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14 WesB;fc Fourthstreeti
TDK PENNY PRESS il delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington end Newport, and nor
' rounding cities mid towns, at the ex
tremely low prlco of
1 1 XME N'TS'A Wit K,r
! ; ( Payable to the carrier.
''"""' FBICI OT MAILING: ' ' '"
Single Copies, l cti.; On, Month, 40 eta.: Three
Months, II to; On Iu, 4 00, ..
loan A.. Kujlib, Ji.. Sols Lessee and Manager.
Farewell Benefit of tho favorite Tragedian ,
0,TiitTK)tor FRii:NDSip.
Ilanmti Mr. Anderson
Pythias .... ....Mr. Latigdon.
IHnnysitte : Mr. Ilann.
Phlltotlus Mr. Head.
Damocles r.....i..i..f j...,. M r, Fisher.
lanthc - ....Lr..,.Blr. Ellaler.
llcrmion - Miss Waito.
Senorita Maria m two graceful dances. ..
To conclude with Shsgapeare'sconnHlyofa, '
Petruchio Mr. Anderion.
(Jriiinio ; Mr. Kllsler.
t'athtirlue Mrs. Kllsler.
SHTTlie new scenic drama will abort); be produced.
MTDoors open at '4; Curtain rises at o'clock,
Prioss or AnMtnsioN Dress Circle and Farquette.
SOceuts; Gallery, 2oanta. -
tttTNo free list. .
Flora JwiIe,Piac wand Ike Cook.
REUS, to come off oo I EIDAT, October 7, law, at
three o'clock V. il.
Jim. L, Koff enters b. m. Princess, ofOallfnrnla.
.Us. McMahon . b. ui.FlorsuTesBple.of New Verk.
Mr. ,i '" Ug. Ike Cook, of Chicago. .' '
(are will leave the Hamilton and Dayton lTatlrnari
Depot for the Couth at half paat two o'clock.
sctt-lt -.1. h. HTEFJtHNS, Frsprletor.
The following piiraoa will be
Klrou for Trottlra Borase, to
eomeotroTertheafove ileuraa
rommencliigTUKHIIy, Oc-
ioirori0V; . . . .
First Dnf-Tucednr, October 18.
Purse (rO-mile heals, beat three In five, to liar,
aeaa. Fri-o forall trotting liors. . . ...
Second Oar Wednesday, October 19.7
Purse S2fi0-mlle heats, beat three in Ate, to har
ness. For horaes that serer trotted for money ever a
imblle race-couino. . ,.
Third Day-Thursday, Oeteber 90.
Futae SaM) mile heati, beat three la Ave, to har
neaa. For horses that uorer trotted In 2:50 in publio,
Foai'th Day-Friday, October 31. .
Purse J-MXI-two-mlle beats, to barnosi. Fra for
all trotting; honea
"Flora Teuipla" and "Prlaoeia" . are azoepttd for
these purees.
for the ahOTS purses there must three entrira and
two to start. Entrance 10 per cent. V r the Urat
ace entry aiuat ha made on or before Saturday, Oc
tober Ifl, at U o'clock M. For the other purses, the
entrloato be made on or before the day previous to
each rsce, at 13o clock M.
Entries t be made at 71 West Third-street, Cincin
nati, O. .
The prdmletcr flatten, htnaelf tbav Clnoln'nati
Trotting Park Is aa fast and good a Course as anjr in
the Union, and will do ttll In hli power to aoeommo
late all persons bringing horse to his Course, (jood,
omfortiibu stablea will be at theservlce of turfmen,
free of chnrge, and they are Invited to come early
and do their training over the Course, whloh will be
kepi at all timee in good condition.
Liberal purses will be given for trotting and pac
ing horsee during the aeason.
ocatt T. Ii. STEPHENS. Proprietor.
Great Western museum-North-east
corner of Hyoamore and Third
atreeUi. ABUAM PALMKR.Proprietor.rospectfully
announce that he boa engaged Big. DUVALL.I to
exbibit bis Learned Canary Birds in the Ladles' Ho-eeptlon-room
of the Museum, commencing on MON
DAY MO KNING, at 9 o'clock, and continuing until
o'clock in the evening. The wonderful porform
xnoea of theao birds bare been witnessed by thou
sands, In England, Canada and the United States,
with admiration. Admission to tha Museum and
Bird performance, 23e.; Children 10o. ocSaw
'i il :.i;U.MOKB KOfKVtmH
NEW FEATURES t : ! t .
Captain Menter's Cornet Sand,
TIMB CH ANOID. ;.' . ' .1
Preateaads Cencsrta, frost 7 until I o'aleck, is the
ardea. '
Tarlety anterlainueat, ton I until II e'llock, In
the feucert Saloon. . :'t
AdmUdon Ten Cents, ' '
Oyster Importing House.
- IKS daily, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements in Baltimore, on
the moat extensive soale, I will stall times dnrlng
Ihesesson be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
the rest of mankind," with the most DELICIOUS
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None but
the very best Imported. Great inducements offered
Rl this Importlng-house.
rder loliclted and promptly filled. Terms cash.
aepldt . Bole Importer and Proprietor.
' XAtll in .. i. .
iti T!i rnirp. . .
?1S ' y
jvw K
mj ' upicea uysteri.
DAILY, by tha Adams Express, MALT
BY 5. world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters.
I i - ALSO
EOBEUT 0SRr Agent. ,
wpr-tr 'i ;;:. i Depot, 11 West Fifth-street.
B3S VTalnat-atreet,
u i j wviuutAiAi w aj v & x xi Am DA A
. MOX thai mI f J II V iVR A l1A
,w liven vjmwm.
