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Ii published daflr, ( Sundays exMptsd.) by
-rriei-e. U hit r o ata-i t c it.
THE FINNY PBE8S It delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Ooflugtou and Newport, sad r
rounding cities and towns, at the ex-
trtmaljr low prloe of , , ,.
pxiccser uaium:
single copies 2c.; 1 inouth ii)c.; 3 monthiSl; I year fa.
Johs A. Klllk, Jg.........Bolo Lessee and Manager.
S'coikI uljnt of
Mr. Jas. Anderson.
THIS (Tuesday) ETENINO. Oct. 25. Mr, Ander
ton will appear iu tho great play of
Hamlet .'...Mr. Anderson
lboal. ...... n ........ Mr. llann
Laerlcs ....Mr. Langdon
KiriaClaudiua Sir Lord
f'oloniua U.....M r. t.llaler
llurati Mr Head
Osric MissFauoy Dunham
rrne-diger .. m Mr. Adams
'Ophelia Ml a. Wlsler
sjueeu Geitrudc....... Sir. Gilbert
Dance, by 11 las Kate Pennoyer.
To conclude with the laughable farce of
Letty. Puddy O'Rourlce, M'lle Adelaide, M'lle Fran-
tout. Jumiina Sitsaalraas Bliss V. Deubani
l'uciillouj Etiquette ,,, Mr. Fieber
VPoor open at tHi Curtain rises at 7.S o'clock,
l'nicesor Ausibsion Dress Circle and Parquetta,
Mceuts; Gtallery, 25 cents.
MtlSIO-ATTKNTIONI-Therewill be a Grand
Concert of Music on the evening of 'ctobor 2S, at
vmisiian lu-tpet, in in oovemefttiui v. aro. aooiu
twi-nty-llvo Amateurs are engaged for the occasiou.
Tickots. 21 cents; Ohlldren, liicoun, oaasa
JL (Opera House,)
Jfow open EVERY EVENING, for a shout time
only. J. inn witiiamtscoieurniea utuie runn.
vninn. This mnanlncont Palnllntr commences with
Chins and continue down, in hiatoricul order, to
tlio Babylonish Captivity, containing morotuaa Ufty
of the nioit sublime and Interesting econcs Iu the
JIILle. Kxblbition every evening. Doom open at 7.
To commence at M to 8 o'clock precisely. Tickots 25
cents; cntiitron uuuer lovearsoi age is cents.
Ano. Exhibitionaun Wudoeudav and Saturday Af.
tornoins; doors open ut 3, to commence nt 3 o'clock.
txplumeu Ly ut. nonius. oc.2
Smith & Nixon's Hall.
.Positively one Week only, Commenc
ing Monday, October 24.
rTBOUPE, and the only Campbell' V3
innwl n ox iatonce: all other aasiiin inu fi,uf .
the naino are hoi hill? moro than
tiinuiifnlianka Mini iiuiiostcrs. nut to be trusted.
uittlm, tlit, niililiu nffiiiliMt, all Hitch.
The ndvantntrcs the UAMl'BICLLS enjoy above liny
other Minstrel organization, arisen Irani their win
tering the last twelve years tntho noiitnorn i-ouutry
Tholr delineations ot Cioki'o ennracters are talicii
frum uutiinil scenes uuu incidunts in Airicim hid,
Hnd aim at Drcntirie the Muilcdl and Comical neru
liarltirs tit the SiutUorn Kegro, andelevatiuK hun to
his proper standard of natural wit and mmical tnl
Mt. nrpftentlrie tho nliaaos of Neirro Llfenn tbe Miin
ration, and reproseuting the miHlcal capabilities of
tlie nioro relioed Negroes of cities and villages, In
rrpri'ientinK truthfully the shades and peculiarities
m jtoqrij tiiif, inu iiuivein.it nvvuii una riauipt'ii
the Cuuipbull Artists unapproachable and defying.
KMT Free Ualcony Doronade nightly by the CAMP
HELL lllta.Se HANP, led It ttie M'tzanl IJualer,
Doors open at a quarter to "o'clock; couimonce at
aqaartor to eo ciock, aiiuiishioii m conn.
rclbk Agent and Bosinosa Ulroctcr,
Pays for the Penny Press.
iYo, 14 West Fourth-fttrect.
nurlh sido. botween Wuluntand Aluln; r'uidence.
V uited States llotel. I am now ready to paiut all
kiud of flctiiriN in oil colors, nuyaiie required, In
Hue style nt ehoi l notice, aud on fair terms. Persons
livniK at u distuuee who pobaess any kind of libeueas
of tlienibolves or friends, liviug or deceased, can rely
on having them accurately copied and enlarged, by
souding them by mail to my addross. Also, lor sala
tho fine Col'Twl, Life-size, Lithograph of our Lord,
lukn by lUiddleton, Htnbrldgo A Co., from my
originul painting. Price, $r a copy. Beferenco can
bo bad of tho citizens of Cincinnati generally, where
I hnvo resided aud practiced my prulesslon the lost
twelve years.
Editors friendly to Art, who will give this adver
tiaenient one or two insertions iu their pupor, will
receive a copy of the Christ by applying to me as
above. ociuaw
Will pay for the Press
Soup, Perfaniery, Fancy Good, Ace.,
AVhieh I will sail cheaper thaa any other place in
the city) Yon will find a large AMortmsnt or EX
THACTIatWeeutf pr bottU. o14
VOL. 2. NO. 5tf.
