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II published dalljf, (Sundays CTOCplod,) by ;
'.' j . i i ... i t ,
OFriii-itVll win rovin.iTtiiT,
TUB rUNNY PBKBSIe delivered to subacrl ben in
Cincinnati, Covington anil Newport, and sur
rounding oltlM and towns, at the ex
tremcljr low price of
mien or MAn.Oio: ; h t
Blnglo copies 2c.; 1 meoti inc.; tfmoaths Hi I rar $1.
Y 6 6 D ' ST II EATER.
Joint A, Kr.MT.FH, Jr .Sole Leasee and Haunter.
Fourth night of the eelebrated Irish t'aneillan
tt i 'I Vocalist,
mis rwwinftJnr) evknino, ot. in, r,
fuiaiuiire will commence with the comely entithid
On, Tub InieiiUAN ix Naplm.
I'a.ideen O'lttuTorty, with tonga... Ur. Collins
dun nt Malfl..... i.. ......Ur. Kllsler
('jinit Minfridi Mr. Hnnn
Mitigucrctta Miss Jul In Irving
Nluii Silas Fanny Lvnhuiii
Tambourine Banco Miss Kate l'eniiof er
Alter which the laughablo eomcUy of j r j j
O'Cullaghau, Willi songs Mr. Colllnd
Hirer j Mr. Fisher
Mra. liuutugue lira, (lilbort
.Ittlia alius Annie Wulto
To conclude with
Mr. Diiztanl j. Mr. Kili(r
Liiiretiu Buzzard , Urn. Uilbert
" Another new aronlc piny will shortly la pro
il no td. Also, one of the moat willy, sploy and glo
rious burleso,uee ever written, . ,
MTDoorH open at K; Curtain rises nt 7f o'clock.
I'nuKs or A omasum Dress Circus and i'aiijiielie,
wtniiai urtumj, amvuiu.
O 31 P L I M EXT A It Y .
Vflf ll & 1.ST1UMEUL
COlSr'ci'ES'FL'T', :'
J.i I,-'. , l 3 i i
Saturday-Evening, 22d ins.,
-.'H' i.':Ai ro' r i ' r. '
On Ihflorcnuinn rf the I'RKSENTATinN OF TtlE
81VKK OOBNF.t to CVtiin. A. M KiNTKO, Leader
vi uie American uoniet naiiu.' J '
The Imlepemirnt Gut.tiria tlray Battalion ana the
J n dependent UikIiIiukI Gnurua pave ncceptou lurila
tlnnN. ind will attend in rnlt-dr... niiirnrin.
A rich and varied programme, onibrnclnsr tho
names ui won xnown proteaaionnl unu inieiii' mu
if ians will bn prcai'lili "I. ... ' PC 11
Smith & Nixon's Hall.
Positively one Week only, Conimenc-
. r -i ! i.n, - -,, ' -ing
Monday, October 24. -
t-.i .;
Tni)I PR. nnd the on r Cannbpllat4 '4
(Jiiow iii existence; KllotheraaaiomlDi'isiol
iha nkftto.' Hre notlil mora 111:111
iiintiiiRioatika tnuliiipoflterf. nnttu. Herniated, yve
cniitioa Ihe public suinsi'Hll inch.
The advaiitiigna the OA 11 1'IIK.LIiS Aijny abnve any
other Minstrel orgnniEiitioin ariaea fronv their win
tering the last twalvoyenre intlio Houthorn cunnlry.
Tln-lr dellneatiotia ol Negro charactera"nre taken
limn iuturiil acenea nnd inciilenta In Africnn life,
iiuilaimat prefillii(?tli MuhIchI and Uoiuicul peoii
linrlliea of tho Southern Negro.nnUulevatiiig linn to
his proper mnudard of natural wit nnd minimi ml
en I , presenting tln pliatOH of Nemo I4t ontl h plan
Inllon, mid rcpreBetilliiit the Jiilnical lapaHllilicp of
tho more roflued Neftroes of cities and village,, In
repreieutitig truthfully the alimlea ami peculiArities
of Necr.i-Lilf, the . univera.il . accord hita itnmiieil
tlio ('ampboll Artists unappnWchable and defying
BHT Crep llalconv tkironnrto'nlglitlr by theCADl I.
HULL mt .SS BANK, led by the WlaaTd Bugler,
Aiiguat Auhl. ' .' "''vr"V - - 1
Iinora open at ni' irlt to T e'okitik ; eoninianeo at
n Miiarter to o'clock. Adralsi"U c(t cenia,
.sr.., P. A. C.JAKKB,
oeisk ' Agent and II in In Ma Dln-ctor.
The following purees will be
lliven for Trotting ilore-H, to ,
eomu otf over tho alia ve t ioprae
commencing TUaSDAY, tic-
n'ueri.i, viz;
rirwr. BJny-riirniiar, tirioner
roran ti'50 loile hoata, beat tlirooiu five, to liar,
now. , Jfie for all .trotting uoraoa. " .' 1 1
Scoon4 lluv WcilncaJny, Octolier 19. '
l'ni'ae S-'cO mile lienn, boat three In live, to bar
nesa. JTor.boraea thuloevor trotted for moneyovera
public raoe-cuurao - .
tMti Uny-Tkiti'Htlnyi October 20. c .
1'nrao tfirto-iuile heats, bnat three hi n, to hr.
liens. A'orboraoa that never trottc,UiuH;SO in public.
Fourth llny-l'rldny.Octoberitl.
Viirao two-uille heals, to harneee, J'reo for
nil trotting horHes i- . ..,,., . . .
"flora a'ouiple'. uU "Piluceaa" ro excepte J for
tlieao ptiraea, , ., ... . ,'
For the above pursea t)iere must ttirflo onlrlce and
two to atart. Enliat.ee 10 per cent. P r tho flret
rare entry must be nmilo on or hefora Snturday, 00
lober 13,nt Uo'ckck M, Vor tho other pnrnoa, the
aiiliioa to be made on or before the duy pravioua to
each rase, at U 0 clock M.
