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"FOUND," to., In this column, occupying Ht lino
Of less, two Insertions, twenty -live cents.
ply at LUNG'S, opposite the Bellview Tavern,
Bycamore mil. oes-b
ANTEDTINNERS Three or four
Uar-t tinner a un Waat VlfiU-.i
Ajpply 'immediately. ' wj-d' '
in Bacon and Gnnclry's Commercial Ooliegra.
flood for full course of study in double entry book
keeping. Good for day and evening Instruction.
Apply toW. B. ACKLKY, at E. W, Tultle's ox.
change office. North-west corner of Sycamore and
Third. ocS-b
a book .keeper, assistant book-keeper, entry
or corresponding chirk, or In any situation where no
could make himself useful either in storo or connt-ing-room,
by a young married man of several vrra
experlonca. Address Messrs. Gibson A Uo.,202 Vino
treet, orC. H bol.l, Cincinnati, Ohio. nc8-b
bookkeepers, barka-psrs, porters, coopers,
carpenters, mechanics and others, can And sltnotioni
at the Merchants' Clerks' Roglstry Ofllco, No. fcil
West Fifth-street.
oc8-b HALE 4 CO.
WANTED AGENTS A few moroagento
to Introdiico Nelson's Mercantile Afith iiintio
In th country. Call at Western CohimorelaH'nl
lege, Nixon's new building, opposite the Postofflco.
good cook and washer to go nbout th reo miles
In the oouutry. lloforoucal required. Apply to Noi
lloStxth-stret, at the offlno of Doctor Woodward.
. loW-ll'l
ANTED MAN An enterprising man
with a foW hundred doltara tn taka an Intel-.
est in onn of the most popular places of amusement
in thecity. Nona neoaaneworwhocannotgirethrlr
v hole attention to it, as a good man la wanted more
than the money. Address M. M., this offlce.
adry goods store by a young man who bus
had Avoysarsexriarlenceln KnglanJ; Is willing to gj
six months for his board. Oily reference if rcHalren,
Address 'I. 8, H at this nft'c. oc7b
shoemakers rn ladloS wolk.nt W. SEARS'
shoe storet 250 Broadway. 11 IghOst wages paid.
' locHi
mens peggod shoes', at No. 230 Walnut-strool,
hp stairs. . vtVli
man, in n wholesale or retail grocery, or
dry gooda store; sneaks German. Good references
given. Address H.UtKY;, thisoillce. oo7-b
W '- -
FOR RENT ROOMS Fumishoi Rooms,
apply at No. ICO, Third-street, botween Haco and
Ha, i . i oetU
Piano Forte for rant low. Apply to K ELMKH1
A WILLIAMS, Nos.JSondst EastThlrd-strott.
two gentlemen can be accommodated villi n
Soatty furnished frontslreplng room, on the socond
oor, gas throughout. Itefurenco required. Apply
at IUS Longwortli-Btreet. near Plum. oc7t
RENT HOUSE A good brick houTe
.. with soven rooms, front and siiio yards, Ac, No.
.HI Piudlay-street, betweon Vine and Usee, lmiuiro
aO'o, 6 Fludlar, or Hi Wainut-stroet. GEti;i;K
FOX. ocIb
JP OHOAN For any good nrtlcle of trade. A
handsome flngr-oran. with two slops, mahutf.iuy
case. Address box 40S, Post-olrlc, Covington,
and well established Dining Hnloon, at. No,
East Fourth-street havlna seventy-five prompt ty
ing boarders, and a good tniiiBicut Inidu, I'or fur
ther particulars Inquire on the premises. no7l
Ja? llsbftd Republican Paper In ore of tho best rail
road towns In Northern Illinois. Address J. H. S. II.,
atthlsolDoe, oeS-mv
OR SALE PAPERS Several thousand
old papers at 2So. per hundred, nt this olllco.
!i"i:jgi"jj,"L j jJiuiL!i..';jac
IOUND DOG AblaokNowFotin!nnJi)r.r,
. with a link chain oollar. The owner can en.
cure him by proving property and puyiuu fr thi nl
ertlssruent, on application to tho publisher uf the
Hocheascter, ooruer of Court and Main -streets.
ff 08T DOG A blank New Foumlliiml
Js-i dog, with a leather collar nml brass look; writ
tan on the collar "'f McLaughlin, 116 Plana-alreut,
Prov, It. 8." Tho tinder wtli bo suitably rewarded
by loavlngJilm nt HUGH QUINN'S hIhIjIo, corner
of Lodge and Gniio-ulley, between Sixth and .Seventh
Streets. ortstit
BOARDING Three or four young men
can be accommodated with board and lodging,
nt 2M Vest FiUh-slrcut. . Also, a fow more dny-
hnarders wanted. ontriW
- 1 ,, 1 1 11111 1 l"'L!J.J
This Is tho most dolicato article In me for
Puddings, Diane Sliuigc, Custard, ftc, It Is coui
posod of the very finest parts of Indian Corn, A
small lot in store and for sale by
J. KKKGUSON. Grocer,
Corner Ninth and Vine,
& CO. '8 Celebrated French Mustard war
ranted s pure imported article, aud for sale by
J.j'BKOUSON, Grocer,
eei Corner Ninth aud Vino.
TIC LK of Baltimore Golden Ryrup; also, Sugar
bouse and New Orleans Molasses, for sale by
J. FKKQllrSON.Orocnr,
oci Corner Ninth and Vine.
Pike's Opera-house,
Greatly Reduced Prices'.
65 West Fourlh-KlrtH.
t Jpepiai
SIXTH AND SEVENTH, Manufacturer and
Importer of Soaps, Perfumery aud Fanoy (9oods, has
just received, per steamer, a lotof Porlo Monniaes,
"Cigar (Jasoa, Brushes. Com us, Perfumery, Beof Mar
row and Fancy Goods of all descriptions; also a com
plete astortmont of liandkorchief Extracts, which
he Is prepared tosell atungurelnwnrthan any other
riealerln the city. Also, roceWed tills day from Now
Kork,& large lot of David's Blue and Bliick Wrillus
and Harking Inks which tbe subscriber will bo ahlu
to sell at manufacturer's prices. Johbers nnd re
tailers will please call in aud examine holore pur
chasing elsewhere.
Ml kinds of Extrsotsat
Beraemlter the place,
278 Maia-st., Bet Sixth and Seveutli.
. ' - 1epS1
J has Just rerslved, from Boston, au entire new
assortment of Coal Oil Lampsand Imprnvod Uurnors,
preventing the smoke, so much or an annoyance to
consumer. Also, tbe best article of Uiirniug Oil
ever offered Jn this market, fie from smoke or uinull.
