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"JOUHlVAo., In thi oolamn, occupying five 11dm
or lets, two Insertions, twenty -five oent.
man from a neighboring town, who haa had
several years experience, wants a situation ae Book,
keeper. Aesiitaut Book-keeper, or Entry Clerk.
References laat employer. Address Book-keeper,
at thl tifflco. oct7-d
WANTED NURSINa. A lady, who
. ... had orn ten yearn' experience, and oan
Its the) beet of reference, It willing to offer her ser
Tlceeaa Nurse In Cincinnati, Covington or Newport,
Addret Mra. L. B. Q at thli office. oclT-b
WANTED HELP. Four or flv girl to
do general house-work, two glrlt to learn
drest-maklng, and other to take ketone on dreaa
eatting, Cell at Mrt. Warner's Intelligence Office,
No. 800 West riith-e'reet. Aleo, person! wanting
good help, Call at the above number. oclT-b
ANTED A PIPER For the Clnoin-
nttl Independent Highland guards. Apply
at No. 40 East fifth-street.
WANTED GIRL A girl aboat fifteen or
sixteen year of age to lake care of children
and uelet In general house-work, a thortdlttance In
th country; mutt oome well recommended. Apply
to No. 80 last Third itreet, oc!7b'
WANTBD HOUSE To rent a honso of
fire or six rooms, together with the fiirnl
ture.centrally located, with the privilege of porches
lrjgtlie furniture, by a prompt tenant. Addrets box
1064, Cincinnati Postomco, stating terms and loca
tlon. oolTb
WANTED HELP Fifty men to chop
wood; also situations open for clerks, me
chanics, farm bands, men uted to horses and ttable
work; any Quantity of sltuatism open for female serv
ants. Apply at the General Iutelllgence Agenoy,
Mo. 181 Western-row. A. D. UABSON A CO.
the' goodwill, itook and fixtures of a
Kietrr store, doing a good bntlneat. Warranted a
rgaln to the purchaser. Address DAM FL, thia
office. ' oolTawt
WANTED COOK A flrst-olass, experi
enced cook, who nnderstandi meats, vans,
pooltrr and pastry. None other need apply. Call at
fawofflceof THOMPSON A NESMITH, No. IS Watt
Third-etreet, from I to 4 o'clock S, M. Xxtra wages
1 lowed.
WANTED GIRL To do the work of
mall family. Apply at No, U Sycamore
tieet. ocis-b
of steady hablte, fair experience and unim
peachable character Is seeking a aituatlon In a whole
sale home. Hcferesces to satisfy the employer will
be glren. Address bAM'Ii B., Penny Frees Count-tag-room.
WANTED Clerks, Salesmen, Book keep
ers, Porters, Bar-keepers, Cooper, Carpen
ters, Mechanic, Laborer and others can And situa
tion! by applylue at toe Merchant' Clerks' Registry
Office, No. m West fifth-street. HALS A CO.
wire, in a boardlng-houte, it cooki or dining
room service. Good olty references given. Addrets
fi. M. U.i cjre this office. oolSaw
WANTED AGENTS end others to call
and examine the corn-hueker, gate-fattening,
egg-beater, knife-polisher, sclseors-sharpeners, ana
a variety of other thlng'i.nnt-rate to travel with, at
odeoddw No. 8 Wait Third-street.
man of good addrets, a litnatlon as porter In
a dry good! ttore, or In any capacity where theser
tloei of a sober, indiiitrious young man would be
needed. Address J. H. M., 363 B.oadway. ociid'
FOR RENT ROOM A large front room
to rent for a sleeping apartment at 140 Seventh
Itreet, between Baceand Elm. oclTb
FOR KENT HOUSE Of eight rooms,
large hack yard, In Lewis's Row, on Front-
. Jul ton. inquire 01 J. WABHKlt, corner
Twelfth and Western -row.
(rood, prompt tenant may hear of a good and
convenient Dwelling, with or t rooms, for rent,
suitable fur lawyers and Conrt-hous employees, the
same being situated near Broadway, a few squares
above the Court House.
Apply Immediately to SB. F. BIEDIR,
ociaiw 73 West Thlrd-itrset, op statu.
OR BENT A LOT 30 feet front on
Broadway, running through to canal basin 1M
rest. Alio, one ox leet trout, ana iw net aeep, witn
Halt-eheds thereon, on sane itreet. between Eighth
and Niutb-itreets. Apply to Dr. Ames, Wi it corner
irront and Bycamore-tireeu, oral in jcast rourtb
treet. ocllcawbw
FOR SALE Received thli day per steamer
J. W. Cbeesman, 60 kegt snorted shot. We
have a full I'ipply of Orange's, Herod's and Dupont's
powder. We will tend our reduced price list by mail
when ordered. Also, 2,000,000 genuine Ot. 8., G. B,
ana JCiy i percussion cape. ocua
FOR SALE LOT 122 by 150 feet, on
Blxth-etreet. very near the Hamilton and Dev.
ton Depot, initable for ware-houeea, for sale very
pheao on easy terms. Apply at 171 VYalnut-st., next to
tflJUioton aoust. iucudtj u. r, HULL.
TOOR SALE At No. 212 Clinton-street, N.
K X. eornsr of Baymlller.-WM. I. ORB has for
alt tb pure Coal Oil, Clnolnnatl manufacture, at
Rl per gaiion. ai.u, uauip., avoaiaMnaai ana iei
w-ware for aale cheap. New York Ledger, Mer
onry, Ac, on Wednesdaya. oclo-b
and well established Dining Saloon, at No. 8
jLatt eourin-aireei ubtids seveuiy-nve prompt pay.
ing boarders, and a good transient trade. lor fur.
ther particulars Inquire on the premlios. oollb
Two etorks of Queeniware, one of Hardware,
one of Dry Goods, one of Drugs, one of Jewelry, one
of Biflei, two or Books, Ac, two of Liquors ; and
svlio all sorts of sbaret in all sorti i f Instltutioni,
Bachines, Patents, Village Lota, Wild Lands, Ac
just In the line of "cotton bat" speculator! Clems
Ana see. v. r . a u lu,
ocI5 e 171 Walnnt-itrest, next Glbton Home.
TMOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
.av spring n agons anu soigies,
ocH-ameod Bank-street Omnibus Faoiory,
OR SALE PAPERS Several thousand
old papers at 2Go. per hundred, at this offloe.
jriOARbl.NG Two er three familiei and
JLM annmber P geniieaieu oan Deaeoommoaaiea
vltb good board and pleasant rooms at 187 Baoe-it.
AOCOmmouelilOUi wr m ""ijjvj v w hwiuwb
r 1 T TlTKrn. Tan av t KfaiA nantlAtnaTi Man
VaiWA4i VI . M. va hivu xjvuiiwuivh vaaaa
I W. ...nn,.J.Brl nvltri Karl enrl a larM Ao.
JB1 um BtUUUIUIVWIiiwu wue- e eaiftv ww-
. a M laTn 1B1 Den.ilme Keu
Cna-BlOrT IIUU IUJUII A'e lot uivsuna;, untvfpwU
, a. k ..1 fll.ll. M,u.le Jilaifk at s HatKaiiilseea
J lira un dia.u-biot.. -.ioi-
T OST On Tuesday evening, black Lace
JLA Tall, on Ninth, Tine or Fourth-itreets. The
tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving tbe
eama at wo. et jsaat gounn-tireei. ooio-p-
T OST Near the corner of Eaoe and Sixth'
Mm streets, a Sne Gold Locket. The finder will
eon'or a favor on tbe owner hj leaving it at Dr.
COO B, oe Bixtn-aireet, near uace. ocio-o-
Premium Coal Cooking Stove,
Bmolce-eoueumliig Coal Cooking Btove,
la without a rival. Call on
Inrentorg end Manufacturer,
Novelty Iron Works,
3 43 G
Fourth-etrwet, Weet of Bmltn
Examine the AUIr read tettimonlals.
8 cHANT-Salet-roomiNo.7KattThlrd itreet-
attend to the sales oi neui eitate, Peraonal
b,. "Wty, Dry Goods, Hardware, Hale, Boots, Shoes,
nvtZlt Furniture, ao. Having. procured th
uroceri. v.oomtl.trjt salesman, all business will
2III-!ih'rt 'tiatch and prompt returns. Oath ad
meet with (I.. rT. m,hlln llnn.lon.
venoes maae on ; . .; . , ...
menu sollottea. J--r. , r
w a vrFAOTORlafl OF
Wood-Working Machinery.
Oner SabnW Water: lHGlelBBatl,0
STON In Sales-room No. OB Main-street, next
to Trust Company Bank. Large stock of Dry
Goorlt, Tailors' Goods, Boote, Hlioee, Hats, Ac., at
Auction. TTJ1BDAT MOBNINO, October 18, com
mencing at iX o'clock, will be told, without any re
serve, 450 lots of fresh Imported Fall and Winter
Dry Goodi.complilnga very desirable assortment
for cltv and country sales.
ALSO A large stock of Tailors' and Clothiers'
Goods, oomprislng a general assortment, with fine
Undershirts and Drawers, Hair-hose, Gloves, Cra
ven, o.
ALt An invoice or Blch Dress Goods, Shawls,
Blankets, Hoods, atomfortt, Bibbont, Curtain Uus
Unt, Ac.
ApSO IB spatlM heavy H Brown Sheeting : lod pes,
of Bed, Tellowand White Flannel! ; M do. Satinets.
19, commencing at o'clock, W casee Boots,
Bhoes and Brogant; Women's, mieseo' and Chil
dren's Shoes, Congresi Oslters. Oxford Ties, Over
shoes, Ao. THOMA8 JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
A 00., No. It Maln-street-Groosriea. Boots.
SJj?S,Aftl!f,!t,r,i0- Aoction.-On TUESDAY
Staple Groceries, Boots, Hhoet. Glastware, Ac 40
bags Bio Coffee, IS mate Java Coffee. ISO botes Vir
ginia and Kentucky Tobacco, It bble. Kenned Byrnp.
SO bagi Sploea and Pepper, it bblt. Smoking Tobacco.
kii a. p. ulna a cu., auctioneers.
8HEAE8 A OO.-Sales-roomi Not. 7 and ot
u.Diu-,.ir.i. uiunun, an., AWitlvu.'ni will
sell, THIS (Monday) MORNING. October 17, at
n'.ln. W bah-hI ..... r I-. . -1 -.
v vw, m Kvuw.n. -VJ' 1IU.U, u, . I Him lO,, uiuiU,,
ini of SO Ebla. Molaaeee. 14 hf. bble. do.. 71 hhli
Syrup, 3i bagi Coffee. M boxes Soap, 74 doxen Wash-
Doarua, loo ooxea Virginia Ibt. and M Tocacoo, 10
bales ulovee, 10 bagi Pimento. 290 kegt Nails.
aliuw inuigo, nuimeis, npicee, raper,uiastware.
oolT O. BBA8BKAB8 A CO., Auct'rs.
WILLIAHS-BalM-rooms Not. 22 aud 14 East
Third-street. -Varlny Sale. TCFSbAT MoKN
INO, October 18, at tie o'clock, 1(0 dosen Portemun
nates, ateorted; 80 dosen Purses, Fancy Boxes, Ta
ble and Pocket Cutlery, Umbrelltt, Boots, Shoe., Ao.
At 11 o'clock A general assortment of Parlor,
Chamber and Office Furniture, carpets, Ao.
ALSO One super. Boaewood Piano, out open Bug
gy, new.
aiiou a complete sex or Tinners' Tools, do.
oo!7 A. K aLLOGO, Auctioneer.
