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J iii .. . .
, "waTO," "rOB BAL.B," "TO Mr," "LOST,"
fVITOND,"Ao.,ln this column, occupying fve linn
r less, two insertions, twenty-live cents.
AJ?7-5?JZX2Vltymt,k CAKE-BAKER
W. .S nMUWA'lllfi'M tea. -
minr... 'u-' no lmmedia'eiy. steady
ily suV p " iiSifrBSiSW !.6n- Addreaeorep.
Jiy 10 F. P. CTJNMHGHA w, fndianspolls, Ind.
ita? ik fh"'i.iIl't," D0t to exceed ten mln.
Jfl h.n.fra. W'b-strjet '. Address or
ll personally at No. 1 Fifth-street, In the cigar.
"-2: oeJI-aw
WANTED-Clerks, salesmen, took-keep-
lahT.r.'7lKf bki!, C0OMrS, mechanics,
IP, 0lnU K?itrrHo.,Ko.Jl West ruin,
street. oc24.. ' uil.it mi
uVANTrLBOARDrNG For srentle.
dr... h, '" box ten yri old. Ad.
".nfflc to O. T. oca I
V'ANTED-PUPILS. A ltd; who h.i
. bad experience In teaching on the piano, and
wk system na bMD Tory saoceasful, has a law va
eancles whioh ah wishes to 111. Befers to h
friends or bar pupils. Letters addressed to I. L
llualo Teacher, it tills office, will b attended to.
WANTED BOARDINfl By a married
. men. tn a private family. where thers art no
other boarders. Addrsst MIAUDIU. tale once.
- . ' oc2l-bl
WANTED II KLP Right off, Men, Wo
men, Boys and Girls. Also, eff.riag for hire
dally, ohoi- e Help, ma1 and female, for cfty and
country, our turuis art 10 acommo.l.tlnij that they
eou no be objeried to by any returnable person.
JPP'y at tbe General Intelligence Agency, No. 881
Western-row. A. J). CAKSON A CO.
N. B. Office open front to 11 .'clock A. M. and
tr tn I to 5 f , U. Alio after night, If notice be given
beforehand; ocJ4-b
f ANTKD-A MAN To work on Misses'
ad Children Welti, to whom rood wages
will be given. Apply to W. D. HoKKAN,
. Madlaou-strect, between fifth and Slxt b,
OcJJM Curlugtou, Ky.
Y. OBlt'S, No. 113 Ulinton-ttreet, north-east
corner of lluymlller, whare the Ooaloil and Lampe
are fur sale cheap. Alto llocklnghs.ro and yellow
ware, New Yura Ledger, Mercury, Weekly; Harper's
M 'Uthly, Ac, ai ieeued. oo22bT
WANTED ROOM A furnlihed room,
wit hunt board, In a privet, home and qnlet
locality, Hid within a few minut e walk of ournar
Blxth and Vine itreeli. AddreeeXWIil STUDENTS,
at thUofflto. oo.JO
WANTED SINGER A good female
. sinter and eoato tlnaer. Address JOHN
BOWAJiill, Uuolnauti, Ohio. Apply ImxiediateJ.
WAN TED SAFE A medium jlied
seeead-liand safe Addraea ft. A 8., box retl.
foitofflee. oo-bV
ANTED WORK A gooi carpenter
Address CAtt"r 5t athl. efllS7 "
WANTED MerebinU, hotoli and otheri
upplied gratia vith clerke, ealeamea, book
kaepere, forten, bar-kerperi, uacbauice, laborers
and otliera at 1W1 Wet ilfthetreet.
oW-.u! HALK & CO.
iyANTED AGBNTS-EnterprlsiDg men
. ;',n ver ,IU11 capital can make from lion
to IAK per month aelliuf a useful article, rtxiulred by
pvury buaiueas mun. Inquire at room No. e
U lilted Htatte Uotel, for a few tiays only. oulVaw
WANTED AGENTS nj otheri to call
and exnmlue tbecorn-bniker, gnte-faatenlng.
igg-beater, kuite.puliaher. acleaore-ahiirBeuera. ami
rarlety of other tliium amt-mte to travel with, at
e. Weat Iblrd-atreet.
OR RAl.R IlINTNf) mmnii m u
-. yj it uj j ii A il D U1U
Jngboardera.auda good traneient trade. For fiir
tlier pHrticulun limulre on tbe premlaca. oob
TjlOIl SALE LOT In Coringtoi, Ky., a
JL lot M fl on Kiddle etreet, and 1M feet deen
22 ".H.1 1 Lexington Pike, with fmufe
iuSjT I "'cheap. TormVeaey. Iiigulro
S .b,'hV.:"1'!. or at bla atorer,,,?
- nmm-airtaia, uincinuati. 0C21C"
EOft BALE Oinnibuaei, Peddlar Wbom.
Spring Wagone and Huggiei.
oeH.an.ood Btnk-itreet Omuibue taeiorr,
Iym fAm-rArivKB fcoreral thooiand
old nanerk m,. An v. ..r, r..i .,,i,i..mu
TCI OR RENT Two nnftirniihad Roomi In
HZ.' irJ,?', ll0,1l' W'non' hoard, within two mln.
Mies walk f:ti,nhe corner of Hlxth aud Vine. Kent
Per veek.tuoliullng iim of cellar, yard and by
J;llt. Inquire at thli otllce, or addtoia M. S 8..
..na office. 0324 b
FOR RENT-ROOMS-Tonmall family,
three od the flret floor and two on the third.
pply at 6t lm-itrret, between fifteenth and
h rty. o M-b
FOR REN T Ro i M On e fnrnlehed room
to one yeung gentleman. No. 1M Dlxth-atreel,
tlunl story, ocW-b
. . One or two gentlemen can be accommodated
with a furnished front room, with gu. In a prlyate
faniily where no boiiruara are kapt. Beferonco re.
Quired. Apply at 101 Longwrtbitrel. utar Plum.
,ocab '
FOR ItENT-R00M8-0n Milton-street,
Jvery good apartments of t and rooms, for
families all onOTetilrnrea, end rent moderate.
AJ".al!'J,le'f0ol lot Why 134 feet. Inqnlreof
T. Shi K, nanrtlie preniles. ocufld
fjOR RENT From offiee and second floor
'"'rent at Ke. it front-street, between lAa
rid Walnut. ocltht
tuber II, near Smith and Lock-afreet, a
blink pcck-it-buuk. gllled, containing three or four
(lollara, and a number of pioniiaeory notea three oa
Juiiies 0. Little; one for !2M, dated eJeptember M,
JSoe, aud two amu rtat for Won each, at twelre and
ettiiiteeii montlia;oth r notes, dates and amount! not
rrtnoniUrred. The finder cau hure themuuey, and
will ob igf the owner by leaylng the book aud notes
nt Htitiarrolller's Hotel, Conrt-street, between Mala
ami Walnn', or at this office. oea-b
MJl day, Oetotier 11, either In Cincinnati or Caring,
jDrawn peynble to the order of 0. 0. KNIFFITT.
