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IioCND,"ointhlioolomn, ooeaprtng It lines
r leu, two Insertions, twenty-Ore oenti.
who hu had some experience in an English
Lunatic Asylum wlshei to take charge of en insane
. patient. Salary moderate. Address W. V. H., Post
office. sepl61i
w PEALEHS A vounar man of niMrinM
wlahca employment aa traveling agent; apeaks the
principle languages, and li well acquainted through
the country. Address 0. 0. B., Irj'a Hotel Main
streot sepltc
Telegraph Home, No. 338 Western-row, a
woman who understands housekeeping. Apply im
mediately. Good wages to a suitable peiaon.
. seplS-tf
WANTED MEN Situations for Clerks,
Book-keepers, Saleamen, Porto re, Coopers,
Bar-keepere, Mechanics, Ac. Alio, business chance
for men with large and email capital. Apply to
HALK A CO., Merchant' Clerke Keglstry Office, Ml
West Fifth-street. seplO-li
man who understands running cylinder
prr-ases, Adama preeflei, and all kinds of presses used
In job or newspaper printing. Address "K W.O."
frees Office, seplft-aw
Millinery Store. No. la West Fifth-street,
near Main. J. A. HENDERSON. seplfi-b
y-Second-handjniuat be In good running ordor
and hare threo Borings: mar be oither open or cov
ered. Apply at J AS. 0. COfiPEB'S Bakery, north
east corner of Walnut and Wnter-atreota. sopHI)
WANTED AGENT An active young
man, with soino capital, as agent in a good
business, to whom nn interest will beMven. Refer
ences reiuird. Address, for two days, 0. G. I
Commercial Office, eeplS-b
17"ANTED HOUSE By a lady, a fur-
nlahed house, centrally located, containing
from olslit to ten woll-fiiruislied rooms; would lis
willing to hoard the family for umi of furnilure.
Good references given and required. Inquire at lira.
WABNKlt'3 Intelligence OnW 308 WestFifth-st.
' w T On the receipt of one dollar and a postage
stamp, the undertignod will mail to any address full
and reliable instruction how to manufacture twelve
different brands of pure lienors from the raw
material, without using'any nils or drugs, or any
thing lnjurioua to hoolth. Brandy now setting at
from six to eight dollars a gallon, can be manufac
tured at the small cost of one dollar per gallon, and
all the lower brands In proportion. The Ingredients
used are pecfectly simple, aud can bo obtained In any
grocery store. Those engaged In the liquor trade
should not fail to possess theinielvea of this valuable
information. All communications strictly confiden
tial. Addreas IAVI1) C. ANUltftWS, oaro of Lock
Dpi 422, Cincinnati, Ohio, epl5-bt
thoroughly acquainted with the auction
business wishes to get a situation aa salesman in an
auciion-hniiae in this citv. Kvory satisfaction given.
Please addroaeO.H. L., PoBtolnce. BoplS!)
in this city or on some of the boats, by a
young man who ia confidant of pleasing both em
ployer and customers. Address B. L. GKOBGK,
Postofflce. aopisb
WANTED Bankers, merohants, proprie
tors of hotels, and, In fact, everybody, to call
at Mechanics' Fair and examl. Ross's Botectlve In
atrument. aeplMi"
young lady, a stranger in this city, and In re
duced circumstances, would likotoobtuiti animation
to write; is capable of acting aa amanuensis. Ad
dress M. h. MART, at thla office. aeplSli
WANTED Persons wanting to employ
housekeepers nurses or sewing girls; also,
good girls to cook, wash anil Iron, apply soon at Mrs.
WAKNEll'd Intelligence Olllce, 30 Fiflh-atroot,
between Vestern-ruw and John. seplou
O. Corliss, 303 Wost Hintb-atroet, foitr doors
west of Mound. soplSb
"VyANTED POJSY A Paring or Rad
w T iny Pony or small horse. Address W. at this
office, paining placo, age and price, sepH c
married woman, a situation as wet nurec, to
tra"el or tako a child home. Apply at 424 Woat 8ev-euth-street,
to Mra. P. BT EVENS. scploaw
WANTED AGENTS To sell a desirable
work just published, "Julian's Interest
Tables," containing accuratecalculationsol Interest
at , 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 per cent., both simple and com
pound, on al 1 sums from mo cent to $H),wo, and from
oneduyto six years. A rare opportunity to make
money in tho sale of this new, cheap and useful
work. For further information as to success, testi
mony lulls favor, and terma, nddrossfatamp inclosed,)
or apply to J. HAZARD DAVIS, ill Fifth-street.
FOE RENT ROOMS Lodging rooms and
dikes for rent in Union Block, east entrance,
Third-street, between Broadway and Sycamore.
Apply to Janitor, or
leplCsw Us Walnut-street.
IjlOR RENT nOUSE The dwelling part
. of house 104 West Fourth. street, nearly oppo
site the Postofnca, containing 13 good rooms and 2
uttics, Including dining-room andkilchen. To be
let siugly or all to oue tenant. Ileus In good re
pair, with broad hall, bath-room and wator-cloaet.
A desirable location far Dentists or Ilagnorrioan
ro.uis. Apply too. T. JESSUP, 102 Fourth-street.
FOR RENT ROOMS Front office and
second floor of No. 22 Front-street, between
Mala and Walnut. aep!2ht
FOR SALE The Furniture and good will
of a Boarding House doing a good business.
The house has 12 rooms, with large yard; Rout only
$400 per year; has 31) steady boarders. For particu
lars address "A, B. G.," Penny Press Office, giving
real name. aeplf.-h
fine mules, one light spring wsgon, one safo,
(of Urban, Dodd St Uo.'s make,) will be sold at a bar
gain. Address Box 1,WI, or call at 34 Western-row.
sop lib-j
FOR SALE DAIRY A dairy of 20 cows,
a horse, wagjn and cans: 20 hogs, weigh limllis,
gross; a good house and stnbllng, all to bo Bold for
$X), and choice, good custom for the milk. Apply
to MICHAEL. O'SULUVAN, Walnut Bills. The
distance is fifteen minutos' drive of Fifth-street
BOARDING A pleasant room suitable for
a small family, or two or three single gentle
men, can be had on reasonable term, at No. 163 East
Third-street. aep!6-b
BOARDING Apartments furnished or un
furnished, with or without board, at 67 Ninth,
street, between Walnntand Vine. sepicb
BOARDING A lady and gentleman, or
two single gentlemen, can be accommodated
with board and pleasant rooms at 141 Bictunond
atreet. References exchanged. eor16l"
i TJOARDING A lady and gentleman ean be
JL accommodated with good board at 42 Vine
street, between Front and Second. , sopHb
$30. i $30. , ,$30. $30.
