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xm rsiriax rnADo u uonvinu iv iuukhdhi id
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and sur
rounding eitlos and towm, at the ex
tremely low price of
. FBicMor iuimso:
.'" Single copies 3c. 1 month 40c.;3monthsSl;lrcar4.
. - I published dally, ( Sundays noeM) If
OIIIOI-K. Wl f OVIf SITlllf,
' ,,,,, J v ,t
Joss A. Bllslsb, Ja....,...JBol lessee and Manager.
Grand production of the great Romantio Spectacle,
The modi effective ud Interesting drama, combining
Gorg.ona Scenery and Dramatic Effects.
THIS (Wodnesdey) KVEHIHO. Oet. 12, and every
evening until further notice, will be presented tlio
grani) Bomautio Drama, in fire tableaux, entitled
. " . ' Ob, A Thirst roa Gold.
Characters In tho first and second acts.
Henri do Lasconrs - Mr. Ilnnn,
, (;i io... tax see a s Mr. Lanndim.
Ilerabas M .... .. Mr, Kllslsr.
Jmi Modoc Mr. Lord.
Pierre I'acome - Mr. Rome.
. liouisede Lasconrs ....... Mm. K 1 1.1 or.
Murio Little Miss Ellsler.
Cbaracterslnthlrd, fourth and fifth acta.
! Miiniuli del Moute...... Mr. I,ndon,'
Horace do Brounie ..... u Mr. Road,
(.'(MirK.de Laval ...Mr. Hall.
Haranas "Mr. Kllslor.
Counter le Thertoge Mm. Gilbert.
Mad'He Diana do Tberioge Miss Waite.
Ogarita ........Mrs. Kllslor.
. To conclude with a laughable farce each evening.
; SWDoors open at tHi Curtain rises at 1H o'clock.
I'Binisa or Admission Dreea Circle and Pamiwtte,
Msents; Gallery, ascents. .
KTNo free Met.
' National Hall, Vlae-atrees, above Fifth.
Leader of Orshestra,.
,.0. H. Holcemb.
CLASSES Thursday, from 2 to I P. M., for Ladles.
Saturday, f to 11 A. M., and 2 to J P. II., for Misses
and Hunters.
WaltilngOlaas.for Ladles and Gentlemen, Friday
Jentl.m.n-Wsdnesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Quarter of twelve weeks, beginners, (6.
Terraof twenly-four weeks, beginners, 110. -Term
of twenty-four weeke, advanced pupils, A
Lsssows roa 0Ti,mi.-In order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whose businsss or social
engagements often Interfere with their punctual attendance,
our arrangement ia, that tickets are purchased,
one of which is delivered at each lemon, and
can be used during the wholoseason of aevon months.
The following purses will be
given for Trotting Horsss, to ,
corueuii overinniinuYe vuurn,
commencing TUKbDAY! Oc
tones is, viz;
Flrat DnyTncsdny, Oetol-r IN.
Purae JlMO-mlle hcata, beat tliiee in Ave, to bar
nea. Free for all trotting boraes.
Mecond Day Wednesday, October H(.
Purse $20(l-milo heal, beat tliree In live, to bur
liens. For horse that lever trotted for money ever a
puklio race-coarse.
Tblrd Dny-Thtirsday, October 30.
Purse SMO mile heats, beet three In five, to har
ness. For horses that never trotted In 11:50 in pablic.
Fourth Driy-Frlday, October 21.
Purse JlOO-two-nille heats, to harness, 1'reo for
all trotting lioraea.
"Flora Toinplc"aud "Princess" are excepted for
these pnraes.
For the above purses there mnat three entries and
two to start. Entrance in per cent. For the first
race entry must be made on or before Saturday, Oc
tober IS, at 12 o'clock M. For the other purses, the
entries to be made on or before the day previous to
each race, at 12 o'clock M.
Kntriea to be made at 71 West Third-street, Cincin
nati, 0.
Tho proprietor flatters himself the Cincinnati
Trotting Park ia as fast and good a Course as any in
tne Union, aud niil Uuan in hi power to accommodate
all persons bringing horses to hi Course. Good,
comfortable stables will be at the eer vice of turfmen,
free of charge, and they are Invited to come early
and do their training over the Course, which will be
kept at all times in good condition.
Liberal purses will be given for trotting and pac
ing hiiraesduring the season.
oc3tt T, L. STEPHENS. Proprietor.
At Odd Follow' Ball, Covington,
JL 1H.19, oq which occasion a Grand Military Ball
will lie given by the Company. Flag Presentation at
half-past eight o'clock. Alusiclby Garrison Band.
sjajTMckcts can bo obtained of the following gen
tlemen: Cincinnati Captain W. 8. Nock, 99 Fifth
street: Major J. W. Burke, Third-street: James
Murphy, Madison House, Covinoton Blackburn
A Mew, Pike-street; Noonnn A Bro., Hcott-strnet;
.1 anion McLaughlin, Clinton House. Niwpobt Goe.
It. Fettrous.
sMTAIl military gentlemen attending tlio Pre
sentation, are requested touppearin full drees uni
form. octTt t
Sdincing ACMM
air AT--
, A.W ING daily, Rowe, Mnhony A Co.' Olebrated
Planted Cyatera.whlch I am colling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dealors and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
tlielr orders. Attached to this establlebment is
nico, iuiot, respectable Bnloon, where you can havo
Oyelers Cooked in every style, and served up in
clean ami superior manner. Charges leas than at any
other placo. oclUj JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing House.