No. 1 College Biiildius, ,
. MPiS-am Walnt-st., bet. Foarth aud Flitb.
FOUlfDBY, B. ALLISON, gnperlntendent.-,
Printing MMsrlsJl of Ukindi. id Vine sirot,
.....octohuu s
2rPcnny Press to be had every
morning at the . Cciuitlng-i ooni door.
Only one cent.
f&y Don't forget that the Penny
Press li ttio medium through wlilclt to
make known your uauls!. Advertise
ments cf Ave Hues aud losn, inserted
twice for twenty-five cents!
KfltiTE for SL. A good route for 8nle en
the 7'eniiy 7Vt. Ioquiro at the counting-
City PfiisoN. At the City Prison yentorday,
ten persona were received, Ave discharged, nnd
six undor medical treatment.
Ssnt to thb Hoi'sg of Rkfuor. John and
George Beck, aged respectively cloven and
thirteen years, i-ere sent to tho House cf Ra
fnge yesterday on achargo ofpotltUroeny.
Soks of Malta. Tbe Sons of Malta had a
grand midnight parade at Chillicolhe, list
Thursday. Mentor's Cornot l5and furnished
the tousle.
BTBiMKo Soap. Catherine Millor was sent
to the Cohnty Jail for thrco months by J utlge
Lowe, yesterday, for stealing two bars f soap,
valued at twenty cents, from a grooery on tho
oornor of Muin-street and the Cinal.
Won't Bkhavi nivsm.i'. llobt. McChces
ney was before Judge Lowe yesterday charged
with habitually dielurbing the peace, and was
rent "over the way" for the term of sixty
dayp. '
CSraivd LAnCKNr. John Wallenstein, ar
rested some days since on a charge of obtaining
goods undor false protenroi and grand laroony,
was held in bonds of $3l)u by JuJe Lovfo,
yesterdny; to answer the latter ohorgo at tho
Court of Coiiiaon flea:.
IIandkd Ovp.r, The colored man, Anderson
Sharp, charged with eonimitting a murder at
St. Louis, was before his Honor, Judgo Lowe,
yesterdny, and, by order cf a requisition,
handed over to Dctoctivo Tunniclifl', who pro
ceeded with him nt onco to St. Louis,
Stkamng a Coat. An cngincbr named John
Armstrong' was nrrcstod and oonlined in tho
Ninth-street Station-house, yolterday, to an
Bwer tho oharge, this morning, of stealing it
anat from Charles Cooler, near tho Ohio and
Mississippi Railroad Depot.
Colic k IJopkiss. llU enttrprisiDg house
offers rare inducements in another ocluion.
On Monday thoy inako a grand display of new
goods, which havo been bought at such figures
as will enablo them to ofTor their many pairoiis
great bargains. Ladies, road their advertiso
uicnt. Rr.nniti). M. P. McQulllen, formerly of tho
ViuW of this city, but einco of the Jlem
phia Eten'mg Argm, has retired from that
journal and gono to tako uji his nbudc in the
Crosoent City, where it is to bo bopod he will
fiirin sonio profitable newp:iper connection.
Mnok is at home in a piinting olUeo.
I'hksii Ovsmins. Thosedesiriug fine, frosli,
Iht oysters, either in can or shell, can l
suited by falling at Robert Orr' BlnnJ, ISn.
1 1 Wet Fiflh-streot. Ha is Agout for
Mnltby's celebrated Baltimore oysters, which
uro conceded to be tho best hi uinrket. If
in wtmtof js.kxI, freeli oysiors, do not fail to
call at No. H West I'ifth-etieet.
Sknt Back. Willinm Leo, who wfis nrrestod
byOIBeer3 Pouderyand Liiicolu.da.y before yrs
terdy,wns arrnignod boforrJndj-e LoTOeyesUr
ilay mortiing, to auswor tho oh n;o of etouling
a horse and lot of harness, at Xenia, nnd ro
mantled into tho oustodv of tho Marshal of
that place, who left the city on the 4:4ffP. M.
Skuvkd Him Right. Conductor DnV.n wna
coniielled, yofctordiiy, to ojont n boisterous
lUdiVKltinl from tho Cincinnati Street Kail
road Cfir. for ueintr obeeonu Innirueirn in flin
preseiica of lady passengers. Ho wns mi-
liHinmiieii to ac3i3i, out would not. J lio car
was stopped, his money refunded, and ho
was put off. Served bim right.
Natpbalikatio Famiis. Up to yestorday
tho following number of iiaturalUation papers
were issued by the various Courts:
District Court ', .' Ja
Probate Court
Superior Court ioj
Hkavy Mkn. YestcrJay afternoon, Ave
nitizons of thin oity chanced, by accident, to
meet at the corner of Main and Coiirt-stroote
'Squire Young, Judgo Juoob Flinn, J. P. Por
ter, Hugh Evans and John Covcrdill -when a
proposition was made to mnke an average
weight, whioh resulted inafiaotion over tmn
hundred and forty povmli. Tho gross woight
was twelve hundred pounds, threo ounces.
Opposition Mhktinoat Findiav Maekkt,
The Opposition held a meeting last night nt
tho Findlny Markot-spaeo, whioh was nddresscd
by Governor Ghase and others. The
following were tho officers of tbe meeting:
President, General A. Mooro; Vico-rrtsidents,
Philip Reiss, G. Spach, Doctor Emmett, If.
Riomeycr, V. Wander, F. Eiohenboch, M.
Goepper, II. A. Beste, II. Strichman and A.
Tafel; Secretaries, E. Waesouich, M. Jaoobi.
Attack om a Grockryvan. Somo rowdies,
from the Thirteenth Ward, entered the ooil'oo
houso of Mr. Brockrann, last night, corner of
Hunt nnd Pondloton-strcets, and naked for
something to drink. This be refused, as thoy
wero already somewhat drunk. They then
assaulted him with a butchers' gambrel, strik
ing him on the hoad, wounding him severely.
They also broke numerous bottles, and com
mitted other depredations, Tbey wero ar
rested. Boaeo of Citt Imi'rovkments. The olerk
was directed to proparo and transmit to Coun
cil an ordinance to assets a special tax on
property abutting on Froeinan-streot, betweon
Liborty and Rank-streets
An award of contract rocommendod to Joseph
Brophy, to pave, with bowlders, Thorpe-alloy,
from Elm to Plum-street, at $1 47J por lineal
Also, the clerk was direolod to advertiso for
proposals to pave, with limestone, O'Riely
alley, from Lawronco-street to Sawson-alloy.