Kutiiua to b made at 71. VeatThIril-8lreet, Cincin
nati, 0.:,, , '.. , '
Tlio proo'lotop fiuttora himself the Cincinnati
Trotting I'ark lsa fast and goodaConranaaany in
t tie Union, aud will do all in hit power to nccomm
date all persons bringing hur'aea to Ilia (Jon 1 ho, Hood,
comfortable stables will beat theaorvico of tnrfinen,
free of tbarge, tintt they are luvluxl to oniuo uarly
anil do lliolr trainiugover ihn Conrsc, which will bo
kept at all timea in good condition.
Liberal purses will be given for tiotl inn end pao
Ing ttoracB during the aeaaon.
oiati r , ,., T. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor. 1
at last mat what the Ladles have long needed
and looked for in vain, tho Uterine fllirlr.
Tlie Uterine Kltxir 1 warraiitoil to'enra nil ilia
eoaoa of a Uterine Nature; lnflaimiintion of the
Womb-, the Kitliieya, the Ovariea, and the Urethra,
rrolirpana or Falllnx of tlio Womb, I'alnfulBlenalrn
ntton, Ohloroaia. Amouorrhea; in fact, A perfect cure
ia Kiiiirnintecd by 1 ho use ui irom two to five bo 1 Ilea
of the Elixir, of any disease whatever of the Goner
BtlvH and Urinary Organs, of. male nr feiualo, no
matter uf How longstanding. 1'rke St pur RotMo.
iln'Inme JC.Llij calls particular attention to the
following Card of one of the most prominent Urng
Ajislaof Olne.lnnati, -
"To thk 1'uhliu anii TintXATiirfl in Particular.
Ti, th lihileralgtied. aretiutlti the habit cf giving
onrnatnoto Patent Modlclnesfbut knowing woli tho
I.Kily I'iixloinn, und tlioioedicine called tlio Uterine
Elixir, we cheorfuily recoumioud it t all fetnalos
iiiffering from Femaln Blaeuaoa of any kind; It la
purely vegatable, and in no caso Can do Injury wt
fy tv all try, and our word for k, yon will And ro-'
HefijIlJi.' J.,-; . -;rr . F. I tl II,b, Urgit,
aepa7 "Oornof of Firth and Uiire-atreett."
LATt.Nff -B Ale VM eitrea, wilhont tall, pami
in the Ilreas'.; Ibiwt, Sin.or Limbs; fJnnelis, y-oidg,
irrnrecne.it, Diflieultvol BreK hlng.Uo.wlaoiie, Kha
iiloncy, llriirtliuru, Curonio lthiimat.isni, DiUiwni
Uiolic, CrMiipOhnllcOrlpiiig t,u,oi tlie lioaels,
J)iillnea, Btiinor, Inaottvliy, Loieof Appetite, and
In Paintul Meiistriiatlon It in a certain cure, anil
glviw Immi-tllato relief. In anyof theabnro diaenaoa
It wljl give relief in Wventy inlnutea, and ft, prraa
pent cure 'be1 tho Mae of t to botllee. , Only SO eeutt
per botilo-a itlioap tlut evaty person can get It.
Kitner ef tlitv above t.eiliciins to in, li ,nV of F S
HILL, Drngglat, rorner of Kat'o and Fift h-atreota-and
KDWARD HCANLAN V., Drnguinta N, t.
oornerof Main and Fourth-streets: J. 1). I'ark, cor
ner Tonrth artit Wnlnlit; or or Ub.roitA.Yi.fc io.,
ManutavturorarjUoi ! Iat KourtU.rit, niacin
naU, Ot 1 - I aopa7-ay
i!oiin:i(kieinl ScliofI
Hti i' 0 Vg 'SEM Ift AftT ' BTJItDlN a,
'8HsnlntrW,WwWwMiintnd Vine, Cin
cinnati, Ohio. Kronlng Ulaaa coiuiuenclng Monday,
Will itiat. Hook -keeping taught as applied to every
ilapartmontof trade. lliisiuoDeandOroainentHl feu.
iuausuip. Call and examine speoiuiena, aapliiunf
VOL. 2. NO. 51.
on thosliortest notice, awl in tlifilnl 't Mild
wat fashionable style, all kind of
J ob Printing,
"' L'lii'ir.n. - 1 -
' '";.' SUCH AS
COCl'ONB; ,,
! I . .. .. '
No "W Sto JC o
South-east Cor, Fourth and Vine,
PRKTTIKST atock of Oooda fo JBBN'I
WEAR ever ollered In Cincinnati,
j ' . TUB STOCK OF ,;,
p:ieo e a o o d sr
To niske up to Meaxaro, will be large and Taxied.
Wo bnvea .-
. . ! :..: i .,1' : ..c.; ,.
Hew Corps of Cutters,
From No-.t York and Philadelphia!, who profos to
nmlerataiiiMlie- aH "''""'-rr ""Th flnrmfiiili to
order," )... : - .. .. . 1,
f For prtat favora we return many thanks, and
hope to merit future patronage. Truly,
. ' - sep7-tf
lias iuet received, from Roston. an entira new
aaaortiiient of Coal Oil lamps and Improved lluriiera,
preventing the smoke, bo rnnch of an annoyance to
COIltllirtere. Also, tlie beat artirlu of llnrtiinor till
ever offered in this market, free from smoke or smell.
- v. a. onii 111,
1 No, 1 College iluildiug,
aepM-am . Walnut-at., bet. Fourth and Fiftt.
rlLArrencv for the sale of Hutch. JU111111 & Co. 'a
Mhell, Keg, and Can Oystois Also, Etesh Cove anil
Sp.ced Oyaterit, Sit). My uiuny frieudi and patrons
M l II flnd only choico art teles, and at aa low prices aa
those cnarged for interior elsewhere
Oysters cooked in Eastern style at our usual mod
erate charges. ': i .
ijemember, KM M'aliutt-atreet, fifth door above
SiXlli, Uiucinnnti.Olilu. orl3
INf daily, ltowo. Mahony A Co.'a Clebrated
I'lhnteil 0) stun, which I am sellingat unprecedented
low nrices bv caao nr denm. Dealers and Families
waniina a very large, freah Oyater,will pleaao eend
lltefr ordeiM, Attached to this establishment Ia a
nice, iiiot, rcapeutubln Snlovm, where you can have
Ojs'nrs Cooken In ovarr atvlo. and aerveil up 111 n
clan 1 and superior manner. Charges less tjiarr at any
other place. ocioj .. JOHN NAIRN.
