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"WAHTS "FOB BALM," !'T0 1IT," "WBT,"
"ODHt,wlo.,fh Ihiseolumn, occupying lit line
ttless, Iwohnortion, twenty-nre oenU), , ..,.
V)t7"ANTED 1MPL0YMENT-A praod-
cal chemist offer to send to any person, for
the sum of II, on number of (no followinv receipts :
' Twenty valuable receipt for removing ink,cld,
grease, and all banner of stains from paper, silk,
linen, cloth.stc. . . Nlne'een receipts for the manl
ufcetur or A Sfo. 1 Blacking, in liquid, mitu or
halls. 3. Twenty receipt for gliding, severing,
thrill ''. etc. .4. Nineteen receipt.
5i7, ""',M,able onV mentifictur without
Sk."0'1-?1' or an!r .othlr laborious dperatlon,
article and ornaments from lvn-. i,.L'
h. iu : ... " r., r, 1 1 1 n, care oi m. n
o Mo. 883, Poetofflo,, Columbiu, 0. oc7a
y ANTED-AQENTS A ft mot agent
to Introduce Nelsons Mercantile Arithmetic
In tho country. Call At Weatern Commercial Col.
lege, MXon's aew bulltllnir. opposite the Pottofflc.
good cook and washer to pi about three mile
In the country. Beferencna required. Apply to No.
1 16 Sixth-street, at the office of Doctor Woodward.
WAN1E0 MAN An enterprising man
with few hundred dollars to take an Inter
! lu obo of the moat popular places of amnaement
n tho city. None need answer who can not give their
v hole attention to It, aa a good man la wanted mora
than the money. Addresa 11. M., this office.
' oo7bl
ANTED SITUATION A situation in
a dry goods store by a young man who has
had nveveareexnerlenr In Rinlmrl-l wiiun .
fix moaths for his board. City reference if required.
Address 6. g. H.,at this offlce.
7 . shoemakers on ladlne work, at W. KKANS'
eho store, 2J0 Broadway. Highest wage paid.
. ocTb
mens nevaed .hoe., .t Nn Wain.t
"' 0C70
"VT ANTED Clerks, salesmen, book-keep-,'"
r. bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpenters,
nipchnulps and others, can find situations at the
?.r,,".nta Berks' Registry Office. No. m West
rmh-stroet. ooUib I! A LB i, CO.
V"ANTED AQENT3 nd others to sail
, Dde"n'nethecom-hueker, gate-fastening,
.gg-lieater, knlfe-poliahar, ciara-sharpener, and
variety of othor things, flrat-rate to travel with, at
oeoddw No. g West Thlrd-street.
w w in an office, ono or two machinists, two men
uwd tp horses and stable-work. Also, twenty-five
Hlrls for various situations In city and eonhtry.
'very one sneltlug employment, male or female, will
And that our offlce is the right place for them to p
)ly at. No. 331 Western-row. A. I). 0AB80N 4 CO.
, w 'man. In a wholesale or retail grocery, or
iry goods store; speaks Herman. Good references
given. Address H ABB IT , this office. ocJ-M
ANTED GIRL To do the work of
. . j"?"u f"'- Inquire east aide of Garrard,
.treat, 2d house above Seventh, Covington, oc4c,
irT,l'?.r!," ?or..th "liiotUre of Ink for
tWO ffAtltlAillfl II mil lida aiinm mnsl f st lak
matl-furnished front sleeping room, on the second
Ht insTongworth-street, near Plum.
..wu., no .iiiiiuttnuiii. ivoureuce reaiurcu. A
fjlOR RENT HOUSE A good briek home
t .No. Kludlay, or. 61 Walnut-street. CKOKlll
jmOR RENT-ROOMS-Two rooms in tho
lunu-eivij iu goou oruor, si 367 western-row,
C10R RENT HOUSE A brlok house, No,
"I on street, corner of Broadway, grooms
"", u'4uii u j.ji. vr juan , dfojnain-street.
, uco-yt
tlOR RENT-ROOM-The second -story room
.7 V nonn.west corner or main and Konrtli
n:l . o l".P- v3i angraver, o.
West Fomih-street, Cincinnati. ocuc
wnuA.j-ror any good article or trade. A
handsome flngar-organ, with two stops, mahngan;
- twf, VDI.-1IIII17-, VUVIUHlOn.
r.i v!j.Jif,.l.,,.S""!,ed Seloon, at No.J
r -H.ii.-.ii ctf. ua. iih oo.wHiy-nve prompt nay.
iig boHrders, and a good transient trade. For fur.
I nit particulars Inquire on the premises. oc7h
110R SALE PIANO A leAond-hami l.
L niio, iu perfeot order. Inquire at ISO West Eighth.
'rcet; ocCb
Ushed Bepublioan Paper in one of the best rail-
. .i! Sr "UI,uorn"uois. Aauresa j. B. 8. B,
Ht th la office, oo3-aw
UK BALK PAPERS Several thousand
wwtm ai aw. per nunared, at this offlce.
f OST-LACE VAIL Last Monday even
i nlLo"1,' Main or Fourth-stroets, a black
aoe vail. The Bnder will confer a favor by leavini
" , -a-w. wiusi uk siuu ana nainm
IOUND DOG Ablack NewFounland Dog
,wltli.4 "k chain collar. The owner can sc.
. ufui or proving property ana paying for this ad.
vertiscuieut, on application to the publisher of the
.iu.Hi,m,Ki, wiiior ui uuuri ana inain-streots.
IOUAD PARASOL On the ?d icit., in
one of the Baymiller-strant onulbuses. The
v.,, un.n jiio nuie ov caning a'. o. 410 Lib.
rty-atrwt, Identifying property and paying obarses,
- This is the most delicace artiole In nse for
Puddings, Blano Slaoge, Cnitard, 4c. It is com
posed of the yery finest puts of Indian Corn. A
J. JfEBGDSOir, Orocer,
w Corner Ninth and Vine.
o v... o u .irencn uiiitard war
ranled a pure imported article, and for sale by
. Eunuusvn, urocer,
Corner Ninth and Vine.
