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"WAHTS," "FOB 8AX1," "TO tIT." "LOST,"
"F0CND,"4o.,in fhlseolumn, occupying tWa lines
or loss, two Insertions, twenty -flye cents.
, "j "h, '0 capital to In rest, to go to Clove'
land, Ohio, in company with a phyaiclan, to take
oliarg.or ai.tt of Dr. Karshner'a KiVctrlc 4ath?K
whom will be given such, an interest in the business
" Iwurtlo Her ii to ilO pw day. AlsoYphyst
ciani.orouallfied yonng men. with St win
engage in the IntroWtfon aSd .ale of rXht. for tk.
.man wl to obtain a Situation aa nnrfer In
"rTJlllZl; 'Tf ,r '''""ion on'oSSof ti e
add?. J 5 P'n'-t.8'', nnow given. Please
rSEStiiZiS ?""Mca-or
hn.i!,...l S?od' "fMIL' "V01" to l8n tb printing
fcrlSia u t.'" hft h- om experience pre.
Arret). AUdreu M., care Penny Preai Office sepub
,, . , in uine respecuDie mnnulactnrlng business
tliat is -paying a good profit, or Homo mercantile buai.
iTw?- lie ,"l!;tll!er Invest a capital of $:iflo or
'i'."!- vnan in the Honor line not received. Add..
BallTH, at this office. sepl7b
7 ' ' ApJflr I'nM wtorn-row, between Bay.
miliar and freeman-streets, sepl7b
WAT??-M0ULDERS-Ca'''"n Btov.
T. H0UldtirS'' i. W.1HLLAC0., .
pW-d 33Min.t
ANTED BOY 16 to 18 years old, in a
appiy aios iiiu-stroot.
' , -j ISOpU-ll'l . I
ANTED BOY A (tout boy or vounir
man. Apply at MM Walnut-street, thia mi.,-.,.
17"ANTED 8ALESMKN Throe i eood
salesmen wanted to goto Indiana. Good men
will And employment for aome moutlie and be Hliir.
?li7D00S' Pnnai-d. Inimire ut once or JOHN MIL.
LLB, Prossofnco. 8onl7.li
.To IIANT8-A inarrlud mnn of good business
qualifloatlnni, a thorough book-kot'por and exeolluut
salesman, desires employment in any capacity where
lilierlcewllll.oiippri;rinteil. Koi'erunces furnished.
Address A. A. ANDltBWa, this office, sepH-b
VyANTED A OIRL To go two miles in
ww tho country to do general housework. Gor
man proferred. Ti one well-recommended, the high
eat wages will be paid, lmiuiru ut lVOPIutu-atreot.
ip"- '
WANIED-A SERVANT To do general
housework in a amall family, ltofci-ouocs re
quired, and good wages paid. Apply at 14 Charles,
sireet, between Canal and Twelfth, ond Elm and
Plum. ' ui.17.1,
, who has had aome experience in an Engllab.
Lunatic, Asylum wishes to take charge of an inauno
patient, Salary moderate, Addroas W. F. H Pt
"'"ce. .
w DBALEUH.-A young man of experience
wishes employment aa traveling agent: Bpeaka the
principle language-, and is well acquainted Ihrorgh
the country. Addreaa C. U. B., Fry's Hotel Blaiii
Ireot sepli)c
Telegraph House. No. .im IVnliim.n.. .
womnn who understands housework cooking, wah
iug, ironing, 4c. Apply iiiuuwliiitoly at tho Tele
graph Uuuso, 336 Western-row.
. tepl6-tfj
XITANTED-MEN-Situations for Clerkn,
w w Bouk-liconcrH, Salesinon, Porters, Cnopors,
pur keepers, Mechanics, o. Also, bnaluess chances
f,". fif'1, S',"llJ'lr!' m,x m'M capital. Apply t
HAhi &C0., Meruhauta 'Clerks llcgiatry Oliice, 2'J1
West rifth strfet. seplil-li
man who understands running cylinder
prcse8, Adams pressoa, and all kinda of proses used
In job or newspaper printing. Address "E. W.(!"
Press 0 IHce, seplB-aw
Millinery Store. No, IX Weet Flfth-stroet,
nearWain. J. A. HUNDEltSON. sopin-b
WANTED AGENTS To soil a desirable
,. ork just published, "Julian's Interest
Tables," containing accurate calculations ol Interest
at a, , 7, , Hand iu pwrnont., both simple and com
pound, on ullsums irom one cent to JkmkiO, and from
oneday to six years. A rare opportunity to nmke
money In the salu of this new, cheap and uaeftil
work. For further information as to success, testi.
niony In its favor, and torn i.addross (stamp incloned.)
or apply to J. I1AZAJID DAVIS, 427 Jb'it'th-streot.
rjOR RENT ROOMS To a smnll family
M. till sprine, four roonis of a good hrlok house;
water at the door, yards, io.,atNo. lOOtlllton-streot.
A Iso, a lot for tale on illltou-slrcot. Imtuiro at the
cottase above. sepl7h
FOR RENT ROOMS Lodging rooms iind
offices for rent in Uulon Block, east entrance,
Third-street, betwoon Broadway and Sycamore.
Apply to Janitor, or
leplfiaw 148 Walnut-street.
FOR RENT nOUSE Tho dwelling part
of li oiiao 104 West fourth-street, nearly oppo
site the Postofllo, containing 13 good roonis and 2
attics, including dining-room and kitchen. To be
let singly or all to oils tenant. Hons in good re
pair, with broad hall, bath-room and wnter-closet.
A desirable location .for dentists or Duxuerrieau
robins. Apply to U. T. JE8SUP, 102 Fo ui th-strot.
. sep!3awtl
FOR'RENT ROOMS Front offioe and
seoond Aoor of No. 22 Front-street, botween
Main and Walnut. sep!2hf
and well-established Dining Kaloon, at No. 8
Kast FouHh-street, having seventv-tive prompt pay
ing boarders, aiidngoodtrunslenttrade. Forfurthor
purtlcnlarslnqulre on the premises. eep!7b
70R SALE The Furniture and good will
of a Boarding lionso doing a good business.
