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At Mo. 1 West Fonrth Street,
end delivered to sobscrlbere In OIHOIHHATT.OOV.
In OTON and KBWFOBX, ud la nmiandlDi cities,
Villages and town, at . , . ,
arable to tne oerrler. ,
Single Ooplee, I ets.j Omm Xonth, 40 eta.; Tores
Montht, l W; 0 lew, H . -
I. a a
VOL. 2. NO. 2&
"Wood's Theater
Jess A. Bllum, Je.....8ole Lrue and Itanagsr.
farewell Beaellt end last appearance of
The Star Sisters Lucille and Helen.
THH (TrMnyVHTKNINa, September 23, Kill
eBreinied the Interwting drama of
.lack Shepwcl......... Miss Incllle.
Jonathan Wild - -.Mr. Langdon.
Mr Bowlaud Treucbard ....Mr. Mann.
Thomas Darrell .h..m..m ...........Mr. Rad.
,lia BIumMu...,-.....,.... .............Mr. Kllaler.
Wlnnlfred Mim Annie Wait.
Fancy l)uce Marshall Uhildreo.
To eonclade with tba celebrated Minstrel scene
Janny VairloTew............ Mis, L-ncill.
Rosary..... ...-.. Miss Helen.
.larnr nirutanm . Mr. Adltnilt.
nrrT..,........ ..,..................-Mr. Hall.
Mairp. ........ ........... Miel fanny Denhim.
IT Tb. great drama 01 "ina uerpenter or uoutn -will
shortly be produced.
eWDoora open at 7; Curtain rises at 7ty o'clock.
Paicia or Admission Dreee Clrola and Farqiiatt,
ascent; Unitary, jLloentl.
WNo free list ,: . . .X
For This Week Only.
Thmanaamnttitkajrtatp1aaaure In annoono.
ilia that th ftimoin Mont. BIiONVIN, whnaa raoent
wonderful axploita hat. angagad ao m nob of tba pnu
tic attention, baa been engaged for tbia week only,
and will appaartbla
Ih a asriea of bla unparalleled faata, anong wbleh ba
will axecnta npon a tight-ropa hit eelabratad llaikat
Danae, fctllt Feat, (nerer before tttemptfd by any
other poraon,) Urand Krolntlona, nmmeniaultiug
.baakward and fnrwari ov.r burning eandlee; the
wonderful Ulialr feat, and erolnllonn without the aid
of tlia nn'o. during which he will perforin the world
rnownd Violin Feat, Flag Feat, Tour de Clhapoiu,
Jto., and conclude with
From tho 5ttrsme hack of the Stage to the furtheat
limit of the TJpper nailery of the Andltorium. Dur
in, the Aarmuinn Mona. BLONDINwIU repeat many
f the wonderful Ibata recently performed over the
. boiling ehaam of Niagara, among which will ba that
of trundling a wheelbarrow np a tingle card, and
walking thelongth of that narrow footing.eiiTolopod
' In mack.
Tb performance of lha ereilng (a commence with
the popular farce of
In which
Nr. and Mrs. Harrj Cliapmaii,
W ill aiiatalo tho principal character!.
Paints on Adnimion. Parauetta Circle. Paran.tra
and BaleonjaiOcenta; Children under 10 yenra, bnlf
i . price; uauerj, c.uib.
1 J.F.HBRBBBT, Treaiitrer.
W Voora npea at Ifi o'clock; Performance to
eommenoe at M to
WOffloa onfii from IN A. II. to 4 P. M.. where
aeata may b eonred.
(iiand Vocal and Instrumental 1
Annonncca to her frieada and the public ganoraltT,
thnt her flrat Concert, eince hor roturn from the
South, will takeRlace aaaboT,on
Thursday Evening, Sept. 2!!h.
' :i: . 40 TALENTED PBRF0KM0R9.
Captain Menter'i Cornet Band,
' ProiaaaMie Coocerli, from 7aatlllo'locft,ia,nie
Tarleiy entartulnmaat, from I rbIU It e'eloik, In
tbe Itatnt Balooa. i
Admlaalon Tea font.
-.. : ;
New Te
Will be ei
' Teatnmput nnd tho Land of Palestine
aexolhltedeTery ercnlng lor two wetas at
ommaneina THIS BVBNINa, Beptember & and
n Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.
TlnkftMat oents: Children nnder twalTaraare ISO.
Ktbaral arrangements made with achoole. aeplawt
M. at all the Countt FAiaa In Ohio and Indiana,
me largest Jnuie Known in tne worm, ,
19H Uaede Hlch-Welahi 1,885 Poundu,
FiT Tfeara Old.
fTasralaed by Dr.M'Cann, of Fayette Coniitr.Ky,
wul De exaiDiwu oy tau. n . r nuo i,
Oyster Importing 1 House,
1 NO dally, per Bxpreea, his splendid Oysters.
Raving oom plated arrangements in Baltimore, on
ttiamoet axtensire amle. I will at all times during
the snaaon be prepared to furnish ms friends, "and
the rest or mankind," with tbe moat DELICIOUS
JHTALVK8 Imported to the Queen City. None but
the yen best Imported. Sreat Inducements offered
at this Importlng-honse.
Order aiolltited and promptly Ulled. Ternm cash
axpllt Bale Im porter and Proprietor.
Ai.ia in '
Spiced Oysters.