1NG dally, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Hating completed arrangements in Baltimore, en
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
the rest of mankind," with the most DELICIOUS
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None but
the very beet Imported. Great inducements offered
at this Importing-houae.
Order slolicitui and promptly filled. Terms cash.
wp.lot Bole Importer and Proprietor.
0 J rniian.iAn
Ww sn sr a wr
(m) Spiced Oysters.
INO DAILY, by the Adams Express, MALT
1IY'8 world-ranownod Baltimore
Iresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters.
Sli.Herm"e,!7-' COTI, SPICKD and
Depot, 11 West Fifth-street.
' AT
933 Walnut-street,
I0N the sale of J. B. MANN A CO.'H, snperlor
:iw fresh oysters. J.TODD,
Wholesale and retail Agent for J. B. Mark AOs.
Oysters cooked in a superior style at our nsnal mod
rate charges. auan-tf
No. S3 Weat Fourth-atreet,
KM. assortment of the renowned Philadelphia
Boots and (Shoes, for tail an winter wear. Cat i ana
eo them. ; 007
i All l
VOL. 2. NO. 45.
Hilt III X - II IN - u m , III fill
Rates of Domestic Postage.
Vnf a art, h-ir ,n-M . ftfiA
pre-palu, 3 oents: over 3,UN miles, pre-paid, 10 cents.
All letters mint be pre-ptid by stamps, or inclosed ia
stamped envelopes, or tliey will not be forwarded. "
Tbansieht NawsPAriiis, Pshiodiciais, Ciaotiijias,
c, to any part of the United States, not weighing
over3ouuces, 1 cent; aud I cent for each additional
onnee; pre-payment required.
ouuas, pre-saiu, net weigning over 4 pounds, 1 cent
Mr ounce, for any distance iu the United Urates un
ler s,0ui miles, and 1 cents per ounce over 3,nM miles,
)re-pnymeut required. All fractious over tho ouuco
;o Iw counted as an additional ounce.
Nbwbpai'EBS and Prbiodicals. not exooodina K
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly In advance,
auu circutaieu in toe niaie wnero ptiousueu tinny,
l)er oilartor ZM. ill tlmoa neraeek trl.wenkfr
V-i; snii-weokly.OH; week y,3'4 semi-monthly, IS,
monthly, i. Mowspapore and periodicals when
weighing Hi ounces, double the above rates.
Small Newspapkbs, published monthly or oftener,
and pamphlets not containing more than ID ooiavo
pages, in packages of ounces or over, X cent per
on nee. ? -
Wkekit NrwsPirtu, within tho county where
published. Free.
Quarterly payments, in advance, may bo made
cither wh.ro published or received,
Arrivals of Trains.
Indianapolis 3k Oincismati-MO a. .! I:S3 r. .)
:3r p. m.
OlMOINNATI, llAMIl.TOS AND DiTTOK 7:15 A. M. 10:47
a. .,:(() p.m.; 10: 10 P. at,
Lim.i MiAi-7:3(i a.m.; 1:30 P.M.; 7:18 Mt.ilO:
p. a.
OhioandMisnis8ippi-7:19a. .;1!:00p. m.; I0'1 r.M
OovuitiToa urn LmSQro-10:aOA. .; 7:0ftr, a.
Departures of Trains.
6:00 p. a.
Cincinnati. Hamilton aho Dattom Indianapolis
and Cleveland, 6:00 A. at.; Sandusky Mail, 8:00 A. a.;
Bandnsky,4:30 r. a.S Accommodation, 6:00 p. a,
IilTTLS JdlAMr Cleveland and Plttsbug,6:00 A. W.J
Cleveland, Pittsbiirg and Ilellair,8:.A. a.; Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:40 p, a.; Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Bellair, 110 p. a.
Ohio ano Mishissippi-HI. Louis, 0:00 A. a.; Loo Is
ville, 2:00 p. a.; St. Louis, 8:30 p. a.
FirrssuRU, Uoluhbus ass Cincinnati fSteiibenvllle
Short Lino) Kast Frost-street Depot 6:00 A. a.;
800 a. a 1130 p a.
Clsvsi.and.Uolumbi'S and CmoniNATi East Front
street fi:00 a.m. ;8,30 A. a. ; 1 1:30 p. a.
Cincinnati and WABirrTA-fl.l5A.M.i3:30P. u.
Ckntbal Ohio From Kast F rout-street Depot 8:a)
A. as; U:3 r. a.
CovisaTOM AND LlX1N0TOS-6:25 A. M.i 2:30 P. a,
Omnibus Stands.
East AValnot Hum. From corner Sycamore and
Fifth streets every half hour. ,
Wkbt Walnut Hills (LaneSemlnary.)FromNo.
138 Sycamore atreet every bour.-
Wkktkiin Bow asu Bsiuhton. From Main and
Fourth streets every ten minutes.
West End Linj. From corner Fourth and Main
to Freeman aud Unpkins streets.
Kiveb Koad and Skuabsvili.k. From corner
Broadway and Pearl, and corner Fifth and Sycamore
streets every ten minutes.
Fulton, rsNULKroN, and Colombia. From corner
Broadway and Lower tlarket-every ten minutes. -
Thibd Stueit Line. From Newport Ferry to
Fifth streot Forry.
Mount Auburn. From corner Alain and Fourth
streets-every hour.
Vims Stbeet Hill aho Glutton. From corner
Main and Fourth streets every half hour.
CuHHiNBviLi.E, From corner Sixth and Main
street every half hour.