-- i luiia oi jjammore Golden Syrup; also, Sugar
bouse aad New Orleans Mola-srs, for sale by
J. FKRQUSON, Grocer,
, ' Corner Ninth and Vine.
English Castor Oil.
in bottles, by
t 6K0. M. BIXON, Drngglst,
i'l-aw North-east corner of Fifth and Main.
Ward's Ijiniment.
liniment cnnstantlr on hand at proprietor's
North-east corner of Fifth and Main,
Dixon's Vegetable Pills.
TIltKLT of vegetable substance. Tbey sra
'""."tmf "Jd ""P"''0' toanyother for Headache
and Blllluui aiTectlons. For aale by
.t 0E0-u- DIXON, Drngglst,
eel -aw North-east eorner of Fifth and Main.
Axle Grease.
"KJ't nd best Oreaao for earriages,
watous, earls, la. For sale by
.i - - 5i.B0- M- DIXON, Drngglst,
osl-aw North-east corner Fifth and Main.
Gum Drops.
Sa M- DIXON, Druggist, -
ecl aw North-east eorner Fifth andMafa.
Choice Havana Cigars. .
' best brands can always be had aa desired at
GEO. II. DIXON 'H. Druggist,
etl-aw North-east oorneririrth and llain. '
(Succseser to Caldwell A Oaltber,)
aoo west sixth-street;
Is lrepnred to do all kinds' of Plunaber
Work on Short Notice,
uctbw , , I. OAITHII. iapsrintendeil,
vat DAY..
f.--W.A,f)T$"i WANT8II
It ton want serraat, advertise In
Ir yon want house, advertise In
Ir yoa want to fell anything, tdtertlio In
Ir yon want to buy anything, advertise In
Is fact, every want supplied by advertising In
A grey pony was stolen from the
front of the PmkV Pbkss office, at ono o'olook
this morning, together with a blaok quilted
saddle, bridle and martingales.
The thief was pursued out Fonrth-streot
to Broadway. He had on a blaok ooat and
blaok hat. A liberal reward will bo girtn for
bis arrest.
A Shibp Tmcit A Stbihoir Iaiik I m
Rrliivkd or Twkmtt DonAia. Yesterday
morning a gentleman, named Qushurst, who
resides in Cleveland,, arrived in this olty from
i visit to his friends in the West. Immediately
after dinner he went to the depot of tho Little
Miami Railroad, to make Inquiry relative to
the departure of trains, when he was mat by a
rather well-dressed, polite gentleman, who,
after Introducing himself, informed Mr. G.
that he was on the same errand. The neces
sary information was obtained, when Mr.
Sparper proposed to the stranger inasmuoh as
they would have plenty of time to take a
stroll around the olty, elating that he was well
acquainted, and would take pleasure in "show
ing him 'round." Tho stranger consented,
and tho two visited the Spenoer House, the
Burner House, Custom House and Pike's
From thenos they passed to Walnut-street,
and.when in front of the entrance to the Melo
deon Hall, Mr. Sharnarfemarke,! that h.h.ri a
small bill to pay a gentleman up stairs, and
presented & one hdndred dollar bill (bogus of
course) to his friend and asked him to give him
small bills for it. The stranger remarked that
twenty dollars was all he possessed. This sum
Sharper borrowed, stepped up stain from Walnut-street,
oame down the flight leading to
tourth-streetahd fled, leaving his friend to
await his return, which he did for tome time,
when he followed up. When he arrived on
the seeond floor and taw another flight of stairs,
the whole matter was solved. w ii in ih.
Hammond-street Station, left a description of
his swindler, borrowed money from a merchant
iu win any, ana teic tor home a wiser man.
C. D. A. The members of this association
gave their first grand festival of the scason'at
xionuuai nan, iasi weanesaay evening. Tho
hall was magnificently decorated. Near the
center hung a beautiful gilt star, bearing the
"""'"li inscription: we meet for enjoy
ment." The young folks enjoyed themselves
by dancing until twelve o'clock, when they
partook of a splendid supper, prepared by Jno.
M'Donald, after whioh the dance was resumed
and kept UD until the annrnanh nf rl
The following are tho newly.eleoted officers of
mo assooiation: j. w. Parker, President: S.
Z.;Byington, Vice President; Thos. Lewis,
R. S.; M. M. V. Crest, F. S.j A. R. Haddook
Treaturerj L. Hegnar, II. Wirth, and W. Rob'
lnson, Standing Committee.
r n
V.OUHTT ifOMMtssioNKitg. The Board of
vouniy vommissloners met yesterday, and
passed the following bills for payment: To
Eggleston k Co., butter, Ac, for Lick Run
Lunatis Asylum, $82 24; Garrard 4 Co., sun
dries for same, $249; John Keeshan, medioines
for Llok Run Asylum, $21 25; Hussler Jk Co.,
for stone at Carthage Atylum, $100. ' Total
$4S2 49, The Auditor was directed to advor
tite for proposals for building bridge ovor Syca
more Creek, near;M. Bodines, in Sycamore
Township. Plana and specifications furnished
by J. B, Bell, at surveyor's office.
AtREST or i Horsi Tbiip Yesterday
Officer Alexander Pendery received a telegram
from the Marshal of Xenia, authorising him
to arrest a man named William Lee, charged
with stealing a horse and harness from that
place. He was arrested on Walnut-street by
the offioer, about one o'clock yesterday, and
confined In the station-house. The Marshal
of Xenia was apprised of the arreit, and ar
rived in the city last evening. Lee will have
a hearing in the Police Court to-day.
BtiiBOAD Hotel. R, F. Levering returned
to take charge or the Railroad Hotel, corner of
Front and Broadway, a short time ago, and it
rapidly regaining hit old patronage. We are
glad to see him at the old post, and with
him abundant success: Mr. Levering belongs
to the old tohool of typos, having been a oom
positor on the Whig, in Maj. Conover't time.
May he always have a "fat take."
