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The penny press. (Cincinnati [Ohio]) 1859-1860, October 06, 1859, Image 1

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U tol atjf punned ffllflBjilaaetn)yj
At N&M-Wre?Fott7thfi'et,
end delivered to nhwribtn (a CINCINNATI, 00T
lKttTftH end H WPyat, ul la surronndtag dries,.
Vfllaceeand townel---- - si - i". ....
v PRICE OP MA1H1TG tell -Ingle
CopW,- t oto.) MOnthf -M ctM - Tares
mini kith ab riNx-tvaiarav
Joa A. Imtiii J a.,...,,., Role Lassie and Stenafer.
JA'iitnuWa oMtiafroitTrwdl - ,
On THHR3DAT EVENING, October , by general
desire, will be repeated MeksBBare'imet tragedyof
Ob, Tus Bokait Maisok.
OeuaT aiareltla. 1iir'oI"ir-,..-,.....vMf Anderssa,
Oo.-nlnius.,..,. ,'. ,"...Mr. Fas ii,
Menonliu ."..........(.....,... i., .Mr.' )Hlr.
Slclnliu .........................Mr,, Fisher.
ilnitui Mr Imrd,
- Tiillua Aulldiua ............ ...Mr. Langdon.
Volnciiifl..,i,M.M.rtM4iMuww..;rf.4.llr1. Reed.
Voliiiiinia.,.,,. ......v ., Mrs. Ullbeit
Virgili8.i..,.;.'..T,....,...-.,-.,iIlM Aarde Walte.
. VaWrUT.,i.ia-..;v..,yw.-..lll" Julia Irving.
, Senorita Maria In two graceful dances.'- ''
To 6holod(wlt .the ktugJiable fared called ,,')
Ferdinand Bnserade...'.A.ir.i...w' ..................Wr. Baal,
iCknrmiief dl BusJvi"-t- -.Jlr.UaU.
.Uyvlochard. -...,.......;..,.....'...'. Mr. ll'mse.
Madams Giilodhrov..r Mia laonyD.nJiam.
Ionian da ValUere .i..-MlM Everett.
axr Friday evening, Jleueftt of Mr. ASDEBSON
rTho Dow scenic drama wlllsfconlr be s-ddoel.
.atuS-Doon KntajUurtaln rlBeaat7)i 'olock,
cT, Fiucnn or A.iou8io!i Dross Ctrola and Fardoettei
SctoU; qMlirtj-SS o Btfc ,.xi i
' esTJItf?r.lietviij U. to 'i -.:i I
SW 1
I'erlncess ana Ike Cook.
NESS, to come off on fBIJDAT, Ootousr I, IM, at
I Iirao o'clock P. M
.Taa. h. TlofT tt.ti. ir.Prnoarif OallfornU.
Jas.McMnhon ' n.tn.Flom'Fenie'le.ofNew York.
Mr.- " b.g. IkeUook.of Obioago. ,
1 BaBBidinllrrATtor'liallro
suit wmia uaaraMit juoi wax v
S) T, I
latnr. 1
The followl ng purtea will ba
Klvau for Trolling Uoraaa, to
omoff oYorthTObv-Uor
roberU, Tlx:
t3 !7il)fiyPuoHT?-lctel !
. Tursa $350 mlie hata, beat thro In (Ira, to liar
uvss Jfr.a for all trottlug horaea.
Second Day-Wednesday, Oaceber 10.
Purse $200 mile beni, beat three In fire, to bar,
new. Fur borers that oarer trotted for money over a
public rfc-e-ctdr. Z jr, rIf cr:T
Third I)ny-Thlirday, October 30.
Pure SMO-mlle baalt.bskt tbree In Are, to hair
DU SV-bCfl? (bj( iiuTer trotted in 2:90 in puhlio.
'lora temple" and "Prlnoesi" areexcepted fop
Fortlie abaKo'itnrial Ure BtftrtHfeo'enlrlpi and
two to Uirt. Kutroaoe la por cent, r r the Brat
race entry must be mada on or before Saturday, qc
loberl.Vat 12o'olcck M. For th other mirui. tks
oriea to4e made - on-r before Hit day nrsTlnmfra
ho' nronrlnrnr fleflcarii hlmaelf thA
Trotting Park la aa fast and go il a Couno a any :1
tuo Union, ind will tlu ull In hta powerto accomnfb
timlrixoiN aittlgljiVllireefrMbli Curae. (iuod,
.-ouifbrtitblti eiaulee will do at the service of turfmon.
rrro nicnnrgo, ana uiey are invited tocomeearly
anj4thlriKaLi(ng oveub.o.Caurao, whlcli wlllfce-
, KlO tltwlll bVJ
trat.t(M stidpsir.
iiik homes during the seaion.
oc3lt T. L. HTKPHINS, Proprletoil. -
tr2lImA.T5ESTEfefMlf, N BfrW-;
VJT Norrn-eaat corner or Sycamore and Tnifdi
. I .... , A III! , U II I 1 WITH Tl,. . .J-.,1
mption-room nf tbe Mineum, commencing on MOM
DAT MO HNINO, at V o'olock, and continuing uatll
o'cloeVlmrWTonko.7Tli woaderfjl porfom.
iinociiT tosaeMrdf tirVeSbeeb IvflaVaeed b thpu.
unds, In Ungland, Canada and the United Stales,
vllh admiration. AdmiHaion to the iluaeum and
lUnl perforaiauoe, Wd.rOhikTrtn 10c. ouaw
jls jay, !
CaptainHenter'i Cornet BandJ
r '""'t tfI3lOSA'ROIaV((.,T m
Cardco. . ... . :tt ,
'""tBaWnawrSaltJofe.'-'r'-i- 1-'! -i! ,-..
Admission TenfeslaVft
T iid!
-' fsepl
Oyster importing House.
