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I published dally, (Sundays excepted,) by
. i;j;.,! , PB0PBIST0B8. i "
THB P1NNT PBE931 delivered to subscribers tn
y Cincinnati, Oc-rtngton and Newport, and iur.
" rounding eitie aid towni, at tb ex.
. , . , tremely low prloe of
phcu or hailiio:
Single copies Je.; I month too.; s monthi l; 1 rear U.
sestets ui ab vm-staist.
John A. Etuis, Ja,........8ole Lessee and Manager.
Second nlglit of the celebrated Irbh Comedian,'
, . Mr. COLLINS.
THIS (Monday) EVENING, Oct. 17, will be pre-
seatoa n. coiusur Ul m.
McShane, with songs ..... Mr. Olilns
tin. Ulacket
aspen ............ ,jir. Jonn aiisi-r
.Mis Denham
Tbe beautiful and charming Kate Ponnoyer in one
01 ner ceteuraiea uauces.
To be folio oil by the farce called
Teddy Malowney, with songs. .................. Mr. Colllne
lora....... 11 lai Denham
To conclude with the laughable farce called
Rotetta. with longs. Hiss Denham
Bwlg......,...H........,.....,..,.. ,..,..Mr. Adami
aWLoora onon at SK: Onrtaln rIaM at 1H ft'dnclr
Paioas or Admission Dreei Circle and Paraoette,
wyuoma, w.ucrjr, wbcuh.
First Race of the Tall TpnttlngMeeting on TUKS
DAY, October 18. Proprietor' Puree, S250 i free for
all trotting horaee. Mile beate, beat three in live,
iu naniem ; ciosea wim tne ioiiowing entries :
Jai. ttockv enters b. a". ' Jim hocltr." of Oln'tl
J. E. Fish enten b. g. "Dick Tea Broeclt," of
E. a. Stall antera a. a. ' Be Tllik." of lancaatur.
The proprietor feols confident thli will be a nrnil
exalting and oloeely-conteated race, and feela satis
fied the public will not be disappointed In witnessing
this and the other trotting racea to come off this
Baoe to come off at 3 o'clock.
Oars will leave the Hamilton and Dayton Bailroad
Depot at i o'clock for the course .
oclMt THQ8. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
The following nnraea will be
given for Trotting Horses, to -eft
nnniAntf AvAitlipalinat1niiTu
commencing TUU8DAY, (Jc-,
juuer i, vu ;
First Day-Taosday, October 18.
Pnrae $250-mile hosts, beat three in five, to har
nesa. Froe for all trotting horses.
Second Day Wednesday, October 19.
Puree 82MI mile heals, best three in live, to bur.
nesa. For horses that never trotted for money ever
public race-course.
Third Bny-Thiirsday. October 30.
Purse f 200-mile heats, beat three in Ave, to bar.
nesa. For hones that never trotted in 3:50 in publio,
Fonrth Day -Friday, October 21.
Parse $5u0-two-uiile heats, to harness. Free for
all trotting horses
"Flora Temple" and "Princess" are excepted fo
these purses. ,
For the above purses there most three entries and
two to start. Entrauce 10 per cent. Ft the first
race entry mast be made on or before Saturday, oci
tober IS, at 12 o'clcck M. For the other purses, tho
entries to be made on or before the day previous to
each race, at 12 o'clock M.
Entries to be made at 71 West Third-street, Cincin
nati, 0.
The proprietor flatten himself the Cincinnati
Trotting Park Is as fast and eond a Course as any in
the Union, and will do all in his power to accommo
date all persons bringing horses to hit Course. Good,
comfortable stables will be at the service of turfmen,
free of charge, and they are invited to come early
and do their training over the Course, which will be
kept at all times in good condition.
Liberal purses will be given for trotting and pao
Ing horses during the season.
oc3tt T. L. STEPHENS. Proprietor..
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann Co 'a
Shell, Keg, and Can Oysters Also, Eresh Core and
Rp,ced Oyaters, Ae. My many friends and patrons
will find only choice articles, and at as low prku aa
those cnarged for inferior elsewhere.
Oysters cooked in Eastern style at onr usual mod
erate charges.
e,ll.e,,n?!nl'e, Walnut-street, fifth door abovo
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. 0clS
ti dailT' Bowi Mahony A Co.'e Clebrated
Planted Ojstors, which I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or doaen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment la a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can have
uyarers Cooked in every style, and served up in a
elea land superior manner. Charges less than atany
other place. ociu JOHN NAIBN.
Oyster Importing House.
INO daily, per Express, his splendid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements in Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "and
t?Arrf".t.(!t.?ankl,ld'.' wltn h moot DELICIOUS
BIVALVES imported to the Queen City. None but
?? T? T b"lt Imported. Great Inducements offered
at this Importing-house.
Order aioUoited and promptly tilled. 'Terms cash.
seploy Sole Importer and Proprietor.
'"' fresh can 1
""' COVE
Spioed Oysters.'.
ING DAILT, by tbe Adams Express, HALT
BY'S world-renowned Baltimore . . . , ..
Fresh .CanKeg and Slell Oysters.
fmh, Heraetlcally-aealed- OOTI, SKCBO aid
Depot, 11 West Fifth-street.
