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Ik pftlbMI fen?, (Sundeyt eeweptee',) lev r
i,f PB0PBIBT0B8. , , , .. , . ,',
lIIflB. 14 H II'IIHIt.
m PINNY PRESS ia MlnndtonbMriNn IK
tjlnctnnati, Oorington and Newport, tad tar
roanling titles and towns, at tke e.
; trendy lew price of
ai obmsB i; viu, patablb to oabbiwl
raiem or MAiLixt :
Blatfit aoplae I.; 1 montk 40c.; 1 montka tl; 1 rut
Ja. Bole Lacsee aad HBatfte.
Last Bight tt Me engagenealof the celebratce)
Mk feawdtaa aad Yeeanel, -
IBM (Saturday) BTlHINt, ct. M, flit
kman will aommeneewitb. tkgreat Irlik Drank
. - BOBT O'MOBB; t -" ' -Ok,
BeryO'More ..... .,... .......Mr. Oolltni
De Wellikln........ ...............-.w... ...Mr. Blleler
De Lacy.. Wr.Bead
Sraubbe....,..., ................ ..............
Khan D httw.ntli.l..tH.ww.ww. ...Mr. Hann
KthlMn...ZZ...................... Mlse Annie Walt
Mary O'More........... MlM Fanny Denbam
Nelly Riley................ ,..,....- VIM Irving
anas, by Mist Kate Fennoyer.
To conclude with the celebrated drama of
Jack 8hepprd.........-.,... Mies Fenny Denhaai
Jonathan WII4......... Mr. Lengdoa
Sir Rowland Treaohard .t, -..Mr. llenrj
Thamea Darrell...,.........,,, Mr. Bead
Joe Blae.klD............,..-..-...-..-.Mr. Bllaler
.mm Annie wan.
Notice. Tb Manager takes great pleura re m an
Bouncing tbat, at the earneat ao (citation of the pub
He, ha taaa eucceeded In aecnrtngthe aervioee of Mr.
ANDERSON and Mlaa XLSWOBPHy, (hernretap
pearance atnea bar return from Europe,) who will
commence an engagement, for ill nlgu'e only, on
Monday next. j i:. ;u.- : .: :.,. .
T Another mtw aecnle play will charter be Bra
doeed. Ala, owe af the moat wlMr, aplaf aid do
e hurlee,ae ever written. -W
Door open at 4VJ; OarUla rleee at e'ajeck.
PBimoiABHBHioN-SrvM dttxala aad Partaatte,
Meeeta; 6llai7,eeal. , ,,.,.. .,,,,-,,
. l, ! . "
ffHASw M. BABBAS-h.- .........-MaBar.
The Managar tokaa pleasure la annoanalBi to tha
vablla that kahuaffaatadaUmltodangaganaalwtth
Ml.br.tad t . : , j .,, ,
Italian ' Opera Company, '
OampTlalDg In lta organlaatloa bobm f tha ajraaUttt
Ijrrte artlata of tha day, . , ,j
SATURDAY VENIMQ, October 22, Verdl'a brll.
llant Opera of T . . r. , ... .... ,
Vloletta, Valery...................-.8lgna. Alalmo
riorn Berronlx Sifna, F. Zapocol
Alfredo Gennouk a IHHMII IHIHHHIHMH .Slg. Sbrlglla
Geomle Uermout.,..,. ., ....bis;. Onona
Dr. GrMnTllle..........-.............8i. Barllt
AnDlaoa........'. .......aigna. Zapuccl
Oaatone t. .,..,....... Sig. nadlanl
Baron Surhol -........ Slg. Locate I It
Marquia D'AutrlgnT..,............,......m..8ly. Malfl
Jo8epb.H.rt..a.H..H....tN.,iM..tMM.81aT Porinl
W Mondkt night Norma. '..i
VToort opan at 7 o'clock; eommenaaa at 7X.
Pkiou or aduissiok : -Para.tHtbt
QrU, Panjuetta and Palaony..... 1 60
Frivata Bi xea (eight peraou)..... 18 00
uTBox Offloa opan from M A. M. nrtU 4 P. It, a
antra aharga for aaaorad aaata.
J. F. HJSBBIBT, Trataarar.
Particular No'lee. Tha Managar baga leara to
state lo the-pobllc tbat tha preaant brief angagamant
omprlaaa, moat poaltlTely, tha but of Italian Opera
at tola aatabliabmant, autll nt Mar. .
!".',, (Opera Houaa.) ,. . : .,j ,
Kowopen 1TIBT IVJNING, for a BHOBt TIMk
only. J. Inaoo Willlmna'a celebrated Bible Pano
rama. Tkla magnincant Painting oommeooea with
Chane and coatinuaa down, in hlatorlcal order, to
the Babylaniah OaptKlty. containing aaorethen nfty
of the moat enbllme and Intaraatlng aaanaa in the
Bible. Exhibition arery erenlng. Doora open at 7.
To oommenot at W to 8 o'olook nraolaely. Tiekett S
aanta; children under lOyaara of aan if eenta. -
Alio, Bxhibitionaon Wadnaaday and Saturday AC.
tarnoi.na; doora open at J, to commence at 'lock.
Bxplainad by Dr. Tibbltta. ooU
'At .
latnrday Irenlng, lid init.,
On tbaeaeaaloo of tke t BMBSTATIOJ THJ
fVlB COBNUT t. Captain A. MBNTBB, La4er
ef the Ameriean Cernet Band. . th.
