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'TODND,"4o.,la thli column, occurring eve Uses
01 law, two IhmtUohi, twentr-fiv oenti.
TANTED COOK A flrit-olaas, experl-
enced oook, who nnderstands meat, same,
ponltrv and putrv. None other need apply. Call at
Uw office of THOMPSON A NI8MITH, No. J Wait
JuirJj!t"t' from 1 to 4 'oloc p- itr waees
aiiowea. w.id.h
"TtANTED GIBL To do the work of a
.tTJ. ,ma" ftlally- API' t Ko. 48 Bjrcainore.
etreei. nia.h
"T of steady habits, fair experience and oolm
peacheble character it seeking aaituatioo in awbole
jale bonis. Heferencot to aatlsfy tbe employer will
be given. Address BAM'L Fsnny Praaa Count-lag-room.
WTAKTED Clarki, Salesmen, Book-keep-,
. Porters, Bar-keeper., Coopera, Oarpen
ipra, Mechanics, Laborere and othera can And sltua-
nao;applyiiia;attheMeruhaata Clerke' Begittry
Office, Mo. m Weat Jlfth-etreet. HALI A CO.
7. To a eWnertJ homework in a Imall famllv
1 1 i7 i,n :W,U "commaadad. Applr at No.
112 UopklDB-itreet. ool4-b
r..K'f l1 uk of horse., drive carriage,
cr anything where he can maka himself generally
useful. Addreaa P. B., thli olllce. ocil-b
refeZnVIiLI!)1 M,Mt live the beat city
S 22;.A.?U I 'J1'!! dar from 11 o'olock, al
o. 406 Seventh-itreet, between Cutter and Linn.
. locH-h!
17ANTED TO RENT Two furnished
apartments, with board. In private familv.
Befereneea sxohsnged. Applr at So. a SKtU.
treat, between Walnut and Vine. ocl4-b
room ..i!i.lnniSrr1 Dff"0I,,' " eooU HHn
man of good addreaa, a situation aa aortar in
a dry good, atora, or In any elty where the Lr
"of t lobar, lyduatrioua ySi? iSSfd
needed. Addreaa J. H. M., XS B.oSdw"
. .. -nd Opon'tora for 8iDgsra Sewing HaohlnaV
atr nt-trae, tfiggS5
wnvs'nieut T-Vf t(""V eay of a good and
iultableRr rf",'lln yV.h Lvr mt torrent,
im be Tr-W7era and ronrt-himea amfloyaei, tba
2r immediately to SB. F. BIEDXn.
TaHlw 71 Wait Thffiittiet. op atai;..
0R RENT A LOT SO feet front on
J. Broadway, rjr.nln through to canal baaln ISO
elt-ahda thereon, on aaiaa atraat, between Ilghth
and Ninth-atreeta. Apply toDr. Amee, Wnt wTrnar
.1,'ndS,c,mor,-,lr,,'or' 1" kaat fourth.
,treet- oolloawbw
or RBNT-Hor.aaZTr"'
lar back rd ? ' elgbt roomi,
tree' SuUo. JW1. nt.
Twelfth and Wetter?0' WANM, owner
. arow. oolaa
FOR SALE At No. 211 Cllnton-itroat, N.
, B. corner of Baymiller.-WM. T. ORB baa for
tnit me pore uoal oil, Cincinnati niannUotura. at
ory,Ao:,,n Vidneaday.."'" "ug,fgr-
. Snd 'abllshed Slnlng Saloon, at Ko
ft? hi? Thmtrf '" Tenty-fl prompt pay"
Ing boardera, and a good tranalent trade. Im Yur.
tber partlcnlan lnnolre on the pretnlaea. oeih
Ftwo8.011 TSorLANDS-
ofTs?, Good!. '.9rBB"r0ftt
oidaee atou hat" apaculaion Uma
oolic iti D. P. UDLt,
- ti' y1nnt-itreat, naitOlbaon tlonaa,
JPg? PALE Omnibnm, Pgddler WaiOM,
rfriog Wagooa and Bugglea.
. fltn-ameod Bank-atreet Omnlbua factory.
"HOR SALE-PAPERS Several thoaiand
J- old papera at ate, per hundred, at thli offloa.
BOARDING Two or three gentleman ean
be accommodated with board and a laigeaee.
nnd-iuiry trout rojm, at No. 181 Broadway, between
Fifth and SUtli-aireeta. Alio a few daj-boarden,
BOARDING. Two or threa liogU gentle
men can ba aooommodated with board and
lodging at Mo 2; Wet Filth atreet. Tornia, S to
ti per week. Pay board Zi per week. ocU-b
BOARDING AtNo. 298 Weat Plfth-itreet.
New proprietor ; good accommodations ; terms
liberal. Alio, fine room for a family. Day-boarders
can find good aocommodatl ma. ocla-b
BOARDING Two gentlemen can be no.
commodated with a rarnlabed front room, lit
with gaa, in a private family, with or without board,
at 129 We ern-row, between Third and Fourth, op.
poate MclTarland-street. ool-t
f 08T On Taeiday arenlng, a black Lace
jLA Vail, on Ninth, Tine or Fourth-streets. The
Hurler will be liberally rewarded by leaving the
tame at No. U Bait Fourth -atraet. ocia-b
I OST Near tbe oorner of Raee and Sixth
A streets, a fine Gold Locket. The Under will
eon re r a favor on the owner by leaving it at Dr.
COOK'S, on Slxth-etreat, near Bace. oclo-b
that they are telling lumber at their yard on
Freemen-etreet, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Bailroad,
than any other Lumber Dealers In toe alter.
"Quick Sales and Small Profiti"
They nbmlt th following Hat of prices!
Cash. 4 Mo'a.