Tlrk.l-..i. J A It a A u ' n
r J. B. Mann A (
Ofatra oookod im a opjrUr ityl at our uiuaI nrd
daily, by Lightning Bxpreaa,s f
through la 19 hours, William T. Smith
A Co?s celebrated Planted Oysters. 2jLV
which we are selling at unprecedented li 'sV
low prices, by Case or Cans. Dealers and families
wanting a very large Oyster and fresh from the
water, win geis l tueir oraers.
sepM-ea Ke.WeJliU.strset, tTlnsfaasfl,
i',3 rt L;
TOL. 2., NO. 41.
w 4w i n .aim
, ' .!i,iii. : , l
LV''': .( ft 1 A V4A4 .Xlia i
ft J $ i
1 rBMwM.;,
ts 'is ii ii-'Sis
I' .1. ii r .i . , i ira. ' --I'
! Jl ' I ... .
1.71.'-. "l! fl
' ' 'I
i ' '' :f - '
Rates of Domestic Postage.
.fitTTF.aa-For each half ounce, under ,000 niiies,
re-Baidt 3 cents: overs,) miljs, pre-paid, III cents.
All lettera must be pre-paid bvsiantps, or Inclosed in
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded,
Transismt MKwjiPAnsM, PaaiostrAisv CiacCMinv
Ac, to any purl of the United tjtates, not weighing
over 3 ounces, 1 ovaf, and 1 cent for each additional
ounce; pr-avniunt required. , i
Books, pre-said, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
per ounce, for any distance In the United States nn.
der .1,0110 miles, and i cents per ounce over .1,000 miles,
pre-paymeut required. All fractious over the ounce
So be counted a an additional ounce. .
NcwsPAPKBs sjtn PMioiiitlu, not exceeding i.H
ounces In weight, when paid quarterly In advance,
and circulated in the State where published-rilally..
per quarter BH.elx times perwork 'HJs; tri-weeklr
OH; .eml-weekly,X; weekly,.1Mi semi-monthly, 1H;
monthly, Ji. Newaptipirs and periodicals whon
weighing I ii oitnoei, double tho above rates. ,
Small Nkwspapkbm, published monthly or oftener,
and pamphlots not containing morn than IK ociavo
pagos, in paokanjes. of ej ounces or over, X pant pes
otiure. C , . ' i - i I 1 1 II
Wkxklt Np.wmpapers, within the county where
publialied. Free. ....
r Quarterly payments, In advance, may be made
either whero published or received.
Rates of Domestic Postage. Law of Newspapers.
FmrRiiriscribbrs who dtrnot give express notice
to the contrary, are considered as wishing to con
tinne their subscriptions to the paper.
Second. If subscribers order the dlfcontlnuance
or their periodicals, the publisher may continue to
send them until arrearages are paid.
TuiRn.-IfsulMcrlberH neglect or rfiuie to take their
periodicals from the oRke to which tbeyararilreoted,
they are bold responsible till they have settled tho
bill and ordered them discontinued.
Fourth. -If subscribers removs to other places
Without informing the publishers, and thepapnrsare
aent to the former direction, they are held roepon
eible. .
Fifths-Tub Courts have decided that refining to
take periodicals front the office, er removing and
leaving them uncalled for, la prima rAciEovldenceof
lutootlonal fraud.
Arrivals of Trains.
iNDiAWAPiats A CrscisNATi-e:40 A. n.; 8:M . .;
:39 p.m.. ,
Oinoibrati, Hamilton and Dattok 7:8a. h.; 10:47
A. it.; S:W p.m.; 10:10 p. n.
Littlb Miahi-7:30 A. M.i lB r. .; 7:18 P. at.; 10:45
Mabibtta and OnraiUNATi IOiSO a. m.; fclft p. m. -
Ohio An Mississippi 7:16 A. x.t 2:0O p.m.i lot r, a
Departures of Trains.
iRDlAlfArOMS ASD CmciNBATI J;50 A. U. 12:00 H.S
6:0OP. M.
CrsoiNHATr, TTAMttfov ivxi TiAVron Indianapolis
and Cleveland, :i)o a.m.; Sandusky Mail, i:W a. M.i
Sandusky, 4:30 r. at.: Accommodation, 6:00 i. x.
IitTTi.a Miami Cleveland and Plttsbug, 6:00 A. M.i
Cleveland, PittHburg and Bellair,8:30A. Colum
bus AcconiuiodatioD,4:40 r. M.i Cleveland, Pitts
bnrg and Bellair, ll;30 P. M
Ohio and Mississippi St. Lords. 9:00 A. M.i Lonls
ville, 8:00 P. M.i St. Louis, 8:30 P.M. '
- Short Line) East Front-street Depot 4:00 A.M.;
8:00 A. M.i 11:30 P. vf.
Olbveland, Columbus and Cincinnati East Front
streot :00a. m.-,8,.Wa. M.; 11:30 p. h.
Cincinnati and Marietta :1B a. m.;8:30f. m.
Central Ohio From East Front-street Depot 8:10
A. M,i 11:30 P.M.
OovmoToa and IiXXiNovron-e:3S a. m.i 2:80 r. M,
aTTho Faoiflo. annual oonforenoe wag to
oommense In San Francisco on the 28th of
September, Bishop Pierce to preside.
LTlba Irish citizen) of Sacramento, Cali
fornia, propose presenting a iword to Marshal
Neil, of the French army.
JEnT-Hon. Samuel A. Smith, of Tennessee,
baa acoeptei the appointment of Commissioner
of the General Land-office, recently tendered,
him by the President.
pSrt papers of Prussia complain that
great numbers of young men leave that country
clandestinely for the United States to avoid
military serrioe.
