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WANTED 209 MBK Who wants work?
Clerks,-meofcanlos, waiters, norters, bar
keeper!, hostlers, taarasters, men useu to country
life Ac. Also, a large nuniber of foaLalsaervanta for
cooks, dining-room, chamber and nnrse girls, and
Hirla for general hcmsework, in city and country.
A I! In waat of work an invited to oil! early and tbey
may have their wants suppled at our office, No. 382
Was tern-row. Our terras are to r-sry moderate that
the poorest may secure the service a of ntir agency.
Tfr-dt . A. I. CARBON CO.
ww with $3.1 cash capita, to travel in and for
a respectaMe business. $ 'per month and all ex
penses paid, ltooon for all tneu out of business,
oitheryonngor old. A ddress DANIEL I. CLARK,
are Empire office, Payton, t. sopW-b
WANTED NOTE A flrst-olm mort
gage note at 31,000, on city property having
nliont a year to run. Address "MOHTGAQE," office
of till" paper. bo27-:
WANTED A. family residing In Newport,
harlni I two unfarnlalied rooms disengaged,
wish to hoar oa respectable single, or widow
lady without children: to occupy same. The brat
refers ncea will be reunited. Address "OTWPOKT,"
at office of this paper. sepZ7-c
W.AN1ED H.ELP All prions wanting
good help to- do general housework, or cook
wash arAul'on, can be supplied on short notice
Mrs. WAf NER'SIn tlliRenwOlIlce,30Afiitb-sireet,
between tt eatem-ro w iind John. ssp27-b
WAN1.ED The owner of a blaok and
tan ter rlor ijiip, left with nie aome five weeks
ago to have lti ears trimmed, to come and take
Hway; if not, I w.ll M II it for charges. Also, for sale
I wo well-bred block and tan terrier pups, at the
stables on JJurnet-sl. reet, between Vine and Kace,
and Third and Four! h. sep27.be
an honest, fintuatrfmji, OnrmAn. Bmt
rofereucoi given. Add reus "HENBY," .Box 8,393
men's pegijod work. Apply at 21 Walnut
street. apslalrB. ,ejo27-b
WANTED 2 salesmen, 35 oarpen.tcrs,
tailors, 10 shoeninkers, several tinners. AIbo,
Hitnatloxa for clerks and others by applying to 1 1 ALE
00., Merchants' Clerks Registry Office, SKI West
Fifth-a treat. ep',7-h
WJk'.NTED SERVANT To do general
housework, German preferred. Apply at 22
West Fro ut-atreet, betweon slain and Walnut.
j Ieep27-b'l
Beoc.id floor, within fifteen minutes walk of
Fiflh-street and Whitewater Canal. toasewaiou
within three weeks. Address J. II, J., 602 Jfifili-at.
and others,: A situation, by a middle-aged
man, to take osre of horaos and make himself gen
erally useful. Understan rts putting up prescript ions.
Address U. H. V .,
Bcp26.li At this ofli'ce.
"VKTANTED HOUSE A Cottaire or House,
ww containing three rooms, by a nroinnt nav ine
ai v n
At this office..
good tenant with a very small family, a small,
fonvenlont house, situated on or near one of lot
city railroads. Address "G" Bot 1,830, eep2f-l.
ANTED ROOM A noatly furnished
room, without board, for a single porsoi
tmalc) for tvrolvn m on the,
lernii "BOOM." Pweg ofllcn.
Aauress, wttn lowest
years old, to learn the retail grocery business
Is willing tostay four years, Addross It. II. W.,
tlilsoHlco. sepSliiv't
pattern flier. G. W. BALL A 00..
sep2M 3JMain-troe L
experienced man servant who can driv a
carriage. 0. W. BALL A 00., .
aepad ' Hi Main-street
house car pen tern Immediately, to go Sou th.
To good workmen steady employment for one your.
Apply to 5. OtTNMlNGHAM,
ep23d ' ' No. 22 West rrni-atrwt.
WANTED AGENTS To tell a desirable
work just published, "JuHan'1 Interest
Tables," containing aocuratecalonlatlonaol interest
at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 1(1 per cent., both simple and com
pound, on all auma from one cent to (10,000, and from
one day to six years. A rare opportunity to make
money in the sale of this new, cheap and useful
work. For further Information ft to anccest, testi
mony in lis favor, and torma, address (stamp inclOKod,'
or apply to J. HAZARD DAVIS, 127 Viith-streot. '
BjIOR SALE A good-paying route on the
L Penny Freas for sale. For particulars Inquire,
Ibis week, at No. 427 Filth-street. iep27-b
FOR SALE A Gorman boarding and oof
fee house for sale low if applied for soon. It is
located on the corner of one ot the markets, and is
doing a very good business. Any ene acquainted
v lth the boarding house and bar custom can make a
well-paying purchase. Apply toD. F. UIKLlER, No.
0 West Third-street, up atalra. sep27-BW
FOR SALE-LAND Twenty-eight and
one-half ncros of lnud,(23 acroa cleared,) one
half mile from Uilford Iiailroad Stat ion. The land
ia now, well fenced, and no building. For particulars
inquire of LOUIH A. ALLKN, Fenny Treaa office,
ur 1. C. W0ODUIJ1PF, Milford SUtioji. aop2w
. on Detts-atrect, between Cutter and Linn, north
ide, No. S-price 2,S00. Lot 2J feet front by feet
deep, to Wi root alley. Faymentt, one-third audi
ImlHnce In one and two years, secured by mortgage.
acrea of beat quality farm! g land, (unlmprove d)
in Morcor County, Ohio. Price, $1,000 .one-fourth
down and the balance In one, two and th ree yoajs
or will be exchanged for a sma improved farm or
I'thcr property, near the Ohio River. VVAJiKKN h.
OAVlfc), House and Sign Painter, No. 711 West Third
street, Oincinnati. sep23uw
LOST One day last week, by a lady in
limitod circumstances, three hundred dollars
i I3D01 in bills, done up lengthwise. The finder will
be liberally rewarded by leaving the sami. at tills
office. - aep27-bt
IilOR RENT HOOMS Furnished Rooms,
for rent. Apply at 160 West Third- Jtreat, b(,.
tween Kace and Elui. . sep26-b
BOARDING A gentleman and lady, nnl
two or throe single gentlemen can be accom
modated with board and lodging at Ki West Fifth
mreof eop27-h
BOARDING Two or three gentlemen can
bo accommodated with board at from 83 SO to
J.HitNo. 181 Broadway, between Fifth and HUlh
streets. sen27. b
BOARDING A private family, residing In
a beautiful situation on Blount Auburn, close
to the clti , having a commodions room toaparu, wish
to receive a lady and gentleman as permanent
bnardors. Particulars may be learned of C.F. HALL,
Ho. 14 West Fourth-street. aep27br
BOARDING. Two unfurnished front rooms
with boarding,, for gentlemen and their wives.
atNo.SSStKace-streot. Reference required.
