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Ii published daily, ( Bnndays excepted,) by
orrioa-wo. 14 wis romii-iuiiT,
TUB PENNY PBESSli delivered to subscribers In
v. , Oineinnatl, Covington snd Newport, andsur.
. roiDding itlu and towni,t th ex
tremely low price of
' I: , fbicbs or MULma:
Hlngle ooples 2o.; 1 month Mo.; a months $1; 1 year U.
sobnwb sskth xm tini-stbbbs.
" Job A. Xuslsb, Ja.......8oI leasee end HVmager.
rand prodnetlon of the great Romantic Speetacle,
Tbe most effeetlre and Interesting drams, eomblnlng
Uorgeous Scenery and Dramatlo Effacta.
THIS (Thursday) EVENING), Oot. 13, and every
evening nntil farther notice, will be presented tlie
grand Romantic Drams, in five tableaux, entitled
Ob, A Tiiibjt ros Gold.
- Characters in tbe first and second acts.
Henri do Lascours - Mr. Ilfinn.
DarloH...M.....M..M.M.MMM..tMMHi.HM.M....Ur. Langilon.
Barabas ....................................M r. Ellsler.
J nan lledoo Mr. Lord.
Pierre Pacome ,. Mr. Roiue.
Louise do Luacouni. ......... .... Sim. Ellsler.
ilarie........,.M........... ..Llltle llias Ellsler.
Characters In third, fourth and fifth acts.
Marquis del Moute. ............. ............ Mr. Lnngdon.
Horace de Bronuie Mr. Bead.
Ueorge de Laval... Mr. Hall.
Barabas Mr. Ellsler.
Countess de Therlnge Mrs. Ullliert.
Mail'lle Diana de Tberinge ....,. Miss Waits.
Ogurita ..ilra. Ellsler.
To conclude with a laughable fsree each evening.
VDoors open at OH'; Onrtaln rises at 7M o'clock.
i fa u ni n nuiuuinu i irn. mrniaanii ramnniu.
ooeents; Gallery, aocents.
WNo free lilt.
Historical Living Tableaux.
.The Only Exhibition or the Kind In the
rI1HE Proprietor and Manager, woll and fa
JL rorubly known as a delineator of animated Na
ture, trusts he has at length snccesHfully accom
. ptiahed that long sought for dosideratum In a Publlo
Exhibition, of combining
With persevering energy, knowledge of tbosnb eet,
and an eye single to tbe retiued tiutea and interests
of bis countrymen, and sparing no paius, he has got
ten up a series of .
solving c-iuiures vi niuorscaii aainiury,
Formed wltb the aid of the best Artists in the coun
try, among whom are several real Indians, aided by
the most Intricate Machinery, Elaborate Scenery
and Gorgeous Paraphernalia.
At Smith A Nixon's 11 nil, FRIDAY and SATOR-
Prioe of Admission, 2b cents.
Doors open at 6,'o clock; Entertainment to com
, mnnce at V,i o'clock. . , ,
Fur fall particolars, see Programme. oclSo
The following purses will be
given for Trotting Dors, to
come oil over the above Course
sommenciug TUESDAY, Oc-,
toberls, vis:
First Day-Tuesday, October 18,
Pnrse $250 mile heats, best three in five, to har
ness, . free for all trotting horses. .
fjtoeonit Day Wedueadny, October 19.
Pnrse $200 mile beats, best throe In live, to har
ness. For horses that never trotted for money over a
public raoe-eourse.
Third Dny-Tluirsrtay, October 30.
Pars 0200 mile bests, best three In Ave, to har
ness. For horses that never trotted in 2:50 in public.
Fourth Dny-Pr!riay,Ontober 41.
' Pnrse $.109 two-mile heats, to harness, free for
all trotting horses.
"Flora Temple" and "Prinstss" are excepted for
these purses.
for the above pnrsss there must three entries nnd
two to start. Entrance 10 per cent. Fir the first
race entry mast be made on or before Saturday, Oc
tober 1, nt 12 o'clock M. For the other purses, the
entries to be nmJe on or before the day previous to
each race, at 12 o clock M.
Entries to be made at 71 WestThird-street, Cincin
nati, O.
The proprietor flatters himself the Cincinnati
Trotting Park is as fast and good a Course as any in
the Union, and will do all in his power to accommo
date nil persons bringing horses to bis Course. Good,
comfortable stables will bo at thoservice of tiirfmun,
free of charge, and they are invited to oomo early
and do their training over the Course, which will bo
kept at all times in good condition.
Liberal purses will be given for trotting and pao
tug horaos during the season.
oc3tt T. L. STEPHENS. Proprietor.
At Odd Fellows' Hall, Covington,
M. 185, on which occnaion a (Irani Military Ball
will be given by tbe Company. King Presentation at
half-past eight o'clock. Aluslc'.by Garrison Band.
OTTTlckets can be obtained of the following gun
tlemen: Cincinnati Captain W. 8. Nook, W Fifth
street; Major J. W. Burke, Third-street: James
Murphy, Madison Hnuso. Covington Blackburn
New, Pike-street; Noonan A Jlro., Scott-street;
James McLaughlin, Clinton House. NjiWi'OET Uoe.
H. Fearons.
. SWAII military gentlemen attending the Pre
sentation, are requested to appear in lull dress uni
form oct7tt
INO dally, Rowo, Mahony tc Co.'s Olebrated
Planted Oj iters, which I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by cose or dozen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please eoud
their ordors. Attached to this catsblisnnient is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where yon can havo
Oysrers Cooked in every style, and served up lu a
clea land superior manner. Charges less than at any
other place. ociuj JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing House.
