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la published MXf.j, Sundays exited,) or j
orrisa-ao. H wst iodiii iiiiii,
TBI PINMT rBISS la dolivtred to subscribers In
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and sur.
rounding elttea and towns, at tht ex
tremely low price of . ,
fbicbs or aii,ibo:
BlngU copies).; 1 month 40o.; 3 monthitl; 1 ysarli.
nun an i mminti. s ....
Jobs A. BMnca,Jaf...,....8oU Lessee and Manner.
The mauager beg- to announce! i brief sngige
meat with the oelebrated Irish Comedian,
Mr. COLLINS, ...
Who will uproar to-night in two character!.
THIS (Saturday')' EVENING. Oct. 13, will be pre
tented tha corned J of
Oa, A Boool roa Dihoiiatu)T.
Blr Patrick O'PlenlpO... -Mr. Colllni
Count Morlnoi.....M.........-.....-..-M.-....Mr. Blleler
Prince Budolph 'm mftfiJ
Varna Isabel la..... mL wfitl
Lady Emily Da Iiaojr.,.............""-1',a waits
Tha beautiful and ohirminf Kate Pennoyer Id ona
of her celebrated daucee.
To be followed with the comedietta called
Morgan Battler (with songa)... . Mr. ceiiioi
Swell Billy.,
iateeeate.aeetaaeiiaette"a auawt
........,....,-....-.-Mr. eher
M ..Mrs. Gilbert
Mr. Miner.
Mri. Conscience
To conclude with the laughable farce called .
WDoora open at 8M; Curtain rises c22fi5
Paicia or Adm isaioiv Dress Oirols and Parqoetts,
BO cents; Gallery, 26cents.
Grand Complimentary Benefit of the
V Star Sisters, , ,
All the members of the company, assisted by a host
of volunteer!, will appear In
mil Particulars, names of velonteere. o in
in'all biF" A full Braea Band will be In attendance.
Historical Living Tableaux.
Tlie Only Exhibition of the Kind In the
pllsh'ed that long sought for desideratum
Exhibition, oi comomiua
Un up a aeries of ....
Living Pictures of American History,
Formed with the aid of the best ArtleUin thoconn
a anions whom are eevoral real Indians, aiiiea ny
thVmlt intricate Machinery, Elaborate Bceuorj
and Gorgeous Paraphernalia. SATUB.
At Smith A Nixon'B Hall.FBiyAI ana SAiva
BAT EVKNINGS, October 14 and 1.
, rot'lcockrintertaintaant to com
mence at IX o'clock.
For lull particulate, ro,a---
DANCING lllffil
National Hall, Vlae-aereet, av truta.
Leader of Orafaestra.............. O.H.Holcemb,
L ASSira-Thnrsday, from to P.M.fcr Ladles.
Saturiay. to 12 A. M., and 2 to a P. M., for Misses
"waKg'ciasa, for Ladles and Gentlemen, Friday
.',Tfi:mnw.dne8dav and Saturday, at 7 P. M
Qnartaror twoiveweoas, """'""".'"ITli- ,,
Term of twenty-four weeks, lgloners,in.
" ..,.,ttnnk advanced tuolll. S6
Lessens Vol VJbnti.mbm.-Ib order to meet the
ronvenlenco of gentlemen whose business or social
can t uaea uariug u w"vljpr5i "
The following purses will be
Ten for Trotting Horsss, to
come oft" over the above (Jourse
commencing TUttSDAY, Oc-,
toberlg, vial ..-
First Day Tuesday, Oetoneir 18.
' Purse $26fl-mile heat, best three in Bio, to bar,
seas, free for all trotting horses.
now Wndneadav. October 19.
Purse tm mile heals, best three in live, to har
ness, i'or horses that neter trotted for money over
public raro-oourse.
Third DHT-ThiirsdayiOctobarao.
X9(in mlla heats, baattbree in Ave. to bar
Bens. I'or horses that norer trotted in 2:50 In public.
v .1. nn.-irrllav.iptiihai!11
Purse tsoo-two-mile beats, to harness. Free
11 trotting horses.
"Flora Temple" and "Princess" areeicepted
these purses. ., ....
tpAH,k. uVwkvd niiMM. there mnit three entries and
two to start. Entrance 10 per cent. F ir the first
race entry must be made on or before Saturday, Oc
tober 1ft, at 12 o'clcck M. For the other purees,
entrlee to oe maue ou ur ueiuro ia uojr yivviuu
ach race, at 12 0 ciock m. ,
Entries to be made at 71 West Tklrd -street, Clncln
The nropTletor flatters himself the Cincinnati
Trotting Park Is as fast and good a Course as any
iTi..n will Hn a11 In hi. tmwerto accommo.
date all persons bringing horses to his Course. Good,
comfortable stables will be at the service of turfmen,
free of charge, and they are Invited to come early
and do their training over the Course, which will
kept at all times in goou oonaiiion. -Liberal
parses will be given for trotting and pac
in g horses during the season.
oc3tt T. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
Commercial School
JUL Seventh-street, between Walnntana yina, (Jin-,-innatl-
fihln. Rvaninff tilass ooDimenclnff Monday.
