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At No. 14 West' Fourth Street,
and delivered to subscribers In CINCINNATI, 00V
INOTON and NBWFOBT.aad in lunoBndlBi cities,
Tillages and towns, at
sayabls to the carrier. ' ' '; '. .;
Ingle Copies, 1 eta.; One Month, 40 cti.; Three
Months, i 00; One Year, 14 00.
John A. Eli-sub, Jsj...... .Bole Juosjes end Manager.
Sixth night of the great Tragedian, ! 'J
THI (Saturday! HTBNIKO, October 1, will be
Presented Bcuiner-s , ,
BOBBERS.' ' ' '
Charles de Hoor . ...........Mr. Anderson.
Count de Mnor ..,,...... ........Mr. Jtlliler,
Francis de Moor.....,.,. , ..... "...elr. Hnn.
"Six :::::::::::::::
After which, Seuorlta Maria, will dance the "Oa-
Dunce. ...'i'.'.iA.i.i'MiiMhall Children.
RTo concludo with the laiighable fare of :
NIPPED IN tUt BCD. ' y i
rrdlnand Benserade............. ........Sir. Bead.
JlailauioGalocliard...j............MIa ranoy Denham.
Not !. i in MoBday evening next the time wil 1 b
changed. Doora open at Mi Curtain rises at 7X
o'clock. . ' , ., . ::
HT A. srand spectacular piece In preparation.
Alio. the great Ledger Story of ''The Hidden
Hnnd Both of tbsa pieces will be produced In
unexceptionable stylo.
WDoors open at 7; CnrtUn riles at 7M o'clock.
I'mcKbor AdmAision Oreei Circle ana Paro,uetts,
MKtntsj Gallery, 21conti.
tWNo free liat.
their com pi iiucriU to the' ladies and gentlemen
l Cincinnati, nnd respectfully announce to them
thill they will resume the dntlca of their profession
it SATURDAY, October L -, . . .. ,
It was formerly the onatom to join a clam: at the
iivnirntlon of twelve weeka the onartar terminated-!
all lesBonn mlaaed liy the pupil wr loat to him. In
orner 10 meet me convenient 01 huih'w.u wiphit
hiisineea or social engagements often Interfere with'
their punctual attendance, oar arrangement la, that
tickets are purchased, one of which la delivered at
euch lesion, and can be nied during the whole Beaton
uf seven montha. , - . ,,i,- .
W Circulars may le had at their Academy, .'
laepaidtWedllat - ' " .
or Tin
.an (mi
-0 . I:,
1 -tut
fcTatardaj . Evening, .October, 1.
Uorositora ure rt'.iuoslfd to remove their articles
tm MONDAY. i : - aeb
NUW FKATUREIsJ "1J 1 " -'"" i
Cttptaiuittnter'l CornetJaaid.:;
OrKItAtlO BUBLKS11CK8. : ; i f
Viouieuado Concerts, from 7 until I o'dook, lu the
Oardcu. . - ' "" '
Variuly entertainment, fionH untilll e'clock, In
the t'onrort Saloon. - : '
, AdmlsHlon Ten Cent, : . . , -
, sepM! r ...
OfTIIK ,'i .
Hew Ti'Hlnmcnt ned flio Land of Pelestine
t'ommnnclug nt 7V o'clock. Wwlnesdny and Satur
day aflernonna for School) and Families, to com
mouco ut 3 o'clock. sep28-air
Oyster Importing j. House
JaV INO daily par Express, his splondld Oysters.
Having completed arrangements la Baltimore, un
tho most extensive scale, I will stall times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
thereat of mankind," with the moat DELICIOUS
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None lint
the very best imported. Great Inducements offered
ut this Importlng-honae. ; . t
Order aiolicltod and promptly filled. Terms cash.
eplOt Sole Importer and Proprietor.
" FRESn CAW""'!
Spiced Oysteri.'
JL INO DAILY, by the Adams Express, MALT.
BK'B world-reuowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters.
Fresh: HermetloallyTtealsd COVE, SPICED and
r IC&LEl) uxA'n.us,
. EOBEBI 0BE, Agent.
eep7-tf '
' Depot, 11 West Fifth-street.
, 3S3 Walnut-atreet,
80N the sale of J. B. MANN OO.'B, superior
:aw fresh oysters. ... Js. 'ODD,
Whnl.l..,iil ntitll Ant for J. B. MANN 400.
Oysters cooked in a superior style at our usual mod-
ratoonargee. . .
daily, by Lightning Express, ( '"
through In hours, William T. Smith'K.f I.f
A Co's celebrated Planted Oysters, y&ltjf,
lilh v. are aellina1 at nnnrAeodantad. rv-J
low prices, by Case or Cans. Dealers and families
wanting a vary (arse Oyster and fresh from
water. Will eena us meir oniera. . .
........ . JOHW NAIUK. Agwrt, -
eep28-om! "1 No. WISUtitreet, Clnolpnatl,
1TJL NTJT-fiTBEET, above Sixth, is reoelMng
fresh sloes: oi vioins. vuatow, .eatiDga
n.n,.1 Vnrni.hlnv fSnada. Ha has engasrod tha aerv-
lots of an experienced and artistic Cutter, whose
works will bear testsmony to his skill. jAU garments
warranted to give satisiaciion. wrpimu.
js. nneariicie,putnp or neiis rrmusi.,
Tork, in store sjid for sale by - '
,, , JOHN FEKOTJPON, Grocer,
nit ' ' Oorner Ninth and Viae-streeta.
T V end Scotch of the vary beet kinds, a
, always
hand and for sale by
A D E M Y.
-,4.- n -i.
juna iJiDUununivnNnrr-
tornr Ninth i4 Tln-f(TM.
navati aiiinnieanM ..Vi .
" T' o t 4
VOL. 2. NO. 3(5.
