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"WANTS." "FOB SALE." "TO lit." "LOST."
"FOUND," Ac, In thl oolumir, occupying At 11dm
ot lest, two lDMrtloni, twenty -Are ocntt.
spoctabl colored man to attend in dining,
room, or to wait on gentlemen and claan roomi. Ad.
urn UBLfnua, mia (fine. OC20b
""TANTRT Tfi HIIV MnoniTv i
way . , uvi Aai x a
.1,.. f.0llb,,ne" fo' essh, at a prloa
i, ii uti t rii i ".. luipruTeaornoi.
ILL' 171 ""'Bit-itreot, next to tbe Gibson
"" ocioe
- v.. WllO hll bad Several TA.ra' .TnerlnnrA. u
book -keeper, desires a situation. If be can procure
-uu, piiimuout BnuaiioD, ne win loan msem
R ,re crtin sum of money. Address B. K., at
TANTED GIRL To do the homework
.... ln smaii rsnnuy wnere tner no cnuaren.
all on Mr. 6Hi.HH, at Ho. ago Vlne-itreet, up
tta ra. mwm
TANTED HELP Immediately A
governess, 1 or 1 clerks, mechanic!, portere,
men ud to boraea; also, a largo Lumber of female
ervanu fur city aud country. Apply at the General
imeiiiKsnce Agency, Ho. toJ w eatern-row.
oc2Ubf A. D. CARSON CO,
WANTED R 0 0 M S Two furnished
anil I 1.1-1 1 A 1
, - nuu vuw uuiiuuhuvui wituill II TV UIIUUWB
walk of Wood! Theater. Adddreu M. J. 8., Wood'i
ANTED BOY A German boy from 10
iu u years oia, ai lis nainut-sircer, oczuo-
WANTED Clerks, Salesmen, Beok-keep.
era. Porters. llar.L-oowtra nnnnni. fl.nwin.
(era, Mochanics, Laborers aod others can find situa
Hons by applying ot the Merchants' Clerks' Registry
Office, No. m Weat Fifth-street. HALS 4 CO.
j. oojob
cap mason immediately, o. Isaacs a CO.,
ne. an maiu-sirenc.
for cash. I hare several parties wbo want to
uy good houses In tba Weat Hod at prlcea ranging
1 'n wj va.vuu ana pay casn. a. h. Jnuaian
AMA,206 Main-street. oc20b
WANTED BOARD By a young man,
board and room In a prlYate family where the
comfort of a home maybe realized. Address ED-
Tant, oox 1,7W, Stat ingterms ana location.
respectable business that will guarranteea
fair compensation. A position as collector, solicitor
or runner for some wholesale boose or railroad com.
paiiy. Address W. J. T poatofflce. The best of
reiereiice given. OCDtt
1 WANTED A GIRL To take oare of
V w children. Apply at tha Walnut-atreet House,
I i room lit, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock A.
; ocaib
II w w canitul to eimairA In th. mannfontnv. nf mn
i.niiivio iuai win pay ou percent, jho nianuiaciories
L of the kind west of the mountains. Can engage as
an active partner or otherwise. Good references
given. Aouress or can at 164 Broadway. oc20c
WANTED GIRL To do general homo
work. Inquire at W Tweifth-stroet, between
ttiuinuii j mm. 1 OOIVO
J.WAN1KMAY BOIRL-In a respect
, ww able boardlng-houst; rsr;st be sitnated some
, jrhere tWost of Vine and HotiS of Fifth-atreet.
, 1'inner at 12. and supper not later than A. Address
.. i..,umceoi tnis paper, stating terms and lo
wW ponterand joiner wants steady work for the
'wimer. tins no oojeottone to go in the country,
Address J. C. W this offlco. oclub
' V57ANTEI) SITUATION By a yonng
11 w man of unimpeachable character, egoodpen-
man, and who has a knowledge of book-keeping in
some wholesale or retail slorn. Almost any situation
nccepraoie. unoa rcn-rences given. Address KM,
riAiYMKNT. Ponny Press Office. oc!9b
, WT cloak mskers ImmediatAlT. Ta onr vuni!a
i tha hlirhnut vflirai urtll k. nalH v, ,A
iio uiunKA. ou., ai o. w luoKjn a, 78 West Fourth
; si reel. OCl9d
' ANTE D Wa havo notes to the amount
I Ot SZ.tlW. Well BACiirn.) h minn a,!,!.!,
" v' wr srureries, ury gooaa, nootaana
shoes, hardware, or other merchantable sooda. PAT-
lis 4; blDDALL, 67 West Taird-streed, second
VANTED GIRL To work on a sewing
macnine, une accnatomea to trie business
required. A pply to It. SHEKK, aoEast Third-street.
"mTSTANTED AGENTS Enterorislne men
ww with a very small capital can make from 8100
co w per uiomn aeiunganseiuiaruoie, reQUtreany
pvery uusinesB man. inquire ai room Jno.
United status Hotel, for a few days only. oclDaw
man from a neighboring town, who has hac
eareral years experience, wante a situation as Book,
keeper. Assistant Book-keeper, or Kntry (Jlerk
References-last employers. Address Book-keeper,
nl this I'dlce. ocl7-d'
WW tlio Kooi-will. stock and flxtures of a
grocery store, doing a good business. Warranted a
lariraln to the nurchaaor. Address TJAMIVT.. thla
illlOB. oc!7awt
lug to manufacture bis own liquors can do so
at at a trilling expense by inclosing VI and dirscting
to Or. 0. jr. ALBONI, Cincinnati, O. I will give
them receipts for manufacturing the following
liquors: lioker'a Hitteis, Btonaliton, White Wine,
AHuiouuv ua jjuruvnux, iieuu lorijiquors, fort wins,
Curacoa, Chainpaane, Madeira, imitation Claret,
Brandy, Otard, Clin, French Brandy, Marashlno,
Vinegar; to improve Liquors, as Old Sherry, Scotch
.fiiii, vumiiuu ruuuy new xora airanay, nnin
lata W iues. lilieot 0. F. ALBUM, Oinclnnati, Ohio,
flOR SALE-GROCERY One of the old
.H. est established stands in the Western part of
tun titr a turner Btnnu on one 01 me leaaiug rnor
ougbfares, with a well-selected stock, will be sold on
reasonable terms, as the proprietor is about going to
tbe country. Address OBOOEBT, at this offioe.