Pike's Opera-house,
-ON Till-
Greatly Reduoed Prices.
v. I ..,...') .... :
61 West Fourth-street.
Ir yon want a aenrant, advertise In
Ir fOB want house, advertise in '
If yotl want to sell anything, advertise in
Ir you want to boy anything, advertise In
Is (act, every want supplied by advertising In
jEffPeuny Press to le had every
raomliig at the Counting-room door.
July one cent. ,. ,
School Boibd. The Board met at the
wnal hoar, the Vice President in the Chair.
A communication concerning ezhibitioni,
wai referred to the President and Superinten
dent, with 7ower to aoU
A communication from sundry boys, asking
for a night-school in the Ninth District, to be
taught by Mr. Guilford" him and him
only "was referred to the Committee on Night
Schools. . . , ,
Miss Kate Russell was appointed to the First
District School, at a salary of $30 per month.
Messrs. Joseph Wappenstein and George
Zephus were appointed to the Sixth District
Sohool, at salaries of $20 and $30 per month,
The s alary of Miss Ada Boyd, of the Eighth
Distriot, was inoreased from $20 to $25 per
Ming Sarah Ttrnwn innnlnkJ tn ti,.
-- ' l t "V U1B
Thirteenth Distriot School, at a salary of $20
TIM J T'l 1 t. .
r uiwutu, auti iuus x.nen n.err assistant
teac her of writing in the same sohool.
A. motion of Mr. Powers t.A nhnliak ft, A,.a
terr, 0f night-sehools gave rise to a warm dis
co ssion. and all their merit and Hm..,'f.'n...
f i' illy canvassed. '
jar. Armstrong offered a substitute that the
Board deemed it inexpedient to introduce a
system of night-schools for the winter 1859 and
18C0, but that it would favorably consider any
application of a sufficient number of persons in
any looality, desiring a night-sohool with the
A division was called for, and the question
was taken on that part of the resolution olosing
with the figures "1800." lost ayes 12,
nays 12. '
The vote was then taken on the last part,
and resulted as follows: ayes 11, nays 12.
An appropriation of $50 was voted to the
Library Committeo, for tho purpose of furnish
ing lights, Ac, for the reading-room.
The resignation of Mlaa ITtn m rw;,i
the i iftn District, was accepted, and the usual
certificate granted.
The Trustees of the Fifth Distriot wore
authorized to employ two teachers, one to sup
ply tho above vacancy, and an additional one,
eaon at a salary of $20 por month.
On motion, the teachors who are membors of
the Woodward Club, and who wish to attend
the anniversary, on Thursday next, were ex
eused. The Board then adjourned.
"Pick"- AoaiN.-The Russells have at
ways been the lords of creation in tho phrase
style of the daythey are ever notabilities.
Ihere was Lord John Russell he was, as a
relio, preserved a long time in a Cabinet,
mere was ilusHell, the " Thunderer's" corres
pondent, when war bad to be talked about.
There was Russell, whose voice, as an English
singer, was not for war, but for peace, and a
good many pieces, too vide licet, " The Old
Arm Chair," Marble Halls," and such like
arias. There is Russell, of the Great Euitern.
wnton will be long owning, shortly. But the
Lwd, the Crimean sketoher, the ballad singer,
the ship builder, were either of thorn a foreman
a job-room? Pick Russell was and is just
such a man. His fame was established in this
io mesa many years, as the improved
StylO Of nrintln larno kill. ..J -i il .
. r a o Mi... auu uuoiera ut me
.. omee, a iewTyears ago,
,h?wei' Rok Russell was, the high-headed
author of thRfc imnrnvamnn IV. tk. I a.
I ' vi wg ueuuiit
ol a residence in the South he temporarily loft
the An7ircr, and having astonished our Mom
phis friends with bis new styles and admirable
execution, he, on returning from MemphiB to
-..gr, ub voto oompiimeniea wua aoane pre-
r wavjo IUB
oomes; lack to the Emjuirer, like every printer
nam ma luoi- in nil nana, me
pnncers Hereabout will weloome him back to
l'ir lanss.
.SHAlfBPUL. 'Tis bad
Veoling in the streets under tho innuenoe of
liquor, out to see a woman beastly intoxicated,
how revolting! We saw yesterday at the
oorne e of Mound and Ninth-Btreets, a respoot
abli looking, well dressed old lady, staggering
from the effects of strong drink. In attempt
ing to oross the excavation of the street rail-
ju, ane ion neaa ioremost in the dirt. She
made several unsuccessful attempts to get up,
but was unable. She was kindly assisted by a
ex omajiuu, wuen ana staggered on, fol
lowed by a crowd f small boys. What a
picture lor tne friends of reformation.
Runaway Yiotibhiv in -i,.i-
.vm, vub u vivua
yesterday, a couple of horses attached to one
un uuiu ana mississippi nauroaa omni
buses ran off at a frightful speed dswn John
street. When arriving at the bridge over the
Whitewater Canal, the tongue of the omnibus
gave way, and the horses went on. The 'bus
was thrown into the canal, the drivor with it.
He manaired tn swim nut. nratt li ..I,....)
, , r " V nvu Duvngu,
for wo are informed by several who saw the
affair that he was drnnk when the horses ran
off. The horses were stopped at the corner of
iiuutnuu vi aiuui-streeis. iney sustained no
injury. .
VlOLATINO Ma 11 WITT DDntMlVntl TllADn ! o
V. "" v - a i avi iivui a Utug ID a
city ordinance prohibiting hucksters from
Ttrantm a 4 It ni-
Huckster is aware of such ordinance, but, not
withstanding;, there are those who rjarsiat in
violating tho law. William GuBt, A. Douse,
James Bailey, Andrew Flack, Charles Bar
ringer and Michael Yost were fined the costs
by Judge Lowe, yesterday, for violating said
ordinance and admonished to "sin no more."
