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"FOUND," 4o., In thli oolamn, oocepying five line
or lees, two Insertions, twenty-flvo cents.
steady youngman, to stand in a Grocery or
Store. Apply l asiBace-street. The belt of refer
eace If required, ... . soplub
married wotian, a lituatlon aa wet none, to
travel or take a child borne. Apply at 424 Went Seventh-street,
to Mrt. D. STKVENs. Mploaw
. Teeti for sewlng-mechlnes. Inquire at M
West Front-street, for Mrs. TliAVEB, aeplob
w w rlage and attend to boraei. or at errant, by
rouag man who can lire satisfactory recommerjda.
ttons. Addreei T. H. 0., at tbb office. eeplub
ner, one that understands the business well,
to take charge ol a ttore In Kentucky. Address Box
i31, P oetofflce. , seplOb
WANTED ROOMS On or about Court'
street, or elsewhere, one or two unfurnished
rooms, suitable for a small family. Bent about $i
per month. . Address II. J., this office. seplOb
WANTED GIRL To do general home
work for a small family. Apply at 133 Broad.
way. sepiub
young man from the Sast, willing to work
and be useful to employer. Please address C. W. H..
this office. serj.h
WANTED GIRL A German girl for
general house.work. Apply at No. S8 West
Fourth-street. , sopO-u
WANTED AU the new-boys in the city,
M nor carriers and subscribers, to call at av.r
office. MO
v ine.street, up stairs, on Saturday morn-
lng. ep9-M
gentleman in a private family, whens there
are few or no other boarders. Itesidence must lie
within Urn minutes' walk of the Postoffloo. Address
"U. W.," Box 33V, i. 0., stating terms, location, Ac.
WANTED A file of "The Cinoinnatt
Daily Sun," from May 1, 143, to Octotxir 1, '53.
Inquire at this offise. sopHaw
lady from tho East, in a family or school, to
teach instrumental and vocal music, or any other
brmcb; has no objection to going South. The best
references given aa to capability, experience, Ao.
Address S. I., this office. sepo-aw
wishes actuation in somehouse as assistant
tiook-keepor, copyist or as clerk In a dry goods or
fancy store. Address MISS FRANK, Box 6s, Colum
bus, Ohio. sep7-awt
WANTED AGENTS-To sell a desirable
work just published, "JuHin's Interest
Tables," containing accu'atecaloulatiunsol Interest
at o, A, 7, S, 9 and 10 per cent., both simple and com
pound, on all sums from one cent to $10,000, and from
one day to six years. A rare opportunity to make
money in the sale of this new, cheap and useful
work. For further Information as to success, testi
mony in its favor, and inrms, address (stamp inclosed.)
or apply to J. HAZARD DAVIS, 427 Fifth-street.
BOARDING Apartments furnished or un
furnished, with or without board, at 87 Ninth.
street, between Walnntand Tine. gcpldb
BOARDING A few young men aim beao
commodated with board at 11 Longwortu.
street, near corner of John, auptob
BOARDING. First-class Boarding-house,
Sycamore-street, botwoen Fifth and Sixth,
wesi sine, xjargo. airy, nniuriusnea rooms tor lain
Hies. Board and lodging fur siugle gontiomen.
ep6aw T. A. KOWE.
Jsv on the 2d init,, two dark brown Mules, about
same age and size, T he nwnor can have them by
caning on nis, provingprnrwny ana paying expenses,
aa the law directs. HENRY GOOD.MIBK, Fifth
Ward House, Covington, Ky.
JL' Mrst-clasB marble-too Billiard Tables. J. M
Brunswick & Brothers make. For particulars in
quire ttl tne uaioaouian Buaues, no. is Vlue-stroot
IBupa-aw-j .
five well-bred Pointer Pups for sale at tlie, sta
bles ou Biiruel-stroot, botweeu Bace and Vine unA
Third and Fourth. sop'j-b'
tucky River Bottom Farm of 6Un acres, about
? 300 cleared and under ft-ijej: a new house of 1 1 rooms;
large barn M by luofeot, and all the conveniences of a
first-class farm. It will be sold on lone time or ux
cliuiiBed for city property. Address J. II,, care uf
G. W. BALL A Co., 8.1 Main-street, eapi)-aw
FOR SALE The Stock and Fixtures of a
Fancy Dry Goods and Millinery Ktore, in
good location, well established, and doing a good
business. In consequence of the continued feeble
health uf the proprietor, the stock will bo closed out
ODoasy terms, it application be made soon. AridregB
, W, 0. B., Box 227, Cincinnati P, 0, sepi-l
and well-established Dining Saloon, at No. 8
Jiast Foil' til-street, having seventy-live prompt pay
ing boarders, and a good transtenttrade. Forhirthor
partlculqralnqulro on the premises. sep9b
FOR SALE A desirable House and Lot,
ia Oxford, Ohio, situated on the corner of
High and Beech-streets; squnre-odjoiuiug Female
Seminary. Tornis of sale moderate.
Also A desirable residence four and a half miles
from this ciiy, noar Cheviot. Lot contains eight
and a half acres, on which there it two good
orchards. Will trade for city property.
Also A (40 ttore farm, 1)1 Jasper County, Indiana.
Will sell low for cash, or tuke part trade.
Also 3!0 acres farming land, at6JHo. per acre, sit
uated near the St. Louis & Memphis Hatlrood. A
rare chance Is now offered for a cheap farm, with a
prospeotof Increasing SOO per cent., as loouasia
road is entirely completed.
Also 380 acre farm, In Livingston County, Illinois.
Will trade, and pay balauce in cash, for an Improved
- farm Dear Cincinnati.
Alsoflurriot-avenuelotB, Will trad for a plane,
spring-wagon or barouche.