No. 306 Vlne-tt. bet. Fifth and Sixth.
that he has established a regular depot for the
sale of all k inds of salt-water Fish, fresh from New
York : also Lake Vish from Cleveland and Haudusky;
together with (llama and Oysterain the shell, Lob
sters, Crabs. Eels (alive), and all kinds of seasonable
Game and Can Oysters. He will fnrnish the above,
named articles CBEAPEB.TH Ati ANY OTHEK
PLACE IN THB CITY. Family Orders promptly
attended to and sent home, free of charge. Please
call and leave your orders. oclt tf
,.ej-roo - -adaiai
et)od ql notitondd no lte gxraoi0 ,
:)Bqg.qnintO0 pan MOa-Oiejwjjn voa
f '00 a? HIIHYH M 'AL
J9o(i pa sea8ug iq)r '-of 'gupieg
niomgaiiloa uxxnuj auj seuuou tnrafl -sjau
una aepun uue lediln q)oq Cpnot iraojieiuujji-KT-KOII
ON0HX9 NI iQ. inj 'S3ZI3 11 V
'BIPN. pQOJL Pn UJOp tit 1
raw: nndT:ia:
, Samoa pn SnpirJo ilVa '
AT LAW, Oh BaUdtage.He.l last Third,
treat, 1,,'-WM-
VOL. 2. NO. 49.
IM aa ftk
Rates of Domestic Postage.
S1,TrM rr ,lwn 0,lf ounoe, under 3,000 miles,
"-"aid, 3 oenu: over ,000 miles, pre-paid, 10 oents.
.11 letters must be pre-paid by sumps, or Inclosed In
tamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
mu !" wi iuv v uiieu obntea, not weigaujg
over S ounces, 1 cent; and 1 cent for each additional
ounce; pre-payment required. i
Books, pre-eald, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
per ounce, for any distance in the United States un
der 8,000 miles, and 2 cents per ounce over 3,000 miles,
pre-payment required. All fractions over the ounce
w uo wumeu a. an wiumouai ounce.
Ncwspipxeg and PiBioDicais, not exceeding Df
, . " "i wuom imiiu iiuHTMirir in advance,
.nil nlmnlat.H In V. . U ... . L .... . I
. , . Mw win, puuuoueu uauy,
M; aemi.weekly.SX; weekfy,3M; semi-monthly, lift
monthly, H. Newspapers and periodicals when
wviHiuug 171 uuuees, aouuie me aoove rates.
vHouu ...niir.f.n,t puuii.u.u diubiuij oroiiener,
and pamphlets not containing more than 14 octavo
UMI. In niUllB.U nf B n.inna- a A-- 1 .
r i r-'m" w. uuuvc. w wvsi, n wu. per
WEBKI.T Niwspapiu, within the county where
puuusneu, a ree.
Quarterly payments. In advance, may be made
Arrivals of Trains.
iRDiAftaroitg A OwtrtmuTi-fclO a. at.: t:M f. at.)
9:26 p.m.
OlNOXNKATI, HAMlliTON ahd Dattok 7:15 A. M.i 10:47
A. .; 6:40 r.M.; 10:10 p.m.
Littlb Uiaiii-7:30 A.a.; t:M p.m.; 7:18 p.m.; 10:16
Hasibtta and Oinoibtrati 10:20 A. f. J 9:15 p. at.
Ohio and Mississippi 7:15 a. h.; 2:00 p. 10-1 p.
OovmoTon amo Lxxinaio-l0:30 4. .; 7:06 r. a.
Departures of Trains.
iBDiAiiAPOUg AID 0lH0umATi-5:S0 A. at.) 12:00 at.)
6:00 P. M.
Cincinnati. Hahilton Aim Kattoh Indianapolis
and Cleveland, 6:00 a. m.; Sandusky Mall, 8:00 a. m.:
Bandusky, 4:80 p. . : Accommodation, 6:009. at. '
Littli Miabi-Cleveland and Pittabug, 6:00 A. n.
vt.Tw.uu, . liiauuia uu iieiiair,o:auA, H.; uoium1
bun Accommodation, 4:40 P. at.; Cleveland, Pitta,
burgand Bellalr, ll;30p. M.
Ohio and Uisaissippi-Ht. Louis, 9:00 A. sr.: Lonla.
TillB.2:00p. M.:Ht. l.onl. an w
Pittsbubo, CoiuatBua and CioiNtiATi(8teubenvllle
buwi umtjj atuii a rum-street Depot v:vt A. M.
8:00 A.M.: 11:30 p.m.
OiaviLAHD.CoLPatBua Ann OiNoiNNATi Bait Front
Cincinnati amo Mabiiita 6:18 a. k ki w
Obmtbal Ohio From East front-street Depot 8 Kl
a. bs; 11:80 p. at.
uvviHQTOB ano ibxinotosi-:2s a. at.; 2:30 p. at,
Senator Gwinn and Hon. Charles Seott
TiavA smvarl af Van V1r Cham bI !
"iw iv w J vy iviA u via vol HUi Ui t
rM. Liebig has discovered an artificial
msani of forming tartaric acid, novelty in
uuoiuiBitrjr. '
jH-John Van Buren, of New York, and
noa. xra xiarrn, oi AiDany, came noma from
Europe on a rmay last, in tne ulton.
"Hone on. hone aver." TTnnrmn ha
aaugner oi ninocn, wm nvenundrel and eighty
years oiu wnen aao tibs manioa.
JAoontracthaijuat been signed for tbe
oouipwuoD oi tne Baltimore ana unio xiauroad
to the Tennessee line. The work is to be fln-
uned by the Slat of Deoember, 1859.