Flora Triiple. Phincus mn r, rr.v i
These celebrities of the turf make their first
raoe on Buckeye soil, this afternoon, over tho
Cincinnati Trotting-park, for a purse of one
thousand dollars. A speoial train will leave
mo Hamilton ana uayton Depot at 2.30 P.
in., rumrmun immediately alter tne race.
Juvknili Burglars. Two boys (appa
rontly twelve vears of airel named John finn.
aid and James McMullen were arrested yes
terday charged with breaking into a house
in the rear of the Globe Coffee-house, on
Broadway. They will be triod by Judge
Madison House This tionular hotel i
filled to overflowing with merohanta from the
western and Southern States, and it winning
a goad, name everywhere. The Dootor was
"always up" as a newspaper man, and we
never had any misgivings as to hit ability "to
blBIOUS ACCIDENT. About three o'olnnlr
yesterday afternoon, while teveral laborers
were engaged In raising a heavy stone from a
wagon at the Catholio Institute, oomer of Vina
and Center, a crowbar slipped, flew up and
" vus ui iub wen ou ine siue ot tne Head,
Inflating a tevere, and perhaps fatal wound.
Honorably Dibcbarokd. Mr. Peter Smith.
gentleman well known for bonetty, was tried
in the Police Court yesterday, charged with
passing a counterfeit fire dollar bill, and
honorably disoharged, there being no evidence
to prove that he knew the bill to be worth
iest at the time he passed it.
Bound Over. Leonard Fowler, who WAH
arretted on the ttoamer TeUgrnph a few days
tinoe, was tried In the Polioe Court vesterdav.
oharged with having in possession counterfeit
bank bills, and was held in bonds of $1,000 to
answer tho oharge, in default of whleh he was
committed. .
New Cars. Tho Cincinnati Street Tlnil.
rond Company have placed two new cars on
their routes ono on Walnut and one on
Vino-streote. They aro from the manufac
tory of Murphy A Allison, Philadelphia, and
axe of superb style and finish.
Citt Prison. At the Cltv Prison
persons were received Ave males and one
female. Four prisoners were discharged by
Jail Committee Mary Lyons, John Smith,
Herman Lampe and William Cottum. Four
were under medloal treatment.
A Dull Dat. Yesterday was an unnsuallw
dull day in the Police Court, but eishteen
appearing on the docket. Thit is the smallest
number tried since Judge Lowe's administration
United States Courts The raffala. form r
the United States Clrcnit and Distriot Courts
convenes in this city on the 18th of the present
month, Judges McLean and Leavitt presiding,
Jamet Robb, astlgnee, v. W. T.
and others.-A deninrrer waa died to thesar.end eanss
ui at """ mi form in the potmen, in April, is,
Joseph ilpnteU eiectited af rosklnsorxnote In favrof
Hewson V.T (of -Which iT'was a member?) and af
toward, in the same rear,, beinjf Indebted to the
plain tllr, in nart payment, (ndorsedand delivered the
note to Robb, and made theron a promise In wntlhs
to pay the amount to the bearer on demand, with in
terest, and waiting e l further notice, 4e.
Judge gpencer renlarked that it mattered not what
nay hare been I be condition of the parties on tho
principal contract. This written obligation bad all
ineoleuvonteof ptonalssorr note without alleging
any liability on the original note. . Demurrer over
ruled, and defendant, required to plead.
' Bromwoll ts. Vansuker nnd others. A creditor's
bill, the object of which Is to subject funds due from
Boston Weaver to tho payment of a judgment ren
dered agstnst twfe of the defendants. The petition
sets forth that execution .iasned on the judgment
which wns returned "no goods," and It ar.rs tbat
plaintiff "taUeVss" that, tha grrnclpnj defendant
against whom he obtained judgment had not per
sonal or real property subject to that execution.
Judge Spencer Before creditor's bill can be
tiled to subjeot property ra th hands ef another
party, it Is necceisarj to show he was unablo to ob
tain satisfaction of his Jndgmeht la the ordinary
course of execution. This heretofore irasallowed to
be done by setting forth, that fin eeoolioh had al
ready issued and proved fruitless, or else, In the
vent of execution wot being leaned at all, showing
that if it did Issue it would be fruitless. In thh case
It is averred execution leaned, waa returned In patt,
only "no goods" non-constat there might be lands
and tenements on which execution might have been
bad. This was not a complete return to the writ.
Fnrther. It was surprising to the Uourt that in the
framing of thl petition counsel ehould Use the old
fashioned mode of sotting forth facts on belief, and
not by positive statement, Uis belief Is of no ronse
quehce to the Court. It la the fact authorises the
Court to act. Is the end he only swears to his peti
tion on belief; so tbat therosnltof the affidavit la,
"that he believes he does believe, 4 -." The demur
rer would be sustained, with leave to the party to
Wolf vs. Wllerandothers.-SemnrrerAledtofha
petition byll the defendants. The action waa on a
prom issory not made by W Her, In July, IRM, payable
twelve months after dale, payable to the orier of
Hamlen, and indorsed by Haralen and McLean.
Judge Spencer The indorser aufflclfntly charges
the maker, but nnthlngia averred by which the other
defendants can In properly chsrged as indorsers. It
Is not averred when the bill waa presented or pay
ment refused, and these parties may have bad no
notice whatever of Its dishonor.
Demurrer sustained as to the Indorsers, and over
ruled as to the maker.
Emancipation. Lucihda; colored woman and her
two children, the slaves of Ellsha Moore, of Texas,
were duly emancipated, The proceeding came up by
habeas corpus.
Judge Hoadlev sat in No. J, aud heard applications
for citizenship.
The argument in the ease of White vt. Bro
kaw progressed,
Earlier 8dlell(roHy-eIghtytarsofago,iniane
from the excessive Use of ardent spirits, was ex
amined, and an order made out for his removal to tne
Asylum, ,
Waoo's Theatre. A large house was
present at the above Institution last evening to wit
ness Mr. Anderson's second impersonation of "Caiua
Morciua Ooriolanns,' In Bhakspeare's snliltme
tragedy of UoaioLANi'S. Mr. A., by his excellent
rendition of tills character, drew from the audience
froniient bunts of annlnttM.. Tha rum. nfK, own,,.