Tho house has 12 rooms, with large yard; Bout only
$iil per yoarj has 30 atendy boarders. For particu
lara aildreia "A. B. 0.," Penny Press Office, giving
real name. seplo-b
FOR SALE DAIRY A dairy of 20 oows,
a horse, wagjn and cam; 20 hogs, weigh inn lbs.
gross; a good houau and stabling, nil to be sold fur
JSWI. and choice, good ciiMtom for the milk. Apply
to MICHAEL OWJLMVAlf, Walnut Hills. The
distance is fifteen minutos' drive of Fifth-street
BOARDING Two or throe gentlemen can
secure a ploasaut room with board In a private
family, whore there are n few boarders, by applying
immediately at No. 107 Longworth-atreet, between
Elm and Plum. sepl7b
BOARDING) A pleaaant room suitable for
a small family, or two or three single gentlo
tneu, ran be had on reasonable term, at ho. lni Hunt
Third-street. seplii-b
OARDINQ Apartments furnished or nn-
mi iii.iivu.nilll or willMlllt UOtiril, HI Of 11111(11-
atreut, betweon Walnut and Vine. sepl6b'
BOARDING A lady and gontieman, or
two single gentlemen, can lie accommodated
with board and pleasant roonis at 181 liichmord
street. Bel'erences exchanged. soplfib
BOARDING A lady and gentleman oan be
accommodated with good board et 42 Vlno
bttieet, between Front and Second. aepllb'
i r....t..t,..,i u.i.1. .t.i it 1
School Books,
Writing Paper,
JUL Envelops, Slates,
Blank Books,
And everything In the Book and Stationery line, at
' ' '' 'l! ')
No. 112 Main-street. .
aoplfnw '
Dutch Flower Roots.
'MM. Lilly of the VaUsy, Jw.u,,- t
Kecelwert and for sale at
y. wr. HA8ELTINF, CO. '8 Seed and
Agricultural Warebouie, 171 Walnut-street. ,
j ,..n Iopl6ol ..
m;,-, a l
Jp Meteorologioal obierratioag for the
Pnkt Pbiss, by Henry Ware, Optician. No.
7 West Foorth-itreet, September 16, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. AL..M 2tM8 (J7
12 M 29.11
6 V, M.w.M...H..,.MM.H.(.a.29.3o 3
j&r-Tba following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of poatago at tha
Postoffioe, in this city, Beptembor 1:
M'p S B,2!wn t R- Alexandria, Ky.
Mrs. tathor French. Baton Kouiie. ia.
Jeremiah Darling, Lexingtou, Ky.
Boabd ov City Imphovkmbnts - Yester
bay s "eocbudinos. Tha Clerk wa direoted
to prepare and transmit to City Council an or
dinanea tn ia.. ln..:.i ., .
7 m. v "jjooibi iux upon me real
estate abutting on Poplar-street, from Linn to
Also, an ordinance to grade, and pavo with
bowlders, Avery-street, from Wood to the
Whitewater Canal.
The following repairs wore ordered:
Pike-street, from Front to Fourth-street, for
Also, the bridges over the Whitewater Canal
i ""reet "d Freeman-street, for $20.
The Clerk was also instructed to prepare and
transmit to the City Counoil resolutions author
izing the City Auditor to contraot with F. ..
Gay lord & Co. to furnish one hundred lamp,
posts and lanterns, oompleto.
Also, with E. H. King, to furnish materials
and oonstruot a new floor for the sidewalks on
the bridge over the Miami Csnal at Twelfth
street. Tho Board also adoptod the following reso
lution: Scmlvtd, That this Board will, In all case!,
icuuire the following stipulations to be strictly
complied with in the putting down of all
oowldor pavemonts, viz.: three rows of gutter
stone, to bo composed of good, solid limostone,
of not less than four by (at least) six to tw elve
nohes deep, and from eight to eighteen inc hes
in length, the upper edge, face and end.i to
be dressed straight; and work not oonformdng
thereto will bo rejected.
The Board then adjourned.
Ordinandi:. vnn Ti,.i ,., c
lollowing ordinances were adopted by the
City Council last night: To change grade of
East Third-street from Butler-street to M i
atni Canal: to rennir nrifh K-l,,. ro..
scrvatory-road Irom Baum to Oregon-stree t;
U repair with brick the sidewalks on Loci :
street from Eighth-street to Court-streo t;
lock-street from Eighth to Third-street: -to
pavo sidewalks Eighth-street from Locli:-
stroct to first nnirlo nF l!;il,ll,..l...l. lj ..
enth-strect from Broadway to Culvert; N w-
uvoiHuuTH-Bireei; to m ortn-Btr cet;
to pave with lima.ntnun firlo-nii... p
Dranz to Broriutn; Hogaa-nlloy from Fori jur
nllcy to IIcnry-Btreet: to pavo with b rick
Hidewnil' . of Pleasnnt-btreet from Fimlln y to
"ccuiuu-Bircei, irom ucst-streo t to
Liberty; tu.A Ninth fi
Rtretit. Also, assessing ordinances as foil, jws:
To Lowrcy & irumphrcys, contractors for
bowlilermg I'nphtr-street from Linn to Ft co
mnii; Jones & Bonte, contraetors for l)il
(Icrinir OreGn-st.ront frm.i l.n.mr, i
street; J. C. Mulhert, contractor for imving
omonroviaa uu juuin-sireet irom llaintlto n-
rond to Mlllhnrrv-oti-or.l- T,.n..a sr I!...
trnctors tor bowldering Henry-street frc in
viiiai tiv, 4iiii-nirceii.
AlUiAltiM LrN'ftnr.w Tl,;. ,i:i:-
pompetitor of Judgo Umiglns for the Illinois
Senntorship will address a meeting from the
balcony of Mr. Kiusly's house, on Fifth
street, to-night. A committee has been
appointed to meet Mr. L. on the cars before
ruitcliine the citv. whiph. will nuin 1.:. .
tho Burnet House. At seven o'clock a pro
cession will be formed in front of the hotel,
which will ninrcli t, i.Iia irifth.otw.... ,-.it
- ---- - ..u u,t',T;, IllurtvVb-
spnea to listen to tho speech. It is tho in-
luiiuuu ui me njn-uKer to review the reoent
speech of Mr. Douglas, rlnli VPTnd la ava Lot
o - -y 'fKu. uiO It&DIi
week. Let everybody turn nut. mid h
t..u :4.. ii. - i - ., . . .
A;lr. j64.4., .naj,
Lll'IU DIUOH Lilt!! 1U L Oil T.MOll- mr1i.nnf .. .
Ono of tha noveltf ah nf f j
fltroet-railroaii is a ahort-tailed yollow do.
v uoioiiKo is a mjstery, out no 1 s cer
tainly very favorably ininrnjsnd i!ih oi...
railroads. He has traveled in front of n ,'
since the first trin. and. mnM, .v.- .......
r, , ... fcw fcuw u-jjugu-
ment of passengers, takos particular pains to
j .no uaoa.oiouroi nogs, ttOgS, iKC. He
noticed him durlns?
tive hogs by the ear and load thorn off tho
"iu ui iuo outcers or ttia una rA is on
much nleaaad with bin valnnhii. 4-n,.:..- .u..