. JL INA DAILY, by the Adams Express, IK ALT
- AY'S world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg: and Shell Oysters
i ' Trash, nermetlcally-Maled COVa,' 8PI
, ROBERT 0RR, A?ent.
fopT-tf ' '' ' 1 Bepoti It West Flflh-Btreet,
I Btf C1 Ufaalnsil-aiMC
. M SOU the sale of l, . HABJi Vuill
-aw rresn oysters. j,t,1HV. "
wnoieeaie anu rvuni AKn. nr 0. . 111,1.1. ain,
Oratera cooked In a superior style at our uii ul mod.
arateoharges. - auJi-U
UVtUUiUl AAUA94i3i
t . . A If I tl.O W W
y Jt aairt siwqr. ir.n.'; , ; j . ., . p. u, 1 ,w j ,
Arrivals of Trains.
Indianapolis CtNcraxAri 0:(O a. n .; 3:35 t. .;
9:33 r. a.
OiiroiNiATti Hamilton and Daitom f:ioA. n.;10:(T
a. u.; m r. M.i lo:iu r. m.
LiTTLi SIiami-7:30 a.m.) 1:30 f. .;7il r. K.!10:
P. K.
Habivtta and Cincinnatt 10:20 A. M.; V:lf y. m.
Ohio ij(iUi8iiwippi 7:1.1 a. m.; KOOr. ln-l y.K
Arrivals of Trains. Departures of Trains.
brniANAroaw and Oihcissati-S;) a. 12ine v.;
6:00 r, a. -
Oinoinnati, Hamotoii and Patton Iadtarmpolla
and UlareUt ul, 6:00 a. M.; ilanduiky Mail, 8:00 a. m.;
8ndiuky,4a) r. M.l Arcoinmodntloa,6:00?. ii. -Littli
MiAiir -OleTHland and Pittf ting, fl.-Of) A.-
Olayeland, PI Habnm and Bollalr,8:30A. a.; Ooinni-
bua Aooomma dation,4:40 r. .; UlaTeland, i'ltti-
bnrg and Bella r, 11-,10p. m-i . ..
Ohio and Mimn wtpri-Ht. Lonla, 0:00 A. M.J Ionic
Tllle, O0 r. .', . St. Loni, 8:SO p. M.
PiTTianan, Colcm bud and Cincinnati (9tou ben villa
Bbort Llne)-Ka it rroat-atraet Depot :) A. M.j
8:00 A.M.; 11:30 P. .
OiHvai,AND,OoLDMin and Oincinnati Kaat Front
trat-:00 A. M.; i sW A. M.; 1 1:30 p. K.
Oincinnati and MArinTTA-:l6 a. m.j 3:30 p. m. :
Oznthal Obio k'roia Ustt Front-atroet Depot8:S0
a.m.; 11:30 p.m.
Oovinston AND L'Joton-:2 A. M.i J-.SO r. M.
At the General C )urt-artinl rcoentlv
oonrened at Camp Floyd, Tltah Territory, pur
suant to "ipeolal order," i'oin the headquar
ter, of the Pepartment of Utah, aoi at whioh
Lieut.-Col. Marshall S. 11 owe. Second ra
room, preilded, Seaond l ileat Cherlog ,f,
Ljnde, of the Fifth Regimen t of Infantry, ar
raigned on a charge of haying sonduoted him
elf unbecomiDg an officer and a gentleman,
end alio for diiobedlenoe of orders, was found
guilty on two of the gficeiiioation, in the
ohargei, end tentenoed "U be diaraUscd from
lerrice," which the Pre aidant, after oarefal ex
amination, ha, approred.. Tbe oourt has boon
The following lint from ray ha, bet n
found to admit of eighteen, transposition!,
without destroying the rhyme or sense:
The weary plowman plods Mhi honipwanl way. ! '
Thewoaiir plowDiun homovfni-d plods bin way.
The plowman, weary, plods hi s homeward way.' 1
The plowman, weary, homeward plods bia way. I
Weary the plowman plods his laomoward way. 1
Weary tho plowman homeward plods bis way.
Romoward the plowman ploda h la weary way..
Homeward the woary plowman .pious im way.
Homnward the plowman, woary, ploda bia way.
The homeward plowman weary iiioua nis way.
The homeward plowman ploda hi I weury way.
Almost a big Are occurred in tbe pen
itentiary on Monday night. Wt teaman McOol
lam observed a light In tho enghi-room of the
east wing of tbe workshops o ccupiod by Mr. P.
Haydon, and hastening to th o spot, found, thitt
tbe timbers hear tho boiler were in flames. II e
ran and spptised tbe Captain of the Watch, Mr,
LTollenbaok.who roused tho Warden and guards;
and with a few buckets of water they succeeded
in extinguishing the firs. In tire minutes
more the flames would have reached the dry
roof, when the whole of the iiast wing of work
shops, and in all probability the north wing,
with their valuable oontenis, wouta nave neon
reduced to a,he,. Colimbat Journal, , ,'"
tef A letter has just been published in Hol
land bearing noon the evil and extent of b ti-
bery, and tbe remedy of tbe ballot, front Mr.
R. Cobden. Mr. Cobden refers to Mr.- Dan Vg
letter to Lord Radstook on tbe ballot in As jer
loa, and after answering what argument Mr.
Dana's statement supplies, the Hon. gentl man
suggest, one trial of this mode of voting t a any
constituency in tho Unitod Kingdom. I' they
voluntarily abandon it, in favor of the T resent
mode of taking tbe poll, Mr. Cobden eng ages to
accept their decision, and say no more u pan the
ubjeot during tne rest 01 nis political no.
