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1 TrMi nil'
FBAf llrni.niinii'rii
rri I JKKT TPllgi. j. j. . ..
- uimrea io BiBicriMtn in
lanttl, CoTlngtun and Newport, aid .
..-1.U.U, .uwi aad towns, at th
trennely iov ,, .
j ix oskts a win, payable to m mb.
1 i
sixth ikb vrvi-gTaM.
i A. lur
ti, J Solt IiMiee aad Maiasn
Retp Jrn of MrfJas. AnlersonT"
! na(lr 'kos pleasure in announcing thiii
' uib ,0,i;tcd a rs-onpMrenient, for nix nigh is only.
i Mil appear In th great play nf
i , ins Ltiiiiii Diiumittt.
1 ;ftl lp. - nt.. .....
a, ............ IM..LUJ i , nuift-nfon
,V - Mi a. itilnlw
Vl -..iti.i.8 Julia irvui-
"Oinoo, by Alin Kala rennTr.
i" isnclude with he laughable foi-ca uf
dinni BeimeradB sir.
i i valitr. do Buusy j., 4411
j ! jouard Jir. B0so
. bime (Julocbard ms Satiny Ijenhain
j aino do Valliere iveriu
j 3TPoor!i openalfKi OartelB rUee at Ttf '1ok.
I u'-.iUiorAoxMJiv.-Draa Cirtlaadtaitt.
I '' 0ilir,iic1s.
IAS. M. BARRAJ ... Uaiagtr.
J'ciitivtljr ths lat nlghtof 'Ihecolabrated ' '
'(Italian Opera Company,
; iNEFIT of FAllOOl Bud ALA1M0.
, ONDAY EVENING, Octobn- 24, will bo pit.
' ti Blllnf . gmud oeera cf
' NOEMA. ...
its tha following porarfot eaj, sf aafcfttsra: "'
- -jy -..-.Sign's Alii
. -8'4n' Xermal,trt,dl
" dbrig'.la
,v.?,,fl.T.jg Jiftrili
" . .ls- Nsd!oi
i ..
, tWWreu of K??ttfinjiVX'
1 ,llHin mu,
TDoora ojian at f o'doo'c: consmcntM at f
riotteCIr-ile,. Parqmlta avi Balnonv 8 I ffl
ory , (, t ' v
a iihardo lur si-our etr.'.
' . y. li-USm?, Trgnsnrar.
9KK'iS JO!CiiittT HALL,
JiluTk'' hr. i
L J "Jgaldteai PainlinKcopimenrenwilh
nn I'-oiitmuej dcwu, in hinwiical order, to
labyinnlh (JnptijtT. conluiiiiiig morotliaa tiity
.' ?i i''iJ 0 tt ,at''ia scen.. In the
."yus-cii utvitinit. iporB oren ac 7.
miuiiiic at to 8 o'clock tied;,-, a nkes. J
i oaJldMi, under 1 0 ytnra cf tg !6 cr-nB.
i). hihiiJtiona on Vaaef;Ie pnd Damrr Af.
Smith & Hixon's Halh
iively 00 Week only,1 CemB.?ifj.
ing1 Uffoaday, Octol)&p 31 ' "
:':i tWMuPV, and t.r."oeiy Uanmbiytf'f
jjnu-v 1:i.ilsie,i..'9i a)lliJirf,ii(',iutog!S5
the fiauu iti na.hioit uci than iir"
itcbiiik- Hal inipoitBrt, iot c In true ted. kVt
i on tk pbi!o ;&i;iy.i: ui siich. .., . .
.10 auvanikgiM ti C.UT ?B r,jj abut mr
u' Uioirol oi'itaTiizi.iOij, a''l-.,.'9 from ihnirwiii.'
S,"i tt.o.vj yca.j ill !, oouiuam loonliy.
ir If lili' lU'Oi oi i'.-u :ni.ii;i 3ia r.)
l a Tiatiirat r.ei it'id in'-'lduna iu Ai'iican 111 ),
,; im t iiref utn;g tlia iutiMcal and Conical new
r itjfn ol the So;iti. ra i'tiini, a.al otoriUug hiui t
: ptopiir 'tdatd fii oiiiuiMl wit una mujjei tui.
, prnontiB.il u fh'.ma ! J."gro Uiuou Ih I'hin
!"D,und rpri!j;iiii! tlia inuiiao cauabilitiM of
mora rested :'c-noi ;i aUd vil!cga. In
. I'a.nti'ai! iruihtaU; i!i ifk ui-x and jpet;uiiarilia
Xtat-t iau, th umveni rcnd nm itanneB
Cotapbeii Anifts tin.ipyroiielnbJ and defj'itg.
' tf free 1ilcnny Saionade uinhti. hy thpftASI H-
,LIi IlltASS BA'li, id lj til Wiiard Eiw ir.
,'or,iopi-ii t a t'trir to 7 o'clock; oninmtao at
mrti' to Uk, Aioiii cun u.
, ., P. A. OLABKI,
i?k Jgsntaad Jiufnoss Iisrem'. '
I Pays for tlio Penny Press.
I ,11 West Fourth-street.
c. vv. wiiLUPS, aiit:si .