4 ...-.dviiii;m llJUt
be intends furnishing him with a linn collar,
"moil win oear an inscription certifying thnt
4 r - - - -.u.iw kJVlUUl-'
railroad Company.
us is iuo orouBriv oi ma I in. nnn ui.i
0"An nttemnt. vnn mtwla lir h,:.pi.
outer iuo jiuuse oi nir. iiios. urr, on Richmond-street,
nt nn nat-lv linn.
morning. Mr. Orr has a very faithful bull
torricr, who, hearing a noise at the door,
(being inside the house,) jumped through the
window and chased the thief off. Jlr. Orr
was aroused by the noise, and ran out in
timo to see tho rascal making tracks with
the dog close at his heels. Such a dog as
that ia worth keeping.
All nersnna vigViin In .n.nj n. v.i.
M - r -.w-.-ui . ,wuu luq uujb
nonal Conventinn. tn ha dt.1.1 tn d:i,' j
l - --j . ... 4HVUI41UUU)
Va., next month, can go for half fare paying
full fare going, and be returned free on show-
log meir iicaets. ine tickets are to be had
bv auDlvin? nt tha Mai-intfo J ri;..i..-i!
- rr o - viiuuiUHUbl
Railroad offioe, No. 3 Bttrnot Houe. The
romo is over ine Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
via Marietta and Chillicothe.
Anothkb NnvRt.Tv Tho nu nm::
- " V.W 4UIU,U104I
Cottee-Pot long since beonme an "institution,"
and is so recognised the world ovor: but now
We have tha Old Dominion nntTos.TT.. nv.t.v.
was placed on exhibition at the Mechanios'
V.i. . J 4 . ..
mir uuy or iwo ago. it is me same in ap
plication of soientifio principles, and must be
come hugely popular. Jos. R. Greene, at No.
24 Pearl-street, is the western agent.
Fir.r.itin tip T,riT9Tli flttw r...:i 1..4
- . v wwnuoii nxm
ntcrhr. AnnronpiiLtiid nn. 1i,inflKAI ..J
o f r 1 1 - " ' " -.uuuiv.4 a 11 u irfnuby-
four dollars to II. 6. Stiebel, and two hundred
anu niiy-seven oonars to .Fat. Kilfoile, for
fillimr nn nonds of stacmant wnfav Tk- t.m..
is an old olaim, the latter on lot, west side of
Park-street, between Seoond and Whitewater
Canal. '
ffi!T"Padd Smith. Rsn." lnt lm nKII4...
last night, from "No. 22 Sansago-row," and
by a notioe left on the slate of the Hammond
street Station-bouse, we learn that ho fears
"they will wandor out of the respeotable part
of the qity where be lives, and get their morals
oorrnpted by some of the lower classes of poo
plel" Rather cool, .
, ... .1 . Tl.., 1.. , .
- Qonb to Fbankpokt Lewis Bloom, the ex
cellent photographist, has gone to Frankfort,
Ky., where he has formod a connection with
tho Clark Daguerrleau Gallery. He is a young
man of no small merits, and his works must
soon Introduce him to the good people of that
fiTAfter five ballots in contest with Mr. S.
W. Lee, Mr. Andrew Uickenlooper (father of
the Civil Engineer) was eleoted wood-measurer
for the markets by the City Counoil, last even
night, in place of J. R. Hailam, resigned, who
has been but a short while in office. Mr, H. is
about taking the sohool census in one of the
Xaitern Districts. .
$iS Rickey, Mallnry k Co., Main-street,
have recoived A Life for a Life, by the author
of John Ifalifux, fjentTWiiait, Olive Aijalhi't
Jluiband and other popular novels. It is one
of the Harper Brothers' serios, whioh is in itself
ft guarantee of merit.
A number of our citizens will visit Portland !
e thi (iVttif Eastern.
The driver of the street-railroad car it very
much annoyed by bowlders being placed on
the traok along the line by "little urchins."
This may be sport for the boys, but it certainly
endangers the lives of passengers, especially
after dark. The matter should be sttonded to
by the polios and ths offenders punished.
We have been requested by a number of the
members and friends of the Ohio Mechanics'
Institute, to ask if the Board of Managers will
gratify the "young folks," at the winding up
of tha present exhibition, with a dance ut
Pike's Opera-bouse. We are not prepared to
answer, bat certainly think they will.
A liltlo boy, three yoars of age, son of Mr.
Oliver Weatherby, strayed from his home day
before yesterday, and although diligent search
has been made by the parents and friends, he
has not been found. Any Information left at
no. dU7Jiigtit&-streetw.ll be thankfully re
ceived. The colored boy, Piatt, who was run
over by the street-railroad car a few days since,
we are informed by his physician, Doctor Mus
oroft, is resting quite easy. The only danger
apprenended ia that mortification will take
Tho Excelsior Town-ball Club will meet
on the Orphan Asylum lot, on Saturday, the
17th inst,, at two o'clock P. M., to play a
match game between themselves. All who
are fond of ball-playing are cordially invited
to join us in our sports.
James Burgan was hold to bail by the Po
lice Court yesterday, in the sum of $500, to
answer before the Court of Common Pleas
the charge of stabbing with intent to kill.
The members of the " Exoelsior Town-ball
Club," of this city, together with a number of
the Newport Club, played a friendly game on
the Orphan Asylum lot, day before yesterday.
Dr. Warder, of this city, presided at the
"Farmors' Discussions" at Chicago a few
days since. This go-a-head horticulturist is
good for council or action.
Mr. W. F. Olency was eloetcda member of
the American Pharmaceutical Society of the
United States, that is holding its session in
Boston. The delegates from Cincinnati wore
reported absent on the first day.
Mr, A. B. Latta, of Cincinnati, inventor of
the steam fire-engines, is at EvainsvUle, Ind.,
endoavoring to introduce theni into that city.
He is favorably received.
To-morrow evening, at half-past soven
o'clock, Rev. Lorenzo Dow Huston, editor of
theTome C.We,NaBhvillo,Tonn.,will preach
in Asbury Chapel, Webater-atreet, betwoen
Main-street and Sycamore. Seats free.
Tho new stocking-wep.ving machine to be
exhibited at tho Moche.nies' Institute is to
wenvo a pair of seam'.oss breeches for Mr.
George W. Itimyan, tho most attentive mem
ber of tho Mechanics' and Manufacturers'
We understand that over nearn hundred ap
plications have beon made for the oonductor
ships on the various street-railroad routes in
this city.
A girl, fifteen years of age, disappeared
from No. 288 Fifth-street, day before yester
day. Sho has not been heard "from since, and
fears are ontertalnod that sho han been foully
dealt with.
