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"WANTS." "FOB SALE." "TO LIT." "L08T,"
,'i"OTJND,''Ao., in thle column, occupying fl lines
or leu, two insertions, twenty-nre oents.
man, with a thorough knowledge of Mercan
tile sTalra. Speaks EnglLh, French and Gerniin.
Can give satisfactory reference.
Address W. A.HUN-
i. S.,,t'9,n81v reference. Is a single man.
Bpeaks Ifngllsh, German aad French, and has a com
mercial education, fleam address (i. A. G.. this
office. ooM-b
ANTHn thuhttjh mma
To trim their Ears lu luporlor it jlf .SSiiOi
Will keep them a week if necessary at theatablea on
Furnet-street, between Vina aud Race and Tbinl aad
sourtn. ocasu
man who speaks Engtlib and German, aa por
ter In a wholesale drr goods atore, Good reference
f'.tSg-, AddreaaH. B., this ofllce. 00230
WANTED TO RENT A small home of
about four rooma, in good neighborhood, for
a small family. Good reference! given, Addresg J,
A, (.',, Methoolst Boot Concern. or-Mb"
man fromths country, lu anme business house
In this city haa had two years' experience In the
Dry Goods and Grocery hnsinesa, and. la a good ac
countant. Best of refoonco given aa to character
ami ab.llty. Address U. C. 8., this office, or Inquire
of M. T. Burdsall A Co., south-east oornerof Main
and gevcnih-atrsets. oc2M
a child preferred. Apply at 8 rlxth -street,
between Vine and Walnut-rooms Noe. II) and 11.
chamber, nnrso, sawing, and dining-room
girls, wa.hwonjen, and glrla for general work. Alao,
clerks, nortors, salesmen, gardeners, carriage driv
ers, apprentices, errard bova ; men and boys for all
lined work, at my ofllce, 307 Klin and Ninth-streets,
about six rooms, rent from tm to l30fl par
year. Address (statluif situation and terms) H. E. 8.,
nt tills ofllce, or i'o.tolrlce box AM, oc26b
and CUNFECTIUNEB immediate. Rtendy
employment anil good w ages given, Address or an.
ply to if. 1. CUNNiSUlUM,fmltaiipcll, Ind.
small family, containing about three or four
rooms and kitchen. Distance not to exceed ten min
utes' walk from Fifth-street Market. Address or
e;ill personally at No. l.'il fifth-street, iu thoclRnr
storo. oc24-aw
WANTED Clerks, salesmen, book-keep-era,
porters, bar-keepers, coopers, mechan les,
laborers and others, can find situations at the Me,
chants' Clerks' Kegistry flirice, So. 291 West Fifth
"rest. loc21-D) HA LK A CO.
man, his wife, and boy ton roars old. Ad.
dress at this offlce to 0. T.
WANTED-PUPILS.-A lady who has
had experience iu teaching on the piano, and
iv hoso system has been very succeHsful, Imsa fow va
cancies which she wishes to nil. Itufore to tbo
liiunds of her pupils. Letters addressed to I. L
Music Teacher, at tliisodice, will bo attended to.
man, in a private family, where there are no
r,ther boarders. Address HOABOKII, I Ills ofllce.
WANTED HELP Bight off, Mod, Wo
men, lioys and Girls. Also, offering for biro
daily, choice Help, roalo and female, for city ntid
country. Our tonus are souccoininud ,tiug that tbey
con not be objected to by any reasonable person.
Apply at ttio General Intelligence Agency, No. 3ia
Western-row. A. i). CARSON CO.
B. i-fnce open from 8 to II o'clock A. il. and
from 2 to5 i. M. Also alter ulght, it'uotlco bo given
beforehand, oc'Ji-b'
WANTED WORK A good curpenter
and loioor wunts employment iu city or
country. Address CAUl'liN'f Kit, at tbia ofllce.
