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"0UND,"4.,iD thtaoolomn, ooompjloi 8vt Unas
Or lew, two Insertions, twenty -five cents. ' n-. .
WANTKD Clerks, salesmen, book keep
en, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpenters,
rneonentce, end other.-earn And situation, at the
Merchants Clerkt' Registry Office. No. 291 WMt
Jftfih-ttreet. , ,: . lootob - HA LI A OO.
WANTED AGBNT3 tad other to eall
v nd""5lM1era-hmikr,f,t.ftnJng,
eg-oeater, knife-polisher, tclssors-eharpene, nil
a varltty of other things, firat-rat to travel with, at
octeoddw , Mo. Wwt Ihltd-etreot.
In in office, ono or two machinist, two men
Hied to horeea and stable-work. Alio, twenty-flta
gins for various situations In oily and country.
Jvery one leaking employment, mala or female, will
And tbat our office la the right place fur them to an.
Sly at. Ko,33 Wettern-row. A. D. CAB80N 4 CO.
. oc6bl
- w but thoas who are willing to do their duty
Deed apply, Inquire at 194 Loogworth-ttrcet. be
tween and 10 o'clock A. M. ocMi
WANTED All persons wanting to em
ploy the beat of help, nurses, oooka or dining
room girls, or girls for general hnnaework, cun be
supplied on abort nntlra at Mrs. WARNER'S Intel,
llgunce office, 308 fifth-street, between Wtstern
row and John. - oc3-b
man, la a wholesale or retail grocery, or
dry good itore; speak Ueroian. Gooa referenoaa
'gives. Address Ha BKY, this office. oca-b
WANTED GIRL To do the work of a
small family. Inquire eaat aid of Qarrard
afreet, id honae above Seventh, Covington, oce.o
rale cook. Also, for chambermaids, dining
room Servants, nurses, sewing and glflt for general
homework, In city or country, wanted. A man to
llll a situation a short dtatanoo in the conntry. Ap
ply at my office, JV7 Elm and Ninth etreets.
i 00 h r , : THOMAS BUCHANAN.
wanted. Apply to HcHBNRY CAB80N,
ow-o . 142 Main-street.
FOR RENT HOUSE A brlek honae, No.
47 Hilton street, corner of Broadway, i rooms
and kali, Inquire of J, H. NEWMAN, 376 Main-street.
. ooi-bl .
FOR RENT-ROOM-Ths seeond-story room
on the north-west corner of Main and Fourth-
ftreati. Apply to X. A. IVtNS, Engraver, No. I
Vest Fuup h-nrest, Cincinnati.
FOR 8 ALE PIANO A second-hand pi
ano, In perfect ordor. Inquire at ISO West eighth
street. oo6b
lished Republican Paper In one of the best rail
road towns iu Northern Illfuois. Addreei J. R. 8. B.,
at tola offlce, oeS-aw
FOR 8 ALE J B0UTB3 Morning and
evening, for sale lew for oath, only to be aold c n
account of inability to attend to them, caused by
lionets. A good chance. Apply at No. 14 Uetts.
street. sepSOaw
OR SALE-PAPERS Several thousand
old papers at 2ao. per hundred, at this office.
LOST LACK VAIL Last Monday even
ing, on Fifth. Main or Fourth-streets, a Mack
' lac vail. The finder will coufer a avor by leaving
It at the nortb-eaat corner of fifth and Walnut
etreets. ooft-b
FOUND PARASOL On the Jd Init. in
one or the BaymMer-stre-t omnibuses. The
owner can have the same b calling a No. 419 Liberty-street,
identifying property and paying chargea.
ISO Mnlu-st , Three Door above Fourth.
and ennpletn assortment of Ready-made
tilolbtng, gotten up expressly for the Retell Trade,
pni prising all the styles of Frerk Coats. Business
Ooats. Ownrooels; Velvet, Oat h mere and Plush Yes's;
Black and Fancy Pante. all of which ate warranted
ui the be.t material and workmanship.
ilto, a general etork of Clothe, of all colore: Ogs
alroores. Overcoatings. Bnsineaa Coatings and Test
ings, In ev.ry style, which we are prepared to make
to nnler, in the beet style
MS-Gentlemen's Furnishing Goodt. oclbwf
infirm his friends and the public generally,
ihat he haa associated with bfm as partner, Mr. C.
). Johns on, of the late firm of Johnston, Meader 4
Vo and Mr. John Lyforj. The business will here-
Sfter be conducted under the firm name of S haw,
ohn.ton.a Co., at the old stand
With lnoreated facilities and additional experience
. welmpe to merit not only a continuanceof the patron
age so lli rally bestowed heretofore, but to otter In.
ducomeuts, both t the wholesale and retail trade,
not to be excelled by any home in the city.
, oc3awJ -
This is the most delicate article In use for
Puddings, Blanc llange, Custard, Ac It le com
posed of the very Boost parts of Indian Corn. A
email lot In store and for sale by
a, J. FERQTJSON, Grocer,
oe4 Corner Ninth and Vine.
As 00. '8 Celebrated "French Mnitard war
ranted a pure imported article, and for aale by
J. FERGUSON, Grocer,
eot Corner Ninth and.Vlne.
TIC L R of Baltimore Golden Byrup; also, Sugar
house and New Orleans Molaesee, for sale by
J. F K It QU HON, Grocer,
ee4 Corner Ninth and Vine.
English Castor Oil.
In bottlee, by
6BO. M. DIXON. Drcgrlst,
oel-aw Nortb-eaat corner of Fifth ani
d Mala,
Ward's Liniment.
Liniment ennatantly on hand at proprietor'!
jrioe. GBU. U. fclOXON. Drngglet,
ocl-aw ypTth-east corner of Fifth and Main.
Dixon's Vegetable Pills.
TIRELY of-vegetable substance. They are
eugar-oiiated, and superior to any other for Headache
ana 01UIOUB anociion. joraaieoy
GEO. M. DIXON, Druggist,
oel-aw , Torthaat corner of Fifth and
aa gtain,
Axle Grease.