An old gentleman, whose mime we could
not loom, died at tha Commoreial Hospital
lnnt Wednesday evening. He had been in
the hospital but a few hours previous to his
It is estimated that eleven hundred per
sons rodoover the Cincinnati street Railroad
For lino, fresh, fat oysters, go to tho Tele
graph House, No. Slid Western-row.
Michael Casey, one of the oil prisoners who
escaped from tho liill-side a i'ew days since,
was arrested by officors .Tonos" and' Urogan
Charles Wiso, who escaped from iho Commer
cial Hospital lust Saturday, was 01 ipturod yes
terday und locked tip in tho station -house.
Tho Mayor has appointed Loroy Dawson
policeman in the Sixth Ward, and A. F. Par
tello as substitute at the Hammond-street
A woman, charged with being drunk, es
caped from the Ninth-str'jet Station-house,
yesterday, now did she get off?
'Squire Rowekamp being absent, 'Squire
Bell will attond to his court until b.e returns.
A "double shot."
The inquiry in relation to the alleged in
sanity of Michnol .lulg will take place iu the
Probate Court on Wedn esday.
The anniversary of t'ne Christian Union, of
this city, will be helt at Smith & Is'ixon's
Hall the second Thursd.ay of next month.-
Mr. J. S. Cook will le-arrange the floral de
partment of the Meahanics' Fair, at rfke's
Opera-house, to-dny.
Frank Howe was rimed $25 and costs, by
Mayor Bishop, yesterclny, upon a charge of
assault and battery, preferrod by acoffee-ho'lBe
keopor named Quisby.
A wood-dealor, n aim id John Coleman, was
flnod in the Police Coutc, yesterday, for refusing
to havo bis wood measured in markiit.
Be stiro and read all tho new advertisements
in the Penny Prkks. t.hin TYI r,?n I n r a tall H.n'r
forget to look over tho "want" column.
Wo call tho attention of our reades, mlo
and femnlc. to T)r. Knralinn.'. .i.,:
, - .H,wuut nu 101 11 "
in our want column.
Only twelve persons were tried in tho
Police Court VflRf nvI n v
j """J 1 "iwoMj iiiuuuB una
The 1 reflt-rallrnnil m. n ...1:1 4. ,.
tl t , , - 44 UUI.ll I.TVOIVB
0 0I00K Inst evouinc hnnw 1nH. .. ...J
O ' J w..0 Mir, U1U
Thanks to Mrs. Heaver for a handsome
Six liergfirtft Wvn v.aWrAr1 f. It,.
j . twvvt.w, Ob bllO 1.11V
PriBon yesterday, and seven discharged.
The Democrats hold tbeir primary meetings
next Tuesday the Opposition next Thursiiay.
Special Boaud op lairinTinna no ,,.
Pbopkrty in CwciNjfATi. The City Cou.ncil,
last nigni, approved tne following nr.mes,
and the eentlemen am nnvr a Rnanint l!-,i
for the equalization of real property in. the
onjr 01 vinoinnaii, viz: iteuben 11. Springer,
Wm. Cameron, Charles Schmidt, George Wil
ehire, Hiram Clearwater and N. Bartlett.
Nkw STrbK. B. R. Alloy, No. 41 Broad
way, is constantly suDDlvintr the Dublin with
hats of tho ne pita ultra style and finish.
His assortment of caps is unsurpassed by other
house. Remember Alley, opposite the Brc ad
way Hotel.
aSTJ antes Reynolds, oontraotmr, who srstded
and paved High-street, from Wasulngton-gltroet
to Kempar-lane, has boen authorised by Co-nn-oil
tu collect the bill of $9,010 20 from the
city instead of from the property-holders.
3r Mr. H. H. Sohulta, DeDUtv Cltv Aud
itor, has been allowed a few days leave of ab
sence. Ho has gone to "Broaok-neck C reek,"
near' Pittsburg. We trust, however, t' oat ho
will return In good timo, in good health and
rff"Xhe City Council has authorised the
City Commissioners to restrict the eon traotors
laying street-railroad tracks to brea'king up
8trocta of but two squares at a time, lteiiping
orossings clean of rubbish, and removing tsatne.
.Itff Proposals will be received for lea elnvs.
by the committee on police an prisons, to
build a stone well in the rear arjd west side of
the new engine-house and police ita-tion in
the Seventeenth Ward.
SSrLadd & Webster', sewlng-msch (no took
the premium at tho Hentuoky Slste lair, at
Lexington, yesterday. A silver oun was the
award. " ..., . if
' "Miohaal Kiloarey, escaped from, the City
Prison, was last night retaken.
When the winter cornea and coldly
Cnmoa with ley chills and freezing,
With the t'rosta that oft tuiuteiit us.
If you'd warm be anil cozy.
Warm and cozy in the wintor, , r
By your flrnside in the daytime, 4 !
In the .Uytlnie and the nlghl-lime,
With jour wires and cbildieii noarj'otir
ir your sweetheart, iu It may !
Or yonr frlon.le who love to at yon,
I'rii'tiiln who como to hear tlie tidiiigH,
A nd to heur of newt and rumora, .
Or dispatches telegraphic
Taketlie Kaily PamM.and roadltl ; .
1 ake it at yonr Iioiiko or oflicc,
In the spring-time or the anminer,
Or the golden days or autumn.
Take it every dny In winter.
Take it ho. r.e to wjfeor sweetheart ;
And Its tl'linesand Its rumors,
Ami its estiys editorial,
Will be pleasant oft to read thorn
1 In tho colli and droary winter,
In the days of the hereafter.
Woon'a Thbateb To-night will lo pre
sented Dok C.r.tAt Dr. Bazav and I He Wr.rr or tub
Wisii-ToN-WiSH Miss Lucille on "Don Ua'iur,'' and
Miss Holon n " MariMns," and " Nanimnttah."
This in the last appearance or tho etar sislors, ivhn
have, during their engagement, created a host of ad
mirer of their pi'cnllar rota of acting. W'e presume
this announcement is eilftk'lpnt to fill tho hoUBO to
The State vs. Sarah Merriweather. The
defendant was on tiial before Jmlire !fn'ttr and n
jury, indii-ted fir the larceny of a gold watch ami
cnttm una a pisioi, too protw'ny 11 Anartnv tt.
Hurt. A aocnnd c.iiint Iu the indictment charged her
ultli receiving the goods, knowing them to have
been stolon.
