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"WANTS," "FOB 8ALH," "TO 11T," "LOST,"
" fOOND'io., in thlt column, occapylaf Hre linn
or lees, two Insertions, twenty -five cent.
WANTED AG JEN T To delist tnt
Penny Press in Hamilton, Butler Obunt
To an enterprising psrsoa, this is a rare c,: nc.
TTAKTED-HOUSS-By it lady, a fur
r , ,n,,llei1 house, centrally located, containing
rpm eight to ten well-furnished rooms ; would lie
willing to board tho Family for use of furniture.
jooiI references tieen and required. Inquire at Mm.
WAKtifiK't) Intelligence Ottlce, 308 Welt Fifth -t,
. . sopl6-b)
On tho receipt of one dollar and a postage
itaitip, the undersigned w i l mail to ahy address fall
J reliablo instructions how tn manufacture twelVo
different brand of pure lla,nors from tho raw
material, without using any oils or drugs, or any.
tiling Imiirions to health. Brandy how militia at
from six to Ightdnllnrta gallon, ran be namic.
tiired at the small cost of one dollar per gaiion. and
all the lower brands in proportion. M Ingredients
used are pecfoclly atwy.t, and can oo obtained It any
grocery storo. Triom engaged in tho 1 uunr tride
J .7 Tu ,MKiilll!.""lc,lon" "trictly conflden
rHY1?,?' ANDREWS, care of Lnek
S?-4..''r'c'"""". Ohio. sepl.vht
"'."""tl'ly acquainted with the auction
;n'"he? t,,," "Itnatlon a salesman rial
iMease address 0. U. L., PoatolBca. tuptib
' VANTED-SITrjATrON--As cartel
.7.7- i" ,hiT. c,Jy or ,ome of th boats, ly a
young man who In confident of ploaslng both em
ployer and customers. Address B. 1. OKOROB
I'ostofflce. aepisb '
VV"ANTED Bankers, merchants, proprie
.t wLi, i i J0,'0''' 5n1' ', everybody, to call
?t "ment '"'famine Ross's DefccYveln-
. . . . fccptib
young lady, a stranger In thiscltv. and In re.
iiresa w. I,. II ART, at Una oflieo soplMi
VKT ANTED Persons wanting to employ
(rood rtrMocooT' J1,,r',,,f "tuning girls; also,
v A itM tc R'a ' "" Q1 Iron, apply soon at M n.
betVcoi , "".MiteMKee.ee Office, 303 JTlflh-stroet,
ll2? Western-row and John. sopisb
v 7 7 Brought up, wants a situation In a good
wholesale or retail dry goods homo iu Cincinnati or
vicinity; has had fiveyjais'oxporience, and Isa.niick
2?.Aillr!)?l!A,-i:j Jhjsofflce, aep ub
Polnchamle, wax fruit and flowers. Leather
work, WMcbtiiK from nature taught in twelve easy
JWsoU. Mrs. NKWIKGTON, 67 Mnth-street, be
Iwrttn V limit and Vine. sepl-ib
who has been acoustamed to the retail gro
cery trade wants a situation in any capacity whore, he
could nuke himself useful. Addiesa (JKOOKRY,
this office. anpl lu
"mANTED-BOY About 15 years of age,
' lna ;en is' fiiriiiahliiR store; one who sppuks
l.ernmn proforrod. Apply at Ho. 7U West Fl'th
'" scp!4b
1TANTED GIRL A good girl to do
".T,,30 work. Apply at No. 8 Laurel-street,
MBjrutter. sppHti
0. Corliss, 3M West Niuth-stroot, four dunri
west of Mound, sepUb
WANTED PONY A Pacing or"RadT.
liiyPoiiyorsmnll horse. Addrvaa W. at this
olnco, naming plcu, ago and price. sopH-c
married woman, a situation as wet mrse. to
travel or take a child home. Apply at 42 West Kur
enth-street, to Mre. D. MTEYKNa. inplllaw'
WANTED AGENTS To sell a desirable
work just published, "Julian's Interest
Tables," conlaiuing accuratecalculationaol Interest
ntA,6, 7,8, tt and in per cent., both simple and com
pound, on all sums from one cent to tlU.llOO, and from
n?dy to six years. A rure opportunity to make
tltnnuV It, til unla nf flila ..... u..,l v1u..r..l
-rk. Kor further Information as to bucochh, testi
mony In Its faypr. nn d t erniB, address (stamp inckwed,)
brapplytoJ. 1XAAKI) DAVIS, 427 Flfth-stroct.
FOR RENT HOUSE The. dwelling part
of house 101 West Fourth.streot, nearly oppo
site tho Postoflice, containing H good rooms and il
titties, irmliv4ing dining-room and kitchen. To be
let singly or all io one tenant. lions In good re
pair, with brosd hall, batu-room and water-closet.
A desirable location for Dentists or Daguerriean
rovma. Apply to 0. T. JKH8UP, 102 Fourth-street.
BOR RENT-ROOMS Front ofnoe and
second floor of No. 32 Frunt-atroet, between
Mala and Walnut. sepiaht
JL fine mulns, one light spring wagon, one safe,
(of Urban. Dodd Co.'s inake.)will bo sold at abar
gaiu. Address Box 1,331, or call atW4 Western-row.
FOR SALE-DAIRY A dairy of 20 eows,
a horse, wagjn and cans; 20 hogs, weigh lonihs.
grofs; a good house and stubllng.oil to lie sold for
$dO0, and cholco, good cutom for the milk. Apply
to MICHAKL O'SULLIVAN, Walnut Hills. Tlhe
distance is fifteen minutes' drive of Fifth-street
and Wflll.entabllilbed ttnlnv Knlnnn. nf N. a
Kast Fonttli street, having seventy-five prompt pay-
Ing boarders, anda good translenttrode,
pariicniars inquire nn the premises,
. brick house, with ten rooms and good store
room, with a good-siied lot, on tho south-west cor
ner of Bolts and Cutter-strceta, for sale at a bargain.
Inquire of K. U, HILL. Attorney at Law, north-west
corner of Eighth and Main-streets. sepiad
first-class marble-top Billiard Tables, J. M.
