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"roinrD,"fce.,ln thlieolmnn, oociprlng are linen
or less, two Insertions, twenty-five cents.
WANTED QIRL A good girl to do
. nosnl house work et No. Ml Eighth-street.
Wsejos 83 pgr wwt, sepl3b
sale gTooerv ore dry goods boose, by a young
man from the oountry. Address "B.." Box 2.001.
woman! imoBrsd wtrr A nnl et 1 Walnut.
WANTED BOr or GIRL A boy or girl
from twelve to sixteen years of age, to travel,
thatean tine oomio pieces and play on some light In
strument. Good wages given and all expenses paid.
For rail particulars call at 30 East Fourth-street, In
telligence Office. sopl2b
Singer's Sewing Machine to rent. Inquire
at old postofflee building, Ho. 7. eepl3b
WANTED GIRL A neat German girl
to nurse babe. Apply at 131 Eighth-street,
RANTEDBOY A imall boy to fly
ftllftflta for fc (MInrlW P man Annlv f oIia
winmuM-iuum ui rtJUUy rrtiBg tU IUO0IQCK A. ill,
WANTED PONT A Paoing or Rack
Iny Pony or small horse. Address W. at this
cmce, naming piece, ago and price. sopia b"
steady yoong man, to stand In aOrooery or
"win. Appiynt eoi iiaee-iireei. ine Deet or refer
ence 1 f required. soplub
married woman, a situation as wot nnree, to
travel or take a child borne. Apply at 434 Weet 8ev-enlh-atreet,
to Mm. D. BTKVENB. sepltiaw
... Tests for sowlng-machln.. Inquire at flj
West Front-street, for Mrs. TBAVlltt. seplub
' w rlage and attend to horses, or as servant, by
a young man who can give astlsfactory recommonda.
tlona. Address T. H. 0., at this ofllee. . sopiob
WANTED A HOUSE By a gontlomaa
with small family, no ahildron. A Bouse with,
oat a ball not desirable. Addro&i Box 7611 Postofilce
ee p3-bw-eodfl
WW nor, ono that understands the business well,
to take charge ol a store lb Kentucky. Adilw.s ltox
m'MTANTED K00M8 iln nr lm'. n '
WkWM - - " - - ..vvv UUUI V-
streot, or elsewhere, ono or two ur.furnlshed
rooms, suitable for a small family. tt nt about $d
por month. Address H. J., this office, eepldb
WANTED GIRL To do RflneraT housed
work for a small family. AppyatlM Broad
W. i seDlOb
SfANTED-A 9le of "The Cincinnati
WY Dallv Sun." from Mav 1. 'V. rintnhor i m
Inquire at thie ornso. eepoaw
huijf uuui ins muii, in a lamujr or scnooi. to
lescu lnwiruuicniai ana vootv music, or any other
- -. ... "I inu.lt f UeJ BLUUUli
references ffiren as to oanhllitv ATIUirlttnrA Aft
auui vao a a
a A A .43 m .UI. .AX.. ' a-
, this office
wishes a i-itnatlon In eomebonse as aeslstant
booK-keopor, oopvlstor asolsrk in a dry goods or
fancy store. Address MteS FRANK, Box 54, Colum
bue, Ohio. sep7-aw
WANTED AGENTS To sell a desirable
. , , work just publlehtd, "Julian's Interest
Tables," containing accuratocalculatlonsoi Interest
ats.e, 7, 8, 9and 10 per cent., both eimplo and com
pound, on all sural from one cent to $10,000, and from
one day to six ysars. A rare opportunity to make
money In the sale of tbls new, cheap and lurfnl
work. For further information ae to success, testl
mouy In its favor, and terms, nddreng (stain p inolosed.l
orapply to J. HAZAHD IAT1H,437 Jflfth-street.
BOARDING Apartments furnished or un
furnished, with or without board, at 47 Ninth
street, between Walnut and Vine. sepli.b
BOARDING A few young men oan beao
oommodated with board at 101 Longworth
street, near corner of Johu. seplob
BOARDING. Firet-olaiu Boarding-house,
Ryoamore-street, between Fifth ana Hlxth,
wustsiile. Isrpo. airy, unfurniabed rooms for fam
ilies. Hoard aud lodging fur siuglo gontiomnn.
sepoaw T. A. ttOWE.
T 08 T STUD PIN A Bmall tnd pin, with
-B-J u white set. The finder will be suitably ri
varded by leuving it at La l'iera House, Viftli and
Western-row. sopiab'
on the 2d Inst., two dark brown Mulos, about
eume ago nnd sice, 'i'he owner can have Ihoiu by
calling on me, provlngprope rty and pitylngoxponmij,
as lue law uirecis. acnax uuuudiiun, viuu
Ward House, Uo' ingtou, Ky.
0RRENT ROOMS Front offloe and
aecnnd floor of No. 72 Front.strest. between
Bain and Walnut. sepiaht
brick bouse, with ten rooms and good storo
luom, with a good-sited lot, on tho south-west cor
ner or itetts and Outtur-itrouts, for sale at a bargain.
Inquire of 1C.U. HILL, Mtoruoy at Law, north-west
corner of Eighth and Main streets. aep!2d
DOVOflERTY For sale cheap for cash, as she
now lies in the Basin, at Broadway. Apply to A.
