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U pnblUbed daily, (foadws axveptetL) .
I PEHHT PBMSIt feltvsi'rt to subscribers In
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and ear.
sounding cities lid towni, at the ex
tremely low pries of
r areas or uinii
acta copies Ib.; 1 saenth toe.; I montastj; 1 year $4.
1 1 1 1 A TRI-nWIl . .
, J a. Bole Leasee aa Mauser,
Aid Ml laat eppesrauoe baton. V '?-'
THIS (Friday) ETBrUNO. Oat fl, la ftp.
fsrBKsee will commence with tko nw MOO Comedy
eetJtlea r- -
Sipt. O'Bonrk (lth souki) ......... Mr. Collins
rondi Bupr....... ............. .ttr Dialer
Albert...... ................ Mr. Hull
Sake of Arliou .. JJlsi Walts
BaroneM..., .''"......Hiaa Irving
Dance, bylliieHa'ePennoyer. - 1 .
1 be followed with the comedy aallad
Flturootet (with eongi )............. Kr. Oolllni
Dr. Hereecope..,. .................................. .ftlr. Fl.her
Blnckles eeae see ee. Mists arte tesseeeee 111 IwtsAa
Widow McShee,..... ......... .....,.......Uri. Ollbart
BatTu.M.... ., .,.,...Itls Veahaa
To eoaolade with '
Jenny Llnd...,.......
Baron Swlglfoff Be.ry........
Mlae Dranam
Mr. Adams
jur. visner
air. House
SJW Another aw tee tile play will ibartly be pre
dewed. Also.cneof Ihemost witty-, spicy tad Bt
tfeaa earleoee ever written. . ,
JWDoora open at IX; Carta); riaaa at 1M o'eleek,
Paiaaa or Apmiaioa Dress Clralaaad Ptu-QmKe,
It sent.; Gallery, ttoente.
CHAS. II. BAK1A8...-, Has agar.
Tha Martarertatea pleamre In announcing to (ha
pubiio that he biu effected a lialtodengagem.ntwluj
tlx oelobrated
Italian Opera Company,
Oomprlilnit In iu organisation some of the greatest
lyric artUla of tha day.
11 and W, will ba produced, by general dtslrs, Aonl.
aettl'i Opera of
1 ' II Pollute, The Martyrs,; , ''
Wlthmagulncent Boenory, Dresses, Propartlal and
Aepolniraents, and tha the following groat cut of
character!: . .
eee-seane-tteee Vaertteei a tt Itete leteOwll " lljliTlW
Pollato........... .. Big Sbrlulia
Beverui ....., ...........dig Onnne
Neorlo..,.. M.,,..........,.,aig Nedant
sJa'l taua.M.M.....wM..Mto M.H..iH..i.HMM..i.f. BerlH
felloe............................. ....M ........V. Locatelll
Peopla, Mioleteis, Warrlora, 'bristlan, Ao., by
tha ful itrengih of the Company, 'O which III bo
adil, in order to live full tffett to the action of tie
Oper a powerful Military Baud.
WMuoduy Light Moruia, wltuParodiandAlaimo
aWDoore open at 7 o'clock; anmmeooee at T).
Parqtvtita Circle, Parquette and Uloony...,.f 1 OA
Qll)l l(Py eaeaaataleaaeeaaaMMaaaaetae eafiaaaaMaeaelaaaaeaa
Private b xe (aight e'ao. ,)..... lfj 00
fca-B.ii ufficnopau lioni 10 A, M. uuillaP.M. ho
axtra charge for aeonred ataia
, J. f . JUliRBIRT, Trtaanrar.
Far lien Ittr No'ioe.-aThe Manager bega laaTa to
atata o tha pubilo tht tnt present o.ixr ennageinrnt
aurap'iaee, moat poaltrraly. tba latt of Italian Opera
at thli aatabliah merit, aut'l neat Mar.
OM Plil M B 2T T JL R Y.
Salarday Evening, 22d Init.,
On the oaaaalon nf the PB1CB1INTATTOK Oi" TH1
BIT IB COttNET to Oa'-tuln A. BNTIB, Ieaar
af tha Amarlaan Oornat Band. .
Tba IndapenilantOnthrie eVay Battalion and the
Independent Hiirhland gluarda hure accepted iutlta.
tlana, and will attnd in full-dr-aa uniform.
A rlah and rarlod preawamme, ambraolng tha
Bamee of wall known protaaelonal and amateur rau
alalani will be praecnted. o
Smith & Nixon'g Hall ;
t PokltiTtly on Week only, pommeiie
tay Monday, Ootobar 14
; iuilSEI-' ' NBFCOMB!.''
rTBUUPl. and the only Uampheira,
t now In exiatenoe; al 1 othera uaa juiing
ilia n&ma urn uothina mora than
muotebinka and Impoatera. not to ba truited.
auilon tie punno aiusn " aaaij.
The adramagea the OAMHBf LLS enjoy abora any
ether Miintrelorganlaalion, arinea from their win-
' taring tha laat twalTarrara in the Soutbern oonntry.
TbelrT delloaatlona of Nogrn charaotsra are taken
from natural ace nee end Incidente In African Ufa.
and aim at presenting tha Musical and Comical peon
Jurltlee of tba Southern Negro, and eloratlog him to
hla proper andard nfoatnral wit and muilcal tal
es t, presenting the phaaes of Negro Life oo the Plan
tation, and rcprtieniluB the mmlcal eapabilitiaa of
; tha more refined Mrgroi tof eltlea and Tillages. In
representing truthfully the ehadea and peoullarillaa
f Near Hf, the nnlraraal ncoord haa , tamped
tha Oamphell Ar.lita nnapproachabla and defying
:' r rreaBaloeny Serenade nightly by tbaOAMP.