Thirty-Dollar Double Lock-Stitch
NOUNCED by all competent Judges, who
have seen it, to be the best and most desirable Fam
ily Sewing Machine ever Introduced, rccnrdlenH
of price It will sew ail kinds of family goods,
from the very thickest to the very finest fabrics made,
and uses all kinds of thread, from No. 8 to 200.
Mo oil is used on top of the Machine.
Send for a circular, or call aud see it in operation.
Upon early application, State aud County Bights muy
be secured. -
Ansnergetin person ean make a fortune in a short
time. Agents wanted In all unsold territory.
, , , H. C. I 'R.T.HAN,
8c le and exclusive agent for tho TJulted Slates,
sepl4fmt OS Weat Fourth-atreet, Cincinnati.
Wood-Working MacMnery,
Corner John and Water u.iOinoIanatl.O.
NCT-BTBKKT, above Sixth, it receiving a
fresh stock of Clotha, Cassimeres, Yestingr and
Gents' Furnishing Goods. He has engaged the terv
Ices of an experienced and artistio Cutter, whose
works will bear testamony to hia skill. All garments
warranted to give satisfaction.. sep7m
have rommenoed receiving fresh Baltimore
Oysters, which are of a euaUty unsurpassed by any
... . ..... . . . ...L.Ulcn2I!ttJklJ (l.uu.
, . J a f -flnrnAr Nlath anil Vinfl
fjlmeacopj. '
FRIDAY........ .. SEPTEMBER. 18
If you want a sorrant, advertise In
If you want a house, advertlae In
If you want to sell anything, advertise In
If yon wtnt to buy anything, advertise in
Is fact, every want supplied by advertising in
Meteorological observations for the
Penny Prjhs, by Henry Ware, Optician, No.
7 Weat Fourth-street, September 15, 18(9.
O'clock. Barometor. Thermometer.
7 A. Jl 29.M OS
12 M 29.09 7S
t P. 29.53 70
pSP Tho following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
PoBtoffica, in this city, September 15:
Andreas Mutts, SandnBky City, Ohio.
August SV'eiderkeho, Cape of Good Hops.
Cooovor & Craigliend, Dayton, Ohio.
It. I. Surrott, Louisville, Ky.
Tan Mechanics' Fair. This meritorious
exhibition is fall of points. Dr. Musgrave's
Oas Stoves cook in fine style Ilannan & Lyons's
superior porter-house steaks, bake apples, pies,
to., before .your eyes. William Judkina, David
Ruffner, II. V. Ilorton and Bon. C. True use
his stoves, and eonsider them cheap and deci
dedly prel'er.iblo for summer uso.
A Mr. J. Hathaway, of Milwaukio, Wiscon
sin, exhibits a novelty of an attachment to
lathes, onginei, Sea. a constant leverage a
eranhlcss rotary motion.
Henry Falls, with his supply of oarpets, haa
on exhibition one of those superior Frenoh
pictures woven ia satin, being a likoness of the
John Shiliitc fc Co., with their superior stock
of oarpets, exhibit a pioture of the imperial
family Louis Napoleon, Eugenie and the little
one woven in etlk.
J. E. Moonuy. mechanioal agency, exhibits
superior light soretv. cutting lathes from the
Putnam maehin e-works, ulnnine machines, &o,
Nathan Cope, Salinoville, Ohio, have horo
for mill stone dressers and others steel-around
surfaces in boxes, to be used to prove straight
Ezra Cope a vounz man No. 320 Main
street, exhibits quite an ingenious osoillating
Anotbor young man, named Gray, exhibits
quite a usetul invention it double-notion vise,
Still another young man, Mr. William Don
aldson, has ia aotuul working a miniature
ster.m-eneine of two-home potrer. He oon
struoted it at the shop, John and Auguata-
The Roed patent French Burr Crist Mill,
made by Reed, Holaberd & Co., of this city,
has herotofore received a medal, and is again
on exhibition.
Mitchell & Ramm llsberg, famed for their
extensive manufacture here of furniture, have
on exhibition tho ma gnificent oak furniture,
(gothic style,) oanoni etl chair, secretary's
desk, &e.k of the Master Masons' Lodge'
rooms, new Masonio TeLiiplo for N. C. Har
niony .Lodge.
3fllt, JIurin, a flour-deixler in this city,
brought suit before 'Squire M oFall yosterday,
against a man named Armond, who resides on
Liberty-street, for twonty-fivo d ollars damages
to his buggy and harness, caused by Armond's
goat butting his horse and cauaii'g him to run
off. Huriu alloge d that ho hail business in
the vicinity of Armond's house; th t he left his
horse and buggy tor a few momentt', and when
he returned found that tho horse had run off;
that a little girl told him that Armond's goat
walked Tight up and gave his horse a butt
square in the face. The little girl was before
the court, and stated that some other little girl
told her so; that she did not see it herself.
The case was dismissed. At the conclusion of
the trial "Billy," who wns waiting "round the
corner," was led into court by a small lsd,
took a keen survey of the court, witnesses and
spectators, gave one "meek" and was led out.
In justice to "Billy," we would say that he is
quite a small sp5ciraen, being only sixteen
inohes high.
E8 The followin g communication was re
ceived by the Police Judge, yosterday:
Cincinnati, Sept. 15, 1859.
Hit Honor, thi : Judge of the Police. Court,
Cincinnati, Ohio: I iy order of tile Directors of
this institution, I hereby return to your said
Court John O'Brie n and Jeremiah Shay, who
were committed to this institution on .'he 13th
Inst, by the Police Court, for burglary. It is
proven to the satis faction of the said Directors
that tho said John O'Brien and Jeremiah Sb'y
are more than sixteen (16) years of age, anJi
therefore, are not 'legal subjects of this institu
tion; hence their return to your said court, that
they may be dealt with aocording to law.