Brink Back that iroitsu I Tho low, unprin
cipled, croppod-enr wretch, who so far forgot
his position as a tirst-olass horse thief, as to
Introduce his polluted carcass into the most
fashionable thoroughfare of the Queen City, at
tbe unseasonable hour if ono o'clock In tho
morning, and urgo, by kicks, blows und "spur
digs," tbo venerable fnrui of our anoiontly
grej ponoy from his "post" of duty, to parts
unknown, and up to the present writing, un
hoard of, is earnestly implored by all that ho
holds sacred and linmaculato. to brine back
fthat poney I A soainp, who would not havo
respected old ago presented In such an un
questionable shape as in' the time worn form
and Rip-Van Wlnklo vlssngo of that old sol
dier of tbo turf, would rob a spavined terrapin
of bis shell, or carry ofl the roof of an orphan
asylum. Bring back Old (Jrkv, or, may tho
nightmaro be with you on your corn-sbucks,
di'oaao, pestilence and four constables attend
yen in your daily walks, suukes orawl in your
boots, bricks forever inhabit your old bat, bo
chased down into the vale cf tears by a squad
of rattlesnakes, and finally deliver up the ghost
astride a splintered rail, gracefully resting on
tbe shoulders of our grieving local and unfotj
giving senior.
Cincinnati Trotting Park—Brilliant
Trotting Race by Chicago Horse the
Cook, and the Queen of the Turf,
Flora Temple—The Fastest Trotting
Time on Record—Princess Present,
but not in the Contest.
, ThoB. J. Stephens Was fbrlttnate In having
his excellent trotting park inaugurated by a
raco that has provod to bs tho fleetest in the
raoing calendar the world ovor.
Part of tho Job a Ludlow tract once offered
to the city for a pnrk.cn the Carthago road,
end six miles west from Cincinnati, on the
bank of Milloretk, lias been fenced, graded
and furnished In an appropriate style for a first
class race course. The track la la the form of
an egg, level and in good condition. The race
earns off yesterday afternoon. Tho weather
was delightful.
The' enterprising Superintendent of the C.
II. & D. R. It. bad fourteen passenger cars
jammed with people from the oity in tbe 2 40
P. M. train. .There must have been nine
hundred persons ob. tho train.. Tbero wore
perhaps two thousand people besides in at
tendance in various outfits of vehicles. A
number of ladles were visitors.
Tho admission of the throng was attonded
with considerable oxcitoinent; tho pnssenrs
rushed from tho cars, and, near the gate, hid
to Luddlo across an inclliciont plunk br:dgo
two abreBst. Tho prieo paid for tho trip nod
return, by the railroad, wn9 fifty cents. Tho
gate foo for admittance", $1.' The hurrying
over, and all within tho inclosurc, tho scone
was one of exhilarating animation. Tho
timphitheator opposite the judges' stand was
a bank of steps Ti bod with eager, active
minded men, mixious to see the trotting stars
so long heralded und so weleoinoly expected.
Tho lengthened lino of stables around tbo
inside of' tho fence, os at tho fnir-prounds,
was .filled with.. horses. V'ithin-the ring,
drawn up in order orl each sido of tho judges'
stand, for a considerable distance, carriages,
buggica, Ac, wore ' disposod, containing
some ot otir iiret citizens re number oi wuom
wero luiTIes. ' ' . ' .
The hour came tho iorsds Uo. ."Flora
Temple," the little bay mare, is fourtcon years
old, havinj boon fooled in Western New York
in l?A6. She was sold when young for Ipl3fl;
wnB quite popular as a Hvory-Htahlo trotter.
She was the first colt of "Madame Temple,' a
horse of all work, owned in Watcrvllle, N. Y.
more and inoro noted for her fast trotting. Six
yoara ago, "Flora Tcmplo,'' thou not very
noted, trotted on tho Queen City Course, oppo
site this oity, in Kentucky, with "tircon Moun
tain Maid'.' and "Rhode Inland." Her fame
has spread since tlittt to all lands. She lni
mado thirty raoe during this nnd rast yor;
sixteen of them this year. At the Long Island
Course, in June lust, her brag; timo wns 2:22.
The interest of thoso in attonunreo yesterday,
was intense to seo the suceetsful queen of the
trotting turf. The noted California main,
"Princess," wns card of interest, nnd,
although indisposed, appeared in harness on
tho truck, and for a short distance trotted
around the course to ntlsfy tlie c.tpcnt.int
people. The ditl'oranco In the ofToet of travel
ing to the two mares is this, that "Flora" will
enter a car, coil down on hor scanty' hed of
straw, like u, cat, nod travol without cuujplr.lht,
tut. "l4riiio,' a little aristocratic, frots'r.nd
suffers often from exposure In trawling.
Mentor's brass band plnyail their merry
musio while the horses were preparing for
Tho jtidpres were, I);ivld Oibsnn,' George
Crenin nnd llonry Nyei Mr. MoMohon,
driver of "Flora," nppenri-il befnrn Ihohtntul
in tho jaunty little snlkv, cost off, but not in
joiky dr('iH- Mr. Eoff nppoarcd in blnek
coat, driving "Ike Cook," boloogimr tri Mr.
Gravos, of Chicago, nuil asked permission to
withhold f'Priiicess" from the race an sho
was tinwoil, wbi"h wns allowed.
"Iko Cook," driven by Eoff, nnd "Flora
Temple," by McMahnn, sterled the Intlor
haviug tho insido track the Chicago horso
perhnps a length u head; tho Now York ninro
coining upuu the first quarter inailo in
thirty-eight seconds in gallant style, lend
ing 8. length or two n head, and continuing
without much variation to the flatting place.
Tho horse occasionally breaking. "Flora"
won the 8rl heat in 2:27:,'. During a reeees
of twenty-flvo minute, Mr. Eoll" drovo
"rrineess" over tbo track, making a quarter
in lorty-uvo seconds.
Tho second heal wns one of exceeding'in
tereat "Flora" coming up to, passing nnd
beating tho horse again making tho heat in
On coming up to the stand the fleeting
coursers seemed to ho determined to outdo nil
other efforts, and betting was made freely tlmt
tho time would be below 2:25. The excite
ment wns intense when the gallant "Flora"
onmo dashing down tho lost quarter, two
lengths ahead of her . couipotltor, amid-t a
whirlwind of applatife.