iiuiv oauis xiiiiintt DAiiUUJM rne oia
- and well eatabllshed Dinina- Ralnna. at Kn a
Xast Fourth-street having serenty-nre prompt pay.
tberjarllcnlara inquire onths premises.
uig mmriiern, aim a gooa transient iraae. jror mr
TtOR SALE STOVES New and iooond,
A. handed stoves of various siiea at A. 0. PAR.
BT'S, n. ai Tine-street. Any person in want of
eucn ariioiee win consult ineir interest by calling
and examining our stock before purchasing else-
vierw. OCIV-b
OR SALE PAPERS Sereral thomand
oiu papers at 25c. per hundred, at this office,
OR RENT HOUSE A good brlok honse
containing 8 rooms, in Covington. Inquire of
O. B. DCBliElf, Third-street, near Bussell, (Joving-
ton, Ky.
170R RENT OFFICE To Insnranoe and
Commlraion Broken A splendid front room in
the very center of business the best location in the
euy. mniBio siu psr snontn. Everything fur
nioeu. v. v. nvuh, 171 Walnut-straet, next to tbl
Borne. oc20o
FOR RENT ROOMS Several lodntng
rooms, for aentleman nnlv. at Hwitin VA m
West Sixth-itreot, between Viao and Kace. Inquire
wviiiw, wu mg jiicmisys. CCD
FOR RENT ROOMS 1 or 2 front roomi
i i- t0v7t,wlt5Sr,rd' . APlT Minth street,
"ElOIt RENT ROOMS On Milton-street,
. ""7 a00" aparrments or I, I and S rooms, 1
families; all conveniences, and rent moderate.
Also, for sale, a good lot 37 bv 123 feet. Innnln
SLACK, near tne premises. ociod
floK KENT Front offioe and second floor
JB- for rent at No. 21 Tran.anuit. ham iu.i.
nil Wain,., - "u
.... ociunr
Ji9.?TrL0.CKI:T8-0n 8,,ndy in
irtturei iu. The finder will noelr the thauk. atid
oblige ihe owner by 1mt1u the ame at tbe Peon
rrnt office. ociv-d
J-J Covington, a bill of exchange for $307 and soma
cents, rtrawu by Henry Worhtlpgton and accepted
by II. P. Lnngmore, and Indorsed by Hiram Martin
payable at Bank of Ohio Valley, Cincinnati; parable
four montha after date, aud dated about the 1st of
T- ..-.-. ..,l,M II., .WII Wl.ipp,.,!. OC19l
OARS I NG Two unfurnished front
rooms, with hoard for Mntlaman and thnfv
street, above Sixth.
wivee. aisu, aww uay-ooaruers. appir at wv nace
neierence retnirea.
AT LAW, Chase BaiMlna. He. t last Third.
t. seps-ar
CARD tto
te tte.t eto.
A CO.. Kn. SS M.ln.tret TJrr Goods, rinlh.
ing, Boots and Shoes, at Auction, for acconnt of
wuom it may concern, un jaiuai aiunjinu,
October 31, at t o'clock, W pieces Prints, Coats, Pants,
Vests and Shirt.
ALSO Boots, Shoes, c. o20
WILLIAMS Bales-rooms Not. 22 and 34 last
of Beady-made Clothing, Coats, Overcoats, Pants,
Vests, io.
ALSO A general assortment of Parlor, Chamber
and Office Furniture, Carpets, 4o.
Auow i u.w open iiuggy, ana oiner gooas, o.
oc30 A. KELLOUO, Inctioneer.
M. SBBABS A CO., Sales-rooms Nos. 67 and M
iuain-abrvei. rertmpiory eaie ot uoota and Booer
i.t Auetlnn. W will ml nn Tnrnuniv uiidu.
INO, October 20, at o'clock, without reserve, too
Mtwim nun onuea. lerms caan.
ocl O. BRAHHKARH A Co., Auctioneers,
A CO., No. S3 Main-street Groceries, Glass
ware, Boots, Ac, at Auction THURSDAY MORN
inu, uuiouerzv, at vo cioci, cnnsiatlng or a general
assortment of Groceries, Ac., Sugars, Coffees, Teas,
Syrups. Glassware, Cigars and Tobacco, whole and
ground Spices, German and fancy Soaps. Pearl
tarch, Bice, painted and Cedar Buckets, Whiskies
and Brandies, straw and rag Paper, Bedconls, Bope
and Twine, Indigo, Nutmegs, kip and calf Boots
and Shoes. Cotton Yarn, Lemon Syrup, Tallow and
Star Candles, Cheese, S. V. Soda, Matflhe and
aapera, v inoaar.
ocl II. 8. MILI8 CO., Auctioneer.
Fays for the Penny Press.
Six Cents ii Week!
Pays for the Penny Press.
Will pay for the Press
Will Pay for the Press
: 14 "
avjl or
Boap, Perfamerrt Fancy Gooda, dce.i
Which I will sell cheaper than any other place In
the city. Ton will find a large assortment of KX
TBACTS at cents per bottle. ocll
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
myton jMuiroaa,
Than any other Lumber Dealer) In the oity.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits"
Ihei submit the following list of prices:
Cash. 4 Mo'e.
