho ploasure
of seeing her "carry off the ribbons."
pS Some villian attempted to set fire to
Morgan's lumber-yard, oornor of Twefth and
Plum-street, last Tuesday evening. A pile of
shavings was placed undor the office and fired,
but fortunately was discovered by a gentleman
who was passing by, and extinguished before
any damage was done.
fight occurred on Hanison-itreet, near
Broadway, about six o'clock last evening, be
tween a couple of Irishmen one a tender, and
the other a eartman in which tne oartman was
struck a severe blow over the arm with a shovel.
The parties were arrested, and will be examined
in the Police Court this morning.
A distressing rumor provailed in Philadelphia
on Monday evening, to the effeot that the
frigate Comjreai, which recently sailed from
that port, had gone down, with all on board.
The rumor, however, is probably a wicked
hoax, as it eould be traced to no responsible
SDThe residence of Mr. Wolff, on Eighth-
street, between Walnut and Vine, was entered
by a burglar at an early hour yeBterday morn
ing, by means of a ladder, and robbed of a
pair of pants the property of Mr. Hackenberg.
Mr. H. was awakened by a noise in his room,
when the seoundrel fled. Mr. H. informs us
that bis pantaloons pookets oontained a num
ber of keys, and soveral papers of little value.
j5f Some of the members of the City Coun
cil are in favor of devoting the building now
occupied by the Cincinnati Orphan Asylum, on
Elm-street, to the amelioration of the condition
of female prisoners now so miserably cared for.
The resolution is pending in the City Council
to notify the Trustees of that Asylum to de
liver possession of grounds and buildings to
tho city. The subjeet is to come up next Wed
nesday night week.
"Thomas Iligdon, ono of the contrac
tors for street-paving, having a grievance
against K. Paine, a City Commissioner, com
municated the matter to the City Council Inst
night, and that Board, informally, referred
tbe subjeet to a speoial committee, viz.: Marsh,
Hollister, Kinrsted, Mayer and Baum, who
are to report whether the subjeot shall be for
mally brought before the City Council for fur
ther action.
pas' For some time past attempts have been
made to throw trains oil the traok of the Ohio
and Mississippi Railroad. Application was
recently made to Mayor Bishop by the officers
of the road for assistanoe in ferreting out the
villains. Detective Bill Raney was dispatched
to Vincennes, and, by a telegram received yes
terday by the Mayor, we learn suooeeded in
arresting two men in the act of throwing off a
train. They were lodged In the Vincennes
ar The street oleanlng awards were not
disposed of by the City Fathers last night,
other than that two reports were offered from
the Committee of Seventeen. The majority
desire that the present system of contracting
for street cleaning shall be continued; the min
ority desire that the City Commissioners shall
have the work done nnder their speoial direc
tion, and that Superintendent in each of the
three districts be paid $50 per month. The
Board of City Improvements to employ hands,
orsei and tarts.
The Horticultural Fair will open at Palaoa
Garden the sixth of the present month.
Oar ferry-boats t ire doing a thriving
Strangers visiting tho city are invited to
oall at ths Press office and examine our on
lorio engine.
The wood trade appears to be uncommonly
aotive; a large number of flat-boats containing
the artlola are constantly lying at our levee.
Everything indicates that the present fall
will be an uncommonly busy one for our mer
chants, of all descriptions.
Tbe number of arrests at the Ninth-street
Station-house, during the past month was four
hundred and seventy-lire.
The reportof Captain Wilson, Chief of Police,
shows the total number of arrests for tho month
of August to be nine hundred and nUety-three.
Agustus Crowly, for interfering with Officer
Lundy while arresting MoDermott, was fined
ten dollars and o.iBts.
A man named IToreiuan received thirty days
In the County Jail, from Judge Lowe, yester
day, for stealing a watermelon.
Two trains will Itave the Cinoinnatl, Hamil
ton and Davton Dpot, to-day, for the Ohio
White Sulphur Sprtngi the first at six A. M.,
and the second at tght P, M.
Remember that a special train will leave
the depot of tha Hamilton & Dayton Railroad
Company this afternoon at half-past two
o'clock, for tho Cincinnati trotting park.
A patriotio individual, named Commodore
Perry, got very drunk night before last. Com
modore was "sent over" by Judge Lowe, yes
terday, for twenty days.
John McDormott, for assaulting P. A.
Thompson, on Vine-itreet, night before last,
was sent to the County Jail for the term of
three days, by the Police Judge, yesterday.