26th Inst. Book-keeping taught as applied to every
departmentoi traae. Dusiuess vruaiuenini
manshlp. Call and eijunipespcdiBHaj. sepilamt
(Successor to Oonwell A Gultner,)
la Prepared to do all kinds' of Plumber
Work on Short Notice,
ocibw' E. GAITHEE, Bupsrintendeat,
No. 17 Btate-atreet, Colambas, Ohio.
war Agent for tha WIKKIiT SCIENTIFIC ABT-
1SAN. . ocll-am
The partnership lieratofore existing between
the undersigned, nnderthe name of Applegste A
waa dissolved July 1, lead, Jamea Applegate baring
aoiil nis inieresi in me concern so nil successors.
IffnAfl fnrmed a co-nartnershio. Jnlv 1. IMS.
will continue the Book-selling, Publishing, Printing
and Stationery Dullness, aa conaucua Dy Apple
A Co.. using tne name ana sirieoi Appiegareau
as heretofore, SAMUEL FLI0KIMOEB.
Fllcklnger having aold oat bla Interest in tne
rlson Furnaoe Company, at Portsmouth, the
Bess will Da conuuaea oy rue renuuuing puwn.
- . . B. B. BOBS,
CAHD.-Mr." William Wrigbtsen haviDgbecoma
no of tbe firm of Applegste Co., the Printing
business of Wrightson Co. will by continued
Thomas Wrightaon, at tha old stand, with tbe
S?m?M btrsWore. . WBI6HT80N A CO.
rnHE Proprietor and Managor, veil and fa
JL rorablv known aa a delineator of Bjirnnted Na
,rr. T?r.7 length auceessrolly accom-
in a Publio
r . . lOW-IJ . , ....
VOL. 2. NO. 48.
... , . ..
Rates of Domestic Postage.
Lbttebs For each half onnce, nnder 3.0TK miles,
pre-paid, 3 cents; over 3,i miles, pre-paid, 10 cents.
All letters mint be pre-paid by sumps, or inclosed In
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Tbamibnt Newspapers, Periodicals, Cibculass,
to., to any part of the United tiutes, not weighing
over 8 ounces, 1 cent; and 1 cent for each additional
ntiniw nM.nnm.nl i-MHilrf-rt
Books, pre-eald, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
per ounce, for any distanca in the United States un
der 3,000 miles, and 1 cents per onnce over 3,1X10 miles,
pre-paymeut required. All fractions over the ounce
to be counted as an additional ounce.
Nbwrpapkss and Periodicals, not exceeding 13a
ouuees in weight, wben paid quarterly in advance,
and circulated in the State whera publlshed-da ly,
per Quarter xix, six times
, six times per wees, w,; in-weexiy
v. 6M : weekly. B'a: semi monthly, IX;
yq; Bcmi-weeai:
monthly, H. Newspapers and periodicals when
weighing 1H ounces, oouuie tne ariove raiea.
Kmai.i. Nkwapapkiis. nublished monthly oroftener.
and pamphleta not containing more than 16 ociavo
pages, m pacaagea vi e ounce or .,ot, n ye
ounce. '
Weee.it NzwsrAPBU, within tha county where
nnhll.hMt. lTrm.
Quarterly payments. In advance, may be
titber where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
OtSOLirMATl, HAHrLTOB abtd Dattobt 7l4a A. Bt.J 10ls7
A. a.;o:p. a. iu:ior. a.
Littlb UlAMl-7dO a,..; 1X0 r.M.;7.U r..i 10:45
. a.
Mabietta and CnronrKATi-lOiiO A. sf.sfcWr. a.
Ohio and Misisaim-7:18. n.:i:00r. a.; 10-1 1 r. M
Coriirarog abo Lbxikotom 100 A. a. 7:04 . a.
Departures of Trains.
OiNonTwATi, HAinwoa Aitp DATOij-Indlanapollf
and Cleveiana, e:w a. ., Dauu.a iuu,o.uv
Inrna MiAHi-Cleveland and Pittsbng, 6:00 A. a.)
Cleveland, Pittsburg and BelUir,8:30A.a.; Oolum-
Due Accommoaaiion,:w r. js.j viovviauu,
hnro .nil Itnllalp. IliJllP. U.
Ohio aho Mississippi St. Louis, :M A. Loola.
Tine, l-.oo . a.; oi. iiouis, a:au p. m.
PiTTsrjBa,OoLoasuB amd OwoiHKATicBtenbenTllle
snort Inner fcasi arons-atraet wiptv v.w a.
a.nA . w . n.qn m w
straet-:00 A. a.; 8.80A. a.) 11:80 ..
OnionisaTi abb Mabibtta 6:16 a- a.; 8:30y. at.
Obbtbal chio rrom siaai a rons-atreei mpot o:w
A II. 1180 t Me
OovmaVoii and Lexiwotos :28 a. a.s t'M r. B.
Omnibus Stands.
East Wainct Hn.M.-From corner Sycamore and
Firth stroets-eve7 hair hour.
West Walnut HiiiaCLaneSemlnaryO-FromNo.
138 Sycamore street every lionr.
Westebn Bow abd Bbiohtom. From Main and
Fourth streets-every ten minutes.
West End Line. From oorner Fourth and Main
to Freeman and Hopkins streets.
Biveb Boad and 8sDAsviL!.E.-From corner
Broadwav and Pearl, and corner Fifth and Sycamore
streets-every ten mi nutes.
Broadway and Lower Market-every ten minutes.
TmaD Street Line. from Newport Ferry to
Fifth street Ferry. ,
Mount Abbubm. From corner Main and Fourth
streets every hour.
YINB STREET BILL An V VLirrun. r iuui wiuoi
Main and Fourth streets-every half hour.
CuiiMiNBViLLE. From corner Sixth and Main
atreeta every half hour.