VILI BaaBS BAND, led by the Wliard Bugler,
An,iaC AAhl.
oore opi-a at a g attar to T "'clock ; eonmanoa at
a, goartar ia a o aiwea. uiimiuu wcae.
eeltk Agent and Bnilnaaa Diraetor,
The following pnnea will be
erWenfor Trotilog Uoraea.to
eonaaon over t ba above lUm
ommenoingTDABDAY, Oo-,
lobar II, via:
onrtkDaT-1'rldoy,0tnbBr31i ' '
Puree SHjO-two-mlle heata, to iaaraaia. rae tot
All frrnttlns hnnM
"Flora Temple" and "Prlnceee" araaxaapted for
eneee puraee,
for tha a bo re pnnea there mnt three entree and
two to etarl. Entrance 10 per cent. T r the firt
race entry mnet be made on or before Saturday, oc
tobrli),at IJo'eirck M. Fur throther puraee, tba
antrlw to be made ou or before the day pierluue to
each race, at Ho eloek M i
Entriaa to be made at 71 WeitTklrd-atraet, Clnpln
tal, 0.
' The proo'ietor flatten htneelf tba Cincinnati
Trotting Park laaa Inat and fa i a Dourae aa any la
tha Uniou. and will do all In hie now. r to accommt.
. data all pron bringing ho roe to hie Course. Good)
,eoaifvrtablestabla mil beat tbeerrlceol turlmen,
, free of diarga, and ihay are Invited to eumeaarly
' and do their training orer ha Coiirw, which will be
aepi 'i niiiw" i" aww bunm hud.-. ,
Liberal purine will be given (or trotting and pac
,'toghoraee JurlngthesfAsoii.
ooStt . T. V. BTIPBSIfS, Proprietor.
Commercial School
ttoTtotta-ftiwt, b9twri Wftlntitand Tint, da.
liutl, Ohio. KTtiinf Utaawcomuitiic.ni Uod)T i
PMPiaip. mil a waaiint jwciuitiiitj wpiaiiii
ninrDHV. m. ALLISOH. luaerlnUndaut
xrinnngglMtriaaiviaiu auuua, .ace iaepiyeti
701. 2. NO. 53.
Svj """"
wi a eh ynr piispared to do,
mz rp lAfSfBi
PBusBAauni; '
i Aa mxanst asm.
sprAgue & CO.
N o -w Store
8outh-e&4t Cor. Fourth and 7ine,
PBITTIIsT ato-k of floods far MBN'S
WIAB ernr offered la Oincinnati. . .
, XBXBIOU8.t)r ,
To make tap a Kauare, a be Urge ant varied.
V7 havsa
. . . - xit -.. ... ' , ; ,
Now Crorps of Gutter s,
FroB K.vr Tork aad Philadelphia, who profess to
understand the art of Cutting Btrllah Garments to
order. , .
ST Far past aVvon we return many thanka, nod
hai to mairit future patronage, Tmb
baa just received, from Boston, an entire new
aaaortmeratof Ooal Oil Lampaand Improved Humors,
preventing; the amoks, so ninch of an annoyance to
consumers. Alan, tha beat article of Hnrnlna Oil
ever offered in Ibis market, free from .moke or smell,
l, A. OflJl i ,
Mo. 1 College building, ,
sepM-ene vTelant-et., bet. Fourth and 1'iltt. '
Aeenar for the aala of Hatch. Mann A Co 'a
Shell, Kan, and Can Oyateia Alto, BreeuCove and
8p,ed Oyiten, Ao. Mr many friends and patrons
will find only choice anlclra, and at as low prices aa
those cnarged for inferior elsewhere.
Oystera looked la Eastern style at ear nsaal mod
erate charges. ' -
Kegierooer, zm wainni-sirsei, nrtn aoor above
Sixth, Uinainnatl.Oblo. v oc!3.
Wd daily, Howe, Mahonv A Go 's Clehraied
Planted Oj sters,which I am .el ling at unprecedented
low price, by case or doien. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fiaeb Oyater, will nlsasa send
thslr orders. Attacbsd to this Mtahlianment is a
nice, unlet, respeoiabla Saloon, where yon can have
Ove'erai Oooked fn everv atvle. and nerved un In a
slsa 'and euperior manner. Charge. Ies than at any
other place, oolUJ JOHN KA1BN.
Oyster Importing House.
ING dally, per Express, hit splendid Oysters
Saving completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
tbs moat sxten.ive scale, I will at all time, during
lbs eesuon be prepard to furnish my friend., "and
thereat of mankind," with the moat DELICIOUS
B1VA LVKi imported to th Queen City. None bnt
thevarybtst linportod. Sreat Inducements offered
at thla Imporitni-hOTua.
. Order sloliclted and promptly filled. Terms cash.
espial Sole Importer and Proprietor.
nun in
Spiced Oyiten. i(ju
ril KLEU O V8TBR9 jT,
A 1N0 DAILY, by the Adams Express, MALT
BT'8 world-renowned Baltimore i
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysteri.
Freah, Hermetically sealed OOTB, SPICID and
PltMLID OVdTBBS. - -j. ,
ep7-tf ' '. ' Depot, II West Flftb-atreet.
' ' I I! . ' ! -At ' 'I'M . -
No. 300 Flne-st., bet. Fifth end Sixth.