Clear limber, all thtckneiaes, 1 In. meas U7 M t
Beat Common, IX and i inch Plank....... H AO ma
Jteit " 1 Inch Boarde....MM.., J3 m 20 Of
Second " all thiokneaaea....,.,.. 1 to 17 I
Third Board. . n w 11 1;
Grub Plank, face meaanra. ... ago Kt
Hemlock Joiit.Boantllng and Timber.... 11 M Mm
foplar ' " ,.lJe 14 00
Flrat Common tloorinf Boarda......... M oo jr to
Second " " " S 7s m 00
ihlrd . . M SO 00
Tint Common Weather Board. aaaee.t 16 00 17 SO
Sscond ' " .-........ II 00 II 00
Cedar Potto, 4 by 4, 8 fast, per hqndrad... 1 00 ao 09
Cedar " forfenslng, ... SO 00 MM
loouat " " . an
A further redaction of Vf par seat, will be mads on
bills of ism or more,
We have one of the largest aad best selected ttoeks
ef Lumber in the Cincinnati market, whlah ws offer
Par sals at tbe above pilots.
No. 908 Tlne-sl,, bet. Fifth and Sixth."
that be has established a regular depot for the
?leo( all kinds of salt-aater V; tn, frtah from New
ork i also Lake Flab from Cleveland and Sandueky;
together witn ulama and Oretara In the thell, Lob
sters, Crabs, Kelt (alive), and all kinds of eeaeonabla
Game and Can Orators. Be will furnish the stave-
p.nien articles imsi thaw ani uthsh
PLACE IN TUB 01TT. family orders nromnllv
attended U and ssat horns tre of charge. Pleaa
y i aoo irave your orners. ocil-li
1 l'HANT-Baias-rooiniNo.7 laat Third ttreet
wm attend to tba tales of Beal Sstat. Penonal
jProperty, Dry Goods, Hardware, Hate, Boots, Oboes,
Groceries, Surnltnre, Ac Having procured the
services of a competent salesman, all business will
meet with dlipatcb and prompt return... Cub ad
Vanoes made on goods for publlo sales, Oonilgn-
mains soiioueui, JMwr w wircutuu gvowuif ,
If yon want a servant, advertise In
If yon want kovse, adverrlte In
tr you want to aU Anything, advertise fn
I roo want to buy anything, advertlae In
I faot, every want lupplled by advertlalng In
; S-Penny pren to b had very
morning at th Comiting-room door.
Only one cent.
fit- Don't forget that the Penny
Preog It the medium through which to
make known your wantal AdvertUe-
mentt of fire llnei and lest, Inserted
twice for twenty-five centil
Fudm 'Waxtd. A girl aoenstomed to
feeding a cylinder or Adams press is wanted
immediately at this office. Applr at the
counting room, this afternoon, from 2 to 4
Bot "WiiiTao. A boy who hat had gome
experitnee In tatting type, and who ean oome
well reaommended, Is wanted at this office
to learn the printing bnilnesi. Apply at the
eonntlng-foom to-day, between one and three
P. M.
Bocti roa Ban. A good route on the
Pinny Pgisa. Apply at the Counting-room
between one and three o'clock P. M.
Pouci Cottbt Nothing of htereit trani
plred at this Initiation yesterday. But twenty
eight penons were tried.
City Piison At the City Priion yeiterday
six persons were reoeired, two diioharged, and
forty-two sent to work on the hlll-ild.
Airsixo an Orricii. Peter Gwlnn wu
lined S and ooiti by Jndge Lowe, yes
terday, for abusing Officer Bailey. The
offioero have hard times enough in attending
to their duties, without being subjected to the
abuse of drunken and belligerent individuals.
Pitit LisRiNT. Mary Smith, while lntox
ioated night before last, entered the dry goods
store of Mr. 0. S. Stephenson, No. 202 Fifth
street, and stole a bolt of muslin. She plead
guilty to the charge in the Polioe Oonrt
yesterday, and Judge Lowe sent her to the
County Jail for the term of six months.
Eabborinci Bad Ch4Bactess Mary Miller
was before Judge Lowe yesterday, charged
with harboring bad oharaoteri. A obarge of
selling; liquor on Sunday was also preferred
against her, aad she wsi held in bonds of $100
on taoh oharge, for examination on next
Conoikt at Glindali. By rcferenoe to an
advertisement in another oolumn, it will be
seen that Mrs. Vartan Jamei, aasltted by
Madame Rive and Slgnor Alflti, wiil give a
grand concert at Glendale this evening. The
last train of cars for the city will leave Glen
dale at half put nine o'olock.
Phmintation. Heretofore the Tenth "Ward
has been entitled to the Republican banner,
but at the lait election the Eleventh Ward
carried off the prise. The aforesaid will be
transferred this evening; with appropriate
ceremonies, at the Engine-house, junction of
Hamilton-road and Vine street. A band of
lnusio will bo in attendance.
Citt Passimosb Railsoad. A band of
muaio will acoompany tbs Are new cars from
I. A B. Bruoe's manufactory whioh will be
placed on tbs track of the City Passenger
Street Railroad line to day. Trips will be
made every ten minutes, oommenoing at balf
past fire o'olook A. M., and running until
half-past eleven o'olock P. M.
Vhkbs is Stbono? Mr. Strong, of the
Eighth Ward Strong morally, physically
and politically who took Strong grounds
against me ivinvor ana iiis ponce, at tne meet
ing of the American Association night be
fore last, is "whar?" His'flonor is anxious
to tee him. If he has not gone in search of
our gray pony, we nope ne wui "tnrn up."
Thi Thbono. Having fifteen minutes
leisure, (surprising, but true,) we sat at our
door and connted in that spaoe of time near
four hundred people passing either way to and
fro. At a reasonable calculation, then, from
nineteen to twenty thousand people pass our
omoe irom six in tne morning to six in tne
evening. Perhaps the Pinnt Pbiss has some
thing to do with it, and makes the number
passing hereabouts larger than elsewhere.
Not Tbdi. The report put in circulation
a few days since, that the Cincinnati Street
Railroad Company would not oomplete tbelr
line to tne Brighton uouie, is untrue. Work
men were laboring on Freeman-street yester
day, and the line will be completed as fast aa
men and money can put it through. The
Company is also running omnlbussea on their
routes free of charge, so that passengers ean
make connexion with either of their lines.
