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Election Returns.
We present to our readers in mother col
umn the (nil rote of Hamilton County, with
the exoeptlon of Bvoamors Township. It will
t seen that the ' Demooratlo majoritlet range
from 200 to 500.
Rayman's Race Track.
Many of our readers, perhaps, hare nerer
heard of the incidents which among the early
ettlers of Kentucky was at the time, of in
terest and occasioned the title of "Raymers
Race Track." ' ' i -
Four miles above Bowling-Green in Ken
tucky, is IdcFaDis'a old ttation on Green
River, a dashing young Virginian in early
times oame out to the newly settled station,
where, when feats ofjactirity were being prac
ticed among the pioneers, he boasted of his
skill in running, and offered to bet on out
running any one in the crowd. . MoFadin,
who was a quizzical old genius, inquired
whetherjhe would run barefooted or shod, and
was promptly answered "barefoot.". Let me
fix time and place, said McFadis, and I will
riBk a gallon of whiskey I can find a man to
beat you. The bet was made and the day
fixed. The old Hunter Rather was sent for.
The parties repaired to the track selected by
McFadin. It was perhaps the most flinty
bed in all Kentucky. At the word the
racers, started. They had gone buta few yards
when the Virginian was compelled to hold
np. But as Riyxib's feet were hard as a
Buffalo's, he kept ahead like a quarter-horse,
to the great amusement of old Mr. McFadin
and his friends. ' ' , ;
The Yearly Meeting People.
The yearly meetings at Richmond, Indiana,
have been reoently held, and attention has
been specially called by their vast assemblages,
to this valuable class of citizens and Reli
gionists. .
Friends believe that the spirit of God, acting
In man, is one of the causes the purest and
sublimest source of virtuous oharaoter, as
subordinate thereto the agency of their system
of discipline keeping the members of the
society to a good life.
The spiritual knowledge and active discip
line, a guardian of their morals, mould their
. Theylookuponman,lnnodegrs,dedorhostile,
but in a more kindred and elevated light. :
They teach 'and enforce equality; hence they
are anxious for the good of all the spiritual
. and temporal welfare of man, they are keenly
alive to. They are to take an interest In his
character and his happiness. If he be over
taken in a fault, he is not to be deserted, but
reclaimed; no endeavor is to be spared for his
restoration. He is considered, in short, as a
a ereature worthy of all pains and efforts that
oan be bestowed npon him.
Each man is considered by the qusker to be
the dignified temple in whloh the divinity re
sides.' " 'j ;
By their practical system of equality, there is
dne appreciation of man as man. '
They narrow not the sphere of salvation of
any man by oiroumeoribing it to numerical or
personal limits, but in their lore for their fel
low oreature; they consider the spirit of God
visiting all men in their day, and as capable
of redeeming all, without any exception of
persons, and that the difference of ereed, in
vented by the human understanding, will make
no difference in the eternal happiness of man-
Editorial Brevities.
The following Ohioans were registered at
the Banking office of, Lansing, Baldwin A
Co., Paris, from Sept. IS to Sept. 22 ; W. F.
Raelafson and wife, J. Qroesbeok and sister,
Vf. A. Neil and wife, Mrs. Hatoh and Miss
The Indianapolis Altai comes to us consid
erably enlarged. It Is now one of the largest
in the Hoosier Slate.
Tbb Lost Fovnd. The Lafayette (Ind.)
Journal, of Tuesday, reports the discovery of
their erring brother, Mr. Patton, whose
elopement with his "first lore" we chron
icled some time ego. He was found away np
in Mackinaw, working as a carpenter at
$1 50 per day. He delivered up his little
boy, and made over his Lafayette property
to his forsaken wife. What a place that La
fayette is 1
True Politics.
The young men advancing to active life
must rescue polities, in the Incoming age, from
its present prostration. Milton oounsels youth
to study politics ; to know the beginning, end,
and reasons of political societies, that tbey
may not, in a dangerous fit (of the Common
wealth, be such poor, shaken, nneertain reeds
of a loitering conscience, but steadfast pillars
of state. To dive into the grounds of law and
legal justice, delivered first and with the last
warrant by Mosas, and as far as human pru
dence ean be trusted, in the remains of the
Grecian Law-givers, the Roman Institutes, and
the Saxon and Common Laws of England.
Temper and Character.
