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"FOPND,"43.,la thiioolumn, oocspying Are Una
or less, two InMrtiout, twenty -Are cents.
Teacher of the Burp No other n-ed apply.
Alio, or.e of Greek, Latin and Mathematics. Ii.
dresa "A.," at this office, with name and plate
TANTED-A Die of "The Cinoinnatl
t7.ZPil!l?a,li from M7 'M. to October 1, 'S3.
Inquire it thla oftW ' sepaaw
VETANTED Persona wanting to get good
w girls to cook, wash and Iron, ortodocham-Der-workjalao,
general homework, cad he annulled
;n ahnrt notice. Please call at Mri. WARRBV.i
Int'lllgenco Office, 30t) Fifth-street, bet. Western,
row and John. ' Bepdb
lady from the gnat, in a family or achool, to
teach Instrumental and vocal music, or any other
nr uch; has nu objection to going South. Tho b?t
refrenc given us to captbility, experience, Ac.
Addreai S T., tills office sep aw
WANTED A GIRL To work button
hole. Apply at 16.1 Richmond-street.
wish' a a llimtlon In some house as mslitnit
book-keepei, copyist or as clerk in a dry s-noda or
fancy storo. Address Mlba FRANK, Box. au ikilnra.
"" OM'1- sep7-awt
WA NTED 01 RL LiberM wages will ho
naiil a crood German wlrl ' -i .v.. u ..r .
small family; watitoi to conn on the 8th in-t. Ap.
H.'.1.' ilne-troeli ' ' .o 8 in tho morning, or
ply at 171 Vii
to 1 P.M.
VrTANTED-HOuSE-By a small family,
f ,,ma" n'jse. or lome convenient rooma,
In a contral parlor , 0ly Tle yrtf bmt ot rcf.
erenC'acan ui),vn if required State torme, par
tloulara, 4c, and address ". B.," Box. 8SI, Post
offloe. eep7b
WANTED A Houfiaof four or Ave rooms,
situated either In Cincinnati or Covington.
Kant mooerate. Addn-aa WJ1. McllORD. No. 2M
west H.xth-alreat, Cincinnati. Possession wanted
the latter part of thl. monib. eep7 b
TENANTED A HOUSE By a gentleman
w w with small family, no children. Aliouae wLu.
out a hall not deairablo. Add rem Box 769 PostolHco.
. aep2-bw-oodt1
WANTED AGENTS To sell a desirable
work just pabllHhod. "Julian' Interest
Tablet, " containing accuatecalculatlonsol Interest
at 5, 6, 7, 8, Valid i0 per cent., both ample and com
pound, on all sums from one rent tn $ii),miO. and from
one day to six yours. A rare opportunity tn mnke
money In tho sale of this new, cheap aud useful
work. For further Information as to success, teall
mouylnitt favor, and ioruis,iiddresal'Mnnipiiiclosed,)
or apply to J. HAZARD DAVIS, 427 Fifth-atreot.
BOARDING Several single gentlemen
can be accommodated with board and pleasant
BlMpIng ronma at Nc. 163 East Third-street. Also
few ladieeoan beaccommodated. Tonne moderate.
Tfj(' ARDING. First- ilaas Boarding-houso,
SLM Svcainore-strnet, between fifth anil rilxth,
wst ildo. Large, airy, unfurnished rooms for fiat
i lies, board and lodgiug for siugle tjnt,eman.
aer-iaw T. A. HOWE.
FOUND A bunch of three Keys, wbioh
the owner can have by applying at thla office,
and paying lor this advertisement Bep7-af
on the id Inat., two dark brown Mules, about
aame age and size. '1 he owner cau huve them by
calling on me, proving dp ntrty and payiiigoxpenses,
as lh- law directs. llENltY GOUUMlElt, Fifth
Ward Home, Covington, Ky. sopAa
and we 1-establ ehod Dining saloon, at Mo. 8
Ksst Foil th street, having seveuty-nve prompt pay-
ing boarders, and a good tranaionttrade,
partlcuiarainqutre on me paemisoa.
Jsv rior saddle Mare, medium size, well formed
and with good action; ia perfectly sound and gentle,
and works well in double hitmen. Apply at J. W.
WAYNK & UO.'S Hardware Store, 1 Malu-atreet,
near Fifth. aep7b
IilOE BALE An interest in an old estab
lished Grocery and Saloon stand, doing an ex
cellent busincse. Fur further information callnt SU
Plum-sireet. Bop7-b
I NOR SALE 511,000 leot of first and eeootid
common Flooriug Boards, nn favorable terms.
For naniculara, call on t). MACLAM-, Mo. 32 West
Sixth street room No. 9. aep7 b
FOR BALE UROCERi' Wishing to leave
the city, I offer for aa e, at a bar sin, a Family
Grocery, contrally located. The slock ia small, but
woll ussortod. For particulars, call at 174 Main
ttreet epfie
FOR SALE A desirable House and Lot,
in Oxford, Ohio, situated on the corner of
High and Beech-streets; equate adjoining Female
Seminary. Terniaof aiile moderate.
Also A desirable residence four and a half miles
from this cl y, near Cheviot. Lot contains eight
and a half ucroa, on which there la two good
e -cbarda. A ill trade for city property.
Also A 6(0 acre farm in Jasper County, Indiana.
Tlllaell low for cash, or take purt trade
Also 320 acres farming bind, tit 62 He. per acre, att
ained near the St. L uis x Momplils Kuilrond. A
rare chance ia now offered for a cheap f-rm, with a
prospect of lucreusing Sun per cent., as soon as the
rL I la entirely completed
Alo-32oacre form, In Llv neelon County. Illinois.
W ill trade, and pay balauce in cash, for an improved
faim near Cincinnati.
Also Burnet avenue fota. Will trade for a piano,
spriug-wagon or barouche.
Also Covington anal city property, for Bale and
Aiao Other valuable property for aalo; or, will
trade for m rchandise.
