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I published dally, ( Sunday! excepted,) by
orrioa-ao. H win rovsTH-steis.
TUB PENNY PBKBS Mellvered to subscribers lo
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and sur
rounding eltles and towns, at tb ex
tremely low price of
Single copies 3c. i 1 month too.; 3 monthstl; 1 year $4.
ohm emra AMTwi-iTiiiii.
Jen A. IluliBi Ja....Bole Leeiee end Hangar,
rand production of the great Romantic Spectacle,
The moat effective and Interesting drama, ooniblnlng
Uorgous Scenery and Dramatlo Effects.
THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, October 11, and every
evening until further notice, will be presented the
grand Romantic Drama, in five tableaux, entitled
Ob, A Tinaer roa Gold.
Characters in the Brat and second act j.
Henri de Laacours Mr. Uann.
Carlos............ ..... mm Mr. Lanadou.
Barabfu HHMWHH.H.Ni.Hm..IIr. Kllsler.
Jean Medoo Mr. Lord.
Pierre Pacnme ............... Mr. Home.
Louise de Laacours Mm. Ellsler.
Marie Little Miss Ellaler.
Obaractera In third, fourth and fifth acta.
Marquis del Monte.... Mr. T.angdon.
Horace de Bronnle - .,.Mr. Bead.
Hoorgede Laval ...Mr. Hall.
llarJ.au ...Mr. Kllsler.
Countess de Tberlnge Mrs. Gilbert.
Mad'lle Diana do Therlnge. Miaa Walts.
Ogarlta - M.M.Mre. Kllsler.
To conclude with a laughable farce each evening,
JUT Doors open at 6X; Curtain rlaea at 7f o'clock,
Pbioeh or Admission Dress Circle and Paruuette,
Moenta; Onllery, 29centa.
KMTHo free list.
The following puree will be
given lor ironing riorum, to ,
eome off over the above Course
eouimenclngTUli.auvr, uc-,
loneris, via:
First Dor-Tuesday, October 18.
Purse $2.V) mite beata, best three in five, to har
ness. Free for all trotting horse.
Staoond Day Wcdnesdny, October 10.
Purse Jam mile heala, beat three In five, to liar,
noes. For horees that never trotted for money over a
public race-course.
Tblrd Dny-Thnrsrtny, October 30.
Purse ?2iw1-mlle beate, beat three in five, to har
ness. Cor horaea that never trol ted iu 2:90 iu public
Fourth Day-Friday. October J. i
Pnrse Iwo-two-mlle beate, to harness. Free for
all trotting bones
"flora Temple" and "Princess" are excepted for
these purees.
For the above purses there must three entries and
two to start. Kutrance 10 per cent. For the flmt
race entry must be made on or before Saturday, Oc
tober 1, at 12 o'clock M. For the other purses, the
entries to be made on nr before the day previous to
each race, at 12 o'clock M.
Entries to be made at 71 WestThlrd-street, Clncln
aatl.O. The proprietor flatters himself the Cincinnati
Trotting Park is as fast and good a Course as any la
the Union, and will do all in Ills powerto accommo
date all persons bringiughorses to hie Course. Good,
comfortable stables will be at the servioe of turfmen,
free of charge, aud they are invited to come early
and do their training over the Course, which will be
kept at all times in good condition.
Liberal purses will be given for trotting and pac
ing horses during the season.
oc.ltt T. L. HTEPBKN8. Proprietor.
Captain Mentor's Cornet Band.
Proeienade Concerts, from 7 nntH ( o'olock, in the
Variety entertainment, from f until 11 o'clock, in
the Concert Saloon.
Admission Ten Cents.
At Odd Follows' Hall, Covington,
18X9, on which occasion a Grand Military Ball
will be given by the Company. Flag Presentation at
half-past eight o'clock. Music'by Garrison Band.
JftiTTickets can be obtained of the following gen
tlemen: Cincinnati Captain W. 8. Nock, 99 Fifth
street: Major J. W. Burke, Third-street; James
Murphy, Madison House. Covington Blackburn
A New, Pike-street; Noonan A Bro., Scott-street;
James MoLaughlin, Clinton House. Nawpoai-Goe.
U. Fearona.
UTAH military gentlemen attending; the Pre
sentation, are requested to appear in lull dress uni
form oct7tt
lr INO daily, Rowe, Mahony A Co.'s Olebrated
Plan H.I H .tar. .kU), t .-iif,.- . . J..-....I
low prices by case or doeon. Dealers and Families
wanting a very largo, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quiet, respectable fialoon, where you can have
Oysters Cooked in every style, aud served up in a
clean and superior manner, . Charges leas than at any
otbor place. ocluj JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing House.
ING dally, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements in Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "ana
1 he rest or mankind." with the moat DELICIOUS
UVALVEB Imported to the Queen City. None but
the very best imported. "Great Inducements offered
at this Importing-bouae. -- -
Order slollciteu and promptly filled. Terms cash,
Bole Importer and Proprietor.
