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1DTT0U abs raeniaTTOBS.
Bible Doctrine on the Fugitive-slave
Law, as Rendered by Tom Corwin.
On reoent oeoaslon, ws are told, Ton. Coa
vik, made a political speech In Adami County,
Ohio; before the platform aat one of the "Old
Guard." m they are aometimei called a
"Lttoty Man," In other phraae or in more
common acceptation, aa -. Abolitionist who
embraced tho opportunity to put lome old fash
ioned Interrogation to Mr. Coawiir, in refer
ene to the Bible doctrine in regard to the
Jugitive-ilare law. Cohwii tamed upon him
in a colloquial way and told the itorj of
Haoaa. He represented her as a servant a
thve who, having a ohild by her matter',
which event earning tome little soandal and
dliagreemeat in the family, aa it sometimes
doea, Induced her to esoapo to the desert.
There ibe held convene with God, and, in the
language of Cobwix, "what did lie advise her
to do?" Why, my friend, he told her to go
back to her master. "Yon," (looking the man
in the eye la hla inimitable manner, and with a
grimace indaeoribable,) "if similarity Interro
gated, wonld have advised her to run ur
Canada!" This story is told as having really
oeeurred, and, if not trne, is certainly exceed
ingly CoRWis-llke.
The True System of Advertising.
An exchange discusses a question of interest
to business men, as to the method of advertis
ing. The circulars, bills, etc., arc conceded,
but It la held that the handbill, to be conveyed
about by men, or to be sent into the) country,
is not the best vehicle for advertising for mer
chants. Let them nse the newspaper. The
newspaper ii oiroulated without any expense
whatever to the advertiser, whioh is by no
means an unimportant item, as every one will
testify who has had any experience in distribu
ting his own advertisements. Not only is the
advertisement oiroulated by the newspaper free
of all oxpenae, but it is done more speedilv
nad thoroughly than it can be done by tho !
advertiser. The newspaper is already an es
tablished system ; a thousand doors are opened
to welcome it; a thousand messengers are
daily and weekly seeking the postoffice to re
ceive it; a thousand families look for its com
ing, and a thousand read it when it does come.
Again, those who read the newspapers are the
very persons the advertiser wishes to reach ;
they are the intelligent and well-to-do; the
enterprising oitizens of a country, and are
therefore the most likely to buy that which is
worth buying.
Cal. Benham.
CUlboum Banian, Esq., Tibet's second in
th late California duel, is, we believe, a na
tive of Cincinnati or the vicinity, the young
cat son of Joa. Bsshax, Esq., many years
distinguished as one of the first lawyers in
th State, and is brother to Mrs. Geo. D.
Pbntic. About the year 1844, Wit. Bk.v
a Lieutenant in the V. 8. Navy, an
only brother of Burnm, was brutally
killed at Louisville with a shoe-knife in the
hand of Taibott Oldham, for the simple
reason that the former refused to drink with
the latter. Oldham made his escape down
tho river and over to Havana, where he was
pursued by Baa-tun, -who was determined to
avenge his brother'a death. He arrived one
day too late for his purpose Oldham wa at
tacked with disease and died about the hour
of BasHAM's arrival. We believe that Bbk
am has figured in several duels certainly
one other than the fatal one which has just
resulted in the death of BaoDSBica-since
bis residence in California.
New Book.
Moons, Wilstaoh, Kirs A Co., No. 25 West
rourth-street, Cincinnati, have just issued a
new book entitled The Whtat Plant It
origin, culture, growth, developement, com
position, varieties, diseases, Ac, together
with a few remarks on Indian corn, "its cul
ture," dec, by Johst H. Klipfaht, Correspond
ing 8eoretary of the Ohio State Board of Ag
riculture. Th book contains one hundred
Illustrations; is printed on (food paper, in
honest-looking type, and in very tasteful
binding. Mr. Klippabt'i opportunities and
tastos have well fitted him for the performance
of his task, whioh he has undertaken with a
aeal and thoroughness quite oharaotoilstio of
him. To all eluses of men, but more es
pecially the farmer, The Wheal Plant wiU fur
nish mnch needed instruction in regard to the
production of th great staple of Ohio and the
Western States.
jgfA. movement has been started in New
York oity, among the Hebrews, for the forma
tion of a board of representatives of the Jews
it the United States. The plan proposes the
frToo4 elin,l,twy of dele8RtM
e United Stat... This
kod wv. v iah Board of Representatives,
will .... ''Tward Jewish interests, by
mMl acting forth mass, when
At tt ntMt It will at
tend to secular jwajj only.
WMr.Phelan has renewed his challenge
to Roberts, the English billiard champion,
ior an international match, to be played in
New York, for $5,000 or $10,000 a aide.