Also Covington and city property, for sale and
Also Other valuable property for sale; or, will
trade for merchandise.
Also Missouri lands obtained on the shortest
. notice, at 90c. per acre, and Warrantee Deeds given.
Apply to FATTIN A MOKKOW, Real Estate
AgentaKp. W West Third-street, Boom 8, Beconil
floor. , : sopj-aw
Mow being exhibited. The largest assortment Of
any establishment in the Western oountry.
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
' sep5-cw 333 Fonrth-street, near Smith,
i r"
Business Directory for 1859 and flO,
MM i
nnanf the most oomnlete State Directories vet
Subllshed in tno western dmhh, uuniauiiiig aa ij
oes. eighty thonsand business men's names, and
living their location, business, 4o. I'Mce &! 60.
For sale at CHUItCR'!"!
sep7-aw FostolOce Stand, Postotfice Building. .
- A. v. BABBwaaa, b. w. eaaaoioia,
Mannfactureis Ot
The Celebrated Patent Combined
lor WOOD or COAL. The most convenient, eco
nomical and durable Cooking- 8t,ove ever invented,
for Steamboats, Hotels, HestauranU and Private
Honoss. Cooking aud boiling water for wash and
1 bath rooms, in Targe anantiues, in any adjoining
apartment by tho same are.
f .1 Warerooma, 2 IT Main St., Clutlnnatl.
SW Eights to manufacture and sell these STOVES
, mar be secured ou application to the proprietors,
their warerooms. - i .- sep7
Money! Jfloney! Hlomcy!
. Removed from SO West gUth-atrwa. -vsrnviiv
01.ILUV and all kinds of Merchandise, at low
rateTSf interest, at Mo. 171 Vlno-stre,t, Wwe.n
' ' Vourtb and Filth,
Ir you want a servant, advertise tn
Ir you want a home, advertise In
Ir you want to tell anything, advertise in
Ir you want to buy anything, advertise in
la met, every want supplied by advertising In
Ktllooo A Williams, Sale-rooms 2i and 24 East
'ri.it.., , T 1,. -...nl.. .t .
V o'clock, Wool Carpets, Ac Bee adv.
Meteorological observations for tne
Penny Fbbss, by Henry Ware, Optloian, No.
? West Fourth-street, September 9, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M . 29.73 M
12 M ..............29.70 80
C P. M....... W.66 7
Tbb Kickftios and Spbkch of Sbnatos
Dowlas, The distinguished Senator of Illi
nois arrived in our city yesterday evening
A portion of his political friends gave him I
warm reception. Mr. Douglas commenced his
speech under the disadvantage of hoarseness,
whioh, for while, he partially overcame, yet
he continued his remarks for nearly two hours.
The audience was at the oommenoement very
large, a general interest having been felt to
see the bold man who disputes with Presi
dents, and wins a Senatorahip in the brave
battle in defense of the principle now the rigs
in polite oiroles, known as Popular Sovereignty.
So far as Mr. Douglas's ipeeoh was concerned,
his hoarseneis made it painful to a sympathis
ing auditory, that so able and eloquent a
speaker was laboring to deliver what he al
ways says forcibly and eloquently. He olcitnel
that the English Colonies went into the revo
lutionary struggle for Popular Sovereignty
not in a State, but In a colony in territories.
It was sustained then as the birth-right of
Englishmen, and it is the birth-right of Ameri
cans now. He claimed, as to slavery, that
non-intervention had been agreed npon by
patriotlo Whigs and Demoorata In 1850, not
regarding it as a party measure, and the same
principle whioh he now defends he prefers to
be victorious than that he should be President,
He urged old 'Whigs to separate from their ill
formed alliance with the Republicans. He
pitohed into Governor Seward's "irrepressible
conflict" dcotrine, and said it really belonged
to Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois. The theory
that the prcgreas of liberty ii to bring about
all free States or all slave States was not to be
tolerated. lie demanded that this question
shall be settled at the coming Presidential
eloetion, whether the "compromise" position
shall be maintained, or whether people Bhall
have institutions forced npon them against
their will. He denounced intervention either
from the North or the South; it was to be dis-
oountenantied, come from what direction it
The J udVe was rapturously applauded. He
spokeofhU reception since be left Washing
ton as one in which congratulations, and even
benedictions, had been bestowed npon him
wherever he had been.
jMadaub Zwick's Cask at tub Mechanics'
Exhibition. One of the most attractive cases
in the Mechanics' Fair is that of Madame
Zwici. A throng of ladies continually sur
round the brilliant and exquisite show of
hair jewelry, and pronounce the braiding of
Madame Zwick to be superior to anything of
the Itind ever exhibited. The necklaces,
bracelets, breast-pins, ear-rings and all man
ner of hair jewelry form a magnificent ex
exhibition. Madame Zwick has an elegant
show of ladies' wigs, braids, fronts and curls,
which, for tasteful arrangement and ex
quisito finish, are not to be surpassed. Per
sons attending the fair Bhould not fail to see
Madaroe's show-case, near the exit door.
Her sa'ie-rocms are No. 40 West Fourth-street,
near Walnut.
Be bolabt. Four boys, varying in age from
thlr'.een to sixteen, named Jeremiah Shay,
Job n McKuen, Bobert Reed and John Ander-
sou, were arrested last night by Officers Stlner,
O lib and Small for burglariously entering Fos-
ier'a boarding-house, comer of Syoamore and
Third-streets. They had entered tho cellar
and passed through into the house when they
were disoovered by some of the inmates who
raised the alarm. Folicemen were promptly
on the ground, and the four above-named were
arrested. Tiro more made their escape.