Toa BuD, with Mr. ttotuens "Uolachard" and Miss
Donham aa "Madame Oolachnrd," kept the house In
one continued roar of laughter.
This evening la sot apart foi- Ht. Anderson's
benefit, npon which occasion he will appear as
"Ia,"ion" in Damon and Phthias, and "Fotruchio"
in Shakspeare s admirable Comedy entitled Cathss
ine ANn Fstsvcuio. Mrs, Ellsfer will appear aa
"Calanthe" and "Catherine." This Is a good bill,
and will, wo expect, draw an overflowing house.
Palace Garden. This establishment is re
ceiving its share of patronage from the amnsoment
lovers of our city. Ifiouwsntto enjoy aa hour or
two pleasantly, drop In tha Palace Garden and you
will go away in a good humored mood.
Butts's Panorama. This picture of events
of the New Testament and Land of Palestine Is at
tracting large attendsuce nightly. Do not full to
see It,
-' a
The alarm of fire about tan o'alock vaaler.
day morning was occasioned by the burning of
sasu m ine rear oi dwelling nonte on Kiln-mond-ttreet,
between Freeman and Baymiller.
Damage light,
Our city hat been unusually free from orime
for a few days past. Our police oourts show
little else than rttaea nf ilmnl,,,. ..J
vagranoy, and not even the usual number of
tnese. Avery one teemt too muoh absorbed In
politics to spare time for getting drunk.
The new railroad bridge oyer the mouth of
jnuicrees wat orossea yesterday, for the first
time, by an engine and oar. The oar was
filled with the officers of the road and a num
ber of invited guests. .
So few persons Were present at the Na
tional American Association last night that
no butinessof any kind was transacted.
The following is a list of letters rln.
tamed for non-payment of postage at the
Pootoflice, In this city, October 6.
Miss Mary A. Williams, Brookville, Indi
Mrs. Mary J. White. Port Harm.r, O.
Miss Hallle Adams, College Kill. O
J. P. Morris, I ronton, O.
Walbnrg Spoierer, Newport, Ky,
O. Itatenbush, jr., Hamilton, 0.
W. H. Munsh, Carrolton, Ky.
Meteorological observations far 11.
Penny Prims, by Henry Ware, Optloian, No.
7 West Fourth-street, October 6, 1858. , .
Barometer. Thermometer.
nn i..!..!.!!..."'.'."!r.!"!!.'29'M
p.m :::::::::zwm
Girl Scalded. A little fflrl nam.il
Carty, whose parents reside on Freeman.
street, near Sixth, wat severely soalded last
evening by tho nptetting of a kettle of boil
ing water. Doubts are entertained at to her
"Timothy Joyoe wat fined $1 and coats
by Judge Lowe, yesterday, for ohoking a
young lady named Mary Croden. Mary testi
fied tbat Tim. did choke her, but that the be
lieved he wat only in fun a token of hit af
fection, .
JSS Jacob Sprith, for threatening personal
violence to Elisabeth Braeunung.was committed
to the County Jail, yesterday, by 'Squire
Bohlu, of Milloreek Township, in default of
$300 bail.
Alexandor Drisool, who has frequently
appeared at the Polioe Court, was arretted yes
terday on a oharge of disorderly oonduot and
locked np, lie will appear before Judge Lowe
pS'lt you wish to sell your goods, go to
210 Western-row and get one of those splen
did block-lotter signt, which is an ornament
to any uunaing.
tBy reference to an advertisement in
to-day's paper, it will be seen tbat there will
be a rally of the Democracy in Fifth-ttreet
marKec-spaoe to-morrow night.
kksistino Officers. Persons who resist
omoers generally fare hard In the Police Court.
Yesterday a man named James Carnes wat
nna $iu ana oottt on the above charge.
Whero it the day-wateh at tho corner
of Ninth and Western-row. The street is in a
wrotcnod condition.
SB A. A. Bytter, Clocks, Watobet and
Jewelry, Kos. SU and J71 Western-row. '
Daguerreian flallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Honnaford's
drng store. Pictures taken and put In good cases for
twenty oents. Warranted to please. - ; i
THURSDAY, October 6—3 P. M.
Monev oontlnuoa in antlva demand, (ha rata
pelng 10(lJ percent, to regular customers.
-The rniliira of the Citizen's Bank at Stenhenvllle,
O., was annonneed to-day. It was a private concern,
and waa doing but a limited amount or business.
KfWt.rn Kxchftnff. ntmuln. firm .t ft nr.mlun
selling rate. .
no cuaoge in l neuron t Money. .
Steamboat Register.
Ann, VII. Tt..nlAlk ,T t Tl l.
"V ,WU,VUJ luuirwow, Ima.
Sllen Grav. Kanawha- fihln Nn 3 Sl.rtat,.. PHamu .
BostonnLouav"ile' Lonl'' Bo,to,1 Portsmouth;
PiPAaTBaxs.-Dnnlelth, Neville; Melrose, Mays
vllle; tllen Oray, Kanawha; Ohio Net, Marietta;
Prioress, Madison; Boston, Louisville; Bostena,
Portsmouth; Kate Hay, Memphis; Hail logs, Pitts-DBI'g.
. Cut Council. Council mel, I'roffJcut in
llle cbalr. Minatearead and adc pti-.l. Covers I smalt
claims, for work aud labor done, and a bill fit alxuit
SI7, trerd pfliltd up;a, and order! insneil for tlieir
pnynwnt. - . ... j j c i t . .
Mr. -Allen-presented a comnijioiatl"n fr. m the
Washington Fim ('(imiunv. lnvirln rfi, INitf-nell IM
li be present at the reiwptlonof Neniune Fir(:oni(innrY
V. V'"l ...V. IB Hf pi VII, III., . lOI, VIA MV . U
Inst. Thi' Invitation wasacceptml '
Tha Hresidont Wt amhorlwd o sign the rontract
on hohalfofthe cliy, with P. II, Wilson, for tbe
erection of the new Jail.