Heenan, the "Benica Boy," is to take the
place of Aaron Jones, who has conceded his
right for th fight with the English cham
pion Bayers. It is supposed the match will
take place next May.
Mabohio. The Grand B naampinent of th
Tree Masons of the State of Ohio commenced
at Armory Hall, Columbus, yesterday,
together with the Council. Th Grand Chap
ter meets to-day, and th Grand Lodge of th
Btate next Tuesday. A large number of th
fraternity are in attendance. ; i '
Appolntmeuta by the Governor.
Th Governor on Thursday appointed Hon.
Jacob A. Ambler, of Columbiana Connty, to
III the vacancy In th office of Judge of th
Court of Common Plea of th first sub-dl-'
vlilon of th ninth judicial dlstriot of this
ftate, occasioned by the resignation of Lyman
W.Potter. r, i..v ,. ;
Davisitr PoirraATi. Rev. Dr. Chapin,
(Universalis!,) tn, it t rumored had a boos
presented to him, obUfly,bythi contributions
f a few wealthy man of hi congregation in
Hew Tork. It Ii situated in Thirty-fifth-,
tmi, near Fifth Avu, and tost $24,000.
Approaching Departure for Europe.
A month ago New-Yorkers were aatonisned
to learn that a balloon was in progress of con
struction which, when inflated would overtop
Trinity steeple a hundred feet, and embrace
within Its capacious diameter a building nearly
as large a that occupied by the Timtt; that
this monster would need 725,000 cable feet of
gas to expand it canraa sides to their full
dimensions; and more than all were they sur
prised to learn that the balloon was designed.
not for trips across the Continent, or into the
Canada wilds, but for sweeping over the ocean,
by invoking the aid of Jiolus and defying
that of Neptune. Mr. La Mountain's recent
disaster, and the thrilling story of his suffer-,
ings, have for a time caused this enterprise to
be forgotten. It has been progressing, never
theless, quietly and steadily.
. Mr. T. S. Lowe, the daring originator of the
project, has not allowed his oourage to be con
quered or his enthusiasm to be cooled by the
adversities of others. So rapid has been the
progress of the work that he has felt himself
warranted in beslnnlnr to inclose Reservoir
Square, the use of which the authorities have
granted him for the first time, and we hope
not the last ascension of the "City of New
Public curiosity will also be gratified by an
opportunity of seeing the acoaratua sneoiallv
designed tor tms trial, on tue contrivance ol
which Mr. Lowe particularly prides himself.
The lime-stove, whioh will (rive heat withou
endangering the balloon by flro, and the pro
pelling and steering apparatus, whioh is to be
driven ny jsnesson caloric engine, having
been desoribed, will be on exhibition.
air. Lowe has all the time kept his inventive
genius nara at worn devising ways and means
to insure the success of his trip. Possibly he
may be obliged to take a sail in the ocean bo
fore reaching the shores of the Old World, and
to make this part of the trip as safe and com
fortable as possible he has provided himself
witn numerous lite-preservers, and. a t rench
metallic life-boat, capable of sustaining forty
men in any sea, however rough. While the
balloon is driving along at the rate of one bun
dred miles an hour it is easy to see that eon
siderable difficulty would attend a debar ka
tion. Apparatus has been devised which Mr,
L. say will so retard the balloon that it can
not progress at the rate of more than three or
four miles an hour. Should necessity require
in aoanuonment ot tne air-snip, it could be
aooompiisnea easuy while going at this speed
Casualties by land have boon equally pro
vided against, and that he may not be carried
by his accelerated velocity over the British
Tales and the continent of Europe into Asia,
Mr. h. has provided himself with several
anchors. Two of them are comparatively
near, weigning aoout twenty Hounds each
Another, and the sheet anchor of the trio,
weighs sixty pounds, and is made of spring
steel. This must stop the balloon when it
reaches England or take the island along with
it. Instruments to determine the night of the
the air-ship from the water, and its velocity
ana uireouon, an ot which will be available in
the darkest night, will be taken along. These
instruments will be on exhibition under a tent
in the square when the inflation of the balloon
commences, which will probably b by Thurs
day of next week.
The process of filling will occupy about a
woek. Experiments will be made during
tms iime to insure me security ot tne en
velope, ana it it should be found that it leaks,
two or three additional coats of varnish will
be applied. The ascension will be mado an
soon as possible after the balloon is filled. All
that Mr. L. desires is a clear still day; the
most favorable time, he thinks, will be im
mediately after a storm. Then the air is
likely to be quiet for a day or two. and ac
cording to the theories of Merriata, Maury and
iuiunei, nir. uowe says mat, two days ot lair
weather after a storm insures five or six of a
like character. Ee would have preferred an
earlier part of the season to make his trial
trip, ena according to nig criminal plans
would have started sooner. Ha postponed
vua prosecution oi nis arrangements lor some
weeks, hoping that older aeronauts michi
take the iniative. As all their plane have
fallen through, Mr. L. does not propose to
wniu ior mem any longer.