Panorama of Mobuonism. The amusement-
loving people of the West End will have an
oppo rtunity this evening to witness Mr. S. A
Sherriok's Grand Moving Panorama of Mor-
morjJsm ai It is, at Queen City Hall, corner of
Freeman and Eighth-streets, This panorama
givss a full exposition of Mormon mysteries,
t.he Endowment, Polygamy, etc, together
with the riis and progress of MormoniBm.
1 $33- The Weekly Butlgst is the title of a
. new hebdomadal laid upon our tableyesterday-
It purports to be devoted to "literature, news
and humor," but not having had time to read
it, oan not ipeak advisedly, but hope It filh the
bill. It presents a good front, and as it is in
the hands of experlenoed typos, we wish it
abundant snocess. It is issued every Saturday,
' Hamilton Cocktt Faik. Superintendent
McLaren, of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad, always up to time inao
commodating the public, will run four trains
to the fair ' grounds near Carthage, com
mencing Tuesday, 13th inst. See adver
tisement. : : ' "
2S3"JoU Smith, the identical and veritable
John, was before the Polios Court yesterday,
oharged with stealing a gold ring from the es
tablishment of Mr. Voss, on Fifth-street near
Walnut, valued at $2 (0. John's father, a
wealthy farmer of Clermont County, Ohio,
paid his foe $20 and costs and John was
permitted to depart. '
TAt a meeting of the Herron Somlnary
Clnb, Thursday evening, the following officers
wereeleotedi Oliver W. Root, President; Sam
uel B. Warren, Vioe President; Charles C,
Phillips, Recording Secretary,- Ezekiel If
Tatem, Corresponding Secretary j Lewis II
Green, Treasurer; Stephen R. Smith, Zen as F,
Wllber, James E. Sherwiod, Eieoutive Com
mittee', " ;; ; '
,- ' -,t II-,,,- , !.( -,
Tec Citt Council Last Nioht. For awhile
the Douglas exoltement threatened a fall are to
hare, as designed, an extra, meetiDj, bat
qaorum was at length la attendance.
The aasesaing ordinances reoommended by
the Board of City Improvements were adopted.
The Investigating Committtee exonerated
Mr. Payne, the City Commissioner, from the
charges mads against him by Mr, Eigdon,
and wore discharged. Mr. Payne made an
explanation as to a dolay in enforcing a con
tract to lay some crossings; that the con
tractor will yet do the work.
A proposition it nnder consideration for con
demnation of that portion ofthe Xenia Tarn
pike within the city limits, If it oost no more
than $7,000. . The City Solloitor and Law
Comtilttee have the matter in charge.
Tho sewers at the wharf, foot of Walnut,
Vina and Race-stieete, were contracted for at
$2,500 each.
The firemen are to obtain their wages here
after semi-monthly. The police will, we sup
pose, ask the same favor.
By a previous agreement, one of Bhawk's
engines was purchased, but enough mem
bers were not present at this meeting to pass
it. The ordinance lies on the table.
Monstkb Boat. -The Nta Magnolia, build
ing at New Albany, nnder the superintendence
of Captain T. Shute, will be ready in two or
three weeks. Her dimensions are as follows :
Length of bull 285 feet, beam 41 feet, with
38 feet floor, and 9 feet depth of hold, giving
her carrying capacity for about 6,500 bales of
cotton. This is equal to 1,825 tuns, and the
Maynolia will be the greatest boat on the
Western waters.
The machinery of the New Alaonoua con
sists of 2 engines, each 30 inches in diameter,
with 10 feet stroke. She is to have 8 boilers,
eaoh 30 feet in length and 33 inohes in diam
eter, together with a dootor boiler 13 feet in
lenitth and 30 inches in diameter to work the
dootor engine. Her water-wheels are to be 33
feet in diameter, working a bucket with 28
inches face and li'A feet in length.
230-The celebrated and well-known jewel
ler, H. P. Ellas, No. IS West Fourth-street,
has on exhibition at the Mechanics' Fair in
Pike's Opera-house, a beautiful ease of hair-
braid jewelry, comprising every variety of
trinkets, such as breastpins, finger-rings, watch
guards, bracelets, etc. Remember, first case
on the right of western entrance. For a good
article of jewelry, be sure and call at No. 16,
West fourth -street.
p& A number of our policemen made a de
scent upon a well-known house of ill-fame on
Ninth-street, last night, with the intention of
recapturing some of those who reoontly es
caped from the chain-gang. But they had
either not been there, or taken warning in
time, and made good their escape.
JETA lad named James Lyon, son of Ham
ilton Lyon, Esq., of this city, wag seriously
injured at the Seoond Intermediate School
house, yesterday, by falling from a swing. He
was oonveyed to the residence of his father, on
Third-street, in an insensible condition.
B. E. Alley, 41, Broadway, opposite
Broadway Hotel, has Introduced a fall style
hats, which, for ease, elegance and exquisite
finish, surpasses any of the kind heretofore
worn. Citizens wishing a comfortable cov
ering for their "dome of thought" oan "not
do better than call on Alley.
Accident. A son of James MoJlath,
Moscow, Ohio, while riding on horseback
around the corner of Main and Pront-streets,
yesterday, was struck by an omnibus tongue
and severely injured in the leg.
We invite particular attention to the
advertisement of Messrs. Lane & Bodloy,
Theso gentlemen have on exhibition, at the
Mechanics' Fair, a saw-mill that is said to
the best in market.
pS A whisky-lunatic named Miohael Grab
benstetter was fined by Judge Lowe, yesterday,
$10 and costs for disorderly oonduot, and com
mitted ten days to the dungeon for assault and
Pebsonal. Phil. Tieraan leaves the city
this morning for Chloago, 111., to arrange
billiard match with the oelebrated player,
Seereiter. - The match will Dome off in
city, shortly. Stakes $1,000.
pf? John Beits, one of the Hamilton road
rioters, was held in bonds of $600 by Judge
Lowe, yesterday, to answer before the Court
Common Pleas the oharge of stabbing two men
named Peter Broker and Conrad Dick.