Coviboton. Ji rom corners inn auu naiuuv m
-every hour. m ..
fOBTUrriOE, WEHTEBN XVUW Atll' vuibiwhimu.
From oorner Fourth and Vine overy ten minutes.
OBABON, JUASON, ljEBANUN, Anil Jllunttoa. 1niiJ, an
P.M. froiu 160 Walnut street.
n.ii.i, riAilv. atnA. M.. and a P. M.. (Sab
bath excepted) from 169 Walnut street.
Bboobviiie Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 8 A,
M.-from 169 Walnut street.
inted.) at iii. P. M.-from Broadway and Lower
Venice Ann New London Dally, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 2 P. M.-from lev Walnut street.
JBONTOna BUY. r Klin uvium flium ,J V.
streets Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 2j, P. M.
A voNDALE.-From 171 Walnut street, 8, 10, 11, A. M
2, 4X, 6, P. M.
Church Directory.
Rnntlat.-First Baptist Church, North sldo Court,
between Mound and Cutter.
High Street Baptist unurcn, casi ui wj uaier
Ninth Street Baptist Church, South aide Ninth,
between Vineand ltaco.
Freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
foetof fifth etront. ,..,. ,
Wclsu Baptist unnrcn, norinaiuoimi-iiwiii.
Baker Street Baptist Cbnrcb, (colored,) South sldo
Burnet, betwoen Walnut and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, Icolorod,) South side
Third, between Buce and Elm.
ChrlHtian.-First Ulii-ietiaii Church, Longwortb,
betwoon Western Bow aud John.
Congregational. First Orthodox Coiigrosa
tional Church, North side Suvontb, between Western
Bow and John. . .
Second vrtnouox ongrocaiionai viiuicu, x,m,biuu
Vine, hot ween Eighth and Ninth.
Welsh CongregatioualChurch, West side Lawrence,
botwoen Third and Fourth.
Disciples of thrlat.-Cbrlstian Church, South
wost corner Walnut and Eighth.
Christian Church , between T. P. 18 and 14, Fill ton.
Christian Church, (colored,) North sideliarrlson
FrlcndB. Pirss srieuus lunuuuua,, sum
t IV ... 1 1 Haw atiil Inhli
trtrst rienas imcKBiie,j jjiuu, i.wii nwi.
D .nil .Ti.hn
drea of Israel, South-east corner Sixth and Broad-
Wlfoly Congregation, Children of Jeshurun, Lodge,
between Fifth and Sixth.
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Bace, be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth, ,
Polish Congregation of the K. K. Adat. Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearttn Israel, corner or oenniu.n naiuut.
Methndlat JCnlacoual.-EAST Cincishati Dib-
tbict. Wesley Chapel, North side Fifth; between
Sycamore ana oroaaway. .
runinoireeivuapwi Hu.r.
Asoury Chapel, South Bide Webster, between Main
wd Sycamore.
Mcnenorie iuapei, wwuiwhiu iu ,ium
West Cimoinmati District, Morris Chapel, Watt
side Plum-street, between Front and Columbia.
Christie Chapel, North side Court, between Monad
and Cutter. '.:.,. 'i v.
lai'r-stroei unapei, w iuo w, wiiwwi, w
tween Eighth-street and Hamilton and Dayton
BaUroad Depot. , ..,.,
Baper Cnapei, weal siae eiui, nima ui riuuw.
Park Street Chanel, South-west corner Park and
lTorkHtreat Chapol, South-west corner Baymllter
an1 Va.V
Flndlay Chapel, South aids Clinton, between Cutter
ana Linn. . ., ,. ,. k.,111
Union tinapei, nona fiuvsnwiu, ininnuifuw
1 17 ...... r.. U.i IV t
Methodist ProteaWBfc-Flrst Methodist Prot-
estantunurcD, oixcn, ui.wotiu mo i "y.
' Beconq aieinoaiet atowsuui. vuurvu, jv,iu, w
l 17iruntk inri T.lhArtV.
Geo rga Street Church, George, between Cutter and
11 New Jerusalem. Temple, Longworth, between
Bace and Elm.
Presbyterian Old School. First Presbyterian
.,-u t.7...!: Itr, tl.ln T,rl W.lnnt.
VnnrtV Praab'v tarian Church. North side High
street, near Fulton line. .,...
, tltn jresDyiermu vuuivu, wum-wtwiun
"nSeventh pSsbytorlan Church, Westslde Broadway,
I........ t.'r.Tip,h tttld Vlfth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
BNintri,PreaDyte'rlanChnrcb, Cutter, between Clin-
t0,n.?"av".iii v. flnyooi.-8econd Presbvte.
rian Church, South tide Fouith, brtween Vineand
Third Presbvterlan Chmth, South-wait corner
Fourth and John. . .
Eighth Presbyterian OhnraU, flerenth, between
Linn and Baymlller. .... , . .
Tabernacle Presbyterian Ok iob, oorner John and
Ide Fourth, betwoen Bycaroare and Broadway.
St. Paul's Church, South tide Fourth, between
ll.l. - I Walnn
St. John's Church, South-east corner Plum and
Trinity Church, corner Pendleton and Liberty.
' ' i .!.. A ,!, fnnhnllillna.t Walnutflllls.
Church of the Atonement, corner Blchmond and
Chur'ohof the Redemption, Cllntn,betwen West-
r?.?El"Di.h".l-A.n.tln... Bak stmet
St. Peter's Cathedral, South-west corner Plum anil
St. FrVnds Xavler's, West side Sycamore between
aixin anu cev.utu. . . , . .