Who he will take up with him, he has not
jet aeoiaea.
Three : weeks will probably determine th
suocess or failure of this new attempt. It if
to be hoped that Mr. Lowe's daring may be
ruwurucn wuu success, ne scouts tho Idea ol
failure or casualty, claiming that the preoau
tions which ho has taken guard against both.
iIn Egypt, mummies feed the flro that
propel the iron horses on the railroads. These
dried-op human bodies, once the tenement ol
immortal souls, are said to make a verv hm
mo. xusir suppiy is almost lnexnauatibla.
mi. . , . . . . ...-y -
r. William H. fimil V nf VnmArf
R. I., haa invented a machine' for husking
ui uniu, iv hi iu, wui easuy nusic liity
atTIt is reported that Ticnor A Fields will
be the now publishers of the Atlantie Monthly,
which changes hands in consequence of the
uuuro j runups, oempaon a uo.
Two Day Later from Europe.
SANDY HOOK, October 14.
The steamship Africa with dates from Liv
erpool to the 1st, inst., two days later than
furnished by the ( of IVosAi'tialon, has passed
this point, bonnd np for New York.
Th Italian rumors look threatening.
Napoleon repudiates
Prince Napoleon on the Italian throne.
Later accounts from China confirm tha rum aw
of the nominal imprisonment of the American
Minister at Pekin.
LONDON, September 30.
close at 95J. The bullion in the
Bank of England has Increased 349,000
during the week. There is an inoreased de
mand for money.
LONDON, October 1.
Consols are quoted at 95.
LIVERPOOL, September 30.
Cotton The sales of the week have been
60,000 bales. Inferior grades have partially
declined MMA. Middling qualities easier,
but the quotations are unchanged. The
market closed firm to-day, with an improved
tone. The Brokers' circular tays tbat the
market is influenced by the favorable pros
pects of the American crop. Spinners buy
cautiously. There is a full of J.fKd. on
common and sundry grades. James Hewitt
reports an improved demand without arrest
ing the declining tendency. The market is
irregular and the quotations nominal, though
there is no positive decline in the latter qual
ities. The imports of the week aro 52,000
bales. Messrs. Kearsly A Co. report a de
cline of l-16d. in aound qualities, and Hi.
common. There are at iea 41 .(inn Hoi r
mo oiu crop, against zo.uuu bales last yoar.
Messrs. Richardson A 8 pence ouota murium
. t i , . . 4
Orleans at 7 1-lBd.
Anthony Ewainson reports the nmfni m.
lands 1-lfld. lower and common - grades l-6d.
farther down. Messrs. Marriett i Co., men
tion 8 decline of l-10d.Ud. Messrs. fltt.
Urfahl A Co., report a deoline of d. 00 qaai
itlss below middling.
Breadstuff have an adranoing tendency.
Corn steady. Provision dull.
The (ale of Cotton for th week Inclnri
3,500 bales to speculator and 11,000 bales for
export. Holder offer freely, but show no dis
position to press sales. The sales to-day are
estimated at 10.000 bales, at tha fnllnwl
authorised quotations: New Orleans fair 7d.;
middling ti.; upland fair 7d.; middling
8d. Mobile fair 7Kd.; middling Sd. The
stock in part amounts to 000,000 baits, of
which 475,000 are Amerioan.
Trade at Manchester wa dull.
LIVERPOOL, October 1—M.
Th estimated sales of Cotton this morning
are 8,000 bales. The market is steady.
. Bnadthiff: Messrs. Richardson A Speno
report Flour advancing, and Wheat 23d.
higher for Frenoh. Corn dull, but steady.
Proviiiont. James MoHenry A Co., Big
land, Atbga A Co., Richardson A Spenos, and
other authorities, report Pork heavy, Bacon
dull. Lard also dull. . , .
Produce. Sugar heavy. Coffee steady.'
Carolina Rioa firm. Resin steady at As. Id.
4s.. 3d. Spirits Turpentine steady at
36s. fld.(J3i.
LONDON, September 30.
Baring report
very doll. Sugar heavy and declined (d.ls.
Coffee steady. Spirits Turpentine dull at
30. td.
NEW YORK, October 14.
The Africa reached her dock this evening.
The steamer Bavaria and Arago arrived
out. English politics are unimportant.
Prinoe Napoleon had left Zurich without an
interview with the plenipotentiaries.
The Conference oontinued it sittings, bnt
notbing further bad transpired amoe frince
Napoleon visited Zurioh.
