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"WABTS," "FOB SALV," '10 HI." "LOST,"
"FOUND," it., In thii column, ooenrylng five lines
or 1m, two Intertioni, twanty-llrt oentt.
WANTED GIBL To do ganorsl houss
work. InQUlre at M Twelfth-street, between
81m and Plnm. oclOb
able boarding-house ; mait be tituated some
where ;W eat of Vine and North or Ilfth-atreet.
IJIunerat la, and nipper not later than . Addrest
X. Y. Z., Office of tbit paper, stating terms and lo
cation. ocl9b
penter and Joiner wants steady work for the
winter. H no objection! to go In the country.
Addrest J. 0. W thle office. oclvb'
man of unimpeachable character, a good pen
man, and who haa a knowledge of book-keeping In
tome wholesale or retail store. Almost any situation
acceptable. Qood references glren. Addrest KM
PWYMDNT. Penny Frees Office. oclb
cloak maken Immediately. To good hands
the hlgbeit waget will be said. Apply before 10
o'olock A. M at 8. WILSON'S, 7 Watt fourth
ttrttt. . oeld
WANTED We hare notei to the amount
of $2,000, well secured by mortgage, which wo
with to trade for groreriee, dry food, boon and
iboee, hardware, or other merchantable goodi. PAT
TIK & S1DDALL, 67 West Thlri-ttreed, aecond
floor. oclSo
mr ANTED GIRL To work on a lowing
ww machine. One accustomed to the business
required; Apply to jr. 8HKEN, 30 last Third-street.
WANTED AGENTS Enterprising men
with a Tery email eapltal can make from J 100
te (300 per month telling a naefal article, required by
Tery business man. Inquire at room Mo. 4
United States Hotel, for a few dayt only. oclVaw
ANTED COOK A good oook. Apply
at 1ST Bace -street oclibt
YVANTBD-0TTA-GB-By a d ton-
w T ant, a cottago residence of about four rooms,
pleasant locality, not txceediiig ten mlnutea' walk
from the Postofflce. Bent about tie par month.
Addreat fRANK, Penny Prosi Office. oclBb'
general home .errant, by a yonng woman
with good recommendation!. Inquire at No. X
Flflh-street, between Walnut and Muin-tti. ooleb
at 08 Sixth-street, between Walnut and Vine,
One with a ohlld. Apply at roomi 10 and II. oclSb
a ptibllo or private carriage. The beat of
reference! given. Addreat P., at Penny Press Of
fice. ocisb
oath for 30,000 ponndt. VTIL&IAH ANDER
SON, M Malu-atreet. oclbV
"ANTED Clerks, Saleimen, Book -keep-
ten, Mechanic!, Laborers ana othen can find situa
tion! by applying at the Merchants' Olerka' Regletry
Office, No. 191 West Fifth-street. BALE A 00.
WlthS200. aanartnerln a sood navlne- cash
business that require the attention of two. Apply
at Wait Thlrd-ttreet. PAT1N A SI DO ALL.
front roomi to let. with board, la a nrivata
family. Apply at 67 Ninth-ftreet, between walnut
and Vine-atreeta. oclSb
WANTED BOY A smart, intelligent
boy, to attend a retail Ladlea' and Gentle
min't Hosiery and Furnishing store. Inquire at
PHILLIPS 8 BAZAAH, Mo. 257 Westorn-row, be
tween the hours of 1 and e o'clock P. M. oclSbi
custom pegged werk. M. KEAMES'S shoo
tore, aw Broadway, between Seventh and Eighth
streets. Highest wages will be paid. oclob
man from a neighboring town, who has had
several yean experience, wants a situation at Book
keeper, Assistant Book-keeper, or Kntry Clerk.
Inferences-last employers. Address Book-keeper,
at this office. ocl7-a
the goodwill, stock and fixtures of a
grocery store, doing a good business. Warranted a
bargain to the purchaser. Addreat DAN1FL, this
omce. oci7awt
" of steady habits, fair experience and unim
peachable character it seeking a aituation In a whole,
sale honte. Jleferences to satisfy the employer will
oe given. aaarest saul u., fenny rrett uoutit
Ing-ruom. ocl8-b
wife, in a boardlng-houae, as cooks or dining
room service. Good city references given. Addrest
p.m. tf., care this omce. oclaaw'
JaU rooms, on Observatory etroot, Mount Adamt.
For particulars Inquire at No. Z) iCaat Seventh. itreet,
OR RENT Front offioe and second floor
for rent at Mo. 21 Front. street, between Main
anu nsiDut. ocmar
and well tstabllihed Dining Saloon, at No. 8
Fourth-etrset having seventy-five prompt pay
ing boarders, and a good transient trade. For fur
ther psjtlsnlart Inquire on the premises, oclyb
IjIOR SALE STOVES New and seoond
JL handed atorea of various sizes it A. n. PAR.
BY'S, Mo. 36 Vine-street. Any person in want of
tucn articles win consult tneir interest or catling
ana examining our hook ueiore purcuoaing eisu1
where. oc!9-b
T70R SALE LAND IS aorei of fine car-
JL denlng land, six miles from cily, and quarter of
a mile irom unevioc. neveuieen ana a nan acres on
Harrison Pike, nine miles from the city.
A bargain.
A. a. momawAiUA, juo tiain-atroet.
BAB. Inonlre Mi Elshth-ttreot. or of J. M.