"Iko Cook" did well." "Flora" surpassed
borsolf, and hor brilliant victory will send hor
fame to tho most distant hinds, as having made
the fi'steet trotting time on record. Iho en
tertainment was one long to ba romomborcd,
and Mr. Stephens and his course will be hon
ored in the connection of this gallant feat of
"Flora Templo.'l
An interesting raco season is to sot in on
this course on the 18th inst. Various purses
up to ijouu win be ottered, mere are nu
merous second-grade trotters who will no
doubt enter, which will make the race-week
one of interest. Wo have lioreabouta horses
"Joe Demmick," "Ben. Higdon," "Moll.
Brooks," "Woful," "Bob Lotoher," of Rbh
mond, Ind.; "Jim Hockey," "Grit," and nu
merous others,
"Flora Temple," W. McMahon, 1,1,1.
"Ike Cook," J. Eoff, 2,2,2.
"Flora Temple's" time-2:27K,2:27, 2:21M.
jKsfi" Judge Sweeney continuos to keep tho
Waluut-ttreet IIoufo In the front rank of
Ouoen City hotels. Looking in thero venter
day we found things as bright as day, and the
house overflowing with visitors. Tho Judgo
and I ick J elTroy make a strong team.
tfST B. K. Alley, JSlo. 41 Broadway, oppo
posite the Broadway Hotel, is still supplying
the public with his genteel hats at reasonable
nrioes. Mr. A. has been in the business
long time, and produces hats and caps which,
for appearanoe and quality cannot be excelled.
sjfTho Winchester CAroitt'ce, published at
Winobester, Ky., oilers, a fine medium for com
municating; with the residents of the "Itlue
Grass Begion" of Kentucky, goo advertise
ment. , . - -
Wood's Tiiratkr. This thepjiisn tomplo
tvns crowdoil to overllowlng last evening, upon tlie
orcasieu of Mr. Jaiuin Andmsou's lienetlt.- Tlie
pieces eeloofi'd wero Damoji am I'l rntAH nnd
Tamino tiirHhbkw. As "Damon," we bollevn Mr
A. stands uneiialed, or, In 1 lie lnnitiiii;e of the
lliithamllo crllloiins, 1 ''lowers litad and shoulders
above all competitors." '
Jlr. Harry Lancdnn's "Pythias' was a tine piece
of noting, as wns Mrs. Ellstor's "Calontlm." At the
close of tho play, loud cries wero mmle for Mr. A.,
who, appearing before Iho curtain, delivered a very
ueiit nuil spicy "speech," lis the h'hots term it.
TAMiwa ine Himr.w v.-is leinlere'l in gnnd style,
nnd, wo must sny, that Sirs. KlUler, its "('.ithertoe,"
fuirly uii.iii'il herself, and one Ireiiueiill) eu
chored hy the lurKe iiiidienoo present.
'ro-niirtit t'cinK tho last itipuiretii-e of Mr. A , will
he presented Itn iiAim 111. with Mr. AiiiIitsihi us
"Ulclianl" and L.-ingdoii im "lllchmond." The
Widow's Vutim will close the performance. Sono
rilu Mn ria will iinar In a clniriniii.it ilaiiin.
Tlii isag iod bill, nnd will draw another crowded
houae a a parting testimonial to Sir. Anderson's
Botts'h Panorama. This ji'oture of the
Iiow Trslament and Land of Palestine, continues to
ttract largo audiences, do aud see it,
Dfcidkii bv Jena Spknckb. W. C.
Bini'li ts. .1. ,1. Homo and James airliner, Anat
l&Ailuueiir inod on application of jilnirititfs, on tho
ftlh ot&t'pti-niUr.airHiiiiit tbedrhudADM. Ilieiirouud
uoinu an atlKKcd iutcutii.n on Ihopirtuf tho Utter
tb ill-n.se of propurry, wliti a vlw to itufraud their
cioiiitor,;inrluilni;ih(i plaintiir;aod,hv war ofahow
Iiik tho exmluiioe of such iuteiitioii. it was averred
that about Ilia tinm when the Hprtr filed on matured
tho; maila a proposition to plaiutlff to trrisfcr to
him a pnuiiiMuiry uutv, executed .br Ilonrr IMhflt.
f)i- l,Hi, in pavmi'ii t of I lieir claim, which amounted
tn Ihi aiirplustnlie paid defendant by plain-
till; ih.it plaintiil accepted ibta propoaitluu, but that
tin' parlies aiilwiucutlv refused to carry it out,ttlng
that tln yciiiild not now control the Uobolt paper. The
pliiiutitriiverntli.it in point offset theflofendautahad
either used the said notes or wore about Using them
In the purehateof lanrialn AuglaiseiiouDty, which
was a pretext to avoid his claims, aud tbat these cir
cnmstnnro4 wero iilllclent to show they were shift
inil tlielr property backward and forward, beyond
tlie reach and control of tlieniteWeaor eroditors.
The defundauts contradict tbis atlidiivit in all par.
Hollar; ami stato that tho plaintilf in the first
Instnuco refused to discount the Dehalt note, unleas
ho could ffot seuie three tier cent, a'month, and re
fnsod. In short, to birounythlnj to do with it until,
in the lneun time, defemlnnts had a proposition to
tuke, tn payment from Dobolt. lands in Angialze
County. Utliur atfldurvits werealao presented.
Jiidijo Bpencer It iff evident to my mind that the
phi i 1 1 It's original affidavit oxhlbits slight grounds
fiirultnciimentiit thootitsflt; though, In the abeence
of any explanation whatever it miaht nirnlah
iiroiinils for tho issuing of tlie writ. Throwing out
of view tlie statement of defendant, which contra
dicts the alloK-iUiin of Ilia plaintiff, we find from the
other evidence before tho Court, that a negotiation
fiirtho piirchimo of lands was pending aud that it
whs nuthing nioro than nn iirrtiUKement by which
Debolt, who owed the amount of this note, expected
to pny It off. A debtor in falling circumstances
having tho note of another party, over due and diffi
cult tooolloct, cuu not priiper'y be charged with a
wiong disposition of his property, it he chooses to
take laud In piiyineiit. 'J hero U no evidence of bad
I'niih in tho transaction throughout. Tbe attach
ment Will bo dismissed as to Home, hut retained as to
tlio other defendant, on the ground of his being a
akisinc) is THR I'l'Rcuis is or KitAL JChtatk. In the
ciise of 31 hi y 1'. Kwing, at tho suit of Fuy and oth
ers, an order of sale wns madoiitst spring, nnd a por
tinn of tho premises dencritied in ttie petition was
"ld by tho Master t'ominisaioiier to John Hill, Jr.