1 The Paris MoniUur ropudiatei the idea that
the Emperor desires to place a Frenoh Prinoe
on an Italian throne. It Is asserted that tne
King of Belgium's visit to Sarrita referred
simply to the Be'jjuim dobt to Franoe, the pay
ment of whioh had been demanded.
The rumors of actual preparations for naval
armaments in France eontinue. The Paris
Bourse closed quiet at 69f. 25o. It was
vaguely reported that Austria wa seeking to
negotiate a loan in London.
The Italian rumors are very conflicting.
It was reported that Austria and Eardenia are
making warlike preparations, and that the
Frenoh Army of occupation is to be reinforced.
The Duke of Modena and Tnseany are
reported to have organized a large foroe in
order to attack the army of Central Italy.
Another authority says that the Duke of
Tuscany will regain his throne by an appeal
to universal suffrage. Rumors of disturb
ances in Naples are current, but they are
contradicted. The movements of troops are
taking place.
The Spanish Government has declined the
offer of England to mediate with Morocco.
The Paris Ihy says that Minister Ward
and the American Legation were con
veyed to Pekin in a huge traveling box,
from which only the sky was visible ; they
were well treated, but were not allowed to
see anything, being confined to their house
at Pekin while awaiting on intervitw with
the Emperor, after which they will return to
the frontier in the same manner as they came.
The Paris Moniteur contains the following
"Some Foreign journals have stated that a
solution of the affairs of Italy would be impeded
by the desire of the Emperor of the French to
found a kingdom in Italy for a Prince of his
House. These rumors do not need refutation
to deprive them of all value. It suffices, with
out speaking of the engagements entered into
at Villa Franca, to bring to recollection th
acts and words of the Emperor Napoleon before
and since that epoch."
The Paris correspondent of the London
Herald confirms in the most positive manner
the statements that the King of Belgium's
visit to the Emperor at Biarritz, was wholly on
account of the debt due by Belgium to France,
amounting to 2,000,000. A pressing claim
for immediate payment having been put for
ward. It is announced that several regiments of
the corpi d'armee under Gcnoral Castillane, in
the Lyons District, had received order to
hold themselves ready to march.
Lettera from the Provinces in France con
firm the reports of grand armaments at va
rious ports. The government has purchased
land at a high price on the coaet for the pur
pnBO of erecting fortifications. At Boulogne
a floating battery is to be constructed without
sails, navigated by steam and armed with
rifled guns.
Italy. The Times' Paris correspondent
says: "The latest and most accredited report
respecting Italy is, that the Grand Duke of
Tuscany will regain his throne, not by forci
ble means, but by an appeal to universal suf
frage, accompanied by the grant of a consti
tution and by a general amnesty; that the
Duchess of Parma will have Modena, and
that Parma will remain annexed to Pied
mont. The warmest and most sanguine par
tisans have now given up hones of beinor
wiuauui huch irum ritual rule.
ino ueraiat fans correspondent fiivs:
The Duke of Modena is at tha nf ton
thousand troops, backed by five thousand
more, under the Grand Duke A Tweeny.
Kulborinatton has colleoted some ten thousand
men, of whom almost one-third are Croata and
the remainder Swiss, and he has gone to
Vienna, it is said, to organize a plan of at
ta:k against Fame's army of Central Italy,
now concentrated around Rimini, while the
nrcoauao wouia operate from the North.
Piedmont is also eagerly preparing for the
It is Stated that the reports of dtstarbannmi
in Naples are unfounded, but tbat some agita
tion prevailed, and the government had taken
precautionary measures.
Late lettera assert that Aqallla, In th
Abrnzii, was in open revolt.
Orders had been triran to nlaca Ganna and
othor fortified places on war footing.
A movement of troops was taking plaee at
t.BMt, uuu important oommana are said to
nave already been bestowed.
Rumor savs that tha Pnna nnntAttinlaUa
abandoning Rome and again take refuge at
Goeta. Naples letters of the 27th state tbat
fifteen thousand sold'ers had been sent to the
frontiers, and tbat ten thousand more wonld
iBiKA. There Is na Ifttn nni. W th
Paris Paul furnishes tha fullnwinir in ril n
"JUTcuHJuia oi inr. wara:
"The latest news from fihamrnnl o.toVTI.l,.
beyond a doubt the arrival nf Mr. W., th.
nmtm.uiiiiToj, at ream, xnls diplomatist
ascended the Ki-tohou-yan-ho, one of the
branches of the Pehlo, aooompanled by all the
member of his legation. Arriving at Ning-ao-fou,
the American Corne, whioh had
brought M. Ward, was detained in port. Th
members of the legation, nnder the guidance
of a Mandarin, were placed in a high box
which wa closed everywhere but above, so as
prevent those It '(?- ,..- .v.
box-travell ivided with
all things necessar , a r- . nfi,.
elers, was placed cim.) .en first np
the river, and then u tfc irntJ Canal aa far
the eate of the ovPtr.l. r. V Wn
on a large truck, drawn by oyr, and in this
way me iuinister or tne United States and
members of his Legation, entered the town of
Pekin. They wore perfeotly well treated by
the Chinese, but were not allowed to see any
thing. The truck was drawn ltn tha mnri.
yard of a large house, which was to be tha
residence of the Amerioan Envoys; bat from
which they were not allowed to go out.