Rates of Domestic Postage.
T..tT.llf V.n- n.,.h 1. 1 r Anu UH fuv, 1 1 ...
pre-paid, 3 cents: ovir3,UU0 miles, pre-pabl, 10 centa.
All letter lnii-l be pre-paid by a-.ainin, nr Inclosed iu
stamped envelopes, or they will not he forwarded.
i iia.nsi t.T is twnpApr.ni, rruinnicAts, cikcilabs,
&o to any nart of the linited 8tatea. not weighing
over3ouucea, 1 cent; aud I cent for each additional
ounce; pru-payuitutrciiuired.
Rooks, pre-sald, not weighiug over 4 pounds, 1 cent
per ounce, for any distauca In the L'nited States un
der 3.UO0 miles, and 2 cents per ounce over 3,j miles,
pre-payment required. All fractions over the ounce
to be counted as an additional ouueo.
Nr.wapAPr.mi and Pr.aionu'Ais, uot exceeding 1,'4
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly in advance,
and circulated in the 6tale where published dally,
:Tinarttji'2iS,ix times peraeek l'.i;i; tri-weekly
J'i tiiii.wecklj.ft ; weekly,3'i)seml monthly, 1H;
monthly, Mewspnpers aud periodical when
weighing yt ounce, double the above rates.
Hmall Newspapehs. publlfilied monthly or oftoner,
and pamphlets uot contalulpg more tlian IA ocavo
pages, in packages of ounces or over, H cent per
Wukklt Nkwspapees, within the county wh.ie
puliliabnd. Free.
Ouartorly paimeuts. in advance, may be made
either where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
Ihdianapolis M tJiNoiNNjvi K:tn a. St.! lib T. .;
t. u.
Cincinnati, IIahuton ins DiyTow 7;4!A. .; 10:17
a.m.; 6:40 p.m.; IU:IUP. .
Little Uum-7:3D a. .; 1:30 P. a. j 7:18 P. U. WM
p. .
(lino and Hishimiippi 7:1ft A. M.; 2:rn p. u.; in-t r,m
CovlNOToa AND LlXlNQTON 1H:2II A. St.; 7:06 p. m.
Departures of Trains.
Indianapolis and Cincp.nati-6:Jj a. m.; 12:00 .;
(rM p. u.
Cincinnati. Hamilton and Dayton Indlanapolt,
and Cleveland, 6:110 A. M.; Sandusky Mail, 8:110 A. u.t
H.'Uidusky, 4:50 p. m.: Accommodation, WHIP. H.
LiVfLB SIiami Clovoland and I'lttstug, ii:C0 A. v.;
Ulovolaud, Pittsburg und bt)Uair,e:0itA.ii.S Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:40 f. a.; Cleveland, Pills
burg and Itnllair, 1 1 ,3J) p. H.
Ohio anu Hisbihsipi St. Louis, 0:00 A. a.', Louis
Tills, 2:Do p. u.; at. Louis, 8:30 P. M.
Short Lino) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. H.i
A'OO A. M. ' 1 1 '30 P. If.
Oi,v:vlland', (Jolcmbus and Omoit'KATi East Front
street 0:00 A. si.; 8,30 a. m.; 11:0p. m.
Cincinnati and Marietta :lfv a. .; 3:!0p. n.
Okntral Ohio From East Front-stroet Depot S:J0
a. a.; 11:30 p.m. -
Covisoton ANn Lcxinoton :3 A. v.; 2:30 p. h,
iiD'- It is 6 lute J that the President has Ap
pointed bid nepbef, Juntos Buchanan, nyotiog
lawyer of l'hiladolphia, his private secretary.
;i9Mr. .T. Troctor, thn Auierienri actot, Is
performing at ilio Nuiionul jjUudard Theater,
in liondon. , ,
p$r Mr. La llountaiu'a balloon, the Atlan
tic:, which vita abandoned' by him in the Canada
woods, has boen eccurcJ and roturnod,
$J3 la Ilamhurg, Qermany, out of 2,8-13
eases of cholora this aumtnor, l,ll.!l havo died,
and 1,1411 have roooverod.
.8 A man iu Vrinoo William County, V.,
named Holmes, T?ui robbed a few J.ija ago ol'
$1,000 by tiipsies. TUoy were eubaciiuonUy
arrested, and ? 1,950 found in their poseossioD,
Tho two California gtoatnors, North
Sinr and Alhntu, failed froiri..Xew York on
Thursday for Aspinwnll, taking out 1,800 pas
eonjers.; jE3"Tht deaths in Tow York oity during
tho vear 1857, was T-Loii; in the year 185S,
2:VJti4; the death reports for eight months
thU year will show a uiatcriitl decrcuso in tbo
ffB' A State oxolianjre says that t dilatory
subscriber saw iathelat.ttuiw49-eai, traced
in "lines of living lihf'upon the sky, vatibi:
rniKTKR I and fearing the indignation of
Heaven was about to bo visited upon him, paid
vb'j bill forthwith.
By an English experiutent, it has been
Droved that sheltured sheun eat one-third lota
of linseed euke and two poundo less of turnips
por day, and yot the increase ol tuoso sltoltered
as oonipnretl with tlioso that vtero not, yot
consumed ruoro food, was as 5ii is to SO.