Very respectfully,
M. JONES, Sup't H. of R.
J3Several days since a difficulty took place
at tho dinner-table of a boarding-house in the
Thirteenth Ward, between an Irishman named
James Burgan and an Englishman named John
Featherstone. The two were arguing upon the
subject of religion one being a Catholic and
the other a Protestant, when Burgan beoame
excited and threw a tumbler at Featherstone,
after which he drew a knife and stabbed him
in the breast, inliic ting a severe wound. He
was arrested yesterday and charged in the Po
lios Court with at abbing with intent to kill,
and was committed in default of $500 bail to
answer the char;o at the Court of Common
JE9A couple of Germans, named Charles
Nader and Josijph Podesky, got into a dis
pute night before last, over a card-table, at a
coffee-houso on the corner of Columbia and
Ludlow-streetf., which resulted in the former
giving the latlr a severe pommeling in the
face. Nader was tried in the Police Court,
yesterday, fined $10 and costs, and sentenced
to the dungeon of the Couuty Jail for tho
term of five days. They were playing a
game caiieu "sixiy-uix.
T"An infant, apparently but a few hours
old, was left at the door of Mr. Fisher, oorner
of Plum and Longworth-streets, early yestor
day morning. The following note acoompanied
the little oharge:
"Mr. : Yon are a stranger to the mother
of this ohild. It is illegitimate. Will you
take it and raise it properly, and oblige one
who is not only poor b ut unfortunate."
We understand the t Mr. F. will adopt the
little foundling, and train it up in the way it
should go. . , .
Last Night at tbi: Hohticultural Exiii
bition. Do ycu war. t to have tho last peep
at the fruits and flowers? Go to the Horti
cultural to-night IVo you want to buy lots of
fooaies ana p rentes ac a Dargainf (io to ttio
horticultural to-night.- Fun and flowers,
profit and pleasure. Let the friends of the
florists have a re-unioa in the Palace Garden
Bdbolaby at Clkvjs.' We learn that the
olothing-store of Thomas Aroher, at Cleves,
near North Bend, in Miami Township, of this
county, was entered through a window, by
burglar, on Wednesday night, near midnight,
escaping witn aDout $170 worth ol goons.
Sr A very valuable horse was found in
the streets in the western part of the city, by
Lieutenant Cook, about threo o'olook yesterdat
morning. Lieutenant Cook: may be found a'
mo a imn-sireec Dtatlon-nouse.
Pbrsokal. Prof. Dar. of Lane Seminar?.
and Dr. B. R. Mcllvaine, have returned to
tuis city jrom jMirope.
Mrs. Wesling. an elderly and venomous-
looking German lady, was before the Police
Court, yesterday, charged with assaulting her
neighbor, Mrs. McNeff. A Mis. Williams, a
widow lady, who was visiting Mrs. McNeff,
also came in for a portion of Mrs. Wesling's
wain, as tne wnoie anair seomeu very
much complicated, tho costs were divided
between thorn, and tho case dismissed.
A gentleman, in attempting to jump off tba
street-railrcad ear yesterday afternoon, about
four o'olook,. at the corner of Sixth and Wal
nut, made two revolutions in the air, and then
rolled over in the gutter, much to the amuse
ment of a number of porsons who were assem
bled on the street comers.
Michael Lyon, who was tried in the Police
Court, a fen days since, for Keeping a dis
orderly house, has instituted suit before
'Squire McFall, charging Police Officers Bliss,
Schreider and MoWilliams with malicious
destruction of property breaking in his door.
Tho case is set for three o'clock this afternoon.
Henry Myers was committed to the County
Jail, yesterday, by a justice of Storrs Town
ship, for twenty days. Myers stole two razors,
valued at one dollar each.
Arrangements have been made on the Little
Miami Railroad to carry passengers to and
from the Ohio State Fair, to be held at Zanes
ville on the 20th, for five dollars. See adver
tisement. Young Saokett, who attempted to commit
suicide a few evenings since, was quite eaay
last evening. Hopes are entertainod of his
The County Commissioners, dsy before yes
terday, visited the Lunatie Asylum and House
of Refuge. They reported both institutions in
good condition and under propor management.
The clothes-line of Mr. Hiller, who resides
on Riobmond-8treet, between John and Alousd,
was robbed of a large amount of clothing at
an early hour yesterday morning.
The attention of liquor dealers is asked to
the advertisement of the porson who wants to
travel lor some wholesale bouse, we nave rca.
son to know that he is oompotent for such a
A meeting of the Young Men's Christian
Union was held at their rooms last evening.
Intoreatioi; addresses were dolivored by Messrs,
William H. Neff, S. S. l'ither and Professor
Michael Julg, the Gorman who killed his
wife some months since, is making a desperate
attempt to starve hitnaelf. lie has rofiuod to
eat anything for several weeks past. Perhaps
he don't like the "bill of faro."
O'Brien and Shay, the two persona re
turned from tho House of Rofugo, yesterday,
will be tried in the l'olico Court this morning
on a charge of vagrancy.
ITenry Hymes, who has been retained in cus
tody for some time past, on suspicion of having
in his possession several trunks of stolen goods,
was discharged by the Police Judge yesterday.
Menissa Brown was charged in the Police
Court yesterday with stealing a lot of jewelry.
His trial was continued until Saturday.
The one hundred guns fired on tho City
Lot, night before last, in honor of the Cin
cinnati Street Enilroad, was a private institu
tion got up by the citizens of the West
Drivers of teams will find it much to their
advantage to keep to the right side of the
stroet-railroad track. By so doing much delay
and confusion will be obviated.
The attention of the reader is invited to the
advertisement of Dootor Ealing in another
Extensive preparations are being made for
the anniversary of the Christian Union to be
hold in this city shortly.
Bills amounting to $1,362 ii were passed by
tho County Commissioners at their session
The car on the Cincinnati streot-railroad
track will run until eleven o'clock P. M. A
good idea.
James Barricoe will have a hearing in the
Police Court to-day, charged with petty lar
ceny. The mammoth two-faced giant and General
Tom Thumb will stand Bide by sido at the
Mochanios' Fair to-night.
A prominent member of the police force is
makmg preparations for a balloon ascension.
May he get back.
James Fearless fell from a raft into tho
Ohio River, noar Jamestown, day before yes
terday, and was drowned.
Tho Horticultural Exhibition at the Palace
Garden will close this evening, when a sale of
the fruits on exhibition will take place.
We understand that the presentation of
the si Ivor cornet to Wr.A.fiientcrwill shortly
talie place.
Lot it be remembered that the benefit of
Mr. J. B. Tozer takes place at Wood's Thea
tor next Monday evening.
Dilg, who was stabbed some time since at
the iSaunor-VVara House, is up and about.
Noah Minick, an experienced and well-
known driver, handled the ribbons on the
Cincinnati Street Rrailroad track yesterday.
A man named Boerk was drowned in the
Ohio Bi'er day before yesterday. II is body
has nt been recovered.