James Malone, an aider and abettor
the fight among a lot of prostitutes on Sixth-
street, near Walnut, a few evenings sinoe, was
find $10 and oosts in the Police Court yes
arB,ov. Lorenzo D. Huston, of Nashville,
Tenn., will preach at Wesley Chapel to
morrow, (Sabbath) at eleven o'olocb. A.
He was one ofthe first pupils of "Old "Wood
ward High School," and is here on a visit
his old schoolmates. :
The Cincinnati Sunday School Union
meets to-morrow afternoon at three o'clock,
at Ninth-street Babtiet Church.. Subject
discussion, "Infant Classes, their Inlluence
and Management."
aGeorge HntterBlcy, an express driver,
for attempting to pick a man's pockets near
the Palace Garden, night before last, was
sent to the city prison by Judge Lowe yes
terday for ten days.
ir&T William Davis, a negro, was ixrested
by Officers Walker and Brooking ton, lasit night,
for abusing his family, having endeavored
try the edge of a large butoher knife u ion
SS" At the Douglas meeting, last, might,
man fell down in a fit at the corner rf Walnut
and Court-streets. The attack was a severe
one, but did not result fatally.
Several pookets were plokt d at
meeting in Court-street market- space
evening. The sufferers were strangers iff
ptf Tbe billiard exoltement Vas not
subsided. A tnatoh takes plaoe at the Inter
national this afternoon.
: Lkttsbs from tri Paibs, Rea dable letters
will be found in eur paper of to-di ty from
Illinois State Fair and the Da ton Horse
Show. .
"Old Woodward" (Lerenzt ') Huston
will preaoh at Wesley Chapel to-mort row.
jJEJT The oharge against Ephraim Goodrich,
of attempting to rape a little girlsamed Agnes
Jane MoBrlde was dwindled down to a simple
assault and battery In the Police Court, yes
terday. . Gocdrioh proved a good - character
and was fined $20 and coati. This result must
certainly be oroiiyinjr to the parents of little
Agnes," , ' -
23k colored individual named 'James
Bell stole a bushel and a half of potatoes
from a huckster in Fifth-street market yes
terday morning. Bell was tried by Judge
Lowe yesterday, tho potatoes valued at$l 50,
and he committed to the county jail for the
term of ninety days.
: $Tk maa named Wm, Nenhall will have a
hearing before United States Commissioner
Newhall, to-day, oharged with dealing in
counterfeit money. '
rA colored boy named Franklin Syminei
wandering about the streets of Hamilton,
Sutler County. lie says he lives In this city,
between Seventh and Culbert.
jSSJ- A man named Conrad Peris, ' for
stealing a gold ring from a jeweler on Fifth-
street, was sent to the City Prison yesterday
by Judge Lowe for the term of thirty days.
pBA. lad aged thirtoen years, named Wil
liam Blunt, was sent to the House of Refuge by
Judge Lowe, yesterday, charged with petty
pd There are but four feet water in the
channel hence to Louisville, and falling. The
Forttl Queen is still hard aground at Rising
Sun bar.
By a speaial dispatch from Chloago to the
Volhbhit of yesterday, we learn that Mr.
Rothaoker has been elected editor of the
Zurnzeitung of that city.
Quite a respectable-looking old lady
named Given was sentonced to the City Stable
by Judge Lowe, yesterday, on a charge of
pS" Mound-street, from Ninth-street to
Richmond, Is in a most wre'ebed condition.
When will it be bowldored ?
Judge Lowe leaves the oitythls morning
on a visit out west. During his absence May or
Bishop will preside at the Police Court.
"Another nintch. comes off over the
Cincinnati Trotting Tark next Thursday.
Look out for sport, "ye lovers of the fancy."
fiS" A woman named Rogers, residing near
the Two-Mile House, was severely burned with
phosphorous yesterday afternoon.
90ysters in the shell are about. Dise-
renus, of tho WilliamTell, is dishing them up
for families on short notice.
53 Bov. Mr. Boynton will preach at Pike's
Opera-house to-morrow.
pir The fair of the Hamilton County Ag
ricultural Soolcty will commence at Carthage
next Monday.
Thanks to the United Statos Express
for favors from Dayton. '
plr The following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postogo at the
Postoflice, in this city, September 0:
France, Broadhontft Co., Baltimore, Md.
O. Vonuegut, Indianapolis, Ind.
Miss KllaTbrelkeld, New Cnnton, Ky.
Col. Jos. Kecseo, North Mlddletown, Ky.
K. HuUcwity. Lebanon, O.
Messrs. Hioslcy & Taylor, Winchester, Ky.
Dr. Wm. A. Burton, Mitchell, Ky.
Mr. Preschard, Vwensvilln, O.
Dr. W. 0. Korwood, Kow York.
Within the last two years I have had two
valuable dogs stolen; they were worth to me
and family the sum of two hundred dollars.
