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'FOCND,,,Ae.,ln thlsoolumn, oorapylnf five lines
, Or laM, two insertion, twenty-live oents. .
man, 19 ySars old. In wholesale grocery or
, dry goods store. Address N. R. W., at tbii office.
sep-TOb ..
WANTED -COTTAGE-In Cincinnati,
-. OoTington or Newport, In a healthy location,
U"Ji """" ""vui., or tuo luwerpartoi a nouse,
tt d etlnct. Address, stating ternu, Ao T. W. L.J
Postofflce, Cincinnati. iep301i
MAKER For counter, shelving and farnl
lure work. Inquire at W. CARTKB'S Household
Furniture Depot, 31 East Fifth-street, between Main
and Bycamore. sep30bi
T. "JP5.,6,e Tom Indies, in a private family.
Address &0. P., at this office. ..naoh.
."WMANTED PARTIISA A good business
I. S?n,wJ.th V;0- In a well-established bnsl.
new. Addrew Box?' PostolBco. ' aep30d'
ETANT2b-BAKER To work on oakes
gjjh-'.t.crcle"' Mawlngl"d.eB,n.,
diately at IS West Fifth-street, soar Main.
KEEPER By an Amerioan ladv wall an.
qualnted with all tho deUlli of housekeeping ReN
. SSS?! J?lTenana. "1rod- Woud no object to
l'n.f fhiS"" ,nt0 ,he try. Address Mr
B.,atth.sofnoe. sep2)b
W"ANJEA-C0OK-A Jowir, man of
rranrn0t?bi. Wfho k,nOT bow to cook for a
Wl at ENDBE38 8 SintnBaioon, 214 vWstreet.
BON 3Ip at i an.oea Apply to MARK TKNNI
L 3'0, Alain-street. ep29-b
aiuiu en u ahum By a young
a. -. i , . : "? --k-.wmw.w
uiik Miu proacripuou 01
uslness. Can (tire the
most sausiactory references
60, CoTlngton, Ky.
Addresa J, E. T., Box
-ANTED Boarding and room in private
.'!""' 1?.l!er5 ih'n re few or no other board
n. Address W. B. T., box 719 poitoffloe. Refer
onoss given. ap29-b
WANTED-ROOMS Five small room.
w T ,, It a respectable part of the city, suitable for
" '"))' family. Bent not more than 150. Address
BOOM, 104 Walnut-street House. . sep29-b
WANTED HELP Two nan used to
the care of horses and cows. Make uo delay,
men, your services are required immediately. Apply
at iue uenerai intelligence Agency, no. 3-2 western-
. D. 0AB80N4OO.
VyANTED HELP Clerki, Salesmen,
- - owi.-awpera. car-Beepers, rorters, coopers.
nnu iiiiirH. nn nun Mirimtm,,. nv iimiuino n u ,
A nr. ifiiT.rr.i 7,, "7. . .V :
g w. jiiurvuauiB uiei&s ncgisiry vu
fflco, 291 West
man whocan give unexceptionable references,
situation as assistant book-keeper, or as copying
clerk in a respectablo business. Salary reasonable.
Address ETHELBERT 0. DUNSTON, Hamilton.
Butler County, 0., giving real name and business.
. (aep28-dl
WANTED 200 MEN Who wanta work?
Clerks, mechanics, waiters, porters, bar
keepers, hostlers, teamsters, men used to oouotry
liie.Ac. Alio, a large number of female servants for
cooks, dining-room, chamber and nurse girls, and
ilrls for general housework, in city and country.
II In want of work are invited to call early and Ibey
may have their wants suppled at our office, No. 382
Western-row. lur terms are so very moderate that
the poorest may secure the services ot our agency.
opar-dt A. P. 0AB808 C0.
years old, to learn the retail grocery business.
H willing to stay four yesrs, Address ft. H. W., at
tnlsotnco. sep24awt
WANTED AGENTS To sell a desirable
, . . .work Just published. "Julian's Interest
Tables," oontalning accuratecalculatlonsol Interest
ate.s, 7,8, S and 10 per oenU. both simple and com
pound, on all sums from one cent to 910,000, and from
one day to six years. A rare opportunity to make
money in the sale of tbis new, cheap and useful
work. For further information as to success, testi
mony In its favor, and terms.address(stamt) inclosed.)
or apply to J. HAZARD JAYIS,t27 Fifth-street.
'. , k . sepJ-amt .
-"EIOR RENT ROOM One or two tingle
M. gentleman can be accommodated with a fur
nished front sleeping room, with gas, in a respecia
b e private family, where no botrdera are kept. Ap
ply at No. 108 IiOngworth-itroet, noar Plum. Refer
ence required, sopK"b
O0R RENT HOUSE A briok house, No.
a i.4?,tl"on treetLcornor of Broadway. 8 rooma
and ball, Inquire of J.H. NEWMAN. 379 Main-street.
" 170R RENT A HOUSE-tn Folton with
. -la- eight rooms and store-room. Price of the whole
iyrV?XnV a?" Per montn. inquire of J.
' w4s;Nlli?t lumber Merchant, corner Western-row
and Twelfth-street. sep29-b
FOR SALE 2 ROUTES Morning and
eveuing, for sale low for cash, only to be sold on
wwnui ui iuauiiii7 w aiieno to mem, cauaea Dy
sickness. A good chance, Apply at No. It Betts
'treet. ep3Qaw
LOT In the town of Califor
Ja. nla, Ohio, (m
roper termlnnsof the Fifth street
Market and Pendleton and Columbia Street Railroad)
very low for cash or acceptable trade
A II BEN L. DAVIS. House and elm Pafntor.
epia-nw 72 West Thlrd-st., Cincinnati.
OR SALE PAPERS Several thousand
old papers at 2Sc. per hundred, at this office.
OR SALE FIRE Now is the time to
secure vour kindling wiwul, iminuia..nk.
Kb uiukio, uunu a uv. s, m reuncea prices.
Drop your orders in the postofflce, or send to factory.