Bear this In mind.
Dedication To-mobbow. The new Mission
Chapel, ereoted on the west side of Plum-street,
near Front, under the direction of tbe Cincin
nati Ladies' Home Missionary Society, will be
aeaieaiea to tne worsaip or Almighty nod, to
morrow momlng at half-put ten o'clock,
Bishop Morris officiating. A ssrmon will be
delivered by Br. D. W. Clark, editor of the
Ladies' Ileposltory. Sabbath School at two
o'olock I?. M.i preaching at three and seven
K "ftttJl Aooidiwt rgOM Gunpowsib.
V ..sum ln.t. .IU4 L.eT.u I A ItAAl.
irru u viuvfi uiguij wiviv -not m
be. Banned Patrick O'Niei, who resides at No.
Ml tfano-street, met with a dreadful accident
by the explosion of about four ounces of
powder, whioh be had in a tin box. Ws Tlsted
him at one o'olock yesterday morning and found
him suffering so muoh as to be unable to tell how
the eiploalon took place; but as near at we
ooald ascertain, be carelessly ttuok a lighted
match into the powder. His face and hands
are dreadfully burned, and it is thought he
can not recover.
AittsT or Dmobdibliis.-Offlcers Bhrirer,
Brunstrip, Jacobi, and Bliss, made a descent
on a eoffae-house kept by a German, at the
junotion of Front and Filth-streets, night be
fore last, and arrested six persons whowtre
annoying the neighborhood by making all
kinds of noise. Complaints have been made
to the officers for some time past against this
filaoe, but they were unable until last even
ng to make an arrest. Tbe parties ware
tried by Judge Lowe yesterday, and fined 3
and eoita. a , .
Bow to AsTstTits. A business man was
net by a jocose allusion to his peculiar mode
of advertising. In antwerhetold the following
anecdote t He said that a highly esteemed
friend one remonstrated with him conoerntog
bit extraordinary advertisements, and asked i
"Why would not a few lines do as well as the
repetition ef the same ia that ridiouloua man
ner, all over tbe wbolt ibiet or sheets f " The
basinets man replied: "If you had seen only
the few lines, would you have atked me any
questions T" What amwr exrad hare been
more appropriate T Thla adTerttsing method
struck people as strange, made fitm take
nottoe, and eonitquently impretted the fact of
the bualnen man's existence apoa their minds.
Thdiot. In the case of Dunteith rt. The
Owners of tbs Bteamboat Mars. Tried before Judge
Head lr, to recover for pilot's waget. l'hs Jury re
turned a verdict fur plaintiff for 8917.
Affliction to Dismus .n ATTAonaiitT. McOoa
key vt. Harrii. Jndge Hpencer dl.poaed of a root Ion
on the part of defendant, lodlteolva an attachment,
iaaued ou tba 9th of October. From an exHnilaation
of the writ H appeared that the Sheriff had attached
a atock of drug, and the fixtures, In tba .tore lately
occupied bydelendanton tbe corner of Fourth ana
Melu-itreii-end that the property bad been ap-
Siraiaed at $4,170. It wu Iaaued on the ground (aa aet
urtb) that defendant bad concealed, or made a
fraudulent diinoeltloa of his property; this allega
tion being predicated onthefHCtt claimed toexiat by
the plaintiff, and atated as follow.: That defendant
was indebted to plaintiff for rent of his store. (1,380;
that wbea called on by tbe agent of plaintiff, after
various pretexts and promi.ee of settlement, he
finally, on the 4th of October, when called upon for
an adjustment, atated that he sold out the store to
his eon, and refused to give tatiifaotion in regard to
the terms of sale.
The defendant In hit affidavit states that nearly
IH.OOOof bin wlfe'a money was Inveated In the bual
neaa. all of which was tecured by notes given to ber
brother as trustee ; that in Heptembor, he (Harris)
was negotiating for the tale of the concern, and pro
posed to give plaintiff, agent (Mr. Newell.) two of
the note., either aa aecurity or in payment, but that
the ngotlation waa broken off by ti.'s Interposing.
Finally, he transferred the atock to hltiou.M. E.
Harris, as trustee foe his wife in payment of her
Other affidavits were also exhibited, In which the
parties state that defendant had communicated to
them In a bnilneas way. that the aalabluuncat was
carried on with funds of bli wife.
It was proper (remarked the Court) for the agent of
plaintiff to make Inquiry in the circunietahcea of the
sale, he belnga creditor, and to learn what expecta
tion! he might justly have of payment. The infor
mation, he alleges, was not given to him, and cer
tainly, tbe aale of an entire atock without any appa
rent anowingof its propriety or impropriety, would
lay the foundation for an affidavit of thla description,
and the iasuiug of an attacement. There la no juat
caum of complaint, therefore, against the attacblog
Tba Question tba Court waa called on to decide was,
whether, under ill the evidenoe It appeared clearly
that a fraud waa perpetrated or Intended; and that
could be antwered only by propounding another
whether there waa any real Indebtedness to Morgan
It. Harrii, aa trustee lor lira. II., which could be the
tubjeot matter of aale or conveyance?
A dob tor In falling circumstances may make a con
veyance, the object ol whioh la payment of an hon
est debt; but In all tales made to Intimate friends,
or to a party of one't own household, there la al
wayta stronger tendency to acrutiny and auaplclon
than where they are made to ordinary purchaaers.
It was tolerably apparent that it waa a matter un
derstood by those woo did busineaa with defendant,
including tht agentofthe plaintiff, that tbe capital
lnvsted in bia store belonged to hia wife. It was
not, however, clear to tbe mlud of the Court that tbe
full consideration for all thia indebtedness waa ac
counted for-at least to expressly at It ought to be In
a case of thli description.
la addition tr thia proceeding, tbs purchaser bad
been served with a sarnlshse procett; to, that, tup
posing the plaintiff a o'alm to be wall founded, and
that there had been a fraudulent deposition ol the
firopsriy, this assignment mutt, under the law of
aat winter, Inure to the equal benefit of all
the creditors.