Gbahd Laromt. Some weeks since,' a
men named Martin Clements, in the employ of
Mr. Geo. Bayer, of this city, loft, taking with
him a horse and wagon, the property of said
Sayex. Yesterday he returned to the city and
was arrested by Lieutenant Thos. Watson, and
confined in the Ninth StreetiStatioa-house. He
will be tried in the Police Court this morning.
That AlUv Cbossiro. If sharp words are
necessary t secure an Improvement of the
crossing t -inteueotipn of alley north side of
Fifth-street, between Sycamore-street and
Wesley Chapel, we are prepared to use them.
We hope hat the repairs will be made without
A Nuisance The City Prison , or, as It has
been properly termed, the "City Stable." We
wonla auirffaat tha nrnnrlafv nf am rn r.n.
oil, cn mute, visiting this institution. They
vrumu ueiutiuiv ibk etepi ior me erection of
i i. ...
' 0 . ;
Rnvv TTfU Tlknir TKa uiiinA Man' Tr.uu
nhnfer. fl.rrHHtnd 1n.nt. Hnndnv 1'nv ,Wnn:n.
, J vvnuumu
from Louisville with $470 oi . his father's
nioBey. was, at an own request, sent back
by Judge- Lowe yesterday. : . i " - r-
1 1 ' ; i: . ' i j
ftfUsf. I MtP Vnwlrmn :i1
wua Ainvvue (Tvanauvu mil VUlUUIQUIJfJ
bnnrlriArlniy Vn.nt.iifAiir tlia ftlilA iri.
sisslppi Railroad depot, . this week,,! This is
B iu, umj Hiu Aftvae uieu, as well
as the citixens in that vleinity. .
I, . . .1
Vineyabd Robbkd. The vineyard of Mr.
V. Dn (TViar. nn Foot Walnut trill.
" w.uww RH U-
tered by thieves Sunday night and robbed of
several baskets of grapes. -
The oeasus ef the Fourteenth Distriot has
been completed, and develops the following
faots: White males between the age of five
nd twonty-one years, '2)7 j females, J,802
males between the ages of six and sixteen, 1,324;
females, 1,748. Colored males between five and
twenty-ene,. 15; females, 24; milts between
six and sixteen, 4 ; females, S.
Com. Woodruff, for indecently exposing his
Verson in the atraat. warn flnmt l . .- l
. 1 v vumtm vy
JndgeLowe yesterday, and sent to the City
P(aa-M fas) wVuaa, J. . Tl- Al r vr . . m J
via iwj Miioo ud'Bi iruu-ioK moaxBeiy, ior
a like offense, was sent "OTer tho way" for
thirty days.
The grade Id the curve of the street railroad
track, ftl Nlflth ami Wsiafnn.A. ... .is. j
yesterday, and the oar passed over last evening
Ninth. Tn a. fAw alrsi im tranW sin k. .
pitted so that paisengars oan enjoy the whole
TVinr Kt.Ao1.r- aha flf
gentry, was arrested by Officer llarman, last
Hofnrrlov At.ah.'k. ti:. T.... i '
"-,uiv "' 5 a;uwrui,vpo was
taken, and he ' was suli'ered to depart. - He
will probably visit St.. Louis, where he will
pan aflraiitot fUtjif WIWm '
a window at the residence of Mr.Vandokum,
No. ISA rVlIirt-otrof
" VVJ J WBKVIUUJ 1311 iiuiu
step-ladder to the pavement with such force
nn ti in! lira Vint AiMi.aiTr
To tnnufi ar1.fniifl Mfnr ii.a
railroad cars and partioalarly the ladies wj
ttuuiu Bjfj mu oioTuiioa Qi mo nana wouia at
tract the attention of conductors, and save
time and trouble. .. , , - . .
kctiEg from a drunken man, valued at fifty
rant a tva a aanrenAsul tV. U T; f
the term Of tWO montha. hv Jilriira
14 im-sjwmiivj jvo-
terday, . ,.
We fftve the follnwlnff ai.An1n.An .f nft
ffOin th ftlittA nf ihn PMman.efTA.s C.il
house, last evening: "Boi lost belongs on eiga-
Tha WMlfVioria lsli),ir.l r.
k.v.iLU.lul, ODWlUUV,iUr.
Wm. McAlistor, of the Seventeenth Ward,
presented us with a branch of the lilac, bril
liant with its second bloom.
Thft f!itv HnllTiiil nfthla t,.. I j
j vi.; uq ICUCIWU
(roe tleketa Irnm (.Via (lhm mJ vr;.
Railroad Company, to attend tho Missouri
state r air at bt. iiouis. What's up?
Ah fn.v na van avt 4 anAH(n:M r
ferers from the late railroad disaster on the
Ohio and Mississinni llnnrl nr nnlillv U.
k 1 .w . , , im
proving, . .
7'riA nlirVA 111 thft flt.MAt-ailvna A 1. I
Ninth nnrl WMfApn.mw will ntt.nj.'i.
to-day, so that tho cars can pass over with
Tiillo. Tlir a ... aaIIa.4 !m 4I.a T1 : -. n '
yesterday, to answer tho charge of shooting
a man named John llolstrip. The case was
continuod until next Thursday.
Sonnritn, Maria, fiia R
eight years of age, has been engaged, and will
appear in some of -her wonderful dances at
wood's Tneater, this evening.
Wm. TTnllv. a Trniinr. tail fMi.(..H
.. , J .ww, iwuironi J Dili 0 Ol
n . 1 I .1 T, -, ? n . .
tsi " iimu iu mo x uiioouourt yesceraay for
vocranov. and aentniai1 tnlUll rp.
fuge until of legal age.
At A. Tnflt in r nf I.Tia Cn.nl.l X) 1 r
"B "Jiswiw AJUttlU oi
Equalization, held at the Auditor's Offioe.it
was resolved that all complaints should be
made in writing, immediately.
A man namii rinmin Tli, ,rnV. MK. a i
vw.,w. vmiujuaji ns uneu
$10 and costs by Judge Lowe, yesterday, for
an assault and battery.
(tea. Knann. a, fnvltlva Fmh t,..i iii
J , - - -B . .. . , .. ww jweuvv, frill
have a hearing in the Police Court next Thurs
day, oharged with petit larceny.
There are, at present, sixty city prisoners
engaged at work on the hill-side near Seer
creek. The Fifth Presbyterian Church, corner of
John and Clark-streets, was dedicated last Sab
bath. An elootion for vestrymen will be held at
St. John's (Kpisoopal) Churoh, this afternoon,
at four o'clock.
