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W " w A HTS," "JOB BALI," "TO LIT," " AiOBT,"
"ruuCiPl"fto.,iQblB(xilaiiiiiloooarrlngBT line
or lees, two Insertions, twenty-five cents.
on Women' Tampeco Fegged Shoes.
at 230 w alnut-strect, up stairs "" : : OCT
VOline ladlea to. nl.v In n.tifrtmlnnn.. -.,i,4a.
l'l68nif f.ra!;also tosTngaad daure. Also, a good
bsnjolat. Address MONS. THADfcGS, at thie office.
sixteen or seventeen years old, who has some
knoulfdeoftlisdrugbuslu6saHd ciu ipok 0r-li"k-J.S.??.lnJo!c011utrytu'
Inquire of SCIRE,
LCK5 1E1N A CO. ocl-b
wlshns a situation with s farmer; ts well wed
to ins euro ot cows and horses nod drlv lnjg nrruie,
and could work in a garden or farm, aurf would be
willing to mako himself gooerally useful.
j. " ., ar, inisornce.
WANTED COOK A cook to go to Lex
ington, Kentucky. Apply to JOHN B.
OWIXGS, Ho. 27 Fiflh-etreet, between Main and
Walnut. . ocl-t
trade a first-class Sewlug-Machlneeitherfor
dry-goods or groceries. Address ALLEN, box a9t.
bookkeepers, barke-pers, portera, coopers,
mechanics nnd others. Merchants, hotels and otbors
supplied gratis at the Merchants' Clerks' Beds
try ullke, o. 291 West fifth-street,
ocl-b HALE A CO.
WANTED 8 IL I CA-Fine Pulverized
silica wanted. M barrali. Addreea CASH,
man, 19 years old. In a wholesale
dry goods store, Address H. B. W at this office,
. ' ; taepMb'T
a young
grocery or
WANTED COTTAcE-In Cincinnati,
Covington or Newport, la a healthy location,
not les than four rooms, ortbe lower part ot a house,
if distinct. Address, stating terms, 4c, F. W. L.,
I'otui)lco, ClnclBuati, ' aopSOb
"VB TS T A "T T r, n i DTtvvmva a.i n,rHva .
" MAKKH-For counter, shelving and fnrnt-
nire work, inauire at W. CABtKBS Uousoliold
Fun Iture Depot, 31 Jaat Fifth-street, between M aJu
and Sycamore. . , 1 espSub
i CjU uuanvinu aj two ra
ti w V spectablo young ladies, In a private family,
Address C. 0. C, at thlgofflce. tf p30b
WANTED PARTNER A good business
man, with 55,000, In a wall-established Iwsl
noBi. Artdrem Doi MS fostofllce. sep30d
WANTED BAKBK To work on oakca
and crackers, at the New Ingland Bakery.
Fiftli-iitreet : . e30b
dlatoly at 18 West fiftn-itreet, near Main.
man who has bad eight years' experience In
iu pr
i-i, Covington, Kr.
ho drug and proscription Dullness. Jan give thu
roost entirirnciory reierenoei;
Address J. to. 'J'., Bos
man who can give unexoeptlonnble references,
h situation as aesistnnt book-keeper, or m copyinn
clork iu a roioectnblo buaiueaii. Salary rensonnlile.
' AddrtM fcTMKl.UKKT 0. Dl'NttTON, Baralltou,
Itntler County, 0., giring real name and business.
WANTED AQENTS To teU desirable
work jnst pnbllaheil, "Jullan'a Interest
Tnlli," containing aocurHtecalouiatlons ol Interest
at 6. 6, 7, 9 and it) per oent., both simple nnd coin
pound, on all sums from one cent to $10,01)0, and from
one day to six years. A rare opportunity to make
money In tbo tale of this new, cheap and useful
work, For further Information as to success, tosti
monyinltufaror,Andtirins,addresa(stmpinolOHed, .. apply toJ. HAZARD DAVIS, 137 Vlftb-street.
"ItENT HOUSE A briek house, No.
n. 17 Milton street corn or of Broadway. Brooms
uudliall, Inquire of J. H. NG WMAN, 375fllaiu-stroct.
-- cli-.'np two-story Urick House and Lot for snle,
with SuvenroorDs, all In the best order. No, M UcFar.
ltttnl-stiuot, below Plitin. Juuulre en the prvmies. .
- and well-estublhibed Dining Saloon, at No. 8
Eat Fourtti-stroet, having seronty-rlTe prompt pay
In;; bonnlurs, and a good transient trade. For further
particulars iuiiiilio on the premises, ep30b
MVi SALE 2 ROUTES Morning and
JsV evening, forsalelow Ibreaeli.only tohesold en
account of iuubility to attend to them, cauaud by
bickuea.H. A good chttneo. Apply at Mo. 19 liette-
Btrtct; " 1 i eepioaw
;10H SALE LOT In the town of Califor
nia. t)hlo. inroeertorm uusol the Fifth atreet
Marktit and Pendleton and CuliilnblaijtroeE Ball road)
vorv low furcu4Q or acceptablo trade.
W.MtllKN L, DAVIS, llouae and sign Painter,
e,iW-aw 78 Wnat Thlrd-st., Cincinnati
"eiOU SALE PAPERS Severa.1 thousand
JT old paper at 2ic. per hundred, at this ofllce.
OR SALE I'lRE Now is the time to
team Tour klndlins wood. 100 loads can be
bad at Hlnklc. Guild & Oo.'e, at rod n cod prices.
Drop your orditrs in the postomco, or send to factory,
lo.3o5 Weit Front-street, nepiM-d
tA' :R SALE A German boarding; and eof-
I? feu house for Bale low If applied for eoon. It is
lricatod on the corner of one
doing a vury good busineai,
the markets, and is
Any one aciuaiuted
with tbo boarding house and bar custom can make a
wo lnaviD Durcnase. Annly
76 Witt Tuird-strent, up stairs,
toDr.F.BlEDEK. No,
SOR BALE LAND Twenty-eight and
one-half acres of land, (2u acres olearrd,) one
balfmllo front Mllford Iiallrnad Stutlon. The laud
in now, w (dl fenced, and no building. For particulnrt
inauiie of LOUIS A. ALLEN, Penny Trois ofllce,
or I. C. WOODBUFF, Milford Station. sep26.aw
Mb-- .- . J
BOARDING nOUBE A first class board
iughouno, 177 sycamore-street, between Fifth
and Pi ml; west side. Large, airy, unfurnished
rooms for families. Accommodation lor slnale gen
j wai.