Lemuel Shewles. Hon.. of Vnrnla.
Countv. Marvland. riled on iho Arh inaf Tf
la said to have been the wealthiest man in the
eounty, and worth a $1,000,000
Annthor lnrnllmont nf tin nun Tina
been riaid to Mr. 'WAahinrtn. witbl'n Pah.
days, past toward tbe purchase of Mount
v eraon
SLeavenworth city is to be lighted with
gas, on or about the 1st of November. The
charter of the Company restricts the priee of
gas to uuriy-nve cents per nundred feet.
S'Henry Ward Beeoher Ieotared to a very
meagre audienoe In Provldenoe recently, only
a few teoulo attendinir. henanae avervborlv ...
peoted to be erowded out.
aarMsior Ellis, of Cuban and Nlcaraunan
fame, died on the 7th, in New Orleans, of
lingering consumption, at tne very earlv beb
ot luirijr years,
irXf On tVinlTt.ri nit. onntVii A.,1 .
r 1. 1 :ii. -: a . p
O " " w. v.v PU.lUj uqu BU
AnnreaM. The narttAa mara Pa.aann nnJ
l ...... nw.v j . . A uwmu BUtl
Col. Wm. A. Gatewood. The former fell mor
tally wounded and died m two hours
M. Knafllltll. tbA fllafi'nmti'aliAl TTi.
carian chief. rAtnrtiRrl in TSnirlon at. tt,a ha
ginning of the week. ' He intends remainine
kMAaHklitif.-.:!- . 1-1. 11 ...
ajviv iriuiuia iaui,jjr, w wawu tnu proceeuings
of events abroad. iondon IVmea, of the 23th
fAmonff the rliatineinaTiAd apvivala at
NeW York bv One of tVin TlkflAnt al.ama.o tnr
Europe, is Madame Omar Pnnhn. wifn f tha
celebrated Turkish 'commander who won to
many laurels in Silistria. She comes to make
this country her residence.
PThfiTfi is a nl&nt in iVio TnUnJ nf fi.
matra, tho circumference of whose fully ex
panded flower ia ninn feet iiji nif.nnm la
calculated to hold nine pints; the pistils are
aa targe as a cow s norns, ana we wnole
weight of the blossom is computed to be fif
teen pounae.
The track-laying on the Louisville and
Nashville Railroad, will, with good weather,
do nnitnea in an, next week, it is expeoted
that the passenger and freight trains between
the two cities will be regularly tunning on and
iter tne it oi aovemoer.
We leern that D. MoLavan. Eia.. the
proprietor of "San Rice's Great Show' has
puronasea irom Bit. m. t. t'nnsty tne exten
sive property on Walnut-street, Philadelphia,
known as Welch's National Theater, with all
its soenery, wardrobe and appointments, for
the sum of $25,000, and that the "Great Show"
Will locate there permanently, forthwith.
There is a well-authenticated rumor
that Thomas F. Meagher has gone to Costa
Rica as an agent of President Mora, and will
make an effort to assist him with his Irish
countrymen in regaining supreme power.
His scheme may not be utterly abortive, as
Government availed itself of his offer to take
dispatches to Mr. Dimitry, which will afford
him. the protection of a diplomatic eharaoter.
4&"There are four Shaker Societies In
Ohio, numbering 1,059; one In Conneotiout,
numbering 200; . two in Maine, numbering
160; two in New Hampshire, numbering iOO;
four in Massachusetts, numbering 700; two in
Kentucky, numbering S00; three in New
York, numbering 1,050 making In all
eighteen societies.
ball-ring. Cuchares, the first matador of the
J- tl 5 i . . .
uay, wuu ji.uuwu uuu mucu renownea in ail
the famous arenas of Spain, has met at last
iha fain Xtrhrh hafaVm mn. manrt tvUn
vuw awiiv vtuvh vviwiie OU UIQU VI Vi-lU II Uja
fessors of his dangerous and barbarious art.
in uio ouu-uguk ai, Aucante ne nas neen to
rlanerAmnalv wnnnrleH that
cover, it is said he fill never be able to enter
uio circus aguiu.
Mr. Sloan, of Point Ablno. the owner
of the land on which the last prise fight was
fonght, was In Buffalo on Friday. . He repre
sents the eonduet of the parties present toward
himself and hit family as roost outrageous,
They trampled down his fields, stole his hay
and fed it freely to their horses, entered his
house and insulted his family, and took every
liberty with his property and about his premi
ses that their lawless inoUnatloot prompted,
replying to all remonstrances with insolent
language and threats, and by their numbers
making It impossible to resist any of their pro
ceedings. Before the fight came off, when the
prinoipals were waiting in tbe vioinity, Mr.
Sloan applied to the Justice at Port Erie for
their arrest; bat the latter refuted to take any
steps In pie natter. ,.
The Accident to the Quaker City.
Ax iMPAin Ovisboakd. While the passen
gers of the disabled steamer Quaker Oily
were, on the 7th instant, fifty miles south of
Cape Hatteras, being handed np the side of
the bark Dumbarton, a heavy test was running-,
and it was with the ulmoef-diiSoulty
that the ladies could be gotten on board.