HHAETH, Miami Ice-house, at ilaslu, or l'oed store
oruur Broadway and Hunt-streets. seplJ-b
and well-establlshod Dining Saloon, at Mo. 8
Kant Void tu struct, having seventy-five prompt pay
ing boardore, and a good transient trade. For further
partionlarBlnquIre on the promisee.
Irst-olans marble-top Billiard Tables, J. 11.
Brunswick A Brothers make. For particulars lu
.uire at tbe Caledonian Shades, No. m Vine-street.
tnckvUlver Bottom Farm of Km acres, about
SOD cleared and under fuuse: a new house of 1 1 rooms;
largebarn M) by loofeet. and all the conveniences of a
Ami-class farm. It will be sold on long time or ex
changed for city property. Address J. II., care of
U. W. BALL 4 Co., 35 Main-Street. aopV-aw
Mow trolDg exhibited. The largest assortment of
auyeetaniisnmem in ine frusiern oouniry.
Tor sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
833 Fonrth-street, near Smith.
. W. HAWE8
-AJW- ,
Baslneia Directory for 18S9 aud '60,
i .,nfth.mnGtM,mnlAtn Rtntfl rtlrnctoriea vet
published in tbe Western Stales, containing as it
does, eighty thousand business men's norm's, and
giving their location, business, c. rrice m ou.
For sale ai - uuijivv,". ?.
sep7-aw PostomeeBtand, PoatoHoe Kulldlng-
A. V. MltlMia.
i. r. BAMDian.
Manufacturers of
Tbe Celebrated Patent Combined
For WOOD or COAL. The most convenient, eco.
nomloal aud durable Cooking Btove over iuventej,
for BteamboaU, Hotels, ilestaurauta and Private
Moness. woo.iuH - ;
bath rooms, In Targe auantlties, lu any adjoining
apartment by the same fire. , .
'vVareroomi, T Main St., Cluclunati.
. . .- . i. ..4 utl HTdVlTH
mm munis vo diruiwiui. m -' ... - .
mar s second on appUoatlou to the proprietors, at
...ir...... rlnlnn.tl. Ohio.
Kr My bar is at all times supplied with tholes
Jlq.ow Molars, ijat
Ir yon want a servant, advertise In
If yon want a bonis, sdvertiie In
Ir you want t sell anything, advertise In
Ir yon want to bny anything, advertise In
Ia faot, every want supplied by advertising In
KSLLOoa A Wni.tiMS, Sals-roomi n snd 24 Bast
Third-street. Tuesday morning, Heptember 18, at
9 o'clock. Wool Carpets, &o. Seosdv.
Cincinnati Hobticoltdbil Societt Sit
ubdat's Mihtino. The rooms of the society
in Bacon' Building were all in apple-pie
order on Saturday last for the regular weekly
meeting of the Horticultural society, but tho
meeting iras not held there, all the active
membort being at the fair grounds in the
Palace Garden Building.
It was a noble sight to see assembled at the
parlor end of the exhibition-room, as in the
auditorium of a theater, the noble men who
had in their several parts produced from the
earth tbe enchanted scene of beauty arrayed
in regal magnificence on the stage before
them. Trophies, not of bruised arms or shot
riddled flags old-time remembrances but
now fruits, luscious grapes, the ruddy poach,
golden apple, bounteous supplies of garden
truck, every variety of Bhades of beauty in
leaf and flower. The properties and ward
robe were all faultless and orderly arranged,
reflecting the greatest credit to the manage
ment. The Fruit Committee reported that the col
lection of grapes on exhibition by Mr. Se
bastian Rente was, perhaps, the finest ever
made by a member of this society. Those
immense bunches of the Herbemans re
minded us of the hugo specimens pictorially
represented to our boyhood's eye, that were
brought from the Bcripture land by those
sent to spy out the fatness thereof. Bents,
however, beat the pieture book on the com
mon oounts. The committee make speoial
mention of the new seedling peaoh presented
by Mr. Bickham. General Wade obtained
first premium and W. Heaver socond pre
mium for peas. Messrs. Buchanan and Pot-
ticolas exhibited the best apples.
Chillicothe, Manoheslor, Madison and
Pittsburg sont meritorious grapes, peaches
and pews. Tie Dolawaro grape, from Del
aware, Ohio, famished by Mr. Campbell, the
introducer of the variety, attracted deserved
attention. It is hereafter to have a marked
approval as a- table grape.
Tub GrcRiuiis and tub Sunday La r. The
committee appoi nted for tho purpose, by the
German meeting at Arbeiter Hall, met at the
same place last F.riday night, and adopted
an address to the !ity Council, giving their
reasons for thoir opposition to the Sunday
laws. They asseft that such laws are con
trary to the principles of self-govornmont, of
tha Constitution, and of fuir dealing among
all classes of citizens tb"t while tho differ
ent churches are allowed to indulge their
tastes for musie on Sundays, thoy (the Ger
mans) are deprived of like priviloges. The
address is a long ono, and appears in the
Volktbkat of yesterday morning and the
Republikantr of Satarday evening.
Tbbbb Cuildres Poibonbd. About fire
o'olock last Saturday evening two little children
named Pioquet, whoso parents rosideat No. 135
Third-street, wero. taken with severe fits of
vomiting. Drs. Newton and Bigelow were im
mediately sent for, who gave it as their opinion
that theohildren hud teen poisoned. The mother
informed ns la it evening that they had
been playing out of doors all the afternoon,
and thinks they must hare pioked np poison,
not knowing 'That it was. Mrs, Johnson's
little daughter, who resides in the same build
ing, was playing with Picqnet's children that
afternoon, and was similarly attacked. All
three ars in a fair way of reoorery. It is re
markably strange how the ohlldren got hold of
the poison, as wo are assured by the parents
that they had none about the houso.
