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"WANTS." "ros Hit." "TO T.T "I.obt '
"FOTJM),"Ao.,ln thlaoclumn, occupying Ave 11dm
or less, two Insertion!, twenty-Ota cebts.
I '"ohc!" employment for herself or husband,
who, through reverses, Are without muni to import
the r lo children. Lsdy accomplished: could un-
; .i-' iii-ii w HJiuiuBry or nrst-cmss
bojrdlng establishment. Gentleman accnstomed to
ii i 8 uu,u"' mis week, "WEST,"
tlili offlCei . . sspftb
to n AvE0!1. 8treet Ballroad Cars. Apply to J.
U. PALMES, Omnibus Manufactory, Bank-lreet.
.. .heatthf wiin'an,ttll a fresh .breast of milk,
a situation as wot luirso. Several glHs Wilnt muta
tions aa cook, chamlier-malil, dining-room and Rene
mi hrilln-U'rtplr A flopninn tint wtrrml fnun ,11'lnan
To twenty vears old. to OIL a aituatlnn in the rltv.
M Si" 'lr'.Te wagon . Apply at ny ottlce, 3ir Elm
in jwuui-Bireeis. i nvo. nuujl n a A.i . aeti-O'
WANTED BOOM By tirri young rrjxo, a
furnished room, in some ventral location.
Good referouce will be given. Addreaa 0, J. II., Box
2016; sop8-b
WANTED GIRL A good cook, washer
and irnner, at No. 2V4 Vine-street, above
sixth. None but a clean and competent girl need
triply. Call to-day. sopou
man, who nnderstande vegetable gardening
and h"tbede. Also, a man and woman on afaeni,
inquire, fur twodafra, at HI Walnnt-Bt. sopul)
y ANTED ROOM By a .Ingle young
V w num. a neatly-furnish dsleeptugapnrtmont,
Wlih.nt board, In aceniral situation. Address "II,
B" at this nlli-Si sepii'.'
WANTED GIRt Liberal wages will he
palrl a good German girl to do the work of a
mall family; wn' i to coma on tho 8ili In t. Ap
ply at 171 Vino-street, at to 8in the morning, or
12 to a P M.
WANTED TO TRADE 40, 80 or 160
acre of good land, en th it. A M. It. K., for
a home and lot, nr unexpired 1 ae, having some
time to run. Addreaa V, R., Box Wi-iV. 0 Cln.
ciniiaij eeiA-h
WANTED Two good Soliottors can get
employment on the ''Cincinnati Mercantile
Advertiser." by application to Ho. West Fourth.
tract, n p stair hetweeu 13 M. and 1 P. M. K. W.
HI BIT, Proprietor. ifps-b
men are wanted lmm.
diatuly to chop cordwood. Apply at the Albrama
Huu-Si corner Main-street and ihe levos. apa-h
manor iteady habita, who ia willing to make
himself useful, a situation in aOroceryandProviaion
Store. Good rcfereucea given. AddrcBS W L at
thla office. seps-h'
WANTED ROOMS Two or three rooms,
furnished or nnturnlahed, without board, In
A prirate family. A respectable neighborhood de
sired, Address "D," at thla offlce. sep.vb
ANTED TO RENT A mall home of
liiltable for a mi.ail family. Addreaa UBllOMAN, at
this offlce. State where an Interview oan be had.
WANTEDA U0tT8B By a gentleman
with small family, no children. A house wl b
ont a hall not desirable. Addrera Box 769 Postofflce.
drawera; none but competent workmen need
applr. to whom the beat of waeoa will be paid.
JOHIIPA BHPI.BY, Wlie.llng, Va. aep2-d
WANTED AGENTS Tn sell a desirable
work jnat published. "JuM.n'i Interest
Tables," coiitainliig accu-atecalcnlallnna oflntonat
at 5. , 7,8, 9 anil lOpercont., huth mdo and com
pound, on all suna from ono rent to 8i0, U0 and from
one day to six years, A rare opportunity to make
money in the ta'e of thla new, cheap and meful
work. For further information as to succwa, testi
mony in Its fayor, and 'erma,addresa(stamn inclosed,)
or apply to J. HAZARD DAVIS, 427 Flfth-Btreet.
WAN TED SCUOL A KS By a competent
teacher, eeyeral persons to receive lessons on
the piano; also, Instructions in Tocal amnio, Address
"Music," Pnray Press Offlce. sepl-sw
T90ARDINO- Three or fonr singlo gentle
M men can he accommodated with board and
lodging at m West Fifth-street, between Western
row and John, Day-boarrtlng$2pnrwcok. aepr) b
BOARDING Two single gentlemen cn
secure a pleasant furnished room.with honrd,
In a private family where thoro aro but tew hoarders,
at No 107 Lungworth-atreet, between Elm and Plum.
Terms moderate. - sepO-b
BOARDING. First-Mass Boarding-house,
"ycainore-street, botweon Fifth aud Sixth,
wostaide. Large, airy, iinfiiruislied rooms for fam
ilies. Board aud lodging for single gentiomcu.
sptaw T. A. BOWE.
on the 2d Inst., two dark brown Mules, about
name age aud si&e. Ihe owner can have thorn by
calling on me, provlngrrent-rtjand payingcxpenses,
ns the law diiects. HENRY GOUDMIKK, Fifth
Ward Hoiige, Covington, Ky. sepiia'
A second-hand et of lllucksniiths' Toole. Also,
the Shop, aituatednoar Ludlow, Ky.,about one fourth
of a mile bolowthe Fifth-atreot Ferry. For further
particulars cull on me, ut the ahop. UENBY KLAS
JiltMilt. Bpb
business man, having command of 8 MM), can
plane himnelf at oncn in a moai lucrative In, kImi ks,
yielding a timdronie income now, and mmt u nke an
inilepeiicience. Address "OASH," (Jlncinnaii Post
otlice, fur ouo week. s ptib
0R SALE GROCERY Wishing to leave
.a? the city, I offer for sa e, at a bargain, a family
Grocery, coot rally located. The stock la ami il, but
well assorted. i;or particulars, cull at 17 ilaln
strcet sepfie.