The Kale vn coutiriotidat tho alay term, and in pur
suance id the ordnr of confirmation a deod wae made
to ttio piirotuiier, vho ibereou paid one-third cash,
and executed his two notes, secured by mortgage,
fur the rosidno. Those uo'os were transferred uuder
an order of tho 0. urt to some of the creditors In the
action, and the cash hsil been distributed. 1 1 ill, ttio
purchaser, allege now that there was a misdescrip
tion as to tliu number of feet in the lot, or less by
iioari)'Oiin naii inun its actual conwnia. ana ne asm
Irnvetonlo a petition In the dnse tbedhebe made
n party and bo p. rmittedtu litigate this purchase.
It is averred that a survey lias been made, and a
large portion of the lot found to be appropriated for
liiitiliouseasaulreet, and be asks oil her to have the
salu rescinded, or a pro rata abatement made in the
purchase money.
Ji'ilita Spencer The only question w are con
roiiiHil in oinpuslus of i, whether flill shall be al
lowed to couto into the action in anywise, and set np
tub parries are tin uerore tne uourt; a
iiirge potion oftn.'. Wmo PPortV still Hftdlspcsed
of, and It Is plain ifweeatl SrraMtlle.f at nil In such
a cae it should be hadin tills actlofl, beii B
Is entirely diip'w d of. ami while, toa certain eXte2:;
it is under our control. Tho point Is an interesting
one, find Is discuss :d with considerable ablity In
second Clll Johnson, In referring to the question
as to who aroth" contracting parlies. The rule in
Ibis country Is djtlerctit fioin that which prevails
uuitur like clicmnstsnces In England, where conse.
iiueiioes uro iitft ni".'Hi bv Ilio Sliisters of the Court,
bull uro ordered to bo mado by tho parties In the
action -Ihiisii who control the title. It ts notrnate
I'iitl vi her' tbo ri al titlo is In a caso of this descrip
tion. It the (.'niirt, by summary process, will compel
a purchaser In tuke property, nud comply with uis
innclome, it is the duty of the (Jourt, when they find
Im nl'iiwr.; ffiiille of anv mistake, wliurebr the Dur
i h ver is piaceil ,n n r rong oo4iiion, nnd It is made
upiuinml that ho will be siiostautially ftlinrftd or de
iv.intieil it liutscnnineiled looxecutethe nurcliase in
all rc'poctx, to Interfero and relieve him, either by
setting aside the sale, or otherwise, as the emergency
ol mo esse may reijuire.
biiniiuii la exmniir"! in tins case 10 snow mat u
this sale hail nut been oouiirineil, the Court would
imt order it to bo contiruic.il. ttio only Question ot
Ih'ncnltv that would arise, vies whether having teen
enniirmed mid tlie money pftesed over, tberewuB any
powi.M' In llio Uourt to restorn it. we aro not pre
pared In say tlmt a. remedy cimlil not bo found to re
lieve the purchaser If Ills cn'c could he substantiated
In proof; and tho (Jmirt was disposed to lot tiie pe
till mer In e a party to the action, to contest even
new the validity ot tho sale, or havo eucb order made
in the case hh eijmty rorjuire.
It was inttinutcd. however, by tint Court toa! 'twas
aiU stiori mtmtlior the paityuas iajortd to the ex
tent he claiiiieil, or liad not got ail he could get In
nnv nspn't oi l be oase ii now stood ou affidavit.
iilr. Henderson eunt.e'iiienlly witliurew tbe motion,
being mitisllcd vvitli eMabiifliiiig tho principle.
Iliintinuiinn vs. K. H. Cnssilly, subniittedon demurrer
to plainiiu's petition, fetit ion sets forth that on the
liiib of November, IM, defenilaut convi-yed to plain
till' real e.lulo In Cluciunaii, for SS.IHN), and that in
his dend ofcom .iyaiux', lie entered into a covenant to
the c.T.'i t that tlio tromises wero free onll Incnm-liram-e.!,
exc'-pt a certnin iuorlKni?u particdiariy do
scrilval. The pbiiniiirftvera that at the tune of the
porch.iso, il iu fuel lucuijilred iu tho sum ol SI Jftfer
iaxe.-,ilti'cli hud Iieen levied and nssoisud.and necamo
l imiUIo pu t on the 20(lidayof I'occnibor, It!, and
i iie resiiliiH in June, liM. Ilefeinlont declined to pay
Hie taxes,
Juilao ?pencer Tito only Question that can arise ts
whether in fact the tuxes wore an Incumbrance when
t tic inctiintirstico was made. They are mude payable
on tho 01 h day of December, but are in fuct payable
ur n pri ir period of time, or as soon as they are
br'iugtil on tho duplicate iu the month of Augustor
September. The law now provides that the'ax is
lien on tho prntoi'tv from tho 1st day of June. The
ra-c shown in tlnpolitlon is, that the tnxeswsroin
l':u:t due prior lo November, when the sale was made,
the demurrer would be overruled, and defendant roinured
to auswor.
No. W7 Talt vs. HicliHrdaon and others. Tills
wns ii hill of review nl-ul by William Talt to recover
ii distributive rliuro in his father's estate -the prin
cipal property being the south-west corner of Third
ai d Wuliiut.
Tint ciiso wa areiicit by John Tj. Miner for com
plainniit, nnd by Mr. Itlthanlsou, (J. Fox and J. Kb
icr on tlio other side.
Martin Frankenstein and Mary, hla wife,
wore sent to the City Prison for ten days each,
fur disorderly conduot. It appeared that they
wero both in tho habit of getting drunk and
dit'tirhing tho neighborhood. They oooupied
a room on the Miami Canal, between Vine and
The express train en the Indianapolis and
Cincinnati Knllroadwns thrown from the traott
at noon yestorday, near Freeman-street, by the
breaking of tbe guard rail. Tbe train was
detained about an boar by the aocident.
John Pano'.l and James Mullen, the juvenile
burglars, of whom we spoke yesterday, were
culled in the Police Court yesterday, and their
trials set for Monday next.
Petor Gadsley, a lad about thirteen years
age, was drowned in ltidutera JJasin, on
Miami Canal, day before yesterday. He
riding on a plank, from which be slipped.
An old vagrant named Ja cnes Warner was
sent to the City Prison for piz months
Judge liOwe, yestoruay.
John White, for indeoently exposing
person, was fined $10 and costs of proseoation
by tbe 1'olieo J udge, yesterday.
But twenty-eight cases wera disposed of
the Police Court yeBterday. The prlnoipal
charge being drunkenness.