THOS. W. FIRM & 80.
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
f reeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Ballroad,
lhan any other Lumber Dealers In the ertr.
'Quick Sales and Small Profits"
They submit the following Hit of prices:
lla.ti 1 Mn'a.
Clear lumber, all thicknesses, 1 In. meat in 80 $40 1'
Best Common, H and 2 inch Plank........ 28 00 80 1
Beet ' 1 Inch Board........,... 23 78 99 8
Second " all thlckiietes........... 16 to 17 K
Third " Boarde.........,.,..... n 80 118
Grub Plank, face measure. It 80 16 o
Memioct joiet, scantling ana limber.... U60 u no
Ponlar " ' " lilt it wi
First Common Flooring Boards.... 36 no 37 so
Second " " " .............. 2S 76 38 00
Third " " ' 18 80 20 00
First common Weather Boards.............. 16 00 17 60
Beoond " " ' 12 00 IS 00
Cedar Post, 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred.-, 88 00 fo 00
Cedar " forfenolng, " " 80 08 83 68
Locutt " " " 20 00 22 80
A lurtuer reduction ot w per sent, will be made on
blllt of IJ00 or more.
We have one of tbe largest and beat lelected stocks
of Lnmber In the Clnolnnatl market, whlah wa offnr
nr sale at tne aoure priees.
Fays for the Fenny Press.
Six Cents a Week!
Fays for the Fenny Press.
W1U pay for the Press
Will Pay for the Presi
It yon want a servant, advertise In
If yon want a boose, advertise la
Ir yon want to tall anything, advertise In
If you want to boy anything, advertise In
Ia faet, every want mpelled by advertising In
jStVPenny Frees to be tad erery
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
Don't forget that tbe Penny
Preae lg tbe mediant through which to
make known your waul el Advertise
ment! ef Ave lines and loss, Inserted
twice for twenty-five cental
Acoidiki. A little bov named Geo. Bate.
about ten years of age, fell from the railing
of the Main-etreet Canal Bridge, Saturday,
and broke his arm.
DlSCHAHOID. Da Ifarbalaanrlhlawlfawara
before the Polioe Court latt Saturday, to an
swer me onarge ot disorderly oonduot, and
iMroiTARt. Tbe evening teuton la E. II.
Bartlett'i Commerolal College oommtneei thia
evening at seven o'olook. Tbe first leetnre li
pnbllo. See Mr. I.'s advertisement in another
Bbiit to TBI Aitidk. Mlobael Jnlg, who
murdered his wife some time sines, in the
Seventeenth Ward, wai, by order of the Pro
bate Court, last Saturday, lent to the Innatlo
Aiylum as a lunatie.
Maw Siabbso. A man named Stephsn
Eeeler was stabbed In the abdomen with a
bowie knife, at a coffee-homo on Western
row, near the intersection of Freeman street.
Cause whisky.
BoaaLAtY. The reildenceof Dr. W. Owen,
No. 208 Seventh-street, was burglariously .en
tered Saturday evening, and robbed of a gold
watch worth $80. Two suspioioui persons
seen in the neighborhood are suspected as
being the robbers.
Delano, Oossaoi k Cittlkb. The atten
tion of our readers is dlreoted to Deland,
Goisage k Cuyler'a advertisement, In another
oolamn. Their stock of winter goods Is well
csloulated to attract tbe fair portion of oar
readers to their establishment, No. 71 West
fourth-street, for thtir purohaiet.
DaowKiD IIiiiBiir. About three o'olook
Saturday morning, a stranger, respectable in
appearance, was seen by a number of fisher
men to jump from a skiff into the Ohio River,
near the month of Milloreek, and drown him
self. An effort was made to reieue him, whloh
failed. Who he was remains a mystery.
Man Shot. A negro man, named Joaerjh
Downes, was shot in the breast by a man
named Timothy Hawkes, in a home of ill-fame,
about eleven o'clock Saturday night. The
two had a quarrel, when Downes struok
Hawkes, whloh induoed him to draw a re
volver and shoot The wound ii not consid
ered dangerous.
Csablis S. Wbathibbt. Our lady rsaderi
will, no doubt, be pleased to learn that Mr.
Weatherby, of 112 West Fifth-street, is now
offering an Immeme stook of silks, robes,
dreis goods, shawls and cloaks at leas prices
than ever sold before in this olty. By refer
ence to his advertisement in our oolumnt, to
day, nis reaucea rates win be seen.
Robbibt. The dwelling of Mr. David
Qulnoy, on Raoe-itreet, near Front, was en
tered by a thief, at an early hour Saturday
morning, and robbed of some twenty dollars'
worth of wearing apparel, a shot-gun, and a
silver watoh. The loousdrel was seen walking
down the steps by tome gentlemen who were
passing at the time, but they tuppoied be was
connected with the house.
NcBStiT roa Sub All our horticultural
friends are reminded that there will be a great
sale of nursery stoek at Cumminaville on
Tuesday morning. This great eetabli.bmoBt
of M. Kelly will be sold, In oonsequence of
tno expiration oi nis leaie on tneie grounds,
but St. Miohael will be al hom to reoelve his
friends, and all enstomsrs, as heretofore, at
tne uiitcon nurseries.
Eboan and Cutchs or a Cod-ntibi-sitii.
Saturday afternoon asLoenard Fowler.chartred
witn aeaung in counterfeit money was
being conducted from the Court-house to the
County Jail, in the Custody of Deputy Sheriff
rv teaman, no managed wnen near tne canal
bridge on Main-street to push tbe officer down
and escape. He was, however, assisted shortly
afterward by Officers Orogan and Jones of
tne xnirteentn wara.
Mar Dbowhbd. At an early hour Saturday
morning, a man named George Brown, adeck
hand on one of the Maysville paok eta, lott his
life by falling from a raft, lying at the landing,
between Main and Walnut, into the river.