IjOK SALE A desirable Ilouee and Lot,
JL n tixford, Ohio, situated on the corner of
High "lid Beech-streets; aqna-e adjoining Female
8 mlnitry. Ternisof anln moderate
A'so A desirable residi nro f"ur and a half miles
from this ciiy, near Chetiot. Lot ton talus eight
aud a half acres, on which there ia two good
vrclmrda Will trade for city property.
Also A lie ucrefariu in Jaeper County, Indiana.
Will nell lew for cash, or tuk. part trade
Also 32liacrea farm'ng land, at 62'4c. per acre, alt
uat'dncur tlie Ht. b uia & Mcmphi Uailrnail. A
rtrcbancn la now ulfered lor a cb.np firm, with a
pronpuct of increasing fou per cunt , as sonuaath
road is entirelv completed
Also-32tlairo frin,i Llv nsslon Contily, Illinois.
Will trade, and p ly lialance in caab, forun improved
farm near Cincinnati.
Also Unrnot Kvoinf lots. Will trado for a piano,
spi'lug-viaguu or barouche.
ANo Ouviugtou l4 city property, for nale and
A'so Other valuable property for tale; or, will
trade for m rchandise.
Also Missouri lauds obtained on the shortest
notice, at 0c. per acre, and Warrantee Deeds given.
Apply to cATTIN MOBBUW, lieal Katate
Agents, No. 97 West Thlri-street, Boom S, second
floor. sep-aw
-av of fine mulos and rovered wagon. Alan a gjod
route, that It paying from Kit) to $23 perweek. The
owner Is reninving to the couutry. Address Box
lili orcall at VA Westorn-row. sepi-b
IilOrl bALK GROCERY Tbe stock, fi7
. turea ami good will of a firat-rate Grocery
stand in a central location. Mock small and well
selected, lug nice at Ji. Z07 Western -row. Buri-h
and well-eatabllshad Dining ttnloon, at Mo, a
AHRfc run in nreui, unviug seveiuy-nvs prompt nay-
lug boarders, and a good tranalenttrade.
particutarsinqutre on the premises.
FOR SALE OR TRADE Desirable prop
erty In and near Covington, Kentucky, eon
siadng nf one a' reof ground, with g od house, con
tainiug six rooms aud kitchen, well, cistern and
suable sufficient for seven homes on the Iudepenu
ence Turnpik s, wltnln a quarter of a mile of the cor-
ranon sine oi uoTinuion. Al'O, a lot in the linmo
itiiu neiahborhood. fronting flftv fent nn ihu pitr
by two hundred deep. Alan, a lot in Auaten's divi
sion of Covington, forty-five by one hundred aud
fire feet. Thoalwve property will be told cheap, or
traded for a farm within one hundred miles of Cin
cinnati, either in Kontnrky, Indiana or I'hlo, For
further particulars, inquire of K. U. ELMn, on the
premises; or of JAMKa B.GBAY, Attorns at Law,
Reott-street, opposite Farmers' Bauk, Covingion,
Kentucky. iio26-bw
Railway Guide,
For tale by
At his new store. Mo. 10 West Flfth-atreet.
V03 Wainnt-atreet, S;,
SON the sale or J. B. MANN iCO.'S, superior
raw fresh oyetera. J. TOI'D,
Wholesale and retail Agent for J. It. M inn ft On.
' Oysters cookuil In a superior style at onr usual mod
erate charges. unlo-tf
W w'-- 8ale-rooms 22 and 21 Xast
Thlrd-atreot.-ruesday morning, September 6, at
9 o'clock, Jewelry, do. Bee adv.
H. 8. Mn.ra ft Co., S3 Main street. Tuesday morning,
Beptemtwr 6. at o'clock, Orocoriee, Ac 8ee adv!
Important Arrest.
SgviEAt Tbdnks of Goods, scrposgD to mvg
bskh SroLKej, RgcovggKD, A man named
Hineg arrired In this oity on Sundav Inst, nn
the Louisville mail-boat, having in his posses
sion some six or seven largo trunks, filled with
goods. He Immediately Bought an express
man, and bad his trunks conveyed to a hotel
on Front-street. From his strange maneuvers,
unoers Mormon find 9tlb were of onlnlon that
all was not right. They gought an interview
with Eines, who told several different stories
as to his business, where he obtained hia iroada.
ic, whioh confirmed tbe luipioion of the offi
cers that be was anything but an honest man.
Be was aooordingly arrested and confined in
the Hammond-street Station-honso. on suspi
cion. His goods were also taken Into custody
and removed to the Station-house. From all
the oiroumstnnees connected with this oase, the
officers are of opinion that a heavy robbery has
been committed In eomo one of the Western
States, and that Hincs was endeavoring to
secrete tbe stolen property. He will be re
tained in onstody until the matter is investi
gated. We were Unablo to ascertain the char
acter of tbe goods, as the trunks were all
School Boaed Last Nioht's Pbockkdinos.
A communication wa9 received from Miss L.