WANTED AGENTS Enterprising men
with a vory small capital can make from 8100
to 5200 per month selling a useful article, required by
fvcry business man. inquire at room No. 4
I nileii Hiatus Hotel, for a few days only. ocl'Juw
WANTED AGENTS and others to call
and examine the corn-husker, gate-faatouiog,
ii-boater, knil'e-rjoligker. scissors-skarneners. and
a variety of other thing, flrst-rato to travel with, at
ua&Al, riiiJiAn a, Hue.,
ooCooddw No. 8 West Third-street,
BALE OR TRADE A magnificent
aa. steam ana water-power nooring ami saw uilll ;
(9 acres of land in Highland County, Ohio;) only run
eignteeu mouth, aud now doingagood business to
trade for dry soods or olothiui.
Also, a No. 1 steam saw-mill, with 208 acres of land,
In Kuss County, Ohio.
Also, fauna of all descriptions in Ohio and Indiana,
for rale and irade.
Also, lauds iu Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missonri and
Towa, to Irade for jewelry, books, liquors, or dry
gOOUB, A, D. JSUJlAAAdlA, iUO jnBlll-St. OCJOD
a bakery anil grocery stuud. inqulro 8outh
v, ct corner of it root mid tluui-stroets.
C loTB.-Kmi foet on north side of Fourth-street ;
iJontho north sidoof Ninth-street; 15 feet ou the
uorth side of Seventh strfet; 122 fieton tho south
aMe of Sixth-sue I. These bots are offered 26 per
rent, less than former prices. 0. P. HULL, 171
W al nnt-atreet, next to Qluson House. oo9jct
pOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler WagoiiB,
JC tlprlog Wagons and Buggies.
3. H. PAI.MKK,
ocl2-ameod Dank-street Omnibus f suiory.
SjlOR SALE PAPERS Several thousand
old papers at tic. per hundred, at this office.
IOR RENT Two unfurnished Rooms in a
, private house, wiabout board, witbtn two min
utes' walk from the.cosner of Sixth and Vine. Kent
i'j per veek, tnclnding une of cellar, yard and bj
ilriiut. Inquire at this ofllce, or address HI. E. o.,
thisoHrco. o321b
IOR RENT Front offioe and second floor
for rent at No.
il front-street, between Main
and Walnut.
61 4 tober 21, near Sixth and Lock-streets, a
black pock, t-buok, uuilted, containing three or four
dollars, nud a uunibor of piomiaeory notes throe on
I'ltnos C. Little; one for dated Seplemhor its
and two same dute for &3o0each,at twolvoaou
i inliteeu months; other notes, dates and amounts not
remonibored. The findor can have tho money, and
will oblige the owner by leuving the book nod notes
hi Bntteriniller's Hotel, Court-street, between Jlaln
uml Wiilinit, or at this ofllce. ocjU-b'
day, October 21, either in Cincinnati or Coving
Urawn psyablo to the order of G . 0. KNIFFI.V.
Any person returning it either to the subscriber or
W, U. MEAD. Covington, will lm suitably rewarded.
O. 0. KN1FK1N, r.o.fOWstfourtU-st.,
ch-22-c between Vine and Wslnut-sts.
. morning, two sorrel horses, which the owner
can have by calling atOlllcorSCHLOSSKB, 82 Bank
tret, or ut Brigntou House atablo, aud paying
charges. 0c2st
BOARDING Several gentlemen oan be ac
commodated with boars) at 191 Itroadway, be
twe v Fifth and tixtli streets. A second-atory front
room vacant. Also, accommodation for at lew day
boarders, oclflb
KOARDINul Two gentlemen can obtain
a pleasant furnished room, with aoori board, in
private family, where there are a few seloct board
ers, at 107 l.ongworth-strevt, between Dim and Plnni.
Terms moderate. 0c?(b
MEN csn obtain good board and furnished
room In a private family where there will bo no otlior
boarders, and where they can hare the comforts of o
aliomoou reasonable terms. Address l01 Ponb
offlce. uc2u
NEW BUCKWHEAT Anothor lot of extra
fine New Bnckwheht, "real Pennsylvania," just
received and foraaie by' JOHN FKKOURO.si,
oca Grocer, eorner Ninth and Vine.
MOKED HAL IB U T Some very nios
Bmoked Hal ibut just received aad for mile by
ocm JOHN fi.KHUrjQX, (lor, nth and Vine,
rjlEAS A largo and well assorted stook of
extra wrsen ana xtiacK Teas in store anu lor
wile by JuHN FEBUUMON,
ocl2 Corner Ninth and Vine.