The difference between temper and oharaoter
is frequently confounded, though no two things
ean be more distinct. Tomper consists in those
dispositions of the heart in which all men re
semble each other in their different descrip
tions vis : sullen, obstinate, hasty, proud, or
malicious. Charaotor Is formed of those pecu
liar propensities, those likes and dislikes, those
pleasures and pains, by which one man differs
from another so much, that be oomposes al
most of himself a particular species. The
component parts of all men are the same. It
is the manner in whloh tbey are mixed togeth
er that forms the oharaoter. .
The "Local" of the Buffalo Republic
has seen a dead leaf of Autumn fall, and thus
waxes eloquent:
" We saw a dead leaf fall yesterday. It may
not be the first token of Autumn the dying
year yet we look npon It with about the same
feeling that a man experiences when he dis
covers his first gray hair, or the misery felt by
fashionable lady when all at once the fact
eomes home to her that her eldest daughter is
a marriageable female. Thearow's feet in the
corners of the eyes are the falling leaves of
Ufa, and the dead twigs the grey hairs that
have lost their sap, and tell only of what has
been. Tet Aatntnn has its fruits as age ex
periences with experience eomes faith , as
plenty eimes in Autumn. Let us then board
np faith, as Autumn gathers op its bounty."
.... , :i .
Mob Law in Cairo—A Man Murdered
by a Notorious Rowdy—The Villain
Arrested and Hung by a Mob.
A Cairo correspondent of the St. Louis Re
publican, writing under date of Ootober 10
A horrible case of murder and lynohing on
Saturday night last, ooourred at Mound City,
in Pnlaski County, of whloh I have not yet
received full particulars, but give the facts as
l nave neara mem.
The murder eocurrod last Saturday night,
A man named Vaughan, who is said lo be no
torious as a desperado, was on a spree, in com
pany with a molder, whose name I have not
heard, employed in Ooodloe's foundry. In the
oourse of their drinking they fell in with a
man named Jos. K. Charles, a carpenter dj
trade. . A dispute arose between vaugons
companion ana Charles, whloh led to a fight
between them. The carpenter appeared to be
getting the better of the other, which, Vaughan
perceiving, he drew a pistol and shot him
through the heart, killing him instantly.
Vaughan then fled and orossed the river to
He was pursued arrested and brought back
to Mound City and lodged in jail.
Last night about two nnndred of the citi
zens of Mound City assembled, proceeded
to thejail, took out the murderer, gave him
fifteen minutes to say his prayers, and then
hung him up until he was dead. The found
eryman was also threatened, and left in a
Arrested and Hung by a Mob. Greatest Sporting Wage on Record.
Ten Broeck appears to be putting matters
through with a rush just now in England.
Our London papers bring intelligence that he
has made a bot of $100,000 $50,000 a side
with Sir Joseph Hawlev, tbat his horse "Um
pire" defeats "Loiterer" for the Derby of 1860.
Mr. T. purchased "Loiterer" when a yearling,
for $2,500, and afterward sold him for $7,500,
having won $5,000 with him in a match in the
meantime. He is half brother to the celebrated
"Saunterer," but beyond bis undeniable high
breeding and promising appearance, there is
nothing in Mm to justify the high opinion en
tertained of his merits by his owner. "Um
pire" has proved himself a first class none.
Sir Joseph Hawlev is the most experienced
as well as successful turfite in England.
Last year He carried on tne .uerDy wun
"Beadsman" nnd this year with "Musiib."
In fact, the "cherry jacket" is oftener seen in
lront in tne more important races man any
other, and if Mr. T. out-generals the lucky
baronet, he will have achieved a feat which
no other sportsmen in England has ever been
able to accomplish. The enormous extent of
tne wager, togetner wrM'tne cnnracwr.oi me
horses engaged, will render the race the most
interesting- that has taken nlace on the
English turf since "Voltigeur" had to sue
cumb to "The Dutchman," and the result will
be looked for with equal anxiety on both
sides of the Atlantic.
La Mountain's Eastern Current.
Mr. La Mountain has also published a long
account of his late balloon voyage. He
claims that at the hight of three thousand
feet the balloon struck the north-eastern cur
rent, which moved at the rate of twenty-five
miles an hour. It was of great depth, as at
the hight of three and a half milea the bal
loon did not lose it, but took a still more
easterly course. He thinks that at an alti
tude of two miles and a half he could have
crossed the Atlantic in thirty-six hours, and
without any more ballast than in making an
ordinary local ascension.