'naHttitou Hotol, now reajly to rtUnt ui
(vlo ftt r-hurtnotnio. And rm fair tnrmn. Pa
,3 at a diitsn:? wlm iponpos anj kind of likeiienn
mseiTi s nr irmum, living or uocensco, can rly
InKtliomacon'iitoly eo))ld uUiilaigfd, iiy
' -.-n!!! by mull to my ixldroiis. Also, tor naln
,m Colored, liila-siri, ljitIio(,raph oi' cm' Lord,
, ly H;ddleton, Ktndiridgti it Co., from my
.altalntniR. i'rito, ?ii a copy, Belormice cn
1 ol the riii7.ni pfoiiioiunatt general ly, irhoro
naldod aud practiced uiy proieuaion I ho liujt
e ycai s.
on fiiondly to Art, wh will siro this dTr.
tmtonooi' two io-umnn.i in their pnror, will
natonj of Ih durist by applying lo me ns
;.. ' i .-
Will pay for the Presa
) hu mat r.wlrej. tnm Sottoa. ai entire now
InvimAnt ni'Onal Oil LanaDD und Imnro.id Burnorc
f ronting tbo imoko, to muek of an annoyana to
liinm.UT Air'P, m. .en .rin-i. ui DunuuH u
klf Ysd Ul iau laaiaBt, ir.v Lruui.uiu.x.i-.ui.u,
. 1 0. A. SMITH,
' H, I College Building,
:pM-ai ITnlilt-tt., bt, Fonrth and fjik.
jlnlMthlll Xiru At aitniiuiir
1 r0UinY, B. AX-LIHOH, nprliUMOB,-
lntlll Hamnaw hi au iuui. i umiuwn
VOL. 2. NO. 55
Rates of Domestic Postage.
,aoh h"lf on. knd.r 3,000 rallw,
JiT?S,tSS!a?pM' r,W w"' ot be f.iriardcd.
B.I- n,n,'.f r?"",i'1, nJl,?, wolBhing owr 4 poonde, I cent
Ser 1 m m'ilZ ",' In tke Unite.! Htates un.
uor 3,wo unlo, and J com le por ounca evr 3 OHO mili
io oo lounied at an additional oiiuco.
and e5r. -nl.VnJ"'.? hffi r"IJ '"'trly in advance,
pr aim tor JM, .In times perneek 18)4: trt-woekfy
mohTl1111' kly.Seenil.l'onthTufc
w-WnJ lilv.,, iwTpf,,'.,nd. iwiodlcaln whin
HuuuinalJS ounces, double the above ralea.
B.MAH. KwarAPEHR, published monthly or oftener
nndwunphloiN not eontuiuiiiK more tian H ToocaVo
paKee, ,n jackagw of ounces or iylr, cent p.?
pulfe Z""' Wlliln tl"
i.T.,.. i."7 prt;".1t',,s; advnace, nu t mad
Ithor where publinhed or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
l!,D'A?AP0 A JlH01NNATt-M A. S:88 F. D.
'".m," 5U."'- A.i.s'w.M.jrtM. a.; 10,4ft
OoTwaroH ab Lsia9TON-l0"i
Departures of Trains.
Ii"?.1,'M .ftwtthwi, imo
A '; Sandunky Mall, : A.
Lin J,!''1 4;3I,T.' M'i A.C'OPiaiortation,6:uttp. M,
".' .iK oaiAJij-ClaTClaud and PitUbug.SiOO A.
AH11'? ba! UellulrTso a. M-TtiTloi.'
RiiaErEa, Ooirauvs a:,d CwoimiATi (Steubenvllle
bbort Llnei-Lejtl ridnt-treet.lpot-;Wl a.m.:
P r A. M. 11: jo p, w,
Oi,ijvii,AND, Coiuani'i) awd OisoiNKAn-JBaiit Front
iitreot il:(KA. M,; 8,30 a. m.j 11:80 p. h.
OlNmNMATIANDlAUO;iTA-5:lllA. M.3:M?.il.
Obntbai. Uuio-rruu Hant k rout-straet l)ipot-tO
OoVihOTON AND T.KXINdTON- i:2i 1. M.i J;30 p, ,
gJEL!J!;i-ai' jjj-'li ''
$23" Hen. Thomas Corwin is rogarded as a
Ttrominont eandichto forth Speakership of the
House of Koprcnoiitativcg.
&3 The Lilt! Kook '(Ar!tnn3Bs) Gazelle
anuouocea tU death of Judge Thomas Holll
buttoa, formerly cf North Carolina.
JS Oenoml ViTool left Troy, N. Y.. for
Harper'a 1'orry, on the ISthiusL.M loonasho
hoitril of ths insurrection.
; We knoiT R vwy ugly nd penurious
man who works in his own Bolds ia the stiinmor
months to save tho cxpnnso o!' a scareorow.
fflAmlibisho Ihighos aud most of tho
CaUwlic olowy 0f Washington dinod with
tho rrcwiiontou Tuesday. ,
'naysrd Tnylor's lectures in San Frnn
cifioo produced a profit of $r,500 to the Mer
cantile Librarg Association.
- Ho less than odo hundrod different
patents for orinoliuo and stool hoopi havo been
registered, siuse this fashion oame into favor, in
Ft tnce alone. ; ,
iJIr. IJobortChkitibors is engaged upon
a, voiumo refuting tbc antiquity of the Scot
tish Ilialot-icTtl BallndN. He considers them
to httvo i.'oen writldu In tho oarly part of the
rfcB" A 'cw bustle has boon introduced in
tie Yorlr, inflated with air, 'whieh, conse
ridonl.Iy hits the effect of rendering orinoline
.U rgfv than eror a oonjuuimation to be dreaded.
fcHn'ts are ruado, therefore, lougor and fuller
tiiutt before. . .
i.- , ;,
p& A pretty woman Is liko great truth
or a jaroH.t happiness, and has no more right to
bundle liersult undor a greon Tail or any simi
lar ubooiination, than the gun hat to put on
greeii spectacles.
