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Telegraph to the Pacific.
We r daily admonished of tho need of
rxjmmunication to the Taciflc by telegraphic
wire. The long end tediom travel now im
poMil upon General Boon might be naved
the old hero if we could "pull the vrirex."
The Mechanics' Institute.
If, daring this week, in addition to the at
traction of the aurora borealis, our readers
should hear atrange, musical sounds in the
air Yankee Doodle, Pop Goes the Weasel,
and other like tune they can attribute it to
no other source than the steam calliope At
the Mechanics' Institute, A platform iB b-v I
ing arranged from two of fho windows in the
basement mechanical department of ths
exhibition of Pike's Opera-house, into 83
open court fifty feet square, where the etoam
musical instrument is located. This novelty
will attract large numbers to this otherwise
attractive exhibition. The committee have
provided the citiens with tho moat interest
ing displays, and thepublio should estimate
their opportunities by improving them in at
tendance. Tho music will play morning,
afternoon and night.
Democratic County Ticket.
The ticket nominated yesterday by the dele
gates of the Hamilton Connty Democracy
comprises tbe following names, most of whoa
will be reeognlted at one as well known citi
zens of narked ioflasnoe and weight in their
parry and among the people:
Trenntrsr.Vt. B. D. Crookehank, country.
Senator. Thomas M. Key, city; George V.
Hoimoa, country; J E, Alexander Fergueru,
oountry, - . .
Bow ef Btprtstntativti.Jot. Jonas, John
Benin", Patrick Rogers and William J. Flagg, of
the elrjj J. F. Wright, William S. Jeesnrt aid
Dr. Wllllsm Jones, of the country.
Skitt Board of EjwK:atvm,l . Dan Joms
and Israel Brown, of the oountry, and Dr. John
L. Vsttier.ofthe city.
Judge ef Common Pleat. Isaao C. Colliim,
County CbmmvMtoser. John N. Ridgway,
Dwtttor of County hftrmary. Samuel Bens,
The News.
Tbe steamship Arabia is' reported to be sig
naled at Halifax, bat her news fire dayt
later are not at hind. No signs of tit
steamer Jfoea Seotltu, now due. The lateii
dates from Victoria and tho Island of Ban Joss
are those of the 22d of Aagu.t. Tbe IT. B.
steamer ManaehueeUi had landod military
supplies on the island. The Bute Fair a'
Zaneevllle opens successfully. Qov. N. P
Banm, of Massachusetts, has been ananimonsl
renominated by the Republloane. Joseph. W
Thobnton Is new on trial in the Criminal Court
ef Bt. Louis for killing the well-known cltUto
of that place, Jossra Chailbss, Esq. A per
son named Ben. F. Qiuus, elaiming to be a
native of Ohio, has confessed to horse-stealing,
near Boonevllle, Mo., and has been sentenced
to the penitentiary for ten years. At St. Jo
seph, Mo., a brutal murder has been committed
by Mrs. Wash and an Irishman, upon a negro
girl. Her body was covered with marks of
ernelty. The parties absconded. Com. Mason,
of the U. 8. sloop-of war John Adamt, on her
voyage to the East Indies, flcdlog that tint
vessel was, from leakage, onSt to proceed, boro
away to Rio de Janeiro, where he awaits orders
from tbe Xavj Department.
Death of an Aged Methodist Preacher.
Rev. Jacob Yobbo died suddenly on Friday
afternoon, at the residence of his son, near
Columbus. Be had attained a good old ag.
Most of his life he has devoted to preaching
as a minister and elder of the Methodist
Episcopal Cbureh. lis was admitted on trial
October 2, 1802, when the Western Conference
was 'old at Cumberland, Tennessee. His firrt
station, 1803, was at "Barren," in the Cumber -Hud
District. Net a single associate of his,
members of that conference, perhaps, survives.
Id 1804 he was stationed at "Wilderness," in
the Bulston District. Be was admitted Into
fall Joonneotion at tbe Western Conference, at
lit. Gerlzim, Kentucky, Ootobor 2, 1804, and
was assigned to the station of Muskingum and
Kanawha, of whioh Wiiliaii Dcbie was
Presiding Elder. 1800 to Limestone or Mays
vllle, In Kentuoky District, of which Father
Bosks was then Presiding Eider. 1807 at
Nashville, in Cumberland District, of whioh
William McKehdrbi was Presiding Elder.
1806 be was himself appointed Presiding
Elder of tbe Mississippi District. 1S00 Bt
West Wheeling, Virginia, In Muskingum
District. Fifty years ago, on the 30th of this
month, the Western Conference mot in Cin
cinnati, and Jaoob Yon so was returned to
Wet Wheeling Station. We believe there
survives none of tbe preachers of that day,
exoept perhaps one, not now in the ministry.