Smoking is strictly forbidden on the street
railrcrd oars. A good idea.
Fifty-nine persons were tried in the Polioe
Court, yesterday, for various offenses.
Those wishing to give club parties
are advised that Mr. Nicholas . Morris, ifo.
204 Race-street, has a saloon appropot for
such a purpose, and such a supper oan be
furnished by him that will entortain tho
body and satisfy the mind, being prepared
and furnished in the most tasteful and ap
proved style. His earnestness, and interest
evinced in furnishing the best, when articles
are ordered to be sent to families, has given
him a deserved character as a caterer. His
sandwiches and chicken-salad are prepared
under htR nwn annArinfanrlnn. rniTAa-
....v,. AUCOOIIUU-
oacies are quite a luxury at times, and when
they can be obtained first-rate, they are in
comparable for lunches.
"As Officers Riggs and Andenron were
nnnsino thrnnrrh Lnmr Marlrnf ak.t :ui
o'clock last evening, they found a carpet-
tain a niifl.ntir.v fnmalAiiroai.inn
- 1 J . ..w..ug nuptial, HJ-
gether with Daguerreotypes of tw o little girls,
visitincr Kichanf Coals, at t,h, TTr,. r
Eefuge. As the officers seem to think there
is some mystery about this mattor, thoy have
laft tha nn.rnn.t-an olr anrl inntjinta at lt, TrAM
i u. uiDiiam
S3" J. V. Vail, of tha Oihann 7Tnn fiol,.
is a clever and courteous gentleman, and has a
peculiar nacK oi getting up mat wniob. is said
ta strancithen tn. Inner man. TTlaKawta ...
plied with the choicest liquors and cigars, and
vvorjr.uiiiK; iMinugcu iur cviuiun ana conve-
1Kff MAtAnrAIAfflnfll AhaAPvaflnnB fnm AU.
rlNVT PftKflH. hv Henrv Warn nntiiilaA V.
If . WW.WUW iv, lUQ
7 West rourth-street, September 28, 1869.
O'clock. ' Barometer, Thermometer
7 A.. 29.4B m
13 M M ...29.45 77
tP.K..w.wMM...w..w.n.jg.43 , 73
IBS' Jacob firaffA Cn.. mA. vAfrrla '
valuable pieee of property, situated on the west
siaeoi viainui-enreei, near ueJaasonlo Tem-
nlfl. thi'rt.u.flvpl AnH a half foal fmnl ..J
I , -j . - .ww. ..uu., auu, uug
handred feet deep to Edmund Dexter A Bon.
Ca. ttna Ann . i dOAn . a '
j t vu a oivom"
boat, stole ten-dollars from a comrade yeater-
Hn.T. TTn maM &FAiltA(1 lasf AUrnnltiM attl a.a.
fined ia the Uammond-itreet Station-house,
ana wui cave a Hearing in tne Jfoltoe Court
this morning. Y ' f j
4KSr .TABAnli TTnnA was A(.irl 1 1 mwaL .
jaw v Mwv w as aisn.IA AVOBk T VUtliM
and confined in the Hammond-street Station
home, charged with stealing a shawl from a
gentleman residing in the Third Ward. He
will be tried at the Polioe Court this morning.
wfMr. .Tn Vl n Pn rl rw fa rl a. Iam
i" J J wwwiw, WIUBI
of Fifth and Walnut-streets, was seriously in.
jural In the spine of his back yesterday after
noon by suddenly lifting a cheat of tea, v. ' , '
pSk gmnd ball will be given by Mr. J.
M. Flaig, at metropolitan Hall, corner of
Ninth and Walnut-streets, next Thursday
evnlng.:"r rurr 'i f c r !' ;r,: 3 .i :
, , ' ' ' - ! 'J
UStf .TaaiA Ttavla will Ka Mail In IV. Tl.tl..
-w-w ..... ww iv. ,w. wis AVUW
Court to-day on a oharge of passing a l coun
terfeit bill on a coffee-house keeper en Wade
street, , . . , .....
Verv few nrlsoners were eonflnao' In In
various Station-houses at a late hour last
Triai. i'or Rkckiviku 6rot.KN Monkv J.
ind0f i ,.5 "P,' on trial pel-ori. Judge Halloa
flt V,.,ry.,0!!""w'rlt0 " Imllctniunt which. In tha
In a?,l Jn.ii'"l'?,lhl? withipe lar.'euy of S2A1,
ut i.ilu!ZX$ b-P'-nPtesi an.l, in ill. smomi
to" av, ?n.,ttenng,,,",n8' k,v"rt"' V"'
th?r;.N JDw1"1. Ue tate relle.1 on the last eotmt In
M0ttono.?wi!S i.e Pleating itn"", an el.tcrlr
hffinVf-,." ?'.l',of the m of April, 18.M,
sifted oThiTV8 i1 e-dtbe money, which con!
i numbarJ fil" ' 't hlf-yl.s, and alo,
MM?n,oi,l1.Ve'fr,l.? I'1?0""' snl " few dollani In
fria ta.tl'l'i!?''."? n 8,1 to2,,rs,was stolen
St Sffi!11,11 Innlacl In a cupboard.
a wSdlat .bi?!"lf " Htoimhlon was
wm mrifna?.'i """"-Die nelgUbarhoodnUs slater
Stat hbSnwS!? "f witDes'' Bna h" (s's Mp-
la.tlASn.ff!S.,,rt',,'!,, t,l1"' 'b middle or
and ih?n m. ,l!e.',eB,'"ant was brought lf.re him,
OTtsldi Sf iiet'ttB,"e,nt thlt SHmu" vls cam.
bed H ..Ml.l',dow,af,or th Itttwrbad gone to
moiav .ml iiL18! ,,"ll 10 ,ake old Piwner's
Sunt inTlaV.1: but came hack the same
"itl h'a iSSnT'?Vi -eUi"? Tlndow -n(l ,,lia ne
do Jn afwSrf" ""r1 h,,mL. Thl 119 'to WriVaaJ to
Hvide tff. m dy" ft?r, "" C141 w n1"11 8ln to
ror tb r,ue.y a'til ll'T " Povaer-a woods
ajno-.fnt5??0,ia?1 rnaleaaistrlbHHon, tho
"IK'i'' KS.todel.ndnnt being about 81,000.