JL I NO; Miyvertibprewk his aplendld "vt"-i
HaTln.coinple(ef rranf amenta in Baltfmorf, otoj:
itiB rtJSL in maiisviunv' wjin iq mofic u&umiuuo
5 at thin Importlng-bouse. -rn r ,71
flrilav u i . 1 1 1 c I , u fl anil .mm.ll, Sllail T.n. Wsh V
mptly II
V Jlt s,!, ,,,.(ia.9aj pfolelor.11
i rnvR
JL,.INOpAJ4,t,iuj Adaoi XxpSW, MALL
7lSK HermeHcalfrteaiea; V)6f V, ' BPlOHDad
Cs. V
ifl nr it-Mr jBRtf swrrstT'Jwss:,
Mr fr.h OTBtSrl. J. Tims). T
.OKhsiala'ndtaU4trlcnI. B Mat 'Ma.-
jtifot ft r.m tew KU lB. uratJtlil
J A -J 1 -.Mkva..,H f,?.:rl no yl!.-n T-'fa
PUnted Oyateri.
rWhJeh w?aco aelllng at Uttaracedrnte
,TI3'4oWlca,iiy VM2d:CKt. jEaWM
iiiVkljtiB-a.Trlarga, plater and freah rrbiftf)b,
r..t Tito,ff j
" amiuii ipsi
& "rr"t r'yrwyjrrjw...
Jisiwla Jii'.ii I,-If.,
VOL. 2.3 NK0
IiIttees For each- lIf snnoe, ondor J.0O0 miles,
pre-paid, 3 cnt: OTorfcO-iiiile, pre-paiil, 10 o-nta.
All letter, mint be prepaid Dye".alfln; or im loted In
TJUNtusr NcwupAPiaa.-l'BitioDicALS, Cibcvlahb,
Ao tamiKTwetaif the .Untied, Statu not wi'Uhins
OTerSbonoee, I tent; and 1 teat lor.aaJK iilliuonal
ouucej pra-payment requireg.
uuuHB, pre-ania, not weignin!
Ins ororlnounda. 1 cent
per ounce, for any distance la the Catted Htatea nn.
der 8,000 mllea, and 2 cents par ouac-ovor3,'ii0 in I lea,
prepayment required. - All fractlena over tbe ounce
to be counted an an nliTitl6"im't ounce, '
mavigpAFERa AaD-riaioDiCAiia, ot exceening IX
onncca in weight, when, paid uartrlr In advance,
and circulated in he tata nbero piihllibed-datlv,
ser ouarter l:
uarier .ix trnim perees? n, friwoeBiy
eml-weekly,ASi weakiy,3!4i4enU monthly, 1H;
vm, .emiwei
monthly. H,
Newfpapors- andpevlndicala when
weiahins llti onnaaa.
aiMeii.Uiiuiiia ilia aoavo rales.
Small NawgPAPiat, puhHihed-uiMhl oroftener,
and pamphlets not coDtuJuii-g BiUre thun 16 oc avo
pagei, in packages of 9 ouucca-os-owr, ,S cont par
ouuee. "" t ''
WtniT KetvspafKbs, within Ilir county where
publlahed. Free. -.
;Oiiarterly .payments, In. advance, rnac.be made
either where published of rerelvwp. v
-;'Fit9T.-Subicrfbcrswh0flc not five expseaa nojlce
to the contrary, are coseiderod aa wishing to con-1
tinue their subucrlptious to the paper, '. ."
, StcosDi. If euHcriheis onlor. the fliicontlnoance'
of their periodical, thepnblmher may continue to;
aend.them until arrearag.es are paid.
THiRO.-IfsubMribers neglector'rePaseto taketheir
periodicals from tlieofflce to .wLioh tlitf are directed,
they are held ruponsile till they have, settled, Abe
bill and ordered them diacontlnued,'
. Fourth. If iubucrlbora , remuva to 'otho placea
without informing the publishers, end thepapora arej
sent tolhe tirtner dirovtlont they- are eld. raapoa
jible. ; - i... if , f .')
' rirrii.-The Courts have deolded; that refuelegto
take periodical, from the office, or removing and
leaving them uncalled foh iaAaiauxioixevldenceol
inRtiOBai-franuVT' ' ' " " -v "
Arrivals of Trains.
lanuxApoiu i Jisoiiihati i(0 a.ii. "l:JS',
Oiioinh ati, Hamilton ahd Datton T:iSA.kT.;wtl
' , .,ww r. a.i iiniur au
Littli MlAm-7;W , t.i l:Sfl t. .-r1lS KM.. lOptA
ABUrWA kTODtCTOTATtr-IftiOli '. Kl.a a.aT.5
uhio ajid smsrseipra 7:ia. ;! a: p, M.t ion.
OotiKOToa arc Lmainog lfcao a. u, 7:04 p, ii.
Departures of Trains.
- Hadiiaky,4iW a, M.i Acoommodatlon, 6:00 ? M. ,.
tjrru Miawi Clereland and Plttelin, RiM A.ar(
t, uiwwiii;TOTOFrrTOUeiJwaMWA.HlUTl'
-bus Accommodation, AM p,: M.f Clevoland, Plita
. barg and Bellair, 11;S0p, m. .
Onto AHn Miaaraarppi Hi. Tjimfa. frm A ai.i. Ijmlt.
l ( .;w r. s.,oi, uuniv, o:jv, a,
nati (Steuben tllte
tCHUhort LineMiuit Front-alreeJ I
iepoi o:w;a Mi
a.'uuA.n.;u:BVP. H. ) . i
Btrwj. -v;w a, n.,e,ouA, ai.i iiiaif. a.
ClNOINNATI and Mabieita :1S a. 3:S0 P. H.
CompiTOM akd LaiworoM i2 a. u.l'i-Jo -mtj!
Departures of Trains. NEWS AND GOSSIP.
fS"Uon. Joahua R, Glddings lg lying siok
m Vermont.
3 3,aA73ot bail.SSr f4aiYSM,l
nvert an agricultural aaarosi to-day at Detrol
fflS-The apple crop at tbe Eastward haa
fallelbl9. jaAPjOp, aooQHDUy tba,late tpriig
frnita. 4ibtrth HtnnAft Ibn linHi X ' J I
Mhe Ohio Grand Lodge of Good To
'flari jbmrtraoindlliiLaiJuatBcMvi at.adm6
Oity, on Tuesday.
9Iowa ColleKo, formerly locatad
'Davenport, ia removed to Grinnellnrucb)
"the joy of the dwollera there. -who efloreaj
tbduoenjont of $10,000. to seottre the Temqval.
well known inthalooeBtarSUte, and highly
paspeoiea, aiea s oar. itouitin , oa bs .Jtst9
Soptembor, ,.,, , ,4
s9Lato advioos from Jamaica say that
me crop or sugar mis year win not, exceed
twerity-inree tnousand Liogsheads, againtt
seventy luousauu last 'year. .. i
fHftlnh AVnln Kmflr.in flllArl TViAOilAye.'