Da M'arbais, inconsequence of being unable
to comple te his arrangements, did not leave the
city yeBterouj.
There will be an extra session of Council to
A pain we would say to parents who lose
.c .... 1 , . . 1. - . . . .- v
their cnildreii,cau ai wo staiiuu-uuuaea.
The fair of the Hamilton County Agrioul
tu ral Society closes to-day.
rha trials of family quarrels are becoming
quite a nuisance in tne rouoe uourt.
Thirteen prisoners were received at the City
Prison yesterday, ana two aiscnargea.
Twelve vasranls were sent to the City
Prison by the Po'Uce Judge yesterday.
Wiswell's picture gallery is still open to the
Cars, to be drawn by one horso, a;e being
manufactured by Mr. .farmer, oi mis city,
See advertisement of "Catawba wine."
Thb Race. The trot between lady Gay and
E. A. Smith, formerly Mohawk, over the Cin
cinnati Trotting Park yesterday afternoon, at
tracted anite a laraS orowd. The weather was
fine traok in tip-top condition, and the speed
olever. The horse won the first heat in 5:30,
and the mare the others in 6:39 and 5:41
E. A. Smith was unfortunate in losing the
in 5:39 and 5:41 aftor winning ia o:du.
NRW Ebapino. The Waverly Magatine,
Frank Letlie't Jllmtrated Ncwtpaper, Harper's
Weekly, Porter't Spirit and Home Journal, for
this week, together with all the desirable read
ing of the day, have been received by Pease
5e Co., Sixth-street, east ot walnut.
The suit of Desmond vs. MoFall, be
fore 'Squire McFall, was postponed yesterday
in consequence of a pressure of other business.
This is the case in which 'Squire John sues
himself. He informed us, yesterday, that
had emnloved six lawyers and empanneled
iurv. The trial, he save, will be after the
Siokles style from day to day.
fifr A large and enthusiastic meeting
the ilorron UluD was neiu, last evening, ni tnu
Seminary rooms. A great deal of feeling and
spirit existed. Samuel Warren, Vice-President,
oconpied the ohair, and J. J. Sharp
acted as Secretary jiro tern. They adjourned
to meet next Monday evening at the same
Fell is a Fit. A man fell in a fit while
passing on the sidewalk of Fifth-street, be
tween Vine and Race, yesterday afternoon
Ho was kindly oared for.
pSrK'D.j one in need of good pressman
isfened to our want column. .
M'lle Estell Esmonds appears at the
Palace Gordon to-night in her colobra tod dance
IjaFavoritt, arrajged expressly for her, by
Professor La Mormie, of New York City;
The election of the Officers and Direc
tors of the Hamilton County Agricultural So
ciety, having been deferred, will take place
tiif Cooper k Stokes will sell the stock of
vendible oddities at the Horticultural Society
Exhibition to-night.
Wood's Theater. A large audience wag in
attendance at this Institution Inst nlnrlit to witness
Thi: Weft or thi Wish-ton-Wish, ami 0bi, thk
1, iTTr.it Devil. "Narumnttnh" was nlmhal.ly ren
dered hy M la Helen, and Miaa I.uclllo aa "Carlo,"
elicited rounda of applause and laughter. To-night
theau cliariolUK, versatile sisters will appear in Lit
ti.r Katv and Tiia Fnnxcu Srv, Misa Helen as
"Katy," snd Lucille aa the "Spy." Aa tills Is. their
benefit night and last appaaranco bnt one, we hope to
sue a crowded home. Tho performance will com
mence with the Fuincu bY.
Considerable exoitement is existing in the
atrical circles in regard to the nauuTof next Tuesday
evening. The young lady Is said to possess a high
order of talent and a cultivated mind, and is withal
Iwautifnl ami accomplished. Those who are ac
quainted with hor apeak: with conndsnco of bur hiic
ceas. Piks'8 Oprba-ITouse. The Marsh Troupe
of Juvenile Comedians atill continue to draw fine
houses to witiioes their wonderful performances. To
night there will bo presented for the benefit of that
lrrcalstililyqiilzzicnl little genius. "Itascal George,"
an iinmeusc bill,consistlngof the gran J fairy specta
to bo followed by dancing; iiftor which tho great
comic pantomime of DuciiAi.tiMr.AOX an entertain
ment that ought to insure a bumper, particularly as
this is to bo the last night hut one of tho appeal aure
of this truly talented company.
Bum's Panorama.-We inadvertently slated
fcatorday thnt the above panorama would be onex
ilbit.inn lust night. It will not be ready until n'ixt
Thursday niglii, nt which tiue our citizens may im
prove the opportunity of fnmiliariinc themselves
with tho events' roconli il in tho hew Testament.
Last Iat and Evknino op thk IIohticui.
Tt'SAi, Exhibition. In tho evening all fruits on the
table will l s old at auction. Mentor's band perforin
day aud evening.
Grand Lahcksy. Edward W. Daniels and
Alfred Mills wre bofore the criminal branch of thla
Court (.luilge Cart r presiding) charged witu larceny
of wearing uppurol valued at 8 121, tlm property of V.
W. ItlrKailiinil, The prisoners were brought into
(Jourt handcuffed and reinuiuod so (luring the trial.
The prosecuting witness deposed that en the 2'M of
July ho went to his room in ttolves's Building, on
Third-street, and uponuulockiiig tho door ami guiutr
in found these young men, the prisoners, inihle. Ho
at first supposed he had mistiikeu his room, and had
commenced npniogring, wheu ouuot tne men seized
him by thucidlar.atteiupted to choke him and struck
htm several mows; witnea. However, noiu on to nun
until he was arres'ed. The other escaped for the
time. The trunk of his room-mate (Sir. Chapmun)
was placed on the tied and the contents were thrown
rutiud. Witness's clothes, piints, coats, shirts, c,
and h bcivie-knifo were takeu from hid wardrobe,
some packed into a traveling.bug and others were
lying round on me noor or tauie.
Sumo dillicultv was experienced In eliciting from
the witnesa the value of the articles. He stated in
most instancte the cost price, but appeared unwilling
to express any opinion aa tu what their value would
lie in tne marKoi n onereu nt seconu-nanti.
Sumo such scene as the lullowiuu occurred as the
value of an article was inquired fur:
Hrosecutiuz Attorney wnat was the value oi
those eassimere pants?
Witness 1 cannot amx any price.
Court Thev were worth at least something.