The cheapeit and beet Grease for aarrleges,
Waiois.oarla, Ac. For sale by
GEn. M. DIXON, Dngrltt.
cel-aw Rorthaeteorner Fifth and Mala.
Gum Drops.
DBOPS, Pectoral Itloki, Jnjabe
Pal'te.Ae. For tale by
. M. DTX01T. Tm)t
Northeast corner Fifth and mala
Choice Havana Cigars.
Mil Dranat can always be had aa desired at
uau. n. rixuN'S. Dmgglst,
North-east earner Fifth and Main.
(Snoceaeer to Caldwell A Galth.r,)
If Prepared to do all klueV of Plnanber
Work on Short Notlee. i
octbw 1. OAITHEB, Bncerintendeat.
Pure Coal OiL
Ont Dollar per gallon, by
i. . Dl WEIN, Grocer,
eepat A37 Eaat Front-street.
AX LAW.f hate Bealdiaaw. Xe. I last Third.
..-..OCTOBEK. fl
Ir you want a servant, advertise In
I yon want house, advertise In
I yon want to teU anything, advertise In
I you want to bur anvthtngyadvertiae In
Iai fact, everr want aupplled ,y advertlaing In .
Jt-PennyPreaa'to be had everv
morning at , thq ' Coantlnsr-room door.
Only one cent; '
Ji e . :-,;
Rocti ob Bali. A good route for tale on
the Pinny iVeet. Inqairo at tho oountine--
IXViSTrOAIIOS AA TA Hit a DA VO IAitVoi Pnrrvr .
lLU!S.?'-t 01(1 opeaing of the meeting of
the City Council lust night. Mr. toohey, of
uuioBuia nara, auBDittea Uia lollow
'DgPfeatnble and resolutions::
fVAeretu, Certain rumors, derogatory to the
dignity and hdneety of this Board are now
freely circulating, both in the publio press
and by common report, and that, as such
rumors are scandalous and libelous inas
much as thatmemberaof Council are charged
with corruption of office, and bribery in con
nection with the establishment, in our city,
of street passenger railroads, and believing
that oar fellow-oitiiens are entitled to a
proper refutation and contradiction of the
charges referred to, and for the honor of the
positions of trust whioh we occupy in the oity
B it Sttohtd, That a committee of fire
members, with full power to act as in other
investigations, be appointed to examine into
these charges and report upon the same) at
the next regular meeting of this Board. . -
Xmlvtd, That said committee hold its
sessions, open to the publio,. daily in the
Council Chambor, between the hours of two
and six P. M., oommenoing Thursday, Ooto
bea,185v "
The committee appointed, are named in an
articlo in the editorial column.
Mr. Marsh moved to strike off the last
resolution which was adopted.
A previous motion, offered by Mr. Cunning
ham, that no attention to newspaper rumors
against any of the members of the Council,
unlets on written charges signed by respecta
ble men, having been voted down, the reso
lution was then adopted so tho examina
tion of these rumors will soon beoom
menced. Abrist or a Codntibfktiss Two Thot-
Bank-bills Rboovbbid. Day before yester
day a man named Leonard Fowler, aeoom
panted by two others namod Williams and
Graoeman, arrived In this oity from the neigh
borhood of Big Sandy. Tbey took one of the
Maditon taokete and went down the river, and
on yeaterday morning returned on the mail
boat TUgrapK Officer Thomas Rlokete, of
the river police, having in his possession In
formation tbat induced him to believe all was
not right, boarded the Telegraph about six
o'olook yesterday morning, and, after looking
around, saw the three men in the wash-house
engaged In washing tbsmsel'et. As toon as
jrowier saw the officer, be runhed to Williams
and took from bis breast pooket a package, and
running to the guard of the boat threw it into
the river. He was i rreated bj the officer; but.
amia me eonrusioo the others .... ,l
escape. The pack- ... JTV ,i?J .
ib. ,!, r WBtOB Fowler threw in
, . k.uuvureu, aoii tn examination
.nfl to be two thousand five hundred dollars
In counterfeit bills oompoted of 20'a on tbe
State Bank of , Ohio and Farmer's Bank of
Ripley, 10's on the Bank of Kentuoky, baja
b le at Mayivlllo, and dated Louisville, and
os on tbe Bank of Lonisvitle, payable at
Paduoah. He was taken before Judge Lowe
yesterday and committed for examination to
day. ...
Gsods Stolen. About two o'olook yesterday
moTDlogthe tailor shop of Mr. Phillip Sullivan,
No. 849 Western-row, was entered by burglars
and robbed of cloths, oassimeres,' stlkg, ei k
T4,I" "nd W'y-msde clothing to tho value
of $1,200. Among the goods.Jaken ware sev
eral patterns left by Mr. Sullivan's customers
to be made up. The raaoals gained entranoe
throogh a baok door by picking two looks a
heavy iniide look and a large padlock on the
outside. Mr. S. lives in the same building,
but knew nothing of the robbery until he arose
in tbe morning to open his store.
Boibdof City Iufrovim ints. At a tpeoial
meeting of the Board yesterday, an award for
eulvert on Wade-street, one hundred and fifty
feet west of Freeman, was made to Miller &
Eoker, at $4 75 per lineal foot. A speoial tax
was levied on John-street, from Seventh to
Tbe Clerk was directed to advertise for pro
posal! to build a brick sewer to pais the water
under Hunt-street, from Pendleton, to oonnect
with the Deer-creek eulvert, on Broadway.
Pirsohal. John R S. Bond, once of this
eity, now en editor of "high" standing in
Northern Illinois, visited us yesterday. He
likes the country muoh, but objects to the
Erairie winds, which have nearly deprived
lm of his once-cherished flowing locks.
He went up to Batavia last night to look after
his old friend the "Clermont County snake."