nrtWMriiJ?lSSr ,l0.'1'eUerense)-I)W,nt notice
aSt on fhfTi.'jy '" th! ''Option of the dofond
t 'iV 1,0 wf brou" before him. lift
ffthit wwa mm? o""' "nd dofyndant was asked
rivi? Tlptl.of..,,.,, Dlom he rooelvod from
with I his own P tWM' uokl" itt"!c'in"
utmiIthY,lmlt!t,"e!, Bvln heard d. fond
time hot t'lifLTi. " 'L 1,0 WM uart"- rr"-t t tha
would u. a--., .V, T ""-"r "il" nmi; no said na
fne wVola S?lff-,TO Dlivi" "!M'-i s lie wanted
ina Ud barf iLt0 V.n" 0,,t- .?' "! been drink
lions Stehtrnfiljrl,, ''' whole of tliopre-
uvthiiia , .if. tolMmn ti emena. Kevcr heard
Th. n ',!"'n l'1" whuractor bcloro.
tauT3 7 nu," ,,ns urreft said tn.n tie
SmW,1 v"7 antlous to bearrosted, and
apoue U him four or five times about nottlne out tl,
On ir f''""! w1 Also adduced.
to VhnuiC; .i .Ir was introduced
ao snow that at tne tini liAmariA th.u B,n,an.n..,u .
was latarlnT.Vd.,.rti..-r".51?"'?? "
trana?.'- SulbH h?&aa ?"n uU"l'K fromdelirium
-rwastoodupto the
whdth?1,?.l.1?,n '? h? thW t0 the jnr. that
ft would ni?ti8r"t?cllOD ,1,e -a-odconfoasion lona,
bJnwdo'!6 afo to convict! and this rule had
rTco71w, t.?d.fror,n t' fact tlnat there had been aev
otheiXti'"? Sar ln Vermont, Illinois and
wuiSf ,lt'"' ?dAMb'? on conreaslona, while It affcr
M PJrod that the parties never tad been mur
da..,1hp.?",0r,lt.ca,!et "there was other mi-
if the " n.8''oenptlpn
mmw.i; Ti "f1" " "on, ana any c r
f7JS.00.urcfloB with, the oo'nfesaion, the
BvTS.r tbcin t0 take Into consideration the whole
gailtv c,BP1.-lr whether or not the accuaed was
Si; 'r T1,1"j "eweyer. was on the theory that ho
?K f '"n' B,.lnl- "ut " lb" inrv was satiallSd
o5 ot lllZT PaL,lBll''"i from delirium tremens
nnti nn n"S' ih0 co"r,!ll?n be taken with moro
ihS,2 '.nl ,lley niu"t look more carefully to the
circuni8tanr.es outside ol it. - uio
The jury i returned a vwnliet or notgtiilty. Wm H
Kerr lor the State; O'Connor for defense.
in.n1?.1;10 T0 Ti'f 'HAIN-GANU-Janiaa Newmiin,
Indicted for grand larc-ny, offered a plea ef gillty of
petit lareeny. TheSlato accepted tho plea, and the
gang". ,vllBB,"1teiicod tosix monthson tile chain-
;;u.ndIiaik;kny.-Pii trick Mc Andrews (Impleaded
with foiu- others who were not on trial,) was put on
tnelto answer an indictnnint for grand laro'ny-
la.y?0,0.'8 S?1! 8 fi,,ccl from P'1 ' &
OAM,! iC1,r It! fJ'8hakapettre's rnaster.plece.
with ;,'i ?W-P1,ch,r-A!!(LorKon utlned blmsoll1
trni- tnJ"uil!llt ',v'll.&0 educed .hakupeara's
SXwyi?n avsswi'isr w v,;,l,, ,o con-
7 cuiu ruauDuuiOJfl
niniT.;.,r -w'wm) no ei- mnanen. uo to
night by.all means. A good bill is oltered,
Natiowai Thbatkb was well filled last even-
H?Nn Til."" th", L,!d??f C,rall'a of tha """"
Hand. Tha name play will be produced this eveul ng.
JT? cnramunlcatlons rnm our frletiils will h
"Prc" Be,or,or"
Fight on Ousrnup Stbum hear Tskth
HKAvvKmes lNFutTED.on Suiid.iy nlshtlat,a
5, h ,f Henneberry, was found by Mijor Good-
uriiU.. T. "" 5 ;''. aiio major promptly
ItK? k V.10 u.'a.u' !ni ' -lim him to jail, wiion
imim-nuwiipitu, nuu nuuueoerry made his
escape, and was running away at tho topof h is npned,
whoa he iwus stopped by Wm, Law and Onivln Itcj
nolds. The frlendsofthe fusitlvfl saolus thla. i.,m,..
(Ilntely set upon theiii and beat laws severely. He
was anally rescued from their grasp and taken ta the
along well. Yostordav morn 1 nor. Hie nrim-li,
is now getting
nal of tha
i ' V. ";-,i"-u-rry anarai. Winston,
SS. brought before Mayor and lined from S2S to
Tlllains, Dick Wolsli
were Dro
830 each.
T1IKV1K(1.AVa nndnraanJ (!, . . v..
u, uepreuaiioDB naveoi lato taken place in t ils oity,
Virlnc.iruillv At. mu il ,1 ...... a,t.nnn .i 1. ... J J
----- - wV.wwww VUAW UUUIUWr
principally at niKht, bat suuietiiaes throiurh thedav:
nvun tfiA mMl
yard of a house on
; triuma thinss have beeu pilfered. Tho
I, ni,.T.Jb i v "1 1 "" "" oiiierou aoout
finding nothing ontmde but a small hatchet and a
atone bottle, containing niolasaes. e.nt tl,a ut,.,
tin bucket Irom tho rope. This was the whole
amount of their plundering, They had tried an
entrance Into tha housa, by the collar-door, hut seem
up. They decamped with their booty, leaving the
Cellnr-dnornnen. Whut in,il a. o,.,l.i.n.i ?. . -
ia, tnut it was the residence of a printer. This fact
. .. . .. - 7 ..... .uc .iiiiik lue uifuiier.
.,,.. iui .iji, niiutiiuesa oi ine booty. We
think the thleveaaro rather green in the business.
...u.ivu..u uuin utnei aveat iroui printera.