Brunswick A lire, Slxth-itreet, between Wain and
wainai. ocieD
OR SALE PAPERS Several thousand
old papers at 35c. per hundred, at this office,
BOARDING Two unfurnished front
rooms, with board for gentlemen and their
wives. Also, a lew aay-noaruers. Appir aiuv itac
ttreet, above Sixth. Keference reaulrea. oc!9-b
HOARDING Four or five siogle gentle
M-M men can be acocmraodated with a large front
room, wun uoara, iw west t utn-iireet. vf
bsard f i per week. oolSb
BOARDING Several gentlemen can be
accommodated with board at 181 Broadway, be
tween Fifth and sixth-streets. A tecoDd-storv front
room vacant. Also, accommodation for a few day
noaraera. ocibd
T OST LOCKETS On Sunday last, in
M-d Cincinnati or Covington, two locktttwlth min
' jatiiretln. The finder will receive the thanka and
oblige the owner by leaving tks same at the Penny
rross orace. ociv-u
M-d CoringtOD, a bil I of exohange for $307 and somt
enta, drawn bj Heury "Worbtingtoo and accepted
vj u. m, MMuiuiuivjSiiiu iiiuuiHu uj un am ju ear till,
loar Dionths after date, and dated about the 1st of
yctonr. rumwrii pan own Htoppon. ocl9-n
Premiuin Coal Cooking Stove.
Smoke-eonsumlu,; Coal Cook lug Stove,
Is without a rival. Call en
Inventors and Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Works,
3 o a
Fonrth-street, West of Bmltb
Xxamlne tht Alllt0 read testimonials.
JC rOVUDUT, B. ALLISON, ImMrlntendent.-
s-rtntina ma!riain or ainainna. hv vine aireei
v ATLa,W,CbiMBnlMlnga,Bo.lSastThlrd.
rreei. eepar
and Oouasellor at Law, Ohast'a Building
aairo iireet, a soars iasi si auua. ks
..OCTOBEtt 19
If yoo want a servant, advertise In
Ir yon want a honte, advertise In
Ir yon want to tell anything, advertise In
Ir yon want to bay anything, sdvertlse In
Ia toot, evtry want supplied fey advsrtlilng In
enny Press to oa had every
moriiluff at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent.
Don't forget tbat the Penny
Preig la the medium through which to
make known your want I Advertise
ments ef five lines and less, Inserted
twice for twenty-live cents!
Citt Paisoir. At the Citv Prison vaster-
day three persons were received none dis
charged, and six on the aick list. Forty-
eight will be sent to the hill-aide to-day.
Risistiso Orrioia. Abraham Israel, for
resitting an offiser when discharging his duty,
vras fined S 5 and costs by Jndcts Lowe yes
Siovis. As oold weather Is coming on we
refer oar readers to 0. U. Msckelfreih's stook
of stoves at 291 Weit Fifth-street. Give him
a call.
Out Aoim. We are nleased to learn that
Mr. B. Tatem, reporter for the Commtreial.
who hat been confined to his room some davi
wun xypnoia i ever, is at his post again.
Y. M. C. V. The Yonnir Men's Christian
Union will hold their annual meetintr.for the
oiovviuu ui uiuuere. as (aeir rooms unjoining: DC.
P.l. . ! '
..a.: j- r , r, .
A Niw Ordee, A new Order is abont being
eitaoiisnea in wis oity. to be called "Xhe vol'
nnter Abstinence Society." The objeot of the
order is the promotion of the cause of temper-
Miitinq ov GiRiRit, Ticket Aqskts.
There will be a meeting of General Ticket
Agents of the Western Railroads, and their
connections East and South, in this oity next
Glorificatioh. The glorification of the
Republicans will eomeon at Smith A Nixon's
Hall to-morrow evening. Messrs. Chase,
Dennison, Cor win, Gurley, and others are the
School Books. The attention of country
merchants, and all others in want or school
books, &o., is called to the advertitemont of
Messrs. Moore, Wllstaoh, Keys A Co., in
another column.
Pbovokino am Or riost Michael Knlah
for provoking Officer Hadley, of the Fourth
Ward, to oomm.lt a breaoh of the peace, was
nneafo ana ooits by the Police Judge yes
Could hot bb Ritorued. Marv Wilson, an
old vagrant, was taken to the Home of the
Friendless, some time since, with the hope
of reforming her bad habits, but without
success. Jier oonduct was of such a nature
as to send ber back to her old quarters.
Btialiko a Saw. Thomas Evan, well
known to the police, was called an in the Po
lice Court yesterday to answer the charge of
stealing an om nana-saw, valued at $1. lie
was found guilty, and sentenced to the County
tan lor me term ot sue montns.
PaBruHiBits, Powdirs, Ao. We refer our
lady readers to colon Palmers special aotioes.
His stook of fancy articles, perfumeries and
powders is of first-class articles. When in
want or any ot tne above articles call at No. so
West fourth-street and get a good article.
Streit-Railroad Tush-outs. A number of
petitions, numerously tlgntd, will be peesented
to Oounoil to-night, in favor of granting the
use of the streets for turn-oats. It is to be
hoped that Counoil will take a proper view of
this subjeot and grant the prayer of the
Ermoval. The Business Men's Praver
Meeting;, which has heretofore been held in
the First Presbyterian Church, will in future
be held at the Second Presbyterian Church,
on the south side of Fourth-street, between
Vine and Race. Services will commence at
the latter place this morning at eight o'olook.
Mintib's Cornit. By reference to an ad
vertisement in another column, it will be seen
tbat the presentation or the silver cornet to
Capt. A. Meuter will take place next Satur
day evening at Smith 4 Nixon's Hall, on
which occasion a grand vocal and instrmental
concert will be given.
Hkip to Ahswsb. Geortte Kennedy, aliai
Carson, was arraigned in the Police Court, yes
terday, to answer the charge of barglaroutly
entering the dwelling of William B. Lynan, on
Everett-street, near Cutter, last baturday, and
bold in bonds orsooo to answer to the Court of
Common) Pleas. He was alio held in bonds of
$2,600 to answer the oharge of shooting, with
intent to Kill, Air. ueorge juaiienger.
