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BOTTOM ami naraitrroi.
fer Wnk, payeM to the enM.-i.-.."- 6j
M A""! Mat by mttll.....- -'
The "Want" Column.
Quit a feature of our dally paper ii the
" WW column. Wo insert five lines for two
days for twnty-flve wnta. There U letter or
rjulltin-boari in our oounting-room, where
answer, ere pkued, end the edrertlter c&lla
durtiif the day and obtain numeroni letters
addrewed to his initials. This cheep method
of taring shoe-leather In running orer the town
r searoh of what one needs is a wonderful
time and labor-taring expedient. Try it, good
people. This familiar course of expressing
one's wants should be generally adopted. The
faml PiK8 is rery extensively cironlated,
and Is just the vehicle needed for advertisers.
Its eheapneaa brings it into families who, un
fortunately, have never takon a daily news
paper. Its worth, we hope, gives it a passport
to the homes of our best citizens.
Editorial and Selected Melange.
The Swedenborgians of Illinois are to hold
convention at the New Jerusalem Temple,
in the city of Teoria, on the 7th, 8th and fllh
lwys of next October.
The Deleware M. E. Conference, recently
ru session in Fremont, Sandusky County, 0.,
tth nreeided over bv Bishop Morris. Tho
j -
Presiding Eldora appointed are Deleware
Mstriot, T. II. Wilson ; Sidney, J. 8. Kalu j
lima, E. CGavitt; Findlay, J. T. Caplesj
Toledo, Jas. Ayera; Kenton, J.M. Holmes.
Mr. Wells was appointed agent of the odu
fttimal Institutions at Delaware, in place of
. LriiCH, who enters the regular work. The
affective force of the conference, as appears
from the appointment, is 100 j divided as
fellows : Delaware District, 14 ; Sidney, 18;
lima, 15j Findlay, 19; Toledo, 17 j Kenton,
14; aad five ministers connected with the
faiversity and College nt Delaware.
An invitation was extended to Bishop Mor-
tit to take up his residence at Delaware,
within the bounds of the conference.
The next session of the conference will be
held at Baoyrns, Crawford County, the time to
be fixed by the Board of Bishops at their meet
ing in New York.
Eon. John MoLj:an is reported ia good
health at Chteago, where he is holding United
States Court.
Thanks for invitation to the Fourteenth An
nnal Fair of the Washington County Agri
cultural and Mechanical Association, at Mari
etta, that beautiful oity at the mouth ef the
Maaktngam River. It will be held on the
thand 6Hh of Ootober.
Thanks, also, for complimentary invitation
from the Clark County Agricultural Society,
SpriagfTeld, Ohio, Ootebor 4 and 7.
The Louisville newspapers relate a ease of
murder which resulted in an affray in which
Patrick MoKigeny, who'sots as foreman for II.
It. Elgdon, formerly of this olty, street-paver,
rtabbed Patriok Brown, taking his life.
MoKigeny was arrested. He has two of his
rib broken.
To-morrow morning James Howarth will
give his views before the Cincinnati Horticul
tural Society in answer to the report on the
Culture of the Vine, made three weeks ago by
Mr. Robert Buohanan.
A daily newspaper for one cent. The peo
ple in every portion of the city are oongratu
Tatiig the proprietors of the Penny Pkiss at
the raoeess of their enterprise in furnishing the
daily homo and foreign news, with pithy, spicy
comments, for one osnt a day. The patronage
equals our most sanguins expectations.
Shall we have double tracks for tho street
raitrnad cars in this city? Already mom
hers of Council are inquiring if this is not
their duty to make the intercourse through
each of the avenues selected as routos, as
- free from interruptions as possible, by pro
viding double tracks. Other cities find that
they have to be laid. It may be found
accessary here.
Mechanics, Wo need and must Iwve a wu
Irivanoa of a steam plow for ordinary furm
. Fawkee and Waters have done well.
Wlio will do better? Can not Latta, Shawk,
Hedges, Greenwood, or some of our practical
go-a-head mechanics and manufacturers,
meet the needed demand?
Charles Kean, the great English theatrical
manager, has refused to accept the protVered
honors of Knighthood.
The railroads are wonderfully aud rapidly
bringing the North and South from the re
motest quarters of each very near to ench
ether, idsscnger now reach Louisville from
New Orleans in two and a half days all the
way by railroad except a staging of elevnn
hours. Cincinnati mutt look well to her
Southern connections.
The cause of the jiou-atUndnnce of the
rupe at public receptions is from a diseased
leg, caused by erysipelas.
Hiram P. Letcher, who swindled tho mu-ak-teachers,
haa been sentenced at Philadel
phia to three years' confinement in the Peni
tentiary. Tho only charge for which he was
punishable was larceny of their clothes.
Postmaster-General Holt, on repairing to
his home in Kentucky, found his wifo at the
point of death.
The National Cricket Match Postponed.
e regret that from the lateness of the sea
(imit is likely that the eleven ehosen players
, of England may not this fall reach the West,
and thereby give a general impulse to the
healthful sport of cricket in the United States.