Oyster ; Importing;, House.
A ING daily, per Ex-preaa, his splendid Oysters.
Having complotcd arrangements Iu lttltimoro, en
I be most extensive scale, 1 will at alt timea during
the season bo prepared to tarnish my frlende, "anil
thereat of mankind." with the most DELICIOUS
III VA LVE8 Imported to tlio tiuoen City. None but
tlio very best imported. Great inducomcnta offend
at this iDiporting-honne.
uruor aioiicuou anu promptly nuen. -j erniscasn.
aenllll Bololmporternnd l'ropriotor.
VZTrZJ at . n' T
imridll mu 50v "
3 ' TWPl'V '
., ;x cove
Spiced Oysters!'"
I INS DAILY, by the Adams Expreea, &IAI-T-
OY S world-reuowned Ualuinoro .
yfresli. Can, and Shell Oystera.
v v. tr .(,.., t i. . . i... i rnvr IIPTPVII .nH
PIUK.LfciorSTKKH. ' ' - . '
v- .ROBERT ORE, Agent.
.epT-tr '' ' ' 'Popot.it west Fifth -atresti,
No. a 06 Vlne-itl., hot, Klftli and l.th.
that lie has est ahllabeil a reKular depot for the
aale of all knds of salt-ter Fi-di, fresh from Ne-w
Yorki alio LakoFiah from Cleveland and Handiiily;
together wiiu tTJuins.uid Oyatcialii the hell, Lu
stera, Crabs, Kel-i (allv ol, and nll kinds ol senaotmnl
Oanieand Cain Oyster..' lU.wltl fiimilsli Uioiumve
inuned artlc.es CHEAPER THAN ANY OTIIKIt
I'LACH IN THK C1T. "Tiliiiily onlera promptly
ralleiiiiod to and aent home Irte of charge. Plentw
call and learacur oialera. oell-tf
Rates of Domestic Postage.
Lett F.RK For facli half ounce, under .1,n(,i) niilvx,
pre-paid, 3 c-onta: over3,U)0 miles, pre-paid, 10 cents.
All letters must be pro-paid by auuiuw, or inclosed iu
stamped envelopes, or (hay will not be furwurded.
lUAXhlKNT KEWaPAPRll.., fr.RfnilKAU, OlRCI'lAim,
Sc., to any part of the United SlMtta, not weinliinu
over.lomiccH, 1 cent; and i ceut Tor each addiliuniil
ounce; pre-paynit-nt regiiirfil.
liooKH, pre-auid, not weighing oror i poinidn, 1 ceut
rer miiict, foruny tlUtauco In t lie luitcil Statca un
der 3,ikj nilua, and 2oont per onnc(iovr.1,oniinilU
l'i'6-vayiuentreimired.' Ail Tractiona over the ounce
to lt- counted a an additional ounce,
:vlvKB and rruioniCAt, nof eTei-edtng IV
ouiirt"! In w.ilKht, when pnld quArterly in advance,
iiinl cm iilnteU iu tlw blalo wlitro piibliaheii-daily,
p-r (imirter 32'-i, six timea per wuek V'H; tri-wocklr
Mi keinl-weekl.T,f.X; wntkfy,M; eomt-monthly, Hi;
moaithlv, (. Kewappi-ra aud periodii-ulx wbu
Weltfllillff l.'li OuulisjI. liullblp thAtllim-M mll-M.
Svaix Nkwhiuvkhs, published monthly or iiftener,
nun pniiipniera noi conrainint inoru tlian Hi ncravo
i-iiii'-, iu onchiigca 01 a ouncta or vver, i ceut per
IHMH'0. . ' "
KFKtr KuwaPArrRSi rvllhttr 1lio connly whore
pulrllsliud,' iroo. v. . . , ,
Qimituily piiyniaiita. In adraiica, tuay be made
eunei vaore puonaiua or receiveil.
Arrivals of Trains.
iNniASAPOLIg A OtNCINNlTI-9:4tl A. M.; J.S4 P. at.;
t:Vt. .
Cincinnati, TTamtlton ahp Pavtou-THII a. .; 10:17
A.M.;ii:4tip.t.jlii:lor. h.
Littls SliAiii 7:.Ki a.m.; l:3o P.M.;7;I8 P.M.; 10:15
r. 11 . ' ,
MA.1UITTA AND CmClNNVn lOriOA. B.i'J.lAP. tt.
v'""im iioitinrri r.l9JL. M.. illuu p. n.; Ill ( p, ftj
w.inw.ur. .nu Hr.A I.1UI OH lo.iiu A. H.; I;w P. n,
Departures of Trains.
INOIANAPOH8 AM) ClNOINNATl fll'O A. M. 13:00 at.;
OiNiTSNsri. IIamiiiTon ANf 1AVTON-Indlanapolla
ui, ' 1 io.eiuu, o;uo a. ii.j aanuuaay iuait, u:txiA. a.
Saudtialiy,4:30 r. m.j Accommodation, Srflo ?. u.
LiiiLK JliAMi-Oleveland and I'itubus, feou a. a.
Cleveland, l'lttabiirejand Bellalr,8:3()A. It.; Colnuj
b.ie Acciniiiioilution,4M0 p. si.: Clovelnnd. Pitt.
Imrg and liullair, U;3( p. M.
Ohio anu Mississippi Kt. Lonla, 9:00 A. II.: Lonla
Wl l. iillft P. M . HI I.ni.l U.Ulu 1
PrTTsBCBa,00LiTMi:s and (.'wwiNNATt (Btenbenvtlle
ftliort Line) East Fiont-atroot liepot 0:U0 a. v.:
k-uoa, m.;I1:30p. m. '
unvKLANcuoLuatBUB anp OivciNNATi East Front
atroot S:00a. M.;a,SnA. 11.; lltajp. m,
OtNClNNATI AND MAB1TTA :!! A. 11.: A-Sft M
Cbntral Onto From East Front-atroot Depot-RKI
a m. 1 1 to b u - '. -
Oovinoton ANP Lrxinoton :M A. M.; J:Sfl p. M.