To Mibohahtb. It should not be forgotten
by onr merohants that the Pbnbt Press has
tbe largest circulation in tbe towns upon all
railroads diverging from this point of any
other Cincinnati paper, and that, accordingly,
it offers the best medium of advertising. Alto,
that its city circulation is seoond to none other,
and is rapidly increasing. If yon wish to
reach the people, avail yourself of its columns.
Collision. A eollision bstwsen a oouple of
baggies, a dray and express-wagon took place
at tbe corner or fourth and walnut-streets,
yesterday afternoon. One of the baggies was
pretty well smashed np. Tbe horse attached
to the other beoame frightened and ran down
Fourth-street at almost "Flora Temple" speed.
The dray and exprees-wagon escaped unin
jured, as well at the ooeupsntsofeaehvehiole.
Assault with Ihtikt to Kill. A man
named James Lewis was tried in the Police
Court, yesterday, for stabbing, with intent to
kill, George Ash. Tht parties are all colored
men, and, it appears, have been on unfriendly
terms for some time put. Lewit overtook Ash
on the Reading Road, night before last, aboit
two miles from the oity, and btat him severely
with a heavy club. Officer Schulti, who made
tht arrest, testified that Lewis bad admitted to
him that he had been waiting for an opportu
nity to beat Ash. He was committed in de
fault of $600 to answer the charge of assault
with intent to kill.
Arrrbt ov Cokviornch Mem. Two men,
Thompson and Petor Miller, were arrested
yesterday by Officers Mormon and Rickets,
fer playing the confidence game on a gentle
man named H. II. Clawson, from Massachu
setts, at tbe Melodeon Hall, the particulars
of which we gave last Friday. They were
conveyed to the Hammond-street Station-
house, and will appear before Judge Lowe to
day. Molodeon Hall appears to be a favorite
locality for these sharp gentlemen, from the
fact that it has two entrances, one on Fourth
and one on Walnut-street. But a few days
previous to the above operation the same
game was played upon a gentleman from
Cleveland, at the same piaoe.
Board or Citt Impbovkmkhtb. The Board
met yesterday at the usual boor. The Clerk
was directed to prepare and transmit to the
City Counoil aa ordinance to assess a special
tax on the real estate bounding and abutting
on AUison-street, from vine to Main-street.
Also, an ordinance to ettabiiin tne grade or
Cramsey-street, from Court-street to Pennook-
Xhe sealed proposals offered were opened and
an award recommended to J. W. Smith, to
repave with limestone O'Reilly-alley.from Law-
renee-street to iiawson-ailey, at tsy cents per
square yard.
The following repairs for aoosptsd bowldered
Streets were ordered: Water-street, from Raoe
street to Was tern-row, for $20 per square;
Court-street, from Vine te Syeamore-street, for
$65; Crossings at the intersections of Vine and
Second-streets, for $16; Intersections of North
and South Canal-streets, at Walnut-street, or
The communication from Win. wiswell, rela
tive to the crossings at Seventh and Vine-
streets vii referred to the Commissioner of
the District, in connection with the City Civil
Xhe communication or Jonn jsmterKamper,
relative to the tide-walk at north-east oorner
of Logan and Green-street, was also referred to
the Commissioner or the District in connection
with the City Civil Engineer.
The uierk was lnstruoted to advertise lor
nronosals to reiialr the trutters. and Macad
amise with broken stone, the center between
gutters on eaoh side of Western-row, fr m the
north aide of River-street to the Ohio River.
The Board then adjourned to meet this
(Wednesday) morning, at t o'olook A. M.
Moil Blood A Mar Stabbed. About one
o'clook yesterday morning four young men,
Germans, nemed Peter Uhl, Rudolph Caro
vant. Jossph Patsold and Henry Keoker, after
drinking pretty freely at a ooffee-hoase kept
by John Faltner, No. 192 Clinton-strest, got
into a qnsrrel upon religion and politlos. Hard
words were used oy an parties, wnsn, it is
alleged, the three former drew their knives,
A general mtUt ensued, dnrlng whioh Henry
Keeker reoelved two outs, one ia the abdomen
and one in the left breast one of whioh will
nrobablv Drove fatal
Offloen Bears, Haekwslder, Ghmnley and
Smith, of the Eighth Ward, arrested the three
young men and oonveyed them to the Ninth-
street Station-house, where, upon search,
dirk knife was fonnd on the person of one
them, the blade or whioh was stained witn
It is not known as vet who did the stab
bing, On the way to the Station-house Pat
sold told Officer Smith that he out some one,
but did not know who,
The parties were before the Polioe Court
yesterday, andoommitted in default of $3,000
bail each for examination to-morrow, upon
charge of stabbing' with intent to kill
Chi and Carovaut are barbers, and worked
at the Worth-east corner of Linn and Clinton'
streets. Patsold is a cabinet-maker, and
Ricker is a brick-maker.
Dr. Tomlinson dressed Rioker's wounds,
and pronounced him in a critical condition
He was alive last evening, though it was
thought c eouia not recover.
rmge w
taining sfcetch of "The Last Scene of Wash'
in g ton's Life." Every one should read it.
Some two hundred feet of the Vine-street
oulvert is completed.
Twenty-two cases were tried by Judge
juowe in tne mice umrt yesterday.
A colored man, named David Coleman
was fined $5 and costs in the Polioe Court
yesterday, for assaulting his wife
We understand that a wtekly paper will
shortly be started in this oity, with a ntavy
capital at its back. Come on, there's room
The Falaoe Garden has "gone up."