S. Barrett, Superintendent of Penmanship,
nominating tha fnllnwin o,il,nr .:,,
- o "& v. i u u (.oolob-
ant teachers of Penmanship in the several
districts and Intermediate Sc hools, mentioned
as follows : First District School Miss J.
Stevens; Seond Miss E. McGill: Fourth
(first sub-division) Miss M. Howard:
Fifth Miss M. Baker; Sixth Miss A. Mo
Kimmie: Seventh Mr. W. A. Fillmore:
Eighth Miss M. Reod; Ninth Mr. H.
Raschigj Tenth Miss M. Hacking; Elev
enth Miss L. Nixon; Twelfth Miss S. D.
Wilson; Mount Auburn Miss Hamilton;
Second Intermediate School Mr. Btultz.
Tha appointments wor confirmed, the sal
aries to date from the time whon these teach
ers commence teaching writing.
Miss Frost rosisrned her position as teacher
in the Twelfth District School. Accepted.
Mr. John J. Marvin was annointed male
assistant in the Sixth District, at a salary of
1)0 per year. Miss Kate Brooks was an-
pointed to the Tenth District, at a salarv of
$30 per month. Miss Ellen Tice was ap
pointed to the Twelfth District, at a salarv of
$20 per month. Miss Frances II. Kelly was
appointed to the Thirteenth District, at a sal
aryof $35 per month.
Sundry bills, approved by the Committee
on Claims, were passed.
Mr. Powers, froin a committee, reported in
favor of taking the school census as it was
done last year, viz: by assessors nominated
by tho local Trustees, and apcroved bv tha
a. f
Board, each assessor to bo paid for his labor
at so much a head. Adopted.
Other reports were offered, and several
speeches made, when the Board adjourned.
Death of Mb. Joan Wbiohtsok. We learn
that Mr. Wrightson went to Arizona about a
year ago, in the employ of the Santa Rita
Southern Mail Company, and at the time of his
death (Sanday evening, August 14th) was in
charge of the company 'srancho at Tamacaoori.
On the afternoon of hie assassination, the
herder reported several of the anitnnls missing,
and Mr. W. deeming it his duty to reoovor
them, rode in oompany with tbe hordor to seok
them, He was fully armed, but foil into an
ambueoadeand was lanced in several places be
fore he could have had time to draw his pistol.
Tho object of tbe assassins was plunder, and as
they rifled his pookets there ia reason to be
lieve that they obtained considerable property.
Mr. Wrightson had gained tbe respeot of those
who knew him by his faithfulness in the dis
charge of his duties, his generous hospitality
to tbe way-farer that passed his door, and his
unflinching eourage in the defense of his
friends. We sympathise, with his family and
friends in their sudden and severe bereave
ment. Who Did It? A dojr with a tin can tied
to his tail was Been, yesterday afternoon,
coming out of tho Ninth-street Stntion-house.
The frightened animal made his way to
Western -row, thenoe north on Western-row
to tbe Mtllcreek-houso perAripi. Now. the
question is, who tied thnt can to that dog's
tatl7 We will wutch tlio records in tho Po
lice Court to-dny for au answer. Some say
it was tbe police, while others say it can not
be possible that they would be guilty of so
cruel on act.
"Tho following are the nowly-clected
officers of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday
School Union : President A. M. Searlen. of
Union Chapel; Vico President M. B. Ha
gens, of ABbury Chapel; Second Vico Presi
dent C. F. Brooks, of Finlcy Chapel; Be
cording Secretary T. C. O'Kane, of York
street Chapel; Corresponding Secretary Dr.
Stovena, of Christie Cbapel; Treasurer W.
Brenckle, of Everett-street German Church.
fiFIa. the Probate Court, yesterday, J.
G. Flowers, of Clearborae County, III., eman
cipated hia slavo Dorcas and her four chil
dren, the eldest being; eight years and the
younj-'flt two months old. -.
aSTFour city prisoners, named Feter
Brop'iy, William Whitten, John Hays and
Peter 'tuflin, escaped from tho hill-side yes-
terdej afternoon. They are still at large.
Meteorological observations for the
Pbnny Pasas, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No.
7 West Fourth-street, September fi, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer, Thermometer.
7 A. M.
oP.M.......... 3V.73
iMaatV m
Diath op Zknith Wilia. This unfortunate
young lady, who was so badly bnrned at the
residence of Mr. George Wilson, No. 32 Rioh-
mond-street, Sanday, died about five oclook
yesterday morning, after a night of great suf
9 Attention is called to the advertise
ment, in anothor column, of the Cincinnati
Academy of Design,
Escape of Three Prisoners.
About half-past nine o'clock last evening,
as Jailor Shockley and his assistants were in
the hospital apartment, attending to a man
named Myers, who was laboring under a fit
of tremens, he was startled by the barking of
the jail dogs in the yard. Ho immediately
rushed out and received the intelligence that
"tho whole chain-gang wore about to escape."
He ran to the door leading from the gang
cell into the main yard of the jail, and found
that tho bolt of the look had been pried
back, and that three priBOi)ers,named Daniel
Appletou, A. B. Curr and Charles Wise, had
c flee tod their escape by scaling the wall.
They were immediately pursued and re
captured within a short distance of the jail,
Mr. Shockley informed us that a few mo
ments later the whole gang would have es
caped. No blame can be attached to Mr.
Shockloy or his assistants. The prisoners
were replaced in their old quarters and
heavily ironed.