It appeared that a man named William Martin
hail r'aded guilty to the lurceny, and tho main iu
quiry left for tho jury waa whether tho present de
tuiiilant, who kept a pawubrokors' store, hail re
ceive 1 tho article knowing them tu havo been
Aci-ord!n7 to tho testimony of Mr. Uni t and the
oIUcitk, slui denied that sho liu.l the articles, tLoujli
an offer of twenty-five dollars lind been mmi to her
If alio would "stop" tliom , Hlionlil tboy bMll'.-red in
pledo. ubseuuontly she itelivured tlictu (0 a col
ored woiu.ui, who lud beon employed b.ttr police,
to redoem them on pnynietit of twenty-live duliiirs.
The reaaona alio gave wen;, that for prui.ii'ty here
tofore Hiirretidored to the rf.lico alio hail ni.tl.e'n
paid and In tbonextplaceahedldunt knowwhather
Oltiier Dlooin or Dir. Itiilhn (both of whom hudap
pl U- t ) was the proper poison togifu them up to.
Iho argument was commenced liy the Messrs, He.
Gt'oarty, It has not yet closed.
TAny commiinicatioDs from our friends will bo
thankfully received. Address " Pieas Itoporter,"
Box ill, Covington, Ky. t
City Cointca. Council met at four o'clock,
P. M., tho l'roairivnt In the chair.
Mr. Kearney's proposition to repair the wharf at
the font of Scoti-Ktreet whh accepted. A ronsilern
blo amount of btisineH, iKisAes&iiig no general iu
tornst, was then triinmcteil.
A communication was recoived from Marshal
McLaughlin, asking the Council to ixcuse Judge
I'errin and W. H. Holt, iittlielrrnnjnett, from longer
noting as Lis security, and offrriiiii in their atoail.
lion. It. Voloy mid John Kearney. Itel'erred to
Coniniitioe on Ijaw.
Mr. Meyers offered a resolution Instructini! t' e
llarki't-niiutcr to prevent market wngoua from
taking llioir stand In front of private residences.
Without ilismeliig of the resolution the Ciiincil od
joiu tied to moot Weiliieic'iiy noxt.ai fnuro'clock l'.M.
Circuit Coukt. Vosterday the grand jnry
found Indictment againxt O. VV. Uraig, for felony,
and Kliv.a Hays, Andrew Northeruor, Joseph Flick
iugor, W. 11. Kiiicll and Johu Leslie, for misde
meanor. TI10 uegro Sinn, tried for rape and acquitted, wiw
found guilty of a misdemeanor, and sentenced lo re
ceive thirty-nine lashes whioh woto administered by
the proper atlicer.
Stock Sai.ks at Drovsfh' Inn. Seventy
ninn cuttle ehnnged hands on Til 11 rsilnv, by weight,
at from 2.'j to ll 'jc , mid ril'loeu by the head. Prices
were steady, but the demand not great. Two hun
dred and tlilrty-ulns atork hogs were sold uU.'ac.
No lut hogn dlapoaed of.
Would it not be well for some members of a
certain Oity Council to print their speeches without
delivering them ? Tlmy havo no ell'ect on members,
and If intended for their constituents, would much
more ell'cctuully boro them.
(Subscriptions, advert l.einenta and rammntilca-tlons,
uddreaseil to the "Press Heporter," Box s,ri,will
bo.uttondod to.
A FuROOtoi'a Animal. Yesterday, about
noou.whilo ono of our bulchei-s was driving aome
boef-eattlo along Helleviow-stroct, 0110 of thoni, a
lingo animal, broke from the rest, nnd becoming en
ragod at something, ran up tho street, goring all the
oiK intii caiuo 111 111a way, 1111111 un reacueu naat-ro-:
thenoe down that street to Taylor, where a
multitude of boys, just let loose from school, com
nionceil hollooing, ehuiitintr and throwing atones,
one of whom, 11 son of Mr. Schrog, puiil dearly lor his
fun by being thrown ovor and lindly injured by the
infuriated beast.. Thnttniuuil continued down Tay-lor-atreet,
followed by about two hundred buys und
man, some with clubs, others with stones, endnvor
lug to atop him, but he paid no attention to their ef
forts, save to pitch a couple of 111011 out of Ida path,
neitherof whom was seriously injured. Arriviugut
the corner of Taylor and Uubbot, he stopped al.out
half an hour, nnd wasaurroiinded by men and boys,
who thought to stop him from doing further dam
age; but ninking a sudden spring at the crowd, ho
broko the uriu of a boy named Ford, The animal
wits llnaliy shot on the common near tho garrison.
GaAPKSANn TilANKS. Wewere tberecipient,
ycsterilny, pf several large bunches of delicious Ca
tawba grapes. They excelled any wo have aeon thia
Fenr. Tn Mra. Hobert Howitt, tlio fair donor, wo ro
Uirn our slncore thanks for ber kind consideration.
Rev. L. D. Huston will preach, to-morrow
morning, la oue of tho Methodist churches in thia
SfJ-Soirie of our young men were out
seri niidingniglitbefore last, audwe are authorized
by certain young ladies to return them thiiuks.
0T"Vy some mishap our papers were not
served one ut our suosc. loers yesiernay morntn"
Wi will provldo agulust tho recur renco of such
things iu the future.
FRIDAY, September 16—3 P. M.
Tho Money market continues very close, with
no immediate prospect of relief. The offerings of
ff.mil HutHr. Hliorr flare, irom resu nr 1 ones tors ait.
(luite large, and tho Iliaconnt-hoiises aro doitu bnt a
limited amount at lW.i.12 per cont. for customers
0 Hy. Considerable outside Paper offering but not
, Vn by tlio Discount-houses.
j he iiierclianls continue to complain of their col
lecti rr""' "'" 'ut,r'u'' being very slow and iu un
usual 'Y enmll nmoiintH.
Eas'ti T Hxclmngo continues firm at '4 premium,
sellins Tlite' huyiug nt ;V'iHll cents. Demand good
with 11 fa 'r supply.
old ve y d"u t::,) cents per liuudrcil, lulling
rate- solli'n 411 c0",,, W cuut' Premiuin.
liounti lots 1 ft,ll lM Purchased at Iu cents per hnu-
lfl. . V..t
PiowOrleans. Jluu"nu vtiim.isi. iu, u)ipiuiiiimu;
buying H discon "J,",.
Illinois, Wlscu "n
vanced to ljj per c. ;;.
and Iowa Currency has ad-
'Z Y'?l?r:yL Otcl. received fn.m ChiViio. an:.
nouueing that Kxch'a 011 1,18 F'mt liaJ "''vanced
to Ui premiuin. hi..i
MisHourl Currency ""'-.. ,
Kastern Excliniige In S f '01"8 ' nrm at ( prcin.
Kxcliaugo in houisvillo proiiiiiiiu for Houtucky
fundK. . ... .