Brunswick A Brothers make. For particulars in
quire at the Caledonian .Shades, No. la Vine-stroet.
tucky River Bottom Farm of 600 acres, about
noo cleared and under fence; a new house of u rooms;
largo barn ttl by luofont, nuil all theconveniencesof o
rim-class farm. It will bo sold on long time or ox
idinngcd for city property. Address J. M., care of
i. W. BALL Co., 35 Main-Street. sepO-aw
BOARDING A lady and gentleman can be
accommodated with good board at 42 Vine
treot, between grout and Second. sepl)'
BOARDING Apartments furnished or un
fiirnlMioil, with or without board, at 67 Ninth
Htreot, betweou Walnut mid Vino. aepl4b'
Now lining exhibited. The largest assortment of
any establishment la the Western country.
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
333 Fourth-street, near Smith.
above Sixth, is recelvlnjt a
trmh stock of Cloths, C'nsslmeras, Vestiuga and
Gents' Furnishing Goods, lie has engaged the serv
ices of au experienced nnd arti-tic Cutter, whoso
works will boar tostsmony to hlssklll. All garments
warranted to give eatlsfactlon. sepTam
SIXTH AND SEVENTH, Manufacturer and
Importer of Soaps, Perfnaery and Fancy Goods, baa
just received, per steamer, a lotof Forte Motinlaea,
(Jlgar Cases, Brushes, Combs, Perfumery, Beef Mar
row and Kancy Goodsof ull descriptions; also a com
plete astiirtniont of llandkorchlef Kxtracta, which
lie ia propareo to colt at a figure lowerthau aoy other
itenlorln the city. Also, received this day from Now
York; a large lot of David's Blun nnd Black Writing
nnd Marking Inks which the subscriber will be ablo
to tell at manufacturer's prices. Jobber and re
tailers will please call in and examine before pur.
rhaaiog elsewhere. Allklndaof Extracts at twonty
rlve cents per bottle. Bemember the place, 27a Main
ntreot. between Hljth and Seventh. lepft
718 Western-row, Cincinnati, Ohio.
rMT My bar la at all times supplied with choice
Liquors and Cigars, ie;0am '
TliUBSDAY,...;......'.........siiPTE3IBEU 15
MeUorologioal observationa for the
Pimhy Prkss, by Henry Waro, Optician, No.
7 West lourth-itreet, September 14, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
J A. M.... ....iuJ9.f t ''"ft
-"7.-rtrtWi.....i2v..' I i 7n
6 e. M...,..iv..vv.iV..v,.l 29.33 M
fnllmvinrv fa n Kef Atf 1U. Jl .
talued for nou-payment of ioaluBo at the
..o.uuiu,:, in uils oeptemuer J4:
eo. H. Brinblcy, Springfield. O.
'.'''S1-'1!.'!"1."' Oldoehnrg, Ind.
?,-':.?VH.- Huynes, Hurveyslmrg, 0.
W W Trimble, Cyntlilans. Ky.
John Kursen, Fort llipley, Miiiv
-Tolin 51 oore, unoav! lie, v.
J. C. Wemple.New VorL,
H. M. Bskor, CirgUvilto, X.
Miss Bather A. Herroh, San Francisco, Cal.
K. F. Stuart, buiidy s Lano, Penn.
. Anntnla Mai bery, Kowpnrt, It. I.
M ercy A . Itlomom, Mliimlslmrg, 0.
Mrs N. B. Bolibins, l'lynionth'Mass.
Jlurk s Baruos, i'lttsburgli, l'oun.
Nikth Aknuai, Faib ok Hamilton Cobxtt
Aobicoltural Society. This fair continues
during this day, and oloses to-morrow. Tho
bet way to reaoh It is by the Hamilton Rail.
road, whose time card can be found advertised
in tail paper.
Tho rido will do too eood. taltina vou from
the stereotype sameness of the oity to the va
riety and newness of the country. As you
near Carthago on the right, going out, you see
inoooBiiy ana oonventent Lunatic Asylum; on
the left, Immediately opposite the fair
grounds, you ee the extensiro stone build-
inns, known as the C tv Iaflrmarv. In which
tho city keeps her professional paupers.
we oars eon Uinintr nu
merous candidates bound for the fair, each ex
porting, finally, to be awarded the oflice of
County Treasurer. Near us sat a llenublioan
oanuldate, unused to the din and oominotinn
of politics, whose head was aching in pre
monitory admonition of the jarring uerve-dU-traotions
to bs endured in running over the
many ourveut trace: oi pontics. One of the
regular-faoulty candidates for Treasurer, from
the Amorlcan side, was magnetizing the Baid
Republican bead, by manipulations, very
much after the style ProfetBor Forrio, tho
French barber, uecd to adont. in soothlnir his
subjects seated in chair-tonsorial before he
shaved him or sheared him nf his strength.
The atoms of alarm seemed all to be hushed
by the gentle fingering of the Doctor, whose
name we montiVs, and by tho time the oars
reaohed tbo fair-ground the patient was all
right to meet the people.
While the candidates wero shaking hands
with the voters, we passed around the atulls.
observing the best of a monger supply of
cattle, and in the ring the movements of the
colts and the roadsters.
Well, we havo seen tho Hamilton Counlv
Pair. Its large poster had declared it "open
to the world I competition invited in all the
classes 1" We soon found all the world had
not entored, nor was there enmpetition in ull
classes. What's the matter? Where's the
fault ? Are fairs a failure in this county ? An
evident effort hits been undo for a fair ; a very
rospeotablo number of people are upon the
ground, but tho display does not evinuo a pro
gress which we know exists in all the elements,
which, if brought together, make fairs representative.
The officers seemed to be working earnestly,
but somewhat under a subjection, caueed by a
real or unfounded complaint that their policy
had been impolitic; then-expedient of doublipg
tho price of membership a discouragement to
participants. Tho disaffection caused by the
movement, which, although it was corroctcd,
has caused an opposition which has usurped a
large portion of the time of members pro and
con, electioneering for a rctontion of the Board,
and for a change in the Board.