IvX that be has sslabllthed a regnlur depot fur the
ale of all kindi of aalt-water Finh, irekli from New
Tork ; also Lake Fl.b from tleveiaud and Handu.ky;
tugitb.r witu iilam. and Oyaters In the shall, Loh.
iter., tiraba. Bali tallrevnud all klud.ut avaaonahle
nine and OanOy.iars, Ho ill luruisli tbsa jovs
uamed articles OHEAPElt tilS ANY OVBEii
PLAIJE IN THB WIT.' Family orders promptly
attended to aad seal horns trie el ehergs. PlMt
csllaalUTeyeBlors)ara. teU-ll ,
SsSTA dtipatoh from Kalamaioo City inyg
"Flora Tempts" won tba sitftens parse of
13,000, on Saturday, la 2:82, 3:tH, J:19Ji I
2&L noted duelist ia the South has had
hit left eve shot out. Ht can take aim here
aftsr witLonl the trouble of shutting It.
fiBT5p In Lyeomlns County, Ptnn.,
man'g qualifications tor office depend en
whether be did or did not marry hit cousin. -
jt9Ln Mountain it going to try another
balloon asoeniion. He lin t tatiifled, and
probably will not be until he daihtf hit braloi
ont. ,
fS' The tlauie in the lantat Constitution
exoeptlng the homestead from attachment for
debt was separately submitted .to the people,
and adopted by a large majority, : . L
af The Mayor of Georgetown, D. ft, hit
dlreoted the removal of the allanthnt treat
from tht streets of that town inch trees hav
ing been detlared nuitanee by manloipal or
dinance. JaaTCaptaln John Porter, aged elghty-fonr
years, one of the oldest citnent of Martins
bnrg, Va ,dld on Friday of latt week. On
the tame day hit daughter, Mrt. Elizabeth
Stepheni, of Shepherdewwu, died very aud
denly. 3old flih, whloh wtre originally brought
to this oonntry from China, and once kept in
glast rates at objects of ouriotlty, have now
beeome quite nnmerous In tome of our riven.
In tht Poiomso large ihoalt of them may be
ten iportlng In the silvery water, aad tbey
are quite oomraon in gomi of tht eretka that
fted the Hudson River. ' , ,
sfThe Pottofiloe in Vinoennea, Ind., wtt
robbed on Monday night, and valuable let
ter! stolen. The burg.-reitole a brass look bag,
made up at Indianapolis for Evaniville and
Southern Indiana; an iron look big from Lou
iavills for Henderson and other Southern
Kentucky points both btgt full of lettera
and doubtleea valuable.
fUotil recently it bat been generally
supposed that the only office of dhairg forks
eraa to eonvey artioies of food from the plate
to tba mouth, but another ute bat been found
for them. A young gentleman, after dining
at one of the faabiouable hotels tba other
day, Heliberatoly inserted the prongs of bis
dinner fork in bis tangled mustache, and in
the moat artistio manner proceeded to
straighten out that bir.ute appendage.
arThe new system of sewerage in Paris
contemplates the tulleotlon of all the lowers ge
water of the city into two great reservoirs,
oge eaoh side of tba Ssine, whence it la to be
dieieClnaua by iteam pumps opoh tht sur
rounding eimiiry, to iere at liquid manure
It it stated that ih' tlan woikt admirably at
Berlin, fertiiiting the laS plaint around
that city into a high state of feriuHji ,
St" Parson Brownlow denletthe ntwipaper
ttory that he has been "struok with paralysis"
and adds: "Should our Maker, in hit right
eous administration of affairs visit as with any
such oalamlty, wt will try and bear it without
a murmur, regarding it aa our due. If, how
ever, wa are allowed to choose onevof many
evils, wt ihall (ray to be struck with paraly
is, blindness, dumbness, deafneit, luntey,
the leprosy, or anything, in preference to
eVM. Iieverrler, the discoverer of Nep
tune, hat been engaged lately in stndvirjg
aberrationi of the planet Mercury. ' He finds
that tbey must be due to the exittence of
small asteroids, and be calls on his brother
astronomers to assist in discovering them,
The total eclipte of the tun in July, 1880,
will afford an extraordinarily . favorable
opportunity for this. Photography affords a
meant of recording instantaneously whatever
phenomena may appear,
BVYellow fever prevailed in Galveston,
Texas, on the 8th in it. From the 7th to the
10th there were twenty-three deaths from
yellow fever in Houston. The Republic, of
that city, says that out of fifty-four persons
residing at Cypress City, a small station on
the Central Railroad, twenty-five miles from
Houston, thirty-three, including the physi
cian, were sick with yellow fever. The Hous
ton Howard Association sent up attistance. '
. :&Among the ertloles thrown overboard
from the Qualtr City , in order to isve the
ship, were sixty very valuable horses, esti
mated at at least $1,000 each. On leaving the
ship, the owner of the hones was informed by
hit bottler that he would remain on board and
see to the hones, but he said, "No, yen had
bsttsr come on board the bark with me, and be
safe." Mr. Cooper, the first offlaer cf the
Quahtr City, when ordered to dispose of the
horses, observtd that he would almost aa soon
throw himself over at tht horses, bat that the
safety of the ship required that tneh precau
tionary tttpt should be taken. Two tows,
whioh were on the lower deok, were tared.
! at At a meeting of tha Buffalo Medical
Association; Dr. Btorck reported the case of a
girl, 12 years of age, who patted from the
bowels nineteen pint and five ntedltt in the
course of four days, and who confessed that
she bad been ia the habit of swallowing
them for about three months, in order to get
tick to that the might not be obliged to leave
home and work out. One pin atuokin the
throat, and gave torn trouble, and the girl
suffered occasional colicky paint, and bad
much ewtlling and tenderness of the abdo
men, but there) were no marked constitutional
symptoms. .