T OST LACE MANTLE On Sunday, the
Li 161 h ult., at Pike's Opera Hall, a black Fronch
luce mantle. The finder will be rewarded and have
the thanks of the owner by leaving it at 227 Walnut
street. ccl-b
Commercial School
seventh-street, between Walnut and Tine, Cin
cinnati, Ohio, livening Ulass commencing Monday,
2fitb Inst. Hook-keeping taught as appli-d to every
department of trade. Businensand Ornamental Pen
manahip. Call and examine specimens, sepaiarot
from tbefiiav
of Andrew. Wilson Si Co.. Is thla dav mutual,
dissolved by the withdrawal of Mr A. Wilson, Jr.,
r. anKULX,
' .. i B. LLOYD,
The business will becontlnited under tbe Arm name
Of V. Andrew & Co. All unsettled accounts of
will be artjasted
r. Aixin.Eiv,
firm ot Andrew, Wilson A Oo.
i - .. . jt. riljVliJ,
' - GEO, M, HIGH. .
filnelnnatl, September 2(, IfiW. swpatbw
Shooting Gallery!
JL Informed that there is now a Shooting Gallery
and Saloon at ho. id Wait Flfth-stro.t, (second
story,) betweon Main and Walnut-streets. sepW-aw
llStghth-atreet. south-west corner Race
rci.lith. " 1
f OH BENT The honse 174 Baoe-ltreet. For par-
tloulanappiyae auovr.vviv , i .. , rT. ;sepwo
Pure Coal' Oil.
One Dollar per gallon; by -
4. XI. i' wiisi uroeer,
aepiaaml r M7 EMt ftoiit-atreet.
la'.ti.ilrVtJ': i " vi- . '.l.'r. Alii
laicelsior Fluid ink.
r Mnnnfaclorr. 89 Vine Bt. - M
J the very flneat brands of this article, always
land, comprising tbe fullowing: Bartos
nonieanx tut, ana j.uue wiw.iuwu.
rtoa A Goer-tier's
oil, Also, rieg-
ISM DaHtiea,
,n,l ll.i,llHdnBl,.. In varloiu !
.....OCTOBER 1
grPeuny l'reu to be had every
"morning at -the Counting-room door.
Only one eent. ' . .
TtJTE. To-night the zhilition at the Me
ohanlos' Institute will end. At ten o'clock,
that favorite place of reaott a place in which
are combined the useful and the beautiful,
where amusement and instruction are united
will be closed. Let all who have neglected to
see the curiosities, tbe wonders of art, go to
day and this evening, aud examine for them
selves the triumph! of mind, in converting to
IU own use the rough production! of nature.
Four rooms are ocoupied with articles of man
ufacture, and between five and sis hundred
contributors are registered. Tbe number of
visitors hat been nearly fourteen thousand, and
the total reoelpti are little leas than five thou
sand dollars.
It would be unless to attempt anything like
a particular notice of everything on exhibition,
and we can only say to those who feel a cari
osity in tbe matter, to visit Pike'e Opera-house
immediately; for let them be assured that no
opportunity will ooour, for one year at least,
in which ao much can be leen within io small
a eompesa.
Near the entranoe It a magnl&aent fountain
decorated with nature's own toenery sur
rounded by statuary tbe work of the best
sculptors in the country. Tbe walls are deco
rated with floe paintings and engravings, man
ifesting a high degree of taste in the artists,
and reflecting great credit npon their industry
and skill.
In tbe machine room are found numerous
articles of utility printing presses, lithograph
presses, beautiful specimens of hardware, turn
ing lathes, corn and cob mills, flour mills, fur
naces, stoves of almost every pattern, patent
waier niters, carnages, planing machines,
saws, and numerous other articles which we
omit, not because of any lack of merit, but for
want of space; and last, but not least, the calli
ope, dealing out mails by steam. A steam en
gine la in active operation, upon which is used
lubricating oil, a inpcrlor artiole, manufactured
by L. W. Newman, in the Fourteenth Ward.
The engine is used to run the various articles
of machinery requiring rotary motion.
' In the third room are many articles worthy
of close attention tbe coffins, in . particular,
are of a superior quality. ,
' In the fourth and last room oan be seen a
miscellaneous collection of articles of almost
every variety. There, again, the printers are
well t represented. JN amorous elegant speci
mens of the typographic art, contributed by
the various publishers of this oity, are inclosed
In glass oases, and among them, in bold con
trast, is found an old German Bible, printed in
1645 more than two hundred years ago.
How great the contrast between the coarse but
solid and substantial character of the volunio
of the seventeenth, and the taste and elegance
displayed in thoie of tbe nineteenth century!
The Bible has always been the family record,
but some of our enterprising publishers have
rendered it doubly so, by preparing the cover
to receive the likeness of the departed. '
An elegant service of plate, manufactured
by Beggs Sc Smith, No, S West Fourth-street,
for the purpose of presentation to Dr. Nichols,
of St. John's Church,, can be seen near the
door, among the thousand other curiosities.
Soienoe has its representatives; astronomical
phenomena, the motion of tbe solar, system,
are not delineated on paper morely, but by
means of the planetarium, are presented in a
tangible shatie before our eyes. There are
numerous globes, optical, electrical and meteo
rological intstrumenU, all of first quality, the
work of skillful, loicntifio men. Nor have the
ladies forgotten us. A number of quilts, the
production or their ittir nanus, meet tne eyes
of the stroller as he passes around the room.
Board or City Ixphovejients. Tho Board
met at tbe usual hour yesterday, and the Clerk
was directed to prepare and transmit to tbe
City Counoil an ordinance ts follows : to grade
and pave with bowlders, Thorp-alley, from
Plum-etreot to Westorn-row; Plum-street, from
Water to River-street; Vine-street from Water-
street to River-street. Also, to advortia..for
proposals to build a stone and brick sewer, to
pass the water under the landing at the foot of
Uim-Btreot, trout the north sine ot water-street
to low-water mark of the Ohio Bivor. Also,
lor proposals to pave with bowlders the inter
section of North Cannl'andWalnut-ttreot, from
the bridge ts tbe north line of Canal-street.
Sealed proposals offered were opened, and
awards for contracts recommended as follows
With John Espentold, at twenty -seven cents
per square yard, to pave with limestone, Jiogan
alley, from Forbus-alley to Henry-street.
With J. W. Smith at thirteen and a-balf
cents per cubio yard for grading, and thirty
nine and a-balf oents per square yard for pav
ing with limestone Hazen-nllcy, from Green
Street to Hafer-al ley. V' . , ..