Clear lumber, all thickness, 1 In. meas l7 M $10
Best Common. IK and 2 Inch Plank 28 00 30 0
Best " 1 inch Boards.......... 23 7a 25 u
Boconu " an tnicxnesaes.. .,..., 16 60 17 Is
Third " Boards ...... II SO 121..
Grab Plank, face measure ., n 00 29 n
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.... 11 60 12 60
Poplar " ...... 13 60 14 oe
First common Flooring noaras............ 11 00 87 00
Second " " " m....- 23 76 3 00
Third " " " 18 00 20 00
Tint Common Weather Boards lini M
Second ' " " 13 00 13 00
Cedar Poets, 4 by 4, feet, per hundred.... M 00 MM
Cedar " for fencing, " " ... 80 00 S3 66
iiocust jo in z w
A further redaction ol lft per sent, will be made oi
bills of fsoo or mors.
W have on of the largestand best selected stocks
of Lumber In the Cincinnati market, which we oiler
for sale at tbe above prices.
sepWtf '
at last Inst what the Tiarlie. have l.n.nAAdAd
and looked for In vain, tbe Uterine Elixir.
iu. uierine Aiixir is warranted to cure all dis
eases of a Uterine Nature! Indammatlon of the
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra,
. . 'iii v, ,u. i vuiii. raiuiui jnouBiru
atlon, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea; In fact, a perfect cure
ie gaarranteed bythe use of from two to Hve bottles
of the Illxlr, of any disease whatever of the Goner.
auve anu urinary urgans, oi male nr female, no
matter of how long standing Price Jl per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS calls particular attention to the
following Card or one of the most prominent Drog
aiate of Cincinnati. .
"To Tiia PotLiciiro mi Lanixs ut PiSTicwiAi.
We, the undersigned, are not ln the habit of giving
our name to Patent Uedioines; but knowing well the
tjour ruj.ivinu, uuu in. uieuicine oauea me uienn
Blixir. we cheerfullr recnmmenil ft In all f.n.lu
suffering from female Diseases of any kind; it It
purely vegetable, and In no cat can do injury; w
Eiy to all trr, and our word for It, you will And re
ef. F. I). H 1 tiL, Drosgitt,
p2T "Corner of Fifth and Kate-street.."
flvJL LATINO BALHMI cures, without fail, paint
IP the Breast. Baok, Side or Limbs; Conghs, Ulds,
Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breaihing, Headache, Flat
aiency, Heartburn. Cbronio Bhenmatlam, Bill loos
LAolla. (Imi.. iknll- n-i-i-- n.i--.k- 13
"0" ".""or, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and
5.,"n,.?rnatlon a certain core, and
rVl!fii"ll.med'.u.rf 1,f- Io any of the above diaeaeea
It will tlve relief In iw.ntw n,fn,A. -- -
Sft'.T 07 h "e of to bottles'. Onlyaboentt
Pwi??MI,7ff ebV th,t person can get It.
Cither of the .hnwa ...1 1-1 r u,
.-, . - . IMVIIVlUn W WW UN U. . Jf,
BILI, Drnggiet, corner of Baoe and Pifth-ttreets'
and EDWARD Sna m. a vi.
"'ain and rourthtroets; J. 0. Park, ior
'i i ii u ur oi nuiutiAMa CO..
Matintactnrera. No. u v.. ,, .Y-lTi
rt n -...UI-.IIMII V1MIH.
new, O. aenrr-a.
teeett ! eee.es s eet i
I yon want a servant, advertise la " ru "5
If yon want a honse, advertise in .
Ir yoa want to sell anything, advertise ln -
If you want to buy anythlngT, advertise fn (
Is) faot, every want inppllod by advertising In K
-Penny Preas to be bad every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Ouly oueceut,
Don't . forget tbat tbe Penny
Press la tbe medium tbrengh which to
make known your wantt,! Advertlae-i
menta of five lluei and lest, Inserted
twice for twenty-five cental k 1. ! ' , ';
Choics MiscfitiitT. See fourth page of
our isaue Utit morniDir.' ;ra 1 1.". i i :. ' '
FoLion Ooobt. Bat few iaies "of iotereat
vrareTried in the Polios Court yesterday. The
whole number wag twenty-eight. ;
Bnaisriito Omegas JTathaa Goldsmith
and James Marshall were fined $5 and ootta
each by Judge Lowe, yesterday, for reiiating
officers."--i ': ir.
Coi'NTY CoumSSIOKIgS At a metln'af
the Board of County Commissionerj, yester
day, billi were passed mountin in the ag
gregate to $40683. J-X :
A NursAirct. The attention of the proper
authorities is oalled to the filthy eondluon of
the alley crossing Sixth-street, between Main
and Sycamore, It is certainly a nulsanoe. .
ConciaIiXo TViAPONg. A man named John
Foy was before the Police Court yesterday,
charged with carrying concealed weapons.
The suit was dismissed on payment of oosts.
Fist DaiviNO. Judge Lowe seems deter
mined, if possible, to put a slop to fast driv
ing within the city limits. Adam Cister was
fined $5 and costs yesterday upon'the above
Hild OriB William Brown was held to
bail by Judge Lowe, yesterday, in tbe sum of
$300, to answer the charge of petit larceny,
in tbe Polioe Court, next Friday, He is
charged with stealing a keg of beer.
Citt Pbisos. At tbe City Prison yesterday
thirteen were received, none discharged, forty
eight were sent to the hill-side, and forty-two
remained ln prison. In the female depart
ment there were seventy.
Cohcibt. There will be an amateur concert
given at Mt. Auburn this evening, for the
benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church of
that plaoe. Several well-known musical gen
tlemen have kindly volunteered their servioes.
The oeoasion will doubtless be interesting.
Mitbobolooioil Obsfrtatiohs For the
Penny Preu, by Henry "Ware, Optician, No. T
West Fourth-street.
October 19, 1859.
12 M 29.60
Fill feok a Wihdow. A little girl, about
two and a half years old, daughter of Mrs.