Diium IN
COTE ' "
Spiced Oysters.
INO DAILY, by the Adams Express, MALT
BT'B world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters.
Fresh, Bermetlcally-sealed COTE, DPIUBD aid
Pspot, 11 West Fifth-street.
80S Walnut-street,
J. BON the sals of J. E. MAHN A OO.'H. superior
jaw fresh oysters. ' J.TODD,
WhnlMAle and TetAll Affsnt for J R M . w u A fn
Oysters cooked in a superior sty Is at our usual mod
rats charges, t atuv-tr
No. 03 West Fonrth-street, -
assortment of the renowned Philadelphia
Boots and UUves, for fall aud winter wear, Call and
a theia, - 007
VOL 2. NO. 44.
Rates of Domestic Postage.
LKTTKs-For each half ounce, under 3,000 miles,
pre-paid, 3oents: over 3,0110 miles, pro-paid, 10 cents.
All letters must be pre-paid by stamps, or Inclosed in
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Ac, to any part of the United States, not weighing
over Souncea, 1 cent; and 1 cent for each additional
ounse; pre-payment required.
Books, pre-aald, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
5 or ounce, forauy distance In the United States nn
ur 3,0ii0 miles, and 2 cents per ounce over 3,000 miles,
pre-payment required. All fractions over the ounce
to be counted as an addltioual onnee.
NawePAPF.as and Pibiooicals, not exceeding IX
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly in advance,
and circulated in the State where publlshed-dally,
per quarter 32, six times per neck 19V, trl-woekly
vM; aeuii-weokly.ftX; weekly, 3M; semi-monthly, IS,;
monthly, . Newspapura and periodicals when
weighing IH ounces, double the above rates.
8hai,i, Newspapies, published monthly or ofrener,
and pamphlets not containing more than 16 occavo
pages, in packages of a) ounces or over, X cent per
Wfeklt Nbwspapxbs, wilhln the county where
publlsheil. Free.
Suarterly payments. In advance, may be made
ter wfaere published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
IltmiNAFOLlS A 'OlHOINIfATI-9:40 A. M.i t.ii t. M.J
:36r. .
Cincinnati, Hawltoh and Ditton 7:15 a.m. Jl0:47
a. m.; 6:40 p. a.; 10:10 r. a.
Lirri.i Hiami-7:J0 a.h.; 1:30 r. at.; 7:18 r.M.; 10:45
Marietta ahd Cinoinwati-10:20 a. h.; fcu r. v.
Ohio and Mississippi 7:15 a. h.; 2:0Op. m.; 10-1 p.
Oovinoton and Iibxin8TON-10:20 a. .; 7:05 P. .
Departures of Trains.
Indianapolis and Oiiioinnati-6:60 a. m.; 12:00 it.;
6:00 p.m.
Cincinnati, Hamilton! and Datton Indianapolis
and Cleveland, 6:00 a. m.; Sandusky Mail, 6:00 a. m.;
Sandusky, 4:30 p. M.; Accommodation, 6:00 ..
Littlb Miami Oleveland and Pittsbug, 6:00 A. M.;
Cleveland, Pittsburg and Bollalr,8:30A. u. (Jolnru
bus Accommodation, 4:40 p. Cleveland, Pitts
burg and llellalr, 11;30 p. M.
Ohio and Mississippi 8t. Louis, 9:00 A.M.: Louis
ville, 2:00 P. u. St. Louis, 8:30 P. M.
Pittsbcro, Columbus and Cmoinnati (Htenhenvllls
Short Line) East Front-street l)epot-6:li0 A. M.l
8:00a. m.;1I:30p.m.
Oliviland, (Jolubbus and Cincinnati East Front
street-6:00 a.m.; 8,30 a. m.; 1 1:30 p. m.
ClNOINNATI AND MABIITTA 6:16 A. H.i 3:30 P. M. '
Oentbal Onio-From Kast Front-street Depot S:t0
A. sk;ll:SOP.it.
COVINQTON AND Lixm0T0N-;5 A. M.s 3:30 P. M.
An Eastern newspaper baa an engrav
ing representing Paul Morpby as beating th
devil at a game of ohees.
Qot. Helm has been re-eleoted to the
PreBidenoy of the Louisvillo and Nashville
Railroad Company.
9Mr. Comonfort, Ex-President of Mexico,
is in Paris, en route to Switzerland, Germany,
and perhaps Russia.
FThe French Government, by a recent
deoree, has roimposed the sliding soale of duties
upon all importations of grain.
aaJ'The tobacco orop In Kentucky is said
to ue not only unusually large and promising,
but remarkably fine and heavy.
aS-The Rev. Father Chiniauy donies the
report that he has entered the communion of
tne ispisoopal Unuroh.
correspondent of the London Timet
describes a "monster revival meeting," at
Aruuiugh, near Belfast, Ireland, whioh was
attended by 10,000 people.