WithR. E. Smith, at fourteen cents per cubio
yard, for grading, and fnrty-tnroe and one
fourth conta per square yard for paving, with
limestone, Greive-alley from Franze-street to
With Jonea fc Bonte, at sixty cents per
square yard, to pave with bowlders Eighth
street, from Elm-street to Plum-strset.
With Jerome Balnbrldgo, at forty -live cents
per square yard, to pave tbe unpaved side
walks on New-street, from Sycamore-street to
With J. W. Houdder, at seventeen cents per
cubio yard for grading, and forty-five and
half cents per square yvrd for paving.the side
walks on jereeman-street, from uost-srreei
Witb J. W. Cordman, at forty-five and
half cents per square yard, to pave the un
paved sidewalks on tbe north side of Water
street, from South-street to Vine-street.
With J. W. Cordman, at forty-seven cents
per square yard, to pave the unpaved tide
walks on Look-street, from Eighth to Court
street. ..With J. Balnbrldgo, at forty-four oents per
square yard, to pave tbe nnpaved sidewalks
Pleasant-street, from Findlay to Elder-street
, The following repairs for accepted bewldortd
treats were ordered, vis.:
Third-street, from Banm-street to the canal
bridge, for sixty-five dollars; Rnoe-street, from
Fifth to Soventb-street, for twenty dollars;
Elm-street, from Fifth to Seventh- street,
twenty dollars; Plum-street, from Fifth
Seventh-street, for twenty dollars.
Board adjourned.
' Rra OvM and KiLiBn. Thursday after
noon, a little boy named John Lang, Ave years
of age,' whose parents reside on Divit lon-streot,
near Harrison Read, was run over by a horse
and wagon, and injured to such extent as
cause him to expire about two o'clock yestsr
day morning. - A coroner's inquest elicited
fact that the driver was traveling at an un
lawful rats. He was arrested and oonfined
in tbe Bremen-street Station-house, and will
be tried to-day. His nauio ib fronds Dlgg.
flniT.nL- TinnvWRn tw a ft.TR. Tub. Yester
day afternoon a-little ehlld, two. and a
years old, waijnhued by its. parentSfwho -reside
on FlftVstroet, near the Whitewater Xv
nal. Diligent aesroh was made by the die
tressed parents throughout "tho city, but
tolislng.one. could ,not be found. "About dusk
last evening the mother" entered '(hit
room,tawWtrtIe by-boholdisig herOhild
lying in tne Data-tun, a corpse. .,:,;;. .. . ",r
Foubd Dbad. Coroner CivTfeIdu
"queatryestorday- .over the body of ti negro
man named Stonhen Burdenv found dead
his room near Longworth's Wlne-cclliirj "
marks' of violence were disoovorea, ana
jury returned a verdict of death from palpj-
union oi me neary. i ne -uciteu imj-
nve y ears of age: i . 5 "? p" , J
' Awuwrtl A little cb il j. frve years f
was ran over by a .two-hoing caxriagQ, at
-eorner oi xiroauway ana JNew-streeu, yester-
day, -ne khn aud two ribs were token.
'John J ones,, a deck-kaoi ei a steam
boat, while Intoxicated, ' yesterday fell aorostr
the track of the Little Miami Railroad, in front
of the Water-works, jnst as a train et oars waa.
coming in. CfGoer Kulenkemp pulled bim
from the track in time tosave lue.UJEpw3je
was locked up in tbe Hammond-street. Station
house, and will answer the charge of dronkea-
ness in the Police Court to-day. t
Anderson Sharp, who, was arroslod a few
evenings einco on suspicion of having com-
mitted a murder in St. Louis, was before
Judge Lowe yesterday, and committed lor a
hearing next Wednesday. ..,,.
There will be a meeting of the oitlieo of the
Sevonth and Tenth Wards, at No. 9 Engine
house, this evening, to take steps to secure a
steam fire-engine for that locality. ;
A man named Lewie Bicker will be tried
in tbe Police Court this nioruiag on a charge
of malicious destruction of property..!; . ,,.
Miss Ann Sullivan was sent to the City
Prison for sixty days, yesterday, for die-'
orderly conduct. -L-J '.
The committee having in oharge Captain
Mentor's Cornet will bold a meeting this even
ing to mako preparations for the presentation.
The street railroad conductors are very much
annoyed by the sobool children on Ninth
street, between John and Mound. Who is to
William Brown, oharged with keeping '
disorderly houisj in the Thirteenth Ward, will
be tried by Judge Lowe to-day.
Oiir Budjet, a spicy, humorous, satirical,
qulzitoal little sheet, has been laid on our
table by the publishers, S. St. Monro CO.
Bat twenty-two, oases were disposed of in
the Polloe Court yesterday. " '' "
County Cojigissiosnaa. At a meeting .of
the Board of County Commissioners yesterday,
tbe following bills were signed for payment:
To Thomas 0. ulnn, sundries ST 2
To tiwau ifc Meyer, dry foods (or iumatei of jail 39 as
A petition from the Trustees of Anderson
Township, relative to having a sewer built in
said township on the public road, was referred
to the County Surveyor, with instructions to
report. - - '' :
The Auditor wai requested to advertise for
sealed propoaals, to be received till noon - of
October 20, for building tbe following bridges:
One small bridge aoross Howard's Greek, near
Shaker village; also one over tame at New
Haven, and one over Sand- Run, in Croeby
Township; and one ever Syoamjor.e Creak, in
Symmes Township, near Potter's ,Mjll.
- ' :f ! V V ? w ' :
HioEVAr Robbbbt. About Hwo o'ulook
vesterdev morning, as a gentleman was pass
log along i ront-street, and wnen near Asn-
craft's saw-mill, he was knocked down by a
couple of villains, dragged to the river bank
and robbed or nis poeaei-ooog, wnion, ioriu
nately, eontained no money. HU neokhand
kerchief wae also taken from his- neck. Yes
terdsv morning the ofnoers succeeded in ar
resting a couple of well-known characters, Cal
vin Baker and Jackson 0. Fletoher, who wero
charged with the offense. They will be tried
by judge Lowe to-day.
ar3Tha following is a list "of lotlcrs de
tained for non-payment of postage at -the
Postofficc, in this oity, September 3V:
Miss Klla Egar, Janmvllle, Wis, ,.
J. H. Ullnsi Co., Woodvllle.O. .
Mrs. Ellsa 0. Cranmer, Wheellsg, Va. ' '
T. 0. H. Smith, Harrietts, 0,
K.H. Mtllor, lirnaua, u. -
y. Anderson, Hallble, Mo. -, :. .