Jackson, who resides on Plnm-itreet, near
Front, fell from a two-story window, yester
day, to the pavement, and fraotared her collar-bone.
Tbi Corfidbkoi Milt. John Thompion
and Peter Miller, the confidence men, were
before Judge Lowe yesterday, and held in
bonds of $300 each for examination next
Friday, in default of which they were com
mitted. ViOBaKOT. The three persona William
Frederick, Neol McDermott, and Adam
Pringle who were hauled to the Station
house day before yesterday, were tried by
Judge Lowe yesterday, and sent to the City
Prison for thirty days each, as vagrants.
Malicious Assault. Michael Killhany
was held in bonds of $500 by Judge Lowe
yesterday to answer at the Court of Common
Pleas the charge of maliciously assaulting a
colored woman named America Evans, in the
Thirteenth Ward.
Biatino His Horsi. An inhuman wretch
named Bernard Cline, was fined $5 and costs
in the Police Court, yesterday, for unruer
ctfullv beating his horse. The horse broke
from him, ran off and smashed up a buggy,
for which Cline had to pay.
Kictmo m a Door. John Fsnton visited
the dwelling of Miss Mary Moore, night
before last, and because he oould not gain ad
mittance, kioked in the door. He was before
Judge Lowe yesterday, fined $10 and costs,
and sent to the City Prison for the term of ten
Hahdsoms FBisa-irr. Rev. George M. Max
well was presented, evening before last, with a
handsome bible, bearing tbe following In
scription: "Presented to Rev. Geo. M. Max
well, Paston of the Eighth Presbyterian
Church, by the Missionary Bible Class con
nected with the Sabbath Sohool in bis church."
Boabd Citt Imfbovivbntb. At a speoial
meeting of the Board of City Improvements,
yesterday, the Clerk was directed to advertise
for proposals to pave with lime-stone, Seventh
street from Harriet-street 343 feet West;
Ninth-street,from Harriet-street 343 feet West.
Board adjourned.
Eobbibt. Mr. Henry A. White, a pas
senger on the steamer Araaom'a, bound for St
Louis, was robbed at an early hour yesterday
morning of a watch valued at $50. It was
taken from his state-room. The second steward
of the boat, who gave his name as John Smith,
was arrested on suspicion, by Officer Rlcketts.
and will be examined by Judge Lowe this
Bubolart. Yesterdav moraine:, about five
o'clock, a man named John Colan broke
open a state-room door of one of the steamers
lying at the landing, and took therefrom an
over-coat. Olflcers Morman and Ricketts
succeeded in arresting him shortly after, and
locked him up in the Hammond-street Station-house.
He will be tried by Judge Lowe
A Shabt Child Onr acquaintance. Charley
H , has a smart little sir), only seven years
old. Yesterday the Utile girl asked her Ma
who made her. She was promptly told that
God made her. "What did he make me out
off" was the next question. "Out of dust."
"Well, then, if God made me out of dust he
must have made Pa out of a briok." "Why
so, my daughter?" "Beoanse Pa's got a red
faoe and head." That child will do.
PBBSBitiATlO!-. About half-cast 7 o'clock
last evening. Lieut. Wilson, of the Ninth-
street Station-house.prcsented Chief of Police
Wilson with a beautiful badge on which was
worked, In letters of pure gold, the insignia
of his office "Chief of Police." . The badge
was presented by Lieut. Watson, in behalf
of the police of the Ninth-Btreev Station.
Chief Wilson recoived the present with ap
propriate remarks. We would gfre the
speeches in full did space permit.
Death of Mr. John Sayers.
We are called upon to perform a painful
task that of announcing the death of Mr.
John Bayers, who was well-known in this oity
as a prominent hortioultarlet, and proprietor
of the "Cottags Garden Nurseries' situated
one mile and a half from Clnolnnall. on the
Reading Road.
Mr. Sayers left his home on the 12th of
September last, and on tbe 15th sailed from
New York ln the steamer Bavaria for Europe,
wuom ne was going tor a two-told purpose, to
visit two of his sisters, and also to attend to
business connected with his oherished avoca
tion horticulture. . ,.4l,-.f , .
The Bavaria had been out seven days,
when we learn, by a dispatch published in
the NfiW Ynrlf llrrnhl nt t.h lKIti tnot II.
heavy soa struck her which stove a part of
uin ucua-uuuse, aon uiiea me Doiier-room
with water, in consequence of which she ran
out of her rudder and split all sails. While
'heaving to,', another sea struck her and
washed overboard two persons. - One was a
cabin patsenger named John Bayers, of Cin
cinnati, and the other a seaman belonging to
Hamburg. , The ship was 'hove to' for thirty
hours." ... -
The above statement Is confirmed by the
following letter to Mr. H. H. Stuckenburg, a
dry goods merchant at No. 593 Western-row,
in this city, from his brother J. H. W. Stuck
enberg, who was also a passenger on the
same steamer, and was. going to Halle, Ger
many, to complete his education for the
ministry. The letter was received day before
yesterday, and was mailed at Southnmn-
ton: ' "' '. , ,
"STEAMER BAVARIA, September 29, '59.
"When about half-way between New
York and England we had o terrible equi
noctial storm, which lasted about SO hours.
It was the most violent on Thursday, the 22d
inst. The water rushed into the second cabin
three times, and made our beds wringing
wet. , On this account the ladies and chil
dren were transferred from tho second to the
first cabin, on Thursday evening. Mr, John
Bayers, of Cincinnati, proprietor of the "Cot
tage Garden Nurseries' was assisting, when
a wave suddenly swept over the snip and
washed him overboard. This happened about
7 P. M. He was much respected by his fellow-passengers
for his quiet demeanor and
gentlemanly conduct. ' He promised me that
on bis return to Cincinnati in November he
would visit my friends and give them an ac
count of our voyage. But, alas I he is gone
and instead of informing my friends of our
pleasant voyage, and my safe arrival in Eu
rope, it falls to my lot to communicate to his
friends bis untimely aud much regretted loss.