3k numerous auditory of Old Wood
ward scholars, now in manhood's prime, as
of other citifens, a ttended at "Old Wesley"
yesterday, to partake of the fervor and be
profited by the) preaoking of Lorenzo Dow
Huston. His eloqu ent address was upon the
topic of "Self-denial," a sins qua non of Chris
tian disoipleship ia the war against selfish
ness. He indulged in some reminiscences of
youthful days. W hen a boy he attended the
old stone chapel, said from the outside waited
for the singing to rocogniie in what part of
the church his mother sat. He feelingly re
ferred to the rapidly decreasing band of pio
neer Methodists still worshiping at Wesley
Chapel, the house in whioh he joined the
church. His remarks were eloquent and im-preserve.
Correct that Kuisancb. In the Fine Arts
and Musical Department of the Industrial
Exhibition there is a constant drumming or
pounding upon the pianos by some who has
not sense enough to know that mere noise is
not ' attractive. Let such take a hint that
such false notes do not harmonize with the
publio ear; that when a lady or gentleman
desires to give a touch of music it is as im.
polite to interrupt it as to prevent them from
being heard when they desire to speak.
Nsticb to Contractors. At nine o'olock
to-morrow (Tuesday) morning, the Board of
City Improvement will examine sealed pro
posals. submitted for bowlderlng Elm-street,
from the north gutter of Seventh-street to the
present bowlder pavement at Eighth-street, all
tha old pavement to be taken tip. Also, for
similar work on Plum-street, from the north
gutter of Fifth-street to Sixth-street, tbe usual
crossings to be laid down.
Do Too Bus All Nioht, Two ef the Phil
adelphia street railroad companies place on
their routes, after ten F, M., a one-horse rail
road ear, and ran it all night. There will be
a demand in this oity for rnnning a portion of
the street ullroai lines to a late hour of the
night, to be resumed at an early hoar of ih
morning. .
'JfSF Yesterday was unusually quiet.
HgftTMiy ftnyttuig wrtiyofsiot tramspired.
We are requested to state that the "Excel
sior" Town-ball Club of this oity has ac
cepted the challenge of the Newport Club.
The match will come off some time in Octo
ber, for a silver pitcher.
Senator Douglas left this city for Chicago,
Saturday evening.
The company expect to place one car on
the Cincinnati street railroad track to-day or
to-morrow. The line is about completed to
Westorn-row and Ninth-street.
But fow casos of any importance woro
tried in the Police Court Saturday,
The increase of personal property in this
city for 1859 was $2,934,703.
Lewis Bernard stole a hog from Policeman
Mitnhell, for which offense Mayor Bishop
sent him to tho County Jail tor the term of
sixty days.
Two little children, belonging to a vagrant
named Mary Grace, were sent to the House
of Refuge by the Police Court Saturday.
A colored person, named William Davis,
for using a butcher-knife on his wife, was
committed to the County Jail by the Police
Judgo, Saturday, for thirty days.
William O'Niel, ene of the Hulbolland
gang, made a brutal assault npon an eld man
man at the Coanty Jail yesterday. He struck
him a severe blow over the head with a water
bucket. O'Niel was placed in tho dungeon, as
a punishment for his conduct. ' '
The notorious Frank Southall was arrested
yesterday en three oharges of assault and bat
tery. Frank has long been a torror to that
portion of the oity known as Buoktown.
Thomas Jones, who just got off tho chain-
gang, pitched into a number of witnesses, yes
terday, who appeared againBt him. Jones was
looked up in the Hammond-stroet Station, to
await a hearing to-dsy.
At tho olose of the week, one hundred and
thirty-five prisoners were confined in the City
Prison, fifty-fire of whom were females.
There are but two oases of small-pox in the
Thirty-one persons were admitted to the
Commercial Hospital lost week, twenty-seven
discharged and two died William Lewis and
Ellen Keys.
Tho Fair of the Hamilton Connty Agricultu
ral Society opens at Carthage to-morrow.
Eighty-nine deaths occurred in the oity last
week, forty-eight of whioh were children under
nine years of age.
The scarlet fever prevails to a considerable
extent in the oity.
A Gorman sorrant girl, named Rebeoca Ges
seler, in the employ of Mr. John Miller, on
Third-Btreet, noar Mill, disappeared in the
early part of last week, nnd np to the proient
time has not been heard from. Fears are en
tained that she has been foully dealt with.
The County Commissioners were on a visit
to Harrison, last Saturday, on business con
nected with the bridge at that place.
The four young men charged with burglari
ously entering a boarding-house, corner of
Third and Broadway, last Saturday morning,
will be tried in the Polioe Court to-day. Their
names are Jeremiah Shay, John M'Corone,
Bobert Keed and John Anderson.
The celebrated Marsh Troupe of Juveniles
will appear at Fiko's Opera-home to-night.
Country merchants are pouring in upon us
fast and thiok. The fall trade has commenced
in earnest. Bear in mind that now is the time
to advertise.
A little boy named John Stevenson foil
from a skiff into the Ohio IUvor, last Friday
and was drowned.