Also Missouri lauds obtained on the shortest
notice, at 90c. per acre, and Warrnnloe Deeds given.
Apply to i'ATTIN MOtlltoW, Heal Kstate
Agents, Mo. 57 West ThlrJ-atreet, Room 9, second
floor. Bppfl-aw
LsOH SALE OR TRADE Desirable prop-M-
erty in and near Covington, Kentucky, con
iaiiug of one a' roof ground, with g od house, con
saining six rooma aud kit' hen, well, cistern aud
table Bufflcicnt for aeven horses, on the lodepen i.
euce Turnpike, wltnln a quarter of a miloof the cor-
ration Hue oi t;ovinuion. a i"o, a mi in ire imme
late neighborhood, frontina tiltv feet on the Pike
tiv two nunureo ueep. Also, a lot in Austen s uivi.
sl'ou of Covlnnton. forty-live by one hundred aud
five feet. The above property will be sold cheap, or
trailed for a farm wiihiin one hundred miles of Cin
cinnati, either iu Kentucky, Indiana or Ohio. For
further particulars, Inquire of K. B. FJLLI, on the
premises; orofJAMKo B. OKAY, Attorunv at Law,
Bcoit-utreet, opposite farmer' fiauk, Uovingiou,
Kentucky. , aiiao-ovi-
T 08T A bundle of paper and letters be-
longing to w. . uougiasa, oi iviihb oninnr,
111. They are of no value to any one lint him, being
nothing but plats and descriptions of land. Any
a.ll.. thum will rnruivn his warmest thank.
by leaving them at the office of W. Q. HODGSON 4
lOv X1A no Uf..at Tl.lr.la,rnut HeS.n1
LOST POCKET-BOOK A black, leather
nivared. Pocket niemorandum. last Saturday,
Ann Mrann flllfllniT Mftid llOOHl Will be BUltllblV Ttt-
warded by sendl ng it, or word, to J. N. BUBSKLL. at
ms bumotr-yara uince in uiuiuuia. doiwo-
STRAYED OR STOLEN Monday the 5th
ini . & white and red Cow. white face, with red
rings around litrevea; mldrte-alz.d horns, the right
Inclining towards the left; twoteata grown toge'her
thn urt .Ids: ia about nine yeara old. A reward
will be pi id for her return to P TnUHEY, one
quarter of a mile above ths first toll-Kate on the
Reading Road; or, for information, addrossed to P
TOU 11 Y, Walnut Bill P. 0., that will lead to her
Professor of the Guitar and Flute.
I atructlon on either of the above in-
r ..!!.. a n it tlantlikmn w tatitnirtn.
retrnmenta, will receive protnpi a-
t tenllon, ny leaving meir auuresa at
th- Mn-lp fltorMs iif U tn. 1. PeUra A
BofiT: John Church and Win. II. Peters, nuiH-am
Batee would call the attention of aaloon and
hotel proprietors, to hie superior tirandy and Gin
Cocktail, They are made from the best brandy and
gin, and aro exoulaltely flavored. They are superior
to anything of the kind that baa been made. For
sale, wholesale snd retail, National Theater Build'
rng, Bycamoro-Btreet. au22
Dodd's Hat Store,
East aid-, below Fourth.
Excelsior Fluid Inks.
Manufactory. 30 Vine Ht M
...HEPTmiKKIl 8
Ir yon want a icrvant, advertise In
Ir yon want a house, tdrertlta In
Ir yon want to sell anything, advertise In
Ir you want to buy anything, advartlae In
In fact, every want anpelled by advertising In
TTiT PbR3KSTATI0N at tbkNiktb Dibtriot
School, Ybstehdit Its Obioih. Two year
previous to the formation of the Intermediate
Sohools, the First Distriot, undor the oharge of
Mr. H. E. Edwards, auooeedod in sending the
greatest number of pupils to the High School.
The following year the Ninth Distriot sent the
highest number, whereupon Mr. Edwards pre
sented the Principal of the Ninth District, Mr.
Guilford, with one of Dodd't butt, with the un
derstanding that the Prinoipal of the Ninth
should return the oompliment to the Prinoipal
of any Distriot that should, the next year, send
th -reatest number to the Intermediate Sohools
in cportion to the nuoibor in daily attend
ance in the Distriot, and he, in turn, should
present one of the like to his successful com
petitor. This year the Sacund District became
entitled to tho hat, and so, to carry out the
custom established by Mr. Edwards, the teach
ers and trustees of the Second District were
Invited to meet those of tho Ninth to witness
the presentation. After closing the schools
yosterday afternoon, the teachers and trustees
met Mr. Guilford, presented the hat to Mr.
Beynolda, aocompanied by a short apeeob,
which was responded to by the reoipient, after
hich they all endeavored to do ample justice
to a load of splendid melons and cake.
Subjbots Kefkrbkd Last Nioiit in tub
City Council. To Committee on Roads and
Canals: Petition of Wilson Ic Co., to hare per
mission to lay their track up Main-street
Instead of Syoiimorc-street. Also a remon
strance by J.J. Slevin, Wm. Hooper, D. W.
Corwin, Geo.C. Hooker, F. Andreas and F. C.
Addres against a Street Railroad on West
Fourth-street. A resolution granting the
Street Railroad r oute as nppu.d for by the
"North-western Pa ssenger Railroad Co." To
Committee on Poliee and Prisons: An ordi
nance appropriating -$115, amount of lost time,
to L. Biederkeller sin d Henry Woesten, Police
Officers, injured in 'discharge of duty. To
Trustees of Fifteenth and Sixteenth Wards: A
long remonstrance of ov.tizens of the West End
at the continuance) of a ooal oil manufactory
on the Whitewater Cuna.', below Cart-street, the
gas of which is claimed to be offensive.