M. INO daily, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Baring completed arraugema-'s is Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I v' at all tluios during
the season be prepared to fiirnWH my friends, ''and
the rest or mankind," with the most DELICtOUS
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None bnt
the very best imported. Qreat induoements offered
attbislmpnrtlng-honse. ,
Order sloliclted and promptly filled. Terms cash.
sepjfrr Bole Importer and Proprietor.
Spiced Ovsters.
INO DAILY, by the Adams Eipreiis, MALT
BY 8 world-renowned Baltimore , t I
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters,
AIM : "
ROBERT 0RR, Agent.
Pspnt, 11 West Flfth-strtet,
' "-At- ' .' .
SS Walnut-street,
BON the sale ofi J..R.AIA1HS 00. B. snferlor
law fresh oysters. J. TIIDUvt
Wholesale and retail Ageut for J. K. Mann- Co.
Craters cooked io a superior style at onr usual mod
rate charges. au2i-lf
VOL. 2. NO. 46.
Rates of Domestic Postage.
IiETTiBS-For each half onnee, under 3,000 miles,
pre-paid, 3 cenU; over 3,000 miles, pre-paid, 10 cents.
All letters must be pre-paid by stamps, or inclosed in
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
so., to any part of the United States, not weighing
over 3 ounces, 1 cent; and 1 cent for each additional
ounce; pra-payment required.
Books, pre-eald, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
Ser ounce, for any distance in the United States un
er 3,000 miles, and 2 cents per ounce over 3,000 miles,
pre-payment required. All fractions over the ouuee
u un cvimieu aa au auuiiiuDai ounce.
Nbwspapbbs and PxaioDioALs, not exceeding l.
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly In advance,
and circulated In the State where published daily,
per quarter 22H, six times per week MM; tri-weekly
seml-weckly.f.X; weekly, 3M; semi-monthly, ;
monthly, -X. Newspapers and periodicals when
weisrhinff I onnces. douhle the ahovn mtn..
Shall NcwsPAFxas, published monthly oroftener,
and pamphlets not containing more than 16 octavo
pagos, In packages of 8 ounces or over, X cent per
Wijekit Newsfapibs, within the connty where
published, Free.
Quarterly payments, in advance, may be made
elthor where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
iNDIANAPOlli A Cm0INNATI-:40 A. M.i I.S5 P. M.1
:3 p.
Cincinnati, Hamii.toh add Dattoh-7:46 a. m.; 10:47
Littli lUAai-7:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m.; 7:18 p. v.; 10:48
MABIXTTA AND OlNOTNNATI-10:20 A. M.f 9:15 p. a.
Ohio and Missishippi 7:1S a. m.;2:0Op. .; 10-i p.m
Departures of Trains.
IlfDIAHAPOLIS AND ClNOrNMATt :B0 A. si.; 11:00 M.I
6MKIP.il. "
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Batton Indianapolis
and Cleveland, t:0O A. .; Sandusky Mail, 8:O0 a. .;
Littli JUiami Cleveland and Pittsbug, 6:00 A. M.I
Cleveland, Pittsburg and Bellair,g:30A. .; Colnm
bus Accommodation, 4:40 p. M.i Cleveland, Pitts,
burg and Bellair, 11;30 p. H.
Ohio and Mississippi-St. Lonls, 9:00 A. H.s Louis,
vllle, 2:00 p.m.; St. Louis, 8:30 p.m.
Pittsbubo, Coluhbds and Omoinnati (Htenbenvllle
Short Line) Kast Front-street epot-6:00 a. M.i
8:00 a. M.; 11:30 p. m. 1
Olsveland.Cohjmbc's and Cinoinhati lost Front
street 6:00 A. m.;8,30a. m.; 11:30 p. m.
Cincinnati and Masubtta :1da.m.;S:30p.m.
Ointbal Ohio From East Front-street Depot 8 M
A.M;I1:30P.. i-o.i
Oovinoton and Lbxinoton-:25 a. m.i 2:30 p. u,
Omnibus Stands.
Kast Walnut Hills. From corner Sycamore and
Fifth streets every half hour.
West Walnut Hills (Lane 8eminary.)-From Mo.
138 Sycamore street every hoHr. .
WxanBH Bow and Briouton. From Main and
Fourth streets every ten minutes.
West Knd Line. From corner Fourth and Main
to Freeman and Hopkins streets,
IUvf.b Uoad and Sedamsvillb. From corner
uiutwww 9uv x Mii.wiu uwuer jnuuauu sycamore
streets every ton minutes.
fulton, fxndlbton, and Columbia. From corner
Broadway Bud Lowor Markot-every ten minutos.
TnuiD Street Line. From Newport Ferry to
Firth street Kerry.
Mount Auburn. From corner Main and Fourth
streets every hour.
vinb street hill and cliiton. From corner
Main and Fourth streets every half hour.
CUHMINHVILLB. From colour Sixth and Main
Streets every half hour.
uovinoton. u roni corner jruiband Walnut streets
every hour.
Post Oi-ficb, Wbstbrn Bow and Oiinton Btbeit.
From corner Fourth and Vino everv ten minut
Hmaron, Mason, Lebanon, and Monbsi. Daily, at
2 P . M.-from 109 Walnut street.
Uabribon. Daily, at 8 A. M., and 1 P. II. , (Sab
bath excepted) from 169 Walnut Btreet.
Brookvillk Dally, (Sabbath excepted.) at 8 A.
M. from 169 Wal nut street.
Bataviaano Georoetown. Dally, (Sabbath ex
ceptod,) at 24, P. M. from Broadway and Lower
Venice and New London Tlillv. (Hahl.nlh
cepted,) at 2 P. M. from 169 Walnut street.
jiioNTaoHEBT.srom corner JNtntn and Sycamore
streets Dully. (Sabbath excepted,) at 2H, P. M.
avondalk. romii n Biuut sireoi, s, iu, II, A.A1
2, 4ji, 8, P. M.
