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FOCND,"4o., In this oolumn, oconpylni Ave lines
or lees, two insertions, twenty -Ave cent.
wanted. Apply to MoHENBY CABSON,
001-0 1 Ml.
Kim .1. 22u0i 0"Inmbta.-street, between Race and
JCim, six good moldera. Nona need annlv hnt nt.
mte workmen. Steady work and aaaA
iTANTUD prin x C0L0RIST3 Two
. 0.pJ'lojd print coloriata. Also, several
JW,OOI, print publisher, 31 West Ttalrd-it.,
Z2LlP Insurance office,
XANIED AGENTS Flrst-olass agents
. with small capital to engage In a respectable
".islness, to travel for the concern, Sm) per month
'rof all eicnensea. Call at the Indiana Home,
lfth-strevt, Cincinnati, 0. J. L. OBAtt,
. oo4-b Intelligence Agent,
WANTED Clerks, salesmen, book-keep-ere,
bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpenters,
"ecnanics. and others, can Dud eftuatlons at the
JlnrchantB1 Clerks' ttegistry Office, No, 291 Voat
WANTED An active business mm with
a small cash capital can purchase an Interest
and engage in a business that will pay at least $6,000
per annum. Apply to II ALE & CO., 391 West l it' U
atraet, ocub
WANTED TO SELL An active nan
with a small capital, can buy one half of a sen
tee! and paying bnslneia. A rare chance to make a
1!'"'' '""U'insss is now offered. Address 0. Jl.
frees Office. ocHb'
"WE" ANTED A noma jrlrl, ons that can
.7, J,. c?jnewell recommended. Address BERKLEY
t this cffl.ee. oct4b
7"ANTED SAFE A small second-hand
..!,. Ja11!!? !'ir-?.ro'' 8f. Hall 4 Dodd's
lSSS5fr bT lllrl Look Box 817, Cincinnati
yostoffloo. oca-b
lf ANTED H0D8E Of eight or ten
oor?"" lth " location central,
sd!5 J,0. Address, stating locality and rent,
.KTANTED A good 000k; a small girl to
JLZt STt'S lKT ior, cery 'tore. This ia the
Waoe to find reliable help for city or country, rs none
at such will be recommended at my office, tor Elm
ud Mluth-streete. Cheapness and dispatch la my
rouatnnt motto, toca-b TH08. BUCHANAN.
WANTED ROOMS The adrertiser
. T "''ml? t0 btln two rooms suitable for a den
tal office. The parlors (unfurnished) in a house with
a private family preferred. Central location neres
aary. Address It. B this office. oc3-b
:,,; w, oe wuung 10 aaswt in
Ti.il1 ? of "Lltini!i S004 reforenco given aa to
r h fir Arfflir Arlrlrdnai M tT ft rua til .
clnriiM, 0. ' v" "l"u""lil3V,n-
man. In a whnlaMl. r.- 1 j "
roods stor!.. Qood references W 'kidrS,. i, V
H..rhUnfflM -
VANTED One or two olerks In an office;
IpT. iCJiy?nUJ "l,,!tor". Porters, waiters, hot-
Ci2!. . A. D. CARBON 4 CO.
T&V"ANTED-PA?.TNER-A good busineii
r,e.. al?rt.f n,h tyt' in well-established bnsl.
ness. Address Box 3a Postofllce. se30d
"VjOR RENT-ROOM-The seoond-itory room
.11- ontho north-west corner of Main and i Fourth -S"?.
Apply to T. A.- EVENS, Engraver, No. 1
watt, Tonrth-street, Cincinnati. oct4c
HC10R RENT ROOMS Three or fire rooms
. n,?w'f' Wered, water, das, and nse of bath;
centrally located. For particulars address 8. B., at
J his office.
desirable brick dwolllng with sixteen rooms,
handsomely fltted np; large grounds, muchvaluabla
fruit and shrubbery; would accommodate two faml
llte; on Walnut Bills, two miles from the city, and
0D!,D.1!!jnJt.cltt"n(1 country life. Bent low. Apply
to SAMUEL B. MACH AlOO., No. 35 West Thlrd
etreet, or to A. WBIQliT, corner of Main and Third
street. ocj
C10R RENT HOUSE A briok home, No.
j t4?.Jlllt0? s'reet, corner of Broadway, g rooms
and hall, Inquire of J. H. N E WU AM, 379 Main- street.
hand show-cases. Call at 80 West Fourth-street.
oc-b G.O.KsilKFIK&CO.
and Well.flRtahllRhAd rilntnff flatnnn. , Hn o
Last Fourth-street, having seventy-five prompt pay
ing hoarders, and a good transient trade. For further
particulars irninlre on the premises. oc4b
Jished Bupiihlican Paper In one of the best rall
Tonil towns in Northern Illluois. Address J. B. 8. B.,
jit tbia office, oc3-aw
OOR SALE 2 ROUTES Morning and
M. evening, for sale lew for ossh, only to besold on
account of Inability to attend to them, caused by
sickness. A good chance. Apply at No. 18 Betts
troet. sesMaw
,10R SALE LOT In the town of Califor-
nla. Ohio, nrntwir termtniiB nt th Vtfth it-ut
Market and Pendleton and Columbia Street Bailroad)
very low for cash or acceptable trade.
WABREN L. DAVIS. Uouse and sign Painter,
sepa-aw 73 West Thlrd-st., OlnclnpatV
tOR SALE PAPERS Several thoosand
imu papers n xo. per nunarea, at tots otnee.
BOARDING Two gentlemen desiring a
pleasant place to board In a private family
where thi-re are a few boarders, would do well to call
at No. 107 Longworth-street, between Elm and Plum.
'Owrnis modetate. oc4-b
BOARDING At No. 298 Weit-flfth street.
New proprietor; good accommodations: terms
llboral. Also, lino room for a family. Say-boarders
ran and good accommodations. oc3-b"
BOARDING A few more gentlemen oan
be accommodated with day-boarding at No.