Crawford' plaster cost of the ."' y0nius
of Liberty, which was brought ironi Italy in
sections, has beon set up in the old Ht ,Uae hall
atWasiilngton. Tbe flgure is twenty .five foet
in bight from us peaosiat. ado r .got hand
rest, upoa the hilt of a sword, of whioh tho
point reach." to the feet. The left ) ianj grasps
wreaths, Snol rests upon a shield- Tho head
piece is the .Igure of an eagl , with wing,
half spread. ' l h body is olotu ,d in a royal
robe.' The statu', when oast in bronze, is to
urmonnt the done of the capl tel.
fflf-The ChrUtia. Atloocal and Journal re-
ports the movements' of tba 1 loierican Moth
odist Missionaries in .India; The Rev. Jame,
Baume arrived at Ca.'outta, July 5, m good
health. The Rev. Dr. liut'er has fixed his
residence at Bareilly. Mv". -Parsons hurt just
issued a traot in Hindoatsn, 0, entitled Tkt
Wilntu of the Jiolti Smnl he first effort to
publish Methodist literature il t that tongue. - '
- it is stated that Disrs el I. on the occa
sion of bis great speech on the Reform bill,
prior to ths prorogation ' of .'Parliament, wore
the same coat and trousers in which ho taade
his first failure as a parliame, itary orator. He
kept them for vengeance to. triumph in over
nis opponents.
S9 The Unitarian National Convention Is
to meet at Lowell, Mass., in the third w;ek of
October; the sermons to be. preached hy the
Eev. J. XtaW King, oi uomon, ana r'.esnicni
Sheldon, of Maine. An Infidel Convention
will be held in Philadelphia on tbeflrgt Monday
of Ootober. ' ' !
F-The Treswurer of Slate lias announced
that ba is prepared to my a 'dividend of
eighty per centum on the circti) ation of the
Canal Bank of Cleveland, and tuat he will
issue a ccrtmcate- ior the remo.inmg twenty
per cent. j
ftFThe United States steamship Fulton is
reported to have bn wrecked in the gale of
Friday on oanta noaa asibdu, uour ronsacoia.
The orow were savec1, as also the stores, but
her hull is laid to be breaking np.
gpa-The Town Couvicil of 'Berlin Lava just
subBoribedf 1,00 to a foundation in honor of
Humboldt, destined to aiiom mrt to learned
men and travelers in i!e "prosecution of the
studies to which ho devotod his long life.
fl9"The Ripley Bet, in its lass issuo, says
the estimated yield of iwins from the vine
vards within Ave miles of Ripley, Ohio, the
present leason, will bo mt hundred thouiand
fflM. Tictor Meitntiet, a well-known
scientific writer; states t'oat the nert deluge
will certainly not take place for ,300 years,
which will be tolerably satisfactory for the
present generation. J .
xtf"A man ii. in general, better pleased,
says Dr. Johnson, "when he hss a good dinger
UDon the table man wnen nis two uiks
' -The new Freshman Class at Yale Col
lege will number one hundred and seventy,
which is the largest oil the records of that
institution. . . . . ;
gam. Tate, of Euntsvllle, has been re
elected Presidont of tho Memphis and Charles
ton Railroe.1 Company. .- j
0Klt young ladies now a-dayj did not be-
some women at tnirtecn,inea wuum nave uot-
ter, wives. I
!. -Tha Virginia papers advocate a gen
eral celebration of the anniversary of the bt
tie of Yorktowq, on tho lUtn pi UctoDfcr next,
aur-Tho French Academy's prize for poe
try ' ha been awarded 'this year to M'lli
Ernestine Drouet, school-tcnchor. t1
. T-Elevon printars in Galveston joined
tho temperance society' on the night of the
aurora boreal is. '' '' j ...
8BCol. Edward llrooks, a gallarit officer
under Oeoeral Jackson In the war of 1812, died
elite, udaeily IastMeaday.c I '-'jL
United States Grand Lodge Independent
Order of Odd-Fellows.
Tbe Grand Lodge of tbe Unitoil States !of!
the Independent Order of Odd-Fellows assem
bled, in annual communication, in the Egyn- :
tian Saloon, at Odd-Fellows' Hall, yestcrday
mornlng, the M. W. Grand Sire, S. Craighead,
in tho ohair, and all tbe grand officers present.
The Urand bodge was opened with prayer
by the Urand Chaplain, Rev. Paul Ropitn,
after which tho Grand Secretary announced
that there were present representatives f xcun
twenty-three Urand Lodges. , . ' . -, ; -The
Grand Master then appointed a cod JQ,it
tee on credentials, when representative S ,tu,rt
of R, I., presented a protest from D. V Wilkin
son against the right of ,'A"bomas Stee' .e to a
seat in the body from the G rand Encai npment
in that State. The protest was roferre d to the
proper committee.