It would be eurioas, as an Ulastrativeextmple
of the Methodist itineracy, to mite tho different
fields of labor to which this veterau preacher
has been assigned, always adhering to the
Western or Ohio Conference, except in 1811,
when be was assigned to Redstone, In the
Mouoogahela District of the Baltimore Con
ference, and la 1812, when he was Presiding
Elder of Ohio District, in the same cenfernce.
In 1813, 1814 and 1815 he wae Presiding Elder
ef Ohio District, in Ohio Coulbren.ee: 1810,
181T, 1818 and 1819-Presldlng Elder of Mm
Hngnm District; 1820 statioued at West
Wheeling, Virginia; 1821-Presiding Elder of
Lancaster Distriot; 1822-Presiding Elder of
Mnaklngum Distriot; 1823, 1K24, 1825 and
1824 Presiding Elder of Lanoaater Distriot;
1827 stationed at Columbus; 1828 Piokaway;
182-Falr8eldj 1830 Marietta; 1831 trans
ferred to Pittsburg Conference, and assigned to
WestLiberty, Virginia; 1832 returned to Ohio
CoBfsrecejl833 Rushville; 1834 with L.L.
Hamlihi at Athens; 1835 Athens; 1836, 1837,
1838 and 1839 Presiding Elder of Columbus
Distriot; 1840 Llthopolis; 1841 Ruihville;
1843 London; 1843 New Richmond; 184
North Bend. Be continued In active service
in other stations until near tho time of his
Editorial and Selected Melange.
To-day is St. Matthew's day. Friday and
Saturday are Ember days.
There Is a passage opened along the walls
oa each side of Smith AjNixons' Ball, which
Is an arrangement long needoi.
Rev. C. K. Marshall, of Miss., has patented
an invention to address newspapers eight
thousand an hour which is pronounced to be a
tuooess, and aheap.
The eleventh annual fair of the Clermont
County Agricultural Sjoiety opens next luos
iay, the 27th fast., at Olive Branch, in Cler
mont County, and continues during tbe woek.
Mr. Faran, onr Postmaster, has received in
dosed to his address, a photograph of child and
mother. The only direction Inolosed is to de
liver it only to the husband of the lady. A
Puguerrootype wss previously remitted, without
address, and it wasoalled for by a gentleman
topping at the Burnet Bouse.
"Ws, Bell," IB Clbvbb. Dtll't Life m Lon
iim says: "It is something for America to say
with truth, "We have Paul Morphy, s boy of
twonty-tiro, who can give pawn and move to
very other player in the world;" andlnrge as
hs world is, this wo, BU, honestly believe
ibe boy can do.
There were threo Vice Presldoatsof the
United States Agricultural Society present at
Chicago, who had never partaken of ardent
pirits, or had been addloted to use of tobacco.
One of thorn was Freeman O. Cory, editor of
the Cincinnnkit, an Agricultural periodical of
interest, published in this county, at College
Mr. Everott dellrero l an eloquent address on
Webster, at the inauguration of the Webster
S;atue in Boston on the 17th of September, the
ocoatlon of great celebrations in that oity.
the present one was tbe two hundred and
Uonty-tiinth anniversary of tbe settlement of
B s ton.
The editor of the NoblesvlUe (Ind.,) Pttrht
had to dispatoh from Indianapolis to bis own
village, a distance of twenty miles, and waits
iu. return, for a marriage license.. Bin happy
bride and joyous oompany all esBeinbled to
Attest with well-known oeremosies, tho inter
esting vent, had to wait the due oourse of
cut). Editors mast be posted.
Latta, of our city, will exhibit, to-morro,
at Evansvllle, Indiana, one of his Stoam Fire
Kagines, with expectation of soiling the same.
Too Doytonians have a peep at it to-day. W e
trust Dayton will find it to horinterostto secure
';;;o of tnese rotormatory instruiionti. inoy
live a great deal of demorallsntiun of joatb,
attendant on the independent fire engine orga
nization. The collections at Postofflees for the Wash
ington Monument is not extraordinarily
heavy: Wheeling, Virginia, sent 18, and
I'Mtnam, Ohio, $10; few cities sent more,
fiie proeent generation will all be ia their
jruves before this jll-dosigued stone structure
will be erected. The only instrumentality
ibat cen consummate the work will be that of
American women.