John Skillman, who keeps a coffee-house
on Sixth -street, near Millcreek Bridge, was
fined $10 and costs by Judge Lowe, y ester
day, for selling liquor on Sunday. A fine of
$10 and costs was also assessed for resisting
officers. Skillman was very badly used by
the officers. He appeared in Court with a
very black eye and a severe cut on his head.
The amount of fines and costs collected in
the Police Court, yesterday, was upward of
Henry Turner, charged with stabbing
with intent to kill Dennis Mui phy, was he
fore Judge Lowe, yesterday. In consequence
of the absence of important witnesses further
examination was postponed until bo-day.
John Donavan will have a bearing at the
Police Court, this morn'ng, charged with
stabbing Peter Moore, at the corner of John
and Third-streets, night before last. The
prosecution against John Williams, on a
similar charge, was dismissed.
John Kuhn, for carrying conocaled weap
ons, was fined $10 and costs by Judge Lowe
John Lyon, for resisting officers, was fined
$3 by the Police Judge yesterday. For dis
orderly conduct he was fined $10 and costs,
McLaughlin, who asBaultud Henry Groene
with a clever, some days since, is still at
large. Groene lies in a precarious condition.
Hon. Stephen A. Douglas is expected in
this city in a few days.
The work on tho Cincinnati Street Railroad
is progressing rapidly. The line is daily
thronged with anxious spectators.
Wiswell'e picture gallery is thronged night
and day. Admittance free.
The Honrie House is undergoing repairs.
Several trunks of goods, supposed to have
been stolen, are at tho Ilammond-stroet Station-house.
John Nelson was before Judge Lowe yester
day, charged with being drunk. John, when
asked if guilty or not, said he "did'nt know."
He recollooted having drank a good deal of
beer, and found it diQioult to walk straight.
He was fined three dollars and costs.
John Atobiion, for assaulting Mr. Beokly
ia Sixth-street Market, Saturday night, was
fined five dollars and oosti by the Polioe
Judge, yesterday.
An inhuman wrotoh, named John Weber,
put his wife and two little children out of his
house, last Saturday night. Ho was sent to
tho City Prison for the torm of ten days by
Judge Lowe, yesterday.
The body of the negro man who was
drowned from tho steamer W. I. Maclay,
some days since, was found in tho Ohio Biver,
at the foot of Walnut-street, yesterday.
City Council meets to-night, when the report
of the Paine Investigating Committee will be
Fifty-three oases were tried in the Police
Court yesterday,
An unprovoked assault was made upon a
man named JIaran, at tbe Two-Mile House,
Sunday afternoon, by a party of drunken Ger
mans. During the mehe a man named Strong
had his leg broke, and, with a number of
others, was seriously injured.
All About a Hat. A German named
Georgo fprecht, who resides on Everett-street,
near Liun, went down town last Saturday
night, and purchased a new hat. Arming at
home, his "frow" was very much displeased
with bis soleoticn, and beoame very muob en
raged. The couple quarreled loud and long,
until the arrival of a policeman, who escorted
Sprecht to the station-house. Previous to
looking him up, he was searched, when a double-barreled
pistol was found on his person.
Two charges, one of carrying conoealed wea
pons, and one of disorderly conduot, were made
against him. Yesterday Judge Lowe fined
him ten dollars and oosts for the former, and
three dollars and oosts for the latter offense.
EscArie raoii tri County Jail. A prisoner
named William Neely, who was oonDned in
the County Jail on a charge of grand larceny,
made his escape from that institution, about
noon yesterlsy, undor tbe following circum
stances: He by some means received a fall
and out his thumb very badly. His wound
was dressed by the physician, who ordered
that he be allowed tbe privilege of the yard.
Shortly afterward, while Jailor Shockley wag
absent on business, Neely climbed on the roof
of the chain-gang room, from thence to the
female department; from there he jumped on
to the porch of the frame house, north-west
oorner of Hunt and Sycamore-streets, and
from thence Into Hunt-street, and escaped.
He was captured about an hour afterward by
Officer Mitchell and oonveyed to his old
flg!J. E.Taylor, of thisolty, hag purchased
the States' rights to Ohio and Louisiana for
making and vending the " Interstitial Blaok
Letter Signs," lately introduced and already
go popular here. We hope that be will realise
his "pile" in the new enterprise.
pVWe call attention to the card of R. El
lis, Jr., & Co., suocessors to Wood, Lea k Co.,
honkers. Business men will find them prompt
in all dealings.
Fuk at tbi Spikcie HoDfls. 'Squire John
J. MoFall was aroused from his slumbers
about ten o'clock last evening and informed
that hia services were immediately required at
tha Spencer House. The 'Squire on arriving
at the place found two oouble anxiously await
ing his honorable 'person. A messenger was
Immediately dispatched for Clerk Crapsey, of
the Probate Court, tha necessary documents
were proourod and banded over to the 'fqnire,
when he proceeded to nnlte, as man and wife,
Mr. Geo. Russell and Miss Mary Finley, of
Montgomery County, Ky., and Mr. John Gal
breth and Miss Mary Fry, of Paris, Ky.
Judging from the hurry of the "young folks,"
the 'Squire is of the opinion that they left
anxious "parlents" bohind.
3fJohn Wallmore, who was arrested in
this city some time since by Lieutenant
Small as a pickpocket, and who subsequently
posted hand-bills about the streets charging
that officer with levying "black mail," &c,
was arrested by Officers Lundy and Wheeler,
last evening, ond confined in tho Ninth
street Station-house. Upon searching his
clothing, a new batch of the same bills was
found upon him. The officers assert that he
had distributed quito a number previous to
his arrest.