Advices from St. Martin's of September
15 state that very heavy raini had taken place
there, destroying 300,000 bushels of salt at the
Great Bend.
- SSJTOn the 15th of August the corner-stone
of the First Wesleyan Methodist Churoh was
laid atViotorla, in British Columbia, by Gov
ernor Douglass.
f2Brk statement was made at a late Con
vention of the Congregatiojl obrgymen of
New Hampshire, that "not one pastor In the
w noie convention useu looaooo.
"Mr. P. Rnhhina. latnlv ominonta1 wtft.
the Joflerson Savings Institution, has been
appointed teller in the Northern Bank of
Thn firorwl Trnnlr l!,illmj f rn.1-
- vl-i- VA VUUtHItt
is discarding all wooden bridges and substi
tuting iron ones of the most durable char
acter. gyTbe Cambridge City Bulletin says
that the Whitowater Canal is now in ex
cellent boating condition, and tho boatti run
ning are receiving a good supply of freight.
rMr. George Vandenhoff has a volume
In press, entitled "Leaves from an A o tor's
Note-Book, with Rominisoences and Chit-Chat
of the Green-Room and the Stage in England
and America."
9The Rev. Or. Cutnmings, of London,
whose varied writings are well-known in this
country, has written a work, which is to be
published immediately, entitled The Great
Tribulation Comity on the Earth.
ffiSFIhv New Haven Regutcr relates that an
actor at one of the theaters was called oat four
timesln one evening, not long ago twice by a
sheriff, once by a tailor, and once by an irro
sistible desire to imbibe. :
: 2The inhabitants of Paris havo recently
presented the Empress Eugenie two superb
vases of gold,weighiDg one hundred and eighty
ounces. Tbey contain flowers of gold, each
emitting an odor similar to the natural one of
the flower which its form represents.
"There's two ways of doine it," said
rat to himself, as he stood musing and wait
ing for a job on the State-street corner. "If
I save me 54,000, 1 must lay up $200 a year
fur , twenty years, or I can put away $20 a
year for two hundred years. Now which
way will I do?".
iEstimallng the present population of Cin
oinbatt at two hundred and thirty thousand;
tbo annual increase at ton per cent., in ten
years the population will be lire hundred and
ninety-six thousand, five hundred and fifty
nine. During the last ten years, the ratio of
Inarease was elevon per cent.
'jrThe Austrian expedition around the
globe, at the bead of which was Dr. Scherier,
is at longth completed. The Hovara, with all
the) aolentiflo collections on board, has safely
arrived at Trieste, and the Austrian Govern
ment will soon publish the results of this im
portant olroamnavigation. Several savang
took part in the expedition. -,;
jfSS-Tbe trade carried on between the Terri
tory of New Mexico, and the Northern States
of the Mexican Republic, and the United
States, through Kansas, is now very large,
amounting to nearly ten millions annually
and Is yearly increasing. Formerly that
trade was exclusively confined to Indepen
dence, Missouri.
j-Mr. Calvin Adams, of Pittsburg, Penn..
hoe recently discovered that an important
electrical change takes place when molten
iron solidifies in cooling, By insulating the
molds, and the man pouring in the liquid
metal, the castings from common iron came
out as white as silver and aa hard as steel.
This is another evidence of tho universality
of this subtle force, and though . it is not as
yot applied to any practical purpose, suoh
Sbenomena can not fail eventually to pro
uce useful effects,
A Strange Romance—A Father Finds
His Daughter after a Search of
Twenty-five Years.
. .
Years ago, a young man, Mr. T., resident of
this town, went to Albany to s &om,b friends,
nd while there made the 'aequafntance of a
jonog lady, a dress-maker in the . family he
was visiting. During his stay In tuatclty he
won the affections of the dress-maker, and
under the promise of marriage accomplished
her rntn; Mr. .T. Jaft for bis home after assur
ing the young lady that he would return and
fulfill his engagement; bat, alas, his promise"
was not ful fJllod- thoy never met again. After
months of anxiety; and telf-upbraidings, Mr.
1. returned to Albany to see the objeet of his
affections and marry her; he loved her, though
if bad so cruelly deceived her. The dress
maker had left the city, and no traces of her
could b found. " Her ascertained, however,
that she had given birth to a daughter, and,
after waiting months for bis return, had left
the city of her shame. After a fruitless effort
in An1 In- ..J !.! -MM k- -. , . . 1 i. i
hdate. Many long years have intervened; the
young man nas become a wealthy farmer and
Is surrounded by a happy and interesting
family. He has been blessed with everything
to make him happy, but the reeolleetioa of
that wronged one has embittered his existence
and made life most miserable, and year after
year he hu been untiring in his efforts to dis
cover her or the offspring of their unhallowed
love. ; . . . t
Tho mother, after leaving Albany, married, in
one of tha river cenntlos, a mechanic The
daughter remained with her mothor until she
had reached the age of fifteen, when, in con
sequence of the Ill-treatment of her step
father, she left her home and obtained a situ
ation as a servant in the family of Mr. B., of
Troy that gentleman having formerly been a
resident of this village. Soon after, the young
girl's mother died, and having no relatives to
whom she oould look for sympathy or aid, the
was persuaded to come to this villsge and
reside in . the family of Mr. B.'s father. She
accordingly arrived here about nine . years
since, and five years ago was married to a
young mun, a mason by trade. Last winter
tho lady's husband was employed to do some
work for Mr. T. After the work was com
pleted, .Mr. T. visited the mason's house
several times for tho purpose of carrying
produoe In payment of his labor. . Mr. T.
was impressed with the appearance of the
young man's wife, and on inquiry asaertalned
where she was from, what her. mother's name
was before she was married, Ac, (the daughter
had been christened the name of her step
father,) and, altera most thorough Investiga
tion, he became convinced that she was bis
long loitdavgkttr I T.'s wife bad never known
of his orlmiual love, and he dared notreyeal It
to her. For several months he wrapt the secret
in his own breast, till at last paternal affection
would no longer allow him to remain silent,
and he made himself known to his daughter,
told his wife all, who wisely forgave him, and
consented to, reoeive her as ono of the family.