This was finally effected, and then an inno
cent little nursling, whose mother had en
trusted it to the rough hands of the honest
tars, was handed up. Tbe little thing was too
light and tender for their hard palms uB(i
they sung out from the boat to those above to
catch the "little one," and the next moment
a score of arms was outstretched, as it, was
lifted crowing anoT kicking towards the gun
wale. Alas 1 all hands missed it, and it fell
back into the sea among the sharks every
eye was strained, the pulsations of the heart
were stopped, and for a moment all seemed
paralyzed ; but this lasted only for an instant,
the sturdy arm of one of the gallant boat's
crew had grasped the dear little one by the
leg, and as he lifted it aloft a cheer saluted
its appearance. The mother of the child now
went into strong oonvulsions, and the infant
was passed into the arms of Mrs. Davidson,
and while resting there a beautiful land bird
hovered for a moment over its little form, and
then, as if to assure itself that it lived, perched
upon its dress, and hopped and chirped in
concert with the crowing of the babe. The
bird then jumped to the shoulder of Mrs.
Davidson, thence to the shoulder of Mr. Da
vidson, who was near, and then took a final
farewell of the bark and her rescued passen
gers. Norfolk Day Book.
American Tract Society—Receipts and
Gains for Six Months.
The receipts of the American Tract Seolety
for six months of the Society's current year,
ending Ootober 1, have been, for publications
sold, $103,506 SI, and in donations and Iega
oiei, $39,880 47 in all, $142,880 81; being
$5,009 50 more than for the corresponding
months of the previous year.
Grants by colporteurs: In New Hampshire,
4,000 pages; Rhode Island, 96,000; Connecti
cut, 25,000; New York, 1,888;000; New Jer
sey, 454,000, Pennsylvania, 2,418,000; Dela
ware, 11,000; Maryland, 854,000; Distrlot of
Columbia, 17,000; Virginia, 1,360,000; North
Carolina, 903,000; South Carolina, 766,000;
Georgia, 406,000; Alabama, 103,000; Missis
sippi, 45,000; Louisiana, 212,000; Texas, 204,
000; Arkansas, 64,000; Tennessee, 396,000;
Kentuoky, 614,000; Ohio, 1,633,000; Indiana,
590,000; Michigan, 835,000; Illinois, 1,002,000;
Missouri, 1,205.000; Iowa, 171.000: Wisoonsin.
273,000; Minnesota, 28,000; Kansas, 36,000;
Canada, 271,000. Total, 16,181,000 pages.
Besides the above, including 1,600,000 pages
tor California grants, have been made for in
dividual distribution in the different States.
and for the army and navy, lakes, rivers and
oanals, Indian missions, literary and humane
institutions, mission Sabbath-sohools, home
ana aomesue missionaries, branohes and aui'
tileries, foreign shipping, and for foreign dls
mtmtion, amounting to 8,929,000 pages,
making a total of 25,106,000 pages, value,
at mieea pages lor a cent, $io,7uo
Visit or Da. Cahill to ibiUhitid Statis.
The Rev. Dr. Cahill, of Ireland, is to saU on
the 22d or 29th Instant for the United States.
In a letter he says:
I intend to make a tour of the States and of
Lanada, to see my eountrvmen: to inform mv-
self, as an eye-witness, of the flourishing insti
tutions of the great Ameriosn republic; to
transmit to the poor Irish at home a weekly
report of the condition of their relatives and
friends on the other side of the Atlantlo, and
to point out those parts of the Union where
labor is most rewarded, and where settlement
is most advantageous. My letters to Ireland
shall have no referenoe, direotly or indirectly,
to politics, International or domestic. I shall
be a mere Irish traveler, oheering my fellow
countrymen wherever I happen to meet them,
and conveying the thanks, the gratitude of
Ireland to Amerioa for the protection and her
matoMess hospitality to the wandering emi
grant! f- ra this country. During my passage
through the towns and elties, I shall deliver
publio popular lectures on astronomy.
Two Claimants for a Chows. A elvll war
has followed the death of the late Emperor in
Morrocoo. There are two claimants for the
crown. The son of the Emperor has succeeded
to the "green turban," but his tight isdisputed
by bis eousin. It appears that when the Em
peror, Abder Rahman, died, many years ago,
hit brother, Muley Solelman, seized the throne
to the exclusion of the rightful heir, Abder, the
son of the Emperor. Abder did not make a
fuis abont it, but quietly submitted, and helped
hit uncle all that he oould in the government.
When tbe nnele died Abder suooeeded him
peacefully. The nnole left four sons, the
youngest of whom now makes war upon Sidl
juonammed, the son and successor of Abder.
Sidi, upon being . orowned, Immediately
nurohed against the pretender and defeated
him in a terrible battle. But the pretender.
though defeated, is not eonqnered, and as he is
aiaeu ny a powertui and energetio tbieok, the
wtr will probably continue for some time
Tbi Gbowth of tbi Uhited Statu. At the
taking of the first census under the Federal
ivnautuiion in xvvu, tne population of the
United States amounted 3,929,827. At inter
vals of ten years the census have been taken
regularly, and the result at each period is as
17SO .
18(0 .
, 3,929,827
, 7,239,814
1820 .
1630 .
1840 .
I860 .
The census will aeain be taken in 1860.
te teesMt eeee i eeeee
and will show a population within the limits
of the United States of more than 82,000,000.