Mysterious Disappearance. On the 28th
of July, Mr. Pence., a young man connected
with the wholesale b ardware house of Ryland,
Hammet k Hatch, loft the oily on a business
trip through Illinoiii; and since his arrival at
Centralla, on the Jth of Aogust whence he
oommunioated with his wife and tbe firm-
nothing has been board of him. At that point
he sent home $300, :nearly the sum-total of bis
collections j and after taking a number of
orders from Centmlia merohants, started to re'
turn to Cincinnati., The brothers Hatch have
boon seeking him for several weeks, but oannot
sucooed in tracing-, him beyond tbe point where
last beard from. He is represented as ayoung
man of sterling worth, and one to whom his
employers were much attaohed. His youog
wife is greatly distressed, and fears are enter
tained that he has been foully dealt with.
Tn New StrebT' cleaning Contracts. Mr.
David Carroll, of the Western District, has
been one of the most efficient street-oleaners,
attending personally to his duty. Mr. John
Fatter, of the North em District, is a new man
in city service, but he is known to a large
number of oitizens as a reliable man. For
many years he was an tmploye of Mr. F. Bil
liod. Messrs. Eonj. Barton and brother, of
the Eastern Distriot, are hard-working street
pave'rs, known in this city for several years as
industrious men, The members of Council
generally have expressed a determination that
daring this year the streets shall be cleaned.
Tile price at which the contracts are given are
M follows : Eastern District, $9,000; Western
Distriot, $10,000; Northern Dis $10,450.
JS3" Constable MoLaughlin yesterday at
tached tbe goods taken from Hltnes some days
since, and supposed to have n stolen. The
attachment was to satisfy aol im of $85 held
by Morris Jaokson, of this city. The trunks
were opened and found to contain a large
amonnt of dry-goods, clothing, notions, jew
elry, eto. Some six weeks tinoe tbe clothing
store of J. C. Conklin, at Dubuque, Iowa,
was entered and robbed of some $700 worth
of clothing, together with two silver watches.
Mr. C. wrote to his mother, who resides in this
city, and she was present whon the trunks were
opened. She seems to be of tbe opinion that a
portion of the olo thing bolonged to her son,
and Intends telegraphing to him to come on to
this city.
r-The grooery store of Mr. Ferdinand
Eamphaus, on Clark-street, near Freeman, was
entered about three o'olook yesterday afternoon
by three young men, named George Finley,
Daniel Webster and James Smith, and the
money drawer robbed of some four dollars in
small ohange. Mr. K. was absent at the time
the robbery was eommitted. The young men
were arrested by officers Smith and Strong
shortly afterward, and the money found In
their possession. They were arrested once bs
fore for a similar offense.
ftTOsoar Eirby was appointed Lieutenant
of Police at Pearl-street Station-house by
Mayor Bishop yesterday, vict Samuel Colby,
resigned. Mr. Colby was appointed to the
River Po!iee,and Jeremiah Grumblne appointed
as polioeman in the Sixteenth Ward, vict Wil
liam A. Powell, resigned.
Cincinnati Trotting Pari. The lovers of
sport will have another opportunity to-day
to witness the race over the Cinoiunati Trot
ting Park, between "Lady Gay," "Fannie
Hope" and "Mohawk." The race will come
off at four o'olock P. M. A upecial train will
leave the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
Depot at half past two o'clock.
TThe old scholars of Herron's Seminary
are requested to meet to-night at the school,
house, on Seventh-street, preparatory to the
formation of society. See advertisement.
John MoLaughlin, for aiding bis brother
James in atiaalting Groene, some days since,
was held In bonds of $500 yesterday to answer
the charge at the Court of Common Pleas.
Frank Weltnsr, for carrying concealed
weapons, was fined $10 and costs by Judge
Lowe yesterday.
By next Monday ears will b running over
the Cincinnati Street Railroad traok, from
corner of Fourth and Walnut to corner of
Ninth and Western-tow.
A speoial train leaves the depot of the Cin
cinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad at 6:45
A. M., for the Dayton Horse Fair $1 75 for
tbe round trip.
Twenty-two persons were tried In the Pro
bate Court yesterday, for being drunk and dis
orderly. Tbe trial of James Morse for stealing cigars
from tbe store of Mr. Domlnlo, on Broadway,
will have a hearing in ths Police Court to
Conrad Wagner, who stole a lot of handker
chiefs and watoh-guards from the store of J.
W. Ellis i. Co., corner of Pearl and Vine, was
sentenced to the County Jail by Judge Lowe,
yesterday, for the term of six months.
Andrew Meyers, oharged with grand lar
ceny playing tbe confidence game on a gen
tleman at the Little Miami Depot was tried
by Judge Lowe, yesterday, and acquitted.
Philip Meagber, for stealing a coat rained
at $10, was fined $20 aud costs in the Polioe
Court yesterday.
Mentor's full baud furnish music for tho
Horticultural Fair.
A cotillon party comes off at the Melodoon
Hall, this evening, under the management
of Mr. CIibb. Drach.
The Grand Jury is still in session.
Hon. Stephen A. Douglas will speak in
Fifth-street Markot-apace to-night.
The Vnny Prat is prepared to execute
every description of job work on short notice.
Eight vagrants were coramittod to the City
Prison yesterday.
Hopes are enrertained that Groene, who
was cut in the head with a cleaver some
days since by Jas. McLaughlin, will recover.
McLaughlin is still at large.
Ths festival of the Good Samaritans, at
Franklin Hall last evening, was well attendod.
Theobject the benefit of an afflicted brother
is a laudable one,and Bhould be encouraged by
our citiiens.
The city was unusually o,uiet last evening.
Items were exceedingly drill.
Extensive operations are being made for the
coming Fair of the Hamilton County Agnaul
tural Sooiety.
The Dayton Horse Fair oloies day after to
The Western Museum oontiDUfts to attract
large crowds of visitors.
Mr. S. Longley, whose dwel ling was rob
bed some days sinoe, informed urii last evening
that be thought he had a olue to the parties
who oommitted the theft. Hoj ,e he has.