Covinoton. From corner Flfthand Walnut streets
every hour.
Post OrricE, Western Bow and Clinton Street,
From corner Fourth and Vine every ten minutes.
Sbabon, Mason, Lbbanon, and Monbbe. Daily, at
2 P. ll.-fnun IM Walnut streot.
Habrihon. Dally, at 8 A. lit., and 2 P. M., (Sab
bath excepted) from 160 Walnut street.
Bbookville Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 8 A.
M. from 169 Wsliint street.
Bataviaano Geoboetown. Daily, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at Hi, P. M. from Broadway and Lower
Venice and New London. Dally, (Sabbath ex
copied, )lt 2 P. M.-froin 169 Walnut street.
SIontuosjbrt. From corner Nluth and Sycamore
treats Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 2X, P. M.
A vonoale. From 171 Walnut street, 8, 10, 11, A. M
2, 4X. 6, P. M.
Church Directory.
Rnptlat. First Baptist Church, North side Court,
betweou Mound and Cutter.
High Street Baptist Church, Bust of City Water
Ninth Street Biiptlst Church, South side Ninth,
between Vineand ltaco.
Freeman Streot Buptiat Church, Freeman, near
foot of Fifth street.
Welsh Baptist Church. North side Harrison.
Baker Stroet Baptist lliure! (colored,) South side
Bnrnet, between Walnut and vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Third, botween Bace and Kim.
Chriatinn. First Christian Church, Longwortb,
between Western ltow and John.
(JoufregntloniilT First Orthodox Congrega
tional Church, North side Seventh, between Western
Bow and John.
Second Orthodox Congregational Church, Kast side
Vine, between KiRhth and ninth.
WelshCongregatlonalChnrch, Wostside Lawronce,
between Third and Fourth.
Diaclplcaof Uhrlt.-Chrlstlan Church, South
west coruer Walnut and EiKhth.
Christian Church ,8ixth,betweenSrait!i and Moand,
Christian Church, between T. P. 13 and 14, Fulton,
Christian Church, (colored,) North Bide Harrison.
Friends. First Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be
tween Western Bow and Juhn.
First Friends (HIcksite,) Fifth, between Wostern
Bow aud John.
JewlahHynagouares.-Holy Congregation, Chll
dren of Israel, South-east corner Sixth aud Broad
way. Holy Congregation, Children of Jeshurun, Lodge,
between Fifth and Sixth.
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Race, be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Polish Congregation of the K. E. Adat, Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearith Israel, corner of Beventh and Walnut.
niotbodiat Bplscoiml. East Cincinnati Dis
trict. Wesley Chapel, North side Fifth, between
Sycamore and Broadway.
Ninth Streot Chapel Is now called Trinity.
Asbnry Chapel, South side Webster, between Main
and Sycamore,
McKendrlo Chapel, (Seventeenth Ward,) Front
West Cincinnati District. Morris Chapel, West
aide rium-slreot. between Front aud Columbia.
Christie Chapel, North side Court, between Moand
and Cutter.
Uarr-streot Chapel, west side of Carr-strect, be
tween Eighth -streot and Hamilton and Dayton
Railroad Depot.
Bapor Chapel, West side Elm, North of Findlay. .
Park Street Chapel, South-west corner Park and
York Street Chapol, South-west cornor Baymiller
and York.
Findlay Chapol, South side Clinton, totween Cutter
and Linn.
Union Chapel, North aido Seventh, between Plum
and Western Bow.
Methodist Protestnnt.-Firs: Methodist Prot
ectant Church. Sixth, betwoen Vine and Bace. -
Second Methodist Protestant Church, Dim, be
tween Fifteenth and Liberty.
(Jeorge Street Church, George, between Cutter and
New Jeiusalein.-Tcmple, Longworth, betwoen
Bace and Bin.
Ppeabyterlain-OLD School. First Presbyterian
Church, Fourth, between Main and Walnnt.
Fourth Presbyterian Uburcb, North side High
street, noar Fulton line.
Fifth Presbyterian Church, South-east corner Bov.
enthand Klni.
Seventh Presbyterian Church, Westside Broadway,
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
BarT and Mound.
Ninth Presbyterian Church, Cutter, betweon Clin
ton snd Betts.
I'reabyterlnn-Nr.w Sobool. Second Presbyte
rian Church, Suuth aide Fourth, brtween Vineand
Bace. .
Third Presbyterian Church, South-west corner
Fnnrth and John.
Klghth Presbyterian Churiu, Boventh, between
Linn aud Baymiller.
Taliernacle Presbyterian Church, oornor John and
Protoatnnt Episeopnl. OUrlsl'sChnrch.North
Bide Fourth, between Bv ciimcre and Broadway.
St. Paul's Church, South aide Fourth, botween
Main and Waluut.
St. John's Cburoh, South-seat corner Plum and
Trinity Chnrch, corner Pendleton and Liberty.
Church of the Adveut,(nobuildlng,) WalnutHills.
Church of the Atonement, corner Blcfamond and
Church of the Redemption, Clinton,between West
em Bow and John.
- KomnnCntholta. St. Augustine, Bank street.
St. Peter's Cathedral, South-west corner Plum and
St. Francis Xavler's, Weat side Sycamore botween
Sixth and Seventh.
St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Mill,
vSt. Michael's Westside of Millcreck
Christ's Chiirch,'iilton. .
Holy Trinity, South side Fifth, between Smith and
Park, ...
St. Mary's, South-wet corner Jackson and Thir
teenth. St. Paul's, South-east corner Spring and Abigail, '
St. John Baptist, corner bremen and Green.