T4I" Tho Hoveroor of Vermont, la his
annual uiossagn to tho Lcgislttturo, status that
the expenses of tho State have, for eevoral
yoars, exceeded the revenuo. He ooniplaios
euoroichmoDts on the executive authority by
the preceding Senate and House of Heprcion
tatives, and trusts their example will not be
JESrThe Cleveland Herald notioes the arrest
in that city of Win. U. Hall, lato of Syracuse,
N. Y., who couimitled forgeries two years ago
to tho amount of .'$6,000, and made his osoape
to Kaaras, spending most of tbe intermediate
timeat Pike's 1'oak. Uo returned from Pike's
Peak on the 15th Inst , ana w&j immediately
"A-S-Tho Baltimore Sun Hams from the oen-
eus that tbero are not les than twenty thou
sand slavos of whom probably five thousand
are men, iu the couutics of London, Jefferson,
Berkley and Frederick, in Virginia, and in the
counties of Frederick and Washington, Mary
land, or within twenty miles of Harper's
jffSrOwiue to enticrutioa nnd dnmaud for la
bor ou railway!), tho we-it of England farmers
havo found difficulty thisyeur iu getting bar-
Test bands. Tho truth appears to be that
farmers have paid such small wages, and
only employed men. when obliged to for
short lime, mat iney nave driven mem away.
SrMr, Fletoher Harper, of the publishing
house of Harper A Brothers, sailed for Europe
in the ship Margaret Evant. Ho purposes be
ing absent three or four months, during whiob
time no win visit ionsianiinopio, Aiox.moria,
the Nile, Jerusalom, nnd other intoroating lo
calities in that region.
i7Among the erickoters who meet tho all
England el oven at Hamilton, is Mr. Phillips,
of St Catharines, a olergymin He is enid
bo a capital player, and probably forms him
self upon Charles Kingsloy's uiodol, "Fearing
tiod, and being able to walk a thousand uiilos
in a thousand hours."
;Jti?lIere is ajchanco for Yutikoe ingenuity.
It is to make a weighing balance upon ajcheap
plan, so that evory bco-keepor can afford
attach one to each hive, upon which it hangs
suspended, to indicate oaoh day the weight
the swarm anu us stores, puhu a ining win
prove highly satisfactory, and should at once
be invented.
sTIn Xow York, on Thursday, a police
oflicor was uttracted to a house by tho piteous
cries of children. On entering, ho discov
ered the dead body of a woman, with her
three helpless oil'spring weoping around tho
body becauso thoy could not awoken hor.
She died from intemperance I Her husband
is now in tho penitentiary, ns an habitual
STlie Angora Goat is being extensively
acclimated in Franco. The (leece sells
from S3 to S2 50, nnd tbe wool, or rather hair,
makes oxccllont velvet, uniting the luster
silk to the firmness of wool velvet. A few
HiMft lif-sutiful animals were imported into
South Carolina in IMS. Thoy hnvo increased
to upward of 50 of tlio puro breed, beside
many moro half-breeds.
-3Tho MesBrs. Winans's, of lialtiinore,
the enternrisinir builders of the Winan's
toamer, are, we learn, preparing materials
another steamer ol me sntne raouoi, on a more
oxtended scale.laud combining all tbe improve
ments suggested by tbo frrqucnt experiments
made with the present vossel, whioh is lookod
upon by her builders moro in the light of
model to be improved upon than a perfeot
specimen of marine architecture.
The Insurgents at Harper's Ferry—
Their Place of Trial.
The State, of Virginia has tho insurgents
prisoners in the Jail at Charleston, teat of
Justico of Jefferson Cojnly. This place is
on the railroad eight miles from. Harper's
Ferry, and within twenty-two miles of Win
chester. It was the site In 1789 of a log
house rcsidenco of Colonol Charles Washing
ton, tbe only brother of Washington, who
settled wost of the Blue nidge, and is named
from his Christian name, ho boing the first
proprietor. The whole land in this vicinity
was originally owned by the Washington
family, and John A., aud the Washington
recently made prisoner by Brown, still own
lund thereabout.
Tbe pen of the novel will iu due time
work up tbe plot of this ill-designed but dar
ing Ossawatomio story, with description
tne scenery ana narrations ol the legends ot
tne locality, wnich will stir the blood, and, as
it ought, poiut a moral to the appetizing
reader of some Sylvanus Cobb or Emerson
Bennett. St. Ronan's well will not be more
famous than the well dug by Braddock's
army in their route to tho West while en
camped about a mile from the village, on the
land of Bushrod Washington, once an Asso
ciate Judge of the Supremo Court of the
United Slates. The tale will be graphically
told that, when Captain Cook had escaped,
the mountains were scoured, the railroad cars
wero searched, and every availuble means
taken to track tho fugitive, when on the sug
gestion of the Funny Pbess, of Cincinnati,
tho time-covered well, long concealed, was
explored, and the dead body of Cook found
in its deep depth.
The fancy of the writer will dwell with
force and power in diecribing the secret meet
ings of the conspirators; Old Brown, com
mander, in a cavern, two aud a half miles
south-east of Charle&town, known as. Wash
ington's Masonic Cttvo, which is divided into
several apartments, whioh tradition busies
itself in declaring was used by Washington
and others in onrly times as a Masonic Lodge,
ami where in 1844 tho Masons of tho vicinity
hold a celebration.
Not content with painting in elegant words
iu its liveliest colors, n picture of the confer
ences in tlio Cavern, Another locality near
by, about two niih-ejsouth-wcat of Charles
town, will bo described in Walter Scott stylo
as tho spot on which are tho Kuitis to
hereafter kuown as tho Ossawatotnio Abbey.