Thomas Ryan was fined $20 and costs, by
Judge Lowe, yesterday, for selling liquor on
Sunday. Ryan keeps a saloon in the Thirteenth
Ward. This is hit seoond offense.
By the report of Lieutenant Small, of the
Hammond-street Station-Houae,we ascertained
that the number of persons oonflned in that in
institutlon during the month of August was
two hundred and fifty-seven.
Ed. L. Murry, at 218 West Fifth-street, has
received Frank Lctliet Mlmlrated Xcwtpaper,
O'tfeil'i IrUK Pietorial, the Water Curt Journal
for September 3, and the Wavirlt Magaint
for next week.
John Simons, a boy about fourteoeu years
old, went fishing yostorday nftornoon, near tho
mouth of Milloreek, and fell in tbe river and
was drowned. His parents Tesldo on Carr,
near Taylor-street.
J. H. Jouvet, No. 155 West Fourth-street,
has just received a superior assortmontof
linen thread for sewing-machines. Familios,
in want of tho above article, would do well
to call on Mr. Jouvet.
A gentleman,whose name we could not learn,
had his pocket picked of a wallet, containing
some $40, while witnessing the operations of
Omnibus Bailey's Flying Dutchman, night be
fore last; .
Ono thousand and twenty enses were dis
posed of, in the Police Court, during tbe
month of August the largest number ever
dispossd of, in tbe same length of tlmo, since
the Court was instituted.
A witness, in the Polioe Court, yesterday,
in testifying as to the character and general
reputation of a prosoouting witness, stated that
"the only thing bad she could say of ber, was,
that she left her husband and took up with
another man."
Thomas Lippenoott was appointed Policeman
of the Seaond Word, yesterday, by Mayor
Bishop, vice C. Slater, discharged, A good
seleotion. Mr. L. was a member of Mayor
Thomas' foroa, and was a good and efficient
John Pohlman, the keeper of a liquor storo
on Court-street, between Main and Walnut,
was tried In tlio Polioe Court, yesterday,
charged with selling liquor on Sunday. As it
was proved that the dofendant kopt a liquor
store, and not a coffee-house, the oase was dis
missed. A row occurred at a coffee-house, on Sixth
street, near Wood's Theater, about six o'clock
last evening, in wbioh a man named Samuel
M. Clayton wag pretty roughly handled, Clay
ton owns that some half dozen were on him at
one time, and that he was fortunate enough to
whip them all.
Quite a pretty girl, named Mary Simpson,
was committed to the City Prison by Judge
Lowe, yesterday, upon a charge of drunken
ness. As Mary was being conveyed below,
she swore revenge against the Court and
Polioe, for whioh she was called back and
given five days more. A fine of ten dollars
was also assessed for oontempt of Court.
A liquor peddler named James Cooper was
found, night before last, parading the streets
with a woman named Ellen Smith. The two
were very drunk, and made an effort to pro
cure lodging at the Black Bear Tavern, but,
instead, were conveyed by the Thirteenth
Ward Polioe to tbe Hammond-street Station
house. Tbe couple were before Judge Lowo
yesterday, and fined fire dollars and costs
jSiiTThe following is a list of letters de
tained for nonpayment of postage at the
Poetcffice, in this city, Auguet 31:
John Staderman.Jfew York, N. Y.
James Mippntt1, touliviile. Ky.
Nilaa Parker, WafKoner'a Ripple, O.
Canfleld & Uro., Fremont, O.
A. L. Boeder, Carrol tun, Ky.
S. Andrew friess, Il.iltiniore.
V. A W. Uandley, Lafayette, Ind.
8. A. Dickey. Dayton, tJ.
"Irs, Mary Oil in hit, (lermantown, O.
Itornard Heinrich Boring, Baltimore, Md,
Patrick Morgan, Bell Air,
Fr. Ptitzninn, Now Knoxvlllo, O.
Rudolph Srockclmann, Delaware. O.
Robert F. Wooiey, Potto County, K.T. -
Peter B. Wooiey, zonan, Ind.
J. 8. Jones. Delaware, O.
J. U. 4 J. W. Starr, Richmond, Ind.
"Ths Two Cities" Not London and Paris,
but New York and Cineinnatl. These two
cities are the principal depots for the sale of
Grover A Baker's Sowing-maohines. An in
voioehas just been received at No. 68 West
Fourth-street, where persons deslrlag to pur
chase ean find an unequaled assortment of oast
iron seamstresses, of tbe best style.
jSJTWe call attention to the oard of L.
Byl 4 Co., In our advertising columns. Per
sons entrusting work to them may rely upon
having the same performed punotually. Mr.