Ht. Joseph, South-east corner Linn and Laurel,
Kt. Philomena, North aid i Pearl, between Pike snd
St. Thomas, Weat aide Bycsmore, between, Firth
and Sixth.
Unitarlna.-Flrst Unitarian Church, South-west
corner Fourth and Race.
Vnlveraallat, First Dnirerfallst Church, East
side Plnm.betwsen Ponrlh and Fifth.
Second Univarssdlst Cburoh, corner Sixth and
i ;, , ' I . 1 ,i t,--;;, t '
[From the New York Sun.]
The Relics of Sir John Franklin
There) will be no more Arctlo expeditions' to
discover the fate of Sir John Pranklln. In tho
telegraphic summary of the Camda'i nows,
published on Saturday, the result of the hut
expedition, aent out by Lady Franklin to search
for tidings of her husband, was briofly an
nounced. In the London papers, sinoe received,
we hare a detailed report from Cant. Mo
Cllntook, who commando! the search, yacht
Fox, of the evidences which he obtained of Sir
John Franklin's death on the 11th of Jane,
1847, and the abandonment of Lis ships, the
Erebnt and Terror, by his surviving associates,
105 in number, on April 22, 1848, in the ioe,
upon tho north-west coast of King William
The overland expedition of Dr. Bae had pre
viously obtained information from the Esqui
maux and rellos of the Franklin expedition,
which direoted Captain MoClintock's search.
The Fox, which left England in the beginning
of 1858, enoountored the usual Obstaeles from
the iee, and it was not until the spring of 1859,
that the expsdition wore enablod to ooinmenoe
the searoh where it was expeoted that tracos of
the lost Franklin expeditionists might be found.
Capt. McClintock says :
"Being unable to penetrate boyond Eollot
Straits, the Fox wintered (1858-'5U) in Brent
ford Bay, and tho searoh inolnding the estu
ary of the Great Fish River, and the discovery
of eight hundred miles of coait line, by whioh
we have united the exploration of tho former
searohing expeditions, to tiie north and west of
oar position, with those of J'.tmos Rosa, Dense,
and Simpson, and Rae to the South has been
performed by sledge journeys this spring, eon
duoted by Lieutenant Ilobson, K. ., Captain
Allen Young and myself.
"Many deeply interesting relies of our lost
countrymen have been nicked up upon tho
western shores of King William Island, and
others obtained from the Esquimaux, by whom
we were informed that (subsequent to their
abandonment) one ship was orushed and sunk
by the ice, and the other foroed on shore,
where she has ever since remained, affording
thorn an almost inexhaustible mine of wealth."
The following are copies of original papers
found by Captain McClintock, on Prince of
Wales Island :
V ' of May, 1847.
"Her Majesty's ships VeJuand Terror win
n the ice in lat. 70 dog. 5 min., Ion. 88
"Having winterod in 1846-7 at Beeoney
Island, in lat. 71 deg. 43 min. 28 seo. N., Ion.
91 deg. UO min. 15 seo. W., after ascending
WellingtonjChannelto lat. 77 deg., and return
ing by the west side of Cornwall!! Island.
"All well. Sir John Franklin, 1
"Commanding the Expedition.
"Whoever finds this papor is requested to
forward it to the Secretary of the Admirality,
London, with a note of the time and place at
whioh it was found, or, if more convenient, to
deliver it for that purpose to tho British Consul
at the nearest port."
Tho papers were written in several lan
guages, but there is an error in the date, as
the ships wintered at Beechy Island In 1845-6,
the first winter after their departure from
Early spring journeys were oommenoed by
Capt. MoClintook, in February , 1859 ; and he
allotted to different parties, led by different of
ficers, the task of making thorough searches of
the ooast. The operations are thus detailed in
the report)
" Our wintering position was at the east en
trance to Bellot Strait, in a snug harbor whioh
I have named Port Kennedy, after my prede
cessor In these waters, the oommsnder of one
of Lady Franklin's former searohing expedi
tions. Although vegetation was tolerably
abundant, and our Esquimaux hunters, Mr.
Petersen, and several sportsmen constantly on
the alert, yet the resources of the country dur
ing eleven months and a half only yielded us
eight xeindeor, two bears, eighteen seals, and
a few water-fowl and ptarmigan. The winter
was unusually oold and stormy. Arrange
ments wero completed during the winter for
carrying out our intonded plan of searoh ; I
felt it to be my duty personally to visit Mar
shal Island, and in so doing proposed to com
plete the circuit of King William Island.
"On 28th February, when near Cape Victoria,
we had tho good fortuno to meet a small party
of nativos, and were subsequently visited by
about forty-five individuals. For four days
we remained in communication with them, ob
taining many relios, and the information that
several years ago a ship was erushod by the
ice of the north shore, off King William Island,
but that all her people landed safely, and went
away to the Great Fish Biver, where they
died. On 2d of April, our long protracted
spring journeys were commenced ; Lieut. Hob
son aooompanied me as far as Cape Victoria.
Before separating we saw two Esquimaux fam
ilies living out upon the ioe in snow-huts :
from them we learned that a second ship bad
been seen off King William Island, and that
she drifted ashore in the fall of the saute year.