At the last dates thev Warn a.waitfn
interview with the Emperor. They had not
been allowed to have any eommunloatlon with
outer-werld, but were permitted to send a
dicpatch to the Amerioan Cnnml at Sh...v.i
Informing him of their safety. After the Inter
view, the American Minister wa to be re-conducted
to the frontier in the earn wav ha
Indiana Politics.
signed by Democrat In
nearly vry oounty in the State, haa been ex
tended to Senator Douglas to address the
people of Indiana on the political topics of
the day. Tho invitation contains the name
many prominent politician and eltisen of
Bute, and will appear in the Sentinel, of
cltr with the signer names, on Monday,
Vigilance Committee.
NEW ORLEANS, October 14.
formed at
Markaville, La., to aid tho polio in arresting
dangerous eharatUrt.
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, October 14.
denial of the truth of th dlipatch from Phil
adelphia that Col. Forney na received a
notification from him of his Intention to
Institute a proceeding for libel on account of
the article in the Prui of Monday, in relation
to th death of Senator Broderick.
The following officer have been ordered to
the United State sloop of war lloliean, of tha
African , squadron: Commander Gordon;
Lieutenants Patterson, 3. P. Jonas, and
Dunnlngton; Parser Abbott; Master Alex.
F. Crossman; Engineers Kiersted, Atkins,
Farmer and Fitcht '
Additional From Texas.
NEW ORLEANS, October 14.
Advice from' flan Antonio, Texas, say tbat
6eneral Twlggl had responded to the eall for
aid from the citizena of Brownsville, laying
that he has not enough men at hi disposal to
drive the Indiana from the frontier, and can do
nothing for them. . . . ,
The ranches on the Texas side of the Rio
Grande have been abandoned on aooount of
Indian depredation. '
Th oitl zen of San Antonio wr raising two
companies of rangers, and thosef other place
were raising volunteers, on aooount of General
iwigg" inability to proteot too wuuvrjr.
Western News.
ST. LOUIS, October 14.
Mr. Otero, delegate to Congress from New
Mexico, arrived here to-day, from w2on the
HtpMUan learns tbat the impression pre
vails that the various Indian tribea on tu
plains design making an attack on tha set
tlements in New Mexioo this winter. That
the Camanohes and Kiowas have joined for
this purpose is a well authenticated fact, nd
in order to prevent an open war euflloient
troops should be sent there without anneoos
ary delay.
From Detroit.
DETROIT, October 14.
The Supreme Court of Michigan, to-day,
rendered a deoision denying the jurisdiction of
the United States Court in the noted ease of
the Deputy United States Marshal, eharged
with killing Captain Jones, of the brig Con
cord, last fall. Tyler wa remanded for trial
in the State Court.
The Cricket Match.
South of England came off to-day. The
South made iifty-nine run in their first in
nings. The Kortb, with six wickets down,
made 120.
Hayward played splendidly. This con
cludes the match. The English leave for
Niagara to-morrow.
Pennsylvania Election,
The official returns from Philadelphia oity
eleot twolre Opposition and fire Democrats to
the Assembly. The Senatorial Distriot, eom-
posea or Uumborland, Perry, Miluiu and Ju
niatl, ia in doubt, the official vote in Cum
berland give Irwin (Opp.) 84 majority.
From Columbus.
From Columbus. COLUMBUS, October 14.
A popular demonstration was offered to
night to Hon. William Dennison, Governor
elect. A procession, attended with musio,
proceeded to his residence, and to their cheers
ho responded in a speeoh. The masses were
entertained at a levee by Mr. Dennison.
From Boston.
BOSTON, October 14.
The Stat Senate has resolved to grant per
mission for the erection of a statue of Eorao
Mann in the State-house grounds, to be
placed opposite to that of Webster.
PITTSBURG, October 14—M.
Rivor two feet twoinehes at glass-house and
falling. Weather clear.
HI0K8 HAEKN. On Thursday etenloff. Oct. 11.
by Rev. Kinreton Goddsrd, Mr. Ubas. S. flicks and
Mlts Nettle Uazen, all of this city.
PHILLIPS. Friday mornlnt. October 14. at a
o'clock, of consumption, Banuun, consort olVVm.
runups. tga tnirty-iive yearn.