The select committee appointed to investigate the
charges against Joeoph Bellman, reported tho ndmea
Of f be jpersons escaped, but msde no recommenda
tion. Received,
The resolution of Blr, MeUrarten, ordering the
dismissal of Mr. Sellman, was then taken np.
Mr. Meado moved to lay it on the table, Lost
yeas 4; nays s.
The resolution gave rise to a very animated dis
cussion, and was finally - laid over for one week,
Ayes 61 aayes 3. '
A communication from Philip Hones, asking prlvl
lege to establish a gift enterprise In theoiiy was laid
on the table.
The (Jity Olerk was ordered to Issue orders 16 the
amount of $l,onn, to P. H. Wll"n-thearst install
ment en the Jail. Also, for $W to J.Livingston,
for Improving Columbia-street, provided ho give
satlfactorr security for the completion of the work.
Also, for JIM to Henry Aulttrioj, to satisfy a city
loan due October 7, ltWi
Collins ahd Keufbb ArrAia The EvidH!.'C
as Divelopxd at 1KB TaiAt. We have heretofore
adverted to this matter, but were unwilling to at
tempt a full detail of the transaction until after the
trial, The Mayor being unable to hold Court, the
trial came off before Xttqulree Pavne and De ('ourcey,
yesterday morning. It appears tbat Constable Mor
ton held an execution for ten asnlnst a party, and
in favor of Kemper. The party left without paying
tbe money over, and Kemper hadsald that If Morton
bad done nis dnty, this would have not been thecase.
Ibis remark was carried to Morton, who met Kern-
rsr in the street on the day of th"sfTriy, and Inked
Im if he had ever said so. After a little conversa
tion, and soma taunts, given by both pit r ties
Kemper started away, and was followed by Morton,
until the former reached home, when be went in,
and Morton continued on the street. He soon after
took a cane or club and seated himself on aome bar
rels In front of a grocery next door to Mr. Kemper's,
to await his coming from the house. Here he re
mained some lime, bnt not setting the oljert of his
vengeanoe he left. Soon after Mr. Kemper crossed
the river, and while going along fork-strait nn his
return, waa assailed by Morton with the club he had
Prepared and had been carrying for the purpose, and
sdten in a most shameful manner, Mr. hrmperls
Inboricg under great pain, occasioned hv the Wounds,
and wn scarcely able to be present whllo giving ton
tluiOhf. Petty RoBngBT. Some eiteft thieffor
his success proves his dexterity iu the profeseiou,
took occasion to visit the Washington House, yes
terday, while the landlord, Mr. Doniinorcr, was at
his dinner, and robbed the drawer in the bar-room
of about 'i in change, all that waa in it, Mr. I),
states that he waa not absent more than two or tbroe
minutes, bnt when he returned tho thief was gono.
The robber at about the same time took occasion to
visit the groceries of Mr. Lehwearman and Mr. Ich
elberry. in (he same vicinity, and took from each
about the same amount. No cine has yet been dis
covered which would be likely to lend to the detec
tion of the criminal. It is Seldom that a man suc
ceeds in robbing three drawers within S few min
utes, and yet avoids detection. Tbe risk was great
and the reward small.
What makes the case more aggravating Is, that
Morton is a mad In the prime of life, while Kemper
is an old man, in delicate health. The Justices, in
giving their decision, staled that "It was a Very ag
gravated breaoh of the peaco," and lined the defend
ant 130 and costs of suit, the extent of the law.
Collins will probably bo held to answer in a civil
action for damages.
"Oub 0w Social Can."-The votaries of
Terpelohore who are numbered In the abovo Club,
tire requested to attend a meeting to-morrow even
lngatthe Vourt-Hoiise. This Huh la rnmnnaed if
young men who will, during tbe winter; enliven our
city with sundry social parlies. The first of the sa-
rieswi'i occur on Atiursaay, the 20th Inst.
Stbalino in tub Pbrbbxcb of Justice.
Officer Horsfall. while attendtner IIia MuiriMtrntn'.
Court yesterday, bad his handkerchief stolen from
niiiBi, ne naa not neen nine to detect tnetlilef,
notwithstanding his proficiency in the detective art.
School will be resumed in Professor Ed
wards' department on Monday next, Bo has about
reeovered from hla sickness.
Materials are being rapidly concentrated
on the public square for the building of the new Jail
The convention U amend the city tharter
insets to-night.
Archibold & Co. vs. The Kbntox Oourtt
Aobicultcbal HociKTT.-Thls stilt wits tried several
dayaago, the plaiutifTs claiming i,ikki for materials
furnished for the erection of the amphitheater on
tho fair grouuds. Tbat tbe materials bad been fur
nished aa alleged, was admitted; that they ought to
bo paid for, was also acknowledged; but the point in
dispute was whether tue society oi- t lie carpenters
had contracted witb the plaintiffs. This was a ques
tion of fact fur tbe jury to determine, they were out
two daya and finally "agreed to disagree," and were
discharged yesterday evening by the Court,
Flao Pbksbntatioh. dn Tntirtday nigh't
next, the 13th Inst., the ladles of our city present to
the Kentucky Hovers a beautiful flsg. The occasion
win oe ceieoratea witn a Dan, winch usee place Id
mediatelv succeeding the nresetitatinn. (innA -..nn!
has been secured, and those who attend may rely
upuu tue euieriaiiimeub ueing a pieaeanr one.
The work on tbe levee, tfhitJh had been tut
pended on account of the high water, Is n.w progres
sins with Brest activltv. If the nrenent k'nAon
tlnues we shall soon have the satisfaction of knowing
tuni ii is out ui umiyvr ui oviug again waaneti out Dy
tue uoou.
Mksino from His Post. The indefatigable
port Bridffo, was yeftterdty absent from hlff poit on
wvvvuu. wi gi.nu.si,
No ooDTiatloni before the Polioe Court yes
liuny iuviuiu -
I Jimuisw.Bsjejgiratar ,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
THURSDAY EVENING, October 5, 1859.