No. Xli West Front-street. aep28-d
FOR SALE A German boarding and oof
fee house for sale low if applied for soon. It is
located on the corner of one of the markets, and is
doing a yery good business. Any one acquainted
with the boarding house and bar custom can make a
7K;priSli KuroSaw. Apply to Dr. F. BIEDER, No,
73 West Third-street, up stairs. acp27-aw
OR SALE LAND Twenty-eight and
one-half acres of land, (2 acres cleard,)-one-balfmlle
from Milford Ballroad Station. The land
is new, well fencod, and no building. For particulars
inquire of LOUIS A. ALLEN, Penny Press office,
orl. O. WOODRUFF, Milford btatlon. Mp2aw
BOARDING Two gentlemen desiring a
pleasant place to board In a private family
where there are a few boarders, would do well to call
bc No. 107 Longworth-straet, between Elm and Plum.
Terms moderate. sepM-b
BOARDING HOUSE A first-olats board-
Jn bouse, 177 Sycamore-street, between Fifth
, ?V.8l?t'1j w,e' "He- Large, airy, unfurnished
wms for families. Accommodation for single sen.
', tlemen. eep28-awJ T. A. BO WE.
Shooting Gallery!
Informed that there is new a Shooting Gallery
and Baloon at No. 26 West Fifth-street, (second
story,) between Main and Walnut-streets. sepM-aw
Of all the fashionable slyles,
, , . .. . . MADE TO ORDER, AT . .
Nt. 9'J West FoHthHstreet, directly eppe.
alta the Postofflce, Cincinnati. sop2
113 Eighth-street, south-west corner Kara and
FOB RENT The house 174 Race-Street,
ticulars apply as above.
For par-
and Counsellor at Law, Ohaae'a Bnlldlua
Third strsot, S doors last of Main. TV. "its"
i . " " ' . . VAIIUIAOTPUU Of - -
Wood-Working Machinery,
Oeraer John and Water la.! OiaeiaaautliO.
Pnra f!rto1 fill
v una uoiiar per gBiion.oy
J. II. Ds WIIH, Orooer,
107 last Vroat-atreel,
If yon want servant, advertise In
Iy yon want a house, advertise In
I yon want to sell anything, advertise In '
Ivyou want to bny anything, advertise In
la fact, awry want supplied by advertising In
2rPenny Prew to b bad every
morning at the Countlug-room door.
Only one cent.
Meteoroloeioal observatlnnn for fhe
PnitHT Pess, by Henry Ware, Optician, No.
7 West Fourth-street, September 29, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer. ' Thermometer.
A, M..M.H.M. ..MM.M,.....29,(l4 64
i ju..
The followine is a list of letters dn-
tamed for non-payment of postage at the
PostofUoe, in this oily, September 28:
John Wiso, Shelby villn, Ind,
jura. a. jvuero&e, aow xorK.
SirTEHBia Hi.
Mrs, William 8. Davis, Hightstown, N. J.
' Smma Rolls, Lebanon, 0.
Mrs. John H. Ford, Hightstown, N. J,
Mrs. Jurael, Washington II ights, N. Y.
Ool. L, J. Uagness, Smithville, Penn.
John Btark, Columbus, 0.
McAdama 4 HarsUl, Hamilton, 0.
J. W. O. Handlin, Wheeling, Vs.
Morris Binbop, St. Marys, 0.
J. Durand, New York.
Abraham Lasner, Dayton. 0.
Hs-urioh o "Old Wood wisu." The an
nual re-union of the students of "Old Wood
ward" eamo off yesterday. The exercises com
menced at eight o'clock A. M. with a game of
looi-osui on me orpnan asylum lot. borne
hundred and fifty "boys" having assembled,
Mesirs. George W. MoAlpin and John E. Gib
bons were chosen leaders. Mr. MoAlpin won
the first "toss," whioh entitled him to the "first
choioe" and "first kamp." The "boys" were
equally divided and at it they went. Twonty
games were played, Gibbons's side winning by
At four o'olook P.- M. the "boys," having
refreshed themselves, assembled in the hall of
Woodward High Sohool. v
Ibe exercises were oommenoed by prayer by
Ber. Lorenio D. Huston, of Nashville, Tenn.,
followed with musio by the U. S. Barracks
Band; -after whioh E. A. Fergueson, Esq.,
delivered a neat and appropriate address.
Remarks were afterward made by several
gentlemen, when the company adjourned to
me epencor House ana partook of a magnifi
cent sapper, after whioh the following regular
toasts were read and responded to:
1. The Memobv or W. Woodwabd-His charity
was not posthumous, his fame Is,
Responded to by Rev. W. G. W.Lewis'. '
2, The Old School House-Unlike Athens of old,
whose halu were wooden every boy was a brick.
Responded to by Benj. P. II in man.
3. Thi Oi.o Piat-obovmd The scene of friendly
oontoet in social exercise; the garden in which young
.iwuuuiouifl uavv giuYiu iu vv uiu iriODasnips.
Responded to by Rev. Beni. A. J. Frev.
4, Ova Ow Te trails-Respect for thoir persons,
gratitude for their, cervices, revorence for their
. Responded toby Rev. L, D. Huston.
8. The Osator or the DAT-Small In stature, but
vis iu ui uuuie tjuuiiiius ui mo ouari aoa ueaq.
Response by E. A. Fergueson.
Stbkt Railroad iNJDNCtiONS Excite
mist. At mldnight,night before last, a body of
woiamen, unaer the dureotion of the (Jinoin
nati Street R. R. Company, appeared at the
intersection of Fourth and Vine-streets, armed
with pioks, crowbars, &e., .to put down a curve
from, tneir track on Vine-street, to eonneot
who Jiourtn-strecr, Mr. w. it. iiooker. a
member of the. Council committee on roads and
oanals, hearing the olatter, by virtue of bis
official authority, summoned a posse of polioe
ana oongeu xne men 10 aesist.
It seems that the City Paasensrer Railroad
Company have held the official location of
ineir line, on Dourtu-utreet, some weeks, and
learning, yesterday, Dy common rumor, that
the Cincinnati Street Railroad Companv in
tended resuming their nuroose. last mtrht.
Baw proper to commence the buildingof their
track: on its proper site, as .indicated by the
City Civil Engineer. Accordingly, at half
past one o'clock P. M., yestordty, their
workmen in large numbers were set to work
on Fourth-street, at the. above intersection.
and proceded with great rapidity to take ud
the bowlders, open the street, put down their
raus ana re- oowiaer we tracu.