The St. weorge'i Club of New York, under
whose aosplees the English players were to
visit New York, have advised the postpone
ment ef the proposed match until good weather
to the. spring of next year. This will be
great disappointment to A merlon n cricket
U. S. Convention of Universalists.
This body is now in session at Rooheiter,
New Tork. The officers are : President, J. D
Jet, of Boston j Vice-President, G. F. Ma
aov, of Pennsylvania ; Secretary, Rev. M. U,
Laa, of Indianapolis, Indiana. There was
series ef resolutions prssentedby Rev. Hosts
ium, of New York, and adopted, express
ing the most earnest interest in the cause
fafobath schools. Among the speaker! was
JUv. 6. 1. Dimabeit, of Cincinnati.
U. S. Convention of Universalists. The County Ticket of the "Opposition."
The Opposition Party of .I" '"on County,
by their D.l.g.te. assembled yMt.rdaj in
convention, at e-lth A Nixon ' Hall, placed
In nomination the following tio.w:
Penate-BM.1. Eooi.wroH, W. JL ""basco,
Citv Dr. Wv. L. Lkonaui.. Gree W Township.
Igialature-Dr. Wa. B. at, Owav.
Tim. Wa. G. Cairriw, (Invisible Oreen,),
City; JanHAH D. Garrard, Mill Ci-eelc Town
Up; Johh M. Cochbah, Springfield Townahip;
.losVrn Cillrt, Whitowatet Tosrwhip; Wm.
fioRO, Anderson Xowmhlp.
State Board of RquaUvation-Jciis F. Toa
tain, Saml. B. Kive, 11.0.0. Hays, City.
County Treasurer-RoBV. Hiutmn.
Judge of Common Pla Coort-Wsi. M
County CommissIonoA-Jos'MH S. Boss.
Director of County Infirm7--i. I. Km-
of Syoamore.
Jualew of the Poaee-F. X. Martin Haa
iuk H. Sum.. Mr. Mart resides n the
Mxth Ward and Mr. Shulm 1 Deputy City
Ws give below the tloket of the- aame party
For tJovernof William Dfksisok, Ib., of
Krsnklin County.
For Lieutenaat-iovsrnor Robkbt . Kibk,
Uf FKo?lud0Uo?of flfcto-Bo.... W. 1 :atlob,
of Mahoning County.. 1
For Secretary r SUhWmsox P. B mitt,
uf Clinton County.
For Treasurer of State -Ali-md P, . Stoj,Bj
cf Franklin County.
For Supreme Judge-WiWAM Y. H,holsw,
f lUmilton County. ,
For Member of the Board ot Publi 0 Works
John B. Greooby, of Soioto Co.'tnty.
For School Commissioner AkSOR Shtth, of
Lucas County,
To give a chancs for selection w give the
Stale end County tickets of the IJemorratio
For Governor Rt'i us P. Sakkky, of Cuya
hoga County. -
For Lieut.-Govornor W. H- Sakkoru, of
Koss County.
For Judge of the Supreme Couit IUkr v C.
Whitmax, of Fairfield County.
For Auditor of State . VoikbV Dobskv,
of Miami County.
For Treasarer of SUte W. BuHMux, of
Richland County.
For Seoretary of State Jacob R.ikbabu, of
Franklin County.
For Board of Public Works Jamrb ToitLiK
8ov, of Washington County.
For Common School Commissioner ukablis 1
N. Allrs, ef Harrison County.
Slate Senate Thomas KsT.cityj GsobobW.
l!uiK8; Spenoer Township: B. A. Fbhoubos,
Green Township.
House of Representatives Wm. J. Flacg,
cityiJoHS ScHiFy, Delhi Township; Josbph
J(ina3, oity; Patrick Roobbk, eity; J. F.
Wright, Springfield Township; Dr.Wu. Josrs,
Sycamore Township; Wm. S. Jrsbpp, narrison
Board of Equalisation Db. J. L. Vattikr,
city; ISRAEL cbows, oycamors iuwusuip; j.
Dax Jonbs, Columbia Township.
County Teasurer Dr. B. D. Cbcikshank,,
Green Township.
Judge ef Court Common Pleas Isaac (',,
County Commissioner John N. Ripowa.t,
Director of Infirmary Samcrl Bbkk, Gr ten
DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET. Death of An Eminent New-Church
Prof. Gkobob Bush, aa eminent Amer'ican
theological writer and editor in the New "Jeru
salem Church ranks, died at Roehetter, 'N. Y.,
on Monday lait, 19th instant. He wits born
in Norwich, Vt, June 12, 1796; graduated at
Dartmouth College in 1813 ; was a tlseologioal
student at Prinoeton, N. J.; was ordained a
minister of the Presbyterian Chu roh; spent
four years In Indiana as a missionary ; was
Professor of Hebrew literature in the University
of New York; has been author of a Hebrew
grammar, illustrations, Jto.; beoame a Swedes
borgian in faith in 1846 ; since which time he
has been distinguished and efieotive as an ex
pounder of New-Church doctrines, and editor
of the New-Churoh Stxmlory. He was well
known In this city, and his death will break a
chain of dose endearment between the editor
and) numerous Western readers. He had re-
paired to Rochester last year In feeble health ,
hoping restoration. .