St. Patrick's, North-east comer Third and Mill,
St. Michael's West side of Millcreek. '
I riU.I...,lt.n-k VllllAII.
Holy Trinity, South side Fifth, between Smith and
St. Mary's, South-east corner Jackson and Thir
St, Piuils. gonth-east oorner Spring and Abigail.
St, John Baptist, corner Bremen and Green,
u. ti-. ilnll, h.it nnmnr L nn and Lanrel.
St! Pljlom'eoa, North side Pearl, between Flkeand
B8VeThlomas. Wset side Sycamore, between Fifth
and Sixth.
Unltarian.-Flrst Unllarian Churoh, South-west
corner Fourth and Bace.
Unlvirsnllst.-Flrst TJnlTamllat Church, East
side Plum, between Fourth and Fifth.
Second Unirersallst Church, corner Sixth and
The War DeDartment haa ordered
Lieut Col. J. B. Magrnder to proceed to Fort
Leavenworth without delay. .
Rev. Of. S. Btarks, principal of the
State Female College, at Memphis, Tean.,
died last week.
Jn Richmond, on Sunday, Rer.
Henry A. Wise, jr., waa ordained a priest in
the Protestant Episcopal Church.
'f&T Dr. Rutland has been convicted at
Clarkaville, Tenn., of killing hia wife, and
sentenced to three years in the State Prison.
jjafThe proposition to annex West Ilorida
to Alabama has been voted down at a recent
erStepben H. Branoh, it Is rnmorsd, has
gone to California to escape a proieoatloa for a
libel apon Madame Bagioli.
pf'A.t M. Wjman, a revolutionary veteran,
li still living in Windham County, Vermont,
at the eztraordjatary age of one hundred and
lis years. HU'Wental faoniues are ami sonna.
fgrW is mmored that the late Senator
BroUeriok, before the duel, made a will, in
which he leaves all his property to George
Wilkes, of New York City.
3TAn eccentric individual named Henry
D. Thorneau preached in Boston on Sunday.
Mr. Thorneau has lived until within a short
time in a hut by himself, in the woods, be
tween Concord and Lincoln.
gVOolooel Thomas Henry, formerly of the
United States Army, but more recently of
Walker's Niearagoan Army .challenged Colonel
Frank Anderson, at New Orleans, last week.
The latter refuted to fight on the ground that
he had never injured Colonel Henry.
pB" The Terra Haute (Ind.) Erpreu says
ohap is there exhibiting rattlesnake!, who
swallows about twenty inches of one, with its
fangi and poison in their natural condition.
Whether he swallows the head or tall it don't
ay. He it a professor, of coarse, and his
name is Brennan, -
pg The San Antonio (Texas) papers stats
that James Beardall, a soldier who was
stationed at Fort Lancaster, has been tried in
that city for the murder of an old man named
Louis Yare, near Fort Lancaster, in February,
1858, and found guilty of murder in the first
jpS" The dlvorse docket of the Supreme
Court, now in session in Providence, R. I.,
oontalnt eighty-three petitions for release from
matrimony. The court appears to be deter
mined to keep up with the business, and in a
single hour removed the yoke from the neok of
twelve discontented couples.
The Rlohmond Enquirer states that
Mr. Letcher, the Governor eloot of Virginia, it
lying at home in a very dangerous condition
from an attaok of erysipelas, a disease to which
for some time back he has been subject, but
which now is more formidable than usual.
"One of our soientlfio exchanges says
that a powdor has been discovered in the
Academy of Soienoe in Paris, consisting of
chalk and the residue of ooke' after the gas has
been exhausted, from which a paste is made,
which will completely remove both smell and
infection from wounds and sores.
It Is run?ored that a sew paper of the
funny kind, illustrated, is soon to be estab
lished, by an entirely new set of artists,
satirists and capitalists. New York now pos
sesses three men. at least, who are clever
enough for Punch Bellow, McLennan, and
"Yes," said a kind mother, of one of
our oity churches, helping her little son learn
hit Sunday school lesson, "Cain wai a fugitive
and vagabond on the earth; he was to bad that
. . 1 . II .1 V!
DC inougnt every man wuuiu siay mm. i uoiu
could wicked Cain go to?" "Why, mother,"
replied thoughtful Johnny, "Cain could have
gone to Baltimore."
H&- At tho Erie County (N. Y) fair, last
week, there was a young girl, sixteen yean of
age, who had with ber a box ot anauea, oom
nrialnv several rattlesnakes. coDDcr-heads,
California racers, and others, all of the moat
renomous character. These snakes tho handled
in the most fearless manner, winding them
about her no , waist and arms.
s&The ship Jonah Quiney, whose lots is
reported, was on the voyage from Leghorn to
Boston. She had on board a very valuable
collection of works of art, belonging to our
citizens, who hare recently visited Italy. The
paintings, brontes, books, photographs, bas
reliefs, anoient arms and armor, and statuary
that aunk in her, cost many thousands of dol
5P-John A. Washington has "suspended."