Rev. Paul Replton not having beeri present
wnen eiecieu to tho chaplaincy 01 .no urand
lioage, tne usual onnrge was aeuverMa to him
by the M. W. Orand Master, after vWch the
body took a recess. - - -
On tbe re-assembling of the body Oral id Sire
Craighead presented his annual report, The
report speaks of the general condition of the
order as prosperous. In the immature d ays of
me order, whon it was less careful and ei rcum-
speot than at present, many out of mere
thoughtlessness, some from idle curiosity and
some from purely , selfish motives, louche and
obtained admission to its fold ; bat not having
been imbued with the ennobling pnnoiplos of
brotherhood, which oonstltute the . life of the '
fraternity, tbey had proved unworthy, anil to r.
large extent, in various ways, had gone out from
it..; The winnowing time wa approaching, and
ths order was moving on to its high and .holt
mission with a new and confident impulse. J.(
speaks of the iniluence shed by the oelebratif ;n
of the anniversary of the founding of '4he
order, and recommends that the 20th day 0f
April in each year be observed, a, far as jrao
tioable, as a day seared and peculiar to ydj.
Fellowship. After noticing in appr ppriatt
terms the deaths of several P. G. Rep- .osenta
tives sinco thq last , meeting of the 1 ,0dy, tho
report refers to the system ' of public installa
tions, reoently adopted, a, destined to become
ao interesting and popular feature f the asso
ciation, and so far had been folloi yed by profit
able results.
No applications had been Veieived for new
Grand Lodge, or Grand Fjn0Mnpmantl ,irjM
the last meeting, but i wi hmi beea iHn6d
for an encampment in K ansas Tenitory. Par.
adue Lodge,, bo. 2, tt BaBta r,f N. e.f B4d
recently surrendered it, oharter on account of
disoordant elemenU that had orept into it, but
an application ivA Been yeoelved for a oharter
for a new lodfe rA& for new enoampment at
that plaee, 'fv,, ai Enoampment of Dela
ware had ToUutnrily surrendered its charter
in Fel)ru'Ty( Md p, o. ltep. II, Eckel had
He,n f pointed Deputy Grand Sire. The
brand Encampment of North Carolina had
made,B0 port for several years, though the
boo meets regularly and performs all its du
"'ie nave that of reporting to ths Urand Lodge
'A the United States, which omission arises
from the fact that it is without fund, and un
able to pay its dues. The attention of the
Grand Lodge was called to a petition Irom the
Victoria Grand Lodge of Australia Odd-Fellow,,
praying for recognition and for a charter
upon the same terms us that issued aouio years
ago to the Grand Lodge of British North
America. - There are now seven subordinate
lodges in that jurisdiction all in . excellent
finanoial condition, and , apparently embued
with the genuine spirit of Odd-Foliowship.
But there were questions of greater policy to
be considered in connection with the applica
tion, and former experience should admonish
to prudence in attempting to erect independent
sovereignties of Odd-Fellows.
After speaking of some matters affecting
only tho workings of the lodges, the report
otlls attention to the finanoial condition of tbe
body.'; It wonld, as heretofore, be necessary to
pledge the credit of the Grand Lodge for the
necessary expenses of the meeting. -
Grand Secretary Ridgeley then prosenlcd his
report It speaks of a correspondence with the
Australian Odd-Fellows, which correspondence
is submitted for the consideration of the body.
Tbe return of the Grand Lodge was not com
plete, but as far as heard from, in British
North America there is a prosperity, with
twelve lodges, aud , in tho lower British
provinoe the order had materially inoreased.
la Miohigan there was much prosperity; Ver
mont has not advanced, but the order is ani
mated by a good spirit; in Maine tbe order is
in a more prosperous condition than during
the former year; Massachusetts, a decided im
provement; New Hampshire, in a sound and
healthy condition; Rhode Island, prosperous;
Connecticut, prosperous; Southern New York,
mora favorable than for years past; Northern
New York, materially improved last year; New
Jersey, notmuoh progress during the last year:
Pennsylvania, prosperous, with three; new
lodges; Delaware, very prosperous, with two
new lodges and two hundred and thirty-throe
initiations). Maryland, sound, healthful and
advancing; Distrlot of Columbia, prosperous;
Virginia, decided progress; North Carolina,
prosperous, with an inoreaso of lodges and
momeers; South Carolina, slow, but decided in
crease over last year; Georgia, in a healthy
condition, with one new lodge; Florida, pros
perous, with one new encampment; Mississippi,
four new lodges; Alabama, a decided improve
ment; Louisiana, an apparent stand-still in tbe
order; Missouri, continued prosperity; Illinois,
highly prosperous, with sixteen new lodges;
Indiana, steadily advancing, with new lodges
and encampments; Ohio, highly prosperous;
Kentucky, condition enconraging; Tennessee,
prosperous; Arkansas, very prosperous; Wis
consin, more prosperons than for several years;
Iowa, a falling off; Texas, prosperous, with
nine new lodges; California, highly prosperous,
with twelve new lodges; Minnesota, not muoh
progress, two new lodges; Oregon, prosperous;
Nebraska, the order feeble; Kansas, progress
ing slowly; Sandwich Islands, no report; New
Mexico, in a disorganised eondition; Washing
ton Territory, no report.
The report states tho amount of receipts for
tbe past year to nave been, from Grand Lodges
$9,804 81, and from Grand Encampments $1,
338 76. Tbe gross receipts $11,920 22, with
a balance doe of $5,535 88, making a total of
$1 7,436 10, being an estimated deficit of $2,
713 90; ' Of the amount appropriated at the
last meeting, $3,240 were not requirod, which
will leave $16,910, a sum within the aotual re
ceipts, and adequate to meet the legitimate ex
penses of the Grand Lodge. ,
Rep. Hoke, of N. 0., offered a resolution
granting admission to the sessions of the Grand
Lodge to members of proper rank, who may be
vouched for to the Grand Guardian by the rep
resentation of the jurisdiction from which he
hails. - Adopted. . !