At this stage of the proceedings oertain
property holders living near or owning; build
ings on the line sued out sn injunction before
Judge storer, in bonds of $10,000, commanding;
an estoppal of operations in building the rail
We learn that process was not properly
served, but so soon as the proper officers of the
road heard of the Judge s proceedings they
stopped ineir nanas.
The street is left in an impassable oon dltion;
but, if the traok-layers could have worked a
few hours longer they would hare had the
nignway nicely shaped up sgain.
The names of the gentlemen who sued out
the Injunction are as follows, vis.: George
Carlisle, Wm. Hooper, Samnel N. Pike, L. B.
Harrison, Wa. Harrison, Robert Mltohell,
John W. Baker, Henry Von Pbul, Charles
Andress and Winthrop B. Smith.
Opposiiioh Ratification Miktiico Last
Night. The Court-street meeting last night
was largely attended, as muoh so as its most
sanguine friends could have anticipated or desired.-
Two stands had been erected for the
accommodation of the speakers, one at the end
of the Markot-house, another not far from
Main-street. At an early bear the meeting
was organised by the appointment of the fol
lowing officers: Preiident, N. Bartlett. . Vice
Preixdentt, Geo. Shillito, Miles Greenwood, J.
V, Cunningham, S. Molltor, Stephen Cooper,
C. R.Foidick, Gen. A. Moore, Wm. Perry,
Moses Wamiley, Judge J. Burgoyne, S. S.
Davis, C. W. Rowland, E. T. Carson, Robert
Hoses, Dr. R. S. Newton and F. Meyer. See
retariei, James Warnieh and W. H. MoKinney.
' Speakiaz was commencod at the west end
by Messrs. Cox' and Lippett, who occupied
the time for a few minutes each. The Hon.
Robert O. Sohenck having arrived, was then
introduced, and spoke for some time, when he
was interrupted for near half an hour by the
constant advent of processions, accompanied
by bands of musio, transparencies, ic' The
"flying artillery" companies were a conspic
uous feature of .the evening, and each com
pany announced its arrival by the firing of
cannon. At nan-past eignto ciocK me street
was crowded from Main to Vine. The num
ber present could not have been less than
fifteen or twenty thousand. : '
Speaking oommenoed at the eastern stand,
and Mr. Bohenok oontinued his speeoh from
the western. He was followed by Mr. Cor-
wln, who was so unwell as to be desirous of
remaining silent, but not so afflicted as to
silence the humor so natural to him when ones
At the eastern stand Messrs. Jaoobi and
Tafel addressed the meeting In German, and
Mr. Nicholas and Dr. R. S. Nswton in
English. .
The meeting wm harmonious and enthu
siastic Mow let us have the ether side.
Light is thi Fas Wist. Passing along
Fifth-street, between John and Smith, a few
evenings since, we were daisied bv the extra
ordinary brilliancy emenating from the window
of the ooal-oll lamp store of Al. Kobbins, Jr.
k Co. Mr. Bobbins, . Jr., a young man,
has just established himself, and, no doubt,
from the taste displayed in bis window, he will
give ample satisfaction to his patrons. Coal
oil, from its great eoonomy and superior bril
liancy, Is rapidly coming Into favor, and we
are assured that they will only keep coal oil
uis seat faulty,
. -i
An old gentleman lost big pocket-book, oon
talning forty dollars, at the Gait House night
before last. He is not certain whether It was
stolen or whether he dropped 1U
Mrs. Julia Dye, charged with shooting with
intent to kill John Helstrlp, a few evenings
since, was arraigned in the Police Court yes
terday, and the oasa continued until to-day.
Helitrip is considered eut of danger.
Mayor Bishop has issued orders against the
firing of cannon in the streets during the polit
ical oampaign. He says that they may fire the
little swivels.
A large number of persons assembled at the
Orphan Asylum lot yesterday morning to see
mo oi a nooawara ooys piay toot-oaii.
Mary Butler, a colored individual, was
sentenced to the County Jail for the term of
two months, by Judge Lowe yesterday, for
stealing four dollars. ,
George Lee and George Knapp, charged
with petit laroeny, were discharged in the
Polico Court yesterday.
Mr. W. F. Brougb, the well-known oome-
dian, Is in the city.
The session of the Hamilton County Dlsirlct
Court will oommenoe next Monday.
Thirty persons were tried In the Polioe Court
Six versons were received at the Citv Prison
yesterday. None discharged.
Probable Murder A Mii Stabbed in the
Briabt Escape or the Perpetrator. Late
yesterday afternoon a German named Frank
weight, a butcher, in the employ of Mr. Frank
Boreeford, had some words with a man named
John Finnegan, who lives In Covington. Ky.,
when Finnegsn drew a knife and plunged It
into Weight's breast, inflicting, it is feared, a
mortal wound, He was oonveyed to the resi
dence of Mr. Beresford and Doctor Fries sent
for, who gave it as his opinion that he could
not live until morning. Finnegan Immediately
nea, it is supposed, to itentueky. we under
stand that the difficulty originated as follows
A little boy was standing near the parties,
smoking a olgar. Finnegan tried to take the
oigar away from him, when Weight interfered,
and told him he should not impose upon a boy.
Words ensued, when Finnegan drew a' knife
and Infiioted the blow.
Advance in Almanac Litibatorb. We
observe that the astronomical department of
Dr. Roback's Scandinavian Almanac, for
1860, was prepared by one of the first astono-
mers of this or any other country Professor
0. M. Mitchell, of the Cincinnati Observatory.
Scattered through it are items on rural
affairs, from the pen of Mr. Haaeltme, Presi
J i -e 1 1 . : Tr l r i. , n ,
This would seem to be a decided advance on
the old humdrum style, in the IndispenBible
article of almanacs, with which the com
munity have been wearied fer the last dozen
years, we presume mat most ot our enter
prising druggists have Dr. Boback's medi
cines and almanacs. Dr. Boback's office is
at No. East Fourth-street.