' ILOUR There waa a rather firmer nnUna tn tl,.
market to-day, and a good demand exists for the
better grades good superfine, or what is classed fair
extra brands wonld command $4 73, and from this
rate up to (p in, according to quality. There have
been sales of 4,000 bbls. made the last tweutv-four
uuura, at j tor extra, uouvereu at polnta elsewhere,
The transactions reported comprise 1,600 bbls. al
J 604 75 for snportlne aud (ft for extra, ti.toti bbls,
were roceivoa toeiasE iwenty-iour nours.
WHISKY The market is Arm. but less buovant
sales of 700 bbls. at StiffirWiu.-tlio latter rate for
wbuoii, aim iisj ao. nign proot at -J?c.
rltOVIUIONd-Thu market continues firm and
prices rather stlffsr: sales of ISO hhds. Bacon at 8o.
Tor ahoulders, 10c. for sides, and lie. for clear sides:
25 hhds. bulk shoulders at $7 lil-loo for packed, and
60,000 lbs. do, loose at 7c, and 60 tierces couutry
Lard at 1034c Mess Pork is held at S14 7S IS, and
OIL Sales of 100 bbls. Linseed at Ma57c.
GUOOERIRS-Sugnr firm at 7(a7-fc. Molasses
uuoysm: zo odis. sola at 40c. uonee uuchangod, and
firm at1212?4c.
WHEAT -the market was very firm to-day and
prices well maintained: sales 1,400 bushels good
wuilm iu: j,iimuu. prime ao, ai l iu; uo. uo,
uu. ai 9i li; i.iajuup. ao. ao in uovington, nt 81 11
3(10 do. nrlmnredAtftl OTi! I.Mliln annA liitl at fti ni
COBN-There is bat little old Corn arriving, and
prices are firm at 80c. New ia offering more froely,
and prices are drooping: sales 2,500 bushels new
at 60c.
BYE-The market Is rather scarce and prieesa
shade lower. Wequoto 7877o. as tho range.
BARLEY The market Is dull, and prices have
settled down to 70c. tor prime fall, and Hoc, for good
do., and 60(3630. for good to prime BPriog.
OATS The market is quiet and dull; sales 1,200
bnihelsattlc, and l.OOOdo. at 440.
GKEEN AFPLKS-8ales 150 bbls. russots, at $1 JO
cordinff to nualitv.
0HEBSE Salea 300 boxes prime Western Bessrve
1 " uo. r.ngnsn asiry at lllc.and 100 do,
"uoouen rarm, x., is., as no.
Market Arm.
ruiaiuM-A moderate
demand for
Neshanocks, and prices steady at oMoouc.por bushel.
uiiAriDtmntio jno receipts have been vory
iaii mi, bihhvii, nuu jiiiw,. Hr. urni ai tri. per out
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 6—P. M.
opened quiet and closed a shsdo
better: sales 12,000 bbls. at $4 M for superfine
Htate; (4 604 7t for extra State; $4 454 60 for
sunerdne Western: 84 tXcbi tm fnroommnn le m.Hlnn,
extra Wostern; 85 205 30 for inferior to good sitlp
pingbrands extra roiiud-hoop Ohio. Canadian Flour
uucuaiigeu; sale. ..r oom. al 90 VYfBQ II) lor common
to choice extra, llyo Flour in fair request at S3 70
W heat miiot and a shade flrmer: talea 16,000 bushels
at ft oi for Mil wank io Clnh; 11 22 for fair while
Canadian, and Si 27 for good white Michigan, lire
HiiiTo nuu uout: eaies Dusneis ni eiewNMj.
Ilarley more aotivo: saloe 21.000 bushels Canada Kast
and West at iW-SOc. Corn flnneri sales 16,000 huahela
at 83c, for prlmo mixed Weatsrn. Oata better, at
-iooTMic. xor otaie ana fzapiio. ior u estern anu l&na-
uiau. '
Whisky (inner: sales 450 bbls. at 2m2Hc
. Pork firmer and more active: salea 9,0011 blbla. at
$13 50(Slfl 62 for mass and tio &0I0 62 for prime, in
finding I, (us) bbls. prims seller, soventy-fire diiys, at
vio as nuu ww m'udi uawooa tuur a iv aoi, A w v uiui IW , VU
private torms. Beef more.aeiivo: sales 630 Mils. at
144 71 for country prime; fiM for do. mess; JWS.V)
repacava mess, anu piuepu ior extra uo. iieijt llama
quiet and heavy atlwiil7. rrimemesa Ueef dull
and unchangod. Cut moats scarce and firm at c. for
snoumera auu vc. ior naois. oacon quiet and un
changed. . . .
Lara unchanged ana arm: sales 400 bbls. at
Buttar steady, at 1216c. for Ohio aud 17021. for
Cheese steady at SMDVe. for common to prime.
Cotton very dull: sales 401) bales. i
Potashes drooping: sales at $5 37)'.
Sugar Arm: Muscovado 5M6Mc. I
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, October 6—M.
Flour nuiet at $5 12k'c. Wheat leas firm-
salea of white at SI 300)1 45, and red at t 14ai 18.
Corn advaucina andacliv.? .ale. nfn.w whit. n7?nn .
old at amto., and yellow at 883lo. Whisky 2ti
19o. Frovlalons active: Bhouldera HHc.; tldea
amm. Pork m item mmitn 2.
Extensive Robert—$2,000 Worth of
Jewelry Stolen from the Mechanics'
Institute Building.