An invitation was presented from John A.
Thompson, of the committee of arrangements,
inviting the body to join In the procession
of tbe order on Wednesday which was ac
cepted. '
' Rep. Patton, of , Ga., presented resolutions
requesting the legislation committee' to pre
pare and report . a bill giving the State Grand
Lodges, when desired by the membership, en
tire control over the order in their .respective
jurisdietions, subject only to the Grand Lodge
of the United States, with power so to amend
the constitutions of their subordinates aa to
empower them to oonfer the encampment de
gree on qualified members; also, to make ths
possession of that degree a requisite to official
position ; to emend the. constitution of the
United States Grand Lodge so as to make the
bill effeotive; the premium to be grariled only
te bedics havisg Crt huidrtd royal pernio
Ths resolutions were ? Aid 0n the
Sev tral other resolutions Were nirnreil. inmi
of wb ich wero laid on the table ( And others ro
ferre! to appropriate committees.
A session of the body waa 'elj uat night,
the proceedings of whioh did , not
Balnimore Sun, 20th ipst.
"Little Ella."
Our City Solicitor has been t ddressod to fur
nish evidence of obaracterof M, Burns, from
whom Littli Ella is sought to be reclaimed
by' the father. Testimony will be forwarded
Further news of the invostlgatl on, in Judgo
DAvus'a Court, In New Yorklies follow,.
After reading tho Indenture, a ctr, oy of whioh
we gave yesterday, the oounsel for Mr. Whit
m prepared A return, of which tin following
is the substance t,;
That the relator sever gave his consent that
the ohild be taken out of the State of Ohio;
that he did not know that the was te be taken
away from that State; and that he wooCld not
have oonsented to the proposition bad in1 been
made to bim; the traverse then denioi 1 that
Mr,. Burns had porformed all the stipul ation,
of the indenture on her part, and that a'ao had
devoted herself to the eduoation and ou.turo of
Tide traverse then set up that in vin dloation
of the indenture and without the consent of the
delator, the respondent had removed the ohild
irom ue state or unto to O'aiitoraia, to Eu
rope, and to the State of New York and other
States of the Union, and exhibited! her in pub
lie for pecuniary gain ; that she had offered tbe
services of the said child to the managers of
theatre,, &c, at different times and places, and
that for pecuniary gain ; that :uoh a career for
the child was not oontotiplated in the inden
ture, and that it would injure theehild by sub
jecting it, when so doing, to severe training,
late hours, excitement, tc. '
i The traverse Bet up that the indenture
undor which the defendant clnim ed tho child.
was repugnant to tho revised statutes of th e
Stati) of Ohio; that under the "provisions 0f
said statute, such ' instrument must l;e ro
cordotl with the Township Clerk, wher , tuo
parties reside, and that if it :s not 80 re
corded, it is void. It was deiiied trint this
indontur.e was evor recorded.
The traverse then denied tlis.t t;ne relator
had attempted to take possess' arm of the child
in any othe r way than by dur t 'process of law.
It also stat 3d that a writ c if kahcai corpui
wasisBucd by theProbato Ju dge of Hamilton
County, in J.uly, 1851), and , directed to the
respondent, eoiiimandiiig hor .to produce the
body of tho chi.'d, and avern yl that she then
evaded tho servKie of the wri t, and took the
child beyond the Jurisdiction , of tho courts of
that State. That i 'liothcr w rit was issued on
tho 1st of Septcml'er, of the same year, by
Judge Ingraham, ot' this citi r, and averred
that tho respondent ticn v, ded the service
of that writ.
Mr. Larooque then stated fj lat the traverse
of the return had put the ms tter into an en
tirely new form, and wholly dil erent from that
which counsel had befoie intim; sted. lie oould
see no way ot disposing of th e case now but
to take the testimony as to ths issues of fact
botwoen the parties, however d iuagreoable and
unexpected it might be.
- The court euggestod that a" refcrco be ap
pointed to tako testimony, but Mr. Ash mend
objected, Haying that under th o usual prac
tice in such coses tho proper ' ivay to proceed
was to take altidavita on cither side, which
should bo submitted to the soui-t. Mr.' La
rocquo would not consent tin it the testimony
should bo taken in tho shnp s of acparte n Hi
davits, as in that csso they ki low about what
allidavits they would have to 1 meet and con
tend with. ,
After some further discussion ! the Court ad
journed tbe ease over to Tues d ay, the 27th,
(a. Judge Davies is to be abaci it this week,)
at which time the case will pros eed in open
Court, and tbe testimony takes i before the
Judge. Mr. Ashmead then aske d that in the
interim the relator be allowed a ooess to the
child. Mr. Larooque objected, t hat, a, the
child was sick, such visits would tt nd to excite
and injure it, especially as she mi ght conceive
tbe fact that the party was en ileavoring to
obtain possession of ber. The court - then
ordered that tbe child remain in th e custody or
nnder the charge of officer Bert! holf and its
mother, and that the father be al lowed to see
her at the discretion of that officer .
A Free Colored Man's Trials.
A Leavenworth (Kansas) pape r relates
following ;
Allen Pinks, a native of Pitt iburg, Ponn.,
and free-born, after making sev tral trips on
the Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri,, Yazoo and
other rivers, came from St. Louis to Leaven
worth a y ear ago last August, l'n September
be shipped on the Twiliyht and it ent to St.
Joseph, and from there buck to Woaton.