From this ship they had obtained a vast deal
oPwood and iron. I now gavo Lieut. Ilobson
directions to searoh for tho wreck, and follow
any traces he might find upon King William
"Aooompanied by my own party and Mr. Pe
tersen, I marched along the east shore of King
William Island, occasionally passing deserted
snow huts, but without meeting nativos till the
8th of May, when, off Cape Morton, we arrived
at a snow village containing about thirty in
habitants.. They gathered about us without
the slightest appearance of fear or shyness,
although none had evor seen living white peo
ple before. They were most willing to com
municate all their knowledge, and barter nil
their goods, but would have stolen everything
had they not boon oloscly watched. Many
more relics of our countrymen were obtained
we could not carry away all we might have
purchased. They pointed to the inlet wo had
crossed the day before, and (old us that one
day's march up it, and from thsnce four days
ovorland, brought them to the wreok. None
of these people had been there sinoe 1857-8, at
which time they said but little remained, their
countrymen having oarried away almost every
thing. "Most of our information was reooived from
an intelligent old woman. She said it was in
the fall of the year that the ship was foroed
ashore Many of the white inon dropped by
tho way as thoy went toward the Great Hirer ;
but this was only known to them in the winter
following, when their bodies were discovered.
Point Ogle, .Montreal Island, and Barrow
Island, were searched without finding any
thing exoept a few soraps of copper and iron,
in an Esquimaux hiding place. . ,
"Reorossing the strait to King William
Island, we continued the examination of its
southern shore without success, until the 10th
of May, when, about ten miles eastward of
Cape Herschel, a bleached skeleton was found,
around whioh lay fragments of European oloth
ing. Upon oarefally removing tho snow, a
small pooket-book was found containing a few
letters ; these, though much decayed, may yet
be deciphered. Judging from the remains of
his dress, this unfortunate yonng man was a
steward or officer's servant, and his position
exactly verified the Esquimaux' assertion that
they dropped as they walked along.
" 0b reaching Cape Henohel next day, he
examined Simpson's Calm, or rather what re
mains of it, which is only four feet high, and
the oentral stones have been removed, as if by
men seeking something within it. My impres
sion at the time, and whioh I still retain, it,
that records were deposited there by the re
treating crews, aid subsequently removed by
the naive. . .
"After parting with mo at Capo Victoria,
on the 28th of April, Lieutenant Ilobson
made for Cape Folixj at a short distanoo west
ward of it he found a vory largo cairn, and
closo to it three small tents, with blankets,
old clothes, and other rolics of a Bhooting or
a magnetic station: but although the cairn
was dug under, and a tronoh dug all around
it, at a distanco of ton feet, no record was
"On 6th May, Lieutenant fiobson pitched
his tont boside a large cairn upon Point Vic
tory. Lying Among some looso stones
which had fallen from tho top of this cairn,
was' found a small tin case containing a
record, the substance of which is briofly as
follows: This cairn was built by the Frank
lin Expedition upon tho assumod sito of
James Boss's pillar, which hadjbeen found.
The Ertbu and Terror spont thoir first winter
at Beechy Island, after having ascondod Wel
lington Channel to lat. 77 deg. N,, and re
turned by the west sido of Cornwallis Island.
On the 12th September, 1846, they were besot
in lat. 70.05 N., and Ion. 98.23 W.
"Sir, J. Franklin diod on the lllh June,
1848. On the 22d April, 1848, the ships woro
abandoned fivo leagues to tho N. N. W. of
Point Victory, and the survivors, a hundred
and five in numbor, landed here under tho
command of Captain Crozier. This paper
was dated 25th April, 1848, and upon the fol
lowing day they intonded to start for tho
Groat Fish River. The total loss by deaths
in the expedition up to this date was nine
oflicors and fifteen men. A vast quantity of
elothlng and stores of all sorts lay strewed
about, as if here every artiole was thrown
away which could possibly bedispensed with;
piokaxes, shovels, boats, cooking utensils,
iron work, rope, blocks, canvas, a dip circle,
a sextant engraved 'Frederic iiornby,'R. N.,
a small medicine chost, oars, &c.
"A few miles southward, across Back Bay, a
second record was stmnd, having boon de
posited by Lieutenant Gobe and M. Dos
Vocux, in May, 1847. It afforded no addi
tional information. Lieutenant Ilobson con
tinued his search until within a few days'
march of Cape Herschel, without finding any
traooof the wreck or of nativos.
"When in lat. 69 dog. 09 N., and long. 89
deg. 27 W., wo came to a largo boat, discov
ored by Lieutenant Ilobson a fow days pre
viously, as his notice informed mo. It ap
pears that this boat had boon intended for
tho ascent of tbe Fish River, but was aban
doned, apparently, upon a return journoy to
the ships, the sledge upon which she was
mountod being pointed in that direction.
She measured twenty-eight foot in length by
seven and a half foot wide, was most care
fully fitted, and made as light as possible,
but tho sledge was of solid oak, and almost
as heavy as the boat.
"A large quantity of clothing was found
within her; also two human skeletons. One
of these lay in the after part of tho boat,
under a pile of clothing; the othor, which
was much more disturbed, probably by ani
mals, was found in the bow. Five pocket
watches, a quantity of silver spoons and
forks, and a fow religious books, wore also
found, but no journals, pockot-books, or even
names upon any article of clothing. Two
double-barreled guns stood upright against
the boat's sido, precisely as thoy had been
placed eleven years before. One barrol in
each was loaded and cocked; there was am
munition in abundanco; also thirty or forty
pounds of chocolate, some tea and tobacco.
Fuel was not wanting; a drift tree lay within
one hundred yards of the boat.