EeT"The annexed table sbo ws the amount of
money and vouchers remainii ig in the hands of
tbe County Treasurer:
Paper ,
Ooi'pora A
Con rotor's Draft
Jud.clal Order. ...
Harrison Bridge
City ol Clniiiiuati
Muudry Toona'dp Tri'sB
Ti'Wnahip Treasurers' Oruera
U.eruiont County bridge
County Orders
m,m oo
' '011,0110 00
, ,00 M
... 99,IH "
... 3.7A0 l
.. 3,u oO
,. 332,11-3 10
.. 2,200 On
.. 4,ii7f. no
4tM 3D
.. S.I34 2
..$730,186 3b
During the month of August tho earnings
of the Cincinnati and Dayton Bailroad wero:
I Si....
..Sn,W2 23
.. 3s . 17) 113
Increase 185 , $7,907 11
$Z& Meteorologioal observations for tbe
Pbnnt Press, by Benry Ware, Optician, No.
7 West Fourth-street, 8ept'bir 7, 1859.
O'clock. Baro outer. Thermometer.
7 A. M 2iJ77 eg
12 M 3S. V6 71
t P. M... 29.74 71
9et-The following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage alt the
Po8toffice, in this city, September 7:
J. D. Soverlnghnnse, Butesvhle, Indiana.
W, D. Curry, Ashland, Kentucky.
Henry Mlackliuru, Or enlleld, Ohio.
Hoiurlcu Vakenliorst, Phlsburg, Ohio.
Mrs. Elisabeth Theobald, Columbus, Kentucky
A fight oocurred at the White B ear
tavern, on Front-stroet, below Freeman, j es
terday, between Fred. Tangman, the prop rie
tor, and a young man named Shiner. T'noy
were separated before either was seriously
hurt. Fights are said to be frequent in. I, hat
neighborhood. Cause whisky.
S9 A boy about fifteen years old, who
drives a dray, yesterday carelessly drove his
horse into the river near the Covington: ferry
landing, so far that the horse came near drown
ing. Some of the bystanders suooeeded in re
leasing the horse and bringing him oat.
The Fruit Show. The Committee ou Fruit
made their awards Tuesday night., at thr
Cincinnati Horticultural Society Exhibition .,
The apples and grapes were of a pf Articular! y
nne quality.
uouity. ine Dins ot tne County Fair, a nd
of the Cincinnati Horticultural Fair, are c" at
tributed in the Ohio Mechanical Exhibit ion
. SThe amount received for lioeaJea. lisned
by the Mayor, for the month of Aujrsst wag
$800 DO, nearly double that r.eoeived (the pre
vious montn.
-Officers Anthony and Anderson cap
tured two of the oity prisoners, yesterday, who
escaped from the hill-side last Monday.
-9-Cooper k Stokes, Auctioneers, sold yes
terday a house and lot situated on Elm-street,
near George, to Dr. A. Beetman, for $3,778.
S-Workmen are engaged in laying down
gas pipes on Ninth-street, from Mound to
afcr-Chas. Simberman, who out his throat
with a razor some weeks since, hat entirely
recovered. ;
P& mw Sunday paper Is about to be
established in this oity.
.The various hotels throughout the
oity are crowded with guests.
TThe quarterly road sesskn of th.
County ttirurn.
The North-west Passenger Railroad
Tl,i....t .r,1i f. , f...r.. n.f..
-'. -J --
Pearoe, E. 8. Hubbard, Joseph M. Huston,
Thomas Jefferson Sherlock aud Robert S.
Reiley, goes over the track, for one-third of
its proposed extent, over three other roads;
r ' ' . ,
it intersects at or near Mohawk Bridge with
the City Passenger Railroad Company; along
aw .J k. n.:t,, 1T,,.,. ih.r,
, ... -"e-"- J"
aown namuion-roaa to v tne-eireei, mence i
to cross the track of the Cincinnati Passenger
Company on Vine-Btreet to Fourth-st.root;
. I
4UAMAA ef An i7aiiv ri.ii.a fn Wfl niil.it.mnt
thence np Walnut-street to Ninth-street:
thence on Walnut street to Hamilton-road,
and the place of beginning. Their applica
tion was referred to the Committee on
Roads and Canals; and, by a subsequent
resolution, the Board has determined that no
more extensions of routes granted, or of new
routes, shall be made for sixty days.
Wbkklt Rbfort op ths Citt Auditor.
The following exhibit of the City Finances
was made to the City Council, last night.
The expenditures during the week were:
Watch Kiind Sl.PT 10
Fire n. nartmo.-t Kiind 5.M9 1
P "lice Court Fund 3- 10
t'ltv Prl-nn Fund TO SO
General Fund 3.W IM
Common School F' nil i
Colored School 1'uud 331 If,
Total $lS,3sl 33
In the City Treasury remains:
Oonoral Fund ?3T,1M IS
Watch Fund 3,i2;i e,i
ntereat Fund ft U'.l 44
liiDorinr Curt Find 1 mi 41
Fire I'anarrmant Fund 4..1?3 21
Light Fund 1 121
Work-iiouse Fund 4.K7 43
Common School Dmids 2o.inb. on
Caab 3.1S0 .Hi
Colored Sthool Fuud w
Total $,8 7S
More Parks.
Mr. Weasxbr offered a resolution in the
City Council last night, Instructing the City
Solicitor to
prepare papers of condemnation of
of th. two squares, between tbe
remainder of the two squares,
Canal and Raoe-streot, and Twelfth and Four
teenth-streets, not owned now by the city
The lots are those opposite the Orphan Asylum
on Elm-street to Race, and opposite Twelfth
street Burying Ground to Plum-streot. Tbe
oost Is likely to be three hundred thousand
dollars. Tho subjeot was referred to the Stand
ln Committee on Pnblio Buildlnirs and Publio
Assbssino Obdinancis Passid Last Niqht.