The law does not proteot the owner of dog
property, and nnti-dogites can not conceive
now a dog oan possess tne lease possible value
to tbe owner. I, however, love my dog be
cause he loves me, and would like to keep
him. I have hoard it frequently expressed.
that a number of dog thieves subsist in tbis
city by stoaling and sending dogs to other
oittes for sale. It would conler a lav or npon
a large number of dog-owners, and be an interesting
item, if some one acquainted with the
names and residences of the above class of
thieves would give them publiaity in tbe col
0T" Wood's Theater was well filled last
night on the occasion of the joint benefltof the "Star
Bisters." Don Cxiubdi SAzasinnd Qua Female
American Cousin was "woll put on," and had there
been a more intimate acoalntance established be
tween the author And some of the actors in the last
peice, the entire performance would have been un
exceptionable. '
As It was, some ona had a slight Impediment
bis or her speech, and, consequently, it was
played to "the letter." Notwithstanding, "Our Female
Cousin," and Ullslcr, as VNatban Bennett,"
alias "Just So," kopt the audionce In a continual
To-night the latter piece will be repeated, to
gether wltb the drama of Jack Siifippabd. Don't
fall to see Miss Holoa as "Our Female American
Cousin." . . . .,
HoRTicBLTrjitAi, t Am. too tnrong oi visit
ors still continues as large as over at the above place.
We know of no plnco where a few hours can ho
more2agreeably spent than among the Jowors,
shrubbery and fruit, which constitute thi Horti
cultural Exhibition. Bo sure and go to-night.
Panorama op Mormonism, S. A. Sherrlok
who, for a number of yoars, dwelt in the great Bait
Lako City, will exhibit a psnorama of the "doings"
of that class of religionists known as Mormons,
the Queen City Hall, in the West End. The moving
picture will he in the city only a few days, commenc
ing to-night.
Paiacb Garden. The ten-cent Bhow still
has Its votaries. Nightly a largo crowd is in attend
auce, and all seem pleased with the elTorts of tbe
manager to amine thcin. Oo and see the minstrels
in tbe rear of the Horticultural Fair.
Keiser vs. Coleman. A proceeding in
of execntlon.-The Court heretofore made an
to the enact that a debtor of O 's be onjo ned from
paying over anv money to him on nols wh Icli o.
hiBassigusheld. A motion was made by M r. X ohn
son to dissolve tho Injunction so liir as that bill I was
concerned. The Court refused to disturb Uie former
Mri' Wolf appoared for plaintiff. ,
Eahcipation.-S. Mortou. ol Tori Gibson. Miss.,
anoeored hy his attorneys (Ball . Bull) and manu-n-itted
his slaves, Delphy and Augustus Cox. Ou
orevious day four sluvos belonging to the same owner
bad their papers of emancipation recorded.
William Martin, indloted for grand lar-ceny-steallne
a watch-entored a ploa of guilty.
Barney Arms, agalust whom two indictments
malicious stabbing worn reported on the day liefore,
was now arraigned before J udgo Carter, and onMeA
ploa of "not gnllty" iu each mse. lie was retiulred
to aiwbnll in tho sum of HMD In one cuse-in
oiherhe was already ander bona
airt-uii, uuuoi- wi.m. .
was kept open for tho tiny, for the pin
ing witnesses to go before the Graml
1 report from this body is not expected
Tb) uouri v
nnnuof alVoarl
lorn. A Hnalntaort
before the middle of next week
Steamboat Register.
' AiBivits-FalryQueon, Msysvlllei Forost Queen,
ailont BostriB, iToulsv'llle; Clipper, Big bandy;
FaVlersburg, Madison; Uarollne, Ulurksvlllo.
r1V..,.r. . ;-. T. Bass. New Orleans; Boston,
iWilsvllle; Forest Oueen, Madison; Jairy tiueen
aUtHvllle; U'arkerslmrir, Madiion; Ida May,
HmW; Clipper, BigBauly.
IAnv communications from oar friend, will tw,
thankfully received. Address " Press Beporter,"
$ox 21, Covington, Ky.
Pouci Court. Four , youag men were
brought before the Police Coin t yasterday morning
for throwing stom-o, hallooing, and otherwise dis
turbing the Catholic preeeealon last Sunday at Lew
lsburg. They were all lined in a good round sum by
the Msyor.andlt is to ha hoped tliatther have re
ceived a salutary lesson. Their names wore Coppe
ras, Nicholas, Timbsrlake and Barges. The two for
mer, the same that were before the Court day before
yesterday for breach of the peace, were lined 87 80,
and the latter fio each. Wo wonder if somebody
else has not been guilty of violating the law by
selling ardent spirits on Sundiy. We think the
young gentlemen must have been under tin influ
ence of liquor, or they would not have disturbed a
procession, much loss a religious one.
0r- The special meeting on the Lexington
race-ground commences to-morrow, and will con
tlnue throe days. We expect to hoar of tome tall
running. , : , .
pS" There has been a good attendance at
the Fair at Odd-Fellows Ilall.
Business ih tbb Intkbiob. From present
appearances, wa think that business will be uncom
monly briBk in the intorior of the 8tate this (all
Drays are constantly passing the stroet, loaded with
every variety of artlclos boxes of dry-goods, ha rd-
ware, furniture, and the many things which are de
manded ky the farmlngcommuolty oft! e blue-gnw,
region. Those commodities ore directed to Wlu -Chester,
Lexington, Paris, Uyutblana, and all the
other towns in that section. Such activity la the re
sult of the good crops which ovory whore prevail. The
Kentucklans are good customers, and it is fortunate
for Cincinnati that her morcliauts command the con
fidence of such poople. 1
s2fWe are informed by the jailor that
there are nine persons In jail awaiting tho action of
the Grand Jury, next Honday, olght of whom are
malo-i, and one female. They are charged with crime
us follows: Rapo, 2; attempted rapo, 1; mayhem
biting on' an ear 1; grand larcony, i; burglary, I;
getting monoy iiuler false pretenses, 1; stabbing, 1
Besides theso nre three or four persons, including
one female, to be sold for vagrancy,
Subscriptions, ladvertlsenunts and cemmniilca
tiouH, addressed to thu "Press Keporter," ilox 80, will
bo attended to. 1
A Fkmai.b in Pantaloons. Yesterday
morning our Mayor was called npon to unravel a
knotty affair, that he might administer even-handed
Justlco to certain oflenders against the peace and
dignity of the city of Newport. It appears that a
girl by tho name of Joanna llerr bus long enter
tained a dislike for a neighboring family named
Keltzmnu, and vla versa. Borne days ago Hiss
Kerr violated thepeaoe by abusing Mrs. Keltzman,
vho, to be avenged, drossod herself in her husband's
attire and assaulted hor adversary, beating her
severely. To this her husband was accessory both
before and after the fact. After a patient hearing
ofthe testimony, and weighing the subject care
fully, his honor Imposed a floe of $2 upon the young
lady, and$10 upou both tho man and his wile.
f Workmen are now fairly at work im
proving the south end of Columbia-streot.