The Landlords' Association met at
the Henry House laBt eve nine. Dr. Cahill
presiding. The amount lost by persons cut
ting on their bills the paat month was re
ported to be' about ninety dollars, agaioBt
some three hundred dollars the previous
montn. xnia snows tne emcaoy oi tne assoct
ation. . A communication was ordered to be
sent to the various landlords throughout the
State) asking thitir co-operation id obtaining
the repeal- of the hotol bill. The association
then adjourned, to meet next month at the
Broadway Hotel. 'After the adjournment
members partook of oysters, Ac, got up
watson s usual gooa Btyie.
&rIn Philadelphia, the "Committee
Ninety-sU" in favor of Sunday travel in the
oars have agreed upon the following questions
to be propounded to the. legislative candidates:
1st. Will you, if elecded, vote and use your
influenoe to modify the present Sunday law
as to allow passonger-oars and other pnblio
eonreyanoes to be tun on Sunday? 2d. , Will
you nse your infiuenoe and vote to compel
oity railroad companies to run their ears on
Sunday? 8d. ; Will you Vote and nse your in
fluenoe to have' a law p assed by the Legisla
ture, allowing oity oouneiis to regulate the
matter of passenger railroad cars running on
issAOLTiNO a Woman. Ellen Dodd,
woman of bad repute, nppeared in the Polioe
Court, yesterday, and charged two young men,
Charles B. Davis and Daniel Suliok, with
abusing her in a shameful manner. She stated
that she was walking along Elm-street at two
o'clock: yesterday morning; that she Inquired
for a place to sleep, when she was approached
by these young men, and that, under pretense
of finding lodging for her, they oonveyed her
to the levee and abused her la a shameful
manner. They were fined five dollars and
oostt each.' It would seem, from the light
fiunishment, that Judge Lowe placed , very
Ittie confidence in the statement of Miss
Dodd. . ... '. ..,
..', r ti -f
A Singula Cabs. There is a younir ladv
residing in the West End who has no less than
seventeen lovers. For several days past they
have been quarreling among themselves as
who had the best claims to her affection. Last
evening they ehanoed to meet, and, after talk
ing the matter over, agreed to submit the case
to Squire John JloFall. The Squire settled
tne matter, outside ol his legal capacity,
giving the young lady into the hands of one
the party, who, by-the-by, was fortunate
enough, to possess her daguerreotype. All
hands were satisfied. :
, . i 1 ' ' '. . ',V
An "Old Bot." One of the enumerators
the sohool census states that, in his perambu
lations in search of the school ohildren,
entered a domloil, where he found a lady, who
said that she was one hundred and lice ice years
bid;' and, on 'making Inquiry of her whether
she hsd any ohildren about the house, she re
plied that she "bad but one boy, at work
the other room, and ha was eighty out yeart
ogti" . .
Suspicious. A won who gave bis name
George Williams, from Kow Orleans, was dis
covered night before last, by officer Hudson,
in Morton's saw-mill. He had a lighted
candle in his hand, and, on being interro-
Sated, stated that he was looking for a place
sleep. He was provided with lodgings
the Ninth-street Btation-house, and will
tried by Judge Lowe to-day. 1 ':
0 .
' Personal. John 9. Doran, Esq.', editor
the &ulftn Ohio Aryu; is among the guests
of the Broadway Hotel. The Argiu is a new
paper, published at Georgetown, Brown County,
Ohio. : Suocess, John. i
Without Focnpatiow. The report published
in the Ennuirtr yesterday morning to the effect
that Mr. Charles Snyder, who was deposited
a vault on Walnut Hills last Sunday, had
oome to life, Is without the least shadow
fouadation. The Enquittf reporter was cer
tainly hoaxed.
A Brest or a Bitfobkd MuBDiBBR. A man
named Anderson Sharp was arrested last
evening by ofHoers Grogan and Jones,
suspicion of having killed a colored man
St. Louis some weeks since. - A dispatch was
sent to St. Louis, informing the officers of
arrest. : , ,
Dischaeqid. Martin Clements, arrested
some dsys since on a charge of stealing a horse
and wagon from Mr. Geo. Bayers, of this city,
was disobargsd In the Polioe Court yesterday.
The case was dismissed at the cost of the pros
ecuting witness.
DisoiniBLT H0U8B8, Three persons, named
T. Jacob, John Bitter and John Ilsyooen,
were before Judge Lowe yesterday, charged
with keeping disorderly houses. They were
diiobarjed on payment of costs;
Palace Garde Biaott. Of all the attrac
tions presented at the above institution, the
singing of Miss Annie Holt meets with the
greatest approbation. The warbling of ber
sweet voice Is roundly applauded every night,
and adds greatly to the popular favor of the
garden. Miss Holt will prove a bright star to
this plase of amusement, Co and bear her by
all means. - : . . . ... . .
5tT"To any one who wishes a good dinner
cheap, ge to Todd's and get 25 conts worth of
uysters and all the fixings set ont, and we will
guarantee satisfaction. Ladies oan get a very
nice quiet plaoe at Todd's and be well attend
ed to. Remember 253 Walnut-street, above
Third-btuiet Arcade. This establishment.
just opsned, is worthy a large patronage. It
nas oeen re-flttei in a grand style, and those
who feel disposed to spend an hour or two
pleasantly ean not find a better plaoe than the
Aroade. Billiard-room In the basement. Mr.
Cowles, the proprietor, is determined to keep
none out too best liquors. Give him a oall.
Burglars About. The residence of Mr.
Hensheimer, on Freeman-street, ; near
Seventh, was visited by burglars at an early
hour yesterday morning. The rascals took
to their heels at the sudden appearance of
Mr. n.
fest A couple of newspaper routes are
advertisad in another column. One is on
a morning, the other an afternoon paper.
Episcopal Convention. Round-trip tickets
will bo sold to this convention by the Little
Miami and Columbus and Xenia Railroad.
See advertisement on second page. ,
Route voe Sale. A first-rate route on the
Pen nt Press for sale to an experienced oar
rier. Apply at the oounting-room.
Held to Bail John Ward, the steamboat
cook, charged with passing counterfeit money.
was held to answer In the sum of $360 by the
rouce juoge yesterday.