Any pji-Bim raturnlng it either to the tubacriherar
W.U. 1IKAD O-Tingtoo, will beenltably rewarded.
Q. 0. KNllKlN, Ne.W) waetroirth-st.,
oeM-e between Vine aud Walnnt-its.
M-M oay night last. In going from the eaat end ef
Hurrlaon-atteetto thecomerof Broadwarand Hlxlb,
i b auk note book, containing worda In Welah. The
unuer wwuiu cenier a taror Dy inavicg it at tills or-
morning, two sorrol hori, which tbs owner
can bare by culling atOffeer(IUULo6l!ER,83 Bank
street, or at JJrtgbton Home stable, and paying
cha'gea. ocUb
1710UND EAR DROP Last night, near
. tlin corner of Right h end Western-raw, an ear
tlrea. Theownercan have It by Identifying property
and paying for this advsrtiiemeDt. ocjjb
MEN ran obtain good board and fnralahed
room In a private faml y whepi there will beao other
boarders, and where Ibayoan bare the comforts of a
liomeon reasonable terms. Address DOT, Post
office. Or34b
BOARDIMJ A few iln(le fenUemen, or e
soliable family, can obtain a line large front
roem on he second story, of a house wii k modem
conveniences, wtih board, ia a private family, by
applylag Immediately at No. It ala-street.
NEW BUCK WHEAT Anothar lot of extra,
fine New Buckwheat, "real Pennaylvanla," Inst
rboalved and forsale by JOHN FERUUHO '
cell Crocer, eorner Ninth and Vine.
CMOEID H A L I B D T-9ome rery nloe
r-? eimoaea aanoni inai racetvea ana loresie ny
ocH JOHN fKHQUHON, Per. tb and Vina,
rilEAS A large end well aiscrled itook of
M. extra Oraan and Stask Teas In store and fei
sale by JOHN FCKiJUxON,
rru ueraer Mlntb and Vina.
80 West Fourth-street.
Botween Tin and Waiaai-stsaets, Cdaelnnatt
isr.lread lajaCirculs 3U
Mabiusi Liotvsis The natnler ef mar
riage licenses issued by the Probate Court
during the put week wie forty-two.
Cloaki. The ladies will see that Cole k
Hopkins, eorner of Viae and Raoe-itrects,
open their new itjlei of cloaki and shawls
Highway Robust. A man Earned Henry
Weesil, while walking on the tow path of the
Miami Canal, near the Brighton Hume, night
before last, was knocked down by two villains
and robbed of $50.
Bbioubt. The boot and shoe establish
ment of Mr. Wm. Longstreet, eituated on the
corner of Linn and Barr-streeti, was bargla
rionily entored Satsrday moralng and robbed
of gome $900 worth of goods.
eiavati Him Right Toe driver of aback,
named John Keloh, was Ined (10 and eosti
by Judge Lowe 8aturdsy, and sentenoed to the
City Prison for the term of three days, for oare
lastly driving over a little obild.
AiSaOLTiKO a Woman. A very tmall speci
men of humanity, named Peter Kelly, was sen
tenoed to tbe County Jail fur tbe term of
three days, by Judge Lowe, Saturday, for as
saulting a woman named Mary McKee.
Citr Mortality. For tbe week ending
Saturday, fifteen nndertaksrs report forty-four
funerals; of this number sixtesn were ohiidren
ander tire years of age, nine of whom died with
scarlet fever.
Boy Dsowsid. A boy named John Btrat
ton, while playing last Saturday with a num
ber of boys on a raft in the Seventeenth Ward,
accidentally fell into tbe Ohio River and wai
drowned. Bis parents reside on Ninth-street
near Baymiller:
BivuttY-iouB. The lodiss ehould not for
ret thie number when shopping on West
Eonrth-street, at tbe display there of ele
gant eloalcs, shawls, silks and rioh woolen
dress food must please every taste, and be
wittiiA the eommend of every purse,
Takot tiooBBiBi. One of the largest and
best assorted stocks of fancy groceries in tbe
city ie that of A. MoDoneld & Co., at o, SO
Fourth-street. Tho beat of sauoea, preserves,
pickles, wines, brandiee, coffees and teas, are
there to be found.
Job Pi 1VTKQ. When any of our readers
feel inclined to give their Job Printing to some
other establishment than the Pbhit Pbbss, wo
would reoomtnead them to B. Prankland's, In
Nixon'e new building, Vine-etreet. Mr. P.
dose good woik promptly and at reasonable
i e n
Diatb ny Col. Rosibnhiwioi Col. Mar
tin Kosienkiewics died at his residence, No.
243 George-street, Saturday afternoon at five
o'clock, in the sixty-seventh year of his age,
alter a long illnens. He was well and favor
ably known in this community, and his loss
is deeply felt by hie many friends.
Mayor Bishop received. lastSaturdav. from J
S. G. Burt, Esq, Treasurer of the Cincinnati
Street Railroad Company, the sum of $171 OS,
per centage due the city on 1T,100 passengers
carried over the road up to the first of the
present montn.
BoROL.tT ok Sixtr-stibrt. Night before
last me resiaonse oi Jonn 1,. Burns, on Hixlh
trcet, near Carr, was feloniously entered and
robbed of some artiolesof wearing anoarel and
about twenty dollars in money. Theentrsnoo
was effeoted through a window in the rear of
,h h..M, M.h u fcMrini.aii.ijiiy ransaogea
almost in every part. After this they departed,
leaving the inmates of tbe building nnawaro
of the visit whioh had beea paid them.
Ahiricas Cbbibtu Mission by Sociity.
This association adjourned last Satuiday.
Elder Alexander Campbell was elected Pree
ident. Tbe officers for the ensuing year are
as follows: Jacob Burnetand H. fl. Bos worth.
Recording Secretariee; Genrce W. Bishop, of
Clnoinnati, Treasurerj 0. H. Gould, of Cin
cinnati, Auditor; leaaa Ewett, of Michigan,
vurrespuuaiiig oecrotary.
Axothib Robbsst Martin Richardson was
ootfloed in the Ninth etreet Station house last
Baturday on a charge of robbing a physician of
mis oity or a large sum or money while eomiog
from the Cinoinnati Trotting Park last Friday.
Report says the M. D. was very mueh excited
at the time the robbery was perpetrated. The
ease will be fully developed in the Polioc
Court to-day. '
Tub Lawekncbbcb Robbbrt. Nicholas
Rush, the Italian who stole some $450 in
gold coin from a company of Italians, at
Lawreneeburg, Iud., some days ainoe, was
before Judge Lowe, Baturday, and held in
bonds of $400 for his appearance, in default
of which he was committed. Rush was fol
lowed to this eity snd arrested by on of the
parties (Fraueisoo Foni) who lost the money,
and not by Officer Jones, as reported.