308 West TOh-street. Terms, $3 per week. aSc!;
Ixmrd and lodging for a single gentleman, Terms
1 per week. oc3-h
BOARDING HOUSE A first-olais board
ing house, 177 Sycamore-street, between Fifth
ud Sixth, west sido. Large, airy, unfurnished
rooms for families. Accommodation for single Hon.
tlemen. iepJa-aw T. A. BOWK.
KERCHIKF-It might bare been savod ir It
. bad been marked with one of Lenpheart Co..'i
Btencil plates, 102 West Fonrl h Bt,. oct 3-b
Pike's Opera-house,
Greatly Reduced Prices.
OS West Fourth-street.
V dally, by Lightning Hi press,,
through In 36 hours, William T. Smith'
A OoTa celer rated Planted Oysters,
which we are selllnffat unnrecedented
low prices, by Case or Cans. Dealers and families
wanting a very large Oyster and fresh front tbs
water, will send us their orders.
scpM-cm No. DO Sixth -street, Cincinnati.
fins article, not np bv Walls Provost, New
xora inswreanu lursaie uy
Verncr Math and Ylus-strseu,
....rf...OCTOflER. '4
-Penny Pre to be bad every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
Roun fob SL. A good ronte for sale on
the Penny Prut. Inquire at the oountlng
room. Tbi School Library. Of one thing Cin
cinnati certainly oan, with propriety, boast
superiority over any of her sister olties of the
West, and thatja her free library. Large ad
ditions to the old collections rendered a
thorough renovation neoesiaryi and for this
Jturpoae the library-rooms have been olostd
or some months past. Several thousand more
volumes are expected In a short time, which,
added to the present number, will inoreate it
to over two thousand five hundred. The al
ooves in the lower room only are yet cata
logued, and embrace 9,0.' 5 volumes, classified
as follows: miscellaneous, 801 j biography,
1,128; voyages and travels, 1,I72( divinity,
law, moral and civil, 859; history, 1,461; lexi
cons, grammars, to., 291; agrioultare,' arts
and mechanics, 871; scientific, 183; poetry and
drama, 755; general literature, 411; novels,
io., 72S; tales, 259. These volumes constitute
less than one-half of the library at present,
and, with the expected additions, will be bat
little over one-third.
Among the valuable wotka thus olaisifled,
are the complete works of Adams, Washing
ton, Jefferson and Franklin; Elliots's debates;
Preaoott'l and Bancroft's histories; Hume,
Gibbon, MoCanley; and, indeed, all the best
standard historical and biograpbloal works of
the day.
Among the lighter literature, are the works
of Sir Walter Soott, Washington Irving,
Charles Dickens and Charles Lever.
In some of the smaller rooms are valuable
oollectlooa of documents illustrative of the his
tory of our country, including the American
State papers, the annala of Congress, the Con
grmional Olobt and JViYei' Begitter.
It contains the best eolleotion of encyclope
dias in the West, inoludisg Rses't (two copies)
Encyclopedia Americana, Chamberi'i Elinburg,
EnaicloDtdia Metroioalitnniw. the R Fi
ftdia and the ncyco)ea!u Brittanita,
xam books in me gallery are only tempora
rily arranged aa yet. They inolude the dif
ferent magazines of the day, among which are
found the Amerioan Journal of Boienoe, the
Journal of the Franklin Institute, North
Amerioan Review, Knickerbocker, Blackwood,
and numerous others of an equally standard
There Is alio a full edition of Harper's fam
ily and olaisioal library, and an aloove ex
pressly set apart for books In the modern lan
guages other than the English. It oontaina a
great nntnber of German works, inoluding
Humboldt's iToimos, Sohlosser's IFef tfese
Aicf and Goethe's Samtlicht Wrie, and a still
larger collection of finely bound editions of
standard Freneh authors, Roaseau, Madame
De Stael, Bostuet, Cornell le, and a 00m pie to
oollection of that invaluable work, the Butoirt
det Voyaga. together with a single Spanish
book, the Hiitoria da Utjieo, being the narra
tive of Cortes, written by himself.
Some beautiful specimens of statuary and
painting may be aeon in the Fine Art Gallery.
The cloture of the ancient philosophers search
ing for knowledge and imparting it to their
pupils, la particularly interesting.
A large and handsome reading-room, in
which will be found all the best newspapers of
the country, ia fitted up for the convenience of
Let every citlien remembsr that this ia hU
library that its treasures are accessible to him
without money and without prioe that its vol
umes are bis, and the oare that he bestows upon
the books in his charge, is bestowed upon his
own property. How few persona can boast of
suoh advantages, even by the payment of large
Bums of money, as are wlihiu the reach of
every citiien of Cincinnati, free of cost.
Purmd Shahp. John Wendrum, who
hails from St. Louis, arrived in this olty some
days since, and sought the Chief and a number
of polhe, and informed them that he was
"posted" in polioe matters, and eould "spot"
a number of peraona who had arrived in the
oity for the purpose of committing depreda
tions. He was immediately taken into fellow
ship, and told several plauiable stories. A
few slgbta sinoe he auooeeded in Inducing
Officers Leonard and Llppenoott to watch a
boarding-house on Fifth-street, assuring them
that apian was en foot to enter and rob the
same. The officers repaired to the spot desig
nated, and waited with patience the approach
of the robbers, but none appeared. About the
game hour designated, a burglary was com
mitted on Sixth-street, and the officers, believ
ing that Wendrum was a "sharper," arrested
him yesterday, and had him tried in the Police
Court on a charge of vagrancy. He was
recognised in the Court by a gentleman from
St. Louie as an old vagrant, and was sent
"over the way" by Judge Lowe for the space
of thirty days. His Daguerreotype adorns the
oolleotion of thieves In the Chief's offioe.