Tha IndaaandantQathria Oray Battalion and toe
ladapendeat Highland Quarde hare acaeptad InTlta
flena, and will attend in fnll-dreea nnlforra. - -
A rleh and nrled pregramme, eaabraolnf tnt
aamaa of well-known protaaatOBal and amateur aaa
hriena, wll) be praaaatad. o'8:'
Fjruu UAinrtti&ajM abb t,wtn.
Smith ftNixon's Hall.
PoSJtfrtJy onsWeek nly, Commtao
itg Monday, October M. .
rTBODPB, and tha only Oampk.ll'.
tnowlnexlatenoe; aiioiaereaeeiuniBc
h. n.m. .n. nathinff wore than
raeuaaaoana. auu uupvewn. uw H.
eaution taa paona againai an aaaa. -'
The adTantagee tha OAMPBBLLi enjey eheTe any
ether Minatral erganiaatloa. arlaae from tkelrwin
terlng the iaat twelve yeara in the Bonthera eoantry.
Their dellnMitlona ef Mecrro characters are takaa
freia natnral acanae and incidents In African Urn.
and aim at pretesting the Maalcal and Oomlcal Bean
aWltlea ef the southern Negro, and elevating him te
his proper standard of natural wit and sausioal tal
riT ih. hu f Nam I.iik on tha Plan
tation, and representing the moiloal sapabllitias of
aepreaentlnl truthfully tha shades and MoaTiarttles
efBaaro Life, the unlveraal aesord haa lumped
the Campbell Ariiata unapproachable and defyla
v auliwin. Rat.n.da nlffhtlr bT thaOAMP-
BELL BRASS BAND, led by .the Wtasur Bagler.
AagnatAaki. , . , , .
amarssr,(ee'alask. .AdmisaieaU oems. . ,.
i a-: r. a. ouul, j
iieera open at a fnaraer mi t hto , foniini.
Asjaat and Bejlnaea Dlreeter.
MattoBal MaU, Tlnetswek, ahre VUUu
., aisBaaaaaasaa. t p I
tjl sTBftsawTlsMa ita i, s t. ae as ra I a akss 0. . Boleomk.
VLAB6BS Tkiraday, from I to P. M. , ft ladies.
Saturday. t U A. M., and 1 to P. M., tor Misses
BdMaaters. . . . ,
sxnilemen-weaaeaaa; ana aaiaraay, nr. m.
WMtsdng Claaa, for Ladlea aad Oentleaaaa, Friday
LssaoNS ro Oasrvaiiar.-In order to aneaf tks
eonyenienea of eatlemea whose buainaea or social
engagements often Interfere with their punctual at
tendance, our arrangement is, tbat tickets are par
anatal, one of which la iiellvered at each lesson, and
sen be need during the whole saaaoa ofeSTen montba.
I -. . ,h.. ku.lnn.ri .an
ww and Oonaaellor at Law. Chssw't Boildinf
Aauaw wwii win mmm va mmmm : io iw
VOL. 1 NO. 84.
j .
, . r j
: f
, . V- -...-
Job B3?iiapfj
i - ; i ;
BKtl tr LABWBi BtUB drf f ABB!
CBBOaXeT) V j HS-'.'J'V i OIBOTJtABli ? j '
..1 ii. -..'( f
. 'i . i. "(
,( I'. Tan fikm op ;';.''. .'. ;'.
8outh-ut Oor. Joiurtli a&d ThCB, '
phsttibst eteek ef eVeee far BtU'l
VBAB arer elkred la Olaelaaati.
P(I BOB Q O O 13 Be
H nuke to Btbatars, wBl ke large and wfci.
W Bm iji j ; jjjt': t ;.-?'.j 'j f f
Niw Oopp f Cutters,
aroaa Hew Task aid! PktUaabjihla, wkearefeaa to
oaaerttanl the art af OatMat layllak amsats to
order.. . V:':r-
tar Bar tut faTars ws setara aainy tkaaka, ai
hope to merit future aaaraaagai. Tnay,
v lna. -l.J. trmm BJoatoa. aa entire neW
rvi nil lam naiad Imareved Burnera.
- 1-- ba oinAk nf .n .nnoranca to
oanetunen. Alao, tbe beat article of Burning Oil
ever eBarad la tkia market, Ikee&oia anjokeer eaaaO.
Se.l tallage BuildW -.
aapto aaa Walai-at.. bet, lourtk and Ilftt. j
WTDBT. B. ALfcUQH, lauiBHadaiit
istasrta ,
irtoMieisa ikwa, mw
: 'f.-i.'
Extraordinary Reception of the American
Minister in Pekin—Caged in a
Box and Entry on an Ox-cart.
The Parli Palrte ts; that the last newt from
f htnghtl ettabllabea bevoid a doubt tha ar
rival of Mr. Ward, the Amarloan Kdtot, at
Pekln. iThlt diplomatist atoendesl the Kl-Toheot-Tun-Ho,
one of the bransbai of the
Pls-ho, aaeompanled hj all the membert of hit
rogation. Arrived at Nlnj-Do-Foa, the
Amertean corvette whioh had brought Mr.
Ward wal retaiatd Ja the port. Iho memban
of the legation, ander thogaidane. of a manda
rin, wersplaood in a Logo box about flro metres
long by three broad, whioh was oloaed every
where but above, to prevent those it contain sd
from leeiug the eoantry. Tbit box, or travel
log chamber, provided with all things noeea
lary tq the oomfort of the traveler, was placed
pa a faft aad taken first ap the river and then
ap iho Imperial Canal, at far ti the gat. of
the capital. Here it War plaoed on a large
truok drawn by oxen, aad . In tbit way the
Minister of the United States and the members
of his. legation entered, the 'town of Pekln.
They were perfectly" well treated 'by the
Chines, bat were not allowed to lee anything.