Witucas lo vou w ant me. Judge, tu Iswe.ir to the
value of old broechea? ILaughtor.l
Mr. 11. Urooke. (one nt de endant s counsel) hat
would tney oe worm to your executor. '
witness 1 cannot aay tiiev were worm one cent.
Prosecuting Attorney How, what in your best
judgment, wouiu you aay liey were worth.'
V Itn. s to vraomr
Prosecuting Attorney To a mau that wanted
witness wen, perhaps l si or 82. To me they
were worth nothlug. They were faded and did not
lit me.
The Prosecntinat Attorney hero asked the Court lo
direct tho wi'.nesa to give intelligont miawers. flu
could certainly state what, inhisoniuioii.tlie articles
worn worth, rrointheway In winch ho ceomed at
present disposed to treat the iutorrugatories put by
tne ninio, ic wns a question wnetuor lus property
ought to bu protects t.
The witness said e would answer correctly, and
not give au opinion ipon what he did not know. He
ilid not know anything about the price of second
hand chthes.
The opinion of the witness as to the va uo of many
of the other articles was elicited after repeated ques
tions, lie preferred, however, confining himself to
stating the cost of tho urt teles, and what they wero
worm to nun inuiviiiusiiy.
(In coming to tne Blurts, Mr. Haiuwin, nssociute
counsel with Air. Brooke, thought a circuitous mode
ot coming nt too opinion oi tne witness niigi
avoided by varving tho question and he asked:
"What would yuu pay for such a shirt yourself?"
"wuat wouiui pay iur an out siurc"
uYea, sir."
"What! that another man had worn?"
"Not a cont. sir." f A lunch. I
The witness stated that the bowle-knifo was worth
five dollars.
Several otnor witnesses were examined.
Tho Jury found a verdict ot "guilty."
The prisoners wero also convicted on a second in
dictmcut for u similar offense.
Win. Colley, indicted with A. Tj. Shepherd, for
stealing wearing apparel, (I lie hitter entering a plea
of guilty; was iouua guilty oi receiving tne stolen
properly value aaseaaeo at twenty -cignt uoliara.
A. vr. 4UUlO 1UI UUIUIlflO.
Nrw Mods ov Emancipation Hahkas Cob
pus. A negro woman, forty-seven yenra of age, and
Her seven cniliireu,iruiu uvu lueiKiiiuuu years oi axe,
were bel'oro the Court for the purpose of being email-
cipated. it appeara that in aome instances, where
slaveB have beau emancipated in the free States, and
have returned to ineir lormer unities, tne tioiiinorn
nomdn pnmmuinoi ineact ueu Kair iunotiu eirinws.
To avoid this issue, and prevent the judgmeut of the
Courts from being collaterally Impeached, the course
adopted In the present case wus to lilo a petition for a
writ oi naoeas corpus, auu uave it nieu nn me owner,
vhnrnmni In auu demurs thereto. Tha Court de
cided that it hadjurisdictionovortlie parties ami tho
subject matter, ana required iuu owner to answer
Tin then avers. Cbutdoes not vary his answor by affi.
davit,) that he haa brought tbo slaves here for a
tompornry purpose, auu lnieuus iu uiko mom osck.
Tim Court holds the answer to lie insulllcient. and
iW.idea the negroes because In the State of Ohio hv
Ilia consent tu be free. The ownor then produces
his deed 01 emuncipauon, ana mo vourt orders H to
lie made up aa part of the record.
Mtv James l'nrvear. an old gentleman soventv
years of age, a resident of Nashville, teun., was tho
OWUOr oi mows viurun, aim hid i timer ui all too cnil-
dren. except one, which was his grand-chlld. Mr.
JollilTo apfcurod aa attorney.
Attachment Dismisskd. In the case of
Unnilinirvs. Lowanstein A Hon. an attachment which
it., iim n ssueu uuauisituB ui'ienuuma w is nruereu
to be dismissed. I'. iSM for phiintiff; li. McL'ook for
Any commnnlcatlona from onr frlonda will bo
Bui SI, Covington, Ky.
Citt Cocstcii.. The regular meeting of
Council toolt place yesteruay sitornoon at lour
o'clock. The following is the most important bust
nnu, tmn.ii.ni.dl
iii'ilam won irivpn to notifv nropertv-hnldera to
pave Scott-streiit. from Third to Front, by the lllth of
November. iTIilsis a good move, and long needed.
Mr. llattersby prosented a petition from H. E. WIN
eon, In behalf of the Hons of aiulta, praying an ex
emption from a license tax fur their concert neat
Saturday cveniug. Uninfect.
Mr. Stevenson presented a petition from Judite
Terrin, requesting the Council to excuso him from
acting any longer as security for Marshal McLaughlin
. Iteferreil to the Committee, on haw.
Mr. SU'vorBon asked and obtained leave to Introduce
an ordinance creating the office of special po
liceman for the Seventh and apart of the Fifth Wards,
villi the powers uf Marshal within his district, lie
ferred to thoCommitteo on Law.
Mr. Hose, Chairman of Committee on Internal Im
provements, submitted tho proposition of John Har
ney, for improving the wharf near the foot of Scott
street. Pending the consideration of which the Coun
cil adjourned till to-morrow evening at 4 o'ciock.
March op thb Sons op Malta Next Sat
uroav Evknino. The Sons of Malta will march,
from their hull to .Madison, down Madison to Fourth,
down Fourth to hnucll, up Itussell to Sixth, down
Hixtli to Ulatg, up Urals to ovemn, uown oevvntu io
Main, up Main to eighth, np Eighth to Craig, tip
Craig to Lexington pike, down Lexington pike to
WllSllington, uowu nuHiiiUKioii u ciaiu, tip nixiu
to Madison, up Sladison to Tenth, up Tenth lo Scott,
down Scott to KlgniD, up r-igntu
to Cl'eonuu. down
Oreenup to
Garrard to
Vourth, up Fourth to Garrard, duwn
Hrnnt. down srtint to (Iroennn. no
Greenup to Third, down Third to Scott, up Scott to
Fifth, anil countermarch on Fifth lo hall. After
the inarch, the members of the order and Invliod
guests will take supper al the dining-room of the
Ball. We hespouk tnum a good time nnneraily. Let
everybody attend both concert and march.
Circuit Court. The Grand Jury returnod
trim bills against 0. Jones, II. Grauraier and T. T.
O'Hrien, fur keeping tippliug-luuises.
Bill Morgan, Iniiicteil for throe dlfforent burgla
ries, plead guilty to all, and was suntenced to live
years in the penitentiary. He protests that he waa
Innocent of oue of the charge., hut plead "guilty" to
it in order to Induce the Court to be lenient with
him In the two cases in which ho waa guilty.