Tub Auboba Bobialh Explains!). A
scientlSo gentleman thus .fives the origin of
this oelestial visitor: When the melofyglstio
temperature of the horlson Is such as to calori
clie the impurient .dentation of the hemis
pheric analogy, the cohesion of the borax our
biitui becomes charged with infinitessimals,
which are thereby deprived of their flssural
disquisitions. This effected, a rapid ohange is
produced in thorabumpter of the (ryastlcutis
ptleilum, which causes a eonvaonlar In the
hexgonal antipathies of the terrestrlnm aeq.ua
verusll. The clonds then become a mass of
deodorumlsed speeulss of oermoeular liht.
whio'j can only be seen when it is visible.
SOKOAT LAW lit Pitbbobq. The carriage
driver of Chief Justice Lowrie, of the Supreme
Court of Pennsylvania has been fined $25 at
Pittsburg, for driving his employer to church
on Sunday.' The offending driver, it appears,
was employed bv the Judtre to attend his
garden and drive his carriage, at a stipulated
price per month ; but the mayor decided that
driving to church on Sunday was a matter of
convenience, and sot a work of necessity or
charity, and therefore was a violation of the
law against worldly employment on Sunday,
which law excepts oases of necessity or chari
ty. The mayor's: decision deoidesi several
similar cases ia mat city, . .. ,
Eiokok, the Canadian ' water-walker.
was announced to walk aoross the Hidsen
Hirer, at New York, on Thursday last, but
failed to do so because his apparatus was not
mad to his liking.
Personal Identity.
Many years ago, perhaps about the year
1790, there were two brothers of the name of
Harp, roaming about the barrens of Kentucky,
whose oocupation seemed to be to eommit atro
cious murders, and In many instances, appar
ently without any objeot, exoept, as the older
aeknowiedged, hatred of the human species.
In consequence of these atrocities, the Gov
eruor of the SUte offered a large reward for
theircapture. . To avenge the murder of a Mrs.
Btegal, a man of the name of Leiper raised a
party, and set out In pursuit of tbe murderers.
The elder Harp was arrested and killed, his
bead cut oSand carried before a justioe of the
peaoe, to claim the reward. The head was
then stuck en a tree at the fork oCthe roads,
which have ever Bince been known as Harp's
Bead Soad. , The younger brother escaped and
joined a party on the Mississippi Elver, headed
by a man of the name of Measure. They,
were river pirates and robbed boats goingdown
the river, or the parties ascending who might
have money, pleasantly observing that these
people took produce to maTket for them. Dur
ing the absense of the gang, young Harp cut
off Measure's head, which he packed in slay
for preservation, and carried it down the river
to Natohee, where Gov. Claiborne had offered
a reward of $1,000 for it. His claim was ad
mitted, as Meaiure's features were well known,
but unfortunately for him, he was reoognized
by a man from Kentuoky, and arrested and
put cn hit trial.
There was a good deal of contradictory evi
dence. Mr. Poindexter, afterward Governor,
was the United States Distrlot Attorney, and
informed the writer of this that though every
body was satisfied he was the man, yet there
was not a sufficiency of clear evidenoe to legally
eonviot, until as he was about to give the cane
to the jury for acquittal of the party a
stranger, from North Carolina, attracted by a
crowd, made his appearanoe. He was raised
in North Carolina, and knew the Harps whon
boys ; but years had elapsed, and he could not
oertainly identify the man. But he stated the
younger Harp had three toes growing together
on one of his feet, whioh, upon examination
proved to be the case with tbe prisoner, and he
was convioted. PkilacMphi North .American.
Manufacture of Steel Pens.
school-bov recollects havlne seen the
name of J oseph Gillot on steel pens. A letter
from Birmingham, Ens-land, dosorlbaa tlia
manufactory in whioh they are made. They
now sell at sixty oents a gross, whereas, when
their manufacture flrsteommenccs . thev brought
zo lor mat quantity. The letter savs :
The steel comes mainly from Sheffield, In
thin striDa of about thru nhaa l ,:.u. .j
is first submitted to a rolling process to reduce
m iu uib required uiioaneas ior pens. Ihls is
done bv bova and man In a. mnrt nf t...n..i
where dust and grease seem to be abundant.
nt. - .i ...
Aiia viuor rooms are generally airy and spa
cious, and girls and young women theeirto.
numbering about five hundred in all. Tbe
successive siaes in tne manufacture are very
Interesting. One machine (and they are all
light in their construction) outs the pen from
the steel strip, another stamps it with the man
ufacturer's, name, another bends it, another
splits the point, and scores of small, bussing
grindstones, from whioh, by oontaet with the
pen, streams of sparks are emitted, and grind
ing the pens at the point and along the baok,
to give them the spring whioh Is necessary.
This is considered the most important ope
ration, the one on whioh the value of the pen
to most dependent. The tempering process
oomes next The pens are placed in small me
tallic boxes, and submitted to an Intense heat
in a ffrent rivan. a olttnnaa V,-n., 1.
d , a.,-..... .u.uugu nuvn
open door reminds one of the sweat to which
. J V. ! . . J ., .
uuauiauu auiu 111s oomraues were SUDjeoted.
They come out as mailable almost as putty.
Another application of heat reverses this
state, and makes them too brittle for naa.
while a third, applied in a different form, gives
them the temper whioh the buver finds them
to possess. The prooess of varnishing is the
only one to whioh they are tubjeoted after
being tempered.
Singular Medical Case—A Worm in a
Child's Tooth.