The little boy, Patrick O'Niel, who was
burned with gun-powder, last week, la recov
ering rapidly. He is at the Oommtrolal iios'
Liottjbs BaroBB the Tours Man's Mrs
cahtilri Libbart Assooiatior. William
Dlx, Esq., formerly of the United States
Legation to Quito, delivered a lecture before
the T. M. M. L. A., last night, on the subject
ef "Spanish Power In America, and
Phvlsoal Situation of the Andes." His de
loription of soenery was the result of personal
observation, ana was very vivid, witn
respeot to the people, he regarded them unfit
for republican institutions, and des'red to
g,n empire in the West holding a position
similar to tbat whioh Urasil holds in the isast,
He regards Spanish civilisation as, not
faihve, but, eonslderlns all things, a sue
The speaker made too great an effort to
sublime and lofty at all times. It mattered
not what he was saying, he aspired to
same elevated style. On the whole, however
the lecture was interesting; and instruotive,
Not more than one hundred and fifty persons
were present, but the smallness of the number
may be attributed to the thllly evening
hall not being Heated up,
Pint Last Nioht. About half-past nine
o clock last evening the bat store or Mr.
J. Montgomery, No. 281 Western-row,
discovered to be on fire. The alarm was given
and the ire department was qulok, at worg
and aucoeeded in subduing the flames, after
damage of about $160, eovtred, as we under
stand, by insurance, the fire originated from
a flue in whioh a hole for a stove-pipe
been left open. Yesterday being somewhat
winterlsh, a Ire was built In a stove in a room
over Mr. Montgomery's store, ana is
suorjosed the toot took fire and was com
munloated to the shelving. Mr. M. had
hit store about an hour previous to the fire,
Whbrlrb A Wimor'b Sbwiho-Machirbs.
A good family sewlrjg-maohlne is a treasure
any household. The above machine is
by competent judges to exceed
other extant for family use. It has
awarded nrtmiums at several State Fain,
and alto at the great National Fairs at
Louis and Chloago. Our readers and the pub
lic generally are referred to the advertisement
of Win. Summer Co., agents for the same,
in another oolumn, where a partial list of those
of our oity now using them can oe seen.
Or a Bid Sfrbi. Three individuals Wm
Frederick. Ileal MoDsrmott. and Adam ITln
gle-got on tremendous spree yesterday. They
cot so tieht as to be unable to navigate,
were very kindly provided with an express
wagon, accompanied oy two omoen, ana
to the Ninth-street Station-house.
mnrnlnff thev will appear in the Polioe Court,
be charged for their ride, and dealt with as
law provides.
Firb Hats. B. B. Alley, at 41 Broadway,
Is making a fine style of hat, whioh for elegance
and exquisite finish is unsurpassed by
other worn. His stoek is large and well
sorted. If you want a fine hat or cap, call
at 41 Broadway.
Dbatb from Bsiko Scalded The
girl, MoCarty, who was soslded some
since bv the upsetting of a kettle of boiling
water, died yesterday at the residence of
parents on Freeman-street, near Sixth,
sunering greatly.
-As the freight train on the Ohio
Mississippi Railroad wat going ont yesterday
morning, it ran against a ear whioh had
left on the track, threw it off down an embank
ment and tmashod it np.
pf The rail is laid on the Western-row
Street Sail road Line to Court-street.
route will be oomploted in a few dayt.
Tbr Good Thiro Fourd Out. Coal Oil
Lamps for sale at 212 Cllnton-ttreet, North
east eernet of Baymiller, by William I. Orr.
ExAHiHATioff or Dr. Foster roa the Shoot-
inq or Charles Harris. The examination of
the prisoner was commenced yesterday morn
ing at eight o clock, beiore Justices Bine ana
Connelly. The prosecution was conducted by
Mr. Anderson, and the defense by Messrs.
Helm, Boyd, Fearons and Berry.
Aitnougn we do not intend to comment
upon the testimony, a few words by way of
preface will be proper to a full understand
ing; of the case. It appears that Harris
owned a house and lot, on which there were
several mortgages, amounting to about $1,800;
ine last or these wat held by an eiueny iaay
named Higgenbothem. The lot was ordered
to be told at Master Commissioner's sale, and
Mrs. H., fearing the property would not
bring the amount, and knowing that unless
it did the would be ont out, employed Dr.
Foster to bid the turn of $1,800 for the prop
erty for her. This he did, and this being
lumoient to save ber, tne property was
knocked off to Mr. Harris himself, who bid a
trifle higher. We will now go on with tht
knowledged any
oorted Thii
J. Baughman oalUd Was present on the
night of the shooting; Dr. Foster, Mr. Harris
and Mr. Doket same Into hit grocery oorner
of Tork and Bellevue-strests; saw Harris take
out some papers whioh he gave Foster to read;
tbey purported to be reoeipts; Harris said
those were the reoelpti; witnest did not know
what receipts they were; Dr. Foster said they
were not all; Harris said that they were all
that had been presented bat if there were
any more bills let them be presented, and he
would pay them. Dr. Jr. said he wat able to
pay his debts, bat Harris was not able to pay
bis; this was denied by Harris; Harris made
use of no offensive language (thia tentenoe
was ruled out). Harris said to Foster, you
are armed I am not: Foster said I am armed.
have got a pistol and know how to nse it; he
then drew it, and Harris tried to take it from
him, and then the Dr. find the pistol; Harris
drew a ttool, whereupon Owen Tamer tried to
trt them. When just out of the door, the
ir. fired again, and Harris threw tome
orokery after him; in the ttreet the Dr. fired a
third ball, which hit Harris. When he first
drew the pistol, it was in a menaoing manner.
The stool was thrown after tbe pistol wat
fired the first time; witness did not hear Harris
use insulting language; witnest wat standing
near tbe parties.
Cross-examined The fuis ooenrred abont
seven o'olook, on Saturday last. Dr. Foster,
Dokes and Harris oome together, and talked a
minute or two; they were talking about the
payment or something, witness did not know
what. When Foster went out of the house,
did not know if he was knocked out, or went
out of bit own record. (All the other faots
eliolted were same at in examination in chief.