A firm In Portsmouth, Va., has re
oeived a consignment of two tierces of sugar
and two tierces of molassos from Liberia. The
consignment was from Chas. Cooper, a eolorod
man, who left that oity in 135(1, and was the
produot of his farm. '
or . '..
fTho Dubuque Jftrald says that a elergy
maa in that oity stated in his sermon last Sun
dny, that if some of our rich men were to arise
from their burying places and see the epitaphs
upon their tombr, "they woulil wear they wtre
tittek in the toiony gravet."
pO-for, Paul Farnum died on Tuesday
night, at his late rosidence in Beverly, N. J.
Tho .duoetiBed was tlio founder of tho I'arnum
fil'.'dool at Beverly, and was for a long time one
of the most respeotable merchants of Phila
delphia. yiS- An eminent author wellknoitn In Eng
land, and not quite unknown in this country,
has just east aside his mortal coil. The Bey.
J. A. James was an Independent Minister,
who has officiated at Carr's-lane Chappel, Bir
mingham, for nearly half a oentury.
j9An Illinois court has rsoognized the
,legal oharaetcr of the Jowish Sabbath, whioh
begins at 8 o'clock, P. M., on Friday, and
lasts for twenty-four hours. IIow many Sab
baths havo we ? More than are observed, cer
tainly. 0A New Orleans editor thinks the invol
untary landing of La Mountain, the balloon
iit, in the wilds of Canada, and his failure to
find tho easterly current, goes to prove the
Scriptural saying that "The triod bio wot h
whore it listeth."
jJSif'The New Orleans Vicayune says vigil
ance oommittoes are increasing in number in
the parishes. Tho officers of justice are widoly
ignored by the citizens, who have taken the
administration of justice into their own hands.
Where is this to on d.
jS Governor Wol!er,nf California, has just
transmitted $1,000 to tho Washington National
Monwuont Socioly, being the amount the Stato,
Lhrinizh lln T.naiululnm. 1m. .nOAlvnil Ia i.rn-
tribnte annually nntil the monument is finishod.
The votoTs of" Horsctown," in California, also
contributed $72 on eloetion day.
jt3f"Pollow-citlzens," said a candidate,
aauf ess'ini; his constituents, "there aro three
topics which now agitate the publto mind in
ibis groftt State, viz: Slavery, Kotrenohment,
Hand the Feoitentiary. I shall pass over the
two urst brietty, as my sentiments are already
well known, and oomi at onco to the peniten
tiary, wbora I ehnll dwell for some time.!' ;
' jPiTTho sinfjlo rr.to of letter postage be
tween ths United States and the Grand Duchy
of Bsdcn, tin Bremen, will horrtaftor be fifteen
cents instoad ,of twonty-two cents prepay
ment optional. Hits reduction is the result of
ft reduced wto of Gertinn postage to five cents
the single letter on American correspondence
transmitted via Bremen, which went Into
operation eft. the 15th October Instant.
"jAfcotiple wero marrlod in Gallatin,
To;n., on Monday last, who had walltod 100
miles for that purpose. They wore from Ken
tucky, and when they arrived at Gallatin were
out of money and perfootly destitute, not hav
ing a cent to pay for their licensei The magis
trate married them gratis, and the young men
of Gallatin gave them a snBloitnt sum to pay
their expenses home. t A
Iloraoe Greeley thinks that California-will
ultimately distinguish herself in the fruit line;
and sho will be great In wine, though the tmt
verFnl philosopher is not so credulous of a vTn
oushuudation as somo people aro. He says :
Veai'h trees, only six" years 'set.'wlich have
borno four larua li.,l.no r ..m ,
, - v iMg" iair iruu, are abundant,
th. reni.,wach,,trl08 f0-0-C jeargiroui
av? g;own threa fuat f m d
VZU ,l duriD the cu"ont season.
Wwarf pears, just stuck into tho black loam,
li rJ'X fertlIis;e'l cultivated, ooWed
7hf!? th,J:W after they wore set out, and
theneoforwRtd bearing larger and largor yields
with, eaoh succeeding summer, aro seen in
a most every tolerable fruit patch. I oanaot
msoovor an mstanco tu whioh any fruit tree
naving bora largely ono year, oonsults its die;
nity orttseaso by standing still or growing
wood only tho next year, as is common our
way. i save Seen green-gages and other plum
trees so thickly sot with fruit, that I am sure
.uo ,uui wouia mr outweigu tbe the treej,
leaves and all; and not one borer, curoulio,
caterpillar, apple-worm, or othor nuisance of
that large and undolightful family, appears to
be known in nil this rogion. Under a hun
dred fruit trees yon will not see one bulb which
has promaturoly fallen a victim to this destruc
tive breod. - - -
American Horses in England.
Tho news which comes to ui by the late
arrivals in relation to the American horses tn
.England is annowhat checkered and is about
bslBnoert with decrees of good and ill.
Starke," tha Auie-ioin winner of tho Good
wood tthkos, the Bentinok Testimonial and
Warwick Onp, au say viotory ovor "Liietolt"'
kl even weight's, Has just run for a Royal Plate
at Jiowmarkot, in u rsca of two miles and o.
half, and to ovorybody'a astonishment has boon
boaton. Ilia failure, howovor, is attributed by
our keen -sigh tod eorronponderrt," nmr,-"tu
wtvnt ef- condition, a causo sufficient to the
mind of every turfman, and adequate to protect
him from disparagement as to the merits that
havo boon claimed for him. Ho, however, ran
eooond to the wionor, leaving tho feat oXJhe..,
field a lorn wav linhiuil. anil thin nrnvinr.
thehorso whioh did beat him 7.
, t - -j - - . io a kumu ono
and also in gar,;, irlm.