The daughter is happy in the possession of a
father's; love, and will be joint heir of his
property. Truly, . v, . ;. ,;,
: "Truth Is strangor than notion (" j , . , :
Was it stance that directed his daughter's
footsteps Into the house of Mr. B., afterward
brought her to this place, and finally restored
her to a father's love, or was it that
"Divinity which shapes our ends, rough how them
. aswamayt"
Homer (Cortland County, N. Y.,) Republican.
1 tf&Vo have already announced the
death of the distinguished engineer, Isamy
bard Kingdom Brunei. His fathor, Mark
Isambard Brunei, came from the vicinity of
Rouen, And his architecural achievements
exist both in his native country and the
United States. In 1793 helled for political
reason) from France to New York, where he
undertook the exploration and surrey of
some lands for a French land company, and
in 1794 commenced the surrev of the Cham-
plain Canal. He sent in a design for the
nouses of Congress, and was much employed
as an engineer and Architect in Now York,
both by the State and by private individuals.
After a stay of a few years he returned to
Europe, and visited England. , In London,
the famous Thames Tunnel remains an en
during monument of his engineering skill.
The son appears to have inherited the genius
of his parent. Born at Portsmouth, Eng
land, and educated at Caen, in Normandy,
he early embraced his father's profession,
and when but little over twenty years of age,
was resident engineer of the Thames Tunnel.
Here he had several narrow escapes from
drowning, from the breaking in of the water.
After . the tunnel was - finished, "Brunei
planned the Great Western Railway of Eng
land, and superintended- its construction.
He also built the Great Western steamer,
which at one time created such a sensation,
though in every respect it was as far sur
passed by subsequently built steamers, as
they are by the builder's last work the
Grca Eaitern. Later, Mr. Brunei conducted
the works of tho Tuscan portion of the Sar
dinian railways, and other foreign railways,
and during tho Crimean war he nad the en
tire charge of the establishment and organ
izing tho Renkioi hospitals on the Dar
danelles. He was, at the time of his death,
Vico-Presidentof the Institution of Engineers
and of tho Society of Art, fellow and mem
ber of the Council of the Uoyal Society, and
member of many other learned ' societies.
He also received tho Cross of the Legion of
Honor from Louis Philippe
Northampton (Mass.) G untie thus records
the triumphs of its new caloric engine:
It goes "like a clock." Puffing and blow
ing, it tugs away at its work like a boy at his
stant. Hundreds of people have been to soo
it. "What makes it go?" asks one. "Where
is the watorf" asks another. "What the
deuce won't tho'y get up next?" And on it
go! "WhRt's that blowing off?" That is
tho escape of hot air. AVhou mora heat is
gonoratcd than is needed to drive tha press,
it is pnsscd oir through tho escape pipe. 1 No
water ia used. A lire is built in the little
furnace and the wheol set in motion, and
away it goes. It needs no attention any fur
ther than to keop the Are burniri2. Anybov
can manage it. And besides driving the
press, it gives an trio neat necessary to warm
the room in the coldest weather. It oan con
sume but little fuel, and therefore can not
cost much to run it. It is the cheapest power
in the world. , When first set up, the draft
was not good, and it lauea to snow its power,
but that difficult has been oTorcoine,'and
now it "goes like a top."t Three cheers for
wv vctiunu piiuwii ,
I. 0, 0. F. The Grand Lodge of the United
States, at its recent annual session in Balti
more, eonaisted of. one hundred and eight
officers and member). It is probably the best
legislative body in the world, as all of its mem'
bers'must necessarily have presided over sub
ordinate lodges, and a large proportion having
been the presiding officers of State Grand
Lodges. . The material of the late Grand
Ledge was as follows:. Meohanios and manu
facturers, 20: lawyers, 17: merchants, IS;
officers of private corporations, 14; publio
officials, 0; physloians, druggists and dentist),
7; private bankers and olerks, 7; farmer) and
planters, 4; editors, s; oiergymen, a; no occu
pation. 1. Among; the above were Judges
Postmasters. Railroad and Bank Presidents,
Generals, and so on, and what is odd, not
single publio or private defaulter.
Editing a Newspaper.
In the""6rawer" of that excellent porlodioal,
the Soulier Tpacher, yiy. ,the Coiuinbs('a:)
Sun, we find the following, ia which Is oonoen
trated volnme of truth ; j .,:
Editing a newspaper 1, a good deal like
making a fire. Everybody supposes that he
oan do it A little belter than anybody else. We
have heard people doubt their fitness forvarlous
employments; but In all our experience, we
have never met with that individual who did
not think be could double the circulation of
any paper in two months.
We might add that there are as many and
various opinio) concerning the' duties and
qualifications of the editor, as there are men
themselves, and perhaps no one error is more
prevalent than that with regard to original
and selected matter, i Some imagine that the
oolumns of a newspaper should be filled with
article's of the editor's own originating; while
few, a very few, concur -in opinion- that that
paper is best oonductod which oonstitutos a
faithful reflection or panorama of the world as
it is each day. Ia either caee, the oolumns of
a paper may reflect the views of the editor,
upon "matters and things" as they oocur.