Moar tho lino of tho Kailroad to Winchostor,
in an open, cultivated iield, stundthercmains
of an ancient church, heretofore known
tho ruins of Trinity Church, Sorborno Par
ish. It is described as a vouorablo and pic
turesque ruin, overrun with vines, which,
dinging in their beauty and verduro to
crumbling walls, gently wavo in the passing
winds. Tho cedar-wood of the windows
reported sound and fragrant, aud ou tho
walls arc carved the names of visitors.
course, now, there will ho a smell as it were
of brimstone, and tho magic naino of Ossa
watomie Brown will, to ho sure, appear very
onco in a while, in letters of bluo or phogpho
rcseent light, and disappear at iutorvals
the entrance ol any of the brave defenders
Harper s i erry. ino ago oi tho building
unknown, anil due caro will be given by
dresser up of tllO story, to add for quantity
ftlli tuftiriy, what of B10S3, ftntl lnould, nnd
lizards uoeoasury to make a ruinous-conditioned
ruin. Fancy can havo a wide rimc-o
over tho alleged statement, that the dead
u luer gunurtibidua vvuo rui'oseu Ob mcir unau
have been despoiled of tho monuments that
onco marked their resting place, and gave
token to the strunger of tbo names, uges and
virtues of the departed. Now.it Old Brown
was not pool enough to fill tho graves with
pikes, and make these groy old ruinshisSen
aloChambor or Armory, it is none of our busi
ness, or, of tho gossippy novelist who is
tuke ovtr cuo, and give us a reudablu story.
TfeU must he done iu ninety days from date,
or tho incidents (Uiiy occurring of the valor
aud bravery of the Governors, military inon
and volunteers, who are gaining distinction
reference) to the great insurrection, will take
away all tho interest from tho story of Old
Brown, and the well, and tbo cave, and
ruins which wo have hunted up, and offer
Uarptr't Weekly, or Lealiu't Muttrattd,
"free gratis lor nothing," to ho wrought
in short order, with cuts, the only demand
we make, being only to ennouueo that
Penny Press, though furnishing themes
description, takes no hand in getting up trea
sonable conspiracies, at home or abroad.
j"0tJuhn E. Cook, or Captain Cook, us
is now moro familiarly known, from his ullogod
connection with this Harper's Ferry insurrec
tion, was horn in Haddnm, Conn., where
parents, vho are highly respectable and worthy
people, now reside. Ho is a young man,
about twenty-fivo or twenty-six years of age,
well educated, and of reSned manners, and is
brother-in-law of a well-known merchant
New York oity. no taught school, loino
or six years ago, at Harper's Ferry, frou, whioh
placo he wont to Willianisburgh, and com
uiooood the study of law with Mr. John
S learns. Three years ago, he went to EansHS,
and remained there about one year, during
which time bo distinguished himself in
Free State cause. At the expiration of that
time, he returned to Williamsburgh, where
remained for a tew week', when he again
out for Kansas; sinco which tinio his friends
have heard nothing from him until now, when
bis name) appears in conncotion with
Brown's deplorable attempt.
yGoncral Kollogg, of Brattlohoro,'
introduced into the Vermont Legislature
bill providing for a heroic statue of Ethan
Allen, to bo placed in the public grounds
front of tho capital. Should tho bill pass,
tho work will be entrusted to Mead, a young
Vermont artist, who hus exhibited extraor
dinary talent ns a sculptor, and whose noble
plpstcr modol in Brattlcboro' has attracted
warm and desorved admiration, an have
his vory lino cast for a bust of tho venerable
patriot, W. 0. Bradley, and other enmllor
works iu his studio.
jESy-Tho present Sophomore Class of Yalo
hps voted to abandon tho old College bur
lesque of the burial of Euclid. Last
was only preserved by a small majority,
now is "gone forovor, probably. So long
the faculty threatened its non-performance
with pains nnd penalties, it flourished
sinco tho College oilicers havo adopted
policy of letting it contemptuously alono,
students look at Its absurdities in anothor
light, and voluntary turn their laces from
Ncto Haven Journal,
n&r- T)r. Edward Maxwoll, of Blooniiouton,
Indiana, having an attack of obills, went
the di-mr-stare of his brother-in-law and asked,
as tho brother-in-law states, for five grains
morphine, which bo took, and died in a snort
time. Previous to his death ho declared posi
tively that he had taken quininoonly, and it
nnnosei that either the morphine was given
In mistako for quinine, or that the Doctor
asked, in mistake, for morphine, when
meant to obtain quinine, as his brothor-in-law
la nnsitlre that he asked for morphine.
affuir caused great excitement.
ira-The m!ns of Clanshal are drained
a tunnel tlx miles long, out through a moun
tain. A subterranean oanal 14.034 foet,
nearly two aud three-Quarter miles lone,
been made for the oonveyanoo of ore to iom
of tbo sUittu.
Prof. on the Evidences of
God's Existence.