&f'W. H. Jeandell, vfho was arrested in
Philadelphia last July for running a street
railroad car on Sunday, was discharged on
the 8th inst.
The Lexington, (Kr..) Statement savs
that 1,389 acres of land on the Nicholasville
Turnpike, within seven miles of Lexington,
were recently sola lor m,V40 60, being an
average $128 11 per acre.
0f A convict who was about to be sent to
the House of Correction was told they would
set him to ploking oakum, "Let 'cm try it, by
gosh," said he, "I'll tear their darned oakum
all too pieces."
A Yankee who had seen Powers's
"Greek Slave," and was asked if he was not
in raptures with it, replied, "Well, to tell the
truth, I don't care much about them Btone
E9The Cooperstown (N. Y.) Journal says
the storms which prevailed some two weeks
ago did great damage to the hop crop, and
estimates that the growth of 1859 will fall
short of that of last year at least one-third.
SJ-In Cuba, recently, three persons, sus
pected of being annexationists, have been
condemned to " Presido, " and sentenced to
eight years imprisonment at hard labor by
the courts of the country, and approved by
the Royal Audencia.
aar The Rev. C. II. Spurgoon has written
a letter to his friends in America, in which he
declares that, in his belief, immersion is the
only Christian baptism, and that he believes
that members of all Christian communities
should be admitted to the Communion.
S-The farm so long known as the resi
dence of the Hon. Henry A. Wise, Governor
of Virginia, was sold by that gentleman re
cently to Capt. Finney, forthe sum of $18,000.
The farm contains about four hundred acres
of fertile and productive lond, and lies in Ao
comao County.
asSThe musoura of the late Hugh Miller
has been preserved to the capital of Scotland.
The price ia upward of 1,000 of which
government contribute, 200, the remainder
being made up by contributions from the
friends of science and the admirers of one
of her most gifted sons.
A broaoh of promise of marriage in
California is a serious affair. A bad fellow
named Nicholas Matthewson recently neg
leoted to consummate his oft-ropeated vows to
Elizabeth Hildebrand, and Miss Elizabeth de
mands $20,006 from the naughty Nioholas, aa
a salve for her lacerated heart.
The Baton Rouge (La.) Gated t,
speaking of the office of Superintendent of
Publio Education in that State, says: This is
a very onerous office, requiring the occupant to
sign his name as many as four times during
the year. Now, the salary is $3,000, so that
the luoky Incumbent gels $750 every time he
signs his name.
' - Wendell Phillips, in a recent leoture in
Boston, is reported to have said that "the man
who would strike the head from the statue re
cently ereoted to Webster would do a great ser
vice, and his name would be immortalized."
If Mr. Phillips was as patrlotio as he wishes
to be considered, or as ambitious as he seema,
he would undertake the "servioe" himself.
The Brazilian Government, desirous of erect
ing a llrst-olass theater at Rio de Janeiro, of
fered considerable premiums to the arohiteots
who should send in the best plans. The first
premium of $11,250 was awarded to M. Gustavo
Waohneldt, of Rio de Janeiro, who will erect
the theater; the aecond, of $4,500, to Messrs.
Green A Deville, of London; the third, to Mr.
Samuel Sloan, of Philadelphia.
$&S The Commissioner of Patents has is
sued circular defining the difference between
an engraving which is subjeot of copyright,
and a labia whioh is subject of patent only.
A oopyright costs fifty oents, and gives a mo
nopoly for twenty years, while a patent coats
fifteen dollars, and gives a monopoly but seven
years. The Commissioner decides that when
firoduotion Is issued as a work of art, and is
ntended for sale as luoh, it may be copy
righted ; but that when not produced for sale
as work of art, but evidently for label, it falls
under the patent laws.
Price and Kelly, the Pugilists.
The recent fisticuff raatoh continued but
twenty-seven, instead of forty minutes. As
many of our readers "fancy" such news, we
give a short biography of the contestants:
Edmund Enoch Prioe was born in London,
England, in the year 1832, and is consequently
twonty-seven years old, though he looks much
older. Hight five feet nine and a half Inches,
stands ereot, and has a firm, rather determined
expression of countenance.
His ordinary weight is about two hundred
pounds, though at present, (October, 1859,) it
is about onehundred andflfty-four pounds, and
if necessary it can be reduced to one hundred
and forty-eight.
Mr. Prioe came tp this country in 1854, and
when occasion requires, acts as interpreter for
the Marine Court at Boston particularly in
the oase of French sailors. Having resided
five years in Franoe before coming here, be
acquired and speaks the Frenoh language
fluently. He has always been healthy aad ro
bust, and has led a uniformly temperate life.
Medicine he knows nothing of, never having
had to use it. He has fought several battles,
bat In none were the stakes of the magnitude
of those risked in the encounter with Kelly.