Otbtkrs. Those desiring fresh oysters, in
can or shell, can not find better ones than
those offered by Bobert Orr, No. 11 West
Fifth-street. He is receiving daily by ex
press fresh oysters, which, for size and flavor,
are not to be excelled. Mr. Orr is an old
hand at the business, and cltisens may rely
upon good oysters at his stand. .
fissions Acoidbkt. Charles Brownell, en
gineer on the Hillsboro' and Cincinnati Rail
read, In stepping on the pavement at the oorner
of Sixth and Vine-streets, last evening, slipped
from the eurbttone and fell with such foroe as
to sprain his anole severely. He was taken to
his hotel by a party of friends, and when last
we saw him was quite eomfortablo.
PuRstfNAL. Mayor Haynes, of Chioago,
was at the Burnet House yesterday. Ex
Mayor Thomas, of this oity, who has been
confined to his room for some time past is
rapidly recovering. Wo saw him on the
street yesterday.
TsoTTire Park. Those who want to see tbe
great trotting match between Flora Temple,
Princess and Ike Cook, Friday afternoon, will
see tbat the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
road will rnn a speeial train, leaving the depot
at HO P.M.
Rukawat. Two horses attaohed to a car
riage beoame frightened at the oornerof Front
and Broadway yeeterday.and ran up Broadway
at a frightful ipeed. Tbe driver auoeeeded in
stopping them In front of the Broadway Ho
tel without damage.
Hild Ovsa James Ford and John Han
nlgan, for robbing a man named Wees, some
time sinee, near Camp Washington, were tried
In the Police Court yesterday, and held to an
swer to tbe Court of Common Pleat in bonds of
Gsbai Sali or Hocsibold Fcbnitcri.
This morning at nine o'clock, Cooper ft Stokes,
suotlineers, sell a large ateortmentof new and
seoond band bonsebold furnliure at their auo
tlon rooms No. I East Fourth-street.
Amhttsd to tbi Baa. John R. Hunter
was admitted, yesterday, to practise is tho
Oourts of Hamilton County,
An application.' made for-switches in th
streets, to be located where specified if City
Civil Engineer, was ditonited in' the City
Counoil, last night, and-finally laid on the
table, - -So, alto, aae application s)f .Cincinnati
8'reet Railroad Company, for connection from
Ninth-street to Bay miller.
Tbe only 'sneering ordin.tnoe" passed by the
City Counoil, last night, was for improvement
of, sidewalks west side ol Pluovilrwet,
between George and Seventh. ' Contractor,
Jarqme Bainbridge; rate, a fraction over fifty
nine cents per square yard.
' the City Commissioners hvo been lottruoted
to prooeed at once, to have removed from the
streets, all lumber and, rails and ohstruotiona
left by street railroad contractors, and not in
use, and to have the streets kept open.
' , j ' -; l i . i . - ''
But twenty-five persons were tried In the
Police Court yesterday, a majority of whom,
were charged with dmnkennea. r 1
Daniel Boone, a would-be stump-speaker,
was sent to the City Prison for thirty days,
by Judge Lowe, yesterday, for giving ex
pression to his foelings in an unlawful man
ner night before last.
For ball ticket, sirculars, Ac. oall at the
office of the Pssitt- Press.
Andrew Sharp, a fturitrve. and snnoosed to
have committed a murder at St. Louis some
time sinee, was called in the Police, Court
yesterday, and committed until to-morrow
for further hearing. . ( vr x-.i -y t rn r ;
Geo. Wallenatein. charged with grand lar-
ceny; will have a hearing before Judge Lowe
A couple of the not verr fair, but very frail,
nymphs of the pave, had spirited set-to en
Fifth-street last night about ten o'clock.
Tuck-combs, braids, hair-pins and curset,
tea tnioK ana last, until ine screams of tne
vanquished collected a erowd that "fear
lessly" commanded the peace. There were no
guardians of the night on hand to interfere.
Aeontract haa been ordered "to 'be made
with B. Cotterman, to ereot a suitable stone
wall in tne rear of tbe engine-house in tne
Seventeenth Ward.
Pipe-layers must look ont, as the Oity
Council has instructed the 'Mayor to issue a
proclamation offering a reward of $100 for the
detection and oonviction of illegal voters at
the ensuing election. , ;, -
A Council committee is to eonfer with the
trustees of the Water-works, in referenoe to a
sinking fund for gradual extinguishment of
$300,000 bonds, due. by Water-works, paya
bloin 1883. .
The Mayor las been instructed to request
the ' suspension of the sale of intoxicating
drinks at piacei of publio retort on eleotion
day next Tueiday. '
The Western Engine-house on Fifth, near
Smith, is receiving such improvements as
will render it the most attractive la the oity.
Will not the Brighton and West End street
railroad folks put a little of the oleaginous
com pound on the axles of that car? It's very
grating to the nervous system.
Retail grocers and dry-goods dealers will find
the Pinny Pans ths best medium in the oity
for reoobicg the people. The Pimmt Preis Is
read in almost every family.
Tbe Pksnt PBseghas the largest circulation
ever attained by any Cinoinnati paper in Cor
iogton, and it tteadily increasing.' The fact
it, tbe Pbisi is tbe people's paper it it within
the reaoh of everybody and evert bedy will
have It. - '
' RMO8TA0r,'MBh.;" ' . ,
Mr. Unodgfait, and signed by the following
named persona, hat been presented trt th City
Oouttol I and referred for consideration, asking
that the street railroad route No. 1, be so
modified as to oante the removal of tho track
from .Western-roW, between Bank-street and
tbe Brighton Bouse, Vis: John Taylor, 100
feet; Fred. Lender, iS; M. Heffermen, 27;
John Deremo, 26; Adam Wels, 100; J. Baok
man, 2S; Wegand it Jung, 75; D. Jung, 25; J.
b. Enyart, 121; George Banm, 20; F. W. Bar
maun, 60; F. M. Kirch nor, 60; Louis Rosen
folder, 83; John Fideler, 142; t-anl Orary, 26;
Michael Eokert, 125; Fred. Korsenborn, 2J;
George W. Ftley, 60; Fred Molfinger, 23;
Charles and Arabella Taylor, 77&; Valentine
Will, 60; George Tanwald, and Henry Kress,
200; John Collet, 20; John Leipwolf, 20;
William Brown, 104; William Bromley, 190;
E. S. and Joaeph Bates, 60; Robert Eejnolda,
82; Fred. Wolf, 125; John Odenbach, by Jacob
Haoklagen, 25; George Reynolds, 24; Peter
Koenlg. 41. .