But the great item of oar tnrf intelligence ia
the fact that. the Araerioancolt "Umpire," who
is ehlored among two hundred and twenty
British two-year olds, to, run for tho next
Spring Derby, stands at thu'hoad of the
biUliant lift, net only as first favorito, but as
low down as only seven to ono ngainst him in
the oddsl Thia is at. the rata nf nvar llilrt I.
one ih his'favor ngninst each competitor, and
no vuu osiuiiaio mo compliment it involves, by
reoalling to mind tho fact that "Blink; Bonny'
the-celebrated mare nf lSif. nrbn n, .
- T - -V , ,, J IUU
phenomenon of her year, never, got .belov
Wab. A Eichniond cori es)oudent of tho Pe
tersburg EtprtM says: - '
'An &mi1nill(r'in,!r1f.n! n.Aiit.t-a.1 ft! d,Aj....
- . uni""""-uini'iti1iu v in? lie p.,
this morning, which it may not be nniiss to
T K 111.. ii , , ,
'""" i'o j-uiiu3 more aro iwo nrotncr3
named (iriilln. . lilL ,Mni,.i,o..k.,,i
entering tho mm fbi. mnMiStiw iI.a-a wni,n
gentlemen wrrf H.pp'-cr.utied "by tliolr niotlit,-
nJ .In!,- U .U.L .I..'
.uuii. k'iin'iiii luub viiir rtJia'-iToe
wished to bid them un atl'ectioniito ood-uye,
they approached, when tho ln'dien seized
them anu screamed aloud. . One of tho broth
ers succeeded in disengaging himself from
the afi'ectiomilo ombraco of the ladiu, but
tho othor whs Jirmly held until the cars had
turned the curve at Bcrcamcrsville, and wo e
entirely out of. sight. So the Blues Went
with one inombcr loss than it was at first
supposed iney -wouifi,
Gaeiualdi m Italy. A recent lotter from
Florence oaya : Wherever Garibaldi appears
in his progress through Romago, he sends an
eleutria spark through the hearts of nil the
Italian youth. Everyone who sees or hears
him becomos a soldier. The language of his
harangues is short and uncouth, but it Is to the
purpose, v Tho priests and tho foreignon,"
ho says, " havo alwayg been and are at tho
bottom of all our evils." It is time to' settle ac
counts with them, and moke short wotk of it.
Let every one who counts himself an Italian
stand up and follow me. I have seen both the
French and tho Austrians faoe to face more
than onoe. They are brave troops, both of
them, but are no more than men, and men we
are, too. Their ranks are numerous, but wo
hare a just oauae and God on our side. I offer
mysolf as your guido. Those who come after
me will be at no loss to find where the enemy
is." a .
A Javas Criminal. A Javan criminal was
oondomned by the Saltan to light large
royal tiger, whose ferooity was raised to the
highest point by want of food and artificial ir
ritation. The only weapon allowed to tho
human oombatant was a dagger with the point
broken oft. After wrappin eloth round hie
left fist and arm, tho man entered the arena
with an air of undaunted ooolness, and fixed a
steady, menacing gaze upon the bruto. Tho
tiger sprang furiously upon his intended Tic
tin, who, with extraordinary boldness and
rapidity, thrust bis left list into the gaping
jaws, and at tho samo moment, with his keen,
though pointless dagger, ripped up the bcaat
to tho very heart. ' In less than a minute the
tiger lay dead at his conqueror's feet. Tho
criminal was not only forgiven, but ennobled
by his sovereign, '
AsTKokDKSM ok Captain Brows. A wrilor
in the New York Commercial says :
Ho is tho son of it woslthy farruor of Had-
non, Portage County; Ohio, by the name f
Ownn,or orpine Brown, iu he was generally
called. Captain John Brown wee born in
ConnooUcnt, but" resided for more than thirty
years in liadmi Township, Ohio, on a dairy
farm, but subsequently vmburked in wool
growing, in which business ho was quite suc
cessful, until lie acconipanlcd a vory Urge
venture of the finest qualities of tint article to
England. This speculation reoullcl in a
ruinous loss, and from that timo t7 this ho haa
been more or Icsb absorbed in the fm'tcoranca
of abolition vlsws, on which eulijioi he wns n
eomplete fanatic. -
SoUTunitHrACinoKAiMiOAD.Tho Mn.rebr.ll
(Texas) Ffoq, of tho 17th Inst., says "
A moetiug of tho stockholders of Una com- i
pany took place on Monday lint, whoa the
following Bircetora were cloctod : i
J. Edgar Ihompson, t'ennsylvimia: it, v.
Richardson, .T. Fovrllcos, Tenno3sce j. Win, T.
Scott, J. 0. KnbiiiBon, It. X Lotighry, Jrwi
C. Wilson, Texim.
Tho Pircclors, Tin learn, immediately 83-j
semblcd and elected the following ollicors:
J. Fowlkcs, President; Wm. T. Scott, Vice
Presidont; D. C. Wilder, Secretary and Treas
urer; C. E. Jlynson, General Superintendent ; I
E. A. Blanch, Chief Engineer. j
jE9Tho, will of tho lute Sir Jnmsetjoe Jo- j
jeebhoy, Burt., of Bombay, Farsee merchant,
was proved in the Supreme Court by his sons. .
The whole of Mho property, personal and real,
was sworn under eighty-five lacs of rupees
8,50,OOQ. " - - 1
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, October 22.
in his Richmond epocoh,
says that hi. has a bushel or Captain Brown's
correspondence, but not fill of it. A carpet-
hr.B full D.B,.l,.n 1. T, - .t ... .
uoii iu joaunuoro ana improperly
used. She letters in his posses36ion proved
that pttininene ' nion t the North were impli
cated in the affair. Whother our sister States
iu tho North will allow such men to remain
among them unrebuked or unpunished, re
ams to be seon. If any ono should smugglo
oft Gerrit Smith somo night and bring him to
mo, t would road him a moral lecture and
then send him back homo.