While in town making some pur chases, the
steamer went off and loft him. in crossing
tho river to Kansas, he was kidnap ped by an
old man named Washburn, togetl ler with a
white man who was crossing with b im. They
were tied together, but the white n ian was re
leased, and Pinks- committed to ja il, withont
an opportunity to establish his freedom. He
was confined from tho 14th of September till
tbe 18th of Marcb, when he osoaped, went to
St, Louis, and shipped on board of steamor
Minnehaha for St. Joseph. ,
At Weston, the old jailor and a motley crew
boarded the boat, and took hun back to
his old quarters in the jail. A cannon was
planted at the landing, as if to intimidate the
Captain of the boat, who tried to prevent the
arrest, but failed. lie was looked up in the
iron box onoe occupied by Doctor Doy .where he
remained till the 15th of August. That even
ing the door was opened by the keeper, when
Allen knocked him down, and by swimming
the Platte, Missouri and Kansas rivers, and
traveling fifty miles on foot without food, ex
cept a watermelon, for the throe and a half
days, reaohed here on the morning of tbe 18th
of August.
His freo papers hid been taken from him in
Missouri, and the jailor at Platte City intend
ed to keep him until September, when be
would have boen sold for his jail fees. He is
nearly whlto, very intelligent, and would have
commanded a high price in the Southern mar
ket. r
A gentleman of this city wrote at once to
Pittsburg for necessary papers to establish the
fact that he was well known to be a free man
in that olty. This request was promptly re
sponded to, and the papers at once forwarded to
us. Requisite affidavits were sworn to by Mr.
AVilliam M. Arthur, who know Pinks and his
family well, and by Dr. Thomas J. Gallagher,
who was the attending physician at the birth
of Allen Pinks, and had been the family pay
sioian of the Pinks family.
- - We had the pleasure, on Tuesday last, of
presenting to Mr. Pinks his free papers whioh
bis friends at Pittsburg had prepared for bim.
His eye sparkled with pleasure aa he reoeivod
1 " i
- Ksvkual in Tbadh. We learn that some
ninety barrels of pork arrived per ' Vessel
to-day, from Oswego, destined to Delphi, Ind.
It pasted through this port last spring from
Delphi to Oswego for a market, and remained
there until the change in pricas has raado the
point of packing and original shipment a batter
Toledo Blade.
' ;2.Thecbolor is spreading all along the
there, ef the Haiti.
Ohio State Fair at Zanesville.
Norton S. Townsead, Presidont, Avou, Lo
rain County.
' Liiciaii Buttles, Tooasurer, Columbus.
Darwin E. Gardenor, Recording Secretary,
Toledo, Lunas Coud ty .
Alex. Waddle, .South . Charleston, Clark
County. . . .
; 4no.M.Millikin,IIamilton, Butler County.
Wm. De Witt, Cleveland.
C. W. Potwin, Zanesville.
1. Q. Rawson, Fremont, Sandusky Couuty.
James. M. Trimble, HilUboro', Hiehland
John Reber, Lancaster, airfield County.
Executive Coinraittee-tf. S. Townshend,
John Rober, C. W. Potwin, John Klippart,
Corresponding Secretary, Columbus.
Col. Gordon Lofllarj.d, Cambridge, Chief
Marshal, assisted by Capt, (j. F. Wells
?,l,dS? Jf' J Cox' tv' Jll- H. Branoh and
W. II. Thomas.
A. Perry and J. p. Springer, Superintend
ents of Live Stor,k, r
Henry Bland:y, Superintendent of Power
CV 9,JVio''c ml E- B- Dirndl, Superiu
enle of Farrn Imploraont Hall.
Tf' ?-jf2dmr' 8uPt of Mannlaeturer,' Hall.
JA T-boma3 "P1' of Firm Products.
W. S. Imley, Supt. of Floral Hall.
Levi Hartley, Supt. of Fruits.
- 3: P?rley SuP'-of Vint Art Ha".
P. Winchesf jr, Supt. of Sheep.
0. 8. Oates, Sunt, of Hogs.
IL J. Cox, fj.., Supt. of Poultry.
Important Metallic Discovery.
v the startling discoveries of tho age
has just, beon made, and its effect upon the
commercial affairs of the world cannot be fore
told. -Ve allude to the late discovery in the
Pro' jess of making or smelting of a new metal
ea iled the Byrne ore or Byrne metal, which
r.as been named after the inventor. This new
lnotal is of such a naturo that either an imita
tion of gold or silver can be produced which
would defy deteotion by more than nine-tenth,
of the dealers in ware, manufactured of pure
gold and silver. The most astonishing part of
tbe disoovery is that of its being so valuable
as to be used in the manufaoture of every arti
in which gold or silver can be used. This
metal ia being used now in the manufaoture of
watch-cases, rings, penoils, forks, spoons,
heads for canes, tooth-pioks, pens, table-sets,
. chandeliers, and, in fact, everything in which
gold and silver has been used heretofore ; and
when it is understood that this metal was sold
in the manufactured state for two dollars an
ounce, the immonse revolution which it is
destined to produoe in the commercial world
ean be partially conceived. , Its weight and
general appearanceare precisely like that of gold
and silver; thus making it without doubt the
equal of thoio metals in the manufacture of
everything else but money, whioh use is made
oertain because it will not change its appear
ance by ubb any more than gold or silver will,
and not so muoh when alloy to any great extent
is usod;
When we oan buy service of plate made of a
metal which represents gold in every particular
but its value for two dollars an ounce, while
wrought gold is worth eighteen dollars an
ounce, it is easy to perceive that a great revo
lution is about to take place in this branch of
trade In the silver-ware the difference of
price is not 'so great., . A set of silver spoons
which costs now six dollars can be bought,
made of this metal, and which will represent
tho silver in every particular but their value
for two dollars the set. For our part we must
say that this is the most astounding develop
ment that the world has ever known as regards
its commercial arrangomonts. It surpasses the
railroad and telegraph invention beyond a
doubt, and may: end in our
New York
New York News.