Johnny Moore was his first antagonist; the
battle with him took place in Yorkshire, and
listed one hour and forty minutes, at which
time vlotory was deolded in his favor. His
seeond antagonist was Bill Agen, who was
defeated In twenty-five minutes, July, 1852.
Third, he enoountered Tim Turpin, in Sheffield,
and whipped him in three rounds. The fonrth
contest was Harry Roebuck, at Sheffield, whom
he defeated in a battle of only twelve rounda.
His next engagement was with Luke Forrester,
in Leeds, May 1, 1853. Sixteen rounds were
fought in twenty-eight minutes, Price winning
the stake, 5. He was next engaged in a
"turn up" with a Warrington rough, and de
feated him in six rounds. Also a shoemaker,
at Stone, in Staffordshire, for 1 a side; and at
Wolverhampton he won 3 of the "Stourbridge
Cbloken" in twenty-eight minutes. His last
battle was with Joe Coburn, of New York, for
a parse of $500 a side. This lasted three
hours and twenty-two minutes, one hundred
and sixty-eight rounds being fought, when,
darkness coming on, the fight was declared
In June last he received a forfeit from
George King, who failed to "come up to the
soratob." From this forfeit resulted a chal
lenge from Kelly, which was accepted by
Price's backer, ho not knowing of the match
until three days after it was made. This
match was for $2.000 or $1,000 a side stake,
and for the championship of the middle
weights of America. It is called a eatch
weight match that is, neither are obliged to
reduce themselves to or below a certain weight.
Price and Kelly never met until the day of the
battle, and consequently knew nothing of each
other's peculiarities, mode of attaok. or vul
nerable points. Price trained at Spy Pond, a
healthy and desirable spot, seven or eight
miles from Boston. In his training there has
been the same general regard paid to his diet
and habits that is usually thought requisite for
the full development of muscular power, i ne
only peculiarity was in the introduction of the
Indian club exercise. We had an opportunity
of seeing Mr. Prioe use these instruments
while completing his training, at Burt Scott's,
near Buffalo, and were favorably struck with
their utility; and, judging from the develop
ment of the muaoles of the shoulders shown in
the present oase, they must become a favorite
instrument lor trainers.
James, familiarly known as " Aistra
lian Kelly," was born in Ireland, Deoember
25, 1831. He stands five feet eight and
a-half inohes, and weighs one hundred and
forty-five and a half pounds, in oondition,
(Ootober 5.) He has fought ten battles in
England, and three in Australia-the present
is the first in this country making a total of
fourteen. His trainer ia John Lawrence, who
handled Morrisey; he went into training June
IS, at Coney Island, near New York, where be
could enjoy sea-bathing and good air. He
remained here but a few weeks, and removed
to Lansingburg, locating at the "Abbey;"
here he completed his severe drill. He left for
the battle-ground Ootober 3, and passed through
Buffalo to a location five miles from the ground
selected, where we met him the day before the
mill, looking well and anxious to go in.
The Details of the Broderick and Terry
Duel in California—The Origin of the
It appears that David C. Terry was a candi
date for renomination by the Democratic party
for Supreme Judge, and was not chosen W,
W. Cope having coped with him successfully.
In a speech, however, he remarked of the
Douglas section of the party, in California, that
they belonged, heart and soul, body and
breeches, to Broderlck, whom they were really
ashamed to own as their master. . Who, if he
sailed under any Douglas flags, was that of
Frtderich, not Stephen. When Broderlck read
the speech, he exploded in words about Terry
that gave offense to Perley, a friend of Terry.
Parley challenged; Broderlck refused, as Perley
was an Englishman not his equal in politioal
position, and his party needed his servioes un
til after the election.
Terry having resigned his offloe on the morn
ing after the eleotion, sent a challenge to Brod
erlck. The inquiry waa made for the cause.
Terry said he overlooked the Perley matter,
and complained of B. that in a speech some
time before, he had said Terry ought to have
been hung by the Vigilance Commitiee when
they had hold of him. Whereupon B. ac
knowledged that in the excitement of the hour
snoh an expression he had used, but he enter
tained really no euoh desire, and withdrew the
offensive expression. Making an apology there
for, he asked of Terry to withdraw bis offen
sive expressions, which Terry refused to do,
and the fight had to proceed.
The parties met on the 12th ult., were inter
rupted and arrested by the polioe and taken
before a Justioe, who dismissed them on the
ground that no offense had yet been committed.
(The laws on the gold coast must bear a sin
gular construction.) Early the next morning
an Immense conoourae of people being ob
servers, they met again. Broderick's pistol
went off before time, Terry took deliberate aim
and Broderlck fell, and died on the 16th ult.
Calhoun Benham, formerly of Ohoinnati, wag
second for Terry, and McKibben for Broderlck.
Export Dutt Rsduckd int Brazil. Infor
mation has been received at the Department of
Btaie irom tne uniteu states unsui at 1'or
nambuco, to the efl'eot that the Brazilian Gov
ernment has recently issued a deoree at Rio de
Janeiro, reducing the export tax upon sugar,
cotton and hides, from ten to eight per cent.