He had remained at Harper's Forry to pre
vent the application of Lynch law.
There was no question cf jurisdiction to be
eottled, as he lmd mitde up his mind fully,
and after determining that the prisoners should
be tried in Virginia, he would not have obeyed
an ordor to the contrary from the President of
the failed States.
- He was ready to weop when he beard that
the outlaws comprised only twelve men, and
that they had taken the town in ten minutes.
There ,was no cowardice on the part of the
people there because their unguarded citizens
wero mih'onar.i. hut h tnM thnm it... ika- i,.j
i r " .u..u wan .u.j uau
made a mistake, and if General Washington
lm. I l. - : , . . - - . . . .
" a iriBuuer, ana rib uio imperiled by
an attack, he would have risked his own and
others' lives in making an attack without
Thin ITan.aa Tlnr,!.. nuffi.. - H...i
4 , A.MM.nu ui... glDllL
tni3take as to the disposition of tho slaves to fly
i'j ui mauuaru. xp Aoontionists can not
comnrahend that thar ti-M .mnn ... U .
patriarchal tenure.
ins unverner urgea tho importanoe of or
uanizini a niilitarv fnrnn iTirA,il.ft,ii ik.ci.u
and exercising viilanoe to guard against the
!l,,r...nl .In,:!.....,.,
-wQinwv v& .juiunr tiiuiiriue.
Explosion of Powder Mills.
WILMINGTON, DEL., October 22.
The explosion of Dunont'a Powdnr Mill..
on the Brandy wine, yesterday, ceourred while
uie men in tne ..rt mtli.j :-
leaamg powder dust at the proas-room, to be
conveyed to one of. tbe othor mills to go
through another process. A one-horse cart
stood opposite the press-room door, partly
loaded, when the press-room blew up with a
loud crush. The composition house imiueui
atplv .follpwed. A tniuut or two later tho
glazing-room went off, aud two rolling-mills
ioll"wing simultaneously, being fire in all.
Sovcn men woro killed aud one othor had his
arm broken. Tho wind was nearly N. W,,
and high at the time. It deadened tbe sound
in the Immediate vioinity so much that tho
men in the upper yard did not oeuse work on
the instant. Two of the wen were blown into
the Brandy wino, cno into a tree, and the head
less trunk of another blown on the opposite
side of tho creek. Of the others nothing could
be ascertained. A strange feature uf the ex
plosion is the horse was not killed, although,
standing in proximity to the press-room whm
it went off. Tho cart' to whioh ho waa at
tached, and which was partly loaded with
powder dust, wasthrown about in fragments,
and the horse was entirely stripped of his
harness, his hir singed off, one eye put out,
and one leg brokon, yot utter tho smoke and
duat oloarod away", ho was found limping about
tho ; ard, exhibiting all tho signs of tho painful
agony whioh ho suffered. To rcl'.eve him, be
was Immediately killed. Tho Coroner visited
tho soeue of the explosion, but could horn
nothing, as the witnesses were all killed.
Thoir names aro Wm. Moran, E. Dougherty,
Sweeney, Jacobs, Zebar, John Wolsh and
Michael O'Donurl.
Sunday Law in Pittsburg.
PITTSBURG, October 22.
A portion of the press Wost are mistuken as
to the action of Mayor Weaver in regard to
Sunday cases. The passonger oars were stopped
in Philadelphia from running en Sunday by
opinion of Judge Thompson, of the Supreme
Ceurt. Of oourse the precedent roached here,
and on a simple notieo from Mayor Weaver,
passenger oars refrained from running on Sun
day, bat insisted that drlvors cf carringes,
working on Sundays the samo rs other duy,
for 'psy, should be stopped, without epeoial
referenoe as to going to ehurob.
Affidavit was made before tha Mayor on
Monday, October 3, against tbreo drivers, two
of whom on the 10th were lined $2i. Uhiof
Justice Lowrio paid bis fine, and tho other
cases will be taken bot'oro the Supreme Court,
now sitting here, whioh Is elesircd by both
parties. The stopping of tbe press dispatches
along telegraph lines originated by a persoi
named Taylor going around to tho different
offices threatening suits. The Mayor had
nothing to do with it; he would take an affi
davit, the same as any other mrgistrate, when
made by a responsible party.
Arrest of Captain Cook.
CARLISLE, PENN., October 22.
' A man, supposed to be Captain Cook, of the
Harper's Ferry insurrection, was arrested here
at noon to-day. He answers the description,
and is the same man as seen in Ch.imbersburg
talking with Mrs. Cook, yesterday. He is
armed heavily. He is now having a hearing.
Lates. The man arrested on the oharge of
murder, as boing a participant in the insur
rection at Harper's Ferry, ia now supposed
not be Cook, but one of his party. He is the
man from whom a tiharpo'g rifle was yoster
day taken at Chamberaburg, and who was
with Mrs. Cook.
Upon arresting him, he endeavored to resist,
but was overpowered. He had on bis person
three revolvers and two bowie-knives. He
h been committed to prison for a further
hearing. The man Is toller than the pub
libhed description of Cook. Ho ban the ap
pearance of desperate man, ready for any
enterprise. He refused at his hearing to
answer any questions. . ' -
From Rochester.
ROCHESTER, October 22.
There is a (light snow-storm prevailing, and
tho weathor ia cold and raw.
Mr. Jones, delegato from tbe Aslor House
Convention of Base Ball Clubs, arrived this
morning and prepared a challenge from the
American Base Ball dIutoio to the English
Crioketera, for throo days' play. Purr and
Wisden, on behalf of the Crioketers, have de
cided to return by the Quebec, steamer of Sat
urday, tho 29th instant, so that thay can only
play on Wednesday and Thursday next. If
that can not be arranged, the entire twelve
positively decline.