From ten o'olock this morning until throe
P. M. to-day, there will be drumming and in
triguing, the election for tho Board of Direc
tors taking placo during those Lours. Weseo
by the bills that John K. Orcon, tho former
President, has rosincd. Wo hear of the
names of J. W. Konnedy, row Vice-President,
as acanntlidateof the Regulars, and of Charles
Ii. Gaso as a candidate of the Opposition. '
Pitch in, stir up, turn out, put in, do some
thing to bring Hamilton County up to the dig
nity of at least a third-rate county for an ex
hibition, or sell the costly round-house, pens
nnd stables at Ruction. Thowholo arrangement
of grounds, ko., is first-rate, but there is but a
mesgcr show of the bent things in tbo oounly.
Thete were somo good horses this morning,
but the premiums given with such light com
petition degrades the value and moral charac
ter ot nor moan is, cups ana diplomas. We
should be sorry to believe that tho bost vege
tables of the county wero exhibited on the
grounds yesterday. We saw some samples of
wboat, however, which deserve premiums.
The Bcedling grnpe exhibited by a Frenchman
of Delhi, named Engeno fluscr, would have
honored a place in tho P.xli.co Gordon Exhibi
tion. The beet samples seen by us on tbo
ground were babios in arms. Young America
in Hamilton County is very promising stock.
Some superior apples, peaches and gropes
were on exhibition, and the fountain around
a living tree is quite n, feature.
A number of plows, a rotary harrow, and
an improved straw-cutter, cider-mill r.nd
other novelties, combined in ouo machine,
were on exhibition.
The exhibition to-day will be of farm pro
ducts butter, cheeso, "hams and dried beef,
flowers, honey, pickles and preserves, poaches,
plums, quinces, grapes, pears, appl03, domes
tic manufactures, paintings, &. The only
articles of this list on exhibition of merit
are the fruits. Tho horses of all-work, how
ever, will be the card for to-day: those wo
believe will bo a good show. The excitc
mont of the election will givo somo interest
to the day's proceedings.
Tho blood-horses are to be exhibited tomorrow.
So fnr the entries of livo stock amount to
210; the dead stock, so called, to 450.
We bespeak an interest to this fair bv tho
people; it is for their interest, nnd for the
encouragement ot producers, mecnanica and
stock-misers. But, at this time, two fairs
are under way in tho city, and -the most
prominent exhibitors ure looking toward the
State Fair at Zauesville, on tho 22nd inst.
Let all feel an interest in restoring the Ham
ilton County fair to the point in public favor
it once attained. We can reform when we
realize our true condition.
p8k fight occurred on the street-railroad
oar about five o'olook, yesterday, as the train
was nearing the stopping point, on Ninth
street, between Counoiltnan Shafer, of the
Ninth Ward, and a man named Hugh Jack
son, who resides in the Fourth Ward. Jack
son wns quite disorderly in the car, and
amused himself for some time by pushing and
crowding passengers about. All went very
well nntilhe came to the aforesaid "city dad,"
who could not oantrol his risabilities. Ho gave
Jackson a pretty sound drubbing, and thea
put him out of the car.
9At the annual eleotioa of the Chamber
of Commerce yesterday, the following gentle
men were chosen to sorvo the ensuing term:
President, Joseph Torrenoe; Vice-Presidents,
T. H. Foulds, I. E. Ogborn, B. Eggloston, S.
J. Hale, J. XI. Dugsn and Morris Orum j
Secretary, Riohard Smith ; Treasurer, Robert
A committee of ladies visited the City Prison
yesterday, for the purpose of ascertaining tba
condition of the female inmates. Weunderstsni
that a plan cf reformation in this institution
will soon be offered. Tho ladies called on His
Honor, Mayor Bishop, but found him absent.
A British soldier, named John Armstrong,
was before the Police Jedge yesterday for be
ing disorderly. Ite stated that he had bhen id
the Crimea turee years, and came to America
for the purpose of enlisting in the United States
Army; that If let off he would go over to New
port and enlist, ne was permitted to go.
Peter Conklln wns fined three dollars and
costs by Mayor Bishop, yesterday, for ahusinr
acottplo of polioemen in the Fourth Ward.
He accused one of stealing his "dorj" and
called the other a thief. I '
A man bamed f upp was before the Police
Rourt, yesterday, charged with nbusing his wife.
She refused to appear agninst him, when the
charge was changed to disorderly conduct.
He was fined three dollars and oosts.
Mr. J. B. Tozer will make his last appear
snco nn any stage, at Wood's Theater, next
Monday evening, nn which occasion he takes
a benefit, let it be a bumper, for he do
serves it.
The alarm of fire, at noon yesterday, was
caused by the partial burning of the rectifying
establishment of F. Ic H. Hvker, corner of
Cutter and Clinton -streets, boss about one
thousand dollars. No insurance..: '
John Case was tried In the Police Court yos
terdsy, charged with stealing two dollars from
the drawer of a groocryman in the Eighth
Ward. He was sent to the City Prison for
twenty days.
Workmen are busily engaged in repairing
the pork-house of Messrs. Evans & MoKeehan,
which was damaged by fire some days lines.
The members of No. 10 fira company were
unable to attend the fire yesterday in conse
quence of the stroet fronting thoir house being
torn up for streot-railroad purposes. They are
certainly streot-railroad bound.
B. B. Alley's, opposite'tho Broadway Hotel,
is tho store to buy a suitable hat or cap. His
fall style Is greatly admired for its lightness
and exquisite finish.
We refer our roadors to the advertisement of
the "Novolty" Family Sowing-machine. It
weighs only four pounds, and will sew on fine
or coarse material. It oan be seen at the
Mechanics' Fair, and at 46 West Sixth-street.
Wc are requested by the family of the late
David Gray, policoman in tho Fourteenth
Ward, to return thanks to His Honor, the
Mayor, and tho entire police force, for the
courtesies so kindly extended thorn.
Thanks to Mr. Patrick Graham, of Cole
haven Garden, Ky., and Messrs. Toepfest Sc
Bock, for handsomo boqnets presented to the
Penny Prfhs. These gentlemon may be found
at the Horticultural Fair.
The Horticultural Exhibition, wo under
stand, will close to-morrow night.
Miss De Clancy, the pet danituie, will ro
appear at the Palace Garden to-night.