The Court wu not Inclined, under tbe circum
stances, to dismiss tbe attachment altogeiher-ths
circumstances were luch aa to J unify tba plaintiff In
a furtoer proceeding to aarertaln the validity of the
conveyance. An order would therefore be made,
dlamlaalog the attachment to far at the property
was concerned, and retaining It aa to the g.rnitbee,
who then oonld answer; and If tbe plaintiff wai not
atitfled with the answer of the garnishee heoould
bring hia action under the code, with a view to teat
the validity of the assign tnsnt.
Headlnston and Jackaou for the motion 10 dig
milt; Ball ind Ball on tbs othsr side.
John Mannel and others es. Robiit Manuel.
The legal questions arising In tins case have been
reserved for tbe Supreme Court
McCnllosh va. Donllttle and Chamberlain. An ac
tion to recover for work dons several years ago on
the Hamilton and Dayton Bailroad. Ibecasshas
been heretofore before tbe courts.
Aliioid LumoT or Miobail J trie Tbe
Rev. Mr. Toby testified that hs had seen Julg a ihort
time before the homicide and eonildsred him then
Mr. Haaianrsk examined-At the tlmi of the first
trial regarded him to be insane.
T. McLean, late Count. Jailor, was of opinion that
thi .trm a conduct of Julg, while In bis ousitdy, in
dicated Inianly.
D. Rhoklt, who came Into the office of jailor a fiw
montha nso. did notonntlder Julo tn ba insane.
0. Botworth tee lned Ibat the mental condition of
tne prieoner seema to navs improved recent!.
Iuvea ligation adjournM, ,
Wood's Tbsatsr There was, at we antio-
Ipatad, a crowned and fashionable bouse last even
ing, on tht occa.lon of the last presentation of ths
Hia or lot. Every part was sustained with tho ablest
ability, and ao nicely and tastefully arranged were
all and every feature of tblt excellent drama that the
whole reflected great credit upon the management,
wboae endeavors to oleate were rewarded bv th. most
enthn-lH.tlo evidencei of gratification on the part of
fciie .uuieuuv.
The Interest excited demands a continuation of ths
9ia or let; bnt engagements prevail, and it must be
sn pc reeded by the drolleries of the Inimitable Collin-,
who commences an engagement, app arlng In two
characters to-night, 'Sir Patrick O'Flenlpo" and as
"Morgan llattler," interspersed with his character
lsilo songt. It U only necessary to announce that
Collins has come.
Smith & Nixon's Hall. Cocbeu's enter
tainment lost evening, conslatlni? of hlatnrfeat
scenes, represented in living tableaux, was one of
runsiuersuie mem, meeuuic whq nearry applause
from the audience, there being a goodly number
preerm. lue senuiae luuian. are quite a leatue in
renreaentinn: aboriginal acenea in breathlne nlntnrju
Ths white horse who took part in the play, (not our
evinced that hia education had not been neglected.
To-nlffhtbeina the laat entertainment tn ha (,!..
here, we advise all to avail theoieelvet of the chance
to associate weir book recollections with life repre
ten tat lone.
Palaob Gabdiw. This institution will be
oponed this evening for tbe purpose of giving the
oLQuaoiiiDnf.uniiDui prvviuui 10 ineir ueparcnro
for the South. We believe them to be worthy of a
rousing benefit, and we hope they will receive luch a
one. Admission tame as heretofore.
fThe Inimitable Alfred Burnet arrived
in our city yeiterday, and kindlr proffered his
services for tbe benefit of Harry Chapman, at
Pike's Opera-houBe to-night. Between the
pieces be will recite Mrs. Norton's pathetlo
poem of "Uingen on the Rhine," and give the
laughable political debate between the "Hon.
Slab Slides and Prof. Garrotte.'' The bills of
the day being Issued before friend Alt arrived,
we gladly inform ths auditors of this additional
amusement. .
p2B" The following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
fVDhuiuw, iu uiib tuty, vuwuer asu
A. J. labolleanx, lit. Healthy, 0.
R. H. Well, Portsmouth, ().
Dr. J. D. Landrum. Mavfleld. Ky.
Ellen L. Hubbard, Keokuk, Iowa.
J. Faxton Luse, Lafayette, Ind.
Dt Mabbais aoaib i Tboubli. De Mar-
belt, who, some time since made an unsucoest
ful attempt to take his own life and that of
his wife, was arrested yesterday upon a charge
of assault and battery. Aa the matter will
oome before the Polioe Oonrt to-day, we defer
lurtner comment.
ftp Meteorological observations for ths
Must at bbbs, by Henry Ware, Optloian, No,
T West Tourth-street, October It), 18&9.
O'olock. Baromttsr. Tbtrmometer
7 A. Ali.ni tiniHiiiiiHi 19.44 66
ti...MM....,.............04 es
S r. Ml.HH.HHHU m
AootDSHT. Bufus Bobbin, a earriage
maker at Boilin's shop, oorner of Sixth and
Byeamore-strMta, fell through a hatoh-way,
yesterday, a distanoe of two stories, and wu
seriouily Injured. He was conveyed to his
residents, corner of Fifth and Broadway, . .
tfOne of tbe best places in tbe city at
whioh to procure a tip top hat is at B. B.
Alley's, opposite ths Broadway Hotel. The
merits of his peculiar style art acknowledged
to excel those ef any fall ityle heretofore
SrvitiLY BrjgKiD. A lady named Ellen
Marfaw, who resides at No. 63 Pleasant
street, wis leverily burned yesterday by hsr
clothes taking lira from a lighted matoh.
The Neptune Tire Company, of Day
ton, pasted our office at twelvt o'olock, yester
day, on their way to Newport, esoorted by a
detaohment from Washington Tire Company
No. 1, ef Newport. They are fine-looking
He-Don't forget that Jacob Graf k Co. sell
at auction, this morning, fifteen barrels of
barley malt whisky and lot of well-kept
househould furniture.