The balloon remained up three and a half
miles only half n hour, going almost due
east, and Mr. La Mountain says that only
when they left this ever-reliable stratum,
and descended into the local currents, they
were carried in a northerly course.
At sun-down the baloon descended to the
top of the olouds, on which it floated as a ship
does on water. The aeronauts supposed they
were traveling duo north at 25 miles an hour,
and had not then journeyed more than 25
miles northward of Watertoirn. By keeping
up a little while, the St. Lawrence would be
orossed, and a landing could be made near the
line of the Grand Trunk Railroad, on the di
rect route to Kingston, where the next ascen
sion was to take place Opening a valve and
dropping through the pitchy-dark clouds, Mr.
La Mountain found his air-ship only some five
hundred feet obove the earth, and over a dense
forest. He thought it the famous John Brown
tract, kept on, and finally landed in the heart
of the great Canadian wilderness.
Tns Old Likb Whig Movemcsts. A cor
respondent says: The Hon. Washington Hunt
and others interested in scouring the nomina
tion of Mr. Edward Bates, of Mo., to the
Presidency, are in Washington, prosecuting
their purpose. The National Intelligencer has
consented to support the ticket.
Arrival of the North Star.
NEW YORK, October 12.
steamship North Star, from Aspinwall
on the 4th inst., arrived this morning.
She brings the passengers who left San Fran
cisco on the 20th ult., making the entire dis
tance in twenty-one and a half days.
The specie list of the North Star amounts to
The revolution in Carthsgenia continued
successful. General Nisto was popular and
had succeeded in defeating the Government
forces. Carthagenla and the whole State of
Bolivar, was in a state of siege.
General Soott and his suito reached Panama
in health and safety on the 4th inst.
The Government of tho Provisional President
of Costa Rica was getting on with apparent
The Bishop of Costa Rica, L'Lorente, ban
ished from that country for refusing to obey
the equitable laws, has returned on the invita
tion of the new Government.
Edward F. Conway, the young American
who was sentenced to ten years on the pub Ho
works, for having killed a German in a row,
has had his sentence commuted by the Supreme
Court to four years.
The United States frigate Saline was at
San Juan Del Norte.
In Peru, President Ostella is preparing a
costly expedition against Ecuador.
Rubio, the legitimate Governor of the
province of Guyaquil, has resigned, and a
provisional government had been installed,
All the other ports except Guyaquil remained
Disturbances had occurred on several of
the American vessels at the Chinchas Island.
The Kiting Sun had placed her first and
second officers on board the Peruvian steamer
General Luzurii, badly wounded. The second
officer is since dead, and tho first is in a crit
ical condition. The Queen of the Seat and
John Sidney also had disturbances on board
on the night of August 19.
A revolt occurred at the distillery station
at Santiago. It was checked after the Ser
geant who headed it had been shot. In
other parts of Chili much discontent pre
vails, and President Morell had obtained
from Congress an extension of .extraordinary
powers for one year.
New York Financial Matters.
NEW YORK, October 12.
: Stocks, after a slight panlo yesterday after
noon, showed increased strength, a higher
range of prices being establiihed throughout
the list with a deeided upward tendency in
railroad shares. , The leaning stock on the
Western list was Galena and Chicago, which
opened at 74, an advance of on yesterday,
and steadily rose to 74X74: sales were
made at the close at 74, buyer sixty days.
Michigan Central, Rock Island and Illinois
Central were each M higher. New York Cen
tral, after selling largely at 80, elopoa at
80'80 sines the Board. Reading, Mich
igan guaranteed, and Erie without quota'9
change, coal Stocks steady at previous prv
There is more doing in bank shares, and piW
In most inataneea are In favor of the seller!
A further improvement took place in State
stooks. .Missouri sixes are arm at
Tennessee sixes at 88f. Railroad bonds gen
erally in better demand. The issues of Mich
igan Southern are 1K2 higher. The bids
for various issues of Erie are 1 higher.
New York Central bonds scarce on temporary
loan; money easier, but still active. The
range of transaction on prime collaterals is
&Ko, 7 being now above the market. In
discounts there is little or no relaxation, the
best four-months paper, as a rule, not pressing
below 7. The Aela, for Liverpool to-day, took
out $224,750 in speoie. The foreign Bxehange
market is exceedingly quiet this morning, the
bulk of the business for the Atia't mail being
eonoluded yesterday. Banker's sterling HO;
Francs mblS.