Her funeral will take place from tho residence of
her husband, No. Mn West JSIgth-atreet, to-day at
o'clock P. M. The friends ef ibo family ar invited
to attend without further notice.
IsTELL.-On Friday mornlnr, at f o'clock, of
consumption, Deldamia, wile of Samuel O. Sitell,
in her ihirty-fourth year.
Tha funeral will take place on Sabbath, the Uth
Init., at A. M.. from the residence No. 168 Front
street, between Elm and Plum. Frlonds of the tun
lly ara requested to attend without further notice.
ENQLISH.-On Thursday evening, October 18,
1869, at one quarter before 10 o'alcck, Mrs. Frances
A. English, a jed twenty-live years.
The funeral will take plaee from her residence, at
No. IA Kossnth-streat, this morning at 10 o clock.
Tne friends of the family art invited to attend with
out further notice.
COLE.-On Thursday, October 13, Mary H. Oole,
wife of J. V. Cole, and daughter of T. Harris.
Fnrteral serrices on Sunday at 1)4 o'olock P. M.,
at the residence, No. 121 Ninth-street. Friends and
relatives are invited.
Dixon's Blackberry Carminative,
Summer Complaint, Diarrhea, Flux, bc.
Twenty-live cent per bottle.'
GEO. H. TilZON. nrnmriat.
Corner of Fifth and Alain-streets.
is a nrenaration that will be dnlv annreela.
ted by all that desire to restore by art the bloom of
fectly natural, and ita nse is entirely harmless.
oum. its application is qnite easy liaenects per-
1, and ita use is entirely harmless. It is
appuea witn a moistened ciotn. rrice 3b cente
imv" will commence a PROTRACTED MEET.
1MU at Christian Chapel, fulton, TO-UOBBOW at
11 o'clock.
Elder Oonard (colored) will preach at I o'clock
P. M., at Marine Railway.
Thepnblle are Invited. oclS
(JUNflATI, 8. W. corner of Third and Bace-atreats,
October . .'.9. This road is now open. Oars will
alart, at intervals often minutes, from 5:30 A.M.
until mldalght, running eaitward on Third-street
from Wood to Lawrence-street, and we. (ward on
ruunn-aireei to emitn, ana on jrittn.sireet to
Wood. Uitizons will nleAi. hflAr In mind that tha
cars will Invariably oross Interjecting streets before
atopplua for passengers.
tr JAMES J, BOBBINS, President.
UlNCIMMATI, October 1, 1859. J
ER of tha 11 American Cornet Hand Dairn
Sib: Atameetinir of the subscrlbera to the "Moo-
ter Testimonial." nn theflth in.t . a eommlttaa was
appointed to make arrangements for the presenta
tion to yon ol the silver oornet-a demonstration on
the part of iboae who appreciate your professional
abilities aa a musician and yoar character as a gen
tleman. This commlttae waarilrarted tn tender te vnnraelf
and band a Complimentary Concert, on which occa
sion the presentation would be the most appropri
ate, the proceeds to be devoted to re-uuiformiug the
aanu. '
Pleaae lndlcata tha tlna and nlana that wonld hast
am. ,wur eunvonieuce. irniyyourvi
' j. n AkMRTRoNii fOommitrea.
OllIUo. S. ilKACIB,
Ootober IS, im
OianastisT I Tours of the 12lh Inatant (a at hand
and In retnrntng thanks for the honor conferred
upon me and the band over whom I areslds. I flml
myself incapabl nf expressing sufflcient gratitude
fur the many kind furors extended to me dnrlnc my
residence in this, the Queen tllty of the West.
In conformity with the desire expressed, permit
me to name SATURDAY ETalNINt), the aallust.,
at Smith Nixon's Ball. A. 1IENTEB,
Leader or the American Cornet Usnd.
Tfl Hm n Vlfhlsn 11 U Ul,h.l. .1 tf
Thorp, Uemaiittea. eU7-a '
Th re-valuation of real estate, as returned
ir luk Dlitrlot iiwwii. la now own for examina
tion, at the County Auditor's olflca, to which atten
tion la directed. If any complaint is to be made, ifce
tuna abould beln writing, and trerloui to the fourth
Monday in Ootober, 1WP aftor which no oomplalnt
Will !Tf?C6i
By order ut the Board of Eunaliratlon,
aepiT-tt Auditor.
TIB PBAR.LB. la faat niDsraaillna! tha use
of powdera for the fo, as, in addition to all th de
sirable properties of tha flneat powder, it poweMM
tbat ofallnyiDgalt inflammation, removei tan. sun
bum aud frecklte, and when properly applied, ita rf
facta can not be diitlDgniahed from thoae of Nature's
own boantlfler. It Is applied witb asoft ponge, rub
bing the face gootj with a plca of soil llaouol after
it baa beoome dry. Price ao nanta.
Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumerr, ho. ft
Weit Fourth-ltrwt. ocA
pnwuKR will remnre innarnuoua hair
witliunt fall, ir wt-A according to the directions.
Beinxeotlrely free from all artetilcal or other poison
out ingredients, no dander need b appreUended from
ita application. Price IKI eenta. ocl.
Bfa BINAVIAN Blood Pills and Blood Pnri
ner are positive cure for Dyspepsia ia proved by
numerous testimonials io tb Doctors possession,
which can be eiauuued at bis office, Bo. last
Fourth-alreet, by any one at any time. . ocl-am
i:0 VERV la acknowledged by the moat em
inent physicians, and by the must careful Uningists
throughout the united State", to be the mostenectual
Dlooo-punnerever Known, nu ui uave rouavou mora
suffering, and effected more permanent cures, than
any preparation known to the profession. Scrofula,
Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, bcnid.head, scaly ernptlona
of whatsoever nature, are cured by a fow bottles, and
the system reatored to full strength and vigor. Full
and explicit directions for the cure of ulcerated sore
legs, and other corrupt end running nlcers, is siren in
.ie pamphlet with eant bottle. For sale by JOHN J).
'Vl'i fill
ice gl.
To Blacksmith Hors0 fhoera.
N ADTiTTTnW Tfi nTTR T.inav. iau
well assorted stock of Oast Bteel, we are in reeJDI
haa afatriArl ail ana. as?
of tbeyartod slsea of
And to whleh w Invlt th attention of th abor
Buyers. ,
eclSawf Ho. 7 Columbia-street.
Mons. and Mad. Ernes
former patrons, and the cltlaens of Cin
cinnati and vicinity, tbat their School will
open on
raaj vnvc. ah persons are nerebv eau
VArarnn at.
X w tioned against purchasing Certificate No. 81 of
i rueiee oi uuio litre insurance ana 't rust Uompany.
dated Jnno ii, IS99, in favor of Geo. Bhlff, for S60.t SI,
as application has been made for a duplicate, which
will be lasued unless the original la found tn due
time. ocio-u-aj ijtiua. ii. ttlitl,IMJUKr.
mrmm mmw.
1,300 Plotorlnl Illustrations.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
1,500 Pictorial Illustrations.
O.OllO tn 10 000 NBtV WORDS In the Vo
Table ef SiYXOMYMi, by Prof. Goodrloh
Tablo wiving Pronunciation oi Names of
8.000 DUtiusuisIied Persons of Modern
feculinr Use ot Words and Terms In the
Bible. Witb other new features, together with
all the matter in previous editions.
In One Volume of 1,750 Pagei.
Prioe 06 SO. Bold by all booksellers.
6. A 0. J1EEBIA1I, Springfield, Mass.
Tor sate by
oclS-a No. 43 MAIN.STHEET
Gr Xj 33 1ST P Xj 33.
X1ADA.M 111 VJs
(Till irlra a Grand Concert at the Chanel nf th. Tn.
male College, Glendale, on SATURDAY EVENING,
lith inst. Doors open at T o'olock : Concert to com
mence at 7M
Aanussum on cents,
urn or
Soapa, Perfumery, Fancy Goodii eVe.,
Which I will sell cheeper than Any other place Ii
the city. Ton will find a large assortment of EX
TBAOTS at 25 cents por bottle. ocU
jatei-aoo -sdmsi
aou m uoujiai no J0.9 Uvtnu3jBj
!ojs-,qtnnOo pu aoj-ttioiss 'oq
"00 2? H3BEVH 'AI 'A.
ijeiloa pan ssui'uj Hqm j "oy 'Kuniei
joif) Snjiioa sai:, auoij 'seuiipsuj ininf) -iuoi.
auj jepun pas jsddn qioq (TpOS J.i;1seaisj,j-r7
noii ononis ni aa anj "eazis n v
silllff P98ii paB naoQ
Suuioq lu Sniprj.io oiqnj.ioj
John ShiUito & Co.,
101, 109 and 108 West Fourtb-aU,
Have to store an elegant ssoak of
Delaine Bobes, ,
. Robo de Chambros,
Irish Poplins, &c
Having purchased the above Ooods on the most
favorable terms, wo are prepared to offer gre.it in-
dnasmenw to osar suatemere, ect-aeiip
ToTjroUa TJreii Hats. ' -
Zouave Soft Hats ,, , .
Misses' Flati and Bidia; Hata,
Children'! Panoy Eata and Caps,
ooUd 144MAIN-STE?iBT.
Handsomely Trimmed.