Third-street was uiiiHiialb 'l"lct to-day.
No change in Land Warran .
Cincinnati Produce Market.
FRIDAY EVENING, September 16, 1859.
FLOUR Tha niarl;t continues rliill, and prices,
except in tlio sautl I w ay, nominal- lhe aales to-day
u.r ,.,n,.o,l i 1, ri. In three lota at HI fM:S for
extra. Thero aro timers of sunerrlue, at 84 aV l.TtKI
brlH. were recolvod th e last twenty-rour lionrs.
wiiTk-v-Tiir. n,irV,i. Is iiTichansod W'th a trood
denianil: salosof COO I iris, at 4(W;!.liic.-the latter
rato fur wagon. , , ,,
0IIEK8E Thedem nd is active and fully equal to
tlie recelpta. About ;vn Doxessoiu ai o.s:c.
Plt()VISIONS-The Hales to-day were 210 lirls. mess
Pork, iu four lots, at Sil l; 1!W blids. llacon, in lots, at
V4o. for shoulders, ain9.'-.((a?nc. forsidos. Including
ltd hhds. at Madison, Iiidiaiia, nt VA and ll'ie. At
thoso r.Uea thuro U a good deinand, but .'siniHv aro
asked in most civies. Nothing transpired in bulk
went or lard. '
(ill, A anlo of M brio. LinMed atf.7c. ,
(iKOCBRlF.S Agocii Vimarid lor Sugar, with aales
of Iss hhda. at ffMii!fit Molaaaes lirm at 3o)4c.
ColYeo unchanged. , ,' ,
WIIKA7 The market r 'lns Brill and prices are
steady: '.,lo Law buai 1. p.-inie white at 81 10; l,laHl
do. good do. nt l OS: H&l do. prime rod at il; 1OU do.
goiid -iiiie at $1, and 2U I do. prime dr.. nt $1 tai.
C'ftftN The market ia quiet and dull at Kii"0c. A
sairfol'l.nnobiidi.attwc. .... ,
HAIILKV Them is a continued good demand. and
erires Lave further advat iced: sales "IKI bush, fair tall
ntr.flc; l,iamdo. do. ut Mi?., ami l,l do. prime lull
at 7f.c, closing steady at ;U(iii7jc. for good to prime
KY B-A fair demand, an il the market is steady nt
WoM". 1 ,, ' a:
OATS-The tnarnet is dull (ind heavy at-Mc.
tfiTATIIKS-Tli,, imielrer j-olltilllieS dllll and Ull-
settlo.l: sales 300 bushels Nor lli.'wn nt too.; J'JI do. At),
nt .; 40 brls. do. nt tl 30 p. ,r br'., nnd 2t do. prime
riealiaiiuocKa, ou landing, n i we. '
1 '
[By Telegraph.]
Philadelphia Market.
PHILADELPHIA, September 16.
m 1.. . .. -l . ..-.1.. n.
flUUruiooiJIIIgi EUlv. II, lilt, UKug .,,4 w
Ssroroldetockand ff-sh-i'round sup'rllne; $i ntitfl
ft 2 for entrn, and $. f?jf, 7ft for extra fKinllr nnd
funci-. Kvo Kiourtlrin, ati t:tH7,4o.. Corn Meal ?3 W.
Wheat hnadi nlined i(a.1c.': sales 1,'HO biwhela red at
81 mail l!, and white at'gl-IW. lto sellsatTiC. for
nun twin.... nti i-w. ,1- u.ii rtmu -t
Is in good reiiueait: sa lea ,IKH) but luda yellow at
8Vi.flc. Data tiiuiiii: lea J,istiwlnls prime Dola
warcata'.c.' Whisky eb iady at 27nc- '' i
' ". .' ' '. ' . ' '.' ; .' :
[BY Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 16—P. M.
Cotton auiet; sales 500 bales at 1 1 a. for I
upland middlings. Colfee tlrm: anles 3,100 bugs at
JlM(oill,'jc. Molasses 1I111I at tofifH-c. for Now Orleans.-
tilde active: CnHf.iriifn 24c. I.tmA ti..K-.
small pigs of lialena $1 7.1. Tobacco more active;
k'g 7'tir,ll4r. Wool firm; sales pulled at .KiCA'au.
iwignt- nriujon cotton to Liverpool 7-31.: flour
Is. wi. ' Flour market verv huni-v ..il.i rv.iio,. iw.,r
ale!t,9ibrl. at ?41Vi4 W.for auperllno Slate; J4 V.
A.IT.ir.....,n. d,..tu tl tr.M ...... . r MM ..
$t TnitHHilorciiiinion togood extra wintoru:?!
4 '. lor old, and JitiM 15 for fresh gronud stirpiug
brand arunnd-liuop Ohio;cloiliigdiill. Caandiin Hour
nomiual. Kyo flour iiilt at &I'Aji4. Wheat heavy ,and
KiMe. lower; sales 20,i)uii biuhols at til 3D; white
western SI Kxeil ill: white Canadian 3l 17.4; umber
tl .HKnll 32; new-white Kentucky 'J.lc.; new v0. -j
Chicago spring 81 lo((tl Jj;. now red outlieiji $1 '.at;
clioico while Michlgau 72c; old unsound Chicago
spring $1 20 for mixed, and $1 In for red. l;?e ,,Wt,
sales 3,710 bushels at 7c.. Harley dull. Corn very
scarce and firmer; S3jo. la offered for inlxfd wmtern,
and Sic. asked. Cats unolianged t 37(4.1. for ol.i
State; life lie. for iiewdo.: .Kwtte. for uow wei,terir
.WiMlin. for Canadian. Whisky: sales ISO l.rls. In
lotfatMiJZfi.'ic.. fork la llrnior; snles 2.:i.'.1 brla. at
tSI.VuulS i; messSIS ii2fi:i 7.'.; thliimosilj m(n,l3 7V
ptluie mesa $1(1 ftOfiiilo it2,nd I7 for clear, lleefmor
active; sab's Yi! brU. at tfj 2.V.ti. 75; prine $.'.(7; do.
mess $9(i81 w; re-nacked . Chicago $lhai2", extta
It-el' Hkius iiuietntSlfsl'i'. llacou dull., Cut Moats
llrnipr; sales 7;n. for hiuldern; of' iC. for hums.
Lard unchanced; suloa .V1 brls. at li.'Siftullo. forS'o.
1 city lo prime kotile-remlerod weaiern. llutliir
at'a.iy at V.vli'w. fur Ohio; 17tiC2Ic.fur Stale. Clioeso
linn at I'ntJiOic ,..
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, September 16.