DwBLLivs-HOtss BtjRFiD The Swslllng
boaie ef a farmer nitned Timothy Triddell,
aitested in Byoamere Township, together with
the furniture and contents, was entirely con
sumed by fire about four o'clock on Saturday
morning. The Inmates of tbe home ware
asleep at the time the firooriginated. In their
haite to eioape, a little daughter of Mr. Trid
dell, about ten years of age, was severely
burned. The fire is supposed to have originated
by the high wind whioh prevailed dnring
the sterm, blowing tbe embers over the floor.
The loss is about l,000.
Smioss Accidust oh Walbdy Hills. A
lad about fifteen years of age, named Charles
Clark, whose parents reside some place on last
Walnut Hills, wag severely injured on Satur
day evening bv tbe overtiming of an omnibus.
Tbe regular driver had given bim the reins to
drive round the tquare, while he went to the
Poitoffije ; bat by some mismanagement or
accident tbe omnibus -upset. The shoulder
blade of the lad and several of his ribs were
broken, and besides tbla he was Injured to some
extent inwardly. One or two others, who were
passengers, were hurt somewhat, but who they
were and to what extant they were injured we
were unable to learn.
Kbw Books. Robert Clarke Jfc Co., 65 West
Fourth-strcct, have received the following
new reading! Harry In; tr, Uopi or Ih
Poor, is an illustrated story, originally written
for the inmates of the News Boys' Lodging
house, New York, end read to them bv the
Superintendent. It la an excellent moral
story, and has furNjts aiu to .induce poor
boys to seek homos in the oountrv. A Life
for a Lift is by tbe author of John Balifam,
UmUtnan; uuvej its Ugilvtti; A Utro, and
other popular works. It is spoken well of by
the eritios. Harptr't Monthly Uagtwint for
November, with ita usual variety of eater
taining and instructive reading.
PaisoaT, Jail nd Hosmtai In tbs Citr
Prison, at the elose of the week, there were 142
prisoners, (07 of them females) against 14$ the
previous week. Daring the previous week 47
prisoners were discharged.
Ia the County Jail there were 7 lunatics; 20
femalea; 2 on bread and water; II on Chain
fang; 78 in main Jail 127 In all, agalaat 121
the previous week.
At the Commercial Hospital 27 persons were
admitted during the week; It discharged, and
4 died James Kerr, Samuel Trotter, John H.
Harrison ana vnanes eyireiter.
In the Hospital, Saturday, 127 nation tg were
ander treatment, against 123 the previous week.
At the elose ef tbe put week there wm bat
we mm of mftll-poc In tho Pit-houio. i
Anniversary of the Cincinnati Ladies'
Home Missionary Society—Meeting at
Wesley Chapel.
The annual meeting of the Cinoinnati Ladles'
Home Missionary Soolety was held yesterday
afternoon at Wesley Chapel, Fifth-street, near
Broadway. The exeroiscs were largely at
tended, and, as the main body of the Chapel
bad been devoted exclusively to tbe accommo
dation of the Sunday Sohools, the large and
eapaeiouc galleries wsre) crowded with the
friends of tbe eanse, many of whom were com
pel I'd to turn away from the house, being
unable to obtain seats.
The meeting was opened with the ntual de
votional exercises, and after a few Introductory
remarks by Rev. T. Collett, reporte wsre read
from tbe superintendents of tbe different
schools. These seemed to be quite interesting,
snd, as they gave a detailed statement of the
condition of eaoh sohool, were listened to attentively.
From them we learned that the Society has
already established In the eity seven missions,
and have preaching regularly at three of these
plaoes. They have alfO eleven Sunday
Sohools six English and fire German with
an aggregate average attendance of over twelve
bendrad ohiidren and one hundred teaebers,
with a circulating library containing more than
three thousand volumes of books.
Many Incidents, illustrative of tbe manner
In whioh the work of the Soeiety was being
done, were related by the different Superin
tendents, some of whioh suffused the eyes of
tbe auditory with tears, and undoubtedly had a
tendency to give a renewed vigor to their ex
ertions. Mr. Brenhl, of the German Mission,
said their Brighton school was held In a build
ing surrounded by lager-besr saloons and re
freshment gardens, and oiten on Sunday after
noons the prayers aad songs of the obildren
under his charge arose te Heaven mingled
with the shouts and oaths of the oooupants of
these establishment!,
After the reports had been read, Rev. W. H.
Sutherland arose and delivered an address
upon tbe "History and 8eMess of the Ladies'
Home Mission in Cinoinnati." He referred te
the origin of the Soolety, stating that at a
meeting of the preaohers at tbe old Ninth
street Church, one pleasant evening in, Uii,
the moral desolation of the eity was spoken of
and depreoated, and they separated to meet
the next week, etch promising to bring with
him two ladies. At the appointed time they
again met, and after eonsnlting together they
concluded to leave the subject entirely In the
hands of the females who had met with them.
With their usual energy In a good eause, the
ladles went about the work Immediately and
held their first Sunday School in a slaughter
house near Brighton. Since then they had
been successful, as all who heard him knew.
The Ruler of the Universe had amiled upon
their elforts, and children had been brought
into the fold of Christ bv soores and hundreds.
Tho society had not oonfined its work to this
alone; but tbe physio! wants of thousands ef
persons had been supplied, and their ncoessitlss
relieved, by the benevolent bands of these
wingless angels. Their sueeess eowld not be
measured by the numbers they had brought
into the sohools, the hungry whom they had
fed, or the naked whom they had clothed; there
was a moral depth to the good tbey had ac
complished, whioh eternity alone could fathom.
The surface of a lake into whioh a pebble had
been thrown would be rnflied by widening
ripples until tbey kissed its shore on every
side; so, also, by this work the surface of
society had been troubled, and the awakened
waves would widen until they mingled with
the billows of the shoreless ocean of eternity.
The address of the reverend gentleman was
able at timet eloquent, and, although some
what lengthy, was listened to until the olose
wl'a the most profound attention.
In consequence cf the lateness of tbe hon,
tbe remainder of tbe exercises, which included
addresses by Rev. S. L. Yonrtee, Rev. S. D.
Clayton and Rev. J. F. Wright, were omitted,
and after singing and prayer the meeting
cloned, and all who attonded appeared to
Judge from their faces to have enjoyed It in
the extreme.