S" We dare the man who Insulted us by
throwing a big watermelon at us yesterday, to do so
ST" Captain Air and party were out enjoy
ing themselves on a hunt soraoSuilles back of New.
port, yesterday. Wo will take a couplo of pheiis
ants,Captain. S0ur markets are filled every morning
to overflowing, but do not continue so long, as thero
is great iloniaud for all kinds of outablcs among our
33Out citizens must not complain if our
local column ii rather dull. The fact is, the people
aro so peaceable that thero are few opportunities for
Items. If they want a lively Newport column, lot
tlicra get up some dog-fight, first-class drunk, sul
cido, stabbing affuir, or something of that sort. We
can't make items and write tbcra both.
Brnrdiots vs. Bachelors. The Kentucky
Town-ball Club will meet to-day ou their play
ground, and it is arranged that the married men
shall piny against the single ones. We bet on tho
side that beats, . .,.
p- Miss English, teaoher In the primary
department of the public schools, resigned yesterday.
pST Tho Newport Temple of Honor dedi
cated their new Hall, In Hayman's now building,
corner of Hadison and Monmouth-strects, night be
fore last. Spoochos were delivered, the usual cero
monies gone through with, and the members troate
with refreshments. All enjoyed themselves exceod.
ingly, and we hope the Society may prosper. , ;
jffijForty-flve lots are to be sold in Newport
on Monday next, on favorablo terms. .
FRIDAY, September 9—3 P. M.
Money continues In active demand at former
quotations. Borne of the bankers complain of
scarcity of currency, but this is not the case with
the leading discount houses. A No. 1 outside paper
is occasionally done at 1.V&18 per cent.
Eastern Exchange is somewhat firmer to-day than
at last quotations tho rate being H premium
selling, buyingat 10cents.
Currency being close, the banks are not desirous
of buying any more Exchange than they can dispose
of at once, should they be compelled to soil. ,
New Orleans Exchange dull at a discount, buying
rate, selling at par.
Eastern Exchange In St. Lonls X premium,
Chicago 1 per cent, premium, in Louisville M for
Kontucky money. ' ;i
Cincinnati Produce Market.
FRIDAY EVENING, September 9, 1859.
' FLOTJIt The market vjas extremely dull to-day,
but holders seemed indisposed to sell at the decline
established yesterday. The transactions were cou
lincdto350 brls. at 14 61X85 for extra, and 84 50 for
sunerrlne. J,W1 oris, wore receiveu uie mm mom,
A.... I..,.a
WHISKY-The market was dull to-day, nad prices
felloll'c; sales of 6U0 brls. at 2tMttc, the latter
rate forwagon, , , . .'...,..
checks business, and the only Bales we heard
to-day were 10 hhds.Hacon sinesat 4C., ana jn nnus.
bulkShoiililersat 6Ho., packed. Nothiug transpired
in moss Pork or Lard. ... . . .
GHOCJSItiES A good business continued to bo
done in tho regular way, lit full rates: sales of
hhds. ouenr at bmoio., aim j b. uuiwk,
37c. Coffee firm aud lu good demand.
W1IV A T TliAVa MM I. 0ml1 fletllAIld TO-llflV for tllO
best grades of Bed and White, and prices Tilled
firmer, with an upward tendency, iteceipis sma
sales of l,0O bushels prime White at $1 10; 8oUdo.
ROOU (lO.Ul 01 ", W uu. Ill 1 w, -JUUW. Mu vtv.,
COllN-ine market is firm, with a good demand
for fair mixed at 700. .
oiuv.r.v fhnrA i. mnre innnlrv for crime new.
and prices have advanced Sc., withsales of 600 bushels
nrinie nowniii, w ariive, hi
UYE A sale of 8U0 bushels, to arnvo, at T3c.
k.., A Km
OATS 'I'h'e market is dull and prices a shade
lower; eales of MX) bushels at 4IK.; MiO do. at 39c, and
l.nnnrto. at;!4c.
CHKESK Sales of J09 boxes prime Western
Boserve at 8Sc the latter rateior extra large.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 9—P. M.
wi itrm and without lmDortant change; sales
OT 10,310 Oris, at 94rms W lorsupornnw cirtio,
s,.,n. ftiAhj ,n rnrtmniT,iia wcstrn: 4 fs-fril
i M for common to good extra western; If4 W5
extra, and frtftiM for fresh ground shipping brands
.;,.'. ..,..i i,nn.ri Ohio: oloa Inn firm. Canadian
of ion brls. new extra at tn. Small sales
Bye Flour ot awSM 30. Vheat steady and tin
.,i. ..).. nt i(-,.,HHi liiitthols at SI l.H lurnow Hod
Michigan;! 20 for new Bed Kentucky; Si Jjitgil
for new wmte jveniucayi ci to iui- new nm.w
M -hi.Bn inn nw w iiilh uutu. ,u n iitv. u,,i-m.7.