. The Crieket mateh at Rochester has not vet
been commenced. The Koebcsler Base Bill
players and the All Eleven Oriokeiors prac
ticed tho game this afternoon. The &
Ball players amalgamated with tho Cricketorn,
and nine innings a eldo were played, the scores
being 11 nnd 13. Tho Cricketers did cotmako
much headway, fiointho want of knowledge of
the technicalities.
Fire at Ogdensburg.
OGDENSBURG, N. Y., October 22.
Tbe Ogdensbura Llteriry institulo wag
burned last night, togethor with all the scien
tific apparatus, and a portion of the valuable
library. Less $6,000; no insurance.
Trouble in the Maryland Penitentiary.
BALTIMORE, October 22.
At noon to-day, in the Maryland Peniten
tiary, a convict refused compliance with the
orders of the Depnty-Wardon, who, while en
forcing the commands, was seised by tbe con
vict and stalbod twice in the neck. Gregory
Barrett, another clhoer of the Penitentiary,
fired two shots at the prisoner, inflicting a fatal
wound, and he died almost Immediately. It
is thought that the Deputy-M'arden will die of
urn wuuuu.
Latrr. The onviot shot at the Peniten
tiary is not dond, as was at first reported, and
?ho Warden's injuries are not considered fatal
From Pittsburg.
PITTSBURG, October 22.
Mandamus oase. Middle
town t. County Commissioners. Mr. Williamg
addreiscd the Court in a spoeoh of four hours'
duration. He wa3 succeeded by Mr. Prioe, on
behalf of the bond-holders, whose speech will
close the argument in this case.
Ono of tho points of difference is that the
plaintiffs are not lona-jiJa holders of the bonds
on which they suo, having obtained them
merely as security for' loans advanced to the
railroad to whieh they wore issued.
From Minnesota.
ST. PAUL, MIN., October 22.
Mr. Stene, wifo and two children, Nathaniel
Butterfleld and Lnrintr T.nvnllincr
in Lake Minnetonka, thirty miles wost of this
cuy, itini xuesuay.
We learn that Mr. Stone, having determined
tO move his familv down tha ibtra imnUiful
Butterfleld and Lorelling for that purpose.
Aooui aus& tne ooai capsizes under tne pressure
of a sudden gale, and the whole parte was
drowned. - -
River News.
PITTSBURG, October 22—M.
The river has rineti on. tnnh .Inna va.Icw-
day noon; now two feet ten at Glass-house,
ouu rising eiowiy. w earner oiouuy and damp,
one inoh snew last
LOUISVILLE, October 22—P. M.
' Hiver stationary, with three feet three
inches iu the caual.
Pike's Peak Gold.
LEAVENWORTH, October 22.
The total receipts of gold dust for the past
fortnight at this and adjacent ports amount to
$250,000. .
It now appears that Dr. Willing was elected
delegate to Congress from Jefferson Territory,
instead of Williams, as previously announoed.
BOSTON, October 22.
Last evening Charles Knapp, an agod and
retired sea oaptain, swallowed a large dose
of laudnum and then out his thraot, first with
a razor and then with a butoher-knifo, and also
fired a pistol shot into his head. He survived
for several hours, expiring late in the evening.
He is supposed to have been insane.
Chess—Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia.
The Athcneuin Chess players of this city
have roaeived a challenge from the Cincinnati
Chess Club to play a matoh by telegraph. The
matter is held under advisement, and will be
deoided upon iu the course of next week.
Episcopal Convention.
Episcopal Convention. RICHMOND, October 22.
Tho General Convention of the Episcopal
Church hi? u.-uuiuicusly eleoced Bov. Dr. Jan.
C. Talbot, of Indiancpoli?, as Missionary
Bi?hop of the North-west. Tho Convention
will adjourn to-night.
From Philadelphia.
E. C. Wilson, Adjutant-General of the State
of Pennsylvania, has takon forty muskets
which woro in possesion of the colored mili
tary company that paraded in the city a few
months since.
NonArrival of the Anglo-Saxon.
FARTHER POINT, October 22.
The steamship Angh-Saxon, now duo with
Liverpool dates to tho 12th inst., has not been
signaled below. The enow is now falling
A religious paper, speaking of dancing, says
it is frivolous aud corrupting. , This is a com
mon error with a certain olass of religionists,
and shows thoir ignorance and folly. Nothing
ia frivolous whieh is innocent and pleasant, and
adapted to promote healthy action. Persons
who are capable of being corrupted by daneing
will certainly find some much more effective
mode to become so, if Ibis He denied them.
Dancing, among tho very young, is usually
conducted under the eye of disoreet seniors;
and woll eduoated adults need no supervision
in dancing but that of oommon sense and their
own self-respect. But, suppose daneing could
in any case bo perverted, bo may anything olse
bo. If we are to do anything till it Is iinpos
eiblo to err in doing it, what will there be for
any one to do.
As to dancing, wc shall speak from some ob
sorvation aud practice, and sum np the judg
ment formed of it thus : Dancing satisfies the
demand of nature for notion. It is action for
both mind and body. It is action which be
gins, goes en and ends with the attainment of
an object. It brings the human figure into its
proper position, and develops tbe power and
use of the muscles. It is a social and not a
solitary pleasure. It is an innocent and re
fining pleasure, because it brings both soxeB to
be acquainted with eaob other, and improves
the mannors of both. It is accompanied by
muBie, whioh is one of the most elevating and
grateful pleasures known to man. Danoing is
a dictate of nature. It has boon made solemn
by savage warriors ; a mode of exalted wor
ship among the pious; one manner of showing
sooial gratification among dignitaries. It has
found its properplace at last, in being a social,
rational, elegant amusement, whieh delight
those who engage in it, and those who are
Old Laws or Massachusetts. Whoever
shall profane the Lord's day by doing unneces
sary work, by unnecessary traveling, or by
sports and recreations, he or they who so tres
pass, shall forfolt forty shillings, or be pub
lioly whipped; but if It shall appear to have
been dono contumaciously, snob, person or per
sons shall be put to doath, or otherwise severely
pumenea, at tne aisoretton or tne court.