Joseph. Kuse, for stabbing Wm. Craut, was sen
tenced to xlx months Imprisonment in the Comity
Jail, lld lined lifty dollars.
Gazkttb RieroRTER Mirtakkn for a Bun
nr,AB. Ycaterdar faorillng Ihc reporter of the Us
iette was present 111 tho poitrt-room while Morgau'a
cam waa up for reconsideration, ami vias seated near
the criminal. Soon after, while pisalng nn Hajlltriii-s-reet,
he was (ujooit-d by a German with '.'tblu
nlad you gits otfso goot-dcy lute you go, ild dey"
Tliernporterwassomewhst nun;)lus-fu, and asked
an explanation, when tho honest Dutchman nslted
dim II ho was not '-de man wat was up for robbing
all ileni stores?" Some bard words followed, but ao
ridlculoiu did lli whole niultor appear that the re
porter's anger soon chaugvd Into a hearty langh,
1. 0. S. M A grand concert will be glvon
by Mentor's American Cornet Hand atOdd-Kellowa'
Hall on Saturday evening. September 1", under the
auspices of Hie Collin' Lodgn No. 1, Sons of Mlta,
or ine ueueiit ot me poor. Ticketa thirty cents,
n. B. Iiumeiliatelv after the i"init th niMniliMi
of tho order will meet in their hull for thi purpose of
parade, In comnieiiiurstion uf the restoration of the
ironi;rown. .ncmmmoi aiiierentiodsea are partic
ularly requested to attend. Byorovrof the commit
tee. K. M. Carlisle was sworn in Clerk of tha
"Circuit Court," not of the "County Court," as an
nounced by the Knquirer. Our good-looking friend
Kemp Carter atill holds his place in tho County
Court, though he haa been annoyed greatly sine the
Enquirer s announcement with persona niakincr in.
quirr as to his reason for leaving the situation he
has filled with so much honor to himself.
William Oossin was, vepterday. tried in the
Circuit Court for grand larceny, aud when the jury
returned the verdict of not guiltr. he was so over
joyed that he faiuted away. a , ,
Stuck Sams. The following: are the sales
of stock at Drover's Inn, oa Wednesday: Cattle, f
by the pound, and a few by tho head. Hogs. SO
stock at 4'H cents. Cattle were rather dull sale, at
from 2'i to 3'ic, wilh a slight downward tendency.
Police Counr. Several persons were fined
yesterday morning for drunkenness and dhtorderly
conduct, nnd one, Jerry Mclutyro.sent up for twenty
days for vagrancy.
The large new thrce-storv brick house, be
longing to Amos fihinkel, nt the eastend of Third
atreet, lo ur the Jjicklng, is approaching to comple
tion, and will be an ornament to that part of the
ISllbscriotions. ailvorfisfmenta and ramnmnfoa.
Hons, addressed to the "Pns Iteportver," BoxoJ.will
be attended to.
City Couscir, Last Xioiit. The recrular
meeting of the Council convened last night, the
fresidunt in tho chair.
Ills minutes were rend nnd adorned. The commit.
tees wero culled, and a Urge amount of unimportant
uu.munu iritusucivu.
A question arose as to tun dutv nf Mnnn. nwnlncr
coruer-lots to pave the corners. A motion was uinde
to refer the subject to the Committee on Law, but
wio v.oniHiu reguruing as a very suian matter, it
wus lust.
two bids were received for the bnitdins' nf llm
lull. Referred to Uuinmiltee on ;Publio lluildinjra.
wini instruction to r.port on tho next Thursday
evening. .
Campbell Cocntv Fair. We Benin call at
tention to the exhibition of the Campbell County
Agricuuiirai nooiety, at tneir lair grounds near
Alexandria, to commence on nxt Tuesday, and con
tinue the remainder uf the week. The onniDatitioii
of the whole Union ia invited, and wo liavo uo doubt
it will create much intorosl. Stock, agricultural
products, tho various works of mechanical skill ami
tlio products of the loom, will be on exhibition com
peting for the prized, not so much for their value aa for
the championship. For the better accommodation
of passengers from Newport, a regular omnibus will
leave for the liiireach morning at six o'clock Ad
mission to the grounds for persons over fifteen,
twenty-five cents; between ten and fifteen, ton cents;
under ten free; eucu horse live cents.
Persons wbo are in tha habit of driving at a
2:1(1 speed over Licking bridge are cautioned against
doiugsnuny more, aa tho collectors Intend hereafter
to seo tho law enforced to the letter. It is a mutter
about which nuno can plead ignorance, for besides
tun genorai rule concerning nrlugea, tlio eyes ot tliu
person driving over thla one la saiuted with a warn
ing ill large letters, so nlaln that "In who runs mm
read.'.' , ,
BrtF.Afiii op Tbust. A man named Nelson.
who has forsomotlmebecndrlvingan express wniron
on shares, for Win. Greer, nfew duva ago concluding
ne coma uiiiko money luster uy Helling tne Horse anil
vehicle, than hv can-ving goods, sold the whuleriir to
n Mr. .1. 1). Patch, of Lyuthiann, ay , ami received
twenty-sown dollars in cash, and took an obligation
for the remainder, lie lias aiace liven mlaaing, and
otllrers have failed to find his wboicubouts. Nelson
naa a laiuiiy in newport.
On acoount of the severe illness of a mem-'
her of his family. Mayor Hawkina was unable to
attend the Police Court yesterday morning, nnd the
duties of his ollice wero discharged liv Esquire Payne.
For this reason no decision has beeu rendured iu
the case of the Coiuuiunwuultu vs. Seluian.
Four individuals, named Quinly, Carnab.m,
Mshoiiyand Uowlen, were lined SI end costs, each,
for breach of peace, and .(nines Cole $" for same of
fense, by lisquiro l'ayne; nlso Mary Mullen, impris
oned for oue hour for drunkenness This composed
tiie total uf tho police business yesterday.
Bound for tiie Fair Yesterday throe
Comet Morgan colts passed through our city bound
for the li ami I ton County Fair, They are the prop
erty of Messrs. Thayer nnd Wright, who expect to
have the ribbons att ached to t hem. They are Camp
bell County stuck, and aru aged six months,
Scaled proposals will be received by the
City Council until the Wtli Inst., for paving the nn
paved side-walks oa Bladisun-street, from Licking
river to Last Kow street ; also, for paving the un
paved aide-walks on ltobort-Htroet, between JetVersou
uud. Mayo,
INDIANAPOLIS, September 15.