Another trotting-match, two-mile hc its, will
come oifovor the Queen City Trotting I'ark to
day, between "E. A. Smith," formerly "Mo
hawk," and "Lady Gay," for a purse of five
hundred dollars.
Two rowdies, named Wm. Livingston and
Win. Long, were committed to the City Prison,
by Mayor Bishop, yesterday, for the term of
twenty days each.
Two or three small fights occurred at the
corner of Fourth and Walnut yesterdayall
about a ride on the street railroad.
A coffee-bnuse keeper, named Michael Lyon,
wns held In $100 bail by the Polioe Judge yes
terday, to answer the charge of koeping a dis
orderly house.
By far the largest and finest watcr-molons
wo have seen this year lire those raised by
Mr. Geo. Williams, of Mount Washington.
For salo ia all tbo markets.
The County Commissioners yosterday dis
charged Henry Beiuker from the County Jail,
he being unable to pay fines, etc.
We understand that the proprietors of tho
Ohio White Sulphur Springs have failed..
A man, named Gordon Farrol, was tried in
the Police Court yesterday and acquitted, on a
charge of passing bogus half-dollars.
Excelsior Town-ball Club will meet at two
o'clock to-day on the Orphan Asylum lot, to
play a match game botwoen themselves.
We call attention to the special notices of
Jloesra. Marsh, Lorliss & to.
p$r A light-fingered gentleman, named
George Bainbridge, was discovered yesterday
afternoon in an attempt to rob a money drawer
belonging to a grocery at the corner of Elder
and Pleasant-streets. He took to bin heels
when surprised in the act, but wns subsequently
oaptured, and this morning, before tho Police
Court, the proof boing pnsitiro against him, he
was sent to the County Jail at hard labor for
the term of sixty days.
fZST Mr. Hamblcton, of the Seventeenth
Word, is not only an earnest, effective repre
sentative in the City Council, but is a steam
boat builder of some fame. The firm of 8. T.
Haniblclon Sc Co. yesterday launched a first
rate steamboat for tho Cincinnati and New
Orleans trade. Tho Emerald is owned by
Ca.pt. Ovid Williamson, and has cost, vithoiit
tho furniture, about $30,000.
J5t?"De Marbais has reoovored. lie was in
the city last evening, and leaves to-day foT
Philadelphia, taking with him his daughter,
Adele, who has recently been oonneoted with
the Marsh Troupe, iiis wife, Blanche, will
follow him as soon as able..
A New Strert Projected. Archbishop
Purccll and Mr. Peters have proposed to open
for dedication a new street on the hill above
Fulton, in the neighborhood of a new Catholic
Church. The subject-matter was referred to
the Board of City Improvements.
' '9Lcwls Finney, a painter, engaged in
painting a house on tho corner of Linn and
Barr-stroets, fell from a ladder yesterday, from
the third story to tbo pavement, broke his
wrist and otherwise injured bitnsolf, lie was
conveyed to the Commercial Hospital.
Who Found Them ? Yesterday afternoon
we lost a gold pon with ebony holdor, a me tall io
pencil and a lead pencil, on Third-street, near
Walnut. The finder will receive a compensa
tion by leaving them at this office.
Per3oxal. II. G. Armstrong, Euq. the
good-looking editor of the Hillsboro Oazttte,
favored us with a visit yesterday. ., .
STYoung Piatt the colored boy who was
rnn over by the street-railroad car yesterday
hud his log amputated, late in the afternoon,
by his physician. His wounds were of such
nature as to render amputation necessary.
pint is estimated that over two thousand
persons ware assembled, at one time, on the
corner of Fourth and Walnut-streets, yester
day, to witness the running of . the Cincinnati
street-railroad oar.
' Remonstrance. The paving of Sohool-alloy
has been deemed impracticable for general use,
and Council has referred a remonstrance
against the paving to the Board of City Improvements.
J!'S"A Fair is being held at Franklin Halt,
corner Sixth and Sycnmoro-etroots, for the
benefit of the HarrlRon-street (Colored) church.
JgfA match-gamo of billiards for $1,000
was played at Marble, Hall, last evening, by
four celobrated players. . i
CTLyman Saokett, who attempted to com
mit suicide day before yesterday, is thought to
be in a fair way to reoover.
pfLotA Bloom ueld, the British Minister
at Berlin, has bought the libnry loft by Alex
ander von Humboldt. -
Wood's Theater. The engagement of the
Star Slutrm Is draw Ing to a close. But th'" nights
more remain for the amtmenient b-ver to wltiiews
them Inthelratirsrilveperfonimiic. To-night will
l" presented the drama, entitled Tub Wi tt of thb
Wishi-ton-M" ism, and Tur Ijirru: Ikvii Miss Holen
will appear as "Ninimuttiih." mid Mis. lituille will
Rlav the "Devil.". Do not full tu , theio uduiirable
Film's Ol'KRA-HofsB. Another fine audience
S8f inhlcd nt tlie Jper.i-houo inst night, to wltne's
the Marsh TrrtUpe..of Juvenile Ouinedinns, in tho
grand spectacle of The (aIAii Ui':i:n. which pnwd
off with groat eclat. To-night It will l.e Tii-ndnced for
thabut time, and adde Irom the beautiful sceiieiy,
transformations, nd really fine acting, thlntrlcte
evolutions of the. Uttlo aimuons arc alone worth tho
pilco of admission.
Palace Garden. The niniinjror of this cap
ital place for inn U constantly bringing now clurnc
ters on the hoards. Ti:o latent en.ic;einontH are
those with Jl'lle E'tclle Ktmonria srul l'e-e Morris.
If y-u want to enjoy vnur-lf, drep In tho Palace
arden, In the rear of tho Horticultural Fair.
Bum's Panorama. This grand moving
Sleturn will ho nn exhibition this evening nttiio
Modcon Hall. Itcoiilnliis in its view tbo rvents of
tho Now Testament and tho wlioloof tho Lund ef
Palentlnp, thud nffording a Food chance to persons
desiring to become more familiar with tbo scenes re
lated by tho Apostles.
TAnv communications from onr friends will ho
thankfully received. Addreai " Tress lteporter,"
Box 2t, Covington, Ky.