TVlrt TnvnAra nf Fjwlnnt J i
neld a picnic back of the former city, yesterday arter-
....... iuiuiuiv-u niKiiiy enjoyeu mem-
selveB, The Germans are it social people, and on
these occasions enjoy themselves iu an innocent, and
health-Inspiring manner. They appear fullv io
compreueml tho necessity or physical development,
and the advantages, and renniug tendency ol sociiil
lions lunwuimuiw wnu (nuii'couYic-
Laroe Cow. We
nwllta I.vm.I
enw that h.. .,i,.kl.. .... I .1 V
It is owned by Charles Willis, of Bourbon Oomity.
and la on the way to the Now York State Fair, where
it will, without donht, tako the first premium, n
weighs two thousand Uve hundred andsljity pounds,
and is so fat as to be almost unable to walk. 1 ia
what is termed "blooded stock." When tho fair
closes it wiU bo offered female. .
Mrs. Flynn, the female who bad Wil
liams arrested on Sunday last, for abuse-, was hcrsolf
flenrtin ' fnr ,...,.. ,.. Anna 1. r
iiiiii. ; , . . r. I u" ."ttiKe oi vagrancy.
Williams was he d to ball in tho sum of Jujo, toawait
his trial in tho Circuit Court on charge of attempting
to commit arape. Ho was uuablo logivo the rouiiired
security, and was committed to jail. . , 7 "
Mr. Abbott, who recently 'took the no
torious Bill Morgan to the Penitentiary, will, in a
day or two, have the job of taking Mary Sharp, the
carpet-bag thief, to the aama place. Well, any one
that can take Jlorgan sufe, need fear no one elas.
Quite a drove of eattle passed over the
Newport and Covington bridge, to Drover's Inn, yes
terday. Thoy wore from Flemlno i'm,n,,. ' " "
They wore from Iflotulng County,
Subscriptions, advertisements and cemmnnfen-
tions, addressed to the "Preas lteporter," BoiS5,will
be attended to, J ,
A regular meeting of the directors of this company
took place at the residence of Air. rat ton, yesterday
afternoon, at four P.M. As It was private, we are
unable to givo many details of its transactions. A
oontlnnancs of the privilege heretofore extended to
reporters, of passing the bridge free, was grunted.
If any one desires to form some idea of the
number of persons who work and do business iu Cin
cinnati, and who have chosen this olty as their home,
et him visit our ferry about six o'clock in the even-
m. vr ao'o-ra. .lies .ne ouai is morally jammed.
Snob Is tho crowd that we wonder how the officers
are enabled to do their duty; still thoy do It iu a
manner that meets with universal approbation.
Timothy Ryan, for abusing his wife, was
held to ball In the sum of $20, by the Mayor, yoster
?,y' fP.hl' PPe-rance before the next term of the
Circuit Court.
Mr. FflArnne tias immman mmim iu.
-jvm.u.vuuiva ciaumE uia
street sonth of his house, from York-street to the
ErMrs. Burns, who was injured by the
late diaaaiiivAn I.ViAril,;a, xr;..:..:M..i t5-:i
rnnol'wa itnowafn., n. v.. . i
afternoon at Spring Grove Cemetary, at the
expense of the Company. Much credit is
due Mr: F. F. Watson, the gentlemanly pro
prietor of the Southgate House, for his kind
attention to Mrs. B. while at his house.
Kverv attention nAAM,a.v u aVmnvn
during her illness.
Th Mn(p rnntt will il:.
eity Thursday, and be plaeed on exhibition at
the MeohanicSFiir Friday and Saturday, so
that nnr ariXr.ana mF hi.. . -.i 1.
seeing the finest instrument ever manufactured
In V ITr.Haa C.Bt
.M MV W IV W U.WL...
VS. fl. Pnrvlii, Advertising Aent, Bo.
SOWestFourth-alreet. ' ,-, ,
TA. A. JEyan-r-ciocks, Weitchea and
Jewelry, Noi. 311 and h Wajtern-row. .
eVDncuorreaa tlnllery, Sonth-vrest cor.
ner of Ulxth and Westara-row, oyer Hannaford'a
drug store. Pictures taken and put ln good cases for
twenty cents. Warranted to please. '
MONDAY, September 26—3 P. M.
Currency continues as reported for the past three
wetka-very close. All tho Jlaukers complain of a
scarcity. OUerlng of good short date Paper ain"
tiuuos large, therateforregulardeposltora being Info
uper cent., ruling at the laltnr figure. Uuteldo rates
ieI8, with but little tnken by Hie illicomit. houses
Jiajturn Kxckangs nun ut premium baying rate!
Belling at premium, tiouio firms paid M cvnta to
cuslomora for JCxchango to-day. .
Gold dull at US ceuta per hundred buying rate: sell
ingat Mcenta Hi preiulnm.
No change to rejwrt in L'ncurront Money or Land
Busiuess Id the Banking ouarterwas cults active
New Orleans Exchange buying at 'A discount; sell.
in at premium, i ,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
MONDAY EVENING, September 36, 1859.
FLOUR The news from New York earned an im
proved demand for Hour, and tho higher grades
reached lt)l5o. ear brl. above the quotations enr
rent Saturday. Uupertina unchanged. The Bales
were 1,800 brls., at $1 75&3 25 for eitra. Kotning
done. In snparrlne; fair brands could have been
bought at Si oo, 65. 3,081 brls. wero recolved the
last 'Jt hours.
WHISK Y-A continued good demand at full rates.
Salosor 1,000 brls. at UU&USo., the latter rate for
l'KOVISI0N8-Tlie market was Quiet to-day, and
nothing of importanco was dono. 100 trla. mesa
i"ork.old atS15; loodo. rump at 810. Holders are
Brui; but buyora are holding on, l.uno pieces green
Hams sold at ec. to be delivered the flrsttwo wetks of
Aorember. ,
OI-r-8lr-sorMllrli.T,lnsoiid at06c.i do. do. at
56c,, and IS do. do. at iTo.
llie ll),gtlU' "ld' "c"aila4S,0 do. at
GltOOErtlEH-A good demand at full rates. Sales
of iHjlihds .Siyrarat -lHv. Molasses firm at 3?Ai
.Kc , and Coflee at 12cal2),c 1
. WUiC AT-Ilie market is very firm, but prices am
not qnotably higher. Sales 1,000 bush, prime white
at $1 J0 600 do, good at 81 OS, uud 740 do, prime red
itt Si. r , i
vJlZii I101 a,n"nl nd prices are Arm at 75c.