Church Directory.
TlaptiHt. First Baptist Church, North side Court,
botween Mound and Cutter.
High Street Baptist Church, East of City Water
Ninth Street Baptist Church, Booth sldo Ninth,
between Vineand Knee,
Freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
foot of Fifth street.
WelBh Baptist Church, North side Harrison.
Baker Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Burnet, botween Walnut and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colorod,) South side
Third, between ltace and Kim.
Christian. First Christian Church, Longworth,
between Western Bow and John.
Congregational. First Orthodox Congrega
tional Church, North side Seventh, between Western
Bow and John.
Second Orthodox Congregational Church, Bast sldo
Vine, between Kiglith and Ninth.
Welsh Congregational Church, WestsldeLawrence,
between Third and Fourth.
- Diaclpleit of Christ, - Christian Church, South.
West corner Walnut and Eighth.
Christian Church .Sixth, betweenSmlth and Hound,
Christian Church, between 1. P. 13 and 14, Fulton.
Christian Church, (colored,) North side Harrison.
1'riends. First Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be
tweon Western Row and John.
First Friends (Jlicksite,) Fifth, between Western
Bow and John.
Jewish gynaajouges. HolyCongregation.Ohil
dren of Israel, South-east corner Sixth and Broad
way. Holy Congregation, Children of Jeshurun, Lodge,
botween Fitth and Sixth. .
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, lUce, be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Polish Congregat4on of the K. E. Adat. Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearlth Israel, corner of Seventh and Walnut.
Methodist Kplacopnl. Kast Cincinnati Dis
trict. Wesley Ctinpel, north side Fifth, between
Sycamore and Broadway.
Ninth Street Chapel is now called Trinity.
Asbury Chnpol, South side Webster, between Main
and Sycamore.
McKendrie Chapel, (Seventeenth Ward,) Front
street. .
West Cincinnati Distbict. Morris Chapel, West
lido Plum-itroot. between Front and Columbia.
Cbristio Chapel, North side Court, between Mound
and Cutter.
Carr-street Chapel, west ide of Carr-street, be
tween Eighth-street and Hamilton and Dayton
Knilroad Depot.
itaper Chapel. West side Elm, North of Findlay.
Park Street Chapel, South-west corner Park and
York StroetChapol, South-west corner Baymlller
and York.
Findlay Cbapol, South side Clinton, between Cutter
and Linn.
Union Chapel, North side Seventh, between Plum
and Western Bow.
Methodist Protestant.-First Methodist Prot
estant Church. Sixth, between Vine and Bare. . -
Second Methodist Protestant Church. Elm, IK
tween Fifteenth and Liberty. i .
Oeorge Street Church, Ooorge, between Cutter and
Linn. . .
New Jemsalem.-Temple.Longworth, between
Presbyterian Old Sohooi.. First Presbyterian
Church, Fourth, between Main aud Walnut.
Fourth Presbyterian Church, North side High
street, near Fulton line.
Fifth Presbyterian Church, South-cast corner Soy
enth and Elm.
Seventh Presbyterian Ohnroh, Westside Broadway,
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
Barr and Mound. ,
Ninth l'renbytorlan Church, Cutter, between Clin
ton and Betts.
Presbyterlnn New Sobooi,, Second Presbyte
rlan Churcb, Soiib side Fourth, brtweeu Vine and
Third Presbyterian Churtb, South-west eofner
Fourth and John. i
Eighth Presbyterian Chorsu, Beventh, between
Linn and Baymlller. ;
Taberaacle Presbyterian C qrob, corner John nnd
Clark. "
Protestant Kplscopal, Christ's Church, North
side Fourth, between Sycamore an"! Broadway, i
St. Paul's Church, South side Fourth, between
Main and Walnut. j
St. John's Church, South-east corner Plum nnd
Seventh. - ,
TrinitvGhnrch, corner Pendleton and Liberty.' .
Church of the Advent.Cno building,) Waluut Hills.
Churchof the Atonement, corner Blchmond hud
Churchof the Redemption, Ultnton,bewesn West
ern Kow and John. :
RomnnCnthollo. St. Augmttnes, Bank strMt,
Ht. Peter's Cathedral, South-west corner Plum and
St. Francis Xavler's, West aids Sycamore between
Sixth and Seventh.
St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Mill.
St. Michael's West side of Millcreek.
1 Christ's Church, Fulton.
Holy Trinity, South side Fifth, between Smith and
Ht. Mary's, Bontb-enit corner Jackson nnd Thir
teenth. .
St. Paul's, South-east corner Spring nnd Abigail. ' .
- Wt. John Baptist, corner Bremen and Oreen, I
St, Joseph, South-east corner Linn nnd Lnurelt
St. Vbllomena, North side Pearl, between Pike and
Butler, v . ,
St. Thomas, West side Sycamore, between Fifth
and Hixtht . . . . I . .
Dnlrarlna.-Flrst Unitarian Church, Boulh-west
tornef Fourth and Boce. I
'TnlvPTsnllst.-Klrst Unlvfrsnlist Cburob, lint
side Plum, between H'onrth anil Fifth.'
Hetoud Universailst Church, corner Sixth and
;STh New York Stab Agrlonltaral Fair
.1 1 i m. 1 1 m.. . . . a.k -
viosou last inoaj. AOIBl reoeipu flH,UUU, an
v w(uuu over 1B8V year, .
4KdS.TTAAJ A. Tl !. i . i,l
N. Y., was robbed of $16,000 worth of watches,
jewely, Ao,, last Thanday night. .
eff-The Hon. Edward Everett will preaoh
nriuuaieruis xvBv. nr, jiaie, in uoston.
during that gentleman's absence in Europe.
A Song of Malta Lodge was organized
inFlemingsburg, Ky.,one night of last week,
and thirteen persons were initiated.