IIousb of Refcgr. Judge Lowe was again
compelled, yesterday, to perform what he
considered a painful duty that of separating
parents and children four boys, named
Martin Toohey, aged twelve years, Mioheel
Mara, aged fourteen years, John Burke,
aged ten years, and James Ilonlahan, aged
thirteen years, were charged in his Court
with straying from the West End to the
Seventeenth Ward, and pilfering from the
money drawer of a grooery keeper one dol
lar and twenty-five cents. They were each
sentenced to the House of Refuge until of
legal age. The parents of these children
appeared in Court, and tried hard to have
their children released, but all to no purpose.
Assault and Battkby, John MoDonald
and Ereklel Howard a regular aid substitute
constable were fined $3 and coats by Judge
Lowe, yesterday, upon a oharge of assault and
battery. It appears that these officers were
endeavoring to levy an attachment on the
property of a widow woman, who keeps a no
tion store on Seventh-street, between Main and
Sycamore; that her aon, lunatic, interfered,
when he was ohoked by the officers and other
wise badly treated; a bunch of keys were also
taken from his pooket. Judge Lowe thought
the officers had a right to do their duty as pre
scribed by law, but wag of opinion that they
went a little beyond.
Stbahwo Wbibxt lit Pisok. An old man
named Ferry, who has been confined in tho
City Prison for several weeks past, was before
Judge Lowe yesterday to answer the charge
of stealing from the prison a jug of whisky,
kept and used there by Dr. Webb, the Jail
Physioian, for medioinal purposes. He was
found guilty and sentenced to sixty days'
imprisonment in the same institution.
High wav Robbkbt. James Ford and John
Hannigan were arraigned in the Police Court
yesterday upon a charge of knocking down
and robbing a man named Jacob Wess, of $5
in silver ooin, and a gold chain, near Camp
Washington, on the 18th of last month. They
were held in bonds of $500 each to answer
next Wednesday.
Exposing His Ptasotr. A beast in human
form, named Matthew McMullen, was before
his Honor Judge Lowe, yesterday, to answer
the oharge of indecently exposing his person
in the presence of ladies. He was fined $20
and costs.
Plsad Guilty William Lewis plead guilty
in the Polioe Court, yesterday, to the charge
of stealing a gold cronometor watch from
Mrs. Malloy, on Front street. He was sent
to the County Jail for the term of four
Dbowkid. Thomas Ryan, aged about forty
year, fell from the steamboat Mian No. 1,
yesterday morning and was drowned. He re
sided ia this oity.
Wood'8 Thsutih. Another large and fah
iombIeaudlsnc.wea present at this Institution last
evenliigto. witness Mi. Anderson aa ''KlrAr 1eu.."
To-night will be repeated Oisiffcs, in which Mr. A.
stands unrivaled. The laughable farce of Ah Objsc r
or Inter tar, will conclude the performance, In which
nie Inimitable Fanny Denbam appears as Fanny
Brihbles. 'Ihose who did not witness Mr. Anderson's
former Impersonation of "Oislppm," ought not to
lulls the present opportunity, aa 1 1 Is a sterling char
acter and will be presented by Mr. A. In his truly ar
tistic style.
Thi TtTBP. Mr. Stephens, proprietor of the
Cincinnati Trotting Park, bas secured "Flora Tem
ple," "Prlnceee" and "Ike Cooks" to trot over his
courts for a puree of J 1 ,000, on Friday afternoon next.
This will he the moat exciting race ever witnessed
near the Queen Olty.
A woman, who gave her name as Sarah
Minmick, was sentenced to the City Prison
for ten days, by Judge Lowe, yesterday,
charged with setting fire to a window-curtain
with a lighted candle in her own house
while in a state of intoxication.
A drayman, named John Grew, was fined
$5 and coat, by Judge Lowe, yesterday,
charged with driving through a funeral pro
cession. Up to the present time, some $500 have been
subscribed to the Woodward Monument. The
subscription books are atill open.
H. Thane Miller was the leader at the First
Presbyterian Church last evening, in the be
half of Christian unity.
Aa yet the consolidation of the Little Mtama
and Cincinnati. Hamilton and Davton Rail.
roada hag not been agreed npon.
Chief of Police Wilson has returned from a
visit to Missouri. What did he accomplish,
and what business had he from his post? Let
the public anawer.
Ruth Irwin, for vagrancy and contempt of
Court, was sent to the County Jail for six
months by Judge Lowe yesterday.
Sixty-one persons were tried in the Police
Court for various offenses yesterday.
Riciipts and ExrgJDiTUttis. We are
indebted to Deputy City Auditor Shuita for the
following receipts and expenditures of the City
of Cincinnati, for the week ending Ootober 1,
r. , ... BlCglPVS.
General Fund -., , &j 40
Police Court and Prison ,om 32
i-lBht rjnd... w, w
Sinking Fund m 00
. Total.,
$9,081 72
..... t3,pl M
im 69
3,869 70
............ 2,100 00
800 00
3,379 12
General Fnnd
folico and rrison...,..,....;.....
Watch Fund
Interest Fund , ,
Superior Court Fund,.,
Fire Department Fund
.111,035 78
The following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
Postoffioe, in this city, October 3.
Jolforson F. Brown, Lebanon, 0.
Robert F. Dennis, tewlsburg, Va.
Meters. Carter, Keurns A Co., Putnam, 0.
lease Davis, St. Catharine, Mo.
Anston A Brothers, Hutsonvllle, 111.
Philip Frank, St. Louis, Mo.
Joseph Gottlieb, Arcanum, 0.
Miss Rtissell, Columbus, 0.
J antes Qood I n, Hartford , Cnnn .
Mrs H. M. Grlswnld, Hprlngfleld, 0.
K. D. Mtinsffolrl, Morrow, 0.
Allien Knlttell, Loxinxton, Ky.
VdWMrd D. Wlttell, Mew Orleans, La.
Jnsoph Krache. flairllton.
John Mackoy. Covington, Ky.
Carl Legab, Wapokonetta, 0.