JA Constantinople letttr, received by the
last mail, relatet tht almost Incredlbls oiroura
stance of the old barbarous law of Turkey
which presoribes the auatsloatloo of all chil
dren wbiob any Prlnctet of the Imperial family
may bear to a suhjeot, having been acted npou
within the latt fe dayt. One of the Sultan's
daughters, the) wife of Mohammad Pasha, was
tafely delivered f a fln boy, The Sultan bad
been to tee br but a few hours before her eon
Bnement, and it ii said that he gave express
orders that the child should not be murdered
Nevertbeleis, "damned custom" prevailed) the
officers of the seraglio who attended the Princess
delivered over the babe to a ennlch to bt
rtratigled and it was ttrangled aooordisgty,
' MtJtio At A Mroioigg. Eugene de Mire
eourt, in bit lively Mule biography of Felioiea
David, the computer, whole recent work,
"Heroulaoeuoi," was 10 luooesifa! at the Paris
Opera, tells that when in the Eait, David
ouied a man aick with the fever by his piano
fur (a performances. The lick man, at the
sound of the Instrument, felt bis fever leave
him, and when it threatened to renew its at
taokt, Darid would oha.e it away by a few
preludes. In a week the man was wall. This
wat not unlike the genuine original David
playing before Baul.
: This fact is worth receiving tbt atttatloa et
the faculty. To Ireat people by mutlt would
be an excellent method of introducing harmony
into the eonflicting medical systems.
A dyspeptio affeotion would probably be
oured by three dayt of tht oornot a-piiton.
Nothing hat ytt been advanced te prove that
neuralgia oould resist an hour of violoncello,
and an tttaok of obolera, however violent,
would notttand mors than twenty minuteaof
ophioleide. Half an hour of bartoon would
drive away theheadaobe, while dcafassi oould
be most eifeolually ourtd by the united tfforti
of these luatrnmtntt in ont of Verdi's flaalts.
A r,flNt,. , ,. 1 'k.
Suicide of a Henpecked Husband.
An Kngliih ptper oostalni tht following
ttory Of a husband driven to commit tuioidt
by hit wife i
An Inquest was held at Cambridge, on Satur
day last, on tha body of Henry J ohn Matters,
who had committed suicide by banging. He
left a fetter addressed to hit wile, In which he
sayt 1 "Yon will get married again; I pity the
unfortunate man that ever eon.es under your
roof; ha mit;ht as well bo a toad under a har
row; there la- tome difference between the
itDlfi in tht shop and the frowns la the room;
you aennot when alone give a kind answer.
Oh, pie deceit no one could believe; I always
was cheerful before strangers, as I did not wish
to let every one know what a fool I bad made
of nlyself; I can safely say the fiee has worn
the tntte when the heart bleedeth, and many
hart said he has jumped into a good borne; I
can , safely lay I jumped out of one. Ton
know I was unhappy, why did you not try to
soothe me? No, but you were the more aggra
vating. My God I my Ood I I thank you that
you left me serve enough to write these few
liat When the wind blows and the tnow
falfs, mediate upon these few Hoes, and say,
'God forgive his sins, and take him tn that
heavenly rest where there is all iov and hanni
nest.' Keep thla, look at it well, and you know
ail is tne rruto, to neip me Ifod. My time it
getting short now, sol write no tntr. I sro
aeupruyu my nenreniy ratner to torglve
my tint, and yours, and those eonnestad with
us. No more on e.rth from your loviog and
unbippy husband." The jury relumed tha
renewing verdict) "That tba deceased destroyed
htinielf while in a fit of Imanity, brought on
tbroogb the bad eunduot of bis wife, and they
thought she ought to be tailed before the jury
and severely censured by the coroner." The
coroner tboujbt it would be better that the
oensure ihould be enoveyed to the wife in writ
ing by him, tnd the Jury concurred,
Mormon Idea of Heaven.
Xldtr Middltmai, one of tht Saintt of Mor
mondom, in a recent sermon at Salt Lake
City, thai gave hit idsst of Heaven r
I do not believe Hetven It that fairy, airy
plactof fancy that most people think it is
It la a iono loll place of materiality, much
resembling this earth, only, of courts, it is
thousands of timea larger, tnd everything
thert exists in greater perfection than tbr
things of this earth. It la a globe just like
this planet wa inhabit. It is the home of
Ood and the angelt. That pasasge in the
Scriptures which reads "A day with the
Lord it ts a thousand years, tnd a thousand
years at a day," clearly Fitablishes the fact
that' Heaven it a planet, a rotating globe,
governed by the lame natural lawt and
aitronomicii principles that thit earili
is governed by ; but it it io much lsrger
than our little star, that it lakes 885,000 times
longer to make a revolution upon its orbit
thau the tarth. So we tte that it it a fact
thatone ofGod't dayi, or a day in Htaven,
ia a thousand of our vears.
They eat and drink and gleep in Heaven i
tne tame at we ao Here, uartti it emphatic
ally a miniature heaven. I believe tbey
have a printing office in Heaven, and electric
telegraph! and short-band reporteri. Why
not? ' Are tbey not greater than we on earth?
I believe there it a channel of communica
tion extending from my mouth to tho borne
or the tngeia, ana proosrjiy an angel at tee
telegraphAafiuin Heaven it now waiting for
the newt fromTereTand at loohrbegeteft"0"0""1'
it be will take it right
to tne hands of the
printer!; they williet it upin type and print
in uowapupera, auu mail uuye or men wul
jump on horses and ride around, giving the
inhabitant of Heaven the latest newt con-j
cerning the kingdom of God oa earth. Therq
are more than two reporteri here more than
brother Long and brother Watt.- I believe
there it a reporter here from Heaven to find!
out who ia speaking, what be it speaking
about, and everything else of interest. 1 He
ends the the items, as fast aa he gets thetn
right up to Heaven, and thert thiy areprinted
The Use of Tobacco.