- The experience of that Nestor of the Press,
the National Intelligencer, as well as others that
have bad a successful oareor, Is decidedly in
favor of the latter of the above methods. The
secret which all aoknowlsdge, but few practice,
is not knowing what to write, but in what not
to write. While many papers have proved
failure) becaubo of what has filled their col
umns, others have suoceedod on account of
what bos been excluded. The secret of succoss
then lies more in judicious selections; in for
rstting out news; in discovering what is rich
and valuable in tbe thoughts of others than in
distilled dullness of original articles, from the
pen of mere political essayists who preside over
the fortunes of a daily, or that lejs freqnent
hebdomadal, a weekly,. , Of. oourae these views
mast be modified according to tbe purpose for
whloh a paper mey be established, or the prin
ciples to whioh it may be dovotcd, in which
case it is better even then to exhibit by a happy
seleotion the oonourrent and corroborating
opinions of others to fortify a position than to
rely principally upon the power and force of a
single pen.'"
: Liko any other profession, we' oonfess, it is
easier by far to theorise upon the duties of the
editor, than to carry the conclusions of theory
into effect. '
Steam from Antwerp to Baltimore and
A Brussels correspondent of the New York
Herald, Bay):,,,.., ,. ;
I think I may now reporr, with certainty,
that the basis for the line of steamers between
Antwerp and tbe South is fully deoided upon
this side. . The steamer) will depart once a
week from Antwerp, with alternate arrivals at
Baltimore (or the Chesepeake) and Charleston,
South Carolina. Tbe line Is mostly intonded
for carrying freight. Falmouth, in England,
may be made a port of call going and coming.
There are some negotiations now going on to
that effect. The great railroad companies hav
ing a direct interest in this steam service are:
tbe London and South-western, England; the
Cologne and Antwerp, Belgium; the great
Luembourg, Belgium; the Baltimore and Ohio,
America, and ths Charleston and Memphis,
and Charleston and Tennessee Railroads,
America, rne Virginia railroad interest, con
centrating at Norfolk, would, of course, be
come (like Falmouth, in England,) a port of
call. It is believed on this side that in less
than two years this service will justify semi
weekly departures from Antwerp direct for
America, touching at Falmouth, England.
A Smii for a Bbdvellow, About two
weeks ago Mr. John Elder, of this town, had
an under-sack for a bed, filled with straw, at
"Keninore," by a negro man. It was brought
home and placed under a feather-bed which
was slept on by a daughter of Mr. E's. The
young lady complained on a number of occa
sions of having ner slumbers disturbed by dis
tinct thumps from' underneath, but examina
tions revealed nothing. On Thursday morning-
while Miss E. was sitting down stairs,
facing the steps wbioh led up to her room, she
was startled by a curious noise, and looking up
discovered a moccasin snake descending, blow
ing and hissing in a style peouliar to the rep
tile. An examination oi ine premises was
made at once, when a small hole was discovered
in the under-saoking, and on ripping the bed
open, the full longth of a snake was found at
the hole, whioh his snakeshlp bad shed before
(Va.) Herald.
Ravages op the Bears in Wisconsin. Our
Wisconsin exchanges continues, to be filled
with startling aooonnts of the ravages of the
bears. Tbe whole State appears to be swarm
ing with these - ferooious animals, and the
inhabitants are becoming alarmed for their
safety.. The bears no longer confine their
visits to iarmor's pig-pens, but boldly ap
proach their dwellings and apply for admit
tance at kitonen-aoors and bed-room windows.
Publio bear-hunts are got up in various parts
of the State, for the purpose of driving away
the varmints and protecting ths inhabitants.
The Manitouwoc trbime thinks the theory
that 'they have been driven from the North.
by scarcity of food, into the settlements, is a
piausiDie one. "liong continued drought and
extonsive fires have prevented the usnal sunnlv
. L J Tl ! t . 1 . . . . ..V
01 must, auu .Drum uvea not urjjeoi w a uisn 01
porn, a nip of veal, a rasher or bacon, or evon
a fat baby, when acorns are source."
RuHiBKAni.K Risccr. On Friday morning,
as the freight train on the Camden and Atlan
tic Railroad, bound east, was approaching
Hammonton, N. .T., an object was seen on the
track ahead, wbioh was soon ascertained to bo
a child. Tho brakes were instantly Rpplied
and the engine reversed, but the great mo
mentum of fourteen burthen cars it ww soon
evident would carry the train far beyond the
point where tbe little innocent had fallen
across the track, when the fireman, Edward
Mackey, a Ind of eighteen yoars, ran oat upon
the cow-catoher and lifting the child from the
very jaws of death soon placed it in safety,
amid the cheers of the spectators of his gallant
conduot. Tho child belonged to a Mr. Robin
son, a resident of Hammonton, and had rambled
upon the railroad track without the knowledge
Philadelphia Ledger.
' Elicteioitt ik Cats. The extraordinary
eleotrioal character of the cat is well-known.
On a cold, bright day, if a oat be stroked, the
eleotrioal spark) issue therefrom, acoomanied
by a slight eraokling. It appear), too, that the
animal may be so surcharged with eleotrioity,
that it will give a severe shook to the beholder,
Ia order to obtain this result, the cat should
be placed on the knees and one band applied
to the breast while the other is employed in
stroking its fur. Crackling and sparkles soon
make their appearanoe,-and, in a short time,
the party continues to stroke the animal, he
will reoeive a shary eleotrioal shock that may
be felt above the wrists. The eat seems to
gaffer as muoh as tha experimenter, for on giv
ing forth the shock, she springs to the ground
in terror, and seldom will permit a repetition
of the same proees).