MAitaiRD. On Thursday, September 15, by
tin? Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. Richard T. 'Brown to Miss
Molly J. Keely nil uf Indianapolis. Dick, who was
formerly of Cincinnati, is 11 good follow, and wo
heartily unite with hia many friends In wishing him
success. May High Heaven ever bless the twain.
Ths Stkaii Fire-Enoink Question. As
another Indication of the popular sentiment In favor
of steam llre-ougines, wo learn that the several Insu
rance companies having otlices here are strongly in
their favor, and expiese u willingness to assist io the
purchase of one.
Commitments. Wo learn from tho morning
papers that during the quarter ending the llithinst.,
two hundrod and nighty-six commitments have beeu
nindo to our Comity Jail, eighty-four for offenses
ngslnst the State, aud thc remaindur for violating
Whisky Doiniis. On the 00m plain t of a
Mrs. Kensel, Justice Conlin yesterday lined the
keeper of a doggery near Wb itn Bivor bridge $20 for
selling ll'iuor to hor husband. It appears that in
going out to some of the country ville.gesou business
for his employer, ho unwittingly halted to have
his llask filled. Not holding the ''preclona nil," be
thuught it economy to drink the remainder, and at
the suggestion of some rowdies added aome bitters.
The dose proved too much for his recollection, and
while in that condition he was sot upon by the row dy
party and shamefully beaten.
Thb First ok thk Ssasox. The first oorn
rrnori tied sound in tho ear that we havn aenn una
some days ago at Mr.ThoiiinB'srocery,anVirglnia-
avenue. At waa ruicu near 1110 city. 11 is wortu
about lifty-flve centspr bushel.
THURSDAY, September 15—3 P. M.
was an improved feeling In money
matters to-day, yot currency continues Tery olose,
and the Discount-homes will not or can not extend
thtiir discount lino at preeont. Paper Is otfered for
insconiii, just at tins lime, uy parties wno do not oak
for nn nccommodntion once in six montha or a vt.nr.
and this class of customers are the only ones who
can be accommodated, the rate being l(l,ai2 per cent.
The leading Discount-homes are not doing any paper
for outside parties, for they can dispose of all their
spate currency to their regular depositors, who they
uiuat inav vole 01 iu prou'ieuuu iu any ulnars,
Exchange romaiua uuito firm nt lit nor i.ent niv
mium, soiling rate ; buying ut .194u cents. Supply
equal to tliu demand.
Gold dull 30 cents premium buying, selling at 40
U Derceiit. premium.
' Now, Orleans Exchange HH discount, buying
n '. seuiuK ai. par(aiu pruuiiuui, witu Put lew
ira.tnrn Kynbancrit fn R. T.,l. .V -umI
veryllmi; hi Chicago 1M, ttrm; in Louisville i fur
Va,,ilrv :,,rmn-.tf
We Qiiotj uncurrent funds ;
Missouri ..,. discount
Illinois, Wlsoousin and Iowa Vi "
TenDCMce!.,,.,,! "
norm anu oouin uirouua 1
Indiana tree Ranks parM "
Georgia and Alabama 1 "
Bank of Westun, Virginia 2.'. "
" Mnnaasa " lo "
No change to report in Land Warrruuta.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
THURSDAY EVENING, September 15, 1859.
KLOUR Thero is very Utile change In 'he general
aspect 01 rue mnraet; tne ueiuanu coutltiuos local
and limited, but holders unwilllns'to makonnv con
cessions. The aalos Hn contlned to 7110 brie., nt $1
(($4 tsiiorsupornne, ana 94 ootion lor extra. a,usi oris,
were received tho last twenty-four hours,
WIlItiKY -The deruund ia good, and fie market
Arm: sales of 1,100 brls. at Z!!itVOHo, the latter rate
for wngon.
PROVISIONfl-No chanee: r1 brls. Mesa Pork
aold at $14; lOhhda. Bacon Sides at 9;HiC., and loObrls.
Lard atKWc.
oROOKKIES-Tlie d- mand for Sugar Is good, with
sales ot 2r,.l 11 lulu. In lota, at okitorc, rhiny iHifatf.'sc
Muliisscs is selling at 30,'5(W7c. Uollce steady ut ll'i
WIIKAT There wns a good demand for all grades
t.i-dny, and the market ruled firm, notwithstanding
tho unfavorable reports from Now York. Theanlrs
comprii-e 8'ifl bushels prima whitest SI IA; 1,(100
red at f I Cu; l,2ii do. fair red at ttt; lisi do. fair do.
., i-, iu. ,',H, niiiointfi i hiiu rai (III, ab CI
CORN Tho market is rather easier, and prices
tending downward: antes 3,000 bushels at 70o., and
a,ioi- ,111. hi oiic.
BARLKY-There Is a good demand fornrimn
at 7Uc.,nnd spring ut iV'ic : sales .oo bushels prime
spring hi 11.10 ; on, uo. interior lau at kic., anu An)
nrlme do. at ?(c.
HVK The demand la fair, anil prices steady at
OATS Tho market remains dull, and prices
drcnui uc: ank-s Boo luwhels at IWc.
I'dTfTOKS-The market is very dull and nnset-
iieu, ow iu 01 mi-go roceipia irom me ortii 01 an ar
ticle not fully ripe, mid conaeiiuontly unsafe to keep,
aud these receipts have been forced off, on arrival,
considerably less prices than a prims article will
command The sides to-day were :ton bushels Noshan
nocks at Ma per hnshvl; nun do. Northern at 'Mc., and
!m nriH. an. nl tl Ki )ier hrl.
CM KK.SE -Hales :KjU 'hixob prims W. R. at f (J?j4e
Market verv firm. '
SKKD Tinothv Is arriving more freolv. and
markot is dull and prices lower: talcs 17.1 lotahela
nt $2 4u; small lots are selling 110m store at 52 on,
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, September 15.
Cotton steady: aah LMNUi balea at )lao. for mid.