In favor of Alexander Ecott, contractor, for
bowldering Clinton-street from Freeman-street
to John-street; oost per front foot$l 07 M- 1
favor of Lowrey 4 Humphrey, contractors for
bowldering Fourth-street from Mill-Btreot to
Wood-street; cost per front foot, $1 28. In
favor of Isaao Riner, for paving with brick the
., . r a ........
sidewalks of Dunlap street from Henry-street
--.! a f.n fnof for.lclit
i OA ..... ... ...
leet siuewaias, a iraotion overon ot.ua, .uu .or
eight and a half feet sidewalks, a fraotion over
41K oents.
- 1,1 "ssava"--- '
JTS-The Hall of Fashion, T. W. Spr.gu
k Co's new clothing bazaar, corner of lourtn
and Vine, was duly dedloated last night.
number of invited guests were bountifully en-
tertalned by the enterprising proprietor, who
evinced in his seleotion of wines and viands
provided for the ocoasion, as great a knowedge
of the wants of the inner, as tb outer-mun
The store will be thrown open fur business day,
when tbe public will have an opportunity
of inspecting its model proportions.
ESf Pearl-street Station-house is muoh
need of repair. We noticed several of the celle
'n which it would be impossible to confine
toner, desirous of making his escape.
r" a . .-ii .mAnt ,,f mnn
I 1 rCUUirC UU HI O LUaail a aiuuuuus vat . .
woul. 1 . .
make t be e"sary "P81"- A " 'f'lhe W"n"
.- L t. n.l.nn.M ..noM ntlf Vflthnr
dnr ! t, " V"""" .v.j.v,
of' them don't do so.
why more
til at.,'nt'm t0 ta6 advertisement
fi3We c.
- ii n inn . '! 'U auoiuor ou.umu
n .1. 1 ,. ,
;;" ., u hardware "d" to beat
b. nta will find' their goods of
UUUUU1 imw.w - , . -
fl rst quality, and at reasonable P""- I"
j bblng line they offer partiouW induoements,
at id to those seeking goods in th lin
si ,y oall on Messrs. Howell Gano A O
. ... j j . ea
J-Mr. JSliaS naviDg oiaimeu ua. -o
rerflow of water into his building, oorni'
f liffin and lawrsnoe-streets, the Committee
Jublio Improvements of the City Counoil
o died npon to examine tho same. Last
tl icy reported that no grsde had been eBtub
lii hed, and his ereotion of building in that
ea lity was done athis own risk.
TA fight occurred about eleven o'clock
la, it evening, on Sixth-street, betweot Walnut
a vin. among four or nve womou
.utc. in which tumblors and ale bottles
rt a considerable extent. Several
-e t. mnn,Aii racetvea severe cum oi"
ha a d and fact.. They were all arre ited
kr0 V UP in the Ninth-street Station-house,
PRatm Job Dbpartjirnt. We
ore, ored to ocute all kinds of mnrcantile
P. 1 In a neat, artistic manner,
joop.. .M. notice. W8
at the " .... , 5j tk rV. and
.mllT.V tor UUIUK I""
chants fa
WAVtnfr im will u.'u - i
'v.-.e "...
a j;.rttrt is our motto in
u- , . iii fin,i tlmt -punctuality,
nnnl... . -'"r
-vuvuogn CL
and deed.
. ,mU of ladies were returning
tjy-AS a nt, , onnd Samartunns,
from the festi. Syclamore-streets,
oorner Sixth a . .rn..l insulted by a
evening, they wer, was arrested
named Henry EarU . Rutlon-house.
taken to the Ninth-st. )
j v number of
BBowx-STBigr. Then 1 aro a canal,
dents on the north side ef the sl
Bridge, desirous ol' havl.
street extended. After snm a effort . '
have the ord.inanoe oonafiden id last t.iv
Board refu d and it ws.a reoo mmitted..
BT0LSK. A borse w IS stolen from th.
offioe of Dr. James Keen.-, on Water street,
between Race and Elm. tm iterdav. n t
lata how last night no trs,o i of the thief
been db covered.
PsoAL.-ColOnel 0, V. Oeoffroy, "mine
host" of the Qibtoti, reto sd, evening before
last, after an alseuoe of s svural weeks at New
por t, R. I. The Colonel looks much improved
AU the City Assessors
turns to the Auditor.
hare made th sir re-
Steamboat Register.
- FalrrQues' a.MaVa-
it?.lK"lc ' SSSlSS
rffSKtoSSk. K, vii'sV ?sllT Quw"'
r , m xt . ... , ; it.
WO"- IBKATaB iSIHWllimsnil.llg me nu-
... .1,1. , !
Mtnlghtwlu ,lla lh, ,;, of a crowded hooae,
na Tin Flowebs or tub Fobut was artistically
presented. The acting of the Star Slater was, as
r' mT i'' u mTT - Tr-
buratsof applause. Mlaa Uelen as "Minnie, in Soxr.
,0llT El(i apieared more bewitching than ever'
keepl.g the huuse lu a contluued uproar by he
versatile acting. To-night will be preaented Tu
fcn . jmM Heleu as ''Catarlua ' We ioubt not, but
ootaurd piece of acting will be witnessed. Tb-
urami of the 8oat)iAMri.iaT, In which Miaellalen
lull r,nam aa iTmtil I nn m-ill rnriMlirl thn nar.
Mil appea
" -a-" M - r'
Palace Garden Concert. The manager of
thla popular place of amuaement Is nightly adding
new a traction. The great wonder seems to be, how
so good a show can bo given for only ten cents. This
mystery Is easily solved tho admittance fee la so
small that everybody can attend, , By-tho-by, we
hear It whispered about the styetathat the cele
brated d ineeino. M'lle Addle Eaiaonde, ha been n
gaged by the proprietor Mr. Morri-and' will
shortly appear at tbe Garden. Tt can scarcel' be
Hove that o talented a lady will con-ent to appear at
a ten cent ahow. However, time will dom onatrat.