Nkw Fall Goods. Charles S. Weatherby,
112 West Fifth-street, is daily receiving addi
tions to his already superior stock of fall goods.
He has an excellent lot of dress goods which
can not fail topleaee the most artistic eye. He
also has upon hand superb black silks, em
broideries, white goods, shawls and oloaks. Tbe
ladies will find Mr. Weatherby's stock to be as
represented. See advertisement.
TMr. Chsrles Wright, Seoretary of the
Gas Oompany, had a warrant issued yesterday
before 'Squire Cbldsey, for the arrest of John
Hoffmaster, a clerk in the Postoffice. It ap
pears that on Monday last, Mr. H. made an
unprovoked assault upon Mr. W., who came to
the Postoffice without his keys to obtain tbe
letters of the oompany, The case will he ex
amined this afternoon.
Guthbir Gbavs At a meeting of the Guthrie
Grays, held at their armory last evening, a
motion was made that the oompany join the
Ohio Volunteer Militia, The motion was
amended to the effeot that Gen. Lytle and the
Ohio Volunteer Militia be invited to join the
Independent Guthrie Grays, under the statutes
of 1859. The motion, as amended, was carried
fiBn insane man, who answers to the
name of Andrew Imbeck, wandered away from
the house of Dr. Mead, corner of Dayton and
Linn-streots, on Saturday last. Sometime
dcilng the day he was observed near tho
river, but has not been seen since. He was
about twenty-five or thirty years of ago, had on
a dark frock coat, and woolen pants much worn
about the bottom of the legs, and a colored
straw hat.
J58 Mr. G. W. Hawes has laid on our
table a handsomely bound copy of his Kentucky
State Oateltter and Biuinat Directory for
1859-60. The work is replete with interest,
and recommends itself to ihi public. Church,
of the Postoffice News-stand, is his authorized
agent for the sale of bis work.
Hknky David, This vetoran merchant is
again before tho public. We refer our read
ers to his card in our advertising columns.
Thoso in want of articles in his lino would do
well to give him a call. His sew storo is 278
B. R. Alley, No. 41 Broadway, oppo
site the Broadway Hotel, has a oase of hats
and caps in the Mechanics' Exhibition which
attracts no little attention. Mr. Alley has
takon the premium ior the past two years.
Pkachks for Canning. Ilousewifes call
at No. 281 Westorn-row, (or tho White Heath
peaches, just what is wanted for putting up
in cans. See advertisement.
JJt&"The Conoert room attached to the Palace
Garden was crowded last evening.
Eff"The Horticultural Exhibition opens to
day. 29The Cincinnati Street Railroad track
will be completed in the oourseof this week.
Wood's IbsaTEB. Last night a fair audi
ence greeted ho advent of the Star Sisters, Helen
and Lucille Wt.-'orn, at the above estuUliehinent,
The drarnaof Gurkx Bushes was rendered in their
usual artistic stylo. Miss llelen, aa."elly O'Neil,"
was a very just rendition of tbnt part Iu the musical
furciof JssiY LtKD Miss Lucille'a versatile powers
were loudly applauded, and kept tho house in a very
pleasant mood. To-night the Fasten Spy and Wan.
DP.R1MO UoYswill be performed, with Hiss Lucille as
"Jlathilde do JUuric," and John KlUler as "Surgcuut
Continental Ciioib. To-night the concert
of tho Continental Choir of Fulton takes place at the
McKendree Cbapel. Thomuslo will be of a sacred
character, comprising songa and hymns similar to
those sung by old father Kemp.
Any communications from onr friends will be
thankfully received. Address " Proes Hoporter,"
Box 21, Covington, Ky.
City Council A special session of the
Council convened yesterday afternoon at fuuro'ulock.
Tho lint business of importance cums up in the
shape of a report of a committee, previously ap
pointed forhe purpose of considering the subject,
recommending a board fence around the jail, the
coat of which was estimated at flSO. Tho chairman
of tho committee etated, briefly, that without a fence
teols woro slipped Into the jail through the bars to
aid prisoners to make their eacape; that saws and
other implements had been so given to the Inmates;
and that he (the chairman) hoped no one would ob
ject to the proposed Improvement. But a Mr. Moore,
from the "Fifth Ward," who appeared to delight in
a reputation fur volubility, opposed the report, de
claring Corlngton bankrupt; that her paper had gone
to protest; and, in a regular apread-eagle style, (which
some members hinted that he Indulged In because
some reporters were present) advocated economy in
the city expenditures. Uenppeared to indulge a par
ticular spite at the author of the report, and proposed
that, if the fonce was built, the figures, SIM, be
posted on it conspicuously, and uudur It the word
"protest." The report was rejected.
The Belief Committees were then called, and only
the one for the Third Ward responded, haying ap
propriatca 318 30.
By unanimous consent an ordinance was Intro
duced by Ur. MenilcH, of the Second Ward, provid
ing that the fallowing propositions be submitted to
a voto of ttU people on the second Saturday of No
vember next:
1st. Whether the City Council shall or shall not
be empowered to Issue bonds In the sum of 6.1", ono,
due twenty years hence, at seven per cent. Interest,
payable semi-annually at sonio place iu the city of
Covington, to raise means to meet the liabilities of
the corporation, which will fall due jane 1 1st 0.
2d. To empower the City Council to levy an addi
tional tax of ten cents on the one hundred dollars,
for the years IWil to lefts, Inrlusirn, for the purpose
of meeting the Intermit on outstanding bonds.
3d. To empower the Council to sell the present
city buildings and the grounds on which they stand,
and purchase other grounda, and-erect other bedd
ings in a mora enntral locality.