MlTfiT TUB Coxditionb OP a Raimmad Sllll
scbiitios ds Co.mi'Libd WiTn'.' An interesting
question was before tho Court of Common
Picas in Washington County, Penn.,aday or
two ago. It was a suit brought by the Pitts
burg and Steubenvillo Railroad against a
subscr; ber to tho railroad, who has mado his
subscription on condition that the road should
run within a hnlf milo of Florence. This
condition not having been complied with,
and the subscriber refusing to pay, the rail
road company instituted suit. Tbo company
contended that tho Commissioner bad no
right to wake such a condition, the terms of
the subscription being prescribed bv the
statute, which is publio lnw, and from which
every subscriber could be informed of bis
obligations ns well as the power of the Com
in issioner. Tho court decided, however, that
the company had no power to enforce the
the contract without performing the condi
tion. Tho Commibsioner had no power to
make the condition, but the company had
power to' carry it out, and it could not be per
mitted to repudiate it, at the same time that
it was suing for the subscription depending
upon that condition. Such conduct would
not bo tolerated between private individuals.
Why should public corporation be held
txmptt The railroad company has appealed
to the Supreme Court.
The Oldbst Suir. The bark Maria has
just arrived at this port from a three-years'
years crin?e in tne Indian uoean. She was
built at the town of Pembroke, now called
Hanson, for a privateer during tho revolution
ary war. She was bought by Wm. Rotoh, a
merchant of Nantucket, aftorward of this city,
in tbe year 1763, and in the same year she
made a voyage to London, with a cargo of oil.
Her register is dated A. D., 1782, and she is
consequently in her seventy-eoventhyear. Ihe
olaims to be tho first ship that displayed the
United States flag in a British port, after the
revolutionary war, whioh flag is in existence,
thongh in shreds. Her modol is of old French
construction, tumbling homo, or rounding very
much in her top sides, and she is consequently
very narrow on the deok, In proportion to her
liie 202 tons. It is said that there stands to
ber credit over $200,000 ; and from ths earliest
history of this ship she has never been any ex
pense by loss to underwriters except once, and
New Bedford
Nimktun Thousand Sivjtx Hvkdeiu and
Sixty-Fits Scalps. What a paradise Arkan
sas must be for Nimrodat How we should
like to have a plate at the "scalp barbecue,"
thus announced in the Little Rock Dtmotral:
A barbeoue is to be given at the Fonrohe
meeting-house. The dinner is to be given by
a party of scalp hunters. We hunted five
weeks and killed Nineteen Ihaunandtetm hundred
and littg-fit scalps, mostly squirrels. The
difference between the two parties was one
thousand one hundred and thirty-four. I am
authorised to extend a general invitation to all
persons, both ladies and gentlemen, in Pulaski
and the adjoining counties, to come and par
take of our dinner. We will hare .'plenty of
good substantial diet, and as pure water as
Pulaski County affords.
filf In thirty-one words, how many thatg
can be grammatically inserted? Answer,
fourteen. He said that lAai that ti man
said, was not that that that one should say; but
that that, that that man said, was that tbatitaf
man should not say. That reminds us of the
foliowiog says and saids : Mr. D.,did you say,
or did you not lay, what I said vou said? be-
L cause C. said you said yon never did say what
- t XT t. . . .
A saiu you saia. now, ii yoa am say mat yen
did not say what I said yeu sai, then what
lid yousay ?,,;
BAT 18 'QKMlWfmm
Adyertlsemeati sot efeoaedlng te Haas (Af ?. )
On.lllMrUnti ' t. j iIJ
On m..w..., ZT-.. I 11
Larger advertisements laeertad at the fail.uia
, tor maum of tea Una or Uaei . , , , .,
On insertion.
Baca additional laeertloa
vU WaeiU.,
ne month.
i i mi .i m -
tl Tl 1 1 l.-l. Ill II III.II.I.III. -II IHM.I...II B
- ..... .IIH..WIM WM.M. I I.
- ii. JuwaviiiJi
DR. J. WILSON'S OfCoe,8 We,t fourth
street, where he mav ba coasultad daily far all
female Complaints, Intlnmmatioa af ( !'..-.. .
Prolapsus Uterea, all disrlaeameBraof the Wtfali.
spinal aaa vereorai ancoiiuna, ana om.r organiu i.
asaoa eonimou to famaleu. The Doctor's loag .Nr
rieno and recent discovary la tka Utataaaat ul im
above diseases, can not li'il to gire entire eatUfa'cJ-jn
The Doctor la agent far aHuropaauVeaMleaaoutkt'
Pill; price a, ad two mnip, m t a-y
Be 8. NEWT05, W. D. , "
Office, 90 West Seventh Itreet,
lBTTiM vms ah tAOa.
Orruw He. SO West Seventh strut, batwii Y;n
and Baca. KksidinosKo. 43 tvta street, rx
weoa Walnut and Vine. Orrroi fiovsa-3s
P, M.; IH to 3H P. M.i 7 to I P. it.