It was stated, some time linos, that he had
Invested $175,000 of the money he received
for the bones of his great ancestor in corner
lots in Chloago. The presumption was that
he had paid over the cash for them; bat it
eeme that Do gave nu notes iortnem,Bna uey
have gone to protest.
sar-The oity of New Orleans is overran at
night, oy men in masss, wno commit an sorts
of outrages. Tbe J3 says: Many families
living in tne portion oi tne city lnioatea oy
theie masked men have become terlouily
alarmed, add are afraid to walk tbe I treats
after dark. Many or tnem are airaia to speai
of the matter lest the maskers should wreak
vengeance upon tnem.
s-A viffilance committee in Lafayette
Parish, La., visited the house of Bernaid
Lacoutgire, who had been "warned" on the
night of the 30th ult., and calling him to the
rfnor. shot him dead. The mother of the vie-
tic attempted to get a warrant ior tne arrest
of his murderers, but the Magistrate refused
to receive her statement, and the Coroner
resigned rather than hold an inquest over
the body.
3SThe London Court Circular has a fonny
story about a lady, named Colson, residing in
TTeria Park Terrace, who. more than sixteen
years ago, resolved "never to see the light of
day again," irom naving tmu uimfpuiuwu
her matrimonial views with Colonel H
Erer since the year 1813, this eooentrio maiden
haa lived and slept in a chamber from which
it iiht ta rlrrldlv exoluded. save what it fur
nished to her by the wax ohandlori of Plcoa-
-Letters have been received in England
from UOOtor Luvingsiuuo, m. auivu u.i".
A i laat aaflnnnrj ha was at Expedition Island,
having witnessed various battles between the
Portuguese and the natives of the country, In
blah tha latter were badlv defeated. In one
ease the natives were found Inpossession
many pleoea of bronie cannon. lie naa a very
narrow escape from death by drowning, and
sxpeoted to leave soon for Tete. Inhii journey
he speakS 0l having seen som miu.m
markable people.
saw-At tha Smithsonian Institution there
has been recently received a ipeolmen plank
the great California pine, wen eaioniaiea
give an Idea of the vaatness of that monarch
of the forests on the Pacific. The tree it was
out from was twelve feet in diameter, and
probably had a hight not far from three hundred
feet The ooneentrlo lines showing eaoh an
nual acoretlon, are plainly marked, and,
read by the solentitta eye, are not without
value as a record of the esmpsrativt tempera
ture of eaeh year of the ages through whiob
the tree survived.
Unamiable Women in Railroad Cars.
The Hartford Courant is exceedingly indig
nant at some of the women passengers on the
railroad lines. He aayi on their Connecticut
roadi . ' '
Almost every woman claims two seats one
for her precious self, and one, to use a Vir
ginia expression, "to tote her plunder." It
makes no difference how many men are stand
ing up, the fair ereatures most have room.
Sometimes some Denounced woman, (we never
me tbe word lady in suoh a connection,)
spreads herself and her traps over four seats.
She pays but for one. The eonduoton,
amiable men as they ere, never interfere to
give every traveler hit equal rights. They
probably are too much henpecked at home to
make the women do justice abroad.
There it nothing that to strongly exhibits
the utterly unamiable oharaoter of a woman
as this cold, haughty contempt of tbe righta
and comforts of others. A man who It in
love with a girl should, before he deelares
himself, witness how she oonduots herself in a
crowded ear. It is a good criterion of ber
scltahnesa. 8ht will never make a good wife
or mother.
It is recommended to the masculines to form
a "Man's Rights Society," and compel con
ductors to give them setts, when there are any
to spare. :
Thi Ura ard Downs or Fobttjhi. A San
Francisco correspondent of the New Orleans
.Picayun writes as follows :
In this city there it a person who certainly
took a prominent part in effecting the libe
ration of the French Emperor from the prison
at Ham ; he ia now poor and in diffioulty.
ilia iriends recommended mm to write to nis,
imperial friend and try to obtain some grate
ful recollection of his former services. But
another fact is really serious, and illustrates
what strange conditions of fortune sometimes
fall to the lot of mankind, A gentleman,
well known here as a respectable and relia
ble citizon, aa ne is a thorough and experi
enced business man, atates that when Louis
Napoleon was in New York he was so poor
that he was unable to obtain enough to eat.
except through tho charity of some few
Mr. was at tho time a clerk in a large
imnortinsr house in Penrl-stroet. and waa inti
mate with the then needy French adventurer.
H apoieon was accustomed to come and sit
about dinner time on a window-Bill on the
opposite side of the street, and there wait for
tbe store to clote, wnen he would accompany
his friend, who usually paid for his meal at
a neighboring restaurant. Napoleon seldom
ventured to enter tne store for fear of com
promising hit friend, both knowing that he
would not bo tolerated there. Had tho pro
prietors been able to foresee the wonderful
and brilliant change destined to occur to his
fortunes, perhaps they would have been less
exclusive of their policy toward the poor
Tsadi axo Wages ih Ireland. It ia
noticed at an evidence of the ohanged state of
affairs in Inland, that there has not, for many
a day, been to much activity in the building
as at the present time. A'reoent Irish paper
says :
In Dublin, master painters, decorators, ta.,
find it impossible to procure suflioient men for
the works in - nana, ana wages in loose
branches especially are increased. A painter
of any capacity will get 1 16s. per week.