The truck wai drawn into the ooort-vard of a'
a ... ' . V .''.. a
large aoqte, wnton was to ne tn renaeneo oi
the Amrrioaa Envoy, bat frtm which they
were not to be allowed to go oatv ki tie last
datei they weroawaUtee; their tnterrtew Vlth
tha Xmperor. They bad not been ' allowed to
have aay eomrflaaieatton witU the enter world,
but were permitted to send a diapatoh to Mr.
Fiih, the American Conaal at Shanghai, in
forming bim of their tafety. After the inter
view, the American Minitter was to be reoon
duotsd to the frontier in the tame way ap that
in which htme. M ff
Late From Pike's Peak—Fearful Mortality—Strychnine
Operations—Snow Storms.
Saturday evening we met with Mr. Isaac
B. Shank lan, of Monroe County, Ohio, who,
in. company with four others, had just re
turned from the Pike's PeakoUd mines, q ,
Mr. Bi ttated that a fearful mortality had
broke out in Mountain' City carrying off ai
many as' fourteen, miners per week. : At first
the disease was 'supposed to be mountain
fever, but a olote inspection showed that a
great number of deaths were -caused by
drinking highly poisonous or strychnine
whisky.' r , c ,r f -rT r
Mr.Sbanklan'itated that he worked In the
mines for a period of three months. For three
weeks, be and three others took ont from forty
three to forty-fire penny-weight aper day,. The
highest they made in any one day was sixty
five penny-weights and fifteen grains.' In this
lead the dirt paid for three or four feet, and it
was only neoeaiary to dig? down about six feet
to atrike the lead. :,
- At early as the 4th of Septembtrinow fell
ta tke monntalns to the depth of ten. or twelve
inches. This served to cheok mining opera
tions, and when Mr. 0. and party left the
miners were preparing ta go into winter tuer-
St. Joseph Journal, October 18
Revolutionary Fare.
Iht Boston IVanaenpl pabllibei the follew
lkg lohedale of rations to be iisnad to the
troops prescribed to the twder of the day,
Issued December U.iimttfhm the head-
faarters af Cambridge, by Gen. Washington
v Corned beef and pork bar dais in a week,
salt fish one day and fresh beef two days.
As milk oannot be proenred daring the win
ter season, the men are to have one' pound and
a half of beef, or eighteen ounces of pork per
day; half a pint of riee"or pint of Indian meal
per week; one quart of spruce beer per day, or
niae gallons oi mouBses to one nunarea men
per week; six pounds of oandles to one hundred
men per week, for guards; six onooei of batter
or nine ounces of hog's lard' per week; three
pints of peas or beans, per . man, per week, or
vegetables equivalent, allowing six shillings
per bushel for beans or peas; two shillings
ana etgntpenoe per onsuei ior ouwus, one
shilling and fourpenee per bushel for potatoes
and tnrnips; one ponnd of flour per man each
day; hard bread to be dealt oat one day in a
Week in lieu of flour, : 1 ' ; ': '.. ; '';
The above allowanoe It ordered to be lined
by the Commlssiary-General to all the troops
of the United Colonies, lerviog in this depart
ment, until the Honorable Continental Con
trols or the Commander-in-Chief thinks proper
to alter it.
Statistics of Richmond, Va.
Tha BstfuiVer nubllshei the following arnonx
other itatlitlus of the oapl tal of Virginia! f .
Vnn1.ll.n nt Ilia ttv and ailhurha whitfiS.
10,000; blaoks, lfi,00; In aU 45,000. Valoe of
real estate, im,m,iao, assesses vaiue oi per
sonal property, $1Q,876,71; real estate belong-
l.M t.A TTnlfAH fll.lM o.nH flltvtA OnvarnmAnta.
tS.8oS.O00t plavei, $7,844,000. Total valae of
. . . ej OAA kin rtt
MUUlastVI UV aaWHUWlMVMi ejaav v ewaaaw VI '
minufaoturintc lUblithmenti of tobaoco, flour.
mtnd, bat looated ia MamoheoUr, on the louth
ilde of th riTtr. nd loofttod on tho oantl
. a 1 t 1 . .1 f I J - t
DOT mo lUDurDs; nor ao uinj inomuv BOToru
million i of dollar! inreited by oitlioni of
Tlaliwnnna4 It WaBaf Awn lalYI dan ' AftMifl all.ll ID at alt1
AVIVUHiVUU ata VV -xtivwaasi twaaiava wwm - - SJ -
planUUons In the South, tobacco factories in
me wets, ana in various ouior noja uuo u. u
eity, which, added to the above, would swell
the mm to the amount of not leei than fifty-
nvo minions. i- i .1 , "
rrl , nrmku e9 n.NA.I an. mill
X SAtaaai ava Va Ja avaai-v -waet-wajvisi -
oantile employ menu it 2,284; ia manufactures,
11,832; in mechanical and manufacturing es
tablishments, 600; in hotels and boarding
hnnaaa.' ether todnatrial . oscnnatlons. 1.148:
profeitlonal, 477,287. Value of libraries,
A --.. J.w Tilr wpital fflVAB II. t Vlfl
fallowing items in regard to the general fea-
. . i e. r . u r .i.i... Tlnn-
turet, maveriaia, au., ui iuo itu. bijuo,
nets are still passing away; growing "small
by degrees and beautifully leu." It is tup-
' i . a . e .1 A I. 1 ha
..l.ar T-n ika maAn tira ftlAV mnlfA thft
moit of themBelTei. If they ftro little, they
.... T 1 1 1 . .
are orient, i-ei our iir reauor. im - -
low hollyhock, a scarlet poppy or a crimson
tha hank of their heads, and
they will have the present style of bonnet.
w 1 . - 1a.m..bi itim'.Via.rl a,llK
many ttripes; plaids, large and small, in
brilliant colors and tet figures on black
grounds, are taking theplaoe of the baya
derea. Unmitigated yellow is at present evi
denoe of a refined taste. Valencia plaids,
poplins in plaids, and a new fabric of silk
and linen, raised and heavy, also in plaids,
oalled Ottoman velvet, are -worn for street
dreises. Girls are teasing their papas for
velvet cloaks, end those who can not afford
them are looking furtively upon the rich and
expensive furs already opened for inipection.