P4rkor' pulmt i)i Boston-4s-l, SijnofeyJ and
preached a discouree on' "Natural and tlcrain
IwmjM Jr.geXngregat!on,.
aThe printers of Boston have organiierl"
a boat club for healthy exorcise, and pur
chased a burial-lot at Mt. Hope for the re-
3The Frosident of tho United States tiai
left hU' lammw ttewstr tha Soldier's
Home, and again taken op his residence at the
White Home. ,an,t.tiita
rThe TolunteofQosflpaJiyN'o. 8, of the
Fire Department of Lvnn. Mass.. on Mom iv.
last, lost theirWtf bdilding, engine, hose aad.
carriage (yuaMMtjueer place for such a burni
"Rot. Dr. Whipple, of Chicago, eow
EpioopaUihop.oleBt.fif .J&inaesota, preaobed,,,
bis lareweu sermon to ms congreiiation Jat
vi., "Let not your hearts be troubled.
ja- John of Oannt, Duke of Lanost,.rp.6nM
was three times married, bis tbir wife belbg'
MfAiaOA'VnMv'tl jio ,fiai BgiJSddi hfi
mistress, and it is from one of the illezimate"
children of .Lancaster. -Jind. Catherine that
n.i.'Tf'iVtiJiVr.'J.'jJi 'iA'v.' a..Aa.a i
fs said 'to be descended. I
Xunu luwii.
"f JrT.:P-!I? BedeHj AsiioUnt. EpifobpaT
Bishop elect of Ohio, delivered his farewell
sermon last .Sabbath to the congregation of.
toChtJsoh ofaAseflnsln, ifti-aveijue,)
I., from tezt,""Tnese are mr' Toiiowuworkera,
nam iin vi,,..i..,. r ci.,j .n.i, v..
'Z'Z X zlZttVJl ,7.
by the steamer
Nm. York, whtoh tailed on Saturday, was lion.'
0attlBs5ifcpi)fttBTne1rrftjrV' From
Jfourta iiistrlovxiuiLots. Mr. Knox nas ufiisrw
t thMrtMy bblo-rtUB tad snjdrisit'Kufope lot
the wiipoM W tafhig.'if possible, tMreataraal
wtnoteo: from nis .v. - i '-.- m-f
'ii Df. Lyuin'lteer'a'-aufDbiorsBDhT is in
prepa-atiooiA:I1ie''Baid to be deoply itte'itn
esting, earacmguniqtte ana entertaining
leLteM lrt'rn various e)f the family .'J
which h is the Teiierablo and venerated
heed.Is- will be oablUhed in a few month's.
ffiti&tfik&iEayte, of thel
ins i., saTBKi.no iarnira ore aaving a very iavor
able time fof aatUnff oat their cotton rop. whlett1
is turning 60t rnuch heTirlhan was expoteot,
There is qntta wspeolahlekmonnt of the new
orp ; iraay aeonnotufiea at ainerent I gtn,
honscS In the country, and. 'the prospects are
that Arkansas never hat prod uoed such a jjrdp
The oOBevj of ojiiitv number of joIV
dfers"who fell" at the battfe of Brandy wLaa
bsJle been jlfiTin 0tVtidlfTi&!BtWr Philav
tfcihitowojA. gBnrjg-.'Hii.'
m xai
tral Railroad,
.spmmw to-WebMni,wT
elQiaLjinfroV.! :Wt
, a MerMP .
ffinohisi 'Bo I
buttons wore OiiSLSt load, and were not jmoeh.
TWattediJiSlff irn '1nTr1fir-.iOi inf. li.i.:'!:
'iirTiiiciSi aio,' Vri1 h i s obituary of 'tho
yiatejNr; JJrpe ttre;nieeftf ayahat sOveral
yer aiterwaen piy.w(jrwtHjne, ojt nis cnu
.dretai -Mr; Brtrnel ' aootdeiitallv" swallowed a
tbrpat, and though ablest 'Be4ieal ALA was pm'
'ployea; ft .iltvBeT.'lwijoi
The eoia remained firmly . lB4'.'a',..iii throat
for eHOtftldersble pried; and. Jifr, Braiier, of
very aervoiu temperairiet) appeared HiereUy.
pining away, i At last, wnen taings appearea
at their, wopf,. his Jrish rntq-tervant gave hlral
la raMrohiOPenaft-ianrt itAe, T.ioTbnt;,tneing'r
lbnt, sneeaiBj
Tr r. i
vis -
amtOpTtrrni oaM0V.siNtxiy rernorea
,itiA Inrnn;':i ,TJ3 HA
Pacific Wagon Expedition.
. yeiterday arrived la our eHy, B. F,, Eurohe,
in charge of a party of twelve nent dataitt4
GromiCdl. j Frederick ;W. Lander s'i Wagon
Ruad Expedition; y,;.. -', , ,"; .".-J
L:Itwill be ramem'berod Ibat'thls .eelebr&feii
engineer left the Missouri -Rivex (last Tsgri.nj
with a picked body of njen,' te Complete' ,tb
roai to Fort. Hall, Oregon. Col. Landers
bis gilnei mnoh credit for the skill and energy
with which he has condqbted tbie enterprise te
aisaoeestfal terainstion. He had to eneoonftir
the jeajouty And opposition of military men
aadoutsera .intereqts-i-be being i Kortlltrn
man' and sdvooatlrg: aprlhern rorito. -. By
groat exertions in apprepriaflOn "was obtained
from Congre and the expedition, of whloh
thU arrival fornfod part, wa fitted out; - .Mr.
Burohe .and 1 party, left Rose , Perk' - ef . Snake
"Rlva, sVe)iiti)n;'mileB from Fort Hallron'the
8th day of Anga lat( and' have,, therefore,
been fiifty-lwo iijt on. their tetftnt trlfjr-Coi.
Landers and other "officers' went on to San
.Frandiedo, Oalt:?: ..j .j ..Trr. i. ?'t."ji 7
;,'Tb.Paeifio wagon roai has been nnisbed.