A "Convalescent" correspondent of the Mot
bile RtgUttr, writing from New Tork, furnlthif
tht following ourlout experience of tobaooo
slave: !
i I suffered more from nervouineit than real
slckneis. Some days ago my phjsloian, who
a very learned Theban, advised me bv all
means to leave off smoking, ohiwiog, or uilog
tobacco la any shape. Without the slightest
hesitation I agreed to do preolsely what he
recommended. It never orossed my mind that
I might suffer in making tbs attempt. Now I
have for thirty years bean a rsgulsr clgnr
imoker. . At borne or abroad, night and day,
It bave averaged not lets than twenty to
twenty-Are olgars a day, exoept when by way
of variety I bare left off cigars and smoked a
pipe. When traveling I uie chewing tobaooo.
I promised tha dootor to leave off, and I have
religiously kept my word; bat fur a hundred
hours I have hardly known whether I was
Handing on my htad or my feet, or writing
with two or three pentbut I tatter mjrelt 1
have conquered, and if I smoke pipe, cigar,
cgarette, chew, take snuff, or use tobaooo lo
any thapt until after the Charleston Conven
tion meet in 18(0, 1 hope I may be thot. It
it a very curious fact that a habit ibouM get
tuch a hold upon a man. People lay, "0b, I
can leave off u.ing tobacco at any moment."
Let them try it, and tbey will toon see or feel
that a babit it not so ettily got rid of or laid
aiide. It It at bid at drinking, and I do not
know that I bave been a mora oonflritd
imokerthan many othen with whom I am
acquainted. A choice, fragrant cigar Is a
great luxury. It it very aooihing very ex
hilarating but awfully expensive. My
oigars have averaged me more than tl a day
for twenty years., It ii frightful to think t',
when you bave cr'aied to be a sinokerl But
what is the oddiT It will not make a g'eat
difference a 'hundred ynart hence whether
your eigart cost $1 or f 50 a day, ' It it all
tmoke vtporl
A Breach of Promise Case.
A Toung woman ia Soohtiter, New Tork,
hat lately sutd a man for breach of promise of
marriage, and recovered $000. Tbe principal
evidenee against tbe defendant wat tbt faot
that he gave tbt plaintiff bis tobaooo box, and
burrowed a gnu of her father, both of wbleh
oiroumstanoes ha thus explained in his teitl
monyt "I beard her evidence in regard to my at
tachment for her. When I would pa?e by her
father's house, the would come out and aik to
ride, I never took bar out riding but once or
twice In my life once to Penfield and onas to
Puttford I am not positive whloh was first.
I want to. Pittsford with her alone; tha went
with us to Penfield. I remember leaving my
tobaooo box with her; I had been to slnglng
sobool. Nothing wat laid on the way about
affection for bar. It wta told, and tbey tiked
me to go in aad warm myself, whloh I did. I
had got warm and started for the door: took
out roy tobaoto box and took a ohew of tobacco;
Mary reached out her band aoroit the ttove
for the box; I let her have it; tht laid: 'When
ou take thla box yen have got to take me;'
said vary well, and the ba got It yet, for all
that I know; I ba I no talk about marrying
her theo, ir at any otltr time; I uisd to g)
litre occasionally t bo; row the old gen 1
mas't gua, and. leinttiuw tht 'iellored' at
Bt. ...i i . .
Noon Dispatches.
Western Tract Convention.
CHICAGO, October 20.
Stoend Day The forenoon wat occupied ia
tbs diaoussion of rsiolutiona offered tbe pre
vlout day, whioh were adopted with slight
In view of the Harper't Ferry affair, a reso
lution, to tht effect that the Convention deiired
the abolition of slavery by peaoeable means
alone, was unanimously adopted.
The committee appointed to report a plan
for Traot operations, presented a report, which
proposes the eatabliehment of an agency for
obtaining anti-slavary tracts wherever pub
liihed, tbe committee to be empowered to
ralie fundi for procuring and distributing tuob
traott. - - -
The Cincinnati and Boston Sooittiet are re
quested by a formal aot of tha Biard of Direc
tors to aooept a committee nf United Agency;
oonsiderable dlseuiaioa occurred. The report
was adopted.
A committee of nine was appointed to carry
cat the intentions of the Convention, whitb
then adjourned.
Democratic Convention.
Boston, October 20.
The Democratia Convention of the Fifth
Congressional District was held yeiterday; a
dnutila set of delegates represeutiug tbe Ous-tcru-hooie
and Douglaa interest, were present.
Many of the latter forced their way through
the windows Into the ball, an aftotr.pt having
been made to exclude tbto. Sidney Webiler,
Eq., was ohosen Chairman. After an ex
citing toene tbe Custom home boiled and
oigauited separately, : The Douglas men
claiming; to be the regular Convention, nomL
oaied B V. Holiitt and Cornelius Doherty,
botb Douglas men, to tbt Cbarlaiton Conveu
tion. Tbe other convention eleoted John T. Heard
and J. O. Lovejoy, friends of tht Admlolttra
Destructive Fire at Leavenworth.
LEAVENWORTH, October 20.
At three o'clock thit morning, a fire broke
out in Ba-f ford's Billiard Salouu, corner ol
Shttwuee and Main-elreets, and befoie tbt
domes could be arretted, fifteen, buildings
nd their ooutestt wero destroyed. The loss
ia estimated at $120,000, about two-thirds ot
which wat covered by insurance ia Eastern
offices. '
Messrs. Rusiell, Majors and Waddeil't
toret were consumed. The lost it $70,000,
half of which it insured.