H. Gere, New Slchmend, tnd.
lire. Lewie B.Craig,,GhBt,Iir;,,: , ,
'i esr We call the reader's attention to the
card of Mr. Morehouse A Co., in this paper.
Mr. M. xiao peen engaged in his present
business iu this oity for the last twenty-six
years, and of course understands all that ap
pertains xc- caoinei-wBro ana up noisier
You will always get a good article from him
at a fair price. ' . '; . "
s3- Now that cold winter isooinina on,
bebovoj our citizens to prepare against
ruthless attacks, 'by- adopting , bUvos
grateit with Dodge's patent improvement
ttioia. hub is a vaiuauio mveniion, ana
adds comfort with economy. Orders -left
No. 20 West Fifth-street will be attended
Sco advertisement.
1 ' ' ; ''. ' ?
- Knocked Vows ako Robbbd. A man named
Jos. Shepherd, viaitod this city , a few days
since, from Piquaa. - At au early hour yes
terday, morning, while passing the corner
Eighth and Freeman-streets, be wits knocked
down and robbed of his watch and pocket-book.
He left tbe city yesterday in dttguat. ; . .
lii uIaii--stbbbt. "Dodd'g best', Is a pass
port to any society almost any. station,
to be witbeut one of bis model hats is to be,
was Flora MoFlimsey, with "nothing to wear'
His fall style Is now tbe mode, and to be
the fashion yoa must have oao. Remember
No. 144 Wain-street. . . n i .-,
..-i'-;- ' i i I
Meteorological i observations for
Pbnbt Pbbbb, by Henry Ware, Optician, No,
1 West Fourth-street, September 80, 1859.
O'clock, Barometer. ' Thermometer.
7 a. M M
12 Ol,..M.M.....M.HMM...,M,M.2V..r'6
5 P. nt.,...,.i..............w.....M - ' j- ' J
Focsd Dead. A man named Johnson, sup
posed to be from Philadelphia, was found
dead in an omnibus, near tbe Brighten House,
dav before yesterday. Coroner Carey held
inquett and rendered a verdict of "death
intemperance." ; '
' o 1 ,,
IBeT We ask attention to the advertise
ment of Henry Ware. His spectacles
warranted to give satisfaction. . We
those Iu want of the above auxiliaries to
Waie's assortment, No. 7 West Fourth-street.
Bio Mule add Ssabb. On Tuesday
Trr,M ninatadon-male. tozether with a
constrictor measuring nineteen feet in longth,
will be exhibited in Columbus, uartnoiomew
County, Indiana.
The attention of our lady readers
asked to the ad vertlsenaent of tbe Misses Baird,
They bare received a rare stook of millinery,
dress trimmings, embroideries, Jko., which
are offering at low prioea. u , -,. .
Pbobitb Conar. Daring the month of
Umber, ttfty-six certifloates of eitizenshlp
granted in the Probate Court; also two
and three marriage licensee, the highest
number issued during any month, ot tne
T,iv ix- YnuB Coal Winter Is coming,
those who oan should prepare for its nipping
winds.- Read advertisement of Cincinnati
Company. ' - - ' ' ' '
Tiir mrnu Triuirh. We noticed two
sons oonfined In the cells of the Ninth-street
Station-house yesterday, both of whom
laboring nndor delirium (ronens.
' .
. -Dibsiisbed. The suit against . Mrei
Dye, cbargod with shooting with ; intoat,
h. i ii o viiu xiuii rrro 'in v w w,.
iiowo yooterdiiy.
,?Cibklk8b pBjviJfo. John Dolen wbb
hi isna oeaxa rv a aaee -buytv, yjxsvuruipja-
carolees driving.
j. V f ' .' m ii I '.
Rescovai. Wiltsee Brothers, agents
Toim'tJ'B sefclnetmMMne, ?m remre tdayte
No. 0 West Fonrth-ttf eet, ever Beggs Smftb
' -m 1,
-We.are. . iadebte'i .'to'Jir. 'WAW
Adtms'i EpT- Cenjpiny- for - Hate ;
'"i' ' 'U.'.g'iiiH.-Aiid
i i hi e . .. . i
$&Be advertltirmont of tthe "Wonderful
ehil4'!JTiong ntw advertisements.
'. r n ,- ii 1 1 at i i n i' inv.-. .
ClB'oV;.8 JiifcTO ,M"aoilt''Fi
PIJ;fcvi wip-ow;'ttw,
Btroite JiDoc BroauB Ix VAciiiosT Tax
Vi Warea-acaT. i. i. Farcin' and others rr. The
ClK'oMhwiuuatl. The pelilMirKkeil that lha
city should be reetfalned by irunctriii fruui '.''..Ibxting
$Uv, water-rant furtme year, an amount wliifu-'ttioy
alleged was ioeiepmofwhatthev tliould juatly pay.
They claluied that tbe sum eliouM be ailjuteu uu a
priiiclplnanas to make the consiiut.i ptiv a tax equal
MitU r.enuct to the amount coiiuiucd; nnd tney
averred tbatin thla case the charg" made for waiter
amounted tu lilrty-CBfits per thousand gallons,
while other similar establishments paij only at the
rate ot ten couts. ., ... , , ... ...
i The C'Hirc- ordered that tbed. fendanlsshnuld Be
DotiAed to show cause on Monday next why the
prayer of the petitioners should not be granted.
u. m. i.erwiue appearen lur liie petitiunera.
VkwdictIb thA case of Jacob Honor. Frank
Leech and Jamas P. Diver, tried on tbe former day
before Judge Carter, for pa'siug a counterfeit bill,
(case before reported.) tho Jury fonud the two first
named defendantatruilty, andacijuitteil Diver.
wa.li. ijeeanu Jonn uotan w re trien lor a rou
benr taking a pockct-bock containing $2, by f rce
ana vlolencu, on the 10th of May, from Jamos ilea.
Verdict: Guilty.
Kerr for the. State; Elliott and O'Sonnelly for
-Civil Btpij Biroat Jcpoi Maiiok. la the case
of Burgnyne, Admlni'tiatnr of Ludlow, vs. G. 0.
Miliar, Ji'sephine Ludlow and others, the Court
ovorruled a oiotlon to dissolve an Iniunctlou,
Wood's 'Tbbatbb. Notwithstanding tho
extreme inclemency of the weather, a very fair at
tendance waa present-as tai nouBS lascevenmg. sar.