His trunk was taken possession of by the Cap
tain and will be forwarded to his family.
"A sailor was also lost at the same time, and
the captain was about suffering the same fate,
but fortunately saved himself by seising a
rope. .
"Our deepest sympathies are with the sur
viving widow and children of tbe late John
Bayers. "J. H. W. Stbucernburq."
The deceased was born in England, and
came to this eity when but sixteen years of
age. At the time ot his death he had reached
his forty-fifth year. He was a life member of
the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, and was
President of their Council. Previous to his
departure for Europe he tenderod his resigna
tion, but the Council refused to accept it, and
consented to appoint Mr. Cook to act in his
place during his absence. He was an ex
emplary man, a useful member of society, and
beloved and respected by all who had the
pleasure of his acquaintance.
. "None knew him but to lore him,
None named him but to prai-e him."
He leaves a wife and four children to mourn
his untimely loss.
"Peaceful bt hit Quiet slumbers."
Citt Covnoil. Mr. Whitoomb presented a
petition from sundry oititens of the West End,
asking a steam fire-engine to be located
between Eighth and George-streets. Referred.
Mr. Moore presented a petition from the
oitiiess of the Seventh Ward, asking the lota
lion of a steam fire-engine in the Tenth Ward.
Referred. .
Mr. Noble offered a resolution instructing
the Commissioners to open the mouth of the
sewer at the foot of Mill-street, at a cost of not
more than $30. Passed.
Mr. Torrence presented a potition from
sundry citizens on Court-street, asking that the
market be changed from South to North side,
and also a remonstrance against the same.
Both referred.
Also, a petition in favorof switches onstroet
rallroads. Referred.
Mr. Perry offered a resolution that the Conn
ed go into the eleotion of tobaooo inspeotor.
Carried. Mr. Howe was re-elected by a vote
of 26 to 2.
The City Auditor's report was accepted and
Mr Wsasner presented a communication
from the City Auditor, asking the City Council
to have the gas tax collected on the grand
duplicate, semi-annually. Referred te Com
mittee on Claims, in oonneotion with the City
Solicitor, they being instructed to petition the
Legislature for amendment of the oity oharter
to that effect. Also, a communication on the
subject of the Kentucky Central Railroad, and
accompanied it with the following resolution,
which was adopted:
Ruoltei, That the City Solicitor, in oonneo
tion with the Chairman of the Finance Com
mittee, take suoh measures as to them may
seem proper, to prevent a confirmation of the
sale, or a delay of suoh confirmation, until
proper examinations can be made, and to re
port at the earliest practicable day.
The mover stated that theoity was interested
to the amount of $100,000, which would be
lost if the sale was confirmed.
Also, a resolution instructing the Mayor to
eolleot the revenue arising from the street
railroads when due. Carried.
Also, an ordinance raising the salary of the
Mayor's olerk from $800 to $1,000. Passed.
Ayes, 30; nayes, 8.
Mr. Torrence asked and obtained leave to
introduce a resolution permitting Street Rail
road companies to construct "turn-outs," at
, . 1 .. ai . T- i i n -. i
Buon places as tiiu oi.rcub Asurusu iiuui uiuiee
and City Engineer may direct ; the same to
be taken up when the City Council may
so direct.
As usual, when the Street Railroad ques
tion comes up, a great amount of speech
making followed the introduction of the reso
Mr. Runyan moved to lay it on the table.
Lost, ayes 21, nays 12.
Mr. Noble moved tho previous question.
Mr. Hollister offered an amendment, pro
viding that the "turn-outs" be made onlv at
the intersections, and not less than sixteen
h jndred feet apart.
Mr. Torrance moved the previous Question.
on the amendment. Carried, ayes 17, nays
. The amendment was then lost-ayes 11,
nays 22. -
The question then reourring on the original
resolution, Mr. . moved to rofer it to a
select Committee of Five. This motion was
ruled in order by the Chair.
Mr. Weasner appealed for the decution of the
Chair. . -
Mr. Runyan moved to lay the appeal on the
table. Lost. . "
The SDneal was sustained.
The resolution was carried. Ayes, 18; says,
. The report of the City Solicitor, respecting
the pike in the Seventeenth Ward, accom
panied with an ordinance deelaring Front
street extended (sixty feet wide) to the corpo
ration line, was presented, and after some
debate the ordinance was passed. Ayes, 30;
nays, 9. So the turnpike is at last condemned.
Mr. Toohey moved to adjourn. Lost.
Mr. Looker moved to reconsider the vote by
whloh the "turn out" resolution was passed,
and Mr. Noble moved to lay it on the table,
whloh motion was lost. '
The question then reourred on tbe reconsid
eration. Carried ayes 22, nays, 12.
There was a fake ularm of fire at one
o'clock this morning.
In room No. 1 Judge Spencer disposed of
the following case?: r
-Oeorge Perm vs I..T, Wheeler. Presented to de
termine a question arising oa a demurrer to the de
fendant answor. The action was on a promissory
n,0V'.Ielli,r a tractof land and transferred to
plaintiff. The predicate of the defense was that the
property vae warranted free from incumliranco,
while in fact it was not, as asuil was pending for a
PT,in tax which the party aaks may bo set off.
tleld Inat this waa not a dtlene to the action. If
the covenants of warranty wero broken, the party
had bis remedy spin him; or, if tlieamnnnt of In
cumbrance was ascertained, and the defendant was
in a condition to enforce hlsclalm against the war
rantor, ami a recovery waa bad In that cane, lie
would be justly entitled to a eet-oir. But in the
present coiulllion ot the enso the defense was nut
well founded. Demurrer sustained, and judgment
for plain HIT on the note.
King and Thompson represented the parties.