Pennsylvania Election.
Harrishurg York County gives 276 Bern,
maj, but elects one Opp. to Legislature.
Petrikin (Opp.) candidate in the Lycoming
District has been defeated by 1200 maj.
Adams Co. Dunborrow (Opp.) elected by
29 maj.
Beaver County Elects two Opp. members
to Legislature by 650 maj. Mr. Inibree,
Opp. Senator, has 300 maj.
Scranton Oppo. maj. on State ticket is
small and result of County ticket doubtful.
Easton Dein. maj. in Northumberland
County estimated at (100.
In the Senatorial District, composed of
Adams, Franklin and Fulton Counties, Alex.
MoClure has been elected. In Franklin
County his maj. is 939, while his Democratic
opponent Mr. Douglass has only , 139 maj.
in Fulton and 11 in Adams.
Philadelphia Returns from the Interior
come in slowly and render it difficult to ascer
tain mo exact result in me istaie, it i now
thought that the Opposition have elected
senators in eleven districts: if so the next
Senate will be composed of 22 Opiiositon and
it iem.
Tho Odd. claim 12 Represent atives from
this city and with other gains it is supposed
the House will stand 03 Opp. and 37 Dem. -Luzerne
County Dem. maj. OOOtorState
Ticket. County ticket also Dem. Senator-
ship doubtful.
Carbon County Dem. maj. 100.
Lehigh! County Dem. maj. 175. Opposi
tion elect all their candidates and County
ticket except Sheriff and district Attorney.
juucks county jjoumiui. loj. on either
side will be trifling.
Fulton Connty Dem. mai. about 100
MeCluro and Austin (Opp.) are elected to
Bedford County Dem. mnj. about 150
Franklin County gives an average mai. of
3ou tor upp. mate ticket. Mcuure . (Upp.)
for Senator and Austin andBrewster (Opp.)
for assembly are elected.
The Election in Baltimore.
The municipal election for members of the
City Counoil is being held to-day, and there
is a large turn-out of voters. In many wards
the polls are blocked by rowdies againBt all
naturalized voters. Intimidation, and even
violenoo, are being resorted to. The police,
with a few exoeptionB, fail to do their duty,
and carry out the instructions of the Mayor.
It is still hoped, however, that some of the
olub nominees will be defeated. The Mayor's
office is thronged with a delegatien of the Re
formers, making complaint of the ineflicienoy
of the police.
Latib. In the latter part of the day there
was considerably more violence and intimida
tion at the polls than during the morning. The
Ninth Ward Reformers were driven off, and
at about three o'clock their candidates were
withdrawn in disgust. In the Twentieth Ward
there was considerable violenoe during the af
ternoon. Mr. Frush, of the firm of Frush k Snydor,
was severely beaten, and his cheek-bone
crushed in. Notwithstanding all this, how
ever, the Reformers have done nobly, and but
for violence and Illegal voting, would have
swept the citv. In the Tenth ward, the noto
rious Club nominee, John Hensloy, is defeated.
Tho Reform candidate has 122 majority in this
Ward. Tho most respectable eitiiepg were
The vote of the Wards, as far as received,
Is as follows: First Reform 108; American
138. Second Reform 64 ; American 467.
Third Reform 552 j American 681. Fifth
Reform 270; American 377. Sixth Roform
308; American 509. Eighth Reform 826;
no opposition.' Ninth Reform 219; American
235. Tenth Reform 323; American 261.
Eleventh Reform 748; American 261. Twelfth
Reform 654; American 371. Thirteenth
No opposition ; American 465. Fourteenth
Reform 463; Amerioan381. Seventeenth 117;
Amerioan 628. Nineteenth Reform 574 :
American 543.
Ohio Election.
COLUMBUS, O., October 12.
Returns indicate Rrmlilinnn mnlnritvnf
over 16.000 on tha Btnte tir lint, nnrl a ma.
jority in both Houses.
i airneia uounty Kanney 's majority 1,405;
Whitman's 1,539.
fflrlinnn PntinfvT?niMiflinan nim'ili
about 75. Harrison (Rep.) for Senator has
aoout lav majority, jiucmson vem.) tor
Representative has about 25 majority.
Pike County Republican majority about
30. . .
Scioto County Republican majority about
100. ' '
Clinton County (OfiiciaU Republican
majority 701.