County Cobuissiorbbs. At a meeting of
the County Commissioners, yeaterday, the fol
lowing bills were ordered to be paid:
To Isaiah Bogers, on aeoount of salary...... $200 00
To John A. Smith, dry goods for inmates of
Lick-run Lunttlo Asylum,.....,,.... ..,. 120 03
' Totai;;.:.l.';..,.....,......,............ os
pS" N. 0. Harmony Lodge No. 2, of Free
and Aooepted Masona of this city, conferred
the third degree last night, for the first time in
the Blue Lodge Hall in tbe New Maaonio
buildings. To. day the oorner-stone of tbe un
completed portion of ths Masonio buildings
will be laid in an unofficial manner.
Btt-James Kerr, oarpenter- on the Pine
Bluff, while performing some labor near the
engine, yesterday, was scalded while the en
gineer was letting off steam, so badly that
little hope is entertained of his recovery.
Ho is tsirity-flve years old, and is from
Meteorological observations for the
Pbhbt Pases, by Henry Ware, Optlolan, No.
7 West Fourth-street, Ootober 5, 1859.
O'olook. . Barometer. Thermometer.
)A- n.,... 39.60 . as
1J My I..., w.SW.48 73
6 P. H..mM,.M..H.t..H,...JO,47 ' . Sv
JgrV. Z.Ssdam proposes to sell for a park
one hundred acres on the Lower River Road,
commencing at the Sylvan House, one mile
and three-quarters below the oity. No price
was fixed. The proposition was referred in
City Counoil to Park Committee.
Js-Tbo Third-street cars now leave the
oorner of Fourth and Main, pass out Fourth
to Lawrence, down Lawrence to Third, and
out Third, westwardly, to Stone. Verily, we
have a street-railroad. on Fourth-street.
fi0"A petition is before the City Conneil
asking that the Street Railroad Company,
having a track In that street, shall bowlder
Seventh-street, between Cutter and Freeman
streets. Sbst to tir Hobhtal. Four prisoners
John Caho, Dennis Foley, Henry Groney and
MIohael Dewick were, by order of Dr.
Webb, removed from the City Prison yeater
day, to the Commercial Hospital.
Bdrolait. The residence of Mr. John H.
G roes beck, No. 178 Seventh-street, was bur
glariously entered yesterday morning, and
robbed of an amount of silver-plate. Tbe
thieves pioked the front door lock.
KsTThe sale this morning at aoction by
Q. Brasbears A Co., No. 67 Main-street, offers
a rare ebanee for purchasing boots sad shoes
obeap, as they must be sold.
' sT The brick-pile wbloh has been an ob
struction to ths Third-street Railroad line, on
Third, between Main and Walnut, was com
pletely demolished night bsfore last.
' jBrThe Excelsior Serenading Club will
please accept our thanks for a serenade
evening before last. This club is composed
of gentlemen and musicians. :
stsTEate Rentbaw, for committing an as
sault upon Julia Dye, will be tried In tbe Pollee
Court to-day. . .
Placebo Holdino Elections sx r Tuesday.
First Ward Old engine bouse, northatdeof
Fourth-street, between Syosmore sod Broad,
way. .i - -! -t ,- r -' t
' Second Ward. Engine-house, next 'West of
Mechanics' Inttltute, on Sixth-street.
Third Ward Small briok office, north side
of Second-street, between Ludlow and Law
renoe streets '
Fonrth Ward. Engine-house east side Vine
street, between Front and Second-streets.
Fifth Ward. Ecgine-boase No. S, east side
Vine, between Canal and Court-streets.
-Sixth Ward Hock men's eoal offloe, ?on
Park-street, at Whitewater Canal... .. : . ,
Seventh Ward. Leonard'! pork-house, west
tide Elm, rear Fourteenth -street. -
Eighth Ward. Engine-house on Cutter
street, between Betts and Laurel-streets.
Ninth Ward Engine-house No. 7, on Webster-street,
between Main and Syoamore.
Tenth Ward. Engine-home on Race-street,
between Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Eleventh Ward. Junotion of Hamilton
fctd and Vine-street, Mohawk Engine home.
- Twelfth Ward. Brighton Engine-houae, on
Bank street.
Thirteenth Ward. Engine-house on Sycamore-street,
between Seventh and Eighth.
1 Fourteenth Ward. Engine-house on George
Street, between Plum and Western-row.
Fifteenth Ward, Western Engine-houae, on
Fifth, between Mound and Smith-streets.
Sixteenth Ward. North-wett corner of
Eighth and Freeman-streets.
- Seventeenth Ward. Eoglne-house corner of
Vanse and Front-streets.
SfThe following is a list of letters de
tained for non payment of postage at the
Postoffloo, In this city, Ootober 1.
William Toohr, Bhrdttown, Kr.
i Robert Marcherdi Bro., New York, bT. T. - .
J. O. McHeth, M. !., Gallon. O.
A.M. Adams, t. Maul, Minn.
n m n- T.J1.....11. r.4
lUtllff, Duvall A Co., Oxford, 6.
Sxruxaaa .
Favld Roth, New York, N.T.
. B Hener. Seville, O.
John Bovard. Harmeraville, Pens
Hiss B. and M. Waans, Salem, U.
J. 8. tfasoo, Fort Gibson. AlUa.
Wood's Theater. This plsce was again
crowded It st evening, drawn t' gethor by tbe an
nnunoement that Mr. Anderson would repeat his
"Charles ! Moore" in Tub Bobbir. In tbie lm-
Kraonation, Mr. A. is unapprou-baole, rendering It
a etyle peculiarly his owu. The "Amelia" of M 1st
Watte wa- verr good To-night will be presented, fur
the second time, Cosiolanvi and Nippib in fa-.