Byl was for many years employed by our citl
sens as Etrset-tprinkler, in whioh oapaolty he
gave entire satisfaotio
Tn Cahal Murdkb Niobt Barons Last
vvnuntKS iflljliaHT X.S .UIKATIO.V Of jUCUOff
BAir., ic Coroner Carey held an inquest
yesterday over the dead body of Cornelius
O'Niel, who was murdered, night before last,
during an affray at his drinkiag-house, on tbe
Miami Canal, between Race 'and Elm-streets.
After a careful examination of witnessos by
the Coroner, the jury rendered a verdict "that
the deceased came to bis death by a wound in
flicted with a sharp Instrument In the hands of
Patrick McDonald." McDonald bavinc teen
proviouOy arrested, was examined by Judge
Lowe yesterday, and held to unswor boforo tho
Court of Common Pleas In the cum of ?ty)0O
The only positive evidence against Mc
Donald was his own admissions to the officers
who arrcstod him, which were "thr.t he had
attended a danc.o at the house of O'Niol, and
that a difficulty ensued, during which he
was assauled by a nunibor of persons; that
ha drew a knife, and cut ho know not whom."
Judge Lowo, in giving his docision, stated
that he had no doubt but that McDonald
had beon pursued by parties, and, therefore,
oonsidered it a bailable cnae. The prisoner
was committed, in dofault of bail, to answer
the charge of murder in tbe second degree.
A CoHSBg-sTONH Openkd. Yeater 'ay after
noon we were culled to witness the removal of
the oorner-stono of ihe Masonio Ilall Building,
just demolished to ooniplete a moro magnificent
temple. The stono was laid in June, 1845.
The deposits were in a oopper box, and came
outin excellent order, to-wit: The papors of
that day tho MornUg Heruld, Eceaimj Keiot,
Altai, Timet, Oaxelte, Chronicle, Enquirer, Our
man llepullkaner, Alinanaos, Gazetteers, Di
rectory, Calonder of St. Xavier College;
Woodward Collogo, Eoports of Common Schools,
Goodman's Counterfeit Deteator, Astronomical
Address, City Charter and Ordinances, Ma
sonio Constitutions, Monitor, By-laws, Grand
Lodgo Proceedings, &o. Gold and silver coin,
a oopy of the Holy Bible, and Daguorreotyp es
of the veteran Griffin Yeatman and Rev. Rob
ert Punshon. Tbe corner-stone of the new
building was laid last year. The curious rclioa
thus brought to light after fourteen years dark
ness, have been deposited ln the arohives of
N. C. Harmony Lodge.
Doctor Lkok vs. Doctor E, B. Eai.ikq
Afcr. Editon: In tho summer of 1851 I
was operated upon for a corn by Doctor Loon,
or Lyon, who removed therefrom three points
or corns, and was relioved entirely from paiu
for about srvxh yea as, about whioh time severe
pain was experienced. I then celled on Doctor
E. E. Ealing, who was then operating on Fourth ,
near Sycamore-street; having stated to him the
mode of oporation by Doctor Leon, he said "bo
had formerly been in his employ as an nssiat-
ant. and left him in ,10 it t.hnt W1 TW. I
tor Leon knew little or nothing of the profes- j
sion, 0." Doctor Enline then otieratod ucon
the same corn, romoving these points, or corns,
like oord wood out of a wagon, until, as ho
said, he had removed sixteen, when Doctor
Leon, after much patient examination, had
found orignally only throe. Quory: Ifthoro
inoval of three rolieved all pain for seven years,
bow long ought sixteen' Answer For lifo;
so said Dootor Ealing. What waB the fact?
Why just fix month, as mine are about as pain
ful now, and hare been for months past, as they
were boforo being operated upon by Doctor
Ealing. "These nre faots, and facts are stub
born things." The public will draw their own
City Fixahcks Last Wkkk's Pavubxts.
The City Auditor mado tbo following report to
Council last night, showing tho amount of
money expended during tho past week:
Watch Fund 24 20
Light Fund 1,111111 no
Fire Department 321 id
Pollen Court M 2.1
City Prison 72 nd
Uvneral Fund 121 51
Total $1,99:1 57
The following shows tbe amount still re
maining in the City Treasury:
flenoral Fund ?.!9,(1!2 -0
Watch Fund I, (mil 73
Interest Fund....- 1,0.11 44
Superior Court Fuud 1,101 41
Fire Deportment 7,1.42 !"J
bight Fuud 316 S2
Work-house Fund 4,27 43
Common Schools, cash 4,11imh
Common School Bonds 2ii,ui no
Colored fkhools 1,27 M
ill ftfi
Sewinc-Machines. Among tho many sewing-machines
presented for public consid
eration is that of Kelsey A Co. Hiving
carefully exmniued this machine, wa have
no hesitancy iu recommending it. to the con
sideration of the public. Persons in want of
a safe and reliable sewing-machine, should
not fail to call on D. W. Harrington Si Co.,
No. 30 West Fourth-etreet, and make a se
lection from Kelsey & Co.'s manufacture.