Pioiaili EioovaiT oi Brows Moxiv.
The, ContonxmoKri of Wednesday rnornin,r
saysi v. ,.
It is reported that within the pest few davs
It has been discovered that a portion of the
money whioh was stolen from the Adams Ix-
has been circulating in Charleiton. The
..l!.a ftf It.. nltv .n nn tha track of the
party passing the money, and it is probable
was a portion ei 11, ai lewav, aw w '
'aTfdi 1, -a.!.r.6 .1 . 1
Is the Earth to be Frozen or Dried Up!
Some German philosopher has demonstrated
to his entire satisfaction that the exoesiive hu
midity of the last year arises from tbe fact
that tbe earth Is gradually icwreailng its dis
tance from the un, and thaOn tha course of
time, after going through the drowning pro
eeis, we shall get away off en the outer efrole
of the nnirerie, and beoome a vast globe of iee,
everybody of oourse being froten to death.
Having got as far as we oan get among the out
siders, we are then to come slowly baok again,
and everything will gradually assume the old
potltion. It would be a poetical sight, to see
planets tamed into hugs snow-balls, but. still
more agreeable to behold the white robe of
winter gradually withdrawn, and the green
isles of the great, ocean of apace rejoloiog once
more in tbe lunbeami, and the icy fingers of
tbe doad melting into life, as the son wakes
them- with hit fervid kiei. We are sure the
orman phlloiopher would not objeot to any
resarreotlon but that, revealed in tbe Scrip
tures, whioh requires the exercise of omniDo-
tent power, and that having frosen us all to
aaata, na win permit ui to thaw oat at some
future age, and to inn ourselves a while after
the winter of onr diseontent. - . .
But while the leientiflo Gorman has clearly
proved that tbe earth originally flew off from
the tun, and is to be turned into' one vast ice
berg, it has been shown by a paper read be
fore the British Association that tbe earth is
approaohing a waterless oonditioa, in whioh tt
will be impossible for man to oontinue an in
habitant. Ibe dry tirvi channels and water
less lakes foetid ia many' lands once fertile, bat
now barren, baa led to the oonolusion,on the
part of some geologists, that there is a gradual
modifying of the aquont vapors, and conse
quent! of water, on the faoa of this terrestrial
globe. If these men of solenoe had witnessed
some of the late freshets in thii neighborhood,
thef might have concluded that all the pools,
rivsrs, lakes, and cataraots whioh have been
trying up ainee the oreatton, have been coming
down in Eenr)eo County, and making up for
lost time. Oar modern philosophers are some
times the greatest of fools. Unlike the chief
astronomer, who, after his sublime disooveries,
declared that he felt like a ohild in pioking up
pebbles on the shore fof the great ocean of
truth; they, know everything, they hold the
whole ocean In the hollow of their hands, they
are better aeqnalnted with the origin of the
whole than the Creator, and oan tell us more of
ittend than its final Judge. .fiicAmottd J)i$-
fHi.. ."'''"
Fur Fashions.
Tha fancy fur-trade will take a start with
the first frost, but has 'not yet fairly com
menced, Owing to the mildneis of the season.
Styles during the ooaniog winter will, gener
ally speaking, be the same as last year, with
some modifications sffeoting sites and shapes,
rather than the materials used. For initanoe,
full-sised capes preserve the general oharao
tefistioi, but are deeper, aad more cloak-like.
Garments of this oharacter are neeeitarily re
stricted by. their cost to a comparatively small
olass. Half-capes are next in fashionable de
mand, and supersede almost entirely the tip
pet and viotorine. In short, the tendeney of
prevailing styles- Is under fur garments more
expansive enveloping Jhe person. .
The leading fart of last season are retained.
Of these the.. Rnsiian, Hudson's Bay, and
Mink tabid take the lead.' ; Other descriptions
rink lower. Btone-marton and Itch, once so
popular, are oat of vogue. Last year the pro-
fiortion of costly fort 1 told was uncommonly
arge, to that with the tendency to liberal ex
penditure in this regard, and an easier money
market, fur-dealers anticipate large sales.
The importation of ehoioe sables Is muoh in
exsess of tho last few years, one firm aione
baring received furs of this class to the extent
of some $70,000, while in the lower gradei
there is a falling off. . The market is well sup
plied with the different varieties, but not over
stocked. . Dealers havs their assortments
oomplete, ready for inspection, and - impa
tiently watch the thermometer. Raw furs
having preference to American products, iuoh
as coon, fox, muskrat bear, Ac, have 'been
exported daring the year to a large extent,
but the disturbances in Europe operated dis
advantageous in their effect upon sales.
Fur Fashions. Journal of Commerce.
. N. P. Wilus ix Bostox. N. P. 'VTillls.ln a
letter from Boston, says; .'...