During tbe summer some 1,900 wagont; 11;000
tread ef eattle,- and alwut 4,001 pejgon have
passed over it. The emigration has been.
bighiy"p!e&ed wlW the T0kf.l Qrasswbod'
and water are fonnd abundantly along the'
entfre rdnte; It ebmttOnees at the Sosth. Pais,
leavisg'the Sage PJains to, the south-west, andl
going ilreotly throngh tbe Wasatch Mountains
by tijf Tbompsqn'i Fa?, and 'crossing the
beaa:watetf f. Bear and- $reat Snake. Rivers
Bert w pereeasi have died oa-thie route Atttris
the .samjser, "and twenty, .head of sattlel
wnerealhee)J1.wa, 'ot:SHt'IIrtr Ud
the Humboldt, is strews, with the remains of
both emigrants aed attle-Zaoenort Timu,
Abd-er-rahman,vBmneroi of Jforoooo,
who was born (a ) 778,' and sueoetded to the
throne in 162J; died reoently, a'eeordlng to the
advloes from Tangier of -September S, 18691
His reign war marked by . -vioreat eisturbancet
at hoiaesnd 'by serious oooflioU with foreign
powers, espeolally with- Eraeoe. r The support
which he. gave- at -fret te his- powerful vassal,
Abd-el Kaderj led to the bombardment of Tan
gier, AngMt- o, Mpgador, -August 9, ana
to tbeTilte deiet7f; his-fmy by General
BngeaupiiB-the.fsmone betHe ef Ily, August;
.i. iu8mui4-i)mMKu,'a yBai. ei peace wan
made Septembers lfl; Abdel-Kader was re
moved te the Interior; of the Bpspij-o. But the
Arab ohiefttan bow became as .dangerous to the
repose of Moreoeo as he was to that ot Algeria.
Many of ,th lndigenoun tribes rallied round
his banner,' and Abd-er-rahman could only
resist his sggrassions ;by the aeiiitonoe of bis
former enemy JPrihceJ Permanent relief,
bdweMrToame after 'thenttlft Tif JAHlel-,
Kadttria 1647; Lm;ie4 and :18M mw cora-f
'plications'' arosewitbt tba.-VMBobs'wfo'jbaia-;
i or
irrenob Beet again appoAred before Tangier on
raeoounc or tne assassination or a Jfreooa- mer-v
chant by a subject of the Emperor. In 186J
Frinoe Adalbert r7raiiia, Was attaoked wi(,b
his sauadron bv the- Riff nirates. and attacked
the forces bf the' flnibeidr,'' but was wounded.
and . dereatpd. Atia-rahman. could only be
made to yielot'toi the (lepppo'j of Europeia
Power .and tbo.behBatjofQlvLllj'stion. bv foioe
of ariB8j' Ue; (lid little to advarice he progress.
oi cu simpire, oat toosr every Ofportunlty .te
enrlph JiimselC at thp expens.of his people;
nuiiu uovyvfu e.moi outwara ooservanoe)
or iBO.Teiigious , pr8ct.io.es of Moaarnmedinin,
TTa IaAvji. jAAr'i.ri Ma. a M1.,.M'
Sidi Mohammed, born in 1803, succeeds him
on tne tnrone.
voruuer Dowiiuior yesteraay neia an inquest
on thi dbloVbbdv offi rninift,f,rmn ni.mAil
August Clemens, a house north-cast of the
r: , i- fnu . ,i i ; 1
ji-jjuimiAB.-. vW'BOatfii.yjppearSiSorne
rjoiirieca-nnys- Biro csiisu'ot ur nuaraiiisr-
-bovee.f,a-IrsniJBulLar,tl .ia.that .neighbor
i hixal-ud - asked i'qr . IjfdgiiLgsi , It yas givep
him, and he wae.pab m-ai rouin,U,k a nam-'
W uf pihe peTaona,iwithlsorne,of .whomihe
w. aooiiaraled.-, During- UiO.Bieht he hid
en atefkirf tiie, j'Wu daiils'aad rn jjiif,"
ienrmg nis oootsoenina fltna. What becnjme
jjf'farmPivaa notJkntwnJirftil yostertlay, wlje'ij
hiolxxly 'was feued at the bottom o a we,U
in thoneighborhnod. From the family upon
whose premises the well is located, we Irarn
that some flvo days since their hordes abso
lutely refused to drink the water. They heM
jMif 'using ;tt;-ti .haitfe-JiiqovflpeuVfi ph-'pleasSBftaste-in'
IfclfKl'lia)' Tofusplof jtho'
rinraflu t"')' dilrnk"iff, cotnbiaed withrT.Uier cir-
"CQtnanceMy led' to an" examination .which
resulted in too discovery of the bodw The
well is tHrcd lWn'dred feet deep, and contaihit
aoevifr Wrwatert,t,wc. .uor(fert aud,forty
feet. Itiii iprosurued that, tia. fejlpw, In. hie
delirmnii aought , that.. rqew(p escape from
,t - f. , Li.l. L' ji il.:l . .
" I Ti a fiavitfl- wh IaIi k,a -rl i' . a . wi wa .-1 kr.-H I, n 4
i ne eoavwan iaunan almost Lveriecc onndi.
ori'jjrid "WsjriyriWie-fv . Yerdfct !accr
SV ooiol'. Imn If 7.". - -- I
58" A wtRei W Win tUjlflth-fi; Ohio, la
a comniunleatlon In the'Oolumbuj Oametul ad..
4uoas evidences. to shoiw that ths first -suggestion
of building sitoh'tt steaniship as the Qrtat.
naiurn, wa maae oy a oitiien oi tne united
Statsi;f a:jaery IWcleo of.Toy.H'en.yorlt.
Mr. Hi hadVoonitructod. a steamer on a novel
-platf for jTbd oavlgMioB df the' Htodsaa' Biver
eleamersi he aainVble plan would be a steamer
700 feet long7'20,00t''tohi burden, capable of
pqerofng.JMOll, jjiepple. aid tp, make
be'trio, between 'EoKlinu. iad thft- tnited
States' In" five for. aia, lye..iiHoi, stated ithaf
Mlt.fjraW Wetaooht' bdm-
oienuiug mo vuwums,wi, f,uoiilIB5iKu of went
to Enrland end submittad hla riiai irn tha
i'fobjeo?, B'ndfjrriMl"tlhvetrttt909-in tbe
..sxpexjmeinij 41 ineyj wonia oonjtrijt.. a yesset
of; the- diaMhsipns. l);indiQa ' Jqbi i Bull
Hsiebed t bis plane; aad ventured to enlarge
his steAinOrsYuht "'only'.! ttt"'th: tenrtH ef nftr
Aei 'utatliag m thiK plr)porUon MrfiurdeTi'l
proceeded to t!aBtf, aad thmpahlnhed.hil:
.pJajs in. tha Huhlic 'hHiffMrl And;yetJ says
the writerj Joha Bull ie mow oLalmLog for Mr.