The Illinois Central Railroad, appreciating
the merits or rturkeo1 ronn fiteam Plow,
ud their own interests, have ordered six
taachines, to plow tho liwds thoy coll to
tinall farmers. Tho Company propose to
break up for these new beginners their prai
rie lands at sixty cents per acre. That is a
coble incident of corporation character.
An Important diriKt trade la expected to bo
carried on with the interior of tbe United
States, from England, through the Dsyton Bnd
Michigan Railroad to Detroit, and over tbe
Grand Turk Railroad of Canada and the Mon
treal and Liverpool line of steamers. Goods to
reaoh inland markets in bond, tbe Government
duties to be prepaid by railroad company, and
t'"ilow shipment as charges Cincinnati to be a
prominent oenter for this direct trade.
Tbe terms on whioh the eleven English
cricketers visit this oountry are: the payment
nf all their expenses from starting to return
ing, and 600 besides. These noted cricketers
fro liberally supported by members of Parlia
ment and other gentlemen. The N. Y, Tribune
calls the expected professional players " The
eleven Apoatlos," on a proselytlog mission of
tho utmost importance, perhaps not thought cf
by them. It cordially recommends tho game
us more material to oar national necoiBities
than the game of Chens.
Two ScRvivons. Mr. David S. Hunt, of
this city, haB a sister, Mrs. Mary Van Voch
t.en, horn at Albany, and still residing at
Louisville, Ky., which has been her homo
'ineo 1813, who was a passenger on tho
(Vermont, on her trial trip from Xew York to
Albany. The Albany Journal, in announc
ing the death of the Dean of Itippon, of Eng
land, says, that tliero now resides in Albany
the only surviving cabin passenger who
vnaAe the first trip with Robert Fulton by
ite tn en tho North River. As that paper is
mistaken, and there are at least two sur
vivors, allow us to introduce Hon. John Q.
Wilson to Mrs. Mary Van Vechton.
Good Thing for the Seventeenth Ward.
This portion of our city has long beon kept
back by tho demotion of its main avenue "to
ouCBtoot occupation by omnit uses and every
class of vehicles. We believe that a well-ordered
street railroad will lessen these obstruc
tions and increase tho value of property. It
has been fortunate for the Seventeenth Ward
that the Pendleton Railroad Company has se
cured its franohiros on terms so agreeable to
thti residents along the line and to the Cum
pany. We believe that the gonorou polley
recently pursued by the Little Miami Rail
road Company has tendod to the kind rela
tions now existing. An iron track heretofore
has been an exasperation to the people, instead
of being, as It now is, a bond of anion. Stock
has been liberally subscribed by residents of
Fulton, and the pooplo await the commence
ment of street railroad transit with much in
terest. $i0,000 mure will oomplute thoir capi
tal itook. We bops that some cars may be
constructed especially to accommodate the
baskets replenished to fulness at our markets,
which the women of Fulton bear to their homes
on their return from the eity proper.
A Novkt.ty in FismoM. Among the novel
ties roceatly introduced in ladles' apparel; is a
new article of suspender. They bear xeiembianco
to those worn by gentlemen, except
that they are made of delicate while elastio
fabrlo, with frilled edge, about one Ineb wide,
and are attached to the skirt by buttons in like
A Potii, Wobth Havibo. Dr. Philip Van
Ness Morris, of Cambridge, N. Y., a graduate
of the elass of 1813, at the late commencement
of William College, presented that institution
with a donation of $10,000.
Hamilton, our Butler County Neighbor.
Notwithstanding the improvements Hamil
ton has made, the progressive introduction of
valuablejBydraullo works, whioh give her great
rank as a manufacturing town, we can net, in
wishing her God-speed in the career of an
anticipated greatness, but remomber her as the
pioneer vilinge. It was sixty-eight years ago
thlj month that Fort Hamilton was built In
tho wilderness, as tho first link of a chain of
stockaded forts on a line West from Cincinnati
or Fort Washington. It was built by Oenoral
St. Claib, but two months previous to the
disastrous defeat of 1791. We revive an Inci
dent of traglo Interest in the early history of
Hamilton, which, although it has passed Into
history, is not current in the cvery-duy stories
of the present generation. No one now re
members, and few havo heard, of tbe sad story
of Sr.TB Bun, the only son of a widowed mother,
of New York, who, with a party of six, deserted
from 1'ort Hamilton in the full of 1792, and
reached the Ohio River, a shortdlutance below
the sito of the present city of Louisville, but
with his colleagues, Gallrhes, John IJbows,
end four others, wore returned by Oeneral
Class to tbe arbitrary and tyranaieal officer,
Major RuDutrB, then Commander of the troops.