Washington's First Address to Congress
Was not delivered until April 30th, 1759.
some time after both Houses had proceeded, to
business. The House of Representative i or-
lanized on April 1, and the Senate on April
i, preceding. The following customs of early
congressional courtesy have beendlscont&rned:
The proclamation for the long life of the Pres
ident; his repairing to churoh to attend divine
servioe, accompanied by the two Housas; the
escort to his own house by a oommittee. of the
two Houses; the answer to the ins ognral
address by each House.
Caution to Steamboat Officers.
Letters open aud on tho businesi of freieht
may be carried on stearaboatB, railroads and
by express without stamps; other communi
cations must be pre-paid. Tho United States
officers are looking alter those vii Mating the
law in this regard. With the vie iv ef arrest
ing public attention to a growing; evil, Cap
tain Booth, of the steamboat Libtvti; Cuptain
liBLiiOTON',ol the steamboat Join Btwk; Cap
tain Baow.v, of the steamboat Li-Ma Martin,
and several other Captains, have recently
oeen inuictea at Wheeling. No doubt the
cases will be dismissed with a caution.
Those carrying lotters should see they are
stamped, and doposit them in the postoffice,
when the lsw nuthoriwis the Pontmastcr to
charge ono cent more postage on delivery.
Indianapolis News.
We glean from the Indianapolis Journal ot
yesterday the following itoms :
The session of the North-western Christian
University for the eolleglete year of 1850-00
commenced yesterday. A large number of
stuaents are In attendance.
Special mail-agent Garver arrested a man
named Cooper, a looal agent of the Postoffice
Department at Mitchell, and brought him be
fore Commissioner Hall yesterday. Owing to
the absence of witnesses, the examination was
postponed until to-morrow.
Mr. Latta's steam engine arrived last night
and will be taken from the Cincinnati depot to
the fair-grounds this morning, and there ex
hibited. The Sentinel reports that Hon. J. D. Bright
is slowly recovering from his late indisposition.
pifA Philadelphia correspondent of the N.
Y. Tribune says:
Our city railroad ears are all beiag lighted
with gas, much to the comfort of the many irbe
crowd them at night. A gasometer is to be
plaeed in each end of the oar, with pipes lead
ing to where the Said lamps formerly hung,
and a supply for two-or three nights is thus
easily earned. The stock of all those railroads
ii steadily advancing io price.
Night Dispatches.
Additional News by the Arabia.
BOSTON, September 22.
Tin J rail's arrived here this morning;, and
furnis hes the following additional news:
The Moniteur of the 7th inst. publishes a
long o.rticle, explaining the reasons which
caused l'he Emperor to conclude peace! The
followin,! is a summary: "The Ktoperor of
Austria luiu promised to grant concessions r
a larje s cale to Venetia, but requiring 'A
condition .mie ja non the return of th t
dukes. Tlio Emperor Napoleon Afeh
theso coiidh'wns. It is easy to r accepted
if nftor the conclusion of pear -0eeiv that
of Italy had been entrusted destinies
more nt hearrt the futur n wh -!
fatherland thun little common
aim of their endear P"wl sucocssee, the
develop and not o' ; uld hav ben to
the treaty of V , ?trHct' we consequences of
have been (. frncfc and Venrtia would
Luxembu- '""l? a1m8 as
dukes v ,? 1 Holland, The Arch
forces ' '1K ,ot Wk by foreign
frlncs Jut. th,t Prtie, 01 to ftr Villa
Frar ' not ll7lnf b,, """M ' J Austria,
oe wil find herself freed from all engage
ats taken in favor of Venetia. Instead of a
f 'licy of reconciliation and peaee, deflanoeand
jatred will he seen to re-aDosar. whinh win
entail fresh misfortunes. Muoh, it would
appear, is expected from the Congress, which
we hail with our best wishos, bat we stroogly
doubt Uiat the Conirross willnhtnin hH J.
ditions for Italy. It would not be right to ask
troathe great powers important concessions
without offering equitable compensations. War
wowld be the only way to resolve the difficulty,
o.j u,uai as aware mac one power aloae
nial:es ar for an idea, and that is France.
fro oca nas aeoomplisned ber mission."
Alio JndenetLene AisArrii tfaat Vnu UmV.
Ing via)rous naval prepsrations for the ooast
At i'je meeting of the Paris Conference the
vuorLsn Ambassador (tnnounoed that the Bul
Inn natl agreed exoeiptionably, and for this
time, only, to grant an. investors to Conzar, as
we Hoepadoa of both Moldavia and WaUaohis,
the, government of these provinces, however,
to be oonduotod separately. OnmoUonof the
H assian PInirotonHrT inAih.. .... .i
1'jwed for the settlement of the eonvent prop-
lrtv in th nrinnin'ill.i.. r r
Theitistrian and Turkish Ministers were
called on for an early statement of the deci
sion they had come to regarding the navigation
of the Danube. They wore not prepared with
the required information and. promised to oom
munioate the observations of the conference to
t'aeir governments.