He wai intozioated, and foolishly made a bet
witn a con pie ot mends tnat he could walk
the raft. He attempted to do so, and fell in
and was drowned. An attempt was made to
save mm oat witnout avail.
Illioal Votirs. Julius King, for voting
in the Thirteenth Ward, when he lived in
the First, was sent to the County Jail for the
term of four months, by Judge Lowe, yester
day. Edward Baksr was also held in bonds
of $600 for future examination for illegal
voting. Charles Reed, charged with inducing
an individual to vote Illegally, will have a
Pbisov, Jail abd Hospital. In the City
Prison, at the olote of the week, there were
lit prisoners, (64 of them females) against 182
the previous week. During the previous wsek
4U prisoners were aiienergea.
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatics: 20
females; 2 on bread and water: 12 on ohain
gang; 60 in main jail 121 in all, against 119
the previous week.
At the Commercial Hospital 25 parsons were
admlttea during tne week; Z8 discharged; 0
born, and 8 died Philip H. Weyand, Joseph
Stoltefuit and Zavler Sohwab.
In the Hospital, last evening, 12S patients
were under treatment, against uv me previous
At the olote of tbe past wsek there two casts
or small-pox in toe reit-noute.
Cooktt Con miaioxBBt. The Board of Ccm
mlaslonera passed a number of order Saturday,
amounting in th aggregate to $1,833 61, of
which $384 was to Blundell k Co., for for
eight iron bedsteads furnished to the CarlQsge
Insane Asylum; $220toO.W. Banker for exca
vating, grading and clearing at tbe same Insti
tution: $285 to Henry Vol for thirty thousand
brick for the same, and the balano for
A communication having been received from
Doctor 0. S. Flahburn, to the effect that th
mental oondltion of Jane Bobbin, a negret
In the County Jail, wa not such aa to reader
confinement necessary, she wa dischtrged.
Tb oontraot for the stone work on th new
jail the bid for which w have before pub
lished was awarded to Huston, Carlton k Co.
t 60 oent per foot.
Three prisoners John Given, George Atters
ley and Julia Ann Hlrniley war discharged
fey the Board from jail for want of means to
pay fine or ocst.
Abbbst or a Burolab A Ma Shot, abd a
Womaw Shot At Tbi Vulai Idbbtifibd.
On Saturday morning last, about half-past
five o'clock, the bouse of Mrs. B. Tynan, on
Everett-street, jut below Cutter, was en
tered hf a burglar, who pulled off hie shoes
on entering and put them in his pocket.
When he had searched the house to hist satis
faction, he deliberately walked to the door,
eat down on the steps and commenced put
ting on his shoes again. While doing this,
he was discovered by a man named Johu
Ooodall, who was passing, and who questioned
him as to what he had been doing. During
the conversation Mrt. Tynan oarne to tbe
door, and seized the burgular by the coat
tail, whereupon he drew a pistol, and fired
at her and ran. Tbe alarm was given, and
several persons started in pursuit. He was
met near the oorner of Clinton and John, by
a man named George Balinger, who endeav
ored to seize him. The burglar fired at Mr.
B , the ball taking effect In the left cheek,
just below the eye. The victim was oarried
to his reeidenoe on John-street and medical
aid called. It is thought he oannot recover,
as the ball penetrated his brain.
The burglar was finally arrested by Officer
Cbumly, of the Eighth Ward, who took bin
to the Ninth-street Sution-hnuie. When ex
amined, a revolver and other side-arms were
found about bis person. He gave his name as
George Carson, but was identified by Officer
Bloom as George Kennedy, who, aeveral
years ago, killed Trober, in this oity, but who
was acquitted on tbe ground that the shootiog
was in self-defenie. Hs bad reosntly made
bis esoape from tbe Frankfort, Ey., Peniten
tiary, where be had been tent on a charge of
burglary. He was held to bail In the sum of
$600, on a onarge of burglary, and $3,000 on
a charge of ahootlng with Intent to kill. Be
was ooinmltted. He baa been stopping at the
Madison and Dennlion Houeea for aome time,
omitting to pay his bill at both places.
Sceiixbb Fistival. Feeling Justly proud
of their greateit of poets, if Indeed a man of
snob genius ean be claimed by any nation, bis
fame being rather the property of tbe world,
our German friends are meditating tbe eitab
liibment of an annual fettival to hit honor.
The name of Schiller has become a household
word; his productions are translated into every
modern tongue In which the philoiophlo and
beautiful are appreciated. It ia Indeed fit that
such a man should be honored by an annual
social union of his admirers, and eipecially
abould those who oan taate the beauties of the
poet in lta native purity, undiluted by trans
lation, feel tbemaelves bound to pay him tbii
In order to institute a featlval of this char
acter, a "aaored concert" waa bald at Jefferson
Hall last night, the proceeds of which are to be
devoted to that purpoie. The teats of the hall
were well filled, and many were obliged to
stand. The exercises of the evening couritted
of instrumental and vocal muiic, gjmnaslio
exeroises and declamation. Tbe whole per
formance waa creditable to thore engaged, and
their efforts were highly appreciated by tbe
oTMr. Philo Clarke, Agent of the Ramsey
k Newcomb Original Campbell's Minstrels, ar
rived In town Saturday, and is making prelim
inary arrangements for a series of their im
mensely popular entertainments, to take place
at Bmltn nixon s riall, commencing on Mon
day night, 24th lost. If we may be allowed
to judge of the prosperity of the troupe from
the uAofeeoms appearance of the agent, they
must be flourishing and in "good condition."
This band has just completed a successful and
protraoted engagement in Chicago, testing to
its utmost toe capaoity of tne nail In walch
they performed, as well as the strength of the
sides of tbelr liiteners. When Newcomb doet
up the "essence," laughter holds both her aides
but still they craok. and when Ramaey fotei the
banjo on the stage, "go 'way melsnoholy, got
no ousiness aar.