My day's luxury was to ba the hearing of
Mr. verett; out 1 went up in tne quiet 01
the forenoon, to get a preparatory look at his
subject the Webster statue.) The secret of
one's flrat ainppointment in tms work ot art,
1 nave sinoe concluded, was truly as well aa
graphically expressed, later in the day by
the most genial of humorists, the author of
"Gringoi," to whom I was remarking that
tnebrente leu very lar snort 01 w coster a
personal presence. "But think," laid Wise,
"how any one would look, whom you had
been in the habit or seeing as a white man
well dressed, stuok up there with a pair of
sheet-iron trousort and a verdigris com
plexion?" And it it not only that we have
not been used to tee Webster with a brais-
eolored faee, but that the sunlight, in falling
upon the new bronae, "glases," at the artists
say, produoing all manner of perversions of
the real lines of the features. I was obliged
to change my point of view several times,
for instance, to get rid of a. fanny pug peak
whioh tha glancing light gave to the nose.
Age may 'Improve the "verdigris," but it
is, at present, a most chequered representa
tion of a gentleman's complexion.
: ' A "SaxBAiiox" Widdso Cocrt.1 is Boston.
Mr. Oveido, the Cuban of immenie wealth,
and Miss Frances Amelia Bartlett, a New
York beaaty, whoie recent marriage in Gotham
has convulsed all inobdom by the immensity
of tht bridal display, are now sojourning in
thil eity, says tbe Botton H$rald, having ar
rived here yesterday morning. Their itay
here will em braoe several weeks it it said. The
Bevere Home contains them. They orna
mented a box at the opera last evening, the
bride making a profuse display of the adorn
ments 10 bountifully lavished upon ber by her
adoring mate. Thote competent to judge tay
that she looked oharmlng. As to the elderly
Spanish husband, tht comments la general
were varlont. ' ' :
PkoeaiBB or Cboliba. This disease was
prevailing with great fatality at Bombay in
June last; and at many other plaoes on that
side of India. It is alee spreading all along
the shores of the Baltic Sea. Its presenoa in
Dantiio ii officially announced, as well as in
Osnabruck and Elberfield; and it is said to
have made considerable ravagetat Hamburg.
In some of the towns and villages in the
Sutchy of Mecklenberg many persons have
died of the disease after suffering only four
or five hourt. The harvests have been sus
pended in some places by the prevalence of
the disease, which breaks out first in one
place aad then in another, sparing for a time
intermediate villages, and then turning back
en them with increased violence.
. pfk grapei are very plenty this year
and it is not yet too late, the following direc
tions for making Grape Jelly nay be found
valuable to our lady readers: "Put the
cranes into a jar and place tha jar in an
oven, or on tho top of a stove, to draw out
the juice; then squoeseinem tnrougn a ctovn,
and to every pint of juice odd one pound of
loaf sugar, and boll nearly an hour; after
whioh, pour it into pots and let it stand till
next day; then covor with paper and tie np
light,"' . . .;
Noon Dispatches.
Further From Harper's Ferry.
BALTIMORE, October 21.
a conversation with Captain Brown
yesterday, in the pretence of Senator Mason,
Hon. Messrs. Faulkner.- Vallandieham and
othen,he made several answert which clearly
demonstrate the complicity of numerous per
sons in the Northern, Western and Eastern
states. ti9 refuses to answer tne question
whether he had conferences with Giddingt,
of Ohio, about the Virginia expedition.
He admitted that he had a correspondence
with parties at the North on the subjeot, and
had numerous sympathisers in all the Free
States. Dispatches were received here from
Hagcritown, which declare that Cook's wife
certainly went to Harrisburg on Tuesday ,and
took boarding in- the . same house 'with
Brown's daughter-in-law. - The Sheriff and
hia Deputy, of Hagerstown, followed Cook as
far as Greentaetle to-day. The impression
there was that Cook had left for Chambers
burg. The impression at Hagerstown is that
Cook passed through last night. The Sheriff
was credibly Informed .that a load of boxes
passed through there on Tuesday for Wash
ington County; loaded with rifles, pistols and
pikes. The stage-driver of the; Cbambera
burg line also confirms the statement In
regard to Cook's wife.- '
HARPER'S FERRY, October 21.
Scouts are out in the mountains searching
for Cook, but there is no doabt that he has era
this passed the Pennsylvania lint, aad is far
on his way toward Canada. '; '
i livery stranger who eoe.es here is locked
upon with snspiolon, and levsral have been
arrested on theeharge of being spies. "
Mr. William Lee, a gentleman from Char
lottesville, was brought in to-day, under ar
rest, ceasing much excitement. He wis loon
recognized and dlsohkrgad.i .nvri. .j :.i i.
Mr. Ould left for Washington latt evening,
thus virtually leaving the prisoners in the
hands of the Virginia aathtritiet. 1 ' 1
It is said that Governor Wise l not very
complimentary to the people of Harper's Ferry,
imputing to them eowardioe in allowing suoh
a handful of men to hold a population of
nearly two thousand inhabitants prisoners' for
nearly twenty-four hours. - '
He also spoke of the fact of eight or ten men
keeping forty or fifty citisens in confinement.
One replied, "Well, Governor, but you mast
remember we were packed together like sheep."
The Governor replied, "Yel, I know that; bat
I must lay I'thiDk you noted like sheep also."-
The hearing of the case before tbe Examin
ing Conrt of Justice will probably take place
to-morrow, when it is probable the prisoners
will be remanded to Wythevllle for trial. '
' Captain Brown Is not considered la any
danger from hll wouads, though Stevens will,
It is thought, not survive. He, however, has.
a powerful constitutlen and may recover.