The Paris correspondent ef the London Her-
eontradiots the report, that twenty frigates
have been ordored to b t built at Crusat? It
says : "The rumor arjW from , Jmm,nl9 or.
der given for iron p'.ates.whioh sre intended for
the embrasures of 'Cherbourg."
The Jfomur pub,ieheg the grienUural sta
tistics of Algie n ghowiiig that the recent har
vest in that ' jonntjy nM httn ,tlsfaotory.
". ai1' iitional prominent French exilea
P"bJ'sn m the London Timet their viows of
the late, amnesty. M. Eguinot declines to ae
ceP' it, denying tho right of the Emperor
eJ ' .er to prosoribe or pardon him. Folix Py
al e determines as a matter of policy to ac
'jept tha amnesty aud return to France.
whero, he thinks, patriots may do more good
than by remaining aloof.
Prince Napoleon had gone to Switzerland,
and it was supposed his journey had refer
ence to the intended interview between the
Emperors. . .
M. De Laguerroniere had gone to. St. San
veair. His mission refers to the intended lib
eral reform of the press laws. .
The monthly returns of the Bank of France
show an increase in cash of 6,730,000 francs.
It was reported in Paris that France had
notified the Porte that she does not intend to
treat the Sues Canal affair as a political ques
tion. The Paris rentes fall daily. On Friday
the article in the Moniteur sent rentos down
to litif. 40c., but a vague rumor subsequently
wits current that a treaty of peace was signed
and the reaites improved to 08f. (10c.
A lotter from Parts, published in the lade
pendence Beige, says: "The Emperor of France
made peace merely for the purpose of putting
down the naval supremacy of England, and
nnleas she submits quietly there must be war."
Kins Vietor Emanuel received the Tuscan
delegation on the Hi inst. In reply to their
ad dress he thanked them for their expressed
wish for annexation, bnt said its accomplish
laont can only take place by the negotiations
wtiich are about to begin on the affairs of Italy.
He would support the cause of Tuscany before
'the powers, and hoped that Europe would not
reiuse to practice toward xascany that work of
redressing grievances which it, under less favor
able circumstances, practiced toward Greece,
Belgium and the Danubiau Principalities.
The vote in Parma on the snneiation to
Piedmont resulted in its favor by 63,000 against
601) votes.
The Paris jonrnali praise Viator Emanuel's
speech to the Tuscan delegation. They con
clude that it is almost certain that a congress
will assemble.
The French Ambassador at Florence has
been recalled.
A new Sardinian loan of $5,000,000 was ex
pected to be soon announced.
The Central Association of the master-builders
of London had determined to declare all
their yards open to workmen on the 12th inst.,
provided the workmen abide by the declaration
Against trade combinations. This, It was pre
sumed, would scarcely alter the situation of
The London Timn, in an editorial, ridicul
ing the talk of American slave-holders with
regard to reviving the slave trade, points to
the renewed activity on the part of the
United States Government to put down the
slave-trado as tho best answer to the outcry.
Tho Paris corrcsjiondent of the Timet says :
"Much importance is attached to Motternich's
m-ission to St. Sanvenr. One of its objects is
said to be the formation of an alliance be
tween Franco and Austria, the success of
which is calculated to endanger Italian lib
erty and menace Europe."
It is assorted that the Papal troops continue
to threnten the Legations. From 8,000 to
9,000 troops, with twelve pieces of cannon,
woro assembled at Pesaro.
The Belgian Senate had adopted the first ar
tiole In the bill providing for the Antwerp for
mications by a vote of thirty-four aaalnst
Messrs. Stolterfort & Sons report American
cotton freely ofi'ered. Good commands full
prioes; inferior ditticut to sell even at a decline.
Messrs. Hewitt report a steady demand for
good clear descriptions at about former quota
tions, but lower kinds are neglected, and, to a
considerable extent, nominal. Holders meet
the drmand freely. The imports for the week
have been 38,000 bales.
The Manchester markets are firm; yarns 'Ai.
highor; cloths lijd. higher. Producer! are
heavily under eontraet for future delivery.
Messrs. Clare i Sons say that the supply of
ootton is abundant only for desirable qualities.
Extreme prices are maintained.
New York Financial Matters.
NEW YORK, September 22—P. M.
market is again dull to-day. Prioes
on the share-list show no important decline.