Mi. To empower tbe City Council to erect new
wards, when necessary, having i.lrn Mn.. ,r t,A
The two first of theso propositions encountered no
opposition. The third called forth tbe "member
from the fifth," who pronounced a eulogy npon tha
old hall, ao touchlngthat aevernl members were in
such raptures that thoy forgot this world, sunk Into
the embrace of Morpheus, and sat dozing until the
apeakerconcluded. Tbe fourth resolution, too, came
io for ila share of his wrath, but without effect, for
tho whole ordinance paaaed-flrst by sections, then as
a whole. On the latter vote there wero ten yeaa and
one nay, (Mr. Jloore.) If these propositions receive
the sanction or the people, and then of the Legisla
ture, tho powers will be granted. No other business
of importance was transacted.
jrtJThe arrivals of wheat from the inte
rior continue VGrvau.mlL Pa
to their surplus, honing for bettor prices; whether
uicjr Yi mourain mem, can not be foreseen
Bs CARuruL. A diminuative strip of paper,
postea on a tree, on Third-street, some distance from
tscott, attracted our attention voatenlav. wlil, r. n
reading, we found to bo a notlco to poisons that they
vouiu ue lined ten dollars If thoy drove over the
newiy paved portion of the street liefor thmt, n.
to tbe public. Tbe notice Is a proper one, but It
ongnt to be posted so conspicuously that It can be
scn bofore a person has driven half the longtli of the
STBy an error in our veabnnlnv'a IftAllA.
an item hvaded "Cruelty on the Plhins," was placed
"iu r mo lorinnon, wnon it ought to have bo n In
the Newport column. Also, the name of the bankor
mentioned in It should have been N. A. f lr.ur la
stead of V. A. Plnor.
ECTThe special elections, held for the
purpose or filling therncancles in tho School Board,
last Saturday, resulted In thocholce of t. J. Thomas,
for lh First, and Henry Leuba, for tho Third Ward.
tSTK little girl, named Carolina Vail. r.
siding on thoMudlaon Pike, abouttwonillt'Sfrotn the
v-iij, iuii irom tna Bocona etory or a bouse, yoater
day, breaking her leg.
ffiJTOur public schools commenced tbnir
fall term yesterday, and we learn tho attendance was
Police Copbt. Thero wero no important
ea-es before tho Pollco Court, yesterday morning.
3Tho Bourbon Fair commences to-day.
"Boui bon" Is o great Institution.
Vegetables aro very plenty, but gen
erally command a high figure.
ISubBcrlpllona, advortiementa ami c.mmnnlra
tions, addressed to the "Press Beportor," Box ,will
be a tended to,
Mobnino PoiifiE Cohbt. Marlnda Johns
was sgaln before tho Police Court yosterday morn
ing, for disorderly conduct, and sont to jail In de
fault of the payment of Ave dollars and costs.
Ellja St. Clair was sorved In the same mannorfor
the same offense.
man named Ilarrison was lined one dollar and
costs for vagrancy, and, as soon as he got out of tho
Marshal's clutches, concluding Newport a hard
place, made way to Cincinnati.
Joseph Morris, for stealing "that
wheelbarrow" and a few othor Items, such as an ax,
stone-hammer, 4c, wns committed to jail by the
Mnyor yesterday afternoon in default of two hun
dred and fifty dollars ball, to await Ills trial at the
next term of the Circuit Court. LiketColdsmlth's
deformed slavo, ho only lnughed at his tormentors,
and appeared porfectly contented with tho Idea of a
residence iniail.
JS3 Mr. Joseph MoClure, who has been
engaged In selling matches for nn establishment In
Jamestown, Ky., left on tho mall-boat for Louisville
last week and came up on tbe Superior, on Sunday
morning about throo o'clock; since then nothing has
been heard from bim. It is feared that he hns been
dealt foully with. He has a wife and five children
living InKcw Brighton, Pa. Illsageis aboutforty
sovou; hlght five feet soven inches; weight about one
hnndred and forty pounds.
fJ3The Daily Prett can behnd at all hours
of the day at Bernard Dowliug's book and periodical
store, Tork-streot, oppoallo Odd-Follows' Ball.
MONDAY, September 5—3 P. M.
As Is usually llie.cane on Monday, the Money
Mirket was quiet to-dny,vltli very little good abort
dato Paper offering for dlscou nt. The rato for cus
tomers remains unchanged, say 1012 per cent.
Exchange on the East Arm at knrtmliim ..llfnir
rate; buying nt &i0 couts demand moderate.
ii inn t lie lait Unyor two there has been an Im
proved demand for Excbango front abroad per
Now Orleans Exchange qulot, at ,V discount buying
rate; selling at par.
Eastern Exchango in St. Louis 5j premium for
Missouri enrroucy and for Illinois currency.
Gold dull at buying; selling at 40 cents,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
MONDAY EVENING, September 5, 1859.
FLOVR-Tho niurket continues very dull and
prices tend downward stionsiy. Tbe sal-s were
routined to 3M) hrls atSl.Kift'1 Ml for Knperline and
S4 Til lor extra: one lot of .VI lirls. double extra -old
at g.i. 3,'JI4 brls. were received tho last forty-eight
WUISKY-There is no change in the market:
wiles of l,4iJ brls. at sago'TOc. the latter rule fur
wug u. The demand is ciive.