We do not hesitate to aay it is tbe best organ'
lied and most popular band of Ethiopians In
America. 1,001 oat pour (a tow.
Triau ton Nixt Wbbi. The following Is
tbe list of trials for next week, as furnished by
Mr. u wynne to our reporter:
Be for udgt Stortr, in Room No. 2 Mon
day, 174,178, 6,77. 5,308, 8,425, 8,612,
8,6ZO, H,DBZ.
Tueaday, 18-4,247, 8,528, 8,470, 8,821, 0,'
620, 10,102, 10,114.
Wednesday, 1810,189, 0,752, 0,298, 10,.
Thursday, 20-0,051, 0,803, 10,617.
Friday, 217,072, 8,189, 10,494, 10,152
Saturday, 2210,160.
B'fort Judga Boadly, ta Bom Ao. I Mon
day, 17 7,4.
Tuesday , 189,888.
Wednesday, 10-8,404, 9,183.
Thursday, 20-0,828, 0,922.
Friday, 216,268.
Saturday, 2210,610.
PbbbobaIi. Martin W. Barr, Eiq., tht en
terprising editor of the Louiiville Commercial
Astute, is in tbe city on a "flying visit." Per
haps he is more extentively known abroad at
tbe telegrapo new reporter for tne Soutn and
West. Next week his Jiivitv enters upon its
fifth year 01 proaperlty. it is now so perma
nently Incorporated among the Institutions of
Louisville that the bualneaa oommunity there
oan never content to its abatement, eapeoially so
long as "Major Gatea" ia culling and repro
ducing Items of Interest to that alas in mob. a
clear, condensed and useful form. TheReeiets
has a pretty extensive circulation out of Louis
villa, containing tbe market reports, monetary
affairs and general mercantile Information and
is useful to the merchant everywhere.
A Man Stab bis Wire About five o'olook
yesterday a man named Hiram Moaier, who
keep a ooffee house on Vine-afreet, opposite
tbe JJurnel ttouee, alter quarreling anme
time, stabbed her twice with an oyater kcife,
once in tbe Dreaet and once In tbe arm. Air.
Bradley waa passing at the time and ran in
and lnterferred. Hiram was arrested and
looked np in the Pearl street Station-honae.
Hewa very much Intoxioatsd, and was thought
to be amloted witn lunaoy.
Meteorological observation! for the
Pbkmt Peisb, by Henry Ware, Optician, Ko
7 west ronrth-strset, October 10, 180V.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
I A. MLaeeeeewieeie awieeieeeeeeee .
11 M. a awe a aaa see eases a 39 .69
4 Pe HiMHietftentMISi 189.06
7 A.M..
tea u
IS AUt.j.tett
P. 11...
Tbe first lecture of tbe season before
the Toung Men's Mercantile Library Associa
tion will be given by Wm. G. Dix, Eiq., of
uoston, at Bantu a Nixon Hall, to-morrow
evening. Subject: "Spanish power in Amer
loa, with an acceant, from personal observation
of the natural feature of tbe An del." Mr. D
ha the reputation of being an eloquent
speaker, and we have no doubt but that the
hall will be erowdsd.
fitT James Callihan, a native of Inland,
after an examination, on Saturday, in th
Probate Court, by Dr. F. Burke, was held to
be insane from Intemperance, and wa lent to
th Asylum.
Mrjeioan. Those desiring the servioes of
competent teacher of the piano-forte and
vocal musio ar referred to the card of Mrs.
Abell, in another column.
Peter Ruffin and Thomas Hughe
were sentenced to the City Prison for thirty
days each, by Judge Lowe, Saturday, fur as
saulting Henry Brokamp.
. Mobtalitt or tb Citt. Fifteen under
taker report for the week ending Saturday,
ieventy-iven funerals fifty-two children un
dr ten years of ag, and forty-tight under live
year of ag. Fifteen died of scarlet fever.
7Hessra. Haseltln k Co. will plsaie
aeeept oar thank for a beautiful collection of
Gray Pony at His Old Quarters.
The much-loved, long-oberiehhi and
never-to-be forgotten pony, is at home
again, after having spent a week in quiet
seclusion at a feed-store at the head of Weat-ern-row,
where he wm disoovered by Offi
cer Williams and Laforce, of the Twelfth
Ward. The unmitigated scamp who "tore
hiu front our warm embraoe," left him,
fagged out, a above, after riding him some
thing less than a hundred mile in four
hours. May hi next ride be on a rail, ter
ribly splintered. 0, tbewretohl
Ws will, perhaps, be enabled to give th of
ficial vote of Hamilton County to-morrow.
The Board of City Improvements meets to
morrow, at their offloe, City Building.
The Dayton firemen returned home last
An omission la th returns of th assessor of
th Fourth Ward of $100,000 penonel propeny
was onargea npon tbe tax duplicate oaturaay.
Strong has "turned up," had an interview
with the Mayor, "baoked down" and has been
taken into fall fellowship.
A lot of soldiers' clothes, epaulettes, gloves
and two swords were found by an offloer yester
day, and taken to the Hammond street Station-
Johnson Hdinaton. who halls from Hills-
horo', waa arrested yesterday upon a charge
of diaorderly cooduot, and locked up in the
Hammond-street Station-house.
A oonduotor named Brown, employed on the
Middle Division of tbe Ohio and Mississippi
Railroad, was instantly killed on Friday morn
ing last by being oaught between two oar.
Three thousand elcht hundred and sixty dol
lars and forty cents will be paid from tbe Oity
Treasury, to-day, to the Mayor's polioe for
one-half month's servicea.
A man, who gave bis name as Enrigbr, was
ran over by a train of cars at Morrow, mouth
of Tudd's Fork, last Friday night. His right
arm was oat off.