l-lBrijrioi;'th: hMOir'.ef be'.oohbeptton of the
,fieatl!fa.j Iq
naval sOThiteetrra i iirf.r''i'jiiniiiaiii 1
4 ber as the twilight closed- iver lie . valley ;ef
-mexiwojaaa- xae. ;ongeiuig5 iTiaipinepiayed
'jM'WMaAMtUl OhapalUpeo, that
SDleoaia res aence ana . lauiffoauon shone ont
front, He emerald letting like a taswtna. It
'skaa llt nn frrim hajlllrtrl tft 'flp.fji?'wflK ln-
antfc tMoXv3m--athord
drbeaAtlv ef .fhejoltv of
.UitapVpt&WbtiiMW waa the bap-
usoi w, tne ;Jim son-; anu;.oniy .onuo; witn,
whleh Madam Miratton aai blessed 'her lard,
the AwhMshop, Orratber the Pop Mexioo
for. while thisioountry; h jfceso ui0ff from
Kome the" ArAWibop has aoted as Vicar
General of Jesus. Christ offloiatod fit the ops''.'
deny fcricU InvektM ; Iter UteaMlaf of- HeaTea'.
lb nkile fellow oaTted M1guLltnoleon
de Mlramon, jan'd seemed'. to; ta.Vertrbaopi
erer-i 'erying oneeV n After- the bsplisnv thsr;
joufuj, .uuemon was in son poBisseion 01 oy
ibeorowd, who passed lilm from.'hand to hand
like ttpleee of wax-woikyexeialalng alt the
whlU VhobeauaruU" ; . The ladies oltimately
t got ht rnto-tbelr hands, and Smothered the
rtt'S,-r Wi';r ?7, a; i if
..'. - .! .iJeolVI .ttOXUl.H
A Fifteen Million Franc Claim.
vMr. It.'i.Fariih, of H"ew York, says that
toali Napolson owes htih a smalt bill flfteon
mlltloni.of franos and '.hi' if now urging the
FreBc iEmperor to settle. - The lfow:xurk
IVtoims gives tbe following "account of the or-
.ahaeyatir'ftf th.li singular dlairo: ;,'' '"
1. Mr. Parlnh.' deolares that he entered Into 4
verbal arrangeusont with M. ..Feuld,; MiniaUr
of Finaooe which agreement was confirmed
bvthe.Hmperor, to pay to the elaimaot fifteen
million francs upon his demonnratlun of the
existenoe of a gold Beld almUar to that of Cal
ifjrflia, and ooesaibhs tp ,.the Frcnoh arms; aa
soon as .the Frenofa flag could be raised in tor,
ereigntv in any part of the territon indiiuL
J5e alleges that his part of the nndertakipg was
periurmea, ana now aemaoas payment.; From
private information, which resohea nt through
an apparently reliable source, it would appear
mat tnts extraordinary demand basad upon
some rather enrlous faots. . 1 ,
- Mr. Parish, havina devoted nianv vaara tni
the study of geology and books of travel, came!
to the oonclupion that there were several virgin-
Vduui iu uauereni parts 01 toe world awaiting-
.exploration,, the- richest, being hidden away
aojmewnere in me Donegal region, in Africa.
The Frenofa' Qovernmont. it la alleged, lent a
L willing ear to this talo, promised Mr. Parish
nis ntteerrmtuions, sent oat a. secret expedi
tion to the oouo try, and has ainoe that time
been engaged in remoring the luore from their
African California. That the Frenoh hard
been very busy of late - years in Africa we all
know whether, as atr.ted, it was for the par-,
tost of gold-digging, and whether, ag Das been
Intonloualy alleged, the apprentice slave-tradd
was only a blind for more profitable operations,
remain! for Mr.Parish to prove r f ..-y- u-. 1
- Ths Solar Spots. Astronomers have 're.
Ccolly notiood spots-on the sun, and tbe na.
(are or cause of the phenomena is the sub.
joct. of . sciontifio Bpficulntion. An 'Engllsn
astronomer thus writes to the London Timu; '
One of -yew -eorreepondents Inst weok
called the attention of your readers' to a rof
rnarkablo cbango of spots on the sun. I ob
served the group on tho morning oa which
it appeared, and have, watched it closoJy over
since, and-most 'interesting, , have been' the
ohanges which it. haa undergone.' I would
now ask all who take an interest in tho sub
ject te direct thoir .attention to the 'present
appearance, j.of .:th6 sua. -I In" addition to the
erouii above joferrod to ihoroare two larn
.collection's of spots and .one' small one, the
:i.i. k.i.. .111,1...: iu. . 1 1
(.vro. uue V.IJI U1JUU..UU I'tMiftHir. J .
...inetwo lartre .ciiains are or creat ldncth.
i'-'eilendlng Jiy. TOUgLV-rnicrometrical inOmulrO'
mens raoouc tnree minutes . and a hair, Or
over one hundred thousand miles in lontfth.
The nipst iin portent and. most interesting of
vus two 10 u.iiLue 10 mo, soutn. 01 tne equator,
and is.Tiaadedby a very lsrgd. opening, witb;
dense penumbra' and black' nucleus..', The
other '.is ..also an object of, grdot llntorest, on
account of its position, it, being, yory hoar to
th SQutbarnlimij of tho un, 'a; quartor In
which those appearances ,1iro, nut generally
looked for or found. 1 - -'' " j ";
if L'.f'i ri;r - '.- - -. n -
i -TM ..Latest, AfFiiB fiirlKosoit. There
was a rumor about ;towa-yesterday ,.'to the.
Bffct that the.. notorious . Zouave, Col, Pe la
; Riviere,, tho (iriicoa herb, .who was .o?ton-.
sivoJy colcbrated bore somo time, ago as the
despoiloy'.oflhe youthful affectionsof Miss
Blount, pftMobile, and who, in, several ways,
not 'sltpgether creditable to art officer In the
'French array, haa figured in the newspapers
and police ctmrta. of Mi apd other citios of
tha-Unlted States, was .eneaeed toficbtadael
with Mr. . Williani Mulligan, , gontieman ofi.
a.pngiusuc turn, eiso weii-unown to in me in
Hoboken or-its vicinity,' ,. And rnmor further,
had it that Mulligan was. there, .and the
,2ouaye.wa8u.'t.. .Fiirtliftrm(j'e, rumor said
that the; Zoimt'd'B frionda .did . their best to.
get him to face. Mulligan's music, but that he
wag.seized.with qualms, pf 'eonsoleocti' touch"..
ang.,th legality '.of ri.uclirlg, and declined.