' Mary Hates, a street-walker, oamo aoross a
green specimen of humanity Saturday evening,
named William Beekman ; she esoortod him to
her boarding-house and robbed him of his
pockot-book, containing a small am ount of
money. She was arrested yesterday, and will
have a hearlngto-day,
A large audience attended the disci mrse
Bev. Mr. Boynton at Pike's Opera-houi is, yes
terday. An elderly German lady, named Sahalosser,
fell on the Main-street canal bridge, night
beforo last, and broke her right arm.
William Fergueson, oharged wit'u deal!, og
oounterfeit coin, was oommittcd to the Co.mty
Jail by United States Commissioner Nowt tall,
last Saturday, to answer the charge at .
Fedoral Court in October next.
The greoery store of Mr. George Schrodei
on Front-street, near Elm, was entered by'
burglars night before last and robbod of a small
amount of money and a number of articles of
littlo value. The thieves entered tbiouah
door leading from the hall.
A gentleman named Joseph Marlay, from
Brown Connty, in this Btata, was knocked
down on Front-street, near the Newport ferry
landing, Saturday night, and robbed of a gold
watoh. He was struok with a slung-shot.
An old lady named Croigh, who resides in
Gas-alley, attempted to take her own life Sat
urday, by hanging herself with a pleoe of
clothes-line to the ted-post. She was discovered
by a neighbor in time to save her. We under
stand she was laboring nnder a fit of (rMti.
Fifty-three marriage licenses wers isined by
the Probate Judge last week.
Thb Peksidknt's Bcsbbl. -We had! on Sa
turday a privileged peek at the peminm bushel
of grapes of President Haieltina, irhioh took
the prise at the Fair. Ho remembered the
Penny Pribb. We say to the public that
his office, as President, or at h!j store as
dealer, Mr. Haseltine is the publio'a bumble
servant. All who pass the Gib ion House no
tice his excollent varieties of frui ts, flowers and
seeds of tbe freshest and rarest, kinds, at his
attractive depot on Walnut-t treat.
CorjNTET MxacHANTa. The, attention
merohants abroad, and those islting our city,
is asked te the advertisement of J. E. Wynne
tb Co., In another column. Their assortment
of "notions" in the widest tvoceptatlon
that term Is one of the most complete and
extensive ever opened in the Wesit j and being
selected by the most experlencud dealora now
in that line of trade, can be jelled npon
desirable, as to quality ay, well s to ohsapness.
Thb Flowibb and Fruits. The tables
Horticultural Fair will be rer denlibed to-dsy
with new snpplies of flowers and vegetables.
Call early during ta week to see this betwtieg
aid iwitiei. Ih alt will sjIom next Friday.
fS" "Biddy and the Old Dominion" has
become a household sketch, almost as familiar
as the "House that Jaek Built," and the Old
Dominion Coffee-pot, to whioh we are Indebted
for it, Is also as widely known. Joseph R.
Greene, 21 East Pearl-street, is the Western
Agent for it, the Old Dominion Tea-pot and
other novelties, all ef whioh he has on exhibi
tion at the Ohio Mechanics' Institute Fair.
His display Is worth examining.
pJ3 On Friday last a house on Elm-street,
near Second, was entered by a thief, who stole
a Bible, between tbe leaves of which wore two
twenty-dollar notes on the Northern Bank of
Kentucky. Of oourse tbe men could not serve
two matters, and ba stole the treasure with a
view to tho earthly or heavenly kingdom. If
the former, he will probably return the Bible;
if the latter, the money. Whioh will it be ?
2Two Irishmen got into a difficulty
with a book-bindor by tho name of Wallace,
who works in the Timet' i building, on Satur
day evening last, and knocked him down.
Officers Iford and Fendry arrested them
promptly, when Wallace himself became
noisy and troublesome, and was likewise ar
rested. Thoy were all lodged in the Ninth
street Station-house.
pS' A couple of young men went into an
eating-house yesterday afternoon, koptby an
old colored man, on Walnut-street, above
Fifth,,and alter procuring a meal of victuals
each, one of thom refused to f'fork over."
The old man called a policeman and had
tho delinquent escorted to the watch-house.
By tbe time he "runs the gauntlet" at the
Police Court be will pay dearly for his meal.
News Agbnoy Datton and Michigan Rail
road. This will bo under the charge of
Charles M. Steele, News Agent Cincinnati,
Hamilton and Dayton Kail road, after the 18th
of the present month. Boys will be put on
each train and run from Cincinnati to
Toledo. Tho Fbnny Press can always be
found on any of the trains on both roads.
j!lJThe celts at tbe various station-houses
last evening, presintod an empty appearance.
At the Ninth-street we found one man charged
with "drunk and disorderly," two or three
vagrants, and a number of young mon oharged
with standing upon the corners, Sea. This
latter offenso has become quite a nuisanoe, and
the Mayor is determined to break it up.
ifEW Baskmo Houbb. We hive neglected
to oall the attention of our mercantile readers
to the fact that J. H. Brotherton, of the late
firm of Gilmore & Brotherton, has aommenood
business again in Trust Company Bank Build-
in ir, Third-street, under the firm nemo
Brotherton & Co. His many friends will be
glad to know it.
fl Mr. J. T. Lindsay, keeper of the
Hammond-street station-house, received such
treatment from one of the prisoners, about
noon yesterday, as to oorapol him to resort
the "water cure," viz : putting a hose stream
on the gentleman. He quieted down in a fow
m i 1 1 ,
f& The lowor part of the city, west
Plum, was the scono of a great amount
drunkenness yesterday. Numerous arrests
wero made for this and its kindred offenso,
disorderly conduct, but nothing serious ro
rulted. Poarl-street station-house was woll
filled with this class of offenders.