Courty CouiiigstoNCBS. At a meeting of
tbe Board of County Commissioners, last Sat
urday, bills were passed amounting la the ag
gregate to $1,151 70. The following bids for
building bridges and culverts were received
and opened: Bridge over Howaid's Creek,
sear 6 baker village; bridge over ssteereik,
near New Haven; bridge over Land Run, all
in Crosby Townsbsp; for superstructure aid
repaiting abutment over ryoamore Creek, at
Porter's Mills, in Bynames Township; for areh
culvert on road east from Reading Pike, In
Sycamore Township; for two bridges on road
from Pleasant Ron Postcfflce to Spriugdale, in
Springfield Township. For the first thtee
bridges the bids varied from $2 $7 to $4 00
per peroh for masonry, and $4 00 to $7 76 for
for superstruoturc per foot. For the two last
bridges $2 73 to $3 00 was the range for bids
for masonry per perch, and $ 24 to $4 60 for
superstructure per foot- Tbe awards were de
fined by the Board, in order to examine the
City Exr-BHesg. The following schedule of
the estimated expenses of the city for the
month of November has been submitted by
the City Auditor to the Fiuance Committee:
Police Department.... J.S.S1 J m
Hiiperlur Court avion
tilolli'kTi Knnd 1,2ml no
Fire Department s,72.1 oo
Board of ( iiy Improvements,..,.... T,mn m
Wlmrf lioala........................, , us ng
lluyor a Office 8&o 99
Ity Auditor's Office DMAS
Cly Tieaeurer'e Ulrica ,... 7s8 is
City S.ilioliiT'a Om....... 42 (W
City Council and Clerk an m
( ity civil Engineer's Office ....., ,m j
."wi'vuii , .....mm...... , c.m aa
City i'rl.on (b, Ouriilttee) 4110 10
Oil Manbal eOffloe , 1,830 00
CJly Bnlldlngc son m
Lily fuming ...,. 300 00
Total........ .......... ......3e.94 SO
Besides tbe above the Watch Fund will
seed from $8,000 to $0,000 to meet the ex
penses of that Department.
An Italia Stabbbd. About eleven o'olock
Saturday nlgbt, as an intoxicated Italian
named Raploi was earning down Western-row,
and when near Malaactbon-street, he stag
gered against ons of a party of persons who
were going up tbe street, whioh resulted in a
fight. Rspinl wss knooked down several
times, when he drew knife and out at his op
ponent, one whom drew a similar weapon
and cut him on the arm and in the side; His
wonnds ire not censidered dangerous. Tbey
were dressed at a drug-store near by, and he
was able to walk home. The other party es
caped. SuDDsit Death. Mr. Edward Woodman,
formerly a well-known conductor on several
railroads leading from ibis city, died very
suddenly last Friday. Some eignteon months
ago, Mr. W. went to Arizona, where he suc
ceeded in accumulating wealth. Ho returned
to this city a few days ago, and was on his
wsy East when he was taken sick and died.
His remains were brought to this city, and
bis funeral took plnoe from the Burnet House
yesterday at two o'clock.
Mbtbobological Obsbbvatioks For the
JVwy Prut, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. ?
West Fourth-street
Oftobas BV 9B.
7 A.M..
13 M
s r. H..,
11 M
.,..., .(...H....M. SSJ
If. M, ,.,
The alarm of fire about one o'clock yes
terday morning, was oooeslsned by the partial
burning of the work -shop ef B. k D Ilnaey,
situated on Pattorion-alley, In the rear of their
sale-room. Damage, about $200.
HTThe Marion wymnastie Association will
have their new building completed la about a
fiSf See John Guadjry's kdvertiseiue&t la
another eoluau,
CoMlilSDABLI An nnfnrtnn.t. .n kn
lost both hands and both feet by being caught
In a snow storm In Iowa, has ben in t be oity
for the peat few days pn bis way to prdwre
artitoial cues. He is truly au object of charity,
and we are glad to notice that the boarders of
the Gibse House made np a p'irse of twenty
three dcllars to assist bim in bis design, be
being a poor man, with a large family. If he
succeeds as well at other hotels here and else
where, no doubt be will be enabled to provide
himielf with the dsslrcd limbs.
Nabbow Esoir vrom a Violbkt Dbatb
On Friday evening the attention of Mr. Wm.
Jolly, the engineer of the down freight train
on tbe Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad,
was attracted by a moving form, whioh was
lying directly across the path of bis train, near
Falrland Station. Upon examination it proved
to be the body of an aged woman, name un
known, who was suffering from epilepsy and
hud fallen in a fit. She was oonveyed to the
next station, and after the administration of
proper remedies recovered.
Alvost ax Acoidsnt. The conduotor of one
of the freight trains on tbe Indianapolis and
Cincinnati Railroad very eareleaaly left the
switsbopen at Cullam's Station on Siturday eve
ning, and when the mail train oame along it
ran off on tbe side traok. The engineer diienv
ered the faot just in time to stop the train and
prevent an aeoldont, the result nf which may
be better Imagined than desoribed.
PevsoiUL '.liler Jams Cbailen, formerly
of this oity, but now a residsnt of Philadelphia,
will deliver a diicnure at theDisoiples Churee
ee Sixth-street, between Smith and Mound,
this evening at seven o'olnck. Mr. Cbailen Is
a man of considerable ability, and bis friends
will doubtless be clad to hear him eoain In hi.
old home.
iCOlBBltt. Yesterday afternoon, about five
o'elook. while Dr. Muscroft was returning
from Spring Grove Cemetery, a wheel oame off
his buggy, throwing his wife and obild to the
ground the horse at tbe same time taking
fright and making its esoape. Fortunately, no
one was seriously Injured.
TbbCity PASS.yoiR Railway. Three sew,
easy and elegant ears were plaeed upon tbe
route of the City Passenger Railway Company
on Saturday evening and were running jester
day. This company have shown considerable
enterprise and we ere clad to cereeive that to
judge front the manner la whioh it ll patrol-
1 .1 .7 At L ,!.
uiu-ue punuo appreciate it.
Orr tbb Tback. The mail train on the
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, while erosslng
Freeman-street on Saturday morning, met with
an accident which threw the first passenger car
from tbe track; but tbe only damage done was
a detention of train for about sn hour.
a-S. Wilson, at No. 78 West Fourth
street, Is displaying a large variety of rich and
beautiful cloaks, shawls, mantles, 4c, which,
at this particular season, is worthy the atten
tion of those desiring something attractive
and desirable in the way of wintor apparel,
draymen, with loads of soap, got into a light a
day or two sinoe, on one of the Covington and
Cinoinnati ferry-boats, just as it was leaving
the Cincinnati side, in which bars of bard soap
were the only weapons used. The seuns was
at once so amusing and so far removed from
danger that lookers-on did not interforo, but
stood off and enjoyed the fun. They continued
till the boat had orotsed the river, by whioh
time they were both in a good condition for
the application of water.
Boat Robbies Caught. A few days since
a gentleman in Petersburg, named MoNeely,
had his ferry-fiat stolen, whioh be valued at
$100. Aftor diligent sorch it was found near
Portsmouth, and the thioves, named Wm
Baily and Kolsey Smith, arrested. Tbey wore
carried to Burlington, Boone County, where,
on examination, tboy oonfossed their guilt and
were held to bail for trial. Baily reside at
Portsmouth and Smith at Steubenville, Ohio.
Bubslaby. On Saturday night last the
tailoring establishment of William Young, on
Scott-street, near Fifth, was entered by some
burglars end despoiled of goods to tbe amount
of ten or twelve dollars. A large hickory
cudgel was left behind. Tbe smallness of tbe
booty carried off, when compared withj that
which was accessible, would Indicate that tbe
thieves had been frightened away.