Anderson aa "OlaitoiiB." felly sustained his renntH-
tion, ae a tragedian. Mr. Lanrdonas "Titus Quia
FulviuV' and Mm. Ellsler as '-bopblonla," credit
ably performed their respective nart. The good old
comedy of The Wonucu waa rendered a jmirably.and
drew from the audience rounds nfapplHuae. To-night
Mr. Anderson will appear as "Chnrlea rte Moor, in
Schiller's Bobdibs, a character In which he Is ac
knowledged to hav no equal. The lauahablo farce
of tttPPr.0 lis the Bin la the after plec, In whl It
Miss Fanny Denham appears ns "Madame Galoch
Ard.'1 Durlog tbo Interinti-aton botween the two
pieces tbe rimi Marshall cnildrvn will appear in a
dance. .
Bum's Faiobma. The Melodeon is very
well a' tended nightly by numbers desiring to wit
noes the above, work of art. The sceuoa are well
represented and bring to memory the even ts related
by the apostles. ':
'IpALtoi Gabpks. Tho attractions of this
place of amusement are lncrooainfr, which accounts
fur the larga attendance present every night. The
last addition la that of Hiss inn In Hull, who, by her
eharminff alnfi-ine. is termed the-'bird uf Bons." If
you want enjoyment, visit the Garden to-nigh:.
Sebioub Accident. Testorday morning Mr.
Graham, 1he baggage master on the Indiantpo
lil and Cincinnati train, bound for Cincinnati,
fell from the oars, some forty miles from In
dianapolis, i
He was misted at the next station, and waa
pioked up by tbe return train, and found to be
considerably Injured. This item we took from
a telegram received at tbe Nipth-streef Station-.,
houso at one o'olooktbi) morning. ' "
' 'jSf'Those desiring a can of large, fresh
Baltimore oysters, would do well to oall on
Robert Orr, No. 11 West Fifth-street. Mr.
Orr is daily receiving tbe above-etyled oysters,
which, for delicacy of favor, are unoqualcd.
,i . i . .A, ' v f i J.
t-9The Knickerbocker Naga ine, for Octo
ber; All the Year Hound, for September; tbe
New York Clipper and Porler't Spirit, both
for this week, have been received by Pease &
Co., Sixth-streot, east of Walnut. Everything
new and readable can be found there.
Conmittkd. Frank Engle was ooiuuiittod
by Squire Peter Bell, to tbe County Jail yes
terday, in default of $600 bail, to answer tbe
charge of perjury at the Court of Common
yj&M. II.Putterspi)No,llli Main aud 1U7
Walnut-streets, haB a fine supply of smoking
tobacco on baud; also, ciirara of the best
brand, together with chewing tobacco of the
boat quality. Drop in and see htm.
': 9Tl)e latest introduction, by B. R. Alloy,
bag created finite a furore ainong our young
men." It 1b a hat, which, for style quality and
exouistte nnisn, standB unequaied. it you
wish comfort with gentility get one of Alley's
latest, ,
' Finks C'oixkctkd at tuh Oitv Prison
$202 2i. woro collected at tbo City Prison the
past mouth for lines, uguiuat $311 14 the
month previous,
" knr T-einrnnnlcatlons from our frlands will be
thankfully received. Address " Frost Kcporler,"
Box 31, Covington, Ky
' I ' 1 - -1 . '," J T-if-T",' r
Policb Uocar. Samuel Biroh. for a breach
fdf the peace, wastiued Svo d"lltirn and costs, making
in all eigni uotiureaua ten cents, yesteraay morniur
by thu alriyor. llo had cuininltted the offense and
went beforo a Justice aud had given himself up and
Eaid a Sue. He was afterward art.tted and biooght
ef"ro the Mayor, and lined again, for the same of
reuse, la this law? Iftlro JuaKlatrara had luidedlc-
tion, that wae an end of the matter; if ho u-duol,
then the flue imposed by Him can be recovered back.
It is clear he can not be convicted twice for the same
offonse. . ,- , .
- Joseph Johnson was fined two dollars and fifty
cents and costs; Thomas Hughs, two dollars and
ill- ety-uve cents, anu uoorge Drown twoaouars ana
fifty couts for druukenncs, disorderly conduct, 4c.
Cibcuit Couet. Tb!s tribunal has been De
cupled the greater part of the fast two days In trying
inecase ui nuuun va. waeuiuyBr, 111 wiiivu lue inaiu-Ulfa'lca-esthat
thodefendaut wilfully nnd maliciously
sundered him, charting him with n-nury,and
lays bis damages ai s.,001. i ite jury had not re
turned their verdict at four o'clock P.M., yesterday,
and Were allowed to soparato till nine o'clock this
morning. -
Tbe western part of cur city is lumroviufr
with nnprecdeited rapidity. Duringa stroll In that
seot ion we wore pleased to seethe great number
tubstan'lal dwellings lu progreaa. Tbe number
erected during the year will reach hundreds.
Kekton Faib. All units in saying that thla
Fair has been a success, both In regard to tbe arti
cles exhridwd and the crowd in attendance. To-day
is the last, and we hopo to see a general turn-out. ; .
Our thanks are due Hon. J. W. Stevenson
for valuable public documents.
Out Citv (louncil.will hereafter hold its ses
sion In the evening, coiumsnolng at stvon o'olock.
I Snbserletlous. advertisements and cemuiunlca-
tious, addreeaed to tha'Tloes Boportor," Bui W.will
De atteuuoa to. j .
A "nhree nhiirht" occurred amors some fe-
mala., llav lmfora vcntArdav. avid abont twantv.fonr
of them entered complaints In-fore ihd Mayor, yes
terday morning, who disposed of the matter by send
ing them ull boms. - -
Worm not hi Tin it. Colonel Smaller.
while driving along tork-strent, day beforo yester
day, waa overtaken by a Cincinnati man, who
to jam him. This the Colonel could
consistently permit, and be gave reins to h is horeo,
lor wincu ns was- nneo yt anu cotta yeeteruay
morning. ' - ' ' .