The enactment was to have taken effect from
Snly 1, 1859, but the export office at Pernam
buoo had not, up to the 17th August last, the
date of the Consul's dispatch, conformed its
aotion to it, probably from the want of official
information. The ten per cent, was, therefore,
still, paid by shippers at that port under pro
test, nut the Consul is of opinion that, at the
proper time, the extra two per eent. will be
Postal Information. Anewpublication.to
be issued quarterly, has appeared in Boston,
called the Iitojp.ee Director. It gives, as its
name indicates, all possible information about
the payment and transportation of letters to
ell parts of the world, it ia compiled by the
Clerk of the Foreign Deportment in the Boa
ton Postoflice, and, being reliable, will be of
service (o the busiuoes community,
What La Mountain Meant To Do.
The Troy Time$ of Monday, printed before
the newt af La Mountain's safety had been re
ceived, gives the following explanation of his
movements and intentions:
Mr. La Mountain had calculated unon mak
ing an ascension from Watertown on the 15th
of September, and all his arrangements were
perfected with that view. But those who bad
tne matter in charge afterward requested that
the time should be changed to the 22d. Mean
while, when on the cars bound west, Mr. La
Mountain purchased a New York paper, in
whioh he found an article giving an elaborate
description of the mammoth balloon built by
Carlincourt or, aa the paper called him,
Lowe at Hoboken, for tho Atlantic voyage.
With that rapidity of determination which
characterizes him, he at once, although ticketed
some distance further, got off the oars at Rome,
took the next train of oars east, connected with
the Hudson River train at this city, and went
on to New York, without stopping to consult,
or even see a single friend here. Arriving at
Jersey City, he found matters so seoretly con
duoted there that he oould by no device obtain
sight of the monster balloon.
Going baok to New York he traced out the
author of the article, obtained sn introduction
to him nnder an assumed name, representing
himself as a meohanio who bad devoted much
attention to the study of ballooning, and who
was desirous, if he oould persuade himself that
the arrangements had been properly made, to
take a passage with Carlincourt. Mr. La
Mountain learned enough to satisfy him that
the monster balloon was really almost comple
ted, and that its owner would certainly attempt
the passage. He then went to Mr. Oatmas,
who had pledged him $20,000 to build the
"Atlantio" balloon, informed him what he had
learned, and proposed to go right to work if
the funds were furnished, build his balloon In
less than two weeks, and make his trip ahead
of Carlincourt. Mr. Oatman objected, said
there was no use of entering a field already
occupied; and told him that if the big balloon
failed, he would then furnish the funds not
Mr. La Mountain returnod to this oity
greatly excited on the subjeot. It was his
opinion that Mr. Oatrnt n bad abandoned him.
He knew that Mr. Gagor, his former partner,
had been written to on the subjeot, and believed
that he had induoed Oatman to help Corlin
oonrt, for the purpose of ruining him.
The connection of Mr. Gager's name with the
lost enterprise, strengthened this'.impresslon. He
felt that he was about to be deprived of all be
had labored, studied and sacrificed time and
money to accomplish, just when the object was
within bis reach. He came to us and had a
lengf and absorbing conversation on the subject.
CarTinoourt, he said, was advised to leave on
the otn of Ootober. if be started under favor
able oiroumstancea. he was sure to aooomnlish
the voyage. "That," said he, "would be an
end of John La Mountain." Then, reflecting
upon the subjeot a moment, he declared that
ratner man have carlincourt oross the ocean
first, he would make the attempt with his
small balloon. We figured up the capacities of
tne giooe, ana our oonoiusion was, that if in
flated to the full with pure hvdrygen, it would
have an ascenBive power of six hundred pounds
above the weight of two men of ordinary size.
The voyage with this same balloon, from St.
Louis to Lake Ontario, 1,100 miles was accom
plished with lest than one hundred pounds of
dbiibs i.
The conclusion Mr. LaMontain reached
was, that the easterly current would surely
be found four miles above the earth; that it
would carry him at least sixty miles an
hour; that, therefore, the passage could
be accomplished in less than two days; that,
one hundred pounds of ballast would be all
ho should need, leaving five hundred pounds
for contingencies. Stating a time when the
eastern current is less to Tie depended upon
than at other periods, he'said, "Carlincourt
has never studied the matter, and he would
be fool enough to start just at that time."
Finally he said, "Never mind; let them all
desert me. I will fill the balloon with pure
hydrogen in Borne back yard, and go over
before Carlincourt, any way. We will show
them, who is the originator of Atlantic bal
looning." And on bidding us good-bye, he
added, "Don't fear for me; it will be all right
sooner than some people imagine."
Before proceeding to Watertown, Mr. La
Mountain went to Lansingburg, where his
wife was then stopping. He called hor into
their bedroom and said; "Mary, I have been
thining and talking the matter over, and I am
going aoross the ooean with my small balloon.