9A welt-expoupdcd text "He ololhod
himself Tflttt curses as with b garment." Tho
mun who bad a hnhU of awoaring;
, Stf The XadbviHe Ktnot soya that wheat
ia aclling on too East Tennossco and Virginia
Railroad at tixtjt cents per bushel. .
fStT" Hod. Linn Bojd prnpoaes stnrtlpg iri
a low (iaye for Copper'B M oll, in Miaaisiiijl,
In the hope that his health will ho be nofiltud
by the watora.
yiSIT Uull'i, Journal of Health' bays move
persona nre doitioyed by eating too much than
by drinking too much. Oluttony kills more
than drunkooneai in civilized lociety. .
ifTwo or three thousand people a( tended
tho bnrbectie given t Montgomery, Texas, on
the loth tilt., to Gov. Sam, Houaton. Mod of
all parties wero present, many ladies ditto, and'
a lino dinner terminated the ceremonies to
eyefy one's satisfaction, i 7 . , ,
Ef-Monar Chiarini, of the Ravel troupe,
performed the fete of walking' aerom the
bohvtj'lkill River, at Philadelphia, on Thurs
day. Tho rono, was about eight hundred feet
'tn'fcnglh, fOrty-fire feet' high on- one side' of
the. river, and eighty on the other, A large
crowd, witnessed the performance. "," ;"
5ffThe city rnHroadd in St. Louis are laid
on Macadamized streets; the consequence; is,
that Ptflnes ate continually getting upoa the
rnila nnd throwing the ears off the traok. The
St. Louis Expro thinks the city ought to
oompei tho railroad oouipany to pave the streeta
on which they tun with stone. . ' ", ' ,
William Holmes, formerly a repntable
merchant of Troy, N. Y., who, under the in
fluence of the: spiritual affinity doctrine, tu
which he had become a convert, deserted his
wife two or three; months since, baa been nr-
rested at Chicago at the instance of the wife,
who wishes to recover her three children, whom
ho took awaiy with him. ',
r,W'e learn from tho Versailles Dltpatrh
that Mr. John Lattiinore, aa old pioneer, of
Indiana, died near Vernon, Jennings County,
lust week, lie was eighty-three vears ot atic,
and settled first in Jefferson County, in If i 1 .
He moved to Vernon in 1812 where he died,
lie was a prominent member of tho Presby
terian Church in Ita early days. 1 .-i
SSiFk clergyman of Conoord, N. Jl. so
says Th& Sli'iethian of that place met a li tlio
boy of his acquaintance on the cars, and said
to him, "This is quito a Btormy day, my son."
"Yes, Sir," said tho boy, "this is a very teef
rain." Tho clergyman, thinking to rebuke
such hyperbole, asked if he ever know of
other than wet rain. The boy answered that
he never knew personally of any other, but be
had read in a certain book, of a tjme wbon it
rained fire and brimstone, and he gaoBied that
was not a wot rain. ' , '
F Tho Queen of Spain, in n royal deeree,
dated at Madrid, on Soptember 27, 188'J, sig
nifies her acceptance of tho resignation, by
Liontcnant tieneral Don Jose UKllerrez de Ja
Concha, Marquis of Havana of his post of
Governor Captain General of the Island of
Cuba, declaring herself much satisfied with the
zeal, iutelligouoe and loyalty with which he
has discharged that office; aud in anotherrnyal
docreo of the sauro date, bob appoints to fill the
vacancy, Captain General Don Francisco Ser
rauoly Dominguez, Count of 6an Antonio and
Dircolor General of Artillerf.' '; ; ;
pff Mr, John yilio Wilis' lb nt out of ono
hundred and thirteen, balloon ascents, in which
he reached an altitudo of three miles, the bal
loon sailed to the east ono hundred and twelve
times. In the exception she remained nearly
stationary, landing thtee miles west of the
point bf asoODBioa.i' Out of two .hundred and
tbirty-four clear serial . voyages aDd two
hundred and niueteen tropioal ascensions, he
met with two alight accidents, and the loss of
two balloons by their getting away from hint.
The accidents eoourrcd in his oovitate. . Tbo
balloons were' lost one in 'a whirlwind, the
other in a uoiper swamri in Maine.'
jt-Tll. seeof thore are ;two opinions re
garding Iho recent littler gan experimental;
Wilmington, "Icl. According to the local
papers, tho experiment waa made by inter
ested parties in Philadelphia, who curried out
their airongenicntd with (ho Ctis Conlpony,
without the itnowleilgo of tlio citizens, and
tbo first intimation tho latter had of what
had been done,. was' the illumination of tho
city. Tbo Wilmington UtrM says it was a
decided failure; Iho gas gave a very poop
light, and emitted a horrible smell. t .
p8i appears that Lady Franklin sank, in
the last expedition to tho Arctic; region, all hor
remaining fotlifne, nnd that her failing health
now detains her in the floitlh of Franco.' "An
"Arclio Navigttr," ia a loiter to the Tlmm,
suggests that, besides refunding to tho widow
of the officer who fell in the execution of his
duty the sum she paid fur fitting out tho Fan
nnd hor crow, she should be oli'urcd a home for
her declining days in tho palace of Kensing
ton. The same writer alto suggests that Cant.
MoClintotl; should, by order in council, be al
lowed foa-tiine as. a naval oflicer while be com
manded the Fux,' and recetvo b,ia nell-uueriled
knighthood J and that tho "ofJl-'ert find Ctew of
the 'o.p'frigbt'.' to gat tlio;TCiiirtulri10,000
lewatd for solving -th CAM tf, the lost expedi-ion.
Benefit of Advertising.
The St. I.oui4i)l,,,cfli has Hie following
6ensililoartifikmadvetti.iii)X. Ld biuinoss
men read it.-: A i .