Prof. Mitchell delivered the first of a series
of four lectures on the al-ove subject before
the Gillette Association, of New York, oh
Tuesday ovoning. After describing the bound
less extent of epucn, and tbe distance which
separates even the nearest stars, ho said:
Whence are those oljcct.? There were
three hypotheses on which an attempt had
been made to answer tbe question. The first
was, that tbo world was eternal, having nellhur
beginning nor end. Tbe seoona was, matter
was eternal and can not be dojtrnyed. Tbe
third was, tlmt they were tho woik of an
omnipotent, divine Being, The first, was tbe
Universe eternal? Had the surd existed, tho
planets rolled, the suu shone, aud had our
earth itself been circulating round tho sun
irom eternity lliey seemed to be crganued
for ettrnity . But when we examine out cartb,
the only one we cau exainiue internally, we
must, if tbe first hypothesis be coneet, find
animal and vegetable lile eternal. This was
demonstrably not too ease. ibe second
hypothesis, that the matter is eternal, out uf
which the world was formed, and that trout its
creative conditiun it had beon brought by cer
tain immutable laws. Lot them but consider
a partiole of matter: would it either rio or fall
without a power to move it? No.' Chaos
existed, hot oat of it no ordor oould arise
until a controlling power willed it, tho insen
sate matter was organised and a world was
formed. That brought liieia to the third
hypothesis that the wholo universe had beon
called into existence by an Omnipotunt Qod.
In proof uf the correctness of tho third
hypothesis, the speaker told of tbe resolutions
of the various planets, and of the wonderful
dellcaey and complexity of the arrangement by
which they were made dependent upon oaeU
other, and thowiug how tho slightest deviation
from tha great laws, that govorn them would
destroy tho wholo. ive woro living npon a
globe, be said, which was allied to all other
globe3 destroy tbe equilibrium and all was
destroyod. There was not a planet that had
not its size, weight and velocity assigned to it.
Change oitbor, and destruction must inevitably
follow. Could they think of that, ha asked
all that, so beautuul, so delicate, so sublime,
and bolivu that it same to ho so by chance?
Thoro were, in all that was known of tho
heavenly bodies, every evidonoo that each and
every ono of them wusono mattor,govorened
by the same gieat Uw,i, and by tho same groat
controlling power. In conclusion, Professor
M. said he could, if he had tho power, have
built a universe so that there would not havo
boen none of tho change..; which ours is subject
to. Ho would havo nude tho planets cf ono
matter, and placed them so that they should
not have allooted each other, utr 6houli thoy
have been afl'ected by the sua. Ho could havo
lanched them out, and lliey would havo gone
on perfectly in their sphere Now, why was
not the world so built if there wore no dilier
eneee of matter? It had not been becaujo
thero was but one matter, aud matter coulu
not be willed to attract, and not attract.
Hence, the wondrous rohema by which tho
earth was dragged by tho moon, then by tho
planets and by tho sun, hero and thoro, fo that
dissolution seemed inevitable, but stilt tlio most
perfect harmony prevailed, and the earth
rolled on to eternity. Let the mind con
template those orbs and their government, nnd
tho conclusion was unavoidable This h tlio
ompire of Almighty dod.
JtCTTko Philadelphia yr(h Amtrienn lull:'
the following story:
A fow days slnceanolorly lady, accumi'anieil
by hor nephew, a little boy, was returning to
Philadelphia from a visit to her ancestral homo
in Adams County, by tho cars of tho railroad
passing through Columbia and Lancaster. At
Columbia, depoeiting her basket and parasol
on hor seat, sho stepped out to buy the lad
some cakes. Meantime, a mild -ppoken, benev
olent looking old gentleman, of portly nspect
and gentle demeanor, entered unnoticed and
took, tho vacant coat, wnicn nupponcd to be
tho only ono empty iu tho cur, so that tlio old
lady on hor return was obllgod to say, "Sir,
you havo got my scat." "Havo I," returned
the benevolent-looking old gentleman, "i am
sorry for that, but us there appearn to bo no
other, I should be obliged for permission to
remain in it, if you will do me the honor to
let me sit besldo you." The ladv replied the
bad no obbjeotioo, except that bur boy could
not stand up all the way to Philadelphia,
whereupon the old gontlemnn took him ou his
lap. This colloquy attracted tho attention ol
some fussy looking man seated near, who
started up and (aid with a thc.Uiicul air,
''I'll givo my seat to James Buchanan, I'rcsi
dent of the United Statos," for it seems Ihit it
was really Old Buck, who is fond of traveling
about without parade or atton dance. Tho
loud voice in which tho announcement wai
made caused eome one to propose three cheerV
for Mr. Buchanan, whioh wero glvou with a
will, and tho whole ear was coon in an uproar.
But, however, ho may have failnd on other
occasions, Old Buck was the man for such u
crisis. Perceiving that if bo got out of his
place ho should be pestered withband-shaking
and all that, he kept his sent, quietly remark
Ing that he preferred being with the ladies.
Aud so from Columbia to Wheatland ho rode
chatting, unknowingly, with the mother ol
two of the staunchest Republicans in the Stato,
one of thorn an editor, and both writers, for
years, against James Buchanan and his party.
Cal'Skh or Muntal DisKASf. Dr. Edward
Jarvis, in his valuable paper on this subject in
the last North American, sayB:
In the reports of eighteen American hospi
tals for the insane, which state tho oausos of
tbe disorder of their patient as far as they
wero supposed to ho kuown, one hundred und
seventy-lour kinds of events, hnhits, or cir
cumstances connected with tho misuses of the
mind in the manifold varieties of mental
action, application, and oxeitement, with the
stimulating ant tne depressing emotions, nope,
fear, eriof. disappointment, and trouble, and
with the malignant passions, are given as tho
causo ot their malady. Among twelve thous
and eight hundred nnd thirty-eight patients,
the causes of whoso insanity are stated, 22.7
nor cent, were oonnectod with griof, disappoint
Dicnt. and othor depression emotions, 8.2 with
excitements, anxioties. and depressions from
religion. 0.0 with property, poverty, nnd
business, and their attendant anxieties, ox
eitomcnts and losses, and 5,5 per cent, from
e.xcoss of mental action.