Mabriaoi Nonces. The Cleveland lUrahl
publishes the names of bridesmaids and grooms
men as well as the "happy couple." It says:
"We see no impropriety in our so doing, and
assuredly next to the fact that a friend has
been married come the questions, 'Who stood
np with them? Who gave the bride away?'
Noon Dispatches.
Washington Correspondence.
NEW YORK, October 8.
The Tiw' Washington correspondent
says: ''
."Lord Lyoni' the British plenipotentiary,
bad a protracted interviow with Soorelary
Cass, to-day, in r'dgafd to the departure oi
the Nicaragua expedition; he announced the
determination of bis government to protect
Nicaragua by forte against invasion. The
right and propriety of this course is recog
nized by the government of the United
States, and, therefore, a telegraphic dispatch
was at once oxpedited to the commander ol
the British squadron directing him to land
such force aa may be required for the expul
sion of tho iillibustors should tbey succeed
in eilecllng a landing.
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, October 6.
The President has recognized Henry A.
Fierce as Consul for tho Kingdom of Hawaiin
Islands for Boston, New Bedford, Ports
mouth nnd Portland, to reside at Boston.
While it is aulhoratively stated that it may
be that the Minister of War did sot out for
Pekin, and is, thoro now, after having ex
changed ratifications of the treaty, but no
official advices to that effect have been re
ceived at the State Department. "
It may bo mentioned that Capt. Talnall, In
a letter dated the 4th of July, says that by
invitation of tho Governor of theProvinco,
Mr. "Ward had designated tho 8th of that
month for a conference with him. . , ,
From New York.
NEW YORK, October 6.
Only iwo of tbe three steamers advertised
to suil for California yesterday left this
port the Baltie and Northern Liyht Mr. D.
H. Johnson, the contractor to carry the Cal
ifornia mails by the Nicaragua routo, having
notified the Postmaster-General that owing to
circumstances bo could not fulfill his contract
The provisional contract for nine months to
carry mails m'u Panama, was completed with
Mr. Vanderbilt, end all tho mails went by
the JVorrViern Light. ...
Failure of an Ohio Bank.
STEUBENVILLE, O., October 6.
The Citizens' Bank, of this city, of which
Daniel Moody, an old and well-known finan
cier, is Cashier, has closed its doors. It is
supposed that the bank, which' is hut two or
three years old, has sunk its capital; but as
it issues no notes, the loss will not be large to
tho community. Some persons here believe
its indebtedness will be fully mot by the
The Fillibusters.
NEW ORLEANS, October 5.
Tho Iillibustors' did not leave Berwick's
Bay, but went down the rivo? in the tow-boat
itaiiAer without a sufficient supply of provi
sions, and were unable to await better ac
commodations. The men have since landed
at South "West Pass. CoOleotor Hatch still
refuses a clearance to the steamship Philadel
phia. Mr. Hatch's great precaution has
douulIW imsiraiea tne cxjieumon.
J ... -L-L i-SP-
i&fi-The ' Boston Herald .gives an hecount
of tho death of Henry Black, of Newport,
Penn., who undertook to sever the had of
hen, aiid was attacked by a rooster, which
spurred him on tho hand into an artery.
Aoout two weeaa niter mo auoiuent oe was
attacked with intense pain, a atckenin.tr sen
sfttion of the heart, aid his sufferings lcame
insupportable. At mis date a rema."kablo
occurrence took place. Ho drew his entire,
frame together, as though to gain strength
for an act, and his voice broke forth liko the
crowing of a rooster. This was repeated froni
time to tiino, and such Was tho similarity of
voices, that the outside listeners asaerted
thoir belief that it wat a rooster. After four
days of indescribable sufferine he died, and
crowed no more. ,
Kus OvER.-Yeatorday morning the down train
en tiie D. M. Road, when going at a round rate
of spt'ed this side ol lroy, ran over a eouple of
horses,. The animals were on a narrow strip of
ground between tbe track and a fence, and as
the locomotive approached thorn they ran into
tbe corner whore the fence joined to a cattle
guard, and attempted to cross over the track.
The locomotive struck them, knooking ono of
them np into the air about ton feet, and : tbe
wheels passing over the neok of the other, and
nearly severing it from the body. No damage
was dons to the train, except that the horse
which was "'seat up" whirled around and fell
between the. first and seoond oars, tearing off
the step) on one side of tho rear car. Both
Dayton Empire.
WriT av Dr.erEnitST Wonna. The follnoin-
is set down as the relative heating valuos of
different kindii of Amerioan wood: Shellbark
hickory being taken as the highest standard,
100. : - n-. . 1.1.1m OS- 1U- 1- 04. I. I .
AUU, .-ui.v uiuaviji vv, .uin una, Olj WUlie
ash, 77; dog wood, 7 j; scrub oak, 73; white
hasel, 72; apple tree, 70; red oak, 69; white
boeoh, 65; black walnut, 66; black birch, b3;
yellow oak, 60; hard maple, 59; white elm, $8;
rod oedar, 60; wild eherry, 55; yellow pine, 44;
ohestnut, 62; yellow poplar, 62; butternut, 82;
whito birob, 40; white pine, 42.
STA colony of Dam-s have m axle arrange
ments to settle iu Butler County, Missouri,
next spring. Thoy have, through an agent,
purchased large tracts of swamp lauds
that county, and have sent out twenty active
young men, who are now engaged in clear
ing nnd fencing the ground preparatory to
full crop next year, when about one hun
dred families will move in. A colony
quakers has, we learn, made purchases near
Leavenworth, Kansas.