Mr. Voket talltd Was going to see the
Sheriff and met Dr. Foster, who went with him;
Dr. Foster told him that Harris had not paid
all the costs of a certain law suit whioh had
been oarried to tht Court of Appeals; Harris
overheard him and said he had; said he would
show the reoeipts; some words passed and
Harris oharged tht Dr. with having a pistol;
Dr. said he had and would use it, and oould
kill him too. (Here the witness said he got
soared and hid behind some boxes.) He heard
the firing and saw a ehair raised, but wai so
exolted he did not know what did happen.
Cross-examined Costs talked or by parties
were in Court of Appeals, abont a brick-house;
Harris laid ne thongnt it was an paid, out ir
wat not he would pay it; Dr. Foster said Har
ris had paid his (Harris's) but not his
(Foster's); Harris said if not paid he was good
for it; Foster doubted it; the pistol did not fire
till tbe chair was raised; Harris made orooks
fly pretty fast between shots; Harrit talked
coolly about the receipts before the thootlng;
Harris is an excitable man.
Mr. Dennison ealltd Difficulty occurred at
about seven and a quarter o'olook; witnest wat
talking with Harris when Dr. if otter andiiokei
oame up; Harris said here are the papers; oome
and I'll show them to you; showed him two
small ones one for $2 and another ror 919;
Dr. Foster taid they were nothing; Harris
said he slwayt paid his debts; and Dr. said he
did too; both were exolted; the Dr. had hand
on his right pantaloons pooket; Harris oharged
him with having a revolver, saying though he
had nose he was at good a man at Foster;
Foster laid he knew how to use a pistol; partiet
were separated; Dr. fired pistol and Harris
drew obair ana tnrew it and alio some stone
jars; Dr. fired again and retreated; Harris
pursued witn orooni; vr. nreu tnira time ana
Harris fell; pointed pistol again, laid he did
not Intend te thoot, but laid he had two more
balli; Foster exolted at first but Harris wat
Cross-examined When Harrit first law
Foster coming, he asked witnest if he wat not
Out Tvmr talUd Difficulty ooenrred
about seven and a-half o'olook; stood sear the
parties; talked about receipts; Foster asked
Harris if he had paid oertaln money and Harris
taid he had. 8?ue other conversation oc
curred, In a mild tone, and witness went to the
door; heard Foster say "keep away or I'll
shoot yon;" witness oaught Foster, who got
away; beard report of pistol, and also saw
orooks flying, and saw Harris with ohair; Fos
ter went to the door and Harris followed;
second pistol fired on pavement, third in itreet
ten feet from It; did not see all, was confused;
did not see pistol fired, but heard it; Harris
appeared to be getting a rock when Foster
fired third ttms; did not hear what was said
before Foster told Harris to keep away or
would thoot him; the pistol was fired before
the orookt were thrown; heard a man tell
Footer not to thoot again, (after H. had fallen)
and he said he would net, though he had two
more loads for him.
Cross-examined Hat been acquainted with
Harrit eight years; has the reputation of being
a violent and dangerous man; witness did not
know this personally; the firing of the pistol
and raising the chair were nearly at the tame
time, but pistol fired slightly first; Foster re
treated and Harrit followed.
John Taylor tailed Saw Foster with a re
volver en the ferry-boat on Saturday after
noon latt; witness inquired what it wat for;
he said he had been getting it loaded for
friend; be taid he would keep it in the Postoffice;
did not say who it was loaded for.
Robtrt Bayman talltd Ten or eight, or five
days ago, talked with Dr. FoBter; saw some
thing like a pistol in his pocket; asked him
about it, and the Doctc: replied, "Charley
Harris says be is going to kill me, and
want to be prepared for him."
Captain William Air was called and testi
fied to the tame as John Taylor, and said
he heard the Doctor make no threats.
Dr. Thornton talltd Is one of Harris's phy
sicians; the ball entered haunch bone, near
the top, and the ball went, as near as could
be ascertained, slightly forward and down
ward; wound not Targe enough to get finger
in; oouia not reaca ouiiec witn instrument;
thought best not to probe too much; Harris's
general condition is now favorable; wound
slightly inflamed, about same aa usual
gun-shot wounds; not at this time in abso
lute danger. (The Court refused to allow him
to enter into secondary considerations
probabilities as to what it would come to.)
Vr. Shaltr ealUd Not more than a gill
blood came from tbe woend; had only
slight fever ; (the rest of his evidence was
about the same as Dr. Thornton's. Rep).
Mr. Siddani called Heard the shots,
did not tee them; undertook to hold Foster;
heard him say he had two more shots
Mr. Anderson then offered the affidavit
Mr. Harrit at testimony, which was ruled
out. The Commonwealth then retted.
Dr. Zaveeon, of Cincinnati,ealled Has known
Foster eight or nine yoars ; has been his phy
sician . his breath is not up to the natural
standard ; has asthma and hemorrhago of
lungi ; could not bear a protracted physi
cal struggle; examined him a day or two
with instruments.
Mr. JEfaynuM rt eafW Had a conversation
with Harris concerning Foster a few days be
fore difficulty; Harris was hostile to F., and
either said he would kill bim or h ought
be killed, and he could not remember which.
Cross examined Is a narticalar friend of
Harris, but considers him insane.
John Colt tailed Harris asked wltntss if
he had heard from the salt of the house by the
matter oommlsiloner ; laid the Dr. wat a dirty
dog ; had run the home up on him to $200 or
$300 more than it ought to have brought, but
ne would be even with him one of tbete days.
Witness told this to Foster, and told him to be
on his guard; told him as a joke.
Crosi-examined Conversation alluded to
took plaoe week ago on Monday.