Alleged Kuib.vnck. JmIiii Kleiue vs. II. W.
Poor and others. Action to recover damages for an
alleged nuisance. Plaintiff alleges tbat he Is in pos
session of a tavern ut the junction of front and
Wood-ttrseta, and that defendants are in posses
sion aud have coutrol of adjoining premises, and
by permitting their lot to remain below tbe proper
grade of tbe street hare cansed a Sow of water,
carrying with it a large quantity of tilth, upon the
Jlalntiff s property, damaging certain, proviaiont,
o.,ln his collar. . 1
Court The alleged duty of defendants is supposed
to arise from this fact, that they are in ponmuwicn
and have control of the lot. They deny having had
such poaseseion or control when the alleged griev
ance took place, and that ther have only a reroralon
ary interest. The plaintiff Interposes a special de
murrer. . -
It la not necessary to (ot forth what the natnre of
tbe Interest It, or that they bad any. It waa enough
to deny the predicate of the plalntifra cuiue of
action. I .
By way of further defense, It is stated tbe plaintiff
erected on the adjoining lot pig-sties and other nui
sances, end caused blmsolf what he now com
plained of.
This defense is demurred, for the reason that de
fendants who are tenants ln common do not set forth
their respective interests. They are snod jointly, and
It Is not necessary they should plead severally. The
answer is all aufuclent for tho petition.
The Court further remarked that becaune a party
choseato bnlld a honSe in an Inconvenient location,
lie can not compel his neighbor to fill up his lot to
prevent a nuisance of this description. Pemnrrer
overruled, gnel baker for plaintiff; Strait t Hollister
for defense.
Moses Hrooks vs. N. Mahon. Suit on promissory
notes. Demurrer sustained. --
L. U. Ulaystone vs. P. J. Atwater and others. Suit
on an injunction bond. Demurrer sustained.
Green vs. Atwater and others.. Aoiiou of trover.
Demurrer sustained.
Action on a Hkplf.vik Bond. B. Mathers (Ei
8heritt")vs. d. B. Oheseldiue. The suit was brought
to recover an amount alleged to bedneon a replevin
bond given in the United States Court. Tbe petition
avers that the action was not prosecuted to erTtct.
Iho defendants aver that in point of fact tbe goods
were tbe property of the plaintiff (in that suit) and
not of the defendants, and that they failed ln the
action ln consequence of the charge made to the jury.
It was claimed also, that Mathers had not any in
terest iu the prosecution of the suit, and that If there
whs any, it waa ln the judgment creditors.
Court As to thn first brunch of the defense that
the plaintiffs in the former action failed to establi.h
their right In consequence of the charge of the
Court tbe question Is roe adjuittca'a. and furnishes
no answer to tho present action. The record of the
United States Court Is conclusive, while it remains
Unreversed, As to the other question, tbe sheriff nr
officer who levies on property has a quallnod right iu
it -a right to the possesion, as well for I lie purpose
of the execution Iu favorof the judgment creditor,
ks to secure bis own interest, Where property it re.
plevled out of his hand, and a bond given to him
directly, ho undoubtedly may sue on the bond at
commou law, i ml i a beneficial owner of tbe prop
erty fur the purposes of the suit. Demurrer ovor
niM and judgment for plaintiff on the amount of
the judgment recorded iu the United States Court
$2,&0. Exception taken.
Hrowor for plaintiff: Thompson & Kcemlth for
TnaOuto Life and Trust Oompant Assionevs.
Mr. Beenielln filed a petition In room No. 1 of the
Superior Court, askiiig lobe discharged as one of tbe
Trustees of ihe Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Com
pany, on tbe ground of private engagements, and the
uffairs being in a conilltien wheieln tho services of
una Trim tee would be sufficient
The Court took the papers, reserving any action
thereon for tho present.
O. Sleuth vs. Roberts and others. A suit
for foreclosure ofa niortgoge.arfrnedatgreat length
by V. Wonhlngton on one tide, nnd by Messrs.
Scarborough and Middle on tbe other.
Judos Oholbon Sworn In. Jndge Ghnlsnn was
sworn In before Judges Mallon, Carter and Dickson,
ns a Judxe of tho buprome Court, to fill the vacancy
(under apptdntment of the Governor) occasioned by
the resignation of Judge Swan. Under this pro. tern,
appointment lie continues in office until the tth of
February next, and will then be sworn ln again
under hit late eleotion to the tamo office.
Tek Stacshotjsb Bet. It will be remem
bered that prior to the eleotion Mr. George
Stackhouse bet with Chief Wilson that Judge
Oholson would be defeated. The condition of
the bet was that the losor should purobase and
carry from the foot of Main-street a bushel of
apples, which he should put in a bag and carry
on hli shoulder to the City Building. At nine
o'clock last evening George, having lost the
bet, started from the place designated, at the
proper hour, with the bag of apples on his
shoulder. He had proceeded bat a short
distance when ho was met by a band of music
and a company of persons, one of whom carried
the stars and stripes.
The band struok up "Yankee TJoodle,"and the
party marched np Main to Third; ont Third to
Walnut j up Walnut to Fifth; out Fifth to Vine;
up Vine to Sixth; out Sixth to Elm; up Elm to
Seventh; out Sovonth to Western-row; np
Western-row to Ninth; out Ninth to the gate
leading to tho Counoll Chamber; thenoe to
Eighth-street; thence into the Counoil Cham
ber, whore the apples were kindly presentod to
the members of the City Counoil and the repre
sentatives of the press. Along the route five
stops were made for rest and refreshments.
When George arrived at the City Building he
was surprised to see a procession of some two
hundred in his rear.