PBOVISIONd A continue! good demard for Ba
con and prices 4o. liigh-r: sa'es of 400 hlids. at
7 1-H.c.VAc for Moulders, !ic. lor (Sides Jo. fur Hi p
do., itnd MJicT lor clear tddea, loose tlio market
closing buoyant; mi,iji lbs. bulk . ides, slop-fatted,
old at paclied, and W),mi lbs ehnuldcrs and
Sn'es on lurma uot luudo putdic. Lnrd steady: 200
brls. oid nt luMc. Nothing done in Hess Ho k.
HTEAItlN- Sales of W.iski lbs. at lllie.-the
latter rato for double, pressed.
"It, A sale of 6 brls. Linseed at S7c. ; market
liitOOERIES-'' hero is no change in tho market;
the demand is inir.
WHEAT The market continues dull, without ma
terial change in prices. The receipts are moderate
and hedeiu uid counted chi fly to i bo local miller:
ales 1,1 0 bnxbcls pr mo Hod at tile, l.noodo. g. od
Whireat If I 111, l.2ulclo. 'air to prime II datgotfvWc ,
SOililo inline Uill atil, 2IIU do. priino White at SI 10.
COltN The market ia dull and drooping, and
prices hive declined le. per bushel: sules 2.5UO bush
els at 711c.
HAKLEY-SaleaJM bushels old at 50c., aud 75 do,
prime new atftte
KYK A fair demand, and prices aro steady at 73c.
0 fS The market is dull and prices drooping,
and about Ic. loner: sales 1,500 bualieUatiUc., and
Steamboat Register.
ARBIVAts.-Monday Reliance, Marietta: Boston,
LouiHville; forest Oueou, Madison; J. K. Bell, Now
Orleans Sunday-Fairy Queon, ataysvtlle; Superior,
DEi'ARTnae8.-8nnday-Boston, LouiavilK Monday-Superior,
Louisville; Forest Quoon, Madison;
Fairy Queen, Muyulllc.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 5—P. M.
Cotton drooping and without demand; sales
of 410 bales.
F our declined, excepting State; sales of 9,000 brls.
Ohio at S4 70(r 2.r.
Wheat; sales of l,J(K) bushels at 2c. decline; White,
81 30;nMS; Rod, $1 in; olil Chicane spring tin'outitl,
,ao.,and com mm Rod Ohio, 8117. Corn decliued:
sales of 3t,o a bushels mixed, stljSsiX; Yellow, K)c
Oats firmer at .WoH2c.
Moss Pork nuclianeed; sales at $14 STiffli S. and primo
at o i-CftWSO. Cutmoats-Bama 6?ii(a.li'c.: Shoul
ders 7Jc.
Whisky steady.
Mice dull.
Leather buoyant. Utiles Arm; Buenos Ayros 27c.
Tallow tliilUt liiMc.
tfutrar heavv: Muscovado v.?,fo.
nm'!iiTrSIS",1,43i'460- ',iQ "cdT;l6S of
Cotton frelghia to Liverpool steady at 3 167 -32d.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, September 5.
Cotton-Sales 2,500 bales at lljtail Jo.
for Middlings. The quotations aro barely main
tained Cimnr Bags 12'e. Whisky itc. Cotton
Freights to Liverpool advanced l-16d.
[By Telegraph.]
London Market.
LONDON, August 24.
Breadstnffs are deolining. Wheat is dull
and partially l(82c. lower. Coffee Ib dull. Bye Is
dull. Linseed Oil 2!s. Wool Is unchanged.
[By Telegraph.]
London Money Market.
LONDON, August 24.
The Money Market is steady. American
Stocks are dull. Erie Railroad securities have de
clined slightly.
[By Telegraph.]
Liverpool Market.
LIVERPOOL, August 24.
Coffee is dull. Rice is Ifirm. Carolina 21s.
d.62. d
r"S. II. Pnrrln, Advertising; Agent, He.
SO W.t Fourth-street.
atar-Dacnerreaa Gallery, South-west ear
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Baonafqrd'a
drng store. Pictures take) and put in good caaef for
twenty cents. Wai ranted to please.
CO.. Sale-rnoma, No. 33 Main-street Oro
reries, fllaMWiir and Lupi'irs at Auction. ewill
sell on TIIfcMiAY MOltMNli, Sepieuiber6: lOlibds.
N.O. Bitcar; e trs. Rice; (V bxa, V. mid Ky. Tobacco;
Vfbrls. N. 11. MoluiiseN; ACH.es Kip Boots; If bxs.
aborted Glassware; Smoking Tobue.co; c gars; Cider
Vin-Bir, c. 11. S. MILES CO.,
UtnVl. li,.Hnh.aM
WILLIAMS, Sale-rooms 22 and 24 East Third
street. Ltirg- saie of Watches and Jewelry to the
trade. Ou TUESDAY MOltMNU, Sepieniber , at
nine o'clock, a largo and general assortment of
J welry, of new style and good, and will be sold in
liberal lota to tlio trade.
A Lso-e dozeu Watches, assorted; 1 Magic Watch,
and several Uold V atchea.
A LSO-A stock of Hlied Ware, of Castors, Knivn,
Forse, Spoons, Tea Sola, ,c.
A LSO-A variety of good Table Cntlery, and other
goods. A. KFLLOGU,
sepS Auctioneer.
Wesleyan Female College.
JL TK.F.STH Y.-ar of this Institution will begia
on MON IMY. August 2V, at hair-past eight, A. m.,
aiwt will continue twenty-two weeks.
The course of study is extensive, und embraces all
tho common and hisher English brancheat together
with Latin, the Modern Lauguagen, aud Music and
Iiran lug, Tbeaysiem of b aching la thorough and
practical, and no pains will he spared by tbe ableand
etlicieut corps of teacher to make sound scholars.