A rrsbtid as a Vagbabt A y oung mail, who
claims Rising Sun, Ind , as bis home, has been
prowling about our streets for some days,
sleeping in stables, 4o. Possessing no visible
means of support, he was yeiterday arrested
and lodged in iail. He is a healthy, stoat
young man, and It is a pity he could not tie
placod where he would be compelled to labor
for a year, at least.
Policb Coubt. Mayor Piloy disposed of
mo luuuwiug cases on oatnraay : Mary Clark,
bound over to the Circuit Court In tbe sum of
$50 for petit larceny; Jane Daniel, sent up
twenty days for vagrancy; EHsa Morgan, the
same sentence for like (jffenee.
3r0ar City Fathers ought to take some
measures for tbe batter lighting of the western
part of the city. It Is exceedingly difTioult to
travel our streets on a dark, rainy night where
there are no side-walks. At least, a man must
keen Sober to do so.
Oritu. At tbe request of many of our
citizens, the Parodi Opera troupe have con
sented to give one entertainment in our city,
whioh will takenlaoe at the Magnolia Hall to
morrow evening.
There are nln.f.An n.l.An... t. .
Jail, twelve males and seven females. Ia tho
jruur-uuui mere, are twenty inmates.
Mstbodist EpisnoPAt Sunday School In
tbubstiho ExBitcmis. Yesterday morning
soms very lateresting exercises took plica ai
the above sobool, which were highly pleasing
te all in attendance. After the U3usl opening
eersmony Miss James accompanied by Miss
Alios Sinalley, advanced toward the pulpit,
near which stood Mr. A. M. Bodley, and in a
neat speech presented him en behalf of tbe
school, with a certificate ef life-membership in
the Missionary Society, in a handsome gilt
frame. The presentation was so unexpected
te Mr. B., and the surprise so great that it
was some minutes before be oould reply
Mr. Bodley Is tbe singing teaeher and as
sistant superintendent, and has labored long
and faithfully in the welfare of the school,
He had scarcely furnished bis reply to the
school, when two other soholars advanced, and,
on behalf of tbe Infant olass, presented Miss
Sarah Chippendale with a like gift. Miss C
has in chirge the infant class of the school,
and has been a faithful tesober. The school Is
in a floorisblng condition, numbering two
hundred scholars, with twenty-geven teachers.
The officers for tbe past year have been W. II,
Waters, Superintendent; A. M. Bodley, As
sistant; I. Banghman, Treasurer and Secre
tary; S. Schell and James Jackson, Librarians;
and Miss Annie Sebastian, Melodeooist. On
Wedeesday night next the annual election for
the easning years will oocur.
Rbtcbkbv. Rev. C. H. Jeffries and W. H.
Smith, delegates from the Robert Burns and
Newport Lodges, of the Masonic Order, in
this city, have returned from the Annual
Grand Lodge of the State of Kentucky, held
at Louisville. They report that the citizens
of Louisville, and the officers of the boats on
which thry traveled, extended to thera and
their fellow-delegates from other Lodges,
every attention, and endeavored to make
their stay and travel as pleasant as possible.
Bloody Fiort witb Clubs. Two Germans
had a personal collision on Monmouth-street
yesterday, in which cudgles were used as
weapons. Tho result of the affair was, two
heads were rendered bloody, and badly
bruised. The by-standers stood off and let
them fight it out. One of the parties was
named Michael Sweilzerj the naa of the
other wo did not learn.
" Wood's Thbst.b -Mr Jm.s R. Anderson,
certainly one of the flHtel.ioiili.in'ais In the eonntry,
ana one of tl Lett nciur.. ( po. tbla e.tabliahmant
to-morrow evening, aa -Cli .i-W in Flalcber'e
beautiful play, Tne rit.r.a DtoTHta. Duriue tbe
en. igg-m3ot of itr. A. in Ibia city, I e drew
oveinowing home., ul bis eucaeas lu rhicaao,
wnere he has plated during the past two weeka, was
c,mplet-. Hla re-appeiMnee h.ri l itoubtles de
light the lovers of the le.itlmat. drama ami nlgntiy
nil tbe cosy and comkriabio 'theater to tt pleliou.
Pint's Opira-rocsb Bellini's beautiful
Pra of No a. with Alalmn aa "I he Dmideai,"
ui I'arod ; as"Ad:gta," b. given to-niahtat
JJ;eOiwri hour, for iheneneAtofthewprlniadniiiiH
1 he merit of t',ii couirauy 1110 wall known Hint it
would eieia almost u.clfse to do mura thin mka
his & I in pie announcement. Parodi I. one of the
nt eni-tes on the lyno et'g, and doeaeveryihing
she attMnpie admirably. Alalmo . an excellent ac
iresaiilagoi.daigi-r, and in both theae caparliiee
Is I'ONncl-ut on, mj deaerrlngof the approbation or
th. public. A eOnoDe.hbil.il. and tho lull 'trenglh
oribe company a comiiiu.d ill the cat, the well
known uitiaic of tbla really brIMiuutopara will doubt
tws b. rendered lu exmllent style.
T,1!? xel'ent company will opn Smith A Nixon's
Hull this evening, with a programme which la
. rtl-.y the in itfunnf all the lovora of I'liiopiau
tninat'elsv. The 1 anplalls stand at the hoad 0'
their proteaalon, and p- ee tt advantage, over all
other 1 ompaniae In till, line of bualne.s. They have
a udi-d the prouliarlias of the nexro on southern
piaotxtiooa, .ipitbeir ehllitlHi as niualoiansm.b e
them to renilera I the niuslotbey aiwiupt ia capita!
atylcand with good tas:e.
Tfm Biblb Panorama J. Insco Williams's
BlVe PiKiorum ia i.ow o. exhibition at the Concert
Hall in Pik.'a 1 ipeM houae. ih, representetlou ot
cl 10s I- to pictures what that oue "I llayd i's at the
Iwgiiinliigufiila 'iraicrfoi f the Creation is t. mulc,
anil nl- i- prutse enough for it. The remaining
acrneaaie rxc-ll nt, manv or them, and ebotild be
-e-n by thou, who are lnterted in the Biblical
lecord uf the history of tbe world.
Tan Msntkr Tbbtibokiai.. Tbe concert or.
Saturday night at Pmlib It Mxoti's Hall wae lurgelv
attended, a' d the perf rin-nce elicited conel rablu
pplaMse. Tne 1 verccrm-t was rnsented to (Jp:iu
Memer by T A OVonner, Keg , in a neat andap
pr prla'e arech, which waa reapouded to In good
atyie. The Guthrie Gray aud Hlahland Oiiardewere
lu ai tendance lu full-dress uniform, aud the Hudieuoe
prt-aenied guile a brilliant apm-arauce. Altogether
the affair pxaat-d off witb considerable eclat, end wae
a tubal mini teatlmouinl of the a. Usui in which
Oaptaia M. is held by bis friends.