Gerret Smith's letter It ai follows :
: Cam. Johx Bbowh Jfy Star Friend; I
wrote you a week ago, directing my letter to
the oare of Mr. Kearney. He replied, inform
ing me that he had forwarded it to Washing
ton, bat as Mr. Morton received, laet evening,
a letter from Mr. Sanborn, saying your address
would be your tons bouse, vis : West Andover,
I therefore write you without delay, and dlreot
my letter to your son. I have done what I
could thus far for Kansas, and what I eoold to
keep you at your Kansas work. Losses by in
dorsement tnd otherwise have brought me un
der heavy embarrassment the last two years,
but I must nevertheless continue to do in order
to keep you at your Kansas work. I send you
herewith my draft for two hundred dollars.
Let me hear from you oa the receipt ef this
letter. 1 - '
You live in our hearts, and onr prayer to
Qed ia, that yon may have strength to oontinue
in your Kansas work.
My wife joins me in affectionate regard! for
yon, dear John, whom we both hold in high
esteem. -
I suDOoae von eat the Whitman note Into
Mr. Kearney's hands. It will be a great shame
if Mr. Whitman does not pay it. What o
noble man is Mr. Kearney t How liberally he
has contributed to keep you in your Kansas
The Case of Bishop Onderdonk.
RICHMOND, VA., October 21.
The aotlon of the House of Bishops
to Bishop Onderdonk is as follows: A motion
of unconditional restoration wai voted down,
twenty-six to eight.
Then the Bishop of South Carolina submitted
a motion that the memorial eoold not be
entertained without previously resigning hit
. Fending this Bishop Wbiteaonie, or Illinois,
offered a substitute restoring the Bishop to
offioe, but not to the cxeroise of his jurisdic
tion. The substitute was lost.
Bishop Delanoy, of New York, afterward
moved to restore, on condition of resignation;
laid on the table,' ayes 19, nays 11.
Ax Aexassis Inkstand. A. D. Richard
son, in his letter to the Boston Journal, tells
the following story of an old gentleman in
Western Arkansas, who, with tbe utmost
gravity, relates the following aa his expe
rience: ,
I have been living down here below Port
Smith for twenty years. The desk in my of
office is at the head of a long flight of stairs,
and in the haste of butlntii my inkstand is
cften knocked off and rolled down. For a
long time I oould get no material that would
stand this usage. Glasi was cut of the ques
tion. Stone broke like crockery. The hardest
wood I eonld find soon gave way. , Finally a
lncky thought ifaraok me. I lent up to one of
my neighbors tbe widow B. for a piece of
her corn bred. After ruining tcveral fine
tools, I suoceeded in hollowing it out and
shaping it into an inkstand., That was ten
years sgo; and, ttranger, I've used that ink
stand ever itnoe, and I reckon it's good, for at
least two generationi longerl
Kossuth hat written a letter to a friend in
Glasgow, whioh begins thus:, . -
"iWy Dtar Si. The fatal day of Villa
Franca prostrated my hopes at a moment
when we had the deliverance of my eoantry
within sight nay, almost within the reach of
our hand, like a ripe fralt ready to be plucked;
and here I am again, a poor exile, as I was four
months ago, only older by ten years from the
bitter pangs of disappointment.. ,
"I say designedly 'disappointment,- ana not
'deceit.' Of deceit I oannot oomplain for I
took good care to guard myself and my oountry
against even tbe possibility of deceit but A
feel my heart nearly broken by disappointment,
unwarranted by circumstances, anaooounted
and unaeooantebU."
. r . - w .- -a-''-' -f-- j.
... TERMS-CASH. : r--.
' ' - - ll rvT
AdvertlaemaaajaotaoMdiag Ave Naag (Akae .
Oaelaeirtloii ,J a I One M
Iwe weaka. 1 H One moatk 1L. I A .
Larger advertisement! Inearted at the teltowtof ' '
ratearoreaaie of tea Unea crista: ' "
fe lBaertlon-..4 M I Two w v.- a.
Oae weak. 1 ;i One aaaa," , , 1 3
Job Printinp;;-
Ib all Its braaekat, done with aaataeaa aad iTItyaiak.
v. 11
Rates of Domestic Postage.
IitTriae-1 or each half ounce, nadar 1,000 mBaaw "n
pre-paid, 3 eente: over!,O00 mi tea, pre-paid, it cent.
All letter meal be pre-paid by eutmpe, or lioloead la . i -ata
taped envelopee, or they will not be forwarded,
lajiMaiBNT NtweraHaa, FiBionieait, OiaoTUta, '
to., to any part of tbe United Stele., not waUkia
overtouaeee, 1 cent; and I cent for eaek additional -onsce;
pre-paymeat reuolred. -
Boom, pre-eaid, not weighing over dpoiada.loeat
per ounce, for any dletance ta tbe United ktaiaaoa-'' "
der l,OH) aiilee, and 3 oeata per ounce over s,iiTO oitWe,
Rre-paynient required. All Iractlona ever the coase
, be counted aa an additional onac. . . ' -.
Niwbpafeu ma PtBioDicAis, not cxoeeding l)fi
onucw in weight, when paid quarter!, la advance,
and circulated la the State, where aubllabed dally,
pernarter22H,alz ttmee peraetk 19,; tri-weeklr' '
Mi Mmi-weeklr.e; weekfy,3M;aem.nianthly, Ht ' '
Monthly, It. Newapepera and periodicals wheal
weighing IHeuneea, double tbe aboveratee. . ' . . 1 S '
Small MiwarAraaa, publiahad monthly eroftaaer, .
and pamphlets not containing more than It ooava
pages, In package f 4 ouncee or ever, oeal B4V , , ,
ounce. ' l
Wbikiv NiwarAraau,: witkla tke eetaatr wBctw ,
pobliahed, free. . .
quarterly paymeata, ta advaaee, Baar' be anvd. 'VJC-'
either where pubUibed or raoelvad. . ,. -. .