Carlincourt shan't have the credit for my dis
coveries." His wife laughed, not supposing
him in earnest. After some further conversa
tion he added: "If, after one of my ascensions,
you should'nt hear from me very soon, you
may make up your mind I have landed in
Europe." This was the last said by him on
the subject hereabout. But in Watertown on
the day of his aaoension, conversing with Mr.
Comstook he aaid: "They have seoretly built
a big balloon in New York, to head me off on
the Atlantio voyage, but I am going to show
the people of this country a triok, very soon,
that they don't dream of now."
We have probably given enough to show that
the one engrossing object of M r. La Mountain's
mind was the neoessity for accomplishing his
enterprise in advanoe of all competitors.
Fatal Accident. On Saturday last a negro
boy belonging to Mr. Jeptha Fryor was al
most instantly killed by a charge from a gun
in the hands of a boy belonging to Mr. J,
Smith Kennny, of this county. Mr. Ken
ney, as we learn, had sent his boy to a neigh
bor's for the gun, and, returning with it, he
fell in with the other boy. While this boy
was letting down a pair of bars for the other
to ride through, the horse became restive,
and its rider attempted to dismount with the
gun in his hands when the cock caught,
somehow, in his clothing ami discharged the
gun. The load entered the poor follow's
right breast and be died almost instantly,
ibris (Ky.) Cititm.
A Lucky Westmorrlahu Stkauboatuak.
A Kansas correspondent of the St. Louis Re
publican, in a recent letter, says;
On the 14th inst., Mr. John Steiner, of West
moreland County, Penn., an old steamboat in
stitution, (the same person whom I mentioned
in my last as one of the lacky miners, he hav
ing realised about $5,000 worth of gold in less
than eleven weeks,) departed down the South
Platte in a sort of flat-bottomed scow, for the
purpose of taking soundings, Ac, with a view
df running a light-draught steamboat up to
this point or the lower oroising. Mr. Steiner
is full of confidence in his object to do so.
A Cow Worth IIavwo. Lewis Ailing, of
Twinsburg, Summit County, Ohio, exhibited a
cow at the Union Fair in that township, teven
years old, which gave from the 1st of June to
the 15th, 028 pounds of milk, whioh made
twenty-nine sounds of well worked butter.
She was fed on grass only, and no waa
nsed for cooling the milk. Her weight it
1,330 pounds. Mr. Ailing also states, Septem
ber 7tn. that this Anw then nvs fmm 1itt-
four to thirty-five pounds of milk per day. She
iook mo ursi premium on me peat single nulcn
oow at the Union Fair.
The Auatrians are building fourteen
new vessels friirataa. alonna and .m.hiui.
at Pol a. They mean to be ready to fight for
ana in me Aanaiic, wnen tne inevitable time
shall have oome. Austria never makes peace
vhsn shs la tlnatAn. A vimim fcllAMa ditu.
With ji ft defeat is followed only by Um
Noon Dispatches.
Safety of the Santa Fe Mail.
ST. LOUIS, October 10.
The Santa Fe mail, with dates to the 16th
ult., reached Independence this morning.
Messrs. Otero, Porter, and Crenshaw, who oame
with the mail, confirm the recent attaok on the
mail party. The Indians took all the mules,
provisions and olothing, but did not molest the
mail, which was taken forward by the next
outgoing party.
The incoming party found the dead bodies
of fonr men, supposed to have been Pike's
Peakers, two days subsequent to the attaok
upon the outward bound mail. The detention
of the inooming party waa owing to their wait
ing for an ox train behind, having been ap
prised of the difficulties ahead by a Mexioan.
The combined strength of the two trains
probably prevented another attack.
A company of cavalry had been ordered to
maroh immediately from Fort Riley to ohas
Use the Indians.
Florida Election.
AUGUSTA, GA., October 10.
Returns of the Florida eleotion have been
received, but they are incomplete. Judge
Dupont appears most oertain of election to the
Chief Justiceship.
The popular vote shows a decided opposi
tion to the annexation of West Florida to
Another Prize
NEW YORK, October 10.
Price, the victor of the reoent prize fight, it
to have a fight with Geo. King, of Boston, in
about three months; the struggle is to take
plaoo in Canada. Ueenan is the trainer of
Non-Arrival of the Indian.
FARTHER POINT, October 10—9 A. M.
The steamship Indian, due here with Liver
pool dates to the 28th ult., has not yet been
signalled below.
River News.
PITTSBURG, October 10—M.
River two feet eight inches at the Glass
house and falling. Weather dear and oool;
white frost this morning.
General Protestant Episcopal Cohviktiok.