The other prinoipal tufferera are Lucas,
Moore k Co., K. E. Alien, J. M. Ferrell and
S. P. Ajiplegate k Co.
The Verandah and Shotwell Houtet were
also consumed. -
Arrival of the De Soto—Later from
NEW YORK, October 20.
cent prem n
The iteamshlp Dt Stto hat arrived at the
port, with Havana dates to the ISth Inst., and
nearly a quarter of a million in s peoie. Tbe
Di Soto parted, going into Havana, the United
States steamer Tfyuicfoffe.
The political news it unimportant. Sugars
wsre very nrm. Freight rather astire. Ster-
v " " -v.u5 v, j,o. ut.ri.um
Later From Harper's Ferry.
HARPER'S FERRY, October 20.
Much exoitcment wai oreated laat night by
a report that the Abolitionist! wtre murdering
tbe people at Sandy Hook. About three hun
dred women and children abandoned their
hornet and came to Harper's Ferry for pro
A foroe of marlnei wai tent to tbt ipot indi.
eated at tbe icene of disturbance, but all wai
found to be quiet
The Yacht Wanderer.
SAVANNAH, October 19.
The yaoht Wanitrir tailed lait night with
out papers, with a full crew, and supplisd with
provisions ana ammunition, stolen lrom ncr
owner, Mr. Lamar, by Captain Martin, who
haa been negotiating lor ner purchase lor tome
time. The Collector of the port has lent a
steamer, with Mr. Lamar and others, in pur
suit of her, bat so far without tuooett.
Fatal Accident.
Wm. Clark, American Express Messenger on
the Indiana Central Railroad, wag killed this
morning near New Paris. He was out on the
top of a oar and wai itruek by a bridge.
The Invasion of Brownsville.
The telegraph hat already informed ui of an
attack upon Brewniville, Texai, by a band cf
Guerrillas, during whloh five men were mur
dered. Tht following are tht prinoipal partic
ular!: ' '
Tbe party numbered from eighty to one
hundred, and were headed by Nepomueine
Cortina. They rode into towo, going through
the prinoipal streets, armed with eix-ihooteri
and double-barrelled gum, tnd shot down
whomsoever tbey found Indiscriminately, If
they were Griogcs. They killed Viviano
Garol, who had Robert L. Jobnson in hit
home tbey were after Johnson, and killed
him alio. They killed youog Neal, (William
Neat's ton,) who had married John Webb't
daugbltr: Xbty slso killed Oeorge Morris in
the garrison, and another, man named Vila.
Mr. Neat was killed in bis bed as he raised up
on bearing bis name called.. Mr. Morris was
hunted down. He lived within ths now de
serted garriion inclosure, whence our Secretary
of War has earried the soldiers and the arms
which, until then, ever pruteuted this portion
of our most important frontier. He was roused
from bis bed, his house having been sur
rounded; as he ran out under tbe house and
found how slight wat his ohanoe of escape, bs
sprang for lbs open parade ground and at
tempted to save himself l,y flight. It wss in
vain; tbey ttruck him down with a sword
before be had half oroseed the plsta, and then
riddled him wltb balls.
CcltivaTtno Hort. A valuable discovery
in the cultivation of hops has just been com
municated lo tbe French Academy. Like
most agricultural improvements, it has been
tbe result of observations made by a laboring
peasant. It consists in making the plant
run in a horianntal direciinii, inttetd of
climbing up the pole. Thit it managed by
meant of a low trellis work of the simplest
construction. The advantages of thit mode
of culture are numerous. In the first place,
it enablet tbe grower to investigate the plant
while growing, and cleause it from ths nu
merous inserts which injure It to so vast an
extent; then it is protected from tbe tun,
which alwayt destroys the upper thooti; it
obviates tbe great destruction of hope in
etormy weather, when the wind layt low
whole hop grounds from the bight of the
poles; and, most of all, it enab'et the gath
ering of the conet to take place v itbout up
rooting t'ue plait, beiidrt permitt ng the se
lection of Ihn r I past oiiti at flrt, and pre
venting tho great lost which arie from tbe
necetsity of tearing down the win le plant to
get at toe npeat Bu.ttoms.
i 1
Adrertlaiaaajtanotaxeling tve Usee (AgataA
Oneinaertiop.J lain., -..v , , , , en a ,
Two weka 1 H I One n.ot.ih U
Lergar adfertleein.au Ineerted at tk bUwwfnc
raise ror square or Ian lines er leas :
8ae lneertlon..J M I Two - - .i. i'.it PS -ackaddl'nal
iua.. M I lhree . na
One week I Tt I One .ik , , ,L , , W
. ii.;: m . i , -t
, . , Job PrirrtinB,
la all Its branches, done with naataese aa dlspttst).
Rates of Domestic Postage.
Lrrrsas For each half ounee, nndeir Lteo tjaOea,
pre-paid, 3 cental over 3,0ou mile., pre-paid, 10 e-i.w.
All lettera muet be pre-paid by stamps, i r inclosed at '
stamped envelopes, or tbey will not be forwarded,
TaAnsiairr Nawsranaa, PsaiomeaLa, OiacDLiie, '
Ac., to any part of tha United Butee, uot wcUbiug .
over I ounces, 1 cent; and I cent lac aaah addition '
ounce; pre-payment required. .