The returned deserters were tried by a oourt
martial; the throe names above were sentenced
to be hung, two wero to run the gauntlet, la
dim style, and the remaining two for a stipu
lated period to bo Imprisoned, loaded with
henvy irons. Five hundred soldiors, it is said,
were drawn up in arms around the fatal spot,
to witness the exit of their unfortnate com
lades. The sufferers were young men of spirit
and handsome appearance, in the opening
bloom of life, with their long hair floating
over thoir shoulders. Joun Baotr.y had been
forbidden by bis paronts to wed the girl bo
loved, and be took to the eaddlo, and became a
dragoon in the wilds of tho West, but from
harsh treatment he felt constrained to dejort.
On the gallows he alluded to his cruel oppres
sor. Tho rope that was fastened about Bern
Hun's neck Blipped, aud he struggled in gteat
pain no til his ntok was broken. If the exe
cution hud been delayed a few bonrs, a re
prove from Don. Wilkinsos would have saved
these young men from their tragic feto.
Horticulture and Mechanics.
Editobs Prkht Faeas: A stranger visiting
your city to attend the Mcchauical and Horti
cultural Festivals is surprised ft tbo total
want of consideration by its municipal au
thorities iu providing some permanent and
central location for thoir regular exhibitions.
LiUo o'ir btato rairs, tuoy have become per
ipatetic; the visitor is referred to tho papers,
post-bills and buss placards for the proper
direction. This is not seemly for the metro
politan city of tho West it would hardly be
respectable for a third-rato country town.
In v nlking through your city my attention
is always attracted by the vacant space on
Filth, near Main. What a nuisance it is, aud
how sensibly must tho value of property be
affected by its accumulated dirt and filth.
Why can not some sensible man in your
Council no doubt thoy are all sensible
men bring forward an ordinance providing
for tho erection of a light, well-arranged
hull tbo snace below to be used for the do.il v
sale of fruit nnd flowers always tha first
obiocW of inquiry by strangers, wnat a
beautiful sight in the spring would be the
ob.jw of the latter, which wn could admire
without being forced into tho nutters of
Broadway and walnut, men tee straw
berry display how many strangers nro at
tracted by this alone.
All this needs only tho slightest allusion.
There is one argument tnat will nova its In
fluence, so doubt the investment would
nay. Troporty-holdors on Fifth would re
joice in it, and the tax-payers say "amen."
As the building noed not be wido, no ob
struction of light could bo urged no "vostod
rights" invadad an absolute nuisance re
moved. Tho Floral and Mechanics' Hall
would bo something to be of. Why
"Little Eva."
The result of the inquiry In the New York
Court, instituted on Aaiew corps by the
father, will not Le reached yot for a week
The following is a copy of the indenture
proved in the Court:
The indenture of apprentice between Francis
Whitten, of tho city of Cinoinnati, oounty of
Hamilton, and State of Obio, father of Era
Bell Whitten, on the one part, and Martha
Pollock, of tho same place, of the other part,
wituesseth: that the said Eva Bell Whitten,
lifted two years on the 11th of Deoouber, A.
D. 1355, is hereby bound as an apprentice
unto tho said Martha Pollook, from the dato
heroof, until the 11th of December, A. D. 1871,
and is faithfully to servo the said Martha Pol
lock, and is to observe and perform toward the
faid Martha Pollook all tbo obligations and
duties to a p irenl, and oorrootly te demean
herself daring the term of her apprenticeship.
And the said Martha Pollock does hereby
covenant that she will provide tho said Eva
Bell Whitten, during said apprenticeship, with
board, lodging, medioine, washing, clothing,
and all other necessaries suitable for an ap
prentice, and will finch, or cause her to be
taught, to read aud yrte, and also the first
four rules of arithmetic, and, at the expiration
of said term of service, will furninh the said
Eva Bell Whitton a new Bible, and two new
sui ts of wearing apparel.
In testimony whereof, the parties have here
unto set their hands and seals this 8th day of
August, A. V, 1850.
"Little Eva." FRANCIS WHITTEN, [L. S.]
Attest, D. K. CADY.
Wkbbtkb and Ckocertt No two characters,
says the Memphis liulktin, eouid be more dis
similar than those of Webster and Crockett.
One had penetrated to the profoundost depths
of the forest, nnd was apasdonate lover of its
wild delights. Crockett paid Webster a com
pliment tnat both pleased and amused him. It
is related that whan his celebrated speeob npon
Foote's resolutions was published, he sent a
copy ef it to Davy Croonett. Shortly after
ward Davy called upon him to make his an
knowlcdgmonts fur the favor remarking that
it was the only speeoh he bad evor been able
to read without tbe uld ot a dictionary. Mr.