"Pbbsoiiai,." The Dayton Emjrire of Sat
urday says:
, A Word at Pabtino. We desire to say
our Cincinnati ootemporarios, and to the pro
fession everywhere, that thoy will find Mr.
William McGill, Treasurer of Marsh Troupe,
gontleman in the best significance of the term.
Maok, hold him responsible.
Did'st Go Up. In consequenoe of the bois
terous weather of Saturday evening our fellow
townsman, J. C. Bellman, postponed his aerial
flight from Dayton and torra firm until
afternoon at four o'olock, when he will posi
tively ascend to tbe region of grand sights
lofty Ideas.
Attbaotvb. Deland, Gossngo A Cuyler con
tinue to receive additions to their large stock
of fall eoods, distinguished for richness
beauty. Their windows, bright with
silks, satins' and delaines, are fairy bowers
to the poet-eyo, and none the less attractive,
wo judgo, in the sight of our lady readers.
Fbuits pboh a Publisher's Gabdrk.
T. Wrlghtson has sent us speoimens of
irranes raised on his "Cherry Hill" farm,
Campbell County, Ky. They were choice,
ou'Ue of the aroma and tasto of those grown
our oi vln.
fie Superintendent of the Fourth-
rt Street Railroad has taken the precaution
to place lamp lg POItlon of the
torn up In the oonstruouon oi uu u...
ftn ir Timr. Myor Bishop, who is prcsi.
Air, t the Police t'rt during the absence
of Jud'go Lowo, dispo, d forty-three
leist Saiurday in the spa'c ono nour
Ti: finnnnMesarS. -P
corner Fifth and Vine, are aisVlayiD8 a
tiractive assortment of elegant dress
eonone which are silk and velvet rones,
ldnoeu, delaines, 4c. See adviMtisenwnt.
By reference to advertising oolumns
tbe pu blio will lenrn of tba intended rsmoval
of 8. C. Kniffin 4 Co. It will ko place
the firnt of Ootober. See ajvittennt.
Puimn iAi.-The Hon. ..Iran by Berkley,
editor of an English, sporting jwrnal, is
of the gut sts of the Burnet Hoi
Forii.U KO.-A malo child al t tM
old was left at the door of Mr. B. Harris,
Vine-st reefc, near the Hamilton-roa d, night
lasl i. ,.
SET A man and wife will have
in the Police Court this morning,!
with pi tit larceny. . j
tri o o'o'
l'here was a false alarm f r
took yesterday morning.
Meteorologioal observations "r,
Pbees. bv Henrv Ware. Optt 6ian
7 Wast lTortn.slret. Sentember 1 Oi tt,59
O'olock. . Barometer. 1
I A. SI ...... '
13 M ,...' -
( P. M , ,....,...2V,M
'7A.H.riu.M,.MMMM M
T?"ilf ..-.
j9A. little girl named Mary Cranub, whose
parents reside on Findlej -street, between Baoe
and Elm, fell from the third to the second
story, down a flight of steps, and broke her
right arm and left leg. '
College Hill, September 7, 1859.
Mb. 9. C. Kmippik Tour note of the 6th
Inst., asking my opinion of Ladd, Webster A
Co.'s sewing-machine, is received. For tbe
last eighteen months I have been using one of
the above-mentioned machines, purohased from
you, as dress-maker for the young ladies in
attendance at tbe oolleso, and find that in its
applicability to every kind of sewing and its
ready adjustment to the same, it fully meets
my expectations, and is in every respect as
good a sewing-machine as I oan dosire. I es
pecially recommend it for sewing fine dress
Pikb's OpKSA-noudK. The celebrated Marsh
Troupe of Juvenile Cornelians, numbering over forty
talouted ptirformom, npponr at the Opora-nouso to
night, In the beautiful fairy and operatic spectacle of
CiMnEBtiLA, with new scenery; dresses, magical
transformations, 4c,- After the spectacle a melange
of music and dancing. The evening's entertainment
to ooncludo with the aide-splittlng drana of the
Toodles, in wLich the Immense Mastor George will
appear ts the obosa "Timothy." A glorious chance
for the juveniles.
Wood's Theater. Tho thoAter-goIng publio
will be glad to luuru that the Star Sisters have been
engaged far another voek, and that Oua Vihale
Amkbicasi Cousin will bo prosouted again to-night,
togetborwith the romantic drama of Batas im Pabis.
A good bill. '
Report from tub Gband Jbby. At ten
o'cjocIc on Sutnrdny morning the grand jury pro
aentiMla, further ronurt. Tlio names of the accused
parties and trie oft'euros charged anninst them are as
follows: Jainiu Williams, alias Feony, gran'l larceny,
Htealing u watch; Cornelius Cansiily und Clmrlus
llavn, sriiud laruonv, stealing SIO in bank mils; Y fla
ky Tumor (coloreil man), in iliclous stnlibliiK: Ail am
KHIttr, two mmctmouu cuargiug malicious num
bing; Patrick iliiinitiD assault wiiu in tout icki1;,
, A. mil, riu larceny.
Turner. Willi iina. Gassidr and Hnys were bronzht
tip to Court and nrraigiiM, nnd entered plossef "uut
guilty," and their trials were sot aud counsol as
signed them.
Tho party mulcted as Annm Kisier, Tor stanDing,
wiw a Ourman between fifty and sixty years of age.