Kyo firm at M&MXr. Barley dull; sales or 3,a0
liiuhels common California at 5dc. Corn steady:
soles of It.iKio bushels at KK&MftoC tor now mixcu
western; S2c. for old mixed western. Oats quiet
34:tsc. for old State; 4oTnlc. for new do.; Uiiyc.
............ a liui.-Mh. for rnniullan. WhisKV Arm:
tales of .' lrle. at J7C. Pork nnu, but quiet; siiiesw
tH oils at SH 7(SIO lor megs, closing ai ci-'i b
clear; Sinwwss lor prune huu mraa, auu i
.rime; S7(u7 2n fcr do. nies; $tail for repauketl
!,ki..i. ....i 5i'vin'jif.,r .Tim Reef llama auiat;
eales of J brls. western at 817 50. Bacon dull; salca
of 100 tierces Daggeii name as '-,.
Bcarre at 7Hc for Shoulders, and Mc. for Hums.
LJrd bVant; sales of MO brls. at inll V; Bj.r
n... iuor. in (ih in. and lSm,2lc. lor btate.
flrm at Mt.(M
!heeo etcdy at 7(9o,
as iu unuLiiy. viiiiou
flat.Biul the sales to-day have boon unimportant.
Hides dull. Lead dull; Galena 5 75 Pig Iron heavy
t -looacco , ""Vf S-w.: r-rV
sales of rO.UM) lbs. fleece at HXgiOc,
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
New Orleans Market. NEW ORLEANS, September 9.
Cotton The market is steadier, and there Is
wulBB luarKBi is siouuier, sou iuero 19
tr feeling: mln .1 Vn hales at HQMXc; sals
week in.flMI bl-Moai dn. MJM bale
1 13,asj lialo;l'.oil exports 2,M0 boles; r-rr.ent "
better reeling
or the v
aeraiust 1
7(ie. tat prime While, fork. Nteadv at jfur I '
wesiern mew. jriour iiiilsl at I TT tor snpeiilne.
Kit) Collee 1'um at 12(it.l2rtc: sales of the wruic 1,100
buna; present stock hags, against 3uo0 b.iga
iT hf mil moth ' Pliotosrraphlo Goltevr.-n I i
Dcwcr Ooi Ho. -Ill West Bifth-itreet, are lldu
life-like Photographs, in frames, for, ealj Call
and see them .. ..
KT Do not forget the sale of euatoni.mndn
Furniture on Tuesday morning next, at the late t). J.
Jouji's establishment, Hos. 31 and 23 last Fourth-
street. ... .. ' - , '
r Hibbert fc Brothers Noe. S aid 310
West Fifth -street, are furnishing to the cltisens a
superlorstyleof Hat, at every low price, eadvlso
those desiring a snltahle covering for the heailtj ,
give Hisnr.KT k BBOTHBa S call. ' '
H. Parrin, Advertlsdaa Asjente Wo. .
SO West Fourth-street. '
nxtrDnguerrean Gallery, fieutk.weet cor. ,
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Euinaford's
drug store. Pictures taken and put in good cases for -twenty
cents. Watranted to please. ".
WILLIAMS, Salerooms 22 and 21 E-wt Third-
stroet Large sale of Carpets, Oil Palnlii-,, Furni
ture, Looking Glasses, ic.-TUKSDAY MvUN'lNi;,
fieptember 13, at a o'clock. 50 pes. Wool ai,d ntlitr
t'nrpets; 100 Oil Paintings; 80 Gilt Loolilng Wishes;
MSIahogany do., assorted; 50 pairs Blankets; (Junu
terpniies, Table Linen, Cutlery, Plated W die, do.
A LSI) A choice stock of if urnltnre, Cottage iets,
ic: 20 Clocks, and a variety of other iioudn. senio
.xjL. oua FF ft t'O. A very
Gil A FF Si CO. A very valuable lot on Fourth-
street. MUHDAY ArTUKHUun.Bepieniijei' i is-w,
will be "old at auction, on the premise oa the
south aide of Fourth, between Western-row and
John street, a lot of ground, 52 feet front uu Fourth
stroet by VA feet dwp. . .
Terms uf Sale Oua-quartor cash, balance In one,
two, tiiiec, four, Hvu and six years, with six per cent.
Interest, secured by mortgage oo the premises, payu
bleaunuully. Title Indiiputiibie.
. JACOB QUAFF, Auctioneer, t
er-9 N'o. 18 loat Fourth-ati-eer.
ft CO. Lnr?eSnle of Custom-made rnroltnruj
TUKSIIAY MOHNI-Ntt, September 13, at o'ol-wk. , ,
hereby givo notlco that I will offer at Public fnlo, w
Tuesilay, ihn 13th liny of September, commencing ut
o'clock A. 3(., a larpe portion ofthe tinialinii furni
ture in tho VYareruouisof the late B.J. JOHN", N'ls.
2land23ant Fourth-street,-consisting in part t
I'ai lurand Bed-room Furniture, Boik-castw, Seen-
tariex, Sideboards and a general variety of plain unit
line Furniture, , ...
To deulere who are desirous of roplenlsnins; rliwr
stock for the fall trade, they will flnd this oo- ot Hie
rare opportunities. Also, parties wishing to uittiiiii
housen, in part or whole.willdowell to give tliM-wle
their attention. Hale positive, and all guous war
ranted. i. COX, Adm'r of the Ust. of H. J. John, dee'd.
JACIBCi&AKF, Auctioneer,
' Ho. 19 East Fourth-strei-t.
Cincinnati, Sopt. 6, 18M. - i nepil
AD ,
Dealers in Exchange,
; . CINCINNATI. :' " -
M. House of
Has commencod business under the above firm nam
At Nom. r nml 9 Thlrd-atreeti (Truot Com
puny Bulldln.) -sop7nin
sentit to your nearest nddoarest frieuil,vitli
the reoueat that it shall be Inserted in we urn fnna
of his scrap book. ' ... . .