Uooxa, pitj-aaid, not weighing over tponnda, 1 cent
per ounce, for any distanco in the United Btateermf
der 3,u0 miles, aud I cents per ouuoe over 3,.j miles,
pre-payment required. All fractions ever the nance:
tu be counted aa an additional ounce. ;
Nswsi'apRaa ib Pi.aionicaia, not exceeding 1M1
ounoae ia veight, whtn paid quarterl) iu ndvauoe.
aud circulated in the Bone where publlabed-dallv,
per Quarter JtJt.elx timae peraaek IVHi trt-weakif
uMl emi-weokir,Sv, weekly, tW, earn I nioutbly, 11
monthly, . Newtpapere aud periodical.: whan
weighing X ounce., double the above rats.
Shall Nawerarsaa. publlahad monthly or oftMer,'1
aud paniptileu not wmlainiug mure than 1( vcavd
pae, iu packages of t ouuees or over, e oeur peg1
uuuee. ' t
vyi?K,,1.T gswsraraai, within the entity whare
pnbli.lied. Free. .
Quarterly paymente, In advance, mas' ba evade,
eliasr where published or raoelved. .... . ;
Arrivals of Trains.
IsuiiRArviu A UewouraATi-v;!! A. M.I kfa t, xu'
:J0 f. a.
Uuoimrjlti, Ha.nn.Toa aud Dxrtoa 7-.1S a. K.i lu.tT
a. S!iC . H.t llhlua. m. . ... V
lurrui Mi.mi-7;Su a. a.; IM p. .; J.ia p. ia.; Uhti
01.VB1ITT4 ASP CinOWkiTI ifliXU. U.iihUP. L ,
Ohio akd atiaaiasirpi 7:l a. tt.: 2:ii r. .; lo-l r. at
Oavuerun ui LuiaeroK-U). at a. a.; :u , sj.
Departures of Trains.
IgouaArous An CuioAn-HaTj a. at. I 1M0 U.-f
Oinoinkati, ajjrrLToa aks UiTTCw-IndUnapohn
Littl Miam-Cleviiliuid and f Uubug, t;H0 A, at.t
Cleveland, Plttibnrg and Bellalr,S:tiia. .: Coloan"
bos Aocowniodatjon.iitO r. a.; Olevetaad, Pies,
burg aud Ballalr, llir. U
OBio amd MiasiiaiPM-Hi. Louis, r:WJ A.K.t lweuna
villa, m r. .;t. loula,t:3oe. .
Pii-raeoaa, CoiniianSjUiD OavciTi BWabenvffle
abort Liner-East Front-atraat Depot t:ut A. aui
8:0(14. u.-.IIMO t. . -..w.
ULcviLAJiD,Uoi.ciiaiii alio OtaomiiAtr But Front
etreet :0ua. a.j ,0. n.i 11:30 r. .
OiNoiwMTi aao Miaiirra j. Mihetir. .
Cssitsal Ohio rrom East Front-atroti Lwput-tUd
4..;II:F. . J . . c. x
Oovueroa abniifflros-:tn-a. st.t MCt. tt.
Omnibus Stands.
Earn WiLjrr Hills From oorner Byoamon atl
Kilt h etreeia every half hour.
W ist W jlnut lin.ui (Luoe Seminary.) -From So.
1.1 Sycamore aireei etery nonr.
WiSfiBN bow .mi BaiOHTnji. From Uala aad
Fourth strerte every ten niinutea.
VI ui And Li a. From corner Fourth ant Bfaia
to Freeman and Uopklna etree a.
Hivaa H'D alu Ssdammvills.- Front eoraer
llroal ay aud Pearl aud corner i' if tb aad oyeamore
atreeta-every ten mlnutee.
ITvltom, PnauLxroK, aNP COLcnsu. P'oo comer
Broadoay and Lower Market eveiy leu miuntea
Tuiitii BiaasT Lisa.-From tieaport lerrp t
Fifth atreet Perry.
Moust AtisvaN. From eorner Alain and Fourth
etreUi every hour.
Vma SvaasT Hiu, ahb Oiirvoa -From sarner
Main and Fourth .treat every halt boor.
ConatiNSViiLS. From corner Blxth aui Mata
atreete every half hour. , .
UoviNOTON.-From corner Fifth and Walnut a treats
-every hour. , , . ,
P"St Urncs, VisriaN Row and Ouxtor Brant.
From corner Fourth aud Vine every ten Bilnutx.
SaAaoN. Mason, Lsbanun, ahp JUvNaes.-Daily, at
t P. M. from m Walnut itreet.
UAaaitsoN. Daily, ats A. Al., and t P. at., (Sab
bath excepted) from 169 Walnut a' reel.
BaooaviLLE-JJaily, fSabbalb axoapted,) at I A.
M. lrom 109 Walnut street. "
BaTAVIA AMP OnOaOETOWM. Datlv. (amhhatk te.
copied,) at 3i, S. Al. front Broauway and Lower
oinraeL. i r .
VSNICB Alin NlW IniM..-Dalle. flUhhaali
oented, I at 2 P. U.-frnm IN Walnut street
MoNTOOMtav. From oorner Klnth and Syoaiaere
k-treete liaily. (Suhlialh eicepteil,) at i, P. Al.
AVUMDALij-FromUl V) aluut street, t, IV, 11, A. at
8, et, t, P. M
Church Directory.
Baptlat.-Flret Bapti.t ChnreU, Kortb sloe Cwayt,
aigh Street Baptilt Church,
st of Oily Waear
Ninth Street Bantlat Chsu-oh. South alda Ntwek.
between Viu.aod Uuce.
Freeman Bireet Baptist Church, Freeman, asasr
foat of Fifth street. .
Welab Baptist Chnreb, Norlb aide Harrtton. '
Baker Street Buniiat Church, (oolored,) South side
Burnet, between Waluin anil Vine.
Third Street Bapti.t Church, (colored,) Sonlh llie
Third, between It ace and tlm.