Vn. TnT-PAC Th fltn.: J
ii.wniug uvagiiuvu dido
oi our only oniid, Willie, four and a half
years of age, as witnessed by various Indlvid-
""im wwuoiuuicu, Buy oo least, uncom
mon. The flhllH hs.rl linn nllina tnm nU..
he grew thin and pale, to muoh as to give us
Inoressed anxiety in regard to the nature of
his disease. Ha eftan. vhiU at nia
suddenly drop hii toyi and scream oat. Also
-law uittu. ffimm wuv up crying, wcDy
lntYTAfLfllllflr finr foam. At ttila Al..
B at. oaass jituutuin 1119
child was tajctn to Dr. Bruoe'a, No. 19 Xre-
uiuin-ruw, who Decani e flattened t&at tbe dii
aa wa tt maattA ten tka 2. tt.
v. V svwrvw m .uv up pur JtwtTe HO HO-
cording administered ether, under the in-
fltfAflAAft f a ask!.. ..4l A a
- f-"W"W VAT Uf WU1VO VI fTUIlllj
whioh, when elongated by crawling, was full
ltl 1 1 . U . .1 1 1 i ...
'"uu ""guif iam oeaa was jet oiacK,
and hard as slate stone, while the body was
white and flexible.
The tooth was deeply inserted; the inner
and Waj la.Vffa1v rrfnralaA ..J fll
O J (.imw Mill. B1BV SUU1-
ciently capacious for necessary vermienlations;
uo paiuDuia,uuriuusij resmiea irom eaorts
of the worm to train the marrow nr Inn.. ...
tlon of the jaw bone. The child began to im-
5 rove in healtn at enoe after the tooth was
rawn, and is now well aeain. This ooourred
a few weeks ago, and. as It was such a sin.
gular case I thought I would send an account
Boston Evening
Oct 7 W. R. B.
OoHiiiTES.-The Franklia (la. .Sanaa-of
the 1st instant publishes a communication
from two highly respeotable citizens of Ver
milHonvllle, descriptive of the cruel and bar
barous treatment of citizens of that place by
tbe vigilance committees:
Numerous families ant mid f K I a .f.
faring condition for the want of necessaries of
life by the aotion of the vigilant. Cne man
was taken from the side of his dying child
having lost his wife only a week before his
hands tied, bat subseqaently let off on learn
ing that he was not guilty of any crime. An
unoffending boy of fourteen years was dread
fully whipped by the vigilant. Nor was this
all. Sr. C. H. Wagner, late a justioe of the
peaoe, and coroner of the parish, was whipped
in a most cruel manner, without having com
mitted the least shadow of an offense, the
charge against him being that, upon the oaths
of three American oitisens, ho bad ordered
the arrest of one of the oaptaina of the vigil
ante. '
Thb Geiat &A8TIBM. Some of the passen
gers who arrived In Boston In the steamer
Canada last Saturday report that it is not
probable the Grtat Salter will be in order to
sail for Portland before the middle ef Novem
ber. '.These who have seen the mammoth
vessel since the explosion report that the
newspaper accounts fail to give an adequate
idea of the devastation it occasioned. The
English journals report that the receipts of
the ship from visitors range from three to eight
thousand dollars a day; that the sight ef her
gratifies the publio and that the sight-seers
pr better than passengers; that this being the
ease, It would be absurd to sail her prematurely
for America or any other place.
SATURDAY EVENING'S DISPATCHES. The Associated Press and Congressional
NEW YORK. October 15.
Considerable interest having been expressed
to learn the intentions of the Associated Press
in relation to the Congressional reports of the
approaohing session of Congress at Washing
ton, we are now authorised to say that the pro
ceedingsof both Houses will be reported by
telegraph with all possible care and as folly as
heretofore, embracing a clear and accurate
statement of all the business of public interest
transacted, torather with
- ' --o- - w ... HUU1P
judiced statement of tbe points of all important
Southern Pacific Railroad.
NEW ORLEANS, October 15.
Railroad, has arr!s tt , .
--- ua.ua, buii nas set
tled every thing in Texas. The stockholders
isoi,eu new uireocors. J. JCdgar Thomp
son. President, k.a i .T,. I,
, . iw,uuiv iub consoli
dated, eompany, fully protecting the bona fide
stockholders. Texas subscribes $500,000
r ,nrurlni 0M "oojna laborers, pav
ng $100 000 on tie spot. Renewed MnfldeDce
IS felt in Tevaa aa wall ln .ui. mi..
,i. mi. viLj, me
Bvuiug jir.
Episcopal Convention.
RICHMOND, October 15.
of Deputies to-day, a rwolu
tlon to adionrn .... j:. 11 , .
-i,i.j " : vu lu" msi. was
tabled. A large number of resolutions were
o mai aoiion was taken upon
any of importance.
It is rumored that the House of Bishops ves
terday refused to restore Ex-Jishop Onder-
i I , V ." "J '"" or twenty-six
azaint six. for thA i.i. .
sion, but no information of a publio character
of that body Srng tae proceedings
From Boston.
BOSTON, October 15.
.1 . .T -rr- i m naut commis
sioners, the Supreme Court to-day issued a
temporary Injunction against the Peoples'
Five-Cent Sayings Bank, of Haaover-street.
A fl.R.t.n.a I. J, . . ..
m.o una uisooverea in tne ac
counts of the Treasnrer. The amount has not
.r" "owiaineo, out it is supposed that
tne deposits will not be endangered. The
u.ua. woe omy umitea Dullness.