The shower yesterday' evening oaused
water to flowdown our streets in torreats,- ,-
Tbe body of the German' drowned at
foot of Mob mouth-street, a few days since, bat
yot boen found". ' . ; - -
A great number' of eoal- boats have reoentlv
cameluto the Licking (o unload. ' 4 "' ' '
Run Orvi-k-A i horse belonging to Mr. Wolf,
of this city, ran off with a barouche last night,
the furry-landing, on the Cincinnati eido. 'I
vehicle containod a gVntlonutn, two ladles, and
children, all of whom escaped tinhnrr, The barouche
was. Daaiy-oiOKOUv ,,,, t . , . ', '
!'The regular meeting ' of the Kentuoky
Cricket TJlnb takes plaou this evening at seven
o'clock, V. II.; All the meuibers . aru lequo.ted,
attend. ..,,'
Tbe monthly meeting of the Republican As
sociation of Kenton and Oanipbeil Counties will
held at tutJainBovvuoffloo, tbtt ovonuig. ; ' ; ,,
Impbovementb Tbp foTintatltm it
comploted for CstMroorti 's Irlci, bnlldltig, corner
fLillaiviiA anil l-taliella.Ntronta. nnd the walls
toon bomrtptdL. tn. ply eitlng aianU-
us en jaaaiaonneiifc , -; ,
fal two-steryliaut
T7T rJ1"?1- wu,s. I Y',
KaiLA11-llJVA.t-rf.-r. i-'ir
" ' i
mg jsguerrntrn) UMtosyiouia.wcMiCop-
,rJf ol fi.aJn'a Mamtuetb iCloJleft
:CHlt Fii
112 West Fifth -atrcot.
f vitir . IrTwairf WteiiA ITaK
- . ... . .. w v .. . ut... Mil,..
a uur pnos, go it Miimtwm wautn.ue. qmi,uw
irur. insli.rrM.' Thrtr-Wl.tw aa-nMrl lanalval
sTmonr ellltena,' lwi'bfr'ft tnaatirieat kud-Beii-;
" -
t,ij U.ity. --V.i'
. l'tlts. Dy tdr-. Mark Teabndv. With hnmorou.
illustrations. Now Vurk: Derby k Jackaou. 119
' Naujau-str.'i-l. If.'.1) llobirt Rlarte A (Jo-, Mo. Si
West Fourth-street, t'iuciuuail.
These other papers are: Tbe Tallow Family
in Auierioaj Lucy in the City; Mr. Fits Foom
in the Country. We laugh and joke about
that old Dunstable bonnet style, of which her '
swinging sigu as a milliner ia a type, but Its
faded yellow and discolored sky-blut bows '
have their moral, and that will press Its full
force upon you. The principal story was wall
received when presented first in the Xaiy's
Book. !-...,,.
UKULMl. By Augusta J. Evans. Derby 4 Jackson,
New York; Robert Clarke A Co., Cincinnati,
This is a tale of southern life, dtioriptive of
scenes and erenta In one of our gulf oltlea. It
it the history of a poor and unfortunate, but
proud and remarkably gifted orphan, who
struggles to support herself under oiroojmstanoes
of great trial, and finally triumphs by attain
ing the meat oxalted position, and winning an
enviable reputation through her literary labors.
We, cut from the Mansfiold Herald
tho following notice of ' a cats which has
created considerable interest in legal and
railroad circlet: ,'
A SmorLAB Case, A case of rather a sin
gular character was tried at our court last
week. Some time ago a lady, tbe wife of the
postmaster at Balem, got on tne cars of tbe
Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland Rail
road, at Crestline, intending to go to Salem.
She had along With her a couple of small
children. When tbe conductor came around
for tickets tbe offered him a ragged and
soiled one-dollar bill, which' he refused to
take, saying it was worthless, Tbe lady said
it was all the money she had, and that it was
good. 8 he waa then told by the conductor
that she must get off when ehe got to Shelby,
which ehe did on the arrival of the train. At
that station she was advised by some gentle
men to get on the train again, it being only
five miles further to, Salem. This ehe did,
and when the conductor again came around,
and found her withoutothor money than what
was before offered, he stopped the train and
put the lady off. Theday wns cold, and adriz
.ling rein had made it quite muddy, and
having ovorbalf a milo to walk for shelter,
the lady and tbo youngest child took a severe
cbldi which after a sickness' of over 'two
months, resulted in tbe death of the - latter. -
Suit was brought for 'damage, and, after a
protracted trial, tbo jury rendered a, vordict
lor plaintiff for six, hundred dollars. , , l;l
A Mother's, IsrtcBSCS.Hpw touching
the tribute of the lion. T.1L Benton fo, his
iriolhotfs iufluoucs: . - .... ;,
My mother asked, juo never to use tobacoo,
I have never touched it from, that time to the
proaent day; the asked me not to game, and
I have never gambled, and I can not tell who
is winning and who is losing in games tnai
can bo played;' the admonished me, too,
against hard drinking, and -whatever ca
pacity tor enauranco l navo at present anu
whatever usefulness I may attain in life I
havo attributed to having complied with her
pious and correct wishes, wnen 1 was soven
Years of atra she naked ma not to drink.' and
thou I made A resolution of total abstinence,
at a time when I was solo constituent .num
ber of my own body, and that I have ad
hered to it through all time, I owe it to my
motnor. i-i.v i .,'
Tbe Iuisa Exiles. The Citizen, a new
Irish journal published in Waterford, Ireland,
demands, after the example of Franoe, an un
conditional amnesty for tbe Irish exiles. In
a letter to the Ctlucn on this Bubjeot, Mr.
Smith O'Brien says : -
A large portion of tbo Irish' people are of
the opinion that tne political victims ot tn
glish law were not fairly ' tried, an opinion
which I share; but it ia not now neoetsary to
raise this (luoatiutt. Many of the citizens ol
Waterford who differ with ua upon this point,
'would rejoice to wolcome to bts home Thomas
1 rancia jneagiior, evon as xucnara u ucrman,
a refugee of 1813. was woicomea last ween oj
many of the' most peace-loving cltiions ot
BAiiA. The MontgoBiery t'oiierfernfiod of the
21ft Inat. tayi: ;" -
' The dostruutivo storoi of Thursday .last,
added to the submerging rain of yesterday,
has played the wild with tbe eotton crop o'
middle Alabama. A ride of twenty-Eve mlier
on Monday, through tbe cotton growing re
glon, convinced us that tbe injury to tbe crop
is very heavy. It was absolutely distressing
to look upon the stricken fields, that only a few
dayt slnoe were rejoicing in the abnndanee ot
their harvests. Many thousand bales of cot
ton have been lost to Alabama planters by tbe
disasters of .thelBBt week. .,, j ,
i.'t ?'-- mm ' '- "'