! i
::ij&rte; liHiis; mmm-l
.ry J W ' ! !5& i IMJ
I'inirr. Suliseribcrawhods not giro expre BH Notice
to the contrary, are considered as wiihing to con
tinue their subscriptions to tho paper.
UacoHo. U aubscribeia order the discon tinuance
of their periodicals, the publisher may con Uuue to
send them until arrearages ar paid. .. .
TamD.-Ifanbscrlbera ueglect or refuse to ta to their
periodicals from tho office to which they are d Irected,
they are held responsible till they have sett.ted the
bill and ordered them discontinued. -
Fourth. If suliscrlbers remove to other places
without informing the publishers, and thepapi- raara
sent to the former direction, they are held rot 'pos
sible. FirTH. The Courts have decided that rsfttslug to
take periodicals from the ofllce, or removing nd
leaving them uncalled for, is pkiua raciKet'ldojepo of I
intentional Xran.l.
Arrivals of Trains.
IantAHAroue A ihcinkati 0:40 A. k.j 8:S9 P. al.i
9:31,9. M.
OmemiSATt, Hamtitoh and Ditto-7:Ma.ii.(10:17
A. . o:w p.m.; io:iur. n, . ' - t
liiitu) MiAi-7;3fl a.m.; 1:30 p. .;7:18 r.af.;10;i&
r. v.
Ohio and Mibkissippi-7:lli a. h.; a:00 1. M.; 10:1 f.tt
OoriKUTon and Lixmoioa 10:20 a. m.; J:06 v. it,. ,.
Departures of Trains.
teMMAroirj AMD ClMomNATX 6:00 a. If., 13: QO at.,
Cincinnati, Hahii.toh aire' Sattor Indian (polls
and Cleveland, 0:00 A. M.j Sandusky Mail, 8:110 A. MY
Sandusky, AM r. Accommodation, 6:00 p. u.
btnii' Miami Cleveland and Pittsbng, t:00 : I.H.J
. Cleveland, Pittsburg and Bellalr,B:30A.ii.;0 olum
btia Atooii;modation,4:40 P. M.J Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Belir, 11;30 r. v.
Ohio and MiMiss.'.-n-S'. Louis, 0:00 a.m.; I iouii.
Tllle, 2:00 P.M.; St. L.'mls,8:30 p.m.
Fittsburo, Columbus aVJ Cunoiuhati (Btenbei ttille
Short liinoV-Eaat Front-street Depot-:00 A.m.
.nJit i I l.flA aasr.ii.i
CLIVSUab, COLVMSUR AID ClKCtllNATt lest 1 front
Street tt:uu A. M.;,ai a. n:oor. a.
HivnivHtm tun M ARIC1-TA 4:16 A. M.! 3:30 P. M.
JataAL Ohio From Kast Front-street Depot- -:lo
COVHi0T0M AKDliBIl(8T0N-:S5A. M.; 3:30 t,
ft: w :.v ,. If.
Omnibus Stands.
East Walnut naiA-From cornsr Sycamore, nd
Fifth streets every half hoe. V. - t ' v t
Wist Walnut Hills (La.neSemlnary.J-FfomMo.
13 Sycamore street every hour , ) .
WEnriaw Bow amd Beiohtos. From lala and
Fourth streeta-every ten mlnutee. m '
West End Lini. From corner Fourth and. Ualn
to Freeman and Hopkins strswts. I . . ' .
Biviib Road and SkdamstilIiB. From corner
Broadway and Pearl, and cornet Fifth and Sj'camore
streets every ten minutes.. -
Fultom, Pkndhton. aot CoLvitetA. From corner
Broadway and Lower Market- entry ten mi uutea.
Thibd Htrbet Line. Vram Aewport Ferry to
Fifth street Ferry; ' .! ' , ' .
Mocnt AuBUBN.t-From corner Main and Fourth
streets every hour. i -
ViNB Stebist Hii.l and Clivton Fu'om corner
Main and Fourth atroota-ovory half hour.
CuMMWHViLiia. From, comer Sixth and Haiti
Btreeta every half liour. L .
Covixoton. From cornet FSfthand Walnnt slrtotl
every hour. ' ' - ' '
Pout Opice, Wkstbbk Ilnw jtn Clinton Stakkt.
From t-nrm-r Fourth and Vino every ten minutes.
Hmabom, Mason, Lebanon, am Mu'KnoK. Duily, at
1ST. AT. frueu 1W walnut atrcot.
HABEic.--Dmly,atHA.M.,id I V, M,tUJab
bath eBwpteJ-from 1H Walimt sirmt. , . '
IlBOOKViLLE Daily, (SahhatU excepted,) at g A.
M.-front ItW Walnut street. - - : ' , '
hkkuhii Ubobukiown Daily, (sahliath ex
cepted,) at Hi, p. M.-rXrom Broadway and JUcwer '
Vknb' atd Nitw Lusdos. Daily, (Salibatli ex
cepted, ) at il P. M.- trees M Walnut strenl. .
Monmomhit From corner Muth and g)i;amoro
streets Bally. '8ahhith excepted,) at P. M.
Avon DALB.-FrgmM.l.Wlttut street, 6, 10, 1.1I
3. IX, 8. F. M. ' - "
Church Directory.
'Bnptlnt. Firsf Baptist Church, North sidoCourt,1
between Mound und t-utter. ; .
lligli Stroot Baptist Church,' Baet of City Water
Works ' f 11
Ninth Street Baptist Church, South side Ninth,,
between Vineandttaoo. .., ,
Freeman Street Baptist lurch, Freeman, Deur
fot of Fifth street.
, Welsh BaptistChurch, NorlhsldpHarrtson. -
Baker Street Bap'int Church,, (colored,) South sldo
Burnet, between Walnut and V ins.
Third Street Baptist Cbnrob, I. colored,; South tide
Third, between Bate and Elm. ,
Chrlstinn.-First Christian Church, Lonffworth,
between Weatorn Bow and John. , ' J
Coneree-atlonHl.-Flrst Orthodox Oongrega
tioual Ciiuii'h, North side Seventh, between Western
llow and John. T , - . . . .