Webster, it is said, frequently romarhod that
although, perhaps, a compliment was not in
tended, none was ever bestowed upon hiin that
he valued so highly.
Tbe Larckht Gatk in the Worlp. A mon
ster gate for tbe t-ault Sto. Mario Canal is
nearly completed lit Newport, thirty-fivo miles
abovo this oity. It la eighty-two feet wide,
(that being tho width cf tho canal), thirty-one
and a-balf feet doop, and thirty-two inches
thick. The timber urcd ia it? oonatiuction, cut
into Inch hoards, would misasare ahont one
hundred and (irenli (Aomano! fe'At It Is be
lieved to bo tbo largost gate in tho world. If
thore is any duubt on thia point, its weight,
from tbe immense quantity of iron attached to
it, will throw all competitors in the shade,
there being about forty tune of iron nsed in
binding it. It will be finished some time this
week, when it will be taken to pieoes and sent
Detroit Tribune.
jEff-The murderer of tbe young man, sup.
posed to be N. Manning, near Fiona, was ar
rested on Bunday. His name isDenoy, and
he admits killing Manning, but alleges that
it waa in sell-defense. They came together
from California, where Manning hsd been
successful, while Donoy was not, and M.
paid D.'s passage to this State. They were
both natives of Miami County. Denoy is
now in jail at Troy, in that county.
Night Dispatches.
Five Days Later from Europe.
SACKVILL, September 20.
Tbe steamship Arabia from Liverpool on
the 10th Inst., Ii understood to have been sig
naled off Halifax at three o'clock this after
noon, but the Nova Sootia line having olosed,
we are compelled to await the arrival of the
horse Express with the news, whioh will be
due here at sn early hour to-morrow.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
ST. LOUIS, September 20.
seven per oent. bonds had been redeemed by
the State at 83io.
Overland Immigration oontinucd to pour in.
Much suffering was reported on the plains
among the broken-down Pike's Peakors. A
large number of emigrants were stopping at
Alkers River and other gold-diggings east of
the Sierra Nevada,
The town of Murpheys was nearly destroyed
by fire on the 21st alt. Loss estimated at one
hundred thousand dollars.
HONOLULU, July 30.
The American bark Lacirttr, uf l'tiiladel
phia, en roult to Australia, with a cargo of rice,
valued at $22,000, foundered off Molukal July,
10. The vessel and cargo total loss, but
was fully insured. No lives lout.
The American whaler TwiliyM, of Now Bed
ford, was wrecked on one of tho Marquesas
Islands, June 10. Loss $45,000. Crew saved.
Now discoveries of guano had been made nt
Independence Island.
Victoria ptpors of the 21d ult. say that five
companies of iafuntry and four eouipauios nf
artillery, with a battery of eight thirty-two
pounders from the United States steamer Mat
lachuertta, had landed on San Juan Island.
The Houso of AaBoinbly, on the 12th ult.,
adopted an address to Governor Douglass, ur
gently requesting biia to enforce upon the
Ragliah Government the necessity of domand
ing from tho Government of the United State.!,
not only tho Immediate withdrawal of all
troops, bat strenuously and at all risks main
tain her right to the island; aUo, ull ntbor
Islands in the Arnhlpelego, "now olandnstinoly,
dishonorably and diihonestly invaded."
A motion was also adopted, urging tha (lov
ornor lu form volunteer military cotnpatilei.
All was qutot At tae latest dates.
The rhipmonts of gold at Vlotoita for the
previous fortnight amounted to $144,000.
There Is a speculative movement io Candlos
and Provisions: 10,000 boxes Adamantine
Candles! fold during the week at 1820o.
Porlt-Jjji? B018 for mos, and clear $20.
Baoon J2MlJo. Lard 12(i$Hti. Suirar
New Orleaus lus, crushed llo. Ilioo and
Teao buoyant. A moderate amount of goods
Is going into tbo interior.
New York Financial Matters.
NEW YORK, September 20—P. M.
The Stock Exchango continues to exhibit
considerable activity, with remarkablo firm
ness in several of the loading speculative
shares. Tbo interest of the murkot etill cen
ters in tho Railroad stocks, which aro stimu
lated by the reports of incroaing business.
The market, on tbo whole, was hardly bo
firm as yesterday, although Now York Cen
tral was maintained ut full price?, realising
atonotirae au advanco of percent.