The other Savings Banks of this city are in
a safe and prosperous condition.
The Great
PORTLAND, MAINE, October 15.
Cumberland, the agent of the
tfreal Eatttrn, who has come here to make ar
rangements for the reception of that vessel, ar
rived yesterday, from Canada. He has no
dOUbt that th at aoim.m will I. -n. .. .
i .i. . T. ivw torroruano
in the latter part of Ootober, When he lefi
the company did not entertain the thought of
visiting any other port with her In America,
..fl ..,.ulUMU) nnere it was expeotod
shewould remain abont three weeks.
Sporting Inteligence.
LOUISVILLE, October 15.
i ooa ? 'H)dlWB Co to-day, the purse for
51,200 for two four-mile heats, was won by Mr
Alexander's "Lavender," of Kentuoky, over
Col. Moore's "Minnn 'l .FT.... mi
. . O'J -uiiuonoco. Aims
7:60, and 8:04.
BOSTON, October 15.
, . i. y ,
At the Uoraa Nhnar m.ii. .1 , ,
. . , j ""j', iu pnaoipai
trot was between "Columbus" and the Montreal
S,UJ '1' Lly 0ak'" of " for a parse
of $500. "Oolnmhns" ... ti.. -1 . . "
K!'.ti,.!:ti.n.2:35Moon4 ,n 2:36, and
From Albany.
ALBANY, October 15.
or Mnrsan taU Tt.j
--o-- "-""a jj(imu Biaiior-
T ... j. . . u ,ur ul" Pln'on relative
te the disputed jurisdiction oyer Ojster Island,
hatWAATI thtt Rlnf-a .t KT V t- T 1 1
wnwi v. oi, igra auu i ew jer
sey, the Attorney-General gave bis opinion
that the Island clearly belongs to New Yorlc,
and that New Jersey has no jurisdiction over
Convicted of Murder.
NEWARK, N. J. October 15.
The trial of Patrlnlr Ma 1 11 0. VJ 4lSk Haasa.J.o
m - vf sui uiuruer
of his sister, Mrs. Mary Turbo tt, in the Pifib
ui wis okj, on me evening of the 28tb
of May last, was concluded to-day at noon.
After retirlnar a short tima. th i.. ..,. j
a verdiot of guilty of murder. Thesentenoeol
iIaaIL 111 I- . aiap
uiu wui oe announcea on Monday next.
LOUISVILLE, October 15.—P.M.
Kiver falling, with tVivAA r-.i .:.ki
in the canal.
Pittsbubo, October 15 P. M.
IllVAP torn fnAt AVk.iMMt. oi U ...
stationary. Weather clear and cool.
The Steamer Star of the West.
WASHINGTON, October 15.
The Savanab Ifmtm tia.t tt,. .....
Star of tht Wett bad five hundred and lift;
puiseugerB, una ci,ouu,uuo in treasure.
She landed two hundred of her passengers
at Key West. The balance remained on board
.1 O. - , I . Ti' . . . . -
""'; we rresi, woicn leit lorKewXcrk
wuu uuo engine worung.
Destructive Fire.
CHICAGO, October 15.
out yesterday morning in the
millinery store cn the corner of Main and
Hennepln-streets, at Dixon, Illinois, and, be
fore the flames could be subdued, twenty
building, occupied by business houses, were
destroyed. The lots is estimated at 150,000:
Insured for $15,000.
From Portau-Prince.
NEW ORLEANS, October 15.
furnishes Port-au-Prince dates
to the 1st Inst. The city of Port-au-Prince
was still in a state of siege, but the excite
ment was abating. -
Steamboat Sunk.
ST. LOUIS, October 15.
steamer Marengo, from Pittsburg, sunk
at Rogers' Landing, twenty tulles below this
oitv. vestardav aftKrannn. The hna
valued at $15,000; Insured for $10,000. .
Steamboat Burnt.
ST. LOUIS. October 15.
The ataamep 7lr.ia.tt. wu liiivnt .4 Plfuutw
Island, opposite this city, this morning.
T....I Ann. ! J
xivoB 9 u,vuv, iiinurea.
Non-arrival of the North Briton.
FARTHER POINT, October 15.
There are no signs of tbe steamship North
Briton, now due with Liverpool advices jo
the 6th Inst. . . ,. , ..
NEW YORK. October 15.
The revenue-cutter HarrUt Lome,, from a
cruise in search of the steamer Quaker City,
ha arrived and anchored off the Battery.
.TE'rm--CA8H.' '
Advertisements eot exceeding five lines (Agate.)
Two weeka..... i to One mnr.it,, ,, , , j gn
. Urger advertisements laaorted at the tol Rowing
rates for square of ten lines or lea :
8BJI1KT,0B K I Toweekf......MM.,:n W
Saoh addl'nal las,. 24 I Three weekeJTIZ
Oae week............. 1 Ti One montliM..., 2 et
r Job Printing;
In all l Branches, done with aeatnea and disaeteb..
8 PearMtrcei,
Have aew la store a large aad ssleet stock ef Hi.
tlM aad IANCT BBT 008. which, far extant
and variety, la onnarpaaeed, ytai
A large and general stock of Domeatio
Woolen and Cotton -eoeU.
A splendid line of vary it- sDreaa6ooda
In Silks, Delaines, Merino a, aud other
lahriesofaeweat styles.