Bud; Sir. Anderson appeeriog aa "Cat us Itarclna
(VirlolantiK " and Ml-e Fanny Dfoham aa "M. dame
Galochard" la the fare. 8n..rit Maria will also
appear lu two of her graceful dances. .
Westers Mcsstjk. There Is performance
everv day and night at ihl eaubltehment. 8i. Dn
vaill't learned Canary Blrde hare leeu engaged aud
are now on exhibition. Go and eee them,
SBT" A. A. Xyttsr, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry. Not. Ill aad 271 Western-row, -
JM" Bsguerreian Gallery, south-west cor
ner of sixth and Wettern-row, over flannaford'a
drug store. Pictures taken and put In good oases for
twenty oente. Wairanted to please.
tTFriel A- McOuire, Merchant Tailors,
Ho. 396 Walnut-ttreot, have on band a flue aasort
mentof Vest Paterns, and extra hue goods suitable
furCoata audPantt. Those lu want of a ell made
article or slothing would do well to call at m Wal
"Ifyou want an easy-fitting Shoe or
Boot, goto M. A. Wettcott, No. II West Fifth-street.
Hit stock consists or cuitom-uos.de aud Emtem
manufsoture, for Oente, Ldloa, Misses aad Chil
dren. 01v him a can if you want a good article.
Madame Jumel, Widow of Aaron Burr.
We havehltherto aonouneed the arrival of
this difiilrjgnlshed Indy Id oof midst, whose
visits to Saratoga are as regular at the seaaons,
and whose annual return It looked for with as
muoh pleasure at tbat of a long absent friend.
Stie oornea herb oitent(bly to look after an
estate which she owns, lotiated ne'er oslr vi
llage, but, like all other laaies, she mingles
witb, aad seems to enjoy tbe festivities of this
gay waterlog place with at muob delight at if
sbe was the reigning belle of the season.
Madame Jumel, onoe tbe wife, and now the
widow, of the eelebratedAsron Rurr, Is, indeed,
a Very remarkable wdtrlaa. Although sbe bas
outlived most of her cotemporaries, baying at
tained upward of eighty years, she seems to be
jutt as full of life and vivacity as she was forty
years ago, and apparently possessing alt bar
facilities unimpaired.
Sbe still keeps np her splendid country seat,
whiob is looated at Washington Heights, on
the Island of New York, and whioh sbe bas
owned for upward of half aoentury. This resi
dence, whioh is unsurpassed for the beauty of
location, was at one period during the Revolu
tionary War, the headquarters of General
Washington. The mansion and grounds have
been adorned by Madame Jumel, by many
rare objects of art, colleoted by her during her
travels in foreign countries.
Nothing seems to sfford this lady more de
light than to sit down with a friend and re
oount the vioissitudts of her long and oventful
life, and the varied scenes through which the
has passed, both In her own oouotry and Eu
rope. She bas no hesitancy in giving her life
as tbe wife of Aaron Burr, and, although Jehe
has voluntarily dropped bis name, and appears
to take no pride in having been associated with
one who .was so distinguished among Ameri
can statesmen, yet while sojourning in foreign
countries, she bas usuAly traveled under the
name of Burr. - .
This lady, with an ample fortune at her
command, dispenses it for tbe encouragement
of benevolent and praiseworthy objeets and to
benefit her friends with a oonsoiousness that
she has glided thus far down tbe stream of
time without anything on her part to cause
regret for the past or fear for the future. She
seems to bo tbe hsppiesr when contributing to
the happiness of thote about her. We hope
the evening of ber days may be as happy and
serene as her past hittoroy bas been prosper
ous, and that she may continue to make hsr
annual visit to Saratoga Springs for long years
Saratoga Sentinel.
Oxb Wat or Editiko. That funny man of
tbe CroeJleK JHiler, Texas, draws a grim
smile even to our d l't lips, with the fol
lowing version of the latest European news
received in Texas;
His royal mamma has given the Prince of
waies permission to go over to Canada and
receive their homage, and tho Prince is hav
ing some new clothes marie; he won't wear
his patched breeches. The Queen of Eng
land batbed on the 24th ult , and walked on
the beach; then took supper and went to
bed; the dispatch does not etate if she un
dressed. No evil effects followed the bath,
however. The French Emperor got home
safe from tho wars, kissed ths royal baby,
right in the street, than took tbe Empress by
the hand and went boms.
IvTBRraisnta Woken. In the town of Fe
kin, N. Y., resides Samuel Roberts, with bis
wife Saline, and their four daughters. They
oooupy a farm of a hundred aores, the work
of whioh, such as plowing, logging, planting,
hoeing, taking care of teams, Ac, has, dur
ing the lest year, been performed by the
mother and daughters. The eldest daughter,
aged eighteen, plowed twenty acres, and one
of the young sisters drsgged in the grain. -
Portable Grludinp aud Bolting
Corn and Feen Mills
Frames cast to Id, both upper and uod-r ran
sort. Smut Machines, Flour Packers. HoliiugUlolh
Belting, AO., Fortubl Eoginre and Uoi era.
W. W. HAMER & CO.,
N. X. Cor. Western-row and Columbia-street
star Glieakre seat ea appUsatloa witb pottage
stamps, oei-felw
R. White aad Cornelia, his wife. r. M. V.
Dr kw ai A Ann V rtn.n A flrnM.illnff In p.Seh .
llsh the till, to a trart ot land, about Bfty acres, near
Ulendae, I11 tbla o.niv Mm .fine una vw
made in I8iiy, to atari Broknw, a blind girl, of the
age of elan t yours Itwo.p.M ferhy her Stther, and
occupied by her until 'be time of her death, wbl. Ii
ocmrred about five or alx years ago. She made a will
devising It to her brother, H V. Brukaw, tmtijeetto
the paynioot of a legacy of Ji.onu to Cornelia, her
abler, and some ether .mailer legacies. Tbo plain-
uuBniii inai nana aai oniy a 111. esiate lotnis
property that tbe was but a trustee for h.r father.
and that opi-n her death it want to his heirs.