ADyEMiaisa.-'llido not your light under
a busljol, ' is a .maxim peculiarv applioithlo
to lueiiieMinw.il. ' Kxperionoe has fullv
domottstratrii Wiat.n-here tnan in a eot.i
Dieroiar coinrifMriity haa nnvtliiug to tell, ho
must not keep (fark ahont it; -ha must hold it
up in coriUtcuyiOi- tltat universal and iow
erftd ;re(1-otor tLd illuminntor, Iho public
press:, ho mtJJwradosiPaHy-light it up with
lnk-T-jirmlers ihWnnd ho must do this not
onco, or twire or three liniua, but penisl
ontlyj pyBtonmtVnlly. U'hero is a much
skill and fact, arid oftentimes as much Ivild
ness lo ! llitplrtyed In advertising as in con-
S '"ai oxteHHivonnd dillicttlt biisi
nessfoporations. T juiyartise .foporly eosls'moricv, lint it
.nvarpt.lv ropj, vs til(J iuvestmont a Ltmdrcd
fold. , You will Hud many eonaiblo men who
will-cnaily titter tlt j.aratlox that thev have
ofteh ndvfrtiserf, but thnt it has never bono-
titieu utorn an iota . Titoy expect the imlilic
4 umi! l, r.,t ,1, .i . ii . i i.
. .u,-., riKires, anu noidiug up tlioil'
jioor liUlo advnrtisiemnnl, inserted onco a
mpuin; in somo oiit-ot-tlie-wpy oornor of n
imijcr, rxitiauri! ion nave en miles-
me onlHiie! you have fish-hooks,
fish-hooks." ' '
give mo
Lgrogiotia errwl The mnin objoot of advor
tising Is to Improve the public with an inefface
able Idea cf your i.timo and locality and special
occupation, so thnt, if It ever sco or hear tlio
one it. will instipottvely, imptilsivoly, irrc
sisllhly think of Hie othor. Once this linked
sweetness t itabllshed in the public mind and
only persistent, Skillful advortitingwill do it
yon can then vwy your cflbrtH.go Into details,
draw np a column of groceries, or a half col
umn. or Western produce, or a quarter column
of dry good, boots and shoes, or outer and
under garment!', adroitly falling in now and
then the aid of pnerry, or mathematics, or hia-
toryj ot gengmphy, to titillate tho palate pf
mo lymnuue, me unagmmivo, or toe gouorally
woll natruotcd reader.
Tt would tnko a oolumn or two cf illustra
tions to fully explain these principles; wehsvo
neither the lime nop the apaoa to draw them
out, hut otter these sttggoations simply as hinta
for enterpriaing navigntors, ready and cngor to
lanoh their bark on the oooan et; btteincas.
An Elopement and Recovery.
Some two months einoo, a gentleman and
lady took up their residence in Rutland, in this
county, as man and wifo. The gentleman com
menced the practice of medicine, and for a time
was prosperous and apparently happy; when,
about two weeks ago, a man mimed Kirk
natriok, from, Butler County, Ohio, presented
himself and claimed the woman aa his lawful
wiio, took possession of her and bore her oil'
against her will, the Boolor pursuing on horse
back. On ootoing up with his paramour, he
was allowed to kiss and tuko a formal and
affectionate leave of her, and Mr. Kirkpatriok,
with his faithless and resisting spouse, op me to
tho Capitol Homo for the night. On the fol
lowing niornip a nolo was received from tho
Dootor, dcsirliig Mr. K. to yield his wife to
her own inclinations and to him, whom she
preferred to her husband, but Mr. K'. was in
exorable, and itobk his wife away home -with
Ul i - -
, It appear ftmt the Doctor, whose .'name h
not given, bus a wife and four ohildien U Ohio,
and waa the family physician of Kirkvatriek
for two years, and finally eloped with his wile.
she leaving two children and no clue ti her
whereabouts.. Tio JNuw-Xotk Tribune contains
a. Utter .from a Mrs. Slocum, dated 'Maciieon,
uoiooer o, onurging tue mrs. Airk-
Wisconsin State Journal, Oct. 14.
Fatal Affray Near Memphis—One Man
Killed and Another Wounded.
Last Tucsdav nicht a diliicultv occurred
about eight miles -from tliis city,- between
'ttqutro:.' James iioiika and a. man named
Philip McManuB. which resulted in the in
stant death of , the latter ands the serious
wounding of tho former. Tho affray had its
origin in some' insulting language used by
me ueoeasoit lowant Mr. Koiike, wuo resented .
it liy aeveral. blows with hi list. A third
party Sere interfered and endeavored toad-,
just th'b. difficulty. JlcMnnus, who wns un
der the intluenco ot liquor, then drew a anile,
assaulted Mr. Rouke, and stabbed him sev
eral ti tries in tbe baolt and abdomen.-- Mr.
R. thereupon wrested tho koil'o from Mh-
Mnnua's hand, and plunged it repeatedly in
hia left' breast, from tho effects of whicli ho
almost 'histantly expired. An inquest was
held on tbo body by Coroner Home, of this
city, and a verdict returned in. accordance
with the above iacts.
It i thought 'Siiuiro
Memphis Argus, Oct. 11.
Ankcdoxk of Mk. Fili.mobk. Tlio Boston
Ectiiiity QtutUe is responsible for this anec
dote "Tne Gaztitrt't eomnientary on it is,
"What is fame?" Ours simply is, what n
stupid postoffioo clerk: ! '.'
Clerks in poatoflicos are generally prcttx-
well posted up in political matters, but a case
happened rcoently which is rather amusing
Ex-Prosidcnt Fillmore was stopping at a small
place, and bad ocoaaion to send a letter by hi
servant' to the villagd postofftoe. It waa
franked all Ex-Presidents! having that priv
ilege. ''The bearer dropped it in, but the olllcial
caught it np, and, glnnoloj at the frank, e.v
clalmed, 'Who the deuce is' M. Fillmore?'
Whyj lie's the Ex-Prcsident,' replied the met-'
senger.' 'P'raps he U, my friend; but I'vu
voted for all the Presidents since Oenerol
Jackson, and I'll ho 'h'nnged if I Tecolleot any
such a name. I guess you'll have to try it on
at some other place, for c read history dowt
hero, we do.' What is fame?" -
, Thk Suoah-Mapmc ix Ommcu. A corre
ipondent from Cork, Bulls County, Ga , writOD
to tho Sottthern fittd and Firemlt :
I will state to you that the sugar-maplo U n
native of Georgia.. I havo seen it growing in
Clark County, cear Athcii", when I was at
tohool there, and It is not nnfrcqrtently scon all
through middle Georgia. Its growth is con
fined mostly to, or near water-courses. I htivo
many , trees . on my .plantation here , on tho
Ocmulgeo River. I sni net mistaken about il,
fofwhehaboy I nr.ri to rut into the ttoos,
and bore Into them, and drink the sap, wliloli
was sweet that waa in Putnam County, Ga.