MisbGeorqina Paige's Concert. An intel
lectnal and fashionable audience was In attenrlancii
at Smith i Nixon's Hall, last evening, drawn there
oy iue announcement mat miss ueorgina raige, as
sisted by other artists, would give uer first concert
since ber return from the South, 't'he entertainment
was very nleasant to all in attendance, as waa
.sTiDceu oy iue immense applause oestowea upon
The "shadow sons' from Aleverbeer'a new one.
entitled La Pabdis Ds Ploiehbi., was admirably
reuuerea or miss raige, anu arew irom tne auaience
frequent bursts of approbation, which must have
been very gratifying to her. The other performers
were well received and were awarded a share of ap-
Elause. As this concert has been so successful, we
on Miss Palce will so arransa it that thn nnhlln
may again have the pleasure of listening to her sweet
and musical voice.
Wood's Theater. Another large and in
tellectual audience was in attendance at this estab
lishment last nlgbt to witness Mr. Anderson's per
son ideation of Suakspeare's "Macbeth." We wore
sot present only at the last act, but wore satisfied
with what we saw of Mr. A.'s ability to tender
inw.i iu ill a. Tail uievnr -Ut-UUei.
S "Ml
)le per.
of Mr.
eilv nf
formance. To-night being the benefit night
A., will be presented the celebrated traoedv of
Gisirrus. The entertainment will conclude with
tne comedy entitled Tux Wondlb, in which Mr.
Anderson will personate "Don Feiix," and Mrs. Bus
ier "Donna Vlolante." This is a good bill and we
doubt not will draw a large house.
Butts's Paroeama Tbis artistlo work Is
still on exhibition at the Ilelodeon. Tbe scenes are
well portrayed and oan not fail to interest tho be
liever. Goto-nigUtandseelt.
Palace Oabden. This plaoe. was again
crowded last "night, The burlesque of Bobebt
Maksaibs Is takiugqulte largely with the visitors
of the garden. Miss Aouie Holt's singing Isaoother
successful attraction. So not fall to attend to-night.
Cbaeok op Passing Countebkeit Bills
The State vs. Jacob Honey, Frank Leech and J. De
vin. These defendants were placed on trial before
Judge Carter and a jury, to answer an Indictment for
passing a counterfeit bill of the Dank of Kentucky
on Francis Niemen,
The prosecuting witness deposed that his house la
near the Little Miami Railroad Depot, that en the
Stbof August Leech passed tbe bill (a one-dollar
counterfeit of the Hank of Kentucky) at his house,
where he called for a drink. Honey was In his eom-
Iiany. It appeared from tho other testimony that
loth these defendants were intoxicated; that they
tad oome up the river in a steamboat, and were abont
proceeding to Pittsburg by railroad on tho day they
were arretted. They changed billsofasimllarcliar
acter in other houses, in all to the amount of about
eight dollars. A portion of it they afterward re
deemed. Several counterfeits wore found in Honey's posses
sion, aud some good money also. Leech had only
one counterfeit bill. Devin bad some of this kind
of money in his possession. Ho was larrested when
in the cars; acknowledged then that he had beon
traveling with the others, and eaid they were in his
employment aa cooks, but that ho know nothing as
to their possession of counterfeit money. It was
also teat! lied to that bs came into one of the houses
where they were drinking and endeavored to get
them away.
Leech was apparently about eighteen years old.
The others were middle-aged men, and were of
respectable appoarnnce.
In bis argument, tbe Prosecuting Attorney did
not press the charge against Mr. Devin.
Judge Carter ohnrged the jury at 5 o'clock, and at
t o'clock, when the Court adjourned, they liad not
They will return a scaled verdict this morning by
Mr. Devin, who is under ball, was allowed to leave
the court, with instructions to return in tbe morn.
."vl:m. H. Kerr for tbe State; P. T. Chambers for
In the Probate Court, M. W. Tuxford was sworn in
as a deputy clerk. ' . .
Anv eommnnfCRtlntl. frnm An, frlanda -.III f.-
inanaiuny reoeivea. Auuress " frees Jieporter.
uox .1, uovwgion, Jiy.j , j
Confidknci Wedding Two Ofvigialb Takkn
In. Yesterday afternoon a message came to tbe
office of the County Clerk, asking him to oblige a
couple, (who had fled from the stern rule of papa and
mama,) by going to the Madison House, and issue a
marriage license, in the greatest possible haste, lest
the truant couple be overtaken. The mosnener
stated that the proper official, in the person of Jnilge
Movar, was ready to perform the ceremony, and was
only waiting the proper authority to do so.
Kemp Carter, the Clerk, now determined to outdo
himself in politeness, and not wishing to have two
willing hearts sundered in twain by unnecessary de
lay, started for the Madison House with a blank mar
riage license and bond in his pocket, and, on arriv
ing at tbe hotel, did up tbe business with the great
est dispatch. His xeal, no doubt, arose from purely
unselfish motives possibly he imagined himself In
the same position as the expectaut groom, and he
pictured to bis own mind the disappointment he
should feel If such were the case, and If, just as the
Rrlw was within his grasp, he should be compelled
see it snatched away.
Of course he thought that if the old man came
and prevented the marriage be would lose ono dol
lar and Afty cents for the license, never entered his
mind. Mai rimony Is too sacred a thing, in his eros,
to pormlt him to bring his mind down to such
groveling matters as dollars and cents. -
The ceremony was nerformed. and ih. hannv
groom asked the obliging Judge hlg price. Of course
no charge was made, but tbe gentleman mi told to
unc uib iituaaui-t iiq iusu.midii hi., uo wo. UBrU Up,
and asked the judge tf three dollars would be enough,
and was told that It would. Hiswbole billthen was,
to Judge Mooar, for performing the oeremony, three
dollars; to Komp Carter, for liconse, one dollar and
fifty cents; hotel hill, one dollar.
Taking out an X. he stated that he wonld m down
and leave tbe whole amonnt with the clerk of the
notei. uoing 10 moomce, ne nanued that gentleman
the ten, and received nine dollars in change nothing
being said about the other money. Of course the
juugo and lounry view, suppoeingall right, did not
Jo lor their money till tbe couple were gone, when
hey had the satisfaction of discovering that they
were left minus.
The couple bore the names of Winfleld Bcott
M and Josephine 0 , and balled from the
interior of a neighboring State.