Cotton firm: sales to-day, 1,51)0 bales at llc.
for middling. Sales of tho week 18,0(41 balm; receipts
d... nViOO bales, against L'li.iasi bale; receipts ahead of
last your 24, ism balos. Kxports for ths week 12,mKi
bales; present stock 77,mi bales against ', bal'S
lust year. Suirar buoyant and advanced sales at
iHftfVVc. for fair topnmo. i'lour cloned with anad
vancing tendency: Hales wero made at $5 fur atiper
flni.'. Cotleo lirm at ll.iaNii'. Icr prime Itio: sales
of tho weak :t,Sisi bugs; presont stork 4,siiii bass
ngainat y?,is1 bags Inst year. Freights on Cotton to
Liverpool tMnd. Sterllrie Exchange OMeSi'.i'j. Kx
change 011 Kow York l(;iAi discount; Sight do, hifoii.
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, September 16—M.
Flour dull, at $5 for Howard-strcat. AVhent
offerer! at 11 decline of 2gi3c: sales to-dar of lima,
hush-la, 1'i.rn dull, lint unclmngod. Provisions
steui'.y. Whisky dull at Wo.
UiT Hilihoil it Itrotlicr, Noh. S 'niid 2111
West Fifth-street, have introduced a fall style of
Bat which is just the bind wanted by tho wearer uf
that article. Theyur6 cheap and of superb finish.
KfTnc irlniiiinolh riiiitocrnplilc (Julleiy
of Dewey Co., Nu. 113 West i iftli-ntroct, is the
place fur good Pictures with Frames for (I, Cull
Slid see. , . V ..
T-H. H. Pni vlu, Advertising Agent, 0,
60 Woat Fourth-atroot. . , , .
tfrinBiit!ri'Cn.n Gnllerr Sonth-wcat cor
ner of Hlxth and Western-row, over Hanunfoiil's
drug store. Pictures taken am put Iu good cases for
twenty cents. Warranted to ideaae. -
' lMfOUTEB asu pkali;b in
TIL A iiuality iUedicinea, Pbaruiaceutical pre-
liarations, Oluaswnre, Paints, Oils, Die Stints, ti'.,
ISorth-enst corner Main nnd Filib-mrcrtn.
' septflawl
Farina. 2 ., ;
aaaaj ly OKI). M. DIXON, Drugalst, ,
sepir.-nw North-cast ooruor Fifth and Jlnln.
Tin Toil.
J sale by GEO. M. PI X Off. Druggist,
eplA-aw North-east rornnr Fifth and Jliiin.
Paints, Oils, &ci.
3J andliirht;
JOlirls.Veuethin Hod, Kng'Uh; ,
10 casks French Ocliro;
5(1 brls. Whiting;
10 brls. Putty, In bladders;
White Lend, Linseed-oil, ic, at rontiiifncliirera'
prices. For sale by
WW. M. DIXON. Druggist,
Repl5-nw North-east liornor Fifth and Main.
Choice Cigars and Tobacco,
always tobs hud at CEO. M. IllXUN'd,
s.ndS nw Nurih-eastouruer Fifth and Main;
IGa.ette copy. . -
Pike's Opera-house,
Greatly Reduced Prices.
0. West roaarth-slrett.
1 sepiai - -
, . -J-'OK 8ALR BV : ,
HI Y THIRD HOOK. A Collection of Tnles.
Hy L'liiisn Cliniidler Moultou, author of "Ibis
That and tho Other," Ac. 12iuo. $1. ..
HBNltY HT. .lOIlN, Gcntlrmpn if Klowr
ot Hnudreda, in the County nt' Prince fieorgo, Vir
ginia. A Tale of 1774 nnd 177.'.. l)y .lohn Knnton
Cook, author of "Virginia Comedians," Sc. l'Juio.
; 1 " . . - (" .
A 1.IFI6 FOR I.IKK. IJy tlio author ol
"Johuilulil'ux, Ucntlemuu." 60 cents.
liliCK. liy Charles Levor. Complete, id cents.
1-15 iff ain-street.
tseplV '
Oyster Importing House.
ING daily, tier Kxpress, his Hplemlid Oysters.
Hiiviuir cdmnleted arraiiuoments In Ualt.imoro. on
the most nxtonstvn scale, I will at all times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "niul
tlio rest or mankind," with tho most DEMCIOU.S
BIVALVES Imported to Ilia (J11.011 City. Noun but
the very best Imported. (iroaf inducements offered
at mis imporiiiig-iioiisor '
Order siolicitod and promptly filled. Terms cash,
sepllif Sde Importer aud Pivipriiitur.
To Newsdealers.
WE AR 13 Nrt.tjrf PJ1EPABED TO
supply the trajjeojlth th . i
At the rate of TIIBKK CKNTtj a copy. - ,
IVoi 2l8'Wcst Fifth-stteet,
s.pll CINCINNATI. , ,-r i
I -. d
.til'ilN, in .-klcroiiau i'o. ut ,Maiu4itrat, isext -hi
tlie Trut Comp.ny Haul.. rco.lid larg. noellive.
fall Kloof PoreUiiutid liomeitic Hry Ooods, Olnth-iol-s'liooiU.
Boot.. M.-, Hals, c, at Auction.
Oo I'LEoKAY MiiltNl.NU,!oi,teii,ber2n,wlllbi-obl,
Ithoiil roaerve, at j o'ebKk.B large andvaliiabU
at.iek. coiiipn..g jier son lots, iu Sale-rooms lio. v.
Mmtt Streat, btlu Third t A I i'i '
Tlie atli iitiou cf buyers is particularly Invited In
ttib srdo, tli stuck b'lng froan.and the most di-aira.
ble ever (.Ifureil nt auctioa in tbin city . Uooda will
ho ariuugvd nnd ao'.l lo catalogue form.
apl THUS. JUUNSTON, Auotioner.
u ; t i rY"SfA Tl e -o y ''.ja CoIj
liUAKK k ( il Knrnituro. Carrbife. SwIiil-
Macbliie. till 4 MuKNIOO, Septemlivr 17, at V
unn.Ri "in mifuiuii nuvitvo, nt uurMiV nu. Id
Kafit Foiirtli-Btrwt, n timtntity of gooU 'nriiiturr,
A AIhu, n two.liorw Carnnffe. AUo. aGrovnr At
BiUtor Sewing Min litntr. - ' pl7
.I....! l. . a ... U 1
i- WILLIAMS. 8lM.rnnm No. 21 nnd 24 Kant
Third-stroet.-TUIH MORN I NO, 8tptimlMf )7t at9
o ulock, it rood slock of new an, swoiid-hmul FtirnU
turf, Orretn. Dry and inr y OooU , (Jiuthintf, lluota.