There is another and dltfsrent maple, a native
of Georgia, which vfo call the "whito-mnplo;"
it has no saccharine juice; it ia the wood shoe
pegs nre usually made of. ' It is more orna
mental than tbe sugar-moplc;- tho bark i
whiter and. tho wood softer. I hate sawed brltli
kinds of these maples into lutrlber, the sng tr
maple for furnituro and gun slcclts. -'
' Sams op Miti.ks. Hon.1 A.'- ft.-' Talbot, of
this county, recently sold lo Mr. Geo. James,'
of Lincoln, tibout ifly head of fat mules, nl
$155 per head. ' ' "
We hoar of a anle nUri by R. M. Kobinson,
Esq., of Qnrrard, to R. T Todliv.iiter, E)., of
Knyctle, of a lot of mules at 1 V5 per head.
Dan. (Ky.) Trib.
-1 (Sono Vkab for IMtatois, Our old friead,
Jesno Baiigliman, Kiq., of Milllin Township,
lrumiltnu -County, rnhwl this yeiir from it
single potato, ttu iutu suts, of tho Cnlifnrniii
stock, HirLy-niuo good sied potatoes, tuensur
ing hall', ft buihelVor ..(.wenly-ffur pounda in
Columbus (O.)
Noon Dispatches.
The Town Carried by the Troops.
Sixteen Persons Killed.
Ossowattomie Brown in Command—He
is Shot—A Regular Organized Insurrection
—List of the Prisoners—
The Plan Concocted at an Ohio Fair—
The Object of the Insurrection—
Maryland and Virginia to be Made
Free States—Full Particulars, &c.
BALTIMORE, October 18—3 A. M.
: The towu has been taken possession of bv
companies ftom Charleston nnd Shcpardstown,
Va., nnd l'rodorick, Md, Tho rioters aro en
trenched in the armory, nnd hold Mr. Wash
ington and Mr. Lnl'enfeld aa prijoncra. ' The
iiisuneoliouints were eouimanded by Capt
Brown, tit Kanaaa notorioty, and' numberec!
ouginully feveutecn whilo men''' and livt
nfgrcos, fovcriil of whom, wore shot. Two
men of tho Mnrtineburg Company were shot
dead while charging ou the armory,' '
, A part of tho insurgents hare lc'fthero un
dor command of a leader named Cock, who,
with a largo party of slaves, is supposed tu
be raoviug toward Pennsylvania. "Allen Ev
ans, one of tho insiineotiouisti, is lying in n
dj ing condition, having been shot through the
breast. IIo ia from Couticcticut, but haa been
in Kansas. He says the whole schome was goi
up by B;own, who reprcsenled thattho iicgroet
would riso by thousands, nnd Maryland ami
Virginia would become froe State's. , Colonel
Shriver, of Fredorick, ban just had an inter
view with Brown in the Armory., Ho asked to
bo allowed to march out with his men,-and
nvorred his intention to defend himself to lb
lasU ,.,.,' . - ' -
His men arevory strongly poslerl intheengtne
bouse and cannon cannot be used against them
ior iear oi injuring too pntoners thoy still
hold. Sonio 115 persons re known lo have
bocn killed.- Fountain Beekman, a railroad
agont, was shot dead from the Armory.- Three
rioters are lying dead 'under tho bridge, hov
ing bucn shot by the Shephardatown troops in
their charge on the bridge: Capt. Cook It
socond in command 6f the insurgent.
. He ia said to bo posted in .the Sohool-bonse
four miles distant, with a lafg'o body'of runa
way slaves. Tho Armory was tnkan pritsestiop
of about 0 o'clock on Sunday nigM; so" quietly
was it dune that the citl'.ens know nothirtg of
it till the train was stopped. ' Col.1 Lee, who
bss arrived here,' thinks thero are abundant
troops on hand to oaptute the -rioters, anil
seems perfeotly certain that the original party
consisted of not more than twenty white men
and five free nojurbcj. ' Capt. Brotvn had been
about Harper's Ferry and rented a farm four
miles off, which was tbe rendezvous of the
rioters. ', - ' "
Captain Cook has also lived about there,
and at cue time taught tt.1 school All tho
other while men are unknown. They are
supposed, however, to bo men who, have been
connected with Brown in1 Kansas.' ' -
It reported, hut not confirmed, that the
rioters have en rried o ft' n cbnsi derablo aniou n t
of 1he Ciovernnient.funds, ' ''
. Ko attempt was mude to pillago 'the town
or iusull females. ' . ,
. Captain Brown claim's easy Wins on ac
count of his moderation." - ' - .,.. .
Harper's Fjamy, October If il A. M. J-
The conllict on the bridge was fought
mainly by" the railrond lonnngo men frolu
Murtinsburg, led by Caplain Alberts. , Evan
Dorsoy, a oouductor of the railroad company,
was killed, aud Conductors Bowman nod Ho'l-
lett wore wounded. Ko dnmnge vas dono lo
the railroad, or 'bridge by the rToters.-'-"-'
ji is supposeii that me rioters will be tried
under . martial law an soon as ctiotiired. and
hung on tho sprit. ' - ' . : : .
Si O'Ci.orK A.M. The following '-ia-the
s;)feinl report received from tho editor ol tho
Baltiniure AwmVtt'fl'" ' ' '.
Prcpnralinns nro now making'for the at
tack on the Armory. Tho soldiers are posted
all round the grounds, and ;l'nr. the last hour
everything has been quiet. The riotershavo
still tho following poisons- iri their custody as
prisoners: "Amnisred Bull, 1 Chief" Draughts
man nt the Avtnory; Benjamin Mills, Marter
of Armory: John P. langerlicld, Paym aster:'
Clark Lewis Washington, a fBrnter, and other
prominent eitizena, besides John 'Alstadt,
farmer, nnd his' son, aixfeen yenrt old. The
hut tlirco wero seized on their farms, several
miles from the Kerry. Oorgo Turner, a
giadimte of' West Point, nnd one of the moat
distinguished citizens, was ahot yesterday
while coming into town. He died during
the night. Ho has a brother living in Balti
more, married into tho Patterson fnniily. ,
Three of tbe rioters are lying dead in tbu
streets.1 There are also tbres ia the river, and
sevoral aro said to be lying' wilhin tbo Armory
inoloeure, ' ' :.