Thirty-two cases were examined In the
Police Court by Judge Lowe Saturday.
Mayor Bishop, wo understand, ha decided
that the polioe shall wear uniform overooatt.
The City should pay for them.
Tbe atroet- railroad oars on the various routes
were crowded all day yesterday with pas-
The City Passenger Railroad Company made
a grand display with their new car last Sat
urday, 'ibese cars were manufactured by i. &
B. Bruee, of this oity, and are of superior
The polio are oompliining of dull time.
Yesterday was unusually aulot in the oity.
Tp to dark but three arrests were made.
Deteotive Ralney leaves the oity this morn
ing to attend the fair at Richmond, Indiana.
Look out, ye evil-doers.
A woman named Mary Smith was lent to the
City Prison for tbe term of thirty days, by
Judge Lowe, Saturday, for selling liquor.
Sbbiods Accident. Mr. P. E. Suire, of the
firm of Suire, Eckstein k Co., waa thrown
from hi buggy about five o'olook yesterday
afternoon, between the Brighton House and
the first toll-gate, on tneuumminsvuie noad,
and had his leg; broken, tie was conveyed
to the city by Mr. Fitch, who was with him
at the time. Dr. Biackman set his leg, and
at a late hour last evening he was resting
quite eaay. Mr. Suire was driving, and met
a couple or drunken persons on tne road.
He attempted to drive around tbem, when
he was thrown from his buggy. He resides
on Broadway, near Fourth-street.
The following is a list of letter de
tamed for non payment of postage at the
roetofljoe, in this city, uctober ID.
Joseph Johnson, Oblcago, III.
0. P. King, Helena, Ark.
Miss Battle E. Myers, Cleveland, 0.
Ootober 14.
Thomat T). Jones, Lancaster. 0.
Joeeph MUllkin, Princeton, N. J.
Frederick A. Beelen, Brooklyn, N.I.
Albert Miller, Murphvaboro', 111.
E. D. Mauefteld, Morrow, O.
SalthaaarMerget.Morrli Ind.
"Billt" Aqain ir Teodbls A charge was
preferred last evening at the Hammond street
Station-nouse against jar. Arstenstau s "ouiy
goat,' declaring him a nuisance. It appearB
that "billy," daring the shower, sought refuge
In th complainant s room, near tbe station
house. "Ulllv ' was not arrested, but we
presume will be taught to behave himself in
"Wbuthbbbt V The stand in the iTnout
rtr Buildings, formerly occupied by John
Dohohue, haa been taken by Mr. Weatherby,
who wa formerly proprietor of th United
Statu Hotel. Uenoetortb, "Donobue'" is
unknown, and "Weatherby 'a" ia th bouse
Nothing will b wanting in Mr. W. to make
thia a popular institution.
Pibsokil. We had the pleasure laat even
ing of taking by the hand Marabal Zimmer
man of Richmond, lad. He ia a olever gen
tleman, a good officer, and understands hie
buaines. In this oonnexion we would say
that the Wayne County Fair commenced at
Richmond to day.
fflTColonel John R. Johnston, artist, form
erly of thit city, nowof Baltimore, ia shedding
the light of hi countenance upon his numer
oue friends. He aeema in tbe bett of health
and spirits, and speaks in rapturous terms oi
the people in the oity of bis choioe.
Wood's Tbbitbb. On Saturday night latt
Mr. Collins, after an absence of a couple of jeers,
tmsa' ain "turned np,"a the Insistent phraeeit. at
tbs above oitahllshniint. We perceive Mr. CI. hu
not loit any of hit mirth-provoking, lids-splitting
humor; nor It bli voice at all diminished, but rather
In the aacendency, being richer and fuller than ever.
Hlseengt ire sung In a clear, full and melodious
tone asof oldsn times, Mr. Oilliut was welcomed
back by a large audience, which was not lacking in
hettuwlDg tbs oustomary favors. To-night he ap
pears as "Slo-hace," In tut Maevort Ma awn Thi
Man or Nbv, and ai "Teddy the Tiler." The en
tertainment will conolude wtih tbe almnb Main, In
which Mint Fanny Den hum will impersonate
k,,attji " The ctnirminr daninsae. Mica Kate Pen-
noyer, wll 1 also appear la oae of her graceful and be
wltohlng dancsi.
Cibchkit! Trottiko Pabi The first race
of the fall trotting on the above course will take
place tu-morrow at three o'clock. It prom lies to be
a closely contested afta r, and will, we tliiuk, attract
n large attendance. Tbe nag entered are "Bed
Dick," "Jim Hockey" and "Dick Ten Broeck."
A. A. Byiter, Clooki, Watoh and
Jewelry, Hoe, Sil and. 271 Western-row.
IuuBXti Salbs. During tbe past week Mr.
A. Weitcott, Ho. It West Vifth-itreot, has been
kept busy by periont who wanted Bhoes, Boots.
Gaiters, to. El tock la not yet exhausted. OIv
him a oall and you will be satlifled with your pur
chases. Mbbchaxt TiiLOts. Friel k MoQalre, No.
2M Walnut-tireet, have a superior stock of Clothing
Material on hand, which they are ready and willing
to cut and make suitable to order. 1 hot ia want of
Clothing could not tnd a better establishment.
Call and set them.
Cum roa Conmasinu Feb. J.L Hickman,
vs. John Juetlce. Before Judge Uoadlr. Th
plaintiff alleiel bis employment hr der.ndaut to tell
property on Broad ear. and that he .Oucted a tale or
tbe property to Colonel Taylor, of Kontncky, for the
sum orSlO.iM cash -the price put en ihepreml.es br
Mr. Jnitlnebe)inonlyii),o,on time; but that Mr.
Justice subeeqnnntlv refused to execute a deed of
oonvarance. The plilntin demanded hi fee, B2M
whl h was refused.