SeT-The Berlin Volktteitung denies the
statement made by many German and Eng
lish newspapers ot the library of Alexander
Von Humboldt having been sold to Lord
Bloomfielrl on account of the trustees of the
British Museum. Tho paper adds that sev
eral gentlemen are still busy making a cata
logue of tho library, which will not be fin
ished before the end of December, the books
turning out to be muoh more numerous than
was at first believed.
ar-A sanguinary and fatal duel was re
cently fought in the new diggings on the
Colorado, betweon E. Warren, of Indiana, and
G. "W. Harrison, of Virginia. Both were can
didates for Justice of the Peace, And Harrison
was eleoted, from which arose the difficulty.
They fought with Colt's navy revolvers,
fifteen paces. At the seoond fire Warren was
killed, tbe ball penetrating hi) heart. . . : i
jA gentleman traveling on horseback
out West, came upon an Irishman who was
fencing in a most barren and desolate piece'
of land. "What are you fencing in thatland
for, Pal?" said he, "a herd of cows would
starve to death on that land." "And sure,
your honor, wasn't 1 fencing it in to kape the
poor basts out iv it'"
Abusikg His Family. Hugh MoEIrey wag
arraigned in the Police Court, yesterday,
oharged with abusing hi) family, and was fined
$S and costs of prosecution.
I'lV IM 1 .
liftiiif nlsnot cNceedln; five' lines (Agate.)
irfiiu.f.7. 1 Ono week, ...i,..,,...frt :
Two wet hi l a I one month.
Larger iadtsrtlaemrnt inserted, at tun rollowtajrra 0 1 Hi
rates tor square of ten lines or less t - - -
One insortlon 4 I Two weeks...-.,.-..!! e ,. .-
Eachaddi'nal Ins.." 2i Thrrt wiksr.!.!!I!r. " U
One week am, l.7l Ona mpnth.,..,..,. AM,
... Job .Printings 1 1
In All it ljpinir-i, don with Mtnciii M 4liptc,rv a -or
- li " ',! ..it ''. tlMlnIflu Ol ill - -!."
; DRY:;aOOpS;;;;;;:';
.Ml I.'.,
t '! Hi .i i i ,'iav ; nr.'. i.ll . I
' Pcarl-slreet,-1 "
... ,. ; :.i .! iU oii) . :t i ...1 .1
Have new la store a. largt aid seleei sleek f 1TA. ,
Pit and FANOT OKI 0.QOP8. whisk, tor eaten 1 1 .
and variety, lanniartfunea. vli: '" ''
' .: i- ":
A large and general stock ef Domestic . .
Woolen and Cotton Goods.
A splendid line of very rich PreseOeed,' '.
In pJUks, Delaines, Merineew, an efher ' ' '
fabrics of netteet styles.' '''." ," ''h ""
Cloths, Caasimeres sad fcslugi, I ,
large agsortsaent. ' . .'
A complete steek of White ot.e, JBist
broideries tad Linen. Heed.,, el' eur "(",
OWN inspertatleBe , ..;,;,.!,;
A very entonslve stoeli of Fajt' and
Variety Goods, Shawls,1 Heslery,
' QIev,tCe" '' ',-. ""'
AV We shall be in aailr reeeipt ef U-w (tndile- ,:;
slrable Goods during tin saaaoo, ana d rre ta he'
placed In competition with any hens, thurt er Wen,'
by an examination of enrstoetr. aMaja'-
WM. A. KING'S I- j '
Coisunereiai Scliopl
taventh.atreer..bdtWBonWHlnutund Vine. CLa-
clunatl, Ohio. Eveuing Ulaes commencing Monday.
attninsr. .uoox-seopiog laugm se appiira to ewy
department ol trade, BuaiuessandOtnauiental Pen
manship. Call atid examine sptoimonsw aspjlaiaf ;
ase. hue been endowed from her birth wHh :"
supernatural gift of such no ait on tilling degree, that, . .
ahe convinces the most skeptical of bor wonderful J '
powers. . . ; t " i'j ," 'ii'j i.'.it j" j.-.
She gives Informntlou of absent friends, whether
living or deed, together with the past, present and i t .
future ovcutaof lilo; abtoof lost money or property,
identifying tbe perron or persona concerned, with a t '
ranch certainty as scarcely o leare a doubt l their 7.
guilt, .
Rhe also pmerlbee for diseases, telling the! censes; , .
and locallou, with so much satisfaction as to merit
and reoeive the confidence of allwko have, eoael ted. ( ;
her.andniauy difficult complaints have been com
pletely banished bv ' tier wonderful nlniatratioas, " '
fhe cau also aee and point out the medkiua to, our .. .
the moBt obstinate diseases even thoee that have for "
years battled our licet phyiclans.and ican dirjctsalves., j ; : .
nnd 1 1 11 1 menu to be made nud uaedthut will cure olu
tores. fever-sores, cancers, sprains, weakness lathe;
back and limbs, anil other complaints of long stand
ing, and has performed nstoniibwg cures upon thoee
who bail long since lost thir tight ud hearing,
or nearly so, by disease. In short, Ihroujih the as-Bialaut-e
ot eome sunerior poser, the is endowed
with ths healing art. .... . ,
bhe wlllelsu potitcnut to ladles aad gehllMiaa1
their fonuor, piesont nnd future partners, telling .
raaetlr those that are dead nnd living, their treat-''
raout, dinposltiun andeharaoter ru life, and when re- ,
iiuirod will go into Hit unconscious atate and travel
to any part of the woild, hunt up absent friends.
whothei doad or living, and through her, they will
tell the lntiulrlnj friend theh situation and where-,
abouts. witfl all tbe events ol life nines tbey last nael. ,,
She tlso wihea rings ou ladles' aad .genlemen's '- '
fingers with great succraa. ,., ,,,, , i ,
Lawyern, Doctors, Ministers, and may -nthsr' ' '
scientillo men have consulted ber upon mattera 0 ',
high iniporlame, and given evidence ot their satire
setbwetloa. : - . .':,'. . . . .