Uhopii. WulchoH, Glint, J. uolry.CuiIcrv, Ac
ALSO One second-hiiMl Hiuuo, 6 Utiltlren1 Car
riugfs, 20 piiirs Binuk.ii, u:d variety uf goodn.
A CD. Library ....1 Tery choice Booka anil
Itinik-raan. Will bo . U at Auctiou.on MODDAl"
AFTKKSOO.N, tiopteii.bor 19, at o'cliKk, at mir
Hlore. No. Is Kast Fi..irili-.freiir. a clioicoaelBCtiou
of Hooka, being private Lilinuy, in which will In,
found l.ltlell'a Uvmg Age, a vols.; Dlm-k wood's, .1
von.; iiarpere. in vols.; Knlckerbouarr. iu vols.;
Hliiikspoare, illuntrated tdition, 8 vols.; Putnam, .'
vol..; iliiion,5vols.; LuaLie, A vols.; International,
vila.: Jllaiia.ine of Art. 4 vtdn Pietfiriul ITl.id ltook.
toIj.; Godey's JIasn.iuc, ovola.; 2uvoii. of Poets,
ami a number uf uther lluoVi; iniol. Flute iluiic.
ALatt A nanaaonie tl .i.k-caiii). , .
1 JACOB Oil A FF, Auctioneer,
apl7 . Ko. Id Knst Funrttl-ftrwety
W Brick Pwolling, Ko. 1 Hi. me-street, hotivoou
fourth and Fifthund Kim anil Plnm-stoeets "Will i
bo old at Public Auction, ou MOM. AY AFTKB-',
MOON, Ssrtenibor 19, l."VJ, nt two o'clock, on tlio
premises, JNo. 4 llome-streot, a two-alory ltriCU.
Dwidilutt, with six rooms, cellar, bydruut. side en
Iraiire, .Vic. The' bit Is twenty feet iront by ninety
feet deep. Title perfect. Hale posl live. Ternia 8l,0Ui
cnali, halaiicu in one and two years, vviih six pi'
cent, interest, to lw secured hi- mortgage rai th":
proiuisca, C. 1. W. tiMlTII. Auc.iioueer, ,.
' . N No. Ml Vine-MiKst.
Jonts W. SttxprABn, sr., Onardiau. : a. pir.-tt
Respectfully cull tlie ntteution ni i:ity and M
Country illerchuuuto their . n '. - ::
: WHITE goods,
, ., SKAWLS.i.:;i.!..
H0.4TBBT, i . ; '! r:.'.j', : i'i''-?
GLOVHia,'. . -i .- - :i- ,!i'.V
,. .. hUIttTSi, ' ,. ,,- ;i :,..,
'.. IMlEltSHIKTS, , t
DBAWEK4, ,' '
CRAVATS.'i'''' "'
''"''' '" - ' TIKS,:'!11
-AMD BTBRY TAKlBtY 1 1 : t ,,:i,;nh
NOT I O 3Sf 'Si tli,
. atstronr stock of WOOLKS HOSIBRt Isour'oiVn
Biniiufacture. : , ' '' ' :""'' 11
J. E. WYNNE & CO. 1
j ,. . .,.-.;( . I .f. N.I
IVo. 91 Pcarl-Mtrcet. . i
-, jieplliawl .' . ; , scA
', -; ! ..i. r.i. .i:v ; tm !m1
'. ... -.'I vi - 1 lit
i, - ' ' t ;.ca
' : i : y.n ii-j: 1
THE FIRM OF,., i vr-.'l -u-i,.
,!, T't ,'' '.,!. ., i. ili-V 'Cu-;iJ
3M e "W Stb r'oi'in
South-east Cor. Fourth and Vine,
PRITTIEST stock of Goods f6Y MEJf'U '"
WEAK pver offered in Cincinnati; ii im! it.
. ill! jitll
p i e c e g o o d s,;'r;;
To rnnke tip to Measure, 7(111 be large and tarlaifi '
We havea ,. , , , , - ., . ,:1 . .. Jj.,
New" Corps of,, Outterp,
Vwm KW York anil Philadelphia; who profess to'"';1
understand the art ofCnttlug Ktyliah (;arnients to ' ('
order,, t , ; .. , :! ;; T;i .,;',
UuB":For past favors we return many thanks, and
In.po to merit futuro patroaiige, Truly,., ; t niji
. SPRACUE & co. - ;
, . ; fsepT-tf
$S04sm;$30.... $30. $30. ; i
Thirty-Dollar Double lock-Stitch 1 : :
.,. I ' i ' ' ' ,...( i -t ; i ' 7 " ! . 1 . ( I I''
NOUNCKf) by nil oompotriit Judge, Whrt '
have seen it, to ba the best und most desirable Kani
ily Sewing llacliino uvei- introduced, rcnardliiHia
of price). It will sew all kinds uf family goods,
from thu vnry thlckeat to the very finest fabrics made,
and uses nil kinds cf thread, from Jio, 8 to 2(10. ,
No all I used an lopol'tlie Itlnrltlniv
' honil fur a circular, cr rail an. I are it In operation. .
Upmi early application, hi ,iaud Comity Rights may '
be scoured.
An uuoreetlo person or u mnkea fortune in a short
time. Agents wanted in all unsold territory.
II. V. llt tlTJIAJI, i,i , .
8t la and oxcluslvo agent for the United Slates, '
lopllfmt OS West Fourth -street, Cincinnati.
TI.'NTIO.N to our largo colluctiou of Aicb, . ,
II.KH, . .:, .I .,, t
t ItlBHONH, , ,
''"BONNETM," "
I'. ,. I
. .1. ; i : 'LOVKl,': !" 1
.-, .ulaAOBS,&0i,4rB,."-l"
straw coops,;
'tl v
A larc selaotion from all tho novelties of.'thl sa! ' u
..nu. Also, the largest aiKlniustcoliiplotousloi'tmout,,.,, :
r ; ,.'siEcA'wi.,''' ' ' !;
1 ."..I. . -ir i ':''.'. ' ' Mil iMti'. . tKl
To be foiitiil lanny JohWng-houje la the West, i All,.,
i.fwlilli wo otl'er to 0!tl AND 8H0B't-TlH 1 "
HUVtiUHatKArjTUUri l'ltlOKtf. it ,.i ; viii ,J
w. p. peyou &, RocDi;;:,;
sppl. , CINCINNATI. , hw
'A' i E. MENOENHALL,.' - Auty.nU
At bl uow Store, 10 Wen Fltih-attc! Il I
tii'.-n I .' ::.", Cill !'''! ,t(!J 11 nllll.it
'! . ot'iir ..'1 ni .IP-crio'l iioiT'i
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