Opposition Mketino A meeting of the
Opposition Party, accompanied by the niual
paraphernalia toroh-llghts, transparencies and
cannons assembled at Fifth-street Market
space last night. The following wore the offi
cers of the meeting:
PretidentJ. F. Cunningham.
Fic-fVetieit V. Wunder, John W. Her
ron, H. Rienmeyer, J. M. Kaeler, P. Wilson,
J. P. Williams, Wm. Cameron, Philip Rieas,
Dr. H. Shults, Richard Calvin, Christopher
Constable, and Wm. Brownell.
SeeretarUt John M. Msdary and 0. Glenn.
Addresses were delivered by Messrs, Cum
haok and Galloway.
CmoiNNATr Tvpb. The Franklin Type
Foundry of Cincinnati, exhibited their ma
chines at the St. Louis Fair, and received the
second premium, whioh perhaps should have
been the first, as many said, who saw them
work day in and day out during the fair. The
successful Philadelphia sample was two hours
at work, Numerous published testimonials of
the worth and qualities of the type made by
the Cincinnati Company will shortly be brought
before the public.
pfDt. 3. M. Mackenzie, the well-known
and pleasing Sabbath-school instructor, de
livered a highly entertaining address before
i;.i Sabbath-school scholars and their pa
rents, in the town of Industry, in wis
county, on Sunday last. The Rev. Mr.
Chidlaw will preach at the same place at
eleven o'clock A. M. on Sabbath next.
Gbbmin Mission Sabbath Schools. The
annual meeting of the "German Mission Sun
day Schools" oame off yesterday, when the
annual election of officers took place aa fol
lows: Superintendent, Peter Rudolph NefT;
Assistants, George B. Bradley and Porter L.
Weed; Treasurer, George William Frailer;
Secretaries, George A. Morris and Charles
Cornean. "
No. 11 Wbst Fifth-stbkht. One of the
best stands In the oity, at which to prooure fine
Oysters is Robert Orr's, No. 11 West Fifth
street, He keepa constantly on hand the beat
article of Oysters imported to the Queen City,
and Is bound to keep ahead of all competition.
If you want good Oysters go to Robert Orr.
Lestie's Sewing-macbins. This sewing
machine is well oaloulated to supersede the use
of a great many others now before the public.
The merits of this great alevlator of female
suffering consists in its superior workmanship
and beautiful construction. Wm.Lapham is the
agent No. 94 West Jourth-street.
Cobonib's Inqubst. Yesterday morning
Coroner Carey was called npon to hold an in
quest over the dead body of a woman named
Eiohenlaub, found at her residence, No. 71
Green-street. The jury rendered a rerdlot of
"death resulting from the incompeteney of the
attending physicians during ohlld-birth."
"We understand that Mr. W. W. Fos
dlck, of this city, a poet and newspaper writer
of ability, leaves to-day for New York City,
to engage In some pursuit congenial to his
talents. We trust he will be as snceessful aa
his merits warrant.
Abbrst of a Mcbdekib. William Kelly,
alias Fittgerald, was arrested last evening by
Offioers Pendery and Lincoln, charged with
committing a murder some weeks since, In De
troit, Michigan. He will have a hearing be
fore Judge Lowe this morning,
JSB Offioers Jaoobl and Bliss were held, by
'Squire Ball, yestorday, in bonds of one and
two hundred dollars each for their appearanoe
at the Court of Common Pleas to answer the
oharge of assanlting Sebastian Leibeck.
9 Meteorological observations for the
Pbhnt Paias, by Henry Ware, Optloian, No.
7 West Fourth-street, Ootober 3, 1859.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M....... ,. N.as at
1J M. f s m it s t as eHee eeetHeees 29.60 71
6 Ps MtMMiMseaae2VjO 70
"Pattkbson's." If you want a good artlole
of amoking or chewing tobacco, or a real good
cigar, go to Patterson's, No. 115 Main, or 197
The German papers state that the petition
against the Sunday Law has five thousand
signatures appended to it-
We return thanks to the Adams Ex
press for late Western papers.
October Tbbm In room No. 3 Judge
Spencer and Hoadley art In Oenml Term. It was
stated by Judge Spencer that In coiim-uiwiiik of Judge
r soseure therewould be 110 bnainesa train
acted In General Term except matters of n routine or
formal character, until the last wnrk f this month.
In announcing the distribution of busliieta it whs
Intimated that Judge Hoadley would alt as prs-idlng
Judge for the ensuing year; J wise Bpencer take
1 j i.uunua 1 ue present month:
Judge Storer, No. 2, and Judge Uoadluy, No. S. Tho
jury duckets will be takon caro of noxt week in Room
No. 2, as though Judge Storer (who will not return
until the 17th,) were here, so that ciwos aet for trial
before him will U"t be delayed unlets counsel desire
It. The Court then adjourned.
Tha Judges then eat for a ahnrt HniA in sui
Term, but no business of any importance was transacted,
mom rrlmlnat liMn.1. T...I.
- . ' ...... "Ml 1HWJVU,, WUUKV
2"iir set the case of the State agslnst William
, 7.;"'n"" "u '"'. nu oonunuso. over tue ses
sion of the Court until that time.
The Judgps signed twonty-elght warrants for the
removcal of that number of couviotsto the peniten
tiary. The decision on motion for a new trial, In the ease
or Jacob Honey and William Leech, was also laid
nvnr until Ilia, ln- kA '....- J--!-, , l
ij " ' win i. ueairiHK It, near me
evidence of a witness on a particular point.
uUg mjiiun araiuBu a motion ror a new trial In
" oe of Michael Whitney, who had been oon
vlcted of an assault with Intout to kill Daniel Van
-.n. .-j nt-i i ,
o vwiu mm iiuaoun sab in
0. .u. .u1.wi,wi uuckoc was caueti, ana
some cases wre taken under advisement.
k 1 Ir. " " . ne city in a lew aay,
and will occupy the place of prosiding Judge of thbi
A number of applications for cltlienihlp were
ffiET-Josenh R. Hills, nlinm Wm. Tiilla wVa
was arrested aome time ainoe in this elty and
i-1 n,ixi , -
w jrinsuurg, on a onarge or passing
counterfeit monev. havlnv mmiu,mAA i
making his escape from the offloers there,
om idihiu iu oi. uuuis on rjaiuruay last, lie
will be remanded.