Khomay bo consulted at her rooms, at Ne. 40:t .
Went Sixth-street, between Mound and Cutter, frotii -
the hours of night o'clock A. il., to nine o'clock P.M.
Her residence iscontinualy thronged with visitor"
who go away perfectly aatiefied with her woadertal . .. ,
powers. She Intends locating permanently lu Cin
cinnati. ; -: .-- .'
Frlce of Consultation 5100. coolawJ.
at last mat w kit the Ladles have long needed
and looked for in vain, tine Uterine Bllxir. ' ' i 1
Tha Uterine Hlixir il warranted to cure all dl- ,.,
easea of a Uterine IMure; Inflammation ot tha
Womb, tha Kldeeys, the irvaries, and the Urethra,
Prolapensor railing of tlr Womb. Painful Henatrw
ation, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea; in fact, a porfeet crura ' '
is guaranteed by t hawse of from two to Ava bettlea . .
of the Kltilts of any diaeaso whatever of the Oener- ' '
alive and Urinary Organs, of male or female, a , -matter
of how long; standing. Price l per Bottle.
Madams ELLIS calls particular attention to the
following Card ef one of the meat prominent Drag
gists of Cincinnati.
"To ths Frjsuc Axn ths Ladim ii Faxtiovlab. "."
We, tho undersigned, are not in the habit ef giving
ournmne toPataat Medicines; bat knowing well tha
Lady Physician, end the medicine called the pterin
Elixir, we cheerfully recommend it to all females
suffering from female Diseases of any kind; li is ,
purely vegetable, and in no case can do Injnryi wa
aa to all try, and our word tor It, yon wilt And re- .
lief V. D. HILL, Drngglat,
ea27 "Cerasr of Fifth and Bace-streers,'
'' '.; . ALIO ' i , I
M4,DHW Spanish nmv. 1.
1. .k nATO,nBA.I'!,l '"res, withrmt faU, pains
in the Btwtk.BWeerldmbs: Oonhs, 'Jelds. J
?L7,ffJi5 iL ?F ' J Mtui. Only Rents'
will... -r '.' lTmn can pel It,
Either of the above medicines to be hsd of i. .
fnd K'nwttn Knft'f Pi 5,D4 rini-treb!
and EDWAKI) bU ANLAN CO., Dronil.it V. It.
1, ..tn "';llylr. n Cincinnati, In any ejantitles.
U'.MHIJTONE of thebest gnality, front Vo i.rhM '
VbtwoleetlhUk, We have the .
Best i Limestone Quarries
In th West, and will make !' to the 'interest ef '
parties using Curb-itene, Flag-atone. Cross. Walk
anil Getter-atone, Capsand sills, WaterTable, Bangs- '
stone, Monument Baaee.Ao., to correspond with a '
at.d learn our prices. RtJCKKR, HUNLAP A OO..
apXbw Qreeafteld, Highland County, Ohio. .'''
" AMI ' '
Ho. 167 East Front Street, bet. Pike aad Bntler-et'a. '
H, South-side.. ,1 ; .-... n
with the moet improved kind of machinery, I "
am Breparcd to furnish, at sheet notice, ail kinds of
gouae iind Steamboat, Carpenter and Joiner'a work.
Sash, Blinds, Doors, Frames and Moldings, of alt "-
ng, Shingles, Siding, Flooring, Ac, kept constantly
on hand. Partlonlar attention paid to planing, tia
lnr and scroll sawing. Heavy franiing lumber cam
l Hl.n. A - lJ i n t..t I 1 - . . . " '
Perseus about to build, will ha
v ...., u u .. ii t xv . luni.ino . nrn in.
a ii a sneir aa
tagoiogive me a can,
an32-bm '
I Preprlster
.... V, 1 , , ' Jtnenuiatiam, a 1 1 inns
Oholio, Cramp Choi 10, Or I ping Pains el the Bowel..
in Painful Menstrnatw a it Is a certain enre and
givea mmediate relief. Tn any of the above diseases
It will civs relief iu vn,t. M , "-
At the Old Estaulis&ed Standi; " 7
tock of BoBMhobi and Offlee Famirurs. bath -
new and second handreonsislinVor 5is TOlis.
SPdotb4 Ttf&SW l.iToar .-
pii-olotu, cutlery, etc. A fine aaaortjuent ol coaa- ,
i. .-?f.b"i.rS, ubleP taV U marbls-top
couuterejind tables on band and for sale low.
jMnfloamt WMl ABTBHTl-roprietor.
has just received, from Boston, aa entire new
""."""Jl OoelUII Lansps.fad lnjpwp7D" '
preventing the smoke, so mnea of an annovaaoa ta . .1
eoneuners - Also, tka bast article o bnlVr Oil
ever otfered In thts aearket, free fiomsmokear sataU,-, -iv
WaJaat-st.. bet. Fourth and FITlb.
.JJ V02""'lf,'-.M.,J"r' Onaee's Building
Thlrdatreet, I doers Cast ef Mala. 17
1 v.i
1 0:l,-1 .
; ,1 5
j , ,

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