Cat per Xhl was arrested Tettardev on
a oharge of keeping a disorderly house, on
Sixth-street. He will hare a hearing before
Judge Lowe to-day.
Saobbo Comcbbt. A sacred concert will be
siren at Jefferson Hall to-morrow evening, for
tbt beneftt of the proJeeUd MxUUr Testlval. J
Boabu or Citt Iiipboybukftts Tbe ses
sion ef tbe Board of City Improvements was
short yesterday.
The elerk was instruoted to advertise for
proposals to pave tbe unpavediidiwalbs on tbe
south side of Ninth-street, from Freeman to
The Board also located publlo Itmp-postt, as
Freeman-street, from Ilghth to Nlnlh ... a poate.
rreemantreet, from Liberty to Iork......ll poeti.
Barmiller, from Klgbtb to Court........... .... Spoatt.
Baymiller. from Clark to Tork-llry......lS nosta.
Iilnn-atreet, from Court to Clark. c pests.
Llnn-street, from Be'te to Laurel. .....,.. S potta.
Linn-etreat, from Everett to W'd. ........ 4 poata.
Llberty-atreet, from Wiiaoo to Price.. 7 posts.
Betts-etreet, fnm Linn to John.........10 posts.
Heventb-ttreet.from Main to Sycamore 3 posts.
Poplar-street, from Baymiller to Freeman... 4 poeta.
Rlttenhouiw-alreet, from Court to Clark...,. S posts
Everett-street, from Linn to Baymi ler ft potts.
DavtOn-BtrMlt! from H.vmlllr tn FrMm.n a
John street, lrom Betts to Kvere't....... J a postal
xnuier-etreoi, irom l.ioeriy tn ropl.r.. ...... 9 posts.
Ellen-street, from Third to Kilgour....... t potta.
Manafleld-street. fr.m l.thrfv ti, Mliinn
vuiwi -.hhju, nulla l UUri .U JLlVIIIUOliU
N'lDth-street.from Freeman to Mound.
Clark-ttreet, from Freemau to John...
1 poet.
,.....84 potts.
.p.Z3 poatt.
Board adjourned.
A BiCH Jokb. The ballot-box containing?
ths tiokets voted in the Eighth Ward, for
Aiagistrates,was returned to the Cbief or Police,
Wilson, day before yesterday. Inetead of the
City Clerk. The box remained at the Ninth
street Station House until yeiterday, when
Lew "imelled a mice" and oarried it 'round
the oorner. Smart clerks in tbat ward.
Sff- Bobert Orr, No. 11 Weit Tifth-street.
continnes to supply the demand of our citlsens
for superior oysters in his usual satisfactory
manner. His oysters are No. 1, and ean not
be excelled by any establishment in the city.
We commend him to our readers and the pub
lic generally as a dealer in none but tht best
Lion Nbidbd. Buohanan and Forney not
being able to see one way is evidently for want
of light, "proper." Here It Is: go to Wm.
x. Urr's, no. 213 uunton-street, U. S. corner
Baymiller, where the real aoriWa ligtt are
to be Aad In the shape of pure Coal Oil. Cin
cinnati manufacture.
Assault ad Battbbt. Jacob Ellng was
fined $2 and costs by Judge Lows yesterday,
for assault and battery. Julia Hornsby was
fined $2 and costs on a similar oharge,
StaT Trad Jnnirlaman. nmnrtitA, si,
White Bear, on Tront street, wet srrssttd last
evening, tor soiling nquor on Sunday, tie
til 1 . I - 1 A. J
wm uavo a sui io-ubj.
fltTA. new car, manufaetured by Palmer,
was placed on the Third-street lint yttttrday.
It looks well, and refleots oredit on the man
ufaetursr. jWParodi't Italian Opera Troupe will ap
pear at Pikt't Opera-house next Wednesday
evening, the 19ih inet.
VllPf FBOat thb Neptuxb Fibb Compaht
No 2. Of DlVTO. Nntwlthatandlns the nnnrn.
pitlous appearance of tbs tern log-, the sayaai a
ino.i lavuranis one lor it. e reception ortne Dayton
Firs l.'ouinanv Th rain hurl IhM t h, rlit.t. einrf tha
temperature of tbe atmotpheio ratifing at about
seven iy,renusrsn ii at onco pieauut atove sua us
neath, The Neptnnsi were received at tie Cincinnati,
Hamilton and Dayton Depot by s committee ap
pointed for (he purpose bv our firemen. On arriving
at the river, tlie vl-ltors stepped a board the "New.
port Belie," and were conveyed to "Old Ketttuokr'l
ibore,"aruld the booming of artillery.
In ordtr to receive them wiih proptr eclst, ban
ners were wavluat from every w niiow and houie-top
on Tork -street, end at the "nsiu houtt was a ropo
filled with them, all waving in the light breeieuf the
nfternoon. bwuncr to tha mlddl. of t.ha ruiw. di
rectly over the center of the atreet, wis a portrait of
irDiuiu.,"!!, p.ruuu sugve was aau vnsis. m. em
blem of our country, and beneath i'.On a banner,
waa painted in large letters the word Welcome."
When beneath tills, with one accord, and aa If In
voluntarily, ths Neptnnea gave threa i beers to ihs
.aiHerui 'u.ir ountry ana to our ntitionsi symnoi.
Here the companlvi baited and lidtetied tomutlo
from Mentor's Band. A committee or one hundred,
denuted bv the Covtnffton Fire llomDanlea. lead bv
Thomas Flesnnor anf H. G. Wllaon, President of
vompanv no, 4, as JUii'thaia, wers also present, ana
aaal.ted In the welcome extended to rlie ttrangera.