"Many very interesting rolics were brought
away by Lieutenant Hobson, and soma few by
myself. On the fifth June I reached Point
Victory without having found anything fur
ther; The clothing, bo., was again examined
for documents, note-bonks, &c, without suo
oess; a record placed in the oairn, and another
buried ten feet true north of it. Nothing wor
thy of remark ooourredupon my return journey
to the ship, which we reaohel on nineteenth
Jane, five days after Lieutenant Ilobson.
" The shore of King William Island between
its north and west extrsmes, Capes Felix and
Crosier, has uot been visited by Esquimaux
sinoe tbe abandonment of the Erebm and
Terror, as the cairns and articles lying strewed
about, whioh aro, in their eyes, of priceless
value remain untouohed.
" If the wreok still remains visible, it is prob
able she lies upon some of the off-lying islets to
the southward, between Capes Croizer and
"On the twenty-eighth Juno, Captain Young
and his party returned, having completed tneir
portion of the search, by which the insularity
of Prinoo of Wales Land was determined, and
the eoast line intervenlng'bstween the extreme
points reached by Lieutenants Osborne and
Browne discovered ; also between Bellot Strait
and Sir James Ross's furthest in 1819, at Four
River Bay.
" Fearing that his provisions might not last
out the requisite period, Captain Yonng sent
baok four of his men, and for forty days jour
neyed on through fogs and galos, with but one
man and the dogs, building a snow-hut eaoh
night. Bat few men oould stand so long a
oontinuanoe of labor and privation, and its
effect upon Captain Young was painfully evi
dent. Lieutenant Hobson was unable to stand
without assistance upon his return on board.
"JFrom all that can be gleaned from the
reoord paper and the evidence afforded by the
boat, and various artioles of olothing and
equipment discovered, it appears that tho aban
donment of the Erebus and Terror had beon
deliberately arranged, and every effort exorted
during the third winter to render tho travoling
equipments complete. It is much to be appre
hended that disease bad greatly roduoed tho
strength of all on board far more, perhaps,
than they themselves wore aware of. The dis
tanco by sledge routs from the position of tho
ships when abandoned in the boat, is sixty-five
geographical miles, and from the Bhips to Mon
treal Island two hundred and twonty miles.
The most perfeot order seems to have existed
" In order to extend as much as possiblo the
publio utility of this voyago, msgnetioal, me
teorological, andother observations, subservient
to scientific purposes, and for whioh instru
ments were supplied through the liberality of
oi ins noyai oooiety, nave oeen oontinually
and oarefully taken, and every opportunity
has boon embraced by the surgeon, D. Walker,
M. D., of forming complete oollootions in all
the various branob.es of natural history."
Accompanying this report aro complete in
ventories of tbe artioles found, and though the
relios recovered will be preserved with reli
gious eare, the mere enumeration of them pos
sessed no special interest. Thsy consist prin
cipally of such artioles as bolong to a ship's
furniture, or the personal outfilt of Arctlo voy
agers. Knives, forks, spoons, silver-ware
some bearing Sir John Franklin's orest car
penters' tools, artioles of olothing, pocket-compasses,
some watches, pieces of telescopes,
pocket-books, buttons, and the fragments of
artioles of various kinds. There were also
found in one parcel, a small Prayer-book, cover
of a small book of " Family Prayers," "Chris
tian Melodies," an inscription within the cover
to "O. .," "Vloar of Wakefield," a small
Bible, interlined in many places, and with nu
merous references written in the margin, and
a New Testament in the Prenoh Language.
There were also many artioles discovered whioh
were not brought away. Of the wreoks of tbe
two ships, the expedition failed to find any
portions. It would, however, be a most fool
ish enterpiso to prosocuto the searoh furthor.
ail hope that any of Franklin's party survive
is at an end. It is over eleven years sinoe they
abandoned their ships, and they doubtless all
perished within short time after thoabandonV
ment in the vain attempt to escape from tbe
perils which surrounded them. Their noble
commander did not live to see them, reduced to
the last terrible extremity, i
gjr The dome of the court-house in St.
Louis, whioh cost $30,000, has been ondemnod
as insecure and perilous to life. '
pQ The Ohio Penitentiary is boiling over
with inmates, and it is almost Impossible to
provide them all with oomfortabe lodgings.
The number of convicts is 860.
fib-Mr. La Mountain, In his late trip Into
tbe Canadian wilds, ascertained the speed of
air currents to be at the rate of two miles In a
minute, according to his own rate of traveling.
P&"11 appears from the accounts of Messrs.
Phillips, Sampson k Co., that they have ex
pended $75,000 in establishing the Atlantic
Monthly, and that the maximum profits of that
periodical in any one year have beon $4,000.
At the Morrimack County Fair, at
Conoord, this week, there is to be a novelty
n evor witnessed in New England a scrub race,
the slowest horse winning the purse 1 All the
horses go to the Baddle, and no one rides his
own horse, but rides tho horse of some other
p- The Hon. John C. Rives, editor and
publisher of the Congretnonal Globe, was in
Evansville, Ind., on Wednesday. He went in
bis plain and unobtrusive way, and spent the
day in tracing the changes of twenty-five
years, at which period he was a elork in a
bank at Shawneetown, and it was not until he
was about to leave by the ears that he was dis
covered by his old acquaintances.
fi& The spots on the sun are unusually
nuinarona and lapm. ,t,,. .... i, iu. a-n,
time there are eleven groups of spots visiblo,
.nu ui nuicu nave just inaue tneir appearance
on the Western arlirn. A vim .nnf ha.
been recently observed nearly in tbe center,
.umiainua uouirai dibck snot ana a suit
larger penumbra! region. It is said to be un
dergoing daily remarkable changes.
atAnother reverend gentleman, the Rev.