(Subscriptions, advertisements and eammnnlca.
n( resjed to the "Press Ueporter," Box 80, will
W WtblUliUVU, V J
OmrJiAL CUtbages. Tho aFsaull dommltted
by Officer Morton upon P. A. 0. Kemper, on Satur
day afternoon last, is of a more serious nature than
wewere aturat led to suppose. The exact causa of
the brutal attack we do not know, but the character
of the punishment inflicted Is worthy of the lowest
Baltimore rowdy. Mr. Kemper is an old man and
has been a resident of our city for a number of years,
and was of a very peaceful disposition, which makes
the assault even of a more outrageous nature than
otherwise. Officer Morton ran up behind Mr. K..
when near the oornsr of York and Bellevne, and
struck him several times with hla list, then pnahlug
him away, he dealt several blows with a thick and
heavycane, knocking him senseless. Upon examin
ation or the wounds It was found that three teoth
were cut and the head bruised very seriously. Yes
terdsy morning Mr. Kemper wsa conidrod In a
dangerous situatim, and fears were entertained cf
niorti8catlon setting in, which, if it does, will prob
ably result In his death. So far, nothlDg has been
done to the official assailant. He was not so muen
as plaoed nnder an arrest, and now, while his victim
If suffering painfully from bis Injuries, he enjoys the
free use of himself, to go or stay. This Is the second
ajsau't committed by our officers. Soma daya ago
Marshal Cook, while effecting tha arrest of a man
named David Merrill, used his cane to such an extent
that Merrill's lire la despaired of; Indeed, rumors
were in circulation yesterday that he was dead. We
do notknow to what our usually quiet city la tend
Ing, when an arrest tannot be made without the use
of a bludgeon, or that our officers must take the law
in their own hands and make uncalled-for assaults.
Death or an Old Citizbb Rev. Benjamin
Boyd, aedelght-f,,iir years, and long a re-ldeutof
this place, died day before yestordav. A large con
course of friends followed the remains to their last
resting placo In the Mewport Cemetery, yestordav
An error occurred In our yesterday moraine's
ii wi m.iiT. uuviuv vi mo uiare stolen irom Air. H.d
wards. Itsh"uld have been "Independence" and not
Mayor Hawkins, on account cf sickness in
his family, Isunacle to attend to any business.
J AB e?n'niunlcaMons from onr friends will be
thankfully received. Address ' Press Beporter,"
Box Jl, Covington, Ky.
Bdrniko op thb iNDtPBNDEfrca Ampbithba-
tai.-On Sundsymorning last, nt about four o'clock,
as oneof the officials connected with the recent fair
was visiting the grounds, he discovered the amphi
theater to be on lire. 1 hough the flames had not, as
yot, niade great progress, atill be was Unable to ex
tinguish It, and the nholo structure was burned to
the ground. The lose U estimated at 5,000, and no
naurance, the old policy having expired without be
ing renewed. It was doubtless the work of an in
cendiary. We understand an effort will be made to
remove the fair grounds to Taylor's Bottom, three
miles from Covington. It Is a beautiful spot, and Is
in every respect anellglble position.
A counterfeiter named Arohllald Sixt, was
arrested by Olllcers Dicky and Biff, yesterday. De
hsd passed several counterfeit ten-dollar bills nt
Maysvllle, and then immigrated here. He was, how
ever, followed hythe Mayivl He officers, and, when
taken, was returned to that place. A ten-dollar
onnnterfelt bill was all the money found upon hla
person, when arrested, lie waa carried back on the
Fairy Queen. ,
Policb Coubt. Mary Bowman, who was
discharged from jail last week, waa sentenced for
another twenty days yesterday morning, on a charge
01 vagrancy. That la a common occurrence among
ourvsgrants-they ought to be sot to work.
Coontt Cocbt. During September there
were recorded In the Clerk's office of the Oonnty
Court, eighty-eight deeds, thirty-throe mortgages,
and sixteen releases; there were also twenty-four
marriage licenses granted.
In the slander suit of Soden vs. Geosmayer,
tho jury failed to agree and were discharged.
MONDAY, October 3—3 P. M.
Aa ia uaually the case on Mondays, Third
street was quiet to-day. Currency continues close.
The bankers are not willing to extend theirdlscount
line until after the 4th, which being to-morrow, it is
expected that there will be heavy checking.
Eastern Exchaugo remains llrm at premium
selling rate; buying at . Outside parties are gen
erallj compelled to pay H for Exchange, as the deal
r will draw for customers only at Hi.
uold-M cents buying rate: Belling
.New Orleans Exchange dull at parleying rate;
e'lingat Xa4 premium.
No change In TJncurrent Money.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
MONDAY EVENING, October 3, 1859.
TLOUR The market was excessively dull again
to-day, and though holders offered to make further
concessions, and would have accepted $4 so for su
perfine, yet borers refused to operate, so that prices
must be regarded nominal. The only sales we heard
of being 180 brie, extra at S4 704 SO. 2,352 brls.
ItVfSi-1 !he lM. tw1,kT-fonf n0n-
WHISKY An active demand, and tho tendency
of prices still upward, though not generally higher.
Hales 1,300 brls. at 252Sc., the latter rate for
PROVISIONS-Bacon waa held with great firm
ness to-day at 810o., but buyers seemed unwilling
to came up to those figures generally, though none
could be had less. Mess Pork, city brands, Is of
fered at $14 76. and Lard at lOXc, bnt no sales. SOO
br s. mess sold Saturday, dollvered at Louisville, at
fit, and lOOhhds. Bacon Bhouldera, delivered at the
samu nines Va rru- - -1 a. . -. . .