. , . No. 149 IHain-atreot,
oclt " : One door below Fourth.
Cahas. s. Weatherby,
Offers for this teaswn's tras tha most extensive sal
elegant stook oV
Ever exhlblteS In this cltr, eompft'slng '
Dress Bilks, Ottoman, Chene,
Dresa Bilks, . Brocbe, rienred.
Drees Silks, Bayadere Chene.
Dress Mike. J . Bicb fompadoar.
Dress Silks, ' Bouquet Keps. f
Dress Silks, Mulie Antique. ' '
Drees Silks, Foulard.
Dress Bilks, Black Gro de Bhftva,
Dress Bilks, Black Hepped.
J'ress Milks, Black Araure.
Dress Silks, Bluck Vrooade.
And a full line of other Silks for mourning, travel'
ing, evening ao.
Also, Diets Goods.
Dress Ooods, Elegant Ottoman Plaids,
Diass Goods,
Dress Goods,
Drees Uoods,
Dress Uoeds,
Dress Goods,
Dress Goods,
' Dress Goods.
Dree' Goods,
Dress Goons,
Ureas Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dreas Goods,
Dions Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dress Goods,
Valencia neps.
Irian popnns.
English Grenades.
Valencies and Poplin
Chintx Wool Di'lalnea.
Plain and Printed Uerinoae,
Valour Gotolla
B ilferi no Checks.
ooland Merino Plaids..
nonalr Brilliants.
Delaines aud Cashmeres,
Foulatds and others.
3-4 and a t PrinU.
atouriiing.ln vartstr.
Also, Shawls.
Broche, long and sinare.
Wool, long and aquata, .
For Mlaaee.
btella Bordered.
Chenille Bordered.
Plnsh Bordered,
Tricot Wool.
Borders and JHerlnoes,
For Gemlemoa. ,
Ofallkinda. .
. Shawls,
Cloaks, Rasrlnua and Ladles' Cloths.
Also, Housekeeping Goods.
Housekeepers' Goods, Bleached and Bro. Damasks.
Bonseheepers Qoods,
BostkeeDel,a, Go-ds.
v amaaa ui"iue ana napains.
Uuokaback and Sootch Dia'r.
Linen ijhe tlngaand P. 0. do.
Cottou do. do.
Bichardson's Irlah Iilnens.
Piano and Tabla Confers.
Drapery Miullnn.
Housekeepers' Goods,
rlousekeepera' Goous,
Houaekerpera' Uoods,
Honkekeepera' Goods,
Housekeepera' Goods,
HouseketiDar.1 Goods.
Uouwkeepcra' Goods,
Tbe department of Housekeeping Qooii nteelvea
special attention, and I am able to offer unmvlln
ducemeuts. Also, Embroideries.
Collars, Sleeves and Cuff.
Kmbiolnered Trlrnmlngw,
Beal and imitation Laoes.
Lace Borthaa and Capes.
Lace and Love Vails.
White Goods.
Also, Hosiery and Gloves. ,
Of every kind and description, in Cotton, Silk, VToAt
and Merino, for Ladles, Gentleman, Misses, Bogs
and Infants.
Also, Domestio Goods,
Mot only tho LABGE8T, bnt 0IIBAPBST, assort,
mentto be found.
Also, Cloths.
A large stook of Cloths, Oaaslmerat, Tweeds, sans,
Canada Qrsv and Satinets.
The aoove woods having been bonght reeentlr at
tha NBVT TOBK ABCTIOS BALES, prlnelpally
for CABH,
Tha Prloes ar necessarily Lower than
Wblle the nalltr and styles of the Andes saa not
be surpassed.
No. 119 Fifth-street,
N. W. corner Fifth and Vine-sts. ,
Genta' Merino Underahlrts, TSe. eaclt.
Gents' Merino Vnderanirti, 75c cachj ,
Genu Merino Vndera)blrta, 75 s. each.
Ladies' Merino Underreats, 75c. each.
Ladles' Merino Uudervests, 75c. each.
Ladles' Merino Undervests, 5c. eaeh.
Girls' and Boys' Undervests, all Bices.
Girls' and Boys' Uudervests. all alsea.
Boya' and Girls' Drawers, every alee. '
Boys' and Girls' Drawers, every slxe.
Ladles' All-wool Ribbed Hose, 45c.
Ladles' All-wool Ribbed Hose, 43c.
Ladles' All-wool Ribbed Hose, 45c.
Beantlful Hand-knit Hoods.
Beantlriil Hand-knit Hoods.
Beautiful Haud-knit Uoods.
K. W. corner Fifth and Vine.
' itAaimoTOUBS or -
Wood-Worklng Machinery,
CiTi;i-.';?i'il.Bd Water! t.,tiiBerijuiatl,0.

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