S. K. Sweetman, of Swamey, Mass., is on trial
before a Churoh Counoil for the following
trifling misdemeanors : The publication of ao
unohristian and unolerloal pamphlet; making
false representations to a Bristol ohurch, in
order to hurry it into olosing a bargain ; bor
rowing a shirt and not returning it; sermon
stealing, and advertising for a wife while his
third one was still living.
On Thursday aftomoon a German
named Peter Dass shot a wild oat in the Ninth
Ward, near the outside of the oity limits, that
was nearly as large, and very muoh resembled
a small tiger. Stretohed at full length it
measursd fivo feet, and the actual length of
its body was nearly three feot. Upon seeing
him, Mr. Dass says, it ran up into a tree, wbore
he shot it without difficulty, the ball entering
his left shoulder, in the region of the heart.
Milwaukee Sentinel, 24fft lift.
Somebody speaking of the hurrying
propensities of the Yankees, says: "If a big
mortar could be nnnntninlod aMnti nv,.l.i
throw an immense bomb shell, containing
utiwu passengers, irom OU IiOUIS to iioston in
five minutes, with an absolute certainty that
fourteen would be killed by the explosion,
tiokets for seats by the 'Express Bomb Shell
Line' would at once be at a premium, eaoh
passenger being anxious for the ohance to
prove himself 'the luoky fifteenth.' "
SMohn Petit, a hard-working warehouso
man of New Orleans, was entrusted with
$705 to deposit in a bank. He took a drink
on the way a second, and a third. Whilo
intoxicated ho lost $400 gambling. His wid
owed mother took the remainder, sought his
employers, and obtained their forgiveness for
her son. Ho, meanwhilo, was in prison; but
it Was infomiftrl in ralnoaa t,!n, .
- -v.wwuv. uiiu severe
admonition. Kemorse and shame, however,
ncio mu jmiuu tor mm. xne trenzied man
butted his head against the walls of his cell
with such violence that tha iLnll r
- - w ' n. ,. IM. J1UU-
tured, and he was found dead by the jailer.
"Thk Whipped TininanD Tl, Prri i. .
.. ... A u V Xl.t-
prem says tbat Australian Kelly, the vanquished
puBim. iu iub priio ugnt or inursuay, has not
only to suffer tho aohes and pains of broken
ribs and battered bones, and the mortification
of his utter defeat, but he has also, it appears,
to endure tbe scornful and contemptuous indig
nation of nearly the entire host of his friends
and backers. Ilia conduot in the ring is said
to have dreadfully disappointed and disgusted
those who had pinned their faith and their
purses upon his supposed pluck, skill and mus
cie. But when the soratoh came, his preten
sions were brushed away in an instant by his
antagonist. He was unable to make, even a
decent show of pluok or soienoe. His adver
sary treated him with perfect contempt, and
withasneoron his face, cuffed and handled
him about the ring like a school boy.
Am Awk-btruck Borqlar. Last nicht ahnnt
12 o'clock, a burglar entered ahouse in Henry
street by a renr window, and ransacked tho
lower rooms, after whioh ho prooeoded to the
second-story. In a chamber lay the remains
of a child dressed for the grave, and in an in
ner room was the mother, the door eonnootinn-
the two rooms being sufficiently ajar to enablo
ner to see tne cnnci witnout being seen herself.
The thiof entered the chamber, his hands filled
with booty, and continued his search till he
discovered the dead, whon uttering an audible
sigh, hsquiotly lay down his ill-gotten burden
and retired from the room and the house as
empty-handod as when he entered. The mother
in the midst ol her grief, was too muoh
Brooklyn Star.
A Brutk. A writer in the Atlantio ATonfAy
in discoursing upon tho tktleton fashion of the
day, says:
"A woman in this rig hangs in her skirts
like a dapper in a bell, and I never meet one
without being tempted to take her by the neok
and ring ner."
Speaking of the way womon display their
arms and shoulders, skinny or otherwise, and
oonoeal their foot, anklos and suoh, he makes
tbe following unhoard- of and dangerous revela
tions: "JVoio, a woman ha lejt as well as arms, and
why, if it bo the custom, should not one bs
seen as well as the other?"
A Circus lit a Cbvbou, Tho Washington
States, in notioing tho anticipated arrival in
that eity of Dan Rioe's great show, says :
By tho way, quite a little inoldent in this
connection may bo rolatod. The good people
at a little village between Carlisle and York.
Penn., wore very muoh surprised a couple of
ounaays since, oy tne appoaranoe, in solid
pnoianx, at onurcn, or uan Kloe's snow Com
pany, who happened to be passing the Sabbath
thero. . The event oaused a good deal of com
ment, whether because the inhabitants of the
plaoo were undor the impression that showmen
had no souls to be saved, or because they con
sidered the whole race past saving, wo have
no means of judging.
Judge Jewott, President of tho Stoubenville
Road,while stepping last week upon an engine
on the Cadiz branch, a road runuing from the
Cadis junction to Cadiz, fell and tne engine
passed over his foot, fracturing somo of the
small bones. Ho was taken immediately to
Steubenvillo. The injury, though serious, is
not dangerous.1 .
Advertisements not exceeding five lines (Agate.)