Tlio course of Modern Languages will be made much
more practical than heretofore.
N. B. There will lie a single eesslon dally, com
mencing at half-past eight A. At., and closing at
balf-pastoneP. M.
WP For further Information or for admission ap-
61? at the Colleg.ion Vine-street, between Sixthaud
eventh. BOBE11T ALLYN, President,
French-English and German-English
Female College, Vine-street, have determined
to make the courae in Modern Languages thoroughly
practical, and therefore successful. To this end they
have organized a Primary Denartuient in French una
German, In which the young pupils will be taught
Spelling, Beading and Writing, in either of tbeae
languages in tlio same manner aim at mo name time
as they are taught the same branches in English.
More advanced scholars will be taught aa many of
tbeir regular studies aa possible Iu trench aud Ger
In this waynn ability to speak and write these lan
guages will be as readily acquired aa If the pupils
were Bent abroad.
The extra rtiarge will be 10 per annum.
ftvTFor further information onclratthe College.
on Vino-street, between Sixth ami Seventh.
auie-cawcw uunani Aijiiin, i-reaiaeni.
Literary and Scientific Institute,
No. S7 East Third-street,
September, for the instruction of persons of
both sexes and all ales, bv Dr. A. CURTIS aud a
corps of assistants oftlie first order.
Tlio object of this Institution is to develop the
hulo man. physical, mental and moral: to Hive him
a good kuowledito of the most valtialdo sciences, arts,
iauguiigcs and literature, and especially the greatest
of all arts, that of educating youth tor usululneas
and happinoss. For particularsnpply at the Institute
to a, vcit ua, A.ai., at. u.,
au2.1-2w President.
sent it to yonr nearest and dearest friend, with
the reuuest that it shall be inserted in the first page
of bis scrap buck.
Mr. Euwabd L. Murray, No. 218 Fifth-street,
sells Periodicals, Books and Songs. We append a
list of a few of the Periodicals which may be ob
tained at his stoio, No. 218 Fith-strect.
New York Ledgor 4 cents.
Now York Mercury 4 cents.
New York Weekly 4 cents.
Harper a weekly 4 cents.
Fruuk Leslie 6 cents.
New York Clipper 4 cents.
Porter's Spirit -.. 6 cents.
Police Gazette 4 cents.
Finer of Our Onion 4 cents.
Saturday Evening Post...... 4 cents.
new York ricuyuue , cents.
New York Waverly 4 cents.
Wavorly Magazino 6 cents.
Line-ol-Battle-Ship 4 cents.
Scientific American 4 cents.
Scientific Artisan..... 4 cents.
Banner of Light - 4 cents.
Scottish American Journal Ii cents.
Boston Pilot 5 cents.
Irish News 6 cents.
Lite Illustrated 4 cenu.
Home Journal 4 cents.
Weekly Novelette 4 cents.
Independent 4 cents.
Century ft cents.
Agitator ft cents.
Huston luvesiigiiiur 4 cents.
liullou'B Pictorial - ft cents.
New York Weekly ik-rnld 6 cents.
New York Weekly Tribune 4 cents.
New York Weekly Times 4 cents.
Leslie's German Paper 6 cents.
True Flag 4 cools.
Constellation ft cents.
New York Bispatch 4 cents.
nnrncr'a Magazine .20 cents.
Coitey's Lady's Book 2(1 cents.
Atlantic fllaga-.'.lue w cents.
Leslie's Miiuaziue H 20 cents.
Knickerbocker Magazine..... 211 cents.
Orent Republic Mouthly 211 cents.
Ail rear nouiiu m cents.
Waverly Magazine (monthly parts) 20 cents.
Peterson's Magazine .'. IS cents.
A'thur'a Home Magazine......... 18 centa.
Ludiea' American Magazine, , IS cents.
Honiancisi 18 cuuts.
Nuveletie (monthly parts) 10 cents.
Ynnkee Notions in cents.
Mok-Nnx ....10 ceuts.
Comic UiiUiiUet 10 ceuts.
I'lcKies hi cents.
Mtidget of r'uu A cents.
Union's Monthly 10 cents.
Phrenological Joiirnul s cents.
Water Cure Journal 6 cents.
Hum's Merchants Magazine 46 cents.
Eclectic Magazine ,,, oC cents,
Edinburgh Review Ml cents.
Westniioster Review n.HM) cents.
r- orth ltrilish Review AO cents.
London Quarterly Review ,.,.........,..) centa.
If vnll want anvthlna in tha PaHndlnul line, vnn
had bettor call on
Between Sim and Plum,
ail-TuThS -am Cincinnati, O.
and Counsellor at Law, Chase's Building
Third street. S doers Kaatnf Main ,171
No. 'J 16 Fifth-ntreet,
Between Elm and Plum, CINCINNATI.
Combs, Hair Oil, Perfumery, Fancy Soaps and No
tions of a I kinds.
N, B. Shirts, and all kinds of Famishing Goods,
made to order, au24 am
No. 118 Veil Sixth. street,
CINCINNATI. sepl-cra
Pure, Still & Sparkling Wines,
Has removed his WINS CELLAR to Ho. 16" BAH.
MOND STREET above Third atraet. yl4
FODNDUY, It. ALLISON, Superintendent.
Printing Ma-M-lalaof all kinds. W Vine atreet tf
Dealer in Exclmnsre, Rnnk Nates and Cola.
Particular at tention paid to Collectlona, aud returns
promptly made. au-bw
etc., etc., etc. -

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