-WThe TProainnrf ftnmtllm Miutmm.n J. iu - .
the editors and proprietors of newspapers in
iuiiuu uiwk in oiaw oonvenuoa at Jlillt
oott'i Mills on the 22d of February next.
The rope on which Blondin performed
his feats hut llMn nnt nn intn nt.M. fnm b..-
sakss, and Bold at high figures, a la Atlnntio
Cable. r
. 3It is ramored that Hies Evans, author
ui -xteuian,- nas become enamored of the
stage, and will soon appear in a New York
-s whw av uhiw MUVV1UV VUIIiV
fashionable game with the Digger Indiana of
UU11.U vmuurnia. xney are gambling lor
arrows, pieoeg of flint, and other small change.
.erThe report of a marriage engagement
between Senator Samner and a wealthy lady
in the vicinity of Boston, circulated some
month since, is contradicted by the Boston
0fA valuable slave man, belonging to
Mr. Benton, nf fihmili,,M lu a
on Monday night last, in oonsequenoe of his
ITIAIltAI mrilBtnm ... ..11 1.1 A. -. O.-.L . 1
T j 5 8" oouia wun a
colored girl, upon whom hie heart's affections
had been plaoed.
-Maycr Mayo, the"pe of the seventh,"
u xviuuuiuuu, v a., nas nit upon a novel ana
original expedient for leoaring vigilance from
bis night police. It la no leas a scheme than
offering a premium of ten dollars for every
officer's baton presented in the morning, and
which can be shown to have been taken while
ita proper possessor was asleep.
A few tliffhiji flinAA urn f"!lia1.ia Pa.ll
and slater, of Armstrong Township, Pennsyl-
Vftntn waxi u!..l At
.-u., mm iviuruius; uoino irom Dneiocta on
honebaek, they were chased by a panther,
whioh, coming np with them near a run,
sprang on the baok of Mr. B.'s hone. The
animal nlunirerl violently ml tt, u...n,in
not being able to retain his hold, fell, leaving
in tbe horse's baok abundant evidence of the
ferooitv of the nttnelr A. innn a a fva A fa-Am
his aflaftllflnr. Mr. ft.
j a. V M BSVBAt W Uia lllIOVj
and the girl doing likewise, they were soon be-
yuuu renou 01 nis pantncrsnip, who, however,
nun iursaeu mem.
A Swiss Capitalist and Miser.
of the New Tnrlr
Journal of Commerce relatos the following his.
tory of a Swiss manufacturer :
Switzerland is a very industrious country.
Among her urinoinal artinla. nr n..n.,rn.t....
w . 1 V. U.HUtwU.U10
are silk ana cotton. Lew wages and an inex-
""uDwviD -.wuiiuBuctj vi wawr power give to
her large manufactaiftgeatabHahmentaadvan.
tAaTAfl OVfir tQILIlV ntTlAV Annvlna vLM.
(7 J w w vuuuuiOT rTUIUU lUtMtw
competition easy. Many of the proprietors of
wwuhouwouh nave amassea iBDUloua
riohea, unknown to the world, and in some In-
Btanoes. to thamselvM. T.ut m.Ir e a...
' MN. II UVU VU, V. Ul.B.
Swiss cotton lords of the last named category
died. Hie name waa Kuozj but he was gen
erally known bv the name nf (iflntnn..
His large eotton mill is situated in the village
of Uater, a short distance from Zurioh. lie
waB a self-made man, a man without any edu
cation, and without any prominent talents.
His prlnoipol qualities were a horrible avarioe,
an Iron industry, and the art of extorting from
his laborers as mnnh .n.t r.. .. 1 : , , 1
- .. .u. no uiu. pr BB
possible. He waa sixty-eight years of age,
when he died an old hanhain ria
joyed any of the pleasures of life.
a tow, smau, curty room, with an old bed
stead, and no other furniture, waa his resl-
ubuoo. Auaonea 10 it was a kitchen, where
his old servant resided and nnnlr.ii t,;. ...-
meals, whioh he uaed to devour standing in
order to save time. He never gave any alms
or any support to poor people. "Nonsense!
Good for nothino-l T.of (l.m ... nj it
was hla sterotyped reply in such cases. He
difl not n.v tlvaa nr mn. d1 An iin ...
r" v luvi. uu 4ivu,uuu until
two years stro he was nmr,iia,t tn kt.
assessments to $1,200,000. Ue never kept any
regular books, never a stock book, never took
an inventory. About twelve years ago he was
persuaded by business friends to get an inven
tory taken; bnt when that Inventory, long
before it was finished, already showed a net
property of 20,000,000 of Zurioh guildora, or
10,000,000 free of all debts, he stopped the
continuation of It with his usual words "Non
Bensel Good for nothing I" True to his prin
ciples, that medem Croesus has bequeathed
nothing to his laborers, nothing to benevolent
or useful institutions, and his laughing heirs
will divide among them the whole of this enor
mous property, the amount of whioh will be
made out very soon by the courts.
Pbesonai. A pretty serious difficulty seoms
to be raging between the Hon. Alex. P. Wal
ker, formerly editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer,
and now editor of the New Orleans Delta, and
Mr. John P. Heiss, formerly proprietor of the
Delia, and now of the Statct, the Douglas organ
In Washington. Mr. Heiss says that while be
was proprietor of the Delia he dismissed Wal
ker, beoause he "deteotod him In selling the
columns of our paper to advance the private
Interests of other parties for a consideration
whioh he put in his own pooket." He also
caught Mr. Walker, as he lays, writing for an
other journal on the other side In politics. Mr.
Walker responds with a denial, and with a
olever vituperation of Heiss, who, he says owe
all bis 'successes to "the siseof his;flst, the
depth of his ohest, the muscle of his arms, the
taurine brawn of his neok, and the prodigious
circumference of his head." In the fuither
course of the controversy, chargea of forgery,
perjury, and swindling are pretty freely ex
changed. That's all at present.