This extraordinary demand is easily accounted
for. i There has been, since the famine, a
steady and very deoided increase of wealth in
Ireland, extending to landlords, farmers,
traders and otnor oiassea. Formerly tne
owners of the toil were sunk deeply in im
providence. But all that Is ohanged now. The
towns are improving, oountry mansions are
improved, and many new ones are in course
of oreotion; and lo general Is the demand for
artisans that the supply is inadequate. Be
sides, there are orders for tradesmen of this
class from some parts of England, and alto
gether employment is much more active and
labor is better remunerated than perhaps at
any former period. The accounts from Ulster
show that employment is more Drtsx in tne
linen trade, and that the prospeots are im
proving. '
Dr. Livingston r'b Expedition- Later newa
from Dr. Livingstone's expedition it reoeived
bv the Canada. A letter from the Doctor's
companion, Mr. Kirk, states that a trip had
been made to lake elevated considerably
above the Zambesi. Mr. Kirk adds: "During
our walk, which took us three days, doing
about twenty miles a day, we met some curious
neonle. but were glad to find all friendly. I
returned thus quickly, aa I expeoted the
Doctor back from Tete, wither be bad gone on
his first trip with the powder, whioh it would
have been unsafe to have left in a oountry at
present at war. I received, however, Instead,
a letter from him, stating that tbe water was
ao low at daces where the river spreads to an
excessive width, that the pinnace oould not be
taken up at onoe. until the onannei naa neen
previously surveyed by tbe launch; that the
pinnace was left somewhat a little beyond
Souna, in charge of Balnet; that the launch
would proceed to lete, return, pick up tne
pinnace, and afterward return to Cbupanga.
Shabp Sbootiro and Shabpir Practice;.
The Fredonia (N. Y.) Oeruor, tells of one of the
sharpest betting trioki that we have heard of
In tome time, a mr, tiacason nags maue a
wager of $500 with some parties in Fredonia
that he oould shoot fifty eonaaoutive rifle shots
off hand, at a target of two and one-fourth
inohes, at the diatance of ten rods, without
ones missing the mark. He accomplished the
feat, but did it by setting up a heavy boiler
iron funnel, one foot in diameter at the wider
end, and tapering to a size less than that of
the mark just in front of the target. He had
only to keep his ball within five or six inches
of tbe mark and tbe funnel took thorn home,
sure.' He had the Yankee impudence to claim
the stakes after this performance, and we
cannot feel certain that he did not deserve
them, for his sharp trick, if not for his sharp
Sssatob Bbodibiok. The editor of the
New York JTsim, speaking of the late Senator
Broderiek, says:
"The day Broderiek left New York for
California, in 1849, we met him on the steps
of the old banking-house of the Bank of the
State of New York. He had just drawn his
last dollar from that institution. He said to
ns, "Good bye; I am off for the land of glory."
"Where are yon going to, Dave?" we asked.
"To California never to return unlit I corns
back a Senator of the United Statee." We
laughed at this remark, considering it the
grandiloquent boast of a reokleas, desperate
youth, who had as much idea or chance of
actually oarrying it into execution as he had
of becoming King of England."
Thi Japanesi. A gentleman formerly of
Hartford, Conn., writes from Nagasaki, Japan,
to hit friends in Boston, that the Japanese are
a very interesting people, and have more life,
vivacity, and expression abont them than the
Chinese. As yon walk along tbe atreets you
are sainted on every tide by children with
"Ohio" (how are you), and "Boton Kasle"
(girt me a button). They have a great pas
sion for brass bottom, and the naval officers
have almost stripped their coats in making
Noon Dispatches.
Later from Havana.
SAVANNAH, GA., October 14.
The steamship Cahtvcba, from Havana tbe
10th, and Key West the 8th, has put into this
port for coal. The Cahawba has on board
tbe passengers of the steamer Star of ih Wut,
which put into Key West disabled.
At Havana Sugars were dull, sales being
limited at previous rates. Molasses waa
firmer. Exchange on London was quoted at
15X17 per cent, premium; on New York 4
per cent. ao.
The BepMiean of this morning contains
the following additional news from Havana,
brought by the steamship CaXinba:
Maretsek A Bro. had leased the Tacon
Theater at $12,000 per month. General
Conoha was preparing to leave Cuba. The
money market was easy. The weather was
unsettled. There waa but little fever in the
city. Sugar opened dull, but closed active.
Consecration of Bishops.
RICHMOND, VA., October 14.
There was a great throng in attendance at
bt. James, Monumental and St. Paul churches,
of this oity, to-day, to witness the consecration
of Bishops and Assistant Bishops of New Jer
sey, Ohio, Texas and Mlnneaota.
Rer. Wm. Henry Odenheimer, Blahop of
New Jersey, and Rer, Gregory Thurston
Bedell, Assistant Bishop of Ohio, were con
secrated in St. Panl't Churoh; Rev. Alexander
Gregg, Bishop of Texas, in Monumental
Church, and Rev, Henry P. Whipple, Bishop
of Minnesota, in St James' Church.
The ceremonies were very imposing; all the
Bishops in attendance at the convention as
sisting at the consecration. The attendance
included a large number of ttrangert. The
general convention of the churoh was not in
session to-day in oonsequenoe.
Minnesota Election.
CHICAGO, October 14.
The St. Paul Timet of the 13th lost, sayi :
The returns received thus far show the foU
lowing Republioan gains over 1857: Ramsey
County, S00; Hennepin County, 500: Dacotah
County, 400; Rioe County, 170; Washington
county, auu; cnolto county, 11)1); Carver
County, 100.
The Republicans are known to have gained
one Senator and two Representatives In Ram
sey County; one Senator and one Kepresenta
tive in Onoko County; and probably fire Repre
sentatives in Daeotah.
The Demoorats gain four Representatives In
Wenona County. There is but little doubt of
the election of Republioan Congresimen, the
whole State ticket and a majority ot both
branches pf the Legislature,
Destructive Fire at Vernon, Ind.