Tin was unalilfl to uudorstnnd the indictment lu En
glish, and wbun an interpreter was called up. the de-
tonaauc atnton inrougu una uini ins uamti wu noi
Kldor, bat Rousing.
The Prosecuting attorney said that lie was known
by the linm? of KIlHr.
rue aeit-nueni eniu no nan never gone ny iuis mime.
He wag rinauleil without being reiiulred to plead
until fnrthor Inquiry.
Sarali Morriwcatfier, Inilloted fir grand larceny,
and recoivltig stolen goods, enternd a plus of not
guilt' . An application was made to increase the ball
from $500 to8l,OiK, which her attorney! Mr. McOroar-
ty) opposed. Judge uarter intimated mat lor ttie
nrnuAnfc iinnrdnr would lie made on the subiect.
Tho total number of witnesses up to this time,
sworn to to bofore the grand jury. Is 374. ' ,
Applicahom to Rrmovb a Guardian. Jo
seph Burdel, stepfather of Mary Brown, a child aged
six ymrs, tiled a rule against Qno. Cole, to show cause
why lio should not be removed from tbeguanllanxblp
l.r.iA -1.U.I Tl.- n(fa r.f Onn lYilaurn , l,u ,, a)'
of s.iio child
the child.
Tii onrt held that the steDfathor had no rliM
over the blood relations to tho cuf tody of the child,
when it appeared that tho latter were fit and proper
parsons to have such custody.
It appoared ami in this case that the mother ox
pniKseil a wish that theaiint should bnvo the custody.
The respondent was, therefore, sustained iu the
guardianship. J. W. (Julilwoll for applloant; lias
sttun k for respondent,
InsaNiTr. An Iri-li woman, naniod Hatton,wna
found to lie ineane, and sent to 'he Imaatic Asylum
Any communications from onr friends will b
.nni-r.tlif, p.,..ivul Ail,lrAi 41 Prima RnnnrtAr.'
tVinnlrfitllV rt'Cdived.
Box 11, Covington, Ky.
Dtaijio Attempt at Robbkbv Thh Villain
Toiled tt A Woman. A few days since a darinff
thief visited the house of Mr. Robertson, a short ilk.
tanco below Ludlow, and finding no ono at home ex
cert Mrs. Robertson, demanded her monojr. Sho re
iinostd him to wait until alio could go to anotner
room and got It; but Instead of bringing the mobbi
brought an ax, Willi which she was about to deal
himohlow.whon, concluding prudeDOa wustno vev
ter part of valor, he fled.. It is thosamcperson, prob
ly, who lias beon committing sundry depredations
In the country, back from the river, forsomofime
SWo have heard numerous complaints
from our citizens with regard to the conduct of cer
tain hair-grown boys, obout twenty In number, on
last Saturday night, at Odd-Follows' Hnll. .They
congregated about the stops which lead to tbs fair,
running, stamping, fto. Porsons, and particularly
lailles, visiting tho tsir, wore greatly annoyed, anu
others, we understand, wholly aeterreu jrom going,
ffiff" Our Mayor gave notice to the City
Marahnland hiB dopntics that they would be re-
milrnd to nrrcBtovory person who violated the laws
against the sule of ardont spirits on Sunday. We
havonotyet learned whether any ono vioiniea ino
lawn, in tliat respect, but If there aro any, onr officers
have the courage to do their duty, anu win do it. i
&- Robert Thomas, of (his city, while on
a visit to St. Louis, a short time since, lost his
pocket-book, containing $1,2(H). It was found by a
littlo news-boy, named John lioore, who restored It
to tlio owner, who gavo tho houent littlo follow a
watch tndJlOO. A b ,y possessing snch moral hon
esty tins a bright future before him.
SVVe have received several anonymous
communications recently. Of course we can not
publish any thing of that character, ir persons
don't wish their names to appear In print, they will
be kept secret; but wo must know them in all casos.
Powob Coubt Saturdat IdoBMHO. Henry
Plleawaafinedtbreeii'illiirsfor assaulting a aegro
now. William Foley Laving boon on a "wca bit ot a
spree," was adjudged indebted to tbe city tho sum of
$3 78.
Fast Dnivmo. Frank Tudor, who was
ssen driving through our streets a fow days ago at a
9:40 spood, was compelled by tbs proper autaorlllus
to pay $4 30 for his rido.
0B Bit marriage licenses were granted cy
tha County Clerk last week.
tS- Prime whito wheat was soiling for one
Anvt nor bushel on Saturday last.
S-Two females wore arrested, lote on
Barda.v evening for drunkenness, nnd lodged In jail,
5D0ver four hundred copies of the Fnuss
ore circulated in this city,
fore heariiig
IBtibgcrlntlons,!advertlsements and eemmuiilca
llonSr'eesod to the "Press Importer,'' Jloxoi.will
be attended to.;
Soldiers' Band. This body of musicans:
twelve In number, under the leadership or Mr. Horn
.tr,UT afternoon, according to previous arrange
meat, visited tho German Orphan Asylum, back of
Covington, whoro the Inmates and tnoir lrionu.
were choercd with sweet music. It la commondable
thuitoenllvonanJencournsetlioiiewho have been
thrown npon the charities of tho world, and, to some
tneknt, by offices ot friendship, supply the deflcien-
clesoccaslonodbyanoany iossoi paremeuuu i.,
iCBSTtCBT Tows-Ball Cltjb. The projected
match game of ball be twoon tho single land marrlod
men, canoe off Saturday afternoon at their usual play
ground in Mewport. The married men woro badly
wotsted.aalueiouowiuKiaiij mu .