Tho Wostorn stocks generally woro oil'ercd
more freely, and lower prices wore estab
lished. Galena fell off M; Rock Islund H,
and Toledo 1; the Michigan Roade each M;
Pacific Mail also ducliued Heading ;
Erie and Hudson unchanged; New York
Contrul closed at 81J6l, with hut littlo
stock pressing on tho market. In Railroad
Bonds there was nn improvement of i in
Erio Fourth Mortgages and '4 in Now York
Central Bonds of 1870. The Htato slocks avo
in moderate demand, and prices firm.
In financial mutters tha feoliug is scarcely
so comfortable, the firmness in Exchange,
together with tho strong export deuinnd for
gold, not being without its infiuenco. Tho
price of Money has undergono no noticeable
alteration; the murkot eontinues to show
great frceness of supply. Exchange on Eu
rope eloaed firm at 110J110 for storling,
and 5!3512i for franc; at sight, franca
have been sold at SI lJtfigSlO. Tha estimate
of the shipment of bulliou, on Saturday, by
the Kangaroo and Octan Queen, has increased
to $2,000,000. The rneieMs of the New York
Central Road for September are expected to
reach $.50,000, an incroase of 100,000 over
tno same moctn last year.
Naval Intelligence.
NEW YORK, September 20.
Advices from Rio de Junerlo to J uly '.I etato
th at the United States ship Leeanl, Commander
Hunt, arrived after a passage of thirty-nine
days from Boston, and sailed again eevendays
after bar arriva). AU Well.
The eloop-of-wsr John Adam, Commander
Mason, put in at Rio de Janorio on the 31st of
July, leaking and very muoh strained, o"'aa
to bad weather and the immense weight of her
fatteriej. The John Adam was on her voynga
to the East Indies, but the result of a survey
held at sea, declaring the vessel to he unttt to
proceed to her destination, Induced tho Com
mander to bear away for thin port. Since his
arrival here, and In the absence of any other of
Our government vessels, an additional survoy
of tome eight or ten of onr merohant captains
has been held, and they fully eolncide with
that made by tbe ships' officers at sea.
Lieutenant D. M. Cohen, of the 'marines, hns
boen ordered to prooeed by this paokot as
boarer of dispatches to the Secretory of the
Navy at Wathingtoa.
Commander Mason will await his return
before taking further steps.
River News.
LOUISVILLE, September 20, P. M.
River stationary, with two feet three inches
in the oanal. Weather chowery this afternoon.
Woro rain threatened to-night.
PITTSBURG, September 20, P. M.
Rivor sevou feet soant by tho pier-mark,
and about stationary. Weather cloudy.
ST. LOUIS, September 20, P. M.
Rivor rose abont three inches at this point
on Saturday, stationary Sunday and yester
day, fallen abont one inch to-day, but the in
dications are favorable for a speedy rise, as
the latej rains have extended throughout the
oppor oountry. Nothing now from tbe upper
streams. It. hu3 raised here almost constantly
since Saturday morning, and the prtient pros
pects are for a continuunoe of wet weather.
BOSTON, September 20.
In tbe injunction ease of tho Halifax Tele
graph European News Monopolists against the
Amorloan Telegraph Company, praying in sub
stance that the latter may be compelled tu for
ward the speculators reports of the European
news in advance of the reports to tho Associa
ted Press, the Judge, this morning, refused to
grant tbe motion, bat permitted tbo specula
tors to prooeed, if they please, as in ordinary
cases of bills in equity.
Republican Nomination.
FITCHBURG, MASS., September 20.
The P.epublican State Convention met to-day
aud nominated lion. N. P. Banks for Gov
ernor, without opposition.
Mr. Banks reoeived six hundred and twenty
seven out of tbe seven hundred nnd twelve
votes en tbe nrst ballot, and the vote was
made unanimous. All the other laoambents
were also renominated.
Destructive Fire at Cairo.
ST. LOUIS, September 20.
The Cairo correspondent of the Bepvllican
says that the Taylor House and fourteen other
buildings on Commerolal-etreet were destroyed
by fire at one o'clock this morning. Loss
Ohio State Fair.
ZANESVILLE, September 20.
Slight occasional showers all day. There is
a greater quantity of stock on hand than at
any previous fair, a large shw of horses and
the boat and largost display of machinery,
engines and agricultural Implements ever be
held In the Stato. The oity is fast filling with
strangers, and the weather is clearing up.
From New York.
NEW YORK, September 20.
A fire occurred on loard the steamboat
John I'aren, near Green Point, about four
o'clock this morning, whioh resulted in tbe de
struction cf the boat. Loss $20,000. She be
longed t,i tlie late firm of John Thurshy & Son,
corner of Vrnnt-Ftreot and Peck-dip, who re
cently mude an assignment.
Arrival of the Santa Fe Mail.
ST. LOUIS, September 20.