Arrivals of Trains.
imuuniu a vwroun-ca a. si.i aae auu .
t-ASr. a. .
CuouniATi.BAiaiLToa aire SAriui-fiilA. a-UheT J
a. a.;-.40r.H.:lO:iev.at 7 r
Littlb Miami-:IO A. a.; latVt . .; f aM f.jt ' '
Mabistta aitd OraoiraATi lo-jo a. .; 1:14 v. a.
Ohio aho Mississippi 7:U a. m.; 1:00 p. .! 10-1 p, h
OoviMerOH A Luixstob 10-.M a. .; 7:04 r. ts.
Departures of Trains.
IanuBAiwut lo QammuvMH A. .;1Bt ujt '
t:Uip.ia. . . , . ,.'- .;.-,
Cuiothmati. Hamixtov an-d IlATtoa Iadlanapolia "
antrOleveUnd, t-.m a. as-i band oaky Mail. 4:10 A. ws ' j 0
' Baadoaky, 4:30 p. a.; Accommodatloa.eiOO p. a.
Lints JUiabi Olevaiand and Pittsbug,4:0l A. Ml i-V.U
Oleveland, Pittsburg and Bllalr,8:WA.a.;0olnai-, ,.,
baa Accommodation, a:40 r. a.; Cleveland, Pitta' C1"-"
bnrgandBellair, llflp.at.. , . ' T
Ohio and Mitaiaaippi St. Lonls, 0:09 A.X.l Leab-vllle..:O0p..;Bt.Loala,:ltp.ai..,-
. . . ,
PirtiaoBO, CoLBBaos and Owoinnaii (StenbanvUle . ,
Short Llneh-Baat Iront-atreH Depot StOC A. a.i ;
1:00 a. a.; 11:30 p. a. ,
Clbviland, ootoaats AhD Cn-enmATi Beat Irani ' -
atreet-;0l)A. B.;g,80A.a.:U:M.. ,:, ,
Cincinnati and Mabiitta :!5a.m.;S:Mp. ii, j
Cmteal Omo rrou Bat-) Jronttreet D-poetiM '.
OevWroii and LaimaroN-fcie a. .; M0 p. a. -
Omnibus Stands.
Bast Walnut Htixa.-From coraer ycasaort aad
Fifth atreete everr half boor. i
Wiot Walkxjt Hills ( Lane Seal laarr.) -7rm Ke.
138 Sycamore atreet every boar. n.-r..
WnriBia Bow ABD,aieatotLTBrem Mats tiad
Fourth atreete eteryte'n minates.
Waar Bm From comer Trarth aad Malay
id a reeman ana nopKina sireece. ., ,
Bivaa Bad and' StaiiTiLLa.-Iyoa( eoracs'
Broadway and Pearl, and corner JTifth aad areemere
atreeta every ten minute. : '
Broadway and Lower Market-every ten mlaatea.
Thid BTattT Lus.-I'rom Bewpert ferry to
Fifth atreet Ferry.
Movnt Adboin. From eornee Mala and ToarMa
atreeta every hour. , ..
Viata ttTEixt Hni Awn- Owyrow. Brett corner
Main and fourth atreeta varv half konr. .
CoaaiNsvii.Lt. From corner Blxtk and
Street every half hour. , ';.' i r .
vovinoton. a rom corner sirth ana Walnut i
every nour. -i .'i , .. ... ........
Poar Optica, Wbbtebn Row a Ounton Braaae,
From corner fourth and Vine every ten minnaae. -
8a a Bon, Maion, LttANoM, and Moaaea. Daily, at
1 P. M.from 168 Walnut atreet.
HMON.-I)ally,at4A.M.(and I P. M (Bab-.
bath excepted) from lea Walnut airaet.
BBOOKViLus-Dally. (Babbath. excepted,) itliu
M from 16 Walnut atreet. . .
Bataviaand -Jaoiaaroww. Dally, (Sabbath cat
cepted,) at Vi, P. il. from Brcaavay and Lowac.
Market, i ,
Vbniob and Niw London. Daffy, (Sabbath ex.
OfPted,) at i P. M. from iee Walnut atreet.
Montoobibt. From oorner Blnth and Byaaman
ttraeu Daily, (Sabbath eicepted-,) at lit. V. M.
Avondali From 17 Walautatreet, t, 10,11. A. M
i X 4, P. M-
I V:
1 ;
Church Directory.
Baptlct. Flret Baptiat Chareh, Borth ttoa Ooore,
between Mound and Cotter. ' . '
Uigb Street Baptiat Church, Baat of Olty W aWar .
Ninth Street BaptUt Church, Boatk tide Mlatfc.
between VlneandBaoe. 1
Freeman B treat Baptist Chareh, .Treemaa, near ;
foatof Fifth atreet. ,
Welah Baptiat Church, Borth side Earrrson. ' ! "
Baker Street Ba.pi lit Church, (colored,) Bouth tide
Burnet, between Walnm and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colore,) loath aMe
Third, between Race and Kim.
. Chrlatlut. Flret Obrtetian Chareh, Lenawortfc. . ;
between Weatern Bow and John.
ConareaTiUleaaU Flrat Orthodox Cetteapafll :
ttonal Church, North aide Beventh, between Wettet
Row and John. - i:'
Beoond Onbodox Contrresatlonal Chareh, Beataldc i
Tine, between Eighth and Ninth.
Welah Congregational Church, Wettilde Lawrence, ;
between Third and Fourth.
Oiaelpleaof (Jbrtau- OhrUtiaa Ohnrak, Beatk.
weat corner Walnut and Eighth.