City Council. The President laid before
the Council the deplorable condition of Ninth-street,
and requested the Council to take some action in the
Calling) tbs Wabss. A petition was presented,
asking tbe Council to grant license to George Nash
to self ale, beer and porter. Granted.
A petition was received frnm John Jeffrey, on be
half of the Gas Company, (of which he Is President,)
requesting tbe city to rep ir such of tbe gas lamp
posts as were damaged by use or otherwise. Referred.
A petition from B. H. Elllston asking license to
keep tavern In the "Washington Bouse," was re
ceived and referred to a committee on license, with
permission to report forthw th. The petition was
favorably reportud upon and the lice rue granted.
The netition of William Buter. askins Moanaaro
keep an ale-house, was received and the prayer
A communication from Deputy .Marshal BlrT, ask
ina to have a line remitted which was Imnosed noon
him for "too nvuch teal in the discharge of his
auiiee, was reierrea.
Numerous small claims were passed upon
Mr. Roan offered a resolution instructing th. fvm
nilttee on Internal Improvements to contract lor the
improvetnen 1 01 xiinia-euee.. jrassea,
Fiorrr. A fight occurred yesterday after-
noun, una, mo ntiuw-iMiiuu. injiwoen V, a.
Withers. Sunerlntendont of the Kontnekv Cant-ai
Railroad, and Calvin Reynolds. Weapons were
arawn, put no. xavUtA xllv uiujcuicy Originated
G. Wilson, for being enirstred In the riot on
Sunday last, was fined $13 fo yesterday in the Mayor's
Court. Some others arrested for the same offense
wore discharged. J -
The ladies' festival, for the benefit of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, has been postponed till
to-morrow evening. -
I U . . I. .lll... I- - . i I .
iu"-vi ,i.iuiib- .iii.iiimu.iiH ana nniaiiiDm
tlons, addressed to the "Press Reporter," iiox avwlll
os aiionueu to, J
Newport Council. This delet table bodv of
law -makers, vulnarlv termed "city dad." mat last
evening en la their custom every Thuraday night
lor tne lurtnnrance or business appertaining to the
welfare of our ancient city. As we were rather tardy
In reaching wisdom hall known by that title only
on Thursday nights, at othor times it Is termed the
old court-houne we were pleasantly surprised to find
a motion to adjonrn before the board. Tills motion,
however, was entertained but a few moments, aa It
was carried unanimously Immediately after sug-
lestlon, leaving us pencil In hand and onr note-book
ilank so far aa the Newport Council was concerned.
We afterward loarned that a bill had been nald. a
conee-house license granted, and an amendment
made to the contract for building a new jail, which
composed all the. business of the evening, if we except
me granting oi one weeKiurtner time to tne com
mittee appoluted to Investigate the Jailor Selniaa
arTair. Afir transacting tuo foregoing business.
Council did actually adjourn at tbe early hour of 8
o'olock. . hlay they wave ad infinitum
THURSDAY, September 29—3 P. M.
We have to report Currency close, with a
large amount of good Paper offering.
ooo. raper onenng. xne rate re
I0I2 per cent, to customers; tbe
muins nnonangtu
latterfi-turAtherullnir rate.
Exchange on the East is very firm at H premium
selling rate; buying at H premium. Demand, fully
equal to tbe supply.
nor cent, nremiuin soiling rate. The result is. thai
eastern fiicnanse naa aavanoen in st. ajouib to l
our bankers have advanced the discount on Missouri
Currency to 1 per cent.
Gold active at SofitlO cents premium buying rate;
selling at ?s(toMJcents.
Kxchauge on New Orleans iar buying rate; selling
at M("H premium.
0 change In Land Warrams.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
THURSDAY EVENING, September 29, 1859.
FLOUR The demand was less active to-day, but
full prices were realleed. though holders were more
oisposou to sen, ana nonce more wasaone. ins sates
comprise 2,900 brls. at $4 Sn4 90 for superfine, and
SKSa 30 for extra. Included in tbe sales was ons lot
of 1,100 brls'. white wheat at $5. 2,700 brls. were re
ceived the last twenty-four hours.
WHISKY The demand continues good, and the
market very Arm. Sales of 700 brls. at 2520ac., the
latter rate for wagon.
PROVISIONS There was an imnroved demand
for Bacon to-dav. and holders were again firm at 8
and 10c., while buyers were more anxious at TM and
9-Xo. The sales were confined to 30 bhds. Shoulders
at 7iMc.t 8,500 pieces oommon Bams atvXo.; and M.OUO
lbs bulk Shoulders at Mso. Mess Pork is held at
815, and bulk Meat at 7 and 9c, Lard can not be
bought to any extout below no. lor on., ana liftc.
forkeg..' - .
TOBAOCO-Salos of (0 packages at Sc. for'mcdlum
Loaf, and 7c. for Darcels one-third Iues.
GKOCEBIES-Tre market is Arm. 'Bales of 79
hhds. cugarat7(S73sC. itolmtos 3940o. Couee un
changed. WHEAT The demand was active to-dav. and
prices advanced 5c. per bushel on red, and male, on
white. Dales 2,200 bushels prime red at 51 05; l,7uo
do. at (1 06; 1,000 do. prime white at tl 12; 200 do.
good do. at 81 in, At tbe close strictly prime bite
was held at l 15. ' I
COKN-An active demand to-day at 80c., but the
receipts belug very light, and the stock small, bold
era are asklug an advance. Sales 250 bushels at 83c.,
IIYK-A good demand, and prices advanced to 77
c, with sales too bushels.
BARLEY A fair demand for strictly prime fall,
id ericcs are steady. Bales SOObuehels mixed snrlnc
and fall at 70c.,andi,S00 bushels prime fall, delivered,
at 79c.
OATB The receipts are larger and the market
easier, ana prices uo ic. lower, oaies i,zuu uusneis,
at depot, at 47c: and 1.500 do., at canal, al 46c. '
oKKO A sale of 230 bushels prime Timothy at
ou per uuBuei,
Steamboat Register.
: AbsivalS Prioress, Madison; Swallow, Marietta;
Duuloi'b, Maysville; Telegraph, Louisville; J. B.
Ford, do.: Marmora, Fiitaburg; Grand Turk, do.;
uoaiona, roriamouini romeroy, a..nawna.