Citt ExrtitBits. We are indebted to Deputy
City Auditor Bbults for the following table of
city expenses for the week ending Wednesday:
Watch Fund $3,816 to
Superior Court Fund 4 50
Fire Department Fund ,V2a in
Police Court Fund 32 on
City Prison Fund ..... .....,. 20 80
General Fund M 23
Special Ordinances. 014 7f
Sinking Fnnd 1,010 00
Common Schools 1,340 4i
Colored Schools 631 31
Total ; $12,(9077
Thcre now remains in the Treasury:
General Fnnd . &b,m 13
Watch Fnnd
Interest Fund
Superior Court Fund
Fire Department Fund........ ,
Light Fund
Work-house Fund
Sinking Fund
Common School Bouds H
Common Schools, Cash .................
Colored School Fund .,
l,IOU K1
63,446 VI
6,176 9!)
14,464 20
Wi 311
4,227 43
192,743 Ki
20,000 00
....... ...... 45,811 62
... 4,734 68
Total : .......f44l,tl 34
Firs Last Nioht. The alarm of fire about
half-past nine o'olock last evening was oauied
by the burniog of the establishment owned by
Mr. JesBe Beckley, for the manufacture of
composition tar, fur roofing, and situated to
the right of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Day
ton Railroad traok, near Mill Creek. - One of
the workmen was engaged in letting the com
position from tho set into the receiving kettle,
with a lighted lamp in his hand, from which
the gas took fire. The building was a frame,
and was entirely consumed. Loss about $250.
No insuranoe.
Tbe following is a list of letters de
tained for non-payment of postage at the
Postoffloe, in this eity, October IS.
The. Fratr, Buffalo, N. T.
Jat. 8. Shenpard, St. Louis, Mo,
Fowler A Wells, New Tork, N. T.
Barney Parker, Dayton, O.
Bernhaid Meyer, Uardaneila, Arkansas.
Esslli-Jr, v eetpoit. Mo.
Mrs. J, J. Gardinor, Syracuse, K. T.
jdfJ. R. Jacobs waa arrested in this city.
yesterday, by Constable John McDonnell,
charged witn swindling a man named wm.
Copeland, who resides at Dayton, out of $144.
He boucht goods of Copeland and (rave him
a mortgage on his furnituro, after which he
sold the furniture to another person and do
ramped. The case wil.1 come beforeSquire
jucr an to-aay. -.
Thosb Otbtsrs. "We have no hesitation
In saying, and we say it boldly end above
board, and without fear of successful
oontradiction" that F. Cavagna, No. 31 West
Fifth-street, it prepared to furnish A No. 1
oysters, by the can or balf-oan. They are
fine, fresh and fat, direot from Baltimore by
' Thb Stovb of Stoves, We speak from ex
perience when we say that on of the best
stoves in the market is the Smoke-consuming
coal cooking stove, manufactured by Messrs.
Adams & Peokover, of ths Novelty Iron
Four dory, Ne. 333 Fourth-street. Bee their
advertisement, in another column.
Wood's Tbsatir. This house was crowded
last evening to Knees Mr. Collins ln Barm f
Good tutk; or, The Irithmm in Jfaplt. To-
night will be presented The Iritk Ambaundor;
or, A School for Dijilomatuti, to conclude with
the mirthful comedietta of Ttdtfy the Tyler.
Mr. Collins appears in both.
Smith & Nixon's Hall Monday Niubt, 7.
24th InsTANT. Rumiey A Newoemb's Camp
bell Minstrels make their first appearance this
season as above. From their antecedents we
might predioato a promise of a superb enter
tainment, and from the extensive arrange
ments being made by the energetlo Philo, we . ,
are led to believe there will be something extra
gotten np, especially to establish their sup-,
riority over every other bsnd beyond a doubt.
Just be present on tbe first night, and you
will readily give your hands in attestation. '.
We agaia refer our readers te their card.
Ths IUcis Yrstibdat. The attendance
at the Cincinnati Trotting Park yesterday
was much better than the day previous. The
following is the result:
"Lady Harrison,''.,
Tim: 2.43-2.8SX-2.3ji.
"Lady Harrison" was distanced on the
first heat, "Rattle" waa withdrawn.
The purse to-day is $200 ; mile heats, beet
three iu five. ' The contest will be between
Grit," "Molly Brooks," "Billy" and "Lady
Fly." . ,V,.
BoitDiNa BbowN Down. During the storm ., .ti
Tuesday morning, a three story building in
courae of erection at the foot of Eighth-street, ' '
belonging to Messrs. Breed, Bare tow Co.,
was blown to the ground. Damage $2,000. - ,
;i n 1 1 a 1 1 f
8rSee advertisement, in special notice .
column, of Mad. Ellis, the botanical physi- ,,
oian. Her medicines axe endorsed by one of " '..
our first druggists, and are having a large '
sale.' 1
m ! !
SsTMr. James Watson, the acoommoda- ;, t
ting proprietor of the Eenrie Honse, will ,
accept our thanks for courtesies extended last
evening. . . .
. Police Court. Kate Fling, a' notorious
woman, was yesterday sent np for twenty days
on a oharge of vagrancy. J. Lawrence, for a ,
breach of the peace, was fined $3 40. Marshal
Griffin, for tame offense, fined $5 70. A. Sw
ing, sptcial policeman for the Seventh Ward,
was alio found indebted to the oity in the same
sum as the above, for like offense. Pretty good
for an officer. Better try again.
sVCattle at Drover's Inn are In better de
mand than they have been for sometime put.
They now command from 3 to t cents, and
some have sold as high as 4 cents. The pack-i
ing season having commenced accounts for
this increased demand. There is, however, a
good supply in market and a greater one would
cause tbe reduction of prices. Sheep are worth
from 3 to 4 oents per pound.