Judge Boyd called Had conversation with
H. several months before difficulty. H. told
witness that Foster was a damned rasoat, and
ought to be "settled;" did not know exsotly
what he meant ; told Dr. Foster to avoid H.,
as he wat a detperate man ; had drawn a pis
tol on Hawkint at one time, and alto a
hatohet on a man named Williams some years
ago. Harris' wordt (in connection with his
violent disposition) appeared to imply that he
intended violence. A week ago met Mr. Har
ris ; H. spoke of the tale of bit property; laid
it brought $1,800, run up by Dr. Footer, and
taid every time F. bid he (H.) felt like throw
ing a bowlder Just to ttop hit mouth till the
sale wat over, and he hid a notion to do It yet;
did not tell It to the Dr. lest it might result
Cross-examined Understood the meaning of
"settled" was "killed;" only wanted to throw
the bowlder "by way of keeping him quiet;"
thinks if H. would attack a man he would not
hesitate to kill him ; he it very unforgiving.
Afrs. Higgmbolham tailed Dr. Foster was
bidding in behalf of witness, who held a last
mortgagt, and wished to have it bring enough
to cover her debt, or buy it herself.
Sheriff Helm called Foster took the pistol he
had on ferry-boat over to get it loaded for
witness. Dr. F. told witness he was fearful
of an attack from H. Witness, by request,
wat with defendant several nights visiting pa
tients. It Sheriff, and went at both effioer and
friend. Foster wat afraid of Harrit.
Crois-examined Advised Foster to arm
himself advice given as an oflioer.
Charlee Todd called Been acquainted with
Harrit tea years general oharaoter desper
ate. Jonathan Barnee tailed Fourteen monthl
ago heard H. say he oarried pistol and slung
shot for Dr. Foster, and would have killed
him if he had not baoked out beard nothing
Cross-examined He said he went expresily
to kill him at the time referred to; reason was
he laid Dr. bad cheated him out of hit prop
erty; witness did not remonstrate, as he knew
Harrit to be a dangeroot man.
Joieph E. Finer called Knom Harrit ten
yean exoitable and dangorout man.
Orott-examlned Often teen him in a very
exoited ttate did "not tee any particular
initanoet, but the Hawkins oast, but Harris
bad told him of tome.
After argument of counsel, the prisoner was
diicharged. Considerable feeling is manifested
by tne rrtendt or Doth partiet.
A Mar Diss is Jail from tbb KrviOTi or
Woohos Riorivrd BiroRR Iroarcrratioh.
Officer Dloky last night arrrested, and brought
to jail, a man named William H. Nichols,
who, at has been ascertained, hails from Olln
tcnvllle, Bourbon County, who was laboring
under a fit of deUrium tremens and whole per
son, particularly his faoo, bore unmistakable
marks of violence. He oame to Hen Ellison's
hotel, on Monday morning last, and stated that
he had been robbod in Cinoinnati of $200 and a
watob ; but when questioned, appeared to wish
to conceal the matter. He accoanted for the
bruties on his person by saying that he fell
down stairs, at the Madison House, Cinoinnati.
Early yesterday morning, his case being oriti
cal, Dr. Hays was oalled in to give medioal ad
vioe. About tlx o'olook, be talked rationally
to Mr. Herod, the keeper of the jail ; in a few
minutet afterward, when oalled upon by hit
physioian, he was apparently sleeping, but upon
a near approach, wat found to be dead. From
papen found about hit person, and from two
acquaintances, Ii. C. Rankin, and John S.
Eggleston, of this plaoe, not only his name and
residence, but the following additional partic
ulars were learned:
He was a widower, and a man of means. He
had been in the dry-Koods busineis at Clinton-
villa, and retired. He had been in Cincinnati
tlnoe about the first of October, and on tbe 4th
had paid Day A Matlook, on Pearl street, the
sum of $5. He was always regarded as an
honorable man, and prompt in meeting hit Ob
Mirations, and highly respeottd.
We vitited tbe oorpie in the jail, and round
the eyet and faoe very badly braised, as if he
bad received'a severe beating. The woundt
oould never have been oausei by a fall; their
locality entirely pretindet soon, a supposition
One dollar in paper, and tome silver ohange,
was all tbat was round on nit person.
Coroner Hughes held an inquest over the
romains, and the jury brought in a verdict of
death from some unknown violence, it is
evident that he had been beaten while in
Cincinnati, but where, no one can now tell,
and nerhaos it may ever remain a mystery,
The corpse has been ordered to oe torwarooo
to Paris, Bourbon County, by his friendt,
Rankin and EjrtrleBton, and will betaken
thither by A. P. Rose, undertaker, of thii
Judging from appearances, he it about fifty
years of age. It is to be hoped that hit ex
ample, tad and deplorable as it it, will serve
as a warning to all against visiting those
haunts 01 iniquity, so common in every city.
Night before last, about six o'clock, a man
by the name of Morris Mellally, purposely
fired a loaded pistol In a crowd on Madison'
street, nearly opposite the Madison House,
and fortunately without injuring any ene,
though it is a great wonder that he did not.
He was arrested by Sheriff Aihbrook, and
handed over to Deputy Marshal Riff, who
lodrod him in iail for safe keeping until
yesterday morning, when he was fined $32
00, and in detault 01 its payment, wasioogeo
in jail again.
Several cases of minor importance were
tried in the Police Court yesterday morning,
and nnet imposed in turns et Irom $s to $0,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
TUESDAY EVENING, October 18, 1859.
FLOTJB-The market It unchanged and the de
mand moderate: tales of 1,300 brli. at (4,70 for super-
II ne, and 94,80133 a lor extra. i,vm ont. were re
cjilvAil Hurl, iff tha luat tWAntV.fovir hours.
WHISKT-Nochaugein the market; talet of
brla. at zy26Hc, the latter rate for wagon.