4Again,.iinohar, report stated that he;came to
the.rouud witn , a .second, ;whfi could not
-talk English,rWhile' Mulligan's gec'onif (joulij
not speaks word 'of French, .'rind'io, as the
prelitninarifli, accordirig to the strict, letter of,
,tpe oao pt., Honor," . as pecawe .two such
adversaiios; could n,otTbe arranged, tbe whole
thing feil.threugtu ;,Wo do hot know whioh
f,Mp,j8 penresttlje truth, but there wan eer
tiilnly. gunpowiier at ;Hob.ok!n on' Saturday
,whicd(d not explode. " At .the Test accounts
.Mulligan apq Znuavo were both alive.
iV. r.,tim, Qctober 3. ''! ' ." "," '" ,
Tie" London JTmee" lately 'oonao led
'ftsolf' with the rfleotlo'fttnat.il1 thelkbor fltrlkp
in ogiano was to. be deplored, it. was, never
theless, overwhelming proof of the independ
ence ofthe Ubortr.-'It was stated that no
body1 Of workmen In Amorica oonld hold out
tot fc'd long a' time asthe LondorJ workmen
.hav dona. 'But we. now learn, and from the
tame f journal, tho frightful cost of the mpye.
mint' to soma of the strikers. "A relieving olD
eer in aletter to (he .7e', 'ssya: '' ' :r' ;
I Ttsited a, iaboror's lpdglngs.L, He was otjf,
hut his wifewas in bed, with scarcely a rag to
cover. her, evidently, gradually sinking from
iwant.,. The room, coptai ned scarcely an article
ef furoiture.r and presented a-most destitute,
BegleeUd, and' dirty .appeajranco.. She, said;",
'.-are t'arviqg, eij;; we nave neither pre nor
food." "Why," I replied, f'doea pot youf
husband go to work?"-:"'' What' she'
exolaimsd,- with7 considerable energy, j "to
become wotso that a ilavel" ' The man him
self' was desirous" to work, but he dare hot
'break Club-law; ,t .,t,.v-.n!.-f. ,!t I ''
1' 1 ' 1 i'sIS 1 1 II - """
1 .TiiTABttoirft"--
cOyered , tha the fall fashions havo set in with.
aii,hcir seyerity; tttire is OilS thing, hbwever,
G,euo.buld',bay1' is black' There1 inust be'
pletttjrdr; Uaok 'tihiijiti,Tiol,.iEy: tther
coiormayoe rmxea wiw if to suit toe conr
vonience of the individual. Black and bluet,
block ahd1 yellow or- blhck and green) but
tho tendency ia, to black and red. All the
ladies,, bless 'em,, appea to, havo gone into
half mourning., , ,Awr tliemen ox!gents,"
aa the tailor calls, us, ihaugliQai. and cony
monsst material poBaiblo', is-, the. most fash.-,
jonablo- for,'trowsere. - Aity kindi o.icoarse.
and hideous stuff whioh a cart-horse would
object to having-ou his bauJc is the thing, for r
nwiriwp.inii., rt'""';;i ' jcffl
,f '': ' "HT
,.AJSlJlI,j.A(AlllSTr-A. 3C.W)BABtt ,Cl'itlI.r-,
Messrs. Johnson S: Zsjiriatjio, .uoffs .sgonts,
aye commenced &, .suit,; against tAe Ameri
can, Telegraph CQmjpany. Jfor,$10fpoo;damage.
for injury to their QusTne.se;.' jn consequauoo,
of therofiuolat.iheklegraph company-to-forward
their 4'8Patche.n of foreign news from
New Bnrhs'wlck to Boston in the order in
fcWohthtry4' 'rerer placed" in the office of tha
'company;'.; is will: bd rbmembered' that. Uie
company agreed to forward foreign news'
dispatch os, in. thair order, from Jfew Bruns-,,'
wiek tb Boetoni'lf -tho Soirsv Scotiti Company
would pursue a Bimilor coarse on their lino
from Halifax fey-Bockviilo, Kow Brunswickv,
The'Arnarfcsu ConxiDAny ay that thera la nn
-law in New. Brunswick requiring dispatches ',
jt to be sent, la- the- order rinwlwcbthey are
UMMtttUKV. oil,' J f,.
,hiin:u:VZ ioi sn-fltor ;
to recoramona mem; tney are exxremoly sin
We, and ' vert ' easily followed.'; Fbf ladies'
bonnets tba' dnrnihant' fnvin; ' aa ''nttp'' fiAnii
Noon Dispatches.
Noon Dispatches. American Board of Foreign Missions.
. meeting
of Commissioners for Foreign MlMtonsoom
menoad yesterday. . TKla ta the : oldrst of . the
Mitaiopary argaolsivtion ef the ,onuntry. . It
was incorporated by the Leglalatara of Ml'iH
ebuBetts in-1711, and-the flrst .Minntotiaref
were ordained at Siilero, oh the. 6th Febrtnry
of the .same year, and- sailed -early for. Bast
India. V: ,'T '".';
- It is stated that when the first Missionaries
set sail, the entire amount la the treaaaev.was
but $1,200. Now the income of the Sootety is
about $3?5,000... . .. .
At four o'olock ' yesterday -'a ftem eon "the
meeting was oalled to order by tho Recording
Secretary, who read a letter from President
Hopkins, informing of.his inability to be pres
ent, aod suggesting that Judge Jessup be se
lected in his stead, " In the absence of Judge '
Jessup,' the Hon. Judge Strong, of this State,;
was oalled to the Chair , ".'
The Rev. D. Shepherd then' opened the '
meeting with prayer. The Treasuier then
read the report, showing that- the expenses of
the year, were . $-119,285; .receipts f 35,0,0 15;
leaving . a debt of $66,374. ' the permanent
fond is $00,715) permanent fund for officers,
-$39,840. - A report wis then received from the
Credential; Committee on the state of the, For
eign Missions, tbe most Of which were rep
resented to bo In' a flourishing' Condition. ;The
Dumber of, missions is 29, stations 127, ont-ata-tions
:13l, ordained missionaries 69, not
ordained. 4, male assistants 14, female do. 210,
native preaobers 222, native helpers' 254, num
ber of printing establiibmoata-1, number of
pages' printed last year 415284;. church ee
153, ohurah.members 23,515, added during tbe
year 1,279) number of-seminaries 7; in
sohools 313; pupils In free tohools 7,911; do.