' Single.
cnf Innlnn
Sc-ciitio lnniiigs...M
.. ..19
. .13
Tlilra nininxs...-
sTourtn inuiiia.....
t.4.,i ' ' ; i
The married men must try It again; wo'll bet
theruyot. ... ' "
s3-Pawpwt most be the staplo produotion
'up Licking," as ikllT-londs ars ssen deacsnilug tho
river almost every morning. ' ''
SsfThere Was no business before the Police
Court Batnrday. mornibg. '
' . -
Steamboat Register.
A nTVAi.s-Melroso, rortsmouth: Dunlellh, Ways
vinJ'eJuperloiT LouleviUerK,ey -West, t'arkersburg;
Venona, inauieon. p.,., T)iinlefth.
I r..::iii.. M.m.rinr. LoniSVUlei Wenona,
i, Tt.v West. Marietta; Leon, Artessas uiver,
ji 4Jrtihaai, Oalroi Angle rlon, , . -j,
SATURDAY, September 10—3 P. M.
The demand for Honey dnrlng the week has con
tinued rsryactlre. Tbe offerings were generally of tbe
better class of names, yet tha supply of Csrrency was
not sufficient to meet the demand, and a number of
regular customers were compelled to leave their paper
with their bankers, with the promise that It should
be passed to tbelr credit during tbe coming wsek.
Tho checkings to-day wererjulte heavy, even for Sat
urday, and the general remark Is, what has beeome
of tbe Currency!
Onr leading merchant say that the olleottoos
from the Interior are Improving slightly, jet they i
net begin to com up to expectations, snd tbe re
sult Is, that our merchants are compelled to oall upo
tbelr bunkers for favors.
Exchange remained Arm daring uis entire wsek at
H premium selling rate; In some lnstanees, when -dealers
wore scarce of Currency, they disposed of thetr
signatures at S cents; this, howevsr, occurred In bat
ons or two enses. . The buying rats ruled at HQ
Gold dull at SO cents buying rate; sailing at AOtiK
premium, with bat Utile activity. Conildenbls)
Gold baa been shipped Sast dnrlng the week, a
there was no demand at the counter for It.
New Orleans Exchange nrm at Jf discount buying
rate; selling at par, with an Improved feeling In tbe
But little is doing In Unenrront Money. We aunts:
Missouri .... M dtsoonnt.
Illinois, Wisconsin and J.owa m '
itHiikua free llanki - par(g "
Tennessee........- - -........ M
Morth and Buuth Carolina -1 "
Georgia and Alabama 1
Hunk of Charleston, Virginia -1 "
" " Woston " '
" " Mauasua " ........... ..10
Nrw Covntkrfhitb ls on the People's Bank
Roxbury, Mass.; vlg. female seated with sheaf of
grain; 20 and bust of Webster on right end; K and
die on loft snd.
Ss, Bank of the Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin;
vlg. two females with figure between them; stse.ni
boat In thedistancejon right end figure t, female,
spinnlDg wheel; on left end J.foniale sitting oua bale
of mcrohaudise-entlrelydifrcrent from genulueplate.
The Clinton Bank of Maryland Is rsporte la bad
hands. "
Cincinnati Produce Market.
SATURDAY EVENING, September 10, 1859.
FI.OUK -The murkot continues heavy, and holders
are unwilling to aecopt the inrroiit ratas, so thst
the buslnwM doing is Quite limited. The traneao-
t ons ci'iunriiewnJ oris, ai ouiaw in ur
and SI niKAl so for extra, loo brls. extra wblss
Wheat ts reported at t, but this must be eonsidered
above the nurket. . .
WIIISKY-The market was again dull to-day. and
prices further declined J4c; sales SOU brls. at SSJtO
BHn , the latter rate for wagon. .... .
l-KOV'ljtlONS-The market Is fair and the demand
good, but ut prices a ahailn hetow tlio-s asked by
holders. The sales were M brls. mess Pork at 014;
50 hlulii. Bacon Shoulders et 7o.. nud (ki do. blues
ut (1 4-Hlo., aud S,U7ii pieces bulk Bides, light, at so.,
oopc. Wl Hemes Lard sold at lilc. ,
OltOCEtilliS-lhe market l flrmi sales of
hhils. Sugar at MW)4c.; 00 brls. llolassss at re.,
and2nobrtg8CoflVeatllMl2Xo. .
WHBf-Slie market wiiaauietand stosdy to-day,
with a Mr demand at our I set qmtatlpns. The re
ceipts continue smell; sales 4-TO bushels good white
at 81 D8I t do. prims do. nt l 10: 1.IXXt do. red a
'KJl-Tho?ols a raVher bettor feeling In tbs mar.
ket, and prices are Btltfer; sales W) bususle at 700.,
and 2.0UII oo. at io. ,
KYK-A good demand, and prices tending upward,
sales Mm enahels at 74c.
BAKLr.i wo maruoc is uuuaauswi www
lMtroport: small snhis at ewaioc. ;.,..
OATii The market ooutluuua dull and drooping,
lul'SMlli bushels at Sr.fc.
CHKE8K-les 150 boxes prime Western Bessrv
at Ss4:.i and 50 do- Kngllsli Balry at lbQlOjto.