FHUVlBlUNb-Nothing of conaequence done:
brli. mens Pork sold at 14 26lt37. Bacon and
Hulk Mul. nntnlniil
CHKKSE Bales of soo boxtt at Me. Tht demand
It good and the market flrin.
HIT. Sulpa at HI hrla l.lnHeerl at flTo.
GHOCEKIES-Tlie market It unchanged: tales
sonnus. sugar at 797o..
OKAIN-Wbeat Itrin at tl 06(81 09 for red. and
SI liftl IS for white. Barley null at S5Wo.
prime. Bye firm at 600. Oats In good demand at
4So. corn oia to tne extent oi x.uuu uusaoie ai wc,
WHIAT Ths market Is firm and prices unchanged;
sales of 1,000 luehels prime white at fl 10; JXido,
dr.uul white atftl II. delivered.
CORN New ia oftVrlng freely at i!K., but buyers
are now offering but 42Jt4p43o.: aalea of 3,000 bushelt
aWV ; 8,1100 do., to arrive, at 42Xo., and 1,000 do.
43e. Did is firm at 60o. , . .
HY IE-Is acarce and then It a good demand: talei
OI 120 Dueneiaatbuc.
RAttl.EY The market la dull and nrlcea nn
changed from yatterday't quotations: talet of
bushels prime fall at 60c.
OATS There is a good demand and the market
firm and prices unchanged: aalea of 1,000 bushelt
CLOVERSEED The market la doll and there
but little demand: sales of 100 bushels at $3.
CHE KS a The market Is firm and there It a good
aenianu: tales oi i,uuu ooxes . n. aiete.; awao
Enull-.li Dairy at ll)Hc. and SO do. Nutmea at 12c.
Ill 1TTEK There il no chance In nrlcea: choice W.
B. Is In good demand at 16 i7c; common is dull
AVPLKS There II a fair demand, and price! range
from f l W to S2 w per br : talet of DO brft. at tl.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 18—P. M.
Cotton dull: sales of 000 bales. Flour de
tuned: aalea of 10.W0 brls. or Ohio at S3 Sti to.
Wheat heavy: t.les of l,m bushels at tl 42 for vary
choice Western white. Corn dull: talet of 0,000
bushels mixed, nominal, tt tl.
Whisky active at 292Vc.
Sugar quiet:" Muscovado 0M7e.
Utilise arm, and advanced He: talet of 0,000 baft,
auction, at lOH&Vihc, averaging lltc.
Bidet advanced Mc, with moderate business.
Tobacco steady: Kentucky 4Xi3llKc.
Wool firmer: sales or 70,MIOlbs. fleece at tOsVMc.,
and 80,000 lbs. pulled at tt$40e.
Wood's Tbratir. Mr. Collins't third Ap-.
Marance. latt evening, was (treated with i. ftill hoaee.
Bis peerless eccentricities In the characters he sos
talned, to the delight of bis audience, were met with
most vociferous laughter. Be is an Irishman ont
and ont when he tries to be, aid a gentleman ditto.
We advise all those who tre in a quandrf "How to
Par the Bent," to ooneult Collins, alias "Morgan
Battler," and ha'llsiirelr invent some meant to II
qui late the same. .
To-nlglit ha appears in Born to Good Luck, and,
as lunal, he'll bsve the food luck to have a crowded
hona. He alio appears in (or on) Bit Last Laos,
and ve hope they mar never wear out, bat contioue
to support the physical auperttrueture as well as ha
metaphysically supports hia role of lrlah characters.
Don't toraet his aonis.
Intended aa Interloper, bnt
ne guests. His anKaAemsnt
always hailed as welcome guests.
It short; make use 01 the time.
Wbat Corstitutrs ah Afpbabahob ir
OouaT?-Davld Okts vt. Wood, Eddy A Co. Motion '
presented to Judge Bpenoer for a rule against the de
fendants to anewsr.
It appears that on the original process Issued the
Sheriff returned tbat be bad served the defendants
with a copy of tbe writ at their usual place of bnal-
neaa. Afterward a motion was mads (It does not ap-
ear In whose behalf.) to set aside this return, and
nave given, noon which the Sheriff made an amended
leave given, at
return of "not found. The motion which was orig-
Inally Died to set aside tbe return was signed by
Mills A Boadley ; and the plaintiff contends that thia
appearance of counsel most be construed aa made on
benalf of W., K. & Co., and he treated as an appear
ance to the action, authorising bim to treat these
partiet as in Court, and requiring them to plead or
submit to juilgmsnt by default. The predicate of this
position ia, that a motion under the code is a plead
ing, or equivalent to an appearance in the aotion.
Court No doubt an appearance may be effected
by summons terved on the party, by publication, by
acceptance, or waiver of a summons, or by appear
ance through counsel In the proper mode, enured
upon the wrlt,or affected in soms epecino mode un
der the Code. The filing of a pleading ia an appear
ance, because It purports to answer the petition by '
demurrer or otherwise. But where there la appear
ance by attorney for the mere purpose of resisting
the juriadiotion of the Court, it it not an appearanca
to the aotion proper, but as appearance lor a special
The facts relied on are these: On the part of
plaintiff, it waa olaimed that Wood, Kddy a Co. were
a firm doing business In thle city, and were served
at wnat wat supposed to ne tneir place or nnsinees.
un ine oiner siae 11 was insistea mac may never
did business in Cincinnati; and, that If they did, the
calling, that of a lottery business, was unlawlul, and
not recogniaea Dy tne law. lie (Judge B.) Believed
that In the former proceeding the Court held that the
selling of lottery tickets being Illegal, this could not
te their place or business within the oontemolatton
of the statute which authorises suits agaiaat man
employed In lawful business.
employed in lawful bu
The plaintiff lupposi
this decision. The
t that ne win ne argnerea oy
he answer la. that the Sheriff
mended hit return not br order of tbe Court, but
on leave given; and if the party conceives himself
Injured ttiat there was a false return, tbat the
d' fendants had an aotual, proper place of business
and tbe (Sheriff returned them "not terved," he
plaintiff might bring bit inittgalnit tbe Sheriff for
a false return, and moot the qusstlon again. But
because the plaintiff ahould be desirous of trying a
quftstion like this, the Conrt could not eonient te
enter a rnle against the other party to appear to tbe
aotion. Motion overruled
i. wolf ror the motion; Mil l against.