In seminaries -401; do. Jn . boarding uhoola
637. .Whole number in schools and seminaries
8,849. The opening sermon was preached
last evening by ipr. i'a.ttentot)j or throago.
Additional News by the Overland Mail.
ST. LOUIS, October 5.
The . IttiMthlietiH received a noto. last night
from the Postmaster at Santa Clara, California,,
jayingjthat Broderlok and Terry did:.fiBLtttv
duel on the morning of tho 12th ult. lorry
was shortn-the throat trad the-wound was sup
posed to. be mortal-, ,':.r . -Mr.
Jarvis, Treasurer of the Sonora Mining
Copany, Edward Woodman, and B. 4 Cress,
Late;editor ot . tne Artwntan, arnvsa Hero jlaet
night, direot from Arlzonla.' ' -' - 'r -
Captain Smith, Superirttende'nf "of the thltd
'division of the Overland Mail lino,alo arrived
lVemBl Paso, having charge of two. hundred
pounds of ail ver-bullion j ooa&igned to-tba Mint
! bnaard 'of a tun of-silver bulUon will ni i:i
Paso awaiting shipments to theStatcs.l ,1 .
: The silver mines of Aritoma are doinir.walf.'
aitnotign iae uuuora'tra vreoiiyi -puuejea cy
U. uvi 'u"--""" HlUUW .U.IWlJ.
i; She-news that ol. Stuntleroy hAd,.upsr
Boded Bonneville- as commandar cEihe Eeo-nrU
n, !-.. -1-.-
. ment of New Meviw, ev. great iatiifao'tjort
- - . . - . . . -. -7 n t-j-- "7-
'.' Captain - Store's eu:.v eying .btxty.wcTa. ti-
: 0 .,!,. . y.j. .
;Ta1 V7 T a
IUM7IB IVMV. V .J ilUUtlO1 aAiU TIXl(JU I te: - j
ttlca vemg 01 goiit quaru Jiatt , been. cUeco v
on Santa Cruniver, in tho ivioinlty ef fort
.Buohenanv --. J. .. -..j.
Additional from China.
BOSTON, October 5.
' F, B. Boaunronts ofj-Jermaica;:. Plain,, and
now a resident of liong :Koug,Chinar jn a
letter dated July 21, Bays;. . , ...',',j, j ''
'-'A rumor berf probaWr Chinese itoirv:
is that tba Xyipertu- haa utit:a oomiLuaiicir-)
lion te tna-Oyvernop otJ'bnaugaai, laayfdg.
'that: tbe uring froar ithe fort at theuruoutli of
ttbePehio Hirer, upon the British and JTxeneH
1.'.-. 1. , .. . . . I v. : 1 1 1
diinjuofyj, wbb im uj ut;yruia,.9uu ouiose
of' Mandarins1,' wboeo heads ha ;hadj ordered;
tQeirupk-ofiV-for tha act,!'-1, ,. n:,t ,.1. .
ItuSiOspeoted that the AnMrfcan; llioistori'
MrvWsrirhe- proceeded to-Peki a. j
rMr. Sruoe, the-British Miottarr Laa gono
to Japau to remain there awhile.i.....T ..: ...
River News.
PITTSBURG, October 5.
River four fcet thrte laches bvrtbe pier-marlt
and lalimg slowly, vt OK'.hec clear and warmv
M,.' ,'.,,,, j. 'it; r. j II
hirty Heniiq'ea ' jer .dress.' and. Jtot 'ona
lesa,.U said to be tbe lapt order from the bead,
iuuii;ii.wiauiiiii mnaK-, A-aa tiAies are
rcoueeted to take notioe apd pepare ihomselve's
aoavrdingly. . Aitho.uh . .tbo.,.fhipn...has riot
ret...orossed, the water. It, will bo. bare, sjoon-l
.nun.). QTl ft ur i 1 1 .... , n n ...Il.n... J
.mantua. makers ..o.,.tho-..rl.iyeTiest ,ttaraeter.'
There. is a.woIutioJi,:indresa.matters T(Toitig'.
on. jn. Europe, that wiU. x,ereiier tiorUTelleati'
attention- la ..this, oeuntty,.andi?ad tbexcite,
inept when the. fall fashions,, -are diFCpaaed..
Thirty flounces wiU .dflmapdj an, jmmeusp deal
of sewiBg,.mpre, than -any poor mantua-mater
out uodertuke. ,to, perf6r,nj,qdr only, posiible
for. a sewing tnaohine .tOr do.., T.here will be
plenty, .of-employment forha, gwuers,,f the
lrtUrriri,,''Uie,,goo4,4ime fiomlng.'j.pl'qrther
more,. It , is. fJfwreeL,n4 (Joriii.ttiat, tight
sleeves shall come into ure,, Eugenie, fays saj
and-what, EugepiO-aays.no. Arerioin, woman
would wnuire,Jlp.,gaW8X,.or,,t,45spbey, I We
evnJioar,thaj; ,fibpit; hair,.fnt(JilMA boy'e, is
aa ImporlMdeproe, andjthat.tH Iadia,wl)l 6e'"
oaiieu:Hppuiogjy. up, ouns, ma .wista, ana'
brida,'rili,,tha foi.Qnv.o lopg
ureal, onanges ra,gpng on.aroupgi.ua, uam
.men.oan oply hearof.lheittRd marvel at the
freaki of fashion., , j
1111,111 -I.,,,;;.-,.,.,.,, ,,-rTT ...,f,fi J.r '"'a-
. ,.OjtI.IBRA,TtOM.JJt, NEW,fosj BT,r-J,,OBSrOB;
Mil.TA-4-iEKSTIVAL, Of j;uAUvEtoA80iAr4.
The Sons of Malta. in, Sew York,cits.iBrook-
lyn, and -Jersey rCityoantemplatB.otdobratlfig'
tns anoionx tosuvaj or, toe beyen. Uurdiaalg ea
thenigbtof the ilthinsUBtvfcU,mooi,,by,a
pttbllo midnight procassjion.qcha, xoenis ,o,
AilvraiH(aap MMWTI a: AAHpBrpjs, kl tjg lUV
t. J ...HA. ,.af It.. : 1 1 Fab - , -
rrontatri i-ouge, m woaaway,,nra;to tit the
uB.4iiMB,.,ra,)CWvpa4 .waarq 100
krnlha.Knnd Klv-A ,.. in.ll.,I t ....milk
, seven, o'elook. v Iflvlt.tirinj, Jnye,.l)eer(jnt,tp,
iv.w-wv.tkw r.w--, -irt'M-'.H'v.i.'vwm.i.'in
tbe' Tseyeral ,lodgp. of Mtffrsid QjLie, Ken
tucky, Indiana ahd Illinois, to. be, 'present.