Vino, between Eighth and Ninth.
' Welah Congregational ( hurch, wost side Lawrence,
between Tliird and Fourth. , . '
Disciple of Christ.- tlhristlan Church.Bouth
Wustcoruer Walnut and .Eighth.
Cliristiau Clinrch.SlxFli, bt-tveenSiuith and Mound,
Oliristian Church, between I P, 13 and 14, Fulton,
J Christian Church, (colored,) North aideHarriaon.
FrleiKltt. f irst snenus unuouux,; jinn, o.
rirst Friends aiicluile,) Filth, between Wostufn
dSu o(7lsrael, aulstjjoriwSlxth, andBroarf.
Congregation, Children of Jeshnrun, Lodge,
n Filth anjRWk.r . J) i I r.'''p'
Holy Congregatiott if Dnleod Bretrn, Kaoe, bei
tween Fourteenth and fifteenth;. Li j' . J
Polish COngreirat4on of the K; 11. Adat. Israel,
eorneT Walnut and Fifth. .
Shearith Israel, corner of Seventh and Walnut.
rMeUindiat Kplacnpnl. Eabt CrNcimiATI Dis-'
tbk-t. Wenlt.y Cuapel, North side Fifth, between
Sycamore and Brondwaiy. ----- -
Ninth Street CkapeJ is Mwcalled Trinity. , . -,
AsDury Chapel, South side Webstor, between Unln
and. Sycamore.,- ' , , -, '
Alohlenurie unapei, oovcuiwizui tiu, urvuv
Vf BST IMWIil k.ivibi...
-Morris Chapol, West
side Plnm-atrect, between Front and Columbia,
Christie Chapel, North side Court, between Monad
and Cutter. " ' ,' . ' ' .
l arr-street Chopcl, west sl.lo of Carr-street, be
tween Bigbth-atrcet and Hamilton and Dtyton
"KapChal. West side Elm, North of Finding:
Park Street Chapol, South-west corner Park and
1 Yosrtreot Chnpojj, Southj-West comer Barmlller
,nFlndlny Chapel, So"B OJInton, between Ontter
nUnVonChapel, North tide Seventh, between Plum
and Western now. , .
MethodUitProeatnt.-Fi"t Methodist Prot
estaat Church. Sixth, between Vino anil Nace.
Hecomt JIlOinouiBl i-ruHiawui. vuutou, Aim, uo
tween Flfleenth and Llhorty. ' r ;
Qoorge Street Church, George, betweenjGutter and
NeW Jeruaoienii Temple, Longworth, between
Bare ana Elm. , . . . ,
- Vreabyterlan OldBchool. First Presbyterian
Church, Fourth, between Main and Walnut.
. Fourth Presbyterian Church, North side High
street, near Fnlton line.
. Fifth Prcsbytorian Church, Booth-east corner Bev
nth and Elm. -
Seventn rreflnyioriBnL.nurDO, ncftsiueoruauwax,
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
Banc and Mound. - ' -
Ninth Presbyterian Church, Cutter, betiresa Clin
ton and Belts. .
Freabyterlan-New Boaoot. Second Preebyte
rian Church, South side Fom lb, brtween Vine and
? . ' ... .
Intra tTesDyrenan viuuthh, wuiu-wm wruvr
Fourth and John. .
Eighth Presbyterian Chnreh, Seventh, between
tinn and Baymlller. ,
Tabernacle Presbyterian Ukfch,oorner John and
Protectant Eplscopnl. -Christ's Ohuroh, North
tide Fourth, between Syoamere and Broadway.
. St. Paul's Church, South side Fourth, between
Main and walnut. . . .
St. John's Church, 6outb-k't corner Plum and
Berenth. ' .. .
Trinity Church, corner Tendloton and Liberty.
Church of the Advent, (no building,) Walnut Hills.
' Church of the Atonement, corner Blcumond and
Church of the Beuemption, Clinton, between West
ern Bow and John. ,
KoranCnthollc.-St. Augustlnos, Bank street.
' St. Peter's Cathedral, South-went corner Plum anil
Eighth, i
8t. Francis Xavlcr'i, West tide Bycamo re between
Sixth and Sovonth. , '
St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Mill. :
' St. Michael's Weet side of MUlcreok.
' Christ's Church, Fnlton. . ' "
Holy Trinity, South side Flnh, between Smith end
1 St. Mary'i, Sputheaat corner Jackson and Thlr.
' St. Paul's, Benth-east comer Spring and Abigail.
'- It. John Baptist, corner Bremen and Qreeu.
at. Jowteh. South-east corner Linn and Laurel.
." St. PhUomena, North tide Pearl, between Pike and
Butler. ' - , , . : i ". r f
St. Thomas, Weal elds Bycamos, bssweea FU'th
andSixth. ,: ,. ..
Unitarian. First Unitarian Church, South-west
ooruer Fourth and Bace. ' ; . ' 1
- ilnlveraallaU-First CnlverfalWt Church, Xait
side Plum, between Fourth and Fifth.
Second Vnirsrsalist Church, corner Sixth and
atouna. .. , . .. , .. ,,
A sTI WA fa1 0t ej ssi saMsjseeseW . m J tlfT9S f
i','','V: o sals y i e -cj... "
rr, E. M E N D E N H ALL .' '
At hie new Stores 10 West Vlttk-erreet,
The snlendirl anroml ili.nlav r k
night of Sunday, August 28, was witnessed
tbroogliont Gerrtanv. hr j ! u n
in other parti of Eorope, iu peealiar freaks
With ; the- eleotrlo taJegreph wenu observed.