Tbo following Is the Hit of killed among the
citizens and soldiers: Foantnin Beckham, Hay
wood, a negro porter nt the railroad atatior:
Joseph Bnmley, of Harper's Ferry; Kvan Dor-'
key aud George Richardson, of Mattinaburg. ;
Another rioter, a negro named Lewis Ltary,
who has just died, eonfossed to tho particular
of t' o plot, which he say was concocted by
Brown, at a Fair held in Ohio two months ago.
The rioters have just tentout a flag of trace,
saying that if ' they are not ''protected by the
soldiers here at present the; will hang all they
. Habpbb'h FitEBY, Ootober 188 A. M.. .
The Armory his just been stormed and taken,
aftor a determined resistance. Colonel Shiilt
approached with a flag of triicrnaj ItPd demanded
the surrender of tho Armory.' 1 After expostu
lating for sotno time, tbo rioters rofusod. The
marines then ndvnnccj and mndo a charge, en
deavoiiog to break open tho door with sledge
hammers, but it resisted all their efforts. A
largo, ladder was then used fin a battering-ram,
and tho 'doer gave way. The rlotors fired
briskly, and shot three of the marines, who ex
changed thots through tho partly broken door.
The marines then forced their' way through the
break, aud in a fow minutes tho resistance wn
at an end. ..... ,..
. The rioters' were brought out amid the most,
intenso excitement, many of the armed militia
present trjihg to get an opportunity to shoot
thorn. .
Captain Brown and his ton were both shot.
Tbe latter U dead and the forntor dying. II"
lies in Iho Armory Inelosurj. He talks freely
and say lio is the obi ,0s sbwattomlo Brnwn,
whoso feats in Kansas had Mich a wide notice,
lio says his wbolo ehjcot was to free tbe slaves,
nnd justified his notions; says that he had poa
cetsion of the town, and Could have murderod
all tho people, aud had boon murdered ip
return. " '.. 1 ''," '. ' ;
J. (I. Anderson was also shot 'down in the
assault. .Ho was from Connecticut. ' -.
The dead body of a man shot yesterday was
ftuvi'l wiibiu. the Armory. Brown ' declares
that the-e were none engaged in tho plot but.
Uios' wlil aoroiupanlcd him. ' . 11
, The p.isut.ef's are Vatalued within the Ar
mory i:iolu?i.re. "'"' ;-a "''--;'- - '".
Advertisements not exceeding five lines (Agatei.)
One Insertion..... ....J v, One week If ur)
lwowe.ka....4i i. nioino.,, ""1 i
Larger adverlleementa inserts I at tb iollomiitij
rates fur aijuara of tea Una. or
One Insertion $ an 1 1 wo weeks It t'iai
Each adili'uaJ iu... a turVtfcir
0a week 1 ;s Oue month....":.,:i;r. 0
, Job Printins. ,; - "L J:
In all ita brandies, done villi neaftieas aiiiliTlapntcli,
"'M'J1.1!"1; 'a"t"..'i!ij ii (
Intense exeitement, nothing talked ,o but""
Insurrection. , . .
General Stuart, through Goverior Vise 'bis
eommunleated an order to General J. W. Wat-
kins, of this city, to propare, Kiiin nd mount
immediately a body of men for -service in the
mountnins near Harper's Ferry; whonce many
of the insurgents have taken refuge.
Troops will leave this nftoinouo. , Governor
WiB passed the Relay Homo litis morning, eii
routo for the. seat of war. Threo artillery
oouipanios from Fort Jfonroo arrivod t'bia '
morning, and are quartered at Fort MeHenry
waiting orders.
The Dlrootors of tbe Pennsylvania Railroad,
with their ladies, arrived at Martin&burg, yes- "
tcrdaj, on their way home from the recent ex. ' -'
oursion to Chicago. The train was, however, ; i .
detained by the difficulties at Harper's Ferry,. i
but as tho track is now uninterrupted, they are
probably on their way to this-city, and may '
reach Philadelphia to-night,,; .: , ;;, tt
HARPER'S FERRY, October 18—M.
Soon after etorming : the 'Armory, tori, dead . j
bodies of the iosurgonts, -who were. shot, yes
terday, were found within the inclosuro. . Cant. '
lt.nn r, n .1 V!. i , . .
"'""i mm iiid puu uio uuugerouaiy wottnaeu.
Ouly two of the Insurrectionisij nro wounded,
trie.: K lwin Coppioh. (white) from lows, end
Chllda dreed, (colored) also from iowa. The
party oi igin'ttlly consisted of thirty-two per
sons, of whom fifteen are killed, two mortally '
wounded, two unhurt, and throe esoaped With
the slaves on Monday morning, - h ,. ,
Soon after the aasault on the Armory, some .
firing took place from the hills on the Mary
land shoto, supposod to be a parting salute ;
from Cook, who loft on Monday morning. Tbe ,
Are was returned with a general volley, but
both parties were too distant to do damage. ;
A company of volnnteors have gone lu pur
suit cf the fugitives; -. , ,, v. . .,. ,
Thero are probably a thoussnd armed uon
now concreffAtetl horn l?ftnrnA,.nh . u...
.. B. 0.. . .1-lutvlUflUUIill Uir.
been pouring in till night from all. quarters of
,..v .u.iuitiiuiii suuiiMjr,: i, , ,.
Explosion of a Locomotive.