.lJJA,b,,,i,,'' A anoderate domand for prima fallal
,jc. delivered, and spring at Dilute.
u K-Murket steady and firm. A sale of 100 bush,
at 75c. . ,
OATS Tho market la firm at ?375c., the latter
rats from store.
tW'liKttAGIC-Salasioohrls. at JSc.
t.HJthSK-Tbo market la firm and prices steady.
Sales 200 botes prims Western Heserve at Hc
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 26—P. M.
bettor and In brisk demand for tie
Bnd loc,,, iniK ,",os of W.euo brls. at S I io
WuL . '"Cr-ne State, $4 AOOM 7,' for extra State,
fii'i.Mf"' common to middling extra Western,
and Jj 15 (fas 45 for Inferior to good round hooped
.iSl'SSil" buoyant; Canada firmer; anles 2fK) brls.
at 55 J5(i9 mi for common to choice Kxtra. Small
sales Bye Flour at ?.l 75 4 40. Wheat less active;
noiueraaro asking an advanco, but buyers gonerally
refuse i to pay any octter prices; sales of 2(1,000 hmhola
Si IUmii r ' r Y,Jlit6 Kentnky, tf 1 5 for red Iowa,
r,;.,; " " aaiern, ix. ior oiuwauaie
a SiT'J"1? 8.' 2ufor r6d Kentucky, ltyo firmer; aalosof
.V . i. , . iiey ncareo wnu nrm; sains
oi Zj.wo bushels Inferior old Mate atdlc. primo new
held at vofe'JI. Corn opened bnoyant and oloaed dull;
ii 5tr,?i,ullxr,1 ""L1""' lHiHc with small sales
at KWMhe. .' lata firmer; Bales at 40.an4 for State and
Western. Wlitaky dull; sales ofaKI utl. at 26),(a
ic.; chiefly at tho inside price, Pork unchanged;
saleB of 1,300 brla. at 815 WVn.16 for mess, tlo 68(0)1(1 75
'"'Prime, and $IJ 75 for thin meas. Beef unchanged
and dull; sales of 176 brls. at 4 756.5 for prime, fi Mi
Wn 50 for do. mess, lfeiW SO for repacked meas, and
K1IVA11 fnrevtrw ni... H.,..r U...
SIOpBla. Out Meats very scarce and biuiyant; sales of
2M pacsagca at 7 bc, lor shonJdeis, and S Airtao. for
hams. Lard firm; sales of m brlB. at llftrisllMc.
Rultu. ll fitlr hll.lt,aaa itntta ,nisl- t IMI,. ..-J
l6(pi31o. for State. Cheese steady at Biao&c. Cotton
wohk, aaieaoi run naies at n?ao. lor upland middling.
Tallow firm at lu10l0. Sugar steady; sales at
Ui frf... firm ut llUIIll M..ln.a. . J...
Orleans I Jc.
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
Baltimore Market. BALTIMORE, September 26.
Vlmiw ataa,1f. flhmun.1 ITvoravrl A7ka.l
A ' .vw. p,wh vu.' WUM .AW f. w. U WU. 1 T Ub.l
active and buoyant: sales I2,too bushels at an ad
vance of .K$5c; white 81 flu; red Si lo,ai 15.
Corn buoyant: while Mia.S5o.; yellow 6c. Provisions
active. Uacon Sides lo!c; mess Pork f!8. Whisky
Northern Ohio Methodist Episcopal
The caso of Rev. Mr. Wright, expelled by
the Oonlicent'e recently in session at Cleveland,
has aeon appealed to the General Conforenoey
which meets at Buffalo, N. Y., next Spring.
Ihe expollcd one claims that his offense was
kissing a lady, in one instance, and in another
case a free talk with a lady to whom he jok
ingly talked about her having no children.
Methodist preachers must sot be so pointed in
their joking. ','.',) ' ' f 1 -
The next Conference is to bo held a1, Ashland,
as one paper states, and at Norwalk, as reported
by another.
Of the appointments, we note the following:
A. Poe, Asssistant Book Agent at Cincin
cinnati, and momber of tho Ashland Quarterly
Lorento Warner, Chaplain to the Ohio Pen
itentiary, nnd member of Mt. Uilcnd Quarterly
John A. Berry, Agent of Ohio Wesley an
University, member of Shelby Quarterly Con
ference. r
E. Thomson, President of the Ohio Wesleyan
University, and member of the Mt. Vernon,
east charge, Quarterly Conference.
Jacob Bothweiler, Professor in Baldwn Uni
versity, and member of Berea Quarterly Confer
ence. Dr. B. Thomson, N. Nuhfer, A. Poe, H;
Whiteman and J. T. Kellam, delegates to the
General Conference; W. B. Dlsbro, W. C. Pierce,
Eds. Pinny Press; Luman Limitation or
Lunalicf Either, I presume, aooordlng to the
moon's place. I cut the following from this
morning's Cincinnati Commercial:
learn from your paper of to-day that the Cath-
nfil. 7VTinA. n-nnncaa ta l.uw, I -
fwrnithed with the Ten Commandment: Let
tcarn mem ana fraeitce West, ana! sitiyutor,
dilitientlli and ncratmprinnln'
. J i "'J'J.
"Can VOU Inform -vmi raarlapa .nt.'t 1 l.
. - J -.WHWW.W IUI. ,w UO
means? Is it the original ten bronsht down
1 ir r 1 r . ... . . . 0
u inoaoa iroia mt. oinat ana given in tne
Scriptures, or is it the amended ten as found In
the books of the Roman Catholis Churoh,
wnerein too na commandment (against the
worship of Imao-ea"! is omitted ami th inh di
vided, making it quite a separate sin to court
0 wnu d who suu mi covet tne remainaor ot nis
"Can 70a not, gentlemen, givo ua a little
light on tbiB question? LUMAN."
NdW. &fl a, reader nf vnn nana T
humbly ask the writer, whence die! von derive
j mujsiou. aou unaertaxe to nun tne
feelinf-a nf a latda nla.a nf v .. .
U- . O" w.wow VI VJbl.CUS, UOI UiD
ask you if the Parliament of England can not
uy a majurity at any time alter "The lea Com
uiouuuieuui; uive us an answer.
No. 61 Water-street, Cincinnati, O.
nave tnougnt iff it is nevertheless true, that
Old Hiokory began his career as a teaoher of
an " Old Field Sohool" in South Carolina, and
in wai vocation earned tne money wbioh sup
ported him svhile he studied law. This is one
among many curious and unexpected faots
presented in Mr. Parton's forthcoming life of
Gen. Jaokscn, the first volume of whioh is now
in the hands of the printer. ' Many eminent
Americans have begun life as teachers, but we
hardly expected to find the indomitable hero of
New Orleans added to the lilt.