New York Central attraeted the most atten
tion, and with moderate sales only, opened
at 80), a deoline of per cent, from the
closing quotations of yesterday, but at the
elose prices advanoed to 804'. In Western
stocks, sales' were on a very limited scale, and
prices fell K(3.J'j. Galena dull at 74.(3,75,
and Rook Island 08(o.BS. Michigan
Southern guaranteed remained steady at 23M,
while the common stock sold as low as 0. Pa
cific Mail stock again lower, Influenoed by the
announcement of the formation of a new com
pany entitled the Atlantic & Pacitio Steamship
Company. '
The Railroad Bonds, with the exception of
Michigan Southern Second, which sold
down to l'lr3. State stocks remain station
ary at previous prices. The Money market
continues to wear its easy appearance. Rates
rouuiiu m oeioro: on can 0iQB, and on
cent' nlm ''xnl'M,1'0, PaPw flX7 per
At the seiwmrt ttrtAVd mima wppa (ranAMllo
-"' i viiisapo gnu aocK isiana auvancea
?6 5 Galena nd Chicago Michigan Cen
tral K New York Central Mi Pacific moil
foll2. Money matters are without ohange.
The weather haa beon verr unpropitious and
the doings ooth out and in doors have been
VJ7 Kited. -
;.'tf. Milwaukle and Wisconsin 5!
voicago and Rock Island 60; Galena and
itan second bonds AVi ; United States fives
1 The Exchance market for the Oecan Qute
on Saturday has not yet opened. Parties
ire awaiting the receipt of the Arabia' mail
before operating. The rate on London, how
ever, is very firm at 110110. The
export of Gold on Saturday will be full
This large shipment, it is confidently ex
pected, will be followed by a material falling
off, as remittances will be largely anticipated
by the Saturday steamer, the summer insur
ance discontinuing with the boat,
Arrested for Embezzlement.
NEW YORK, September 22.
Mr. J. Lane, the transfer and foreign note
elerk of the Fulton Bank, was arrested on
Tuesday on the charge of embezzling $60,440
13 of the funds of that institution.
Lane, it is said, admits the accusation, and
accompanied the police to a house which ho
had hired in West lOth-street. where between
$5,000 and $0,000 worth of jewelry, that had
been purchased with the stolen money and
bestowed upon a young woman with whom
he sustained close relations, was recovered.
A private stable, owned by the prisoner, in
Lexington-avenne, also yielded up several
thousand dollars' worth ef the abstracted funds
in the form of four valuable horses, a variety
of stylish carriages and sleighs, and expensive
harness. Mr. Lane is a married man,but child
less, and lived at his father's house, in Seventeenth-street.
Justice Osborn committed him to
the Tombs to await examination on the charges.
The fraud has been committed in such a
manner that the father of the criminal, who is
esshierof the bank, will be the greatest loser.
The father is now an old man, seventy years
of age, thirty of which has been in conneotion
with the bank, of unblemished reputation and
remarkable for the vigilant care with whioh
he always guarded the interests of that institu
tion, with which he was connected.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
ST. LOUIS, September 22.
The Overlaid Mall, with advices to the 29th
ult., arrived here to-day,, bat the news hts
been anticipated via New Orleans. '
Business at San Franciioo was aotlve.
There had been more liberal remittances
from the interior. -
Baoon had Improved: sales at 14e. Lard 13
tl5o. Whisky 340o.
Horace Oreeley was to leave for New York
on the steamer oa the 5th inst.
WASHINGTON, September 22.
Notwithstanding the failure ot Congress to
make appropriation for the service of the Post
offioe Department, the latter has to far been
enabled to transaot its business without serious
difficulty. The balances dne to contractors up
to the first of July, after dednoting their usual
collections from post-offices after that time, the
entire amount of their pay must be suspended
until Congress shall provide the necessary re
lief. The first qaarterly service of contractors
for the year commencing on the first of July
last will not hare been performed so as to enti
tle them to pay until Ootober 1st, and by the
terms of their contracts sixty days more must
elapse before their aoooants can be finally set
tled, which will postpone the day of payment
till December 1st, within less than a week from
the reguiar meeting of Congress. According
to the contracts, payments are due in Novem
ber for the quarter ending on the 30th of Sep
tember, and in February for the quarter end
ing December 31 lb
Damaged by the Storm.
EASTON, Pa., September 22.
The rise in the Lehigh River was seven feet
above the high-water mark, but is now subsid
ing There has been no serious damage to the
Lehigh or Delaware Division Canals as far ai
ascertained. The Lehigh Valley Railroad has
been obstructed by several slides, and the tree-
tto-worK at Alloatown is endangered so that
trains cannot pass over it.
The Pennsylvania Railroad traok has also
been damaged by the washing away of a por
tion oi me emoanEinent at juuierstown. There
has been only a slight freshet in the Delaware
New York Politics.
UTICA, September 22.
The American Slat CnnrntSnrt va..il.
nominated the following ticket, selected from
the nominations of the Remiblican and Tim.
ocratio parties :
Judge or Appeals, Henry E. Davis, (Rep.;)
Secretary of State, David R. 1'. Jones, (Dera.;)
Controller, Bobert Dennison, (Rep.;) Treas
urer, Phillip Doraheimer, (Rep.;) Attorney
usueru, Vaarisa i. myers, (itep.j l state Kn
gineer.Tso R.Richmond, (Dem.;) Canal Com
missoner, W.J. Skinner, (Dem.;) Prison In
spector, N. S. Elderkin, (Dem.;) Clerk of Ap
peals, Charles Hughes, (Rep.)
Congressional Nomination.