NORTH VERNON, October 14.
destroying property In bouses and goods to the
amount of $40,000, on whioh there is an insu
rance of only about $0,000. Thirteen build
ings were entirely destroyed. The fire origina
ted in a stable, and is supposed to be the work
of an incendiary. The principal losers are,
Wm. Sharp x Co., druggists: Riley fe McClel
land; Fetting Sc Co.; Reed A Co.; Wm. Love
and F. L. Henningray. Among the buildings
destroyed are the Masonic Hall; Adams A Col.
Express Office, and thePostoffioe.
Our Ministir in China His Imprisonment.
The extraordinary report which has reached us
by the Indian, to the effect that the Amerioan
Minister, after reaching Pokin, had been seized
and confined by tbe Celestial authorities, seema
to be pretty generally believed, it is by no
means improbable that information conveyed
toPekinofthe part played by tbe Amerioan
flag in the battle of lion-tain may have im
mediately moved the cnineso uovernment to
this step. In a letter from Mr. Ward, pub
lished in the New York Times, of yesterday,
he frankly acknowledges a participation, to
some extent, in that conflict. Mr. Ward says:
"I oould cot hositate to any to Commodore
latnall that while we had no right to fire a
gun in their defenso, or to give them a man to
aid in the attack, wo ought to render the re
quired assistance to relieve tbe Admiral from
bis position, ana mat accordingly dm aeiiro 10
tow un the boats received not only my assent,
but my unqualified approbation, and was,
indeed, in strict accordance with my own
wishes." ,
Cheap Li vino in Pabis. A correspondent
of the New York Herald writes from Paris as
follows :
Here is the result of one day's expenses :
Room 20 sous; breakfast five; lunch 7; dinner
16 making a total of 47 sous, or a little less
in federal currency than that number of cents.
But many persons live here at a much less
rate than that. I do not, of course, refer to
the laboring people men and women who
live on half ot it but to clerks, students, ar
tists, men about town, and the like. It ia
not considered disgraceful here to be eoo
nnniii.nl. nnd I have often seen verv sentle-
tuanlv men coming outof a baker's shop in
the moring with a small roll in their handB
whioh coat one sou, and whioh they ate as
they passed along the street. A very distin
guished professor in the College of Sarbonne
was pointed out to mo a few days since, en
gaged, in this economical combination of loco-
mnt.iii anil mafltio.tiftn.
Thi FbioatiShannon. The following par
ti graph, of tome interest to the Amerioan
reader, ia from the London Timet;
The British Navy is just about to lose one
of the old trigates which played a conspicu
ous part during the American War the Si.
Lawrence, formerly called the Shannon, which.
under the command of Captain P. Brooke,
attacked and made the capture of the famous
Cheiapeake on the 1st of June, 1813, having
arrived ot Chatham yesterday, in tow of the
African and Adder, lot the purpose of being
broken up. The til. Lau rence has been sta
tioned at Sheerness forsome time, where she
Las been employed in harbor service, but the
Admiralty have now ordered her to be taken
to pieces. -
Citt Passingsr Tbatii.. Respecting the
business of horse railroads In Boston tne Jour
nal of that oltv aavi:
"The Metropolitan road carried last year
4,525,169 passengers. The Cambridge and
connecting hone railroads 1,762,758. Middle
sex (Charlestown)and connecting roads l,2iJ
537. The Doroheiter road 131,462. The ag
gregate number of passengers conveyed over
the different none rauroaas terminaung in
Boston, last year, it thus appears, by ofhoial
returns, waa 7,648,926. The number this year
will be greatly increased."
California Coxsbmsmkn. Broderiek it the
second Congressman from California that hat
had hit term cut ahort by duelling. The other
was the Hon. Edward Gilbert, who was one
the first two membera elected from that State.
The Hon. Joseph McEibben, a member of the
last House, also got Into a personal diffioulty
during the canvass, which lei to a hostile cor
respondence, and ended in an apology; and
Herbert, a member of the previous Congress,
came near being hanged tor the murder of
waiter at WlUard's Hotel in Washington.
5l. v. " . TEAMo'-CASH)' T7r???'
AdrertlMmenta not exceeding ) llrtae (Agate.) I ' T
nneinsertloo......,.t JS I One week ......;.'.....H
Two wetks .. 1 telOue month,. J SO
Larger advertiaeEneaU. inserted at the toilewtM - v. t
rates for square of tea Unas or less
One Insertion .. SO I Two weeks. 1 OS
Kaoh adili'nal Ins.. 26 Three weeks. 4 0 .
Cue week...... 1 76 I One moBth.........i. t a "
Job Printing; ..-.
In all Its braaob.es, done with neatness and dtsasdeb.
' ' ; ' ' ' 1 a.' ' ' '
8t Pearl-street,
Bare bow Is store a large and eelest sioak of ITA.
PLB and FANCT DBF OOODB, wbisb, for extant
and variety, Is assarpassed, viat
A large and general stock of Domestic
Woolen and Cotton eona.