We learn from, the Louisville Courier of
Thursday jgortting that a robbery, the parallel
of which, for boldness sod daring, It seldom
found, was committed yesterday morning, be
tween the hours of three and four o'clock, at
the hall of the Mechanics' Institute, Louis
ville. The thievet teemed to have effeoted aa
entrance through a window, and teiziag a
table and show-oast of Voanv & Klikk, con
taining jewelry, paoked It off, making their
egrets through ths door whioh cpenl on Fourth
street; thence they transferred it to the alley
in the rear of the building, and pocketed tbe
contents. The ease was discovered there jes
ter day morning. The case of jewelry was on
exhibition, and oontitted of a diamond neck
lace valued at $350, a diamond ring at $325,
ohilns, bracelets, breast-pins, Ao., in all
amounting to nearly .',uuu.
There were two watohmen, Jamet Lee and
William Jones, guarding tbe building at the
time. They protest they were awake and sit
ting In the front part of the hall, bat did not
bear tbe thievet. In faot there tetms to be
tome mystery about the matter unezplained,
but explainable: The thieves mutt have
been more adroit than those whioh generally
oitoulate about here. Bnt the robbers may
yet be ferreted oat. Goods are on exhibition
at tbe risk of owners, and it is laid the vic
tims of the robbery must sustain the loss. It
looks like a bard case. They offer $200 re
ward for the reoovery of the jewelry.
To the Edilorioftke Prtm
You will please allow ine space in your
excellent paper to relate a fact which is
not only novel but truly praiseworthy. In
passing along- Sixth-street, frear BiOadway,
a few evenings since, my attention, was
directed to a littlo juvenile group, who
seomed to be enjoying themselves finely. I
was curious to Inquire the cause, and learned
that tome months past a society, composed
ot five little girls, was formed in this city,
denominated the Watkins Sewing Circle, in
honor of Miss S. "Watklns, the poetess and
leoturor; I also learned that they were hold
ing a levee, the proceeds of whioh were to be
presented to the Colored Orphan Asylum;
and, further, that this was their mutual
agreement Without being instructed by older
head's: This faet, Messrs. Editors, in my
humble opinion, gives tone and character to
the whole affair; nnd, really, such disinter
ested kindness and acta of charity deserve
the unqualified approbation nf the com
munity. May tho good Lord bless those
dettr little children.
2?bw TTrii-S.KTTiNO Machins Mr. Ifal-tortley,
a Mnnchesler enjueer, has invented
s new type-composing macniuf; of which
the English journals speak favorably The
machine Includes a regular composing-stick,
and as the tyfe a)prriaches the end of the
line a boll gives warning, the Stiok is de
tached with a touch, and the sole compositor
spaces the line, return the stick, and resumes
his rapid task. The instruuiout works by
the pressing of keys, which through levers
discharge the typea as rrjtnted down grooves
direct into tho stick. Tho keys, which are
arranged like Ihoso of a conoertina, lie in a.
space of thirteen iuclios in length by seven
in depth, and closely imitate the movements
by whioh type in set by hand. The economy
claimed to be effected by tho employment of
thit machine tuny be judged of by the fol
lowing calculation: The usual composition
bill of the advertising sheet alone of tho
London Timri, of eight pages, costs about
$217; by Mr. Ilatlersley's invention it it
stated that the some amount of work can bo
done for about $74, making a yearly saving
of $45,225. Wo have teen similar results
claimed for the typo-setting machines in
vented in this county, but ss yet none of thorn
have been found to stand the test of practical
application. . , , .
Tub Rhinoceros PitiNOif r.i or NiroLtos's
Niw War Ships. The trial ship upon the new
principle, invented by the Emperor himself, is
begun at Brest from the plans furnished by M.
Cepuy de Lome. Tbe vessel is to be the first
of a lerlet to be oonstruoted after the same
model, iron dated, one hundred metret in length,
and armed Kith the famout new rhinoccrot horn,
destined to cut through the enemy's center,
and dividing him lii Jialf, enable the- new in
vention literally to paiitr out?? with' as little
danger as tbe Honiteur In itsrhinOce.'P' fashion
of attacking the other Journalt. This work,
and the announcement of the opening of the
Tinoennes Railroad on the 22d, tldvtf been the
principal subjects of business conversation
during the last fow days. The Magenta (tbe
name of the new vessel,) it destined to spread
the elements of war abroad the Vinoennes
Railroad to draw theifi to the capital. The
troopt from the fortrcst can be brought Into
Parit almost at a few minutes' notice, and tbe
oonsoiousnest of this facility will greatly In
crease the security of tbe honest oenryotsie,
who behold safety In soldiers, and, like tbe
Great Napoleon, security in heavy battallions.
Nbw Skmators ik thb Next Conqrhbs. The
following named gentlemen will take their
seats for ths first time in the United States
Senate, on the first Monday in December next,
on which day the first session of the thirty
sixth Congress vt ill cottmerjce: -;
Hon. Willard Saulsbury, of Delaware.
Hon. S. W. Orimes, of Iowa.
Hon. h. W. Powell, of Kentuoky.
Hon. K. S. Bingham, of Michigan.
Hon. J. C. Ten Eyok, of New Jersey.
Hon. Thot. Bragg, of North Carolina, v -
Hon. H. B. Anthony, of Rhode Island. '
Hon. A. 0. P. Nicholson, of Tennessee.
Hon. J. W. Hemphill, of Texas.
Masonic The Grand Lodge of Kentuoky
will assemble In Louisville on the 17th of this
M..1L. O...J el i .1 m.t i si A
uivuiu, uiinuu vunpior vu iuo join, au urana
Council en the ltfth.s The Grand Council of
nign Priesthood will also oommenoe on the
19th. Thit Is the first time of theso bodies
meeting in Louisville tinoe 1840.
S"-Hon. Lyman W. Potter, Judge of the
Court of Common Please for the first sub-division
of tbe Ninth Judicial Distriot. has
resigned to take eBeot the teoond Monday of
uctooer, icov.
9Col. John Cave, Clerk of ths Boone
County Circuit Court, was thrown from his
buggy when returning from the Florence Fair,
and died of the injuriet received, on Tuesday
Portable Grinding and Bolting
Corn and Peen Mills
w.r Frames, cast rolUI, both upper and under ran
("; raut Machines, riour Packera. Bolting Cloth
W...U., wv., u.,,iiit. Auainea anu iiui'trs.