No one shall run on the Sabbath day, or
walk in bis garden, or olsewhero, except rev
erently to and from meeting.
Noueshnll travel, oook viotnals, make beds,
sweep house, out hair, or shave on the Sabbath
No woman shall kiss her child oa the Sab
bath, or fasting day.
If any man shall kiss his wife, er wife her
husband, on the Lord's day, the party In fault
shall be punished at the discretion of the
A "favored few" are luxuriating upon
raspberries and strawberries in New Haven,
Connecticut. The fruit is of the second crop
tali ytr.
Wii -ysafcai
AdrertlMmente not eceedlnx flTe linen ( Aaate.j
Oninwrtlon........S 2 I One wceli j," a7
two wok....M.. 1 lo I Oue nun I i .."j n
Larger advertlwniFate lntcrtut ifitua ulraius -rate
for iinare or tou Hum oi It.: . k.
One Insertion-...... sn j Tiro -k 'v. ,'i
Each addi'ual in., ai 'lliiee i
taeweik - 1 7AOue mouth i v
Job Priiitirur,
In all it brunch!, dime with n"..lii" i A ilii'tiici,.
Preniiiiiu AnanliI!
Bmoke-consuuiIu'Coal Cuoklittr f"tvr,
Is without a rival. 011 on
Invontors ud Manufacturer",
Novelty Iron Works,
a a s
Pourth-street, Went of Suiitli.
Examine the Alligator mid road Teilimonwl..
at last Jnt whut the I mlics hve loua nei'i.d '
anil looked tor in rain, tho Uterine Kllxir.
lhe Uterine Klixir ii warranted to cure (II ui
eaeos of a I'tcrine Nnt'ire; fiifl.immafloii o! ib
Womb, the Kidneri, the Ovarjri, and the I rdh-.
Prolapsus or 1'allinR of th Womb, rMlnrnl Menitvii
ation, Chloroiiia. Amonorrliea: ia.nt't, perfect cur
issuarranteed by the uof lioiu in to Mve hollies
of the Elixir, nf hhv rtinec-o wliet-Tr of llin nun:--alive
and Urinary C'rioiiiH, ui man or l.ijaa'i, n
matter of how long elpndiuF. Mrlc SI rr R-,
Madame ELIjI'i alii ruili-vlar itt'ut'vo (o ta
following Card rt one rf fta.ir.rit ftctuii'ijt I"".S '
gists ot Cincinnati.
We. the tuidiirels-asil. sa - i.,.:. .v i.-t ,1 ' T.I"..
AO THB 1'CBLlCAyD IH1 ..'.31'
our nam to aunt Aiejijisw; butknc ..'ingill:-
Lady I'hjueiaa, nud ti2iedit! e?.Ul:i T:'.i;'.zt
EUilr, vs chett fully rtaommoed It to all result
enfferlnti from tunialu rieia? f niij Uad; !: i
piuoly vegeial'lw aud iu'no' ess. ten do Iplurr,
esy to all try, and oiu vein tor n, you vii. iici
llof. V. V. W HI,, Dvi;i;M, ''
ep37 "Corm-i oi Jflu sua , e-sir ft." .
A I, li 0
IiATINO BALtiAH ruiM,itliout frli, if-af ,
in the Breast, Back, tfideo? l.iiuV.; Tore-hi, 'VH, '
Moarsenriu, Jlillicuily ol ilriliin, llo.i',dca, l ist
ulency, Uoi-rlbnrn, Chiimii' liiKniiiuitn-io, 'illi' vis'
(,'hollc, Oramp Cholic, Vripina 'iviu 1 1 'i Hov;ei,
Uiilliicss, Stupor, iimcUvn.v, byiifioi Ari',j,i..
in Painful Aicntftruatina U ts crturi. cnni. n,l
pivos imniedmto ri'lipi". Inn:. yot :l;5.iioTmii'f i-
it will Hire rolioC in Inciity nil:irtr, ittnl ,,maiN-"' "
ueut cure by ilie nn of t-vo i):!!!'1-. Ojplr 5;1' t.a
per bottle- ii'h"!vi' ilwi eveit ret i" t 1:.
Eltherof (he abnvi. icinicnir 10 b htui . tl.
MILL, Uriiiri4l, corner ol ' Jiji -i k i,. i Hie '!' ' ;
and IDNVAiU) SCA.MLANft t.'O., Jiinnil',!-. .v. 0.
cornerof Main and J uiii'iii-Mroi'', .1 i. i-n :oi -nor
Fourth and U'sinatt or pi V 'OOHAKd' i f ,
Idanutaciui'oiii, Mo. it Unit 1'eiiTllj-etia-vt, Ohio ,n-
uatl, 0. ' i'u.'!"
PATENT MiCiinni-'M Arn; ' nvEX
BAG3. lor Gro'.-nm, l)nifliisl, Una Pealen ltd
oftiern, mndo f.'tai extra u.iwlilj uf Wini'JiiUi, iia
uiilaand White 'tea Purer.
: 200,OuoKo. 1 Uiaprinsand MjhIUi;
a,wi. : " ., . ".