These machines, we are assured, have never
failed in one instance to give entire satisfac
tion; aud as for merit, will compere with
any other machine in the market.
pSr We learn that quite a number of the
friends of Mr. Slater, who was expelled from
the polico force for being engaged in the recont
kidnapping case, blame Mayor Bishop very
much for his docision in the matter. Mr. Sla
ter called on us last evening, and wished us to
state that he is sorry that His Honor should
he blamed; that ha thinks he done exactly
right, although he claims that the wholo mat
ter was "set up" against him by others.
EfTWe would eall particular attention to
the advertisement of the Soutbgate House, to
be found in another column. This house is
situated in a control part of tho city, conve
nient to all the railroad depots, telegraph
offices, &o. Travelers would do well to give
the Southgate a trial.
SS"Mike Bargan, seven years old, was tun
over by an omnibus on Western-row, near
Twelfth-street, yesterday aftornoon. Tbe
fore wheel run over his head and ohest, and
the injuries are so severe, it is believed he can
not survive. His parents reside on Plum
street. pit k gentleman, whose name we could
not learn a stranger in the eity had his
pocket picked at an auotlon storo on Fifth
street, last evening, of a purse containing some
seven dollars in gold and silver. Strangers
visiting our oity would do well to keep a sharp
lookout forjlight-flngered gentlemen. ,
Meteorological observations for the
Pxnht Paiss, by Henry Ware, Optician, No.
7 West Fourth-street, August 31, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer, Thermometer.
7 A. At M....W.V
1 M .,.... JVM
P. Al..-........ ..2V.9t
3rFrederick Meyer was arrested last
night by Officer? Jacobi and Bliss, on a
charge of grand larceny, having stolen a gold
watch from a man in tho Sixteenth Ward,
valued at $50. He was safely lodged in the
Ninth-street Station-house.
Destructive Conflagration.
At two o'clock this morning flames wero
senn issuing from tha rear of McKeehan &
Evans' pork-house, situated on the north
east corner of Ninth and Sycamore-streets.
Notwithstanding the flremon were prompt on
the ground, tho (Iro spread with fearful ra
pidity, rsJ, In i foiv minutes, tho catiro bniid-
ing uas enveloped in flames. The building
oontained a largo number of hams, pickled
pork, beef, which was much damaged 4
large quantity being entirely destroyed.
Tho liremen workctl manfully, and suc
ceeded in confining lie flamos to tho one
building. A largo number of hams wero
saved, together with tie boolis, papora. and
ollice-fumituro. Thirty thousand dollars, it
14 stua, will scarcely cover the damages.
Tho building was own edby Mos3rs. Evsua &
Swift, and isinsurod in tho Fireman's Insu
rance Company, of this city, but to what ex
tent we were unable to recsitain. Many were
of opinion that the liio was the work of an
iuctndiary, but it is reasonable to suppose that
it originated in tho emoko-hoiise.
MooRN-isa. If the ladies wish to see some
thing now and handsome in this line, let them
eall at Jcssup's immediately, for ho has just
returned from New York with a choloe selec
tion. Ho does not wijh to soil oh, no but
just to show his goods. Call at 102 Fouith
street, opposite Sbillito's.
Any communications from onr friends will i,a
"Zrry " ' Mar!
Fifth Annivkesar? Fai.h ov thb North
KiNTccitr Agricultural Sooietv.-TIiIs Fair, the
Unit of the eomou In Kentucky, we baliove, com
menced day before yesterday. It ii X or aevon
nillos from Covington, noai- Florence. We undor
staudthat tho attendance til largo, and the iirticlM
on exhibition or tho first quality. Every facility is
offered for tho necounmoda.tiou or those attondina
thatcould be, undor the circunislnucos. Tho loca
tion Is nhcautirul one, and the amphitheater com
modious, capable of seating ton or twelve thousand
persons. Tho grounds oro bountifully oupnliod with
wator, both for mau aud beast. The sntouthnosi of
tho road would render tho trip a, pleasant ono for
those who aropont upln the city, mid who desire and
need recreation.