.n..uv y.nw. i.nu, luvMiei i,u-uvy were nuufl.
Bacon Shoulders at 8c., and 20 hhds. hulk Sides at
WHS AT The market Is quiet and dnll, lot prices
o u.i.B vr) (iubuuib iuir mixea ai oi us;
JOO do. prime red at$l 03; 300 do. at SI 03, and 200 do.
white at SI 10.
. P0BiN;A good demand, and prices firm at 80c. lor
5??r2"iMJj,0D bushels at 7Pc. Market firm.
uaabai-xne market is rather dull, and prices
tending downward, though not quotably lower.
omen onu Diuneis gooo latt at (Uo.i 260 do. spring at
Mo.; 300 do. at 70c. Prime fall is held generally at
OATS The market has Improved and prices have
advanced 3o. per bushel. Sales M boshsls. in bulk
t depot, at 410;! oo do. at 43o., closing at 4243c.
OIL-Sales of 36 brls, Liuseed at o6o and 2b do. at
UROCERIES Tho market is firm, butnnlet. Sales
of Sugar at 774o.; and 160 bags good Rio Coffee at
12tyc. Molasses may be quoted at at 3WWt0c.
Steamboat Register.
A mi vals Sunday Jacob Strader, Louisville;
Talry Queen. Maysvllle: Indian No, 1, Pittsburg;
Kewe-Boy, do.; Ohio No. , Marietta Monday
Hastings, St. Louis; Forest Queen, Madison; Cam
bridge, Pittsburg: Marmora. Louisville: A. W.Quar
rler, Kanawha; Telegraph, Louisville.
rijT0Sss-8undy-jMob Strader, Louisville.
Hoi.d- Forsst Queen, Madison ; Fairy Queen,
Maysvlllei Ohio No. a, Marietta; Marmora, fltts
burg; Indian, New Orleans, Nea-Boy,do.
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, October 3—M.
Howard and Ohio. There have been no sales, bow
ever, above ts. Wheat active at SI 3J(1 60 for
" vi "Jti9i io lor iuu, uoru active ac OMn
8!o. for white, and 848. for yelb.w. Oate nrm:
Ma.rol.ni1 -, siuni. - - 11 ... .
Bye (Marylandl quoted at 80(3830. Mess Pork 8IS 78
Bacon Sldea 10o.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, October 3—P. M.
A ftna fi.,n
- w,.,vv UUJ.. bll.Ul
rm: salM at 7Wc. Corn buoyant at otc.ell It)
for prims white. Whisky advanced lc.
NEW ORLEANS, October 3—P. M. [By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 3—P. M.
-at.a aliirht adVfuice. and
closed heavy: sales 7,11s, l.. ,r$i jn4 65 for super
Bus State: t 7t. wi fur extra di.; $4 WM 70 fur
superfine JJesteru; S4 7W f..r medium extra West
ern, and 51 301ft'-&) fur Inferior to good shipping
brands extra rouud-hoip Ohio. Canadian S'lour
dull: sales 340 brls. at $1 3lK48 25 for common to
4 30 By Flou' 'n r,lr "fluest at $3 75
Wheat dnll and heavy for spring, and stesdy for
other k nd: sales ll.fOO buh. ' at jl 2V1 30 for
white Western; $1 11 f"r rod Btato; t)l 18 for amber
auiiuiguo; ei 4it)i v, lor viiite Kfnturkr. Rye
quiet: saea60O binhnl.nt Hiia.s2.i. lu.u. - V,
49c. Corn srarui and better: sa'es is.ooo biuhelsat
4o.formlxod Western; l('.Hc forJervey and South
ern yellow. OaU dull at ll42c. for btate, aud 40
Whisky active and better! i'.tfl. t.wm l,t.
TtHo. ' "
t-ork heavy and lower: sales 3,150 brls. at $15 6Ja
13 7A fr niMB. and Mln AO far nrim. H-r A..II
lower: ailes 230 brls. at iv$6 for country mess, and
858 80 for re-packeil mess, and t I0l 1 tor extra
mens. Beef quiet and unchanged. Cut Meat, scarce
and firm at 80. for Shoulders and 9o. for Hams. Ba
con quiet and unchanged. Lard firm: sales 450 brls.
A lair business doing In Butter at 12((S16o. for
Ohio, and 1721o. for State. Cheese In fair request
at r,Xtfc.
uotuin qtitei: sates 300 Dales.
fl agar and Coffee firm.
Spirits Turpentine firm at 4748o.
A. Ejeter, Clooka, Watches and
Jewelry, Nos. 341 and 271 Western-row,
59 Daguerrelan Oallery, south-west oor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hanaaford's
drng store. Pictures taken and put In good oases for
twenty cents. Warranted to please.
Eaflf you want a sloe fitting Shoe or Boo
for yourself,wtfe or children, go to M. A. Wistoott's,
No. 14 West rifth-stroet. II is stock Is general, em
bracing Shoes and Boots of all qualities, and or
Eactern and custom make. If yon would be satisfied
with your purehseos go to No. 14 West T If th-strwet,
A New History of the United States.
A Britisher, who lately traveled all over this
country, while he staved in New Tork, went
home and got np a book of travels, whioh he
intends shall be a British history of the United
States. From one of the proof-sheets we have
been kindly permitted by the author to oonv
one of the ohspters. It Is late news, which
very tew or our readers nave ever read :
Summary Before I went to America. I had
beard much of Amerioan natural asenery ; I
came to see it for myself. I have traversed
the country from the eolonlal dependence of
Her Most Oraoious Majesty In Canada to the
Rocky Mountains, and I saw nothing that
could be called worthy of the artist's or poet's
observation. It is true that Canada has aome
charming; sooner, which has been muoh im
proved by British taste and art the natural
consequenoes of the refinement and cultivation
of the inhabitants ; but whenever one crosses
into the titatos, the country exhibits either
wild forests or naked prairiea, both of which
are dangerous to travel through, In oontequence
of the quantities of voraoious animals they
contain. A distinguished member of the
United states f arliament informed me that a
railroad train last year was attacked by a drove
of rsocoons, while orosiiog a prairie, and every
passenger destroyed. These raocoons are the
terror of this wild country, and hare depopu
lated thousands of miles of Its sutf&oe.