Ehpioviisnt op Camels m mi United
Statks Sebvick. A letter has recently been
received by the Secretary of War from Su
perintendent Beale, dated Fort Tejon Cali
fornia, in which the writer speaks in the
strongest terms of the great advantage to be
derived from the employment of camels in
the public service in the West. He states
that he lately tried effectually tUS compara
tive use of mules and camels as pack animals,
and the experiment proved beyond all ques
tion the great superiority of the camel, both
as regards rate of speed aud amount of bur
den. From what he had read, he dreaded
the difficulties which seemed to present
themsolves in breeding them; but his expe
rience had satisfied him that they were as
easily bred as cows and calves. He prefers
thorn, for 'all such purposes that he has en
gaged them on, to three times the same num
Washington Star.
Rscnrnoir or thb Gbhat Eastbrk. Ar
rangements have been made sit Portland, Me.,
to signal the . steamship Great Eaitrrn thirty
miles out at sea; on her appearanoe the flags of
the United States, England and France will be
displayed from the City Hall and Observatory,
signal guns will be fired snd the fire alarm bells
rung. As she approaches the harbor salutes
will be fired from Fort Preble and other points,
and tbe bells of the city will peal forth a merry
Duelling in California.
Ihe following clause was adopted by the
people, November 13, 1840, in the Constitution
01 the State of California, the State beino- ad
mltted in 1850. Artiolo 11, seotion 2, is as
"Anv eltlZAti nf ihla Rtot .k.ii ...
j w,.ra " u. PUUI, aiMK
the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel
With ftaatl.. ... J 0
ww, n-apvuo, ur Beau, or accept a
ohallenge to fight a duel with deadly weapons,
either within this Rtt.
f v-. vs. iv, Ul fffUU
jnau act as second, or knowingly aid or asaiat
.- ...inu mugs luuo uuenuing, Snail OOt
be allowed to hold any office of profit, or to
enjoy the right of suffrage under this Constitu
tion. This article In the Constitution was inserted
at the instance of Hon. Wmt M. Qwin, now
United States Senator from California, and
then a member of tbe Convention at Monterey.
wtlAM II.. . .. . . . J '
ui. uuuauiuuun was iramea in loiv.
To show how little respeet is paid to this
wise provision of the organlo law or the State,
it mav ba stated that (h.r I. v..ji
. , - . . " waiui mu wa-
ceptlon m favor of it. Almost every member
of Commas has linen uiJ tr, Jn.i. .1...
j LJ -"0-6vw. am UUUIO BIUVV
its adoption. Hon. J. W. Denver, ex-member
.ff n 1 -n n ...
vi vvuBjrena auu Ax-uovernor or Kansas, shot
Hon. Edward Gilbert, member of Congress, in
Hon. Wm. M. Gain, U. 8. Senator, fought a
duel with Hon. J. W. MoConkle, member of
congress, in isoi, ana challenged Hon. Henry
Wilson, U. S. Senator from Massachusetts, in
1858. '
Hon. D. 0. Sroderick fought a duel with a
ou 01 jmra iiiiy omun, ot Virginia, in 1852,
and has again fought with Chief Justice Ter
ry, of the Supreme Court of California, and
wilh what fatal result we hare bofoTe stated.
A Tsias Pbbacbub. The editor of the Go
liad Mmenger has made a journey to laveoa,
lately, and gives the following eood-natured
and graphic description of a worthy preacher,
wnose acquaintance he happened to make
there :
Mr. Cottinghim, like Dr. Watts, Is small In
Stature, bnt great in soul. Full 0r seal and
aotivity, he never fails to make his maik
wherever he ones. IT i. vmi.. ..j ,..r..i
preaoher; but his great forte is "begging."
au ,u, nun us uss iow, 11 any, equals in the
Texas Conference. Tf
build nn a flohool nr a Ahnrnf.. n on n.A. k.
nevolent enterprise, get Cottingham elisted.
A ....... . . . , .... A '
auu suuirary w me ezpeccaiions 01 many, sue
oeis crowns his efforts. His Maker made him
a talker, and when he gets after a man for a
subscription or donation, nine cases outof ten,
1. una iu oomo, 11 ior no otner reason than to
get rid of the beggar. As is usually the ease
with little men, he is a "privileged character;"
allowed to say pretty mueh what he pleases,
about either himself, his wife and children.
does and horsen. nr nthnr lollr Tr. 1... .v.
- . ---- .um. a&v una iuu
best wife that was ever brought up in Arkan-
BA.. .1. k... t. - 1 1
i "yj nu ine most muttanguh
baby; the most noted buggy-horse, and the
best nonv: some nf the flna.f K. ...1 .1..
most remarkable dogs in the State of Texas.
As has been nertinentlv mlH ha 1. it
t- r -1 .....i.ii.
panto," and has begged to the amount of
o nun 1- 1 !!., . -, . ... . .. w.. v.
o,vvu ui uunu a onorou in nig station. ,
ClVILIZINO TJHDKR Dlppifni.Tira A 0.,(), .
--..vwHi.wu. WUK .U
em gentloman recently related an anecdote
which would indicate that
, vuav V4 VaaU AAV TV I J
imported Africans may require more efficient
" uaiumjuiui oiviuzaiion
than have uauallv hnen rnllo.1 (v.. in.)..,:..