Foucg Cocrt. Several cas 63 of drunken
ness wore disposoil of yesterday morning, by fining
tho partlus. A Hibernian adbis'ilorottrrait:nod
before Ilia Honor, yostorday inomlnc, for commlt-
tiuga broach of tho peace. An.ithur individual, of
tne Kami extraction, bad slandered snaie of their rel
atives, and on being.iuostioucd, liorofusoil to retract,
whroupon the lady in vncstlo a snlitod him by tho
winkers and pulled them soiumvhat rouslily. while
"10 M maa 'ook ,,wn s h,ltt ht,t a u tn lo "ne-
.iipjitittvu, uii, 1 uuciuuiii. ( uruuence 1110 uotter
part of valor, contented himself by etanding off ami
leaviug ths battle to bis wifo. T boy wore fined Si 20
Failure. On account of fh e indisposition of
the carrier, onr patrons failed to recolve theirpapers
this morning. Provision will be made to gunrd
against a recurrence of thie kind ln the future. The
disappointment ovury where munliested by onr sub
scril.urs khowa their high upproc iatlou of the 1'nxsH.
S'a tuke occasion to tondur lliera. our slucero tliunks
fur their kindness. ZZiT'
TidSfScalcd proposals will be reoeived by the
City Council, tu-tlny, for tho cu rbing, grading, and
Macadamizingof S.mrurd-streot . Tho material ia to
be llnieslimo. and the spedflcat Ions, !f followed, in
suroRduriiblo Improvement to this long noslctod
iS2i Two men wore triod 1 isforo Enquire Eg
gleston, yesterday, lor getting money undor fulno pre
tences, and bold to bail to tho iimount of SiOiach.
Unoof thorn procure! a bondnnnui, whilo tho other
was committed to jull.
jair Tho pleasant breeze, last ovoning, gave
groat iuipotus to the sail sklltj. Those In them ap
peared to enjoy themselves finely.
J2TPersotis wishing to have t'le paper left
at their houses, can do so by leaving their names and
address ut the grocery of Riohiirds A Bros., cornor of
Groentip anil Eleventh-street.
jS3Tbe Northern Bank Building has been
re-painted, and Its outside apptaranre otherwise Im
proved. SlWe aro glad to see that a new Bidowalk
Is to lie laid down on tun conmrof Scott and Second.
!Subicripliun9lvrtinemnt and cenimunlca
tlon.i, nddresfieil to the I'r.KbS Jtisporter, Box go, will
be intended to, J
Fight. A difficulty ooeurred among come
workmen lnonoof the furnacds, yesterday, which,
whllo it did little duniage to any ono engaged in the
affray, added a littlo to tho money in the treasury.
Wm. Foley and Win. V'oldon gut Into a difficulty
first, when Par. Foley and John Weldon naturally
euongh hollowed out, each to bia brother, to "pitch
lu," and FoUy strit.ped bis ctrat, while Weldon No.
gavo Wm. Foley a kick. The principals wore fined
fle dollars each by the Mayor, and the accosanriea
one dollar each.
A Bad Mistake. Iu the notice of Mr. A.
D. Smulliiy's large brick, in our yesterday morning's
issue, the typos inado us say "A. D. Honcilly." This
was a bud mistake. We are afraid Mr. Smallay will
linrdly know himself, after reading yesterday's
eTwo women were fined, in the Polioe
Court, yesterday morning oue five dollars and the
other two dollars-for got tint into a muss.
pif A mad dog was killed on the oorner of
Scott and Sixth -streets, yesterday.
HOME lNTtntiiST.
t(TS. II, Pnrvln, Advertising Agent, So,
."0 West Fourth-street.
W Winder's Kkr-Hslit (Jnllery-All style,
of Pictures made on short notice.
MT Winder's Kky-liaht Uallery, Went em
row, opposite Conrt-fltreot. Tho cheapest aud beat
Pictures mnd in tho city.
WDnancrrean Gnllery, South-went cor.
nrr or Sixth and Wostorn-iw, over Bannaford's
drug store. Tlctures taken and put In good coees for
twenty cents. Warranted to please.
Financial matters remain comparatively quiet, a
limited amount of good Paper offering. All Par of
thlaclR", short date, can bo disposed of at the rate
say 1013 per cent. The Discount-houses are very
careful In the securities, and there Is a goncral dis
position not to extond the Discount lino at present,
Kustern Exchange lias been in aulck demand at
percent, premium, selling rate. One of tho "Sorting
houses" made an effort to-day ton (lvalue thereto to
to premium, selling rote, butlt wus underetood that
the attempt was not successful, as all the other Arms
were selling willingly at H premium. Buying rate,
?ii(jj4! cents.