Tbe defondsut eutlrelr denied having employed the
plaintiff, and .aid In his answer, that the Bret Inti
mation he had of any euoh demand as he now mails
foreoommlMioo feeoatne to bio In the shape of a
notice fr'm hie Attoraev, that the claim baa been
placed In hit hands fur collection.
Defendant' Attorney (Mr. Batemaa) When you
told Mr, Jmtlre rou would charga hlo, what did be
aay? did be not d-oy the smplomenll
PlalDtllTt Attorney (Mr. Corwlne)-Dld you tell
him be did employ runf
Answer N; fur hi ws making afire, and had a
poker to hit band, and I did not want to take the hot
end of it. It wa only a ten foot square room, and I
bad not much cbanoe to run. (Laughter.)
after tome further evidence, the ca-ewent to th
Jury, who returned a verdict fur plaintiff for 110 10.
James M. Ilenry vs. steamboat Ptsnnu.
Jndge Poott delivered the opinion of the 0urt. The
iltliittff brought his aoilon to tecov-r en amount
u, wages ss runner. 1 be defense claimed that the
boat cuiill n.-t be eiud under tbe water-craft law fur
services of that dee iription.
V ttbout pae-lDg on that question, tbe Court came
to tbe couclu-loD, on the whole te-tlmony. that the
ssrvlces reudered were performed in prtuouelder.
tlon for tbe me if tbe bar on the nuet, which bed
le.., rented by plalntltf-betidta, that he plaintiff
wastued fur rent uf tbe ba , and judgmoiit w.t ren
dered aglntt him Id Virginia, and uomected then to
tel lie at an otT-iet, as be conld have dune, the va ne
f the Service now etated to hat been Ouue. Judg
ment fur defendant
Ueadlngwa for plaintiff; Lincoln for d.feOi.
Tsb Alliobo Lodaor or Mioeabi. Jolo),
The testimony la this oa-e prooeededi
toe Aev. nr, &uur, paeiur 01 ot. rnuomena
Church, tettiS'd tnat Julg la furmer years ss a
regular at le . dent churon, and waa rellg outlr In
cl.uedj he htd left 1U0 iu care with witneie; ou bit
r.iur iirum aiiiuoi oeeaia ue wemea tne mouey
, 1... klj .,,, lmJt ..... ... U..A.. ...
III., Ul. U.W 1 .tVUVIWV, mw. U .HIIBU .U gV
Hbrueuintutn world; tu.iibe ffj, g of l'rui-l had
wrougeu mm, ana be must nav tne matter righted.
witue'StraVaniin a portion ui tne money, anu tried
t pacify him, iiut with little effect Hi. cuuduoint
th -t time ludioeted lcrrail a of In eilect. sirs,
.lulg, the eveulng befura she Wat killed, oilleu ou
witu si. and .aid J. bad tul.l ber thai he must kill
Iter, sud lie ttdvi.ed ber to have blm removed to tne
Lunatic A.yluin lira Jnlg beraeli aoDeared tu ibe
witness to be weak-minded, or fliguty. At the
pre.eut time be seemed to be more rational, aud wa
Hniluui to be removed from tbe Jail to suae other
Pw- . - .
nut. neeiner riaiea lacte in relation 10 tne con
duct of J ulg hereto lore suud by oiber wltneetes.
br. J. J Uuion tlecliueil to Hive an odIihou on the
uuvatloo el ti e .euity or insanity of the prleouar
wlttioui otoieroxnmiQaiion. mere were eviaencea
i f lucubareuie uf thought. Hi. phrnical coudlllon,
however, al' no. would require better treatueutlhaa
tbe Jail oould afford.
l)i ohertvuud examined Taking the evld'-nc at
the former trial as true, iu connection with what bad
beeu elicited during tbe preeeut luveitigatlon, Dr. B.
was uf oplulon that Julg had labured heretofore un
der aberr.tion of mind a general disturbance of bit
Intellect, assuming the f rai of active lunula-and
appeared dutircua uf giving warulug before the mur
der tliut eotnethiDg drettdful would bappen. H
teemed to have no disposition at auy time to tlmu
late, aud appeared now to he as rational at any man
cuuld lie expected to be under tbe clrcuinetancee.
Ur. 11. Cox concurred la the views exureuud by Dr.
Sherwuod. . ... . .....
Mr. Harmed no oojeotion on tnt part or me state
to the priaouer being aeut to the Lunatic Aiylum in
Ilia opinion hlsoondilion required a better place than
the Juil. He thought it well, however, lett it might
ulfect further proceed I ngs in tbe case, that the Court
euculd not pronounce him lneane.
It was euosequeutiy agreea uetween tne counsel
ihMttiiA finrtina ehould nut baveanr Influence in the
event of a future trial fur tbe homicide, and tbe Court
Made an oruer ior tne removal 01 tne prisoner to tne
Lunatic Aiylum.
Falsi Alabii. Yesterday evening, about
Ave o'clock, a smoke was seen to proceed from th
tjulldlng in wuicn is tocatea ins aaraware store oi v.
11. Tilua Cu., on Madison-street, and tbe alarm of
lire was given. The engines were brought out. but
tbe eiact location of th flrecould not bedetermlned.
I'lonri were torn up, but to no purpose. At length
it was found tbat ail the imoke proceeded from a
Mlove lucated Iu a room above. The room dour being
cloeod tbe smoke waa compelled to past out througb
cracki, Ao,, till all the rooms were filled.
COVINGTON, October 15.1859.
Th Temperance Leoture, by Professor it.