. 1 . J . .V. ..UVU.UM
our southern-ham riAornai nriiV, iYt ,,t
activity and fidelity. A planter ordered two
(irin.u.B....fll.. V..1 1 . .
v. wuvac dvubvj vjio jaei., wiioaro uncorruptca
by the strange abolitionism which pervades
some of the plantations. As they entered
the yard, a blood-hound, one of the instruc
tors and police of the establishment, regard
ing them as intrllHAFD. lannarl ,innn .r
a -r' ) www. ufvu UUD ui
them. The fellow was a large, muscular
uoglu, auu ueiongea 10 a wioe wno sharpened
their teeth. Nnthinir Hmmto,! I,o-tl,noi,t.
he entered upon the contest with the greatest
zeal. So successfully did he use his fists nnd
uucid uuki iiuiunju teeui, mat ice tierce dog
Was Oblieod tocrv for linnrnv. Tl, o
even slunk away under a buiiding, but the
nAfyrn ni-anf. in a Tl.- 1,1m J 1 t.!
... ..v. umgguu Uliu out.
and would have killed him had he not been
stormed. Thflaatoniahoil nlnnfo- lnni.aj
hie pounded and maimed blood-hound, and
mcu uyuu mo vriumpnan. Airtcan, rellecteu
a moment, and t?ave nrWfi fr h,'a navMui.i.
to be marched away from his premises forth-
..wvuiw uvu wiuou mo ulvlllZlOg 1UUU-
enccs which he had at h is disposal.
Tbbbtblb Dtnciaw Xr;.a i - n..u..i.
at Bristol, N. 8., on Friday evening, 30 th ult.,
from the sinffnlAt diMAa.n bnAmv. M.n .
- o -WW.W-. -uvnu ao luailUBUv
pustule. Several persons have died in Rhode
Inlaw. J-.la. A 1 a, ... ...
ion-Am, uunug me paa. year, irom tnis mght-
f?tjl aa1AtalaWaa FUlm ak T f -1 1 H J .
.u. gv.uigo. auo .orisioi metux says :
On the Saturdav timvlnn.. . .mnii n.i.i.
and painful pimple appeared upon the point of
tha tinoa nrrV. O. J . . .r
tu Tfuiuu uu ouoaay asaumoa tne cnar
aoter of a eommnn lsnll. Thmnrsh rni
. , --iv-iju iitw mu iui-
lowing days, the swelling and soreness eontin-
" " "i ra nun uoiu necinesaay be
came s extended as to eiolte alarm, orsug
trested medical nid. Vmm i. .l.
o . ..wu. .u.D LI II 1 0 m. VII-
ulency of the disease became more apparent.
And ibl Timtrraam tTawnl A ! Li i . ai
r.va.ww . toitu lOlUilllbVllUU UULU
sure aiiii mnlii. Tha
--r bbhw vM.ii w ittuo sjsjvaixiD ouur
mouBly puffed, aseaming a deep purple hue
VUU(vaVVW .ivnvioMuu BupurvoaeUf ana auer one
short hour of lomi-delirium and unoonBcions-
D6SB. in SDltaof nnrirl!fla nnd all tVint nontil..
oua relatives and friends could suggest, death
Or(AT WATBRInn Pr.iro A n.tln. In
Galveston (Texas) paper, describing the ex
cellencies of Sour Lake as a waterimr nlace.
When I Came hern T WAia-had fliat Ana linn.
dred find fnrtir.fiiir Tbnnt,.1a nln A..... ......
-j -" )iuh.w uiuo VUIILCI WICU
and one-half grains, apotheonries' weight,
"slip shucked,'rbut now I pull down gener
ous, uui enpeoiuny aiwerainner, one nunureu
and sevo.ntv-frinrrtniirirla nna. w,... .....
am as independent as a wild-cat. The air is
du mi iucu tutu a jayDtra can scarcely ny
through it for want of a sufficient volume
necessary for its support.
Not I.pobsibls. A writer in a communi
cation to the Rochester Democrat denies the
Impossibility of a person with resolution, de
termination and perseveranoe, breaking himself
of thehabit of opium eating. He is now an
old man of seventy, and for four years has not
used the drng in any shape, though before
that he had been an opium eater for
forty years. When he commenced breaking
himself of the habit, he was using the opium
at the rate of eighty grains per day, and it
took him about two years to aoomplish his
A Coon in Church Great Fi.cttsb ahoso
thb Cbihoi.ihe. A raccoon wilh a continua
tion of enormous size, entered the Baptist
Cburoh on Sunday evening last during service,
and Immediately betook himself to devotional
attitudes among the ladies dresses. Thereupon,
sundry drawing up of Ivory ankles, getting up
on the seats, and cut of doors, accompanied
with the announcement of "Coon in the
Church," presented a scene for merriment tojthe
boys, grave humor among the men, and a mag
nificent .flatter among the ladies. Finally his
cooneyslilp was oaptured by a daring gentle
man, and was carried from church "by the
nape of the neck." Poor I his devotion
Princeton (Ill.) Republican.
Noon Dispatches.
Ohio Election.
Delaware Connty 14 townihipl, Hep. maj.
500. Republican gain over Senator two years
ago 470. '
Warren County All bat 1 township, Repub
lican majority 1,050.
Rosa County Very olose Republican! has
small margin to go on; several townships to
hear from.
Fairfield County All in but 3 townships.
Democratic majority about 1,500. .
Fayette Connty As far as heard. Republi
can majority about 350.
Piokaway County As far as heard, Repub
licans gain Representative, but Democrats have
majority of about 300 on State ticket
Muskingum County Entire Republican
tloket elected exoept Recorder. Potwin (Rep.)
for Senator has about 500 majority. Four town
ships give Potwin 319 majority. Potwin's vote
Is much larger than the State ticket.
Clinton County Republican majority about
Greone County Republican majority from
700 to 1,000.
C-bviuni), October 12 P. M.
Incomplete returns from thirty counties give
t, Republican gain of about 6,000 over the vote
of 1867, and indicate a Republican majority in
both branohes of the Legislature.