The telegraph bos furnished us with nearly
every thing of interest yet done by this body,
now in session at Richmond, Va. The fol
lowing, however, we take from the second
day's proceedings:
Dr. Morrison, of Maryland, moved that
the Committee on Canons inquire into the
expediency of modifying canon xiv, of 1832,
by adding another section, as follows:
"After the order of morning prayer, the
litany and eommon service, being separate
offices, may, as in former times, be used sep
arately, at the discretion of the minister; pro
vided, this enactment be not understood as
interfering in any way in an established con
gregation, to use the whole of the prescribed
service during the coarse of the day." Re
ferred, Rev. Dr. Evans, of Maryland, moved that
the third canon, of 1850, be referred to the
Committee on Canons.
Rev. Dr. Quintard, of Tennessee, offered a
resolution repealing the title of Assistant
Bishop, as set forth in the sixth canon, of
ibjz, wnicn was reforred to the Committee
on C&noni.
City Railroads in Philadrlphia. The
Council of Philadelphia, at the commence
ment of the running of the city railroads,
imposed a tax upon each car, and required
that a certain proportion of any extra divided
should be paid into the city treasury. Some
of the railroads have been running over a
year, and there is some fault found because
only one, tho Fifth and Sixth street company,
has paid in the amount of money which
would properly be due the city. Iho Ledger
The Fifth and Sixth company has paid
$1,034 for license and $012 for dividend. The
Second and Third-street, which is probably
doing as large a business as any road in the
oity, has paid only $285. The Tenth and
Eleventh $584. West Philadelphia, the sec
ond oldest road, $440. The total amount re
ceived from all the roads is $4,122, of which
the Fifth and Sixth has paid nearly one-half.
American Horses in Ekoland. Wilke's
Spirit i7i Timet, in an artiole reviewing the
achievement of tho season of Amerioan horses
In England, says;
The great fact of the campaign, however,
the fact which is deepest, broadest, most com
prehensive and conclusive on the poiat, we set
out two years ago to make,is that the"Umpire,"
the American oolt, by an essentially American
sire and dam, stands preeminent above two
hundred and twenty-two of the flower and piok
of the thorough-breds of all the British Isles,
and rates as low as eight to one, in opposition
to that brilliant field, for a race at English dis
tance, at equal weights and age.
St, Lodis Growls at Oor Graphs. A St
Louis paper thus speaks of the Catawba
grapes from Cincinnati:
Our attention was called to these grapes in
our market, by the Secretary of the St. Louis
Vine-Growers' Company. They came in
boxes from the house of Stacey A Co., of
that city, and cost, wholesale, about lourteen
cents per pound, and find ready tale here at
twenty-nve ana imrty cents per pouna.
Tho paper then, very properly, proceeds
to urge the St. Louis people to raise their
own grapes.
The PsoriT or Tdrksys. Edmund Pnrdy,
of Ellisburg, N. Y., gives the following as
the result of raising turkeys:
I purchased and wintered six turkeys, five
of them hens. They commenced laying on
the 29th day of March, and laid two hundred
and twenty-eight eggs, which all hatched:
but tho month of June was cold and wet. and
I lost many: however, I have raised one hun
dred and eighteen young turkeys, most of
tnem grown up." we commena mis result
to the attention of a good many farmers who
may, if they will, go and do likewise.
Accidrnt to thr President. President Bu
chanan, on bis journey to "Wheatland," on
Wednesday, left the cars at Wrightsville to walk
the bridge to Columbia, as is his ouatom. On
the way, says the York (Star, be met several
acquaintances from York County, and tamed
to apeak to them, and, while in the act, his
foot met some obstruction and be fell. He was
stunned by the fall, and was assisted to arise
by bis friends; after a few minutes rest he re
covered sufficiently to eontinue his walk to
Appointment op Postmastrrs. Charles G.
Celly, to be Postmaster at Brecksville. in
Cuyahoga County, vice John M. Curke, re
moved. Benjamin Williams, to be Postmaster at
Radnor. Delaware County,! oiee Charles W.
Sijbee, resigned.
ii i dtfir-i i
Advertisements not exceeding Svs Unas (Agate.
One insertion........ ..I is I One week..... ....!: e
Two welu...... 1 0 1 One moutb.... ..... I K,
Larger advertisement Inserted at the following
rates lor sguare of ten Unas or leas :
One Insertion.......,.! 80 1 Two wssks ........S M
Each addl'nal Ins.. Three weeks.... I
One week... I 75 1 One montb.............. M
Job Printing;
all Its branches, dons with neatness and dlspateb.
80 Pearl-ftreet,
Have aow la store a large aad select stoek af 811
PLI and f AMOT DBT 600D8, waists, fee wtsor.
and varletr. Is unaarpessed, vtat
A large and general stock of Domestic
Woolen and Cotton Creeds.
A splendid line of veryrleb Drers Goods,
In Silks, Delaines, Merluoea, and ether
fabrics of newest styles.
Cloths, Cassimeres aad VsstUigs, la
large assortment.
A complete stoek of White Soots, Em.
broideries aud Linen Seods, ef tar
own Importation.