Tdi.k Youth. In his recent charge to tho
Grand Jury in Washington City, Judgo Craw
ford, who presided at tho Sicilies trial, ad
dressed himself to a subject paramount in im
portanoe, and mado the following remarks :
If tbe young men, who are to be tho futuro
men of the country, were brought up with a
more decided home rule, and compelled
when compulsion was necessary to devoto
themselves to tho acquisition of skill and
some useful and rospeolable vocation,
thore would bo less osoupation for
courts and juries. Tho engagements and
habits of the boy will cling to tbe man, and
upon his oduoatinn and training under the do-
mestio root will uepenu mi siauuinu; anu
character, and hit usefulness or tho reverse in
jrllie City Council of Charleston, S. C,
have appointed Thursday, tho 20th prox., to
be observed as a day of thanksgiving and
Noon Dispatches.
Additional Foreign News.
Fbamcb All the Catholic Bishops have re
ceived orders from Borne to preach in favor ol
tbo restoraticn of the Italian Dukes.
The Paris journals my that Napoleon h
getting disgusted at the procrastination ol
AuHri.t in relation to tho Italiun question,
and f' r tho nenco French policy inclines to i
more intimate understanding with England.
The cniuers has received a warning in con
sequoi.ea of the publication of an objtiutiuuabU
urticle who. regard to Cochin China.
At the Paris Bourse on the lUh,rar;cs clused
at Off. bic.
Commercial nll'airs iu Franco aro reported
as uosuii.-.factory. There has been a slight
decline in the price of Wheut and Flour ai
Puris. The quality of the new vintage is said
to bo quite inferior.
Italy It is stated that tbo French Consul
at Parma has boen urdorod to leave, unlesi
prompt justice should bo enforced against tbe
uiiirdcrers of Count Anvito. The Uovorninent
of Par ma has dtcided to Act severely, and the
investigation is progressing. The odicial
Piedoionteso (!u:tlle brands tho crime fti
exeorablo. The national subscription for the
piirchuio of a million of imiikota is proceeding
with great euccoss.
Tho organ uatiou of thd military forces ol
the Italian League is under completion. Vol
uutcern are daily coming in great number.,
from Yenctia, uud doscrieia from the Papa;
army are flocking in. Tho olQcial Picdmou
t;s,6 Oatetie domes that the King Victoi
Erntiiiirjuel has been uppointcd Dictator ii.
the Legations. The Sftrdinian Chambers ari
to meet hS soou us tho treaty of peace h
signed, and will thou bo dissolved, and nev.
elections tnko placo.
A memorandum Jfrom tfnmagnn urges th::
Great Powers tofonctlflrj tho nuuoXntlnn oi
Piedmont, says that the Popo has virtually
abdicated his authority. The Sardinian Min
ister is about to quit Homo nnd will placo tin
subject of Sardinia under the protection o'
the French Kmonf-sittlori Tho Downger Em
prcFS of llussia is about to visit Piedmont,
and the King is to receive her nt -Uonon
This, iu connection with oilier incidents, i-consti-iiPil
into a nympnthy between Kttssi:
and Piedmont.
Ars-rniA. The luxes imposed iu May last,
aud which wore to bo continued ouly durin;:
too war, nave been picl'iugod to November
IStlO. Tho rumor that J'nron Brack hnd ten
dcrcd his resignation is uot confirmed.
Spain. It is said that Morocoo has n.-kco
for a further (I0IS7 for the settlement of th
question at issuo with Spain, but tho demand
has not been acceded to.
Tho Spanish Consul at Tangier lias rocoived
orders to tuit his post Ho toiler 15, and ou th-'
18 th the troops aro to enter the JUouriah tern
tory unliss the dispute is previously anuugod
India. The Oalcntt mail of Septeiuuer in
bus arrived ot Aden.
The robcls at Nopaul and on tha frontier ur
still troublesome.
Souio of the discharged European troops had
already Bailed from Calcutta.
A vague report that Lord Canning Is to be
fuceeeded in tho Unveruor-t'ouoralsliip by .lhc
Earl of Clarendon prevailed.
Chima. Tho dates from China, received bv
the overland mail, are to September 10.
The Pciho Kiver and tbo Urand Canal am
still blockaded by tbo Knglish and French wsr
The American Minister, Mr. Ward, was ttill
negotiating with tbo Chinese, and was about
to proceed to i'ekiu. . ,
ciiinir-kau, tne colctiratcd rebel leader, na-
been killed by bis own people. .
London, October 12.
Tnu Latk-jt. Tbeio is a fair demand foi
monoy, and only in exceptional cases has busi
ress been aovu i-ciew tne hulk unniuiuui
C msols closed yesterday tirm at an advance ol
, Tho Uaiiij Acim says that tho liovorn
uient of Morocco is disposed to concede to
Spain's demand,
The Ac also says thoro is good reason t
suppose that the American differences will soou
be sottlod. Tbe languugo of tha United States
Government is lirm and honorable.
The Time states that tho want of funds by
tho Government of Contral Italy is represented
as daily becoming moro severe, and it is doubt
less upon a break down in this respect, that
tho Kinperors of Frauco and Austria mainly
calculato for tho restoration of the old rulers.