A splendid line of veryrl-' DreisGeodi,
in Silks. Delaines, Merino a, and other
fabrics of newest styles. ... , , ,
Cloths, Cassimeres
large assortment.
and Vesting!, In
A complete steak ef White coca, Eat
broideries and Lines. Coeds, ef ear
own Importation. '
. very extensive steck of Fancy and
Variety Goods, Shawls, Hsslery,
Gloves, bs. '
-a.:: ' !.N
SW We ihatl be ta daily receipt of ail a ?w aad de
sirable Goods daring the season, and dslt ta be
placed in competition with any house, Ba'.ev Wast.
by anexsialiiaUon of our asyck. yHSem
at but lust what tha Ladles ha' a lane needed
and looked for in vain, the U torine Ell lir.
ine uterine uuxir is wsrrantea euro ail ois-'
eases of a Uterine Nature ; Inflamn ttlon of lite
Womb, tbe Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra,
Prolaneus or Falling of the Womb. Pain Til Menitra-
atlon, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea: in fact, a wrfectenre
is guarranteea Dy ine use oi irom two to ire Dottles
of the
atlve and Urinary Organs, of male or female, no
latter oi now long itanaing, i-nce ai per ooiue.
Madame KLLIS calls particnlar attentloa to the
following Card of one of the moat prominent Drug
gists oi Cincinnati.
"To tbe Public and thr Ladies in PAanon,Aa.
We, the undersigned, are not in the habit of giving .
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing well tbe
iiaay rnysician,anainemeaicinecaiieatne uterine
Elixir, we cheerfully recommend it to all females
suffering from Female Diseases of any kind; It la
purely vogetauie, ana in no case can uo injury; wa
say to all try, and our word for it, you will find re-
uei. i t . it. iiiiiu, iiruggw.
sep27 "Corner or Fifth and Uace-st rests,"
-ALSO- '
LATINO BALSAM cures, without fail, naina
In the Breast, Back, Side or Limba; Coughs, Colds,
lioarseness, Difficulty ot Breaibing, Headache, Flat-.
ulency, Heartburn, Chronic Bheumatisiu, Bllliosa
Cuollc, Cramp Cholic, Orlping Pains of tbe Bowels,
Dullness, Stupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and
In Painful Menstruation it is a certain cure, aid
gives immediate relief, la any of tbe above dlaea.es
lb win Hive iouei lok.viii, uiiuuivn, auu m perain
nent cure by tbe use of two bottles. Unlyouceals
per bottle so cheap that every person can gout.
Either of tbe above medicinea to be baa of F. B.
HILL. Druxsist. corner of Bace and Fifth-atreete:
and EDWAfiD SOANLAN CO., Drngnists N. K.
corner of Main aud Fourth-streets; J. B. Paik, cor
ner Fonrth and Walnut; or of UBIUIUMA CO.,
Manufacturers, No. 24 Eaat Fourth-street, Cincin
nati. O. sep37-ay
Ne. 1ST East Frost Btrnw fee. r ixa and Batler-at's,
with the mast imsroved kind of machinery. 1
am prepared to fnrnlab, at short notice, all kinds ef
House and Steamboat, Carpenter and Joiner's work.
Sash, Blinds, Doors, Frames and Ploldings, of all
descriptions. Steamboat Lumber, Weather-board-og,
Shingles, Siding, Flooring, Ac., kept sonstantly
unhand. Particular attention paid to planing, rip
ping and scroll sawing. Heavy iraming inmnw can
be plaued and trued 40 feet long, and so Inches wide.
Persons about to build, will fluu it to their adraa
tage to give me a call. WM. JONES,
R 1 1 -1 1 111 riui(ivMn
haa itiat received, from Boston, an entire new
assortment of Oeal Oil Lamps and Improved Homers,
preventing the anioke, so much of an anuoyanes to
consumers. Also, tbe best article of Burning Oil
aver oncrea la mis market, ires irom amoaeur emeu.
No. I College Building,
Walnnt-st., lict. Fourth and Filtt.
V. A. 04111 n,
Un' ai asil t
BUTTER, try what we soli at 161 walnut-street.
uext door to Todd'a Oyster Depot.
OC130 At. r. CUADiriilN.
WW i
AT LAW, Ohaaa Building., No. I last Third.
Agency for the tale of Hatch, Mann A Go 's
Shell, Keg, and Gan Oysters Also, Freeh Cere and
Spiced Oysters, Ao. My mauy friends and patrona
will find only choice articles, and at as low prices aa
tuose cnargea ior in lenor eiaewuere.
Oysters cooked in astern style at otur usual mod
erate charges.
Remember, 2)3 Walnut-straet, fifth door above
sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. ooU
XW I NO dally, Rows, Mahony k Co.'s Clsbrated
Planted 0 etere, which I am telling ttunarecedented
low prices by case or doien. Sealers and Families '
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please tend
their orders. Attached to this eetabllinment is a
nice, cnlet, respectable Saloon, where yon can have
Oysters Cooked In every style, and served up In a
clea land superior manner. Charges lest than at any
other place. oolOJ JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster Importing House.
INO daily, ner Exoresi. his aslendld Ovstert.
Having completed arrangements In Baltimore, nn
the most extensive scale, I will stall times during
immwu wnvniruHi luriu.u my 1 1 iruii-, nun
the rest of mankind," with the most DELICIOUS
IIIVALVES Imported to tha Qneea City. None but
lbs very best imported. Great inducements offered
at this Importlng-house.
Order aloliclto
ana promptly nnea. Terms catu.
Sole Importer and Proprietor.
DSAira ru
Spiced Oysteri. if)
ING DAILY, by the Adams Express, MALT
BT'S world-renowned Baltlmars
I'rfiih'Caji, Xeg and Shell Oysters,
Fajeh 'HermeUcally.sealad COTJt, sWIOlD tad
B0JUERT 0EE, Ayeai : . .
ttef-iri Depot, 11 West Flfth-ltrtst,

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