The case waa sreusd br Judge John.tun tnr h.
complainants: and by J. W. Caldwell and Judge
aiai news on me utuer tiae, ana Has submitted to
the dart.
J. B. Hunter aad If. Tncker were admitted to the
Bar. - . . , , ,
In room No. 1. Judge Spencer oalled the
motion docket and demurrers. Several were takon
under advl-eraeut.
EuAMCiPATiim. A habeal corpus was sued ont on
behalf of Ellrabeth Adams, a young mulatto we man,
the .lava of A. Adams, of New Orleans, who. though
a nominal defendant iu this proceeding, desired the
emancipation of his elave. Hha had beio transferred
to him by L. Alolntvre,oi Alabama, iler emancipa
tion was duly recorded.
The granting of naturalisation papers was ths
principal business transacted before Judge Iloadley,
An Inquest of lunacy was held In this Court
to aacertam the mental condition of a yonog man,
named Panlua Koah.. a naliva of Bavaria. He was
found wandering about the streets, and but llttl.
could be ascertained aa to tilt history, except that he
nau oeen traveling arounn irom ne towu to anotner
s.nce he came to tliiaconmry. and not stonrinc long
enough in any place to obtain a legal settlement. He
wan eX4nii neu uy jir. D. Aiexanuer, wnu aiaes mm
to be a monomaniac. Bit delusion ie Ihat tome
par' lua are seeking hit Hie. lie was sent to ihe
Natuealis.tioh. A good many aeolcants for
oitleensblpreoeived their final papers in this Uuirt.
Fail is Coutito. The trees that so besntl
fully adorn our oity during tbe summer arenow, no
der theinnuenoeof th. "rtober winds. otttlngewa)
their green foliage, and the remaining leaves are
weiring the gulden hue of adtumn. Indeed, every
thing tires eviden. a th.t fall Is here. Our markets
twnj with tbe choicest fruit, tbe produete of tbe
orouardt of tbe surrounding conntry. Grapes, too,
lOr ahlch Cimp'iell County bai so long beuii Justly
famous.nreabnndautand of the flrtr quality, within
the Inst few days numerous lots of chet'nuta have
ne-n brought from the mountain, to add to enr
st. ck of luxuries. The tb iuthtful and provldeut
among our citizen are already prparb g furl, ai d
miiei necessansa for 'he cmlng winter.- Slay It
yield an abundai.ee ot happiness to all.
Tas Right Bower A barge bearing thle
name, loaded with plows, wagons, and other lmple-mi-nta
of agriculture, bound for the Potnh, Is now
lying at our wharf. It is from Putnburg, and the
cargo la tbe pioduct of Pemmylvaiiia lucltH'ry. It
wae towed dowu by the steamer I'lne llluft, nnu
lying at Cincinnati, and will be taken to the bower
MltM.ippi when that boat i ready to depart. The
siooli is after the most improved style, and will be
valuable to the planters of Mlesltslbpl and Louisiana.
Tbat Bower la bound to win.
Our ttreett were somewbst dusty yesterday;
Indeed, traveling on them was most dlaagreeabe,
and not in a remarkable degree conducive to tbn
htalth of persons of weak innaa. Tbe streets need
prinkllug during sunn weather as vlerdsy. .
LnDOE or Goon Fellows ORSANintn Id
accordance with a previous arrangement, a r.umber
of our citizens met at a l onreolein spu , ouM nda
voning laat, and proceeded to nrgaiiite mu orderot
Good rellows. On mutton, the fbiloaiiig offloer.
ereeiec 01 toserve tne ensuing yoar: J, w. i'om
fray, W. G.: J. llarlm. W. V. (JlJ. Martin. W 0
J. Mourn, W. Kb; . D. (linnm W r.s ;il. Wood,
.? . 1., ii.... vnri.iian, tt. vv ; 11. uaaey, iv . a, .v.:
S. Tomlrey, I ; Joe b Kerr, W. J. f. iher
Will be a mietll IT of the Awot-lation on Mn l
evening m xt. at half-pa'tlw,. a civ k. at Tetnolxr a
n 111, 1. .r i.iwpurpoee. 01 installing tho Above tiffloere
Xbe publio are iuvited to be In atleiidauce.
A runaway noourred on Third-street, west
Madl-on, ye"terdiiy. A burse, hitched to a tiuggy,
took f ightaii'l ran bin best ( reome Uisia'.ce. when
the ban. ess gave way aud let hitu out. No serinu
i.jury a done.
The Circuit Court, wbiehbas been in ses
sion for nearly a month, is still hard at work; Itwll 1
9 intiuue lor tome time yet.
There are eleven nrlsnneri in jail, tlx tner
and Ave women one of the latter being aeutneid to
one vear in the peuiteutiary, wbl herahe will soon
no ii'iui;. rttu.
Pones Court. Frnintun Wewman, forgot
ting glorious on old Kourbon, was yestcnlgy fined
tl by the Alayor. No other cases rame up for trial.
WEDNESDAY, October 5—3 P. M.
There was sn improved reeling in Money mat
ters to-riaj, owing in a great degree to tbe prompt
payments ou ino .111. currency wan in neuer suppi,
and good short (lato PeperuftVred by reguar depot
ltor. isascrodtted at llk&!2 ner cent.
Eastern Exchnngt) vory firm at M premium Belling
rato to- ustomers only; the supply not equal to th.
Ooll ew transactiona-tO cents buying rate-tell
lua at K nrnmlum.
New urlean Exchange Hd'seount baying; selling
at (g preminm. ',
Ho change in I'ncorretlt rands. .' :
Cincinnati Produce Market.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, October 5, 1859.
FlOrit There was but Utile rhane-a In the
market to-day; ir any, the feelingwas tinner, and tbe
demand rather better, but there was a difference of
auout 10c. per on. neiwe-n tne views 01 buyers and
.uu mn ,KU. nkl,. .1 ..... A
ami we must quote pri cs nominal at $1 MKitt 60 for
superfine, and (4 ;fKai85 furotra. 1,63d brie, were
receive! rturlng the last 24 hours,
WHISKY The demand waa active to-day, and
prices jc. higher, nales 1,300 oris. st2626aC., tbe
latter rate for wagon.