P. Oaddti, ou Thursday evening 'ait, for tbe benefit
of tbe Mun-atreet Metbodlat Uplicopal Church, waa
a succeei. Tbe leoture will be repeated again at
odd Fellowa' Uall, on next Thunder evening, the
proceedeto be devoted before, fur the liquidation
of tbe claima upon tbe onnrch. Aiide fioni the be
nevolent object of tbe leoture, the catertaininentwtlt
E. C. K.
We are informed that Mr. Stevenson, mem
ber of the Oity Council, to wbom was referred th
subject of tbe water-works, will make a report on
Thureday evening next. Thi. will bring the auhjeot
up in Council, and we suppose will elicit considerable
dlecutaion. 'Jhe necessity of atupply of water from
the river Is admitted by all, but how It is to be done,
"that 1 the question " aud w fear It will prove a
Oixtaai, IUilboao Judge Ooodhue bat oalled a
Bpect.l term of Fayette Circuit Court, to meet at
Lexington on Saturday, the Wih lust. Tbe session
will he devoted exclusively to the confirmation of tbe
ale ef the Central Koad, and It It Important tbat all
pereons interested should he present.
While two fast young men from the country
were driving along Fourth-street at aiitosprrd yes
terday, they obaucedto encounter Deputy Marshal
ltiff. who stopped their fun by eumraunlug them to
appear betore tbe Mayor to-day. They lurked uver
6 aesecurlty f r ibeir appearance, aud left, saying
they would forfeit their ball rather than appear.
Fibbl A fire broke out In the shot-store of
Mr. Booth on Scott-ttreot, between fourth end
Fifth, in Saturday eveuing last, about bve
o'o.vck. The cry of ire brought tne Iflrst and Tbtrd
firs companies promptly to tu grouud, but before
t bey oould be brought tu bear, the hr wa extlu
gulshed. AcOIDtKI IN TBI RoLLIKO Mill,. On Satur
day laat, ae a laborer la tbls eitabliihment w.s car
i y log a bar of heated iron past aunie of the machinery,
ins lett arm caught Iu the wheels, which to crushed
It tbat amputation became neoeiiary.
A Mai Shot amp PbobaIlt Eiubd A
difficulty ha for aome tins pa.t been pending
llt-tweoti two uf our clliient, Mr. kharlea barri. and
Ur. Vuater. which terminated on taturday night
laat in the .booting or U.rrl. by roitsr, the Wound
lufliotod no doubt being mortal. The bail entered
the hip of tba wouuded uiau and ueu.t ated the
lower part if the abdomiu. Hi puyeioii,i were
uuable to extraoi the ball, or even to asosrtalu lta
uxact locality. As the transaction will be iuvestl
gated to-day, we wltuboid eomiueut.
Uobsi Dbuwmbd. Un Saturday afternoon
man named O'Neal, tbe driver uf an exprtw-wagun,
came uver from Cincinnati with a luau, and, when
ttuuut to ret urn, ui dert ok tu wat-r his nurse Iu the
river, at the foot of Munmuuth-ttrest. auanutkuow
in the deptu, drove rapidly iulo tb. water, sud.
ueiuie he ul aw.r-, hi. burie waa iluklug. U Aeal
wa compelled tu seek laftty lor hlae f, and the
bun waa diowned. lie it a .uor man, end entirely
ilepeutunt upOulii enroll, g for the .uppurtof hu
family. The lose to blm will be a severe oue.
Tbe Dayton firemen left our 'olty on Satur
day afternoon. Our citizens chartered the 'Clnoin
u.ti Belle" aud conveyed them to tb rlfth-itreet
lerry-lndlng, and alter a speech from Mayor daw
him, and a general exchange of bsts, o., tbty de
part. d.
Ther waa no business transaottd in the
Police court on Saturday morning latt.
Tbe family of Mayor Hawkins having re
covered, that official will be again at bis poet this
morning. mmmmmmmmmm
Cincinnati Produce Market.
SATURDAY EVENING, October 15.1859.
rLOTJR The demand I moderate at current raise,
with a continued Inquiry for fulure delivery,
Uoldert are dim at full rates, and in all eases buyer
have to pay extreme ratet. The tales were 1,100 brl...
all- txtra, at SocdS 25. ,0e0 brl. win received
durtiip; the last twenty-four noun.
WH1SK.Y The market is vera dull and prices but
trebly lustalned: SCO brls. sold at 35c., incladlng
" H!Vl.SION8-The market Is very dnll and holder
were anxious to realise. SCO brls. meet Fork sold at
$14 SO.. Lard was offered at luXa, but buyer ar
holdlngoff. Nothing done In Baaon. .
OI L-8ale of e brli. at KH&Mn., time. Th d-
'""bocHBIEB A better demand for Coffee: sale of
100 bagi at llXc: SO do. at 12Xo .and SO do., choioe,
atlSJtc. tJnaar IHt&ia., and Molisee tlo.
WHEAT Tne demand continues good and price
ar very firm: en I ee of an bushels prime red at ft OS;
l.iun bushels prime white at tl 19; 1,000 do. at It IS;
liwdo. .tl 12H- , , . , ... . .
COKH-.New Cora is dull and offered freely at Me.,
with buyers at 45o.t sales of soil bushels new at too.)
300 iio. at 4io. Old Is scarce and Arm at 800
. HYE-Th demand is aotivs and price! tending up
ward: aale atstlejsao.
ttAttbBy. Xbe market is qnlet, with a moderate
demand: sales of IMi bmbels inferior atMc.; 134 do. '
prime fall at 700 , and aJ do. at 6m.
OATH Tb market la firm aud prices atsady: sales
OllKKSK-bales 410 boxes W. 8. at8Hc, andSOdo.
ft, V. at UiXo. Market firm and prices steady.
U UT IV 11 There Is a good demand foroholc qnal
itlet at istcl7c, and lor primeOhlo Hloo , but com
mun qnalt ilea ar dull and nominal at 10lc.: aalee
U flilint prime W. It. at HXrtl7c, and flrklos
. hole W. Cat ISO. . , ,. .
POTATOES Salei of 100 brl. prim Neehanocka.
The market ie ateaily and prices unchanged.

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