Firs. A fire occurred yesterday morning in
the -xiKur-box niaimfnctory of Mr. Stundoboek, near
Jlreenup-street, between Twelfth aud Thirteenth.
The wholo building was reduced to ashes, causing a
los of about tr-Ms) to the owner, none of which Is
oofetnd by Insurance. The First liro company was
nn the ground, and labored to extlngtii-h the flames,
but to no effect. The ownor believes it to have Imen
the work of an incendiary,
Policb Court. George Munders wns fined
?! 7.1 fer drunkenness : flenrgn Johnon $U SO, Henrv
BlHok$7 nil, and Mr. MelMnren ?? SO, for disorderly
conduct; and R. rmlth was sent upfor twenty days,
for vagrancy, yesterday uioruing.
Circctt Court. William Barker, indicted
for obtaining money of a Mrs. Johnson under false
pretenses, w;s Tried yesterday and Hi-qultted.
The Grand Jury found true hills ogaiust Mrs.
Bean, on two sopuratn charges, for p:issliig counter
feit money. .She hud hecu held to lull fur hcruppcur
auco ut the Circuit Court, by the mngUtralo, In tho
sum of SMO, which wns forfeited bv her non-appearance,
A motion will he minlu thin morning to remit
the forfelturo.
True bills were also found against William F. Gas
kin. tor pissing coiiutoriWt money, and HK.inst Alt',
Kennedy's negro boy, a.nn, for a lulndeuiiianur.
E3"Two fast younc men, vo.tterdav. under
took to try tho Hyility of their horses by riding them
lutoa deep pond ou the corner nf Scott and Tenth
streets, for the purpose of watering them, when one
of the uniiuals took fright and threw his rider, The
horse escaped and the ridor swam to shore.
Tcrsdav's Stock Sales at Drovers' Inh.
The cattle market was rather dull; sales of eighty
head, by weight, were effected at from 2 to Kit.
About twenty wero sold by the head. Sheep com
ninnded from 2't toSSjc. per head for common, and
3i;. for good, lint seventeen lings wero sold, nil
stock, at (4 !.
jEff" Moonoy, the wouU-be suicido, was la
boring under another fit of delirum trcmonsyoster
dny. Ills wound was doing well.
Subscriptions, advertisements and c.mniunlcs-
tioUH. adrircssort to the. '-I'reM llHtWirfer" Itnv u-tl
bo attended to. J '
Nkwport Lodoe, No. 358 of Frf.b and Ac
ceptio Masons Ham, ItEofATKn. Lat niirlit was
performed the ceremunies of dedicating the Masonic
Hall, Hnd great Interest wns manifested, not only liv
members, out by oulsiders. great numbers of whom
were spectators of the grand and imposing perform
ances, Tho mpreei!Utlvis of tbo Onind Lodgoof
henituky organized la the tmllof the tioosof Tom
peraucj.ln tho second story of the building, and then
proceeded to tho third story, the one designed for the
occupation of the Mnsonlc Order.
Having marched thither in procession, an exor
dium on Musonry was pronounced by Mr. Lewis, the
Marshal, It wns short, elwiui nt and lull of strong
points. Flnrlaiined Maxonryto be us old an tho llf
lnioti of the human liio, but not fully established
till the days of KliigSnioni m. Amid nil tlicclmiiKos
and i-evidiitloiiH of age, while imtions have risen,
flourished, di-roycd ami dispelled, the Order lud
stood iiiimiitatly unit united. It wns a universal in
stitution; the moral sun never sot upun its umpire.
It niunlicreilaiiioiiil its member Solomon, its great
pnlrnn, John the KrniiKcllstund Johu the Hiplisr,
Washington. Jelfui'iun, and nearly ml I lie patriots of
the tuition, since the foundation of tho Uoverniuont.
Although not u religious society, it wns tho hand
maid tu religion nnd mora ity. Other benevolent so
cieties wore biithrnnohes of thl oldest of nil.
Tho l-iiulllul piece of nimdo entitled "Peace In
within tliywalls,,'wusthosong,iicconi)niulodby music
on the melodt-ou.br Miss Loje.
Thcncauio tho mystic ceremonies of dedirntliin,
tho nu-itnimi of which must ever remain hidden
from all but the liiillated. Tho dedication was to
"Masonrj," to "virtue" tmd to "universal boui'voloneo.''
Theo were followed hy su address by Rov. Mr
.Teflrcys, of Kuwpott, who represented the Grand
Heeler of the State. Tho add' oss was short, hut full
of pith aud sentiment. He, too, dwelt or, the ancient
diameter of the liistftutinii, its benevolence, exiend
liigcluirity to t)i living, to l he dying and the be
roitvod family. Ileexhorted Mnsnus to have but o-io
heart, tho heart of benevolence, hut one hand, tho
hand of charity; to nut mlk .Masonry merely, hot
to live und act Masonry, iu its lull and appropriate
sen so.
lie snid Hint while diwonl reigned without, har
mony dwelt within ; while gravitation held tho out
ward universe together, brothnrtv lnvo was the great
chain that bound iu Indissoluble bonds the moral
universe. It was u gentle, yot strong cham, and
could never be broken. It was not compressed
within liititudo or lom-'itiid" it had no limitation of
longth, breadth, depth or bight. If members would
provu fnithful thov would aeon be sdmitted to sen
tho tJreut Grand Muster in tho celestial Iiodgu. lie
exhorted the ladies to benevolence, to possess strong
hearts rather tluiu strung minds.
The exerciiiPH wotu then brought to a close, no fur
as outsiders wero concerned.
Tho ollicer of the now lodqo are us follow : Wm.
S. Smith. W. 51.; W. I'. Imnlap.S. K.j tlcorgo P.
Webster, J. It.; Lewis, H. J).; Harvey Ihit.J.D.;
A. i'rimin, Sic; It. II. Il inier, Treasurer.
Still in DounT. Mr. JT. A. Finer, father of
(Jliieiiinntiis Piner, who was reported murdered on
tho p'ains, addressed a few Hues ton friend in St.