PllOVIrtlONS-Tno market Is firm bat unchanged.
BO hhds. Bacon Shoulder sold at 8c. anil 16 bhds
bulk 'In. at 87 1 per 100 lbs., including paikages.
GROCEaiGS-Sugxr firm and W higher, with sales
nf 40 hhds. at 7Kc. for fair and W.c. tor good fair.
Mulaases firm at 39 10c. Coffee steady at full pri
ces, i.
WHEAT The demand to day waa active, and prl
cot advanced 23c. per bushel. Salot 1,300 bnah
prime red at 81 OA; 1,60(1 do do. white at f! 11; 900 do.
do. do. at 51 10; 1,000 do. do. do. at $1 Wc. in Cov
inetnn. CHUN A fair demand for old and prices Arm
80c. New la offering to arrive at 60A3.
ItTB A good demand and prlresllrm at 1te7
B A KLKY The market Is dull and prices drooping.
Salsa 200 bushels prime full at 70c.
0T8 The receipts com lime large, and prices
declined to day to 40Ho. Sales 9,300 bus belt.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 5—P. M.
Flour heavy and falling, andlOs lower; sales
O.OOO brls. at 14 '00)1 60 superfine State; 4 H$t
extra State; St 4n)i ii superfine Western; Si 6n4
common ami medium eura Western; JJ tUfiii
inferior to good snipping brands extra round hoop'
Ohio; market closing depressed. Canadian dull and
lower, sales 2nobrls. at 81 30KM lOcommon tochoice
extra. Bye flour In fair rrque-t at S3 to
Wheat opened dull and heavy; closed steady; tales
2,6i bush, at K-ang for N" I I'hlcngo spring; 81 00
1 01 for Uilwaukie (duii; tl snfor whlto West
ern; SI 40 for white Kentucky. Rye firmer; tale.
l,3o0 bush, at 82c. Barlev dull and heavy, sales ateoC.
for State. Corn dull and slow; sales 11,000 bush,
tHc; round yellow (Mo ; Inferior Southern yellow
and mixed Western held at Mo. Uatsdnll attlffiile.
for State; 40ffl43o for Western and Canadian.
whleky ouiet and firm, sales 110 brls. at 2So.
Fork active mid firm; sales 1,601 brl. at S'S S649
IS Ml; mesa at Slfl t5I0 60; prime $14 Stuj&H 53; thin
mess including 25 1 mess, teller's option, till 1st
November, at SI5 V5, aid m meat sellers; till 1st
Desember, private terms. Beeflieavy and dull! sales
150 brls. at Stiat Nl fur oounirv prime; $'6
cnuntry mess; jjHI for packed mess; Shko.I1
extra mesa fleet hama dull and heavy at $lnai5.
Trime niees In ef nominal. Cut meats -care, and firm
at tw. foi ahoiildera od c, for hams. Bucon ouiet
Lard better and active; sales 9V) brls. at llfflll IHc.
Uutterateaily at I2I6o, for-Oulo, aud li3lo.
State.' Obeeseeleady at OtiatS .
t otton nominally iiuoied, with tales of SOD bales
p.is of goodt mldllng I'plands on tbe wharf
n .dee dnll; tales of 8 0D01b.: Wtttern 10a.
agar firm, Mutcoradu 5ti . j
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
Baltimore Market. BALTIMORE, October 5—M.
Fionr nrmt Howard and Ohio telling
8 & ISSo. Wheat ha an advancing tendencr:
white (I an; red SI I2IB1 ISC. I'mn It Laoyant
and higher; while eVi8Mc.; yellow SStSoo. Whl.kv
nrui; umo a-to. I'rovl.loiiS Orm; Bacon Lnoyatit
r-imo.-.,-. ,or Duuuiivra auu oiuet, Alees fork
Baltimore Market. BALTIMORE, October 5—M. [By Telegraph.]
New York Cattle Market.
NEW YORK, October 5—P. M.
Beeves sdvaoeed K'o- R'oel.ts J.OOO
head. The advance It chirfly on mldilllng Qnalltlet,
which svll at eainc. Average price 8J10 eheep
edianctd .K4o Kecelptt It.MO head. Swine nrm.
UeOelptt 6,000 heart.
Steamboat Register.
AiRtVAtt Telegraph, Lonlevllle; John BeTI.
Cairo; "airy Qtteuo, Maytvllle; Indian Ma. 2. Pitt.,
burg; tnr at Queen, Mmll.ou; Aliamont, Lawrenee
burg; Oleuwoo.l, PHtrbuig.
Dr.r.HTtrsti - Telegraph. Louisville; Glen wood,
Louisville; Fairy Queen, Haysvllt.; Forest Queea,
Iladison: Altamont, Wheeling; Parkeitbnrg, Fark
eiebura: J. W . Hallman. PlttiTinrirr pin. Hi, iff. N
Orleans; Indian Ko.S,Kew Weana; Martha Putnam,
AUl 'BlO Al.lv Bl li. c. .buUI
A CO.. No. S3 U.ln etret.-Omei.rie.. I'rr
f)oo.l, BooUaed Rhiiee at Auoili.a -Ou IBIDAT
ll'IIIMND, tl precieelv nine oe'iocki for accouut of
whom It may con turn, tor can, twenty ate 'eoi
ueree, 8alianti and Jen; eighteen plwes black and
nrowa- Flt kwf. either 4)kitHa.nupert)atUamAjotktj'
Yasiluee, farmer's tjailn, Plllcia-, Ac.
ALS' An lnvulna or Tabl and Pocket Cutlery.
At aalf-peat Un.ok tockgo.rtv.rle4yxf staples
Crocrles Boole, Bhoes and Brogan.. 00a
A CO.. la Htlet-room No. 57 Ualn street.
Boots and Shore at Auction. Win ue added to
ealea THIS M 'KUG, Seventy fir. eaeee Nea'e
bW, foutb and Cbildrns fioou, klpp, oalf aad
L80-A large BetallS'ock for ea.h.