IDUpatchea were recoived at neon to-daylfrom Chica
go, stating that Eastern Exchange had declined there
to IX percent., solllngrate. Thl eausod a bettor feel
ing In "Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa Currency, and
it declined to l.H Discount.
Eastern Exchange, in tit. Louis, ii pr miuiu; In
Louisville, H premium for Kentucky Fun' j.
Missouri Currency, I percont. Discount.'1
Gold arm: ft buying rate; selling at tOc.fftX Pre
mium. Laud Warrants dull at former quotations.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 31—P. M.
Cotton easier, but qualities unchanged:
sales 1,(100 halesat 1140. for Middling. Corn dull at
Sue. for prime Walte. Kxckaiifo on Now York, IS
per cent, premium; eight do. H diaoount.
PiM'g OPMA-Hocaa. Let everybody r-
memlierthatto-iiiijht vlll Iw printed, for the (rat
time in Cincinnati, Donizetti's Grand Opera of It.
I'ouuro; ob, Tub MAariKS. F.very effort ! beea
mado by tha management to present this CHar
n oitVBB of Hie great Uirvrao, I n a style of magnin
cencocO!iiuiiisnratn with ths Intrineio grandeur of
in cunipuaiuou. Uesnlo the addition of new and
I Sfleudld ser.ery, costumes and properties, the or
chostraRiid chorus hnra been strengthened, and a
full military hand iulroducod upon the stag In the
action of the opera. The cast comprise tbe full
slrotisth of thn Oowipanr, from tbe excellence of
which, .inn of the most brilliant renditions of th
opera niuy be ctpectwl that has ever ken n lUtensd
to iu America.
OnnrB or DtarsinuTioM. In the uiMtor of the a.
tJo of J.icob Zimpltmitii, 1111 order waj made to nay
tA creditors of thoosUte lhirty-olht ceuu on the
A I'l'RiMnu. Appraisers werosppointed totaksan
& 1 onweil'1'' Hi';"'ui"l""lmt uf h Mtato of Iloluiea
1 - .i1" ,V,a' "fpolnted a trustee of C. Oralnger, nn
der the will of Daniel itol)lnon.
CASK or lssAMiT. A lipi ni.m woman named
'"n . liRy-six years rf ate, insane from general bad
ho.tith, vm r iit to th.) Lunatic Asvlum.
A young wemsn mimxd Tilly, a natlvo of this
co'intr, v, m nlso sent to the same Institution.
James (,( ,, car, nfly-five y6,r of aire, a natlveof
Iielanil, uud ton years a ruddont of thla ooeavry,
wraa sent to tht Asylum. Th auppomd cause lA his
Insanity ilnit9tiiMiranco.
.iJ,.IM "'?7" KiTJMitr.B OmD JraT.-Th tran.
scripts tit lu I rem the fcxuiniuinit (Jonrts up to this
time, charge t lie lollowlug otr-nces, whkh the next
Gr.iud.lury.wi II Have to consider:
luceat, l; grand larceny, 17; horse steillng, 4: rasa
ng and having In possession oonnterlelt moneyTli):
burglary, 4, mitlicioua stabbing and shooting, 13; as
sault itli intont to kill, ID; robbery, 1; ni(amV!r
perjury, 3; malicious destruction of property, 3: aa
aaiilt with Intent to rape, 1; forgen, 3; potlt larceny.
4: pontouatins an ollker, I; obtaining money under
false pretonces, 1; resisting officers, S; threatening
porHoual violence, 7. Alsoeoverul canoe of auaault ana
Cincinnati Produce Market.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, August 31, 1859.
-The market continues brisk, without
ehango in prices. The sales wero 600 brla. at Si
4 lij.r suporllne, and ill 6S forextra. J,4(HI brla.
were received tho lust twenty, four hours.
WHISKY A dml market, and prices 10. per gallon
lower: sales wo brls.at ZDbt&ahts., the latter rat
lor Wagon.
PIlOViHJOXS-Tho demand for Bacon continue
fair, and the market firm: sulos of lluhhds. Sides,
atiircfc'J!iic.,cliiolly tho former rate. I'm brla. mesa
Pork sold at$14. Dude Meat lit Inquired for at 68c.,
but there are no Sides offering, lu Lard, 130 tlcrcas
and hria.anhl 11 1 ln4o.