A very eiteuslve stoek of tTajoy sad
Variety Geods, Shawls, Hosiery,
Gloves, die.
" We shall be fa aatlf receipt ef aU a sw and de
sirable floods during ths season, and dialra te bs
placed Iu competition with anv heme, last or West,
br an sxsmjpatlon of anrepflr. icrjfeOL
Pike's Opera-house,
Greatly Reduced Prices.
65 VestFonrtli-8treet.
Commercial School
Heventh-street, between Walnntand Tine,
clnnati, Ohio, Evening ttlaas commencing MuodHr,
26th Inst. Book-keeping taught as applied toeverr
department of trade. Business and Ornamental Pen.
maflshlp. Call and examine specimens. n saaSlatti
(Sucaesaor to Caldwell Oalther,)
Is Prepared to do all hinds1 of Plumber
Work on Short Notice.
oetbw I. eAITHER, Saierintenrteat,
at last Just what the Ladles have long ueednt
and looked for in vain, the Uterine Elixir.
The Uterine Elixir ia warranted to enre all din
easea of a Uterine Nature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidneys, the ovaries, and the Urethra,
Prolapsus or railing of the Womb, Painful Menetrn
atlon, Uhiorosis, Amenorrhea; in faot, a perfect cure
is guarranteed br ths use of from two to five but ties
of the Elixir, of any disease whatever of ths Uener
atlve and Urlnaiv Organs, of male nr female, ns
matter of how long standing. Price tl per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS calls particular attention to the
following Card of ons of the most prominent Drug
gists of Cincinnati.
"To ths Public and ths Lasibs is Paiiiooia .
We, the undorslgned, are not In the habit of giving
our name to Patent Medicines; butknowing well the
Ladr Physician, and the medicine called the Dieriu
Elixir, we eheerfnlly recommend it to all remains
suffering from Female Diseases of any kind; ii Is
purely vegetable, and In no oass can do lujurr:
say to all try, and our word for it. yon will Una r-lief-
.. r-n- HILL, Druggist,
sep27 "Corner of Fifth and Race-streets."
, LATINO BALSAM cures, without fail, pains
in the Breast. Back, Bide or Limbs; Coughs, Colds.
Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breai hing, Headache, If lat-
ffnrfnin ..ra nni4
fllvea Immediate relief. In anv of ths abovo diseases
t will give relief In twenty niluoies, and a perma
nent cure by the use of too bottles. Only Sn cents
per bottle o cheap that every person can get It.
Either of the above medicines to be had of F. s.
BILL, Druggist, corner of Kaca snd Fliih-streeta:
and KDWARD BOANLAN A CO., Druguleta bl. g!
corner of Main and Found-streets; orot UH1QHAH
4. CO., Manufacturers, No. U East Fourth-street.
Cincinnati, O. sepSTay
Ho. 1ST East Front Street, bet. Pike and Bntlsr-st's.
South -side.
with the most Improved kind of maohlnenr, f
am prepared to furnish, at short notice, all klndaoaT
House and Steamboat, Carpenter and Joiner'a work,
Sash, Blinds, Doors, Frames and Moldings. f all
descriptions. Steamboat Lumber, Weather-board-ng,
Shingles, Siding, Flooring, Are., kept constantly
on hand. Particular attention paid to planing, rip
ping and scroll aawing. Heavy framing lumbar cm
be planed and trued 40 feet long, and 30 Inches wide.
Persona about to build, will find It to their advan
tage to give me a call. WM. JONGS,
au3i-hm Proprietor
Portable Grinding and Bolting
Corn and Feed Mills
Frames, (east solid.) both upper and under run
ners. Srant Mst'hlnea, Flour Patters. Bolting Cloth
Belting, Ac., Portable Engines and Hollars.
W. W. HAMER & CO..
N. E. Cor. Western-row and Columbia-street:
at on application with poatsgs
J..'L'. 'he moat delicate article In use for
Puddings, Blano Mange, Cnatard, Ao, It Is eooi
pvmA .,u. Y,ry fl,n",t Dr" of Indian Corn. A
.man iwt iu avure suu tur aaie Dy
Corner Nluth and Vlue.
L A OO.'B Celebrated Trench Mustard-wr.
ranted a pure Imported article, and for sale br
0C4 Carner ninth and Vlue.
TICLE or Baltimore Golden Byrup: also, Bugar
house and Ms Orleans Mulaasoa.for sals hy
J. FEHOCBON, Grocer,
ec Comer Ninth snd Vine.
has Just received, from Boston, an entire new
assortment of Coal Oil Lamps and Improved Uurusra,
preveutlug the smoke, so mush of sn snuoyaucs (e
consumers. Also, the, best article of limn Inn OA
ver ollsrsd In this market, frss from sniokeor smelt.
Mo. I College Uuililiug,
sapM-am Wslasj-st,, bet, fvartb p4 fflw.

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