Thb California Gold Cbop Aooordlng to
the California Regitttr for 1869, there were in
operation in 1850, in fifteen oounties from which
information has been obtained, three hundred
and thirty-three quarts orushtne mills, the ma
chinery of which had cost $3,367,000.
The richest quarta vein In the State ia that
of Allison's Baoohe, whioh Is believed to be the
richest gold mines in tbs world. The first sixty
three tuna of quarts from this vein proluoeil
$22,000. The vein or lode, called lead by the
miners, was opened In 1SSS. The yield during
the ensuing two years was estimated at
$1,500,000. Eight thousand tuna of rook have
been crushed, whioh haa yielded $200 per tun.
Street 3c Sonlsby's claim, In Tuolumne County,
is supposed to oontain gold rook worth $4,009,
000. Colonel Fremont's Mariposa Rancfae
Mines are yielding him, it la estimated, $5,000
per week. The authorities adopted .by the
Regitler state the production to have been very
uniform ainoe 1854, at about $70,000 per
BST"Messrs. Tyndal and Frankland have
just made a suooessful tsoent of Mount Blanc.
On August 21, these two English savaos reached
the summit, where thoy plaoed their tent of
India-rubber on the south-side, and prepared
to pass the night, with the Intention of return
ing at ten o'clock the following morning, whioh
they accordingly did. Thus these two gentle
men sojourned on the summit of Mount Blano
for the space of twenty hours, with their three
guides and seven porters. Thus this hatard
oua enterprise, which waa the first attempt of
the kind whioh haa been made, waa happily
erowned with success. The party suffered
from violent attacks of headache, exactly re
sembling sea-aiokness in their effects, and from
whioh none of them were exempt.
Tub Wib abb Stiamer. The editor of the
Portlaed Argut, while at Baltimore, on Thurs
day last, made an excursion in her. He says
that "time occupied in this trip of thirty
four miles, waa just two hours and a half from
the time the fastenings were oast off from the
wharf until ahe waa again at her moorings and
we npon terra jlrma." . This must be consid
ered en admirable performance. When the
vessel was going at the rate of sixteen miles an
hour, there was soaroely any peroeptible jar,
and the disturbance of the water by the pass
age of the vessel was marvelouily slight . So
clean, indeed, waa her movement, that a skiff
would aoaroely have felt any agitation in
erossing ner wase.
the contemplated improve
ments at the Central Park, New Tork, are a
mammoth hotel on Fifty-ninth-street, at the
intersection of Broadway and the Eighth
avenue, which will have a front of upward of
two hundred and fifty feet on Fifty-ninth-street,
opposite the Park, and about two hun
dred and soventy feet on Broadway, which
lorms an angle at mat locality, and also a
front of about one hundred feet on Fiftv-
eighth-street. The computed cost of a
proper Duuaing, appropriately lurnished and
equipped, ia cue minion 01 aoiiors, wnicn in
cludes the cost of the land, which ia valued
at two hundred thousand dollars.
pS'lhe only inetanoe on reoord of a blind
man acquiring a proficiency in the game of
eness, is that of a Mr. Lumbloy, an English
man, who bas lately been astounding the Eng
lish olub by his skill. Ho has only been olav
Ing about two years and a half, and yet at the
Coventry Chess Clubs he conduoted three
games simultaneously, all of whioh, after a
oontest of four hours and a htlf, terminated in
his favor. At the Southampton Club he ner
formed the similar feat of playing three games,
winning Jbe first, drawing the second, and
losing the tcira, alter nearly four hoars play.
fiB'Mn. Bally Curtis, of Randolph, Mass.,
has just succeeded in procuring a pension
under the act granting pay for services In the
war of 1812. She haa received from Washing
ton a check for $800, back dues, and hereafter
win draw, while ane uvea, about $11 a year,
She ia eighty-six years old, but well and
BaTThe editor of a paper in Ohio the San
dusky Piontur has recently had a ffne shirt
oollar presented to him, and it waiting for
noma one to. give him a shirt, ao that he may
be able to put the oollar to some use, saying
that "at present it it a perfect superfluity
Let some one give the editor a pair of spurt,
and hla oostume will be complete, in eummer,
lor tha rural districts of Georgia.
3s"It is related of the French famllv of
the Duke de Levis, that they have a picture In
their ohatteau in whioh Noah Is reriresanUsd
going into the ark, and carrying nnder hit
arm a tnell trunk on which ia written, "Antra
vny,.iy w we Ann amity .
K!ru"",?ou,,"d 1,01 Aueiosu-THIjrfV.
NOON, Oct. 4, law at three o'clock, will be sold oa
the nr wUte, 00 the south side of Blcbmond-atra-t,
between Cutler aud Llun, No. 173, a two-story bricic
dwelling, of six rooms, with front and back yards,
and side ontrauce.aU la good order. The lot la 20 bet
front by 100 feet deep, to a 12 foot alley; Is held br
lease, with the pmtlege of purchase at $73 per foot.
Oronnd-ront payable bslf-rearly. Terms of sale
Half cash; balance In one year, with six per eent In
torcet, secured by mortgage on the premises. Title
Indisputable. octta
A CO., No, 33 Blaln-stre-t Boots, Shoe and
Groceries at auctlon.-On TBCB8I1AT MORMNO.
October 4, at 9 o'clock, 21 case Mens' Kip aud Calf
Boots, 13 cases Boys do. do. do., 43 cases Mens', Boys'
and Wontene' Kip and Calf Brogans and Boots.