Natt Officers Obdebbd. The following
officers hare boon ordered to Panama by tbi
steamer from New York of tbe J Oth of October,
to relieve tbo officers new attached to thetteao
frigate uranac, whose- term -of eervloe wii
thortlv expire: .n'-n:. h-k. - -
Cant. R. Ritchir,Lieuts. M. C. Watkina,R
W. Meade; Master, George Bhrycok; Burgeon
D. S. Green; Assistant Surgeon, Bennett Green.
Purser. Won. A. Ingorsoll; Elrat Assistant En
glneers, T. B. C. Stump and Charles Schroeder
Second Assistant Engineers, B. F.dme Chaa
sain i and B. B. H. Wharton; Third Atslatani
Entiiaeois. S. Wilklss Cragg, J. A. Wilson,
A. B. Campbell, H. A. Delias, and B. Aubry;
Boatswain, Philip MllUr; Sail-maker, John
8" ;;' ' '
" A Vat Fob tbb Obeit Eabtbes. The Brit
ish public have been devising rises to whio
the Qreat Eaittrn may be put that' will
proStabt to her owners. The war in Chin
lirosents such an opportunity, for this enormou:
vessel could carry out a large body of treop:
more speedily than any other conveyance
We should not be surprised if the British Uov
cr anient should yet charter this ship for tha
nurpote. In that event there would be con
siderable ditsppointment on this side of
Atlantic, for ouriotltv is very itrong and wldel)
extended to see this monster of the deep. Phil
adelphia Ledger. ; ,
Aabos Joxes, tbk, "Bkkeoia" and
Satbbs. A London snorting paper says tba
Sayers wishes Jones to name an early time
for their matoh to come 0n aud hopes he wiL
doputd some one to draw articles on
behalf at onoe, to. fight for either 200 or
n solo, or lor 2o and a bet oi &avv. as
Hoenan, Tom says ho need not fear belni
shutout from' his chance, as we will tlgh'
him as soon as rvossiblo after bis battle witb
Jones, or ahotild that worthy forfeit the
down, he will at once cover Lie money,
make the match to come off at an early date.
,j--.' ' .tt - :i'...--:
Dahaoe fob Bbeach or Pbomise.t--MUi
a. , -, tt ,. c t,i r. tl V
luaguaieu Ataruj', ill 4eiaa.niyuaubjrii.ii
has just reoovtred $500 damage from Freetaid
Vtobran, wbo bad been "her friend from oljllq
heed." for a breach' of marrlrrtm-promtse.--
offenie'wat aggravated from'-th. 'fait thaC'hr
very often tbok breakXaatat her faAbet'a hfiite,'.,
and then marriadi l another, ttlrLf Youaa
j?a i tumen annum tie onuput. nw.Mj.iiaiaa,
I .rl tl t.a nut. .
".'HML -a- : :uKiuti u iu
. 7- 7Z7T
JlTe? f Manset.' To avoid loas'of Urnef . and .dispnteir
Bttlisiing, ajeforee-is toe aeletoted-ibefprt
tempted not
; v
IV Peavifig Buffalo.,
Louis -Napeleea laaa txtentlve farmer
l !
and-owntflftf: thoHnfl aeref; of. Itdded,
I lAA mmm. a-.fi. all w f" 'ma . ...
.rsaieiuwewirm j, ., j,f,j-jvjh
.:?."Tt7tW :TV"
l I.) il'
FRIDAY, September 30—3 P. M.
The Money market remains in the tame
close condition reported for the past minth. Quite
13, with but few transaction..
as much Panerof sond uam&M.
aa the Diacount-houaea can ULe fromihelr depot
art-date, ottering, '
trnm it, J r a.B,,w. ,
Itiirii; the rate rullug at 12 per cent. Outside rates
Eastern Excbange remains ancommonly scarce;
several of the t-ankers have adranxed tire ret t H I i
premium selling; buying rata inam cents bom.
few Urns are drawing at H In small araonntt teeua
tomers only. Tbroughont the catlre WVAXichanr e
la reported very scarce, Iu Chicago the selling rate
Is 2 per oent. p-emiuni. In St. Louis premium.
In Coulivlll M premium frf Keutuoay Bank-aotee, .
, Cold Ituying rate X&iQ cents; selling at !iH '
Freroium. . . , - - i
lliooii, Wisconsin and Ioa.......-..'. Jdlicoant. -
Miuourl...M,M m. H M..Mi....)f 41
Ten ne86ee...............M..,.ww,MM"'.ii..i.i"..'4
la laoa tree Banks....... para !
Exchange on hew Orleans par buying; telling at
MS rresaium.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
FRIDAY EVENING, September 30, 1859.
FLOIR-Tbe market was rather dull t-day, but
there was no lmponaiit change in prices. Burers
w,-re dl.pns'dto hold off. The sain comprised 450
brie, at (t M for suixirilnc, and tn&i ts for extra,
J.tsab'la wnre received the last twenty-four hours.
WHISKT-Tho market It Arm and the demand
good, bales 70o brls. at Waj'likc; the latter rats for ,
PKOVISIONS-The market ia vsry firm, and there ,
It a ,-ontlnued good demand for Bacon at 7M and Ho.,
but none to be liadattbecloae belowSaud lOo, There
does not teem to bo much inquiry for Lard or meat
Purk, but both are held nrurly at the rates last
quoted, llo. and $15. Hulk Moat Is wanted by smok
ers at 6'M and 6Hc but 7 and 9c are generally asked, -andnonoto
be had much lets. The sales were 190
brls. mess Pork at J 15; 100 do. rump do. at $10 2Hi -aud
60 hhds. Bacon bides at Ml c. 12 tierces Laid tout
at llo "
GROCERIES The market Is firm at full rates.
Sales of 100 hhds. Sugar at Tr'c. Molasses may be
quoted at axanoc., and Coffee at l (Jtl2Xn,
W U BAT -There was but a moderate demand to
day, and tbe market was easier, and l&2c. Inwer.
Sales 200 bus hels prime red at $1 03; 300 do. a' SI re;
aoudo. fair do. at 95c; 460 do. prime white at It OS
1 10. and 2,i0 do. prime while at SI 11
COKN The market la very firm, with a brisk da- -manda'Wic.
Small tales at a20S3e.
. BAKLEI-A sale of 600 bushels prime full at Tic.
llirket steady.
- RYK-Tlire is t &lr demand at 77&73C, Sales 200 .
builiel at 77. . "
OATS The ma-ret continues naavy ana anu, ana .
nrlrmnv now hAnnotftd at 12!&4r.
SEED A aale of ISO bnahels finiotlit atl 25,
CUuto 2 Zi3 SO as the whole range of prloet. ,
[By Telegraph]
NEW YORK, September 30—P. M.
Flour hoavvV and lOfSlSe.' lower t sales '
9,1(10 brls. at $1 Ma( 75 for superfine State: te sO
90 for extra State; il Kxa,i Hi for superfine western;
St iiCM 10 for common tu medium extra Western: '
it Mii 6i for inferior to good shipping brand extra . . '
rnuna-noop unio, closing naavy ; airongiy lenum -downward.