BMr. John Minnon.of York.Penn,, aston
ished a large crowd of spectators on Friday, by
a number of antics performed on top of a
ohui-oh spire, on South George-street. He
stood upon an arrow near the top ef the yane,
at full length upon It, fend "assumed ether po
sitions too frightful to look at,
STWe have seen It stated that the aggre
gate of odd is greater the present year than
during any one for seventy years past, exeept
thatcf 184J. "...
Earn Your Own Salt.
There is no relish like saltand If cie earns
his own salt the relish la its use Is more de
lightful. 'A common notion prevails thai money
is the root of all evil, and that the Sartpture
says 10. The quotation is Incorrectly made; it
is the love of money that mars ear happiness.
A wise man, Swift says, should have money in
his head hot not in bll heart Get money then
by your own industry. Wish for, no, man's
money. Be content, ' but work faithfully,
bumblo mechanic. The robin, in his homely
suit, ohirps as gaily as the georgeous bird ef
Paradise. Less gaudy Is his plumage, less
splendid his surroundings, but his flight is as
strong, his note as gay, and in his humble
home the light of happiness shines all as
bright, because so envy dims iU Let us, then,
labor and be strong in the best use of that we
have, wasting no' golden hoars ln Idle wishes
for things that burden those who own then,
and eould not bless us If we had them. Being
content, the poorest man is rloh ; while he who
oounts his millions, bath little joy if he he
otherwise. ' '
-, ' I ;.'
Gambling ik Wshikqtoh. The Washing
ton (States, of Friday, says: - - ,
Washington is now as notorious for Its gam
bling establishments as any other oity on the
face of the earth. In no city ef the United
States are gambling establishments so publio
as they are here, or gamblers so numerous.
They throng the sidewalks, in some parts of
our city, in crowds; yet, whoever has been
known to interfere with these gentry? -.Our
police, instead of arresting these fellows ea
vagrants, associate with them; and this wilt
be continued, until our citizens, some day or
other, take matters into their own hands, Or
eleot municipal officers who will have the nerve
to discharge thoir duty faithfully, by extermln
ating every gambling don in the city. Our
columns, in the next canvass for Mayor, will
be hostile to any man who will not pledge him
self to accomplish this end. ' 1
STON, In Halo-rooms No. 93 Main-street, next
to the Trust Company Bank Large sale of Carpel.
in at Aactlon. WKDNKUDAY MOBNINO, Soe
temherM, commencing at 'M o'cloek, will be Bold,
without reserve, 130 pieces Carpeting, comprising
Velvet Brussels, Three-ply, Ingrain, all wool, Venl
tian, (Hair and Cotton Carpeting.
sep27 . TUOS. JOHNSTON, Auotloneer.
WILLIAMS, Sale-rooms 22 and 21 Baat Thtrd
atreet. Unclaimed goods at Anctioi.-On TUBBDAV
MoltWHIO.ttept. 27, at v o'clock, will be sold the
unclaimed goods of a dams' Bxpress Oompanr, con
sisting of over live hundred dinerent paokagea. -
ft CO., Halo-rooms, No. 31 Maln-stroet Or oca.
l ies. Boots and Shoos at Auctlon.-On Till BHDAY
MORNING, Hcptenilier 27, at 9 o'clock, a geuoral
variety of staple Groceries, Glassware, Paper, Ae.
ALSO Hoots, Bhoea and Ilroitaus.
Bepai H. 8. MILKH & CO., Auctioneers.
JOHNSTON, in Sato-rooms, No. 03 Hala-street.
below Third. Large and roistlve Sale of Dr-Goods.
Morchant Tailors' nnd Clothiers' Goods. Bats, Cans,
,tc, at Auction. TUES DAY MORNING, September
27, commencing at M o'clock, will be sold without
reserve, in catalogue form, 460 lots of verv desirable
fall and Winter Dry Goods, among vthfeb are th.'
best brands of Prints, Bleached and Brown Muslins,
Tickings, Apron Checks, Hickory Shirtings, flan
nels. Ginghams, Ac
ALSO JLarge and valuable stock of extra fine
Cloths, do. Black Doeskin and Fancy Oasslmerss.
super Deal Skin and Beaver Overcoatings, Satinets
Sorges, Canvas, Linings, Ac.
ALSO A large Invoice of Itloh Dress Goods, Shawls
Mohair Lusters, Comforts, floods, Buek and Beaver .
Gloves, Country Socks, Ac,
ALSO A large lot of fine Undershirts and Drawers
Wool Jackets, Ane Linen Shirts, Umbrellas, Ac. -'
ALSO-lfiO pairs Bibbon-bound Blanketa; lMpslrf
Gray Blankets; 30 caaea Men's Hesvy Boole.
sepM THOB. JOHNSTON, AncHoner, .
, , 89 Pearl-trol, .
Have now In storea large and aeleot stock oi Si A.
PLK and FANCY DK7 GOODS, wbleb, for ea tent'
and variety, it unsurpassed, vte
' '' ' ' " .'it ,
A large and general stock of Domeitlo
Woolen and Cotton Good. n '
' ' ' . 1
A Rxlendld line of very rloh DreB Goods,
lit Silks, Delaines, Merlnoee, and other
fabrics of newest aty lee. "
Cloths, CasBimeres and Testings, Iu,
large assortment.
A complete stoolt cf White Gootls, IDm
'broideries and Linen Goods, of our
own impdrtKtlon ;'
A very extensive stock ofFauoy and
Variety Goods, Shawls, Hosiery.
Gloves, kc. :,, :.;,
' ' : ..; .. ,i,f.. . 1
sT" We shall be in dailr receipt of ell new and de
sirable Goods during the season, end dselr to be
placed in competition with any hoots. East or Wait,
by an examination of our steak. seplDam
THB FIBM OP . . , :T:
iw "w o r o
South-east Cor. Fourth and Vint,
PltiTTIEST stock of Goods for BfBrTS
WEAR sw offered InCmctoBiitir "
., (.Trs lM VTBBT00K OF ;r',:";'.'.:.!. '''
PIECE G- O O T 8 ,
76 make p to Heanre, trill be largo sad Variad.
New Corps 'of., peters,
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