A. 8. Berry, Esq , of tbe Newport firemen, mounted
an engine and made a few remarks, weloumlng ths
strangers to tbs hospitalities oftbecity. After the
welcome, hs complimented the bayton firemeu for
the warm reception they had extended tn tbe Wash
lugtont, of Newport, on a aim lar occation, and
promised, in return, that nothing should be omitted
whioh would lu any way add to the enjoyment of
their vleitore. They were not strangers lu a ttrange
laud were not alien, in ourmidit. Out all, Ohloau.
and Kentuokiana, of the same blood and brother
hood, descendant at thn same common ancestry.
whose deeds of valor in defente of a common interest
and ojmmon liberty, were the nriiie and common
property of all their descendants. Tbs feeling of
irienusnip mannestca to-duy by taese pre-cm. was
out aninuex to mat entertained oy tug peopineverr
where, from one end ol tbe Union to i u other, lie
deaired to see the whole people moveforw.ru! in ono
common channel to a common dealiny. He pid a
handsome compliment to steam Ire-engines, and
predicted that they would supersede all othert. fie
closed by again extending a hoarty welcome to the
Mavor Hnwklna belnff nnalile tnha vtrMAnt. Mr.
Fearans, on behalf of the municipality, extended
welcome to theNeptuiet, stating that he rejoiced to
see tuoba cornmiugllngot people, Irom theaUf.rent
states and sections, yet acknowledging a aingle
uaiiuuitiuy ana a common oromernoou. no, too,
referred to the courtosies extended bv thn Davton
firemen to the Washington, of Newport, when on a
vititto the former place. This, nail he. Is not the
unicummingiinKoiinepaopieoiunioaua jientucsy,
they hadstood shoulder to shoulder, and fallen sids
byjslde, on many a hard fought battle-field tbev had
donetoonce, they woulddoeoagttin. Heconaidered
that while such a feeling existed at be then
witnessed, that the Union was safe beyond a
Three oheera were then "given for the Nepture Fire
Company, and thrae more for the State they rep
resented. Mr. F. P. Pnnnv. PraaM-nt nf the Tt.vtnn
Company, then responded in a short speech, full of
poim sou patriotism, ne lam trial tneir reception
bad exceeded all expectations; they had come on a
lei., anu nan lonna ineir entry a tnumpnai procea
slon. He had not looked to be welcomed by banneri
and ths firing of cannons.
He bed notexnected aareatlns from tha ladles nnr
youth, decorated and wreathed for the occasion. He
felt as if Handing upon consecrated ground. Ths
Ohio Biver did not separate, hot united the two
Bintes. ne paiu a nannsome trioaie to ueory uisy,
which wa. loudly cheered.
A procession was theo formed, and all marched to
tbe bouse of Mr. James Berry, to partake of soma
refreshments, preparatory to dlnosr. At about two
o'clock the guests were taken to the Barlow House,
where they dined. After this they proceeded to Cov
ington, and paraded the streets for a considerable
time and then returned. They called on Mr. Fearons,
Major Caldwell aad othera of our citisena, and were
entertained last night by Colonel Hodge and Taylor
One of ths most beautiful fealnree of the occasion
was ths Covinartoa oar. in which waa stated thirty-
three tmall girls, with banners, representing the
different States of ths Union. Thsv wars draaaed In
whits, their beada being decorated, with wreaths of
0. X. Crowell, Esq.. editor cf the Vlreman'1
uaseiie, was present, ana parnoipicea in ins general
good feeling everywhere manifested. He expressed
himself highly pleased with our city and oitissns,
and everything he saw.
aT Tbe Kentucky Tows-ball Club will
msat en the grounds at half-past two o'clock to-day
buu engage io snvir .u. vol its game a. oau.
Poliob Con it M. Betts was fined 2 and
coati by Mayor Hawkins yesterday, for ueinglodeent
language in the Mark-t-bnuae. A man named
McCue wss held to bail for hia "good behavior," or
mw .ox bib "osa oeuavior, oy ins same omoer,
Mrs. Sean, charged with Basting eonuttrfsil
money, was tried in the Circuit Court yesterday, aad
Polios Coph Ellen Bsatte, for drunken
ness, was fined ft rs in the Pulloa Court veaterdav.
The "two lathes" givsn her the day before by order
orthe Circuit Court, did not f- -M jnflt.
enos, or if they did It, was of ii
Jstf. Milton, for drunkenne 0,
' Tbe Circuit Court adjouparte-aay. It has
been In session for a oonilnerible length of time, and
a large amount oi important ouame-i natneen Irani,
aotstf Ths docks', however, la fur from being cleared,
and ths Court only adjourned bwcanes it become
neoeasary to bold Conn at lalmoutb, oa Honda
jjsaV A. A. lytter, Oleosa, Watehta and
Jewelry, Hot. Ml and 171 Wei ten-row,
. pK" If you want a cheap, esty-flttlng and
genteel Hat, ge to Hlbbert Brother, at Hot. I aad
110 West Flfth-itrest. Their style is well liked, aad
It calculated to suit every one. Go ani get one.
pt" Tbe best place to get a Photograph It
at Dewey's Mammoth Gallery, So. Ill West Fifth.
street. Price in gilt frames only tl. Call la aad
examine specimens.
aTIf you desire good-fitting suit of
cloths, drop in at Frlil & MeGutra's Tailoring
establlshmsnt, at Ko. SOS Walnut-ttreet, and have
them take your -Tjeaturt. The inducements they
otter to tbe public warrant s large patronage. Go
tad examine th !UBJmUr iioali asLaosuia
- .1, 1
Cincinnati Produce Market.
THURSDAY EVENING, October 14, 1859.
There Is no change In the market
whatever. Tbs demand to-day was confined
to small parenla to meet the convenient wants of the
city trade at $t 0($4 ;o for superfine, and Bt 75a514
for extra. 1,500 bill, were reoeivad during the last
tweutv-fur hours.
WU ISKT Ths market ndult and prices drooping.
TOO brl.. sold at gt&ttHc, the Utter rate for wagou.
but high-proof, could have bea bought at Mho.
PKlAlllIONd -Nothing whatever don to-day,
and prices nominal. There seems to he no demand
wha ever.