Thlt was pertionUrly the ease et Ollmnte, Vli
enne, Ogdenberg,Parduwili, Craoow eodBrne
seli. Tho operatort as Antwerp wars routed
from their tlnmben by the Hnging of tbe sig
nal bells. At Paris, London and Berlin oom
mnnioations were interrupted till 1:30 A. M.,
while tbe submarine line between Dover And
Oitend remained undistuxbsd.. - Ihe enrora
was also icon at Borne and olisr parti of
Italy. .. . , :. .
SJ-In tbo middle, of the road between Ni-
agar end QucensUwu there stands en old oak
tree,; which poetesses considerable historical
InUrest rom a tradition eonneoted with it. It
is, that in one, nf his pedestrian excursions to
he falls the "Bard of Erin" tat down under
j.,..,'' preading branches, and oomponed tbe
''P"0118' TPpi!f." II goes by thensme
of "ro,m Moore'i Oak." It is gradually yield
ing co the destroyer of all things, bee lost tell
ap.pearahoe of vitality, and is fast becoming a
Buffalo Express.
, S9The Boston JPbt ia informed by iri
vate letter that Mr. John E. Growen, the con
tractor for the removal of the sunken vessels
ftt Sebastopol, has been invited ly the Allied
Comraissionors on the Danube to raise a large
number of vessels sunk at Seluna, entrance!
of the Danube, and to remove sotne BeriouS
impediments, lie has also been invited by
tho Austrian Government ' to' raise Several
ships-of-war and largo war steamdrs sunk in
the harlior of Venice during the late ww,
. J&Sr.Qn Monday morning' last Mrs. Hara.
mond, wife of Porter Hammond, of Brightonj
New York, met with a strange death.. She
was in the act of carrying two pails of water
ifrpm ihe well bo her hArwehen,ehee,tumbled.
and fell across a saw-buck iti 'each' 4 way'ee
to break her nock. She was taken up, but
expired before she could be carried into the
house. "- " '-."
'fr A curious fraud in the sale of Lay has
betn disooverod in Boston. ..The hi;,y was 10
loaded that a person oould crawl into- a hole
left near the bottom of the oar'C) and in this)
place a colored man, in the employ of the hay
specnlator, was in the habit of concealing him-,
telf while, the hay wast basing weigbed.i Some
of the purchasers have paid for him a dozen
times over-' r rf t i . r ,.
, t;9A book is cjoout to W mibliahcd giv
ing a detailed 'account of the" eruiec of the
yacht Wander,.? when on her laiti slaving f
pedition. This book,' fceys tho " CharleBtoh
Afcroury(tvill mako a sensation. ' It is brought
out by a person who took part in her adven
ttTTds, and will givea hiinute acconnt thereof,
a tiu win ruauo some aoveiopmenta involving
the reputation of many public men of this
country. , ' i ' ';' '' "
' pS-hol New York fashionables rejoioe.
Their turn will loon come. What will they
think when-wrreH them, on good authority,
that tbe ladies and dressmakers uf Paris are
positively ..now "taking their .fashions from
England? The 1'renoh women aro wearing
the red stflped Tttioeat of Wales and the
plumed tradafolqiKQW rof the -wide-awake,
whjoh.so oharwingly adorns the heads of Lon
don Amazons in Rotton Row.
'&'At the preoont J JiweV itJ. is j stated,
Adams's Express employs three thonsand
seven hundred' 'ml twehty.re)gbtjnenll'th4t It
has nine hundred and ninety-two agencies,
and that its .messengers travel daily forty
thousand one hundred snit nfty-two miles on
railroads and steamers a distance eqnal to
oeoe around tbe glebe -and two-thirds around
it a second time. i. st :( tf aJL k & ll
iJiTJohn Wells, a free colored man, who is
subjeot to the provision f 4hi JaW Jaw of th)Q
uegisiuiuro.ouiigiag so eieata mneier, or leave:
Louisiana, has taken steps to carry out bts
wish to do the former. : He bs-filed, a, petition
through his attorney, in tho Sixth District
Court, for leave tochgose Benj. F. Littoral for
a master. S5 iJ.flL'O i ; ',
jjSr-The Xcwjf ork, CowrtV)' saya! "Massive
strenffth was the "Prime" characteristic- of Mr.
Tr'ebster'e product,i.on; luxuriant beauty of
ffiB McAlpine, convicted in NdW'Vork of i
swindling a governess, a Id Lealie, was sen
tenced on Monday to five years imprison
ment, ne maae a grnnauonuont speech to
tho Court, in which Be quoted Scripture, and
declared himself as "innocent as an angel;"
but the hard-hearted Judge thought other
wise !
TDr. Stephen Sweet; of Pranklih'.'Conn..
is sixty-three Tears of ago. He has bad
three wives nnd seventeen children. The
youngest is ;o.tfne year p!flT He is a ialai
heartyold man, and presents a' remarkable
lDtuice ofed: r J.rJ
' &B-BrinoeiMenzikoff, JPiinWMinister fit
a. . t . m .. -.. ..t
reier too ureal, ana, at me lime oi nis oeatn,
the riobett subject in Eorope, was eriglnally a
pastry cook, a) hawker of pies and eakes about
the streets of Mosaow, in which situation he
attracted the attention of the Emperor.
-There Is a rumor that a Southern ladv.
distinguished for beauty and well known by
her literary achievements, has .beoome enam
ored of ; the stage, and will make her first ap
pearance on the hoards in new xorK in a lew
& Washington letter-writers say. that
finally, Bennett, of the New York UeraM, is
to, have the oflice of Minister to France,
wMch he and his wife have bo many years
.coveted, and that Mr. Mason will be relieved
speedily. r-f . ,r .... .
j&fA big wolf-bunt is appointed to come
off Invesper bounty,, xnd., in a tew .days.
Quite a number of these animals .have lately
been seen in a portion oi the eonnly, and the
oltiieni began to fear for their sheep-pens.
' Baron , Btena, tho, wealthy ... Greek
banker of Vienna, has founded a seminary
for Gipsy girls on his estates in Hungary. A
similar institution has been established at
NeuhauseU'; :'' .