The San'.a Ko mail, with date to tbe 6th
iaat., reached Independence this silt-moon. A
Brest amount of rain bad fallen on the plains.
. - , . 1 . L.l 1 ... .1..
1 nevongrojstonai eioouou w uciumi iu uj
tbe mail lot t. A corrcponaoni says umi mere
Is no doubt ef Olero's election.
Later from Mexico.
VERA CRUE, September 3.
General Degallndo is at San Luis Patoei,
re-organiziug nis army.
Non-Arrival of the Nova Scotian.
Faethbb Poist, September 2010 P. M.
There are no signs of tbe iVora St olian.
HEItTENHflAW ADAMS On Sunday, Wh IrM.,
by Ksqulra McKall, Joinn, llnrtensliaw to MN Ka
tiitl A. Adam, oil of this city.
HTM AH On the ovenlna of llio 19th lust., at'tor
aliriRnrlug UltiKH, Ailonlram Ritlifati, ased 42 years.
The frieudi of the family aro requested t attend
liis liiiicriv on WedneidMy, 2lnt iut., at 2 o'clock P.
M from his Into rwld -m-e. No. 21 IMmu-Htioet, be
twcn Mxtli and l.ongwurlli.
FAUI,iNEU-Oo fiouitav evening. tholStbinst,,
at lo o'clock, t lier lute rfwidonco on Omullne-Ktreet,
nf parulnia, Alia. Kniily Faulkner, wire of Lemuel
Fftiilkiirr, aged furty-aoren yuan four months nod
tvul?o tlys,
Dixon's Blackberry Carminative,
Suuituer Corn pin iitt, IHarrbxa.Fliix, Sit:
S5Tw;ty-8e routs pi-r hottlo.tiSI
(iEO. M. DIXON, Drudiridt,
aufti-em Coroiirui' Filth ami Mnlu-tnutn.
County Treasurer,
Opposition Convention.
a candldite fr County Treasurer, subject to tho ilo.
cltloo of tli" Opposition caiivonllou. appli'il
oan lMate for Comity Troanurer, eulilect to the do.
cisiou of tho County Deiuoerii lie Convention,
-.TOSISPII P. BEQUS (late of the Arm of
Boc A Smilh) l a candidate fur Connty TreamiroT,
tibjocl lo the doclnlun uf tha Opposition Convention.
Li'pl-Pl .
for County Trpmnror, subject to the iltclslrn of tho
Ojpi.nitlon Convention BepltM)"1
" ii3-USCLE"J0E h58a IS A CANDT
I) ATE for Onm'yCoinnils.-loni.; sep-fn
fur the ofllfoof Ooonly Trrni-inror. sepltow
Pl'OSn' ION .-Dr. K. a. N K WTON,
ceudidstefnT County TroiisuriT. snpH
"B-L E ) N A Ii D b W A HTOrlTiriBKA
cam! Mat o fur County ('oaiml-slonrr of Uamiltou
County at thetmHulj( October eUctlon, imiOlf
CoiiiiEiereJal School
Stfvonlh-itp-et. tietwonn Wslnntand Vino, Ciri
rliiniiti, Olilo. EvhiiIiik Clnm cniuninucing Slomluy,
36th innt. ItixiH-U'c'iHiiir tmiKlit as uppli il tonrery
ooonrtnu ntnf trade. hiHiiPhHiuid Ornamental ppri.
ma'uhip. ('nil anil esiiniliin mwiin.'n tepvlmiii
Fall and Winter Boots anil Shoes.
No. S3 Wem Fourth. mrcet,
romplotn ati.ck of I'uli nnd Wiiii.-r ls.ota nnd
?,'!"" ,or 'Mn. iud variety is not mirpsneil.
Ui work iHsniwriortouiiy Bpt In tbo cltv, mid h
Solit vi-ry cheap lor ranli. ' ,(,pji
of Andrew, Wilson &('., is this day niutu.illy
dissolved by tli withdrawal oV Mr A. Wllmn, Jr..
Irom the Urui. p. ANDREW
tiu. at. uioa.
tho business will te continued under the firm nnme
of V . Andrnw Si Co. All uiutjttlcd acoouuls of tlm
llruioi 'Andrew, Wltsou A Co, will ho a install by
thm. P. ANDKF.W,
Cincinnati. rVytemhet so, IWD, tvyi hm
Trom Ex-Qovemcr Coiwin.
"Dr. E.:linR nl meted a Corn form. 1 bad snl.
ffcroil mm h and long wlh it, I had tried many rem.
odiei.-wltliont success. From my preiiont foellng 1
bre littlo doubt tint tho euro will beiei'ujaueut.