The new Methodist Church edifice,
Ninth-street, ia rapidly spproaolilng to oom
James Glenn will bo tried lit the Police
Court on Monday on a charge of assault with
intout to kill.
AVorlimcn aro busily engaged oa
foundation walls of the new jau.
City Imvrovimesth. The ' followlnc tier
mils for building havo been granted by
Hoard of City improvements sinoe our
To Smith A Co., addition to building
Fourth-street, between Slain and Walnut.
To Charles Molten, two oottages on the south
side of Fourth-street, between Mill and Stone,
Oeorco Warrington contraotor.
. To Ilebior and force, six three-story brick
buildings on the north-east eorner of Baymiller
and Ultvcr-itrcots. ucorge Warrington eon,
To Samuel Boggs, repairs on the north side
of Columbia, between Ludlow and Lawrence-
To Henry Myers, three-story brick btlldlng
on tno wost side oi uiay-streot, oetween Alli
son and Liberty.
To Johann Mayer, brick dwelling on the
west side of John-street, betweon Everett and
Liberty. Win. Groenger oontraotor.
To Andrew Bippcl, three-story briok dwell
ing on the south sido of Oest-strcet, between
liajmillor nnd Freetnnn.
To Henry Morten, double briok dwelling on
the north side of Front-street, fifty feet west
of Vine-stroet.
Assault ano Battery-. Theedoiia Bonner
was fined $10 and cjsta by J udge Lwe, yes
terday, for committing; an assault and battery
upon Miss Jane Bo Lang. The difficulty ori
ginated about a lover.
.-. j' 1 n c
pff A. A. ,T jitter, 'JJIoi-W, ;,Wtohe and
Jewelry, Hps. JUaiid 2TI Western-row,,
Dsguerreiaa Onllery, sduth-west oor
nor of Sixth and Western-row, over BssnaaforiTi
drug store, i Pictnrei tAksn and pat la Mood eases for
twenty cent. Warranted to please. .:j ,
p9k great rush has been made during the
past week for those nice Hals of IIibbsbt 4 Bao., at
Kos, g and 3.0 West Fifth-street. If you want gen
teolHat go and get one of ffissssT 4 Bio. ' ,
Decidedly the best Photographs we
liaveietn ars those tnide by Dxwzi ACo.,at their
Mammoth Gallery i lft West Ilfth-street. Tbey are
put np in large Oilt lTrames for only i.
flf yon want a good article of Clothing;
Coat, Pants or vest, go to 7riil & McQuias. Mr
ohant Taylors, JM Walnut-stnet. Their Vest Fat'
terns are really beautiful, and are well calculated to
enlist the attention of the moat fastidious. Give
them a call and yen will have satisfaction rendered,
59-$10,000 Kswahd. Madame Ellis's
Cterlne Elxer, Is doing wonder. It nsVver falls to
cure all disease of the Uterus, th Kidneys, the)
Bladderthe Urethra and the Ovaries. . Itonlyoeedt
one trial to cenvdnoe the most keptleal that it is
truly a good medicine, and will do just what is
claimed for It, Bead the advertisement In another
column, anil pay particular attention- to the certifl
osteofoneof the best Druggists in the city, In re
sard to tbo Ellxer. For sale by V. D. QUI. Druggist,
corner Rocs and nth -streets; Edward Scaalaa & do.
Main and Fourth; Belnleln, Druggist, corner Eighth
aui Freeman, ind Druggists, throughout the city:
generally. ALso.at John D.Porks's, corner of Fourth,
and Walnnt. - '. . : i
. Somi
time ago our Fire Company, by invitation, vialted
Dayton. After a short stay among their brother
firemen or Dayton, they returned to Newport highly
ntesaed with their visit, aud acknowledrod the Day
tontani to be right good-hearted fellowa. On Thurs
day last Information was received that the Buckey
ftreimm wnra about to return tl,e visit, and would be
In Newport on Friday, th 14th Inst. A meeting
wns Immediately called and committee appointed to
make tne necessary arrangements tor a proper reoep
lion and hospitable eniortalnment during theiralayi
irAi.iiieiiisfiaArA nrnvnrhtAl for helnff onen hearted
and generous, and the Dayton Firemen will meet
Willi sucnenteriainuieniuuringineir propuiKu oioj,
that will incline them to prolong their visit a day or
two at least. - Formal reception will take place at the
Ferry-landing, alter which tbe companies comDinea.
will march to the Court-houie square, accompanied
by Bl enter's Band, where, the reception speeches will
bemad. It will be a gala day among our oltisena,
nnd know that no efforts will be spared to uak
this a glorious re-unlon. . ,. I
Moni Srawbrs Rodbkd Ona or' tbi
Thieves OacqIIt. yesterday mornliKf the drawer
tuloves, no donbt enconratfed by their huccoss on the
Hay prevlonn, yomnienced their donreciatloiis at an
early hoar. Entering tho grocery W Mr. Ccuglaud,
on Oabbot-street, at about seven o'clock, oo of them
succeeded In robbing the drawer Of t contenl, bo,
Ing about It. Just as he wa maklns off with hi
prize bs WIM discovered by the little girl who at
fended to thgroeery The alarm was raised, but
the thief, who calls himself John Jones, succoedea
in giving tho money Into the hand of one of hi
oonlederutrili lone wn overtakon, but the on
with the money tiiad his aicaye. Joues was oaught
near tbe rolling-mill, on Fronf-sfreMtj y Jailor 8.11
man, and by him Incarcerated. Ma fefuse to idfr.
rulgethe names of his confederates, but says there
are several of them. He Is of Welsh descent, and
about sixteen years ol age. He will not tell his res
i.innra Ttia n'fh'erfl Rf aIo rtiam isive. flnlcersare
on lheirtrak,aDdiomt)HfwiUnadoubt00n
taken. . ... l ' '
Robbbrv. Mr. Hanson, of Cinoinnflli, a
butcher, was robbed night before last on the
road to Alexandria, about six miles from this plac,
by three person disguised as mgrues. At about six
o'clock ho left Metcalfs Tavern, and, having trav
eled about a mile, was met by what be eupposod a
negro, who Inquired the distance to Metcalfe Tavern.