The following counties give Democratie ma
jorities: Shelby, 100; Wayne, 400; Vanwert,
10; Crawford, 800; Wyandotte, 85; Stark, 278;
Allen, 35; Darke, 258; Seneoa, 160; Richland
about 100 a Demooratio loss of 200 from
Payne's vote.
The following nnnni 1As1 T ITT ASA P A nil 1x1! MA M mm
jorities: Xogan,600; Columbiana, 800; Miami,
ouu, summit, avv; rortage, out); Ueauga, six
townships, 532; Cuyahoga, 1,700; Mahoning,
Republican Senators elected In Ashland and
Richland distriots.
Muskingum County In Zanesville and
eighteen tnwnshlm. Itunn in iv.
a r -- -mvj gmu. ,11 uu iua
vote of last year. Republican State and county
tioket elected bv 100
. , , j j -v"iu a ma
jority Is mueh largor.
rerry umnty jj'our townships give Potwin
Rep.) for Senator, $19 majority.
Washington Correspondence.
NEW YORK, October 12.
York Berald says s " It is understood that the
Rpitiah HTlMlala. T .-A T 1 .
aiwni, uuru Aivoa, obs received a
a peremptory and important dispatch from his
government, demanding explanations from our
Government nf tha MnH. 11.. ir. ,
" w v uvu. iinmov, id
the San Juan affair, to whioh the Secretary of
uun uiojiaiuig a repiy, wnion will vin
dicate fully our rights, and doubtless cover the
whole ground of the controversy to the satis
faction of the American people.
The whole matter will be laid before the
Presidont to-morrow. A communication has
been received frnm It, a nriii-k .
- ----- ...M,u (JUtOlUUlDUl,
through Lord Lyons, requesting that their ac-
Irn AtvUfl Mmamta mnv ha Aaaa.a. J A - a- .
.n..-0VW.M aaaibj aB vvureJvtl vj HIT
Ward, mir Minias'tw ti PKfnta
" wr vuiuiS fHUU VUUilUUUQrsj
Tatnall, for their friendly conduct at the afiair
nf vTri A DaVi rv Pnain
Dispatches have been reoelved at the Depart
ment of State from our Minister at St. Peters-
llll rf. stutinv (not Intatl1.u V.J V
o ' n - m.viiigvuuo ualt ueen re-
ceived that Minister Ward had gone to Pekin.
u -,v-.uui.ui, tiers piace no reliance what
ever nnnn the lnfnllianAa Tl la l.. At
ui . F . . un laicr man
that already received from Mr. Ward, whioh is
to Jnlv h. Tha Aa-n.... 1. .
- jimuioui uave reoeivea
nothing in regard to the affair at Brownsville
w., --." H.iui; viwui. uio report.
Pennsylvania Election.
Berks CnimkvWbr,1a nn.v, i-
----- j awuiVwablu llCaet
Carbon County 150 Democratic majority.
Monroo Countv i !nn nn..:. i
j wiuuviaiiw uia-
Northampton County 1,400 Democratic
Philadelphia Mann's majority 3,216:
Cochran's 2,295; Krira's 2,856. Opposition
alno elent hnth fitola .1 FlL ....
wouawia, nun wa UUI 01
eventcen Representatives.
A Great and Glorious Country.
The following is a literal transcription from
a letter found on the road, and sent us by a
correspondent, who assures us it is genuine
and no mistake. It appears to be from some
chap who has moved to Mississippi. He
This is a elorious counlrvl It has Inn cor
rivers, and more of them, and they are mud
dier, and deeper, and run faster, make more
noise, rise higher, fall lower, and do more
damage than anybody else's rivers. It has
more lanes, ana tney ore bigger, and deeper,
and clearer, than those of any other coun
try. Our rail cars are bigger, and run faster,
and pitch off the track oftener, and kill more
people than all other rail cars in this and
every other country. Our steamboats carry
Digger loads, are longer and broader, and bust
their bilers oftener, and the Captains swear
harder than steamboat Captains in anv other
country. Our men are bigger, and longer,
and thicker, can fight harder, and faster,
and drink more mean whisky, and chow
more bad tobacco, and not be killed, can spit
more and spit further than in any other coun
try. Our ladies are richer, prettier, dress
finer, spend more money, break moTe hearts,
wear bigger hoops, shorter dresses, and kick
np the devil generally to a greater extent
than all other ladies in all other countries.
Our niggers are blanker, work harder, have
thicker skulls, smell louder, and need thrash
ing oftener than any niggers in any other
State. Our children squall louder, grow
foster, get too extensive for their pantaloons
quicker than any other children in any other
Well, this t a great country I Hang a man
that won't praise his own country. I have
written you all the news that i in this
Albany paper in speaking of tbe business done
there, gives the following statistics of one con
cern: . ,
Last season Capt.MoGraw alaughterd 81,250
sheep, which averaged $4 per head, making a
total of $324,000. Ue paid for dressing six
oents per head, $1,875 ; cartage by his own
teams, $2,500, and 4 corresponding amount in
New York ; commission for selling, twelve and
a-half oents per head, $10,156. The tallow
and pelts are aold here, the former bringing
on an average thirty-seven and a-half cents per
head, amounting to $30,468 75, and the latter
$1 50 each, $121,875.
Tirrd. The Univtnal Review, (British,) in
a notice of the works of Dr. Mackay and
Colley Grattan on America, says:
Moat voyagers in America repeat the same
thing over and over again. We are rather
tireifof hearing that the hotels are of enor
mous size; that you can have your clothes
washed by steam; that the lake steamers are
the most luxurious in the world; that tbe
ladies dross in au exaggerated style of fash
ion, and Unit most persons eat in a tremen
dous hurry.
Advertisements not exoeeding five lines (Agate.)