E9The question of the constitutionality of . ,
the tenure by whioh our Mayor, Marshal, and
other oity officials hold tbelr office, to, we un
derstand, sgain raised. ' Ws are not aware If
any steps have yet been taken to test the ques
tion ln the courts. The matter ought to be
settled at once. If the election was Illegal let
the City Counoil interpose till next August.
iEsT A. A, Eyster, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry, Not, 341 and 371 Western-row,
$3" Saguerrean Gallery, South-west eorner
of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford't Drag
atoro. Pictures taken tnd put ln good case for
twenty cents. Warranted to please. ,
Cincinnati Produce Market.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, October 19, 1859.
FL0UK The market was rather firmer under the
advices fiom flew York, with an improved demand. ''
I ut prices did not undergo any ohange. The sales
were 800 brls. at fit 63(44 76 for superfine, and
(4 8.y?,J 30 for extra. 998 brls. were received during
the last 24 hours.
WHISKY The market Is dull and prices lower:
sales of 740 brls., Including wagon at 3IMc
I'BOVISIONS-Tho market was very dull to-day,
and nothing dons of consequence. Mefia Pork waa
offered at $14 25; and Lard very firm at 10)jo. Bacon
continues nominal at 8 and 10a.
UllOUEIUES-The market is unchanged and
quiet. Sugar ranges from 7 toTMo. Molasaet 40tg
41c ; ami (Jo Oho 12nl3c.
WHEAT Tbe market It very firm, with light re
reipts and a good demand, and prlceaarel and cents
higher: sales of 300 bushels choice white wheat at
tl b; TtXI do. prime red at tl 06; 160 do. do. do., deliv
ered. Ht Jl 08; 70fldo. choice while at tl 16.
OATS There is a good demand and price 1 and t
cents higher: sales SOO bushels ln bulk at 46o.; 400 do.
at. 45o. . . .
CORN New dull and offered at 49c.; buyer at
HTE-Mnrketflrm, with a good demand at 8O0.,
generally bold at f 2c.
BARLEY Market quiet and dull; w quote prim
at awe.. and fair to good at S560c.
1'OTa.TOHd-There is a fair demand, but price
remain unchanged: sales ion brls. inferior at Jl 26;
1GX bushels mixed at 4Uc. per buBnel,
CLOVERBRKD Tb market is dnll and there Is
but little d.manil: sales of 31 brls. at $3 per
CHHE915 There is a good demand and prices firm:
sales 6O0 boxes W. It. at 8Xc; 2U0 do. Uoshen Farm
at 11c.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 19—P. M.
Flour firm and a shade better: sales of
16,010 brls. at 84 404 70 forauperflu State; $4 80A
4 M for extra State; $4 Si'.4 76 for superfine West
ern; (4 83 26 for common to good extra Western;
86 Kitii 5o for inferior to good shipping brand
extra round hoop Ohio cluing quiet and;flrro.
Canadian buoyant: tares of 300 brls. at (3 S0(gMI 26 for
common to choice extra; included In the last are
6,000 brls. extra State for export at $4 S04 83. By
Flour in fuir demand at $3 604 30.
Wheat one cent higher, with a fair demand In part
for export at l OSeJAl 11ft for Michlaan Club: $1 06 for
tlanaiiuUlub; Si 21 Hm 28 for white Canada; $1 im
I 40 rnrwhlte Michigan; SI 42) for white Kentucky.
Ryo scarce and firm: sales of 3nn bushels at Mo.
Itarloy a shade firmer: salet of 7,000 bulheleatSOflWc.
Corn quiet and firm: tales of 600 bushels at 81 for
mixed Western. Oats buoyant at 4244 for Stat.
Woa'ernand Canadian.
Whlnky scarce and firm: tales of 600 brls. at Jc.
Pork without material change: tales of 1,760 brls.
at Sl.'i 36013 37 for menu: $10 7610 60 for prime, and
SIS 12 for thin meas. Beef steady: talea of 200 brl.
at St4 60 for country prime; $55 7Sfor do. mess;
Small for repacked men; Jl 10112 Tor oxtra do. Beef
Humssteadj ; Bin. ' sales at 116(0)16 60. Prime Ilea
llfel iiulet. Cut Mi-ti scarce and firm at So. for
Shoulders and j'4. for Hams.
Lard scarcely I ) firm; tales of 600 brlt. at U2
llHo. .
Uuttcr steady at l!18o. for Ohio, and 16Q20C. for
Choeee steady at 6.S10!4c.
Cotton firm: sales of SOO balss to-day, and 1,000 bait
yesterday at 1196c. To-dsy't sales Include SVO bales in
transltn from New Orleans to Liverpool at HXc,
with 9-16 freigbt,the first of the season.
Sugar leas aoiive: sales Mew Orleans by auotloa at
H3XMo.; Muscovoda 67c.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Cattle Market.
NEW YORK, October 19—P. M.
Beef active under decreased stock, and Ko.
dearer for prim grades. Becelptt 3,053 head. Quota
lions eHlSHOJic., with few sale at ailo. A verm)
price 86o. Sheep dull, and have declined 26c. per
head. Lamb plenty and dull. Receipts 17,100 head,
twine steady at 66J4c Receipt about 10,008
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, October 19.
Cotton steady and unchanged. The steam
er's newt had no effect upon the market: sales of '. '
6,000 balet. Sugar dull at 0t6e. for fair to fully
lair. New Molasses 42c. Keg Lard lac. Whlaky
2Xo. Exchange on Sew York H premium.
Madison House,
..MAIN SJTIlKETi . - :
Ft P. CAlULLs Proprietor.
V B 1.1 1 .... VI I.V.T-.-T.I 7 W.t T!rd-
strwt, botween Walnut and Vine, (room No. 4, up
ifalrt.) Cincinnati. Factory at Pmidwoa, Bhod 1
Island, new stylet receivea weea it. t-lu ,
' (SeecMsor to Conwell Gaithtr J ' V ' '
Prepared te tie all klad1 trf: Plonker 1
'. Worn, on nnorr. naaetn ; -. . ...
oelbw '''' K. OAITHKE, gpritdeat t i

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