Cloths, CasaiaseTM and VeetUifft, in
Urge assortment.
A complete ato5 et Wkite rout, Em
broideries and .Lkiex fieods. ef our
own Importation.
A very eatenslve stock f Vnny antt
Variety Ceods, Shawls, Hoalery.
Gloves, dee.
We shall he la dally receipt ef all aw and de
sirable Goods during the season, and dialre to te
placed In competition with any hooee, lat er West,
ba'sieAtnjtRpf wirstoet. r .
ixr -w st o r
South-east Cor. Fourth and Vine,
, PBBTTII8T stock of Goods for UEM'H
WBAB ever offered In CinemnatlT
vaa btook or
P I E O E G O O D S3.
To ma. as to Heaaare, wtH he Urge and rarlsd.
We bavea
New Corp of Gutters.
rrom New Terk aad Philadelphia, who profit to
understand tbe art of (Jutting Stylish Garments to
' aw for peat favors we retura many thane, and
hope to merit future patronage. Inly,
' jaepT-tf
Boape, Perfumery, Fancy Goods, 6Ve., t
Which I will sell cheaper than any other place ia
the city. Too Will find a lara-a aaaortmant or IT-
TBAOTe) at tt cents per tiottle. oclt
Commercial Scbool
Hare nth -atrewkt. htvAn Waiving- anri Tri.&
cinnatl, Ohio. KTeiiing (Jlau commencing Monday,
T"v" -wa'BOBiiiuii vnuguii MB aappiltm W everF
depftrtment of trade. Business aod Orn amciiUl Pq -DaanBOlp,
Call and xaml&e epeclmeon, tptlamt
(Successor to Oonwell k Galther,)
Is Prepared to do all kinds' of Plumber
w or .a Bhort HoUee.
octhw 1. OAITHIg, Superlnleodeat,
No. IT State-street, Colambas, Ohio.
I8AN. ocll-ara
, at last just what the Ladies have Lug needed
and looked for In vein,. the Uterine Elliir.
The Uterine Elixir is warranted to core all dls.
oases of a Uterine Nature; In damnation of the
hiiibot., me uvmries, ana tne urethra.
atlon, Uhloroiis. Amenorrhea: iu fact, a perfeotcure
is gnarranteed by the uee of from two to tive bottle
ui me niuir, oi any disease whatever or the Gener
ative aud Urinary Organs, of male or female, not
matter of how long standing. Price $1 per Bottle.
Madame KLLIB calls particular attention to the
following Card of oae of the most prominent Dm
gisu of Cincinnati. T. ,
"To ibs Fmuc Ars tii Labixs is FAsnocua. ,
We, the undersigned, are not in the habit ef giving
our name to Patent Medicines; bat knowing weilth .
Lady Physician, and tbe medicine called tb. Uterine
Llixir, we cheerfully recommend it to all females
suffering from female Diseases of any kind; it is
surely vegetable, and in no case can do injury: we
say to all try, and our word for It, you will find re
. F.D. HILL, Druggist,
lepff "Corner of Viftb and Uacwureete.'
LATINO BALSAM cures, without fail, pain
in the Breast. Back, Hide ior Llmbe; (Jonghs, 'colds.
Hoaraenes, Olfflculty of Breathing, Headache, list.
give immediate relief. In any of the above disease
It will give relief is twenty minutes, and a perma
nent cure by the use of to bottln. Only SO cents
T,,"?"'60 cneaP 'hat every person can get it.
Either of the above medicines to be had of P. 9.
HILL, Drogaist, corner of Bac and rifth-etreetc
and ADWA&D SUANLANA CO., Linguists. N. 3!
corner or Main and Fourth-streets: J, 5. Paik.eo.
ner fourth an Walnut; or of BHIGHAM CO..
Atannlactaren, No. M Et jTonrthtnet, Cincin"
'"i 0' , ; pat-ar
Ho. 161 East Front Street, bet. Pike aad Batler-tt's,
H, Bouth-side. -
with the most imimul kinri .e m..ki.M
am prepared to furnish, at short notice, all kinds of
House and Steamboat, Carpenter and Joiner's work,
Hash. Blinds, Boor. Frame and Holdings, of al
discrfptlone. Bteatuboat Lumber, Weather-board. J
Off. Shlnffla.. Rliilna riAArl... H...ant.
vu u.uu. rmiBuiir attention paia to planing, ngr
Irani ii
has just received, from Boston, an entire new
Mur.Bi.ua oi uoeu vu nampaanQ imvrovea trarsers,
preventing the smoke, so ms.hcf Mannoyanee ts :
Mnanm.r. A Im .k. ku ...1.1. -. b i lt .
ever offered In this market, fire from tmokeor smelly
No. 1 Colleae BsJidW.
seaN-am WalaeHt., bet. Foarth aad rfrTt,
--, vuiuuid jineuiuaiuin, jsiuiows
Cholio, Cramp (Jhollo, Griping Pains of the Bow.ls,
Dullneas, fltupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and
a rainiui jnanatruatlrjn ft l. . aviaiti ,n. ..
.luiwuwiuimwinf, neavy training sumner oaa
be planed and trued 40 feet long, and 30 inches wide, i
Pereon abont to build, will Sad It to their advsuv . :
tagetogivemeaealL : WH, JONEB, , ,f"
ana-bm Propri.or ' V.

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