A. A. Xyster, Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry, Vos. Ml and 271 Western -row.
ySf Sagserrelan Gallery, south-west eor
ner of Sixth and Wsttern.row, over Sannaford's
drug store. Plotures taken and put la good oaks
or twenty cents. Warranted to please.
PC A. I. Bloom, tbe well-known Daguerrt
lan, haa la charge tho Central Photograph, Melalne
type and Ambretype Gallery, eorner of Fifth ai d
Western row. Bo Is making Pictures cheaper than
eltowbcioln the city.
Chiaf Saois. If you want a good Boot
or Shoe, combined with cheapness and good mate
rial, for yourself, wile or children, go to M. A. West
cott's, No. 14 West fifth-street. Ills stock la large
and varied, and those who favor him with a call will
be sure to get a bargain. Call and oxainine hisatock.
Ovbbcoats. Now that overcoats are usurp
ing the ungainly shawl, Messrs. Frlel A McOuire,
No. 256 Walnut-streer, offer ludu?eueuts which can
not fall to suit those who favor them with a call
Their stock is Urge and of the boat quality, Cal!
and see them.
John 8. Gako and tub Malshauhip. The
State of Ohio vs. John ti Gano. This day (Satur
day) was fixed for the purpose of coueid.rlng tuu
questl n ae 10 whether this caeo ehould stand upon
an order of reservation lor the Supreme Court, or bu
at for hearing during the present term of the Dis
trict Court.
Air. SliicbeU (who haa boon jntl retained id th,'
cane to take the place of Judgo Oholaon on behalf of
the respondent) urged ibul it was a proper caae to ho
n served: that the counsol whoto place he now occu
pied iiudcrHtuod that there was a distinct agrcerueut
to reserve itjund that uo great lntereita would auf
fr maleriul damage by allowing th" order lu atnnd.
Tho opposite couusel, lu preying hla motion for 11
bearlug, bud relied principally upon tbe aaau notion
that euormoiia auuia of niouoy, in the shape of feea,
were b'diiK drawn dully by Sir. Ouuo; but tbo fuel
want' at during the Ave months and a half that Mr G.
bud exerciaud the duties of the oflicu of V.ariOml. the
whole uuiount r.-ceivcd bad uot paid the nctuul ex
senses, (accruing In the emnloymeut of five depmlea, I
the city bitrum icluaed to bund ovr to him 1 but pro
ii m uf tho eiiiuluiueuta of the otllce for which alio
was liutilu Alow, wht wore the great public inter
outs atatalte upon till, qiioatioii oi'urpevrvalion? Jlr
BubiOHOn, who tigiuue uii the record aa substantial
pUintilf, was uot iutercated aa be would uot be en
titled to charge foes, but upon auatulniug Is Is cluiui
would hare the right only to a ealary, which the
Council would have to fix Tbe cliy, if any party,
wo tbe one Interested, nod. m he uudemloo.i, tho
Lily Solicitor did not press tbecaie.
Mr. Haica Tbeciiy is uotiu this case.
M r Orneabei k, without di.puting the figures given
by Mr. Mitchell na to the uotii.it feea paid, remarked
ihnt Mr. (Jano was anciimulallnR large claim for hit
services aa Mara' ul. if bla c ieuta Were Milling he
ba l uoohjeatiou to a reservation of the cast, but bo
bad never agreed to miy. He thought, however, tbe
httr cour.o would be to Oi a uuy for the hearing c(
the case.
Mr. 11 uvea, In reply to the allusion made to him by
Sir. Mitchell, thouitbt it proper to say I hut be was
not here to resiat or presa the caae, bacauae the It)
wa not a party. Uuduiibte'ily, however, the Guy
was lutereated in tbe ujueatlou ae to wuetlter Mr.
Gno wan legally Manbal or not, and it waadualmhlp
that that 1411, ttiou almuld be derluituly determined us
eoou aa poaaible. But, he was not quite satlattt-d thai
a hem lug of the caae now Woulo baaten the rtnul de
t-ruiluulnni. In no ereut would tbe Oity of tinciu
nun regard n decision in ibiscoae that Mr, Gano ai
Marshal ae binding on her.
Jud.e Matthew (who uppeared on the same side
with Sir. Oruefbeck) remaiked that they were not to
aseiiine thut wna'ever v.hi the caae should be d, chltil
horn 1 ho party f .1 Ins would takeawritof error tiler
may not Hutu-limber or not, it wua no reason wb
thl. Court eh', 11 id uotdcterniine thecuse iu its prop r
order; particularlv a tliia tsult Huuld take rim 0,
that if the 1 ourt wae of opinion ihut the lawabolleh
iug the i.IUcooI MaihM . constilulii n), aad thai
Air. Oann i an Hamper, be Would then huv to
con ' eat I he iieai Ion not a au incnm beut of the offlot ;
whereas, if 1 license wmb reserved, he would continue
iu ofliie, and leceive ttie feea.
Ait -r mime further remarks were made by counsel.
Judge Mklion intimated that on MouUay the Court
would determine whether they would eet the case for
U.c aioiss. Este v.. Jennifer and others. Judge
Dl kiou d I veied the opinion of the Court 'I In
orl. iunl cum was a bill in Chancery to foieclnrs a
mortgage, and it came up now oeeu ,tlon to dUtilli
nte rroc eda of sale, on a uueatiou of prterity of liens,
between Jmlga En and It Jennifer the former
holding a ll-n, aud the latter a mortgage. Tbe main
Queation wae Mhetbera jiidvmenlnauniatapuruhaaer
at hi-rifTe sale is a iou on the properly (real palate'
purchased, niter the pnr baae, aud before thedeed U
d.-llver-td ty the bberitt to the purchueer. The Cour.
held I but It was not. mid decided In fuvor uf Jenni
fer e morteage, which went on the record after thr.
deed was delivered to I lie pnrchaaer by tbe Sheriff,
and before a levy was made on Judge Eete's judg
ment. M Ilia for Kite : JudgeTIMen on the other aide.
H Inkle A Uul'd end others vs. 0. u. bbane. A pe
tition in error to the judgment of the Common Plena,
revereing an order of tho Probate Judge (Burgoyae)
in orott-odiiigain execntiou.
Z. McCabe is. H-irper A Cr'ne. Judge Gholson de
livered the opinion of the Court, holding that they
were not eat it fled ti-at there waaany error, and refut
ing to reveran the deci-lon.
bleaih vs. Kotierte anil others. Judge Million de
livered nlengtbeued opinion in thiscaae, holding that
J. f otierts, ,en took a cerlaiu conveyance, with ft
Inowlerigc of Sh-ath'a niorlg,in truet, and subject
to a lien, and thut liierieviee.ee aud rppreeeutativet
niust hold the property eubjeot to a mortgage.