OKOCBEIIS-iro change in the market. 200 brl.
Coffee sold at l2iaMc, and 10 bbds. Sugar, sold at
7H 8c. Molm.ea may be qaoted at il(t2o.
WHRATTh. m ur Wa, Arm.. n.iMa ,
hlsber: sales of IM boshele prime red at i OS; Jufdo.
at (1 07, and 00 do, choice wbitsat $l It.
OCKN New it dull andoffered freely at one; buyer
offer but too. Old ia scarce and firm at 80o.
. BIB 1'he demand Is more active and prices
higher: stiles of leo bushelt at 7o., and 200 do. at Sue.
fiBlKK-The msrkst is dull at OtHsjaop. for prime,
and tvnasto. for good. . .
9A?rA'?" "sad and prices firm at 45o. A
sale of one buehels at tlo.
CHEEnE The demand Is good and prices Inn:
sales of 1,300 hex a prime W. U. at OXo., and JOv do.
Kna lsh 1 'air rat low
Af ?J,1,8T8fta 01 toobnthels.PIppIni (small brla.)
at Sj lft ptr brl. .
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 14—P.M.
-j www vv. ivnn, mnivm VI
1,100 brla. at $4 9oai4o foriuper. Htate, t4ftrr(a)80
for extra State, 81 60 4 70 for auper. Western, frt 7V4
10 for oetnmoo to nliedlnm extra Western, and S440
5 60 for iniorlor to good shipping brands of extra
m.i.fl.k... ,M- " ' ft. f . . .
.-,-uvvu yuiv, -.ivBiii. vauaaian neavy:
sales of ( brls. at Si 4049 29 for common to choice
extra. Eye Flour In fair request at 13604 93 for
common to choi.e.
. wnh,uU,.Ter jhe8TT and lJc. lower: salts of
?'!2?AD;ht.A1,) M MI'waukl. club, $l.io
1 hf,ri?00d i cn.? ? w""- Bv dull: ile. of
Jl n. M 1 nlraBfa tk S hhftA Has l.ar A,tla. -ftA ,...L.M ... . -
' n "try uuiet auu lUVUsBDIfea H 7.1
rtMA. r.rttit rl..,Aln o i.l . , 7" -
WMUrn held at t anal without bnyen. Oati lowr
r. j ";5 "-' a-twi -or nsaiern,
and 4266440. for Canadian . '
" unKy-iaie. or wo nrit. at wgMe.
Pork dull and lower: alet of lJoO brli. at SIS !
' "" ."' '' prime, ueer uncnangeil:
aalee of 400 brla. at $4 nod 4 74 for country prime i
for do. men, gjlO 00 ft .r repacked meat, and Siira
12 for extra do. Beef bat ns in modsrau request ; aiS
steady at SliKSjUJH) fortVestern, with sales of 100
'"""i-" w.ioiu mm as ew. tor snouiaera
and yiic. for hams. Bason tjulet and unchansed
. Butter steady at lli8ok. for Ohio, and ltijaoo. for
Cheese steady at e lOHa.
u ..iug sxirem rates ror all
,15nIL.wJ'ch. obeck sal), small parcels telling at
40eo. for low medium, to Saxony. Pulled firm'
small tales at 063o. roreign Quiet and unchanged.
Cotton clossd unssttlnd and nominal: talis to-day
SHo"" fl: N'w 0r,n, w" Mnseovado MA
coffee Arm but quiet at IOX(!1t Ho.
Uoltiis firm) Kew Otleaut S8.
Steamboat Register.
AiaiVAU-ralryQue.n, Maysvllle: Forest Queen,
Madlton; B. T. Bats, w Or. ans; ellanoJ,ouis.
vllie; K. B Hamilton, do.; Suptricr, do.: Xauloe,
Wheeling; Lighifoot, St. Loula; Cllpplr, Big Sandy
Duulletb, Neville '
DsraaTUBM-Fairy Queen, Mayiville; Foreit
Queen, Msdison; Superior, Lonltvlll.; Clipper, Big
,. ' S r & , WV. ' aiuuiissn, nsviiie: e-
ing '"-i .'iitiii.i aiuuivr, wasei-
AUsjTION SAI.E.BY q. bra
BHIAES A CO., Bales-rooms Ko. 07 ind M
Maln-etr.et. Groceries, Ac, at Auotion We will
sell on BaTDBDAT MORNING. October It, at i
iiwuv.,. s"i iowniiiiBB, or wrroeries. constat
ing of 00 bsss Coffee, 7 bbls. Molasses, ro do. Sugar
6 kegs b.J 1. ttoda, On boxes Soap, 79 do. Virginia ilia
and as Tobacco, 200 kurga attorled Nails, M doxen
Wash boards.
.Ay"i! G"anl, Sploesj, Ptrer. Bone, Cigars, Buck
et. Titbt, Glsaswaro, Btdocrds, Twine, f . H.. O. t.
and Bl.ca Teal, Ao.
ocla G. BBASITEABS 4 Co., Auctioneers.
A CO.-Exoellent Furniture -Will be sold at
Aucnon on OA lUKiiAi MOBS ING, October It. at
o'clock, at our tture, No. IS aasi Fonrth atreet.s
Ijunuiuj v. usw auu riKin'i-uauu rurnilUn.
colt JACOB QUAFF, Auctioneer.
Premium Coal Cooking: Stove.
Smoke-eouaumlog Coal Cooking; Stove,
Is without a rival. Call en
Inventors end Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Works,
Fourth-atraet, Weat of Smith.
BxatnlnetbeAlIlt,10" nad testimonials.
Six Cents a Week!
Pays for the Penny Press.
Fays for tbe Fenny Press.
Will pay for the Press
Will Fay for the Press
v jHft,,a, v wsaw -
A rogue hat been defined to he a round,
about fool a fool In eiroumbendibus. The
exposed eon dition of those poorly trained In
hablta of daily labor, subjects them to a great
many thoughtless acta which, lightly es
teemed at first, are sure to lead to erime.