ID 3 1ST T I 3 T
. iwiAtt. a. a. aaa im
Hi. IIS West Sixth-street.
t OIKCIUNATI. . , 'a&ltll
(enocaaior to Knowltoa & Taft.)
Ne. SwS Weal Feu rib St., bet. Wnlunt V flue
S. L. SAMIIN. 1. B. 1SI11B.
No. 3 West Fsarth 0t.
Office No. 1S8 West Foarth street,
h7s. winslow,"
NO. 151 SrCAUOBl STBEBT, BHLOf, Fif'.,
jy-en Cnietrv.iT!.
. n. P. eliasvv
Hew Wloleiale ' ' '
16 West Fourth Street.
Where eaa be had every article appertaining to the
Business at a roach lea price, for OAIU, than
has erer baton been oftVred In this market. ;
And see for yourselves. , a i :
Ko, MX V. H. Cor. Fifth and lodge street., d,-tw
. Walnut and Vina, Cincinnati
Agoodaasortuentof 8ILVKBandPLAXl.l V- U(K,
8PF.OTACL8, et. kept constantly wi lau-i.
Bproinl attention givoa totUeaaing aad ii-ir;r -Watolife
and Jewelry. 11 .-in
B fctiiis 4 sill'rti, no. e n Hi Tft, 'it.
tlielr larfte assortment cf Watches, JevH-.ii..
8Uveruara and Diamonds. '
A fine assortmant of Plated Tea late aad Gallery
and Opera Olaaaaa. .
NVT-STRKKT, abovo Bixth, ii rw.eivlti;- n
trc-h .took of Cloths, Casslmerts, festin,. mi
Oouth' Furnishing Goods. Ha has engMi Ihi- -i -Icet
of an expsrienced and artistte Cllr, bu.
worts will bear tuatsioony tohiasftill, All timni :.
worraiited to glvosatlitactlon. s.p, '
HATBti baa on hand an extf uatva stiak u-u.i
Sherry, l'ort, Haderia, lilarot, Chainpagtia ai ) l'n
tavlii. Wines. Also, line Brandies. aaiaioa Id:.
HollsndUlii and other Liiiuors, wblcb h. wi.riim-.
flnr h n.l i.f tin. best quality. For sal., National TIk-i
ter lUnlOinji, Sycamore-street. . aspl
nf Fourth and Walnut-streets. Carlile
Buililitig. The regular evening apsaion of tills itisli.
tntioti will wiromenr. on ONI)AT HVXN1NU,
8il. !M. Vouug men who are engaged tbrouah Ilia
doy hare here an opportnnltrof nalifylng tli.m.
selriM thoroughly in Double Entry, Book-kMpliiir,
Fenuiaiiship anil Business Arithmetic, Fonor'i sr
ntoi nianou, call at tbe Colleg.,or addrasa tba ii'iu
llpul. (sepimw) .1. P.. CABNAH AN .
.M R8 . J . A . O RTH '
No. UI6 FUth-atreet, '
Bolwesu Bim and Plum, . ClhCU NATl.
( 0111 L-m, Hair Oil, Perfumery, Fancy toatia and , j.
tloii. ..full kinds.
N.B. thlrts,and all kinds ef Furnishing tend
mxle 10 order. air24-aaa
nnd Boilerlron, Plow Slabs, Batlroad 8r)!;i
Sic. A 1.0, Agents for the sale of lronton Star a idl
Wiireruoina bo. IS East Second Street, tiinciiiuH 1
Ob io.
A 11 kinds Iron made o order. inr.
"if. KINGS B ijRY
Professor of the Guitar and Flui.
' T.a4Ua mwt. 3e1AH.. t.s.l I
aLift'- "truction on cither of lh abov in-
tfl 'Hit ait.iiwiAnai .-111 l. a
tontlon, by )4TiDg their uldrM at
ths MuRic Stores of Mm. C.PeUrcJt
Hoiih; Jtba Uburchantl Wm.M. Ftn. uj
718 Western-row, Ciuinnall, Ohio.
ixr jay oar ia at au times supplied with she
Iiiu'Kirs and Cigara,
Gas fixtures,
, . d ikea aasortmeut of Use
Fljitnrea In Olnciniiaticonslstlng of alt that il ne
or desirable ia the Gas Viator lino. 1 -i
We warrant jrery Fixture we sell to be enaal, b-Mh
In material and finish, to any that Is sold id this 0-
tbvm to retain their color and remain perfect fr- II v i
years Iron tbe 1 time they are pat p by as.
Call, see, and examine onrstook,
UoHSNbV A lii.an..
iy2l-cm 12 Main atreet. near m.-iri h
Mo. HT.Baat Front "ggWK. and Bat'ler-sf.,
with tbe most Improve A vi,.. nf 7
prepared to fnrnlihat al ,ort wt il k?H'r
House and Steamboat, Qsrpi mtarid ioiJ...UiJr
Bash. IllLids, Som' WOVA-"J'ri
descriptions. Hteatabit wiih" Vi
ng, Shlnglea, Siding, loMuf Ac' .i?t??i".Jos
on haniL Partieur att nUoi S,UtZ r L-
a planed and trued 40 JeetKns riedS? lnXr ?la
Perm.li. about to build,, will U t?,b-lr
1g to Kiv BMaaall. w If to tMj jdvou .
. i-,:. , ; ... ,i ......riwor.

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