TChief Justice Taney, of tbe Supreme
Court of the United States, is in the eighty-
third year of his age, and all his eight asso
ciate Justices, except one, are over seventy
years.';": ,;'. J. '.'-. ..','.".;.'
j- The Abolitionists of Massaohusetts are
greatly incensed at tbe erection of Powers'e
Statue of Webster in. the State-honso grounds,
and are already cireulating a petition for its
removal. ,0r,f-;O o j A
ffiSTThree hundred hersot-are annually
killed in .Hanover' lor consumption by the
eaters of norse-tlesn, a very numerous class
m uormany, , .-
$ST' The ITew Yorkflra?f has a corres
pondent at Concord, if. ILf who says that, in
spite oi an proiesiaf.ions .ioj ue pontrary,
Frank Pierce is a Presidential candidate.
-jMadame Jumel, the widow of Aaron
Burr, is now at Saratoga Springs.., 'he is
"c-v. J - X"... I , . j . ., .
ii -0h!o is a glorious State for potatoes
the yield being more tbpn six million of lmheli
per year.
; aVThb efibrts of the great horse-tsmsr bavs
been so nooestful in Bnglsnd, that a vioioui
horse is considered a Rarey-ty., , ,
, unoaie's: consummate, ciecance ot Mr.
yero.tt's'. 'Dbrlo, Corinthian Arid Ionic, het
'in! admirnbla kennmot tvlth'f hA riifFm-imt.
Bears in Wisconsin.
n, - , ,
The north part of Wlsoontin is infested with
bears the present year. It is supposed there
has been a failure of thoir food at the far north.
which ts their usual Saunt, In eonsecmence of
ine urouin, ana the Ares which have swept
through 'the noods and marshes.'fejg. ,
xneniobland county Obnrver of tbe 13th
learns that a woman wn lriii.4 ,v.i.....
Creek in that county,' by a bear. It also has
mo snowing aecounc or a aght with a bear."
I Ws learn that Mr. A.mnJ nr...i. .v!T
. " , ,u.rDU, ui lute
town, bad a rough encounter with a bear on
Friday last. Uruin had climbed a tree to es
cape the dog which Was In pursuit of him. ' Mr.
luureu suou arrived at the tree, and attempted
n ,i.i i. - i t ... . . .'
.uvw. ui ucar, out. nis gun oting wet retusod
be shot. Kfennwhlln K.uIm hul. I, t.,A vi.
head to flOmfl down afnvn Bra, I.
hailing distance, when Mr- M. seized him by
8, vuni iiiauceo nim re let go of the tree,
and a scuffle ensued, brain seized his antagonist
Hat tVl A . At ,. IB M .m . -
"J ' mis time me tather-In-law of
fllr.M.. armed with an .V tn.A.j :. j.i..i-
the bearofi We are informed that the wonnda
Mr. Marsh, ihough severe, are not danger-
Tha. MadUnn SltoV T....' ..l . t-.i
-J . ' WU.IIIW. BttJBi UUBl
Friday witnessed a terrible, slaughter amone
"u ..i-i.voii uiue m 1 mis looauty. one
nartv alone, that. nFM. w u tji.i '
. - ' 4.,, Ut a. lamj , . uu
ished three ursine quadrupedt, making four
""," " Bonueman oas neen tno means of
removing to a better world the. world of civ
ilization. The bears were all about a. vnar and
half old, weighing some two hnndredf pounds
ipiece. and wore atartAil tn it,. ... .1- r
. . - - - . v .u ,u, nvwuo u,
hii home. ,1 ,., -. .,.'...
We are infnritierl .ti... -.1.. 1..
Sank City last Thursday, that on Sunday a beat
made its appearance in the lower part of the
town. He was pursued and fled to an island
in the riyer, Where he was dispatched on Mon
oy altsvaoon.: j m xo'-" i-"'! .
One dnv ahnnl a. fftvin-Ui. 1 ,
j iviHiiKu, oiuuv a uear was
discovered in the eorn-fleld of Mr. L.W. French,
of the town of Fitohburgh, in thit county. He
made good his escape and Is probably the same
one which wat, disturbed in Mr. Chipman's
eorn-fleld on Wednesday morning. 1 '.
American Watches.
Our readers will recollect that not long ago'
we published an i elaborate . aooount of the
American Watea Company's Faotory, at Wal
ton, Massachusetts, and predioted for its pro
ducts a large and enduring success. This re
sult has been accomplished beyond the most
extravagant hopes of its. managers, and their
watches are now the trusty companions of
thousands of that best class of the community
with whom time is emphatically money. Tboy
have proved to be what we then insisted thoy
oouldn't help, beingthe most uniformly reli
able and substantial watoh jn the world, and
we are informed- that even the prejudices of
foreign watch-repairers, working in this coun
try, aro gradually giving way to tbo irrefutable
argument furnished by tho steady and accurate
performances of these tiine-koopers. In many
instahoos, to our. certain knowledge, thoir ac
curacy is, and has been, almost unparalleled,
rivaling that of tho best niarino chronometers,
and' ,iai all cases so exant as to accomplish all
the practical purposes of a pocket time piece.
More than seventeen- thousand persons in the
United States are'hotv wearing -American
Watches, and tho Company have not heard
mortbn half a dosen oomplaibis fioui all
that nnmber, and those arising from some ao
ejdeptal derengementormisuisgeof tho works.
V, .Spirit of the Timet,' ..-'ii.. . .
("f f .-T rp-.