No sooner did the conversation commence, than two
others Srtrnached, and the three beset Mr. H., and
domanded his Burner. Do gave them all be had
threo ten-dollar bills, o the Astilnnd Bank of Ken
tucky, and three gold dollur. 'Ihcy were not satis
fied, nnd starched him, hut found no more, it being
all he had. Tbey then left him. He was on bis road
tn Alexandria to buy some cattle, a laot which the
thieves doubtless knew, and eirppuiiDg he must bare
with him a largo sum, thought to make a hinl. One
of the tens had a spot of blood on the right-hand
part of it. Br. Uausoa is satisfied they were white
men In disguise. . -' ., -t
A Doi'BLg BtuuDga. Mistaiut will ocour,
bat are always annoying, especially to printers. In
our notice of tlio case Of the breach of peace, yeatar
day, we headed it the "Collills" and Kemper affslr,
If ,..,hl t.t ha, luutn HfhA HfoMon. ' AO. WS
also used the same namo once In tho article. This
wo regret exceediiiely, as there aro 4Jollinse hereto
whom, unexplained, It might cause Injustice.
i-.ntv,-r n.i.iairu iiitu mm Kiinrivtua. occurred In
making up the form, in the same article, the last
I - a l,..Inn Jnlnishnil Fmm Vk a Arat "
iltri UtllUH ucinviiemiuui iuv isiov
Maior Caldwell and oomnony arrived here
Tnsinrdftv morninff from their Michigan hunting
tour. They report game plenty, and express them
selves highly gratified with the treatment they re
ceived at ttie llitiua ot me micnujuiiuers, ana report
that they enjoyed themselves highly during their
short sojourn in mat region.
ianrMrfnlnn. aA var H JMlTiAntl And Mmmuiil6s,
tlonn, addroMMl to tbe "Prow KflportwiV' Box 8. will
DO ailvuueu w j
A counterfeiter, who Bays he la from Morgan
fnimtv h'tr. hilt wllO rftfuflfH tfl dlHClORfi DIB naiDfls
Ives vsiatnr.liiv Arrrtfitnd nnar the denot. br Otliceri
McLaughlin and Dickey, lie 1b a d llapidatod looking
snocitiien of humanity, and 1b not sharp enough for
- ...-.!. U- V.m.. Bid I
successtui countorit'imr. ii iiisis swui fio w
counterfeit money about his person, when arrestee
Ue has contiHleratea, ana meomcers aroauor uieui.
A speolal Grand Jury will be sailed for next
Pours Court. Caleb Bloomer, a member
i,f ha miv Pmincll. was vpatfirdav mornina fined
412 WHor an assault ana onitery uponoacoD nana
and J. Bruder. When Oitf Oounoilmen won't re
spect their own laws, how tan they expoct others
diur bnva. whose names ws withhold, were fined
Jsaoeach, for maltreating another boy, after
mauiier tlmt town boys are net to do, when
stranger comes among them. Tbe mothor of
of tlio boys were on hand, to establish the fact that
.....1. .nJiu.f nam thu "riiHlnm' nt Itnnlr T.ink-
strnt. and that their bovs had been served In a sim
ilar manner; one of them further stated that itwas
a species or initiation similar to mat practice!!
the "Sous or fllalta." uur rrosecuting Attorney,
who is one or tnat orner, annearea ureal ly astonisnea,
and not a little razed at this surreptitious disclosures
of tnelr secrets.
FRIDAY, October 7—3 P. M.
The demand for Money continues on
increase. All the bankers agree that the checkings
are very heavy.
The offerings of good short-date No. 1 Paper
unite heavy; the rate lor customer iikvoij per cent,
ilia Uttnr flmirn the rullue rate. The reirular DIs
count-bosses are not doing outside Paper, the rat
on the street Demg l.ymz percent.
Exchange on th East very Arm at M premium
telling rate; at ibis figure the banker sold to their
customers only. Outside partis are compelled
pay premium.
(Sold 40 cents ImylnirXffl'O cents selling rate.
No change In Cncurrent Money.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 7—P. M.
without anorlal chanue: sale 7.800 brls. at 14
4 ao superfine titate; 84 AUtftil Tfl extra State; J4
4 SO snperrln Western: J4 6V4 90. common tn
extra Western; $3 2009 4r Inferior to good shipping
brands extra round-hoop Ohio; closing dull
rather heavy. Canadian steady at !i 50(3)6 Vt
rotnmon to choice extra. Bye Flour: sales at t tu
SI 4S.
Wheat dull, hut without Important change:
L'2,CK0 bushels at SI for vesy choice Chicago spring;
$1 21 for fair whllo Canadian; $1 3511 40 for white
southern. Kye scarce ami notter nt see. Darle
milnl: sales small parcels at WsWOc. Corn scarce
hotter: sales IS.floO bushels at toXtVo. tor mixed
Western. Oats tlrmer: 4l1,o. tor mate; 42i4i
ior western anu V'annuiaa.
Whisk, nctite: aalea 1.000 brls. at 3arS2SKo.
ITnohaniMil far tiiss. nml srin.pf.pnrin..
sales 4,000 brls. at lit (MIS S2 tor msa; $10 S20IIO
for prime. Boef unchanged: sales li brls. at J4 M
4 TJ for country prime; gvan for do. mess; anASM)
for repacked mess, and tldiglll for extra mess,
hams in moderate reiiuest at glOtVIT. Prime mess,
lleef quiet. Cut meats steady At 8o. f"r shoulder
tic. for hams. Bacon quiet and nominal.
hard In fair demand: sales 8,000 brl. at IKiStlltc.
Butler selling at 12l6c. for Ohio; 1731.
Btate. ,
Choose steady at t9Vo.
Cotton closes heary: sales 40 bales: middling
LanlOil MlMXo.
Lead dull: galena (9 7otJ9 73.
Tolwcco moderately aetlre; Kentucky t'dayta.
Maryland 43t7c-
Ktigarflrm. ' '
Hplrits Turpentine heavy. Ilesln dnll.
Rice dull.
The Tea sale this morning waa spirits d, but prices
The nrstsaleof Malaga fruit was e',riti: banch
raisins bought at 82 ltn02 Hit, anl 1 jen 4(v
fcr boxes, and muscatel at (3 704. w
Lemons 3ft3 10.
Steamboat Register.
, HBivAUt.- Clipper, BiJ Bandy: Falrr Onesn.
siaysriue; leiegrapn, L,oulsTllle: Forest Uuaan
trfewK.K1sr;.!,,7' K h " -S3S:
burg; Torest Queen, MadUien, . '
Cincinnati Produce Market.
Cincinnati Produce Market. FRIDAY EVENING, October 7, 1859.