Joseph, Miisoe.ri, fir further lnfuruiutiou, if it
could bs hail. Yesterday he received a reply, stating
that nothinfi eositivo wis known thorn cnnr.erninir
the killing of Ciucinunlus. This news still leaves
the father Iu painful doubt, which we trust will soon
bo removed by the return of the lost son alive end
Police Court. Two ensos of breach of tho
pence wero disposed of by fining thodetinqueuts. Jo
seph Sellninu was tried on charne of heiitlnit a pris
oner in his euro, but tho Mayor reserved ills decision
until this morning, on motion nf tho defendant's
counsel. Wm. lioliinson. for burglary, having bro
ken into a gunsmith-shop some time since, nnd stolo
a revolver, Arc, to tho value of n limn fifteen dollars,
wns sent to jail in default of gjso ball, and to await
his trial at tun next term of IlieClicuit Court. Others
were ongnged with him, and warrants have been
issued for some of them, who will bearre.ited.
Drowned. Joseph Forbes, nn Irishman,
working nt Jamestown, crossed over to tlte Seven
teenth Ward of t'incinniiti yeiterduy, where he got
ruthcrdimik, mid while waiting foraaktU'totakohnu
Intel;, milked out on a ruft h'ingulons the shore, nod
fell iii tho rivnr and was drowned. His body bus not
yet bee:i recovered.
33""Thero are Jive men and two women
confined in our jail at the present timo; four of theso.
throe men and one woman, aru awaiting their trial
In the Circuit Court, .
Civil Side. John Burgoync, administrator
of. I. (!. Tmdlow, vs. tlioOhio Life Insurance und
Trust Company and otlnrs. This was amotion to
Judge Million, on behalf of tho Jefferson liraui li of
the Stnte Ituuk of Ohio, to dissolve an injmietiou oil-
tiiincd liyll. (!. Sli Her, tho surety of hudlo. Tiio
motion wns argued by Judge WmiilrulT and Dir. Mo
Cook, and was taken under advisetnont.
No business was transacted iu ilio criminal depart-
tnont of this Court.
Judges Carter and Mnllon accompanied the (irand
Jury on a visit to tho Lunutic Asylum.
A candidate for matrimony, a native
Cermiiny, making the usual application at thoclork's
desk for a license, found Ills memory entirely ut limit
when the name of tin- intended bride was asked, lie
could give neither tho first nor socond name, and had
to piv anothor visit to tho lady before he was ilia
position to oulighton tho clerk nn this subject.
Imsanitv. A man name Imbolt, thirty-ftvo yours
of ago, Insane for several weeks buck from illtem
peruni e, was sent to the Lunatic Asylum.
WEDNESDAY, September 14—3 P. M.
Mouoy very close,
and all tho hankers complain of tho scarcity of Cur
rency. The merchants coulinuo to ropurt thoir in
terest collections as hoing very slow, und coming in
only in small atiimiuts.
The offerings from customers of good mimos, short
date, n re 11 ul to large, und tiio Discount-houses ciuiiot
accommodate theitt to the ful extent: lufeiU per
cunt, istli" lowest rate for short-date 1'asor say :uwa
lit) days date. Outside rate is lHiiW per cent. Tho
regular Discount-houses are not doing any Paper for
outsidu parties. Tile general impression on Third
stroet and on 'Change, is, that Currency will bo clono
for some timo to co'oe.
Eastern lixchango remains very Arm nt por cent,
premium, selling rto; buying ut h(d III cents.
Gold didlnt Suocuts, buying rate ; selling at ljtjil'a
New Orleans Fxchango ida'i per rent, discount,
buying rate; selling nt par(ii;,' per cunt prornium,
with but few trims, ,i:tiiius.
Missouri Ciiriniiey H dlscnttnt-heivy. Illinois,
Winconsia end Iowa, 1 if discount.
Kastoru Exchange Iu St. Louis H prominm, nnd
voir lino upward Tendency. In Ohiciigo 1H firm,
In Ijouisvllle premium fir clear Kentucky money.
There is a fair business doing on Thlrd-stroer, but
the principal Discount-bouses complain of the
scarcity of Currency,
Tho failure of Messrs. Wilson It Stnilebaker was
publicly announced on yesterdny. Their liabilities
aru estimated at 1:111,0111, Tho senior member of the
firm was tho proprietor and Malinger of the Ohio
White Sulphur Springs.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, September 14, 1859.
FLIiUil miirket cniillnuos dull, and the de
mand local. Siiri.r..uooiiMbOsolif to afair extent
nt $4 :, but this rale Is tiro, views v' bold-
on. 1 he sales ar cnnlined to I.VI by Is., chiefly extra,
at M on.:,! miperflncsolil nt H
W II 18K V-'I'he demand eimltuoes good, and prices
steady: sales of I.Sun brln.iu SSaSs., t'"' latter
rate nr.wngon.
PMOV'iSKUSS We bvo no essential change to
notice in the market. The demand has been but
moderate, a ml the market, though firm, Is quint : the
sales were M hlids.rincon Sides at 'J.Mc; ndo at'Sic:
o do. Shoulders at7.'-ltic, sod H tk. fheulders and
Sides onprlvnto terms.
lillliLKHIKS-A steady market and fafrdtmsnd:
Sales of l.'-o libels. Sugar at 7j7 "ne., and 100 bags Cof
fee at 13fl. . ,
WHKaT Thrre Is n good demand fur the finer
grades, nnd prices nri' flr?a?r. The lower grsdes are
in rnodonlo re-jucit, find price nronncbioiged : ules
I.Oisi Imthels prlmo wliito (it Si ill; f do at $1 ns;
l.usido. m"d do. nt ? I id; rial do. at ;loi;0ou do.
prim, red nt Si, and IIisulo. fHirdn. at l!.c.
OOlt M The market is stosdv and prices unchanged:
sales 2,000 bushels ut 700., and 3O0 do., dolivotod, at
flVE-Tliedomand is fair, nnd the market firm at
fohiiM.: a pal' y!'"1 bushels ut 7:1c.
II Alt LEV TM receipts continue very "t. which
has caused much firmness fa prices, and buyers are
freely offering 70c. tor prime new, Wifli.mt Ii-nlingto
any business of consequence. Holders nro penerally
asking 7.w. ; sales 10) bushels prime fall ut70c.,auil
2O0 do. at 72c.