To-night, the "tar troupe of Minstrels will appear.
lAnv ttimmiml.-atlona from our Mends wl'l be
tli.iukful y rmelved. Addreaa " rres lieporter,
Box 2, umogion, &r.j
Marriage nr Non-resident Clkrot-kn.
It ia a matter of freouent occurrence that clergymen
..ml solstrutns from Ohio marry teaidents of
thla State within tho juriadiction of tho same, We
do not refer to disputed claims to towwaior
mark, but they frequently poiljrm the ceremo
tuna at the residence.! of the tartiea. Tula was
he cuae a short tima ago, a certain clergyman
from Cincinnati having officiated In celebrating
a ninrrlngo In our town. Tbe laws of Ktutucky
rrnulre such ministers ol the gospel as are per
mltted by their respective churches to solemnize
marriages, to have a licence from the proper aumor
itie. of tho county in which they reside, ana a pen
aliy ia Imposed upon the person violating the provl
ston-i of the luw. Of course an Ohio minister can
not get licenae from any court lu Kentucky, for the
rnu.in he la a non-rea dent. Kot only ia mere
penalty affixed, but all auch tnnrringoa aro balloved,
attention to this matter might ave much trouble,
aud possibly criminal proaocutions.
Kknty Coontt Fair. The fourth annual
Fair of the Konton County Agricultural Sociaty will
commence on Tueaday, 27th lust., at the fair grounda
near Independence, and continue five days. Ihe to.
lowing la the programme for the exhibition: trirat
dav will bo oxhibltod tho varlou articles ot manu
facturi't aecond, cattle third, addie norsea; iouri u,
.tock horse, lack and mules; fifth, agricultural im-
plements. A goodly number of premiums will be
Distormmo Rrligiocs Worship. Some of
our young men have been in the habit of disturbing
evening religious aorvicoa.by loudnoisea.se. oucn
conduct ia highly roprehonatblo. These boya are now
watched, and by doalatiug In time they may aavo
E3Edward Turner was fined two dollars
and aoventy-flve conts, lucludingcost, In the Police
Court yoaterduy, ou charge ot arungenneaa, aim not
having the change was committed to Jail.
Our jail contains seventeen inmates,
fourof whom are females. Eight are awaiting their
. c and four treak.
lng rock Bt Bfty centa a day, to satisfy demands of
'! city. In the ahape or nnea.
I o.t r - 4 T Winlii-ilaia s ova a.
' iPfternooll byn,.Paty Marshal Biff,
ei,ar of dlaorderly conduct. They will bo
brought before the Mayor this morning.
3J-J0hn Carl was yesterday held to bail
by Judge Uooar, In the sum of J3..0, on charge of
STlhe Ciroult Court oomtnenoes its session
next Monday.
I Subscript lona, advertNementa and cemtniinlca-
tlona, aulreaseu to the "I'res ueporter, uoxsa.wiu
be a. tended to.
ffiSTbe negro boy, who has been lying in
lali for aome time was before the Mayor "-gain thla
morning. He acknowledged uimneu a slave, swuua:
th.tha heloneod to Jacob Waggoner, of Virginia-
He tella the same atory ho has t ,ld rrom tne begin
l . .
niug. lie states that Stowart, who wa nne that
brought him here, and wh-. reald. s In the cov.n-
I . ... . . n. - -1 .. . . nt I, man OlVin
l tecum o i ubhuioi " -
enticed him away from his master.
fNight leforo last, about eleven o'clook,
ths hells gave tho alarm of Are. t hey aoon became
llont, however, and we wore undor the Impression
that there hd been a false alarm. Yesterday, how
ever, we learned that a fire-probably the work of
an ino -ndiary-had actually burst out in a shed near
the coi ner of 9' uthgate and Cabbot-8ti acta, and that
a horso belonging to a market-woman from the
country roceived some Injury. Tho building bo
longed to Mr. Waggoner.
pSTho City Council meets to-night, when
the old nbjecl of a new jail, and probably the pro
posed water-worka, will come up for consideration.
E. L. Leary vt. Holmes A Cnnwoll, anil W.
PAtors. Asalanee. Tho plaintiff filed, a petition.
v . . ..-. i.n 1.nu.if tin, nurinen nf thud I- ml
set uia u . " . : ,i,n in n,i.
(Iv ' The d'efendnnts had also a pirlneiehip.in
1T ami limine hlisinesa. Alld it is Cl-llllietl
;n!.v bud possession o tho property an i aasoisol the
'T'Jo..; ..f,i, iri, nli.iniilT wna a member. 11. SO.
had become insolvent and made an assignment
nnumw i.u 1, uiM. l hirnil. nut olllv
t".t POT'.a .'" . n';?,'. tit 11 a C . ho t of the tl-li
WUat llCIOUK-u ... - -,'- - . . ...
In which plaintin was interest, inn ojolioi
bill waa toae'tle therighta of th parlloa. aud to have
a receiver appointed o take possesaiou of tho Haeota
he firm of Leary A Co.. and settle up t he bu.iueas.
T,e defendants made au amicable appearance,
poiaented that a receiver nilgnt oe appo n en. i
cnu6 . II. H'lnt.i . fkivi rnr. Alld llxild
Court inerco'i uyr..."- - ,
bono ' ,-. ri . f. dofondanta.
. -
This Court was kept open for the purpose
swearing In wltneaaca inso uei.iro.no m .
swearins v. , ti.mili.ail w ismni-s have
E!!J ei i, ihoao Tare examitisd the aeaaiua
UrandJury lll ho an uouauaily protracted
Ferdinand Webb was appointed admiuijtra
tor di bonis HON of John Webb, dece.taod.
laahih Die Inson waa appol nted gtiardlan of the
and eitaies of tlhar.ea H. aud Ann ilit Dick
iiienn Bond SI.OiiO in each caee.