MedinaUounty ltepublican majority 1,000.
Ashtabula Couni v All hut savaii tnnma.
Republican majority 2,400.
voLuiiBus, ucioDer la v4 r. 41.
TrlA T?flnillll!rnn Rl.pto fintrnt ifl atant.a,l lw
-" J - p l . . . mvwvv -.uuvv J ..VV.W J
over 15,000 majority. The returns thus far
inriinfl4AftAnflt.aHnniili1tift.na 09. Damn.
crate 13. House 12 to 16 Republican ma.
Iowa Election.
CHICAGO, October 12.
There being but four telegraph offices in the
State, some days must elapse before the result
is aenniteiy ascertained.
?ne vote received thus far is about the same
as two years since when Lowe (Rep.) was
oleoted by 2,000 majority.
Tne llcpublican majorities are thus given in
the following Counties: Soott Coanty, 200;
Louisa County, 60; Henry Connty, 700; Jeffer
son Connty, 150. Dubuque County, Dem. maj.
about 1,500; Desmoines County, Dem. mai.
Indiana Election.
elected by about 325 moj.
MiBini Uonnty itep. maj. over 200.
Shelby County Dem. maj. about 150.
The following Connttea trWa Pan
Marion, Johnson, Bartholomew, Hendricks)
Vieo. Miami. Hamilton. Jennlnss. anil Hm.
Dem. gains : Howard, Boone, and Putnam,
The International Cricket Match.
at tha flri-lrf. Ma Ink
is large and tho weather splendid.
A i a i i i .
Amerioan, nrat innings uiUDS, D. VbOyn,
20: Call is. b. .Tank sun. II: Tpnl,.r k T..k.i.
- j r 1 j I . whuui
It; Vernon, e. Ceasar, b. Jsokson, 6; Kepbart,
b. Jacks, 0; Suright, o. Looktcr, b. Carpenter,
3; Morgan, e. Lookyer, b. Carpenter, 9; Hunt,
0. Coffvn. b. Jackson. 1 Rnvii-ii. a. (VS k
Carpenter, 1; Wister, e. Coffyn, (run out,) 19;
Fisher, b. Jaekson, 4; Hollis, (not oat,) 7;
Waterman, c. Carpenter, b. Coffyn, 0. Total
first innings, 72. Parr disabled, Julius Ceasar
took his nlace. Ellis sotine nmntra instant r
River News.
PITTSBURG, October 12—P. M.
Noohanse in the river since noon. ' Waathar
From New York.
NEW YORK, October 12.
The brig Sounder; of Sareport, was cap
sited off Pollock Reef on Saturday night, and
was towed to-day into Ilyannis. Nothing is
known of the crew. . It is feared they have
perished. .
The steamer Potomac, from Baltimore, reports
passing yesterday all the way from Townsend
Inlet to Great Egg Harbor, large quantities of
wrecked matter, apparently oeionging to a
steamer, .all the wood work being painted
A fearful stabbing affair ooourred to-day In
a building known as the old church, in Eighty-seventh-street.
A man named Patrick Walsh
and his wife were stabbed by Moses Stafford.
Their wounds will probably prove fatal. Staf
ford has been arrested.
Episcopal Convention.
RICHMOND, VA., October 12.
to-day, a large number of resolutions and
amendments to the constitution were presented,
but no final action was taken on them. A large
portion of the day was spent in discussing the
proposed amendment to artiole six, to allow
the General Convention to establish a Court of
Appeals for the revision of decisions of Dlo
oisean Courts in the trial of Presbyteries and
Deacons. No aot'on was had. The consecra
tion of newly elaotei Bishops takes place to
morrow la three different ohurches. A pro
posed arrangement for performing the cere
monies in the oapitol grounds, occasioned an
exciting debate.
Additional from Texas.
NEW ORLEANS, October 12.
McKinley, the editor of the Brownsville
Flag, who is now in this city, states that the
Mexican bsnditti, gathered near Browns
ville, numbered on the 6th inst. about four
hundred men, and was then increasing.
Their object was evidently plunder, and from
the fear that the town would be burnt, whole
families were fleeing.
The Austin Gatette has information that
the Camanches would attack Northern Texas
during the coming winter.
A large tiro is raging on Levee-street.
From Port Au Prince.
NEW ORLEANS, October 12.
The sohooner Carrit, with Port An Prlnoe
dates to the 22d ult, has arrived. The oity
and the whole district were deolared in a state
of siege, and business was entirely suspended.