W. W. HAMER & CO..
ff. E. Cor. Weetern row and Columbia-strut
fllrualrtrM iini n
applltttloB with pontagt
. s in m a aia v JuLS,
. SIXTrt AND 8BVKNTH, Manufaotnrer ana
importer 01 soaps, 1'errun.ery and Fancy Goods, baa
lust received, per steamer, a lot of Porte Monnlaea,
- wiuniio., vumm, xermmery, ueei Mar
row and Fancy Goods of all descriptions; also a com
nlete nstortment of Handkerchief Kxtracte, which
..-... ,,.,rMu, uV,,rv vwer uiib any niner
dealer in th olty. Also, received this day from New
"Jf'Sl '.are lot of lvid'a Blue and Black Writing
and Marking Ink which th subscriber will be able
i. ,i mauuiaciurer s pricea. Jouoers ana re
tailer will please eall la aid examine bsfurt pnr.
ohaaing-elNWher.. .U " . . ;
Aiiaiuusof ;xtraotsst .
. 25 CCNTS PJR BOTTH. ' I : '
Btmsmbar tha ata-..
11 Main-it, Bet, Clxta and tereutb.
' tPtJ' '" f.M. :t t. m -.-.r
(10.. In Balee-room No, 47 Maia.stieet.
Groceries, Tobacco, Nail". An., at Anctlon.-Wa will
ell ot. SATURDAY MORNING, October a, at- 0
loir, of M mgt OfTee: 7 brls. atoluMa; . Or1".
9 7' l2'?0l:. Hl'ii "X lb. and 'aa 004 2X1 kege
Sails; ViO buudU. Rag Paper. - -
ll.UO-Wu.l.lin.nl. n .1 ! ' M J.
w. -, uuv.omi, UIUUDU v. V. .
Foda, RmokloK Tohaooo, Bedcorda, Manilla and
Hemp Hope, Twine, Cigars, Olanware, tc.
A CO., No. .13 llain street. Onctriea, Drr
floods, BooUand Shoes at Aucllon-On 1'RIDAT
MtiRNINO, at preclselr nine o'clock, for account of
whom it may concern, for cash, twenty lex nant
ineres, Hatinets and Jeans; eighteen piwes black and
hrowi Pilot and other Cloths: Huner tlatln and other
Veatinaa, Farmer's Satin, Sillclaa, Ac.
ALSO An invoice of Table and rocket Outlerr.
At half-past ten o'clock a general varietjr of staala
Oroceries, Boots, Shoes and Rrogana. 00s
8HBAR8 ACO.,8alos-rooms Nos.57andSMaln
street. Special aale of Havana Clear..- We will sell
FRIDAY MORNING, Oct. 7, at 9 o'clock, without
reserve for cash, 70,1X0 very fine tannine Ha
vana Cigars Figaro, Xorsegas, and various brands
for cash.
oc.1 0. BRASHKARB t Co., Anct'ra.
now full and complete, and iBOlaiaa the follow.
Ing goods, in lsrge quantities:
Batofaer'e C. S. Files, drat alltrt
Batcher's C. M. File, Aneher brand
Spear As Jaokean'a Saw end Bdae Toolsi
Woatenholin's Cutlery, la treat variety!
Lamson, Ooodnow ot Co'.s Table Catlerri ;
Axea-the celebrated "L. C. & L." braaa,
the, beat and cheapest Axe In market
: 1,000 dozen)
Hunt's Axea and Edge Tools)
Walker Chains, Griffin's Horse Nail.
Annltaae Mouse-hole Anvil, Hoe cfc
Co.'aSaws, Boston Beltlnsi Ce.'s ),
Anburn Flnnes, Naylor's Dtetjl, Ace.)
aud a large assortment of AMERICAN. BSG&IBH
be sold to tha Trad at grtatly redacad prices.
flo. 65 Pearl-street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
XiTe "w tor
South-east Cor, Fourth and Vine,
PHITTIKST stock of 8 far Btli('g
WKAR ever offend In Olnoinnatl.
To' make as t JCeatsrs, will U large aad varied.
VTe bavea ,
New Gorpa of Cutters,
From New Tork aad Philadelphia, who profess to
understand the art of Cutting Stylish Garments to
W for past favors w retvra many tkeaks, and '
hope to merit futire patronage. Traly, . . .
that they are selling lumber at their yard 011
fc"reman.streot, next to Clneinnatl, Hamilton and
Day Ion Ballroadi
Than any other Lumber Staler la the olty. : .
" Quick Sales and Small Profit "
: fv 18 THUS MOTTO.
They submit the following list of prlcas: -
... Cfth. 4
Mo'a. '
an m
35 0
IT fle
12 M
Clear lnmoer,allthtclrnessM, lin. mea 1 17 tn
Tlest Common, l.H and 2 inoh PlaDk....... 21 09
Best " I inch Boards...... 75
PeconH " all thlckneM.......m.... IS 60
Third ' Boards 11 AO
Omh Plank, face measnre M ao
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber..,. II M
Toplar " 11
First Common Flooring Boarda.,.u ..... M 00
Second. " . " " .............. 28 7S
Third " " " IS M
First Common Weather Boards......... it oe
Second " " It ft
Cedar Posts, 4 hy I, I feet, per knndred... M 00
Cedar " forfenelng, " " ... M 00
Locust " " . mot
12 ft
H7 W .
a m
ir m
a to
A further reduction of IH per oat. will k. mad on '
bills of two or more.
We have one of the largeetand east selected stocks
of Lumber in the Cincinnati market, wkick w offer
for sale at the above prices. , .
sepJStf . . ' ' , . "
Pike's 6pt3ra-hpuse,
FIRST of ocTonn,
AND FFM MI riaUliri UOOK AT '. .
Greatly Reduced Prioep,
60 West Fourth-street.
p ,-
Pure Coal Oil
On Dollar par gIU. by , .
sepSarn ; " ' ' M7 ast Freat-streit. "'
.!! jji!. 'In '.iti'f -

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