Tim cromtlon n nafurmod Inn few nilnotea, and
wnsattoniled with no jialn whatever.
"tHncltinutl, rkotemlr IJ, 1-iO."
From Nicholas Longworth Bernard,
"'Dr. Kalinn lias operaled wry ihillfully, and w ltb
out sain, ot, my Trot, I eui conftdruili' rooommend
lilmlouiy Iriemls, . N. L. BUUN'AKJ).
"C'iutitmuti, Si'Ptmltr 17, IMS."
Concert Room Entrance.
Couiiiiercial College
" Oii'cnlari, etutlng tense, can be had on ivpll
ctton. , Mp3y ,
..." ... An
Dealers in Exchange,
Uoote of
Has commenced buitnesa under tbe above ttrm nam
At Ns.7 and 0 Tnlrd-etreet, (Trust Com
paur Bulldlns.)
soprani ' ' J. H. 11ROTQERTON.
H,T-1lsht, dnuy and Brilliant la eolor-tlis "Me
Plus Ultra' of tbe seown. ,
No. 149 Main-atreet,
80 Pearl-street,
Have now lu store a large and seleot stooK of
PLB and FANCY DUT OUODS, whlob, forontonl
and variety, Is unsurpaaso l, vie:
A large and general stock of DoMll,
Wooleu and Cotton Goods. .
A HiilentUd llaeof ve rich DressGoods,
lu Silks, Delays, Merlnooe, tmd other
fabrics uf jio west styles.
Cloths Cashmeres nnd Vesting, In
large assortment.
.1 complete stock of While Goods, Em
broideries and Line n Goods, of our
ii wn Importation.
A very extensive stuck of Fancy and
Variety Goods, Shawls, Hosiery,
Glovex, hr.
KeT Wo shnll be In dally receipt of all new and 49
slrnhle Goods during tho season, aud desire to te
placed In competition wllh any house, Eut or West,
by un examination of our stock. lepltnin
M e -w tore
South-east Cor. Fourth aad Vine,
PKETTIKsr tork of Good) for MEN'S
WKAK ever offered In Cincinnati.
To make up to Ma&suro, will bo Ur( and varied.
Wo havo a
New Corps of Cutters,
Prom New Torli and Philadelphia, who profow to
uudarstttnd th, art of Cutting Stylish OarmenU to
IKS For pat f&vora wo roturn many thanke, and
hnpo to merit future patronago. Truly,
School Books,
Writing Paper,
Envelops, Slates,
Blank Books,
And amvtbing in the Book anil Stationery Hoe, at
No, 112 Main-street.
fwplSaw) ' -
Columbus and Xenia
- held hi Z ine.vllleon the IWth, 31st, M and Ka
div nf tjcpteiulwr, lV.ff.
Trnins luavc tlm I.ntle Miami Depot at 0 A.M.;
B:BO A.M., mill ll;iJO P.M.
Fare for the Round Trip, $5.
.. Ticket rtood from the 19th to the Jtib of Septem
ber, I nrhmvp; to bo hd nt Mo. 1 Burner Houf, cor
uer Thl nl nnil Vim strnels; Walniit-etreot lli'ii-i-;
Huiilli-euKt corner of Knot nud HrrailHiij,iiiMlt the
Lit tin Miami I'cpot, Kmt Frunt.nl Knit,
wpl(i-ti2ip J. J)UKANI. iiiptrintiip.lnil .
NEB nf Fourth anil Walnnt-fitreeta. Oarllula
Iinllillim. The rmulurevftiilni? tfmon of thia inatl.
tution will tommunce on MONDAY EVKNINO,
Mrpt. 26. young aien who eroenjiogl throiiuh the
day have hnre an opportnnltr of Qualifying them
nilvos iliorouKhlr in itoiible Kntry. Book-iooplnn,
rcmnan-hip and IStmlniui Arithmetic. Forfurtiior
nloruiatiou, call at tho College, or wlilrws iho Prlu.
Ipnl; wp?Ouvr J. H. CAKNAI1AN.
challenges the world to produoe a Will to grind
nil klndH of grain, egalnat J. O. REED'S Portable
Qrlut Mill, now on Eihlbl ion at the Mschanlca'
Fair. Thia challenge to remain good until the neat
exhibition of mechanical arte In thia cltr.
irp20-c HEED, flOLLABlBD t 00.
ornox so
OIBm houra from
A. il., 1 to 3, anil 7 to 9, P. 11.
AT LAW, Ohaie Bnlldlnga.Ho. CKiut Third
ijrt. ... . . . eepS-a,

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