Tbrripio FalL We learn frbni' ih'n 'Man.'
ehester (N. II-.) American 'that a msn' naniod
Robert Rankin arrived in that citv last Mon
day .afternoon, and in thocourso of the cven-
ipg.jlWiiiie wanucring around the city, came
to Mcrrimac-square, and was soized with a
desire to climb to the summit of tbe flag-staff,
which, if we remember orient, is two hun
dred and six feot in hight. It was quito dark,
nut, ne started on. nis ponlous ascent, passed
the first splice, and gained tbe dizzy altitude
Qf one hundred and thirty-six feet, when he
lost his hold and fell. He struck first on the
deokat the lower splice, glanced thence to
one; of the iron guys which stay the lower
mast, and then fell to the ground not dead,
as would as a matter .of course be supposed,
out, wiwout a' none uroKcn, or any serious
Injury, i The following morning he said he
felt pretty well, with tho exception of ajittlo
sensation as if he had been, "jounced." ..,.'
Si'iu.iiis. Except in the transoendant pero
ration of Webster's great speech in reply to
Hayne, we. have never met with anything
more beautiful than the following passage from
tbe. . address delivered at San Fianclsoo, on
the -1th Inst., by John V. Watson, Esq.: .
Amid all the contests that have marked our
career, the Union has been the prevailing and
ttfiAphsnt sentiment.! Let.. it bo Eternal 1
Sue jf the time shall unhappily come, when
ill mighty fabric shall yield to the paricidsl
attacks ef civil disoord, I pray God that its
fate may be oblivion, that no wreck or vestige
of its existence may remain to attest its for
mer greatness, orinoite the story of its fall.
Let the Atlantic and Paoifio meet in a mourn
ful embrace over its ruins, and their com
mingled wares sing its requiem.
! A.OBiwaoN- Paiach. Philip II of Spain,
having won a battle on tho 10th of August, the
festival of St, Lawrenoe, vowed to consecrate
a palace, a ohntoh and a monastery to his
honor. - He ereoted the Eiourial, which is the
largest palace ia Europe- As the saint for
whom it was named suffered martyrdom by be
ing broiled on a gridiron, at Rome, under Vale
rian. Philip oaused the immense palace to
oonsitt of several oourtt and quadruples, all
disposed in the shape of a gridiron.. The bars
(torn several courts, and the royal family oo
oupy tbe handle. It is said that, gridirons are
to be met with in every part ef the building,
either iron painted .or sonlptured in marble.
They are ever the doors, in the yards, the
wlndowi and galleries. . A-;i ,
Fsabful WhihlVihd A Child Cabbiid Orr
a Mils. Farther particulars concerning the
late whirlwind in Chowan and Perquimans
Counties, N. C, assure us that it swept all over
that section as a perfect bosom of destruction.
A poor widow, a Mrs. Ashley, and child, hav
ing their house thrown about their ears, as
ttraws in a hurricane. She herself is so mangled
that her life is despaired of. The child was
carried to a distance of a mile, where it was
found by its lamentations. The child is ex
ported to die also. People were ronsod from
their slumbers in the darkness of the night to
find their cottages torn into atoms as by a bomb
of desttuotlon, and themselves glad to escape
tjith maimed limbs and stripped of every com
fort of life. . ' .
" How to Stop Blood. Housekeepers, me
chanics and others, in handling knives, tools
or any sharp instrument, very frequently re
ceive severe cuts, from which blood flows pro
fusely and ' oftontlmes endangers life Itself.
Blood may be made to oease to flow as follows:
Take the fine dust of tea, and bind It close to
the wound; at all ttmos accosstble, and easily
to be obtained. After tbe blood has ceased to
flow laudanum may be advantageously applied
to thewonnd. Due regard to these instruc
tions will lave agitation of the mind, and run-
At. a . L - 1 L.LI.
.bibb; iui wis fluiftvuu, wuu vuuiu, pruunuiy,
make no better prescription if be was present.
The Golden Graves.
A gentleman residing in Now Orleans, who
has spent several years in Sooth American
countries, furnishes tbo Creteent with some in
teresting particular! concerning tho "Uuacas,"
or Auriferoui Graves, whioh have made inch a
stir In the papers, and sent so many empty
pocketed Yankees In headlong pursuit of
sacrilegious plunder, and, eventually, of ter
ritorial conquest. If we may believe this gen
tleman, and there ii no reason to do otherwise,
the stories we have heard about' the golden
graves of Chiriqul are anything else than
Pike's Peak, Frazier River, or Arisonis
fables, gotten up by designing speculators to
gull needy or avaricious fools.
Starting from Punta Arenas, Costa Rica, in
tho month of February, 1854, our travelert,
with the other gentlemen, made an exonrsion
up the coast in the direction of Chiriqul. The
result of bis voyage may be gathered from tbe
following extraots: . .- '' -
At all the points at which we landed, seven
in number, embracing a distanoe of one hun
dred and twenty miles, we were either shown
these Uuacas or told that by a short trip Into
tbe forests we would see others of a greater
extent and much greater interest. . .
At Gulf Dulce he was informed by the na
tives that in the hills and mountains distant
from five to fifteen miles from the Gulf, tbe
same indications of a previous r;s existed,
"always with the same appearaneo of un
bounded wealth to be obtained by opening tbe
"Huaoas," This the Indians: disdained to do,
preferring to gain a precarious living by bant
ing, fishing, and pearl-diving in tbe Oulf. '-
The day is dawning when this as well as
many other sources of woaltb, now hidden,
will be opened up by the universal Yankee
nation on that coast. This coast, from Panama
to San Juan del Sur, is as oovered with pearl
oyster beds as the coasts of .the north with oar
common oyster, " ' y -
Midway between Punta, 'Arenas' and Gulf
Dolce and twelve milel from the main land, it
the uninhabited island of Cunas "one of the
most beautiful spots he has overseen in hit
somewhat extended travels." It is never1 vis
ited exoept by the Indians in the summer-time,
who go there to fish arid bathe.'" From 'what
follows it may be inforred that Cunas Island
will very shortly become a favoiito resort both
in summer and winter for ..others besides In
dians : , . .' , ' . . '., . "'.'" ' " - '
"This must have been one of tbo favorite
dwelling places of the now extinct raoe, whose
graves are causing such a stir in our land. The
whole woatern end of the island is oovered
with them; and here, at the time, we found
moro indications of their having been worked
to soino extent, than at any other place we
visited hundreds of them having been dug
into, aud the pottery and broken stanetts wore
scattered in all, directions. It was here we
made our principal collection of those articles.