Price v. Laihr A Co. and ethers. In this cast,
(tried beforo Judge Hoadly) in wbicb Ihe question
was. wha-herajudgmcut was frauouUnlly confessed
by J. B. Neviua. the jury found that It wae confesaed
for the purpose of deiruudln. creditor, and that the
said Neviua owed the ft run of Lasher ft Co. at the time
Cincinnati Produce Market.
SATURDAY EVENING, October 22, 1859.
-Tbe mnrkot wna very Arm igaln to-day,
wlih an upward tendency In prices: eul'aof UUObrli.
at St 7nj! wo fur goml to choice superOtie, and $1 VI
ifei 2V fur extra. 4,10i brla. were reoived the last
tweiir.v.fnnr hour.
WHISKY The market for thie artMeopcaed nu
settleil, ami cb aid at a decline of Ho., nd very dull:
aalos of I. noil brla, at aic, iuoludiuv wagon.
PUUVIM'S-Mcas 1'crk ia dull it Oil, being
oflorodut this raU without finding buyrs. Lard de
clined to loo., wilh sales of tii'i brie., cl iedy to man
ufacturera. Nothing done in Bucou,aod prices nom
inal. Sides are olfored at VSc. to be de delivered two
weeke heuce. - We beard of nothing, doing in bulk
We quote sugar at ;7'Mc. Molaseee tingle, and
Coffee at HJauH!io.,aud for choice 13". la obtained.
v HK AT 'the demuu JxJiitinuea active, and prime
red haa advanced iro. per baahel: salni SWbiiahels
irlme red at 91 10; 2,000 do. prime white delivered at
I 211; l,loO do. good do. at $1 17; "00 do. do. do. st
I lu
OOBN The market for new ooutisuee dull, aud
price, lemain uncbauged from our quotations of
RYE-Tbemarkot it firm and the receipts light;
prioua mmiiia ateudy.
HARLKV-Tboro la bnt little demand, and the
market ie dull. Trices remain unchanged.
OVI'8 The market ia firm, with a good demand;
sales 1,-Ji'l buahela attCo., and JMdo. In bulk at 4.10.
OHEKSK Tliero ia an active demand, with light
receipts; sales 300 boxes Wcetern Ueaerve at 8'c; ix
do. ut 3io ; 5'io do. at o ; ai do. English Dairy at
10tc : 'it do. Pine-apple at ioHc
fiKEKN Al'PLKH-Theie ia a Mr demand, and
priced remain unchanged: talcs lot brls. mixed at
i 411.
POTATO K8-Bales 130 brls. Seebanocks st 01 0;
20H do vv eatorn at 40c,
CLOVE 11 bEED The market Is dull, and there k
but little dcaioadi sales 74 buslwig at V.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 22—P. M.
Flour five cents better, with sn aciivfl rln.
mand,pnrtlv speculative: aaeaii,aibl a, tt TVit
liil for auMrflne Mrala: Si rVVf..A rr .vtr. ,1,, a ?'. -
s f,r a-.peitioe Weatern $'.i.U..'i 30 fir eoriim-.,n I.
meuiuui extra roune-niKp uui-i. cio.ing q aei unci
very firm. Crnadiun Flour steady: ,alet Naj beta at
t.', Kig'i ; fir romnion to choice extra. II je Flour
lo fun ieu.iietat 113 Mkjrt 30.
Wheat InjSc. better, an I somewhat unsettled: aales
4t.0uu ueh lautil H7 torChicai-o Spring; Miiwau
kleOiuh 31 ISH; white ( anad Si 3; ami $1 VA for
arnber Uichieun. Kye dull and lower: sa'ea 4.&U0
bu.hela Ht 87(i-6o. Barley held higher and t quiet:
aalea 6.90H tiiialu'la at "f'ftMic. fir Cnafl Kim. orn
quiet ami firm: auiea 8.7'si bu h-'a ut &im&i OH for
ouud aud Jer-ey el!ow; lutxoi W o.ttin held ut St
0Y Hula buoyautat 43&44C. for State, tVealeru and
Whisky dull and heavy: sales i) br'.e. at 2V32SH'o.
Pork hear, for m aa, and firmer f ir prime: eules
1, MO brla. at Sit W6 30 for Msa; till S7 f .r prime.
Beefatuad)-: auiea tA br.s. ut $l(u4 01 for cuu try-
prime; .YS. 75 for do. mens. enoOl 113 foroxlru do.
liiel tiull firrepu'ked ino.i, und SH(HI ' t'-r extra
do. Beef tluuia outer: .mull auiea Vi t ern at $ i-tftltt
AO. Prime Iheaa l.r ,uiiH, At UnnA'A 4 Lit Muiita
quiet and firm at He. for ahonlilera, and X9Ho for
Hans. H-conqulet. Laid dull and heavy; aulas m
br'a.at lltailKc.
Butter ateady at 11 Hdiso for Ohio, and 1V320O.
forStute. 1 hee-e aieuuy utfiHaioyo
Coiiou buo.vant: sales 3.6O0 buioa at tlHH"4- for
mij 'lii.g Uplands.
Sugar guiet. ai,d has doclinel '4c oa the ivo-i;.
Aides iteady: Buenos A) ;res ilrJMe.
NEW YORK, October 22—P. M. [By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
New Orleans Market. NEW ORLEANS, October 22.
Cotton steady snd unchanged 1 sales 9,200
Sugar firm: sales of sew at 7c. Mr-laaaoa 42o.
Porkcloied buoyant: saletatflS 00(316 fr v astern
Exohangs on New York H premium.
Steamboat Register.
Aaniviu Denmark, Portsmouth; Vacolah, Kew
Orl-am; Lebanon. Sc, Louis; Forest Queen, Mad I.
eon; Prioress, Aloniaon; Superior, Louiavllle; Mel
row, Muyaville; Dumieth, Neville.
PspABTrjiBS Denmark, Portsmouth; forest
Qneeo, Madison; Melrose, Muyaville; Superior, L n
iavllle; Kanawha Valley, Kunawha: Piloro-e. il . dl
aon; Puiilleth, Neville; Priuce, Vlckaburg; Fred
Tron, New Orleans; Heael Jjell, Jleniphie; Maw Kiik
man, HumidHs; Economy, Momphla; Pialiie liuee,
bt. Louiu; Br. Kane, Sc. Louis.
JOHNSTON, in Sales.rooms,No.93 Main-street,
(utxt to Trust Company Bank).-kxteusivu una
Valuable Stock of Dry Good-,. Hoots. bbo, Huis,
Cups, 4o., at Auction On TUESDAY SlOUMftO,
October 15, commencing at 94o'ol ck. will basoN,
without aoy reserve, fonr hundred lots of Maple and
fancy Drt Goods, oomnrising a very desirable as
eon mem for oity and country sales.
ALSO -15 bulee heavy brown eheetlnes, ISO pieces
Red and Yellow Flannels. 15 pieces 4-4 M bite shaker
Fiannele, s50 piece. Callcoea, oaeorted; wit' tine
Mhawit, rlrb Drose Gooile, Hosiery, Gloves, liibbone,
Cumforts, Uouds, Wool Juukets, Au.