PaPASTO res Prioress. Madinoa: Bostona. Ports
mouth; J. B. Ford; Wheeling; Telegraph, Lonisrrille;
Dunloith, Maysvilfei Eoonomy, Pittsburg; Hickman,
Memphis; Arizona, Ml. Louia; Ellen Gray, Kanawha;
urauu iruua,, liuuisvme; ow.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, September 29—P. M.
10c. with 17.000
brls. at $4 7i) 79 for superfine Bute; Si 8& for
extra State; $1 704 is for superfine Western; (4 86
a.a 10 lor common 10 mauium -extra; wniurn. ana
J5 60r 00 for interior to good shipping brands extra
rnliniT.hnon Ohio, ftliiflllin- dull and declinina. Tim
market for Canadian is firmer: sales 150 brls. at $1 90
fo;6 25 for common to choice extra. Jtye Flour in fair
request at ff l 7X$i 40
Wheat heavy and declining, w
with Sales 28.001) buah.
els at SI Will 30 for white Western;
tti ni I
via n, 0i owi ov iui nm.o . h, vi iui Kuvu
Milwaukie Club: Si U3iol 05 for red Iowa, and SI 18
for choice rod Indiana. Ryo drooping, with sales
3.400 bushels at 81c. Barley lowor: sales 4,fi00 bush
els .rood new Canadian at 89c. Corn heaw: ealea
8,000 bushels at 920 for yellow Southern; for mixed
western wc. onerea ana y.tc. asaea. uata steady st
4i(it)44o. lor Btate, ana 42(9440. ur western ana cans-
Whisky firmer, with snles 200 brls. at 27c.
' Pork dull and unchanged: salos 2,960 brls. at II 5 80
(5)15 (M) for mess and 10 ROdSIO 82 for primo, includ
ing fjOOhrls. mess, seller's option to loth ol Novem
ber, at SI.1. A2. Reaf dull, with sales 350 brla. ac Kl t
for repacked mesa, and $ lX)llc. for extra mess. Beef
naiUB BI1U pilule uieas jcui ijuiq uuii uocuungea.
41,. Ma-,-aa-.a -nn Svii,atln fYll HI,nM T. .1
'Jc. for Hahih. Tlacin nuiot and unctianLTed. V.arri
steady and unchaniod: sales 65 brls. at Wk&lVAc.
A fair businosH doing in butter at 13I7o. for Ohio
anil iimiic. lor Btute. cuoese iu itur request at
i,tc. lor prime.
. Oils mii.t. biiKatvJidv! i
' Lead dull: GalonaSS (&4fo5 70.
Sugar advanced iie. HuHCOvadoSKOio,
Cotton unchanged; sales WO bales.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, September 29—P. M.
Sales of 7,000 bales Cotton. Exchange on
new jorai(ar,-o.; oigns uo. premium.
' A.' A.' Eyster, Clocks, VatohbS and
Jewelry; Nog. 341 and 271 Westorn-row. .; , ,
Daguerreian Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford'a
drag store. Pictures taken and put In good cases for
twenty cents. Warranted to please.
Caieo Imoidbkts, a correspondent of the
Paduoah Herald, writing from Cairo, III., gives
the following as among the incidents which
ooourred during the recent destructive fire at
that place :
Several persons were caught pilfering at
this fire, and were summarily chastised.
man named Stewartv- formerly a. carpenter on
the-Emma Dean, was seem rummaging a pile
of furniture, sc., belonging to jonn Connors,
an Irishman, uonners attempted to drive him
away, wnen Stewart attacitea mm with
knife, outtlnghim in several plaoes and wound
ing him very.severely. lie also out Conners's
wifejn the band. He was pursued and twioe
shot at, one ball striking him in the shoulder
after whish hs was arrested. : As he was being
carried to jail a orowd of Irishmen attempted
to take mm from tne nanas or tne omoers,
whioh led to several other small lights, bat he
was safely lodged in the look-up. Stewart
has heretofore borne a good oharaoter, and has
a wife at Caledonia.
. One fellow was caught with his bosom full
sardine boxes. Ills captor "handed mm one
two,'' saving as ne did so, "steal sardines, yon
d d scoundrel, will you? I suppose you'd
have stole whales, if you could have got them
in Cairo." The ezoitement oaused by the fire
was produotive of several other akrimmages,
wnion ao not neea nouoe.
The Seoretary of War has, in acoord
ance with law, made an abstraot report of the
returns of the military of the several States.
New Tork heads the list with a " standing
army" of 350,000; California has 307.730: Il
linois 267,420; Ohio 176,455; Pennsylvania
160,000; Massachusetts 158,849; Virginia 150,
000. The figures show a total in the United
States and Territories of -,760,726, of which
aoout i,iw,vvu are tmantry; zu,UU0 cavalry;
12,000 artillery, and 34,900 riflemen. No
other nation has so vast and effective an army
as this would be in ease of need. It la prac
tically useless for foreign invasion, or for gov
ernment tyranny, but for defense it Is in
vincibleand vat in Hma of naaoa It iwiata sum.
paratively nothing--Voeps no snan from his
worn or family, and never interferes in publio
affairs, except to maintain order.
JA penny was deposited in the corner.
stone of a church at Jackson. Michigan, last
vvbok, mat uau ueen taaen irom tne corner
stone of a temple in Rome, built during the
nijju vi mis uiii vwur. ;
...... :; - - . ,,..;, ;
GO.. RalA-VAnm. XTn. VI nf -In .at r-t Rt.-J-
OrOfU.riM.lir.nta -.nil Uhnam nn' fi-n-w-a at AM.Kna
AY. OBNII.a, .September 30, at o'clock,
.1 variety of Groceries. -' -
AUjO-1,600 bo Is. Bag and Straw Purer: 1H i
Boots, Bhtws BrpgansWomea's, and Misses' Boots,
Ac.; )7i boxes Glassware . . . .
gapSO. - , - g. H. MILKS A CO., Auctioneers.
WILLIAMS, Jale-rooms at and Si East Third -street.