'Illug Pork linn at U fur western mess. Flour
prm at SI TO lor superuus, and $4 soiorsxliu.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 15—P. M.
g.'iur verv heavy, and 10(i2llo. lowsr: sale
.lis,1 SJ-la, al $1 JVS.4 oi liir mperhne Slate; $ f
for. vera do.; SI 2.vit4 Gil for miperrine Western;
4 6.'i4 80 fur common to good extra Weato-ti; It
4 W. for old, and ai for fresh-ground .l,ir,.. .:
brands extra roiindhoop Ohio; oUiaing heavy, (.'an,
dlim nominal at it IXfui for extra. Kye Flour quiei
at $3 :r. .in. v heat declined fully 3c. per bush !-.
sales Xt,4Kin lamhels l Si iOfiul 25 for white W,vtnr.
tfl W I l' for r'il ' Western; 1 U lor Triw.iiiMc '
Club; ($1 Iff-. I aif.i;whlleCanadln, audSl (",1 '
for new white Kfnrncky. Uya heavy: aalua .'4
bushels ut 7'0 lUtiey qulat. . Corn oponel htuv.;
closed bioyiit; ! 4,600 bushels at 80K83c.frt"
mixd Wete-n; sr,Vc. for round yellow. Oat
steady, at .I7cuilc. f .r old and new State; 36r!9c. for
W'estern; 3S(i(il(lc. tor Canadian. Whisky a a had 9
easier: sales aKl oris, at 'to. Meis l'orlt Heady anil
nne)iaug.d. while prime ia firmer: sales 2,320 brla. at
Sl.''.H U fur moss; 117 lor clear; SKI Ml for primn,
Inclinllng 900 brls. mess, sellera' option, Septembor,
at 815 12. Beef steady: sales SS0 brls. at $.1 ?rf, V
for eoimtry prime; $ti(7 for do mess; alo ,'.') lor
re-packed Chicago, and $Ugl2for eitia.fo. Bmnil
sales Bnef Hams at $IW.f. Bacon ou'ju ;. Iu
tierces batged Hums at I Sc. Cut MeMoArm: .lales
70 packages at 7Sc. f r i.'innlderanud sHiffiSc. for
Hams. Lard unlet: m'f - 3M brls. at Ur.VtiSU.'i lor
Hu. 1 city to prime kett' ; tendered Westecu. Entlur
uulet, at I'-'HMIoc. ,r - ihio aad 17(foaio. for .Muto.
Clioese u.uint, at nao c ,
Cotton advanced .', .: sales l.CflO bains at ll'lt
U'Mo. for middling u; hid. Rugar atendv, hut ac
tive. Coffee firm at I ll2c. Freights flrmor. ' .
1 ' ::'.
[By Telegraph.]
Philadelphia Market.
PHILADELPHIA, September 15—M.
Old stock Flour is neglected: sales to the
trade at $1 .'HK-fi.1 YlH for old stock and fresh-ground
superfine, and 14 7A6 '0 for old extra and fancy, ac
cording to quality, aw brls. recently-ground llya
Flour sold nt $3H7M. Pennsylvania Corn Ileal la held
at $330. Wheat dull and prloos lo. lower: soles 3,a
bush, at Si 20 tor red, and 81 2i(S)l 32 for fair I
prima white. Rve wanted at 7Sc. for uowtioutherD, .
and. hoc. for oil Pannsylvaiiia. Corn is in good d '
mnnd: sales H.OIH) bush, yellow at KOc., in store, and.
81c. afloat. Oats In limited demand: sab s ct jm
hush, new Delaware at 3' Mid. The q. uhjiI for
Whisky ia limited at 8727Ho. '
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
Baltimore Market. BALTIMORE, September 15—M.
Flour dull at $5 for Howard-street '.Vd-nt
dull but urn-hanged: aalea 1V0) bushels at St S'l 4&
fur while and $1 lodsl 17 furred. Cornbouyaul: vliita
RKiiW3c.; yellow H3(cS4o. Provisions steady and un
changed. Whisky dull at 2So.
Vers. II. Parvln, Advertlln Asent, Wo.
80 Weat Fonrtn-strect.
WUaguerrean Gallery, South-wpsl cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Ilannaf rd i
drug store. Pictures taken and put In good casea for
twonty cents. Warranted to please.
HTON.ln Balo-rooma So. 93 Maio-strot. noil
to the Trust Company Bank. Dry Uood,Ci.i) iors
Goods, r.oota, hhoes, lints, &c, at Aucticn.TllH
MOBNlNIi, September Hi, ntsHo'clock, will beanhl,
without reserve, a large and valuahle stock of fell
and winter Dry Ooods, with fine Shawls, ilosluiy,
Undershirts, Drawers, Cravats, -to
A I-SO-Stock of Tailors' and Clothiers' Ooods, with
cases of Soots, Shoes. Lrogans, Hats, Caps, Ao.
aeplC THUS. JOHNSTON, Auciioner.
Brick Dwelling, No. 4 Homo-street, botween
Vmirtli and Fifth and Klin and Plnm-steevts. Will
be Mild at Public Anctlon.on MUN1IAY AFTF.K-
KOUN, September 10, l&v, at two o'clock, on thn
proniises, lo. 4 Home-Btrect, a two.atory uricx
Dwelling, with six rooms, cellar, hydrant. Bid" en
trance, xo. The lot ia twenty leet Iront by ninctv
feetdeep, Title perfect. Sale pesliivo. Terma St. Mil
cash, balance in one and two yoara, with six p-r
rent. Interest, to be secured bv mor'gag.' en the
premises. U.J.W.SMITn, Auctioneer, '
ro. aii v mo-atrMot.
foiiN W. SiiEPPARD.sr., Ouardian. aepl'.-tt
J.E.WYME tem.
Kespectfully cnli the attention of City anil
Country merchant to tbelr
1)11 AWE IIS,
Our stock of WOOLKN HOSIERY Is our own
J. E. WYNNE & CO.,
: No. 01 Pearl-street.
J aep!2awl
MRS. J . A . ORTH,
No. 210 Fifth-street,
Between Elm and Plum, CINCINNATI.
Combs, flair Oil. Terfumery. Fancy Soaps and No
tions of all kinds.
N. 1). Shirts, and all kinds of Famishing Goods,
raadn to order. ati34-am
.ii ,
Vine-tstreet, Opposite Postofflce.,
Ladies' Stationery;
Printed and fainted Show Cards.
BfsTCountry Merchants Hnpplled..C
TiT e S t o r o
South-east Cor. Fourth and Vine. !
PBKTTIKST stork of Goods for MilYH
WKAB ever offered In Cincinnati. '
TUK8T0UK Ot ' , "
To ranks tip to Measure, will bo largo and varied.
We bae : v . . ,., : . .
New Corps of 'Cutters,
From Mow Tork anil Philadelphia, who profess to
understand the art of Cutting 8iyllal Oinnents to
oxter. . : 1 j ) j; , ( .,(, ;fl.,
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