Zm Moon wa. appointed guardian of the person
a .-,.! of R. II. Gage, a minor. ....
To the matter of Smith, as iguee orLlncR, an
wm madethat the aaalgnee aell the property aaaigned,
WEDNESDAY, September 7—3 P. M.
Mohawk to
Vo change to report In the Money market to-day.
r..i.-n Hiehanse flrm at H per cent, premium,
selling rateCbuylng at ?a40 cent premium,
only a fair demand.
Now Orleans bight Drafts-Buying rate, X
soiling at par; but little offering.
Bichangaon the East In Chicago remain at 1
ant. premium, selling rate; In St. Louis X, and
Louisville X for clear Kentucky money.
Gold dull at 35 oenta, buying rate; soiling at
ajfi premium.
Blaourl Currency, H discount; Illinois, Wiscon.
end Iowa, 1 discount.
[By Telegraph.]
New Market.
NEW YORK, September 7—P. M.
material ohange In the prices
' lptaahoutS,OOOneaoi,anuiiio ia
, . .for aevoral weeks past. Prices
There li no v . avera.e price prnxc. 8heep
Beef Cattle. . exoessfve receipts, declined a
Itv la bi,tter 'hn. market is dull, and thenual-
rangedf roaH -eipta nearly ayiOO head.
and8Lat b..ln'?be . . . ooWlthaWndltiB the re-
itynot abo lit li prtfMi. ' . ,
Swine unci ,a.'ffiVdoble .i
ceip wer,n n-fedi?6540 , .
NEW YORK, September 7—P. M. [By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, September 7.
. . -Quavl.lt
ibale?: '?".ralddll.' .
A.i.. a.ooi r.r of boy"; " iai on '
I JnnlatttC
Cincinnati Produce Market.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, September 7, 1859.
ffttrn ti. ,....fn..w ,..s.i w.tti. i
la-niflrant. being outlined to 401 brla. extra at $4 CO
i. t.lWhrla. were tmaived tho last twenty-four,
lionw. ' J ' - -.1 i
WHISKY The demand continue ao'iva, ana
Iohb higher: aalea of 1,100 brla. at 2U$Mo., ths
alter ra'e ior wgon. ,
I'KOVI-IONH a good demand for ffi Pork,
villi aalea ol Maibrla. at I4. Bacon being aenarally
hel' Me above tue vl'ws ol nnyera, ine transactions
wereconliued to a) hlida Si'lt-sat icfor pa- kd.
There la tnor- demand for Lard, with (ales of 130
bra. and tierce -t nine, ana 311 tierce at muc.
OIL-Sali'Bof&otjrla, Ll'.atea at 37c, auu aiuo. at
JSc. The demand a go d.
GUI)' r-ltlKn A g on uemana lor engar, wun
sales or ZD lil da. nt r,X7!jc. for fair and prinm.
. . ,.. -. s-LM
Sl.'IIIKSea MVIO.J. "HI ill" m ui,u.oi,w, wun.
iiuoynnt, end In good dmiand at 1 1 a (ju 12H and 12to.
mil AT Tn market wa nulet and dull to-day,
and not much d ing.. Thr demand ia but tooderata,
lid pilcea are nit IV snstailieo: b'hi "i wo uusduhi
prlnitf i hiie at l .no d.i. at l III, aeiivereo; iuu
HhiI at mic.; iksi d... folr White at uSo.ftiSl.
f OK-!1 0 msraei is-rinifc aim uni-usu bww
1,400 bushels at 71c. and l.nOOdo. St 70c.
II A It L K Y Sales Siai bushels new at 63c., and l
do. old at 'OC.
Ry K A moiierare oenianu at jihoc.
Oats- The market is steady aud price unchanged:
sal s l.2nnbusbe a at 40c. .....
t II thSK ball'B 111 u Jios primo Titwivru i
at iv--; m do extra laige do. at 6Hc; 60 do. Knttliaoi
ilairyatlisIOc. Market firm.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 7—P. M.
Flour heavy for all grades except State, which is
scarce and lirrn; aalea of 11,0110 brla. at S46IV430 for
uier!)ne Slate; 8l'4is3 for extra do.; $4i4 3u for
aupi-rllno weaturn; $4 4itiiO for common to good
ixiia westirn; HbV(aA lor old; Jj$t,i 20 for fresh
jr. .nod ahipping brands extra round hooped Ohio,
inurkrt closing dull. Canadian Flour nominal at
snaiSO. Hye Klour unlet at K3aor4 40. W heat
doll and d oopina-: suf a of 12,tn(l l.uliels at il l.Va)l20
for mixed Keotio kv; $i 14 for new Red State; $1 3i&
I 41) for new M hite Kentucky; SI lafor new Ked Ohio;
$i 111 for Aiub-r Michigan and new White Michigan,
on private ternia. Hye qnlt-t at eUK&dSc.; ealf of
4U0 biislnda at cue Barley steady; eaiea of lO.OtKi
bushels old at ASCOu, and lll.taai bushels California
on private tern.a. torn quiet; aalea of 13,' uu bushels
m lc. f riiBW nilxod western In atore. tiata dnwp
ing and dull at J(llc. forold and new State; 3bY3tfc.
fur w-atrru, and 3oiOi4t)c. for Cauadian. Pork heavy
and less active; aalea of 1,500 brla. at 9ls eTffll for
mesa,andSnil2Ci,l2ororprlniH,inclndiug SuO brla.
uiL-Hs at arllrra' option, sixty days, at I4 70. Bf
unchanged; sales of 111 brla. at fnM06 fur couutry
nriuie; J7(ii;25 for do. mesa; J.S11 for repscked
Clib ugo, aiidSi;fol2 5nfur exiraa Beof Hamsdull at
81017 7i. Uncoil dull. Cut Meats scarce and firm;
sal, b o!' Ml package at 7.Sc. for Sbouldora and Kwp.