(lltOOElllKO bugar unchanged, aud In fair do.
niand at 6j7J4. ilolasies, 37(374o. Coffee, UK
oIL-Salos of 57 brls. Linseed, at o7aMc, Th 1st.
tor is Hie general asking rate.
U'lIBAT- Tbe market Is dull and unsettled, and
prices aro 2(330. lower. Holders, however, are not
pressing their stncl.t on tho market: salvl 8(0 bosh
els prune bite at gl 12, and iiliO.du. good Bed at 7o,
ilcoeipts email.
COKN I he market la rtnll.nud prices unsettled:
sales Toil bushels to arrive, at 7c, and I,4o0 do. at T.V).
11 Yt-Saas 1,0(10 bushels al 72c, lo arrive, ilex,
ket Btendy.
OATS-Thernarkotla dull and lower: sales 1,600
DitxhelH nt inc., aud sonde. aUUsc
CHISKSK-Saliis aw boxes prim Western Ressrv
at do. Market firm.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, August 31—P. M.
Flour heavy and 1020o. lower: sales 7,100
Flour lower: eulea lid brla. ut 84 iotfM'sO. Haiall
sales Byo Flour at ?3 0mi4 3d.
heist unchanged: kiIfs S..VM1 bushels at 8l SVa
1 ifilornevitoUnouthc:-n;Sl MM 43 for new While
do.jt l V lor new While sllehtgan, and Ked Zim
merman on privote toriuc. Uye lirm: sale 1,000
V,"',"'1'' a', flc Hurley dull: sulos 1,000 hnshels.
llarley Jlult Wkt. Com lo, lower: sales l,ni'0 bushels
at 7'.i(US0c. for new mixed Western, and 7Sw. for uew
inferior Whitn Southern. Hats quiet and Cull, at
Misc. lor old Ktuto; 373:tc. for Western, and
J'.Vi.tlc. for Canadian.
Whisky heavy and dull: riles ISO brls. at JsaSTo.i
closing at 2fi!jc.
I'oil: tirnior: sales S,M) brls. nt 8l(S15 lSformeas,
510 41I1QIO 7ft for prime, $IS for prime mese.
uinl bli 62H3 H for thiu mess, Including 1,600 brla.
mess at seller'n option, sixty days, at Sll an. A
contract for l.IiOO brls. mats was alsoaettledat 111 W.
Itsef dull: siil.-s 12o brls. at 8.1 Mb't for uiuntry
prime; W for do. mess; fJ,il for repacked
ilhkago, and SI!(I3 SO for extra. Small sales Beef
Hams al Slf:.17 ll.C 'ii unchanged: Hale 100
tierces banged Hun is at II So. Cut Meat rlrtnen
sales IDS packages at 7he.f'irSliouldoreudVciKc,
for Hams. Lai d quiet: sales 411) brls. at lwaiOXo.
tor Ho. 1 city to pi iino Western.
Duller llrui, at l17r. for ukio.and 19ffl:io. for
t'Ueess firm. atVOcas In ouallty.
Tobiicco-Tlie sale tu-dny of Ciiha and 8tntes Seed
was well attended, but with unsatisfactory price.
Jloro than one quartur of th lots on the catalogue
ware withdrawn.
Ootton-Salos of 40 bales at llKo. for Middling
I'pUuds. "
ttugir buoyant and active, at 7A7Mo. Molasses
steady at 40.
...... ,Wt ,u inr Hiipornne state: St 40SM 70 for
er.tra State; 4 05(3,1 40 lnrRiinerllno Western ; ?4 40)
for common tn good extra Western; St lUAtA 10 for
old, anil S.' 2H(;.r tu Tor frcsh-groiiuil shipping brands
extra round-boon 01, In? ein.iov ho.,,, ,.-,-.n...
Steamboat Register.
vALs.-Forest (Jusou, Msdisoo; Fairy Queen,
Muyaville; Cnporlor, Louisville; Sr. Louis, tit. Louis!
M. F. bass, liow Orleans; Euiuni Graham, Cairo,
I)KrAKTt;iiM. Meesengsr, New Orleans; Forest
Qiimn, Hadlton, H'airy Oueeii. Maysvllle; Superior,
Lomaville; fc. I'. Hibberd, Cairo,
& CO., No. 33 JIaln-stroot-Grocerles, Glass.
wiire and bliiuors. at suction. We will sell on
FHIDAY SIUltMXG, September 2, 10 hnda. Hew
(u leaiis Sugur, 8 tierces Rice, fin boxes Virginia and
Kentucky Tobaci o, 'E bria. MoUeies, a cases Rip
Uuots, SuioUing Tobacco, Ciftars, Ider Vinegar, Ao,
cr I H S . JHI L KSJt CO., Aiictioiieera.