The eonspiracy is more extensive than was an
ticipated. Fifty conspirators had been arrest
ed and were being tried.
Fire at New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS, October 12.
Messrs. Driver Pierce's store on Levee-st.,
has been destroyed by fire. Loss $10,000. A
mass-meeting of the Opposition if being held
to-night. Mr. Sonle is speaking. Great gath
ering and enthusiasm.
Mnnmv-nnnnirvT T.niu.in. n.i t .
b? Uev. Jamas Aacott, Kr. Samuel N. Morgan, of
New Orleans, to JUiss Kate C. Ungliey, of this oitj.
MORGAN On Tuesday. October 11, Kate Hamer,
daughter of James T. and Hannah 8. Morgan, Id the
tanth unna nf banana '
Her funeral will uke pUoe from the residence of
? : '"' l'v ueorge-siroei, to-dar at
2 o'clock P. M.
LIPPITT-On Tuesday morning, October 11, 18S9.
Martha Lewis second daughter of Prof. E. S.,aud
fcurali Lippitt, aged 3 jearn, months and 14 days.
HW18-Ou Tuesday, October 11, at 11 o'clock M
Samuel Levis, aged its years, 4 months and 11 daya.
His funeral will lake place from the residence of
lie mother, corner Mala and Webster-atreeta, on
thle day, Uhuraday, the 13th inst., at 10 o'clock A. M.
Triende are invited to attend. oclj.
Dixon's Blackberry Carminative,
A SIR, CAST ARB arraoTUAi. oeaa. roa
Summer Complaint, Diarrhea, Flux, &c.
mm- iweniy-nre cents per DottlerwB
GEO. M. DIXON, Drnggist,
an29-cm Corner of Fifth and Maiu-at reets.
STOVES, for Eamllr Tooklne. .rf.nt.rf
mo uumraun cuuitiDg utensils. or iurt ner Informa
tion, call or address Da. H.B. MUSUKAVE,
ocl3a 372 Sbtto-strest, (Jiacinaatl, Ohio.
Th. H..a n.Hn- a. m-1 . .
uj tun jisu ii: ANvgaun, i, nuw open ior examina
tion, at the County Audltor'a office, to which atten
tion ia directed. If auy complaint la to be made, tbe
same sbould he In writing, and previous to tbe fourth
Monday in October, 1S5V, after which no comniaint
will be received.
Bf order of tbe Board of Equalization,
sepW-tt Auditor.
liPa?1 it a preparation tliat will be duty apprecia
ted hy all that desire to restore by art tbe bloom of
youth. Its application ia quite easy; its effects per
fectly natural, and Its use is entirely harmltm. It la
applied with n moistened cloth. Price 25 cents foes
DK I'EAIiLE la fast atineriMllnii tl.o
of powders for the face, as, in addition to all tho de
sirable properties of tbe finest powder, it possesses
mm viuiiiijf mi juiuimiuttuun, removes tan, sun
bum and freckles, and when properly applied, its ef.
feels van not be distinguished from thoao ofNuture'a
own boautifior. 1 1 is applied with a soft sponge, r,.b.
bing the face gently with a piece of Host flannel Rfir
it has become dry. Price Ml cents.
. . SOLON PATuMER, Agent,
Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery Kn w
West rourth-ltreot. oc5
PALMER'S DP.Pir itadv
'rr . : r. " Bupernuoua hair
lmvi.T.-n 7 .
wi uoui mil, ii useo Becoming to tbe directions.
Deluxe"""" uctjiiuiuBii nrHemcai or other poison
ous ingredients, no danger need be apprehended from
ita application. Price 50 centB. oc8i
SKS? DINAVIAN Blood Pills and Blood Purl-
vuo...... ,u, ur.nupsia ii proven oy
numerous testimonials in the boctors nosaession.
wnicn ciin ue examined at ma office, No. d East
1 ourtb.-street, by any one at any time. ocl-am
rT i, C,0.VE BY acknowledged by the moat em
Ineut physicians, and by the most careful drugeista
throughout the United States, to be the most effectual
blood-puriflerever known, and to have relieved more
suffering, and effected more permanent cures, thnn
any preparation known to the profession. Scrofula.