The agents of Tuscany are understood to
havo boeu unsuccessful in the attempt to raise
one or two millions in London.
Hon. J. R. Giddings and the Harper's
Ferry Insurrection.
Hon. J. R. Giddiugs publishes a oard de
fending himself from tho insinuations implied
by tbo refusal of Captain Brown to answer the
question in conversation with Senator Ma-'ot
and Messrs. Faulkner und Vallandighuni
whether be (Ijiddings) bad been consulted
about tho Virginia expedition.
Ho pronounces this attouipt to ossail kin
dishonorable, and donies ever buying been eon
suited by Brown in regard to hit Virginia ei
peditinn, or any other expeditions or tusttoi
River News.
PITTSBURG, October 24—M.
Diver two foot eight inches ut Glass-house,
and falling. Wcathor olear.
The Game Fowl Business.
In 11 n article desotiptivo of tho business of 11
nolod gamooock raiser in Pennsylvania, thi
Charleston Mertury oommunioates the follow
ing inforuinlion :
Annually, tho Dootor tests his ttrulus b
taking fowls ono year old, putting strong a too;
gafts on each; they arc then permitted to
tight until they are literally out to pieces, the
cold stool entering the flesh at evory blow, and
the fowls standing it unflinchingly. If ono
ohnnee to run, oil go Iho hoads of all his line,
both male aud female. In this way ho main
tains the great name bis stock acquired; for
were their purity doubted, their value would
fall about fivo hundred por cent. Our readers
may deem this extravagant, but when we toll
them all his strains, comprising "Mexican,"
"Tarter," "Ilattlor," "fcel'ton," "Derby,"
"Stnnloy," "Irish," "Sergeant" nnd"Coun
terl'oits," betidos many crossos, command $7
for a stag and one pullot, 10 for a stag and
two pullets, $10 for a cock and hen, and $15
for a trio, whilo the clippers, the noted
"ohampions of Eurnpo," bring -$ll a pair, and
$20 a trio for young onet, they will not thtnk
tho por centage exaggerated. All classes
purchase them cockers for tho purpose of
winning monoy; fartnors to improve the lay
ing powen and tenderness of flesh of their
fowl; fanciers for their own amusement. Thoro
is no disputing tho fact, that good game
fowls, crossed even with common ones, emi
nently improve them, and benoo are useful to
,8-Miko came Into our t.inotion the other
day with a very knowing look.. His first salu
tation was:
"Why is the Great Kaittrn ltko an Irlth
Wo, of oourso, gavo it up.
"Because," said Mike, "one Is the maid
Erin, the other i3 mad j of lmn!"
I Ho loft immediately. Portland Ahrtitr.
Advertisements not exceeding Hve lines (Agate, -Ono
insertion...... ...J Zi Ouh w k..........f I 141
'two vwks 1 Ml I One inoutl 2 10
l,uUr advertbstuuuta hiw-iltd at ins folloking .
rates for square of teu lines cr les :
One luwrtim.... CO I Two weeks.....MMU'.f 4 (4
aacnu'l-U ual 111.'.. -: luree ..... 1
(jui seek 1 ! (Je mouth.. .., t ul
Job Printing,
In all Its him. In -1- n- v i'h n-i'n-"i aid u;-)akh.
PremiiHH Awarded!
Suioke-f ousiiuilug foul Cooking Stove,
Is without a rival. Call eo
Inventors nd Mnnufacturerti,
Novelty Iron Works,
3 3-3
Fourth-street, West of Smith.
Examine the Alligator and road Testimonial!.
at lent j i-t what the La-lies have long not ded
iml looked for in vain, Ilie Uterine Llitir. .
Tho Murine Klixir it warranted to cure nil ills.
kiis-.s of a l'1-Tlno N.ilure; Jnllamnmlion of the
Wouih, the Ki'ttie), the ovarii, and the Crfiihra,
1'rulapsusor Kail iiu-ol the Womb, t'alnfnl Menstru
ation, Chlorosis, Aiiieuoriutiaj iu fact, a I'erkot cura
i( uuarmuteed bytue line of from two to five bottles
-l tlio lllixir, i-f Hiiy dlieuso whatever of the lienor
'itivii and Urinary Organs, of male r f.-uiule, no
matter of hov. loin; itim-ling. 1'rlce t por Dottle.
.Mud, one LLLls cah. particular uttootion to the
lolliAt inif Caul of one of llio most jnoniinent Drug
uisla of Cincinnati.
"To mi: 1'ciii ioasdtiii; LAiiias in Pahikclab.
We, the uiidi-isittntd, ai e nol ln the hai.it or giving
our name to Patent Me.lielni-: but knowing well th
Ladv l'hynitiuii, and thn medicine called the L leriox
Klixir, wo cheerfully u-eomtii-nd it b, all females
milferintt from i'ruiulo Discac- a of any. kind; it Is
purely vcvelable, and in 110 case can do injury; we
My to all try, nnd our word for it, you will Und re- .
llof. '. I). 11 ILL, Drupviat,
sen27 "Oornerof Fifth and ltaco-streets."
LATINO BALSAM cures, without fail, paloa
in the lli'ciisr, Uaca, Side or Limbs; Coughs, Coldn,
Uoarsciii-sH, Dillicnltv ot Brea- hing, Headache. Flat
ulency, Itcurllimii, Clii-onio Itiieiiinnlisiu, liillmin
Ch-illc, Crump Cliolic, Crininc, I'lilusi't the llnwels.