The locomotive JlforfiVon, with the sceom
modation and freight train going east on the
Bellefountalne Road, yestorday blew np near
Killtore Station, killitn rr Instnntlt, t.n,.. iv i
engineer, and a man namod Griflin, fireman. '
HiiTojiv op SiiutRiA Tho gov'ornment of '
Western Siberia has just published an omeial
documout giving an account of that country " "'
a. n fiuui vuiouy, wnu n onct saeica of its
previous history. ' From this it appears that in " "
tho sixteenth Bontury Siberia was Inhabited by
'hordes iii' Tartar origin, and that in 1SS0 the
celebrated Jcrmak, hetman of the Cossacks of
tho Bon invaded it atr the he'ad of six thou
sand men, and succeeded, aflor teVeral bloody'
battles, in taking Sibir, the chief city of the '
oountry. Tho hetman finding that ' resources ' "'
rcro too limited to hold an extensive a coun
try, coded his conquest to Ivan TV., and Sibe- '
tia has ever sin?e former! part of the Russian ';
empire. The first strangers who settled there '' lf
wore Cosauaks, Strclitzes, aud '.a few gold- '"'
diggers; but aflor a time it was selocted as a! '"
place of exile for Russian state criminals.'""
Peter, the Great cent his Swedish prifoners ";
tbore, and Iho Czarina Anno had the thhabi-' '.'
tants of whole villages transported thero for Vl'"
refusing to work for their lords.1 '. ' . ;
On tbo abolition of the: puniehment'of death '"'
by Elizabeth, in 171."i, Sibetia was rcgu.ioriy 1
organized as a poual colony, and traonporta- "
tion thither was the punishment for all sorts
of crimes. ..Iho' exiled no'bles were generally'""
sent- to Berezbve, to work in tho crown gold
mines there, and the names of the first ramillos
in the empire muy bi seen on tombs in the '
cemetery of that place, Iu 82.'! nn cilice waa ' '
established at Tobolsk,, where 'tho 'name' of ;,
every exile and, his.,riide'ucY were regtterad. :
In 1842 more perfect Jules' were laid dowa ao- 1 '
eotding to which every; tribunal in tho eippiro ""
regularly forwards to. Tobolsk the names anoV'"J
oflensoi ofll persons condemned to' oxllo. and ! '"'
oach on(hts arrival was coot to'tbe residence ""'
appointed for him. Tho Oovernor of Wtstem''."'
Siberia sends a yearly list to. St. Peternburff'of ''' '
all the Convicts, thai hnvn nrrivd. . Vh I...
, - - - - "-- i & u w juam
pUbliehed return , comes down to January .1.'
1855,. according to which the persons wjlQ '
reached Siberia in 1 Sal wore 7,530, of ,whoin. ..
5. filil wero nun. 1.13-1 wnmnn . n,l Tit -ksi.u'' '
ren, ' The condition cf exiles in. Biberia hn
... I,..- -,1 tUi .1. r '" "' 1 -'
ujuus iujiiui niiuiu iuu latll. low yuaJS. . K
A RiIaBKABI.H FAMILY. A nArraanniwlsn, '
of the Ohio Citiecn furnishes the editor of that . .
paper with tue lellowing acoount of a remark- -able
familyy residingr at present in Bourbon.. .
County ,Iiy. . The old gentleman is native s,t
Maryland, and in his filth year.: .; ..-n,,,,,
1 Father; 8 feet 4 Inohea, 201) pounds, i !
' i Mollier;1 feet 4 Inches, 2811 pounds. , 't
Thomas, feet 4 inches, 230 pontirls. i
; James, ' d feet- 0 inohes, 215 ponnds. ' ..'
Sarah, ft feet S inches, ' 165 pounds.
John, ' S feet 11 inches, 2 pounds.
Mary, ' A feet "2 inches, 150 pounds.' i
Elijah, fi feet 2 inches, 210 pounds. -Matthew
ft feet Inohes, -220 pounds. '
Eli,' ' ft feet ft tnobes," 17 pounds, i
Daught'rtt feet 3 Inches, - '160 pounds.
-Total, 70,Jiighti weight 2,198 pounds.
- The family are all living,' except the young- ,
est daughtor. All are wealthy and of the first '.
families of Kentucky. - , '.. ,'
, Nkw York Postikus. Of.i an unpopular
painter it was said : that . his .only good, traits
were his Mrtmjto. .- :,oi , r . . ,.; ...
A ladyS invitation cir-cum-arubulate.
Jin omnibus horse has about an equal expe
rience of wheel and wo.. . - .;. . . , .-
The goatherd's favorite opera Her-nany.
(Utr-mni.) : t' . j- . ,( ....
Can a tolas be said to' play tbe piano in a .
Mfr ly mannei? .imi-
It General Tom Thumb finds a fitting wife,
tho public will oojoy tho poroologieal exhtbt
tion of a new variety of "dwarf-pair.?
.Charivari' to a Marriko Cobble. A few
days ago, Rev. F.. W. Barker, a venerable
Methodist minister nnd colporteur, residing
near Dinwiddio C. H., Va., was married to
Miss Mttry B. Leo, a young and interesting
girl. On tho night of tho 6th inst. a band of
young men weut to tho house, took the min
ister's bugey to pieces, pulled off tho barn-'
door, turned out the cattle, and committed
other outrages ou the property there, by Way,
wo suppose, of testifying their displeasure at '
thin union' of January and May.- ' . j '
An Isokxioi'b. TaiKhS. Tho i;Laneaster
i'i; describes a mininture machine shop,
wbidh Mr. A. T- Mason, of Basil, mado with
hie txn-knife. The Abop ia fully equipped and.
in workipg tlrder, and formed the reoreatioa.
work of Mr. M,'s loistuo hour, during the past,
yearv .The fi.aof tho frame work is about four
by live foot, in which elands a small locomo
tive in complete trim, a double engine, circular
sawi.. tnonieirg. apparatus, Ac. ; iufaot the
wlitiie liuit'llijg .is filled ibrdughout with ma
abiitory, all of tyhich runs by the tuning of si
tingle erank. ,- - . , ... . ,, j
' Oust V tiIb Ttaman Wab, The Augspurs;
d'lii'tfe, ft .Gorman paper, estimates' the eoBt
of il.o'lote war (onlv twp rnonths long)aa fol
p.waii Kraiicd. 10o.0'l0,000 ; -Austria, $100,-?
000,000 f I'lodmont, $20,000,000 j various Itali
Inn tatm, $4,tl00.mi0) Uonnany, $23,000,000;
HilMttt, $(1,100,000 i England, $4,408,00(1 i
total, about $2IUI)0O0,0OO. These figures prove
Mnel-usivcly that the days for long wars ha
passed away. iutnot u'i:; vi i,i a i3-i-a

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