SHEARS ft CO., at their sale-ruome, Vu. f
aniise Dialn aire t. Boots and Hhoes at auction.
We will soli on THURSDAY UOBNINO. Oot. th,
commencing at 9 o'clock, without reserve fr eaah
IH cues Urns', Boys', and Youths', Womens,
Wlii.e-.' and Cblldrene' Shnee; a geneial asanrtasens
forcaah. ,, ii. BBASBBAB8AtCO., Auet'rt.
8BEARS A CO.,8alen-rooma Nae.tr and tk Mala-street-Special
sal. of Havana Olgere. We will sell
FRIDAY MORNING, Oct. 7, ateo'clook, witbnaS
reserve for cash, 70,000 very floe genuine Ha
vana Cigars s'lgarn, Korsegas, aad various brands
006 O. BBA8HKAB3 A Co.. Anct'rs.
A CO., No. IS slain-etrevt Groceries, ttlaee-
ware, Wrapping Paper, Boots, Shoos, Ac, at ano-tlon.-On
rUCftSDAV ilOBNlMO, Oot. A, at
o'"iruk. a Urge stock of staple arooerlee, (t-laeswars
and Tobacco. - .
a lou- ..oots, 8boes, Brogant and W omens' Boots.
ALbO-l.SOO Bnndl aRirawand Keg Paper;
iiuifl ssu ruciB. viitior,, nu,
II. 8. MILES CO., Auctioneers.
WTi.r.r a as a flai..i-nAtn. n and M Eaat Third.
tr. t.-A cut at ck of Dry O-wds at auctlon.-Ot
TUCU8DAT MOENING, Oct. S, at o'clock
acut stock of a retail dry goods store, embracing a
general variety, via:
Uiotns. Unssinteree, eatine, jeisoe, s lanneia, una
Kns, Lu.tera, Pelaloea, 'frrllltng. Prints, Oambrloa,
Piaida, Olnghams, Miking. Lawns, Table iitnea,
Diaper; pp-hi) Thread, Hosiery. Buttons, tsblrus and
uraweit. Bandkervhi.t. Boota. hhoee. Ao. To be
told without reeerve.
ALSO a) ptaceaor wool ana ingraia uarpsnng.
aooairof Blankets
And a variety of other good.
000 A . a, ejijijum., Aucuoueor.
A OO..: No. St Main-street Boots, phoeii aad
Qrowriseat atictioo.-Ou 1'HURSHAT MORNING.
i tuber e, at 9 o'olock, a oases nens' aip ann i,aii
Tl. .- , 1 -. 1... a.. An A A M.H.a SI una' K.
and Womens' nip aao uan orogana ana doom.
ALSO A large and general variety of Staple Ore
mpIu. riwai bundlea .Straw, aud Bag vVtaenlag
fsper, 7 Dozee, oute aoacauuiea va,, ny-auu mw.
... . . , ... V- . i -J
INT "W JS t o r
South-east Cor. Fourth and Via,
T PKITTIIsr sto-k of Goods far MINI
WCAB ever oflered la Cincinnati.
' ' ' TBI MTUUK OF ; ; '
to make up te Measara, Will be large aad Tarie.
We bavea '
New Corpe of OutttSrrs,
from New Tork aad Philadelphia, who profess te
mdcraUnd the art of (Jutting Stylish Ganaente to
rdiT. " ' " ' ' 1 ". .
OS" For past favors we retura many thanks, and
hope to merit future patronage. Truly,, ' '
that they are sailing lumber at their yard oa
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton aaa
Dayton Bailroaa, . - " .. . "r
Than any other Lumber Dealers la the oltr. .
" Quick Sales and Small Profit!"
i ' ." , 1 . ;
' , TUev tubmlt the following list of prleett
Oaeh. 4 Mo'fc
(Hear Inmber, all iblcknesaee, 1 In. meat 1 17 90 $40 00
Best Common, IX and 2 inch Plank......... M 00 SO 00
Meat " 1 incn noara.... ..-.n.o- 7. z ill
Second " .. all tiilckneeset.
Third ' Board
rinih Plank, face measure
ic eo 17 00
II 50 11 90
21 SJ, OO
11 no ti so
11 10 14 00
3) SO 17 SO
21 7 29 00
18 SO 90 OS
ie 00 it so .
nee MOO
as so mi ot
to 00 si s
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber...
Poplar " ' " .
Ftrat Common Flooring Boardt.. . .
rweona . - "
Third -St '
First Common Weather Boards..,
Second " ' . " .
Cedar Potts, 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred,
Odar . for fenelas. " . . "
Locust " ' . u aa eo
: A farther rrduei ion of aW per etat. will be made on
bills of $500 or more. s-. '
We have oneof the largest and best selected stocks
or Lumber In tbe Cincinnati market, which we offer
tor sale at the above prices.
Pike's Opera-house,
1 -OB TttsV-
Groatly Kedue4
tl.l U rnt I ourthtrect.
1 ' . 1 .. ' fepl ' 1 '
SIXTH AND SKTRMTH, MaaaAutnrer and
Importer Of Soaiiia. Pat-tow rv mnrt F.nm HAnt.. tiu
Just reoeived.per eUamer, a lot of Porte Mom late.
, r rustles conilie. Perfumery. Bef Mar.
rowanu -ancy wis 01 an oeecrtptl. ns; alao a com.
nlete aetorttaent of Handkerrblef Kitracti. wl.leh
he Is prepere.' toeellata Bgure lower ths-. any ether
iieal.rin thaclty. Also, rreelred this day from New
York.alarnjelnt of David's Bin. and Black Writing
and Marking Inks whioh Ihe mbeoriber will be able
In aell at oiAiiufactufor't prices. Jobbers aad re
taller will nleaMinall In and uamla. h.f.
chasing elsewhere. ... . ,,
AU kinutuiKxtracttai
.' 26 CEBTS PSk I0TTLB,.,
Bememoar tbe pJaee, ' : . '
ftT Jlaln-sW JJf t. ttrtli u4 lsntb.

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