PETERSBURG, Va., September 22.
Mr. Prvor has hean nnmlnniAil hv ttia Ti.m.
oeratie Convention in the Fourth Congressional
iBtrioi oy acclamation.
George W. Hopkins, the representative in the
last Congress, was sot a candidate before the
NEW YORK, September 22.
I'rof. George Bush, formerly of this oity,
died at Rochester, on Monday, September
16th, aged 0i.
BOSTON, September 22.
A letter received by the Arabia announces
the death of Charles B. Fairohild. He was a
writer of merit, widely known as "Ague
River News.
LOUISVILLE, September 22—P. M.
ten feet at the foot of
the Falls within the last twenty-four hours.
Navigation southward for the largest boats is
fully resumed.
ST. LOUIS, September 22—P. M.
River risen one and a half inches at this
point, and is swelling slowly. Nothing from
any of the upper streams. Weather cloudy
and warm.
PITTSBURG, September 22—P. M.
River four and a half feet by the pier mark
and falling. Weather clear and cool.
STlLIEY-l'tAGO-On Thnrwlajr morn Ion, at the
ruiideace of tb lirJ.le. Iir Hey. S. JL. Yonrlee, Mr.
Henry O. Stilley and itirni Belief B. Klajg. both of
BsiNEDICT MUITEN Tn thlaclty.on lb sntb
Inst.. by tho ltev. 11. K. Multliy, Mr. Wm. Benedict
and Uiii Bllmbeth alnlten, both of Cincinnati.
KNIOHT On the 2lr, of paralysis on the brain,
Mn. JIarj Dm in or Knight.
The funeral will take plat thin morning ntlo'clivck
from her lute reiidunc on Clnrk-trot, No. 317.
friradeof the family are invited to attend without
further notice.
BUBNS-AI ; Ht. Join's Hotel, Sept. ii. Mine Anna
Mri Bums, la 111 eighteenth year of her age.
Friend, are InTlted to attend her funeral, at St.
Juhn'i Hotel, at two o'ekek to-day. -
Dixon' Blackberry Carminative,
Summer Complaint, Diarrhea, Flux, Ac.
i , "e'lwenrr-fir cents per bottleVSl
Corner of Fifth and MaiDtreeta.
fate for re-election to tb oKo or Justice or the
7 p22tt
Anarteelv niAMtlllff nf Stako- ..ivm,..
for the paynieirt of duel, will be heldo;i-iCrfWy;VJ!r
THIS EVENING, September the 21d, VmI'
1S59. ' ' .
eepga " 1 V. P. 8W AIM, Scribe.
nnviRT iaiu.lifinlailimri hr the moat em
inent pbyslclana. and by the moot earefal dmegl.te
throughout the United states, to be the moet effectual
hlned.BnrlflefATer knawn. und tn hul'e relieved Dior
utTerlng, and effected more permanent curm, than
any preparation known U the profession. Kerol'iila.
Sultltheuni, Krynpel"". Scold-heart, ecaly eruption!
of whaUoever nature, arnoorod bra few bnttlcM, anil
the n.ntMn re.Urwl to, ill strength ami vigor, full
anil expliril dirtriionn lor thecureef uli-ernted sore
legii, mid otliLTfomipt und running u Irem, ie given In
tha pnmplilet with i-Hi-h bottle. For mile bv .lOUN P.
I'AKK, SUIBE.KDKbriUN 4 CO.. ami liKuRQH
M. DIXON. Prlce?l. ; eepie-ay
the anunlization of real MtHtein tlieroun-
trr tewnehlMi. now In eeaeion at the County Au
ditor'! Office. Person having complaint will pro
tent them In writing without delay. No complaint
other than tboe made in writing will meet with at.
tentlnn. By order oi me ooara.
epiraw HOWARD MATTHBW8, Andltftr.
IPCS? MEKT1NGS are held every morning in the
baaeuieat of the first Chnrch. All are lur, ted. Jyl
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
Frneman-etreot, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
llayton Hallroad,
Than any other Lumber Dealers la th cilyl '
"Quick Sales and Small Profits"
18 THKIR MOTTO. : , '
they submit the following list of price:
Clear lumber, all thicltneBie,l in. uioaa f il
Beat Common, lc and 2 inch l'lank......... 28
BeBt " 1 inoh Hoar, I.
Second " all thickneaeee,,.,,, 10
Third " Board 11
Grub Plank, face measure 22
Hemlock Joist, Scautliug aud Timber.... 11
Poplar " U
Fi rut Common Flooring Boards .'11
Second " " " 23
Third " " ' 18
Firat Comruun Weather Boards , 16
Second " " " 13
Cedar Pouts, 4 by 4, a feet, per hundred.,.. M
Cedar " . for fencing, " " ... .10
Locuit V . " ai
60 tW 00
00 so on
1 (l
17 611
11 m
u CO
it on
37 M
' m
jit no
17 M
13 Oil
n 00
3.1 66
23 M
A further reduction of 2. per cent, will be mad on
bill of 4500 or more.