A LeO ISO cases Men'aand lioys' Btots find Shoe.,
fine Browns; Woinen'a, Missee' and Chlloren's
Shoes. Oxford Tien, Connie? Cliltera. Overshoe , Ac.
ALSO i.'aes of Bats, Cups and Bonnets, with 20
piecueCurpotiiitr. &o
oc24 THOMAS JOHNSTON. Anctioneer.
811 KAltf A CO., Hules-rnrma Noa. S7 nnd S
Olulu-atreot.-We wlllauil.onTBI'KSUAY MOUN
INU, Oct. 27, commeni'ing nt t o'clock, without re
serve, tor caah, :sjo cases Men's, Hoys', Yonlha'.
Aoniuu's, Miaaos' and tblldieu s Boots, Shoes aud.
Brogoua good aaaortmeut, and must be sold
ocai tt. BltAWHUAHS A UO., Auc'rs.
SUEAIIS A CO. Solua-rooma Nos. (7 aud (
Main-street. Orocorics, Sr.., at Auction. V 0 will
sell, Tbiti (Monday) AlilKMMr, Octolwr 24, at
o'clock, a larLje and general aaaortn.ent ol Groceries.
Xni!e, xolmcco, Sutfur, t'otTee, Tea, Soup, Paiuted
Tubs and Ruciets, Cordnce. Pimento, I'lgais, ic,
ALeO iioots, Sboenaud llata.
WM O. UKAS'ditAUB A CO., Auct'rs.
it East Third,
street. Laige anil Kxtenslve Sale of Pawnbrokers'
Qoous. On THl'ttStiAY and FKI1M Y, October :T
and 2d, ut US o'clock oach day, 311 packagoa, buudlna.
trunks. Ac, of Genta' and Indies' Wearing Apparel
of every variety rich and line Goods.
ALSO A vory large aiotk urid xuod assortment of
Gold and Sliver Watches, Jewelry of all kinds, and
Auatruments of a variety.
At ll' o'clock on Thursday 12 Kutlleh imported
Guns, Pistols, Ac. ; oue lurrro Camera, Ac.
oc.'l A. KKLLOUO, Auctioneer.
WILLIAMS-Hales-reoma Nos. 22 and 24 ICase
Third. etreet. Variety Sale of Dry Go-ids. Clotbiuir.
iJullery, Hardware. ,on TUESDAY MOUSING,
October 26, at H o clock.
Ai llla o'clock A general aisortuiout of Parlor,
Cnamberaud OttJco Furriituie new.
ALSO Second-hand Fu-uiiure of afamlly roiuoT.
in.. foc24' A. KELL'-GO. Auctioneer.
Positive sole of soven lots on Vine-street,
above ilniuilton Boad. U 111 be sold at t'lililio
AuetloD.nn TUESDAY AFTIl.HOO, October a
IdAv, at three o'c.ock, on the promisee, tbat vnlunble
properly of Johu H Lewis, on tbe Weat -ideuf Vino
sireet, above Uumilton Koud, bi-lng 181 feet fioul on
the Weat side of Vino etreet by 1M 10 Vli feot deep to
Oliio-av.niie, divided Into seven lute; one lot 1.40
feet front by IW t,ot deep, with n good frume bona,
of 8 rooms; the other six areeich 2u foot front. Title
Eorlect. sale positive. Tuima : One hiilf cuh, aud
alunco one ana two years, with luturoat secured.
THOS. W. FJM1N & tO.
that they are soiling lumber at their yard in
freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Daytou Bailroad,
Than any other Lumber Dealers In the city.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits '
Thsy submit ihe following list of prices:
Cash. 4 Mu'r,
Clear lember.all thicknesses, 1 in. meas 8 -7 5o $,uu"
Boat Common, IS aud 3 inch Plauk........ 2a IS) 3o D 5
Heat 1 inch Board'..... . 23 73 1', i
I Second " all tbicknesaes.............. hi 60 17 la,
j Thl id " Boards II DO 12 3.
urilli riauK, lace measure ...., rj M te
Hemlock Joist, Scuntling and Timber.... 11 Ml 12 uv
Poplar " ..... 12 M 110
First Common Flooring Boards............ 3A no 37 60
Second " " " 23 73 J3 10
Tbird " ' " " ............... IS 50 20 110
First Common Weather Boards 16 00 17 AO
Second " " " VI (a) 13 00
Cedar Posts, 4 by 4, J feet, per hundred... 33 00 to 00
Cedar " for fencing, ' " ... 30 on 83 fi
Locust " " " " 2i lal 22 .30
A further reduction of iH per cent, will be tuado on
bills ot $5o0 or more.
We have 0110 of the largest and beat selected stocks
of Lumber lu the Cincinnati market, which we offer
for tula at the abovo prices.
life mmmi society
Offlco 08 Broadway, Mew York.
JL entire profits, pro rata, among Us Po'iry Bold
era, legal Interest (7 per rent, only) lapaldooiia
stock, which may, by Investment, reproduce about
thut Nuount, tuereby Riving the Hasnied all the ad
vantages of the Purely Mutual System, with Hie
pl.dgw of n Perpetual laniial Slock and the added
security that ita Board of Biroctora have a P. rnia.
uent Moneted Interest In conducting Us affaire wuh
prudenco and strict economy.
1 ta raina are based upon the moat approved English
table, of mortality, vorllicd by American experience
to the present lim.i. . . .
By the Charter, Dividends to the A'snred are to 1 e
declared every live yoara, and may be applied to the
reduction of premium, or will be credited upon th.
policy, thereby increasing the amount insured.
Parties d siring to insuiewill be furnished with
the Society's publications, rates, Sc., gratia, upon ap
ulication to tbe Agent.
B.. WILLI am O. ALEXANDER, President.
BKNttYB. UYDIC.Vico freeldeot.
EnW AKD r. WIIif.lAMS, Secretary.
' QUO. V. I'll ILL1 PS, Actuary.
We, the underslaned, tuke pleasure In stating tl
"The Equitable Life Assnrauce noclety." or J
v..l. . 1 1 .1.1. k v..iu a. Trnav. Fs
rsq ,
IVIll I.Uim.UIVU I" U t- - . - F A'!.'
la entirely worthy the confidence of this comniniiliy,
aril thut tho combination of tbe Mutual and Joiiit
Stock prinolpie-ea by them pnented-roudr tnia
Company one of the most usslruble for Inaurera la
the country:
Ktedman, Carlisle h Bhaw, Slanhor 8. Bovre, ,
J. 8. Cheneweih A Co., . 8. 8. L'Hommt'dieu.
Blachley, Simpson A Co., O. W. Corwiu,
Thompson A Tuafle, U. C. Spencer. ,
oVJWest Ihlrd'Strcet, llaeeroent Hasonlo Tcmpie.
sett KxamLnlng Ihitician.

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