,W8e, S
. mjm No.
i0,(iij No.
soo,(s'0 No, !
e.eoo No. in
, .. . mjmvo,u '
100.IW No. 1:1 .. ' - .,, .'
- - K,uOOKo. 14 " ';
, ., mjm tin. se
' jne.flfsiSe.'U
. Si!',liil So, I It kin Ten
. . iKiiymoN'o. J
, . 300,010 Ko, 3
The above are put up in owUnrfs of Mm 1,.. fH.
Wc nro mauiil'ai'iiiriii iiom eiuy lo fi;vout; li'i ft
thousand Xliig. lierduv.
stxos I'lurruM. .
H:.n V.miiiutii'ie.
. . And l In, ii. i:h i i-i It'.-iiT, .
0C22 ' 7T uu! Til v.i)
ASSIGNEE'S SALli Oi' iU-li' t.R'.i
Browcry, Vngvr!:-! r f.v-1!r- nd .ir'i fio
(f F. A J. A. I.lN'i. lv. Will tusuliwi. oui.lio srclion.
On MOtiDAI JIOU . INc;. t'"' jl,.,r ;nl,, i ,
o'clook. at Hie UotiiTida nf the i.'oc.i-ii.ni.-i'. ihnt.
cploiiid lirowery ol l.mc!c'ii, ui' !hv co.'i.vm 1 vv,
nat and Homilton ltnuil, vi:l; nil thoOwiind, P -llii
inns, Macliiuory, flonpeniiifc. ,i,ouu, ij, n-in, jc.
Ali'iDl'boJnropurly mi it'.ie-ii'i m., MiiJt 1, M ;''.
noUNOaond l. iKtr Di erCeliiUJ, liU'WH.'!;, w .l
flicproprnty bolonftlns tu tiio .siid i.iinki,.
tlhenal toroutimio I'reti. day l duv. cotii , 'd.
Xermseasli. For luttlior piu tu nii , i,,i,m: ,;
V. C-lT'f.
OrtJ AsiiKUflt, of V. i' J. A. '.ii: :.
f tj
1EHT v
AiToncr fur the wile of Hatch. Jlunii A "ri.'.
rinell, He?, anil iau cyHiers. Ai", l.n:ti(,"n mw
tir.oel Oy.torB, ic.. Mr many Uicndi ud rtiou
-.'itl liud oijty cbuii:e ariiclcij, anil ai an iov i; im's t
tliOo ennrgod for inforior elsewhere.
Oystoru cooked in E; Jtoru style at i: miuiI u.o l
uiiUu climgos.
Kflmemb.r, I.'.t VValunt-stlst, fifik door pljon
H'.vtk, Cineinnati, time. m i
r v m i-' -r t-j
ISO dally, Howe. M.ihi i.v tv.'a ClVralid
1'lAiiicd Uisters.which 1 Rmsellini;atiiMprecrdniiL
low priced by case nr iloain. Dialeif und Fniulli'1,
ivaniinK averylnri-'e, fribh OvhU-i'. -.vill idi-cp, si ini
their orders. Attached to ttsia etxilistinirnt is a
uico, Quint, rpspccUblb Saloon, vb.ni,ni Cin 1-nv
Oyslsra Cooki'il In even' tylr, and ecrvnd lip in a
cleii iuiidauy6i loi-nii,uiiin'. Ika"--' 'c k tb.'i'i u n s
othor place. L'' I"! .l'iRi" N.MRS..
FrtE?n '
Oyster Importing Houtie.
NO. 31 WES'l'ni'TIl.MTKtJ'T.
1NO daily, per lilxirfi,., hh nplndid Oyster.
Rurlnir coraplnted iTsii(:einetils In rlklihnoie. on
theiuoHt extensive scile, I v.iii ur i.lt tiin urrini
thesnuson be rrtpared in furnili my Iridic:, "anil
the rest of mankind, " wild ;l-fi li.i.t. 1 r.l. n Ifi :
BlVAfjVlW Imported ti t'uo Q-iwn i i!y. Ncr,. rir,
the roi-y best Imported, liicat uuui.nitiuH uilPi'l
at thialmnortinti-houw.
rdr sloliclted and nromrdv tilled. Tartno-aahv
ii'M'i't'.it cava;ma,
aepiet fiele lmp"r(r.nd ,rnpriior.
, I'tilH i.
r,H! c-a v (7)
Spisoil Oysters. f'i(p)
PICIiLEWOl'jTf'I Jm' .: ,
nruiB suBscitiBiR r- -vow eec.iv..,.
M. 1NO PAILV, by Ihs Vi'cnn tl?I,?, li'AC'T.
Blt'S world-renowned BalHronr
Fresh Can, Kpr eurt Sholi Oyif,vi.. -
Fresh, rTernietlrallv.snilH COVK, JIOTO '
ROBERT OHK, Agent..,. :
No. 300 Vine.!., her. ViHU mid tflxiU, ' ' .
that h ha ostab'lilisd reirnlar depot fi r su' 1 ' -aal
of all kinds of salt-wawri Fiiiu, fiooh (rouveo . ..
York; Io Lake Fib freai Glemlaiid and SniiduiK', '
toiMther with ( lsuw and Oiiteiela th shell, lio.., , f .j
eUrs, Orabs, Vls (livi, ni.d .11 kind, ut to ten! Id
ameanu i.n uimi'i i khuiihi-h- mrp,,,,.-.. " -.i
named article OUMAPKK 'I HAN ANY OTHKK
rhavai ir, iija.i;iii. rumny oraers proropur e-'
atteudud to aud lent hupi. U:ia e(' ebr, I'I-.h. .
all Bad torn Jr orders; ' el!-tf -
.. ' Mtt.it jU I HVV H41 OW MUM lLjiH.Ul

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