OATS Tho market continues dull nnd drooping:
sales 1 ,0011 bushels nt 37,V. ; S5D do. at Xc, and M) do.
at .Too.
POTATOK8 The largo receipts from tho north
hsvo depressed tiio market, nnd prices biivn declined
I.',w5(ic, per bushel, rinsing dull at MitfMc. for tin.
shannocKs: sales .'too bushols Kcslianuocks et depot,
a! out:, pur bushel, and 212 hrls. northern at Si 25 per
ClKiPKRMiE Flour Barrels are dull and lower :
sales .VXI on lending, at 2Sc.
Steamboat Register.
Anr.ivvr.1 t'ndlno, Tortsinouth; Fairy tjneen,
Maysville; Virginia Home, Seville ; 1'arkersburs,
MndiBon; Superior, oolsvillo.
liKPAnTt'iirs l.'ndlne, I'ortsmonth; Fairy Queen,
Muyeville; Ur. Kane, St. Louis; Mariner, St. Louis;
.1. K. Bell, New (Irleiins: l'arkersburg. 3Indlson;
Cnroline, Nashville; Virginia Uume, Kuviilo; Snpe-rlt-
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
New York, September 14—P. M.
Ashes Pots unsettled: ? W nlfcrcd, with
sellers at .lsn; pearls nominul at Hour
ilnoy.aud lni&l.V; lower: sales 7.til brf.t. s?l
4 To fur sdperrinu6tute,g4 70W I 'J(lfori-xtra3tl,IWI
di.i 70 fur suoertlne wesiei'n. s-l7fK3l yW fir common to
good oxirn. Si VK''' tor old, and S3J!S 25 for freiU
ground Klilivlug tiranos extra roitud-boep onto,
I'lcislnx dull and heavy; Canadian Flour nominal at
?l 7'iii for extra. )tyo Flour dull at fcl .i(M ri.
Wheat heavy, null IfVA'. lower: sales Z),vo0 bushels
luciuiliuo; old unsound Chicago spring at 7(171.;
mixed Michigan ffl !lt Western red winter at f 1 1S.H;
new white Kentucky at SI Wol l-l; do. white Mich
igan at ?1 27iil. .'II; white fndiauasl 75; new whito
Soitthcrn SI aiiftl , nnd new rod Southern at tfl !i
m 1A. Itjeiiuiet: soles ftisi In. KtSlo. Harley iti)et.
l orn dull; sales 22,1101) bushels at f-'iii far southern
mixed; lUdatSe tor western mixed, nnd 83 for west
ern yellow. Oats linn at Z7(wi'M. for old Statei liKfd
tic. for now do.; :ra;3'Jc. for western, and XiCMtH". for
Canadian. Wliisky dull; 2io. off-rod, 2etc. naked,
Pork rtrnier; sales .1,.'jiio lirls. at?l.Vial.' 12forineis;
910 nidftli) ,17 for prime, ineltidinK 1,(shi lirls. moss for
October delivery, ou private terms. Hoof moro active;
wiles 5.M lirls. at $ :-.'sf!4 "i for country prime; J-i(iA7
for do.ni-ss;SjceiOfs) t'orre-pneked ';hicugo,nuu SllVh
12 fur extra. Jloef Hums dill ul SlXl7 M. Hncon
iiiiet. Cilt Meats sritrce nnd iirm; S4lcs 60 packages
at 7c. fur shoiitrlers, unil She for hams. Lard
steady; sides 6M hrls. nt lu'iiail.'nc. for Ko. I city to
prime kettle-rendered western. Huttor steady at 12H
(initio, for Olilo, and I7(di2i(. for State. Cheese qulot
a'ttif'o'ji.jc., us in ipuiMly. At tlie tea salo to-day the
cntiiTcguo consistnd mainly of nreens, which eoni
lnniHiedanatlvaticoof loi-2c; lihieks Jnro unchanged.
Cotton steady; sales 7isf holes ut lV'sc. for upland
middlings. Sugar steady; Muscovado .jU'iii'i!c. t!of
fee firm; "ales 1,."iiii bass at IISc. Fish Oils excited
and held llrmer; biusecd Oil 37Jt'j
tttdaiw.; Sporm 81 3U(iA
1 31,'i; w hale t:!0t;fl.
[By Telegraph.]
Philadelphia Market.
PHILADELPHIA, September 14—M.
Plourunohanged: sales for shipment of 1,000
br s. ntS'i 25 for fresh ground brands extra; S' 374
fur Braudywlno, and ?i 75 for choica extra; Trebh
around sunortine Is field at 55. and old stock ut 3-1 5'i.
liyo Flour di m nt S:l 7!. Corn Alt-ut Is neglected. The
demniid for Wheat has fallen off: sales b.WH bushels
red at ft HKdi 21, and 3,ISI hush, while at Si -(.l -'ID.
Ilyc is in ileiniind; sales I'.oi) Imsh. new Southern at
7'k;., and H',il bush, old Paunsylviinia at mh-, Corn
ndviiiicod: sales ,ikiO busij. yellow nt eoc. in store
and sic. afloat. 5,isl bush, new Sonthern Oats sold
ul 353tiii. Whisky steady: sales 'Ml hrls. at 272tio.
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, September 14.
Flour steady at $5 lor Howard and City
Mills. Wheat luiovnut; srleg of li,tK) bushels at
Si 40 fr wlutu, and l n,Wl 1.1 for rod. Corn firm
at S0ts2e. fn- white. nndrtJe. for yellow.' Provhlons
linn. Jiueon Shou Idt-rs 10c. Moss Pork $15. W hiaky
dullut 2c. for Ohio.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Cattle Market.
NEW YORK, September 14.
Beeves dcolined; receipts 4,500 head: sales
atr)(S1ft'jc; uversite price Sc.. a decline of J(uilr. Hint
ton advanced; receipts 1,31k) head: sates at $2 .rsit(..r 00.
Swine tjjujnnt; receipts 4,.1tHI head: sules at ;0?tfii;6Mc,
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, September 14.
Cotton steady: stiles of 2,81)0 bnlcs at 11 l,c.
for Middling. Corn quiet at 711(1" '6o. Lard steady at
IW Five srooti Fliotoaraplis for $1 atfllnl-
leu's, Hl6 West t'onrth-street, opposite Shilllto's.