Tis WATiBcaAM Law, Jacob rest vt. Trad Tron,
ateemboat. The petlt'on waa based on a promissory
note given by an officer of tbe boat, and did not let
form the consideration.
Oourt-It hat been held again and again that an
action cannot be brought agaiuit a boat for money
loanea to rne omcere.
Plaintlfls Attorney The note Is drawn In the name
of the boat, but tlgned by the Clerk.
judge spencer a. boat, as tucn, cannos give a
promissory note The action oould only be main
tained aaainat tbe boat where it it brought for aup-
pll'S, repairs, or mattera or tnat tort, it nat even
been held that where money la loaned, and vested In
supplies, that would not lay tbe foundation fr tn
action. If the ODDOalte Counsel should consent, a
judgment might be taken in this case for the amount
at six per cent.
Vsediot. In the oase of MoCullough
Doollttle a Chamberlain, before tbe Court for several
duys-the plaintiff claiming $2,500 for work done on
tne Hamilton ana vayton nanroaa tne jnry
brought in a verdiot for plaintiff for 175. The Jury
loe was 9iB.
King and MoGroarty for plaintiff: fox and Powell
fur defense,
An affidavit wat nretented alleging? the In
sanity of Hiram Moifer, a native of the United
States, and, for several yean, a resident of thia
county. It was stated he had twice stabbed bit wife.
Dr. A. mentation, upon examination, contldend
that his derangement waa only temporary, and waa
caused by intemperance. He wat before in the
Lunatlo Asylum, and waa recommitted then.
fif A. A. Xyster, Clocks, Wetohei and
Jewclrf, Not. 341 and 3T1 Wet tern-row.
Daguerrean allery, Bouth-wett oorner
of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford's Drag
ston. Pictures taken and put In good cases for
twenty cents. Warranted to please.
Qsiat Attsaotionb. Iriol k MoUulre, the
well-known Merchant Tailors, at 3U Walnut-street,
have now a line ttock of Clothes toltable for Coata
and Pantt of every quality. They an good flttara
and never fall In rendering tatlifaction to those who
favor them. Drop in.
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, October 18—M.
Flour active: Howard and City Mills $6.
Wheat firmer: sales or 18,000 bushelt actl 20(9140 for
white. Corn active: sales of 12,000 bushels at l2tMo.
for whltu and yellow.
Provisions steady, bnt not tctlre: meat Pork $13 71;
prime ill 60. Ohio Whlaky 2o.
SHEARS k CO.. Sales-rooms Not. 87 and N
Main-street. Peremptory Hale of Boots and Shoes
at Auotlon.-We will tell, on TflTJRSDAT HOBN
ING, October 20, at o'olock, without reserve, 100
caaea Boots and hthoet. Terms cash.
oclt U. UMAbuitAiia a CO., Auctioneers.
m w.i no. 9a mainitrwi-wrwj'jrirji. vim
, Booti, Ac, at Auction.-! HUBoDAY MORN-
11! vr, uvufini m.w u mwj., wu.i.uu. v.
assortment of groceries, Ac., Sugars, Coffees, Teat,
syrupa, uiaaaware, vigart ana looacoo. wiiui. auu
ground Splcet, German and fancy Soaps, Pearl
larch, Bice, painted and Cedar Buckets, Whiskies
and Brandies, straw and rag Paper, fiedoordt, Hope
and Twine, indigo, Nutmega, kip and calf Boots
and Shoes, Cotton Tarn, Lemon Syrup, Tallow and
Star Candles, Cheese, 8. O. Soda, Metonet and
Xaport, Vinegar,
oclt H. 8. MILJB A 00., Amtlonetrt.
fioapt, Per fan err. Faster Goads, eta.,
Which I will tell cheaper than any other place tn
the city. Ton will Snda large assortment of IX
TBAOTr) at V cents per bottle. ocH
T1I0S. W. FIRM & (0.
that they are aelllni lumber at their yard on
Freeman-afreet, next to Cinoinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Ballroad,
than anr ether Lumber Dealers la the erty.
"Quick Sales and Small Proflti"
Ther submit the following Mat of prices:
Cash. 4Mo't.
Clear lumber, all thlckneatee, 1 in. meat $j? 50 Ut t
Best Common, IH and I Inch Plank.....,.,. 2 00 SO t-
Beat " 1 men ooarus,,
Second " all thicknesses,
a ace
MM 17 Is
11 tO 11 1
Third " Boards.......-,
uruo nana, ,ac uiomu.v.
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.
Ponlar " '
--.. dm wi s, I"
11 tO 11 BS
1100 14 00
First Common Flooring Boardt..MMM.... to 00 17 W
focond " " " ...... JS 79 BOO
Third " " m m IS SO 20 00
first Common Weather Boards...-.-..... IS 00 17 SO
Second ' " 11 00 13 U)
Cedar Pottt, 4 by 4, e fcM, nr hundred,.. 00 to 00
Cedar for fencing, " " . 00 g et
Locust ' ' so 00 IS AO
A further reduotlon of JK per sent, will be made on
bills of fOOOor more. . . , ' ".'
Wehaveoneof thelargeatand best telerttd stookt
of Lumber In the Cincinnati market, whlab we offer
for tale at the above prices.

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