Mr. Edwabjj h. MuanAT, No. 218 Fifth-stroet,
sells Periodicals, Books and Songs. We append a
list or a lew ot tne reneaicaia wnicn ui u
tainod at his Btoie. So. 21S Fith-streBt.
Kuw York Ledger ,..,....1.. 4 cents.
New York Mercury..,.,.
Hew York Weekly 4 cents.
Harper s weeaiy...,......-.M(....Mu.i.i j-n-n,-.
Frank Leslie.. C cents.
New Vork Clipper i .....,....-.... 4 m-uta.
rortor'e Spirit ,,....,..,-...,.....-..- S cenM.
folice ijaaetip
Flag of Our Union ' ooute.
Saturday Eyening Post..,.......-....-.,. . cento.
new lor riunyuuu - v....
New York Vaverly .................. ...-.,,.... 4 cents.
Wavorly Magazine . - 0 ouUi.
Line-of-Battie-Shlp t cetite.
Bcientitlc Amnrlcan.,......--. .. 4 ceutri.
Soientilio Artisan 4 cent.
Banner ot i,igni j wu,..
Scottieh American Jourual,....-............ 5 cents.
Boston Pilot..... cent.
Irish News j..,...- S cunts.
Life Illustrated.............. cents.
Homo Journal 4 cents.
Weekly Novelette.......... 4 cents.
Independent - cents.
Century ; ..,.......... 6 cunts.
Agitator. .........-... i f cent,.
Boston Investigator..... 4 cents.
Ballou'e Pictorial a ci'Uti.
New York Weekly Herald 6 u-ott.
New York Weekly Tribune i 4 cent.
New York weekly Timee..,....,i.,.........t....
Leslie's German Paper 5 'u'-.
True Flag 4 ciie.
Constellation ........,.......
New York Dispatch,
1 v;ui,l--i.
Tfarner's Magazine..,.,,
...,.,.j.20 conls.
...,.,ui.-D cents.
...20 cents.
,,,....20 centa.
Oodey's Lady's Book.,M.
Atlantic Magazine.,...
Lesllo's Masaxine .........
Knickerbocker Mugazine.,..
.......,..,. ......2(1 cents.
Oreat Kepublic aiontiuy..
All Year Kound v., SO cents.
Wnverlv Musaxiiie fmontlilv narts).. X) Cfutr.
Peterson's Magazine ix-tit -'.
Arthur's Homo ilasazine., ,,....1 cente.
Ladies' Aw or icon Ulagazine ..,... 18 cents.
Komanrisi. 1 4 cen ts.
Novelette (monthly parts; ,,.,,.,.......,....10 cents.
Yankee Notions V contf.
Nick-Nax cuts.
Comic Bouquet "' coiitx.
Pickles i........... ... 10 cents.
Hudget ot Hid. o couoj.
Rallou's Mouthlv IU cents.
Phrenological Journal. ,,. 6 cents.
Water Cure Journal 6 cents.
Hunt's Merchants Magaziue 43 cents.
Eolectio Atagnzine. ...........................'" cents.
Edinburgh Itcvlew M cunts.
Westminster Review .Oil cents.
ortb British-Keviow cents.
London Quarterly Review M cents.
If vou want anything in the Periodical line, you
had better call on
Between Elm and Plum,
Cincinnati, .
South-cast corner of Sixth and Elm, Cincinnati, O.
hiB louse of the Southgate House, and expended
a large amount of money In painting, carpeting, nd
refurnishing it, introducing Bathiug-rooms, water,
closets, nnd ovory possible convenience and luxury
through!- u f .Invites a continuance of the pnbl ic pat
ronage, liiiruelaconfideut that the houxe will la
found, with its recent Improvements, in a hetter
condition than when first opened for the reception of
guosts., The location of the hotel is central aud ron
venlBiii, either fur up-town visits or down-towu
business, Meals are regularly served at the tabla
d'hote, or in private rooms, and furnished at all
hours. The terms are VI per day, and accommoda
tion equal to any $1 60 per day house in the city.
The house will bo kept open nlghl aadday, at all
hours. Omnibuses will be in attendance to and from
tho cars. Breakfast for early train. And for the
roll, tho proprietor leaves Ms to speak tor
him. Iseplainl T. V. WAlOM. Preerletor-B
VJT Mocha Coffees, choice New Orleans buyar,
Golden Sirup, Sngar-hoitae and New Orleans ilo.
lassoo, choice Green nnd Black Teas, together viih
every other article iwually ktpt in a FlUSi Cl.A H
OBOCBKY, in store nnd -for utle at low prices, and
delivered free of charge to any part of tliecity, by
" :. i.. i - , ., 7iJ. FslBaOUON.tirecer,
003.', Corner Mlnth and Vine.
Dl SIXTH AMD SEVENTH, Manufacturer and
Importer of Soaps, Perfuu.ery and Fsury Roods, ha
just received, per steamer, a lot of Pvrte ilonolaes.
Mu, .nri It .ncvlWiofta nf ikil dusnrintfena: also a com.
isrusues. tomei, renumery, jieei mar-
sleteastortment.of Haudkerchlef Extracts, which
he le prepared roeen ata ugure jowortnaa any orner
iiA.lrin the eitr. AIM. received tbis dav from Nnw
York, large lot of David's Blue and Black W riting;
and Harking Inka whioh the Subscriber will te nblo
rn anil At m&tinf&nturor'a urleea. Jobbers and ro
tation will please Call In and i-xatnlne before pnr-
Ii;. .i..h. all lrlr.rt.nf K.ir.,-,. ,.,
, I street, between BMxtb and Sevsnth,
V- l-IT9J!lf

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