Large sale of Furniture, Carpets, Plated
Wiire, Cntlerv, Pianos, Ac, at Auction. On FBI
DAY MOUISINO, Hept. 30,at9X o'clock, toclose con
signment: lOdoz. Prated forks; 10 do. Table Spoons;
31 do. Dessert and Tea do.; S do. Butter Knives; S set
and a general assortmentof fine Table Outlery.
ALSO 20 pieces Wool and other Carpets; 20 pairs
ALSO A stock of Household rnrnltnre of a fam
ily declining housekeeping, aa good as nsw.
ALSO Two second-hand Ptaaos, a good article.
im. 8TON, In Sale-rooms No. 43 Main-street, next
sale of Foreign and Pomestio Dry Goods, Merchant
Tailors' and
and Clothiers' uooas, noots, nnoes, nets.
m utrl. wlthAiit reserve, at Ola o'clock, tha
largest and most desirable stock of goods we hava
ever offered at auction. They will be arranged la
catalogue form.
commencing at in o'clock, will be sold, without re
serve, in catalogue form, 160 pes. Velvet, Brussels,
Tbree-ply, Ingrain, AU-wool, Venetian, Blair, Hemp
and Cotton Carpeting. seplO
- 89 : Pearl-street-r
Have now In store a large and select stock of STA
PH and J ANCT DBT GOODS, which, for extent
and variety, is unsurpassed, vis:
A large and general stock of Domestic
Woolen and Cotton Goods.
A splendid line of very rich Drers Goods ,
In 8 Ilka, Delaines, Merinoee, and other
fabrics of newest styles. . . .
Cloths, ;Caaimerea
and Vest Jigs, In
lar ere assortment.
A complete stock of White Goot's, Em
broideries and Linen Goods, of ear
'own Importation. : . r ' '
A rery exteuslve stock of Fa joy and
Variety Goods," Shawls, Hosiery,
Gloves, eke. '
st We shall be in daily receipt of all nrw and de
sirable Goods during the season, and di sire to be
placed in competition with any bouse, Kart or West,
by an examination of onr stock. seplOam
olnnatl, Obio. Evening Class commencing Monday,
28th Inst. Book-keeping taught as appli-d to every
department of trade. Business and Ornamental Pen-
mansnip.- iaiiauueAaiiu.in3u.iu-Ha. u-. i
,: il: :.t TO '
TENTION to our large collection of Blob
and Elegant .
8ILK8, ; .
. KIBBCNS,'' ' l'1 ' ..'-
' - : BBIBROIDERIir, " '
' .''!'"' BONNBT8, -..
.;' ' J). '. :i !,:..CLOAK8s' . y, , .'
, : ci.ovbh, i
, i . (...;, : I-ACES cVc.oVe.
A large selection from all; the novelties of the sea
son. Also, tne largest and moat rompiete assortment
of ' - -
To be found In any Jobbing-house In the West, All
of which we offer to CASH AND SaOBT-TIMB
BU J&aaiBABTJKIta rttlCXIH. '
W. P. DBV0V & K00KW00D,
'sep"y. u ' i 01.SOINNATI. ' bw
I 'Hi
Excelsior Fluid Inks.
H I , r.: ... .
Manufactorr. 39 Vine St
,of Andrew, Wilson Co., is this day mutually
dissolved by the withdrawal of Mr. A. Wilson, Jr.,
from tbe Ursa. P.ANDREW.
lTha business will becontinnaft nni4at4liaflmi mm.
of P. Andrew k Co. All unwtiled aooounU of tbe
firm of Andrew, Wilson A Go. will be adjusted by
n. Li.OYn.
Cincinnati, September 20, 18M.
Mayor's Proclamation.
.jit .
. MAVon's Orrici, Oitt or CiNcimtAti,
i, i.'.i.i eeptemberao, hm f
adonted bv the Citv Connrll nn th 9tn la.f nn-
tice leherebv slven to the el etora of thnhltv nfcin.
olnnatl. that an election will be held on the lith day
of October next, (second Tuesday) for the nnrposw of
looting two Hagistratoa to nil the places of V. H.
auHfiiHiiD, aw... auu xraviu jisner, asq., wnoea
term of office expires on tbe 9th of December, 1899.
: The Polls will be held at the places of holding gtata
Elections, and opened between the hours of 6 and 7
o'clock In the morning, and closed at 6 o'clock In the
. , ui.pu ununr uir
uiven unaer ay nana ana the Corporate
sep29-f .... - , Mayor. '
1 SIXTH AND 6BVINTH, Manufactnrw and
Imnorter of Hoaos. Pei-fnuTarw and ITan rrw nnnAm. ana
just received, per steamer, a lot of Porte Monuiaee,
Clsar Cases, Brashes. Combs, Perfumery, Beef Har
row auu ff.iKjr uvuiib ui an uescnpui ns; also a com-
Elete astortment of Handkerchief Kxtraots, which
s Is prepared to sell at a figure lower thaa any other
dealer in the city. Also, received thle day from New
ion, a large lot oi iiavto's Blue and Black Writing
and Marking Inks which the anhacrlhar will ha ahl.
to sell at manufacturer's prices, jobbers and re
tailers will please oall In and examine before pur.
Chaalngelsewh.ro. ,, ... . ,
Ail Kinds oi attracts at
Bemember tbs place, .
2T8 Maln-it., Bet, Sixth and Seventh.
' '- Heps) ' . ; -
the very finest brands of this article always oa
hand, comprising the following: Barton A Guertler'a
Bordeaux Oil, and Bellas Bordeaux Oil. Also, Plaf
aol's and Baclgalupi'a, In various sited bottles.
' .-.h;-. :: , jiuurt rKRQueON, Grocer,
sepi ,, , Corner Ninth and Vtoe-etrsets.
.Vn- ii'T'""!?.' ,R"..L"H:
LIfrlEHTONEof thebe.1 quality, from two inches
w .ww iwir .uick, 1 -vreiiava toe . , v - .. (
Best Limestone Quarries
In the West, and will make it to tbe Interest of
eartlns using Curb-stone. Flaa--ston. rwa. walk
and Gutter-atone, Gaps and Bills, Water Table, Bangs
stone, Monument Bases, Ao- to oorrspond with us
and learn our prices. BUOKER, DDNlAP A CO..
sspMovr , "i-vuueia, uignuaa County, Ohio.

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