Salt Bbeum, Erysipelas, Scald-head, scaly eruptions
of whatsoever nature, are cured by a few bottiea, and
theaystora restored tofnll strongth and vigor. Full
and explicit directions for the cure of ulcerated aora
legs, aud other corrupt and running ulcers, la Riven in
the pamphlet with each bottlo. For sale by JOHN 1)
BUTTER, try what we anil At ih u .1
next door to Todd's Oyster Depot. '
o'3o M. I. OIIAMPUN,
Agency for the sale of Hateb, Mann ft Co 's
Shell, Keg, and Can Oysters Alao, Xreah Gove aud
rJp.cn) uyiteis, ie. Sly many friends and patrons
will And only choice articles, and at as low prices as
those cnarged for inferior elsewhere,
Oysters cooked in Eastern style at our usual mod
erate charges.
Beiupmbor, 2.13 Walnut-street, fifth door above
eixtb, Cincinnati, Ohio. ooU
To Blacksmith Horse Shoera.
well aaeorted etJiek of Cast Steel, we are lnroeelpt
of the varied sites of
Andtowbleh we invite the attention of the above
, eoiaawf Ho.TOoianjbia-street.
To Wholesale Buyers
In plain Blask, Tansy Itrlpea and Plaids,
Oliene, Bayadere, Brocade, A., loelualng et
ery rartatr.or Millinery Silks.
Id Bonnet and Trimming widths, la large as
sortment, Including very desirable high colors
in plsln, striped, plaid and broohe.
la aolors and for llilllnerr, and Blaeke for
Cloaks. jj
la large assortment, Including the celebrated
Steamboat Velvet Blbbon, Imported exclusive. . ,
ly for our sales ; Galoons, Pompadour, Pom pi
nettes, Velvet Bead Fringes, plain Fringed gv
Ooffaril Blbbons, Crochet Fringes, and every
thing new in the market.
In Silk, Satin, Velvet and Straw, many
them of our own snnerlor manufacture, and in
full assortment.
A complete etook,
Some elegant goods.
Collars, Sleeves, sets Infants' Bobea, Waists,
Bands, Flouncings, Bdglngs and Inserting.
Jacoonets, Swiss and Mull Muslins, India and t.
Bishop's Lawn, Brilliants, India Twill, Hair- se
oord and Satin Checks, 4o.
Tbe largest assort men t, comprising near one
ounarea ityiws, including an in, ravonie ao 1j
mettle makes, and many beautiful foreign de- 3
ni AAie
Of oar own manufacture, .embraoing some
sixty styles, from the lowest grades to elegant
goods. Buyers can rely on jotting newer
styles at LOWER PRICES than elsewhere,
Our Whole Stock
Is now verj complete, and presents attractions
to buyers not surpassed by bouses East or
Vest. H
w" We are disposed to offer oxtr
ordinary Inducements to cash layers,
83 and 85 Pearl-street,
Four-Dollar Dress Hats,
.. , . V15R7 FINH,
Zouave Soft Eats,
misses' Plats and Biding Eats,
Children'! Fancy Eats and Caps,
oclJd 41 MAIN-8THBET.
fl. . corner Fifth and Vine-sts.
Gents' Merino Undershirts, 7 He each.
Gents' Merino Undershirts, TSc. each.
Gents Merino Undershirts, T5e. each.
Ladles' Merino Underrests, TSc. each.
Ladles' Merino Underresti, TSc. each.
Ladles' Merino Undervests, 75c. each.
Girls and Boys' Undervests, all slses,
Girls' and Boys' Undervests, all sizes.
Boys and Girls' Drawers, every size.
Boys' and Girls' Drawers, every size
Ladles' All-wool Ribbed Hose, 4Se.
Ladles' All-wool Ribbed Hose, 45c.
Ladles' All-wool Ribbed Hose, 45c'
Beautiful Iland-Ewlt Hoods.
. BeautlfUl Hand-knit Hoods.
Beantlful Hand-lcnlt Hoods.
K. "W. oorner "OSOx and Vine.
uinvt AtrroaitJ or
Wood-Worl'dng MaoliInerF,
0ir21ilira,,,,,:"" Wait: ia., O jsolsaatl,0.
wnni patr.p. nirYP.BH win
And in onr Jobbing Department a stock of
Quite as attractive for variety, cheapness and adapt
ation to the wants of Western Trade, as oan be found
in any Xastera astabllsbment.
We bave a large and desirable atosk. HerchanU
will find It to thMr advantage to (Irene a oaJI.