We have on of the largeatand beat seleotcd Hock
of Lumber in tho Cincinnati market, which we offer
for snlo at th above prices, ... ,.
Pure Deodorized Coal OiL
the heat manufacturers, conatautlyon hand.
aepZlo North-eaat cornor Fourth and Miun-am.
Pure Sperm Oil.
I'RESSLY for Hewing Machines and other tine
machinery, fnr sain be
EDWAlll) SCAR Ii AN A CO., DmiglHts.
sepZle North-vast corner fourth aud Malu-ald.
Peruvian Syrup;
where otlior medicines are of no avail, among
which are
Affections of the liver, Dropsy, Heu
ralgia, Bronchitis, Insipient Con
sumption, Bad State of the
Blood, Boils, Carbunoles, ' ' :
Scurvy, Piles, Com
plaints peculiar to
. Females, Gene- :
ral Debility,
AH Dlxcaaea which, reejalra n Tonic nnd
Alterative Medicine. '
Head what those clergymen, who reside in Now
England, whore the Peruvian Syrup has hud tho
fullest trial, Buy of it:
Th Ilr.v. John Pierpont anya: "My own experience
convince me that tho '1'eruvian' will coniinnslo do
successful battle with diaeaso, and that ull the con
iUMte that it gain it will hold."
Tim Key. Warrm Burton ay: "I do not Iienltnte
to recommend the Peruvian Syrup toany whose hab
it render them liable to headache, dyspeptic com
plaint., neuralgia, nervous aueclloua aud general Mo
bility." Tlio Bev. Arthur B. Fuller: "Suffering much from
Intense nervous headache, eibatiatlou and linn uf
strength, I hilled to obtain any relief until 1 tried
Hie Peruvian Hymp, since which I hare hoeu ninth
stronger, and my headache have yroatly diliiiiiiKhed,
both in severity and l'reanency.l'
Th ltev. Angiihtm A. Pope; "I have not beon uf
nicted Willi I101U since I took tho l'eruviun tiyrnp,
three years ego."
The Kev. (iurdou Itobinn: "It It a duty I owe to the
public to express my confidence in the 'Peruvian
Syrup' as a safe and noworl'ul remedy in those vari
ous manifestations of disease consequent upon disor
dered digestinh."
The Kev. Thomas Whltlemore: 'Tt gives ma new
vigor, buoyancy Di spirits, olnstlcity of muscle. I
have no donbt that, in caves oi paralysia like mine,
dyspepsia, aud especially of dropsy, it may ho admin
istered witn a greater proipectoi succesa than auy
other medicine io uso aruotiK ua."
The Kev. Kphraim Snte, jr.: "I have found great
relief In usinx Pertivinii ivmn while anfferiog from
riyspopsla, and am convinced that it hus rmarklle
powers aa a tonic aud promoter of insensible perspir
ation." The ltev. Thomas II. Pnns: "It lnvignratea the ex.
haunted system, and inspires a degree of physical en
erm' anil uxhilemtion us unnxpectpil as agreeable "
The Kev. Kichard Metralf: "TliOiefroet onthe.ilU
(eatlou and the general tone of the system was im.
mediate and heneliclal. It inti proved jusc the tonic
that I wanted."
The ltev. M. P. WeUter: "To those who are" af
fllcttid with the dypepsia or deraiigementof the liver
ami xtomach, I would recommend tha 'Peruvian
syrup' as one of the most effectual remedies that 1
have ever known. '
The Kov. Josepli II. Clinch: "I have found ur:h ben
eficial result from itaadministratluii that I have Dot
hesitnted toreoomineudittol'rienilawliowero auflor
lug Iron) physical prnstration.ora geuenilly relaxed
Conilltinn of the avstein."
The lie. A.. Jarktnn: "I have derived grea--relief
Troin it in 11 11 uttcKol Ihe piiee, and lioiu tl.t phase
nt ilyspepiii, ono of the uiiidensuiit yiiipluis oi
wlnrh ism Iwj eayer appetite. -
The Kov. J. Pearson, ;r : "In debility, It is iiotonly
a perfectly sate, but an eflectual tonic, In dyrpnixui
we think It In a sovereign romedy."
Prof. K. VltalisMflierb: '('orull tlieprutoaii form,
of diseoso. anil in nuiuerableconiplaiiiuvtliataro com
prehended under the popular but soojowliat vaue
term of nervousness and dyspepsia, I belwivu tho
Peruvian Syrup to be a veritable specific" .
KoitHALKiiY Ait, iiituai; 1ST".:
-PrlnolpalolBcoJo. lis Foiirth-struet, Koava'a
BuiMlna. , , J. H. II UtRIfSO,
cp pj Ceu:ral Agent for tbe WoMern httaa. .
fine coal Oil. (
One Dollar per gallon, by
J. . I) WBtN. Orocer, -,
M7 Kast Krool-atreet;
to Western -row and Oliver afreet Ollvor-street
beiae the iirst street north of Liberty-street the
seprft WM. BUSSKL1..
should getOta NBW 8TYLH OK DKESej
IIAT-llght, dressy and brilliant la loT-th 'Me
nag Vllim" ef the Mfeii." " '" , " ii--.