BSS. H. ParvliiV Advertising Ascot, Bo.
80 West Fourth-street.
KB-Dnguerran Cnllery, Boutk-wtst eor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, Over Hannsford a
drng store. Pictures taken ana put in gooa oases i
twenty coats. W ai ranted to ploaae.
ill JOHNSTON, ia Sales-rooms, No. et Main-street.
liolow'ilnrd. Prime Hoots and Shoos at Auction.
WEDNESDAY MORNING, Heptember 14, oom
menclVigat in o'clock, will bo aold without reserve,
Boot", line Brogmis, Women's, Miwosuud Children's
Shoes, Slippers, o.mas J1)HNaI0N, Auctionw,
unr i Taiu HiiliM-moma Nos. 33 and 54 Sast
Tliird-Stnot.-Liirgc Pawnbroker's sale, on account
of B. Blayer. On l4lCUl)Ak- MOBNINO, Beptem
er lS,at o'clock, a lart'S "lock of unredeemed
plodgJe, consisting of 10U bundles of ' J
Slos' Wearing Apparel, a great variety of Ooldani
8 l?er batches. Olialna Briuelots and valuabU Jew
c ry of all kinds, (inns, Pistols, Musical and Mathe
niatlcainstrnmeut., and fr.
WILLIAMS, Sale-rooms 22 and M East Third-
SU Mahogany no.. s , - . . " -w"r'A-.
ALSO-A choice stick of Kurnituro, Cottage 8ets.
Ac; 20 Clocks, and a variety oi omor sow.
GRAFF AdO.-A very valuable Lot on Fourth
street. MONDAY AFTKltNOON, ttoptsmbn , IBM.
will bo floiu al niiiHiou, uh n biou"-, ---south
sloe of Fourth, Uweeii Western-row and
Johu street, a lot of grouud, S3 feet front on Fourth-lfiS-T
cash, balance in one.
two. three, lour, nve anu snyem., ,
lXroBtVsecure.1 by mortgago on the premises, paja
blo annually. mtlp;:r,''nDw',iw . .inr.
No. ldBaBt Fourth -street.
Alj t llll.l gjll,m. ni oavvuu....."
A 00. Larue fiile of Custom-made Fnrntture.
" , - . n-n 1 Tiul
Tuesday, the Utl. dw?f toir. eomgeyel a, at
O'CIOCBA. I... H I OHU. No..
ture nine nareniomnui in "
21 and 33 Hast Fourth-street, consisting In part tof
fyiir urnnd iwo'rooiu riiriiiiuiu, "r, r j
tarios. Sideboard, and a general variety ot plain aud.
SToFZleTwho are desirous of replenishing their
teVk for the fall trade, thoy will BuS.thls oiijol : th.
their attention. Halo positive, and all goods war
ranted. .o v T i4iM.
K I 111 jl. sum rc I vne B,i,t. mn. w - "
H. i,U4., um r OKAFF, AuctioTeer,
o. ll last Fourth-street.
Cincinnati, Bspt. 6, 18MI. -I
NO. 278 MAIN STKiiarr, mi"""
SIXTH AND 8EVKNTH, Mannfacturer and
Importer ;orsoaps, renuaer, au j -wtg-v--
aSeTin -lierCouib." ftfmm, UarZ
rJSand fancy Goods of all descrintl-ns; also a ami
pletastortmoiit of Uaiulkercblef Kxtracts, which
he is Jreparal to sell ata llBure lnvrer Ihan sij 'Other
dealer in the city. Also, received this day from i New
Vork a large lot of Duv d'a Blue and Black Writing
md MarWng Inks which the subscriber will be able
to sill at manufacturer's prices. 'iJV
cnB.iiis.i"""; Uo. a Ma In
a n...,ta m, Kntrln.
street, between Bixth and Seventh.
1H' in " n . uv , -
South-east corner of Sixth and Kim, Cincinnati, 0.
his lease of tho Bonthgate Hone, snd "Ponded
a largo amount of money In imlnil' oarpoiliig, and
?Xrnlshin it. iiitroiluc ug Bathing-rooms, Water
'Z'naiJl'ry possible ir'S'LlK
th rough r o t.iuvltes a continuance ol the Pt,"f.p'"
S lie feels confident that the bouse will b.
founi with its wcent lmprov.m,n ., Iija better
g3 TheT,cWU,Tnob
5nl..nt. either for up-town visits or down-town
Tlie nouae wm w i i ,,rrfne in aud from
d'hote8 or rprlvaTsoV. and' furnished at .11
Ia t-lr BarVAfl HI IUB leBUIV
rrVBSt for early train. And for th.
"the pnWtor leaves bis guests to spsak for
i'.., sVpl-am F. F, WATSOM.Preprletor.al
Gas Fixtures,
W viMety and best soloctnd assortment of Oaa
iLu JV. iiiV.rintl. consist in of all that Is nsw
or desirable it, tl.eGa, f taUae.
Jcafs from the time th.y are put up by US.
run see. and oxsinlueovr stock,
0ll,see,au" MdlUMlY OABSOW.
j jJl-oni' 143 street, near fourth.
Mocha OoffoeS, choice Hew Orleans Sugar,
.TerT -thor article usually kept In a F1MT CLAJ
GiHrUBUV. la store and for mI at low prloes, and
&d free f char. .fiZ$2;
isesee, ffj"". -"r,, ", 1 viUht f!I.AM4
Cerasr UkuU and VUis.

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