Ou the north of the island there are two safe
harbors, for small vessels, into each' of which
there is a small stream descending from the
mountains, furnishing an abundant supply of
the most limpid water." -; i
But there is not a spot rlohor than Cunas.
"The point at which I found tbo greatest
number of those Iluaoas, Is in the Department
of Guanacasto, Cotta Rica. In nil directions
around the Gulf of Nicoya, at the entrance of
which Punta Arenas is located, but particu
larly on the peninsula lying between it and the
l'eoitie Ocean, they are to be found in the
greatest abundance. . This' district of country
Is sixty miles in length, and yarios in breadth
from fifteen to forty miles, and in all the nuT
morons vallies in which these interesting mon
uments of a former time prove a prominent
feature to the traveler." '
'-As to the amount' which may be "realized"
by an active and unscrupulous grave-digger,
this statement is. made: , .- .,, "
"About fifteen miles distanoe from the head
of the Gulf of Nicoya is one burying ground,
embracing about one hundred and fifty acres,
from which the former owner, Don1 Francisco
Giral, used in former years to extract tninos of
wealth, although ho pponed. but few of. the
Huaoas. He died ia tho summer of 1855,
worth nn estate valued . in that country at
$275,000 most of which, it was reported, he
had taken from these graves." , '
This part of tho continent, on account of its
valuable mines, was called by the Spaniards
Costa Rica, or..Bioh Coast. If pur Yankee
resurrectionista. meet with, anything like the
Don's luok, we suspect tho name will be re
tained. But golden graves and gold mines
are not all the sources of wealth, in Costa Rica,
There is a silver lake : ,;.-'
A tradition of the Indians is: "That being
seized nnd taken to the mines, and made to
work as slaves,, they arose en iaejand mas
sacred tho entire population of whites, closed
the entrance to tho mines, and .took all the
gold and silver found in the town and mining
establishments, to. the lake, at somo distance,
and cast it into, the deepest part, so that
should thoir oppressors return they could
never recover it.", ..' . ,
Is not this enough to liiake an American
advonturer's blood tingle and his fingers
itch? And who shall dispute .the traveler
-when he sums up tho "manifest destiny" of
"Rich Coast", in this wise: ..,v .. ...,.. ,:,
"This is only one of tbe many legends of
the oountry, that go to show the wealth that
did at one time, and no doubt still exists, and
which will be developed when this interest
ing country shall pass from the possession of
the hybrid race who now inhabit it, into the
possession of one whose energies are equal to
tne task ot nnnging out a time oi its ex
haust loss treasure." ,:i .-,7-i .;..'! ;. .,..,,:
Don't Likb It. They are attempting to
raise tobacco in Massachusetts, but the pro
cess don't seem to be agreeable to them, The
Springfield Hepuhliean says: ,
If there is any dirtier work than raisins?
tobacco, except chewing it,'we should like to
know it. A. gum issues irom green tobacco
that covers everything that it comes In con
tact with. It is sometimes a practice among
tobacco-growers to put on a .shirt outside of
their clothes, and wear it without washing
all through the season.. At the. end of the
tobacco year, if, indeed, U .lasts so , long, it
goes into paper rags, but usually long before
that it loses its. original color. We met, re
cently, a troop of men fresh from the tobacco
field, that, in any other portion of the world
than this, would pass for Hottentots. They
looked aa if they always) burrowed in the
ground, end ia hands and face, as well as
ress, were the color of woodchucks. , 1
A Novel Mkthod or Catohiko-"Docks. As
the night train coining West ever the Groat
Western Railroad, a few bights einoo, was'
movie i alone the shore of Lake St-. Clair.
just at daylight in the morning, a "heavy fog
prevailing at tne time, a hock oi wtia uucits
came rushing against tho cars, four, of them
entering the open door of the baggage-car,
which was qnickly closed and the game cap
tured. The were divided between
Detroit Free
Young iir Yiaos, but Old ih Cams. One
Qeorgo Stacy, twenty-three, or twenty-four
years old, a hardened and desperate offender,
who in 186& was tried in Massachusetts for
the murder, in their bed, of two aged maiden
ladies named Kneeland, but escaped convio
tion from lack of conclusive evidence, and who
has sines then served a term in Clinton Prison,
New York, for burglary, is now fully reeog
nteed as .the thief who baa been for some time
past stealing horse , and cattle In Vermont
He was taken la,, GardinerMass., and upon a
requisition from Governor Hail, of Vermont,
aken to Burlington, where he will be trlsd.;
'' . "' "!: v?i:.VvjT
TeiaCjOkk J Cl l-l
Aihei'tieeuieuts not exceeding five lines (Agate.) '
mi ", ,', ,' . ......... ,' i V v-'
One month....M.w......M.... s 4o
Larger advertise meets Inserted at tits following -
rates, for square of ten lines or Use t
One insertion.... .m.m......0 W
Each additional insertion ,;
e wmiIu-.... US .
7nanth. m!""!!.........!.-..-. ! o .
Manchester Building, ' ';
8. W. eoraer Third nnd Sreaaaetw ets.i - .
yl CINCINNATI, Oaijk .
Madison House,
i. , MAIN bTBBET, TV '.' t
Ft p. CA.111LL, Proprietor, ,
Book 3inding
Fourth-street, between Main and Sycamore, Cll-
cinnatt. - -
aMTBe-tln.IIng In every style. Music Books neat
ly and durably bound. ' -0. C&OPPKk. ...
, f jyM-Sml ,t ..
D. DE FOREST, , .T7 '',"
Book Binder and Paper Rulw.