forHnnia. Lard buoyant; aab of l,oti brla. at loX
(ailc for No. I io prime western. Butter Qrm at
imifc. lor Ohio and Im2lc. for State. Cboe.e trm
ilimSc Cotton heavy; sales of noil balea. 1 allow
stoady at lu-'tc. Sugar heavy; Muscovado Ho.
mvs. II. Parvln, Advertlaln Agent, So,
80 We.t Fonrth-atrect
as-Dagnerrean Gallery, South-weet cor.
nor of Sixth and Western-row, over HanDaford'
drug store, rictnroa laken aud put in ood oasoa for
twenty cents. Wai ranted to please.
a ro.. Ralcrooma. No. S3 Maln-atreet-Oio
. , " .n.t I,,. ftw1a at Aimtifin. lASWllI
Z 1 tuilMltAY VoK INS, 8 piember 8 at 9
'clock: Ground Hpicea; Ground OLgor: Indigo;
Nutinega: IK-dcoras, xiaiier-i-oi ; aw.mo, .
N ALsTw bx.. Valaud Ky. Tobacco; h,ta.lnirt.
una. .."'B1'.l"":',,,", r .". "."r. .7ViV.-TJ.V-
M. and 1). v. t aper .oo uas. "u , r i
ALffi) - Clotfis, ( aasinierta, Sai ineta. Jeatia,
Tweeda, Lnatera, Tubla Clotha, Irish Linens, Bdkfa.,
Ac. 'lermscasn. AciiAn..-.
sep7D n o. jiiuni "'i
Bent It to your nareat and dearest Mend, with
the requcat that it shall be il-ertod lu the flint page
U'.. Morbat, No. m Flfthtryt,
ii- r..i..,iii.-i. R,,,.ks and Song Vte append
K .! . f- nf the Verlndlcala which may b
talnedai hieBto.e No. aio tnu-avroei,,
v,...- Vn..l. l.-.l,r.r ...
, 4 cants.
New York Mercury ten"-
New York Weekly J
Harper's Weekly J
Fruuk Leslie. - J
Ne York Clipper - J ""JJ-
Porter's spirit - -
Foilce Oaeotte -
Saturday Evcniug Post.
Now York Picayune....
Now York Waverly
Waveriy Magazine
ITIna nt I IllF 1 noill ...............-- -
4 cents.
.... 4 cents.
..... 4 cent.
..... e oeuia.
..... 4 cents.
..... 1 cents,
..... 4 can's.
..... 4 eenta.
..... t ce nut,
.... 9 oents.
, A cent.
.... 4 centa.
..... 4 centa.
4 cents.
4 coots.
..... cents.
... 6 cental.
M 4 centa.
6 cent.
9 contB.
Sclent iflo American ......
Scieutmc Artisan '
Banner of Light......
Scottish American Journal -
Boston l'liot
Irish Nowa
Life Illustrated
Home Journal
Weekly Novelette..... '
Agitator ...........
liostou inveeunaioi
Uullm,'. Plploriul M......-
New York Weekly Heralu
V..-I. W...b u 11 hltli.
4 cent.
Iew iois ""'.' .....mw... u
New York Weekly Tunes - n"'
Lealie'a Germau Puper
True Flag
... S oenta.
4 cauta.
1 ceuts.
Constellation .
New York Dispatch -
Harner's Magazine
Gudej' Lady's Hook.....
.M,.... I...-'
... cents.
,110 cnt.
Atlantic iilagszino
Leslie'' Magazine .........
It nlflf ArlincltAr MllLtaZlUU. ....
,...J0 cents.
JO ceuts.
20 cent.
.... ill oent.
Great Kepnblio Houthly
All roar houhq.i
.JU oant.
Waverly Magazine (moullily paru; fi ;'
Pi tcraon a laga.ine
18 cenu.
Arthur's Homo Mamizinu.,.
Lailica' American Magazine
........18 centa.
18 certs.
18 osnts.
16 cents.
10 cents.
10 oeiita.
........ .10 centa.
10 centa.
t cents.
Novoletie (ui juthly paru)
Yankee Notiona
Comic tiouiiuot
Pick lea -
Iludgetor fan
U..H....'- ai..,,rlilv
,.1U oents.
Phrenological journal j -
Water Cure Journal. "njs.
fliiut'a Merchants Jlagaitine oe"'"-
Eclectic Magazine - JJ'-
Edinburgh Itoview W
Westini'iator Review
orth Kriiisli Keview..
London liuurterly llovlow oeuis.
If you want anything in the Periodloal line, jou
bad better call on
i Between Elm and Plum,
, Ciuclnratl, O.
aons oroer
count; per
Wilder, ilobinonfc ro.,sSO Walnut atreet.
Anderson, Gates & Wrlstht, 1 U Main at.
MeAljiin, Hlnmnn dt Co., 103 Walnut t.
Kennnt, Dudley Co., aaenta, li Main at.
J. J Bntlor, 3 Vine at,
Geo.mcGregor, 133 West Flfth.treat.
nr. n. W. Robnck's Scandinavian Blood Pills
JTt II. VV, IvutmuM.-.
.nA Rlnnll Ptiriflar. NO
aj ast Fourth street, aeo
ond building from Main.
Pollock dt HoCnll, 33'J Walnut at.
Ors. Malon lleok) 8 Broadway.
Geo. B. West Co., 5'i We Fourth street.
Hedge, free fc Co., 0 Main t,
Q, W. Sholl, 8 Walnut treet.
J, C. Meyer, 8otith-eat oorner Pike and Pearl
A. A. Eyater, Nos. 341 i71, Western Row.
Beet c fmlth, 6 Weat Fourth st.
gnowdea A Oue, 1 Wast Fonrth at.
fl. G. Burnett ds Co., 1 Walnut au
- V r J -ivi
: n -.,-'
i; iv-i

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