Christian Church, Sixth, betweenSmltta and Wound,
Ohriatlau Church, between 1. P. 14 aad la, Fultoa, :
Chriatlan Churoh, (colored,) North aide Harrlaon. 1
Frlenda.-Virat Frienda (Orthodox,) Fifth, be- .V
tween Weatern Row and John. ' ' '
Flrat Friends (Hlokalta.) Fifth, batwaan Waatan .
Boo and John.
Jewish rtynaaonaee. HolyCongragatlon.OhU
dren of Israel, Bouth-eaat oorner Sixth and Broad
way. I ' ' 4 1 X '
Holy Congregation, Children of Jeahoran, Lodge, ,
between Fifth and Bitb. - '.
Uoly Congregation of United Brethren, Bate, be- . .
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth. v
Pollah Congregation of the i. K Adat, Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
. Sheaxithi Israel, corner of Berenth and Walnut. j
AlethoaJiat Bplacopal. East Cincinnaii t)at
tbict. Wealey Cliapul, Borth aid. Fifth, betwaea
Sycamore and Broadway. -Ninth
Street Chapel ia bow called Trinity. ' '
Aaoury Chapel, South aide Webtter, between ItaJa
ai id Sycamore. ., . '
Mc&sndrie Chapel, (leventaenth Ward,) Front
itreet. ' "
W but CiworNN avi District. Morrla Obapel, Weat .
aide Plum-atreet, between Front and Columbia.
Christie Chapel, North aide Court, between Moaad .
and Cutter.
I arr-atreet Chapel, west tldeef Oarr-atrset, b. .
tween Elgbth-etreet aad Hamilteu aad Daytoa
Bnilroad Depot,
Bapar Chapel. West tide Bim, Borth of Flndlay.
Park Street Chapel, bomb-weal corner Park aad
York Street Chapel, Bouth-wact cener BaymOlcr
and York.
Findlay Chapel, Booth side OUnloa, between Oattor -and
Linn. ,
Onion Chapel, North aide Seventh, betwaea Flaaa " ' '
and Weitern Row.
Methodist Proteetaat.-Flrat Methodlat Pret
etant (Jt-rch. Sixth, between Tle and Bace. ;
Second Kethodlat Proteaunt Chareh, lm, be- '
tween Fifteenth and Liberty.
Oeorge Street Church, deorgt, betwaea Cattar tad
Linn. , . . i -. . -i . -
New JeraaaJean. Temple, Lengwcrth, betwaea
Bace and Elm.
Pretbyterlaa-OLD Bcxoot. First Prcabyteiiaa
Churcb, auurth, between Main and Walnnt
Fourth Praebyterian Churoh, North aide Blgh -,.
atreet, near Fulton Una.
Fifth l'reabyterian Church, Boath-sast corner Bev- :
enthand illm. , .
Seventh Preabytarian Church, Weatalde Broadway,
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Chareh, Morth-wtct corner
Barrand Mound.
Ninth PresbyterUn Uknreh, Cutter, between OILS
teta and Bette. .
Preebyteiian Btw Bowcol. BeoenB Preabyto
rlan Ohiuob, South tldt Fourth, brtweea Vlaeaud
Bace. ,
Third Praabyterlaa Chareh, cath-wtet corner j "
Fourth and John.
Bighth Praabvtcrtaa Obartt,' BeventV betweaa ' '
Linn and Baymlllar. . ,
Tabernacle Presbyterian Chutoh, corner John and
lrot,ataat'KpiBeoBj.--UUrat'aClhurob,Brtk :
aide Fourth, between Syoamera and Broadway. ....
St. Paul's Chnreh, South tide Fourth, betweaa ' '
Main and Walnut.- ,-' i -t -,Tt
St. John'a Churcb, Seath-aeat eoraer Flam aad , , .,
Seventh. t ' l1"
; Trinity Church, corner Pendleton and Liberty.
Church ot tbe Advent, (aobulldi a,) Walnut BMa. i -
Ohnrohof the Atonement, oorner Blakmoad aad .
Cutter. ' - i ''
Church of the Bedeaiptlon, Ollatoa.betweea Wcs. . ,
era Bow and John .
Reman Otubollc.-Bt. Auguatlaaa, Bankttreet
St. Petur'a Cathedral, Bonth-weet toraer Plata aad ,
Klghtb. I "
St. Francis Xavier't, Weat tide Sycamore betweaa .
Sixth and Seventh.. . . - . I .!
St. Pntrick'a, North-east corner Third and MIB.
St. Mtchacl'e Weat aide of MlUoraek. '
Cbrlat'a Church, Fulum. , .......
Holy Trinity, Bouth tide Fifth, between BmlCk aad
Bt. Mary's, Bonth-tatt corner Jackaoa tod hh
Ht. r'anl'a. Sonth-aaat corner Spring aad AbLtiail. ',
Mt. John Baptist, corner Bremen and ieaa. - "' '
- St. Joaeph. South-eaet oorner Linn and Laurel.
- Ht.Fbilomena, Borth tide Peatl, between Plkaaad '
BBt!'Tlioiat, ITcit aide Bfttiuui, 'bcitweti'flfllt 11 '
andBlxth... , , .. - it"J n
' tnlurian.-Flrat TJnltariAB Chareh, loath-weti . .
corner Fourth aaA Bace. - " " -
Vnlveraatllat-lnt CalTanallit CAaraki Mm t.
de PlumJ between FoatU and Fifth. . ,
.Baoond Wal Mst list kah,. estirpWfcll '
1 fiV-tw ni .i -nat t
i) iMlii:
L vr teuiilit f "
.lijiivi mII ' vi)'i

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