Canadian flour dull: tales ISO brla. a ' "
t i a M for c -mmnn to choice txtra. , Bye Jlou ., ,
fa rrsqnestatSJ Jat35. . , r .-
..... - - .. ... . ulbm.l,H.L.!.., i
nilVKtUUK, lit.,, HUU IU.ri, PiranffVW.."U-l.Wi . H
for Ko. I CbicagA spring; II orl u6 f.-r Indiana. ' .
ann eies iur small parc-eie cnoice rea iowa. nya
quiet: sule. 1,000 buehola " orth River at 82c. . Barley :
lUier. Bun nevy A n.tar&ou. uoru iimii: khi-b b,uw
bmhele n . v3c. for choice 'mfxed Western; 93o. for.'..t
yellow Southern, closing at VDC. ollered and 92c...
asked for ml.rcd Wcatern. Outs dull at 32tflo. for
State, Wostern nnd uaimdian. - - ... , j,,fj
wftisKy nrmanti tmoyant: saiesnsions. ai .'icj r
Pnrlr ri,ill tuln. ijinn tirla. at Sift TiiAIS 90 for mess: ' !
and 610 62 for prime: S13 .Vlfur pr mo Dic, and ?I7 Ml
r rtl- ar. Beet dull and loner: saius z.-jueris, at p
ISA 75 for country nrluic: 9:4ft for country mesa; 86' '-..,
(S i 50 for ro-pneked meas, anil $loU for extra do.
Heel nnuis and prime mees sieei iiuierauu uncnangsa.
Out Jtleats scar. and firm at, for Shoulders. and ,i
Jc. for Hams. Hacou quiet ami unchanged, , (,aru
uuoyant: naiesof 37i one. at lUJitanno.
Afairbuslneeadtdngln Butter at 12(l6c. for Ohio, .,
and 17(V21c.for State.. Cheese In fatr rouuest at 63k' ,
(a)'Jc. lur common to prime. ' -" i..f.-s
There is more Inquiry for, Wool, and tbe market It
buoyant: 7,Mi lbs. sold. Doniestio Fleece at tj(5J57 He. ' ''
for medium to extra, im bales Boenot Ayrea Moe- . -I
iio and Bonskoi, all on private terms.. . ,
Steamboat Register.
Akivi.s-Boaton', Blg'tfatidv! Format Queen, Mad
ison; Fairy Queen, Mavnille; Kanawha alley, Ka
nawha; Jacob Sirader, Lunisville; Kunk-i-, Wheeling;
Kate May, Memphis; Uocheter and Stephen Deca-tui-,
dock; Mary (kiok, Lottlevillei Ki-ptnue, tltts-
Olira:; ouio aiaiiuirt-
PsH-taToaEa-Bostnu, Big Bandy; Forest Oueen.y ;,
f airy uueen, tiayeviiie; jacoo ,or.raucr,
Louisville: Ponieroy, Kanawha; Mary Cook, Flttt-
burg; Swailow, Parkersburg; Noptune, St. Louis.
A MS. Saln.raoma 22 and 21 East Third-
street Chair Cane and other goods at aucjlon.--On -
CCEibDAs mviiNiPit, uctonere, at iuociocK.ee -.
bundles Chair Cane, without reserve. Ail sums over
$100, 3 months, with approved paper;, all under,
cash. .-
ALSO ror casn.to Close coneigumcot, it piecvs
Wool CarpeM, I Chamber Cot.tatre Setts, . large
rroucb Sofas, a large tuiiou r.nae, s nociauio anu
Tete-a-Totes, -t Secretaries and Book Cases. 10 large
.,i .n. il M.homnv Uockera: Gilt Mirrors. Cane ,
Chairs, What Nobi,B,ud a variety of other goods, 4e.
OCI -"I , ll'UUI"ill,nil.,nn.TU., .
treet. next
KMnk.Thlrd tare voaltive ..
omostic Dry Goods, Merohant
loth Mr ' tjood", Bool", Shoes, HUM, ,
Tailors' and
oi l
8TON, In Huie-rooms NO. M Slain-
io tlro lru-t lompany
S anu lil(rini"r UUUun, nwi., uu, uait
TI'KDAV MO KM NO. October -4.
a.,M vlthmit rfNOrre. at'UM O ClOCk.' tbe ''
tara-est and most deelrablo atock of goods we have .
iver offered at anctJou. They will be arranged In
c"ia ffiTwlWR8DAr MOHNlNai' October 3.
nuuencing at lu o'clock, will be Bold, without re- '
i-rve, in catalogue iorm, iou p . vuitu, cruwu,,
rhreu-uiy, ingnun,-A.ii-wuwi, i-ouvunu, unu, wuwb.
ale of Foreign aud
nd Cotton Carpeting.
sepJO -
, .; i'-W.-. -i :!!: -.:!) -jr."; . ,..-
- uli;:- ! n T;::i ':.V-j!-j .'.,:.: -,. ,
"'! SO' itarl-8treet, -
" '- , j .ui-' : ;io ;J.
Have now In store a large and select stock of BTA-,
PLK and FANCT DRY OOODB, which, for extent
tnd varisty, If unsurpassed, vltx-i. ; ...j !.,.; ,
: i i ,,r.' .- . . . i '
A large and general stock of Domestic
Woolen aud Cotton Goods. " " y"
A splendid line of very rich DreiaOoodf ,
in SlltUaDelauies, Merlnoet, aird otner
fabrics of newest stjles." , V ' '..
knd Veniiigs, la ,
Cloths, Casslmeree
large assortment.
A complete stock of White Goer iy Em
broideries and Linen Goods, of our
own Importation. "' '
y '' ., ."- 7- ' T
A rery extensive stocir or kb icy ana
Variety Goods, Shawlsj Uotlery ,
Gloves, kc. , . ; , '
..-j ' ; - .' "
tar We shall be In dally receipt of all n:w and de
sirable Goods during the season, and o sirs to be,
placed In competition witb any boose, lart or West,
by an examination Of oerttocA. aeplOam .
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'-Bottta-ekst Cor, Fourth $xA Via,'
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WKAS evef offered lafiineaiueMg' .iritij, , aj ;J
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To make up to Measure, wtU be ttrge wafrlevW
VTe have a -. r-
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'from' Hew York '4noVPbftaahr'wM ilre t.1 1
amlerttanlt the at bf Cwtttaf rHylUB Qajrawaei tyt id
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hoMtOBMimtawtrunate. irnii, ;JI(,9 ,j vrf
' Ito'WfVt KII.A SnfrJ-j If 1tr,f Ij.'f-i jiij

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