144 Main-street,
eolbvf - East lids, below Fourth.
Our Four-Dollar Dress Hats
Ara Selling Very Rapidly.
require an elegant Chapsaa eboald ceil and
seleot one from onr numerous styles.
No. 149 Main-street,
And do a General Banking Business,
; OF ; '
Chas. S. Weatherby,
Offers for this season's trade the most extensive and
elegant stock of
Ever exhibited In tbls city, eomprislng
Dress Silks,
Dress Bilks,
Ottoman, Gbene.
uroobe, rianred.
Bayadere Onene.
Rich PompadoBr.
Bouquet Rt.
Moire Antlyot.
MlackOrods Bains.
Black Benped,
Black Amur..
Pre as Silks,
Drees Bilks,
Dreaa Slika,
Dress Milks,
Dress Silks,
Dress Silks,
Dreaa Bilks.
Drein Silks,
Black Brocade.
And a fall line of other Bilks for mourniaf, travel
ing, evening ao.
Also, Dress Goods.
Dress Goods,
Zlegant Ottoman Plaids.
Drets Goods,
Dress Good,
Dress Goods,
Dress Good a,
Dreas Goods,
Jres8 Goods.
Dcs. Guuda,
Dress Gooes,
iirwts Goods,
Drebs Goods,
Dres. Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dress Goods.
v aiencia Hops.
Irish Poplins.
Knglish Grenades.
Valenelas and Poplins,
OliintaWool Delaines,
l'laiu and Priatod Uerlnoos,
Volnur OoU.lle
Bjlt'erlHo Checks.
Woolnud Mi rino fields.
Mohair Brilliants.
Delaines aud Culimeros.
'i hlbels.
FouUidi and others.
8-4 and 4 4 frinte.
Mourning, in variety,
Also, Shawls.
Broche, long and square.
Wool, long and tituare.
For Misses,
htella Bordered.
Chenille Bordered,
Flush Bordered. ,
Tricot Wool.
Borders and HsrinoM.
For Gentlemen. ,
Of all kinds.
Cloaks, Raglans and Ladles' Cloths.
Also, Housekeeping Goods.
Housekeepers' Goods, Bleacbcd and Bro. Damasks.
Housekeepers' Goods, Damask Clothe and Napkins.
Housekeepers' Goi'dg, Huckaback and Scotch Dia'r.
Hoinekrepers' Gooda, DinenShettingsend P. C. do.
Housekeepers' Goods, Cotton do. do.
Housekeepers' Goods, ltichardson'a Irlih Linens,
nourekeepera' Goods, Marseilles Quilts.
Housekeepers' Goods, Blankets.
Housekeepers' Gooda, Piano and Table Covers.
Housekeepers' Goods, Drapery Musi ins.
Tbe department of Housekeeping Goods receives
special attention, and I am able to offer nnniaal In
ducements. Also, Embroideries.
Embroideries, Collars, Sleeves and Cuffs.
Embroideries, Handkerchiefs.
Embroideries. Embroidered Trimmings.
Embroideries, Beal aud Imitation Laoes,
Embroideries, Lace Berthas aud Capes,
Embroideries, Lace and Lore Vails.
Kmbroideries,' White Goods.
Also, Hosiery and Gloves.
Of every kind and description, In Cotton, Silk, Wool
and Merino, for Ladles, Gentlemen, Hisses, Boys
and Infants.
Also, Domestic Goods,
Not only the LARGEST, but CHIAPEST, assort
ment to be found.
Also, Cloths.
A laro stock of Cloths, Casslmeres.Ttveeds, Jeans,
Canada Gray and Satinets.
Tbe above floods having been bonakt reoently at
the NEW TOBK AUCTION SALES, principally
for CASH,
Tbe Prices are necessarily Lower thin
While ths Quality and styles of the fabrtss saa not
be surpassed.
No. lia Fifth-street,
- f-. v . ' loelltfj .
John Shillito & Co.,
101, 108 and 10 West Fonrth-et.,
Have in store aa slsgant atosk of
Delaine Robes,
Robe de Cliambres,
. Irish Poplins, &o.
Having purchased the above Goods on the most
favorable terms, ire are prepared to offer great In-'
dncementstoonrooatomers. ooll-awMp j
A U T A W ar1l. V.IIJi M vr-. . m . .
m Mem TT I VBVf VsUlUMB 9. O AaUl A IllrO
, MP-?

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