J. C. TOWERS & CO., ' i
No. 140 Main-street, , ,
OH D008 MlOW rODRTII. '"
K FOUJfDBT, U. AlUfOtl, impwinUmleat.
rfitelBt awial of all kfinb. -ufTlsM het,
Dealer s'lp:1 Exchange; , ;
y ... fflWClNNATiV -' i-tfc I-'-
Honof . 1-' ' ' 1
G 1 1MOK Wit! BROTllEntO N ,
Ha commenced bue'ia under tb above Btm nam. ,
At No. 7 after TM rd. treat, ITrae Coin
iny HalMI.) - . ...
. - J. U. BKOTQERTflN.
.1 '.'.."..I... JLO4t7j j
i. .: ;i
'" "' -10-
THNTION t ir larg cllKrtl 1 Iifilj
aodBlegant. . .".:. . 1 .- '
''' BAIBItO DEItl r, , ,
' " ' "" BONNETS. -I. ..::'
,. . ' CLOAKS,
.. '.. . .. . 1.ACBS, eVe,A-c,
A large nleotlon from all Ilia nofeltles or the sa
ton, Alo, th largest and moat coaijUt assortment
To lie fbnnd In ay Jobbing -hotis to th Wt. ' Al
of which we offer to CASH AND fl0nTIM8
' ep!2' t'lftaiHSATI. ". bw
From Ex-Go veraof Corwin,
"Or. Ealing extracted a Com for it. I had raf.
fared much and long with It. 1 bad tried many rem
ediea, without ancoese, from my present feeliifli I
bare little doubt hut the cure wfll be permanent.
Tha operation whs performed In a 1W inlnntM, and
was attended with no pala whatever.
'OiboiiiMU, 8ytembr 17, 1M. ' : ' '
From Nicholas longworth Bernard,
" Dr. Baling ha operated very skillfully, aud wfth
out pain, 01. my feet. ' I eaa confidently recommend
him tomy friend. ' N. L, BBHNABD.
"Llneinnafl, Splemtr 17, U1W,"
1)11. EALING'S
; ; .... . . KSiinANCK, ' : ;
Concert ' Room Entrance.
Commercial School
. Moveiith-etreet, between AValnutand Tine, Cin
cinnati, Ohio. ' Kveulng-tJIiLBS oommenoing Mondai.
acllii inat. Uoo'k-heeping taught aa applied to every
depart mentol Urndo, liusineau and Ornamental Pen
manship. Call aud Diamine, nueclruen. p3)mi
Fail and 'Winter Boots and Sljocs.
Ne. S3 Went Vomtb-strcet, '
complete Htock of r"sll and Winter Binds and
Shoes, which for extent and variety is not surpassed.
Uia nurk 1 auptrlor to any kept In Ihe city, and h
sold very cheap tor cash. . , " ep:il
of Andrew, Wilsen A (Jo., Is this day mitually
liiiaojred by Ui withdrawal of Mr. A. Wilson, Jr.,
troni th Arm. . P. ANDREW,
' - A. W1LHON, Ja.,
' '. ' , ', 1 : ' ' eiEO.M.UIGII.
' The hiialnesg will be continued under the ilrmnaw
of P. Andrew ii, Co. All tmsnttled acconuta of the
Brm of Andrew, Wilson A Co. will be atiimtHt by
them. P. ANDKhW,
-i ,!.,;... . r n.ZWXD,
, Oincinnaii. Septemhei 20, 'ISO9.. aep2lbw
oinniercial College
-ro ,
- oppobitk tub rosxoEiicji;,
, KICUARD NELSON; Principal.
' tW Circulars, aUting terms, MnUhadonsprU
aatioi. ; ap3a)
Columbus and Xenia
Columbus and Xenia RAILROAD.
. held at ISanesrllle on the 20th, 31st, 2M and ?kl
days nf September, lt,V.
Traina leave the) Little 11 i un I Depot at i A.M.:
i-MA, M.,andl!:aoP.Mv .. i , ,.J
. I'are for the iotfnd Trip, $5.
Ticket flood ' from the 19th (6 tbe Hth or Bepteai
bwviucluslvc; to be pad at 1 Bumet House, cor
ner Third1 nd Vine-street;. Walnnt-atreot Hoiu-j
uth-ejwt corner of Front and Broadway, and at th
Little Miami Pepot, Hast Kront-street. "
aepW-tWdp .1. DUBAUB, ItaperinUnilent ,
.ill., V t
Atble newNtere, 1U West Flltheitreet.
; 1 '. Wti ;:,,;;", ,
VAgurioTDBUts or,
WTobd-STdrkjlng ILwlitaery,
Corner John sititl Wat t.,0IMelMntl,O.
aae.ir , , . , "
KIKO that J. O. BIBD'e.MILl.iuowone.
nicitionateli Kofaaniea' Fait, will grind twenty.
Bve liiishtl of any kind of grain vr night,
free of" charge, at the Fair. '' Mn

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