One insertion.. .1 u I One week.....IKM.....Jl SO
Two weiks.... 1 M) I One sjoulb........... J M
Larger advertisements inserted at tbe following
rates for aanajn nf tan llnaa M 1 . '
teJHK!?..-st 5 1 ft? .!
One week.
-MUOTu... .... .ua.. u I IDrHVHEI.
1 7a I One mouth-
, set
Job Printing;
In all its branobes, done with neatness and dispairb.
80 Psarl-ttreet,
lav new In store a large and select itosfc sf ST A
PLK and FANOT DKT OOODB, whM, lor extent
and variety, Is nnjrpassd, vist
A large and general stock ef Bomee tic
Woolen and Cotton eoda.
A splendid line of very rl- ' Dress aoods.
in Silks, Delainea, Merino s.and other
fabrics of newest styles.
Cloths, Casaimerc and VsatOiga, In
large assortment.
A complete stock of White ejeoce, Em
broideries end Uue eods, of our
own importation.
A very extensive steek of FaBcy and
Variety Goods, Shawls, Hosiery,
Gloves, die.- '!'- - . i.
ar We shall be In dallr receipt ef all nsw and de
sirable Goods during the season, and dielre ts be
placed in competition with aor boase, Xast or West,
by an examination of ouj ,tQfk, eegam
Pike's Opera-house,
OS nta
Greatly Reduced Prieea'
65 Weet!Fourth-treet.
1S8 IMaln-st.f Three Doors above Ponrth,
7, d complete assortment of Keadr-made
Clothing, gotten up expresalv for the Retail Trade,
comprising all the styles of Frock Costs, Business
Coats, Overcoats; Velvet, Oaabmere and Plush Vests:
Black and Fancy Panto, all of which are warranted!
u. .uv vers. ui.iDn.i nuu wurKmaDBnip.
Also, a general stock of Cloths, of all colors; Oaa
sliueres, OvercoatlngB, Business Coatings and Teat,
ings, In every style, which we are prepared to make
to onler, In the beat stylo.
Sftrf-iMntlantAn'a Vn.n1al.ln. 11... J . I a
- ....mn.iiii. yjmmn. ,M; I LP W
Commercial School
Hevonth-street, between Walnntand Tine, Clin,
cinnstl, Obio. Evening Glass commensing Monday.
2Athlnst. Book-keeping taught as applied to everp
department of trade. Business and Ornamental Pen-
(Bnccessor to Convell A Qaither,)
la Prepared to do all kinds' of Plumber
Work on Short Notice. - -oclbw
. B. OAIIBBR, tsparlritecidtnt.
at last jnst what the Ladles have long needed!
and looked for In vain, the Uterine Elixir.
The Uterine Elixir is warranted to cure all dis
eases of a Uterine Nature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the KidneyB, the Ovaries, anil tbe Urethra,
Prolapsus or Vailing of tbe Womb, Painful Menstrn -ation,
Chlorosis, Amenorrhea: in fact, a perfect cure
is giiarranteed by the use of from two to five bottles
of the Elixir, of any disease whatever of the Gener
ative and Urinary Organs, of male nr female, no
matter ol how long standing. Price tl per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS calls particular attention to the
following Card of one of the most prominent Drug
gists of Cincinnati.
We, the nndersigned, are not In the habit of living
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing wall the
Lady Physician, and themedielne called the Uterine
Elixir, we cheerfully recommend It to all fsmales
suffering from Female Diseases of any kind; it Is
purely vegetable, and la no oase can do injury; we
say to all try, and our word for it, you will find re-lijf,-
!. 1). HILL, Druggist,
aep27 "Corner of Fifth and Bace-strssts."
, , LATINO BAL8AM cures, without fail, pains
In Hie Breast. Back, Hide or Limbs; Coughs, Uilris,
Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, Headache, Flat
ulency, Heartburn, Ubronio Bheumstisra, Bullous
Cholic, Cramp CUolic, Griping Pains of the Bowels,
Dullness, Stupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, ami
in Paluful Menstruation it Is a certain cure, and
gives Immediate relief. In any of the above diseases
it will give relief in twenty minutes, and a perma
nent cure by the use of two battles. Only w cents
per bottle so cbesp that every person can get it.
Either of the above medicines to be had of F. S.
HILL, Druggist, corner of Hace and Vifth-itreets;
and EDWARD SUA N LAN A CO., Druguists. N. E.
corner of Main and Fourth-streets: J. D.Park, cor
ner Fourth and Walnut; or of BHIOHAM CO.,
tfanutacturers, Mo. 34 East Fourth-street, Cincin
nati. O. scnZT-av '
Mo. 17 Kast Front Street, bet. Pike and Buthr-st'i.
with the most Improved kind of machinery, 1
am prepared to furnish, at short notice, all kinds of
House and Steamboat, Carpenter and Joiner's work.
Hub. Blinds. Doors. Franma anri Mnijitna n -ii
deiKriptlons. f teamboat Lumber, Weather-board-ng.HbinglesHliing,
Flooring, Ac. kept evnaUQllr
ou nana, raniciuar attention paid to planing, rip
nlnx and I scroll sawing. Heavy framing lumber cast
Im planed and trued 40 feet long, and 30 inches wide.
rersonsanontto liutlil, will Had it to their sdvsn-
tags to give me a call
Portable Grinding and Bolting;
Corn and Feed Mills
Frames, (east sollil,) both upper sad undsrrun-
M-M ....... XI VUn. n.b.u 1 1 I . I r. .1
a.w... u'.iiit.i.Linum r iuui I wncn. OUIIIDKUIOlll
Belting, Ac., Portable Engines and Boilers.
W. W. HAMER & CO..
N. E. Cor. Western-row and Columlia-itrwet:
SMrOirfBlars sent os application with pustsgs
tanjs, , o.t-lelw

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