Tbe Grand rnmwarideiLandjy.orthy Patriroii-
of ,St,-,Goore'.-Lodgej.Ldorir) now
new.' i ura,,auu..avo.wKuiuiu..Lojir .uuention
,toi tak.ruirj( ,in .tbai;iuMojit;,reBjwA.''f the
log of. wo JU,pper. Canada Frlunftnt?rf ; 0 ppevrh
.. siuouwafneiat iorojory,on,,tAv iya.tue Hon,
rAdam,F,sr,gti!,onntftfl. bairJ.h,twWch; it Vaa
.resolvai toJ)old a General convention of, deTe-
ga tea from the.LibsroJ, partV jrougant (Jp
per Canadoy:onrthe,9tr, o'.Jfyoraber,' o my
Aider, .tne, aubiect, o
or rconitwonar cnanges.
deliberations of the 'mettil rv'iCs.he iinkuto
mous determination that tho eviTa VhirjbJ have
Arisen Aomft WqgjTM.esUBg legls-
lative tittlon,or the-Pjosrlaoes aTdio great and
kliwwtflg'.tbaVniilVnp itiftifa longer tli be
qain.ta;ps4 in tra prespnx raspe; ana tujtt eenW
mii...i.iiiiii(.auui, win
joyed by flroon,,8oajMt,
tha ..tool',
were dos tray,
sUtuUonal caaAge.i frsuipd to remedy the
" .ood.- .1 r.l.I .i.p'.. si-tLJ.l I-m.
.fWifiarioiff.p sirf "nf hifiTto .TimcliJ
I Ad,vwtlaamflUneiclltnr tT-ttWttise!r-
Ona Iniertlnn..,..;;,-.'; la'Til.i.iia'iB.i Pi '
One week
1 ww . am
I In. - -
I Larger ad'ertlaetnena Ittiarud at the
ra,roTtirnrof t-mltBaaortaaslinT, , ,in, wa
tne Inaertion ,; -7" " " '
Canb .Ainii.l.iHU - -
Hue wni ' 11 i- ,1. -ri :m 1, m,, 1 ) 1
tSsawssT' - jp.
aw a as I I IS
One month. 1
mn,.wl,lH ' I ' nll..lllillill.
etotiistil 'witrsd-wM erft jAVat
at ii&OJ '
89 lfhrl-lreet.
- Have nwtoaterealari and aaleatatoek afT
1LB aud FAN6I fiY 60001, whist, for eaten t
and Tarte.lsnMnri y.j f;' .
A large artd jreneral slock of DoMsMtle
Wouleu aud Cotton Good. , -.iUikc.
A spleiidldllucof very rich DresaGoeds,
- (u SUks, Delaines, MerUioes, aj,d pOwsr
-, fabrlcaor newost tZuzl
Clot bi, l Caaslmerea aad 1 ' TaeimHi, U
". large.VsMrtmeilt '' V ''- ''.-:-
'1 uv..s.,'.iiu ovi.i-.v.T ;a :"ji hsi:'a:"'.'J- '
A tofaplete atoestof White Goof-a, Bou.
' brolderlw aud Maeft Ooodai ; of ear
. v . oWA inritatloib.- s,r yj
.A very1 extensive ttoii if Fajrcy tad
Varle,ty . Goods,1 Shawls, HierTf
' .CloTeie.:-'r'rr:" !'. '-
if ot.! To .. . : riji fi't,
aay We shall Je Isi 'daily receipt of all a -w and da
slrable Ooedt durliig 'ha. saaaba, anil tU lira to be
placed In eompetltlonrwith any heoae, Bart or West,
by an eaarajflatton cf chr atPcH. : .-.' ' , sepisani
'HeTanth-street,betwean Walnutand Tine, Cla.
olnnatl, Ohio.- Evening Ulaas eommaDcleg Uonday,
tb lnat. Hook keepiiur UngUt aa applied to every
department or trade. Biiaiues and ornamental ran
rnaiishlpi : CaUt and eiatnlne speclmena. .. sapllanrr
- wv age, haa been sndowedfrom her birtkerlth a
siipornaiuralalftof euclianantonlihlng degree, that
the convinces the most skeptical of her wonilsrfoj
foware. ' r. - ' . - ... , . 1
one give iniormauon 01 anspni xrrenas, wnetuer
living or dead;' together, witb the past, piesent and
future events of liloialaoof lost money or nronertr.
'Ideatirylnf the' pert on of pemona cohcerOed, with
,muohcettalnty,a.soarcely toltava a doubt of their
guilt. - .-. .... .'j . . I,
' fcho also prescribes for dlseams, telllnatbelr (antes
and location; with to much satisfaction aa to nrertt
and receive the ennftdebee of all who have consulted
her, and man y diSirult complaints have been com.
pile cud
Ban laced 1 by ;har -wbnderful WuiutraAiona.
cap a.lao sne and point oul the medicine to cure
the most ob(lnatedlRaea-"vei those UiMtavd for
jiaars baffled oiy-btet pjiyK'infisJardcndjj'cotaalves
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Bbe may e oonultilat'ljr'iooria, at So. .403
Wpst Sixi h-street, between Moiitid at,a 0iilter,froni
tbe boumifoUlit o'cliick A. 91, tonlrre o'olock P. M.
Hit rwidwice is conlinuaiy llirunu.il with visilora
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per .bottle-. cheap that every person can get it.
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HJLL. DrngaJaj, corner of. Hace and flfih-atmsta:
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Ping aad sewrl aawjaai. U.a.y framing lumber nan
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. - Preprletor
ro At-tht) 0id 'Ettlilte4; tWd,
stock of Bouseholo. and Office' Furniture, both
iMwaiiiraaiona hti1-n.un.--sL.'riL.rr:?
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stock nf TlllRarU UblMrefthSaF aifrV
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has just received, from WrSItStT
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iortnwrwaJtfaaapnnslmpMran Darners.

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