OBlnsertlon...... I One wee ...1' OS
Two weks....... l se One saonth S to
Larger advertisements inserted at the following
rates for square of tan lines or less i
One Insertion. ...4 04 1 Two weeks............$3 SO
Kach addi'nal Ins.. IS 1 Three weeks.-.... 4 00
One week 1 75 1 One month-...-,...... I SO
Job Printing; ' ,
In all Its branches, done with neatness anddlspatea.
80 Pearl-iireet,
Have now In stores large and select stock t BTA.
PLB and f ANUT DBlf U0OD8, which, tor extent
and variety, la unsurpassed, vis:
A large and general stock of Booteatlc
Woolen and Cotton 'oda, , ;
1 i
A splendid line of very rl ""' Dresa od,
. In Silks, Delaines, Merino'?, and other
fabrlci of newest styles. . ,
Cloths, Casrfmerea and Vesting!, In
large assortment,
A complete ateek of White Jeoua, Em
broideries and I4nn code, of onr
own Importation.
A very extensive stock of Kaacy and
Variety Goods, Shawls, Hosiery,
Gloves, eke. . '
Sear We shall be n Sally receipt cf all stw aid de
sirable Goods during the sesion, and di sire to be
placed in competition with any hoass, last ear Weat,
by an exasajnatlon of onr stock. -t egsjijftm
Pike's Opera-house,
OS TBS . .
Gietly Reduced Prices'
05 West ftWrth-strcet.
186 Main-at., Three Honrs above Fourth,
and complete assortment nf lieady-msds
Clothing, gotten up expressly for the Retail Trade,
comprising all the styles of Frock Coats, Business
Ooats, Overcoats; Velvet, Cashmere and Plush Vests:
Black and Fancy rants, all of which are warranted
of the beet material and workmanship.
Also, a general stock of Cloths, of all cplors; tiaa
simeres, Overcoatings. Business OoatlDgs and Test
ings, in every style, which we are prepared to make
to order, in tbe best style.
sW flontlenien's Famishing Goods, ..oclbwf
Commercial School
Seventh-street, between Walnutand Vine, Cin
cinnati, Ohio. Evening tilass commencing Monday,
2titli Inst. Book-keeping taught as applied to every
department of trade. Business and Ornamental Pi'n
mauBhip. Call and exainjne ajecunojn, f enSiqijlt
(Successor to Conwcll A Gaither.)
Is Prepared to dsr nil kinds1 of number
' Work on Short Notiee.
oclbw E. CAITHEB, Superintendent,
at last Just what the Ladles have long needed
and looked fur in vain, the Uterine Elixir.
The Uterine Kllxlr is warranted to cure all dis
eases of a Uterine Mature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra,
Frolapsua or Falling of the Womb, rainful Menstru
ation, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea; in fact, a perfect euro
is guarranteod by the use of Irom two to svo bottles
of the Elixir, of any disease whatever of the Uener
ai i vo and Urinary Organs, of male or female, no
matter of how long standing. Price $1 per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS calls particular attention to the
following Card of one of the most prominent Drug
gists of Cincinnati. "
Wo, the undersigned, are not In the habit of giving
nur name to Patent alwlkineei but knowing well ths
Lady Physician, and the medicine oalled the Pterins
Elixir, we cheerfully recommend It to all females
suffering from Female Diseases of any kind; It ia
purely vegetable, and in no ease can do injury;
say to all try, aud our word for it. you will tind re
lief. , F. I). HILL, Druggist,
aep27 "Corner of Fifth and Hace-attssts."
LATING BALSAM cures, without fall, pains
iu the Breast, Back, Side or Limbs; Coughs, Cnlda,
Hoarseness, Dlfiicnlty of Breathing, Headache, Flat
ulency, Henrtbnrn, Chronie Bhenmatism, Billions
Cholio, Cramp Gholio, driving Fains ol tho Bowuls,
Dullness, Stupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetlts, aurl
in Painful Menstruation it Is a eertaia cms, and
f ives immediate relief. In any of the above diseaaes
t will give relief in twenty minutee, and a parma
nent cure by tho use of teo bottlea. Only So oents
per bottle so cheap that every perron can set it .
Eitherof the above medicines to be baa of f. D.
HILL, Druggist, corner of Bace and Fifth-street;
and EDWABD SCAN LAN A CO., Drugnists N. E.
corner of Main and Fourth-streets; orot BUIOHAM
& CO., Manufacturers, Ho. 24 Kast Fourth-street,
Cincinnati, O. sepg ay
Aim -
No. 167 Kast Front Street, bet. Plks and Batler-st'i,
with the muct Improved kind of machinery, f
km prepared to furnish, at short notice, all kinds t
House snd Steamboat, Carpenter and Joiner's work .
Bash, Blinds, Doers, Frames and Moldings, of all
descriptions. Steamboat Lumber, Weather-board-ng,
Shingles, Hiding, Flooring, Ao., kept constantly
on hand. Particular attention paid to placing,' rip
ping aud scroll sawing. Heavy framing lumber ran
be planed and trued 40 feet long. and Clinches wld.
Persons about to build, will Snd it to their advan
tage to give ma a sail, . WM. JONES,
anw-bm Proprietor
Portable Grinding and Bolting
Corn and Feed Hills
Frames, rout solid,) both upper and under run
ners. smut Machines, Flour Packers. Bolting Cloth
Belting, A., Tor table Engines and Boilers.
W. W. HAMER & CO. ,
N. E. Cor. Westsrn-rosy and Colombia-street:
. sr Circulars sent,, a pplieatioa !wtta postag
.e c; -.Ui . Vi-Km

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