FLOta tHiiI market ha nrntefgnne ioo ehang of
consequence; the demand is moderate, superfine
would aell ai U tO4 0, aoeordlng te trade, but
holders ask higher prices generally: the sales were
SO) brls. at $4 M for superfine and St 7nea tor
extra. The receipt the uul twenty-four boon mt
w mamThe demand ri fair anff tne mirin
steady: sales of M brls. at aSfflMHo. the letisf rate
for wagon. . - .. . ,
FUOVItjlOHa-There was a large business done In
Bacon and balk meats, to-day. at full rates, but Miere
was a general willingness to asll at the prices, and
more could have been bought bad there bean a de
mand; the sales add np too hhd. Bacon at SftlOo.;
420,000 lbs. bulk meat at TO. for shoulder and to. for
sides, and 'An brla. mess Pork at tit B0K14 7. ' i
(litOOBRlKH-The market ts very 'firm, at rail
Jirlces, and in some case a farther advance i aaked
or Molaseea, but none obtained. Bale of sugar at
77c Uolasse very Arm at 400. Oofle steady at
WHti AT There is a continued good demand, and
$rlce are firm: sale of ISO bushel good white at
1 10; 390 do. at SI 10; 00 do. fair red at l; loa d.
prime do $1 A3; MO do. prim white at $1 11M. .
COBN-There is a good demand for old at 800., but
new Is In but moderate demand at oOfoSc.
KTS-A fair dtmaud. and price are steady at
BABIiET Sales MO bushels good fcllat9o.; 100
do. inferior at Mo., and MO do. prime tall at TOe.
Market quiet.
0 ATU-Sale ISO bushels at 400.; 800 do. at I0., and
on do. at 43o. . ...... . -
ORKKN APPlBi-eatsei en, pippin at w
per brl. Price rang from f 1 36 to 2 IS, acoordlm
'EI&K-BalM MO boie prime Western Beeerv
at 8Xe., and 100 do. extra large do. De.
A OO-Larg sale of Furniture, roost en? tt
Philadelphia luake.-On 8ATURDAT MORNING,
October 8, at nine o'clock, will be sold at Motion, at
nnr store, Mo. 18 Bast Fourth-street, the entire
furniture of a family, consisting of rosewood socia
bles; sofa and parlor chairs, covered with hair elotb;
nval marble topoenter table; small marble top table;
fancy seat chairs; Elisabeth obairs; ladles' rocking
chairs', handsome large book case; fanoy coal vase;
piano and stool, to. .".'.
ALSO A pair of very handsome large French plat
mantel mirrors, new tylo frames.
ALSO A four-seated Barouohe, nearly new,
eastern make; one boggy; oil paintings and engrav
ings; oak dining extension table; oek marble too
sideboard; oak arm cane-seat chair; Oalna an
stoneware sets; dinner set; glassware; partner
pitchers; Bohemian decanter and stand; waiters
knive and forks, Ao. .
ALSO Loange and- wardrobe, bedstead, fine
dressing bureaus, do, wash-stands, commode, re
freshment table, toilet-ware, Are sets, blr mat
tresses, cloth basket and hamper, entry ana sloe
lamps, coal and wood stores, laundry stove, carpet
and door mats, Ice chest and refrigerator, kitchen
furniture of all kind. ,
M.B.- Ladles are Invited to attend this sale.
A CO.. In Sales-rooai No, 87 Mala tieet.
Groceries, Tobaoco, Nail. Ao.,at Aoctlon. w will
sell on SATURDAY MOItNING, Ootober 8, a
o'clock, a Bne assortment of Groceriee, to., consist
ing of SO bags Coffee; 78 brls. Molasses; CO brl.
Iteftned Sugar; 4 brls. No. 1. Madder, 178 bx. lb, and
M Ys. Tobaoco; 301) oaddlo H lbs. and 8 do.; 2M keg
Malls; 900 bundles BagPaper. .
ALSO-Washboards, Bucket, Ground Spices, 8. 0.
oda, Hmoklng Tobacco, Bedcorde, Manilla and
HJ5P Rop'.Twlno' jlSSSSu. 4 CO.
now full and complete, and includes th foil
ing goods, la largo Quantities!
Batcher's C. S. Files first .ealltyt .
Ilutcher C. H. Flics, Anehor brandj ' '
Spear & Jackaen'a Saw and Edge Toola
Wosteaholm's Cutlery, la great variety!
Unison, Goodnow Sc. Co'.a Table Catleryl
Axea-lhe celebrated "L. 0. at L. brands
the best and cheapest Axes la snamet
1.000 doEenl ' '
Hnnt' Axes and Edge Tools) 1
Walker' Cbrtlne, Griffin's IIoa Nails,
Armltoge Monse-ttoie- Aaviie, uoe ck
Co.' Saw, Boston Belting Co.'s Gestda,
Auburn Flanes, Narlors Steel, Sust
and a large assortment of AMERICAN, HNGLIBH
ant QKRMaN 8UBL1' BABDWABl, whleb will
l sold to th Trad at greatly redaoed prtees. -
' . ' i.'. . ' . . , ' ''. j ..'-.I'll ,i..
No. 55 Pearl-street, Ciaolnnatl, Ohio.
i loeM-f ..
N w Store
South-east Cor. Fourth and Vine,
PRETTIEST stock of Goods for MBH'i
WIlBsverotfcredlnCinelnnatl. . ,
tb at joe n : ;.
To make ap to Heasar. will be large a d varied.
W. Iiavs a
New Corpe of Cutters.
from New Tork and Philadelphia, whoprotVu to
understand th art of Cutting fstyllsa. Garment to
order. ' '
- jor past favors we return many thanks, and
hope to merit future patronage. Truly,
'..sua """rt.tfl M.r
that they are eelllng lumber at their yard on
Kreeman.street.nextto OlnslnntU, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad, t , , . ., ,
Thu fttif olhar Lnmbt r PMtJn hi th Mtv.
"Quick Sales and Small Pwflto"
Thy submit the fcllewla$ list of price:
Clash. 4 Mo s.
Clear l.mber, all thicknesses, 1 In. meas MMliOM
neei uonmoa, iann j inou rui.,H ?
Hest . 1 Inch Boards la 7 IS Of
Second " all lhicknea......... 1 00
Third " Board " 52
Grab Plank, face measure. ................ M JO
Hemlock Joist, Boantllng and Timber..., 1 JO
fopur ' ' " . U
TlJ. r mrrAm as 00
11 M
14 09
17 M
ar. .,4 t i XS 7S JS OU
First Common Weather Boards,--... J J "
.rhyMfesbnad gg
A further redurtfon of Wp.re.at. will b. mads on
fclll of $500 or mow. " . "V", .,v.
W. h.r. on. of tbe large ten bt -'d't
of LumtwrUtb. Cincinnati market. waksUw. offer
fbr salt at thB0T prices.

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