ALSO A. large and general variety of Staple Gro
ceries, 2,000 bundle Straw and Bast Wrapplag
Paper, 75 boxes, bote and caddies Va., Ky. ana Mo.
Times and Enquirer copy.
JOHNSTON.ln Snlea-rooms, No. Haln-etreet.
(next to Trust Company Bank). Prime sUck of
Boots and shoe, fine Carpetloira, Ao., at Auction.
On WEDNB8DAY MORNING, Ootober , commsno
Ing at 1H o'clock, will be sold without reserve, Mtu's
and Boys' prime Brogans; Blen'a Congress Gaiters;
Oxford Ties; Women's, Silases' and Children's ahoasf
Youths' and Infants' Boots; Ladles' fine Oaller
Boots: Overshoes, Ac.
N. B.-This stock of shoes will be weU worth the
attention of city and country buyers.
ALSO At 11 o'clock-Lot of fin Carpeting.
oca . THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, In Bales-rooms No. W Main-street,
below Third. Third Large and Positive saleot rail
and winter Dry Goods, Hoots. Shoes, Hat, An Car
peting, Ao., at Anctlon.-TCESDAYMOBlllNQ, Oo
tober 4, commencing at 9H o'clock, will be sold with
out reserve, in catalogue form, 4.10 lot of fresh Im-
Sorted Fall and Winter Dry Goods, oomprlslngaver
esirable assortment for olty and oouatrt sale.
In tbla sale are many Staple Goods, with a large lot
of Dress Goods, Shawls, Comforts, Gloves, Hosiery,
ALSO Large and valuable Invoice of Cloths, Cas
simeres, Batiuete, Overcoating, Vesting, Serges tad
other Merchant Tailors' Goods.
ALSO Wool Jacket, ane Undershirts and Draw
ers, Sua Linen Shirts, Bosoms, Collar, Cravats,
Meck-Hes, Umbrellas, Ac.
ALSO Cases of fine Hats, Caps, Boots and Bhoe.
00 Auctioneer,
WILLIAMS, Sale-rooms 22 and 24 Eaat Third
street Chair Cane and other goods at auction. On
TUESDAY MOBMNQ, October 4, at 10 o'olock,
bundle Chair Can, without reserve. All sums over
tion, a months, with approved paper, all under,
cash. -
ALSO For cash, to close consignment, It piece
Wool Carpets, 4 Chamber Cottage Sett, t larga
French Sofas, 6 large Tufted Ends.e Sociable aud
Tete-a-Tetes, 4 Secretaries and Book Cues, 10 large
and small Mahogany Bookers; Gilt Mirrors, Oan
Chairs, W bat Note, and a variety of other goods, 4ft
ocl A. KaLLOQG, Auctioneer.
No St ore
South-east Cor. Fourth and Vine,
PRETTIEST stork of Goods for MENU
WEAB ever offered in Cincinnati..
To make np to Measure, will be large and varied.
Wo havee
New Corps of Gutters.
From New Tork and Philadelphia, who profess to
understand tbe art of Cutting Stylish Garments to
GS For past favors we ntura many thanks, and
hope to merit future patronage. Truly,
that they are sell ing lumber at their yard en
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Bailroad,
Than any other Lumbar Dealers In tbe olty.
"Quick. Sales and Small Profits"
They submit the following list of prices:
Casta, f Mo's.
Clear lumber, all thickness, 1 in. meas tsr 90 fw 00
Best Common, IX and 2 Inch Plank........ 28 00 30 00
Best " 1 inch Boardf.......,.,..,., a 7 99 on
Second " all thicknesses..,-.......... Id (0 17 60
Third " Board 11 CO IJ 60
Grub Plank, face measure 23 SO 33 00
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber. 11 60 II so
Poplar " ' " " . 13 SO 14 00
First Common Flooring Boards........ .. 38 00 37 on
Second . " " -., . M 7t W
Third " 18 SO Jo 00
First Common weather Boards....... is 00 17 so
Second " " " 13 00 II on
Cedar Posts, 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred.... M 00 M on
Cedar " for fencing, " " ... 30 00 33 A
Locust " " " " m. 20 00 33 00
A further rednction of 1H per cent, will be made on
bills of t-WO or more.
We have one of the largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber In the Ctnolnnatl market, whioh we offer
for sale at tbe above prices.
sep23lf -
English Castor Oil.
in bottles, by
UBU. XL. DIXON, Druggist,
ocl -aw North-east corner of Fifth am
id Main.
Ward's Liniment.
Liniment constantly on hand at proprietor's
price. GEO. M. DIOXON, Druggist,
ool-aw North-east corner of Fifth ana Main.
Dixon's Vegetable Fills.
TIRELY of vegetable substance. They are
sugar-coated, and superior toanyotherfor Headache
and Billlous affections. Forssleby
GEO. M. DIXON, Prugglst,
ocl-aw North-east corner of Fifth and Mala.
Axle Grease.
The cheapest and best Orease for carriages,
wagons, carls, ate. For sale by
CBu. M. DIXON, Druggist,
ocl-aw North-east oorner Fifth and Main.
Gum Drops.
1 srksffttfk POUNDS FRESH GUM
VV5-r BBOPS. Pectoral Btloks, Jnjnb
raste, au. ur aaie o:
' sal by
GEO. M. DIXON, Druggist,
North-east oorner Fifth and Main.
Choice Havana Cigars.
best brands car, always be had as d- A f. 1
eel -aw
-v- . jini, and nam.
.fw a Pmtyrm j. wait wWA I MB SI fslas
itand.N' 4 Mattresses ana JteoauosNai tne ora
i iinri' - end Fifth -streets, seventh store above
It aov Djv.uvi.'.iim, aiu., w i.
AUr 4-irei. unurcn rews ill
. . rders promptly atUndsd to.
i-tret. Church Pews lined and cusbloosd.
ocl 1

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