S" Million's 1'liotocrnpli nnd Dngucreo.
type liallery, Knurth -street, opposite Slillllto's.
Bar One of the most attractive -spots In the
machinery department of the mechanics' Fair is
thut occupied by Fri's Hydraulic Wino Frees.
Visitors can thorn ohtuin tho puro juice, unadulter
ated. It Is perfect in construction, aud stands
uneiinnled by any invention of the kind overbrought
before the public. Go and sen it and satisfy your?olf
ns to its merits.
rs. n. Parvitii Advci'tlslna Aacnt, So.
80 Woat ronrtli-street,
C53" llncueii-caii Gallery, Sotttli-wcst eor
nor of Sixth and Western-row, over Ilnnnaford's
drug store. Pictures taken and put in good citsos for
twentycents. Warranted to please.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers
Manufacturers of Patent SIncliine-mado
Nos. 77 and 79 Walnut-street,
Improved Two-Threaded Lock-Stitch
$35, 830 and $:35.
JL mschincs has givon to those who have been
using them, in nil kinds of Family Sewing, lends
to recommend them to the public, with the fullest
confidence that they will rtivn oiitire satisfaction
wherever used. Aside from all hinds of sewing, thoy
KMUBninr.R beautifully. They rro iu all resptcls,
ri g rd s 'he execution of wot It, fltst-elnss inni-hines.
They nronow on oxhibiilon e-- I ho fair. Wo shall
tulio pleasure iu explaining tho working of our ma
chines, und givo specimens of our work to nil who
will favor us with a call at our salo-iooins, oornor
Vluoa-ad Fiftli-slrcete, over t'ols Sc Hopkins's store.
To persons roddinc out of the city, who will in
close us 11 triree-cent stamp, Willi their addruis,
will send our circular, with specimens of work.
P. O. Boxa.W, Cincluuutl, O.
W Agonts wanted tbroiighout Ohio and Ken
tucky; sophism
ohtnlnonr new slylenr Hnton Saturday are informed
that we have increased our futilities for manufactur
ing, and shall have a constant supply of this elegant
Dross Hat always on hnnd the " Ne Pius Ultra "
the season.
v No. 149 Main-street,
osb pooit maow FOURTH.
KIM TMiiil
t CO., No. SS Main itreet-Qrooarles, Ao.,
at Auc Inn. W will sell, THIS MOKMNO, fSep-tt-niboT
1.1, at o'clock, a grneral variety ol Staple
firoeeries. Glassware sod Wrapping Paper. , sepl
i4a Bilfk TdlinAKp.J H-jne'S. Iielwen .
FVurllt aud Fitthand film and rililn-sceeets - Will
be sold nt Public Aaotl In, h MOHHAV AFTfSR
NOON, t-epteiiibcr lit, IiW, at two o'clock, on thet
premises, Ko. 4 Tfome-street, a two -story Uriek
)wellltig, with six rooms, cellar, hydrant, sldn en
trance, 4c. The lot Is twenty feet front by ninety
fwtil'ip. Title perfect. Sale pesii Ive. Terms tl,un
rash, hslsnco in one and two years, wlih six per
i-e nt. iiiter-t, to lie secured hv mortgsgo on the
premises. C. J. W. SJ1IT1I, Auctioneer.
No. 221 Vine-street.
JoHSt V. SHtrrAEO, sr., Ouardiau. fepl.'-tt
-ta. wi
l lf.LIAMS. Sales riwms Nns. 23 and 24 Bast
Third-Stri-et. Iiurce Pewntimker's sale, on account
, V I . mliriJUhlV UllllVIVll Hanlon..
sii r.. iiayr. i'ii uiuiwift, u.u,
berl. ut t) o'clock, si largo stock of unredeemed
pledges, consisting of Its) bundles of Oents'and La
dles' Wearing Apparel, a great variety of Gold and
Silver Watches, Chains. Bracelets and valuable Jew
elry ef all kinds, Onns, Pistols, Musical nnd Mathe
matical Instruments, and ovory variety of goods.
sep!2 A. KUbLOOti, Auctioneer.
pr.AltBS IN
(Late Hunt, Webster k Co.'s.) '
Xo. 6 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
On the 1st of October we will remove to
No. 80 West Fourtli-street,
Vine-street, Opposite Postoflice.
Ladies' Stationery;
Printed and Fainted Show Cards.
TCountry Merchants) Supplied..
New Store
South-east Cor. lourtli and Vine,
PRETTIEST etook of Goods for MEN'S
WUAB ever offered in Ciuclunnti.
To niuke up to Measure,
"We bavoa
will be large and varied.
New Corps of Cutters,
From New York and Philadelphia, who profess to
understand the art of Cutting Stylish Garments to
JT For past favors we return many thanks, end
hope to merit future patronage. Truly,
Wm. Sumner & Co.,
Pikc's Opera-house Building,
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner John suid Water tf., Clnolnontl,0.
v.uinaisr.s r. h. t. lABiniaiB.
Manntactnrers ot
The Celebrated Patent Combined
For WOOD or GOAL. The most convenient, eco
nomical and durable Cooking Stove ever Invented,
for Steamlioats, Hotels, Restaurants and Private
lioness. Cooking aud boiling water for wash and
bath rooms, in Targe quantities, in any adjoining
apartment by the same ure.
Warerooms, 217 Main. St., Cincinnati.
KsT Bights to manufacture and sell these STOVES
may bo secured on application to tne proprietors, at
their warerooms. sep7
43. 43. 43.
Country Merchants,
are purchasing thoir fall supplies of .
Will serve their own interest by examining our stock
hetore purchasing. A complete assortment can he
found in our establishment ot , , ..
, Miscellaneous Books,
ToniTnr.a wtTU 1
Blank and Memorandum Books,
Letter, Cap and Note. Papers,
Xnrelops, and all varieties of Staple Stationery.
iht- Hovers are invited tp call and examine for
thomsetvos. . n,. .... 1 "-im
rnbllsliers, BooUwilleja. Stntjn'neri and Blank Book
Manufacturers,! IIS JHala-alrMtt"-'. ''' icpiao

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