A CO. Sale-rooiii Mo. W Hast Fourth-street.
lixcPllem Ptirnitui' at Auction. Ou lUUKdllAY
Jlnii.MNG, Sopteuiber I, nt !' o'clock, will be sold at
No. 414 Elm-street, nearly opposite the Urphan Asy
lum, the entire furniture, vir.:
S11 favlor anil Settintt-room. Kosewiod mar
ble top center table; etaMerc; uiurblo-top fancy tatilc;
sol'u; walnut bookcase; luiihngany center table; slit
frame looking glass; luri;e arm chair; large rocker;
hell's rooking clinir; rosewood parlor chairs; recep
tion chairs; rosewood ottomans; cane chairs; china
niiintel ornaments; oil paintings and engravings;
window shaiiea; inpostry, Brussels carpots, dto.
Chiililher.. Mahogany bedstead; do. wardrobe;
cotuigo uud other beusteads; murble-top and plain
Uroosiug bureaus; do. do. nashstands; toilet ware;
hair and shuck mattrHssea; lonkiug glasses; feather
beus, bolsters and pillows; talilo; secrstary; rosewood
oval table; comforts, blankets; dressing glass; walnut
lounge aud mnttraw; matting, carpots, o.
liall nnd Dining-room Oil cloth; hat rack;
stair carpets; extension table; walunt eane seat
chairs; clock; tea chairs: dining and tea ware; knire
aud lurki; cHStois: waiters; carpets, Ac. Cooking
stove and sppiiratus; Schooley's refrigerator; safe;
table and kin-hen fiirnltiire. sept
t CO., No. 33 Main-Htreet-Seasonable Staple
mid Stercbaut Tailors1 Goods at Aue.tion, for Cash.
We will sell on TilOK.sllAY 11(1 K NINO, September
1, at tlu'clock. Cloths, Cassimerea, Hatiuets, Tweeds,
Jenns, Farmers' Latins, Milk and Satin vestings,
MIecias, Canvass, Pilot and Beaver Cloths, bale
Tnint, Sc.
ALbO-Olnghnmi, Lusters, Prints, Irish Linens,
Linen Table Cloths, super Linen Handkerchiefs,
Itibbons. b,ititH, (ilova,Cul'Urg, .tc. au2u
8T(), in Sale-rooms Ko. S3 Main street, (next
to tho Trust Company Dank.) Lust large positive
fall sale of Foroiyu anil Domostic Dry Goods. Hoots,
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Ac, at Auction. TTJESOAT
.HOKNl.SU, Soptomher , at 9,'H o'clock, will be sold,
in cntnluge tbnii, without any reserve, 45(1 packages
nnd lots of fresh-Imported Foreign and llomestlt
Dry Goods, comprising a general oiaortment of very
desirable Goods for city and country Bale.
ALSO WE DNK3DAYMOKN ING, September 7, ln
third lott, 3V) cises, enmprieing the best sinek of
Men's, Hoys' nnd Youths' JSrogausjWomen's, Misses'
and Children's Shoes, Congress Gaiters and Oxford
Ties; Ladies' Halters ami Mippers; Men's, Boys' and
Youths' Una Hoots. Overshoes, Ac, we have vsr of
fered ut auction; tho greater portion of tha stock
being weh adapted for ilie bust oity retail trade, and
every case to be sold without reserve,
h.iW-c THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
Ii. HA HDINO, 1 p-i-ii.
Miss H. A. UUixD, jPrlnolpnlsi,
The Fall Term of this Seminary will open on to
First Monday of Hpteniber.
Professor DE ItlCtiLES, of whom Professor
Fasanellosava. "I should deem anr Instltntlnn fov.
tiini.te lu engaging him a a teacher of th Franc
language1 antt
Literary and Scientific Institute,
No. 87 Xnat Thlrd-trett ..
September, for the Instruction ofpersons 0 (
both sexes and all aires, hv Dr. A.. CITRTTM &nrf
corps of assistant of tne first order.
The object of this Institution Is to develop tho
whole man, physical, mental and moral; to give him
a good knowledge of ths most valuable science, art,
language and Utentturi, aud especially th greatest;
of all arts, that of educating youth for nselulnssa
anu uappiusan. or particuiarsappijr at tne lust tutw
to . A,CUttlW, A.M..M. D
au-Jw , Pntldent.
! :-- ',: hi.' , .

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