The dooislon the make to get living by
wrong-doing, is a confession of great per
sonal weaknest, and of a lack ef faith ia
one't own powers. The discovery that ha is
a fool and rogue, oome at last, and with it
a poor amount of courage to return to a Stat
of purity. caution all young men, par
ticularly of the working classes, to have ft
better opinion of their own worth and useful
ness, than ever to demean themselves by
roguish arts. They hurry ont down to crime.
We give a word of caution to those of better
advantages, to beware of their example, for
rognea in ragt are kept in countouanoe by
rogues in ruffle.
The Grand Confidence.
The character rained by fidelity te nromisea
Is worth more than money, and Is not of
day's growth. All remember the anecdote of
the Frenchman who was satisfied to leave hit
money in the bank, If h only had "the grand
eonfidenoe." Punctuality to engagements
gives present aid future rtward. There it no
neeestlty for breaking your word. Ia tbe
first plaos, never promise anything unless you; .
knew it to be In your power to folfllj and, la
the seoond plaos, make up your mlud before.
yon promise, that whatever you do promise.
yon will fulfll. By to doing, yon will gain '
and enjoy tht oonddenoe of those around you.
When tuoh a oharaeterit established. It will ba
cf more value than ermine, gold or prinoely
oiaaems. i'hls appeal to young working?
men should not he without effoot. for it it. If
followed, a seourity for success as tare at
collateral or a well Indorsed note.
11 was. 1 n
XxTBAoanisrAar f!.aa nw W.i.ni If.
Grow, a cousin of Eon. Wm. Grow, of Penn
sylvania, eisrwa irom tills 01 ty about tbe 1st of
August, 18S8, and walked to California, ud
returned On font to this nlaaa In tha an.nl..
October. Early this spring, accompanied by
ui. .on, ui iiiiiiu years, Air. urow departed
from bare and walked (son also) to tbe Mis
souri Biver, snd from that point a goodly part
of the distanoe to Washington, D. 0.; they re-
uiaiueu iu raw uspiwi out a inort time, ana
started on the return trip; reached the Mis
souri from Washington In the same way that
thsy went from the former place to the latter,
when the ton got an opportunity to ride and
drive a team to within four or five hundred
miles of tblt oity, and oame in on foot the re
mainder of tbe distance; tbe father returned on
foot the full distanoe from Atohison, Kansas.
We know of but few, if any, lnatanoes on
record wherein men have voluntarily subjected
themselves to suoh lengthy, harrasslng jour
neys on foot as Mr. Q. did in these eases; and
the fortitude of the youthful son draws forth
mingled admiration and astonishment from all.
Salt lak$ Oily Valley Tan.
A Sivbbi Wktsb Fbbdictbd. The St.
Louis Exprm tells the following, and pre
dicts from the facts a severe winter 1
About ten days ago a tremendous drove of
gray squirrels, numbering hundreds of thou
sands, suddenly made their appearance on
the Merrimao, covering the trees and watera
like a pall. Thousands of them were after
ward found dead in the river and on tho
ground. They crossed the , Mississippi at
that point and worked their way down the
river, until on Wednesday they reached Cape
Girardeau, crossing the river at that point in
countless myriads. Tbe citizens tu.ned out
en masse, snd killed them by hundreds.
Every tree and bush in that- vicinity twarmed
with them until night, when they all dieap
peared and have not been heard of aince.
Their route was marked as by a devastating
storm. Trees were girdled and fields de
stroyed. Old Frenoh settlers prod iot a severe
winter, as it was notioed in 1834 and 1852,
that immense droves of squirrels made their
appearance, followed by intensely severe
"His Eicsllsnot." Massachusetts Is the
only State in the Union which, by a constitu
tional provision, grants the title of "Bxoel
loncy" to Its Governor. Newspapers some
tlu.es speak of the President of the United
States as "His Exoellenoy, the President," but
there Is no legal sanction for this, the founders
of the Government having deoided, after dis
cussion, to bestow no title upon the President,
A committee of the Senate reported in favor of
the style "His Highness," but the House op
posed any other title of offioe than those ex
pressed in the constitution. So ssyt the new
American Cyelopadia.
Sovbstio Tbaobdt. Last week a dlvoroo
suit waa tried at Houlton, says the Bangor
(Me.) Tint, ia which Mrs. Cnlbreth, daugh
ter of Levi Berry, Esq., of Smyrna, was
libelant, who sought a separation from her
husband on the ground of his drunkenness and
oruelty. The libelee alleged, in defense. Im
proper conduct on the part of his wife, but
without sustaining tha same. Mrs. Berry,
although tbe verdict was tn favor ef bet
daughter, waa so deeply wrought upon by tblt
trial and tht eiroumttaaoes ef the ease, as it
supposed, that the committed suicide by
drowning herself in a brook near her house.
StT"A man named Danlal Stafford, stole
pair of oxen near Detroit tut week, and in
fourteen noun from the 00m mission of tha
deed, be bad been arretted, tried, convicted,
and was on hia way to the State Priion under
a sentence for three years. This wu pretty
quiek work, but commendable and worthy of
Imitation in older communities.
atrDr. Johnson, the great "leviathan of
literature," was, aa is well known, an Immense
tea drinker, but In Philadelphia there is ft
gentleman who beats the burly Doctor, at ha
as been known to drink twenty-one good
sited oups of tea at one sittingl
ixr w is to r
Sonth-eut Cor.Io.rtli and Vine,
PBBTT1X8T stork of Ooeds far MIS
WXAS ever onsred la Oiaetnaatt.
iToux or
To make ay te Missus, wt k large and varied.
We have a
New Oorpsj of. Cutters,
from Hew Text aad nilacMphia, WBoirafcaBte
aBdentand tbe art of Cutting tyUth ttarmeatatt)
order. - . :
atr yoraatt fAvortwt return many tsjuvka, aa
heps to sartt futurs patrcnags. XnOy.

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