Third story Times Building, will do all work In hi
line with neatnew and dispatch. " - 1 ' ntw.ly
. PULLAN A WI1WAM80N," : '
(At the old tUnd of Pnllan, Hatneld Browa.)
... No. H WJCSX BICOND8T., , ...
cixcnmAiT, '
jesirH reixAM, formerly of Pollaa, Hatfield a Brown i:
WK.B. WILLIAMSOS. ,. .. BH-jl-AOV.' .,
'" ST1 Pluui ; BnreetfrCTaelatuult, fiW ,r.
-i. . ; A q Ca. J. JyM-ea j. S;.
F. M. MOORE,'1 ''"
AHOn IT 3E3 O.-JLV."
Hi B. OOaNEtt THIRD ot JtACB' STi.,
I . .. ...,- omOmgATl, OHIO, -..ia .irt
Orders promptly attended fo. ' v' 1 :) -" salT. ... , '
" 134 MAIN BTRIftT, ClNOINNATl, 0.
ft St. Charles street, Nw Orleans, rt.
Importers of Guna fc Sportlna AfaratU(i,,....
asp nr.Ai.Kga iw ouw rownia.
UUKDBT BVL. tiitm .
, . Li. BYL &iCO
No. W Sixth-street, between Vine aud Knee, In
tbe Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Perseus who
mnvfkvornawlth their sationaxe.can rely on puna.
Inalltv .lid lnw nrlpjiaj SOPI I.
sepl. iiV "
oto., -ete;,-"' - etc. '
DR. J. WILSON'S Offioe, 58 West Fourth
street, where be may be consulted dally 'fur all
Female Complaints,. lnflainimBtion of the Cervlj,
Prolansns Cterom all displacements of the Womb,. ,
Hpinal and t'orebml artections, and other organic dla-
eaaos common to females. Tho Doctors long expe
rienco and recent discovery in the treatment of the
shove diseases, oan not fail to give tire natisfactioit.
rhe Doctor ia atrout for a European Female monihiy
Pill; price jl and two stamps. aulii-sni
OFFICB :0.'4 BK V NTH B1'"9 S KT,
Otloa hoars from -.' A.M., 1 to3,aud,!r 8, f. it ."
jyii-ca ; T '.,.;' :
; R. Se NEWTON-M.'l)--v.o..,
Offloe, 'SO We8t,,8ytjnth , ; Strt
Jit A
-.:.i-. -.- ,UTwa.Tif AsiP.B0,.'
O. E. NEWTON,, JWt. I.
Ornoi No. DO West Beventn atrtM, oeiwren it
.flj Uu. Ruiiiikncr No. A3 Seventh' street, I'"-
woen Walnut aud Vine. . Ofrioi i
rt. Or no a HoDas-.,.1
P, M.
IX to 2 i M.t 7 to 8 P. M.
l!' -J H
Ne. 118 Wesi siiiB.itrVit!,'.;,"
,' ,;': 'CINCINNATI ''.' -SBaU-in...
j . -taft, : ' y'-:'
(8-ncceasor to Knowltea A Tafl.) .,!,,,'
. 90 West Fosnh St., bet, WalnatcV VJne ,
1. L. HAWZJtBt. ' ' ., R. B. SMITH.
r No. 3 West Fourth St.
178 - : - . - -T. ',..
-DB. S. WABDU, : '!:."-
i ID . inr.-..,3r ..x - S , u
,, Office No. 1S8 West dearth iticot, , ',
no. 131 eifMOBE srjiECT, Bmow fittb;
tyX-cm , '.' " OlKOlHITATI. '
II. P. EL1A8' :.
New Wholesale --
: 16 West Fomth Street.
Where can be had every article appertaining to the- !
Bntlutss at mack less price, fbr OAJH, thsm -has
ever before been offered In this market,1 " .'- "
GIVE- U 8, .A.. CALL ' J'--T.:'-.
And ma Car rmiwlTei. ' " ; ' i
.;W,M . WH I TAKER u
r ". -'.-'" JKiBX;it'i ''1l .; -No.MMBi;.
Cor. Fifth an lodge Street, beKo '
Walnnt and Vines,' tUeiBBBtl,! ,ii ,' , .
A good aasortmenff SlfaVKIt and PLA OtS WABk
,. 8PKOTACLS, etat., keyt coiutantly pThand.
Special attention given to Gleaning and Bepairlnf
Watchea and Jrwelry. - ., . ...... f my la
BEGGS A BMiTH, No. 11 Weal 4th St. 1
their large assortment ef Watckse, Jewtlrr. 9
BUierwaro and Diamonds, .1 jijiuj..-,,!, ,
Ail . -3U aril i ::,-.AU0- ,
A fln assortmsnt of Plated tea Bats and Oatlnry '''
and Opera abuses.; : ., .--. tH i
I' ! -In-.-- ha.n i .i i, U 'i t, iV 1, . ..
Qmsi or OistciNSJATi Sab Liohi abd Cokc Ci '3 1 a
CiaciNtATl, September ItlKV): ..'-l j
t7 CIIVHD atthlBolBoeuntilttasSdday of October
next for tne tarnishing and laying of about one mil
lion and a njimrter ! aricksv . , .' ,. .i i , . T
Propoaala will be (racaivad forth furnltklBg' and
layisgj, both jointly and sepsrately. -' -1 '';.
Plans anil spectficatlohs may to seta brsRvtyiBi .
totheKnglner,atthmofflMlftam7tlllSA.M. , " " 1
sepaut WM. I,. CiARKKSecre&V. -T
-; a. c. stulb,
t Kir
718 Western-row, Clnoinaatl, Ohle. -. , , , -
W Mr bar is "ft all times supplied with choice
tlqnort andOlgar.,'',' Jw.r.o A si6am
.WW AT IiAW.luABitniliBM it r.v.T.v.ii . :
strest. TT-CJ7miZTiiM ' i

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