IMilliiesH, Stupor, Inactivity, Lws id Apivtile, end
in 1'iiinliil ,11c!4lt nation it la a certain cure, Hint
Rives immediate relief. Iu any of the above diii-nsc
it will xivo relief iu twenty mmim-a, and a perma
nent euro by tho uso 0 r t.vo buittos. Ctti) -'.leeiita
per bcttlu-sj cheap that oveiy pcr-on ean'et It.
Kitturof tne nbovo medlcim-i In be tun of K, P.
HILL, Dru:Kist, vomer ol ltaie and t ilih-stieeln;
and l.ll .v.Mil) SCAnLASft CO., Prlimtinls N. K.
corner of Main aud Fotirlh-j-tTecIs: .1. I. I'alk, cor
ner Fourth 11ml Walnut; or ol 1! UICJ II Aflt CO.,
.Uaimtactuver", No. it East 1'onitli-streel, I'inciu
aali, 0. w p-T-ay
IIAUS, for Grocers, Dniuisisls, Tea fl-alers ami
others iniolc t'roni cxiiu nuaiiiy of Wrarpnig, 4)a
mil. I and M'hilo Tea l'arr.
t'Ki.nil No. I Wrupr'nK and Manilla;
:cy,iHiv Nu. 'i "'
L'Hi.mio No. :t '"
' vaj,i,ui No. 4 ..
111,' nu No. ii
Viki,umi No. M
L'-a,l ll No. Ill
2nfl.ss No. 12 '" ' .
yil imi) No. If '"
. :.-on.itisi No. 1-
yiHi.mat No. if" . -"
;iK),ouiiNo. , "'
a-,iKiNii. I White Tea Uai;i;
fSI,l4M Ml. 2 . '"
. i.-ju.irsj No.
The nbove are pill up in packacrs of ;i)0 IiftP.4 each.
We am tnnoul'ucturiii; iioui sixty to scveut) (iv
tll-'ll-autl lbtj pel' da.v .
-:i-u iEair 3iiiltufacturer,
Ami rt'l'nlinale Paper Dealer-.,
o- -' 77 und Ty V uluut-atruet.
jtm. A-rency fur tlie salo of llatcli, Mann 4 Co 's
Shell, Key, nlid Cau OvsleiH ANo, K ruth Con- und
.Sl'.- vu Oyslerx in:. My many frieuds uud patrons
will litid only choice ut tides, iiu-l at ai low prices as
thuiecnaiKid for iul'orior elsewhere.
Oysters cooked lu Kastoru stylo at utir usual mod
enilo cltartfe. ... , ..,.,,
itunjembcr, 2'-3 V aluul-street, Aft u door abovo
Sixth. Ciiieiunati.Oliii-. ocl3
Xl INO dally, Howe, Jluhotiv Co.'s Clcbraied
Planted Ojstcrs.vbich I am selling at unprecedented
low prices by cumi or dozen. Dealers and Families:
wuiitimr a very laws fresh. Oyster, villi please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quiet, respoctablo Saloon, wheroyou can have
Oys'i-rs Cooked in every stylo, and served up in
cle -nnd superior manner. Charges U8tlmn at any
other place. looloi .IUI1M NA1KN.
Oyster Importing Houses
NO. 31 WEST FIlfTll-'sTREKT.
INO daily, per Express, his suloudld Oysters.
Having completed rrani;uiiieul 10 biltiiuore, on
tlieututt oxleusivo scale, 1 will at all times during
i.n I., .mu.m ,n fuvtititli mu frlftmltt. "unit
thereat of mankind," with tlio most DLLK.1ULS
BIVALVES imported to the, Queen f ity. Nono but
the very best imported. Urent inducements olkiwl
at this luiportiuK-hoiiHO.
Order eiolicltcd aud promptly niled. Tortus cash.
neptr.l golelmporterand Proprietor. ,
ni:At.i:a is
m J IlllWll
a J BTJicca uy biers.
M - 3 i
1 NO DAILY, by the Adams Kxpress, 11 ALT-
ttv-a ,.,i,.I.L..,,nwii.iil TtiilHiiinrti
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysteri.
Krosh, Hermetically-sealed C'OVB, SPICJlD and
'"""JLI Depot. 11 West Fifth-street.
No. UOit V'lae-l., bet. Fifth and Sixth.
that he has eataWialieil a n-sular depot for tha
aale of all kinds of salt-wati-T Fish, fresh from New
Vurk ; also Lake Fish Irom Cleveland aud fandtiaky;
together wltn Clams nud Uisteralu the shell, Lon
Hii i'H, Crab-, Kela (.alive), aud all kiutlsul neiuniiable
Came uud Can Outers, lie will fnruifh Iheawnu
uamed arthlos UUKAPKlt THAN ANY uTHEbt
I'LACK IN TUB C1T1. Family orders promptly
attended to and sent home tree of charge, l'leans
call and leave your orders. oeli-tf
J has just received, from Doslon, an entire new
asmrtmentor Coal Oil Lampsand Improved iiurneis,
prevention tbo smoke, so much of an .annoyance In
consumers. Also, the bint article of Duiiilmt Oil
ever offered In this market, ih -from moke ior ioii.ll.
t-Ji As C.ll ITU,
No. 1 Oollrge Building
iep23-am Wslnnttt., bet. Fourth and FilTl .
1 rOUUDKY, h. ALLISON, Snserintendont.
Prlntlnn Mrialiofal I luds. We Vue tirect, -
I in.: -1 ii

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