(IhrlNtinn. First Christian Chnreh, Lofigworth,
botweeu We.tcrn Low and John.
t'ougregHiloual. Firat Orthodox Congrega
tional Uiuicn, K'orth side Seventh, between Waalara
Bow and John.
Second unuodox Congregational Churoh, East tide
Vine, between Eighth and It Inth.
WelabOougregHtloualOlinrcb, WeetsldeLewianoe,
botween Third and Fourth.
Disciple ot SJIiriat. - Christian Chnroh, loath
weetcoruer Walnut aud Sejbth.
(JhrlellauChurih.Mxth, 0. tvteenSmlthand Monad.
Christian Church, between 'I. P. la and 14, eulloa.
Christian Church, (colored,) Horth aideHn.rri.on.
Prlenda. Flret Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be.
tweeu We.teru Itow and John.
Firat Friende (tllcluiu,) Fifth, between Western
Bo- and John. . , ,
Jewish Mynnaionstes. HolvConaraaatfnn.nl II.
di eo, of Israel, ooutb-eaat oornar Slith aid Broad
Holy Congregation, Children cf Jeshurun, Lodge,
between Filth and Sixth.
Holy Congrnfratlon of United Brethren, Baet, be
tween Fourteeuth and Filteenth.
Poliih Couaresaeion of tha K. K. Adat. TnraaL
corner Walnut aud Fifth.
, SheHrltn laraei, corner or Seventh and Walnut.
Methodist hplacopnl. East Oihuhnati Dtt-
rRKiT. Wealer Ciiaoel. north aide Filth. Iiui
Scamore and Hroaaway. . ,i
fliutn street t no pel is now called Trinity.
Aaoury Chapel. Booth side Webster, between Mala
and rtyoumore,
McKuudrie Chapel, (Seventeenth Ward,) Treat
vvasTCiNoniKAri Distbict. Morrh OiapeI,"Wast
side I'lnm -street, between Front and Cohunbla.
Chrbititi Chapel, North side Conn, between Mound
and Cutter.
arr-etreet chapel, weat side or Carr-etroet, he.
tween Sighth-atreet and Hamilton and Daytoa
fiksuruan ueput. , ' ;
liaiwi Chapel, West elde Elm. Sorlh of Flr.dlay.
Park Street Chapel, Boutb-weit corner Park, and
Tork street Chanel, gouth-wott eorner Bajmfller
and York.
Flndlay Chanel. South side Clinton, between Oat sit
and Liun.
Union Chapel, North side Seventh, between Itust
and Western Bow. h ,
.He tuodlat Protestant. First Methodist Pret
eitantOburob. Sixtb, between Vine aud Race.
Second aletbodiet Protestant Church, Elm. be
tween Flfteentb and Liberty.
ueurgo siraui uuuron, ueorge, between vutter ana
Linn. .
New Jerusalem. Temple, Long-worth, betweaa
Buce and Klui.
Preabyterlan Old Bcboou-First Preebyteriaa
Church, eourth, between Main and Walnnt,
Fourth Preehjterian Church, Bortb side High
street, near Kultou Hue.
Fifth rreabyterian Church, Southeast eorner Bev.
diith and Kuu
Seventh Presbyterian Church, West side Broadway,
between Fourth aud Fifth. .
Central l'reabyrerlen Church, Borth-weat eorner
Barrxud Monnu.
Ninth I'rwbyterlan Church, Cutter, between Clfu
ton cci Belts. . . , .,
Preabyterlnn-Nxw Bcimoi.. Second Pretbyte
rlaaChuioh, South side Fourth, brtween Vine aad
Third Preebyteriaa Cburth, Bouth-wsat earner
Fourth and John.
Aighlh Frseoyterleu Chorih, Heventh, between
Linn and Bit) miller.
Taberaacle Preabyterlan Clmrob, oorner Jobs and
' Protestant Epiaonpnl.-Chri.t'iCTiorch. North
aide Founb, betwtwa Syuaino'r an I Broadtiay..
St. Paul's Chuich, South elds Fourth, betweaa
Main and Walnut. ',(
St. Jobn'e Church, Sontb-eost eorner Plum and
Seventh. ' '
Trluit) Chnreh, corner Pendletoe and Liberty,
Church oi the Advent, (no building,) Walnnt B fill,
( hiircb of the Atonement, Sorter Biohmond sal
- church cf the Bedentptloa, Cllnbou,betwm West
ern Itow and John.
Itooianf'nthollo. Bt. Angnatlnee, Bank street.
St. I'eMr'e Cathedral, South-west corner Plum and
- Sr. Francis Xavior's, Watt aide Syaaiao rt ketweea
Slxib and Seventh.
St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third aad MILL
St. llichnel's Wwt side of Milloreex. , . ,
Christ's Cbnreh, Fultoa. -
Hoi j Tiluiiy, south tide Fifth, between latith aid
Prk. -
St. SI ary 'a, South-east comer Jack ess gad Th!r
St. Piaal'i, Southeast oorher Spring aid Abigail,
St, John Uaptiat, corner Liteaien and Ureen.
' ht. Joseph, South-eaet corner Linn and Laurel.
St. Ihllomena, (lorlh side Pearl, haiweaa Pike aad
Butler. , i
. St. Thetant, West side Byeasaora, between IlfUk
and Sixth. ,
Unltnrlnn. First Unitarian Church,' SovtA-weet
eorner Fourth and Baoe. . " ; ! "
L"nlveisnJist.-Flrst rnKarvallu Oharct, lae
side t'liun. OeiWMU koartk and Ilrth, . r
Becvnd Dalveisallst CkaveA, etrgnxthaadt
' -..; in.iA
.ljn.'.l unaiil

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