Madison House,
as n a 111 I n..-t.a.
re r, rrvj'iieivn
To Fobtohi Hosiers. See card of Mad.
Blanche, in "Home Interest" column.- It
appears that ner lucky Humbert will draw,
as the writer of the letter from Danville Ui-tifies.
Cheap Cloaks. Persons desiring any thing
In the oloak line oan not do better than to eall
at Steelos'i, No. SO West Fifth-street. Bee his
advertisement, in anothor oolumn, and give
hint a oall. You will be sure to be suited,
both in prioe and quality.
Ezioetical. Wo were mistaken yesterday
in stating that a switch had been left open on
the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad,
aud that the circumstance had well nigh bceu
the cause of an accident. The occurrence
took place on the Ohio and Mississippi Road.
United States CotJHra. Jeptha Garrard,
Channing Richards, jr., and John A. Lynch,
Esqs., were yesterday admitted to practice
in the United States Courts.
In the case of Bates fc Wilson vi. Dodda
ife Weber, a Terdiotas rendered for plaintiffs
for the sum of $095 44.
Delicioi'8 Otstkrs. Waeoutmend Maltby's
celebrated Baltimore Oysters to our oitiiens as
being superior in flavor, size and freshneBi to
any other now before tho public We speak
from a positive knowledge of the foregoing
faots, and any who will favor Robert Orr, No.
11 West Fifth, with a call, and get a can of the
"No. IV will readily ooinoido with ui.
PnAiBiwoRTuT. A man, who a few years
ago lost his hands and feot iu a snow-storm
in Iowa, has been soliciting aid for some
days to enable hira to procure artificial mem
bers. The hoarders of the Madison House,
In connection with the proprietor, Frank P.
Cahill, made up a purse of $45 to assist in tho
accomplishment of his purpose.
Lester's Sewino Machines. Merit will
sooner or later reap its reward. We refer to
the above maohine, which is now taking the
place of others heretofors used. It is of beau
tiful construction, and will work on any mate
rial, thick or thin, silk or woolon. Wm. Lap
haui is the Agent. Call and see him, over
Lewis s nazaar, opposite f vstomse.
Heavy Sentence roa Pettv Labclnt. A
fellow named William Johnston, having a
peculinr lovo for articles not his own, stole a
curpet-sack valued at two dollars, a fow days
ago, from a stenmor which was lying at tho
wharf. Yosterdoy morning Judge Lowe sen
tenced him to six months' imprisonment, at
hard labor in the County Jail, lor his offense.
Larceny op a Trunk. A man, whoso namo
we were unable to loarn, put a truuk into u
market wagon to be brought to the city; but
when ho arrived here, upon going to the vo
hiclo for tho purpose of removing his prop
ovty.ho found thut it hud been attended to for
hum, and wm nottobefound. The trunk con
tained $130 in money, besido some other val
uables, and tho circumatftneo, we were in
formed, loft him almost peuuilesa.
Personal. Junius II. Brown, Esi., has re
signed his position as city editor ot the En
qairtr. Mr. B. is a young gentleman of flno
intellect, oxoollont taste and varied culture,
and those, in connection with his large experi
ouooand untiring industry, have enabled him
to till the place he has occupied upon that
paper for two years past with honor to himself
and profit to his employers. We sincerely hope
the quill-driving profession has not lost him
entirely, and would heartily, though somewhat
sadly, weioome mm baca to it.
Terfsiuhorean. By an advortiaemcnt In
our issue of this morning it will be seen that
Monsieur and Madame Ernst reopon tbeir
dancing academy, at Melodoon Hall, on Satur
day afternoon next. Many persons who sup
posed they had abandoned their profession
will be pleased to learn that ciroumstances
have thwarted tbeir original design, and that
they have concluded to remain among us as
the representatives of the graceful Terpsichoro.
Their ability as teachers have made tbem
'widely known, and tbeir success In the practice
of tbnir art Is the best of proof of their merit,
which will doubtless oontinuo.
Malicious Shooting in Colkbain Township.
A man named John Gudemun was arraigned
beforo Justice Bell, yesterday, and held to
hail iu tho sum of $500 to answer the chargo
of malicious shooting, beforo the same Court
on Wednesday next. It appears that a man
named Frederick Houseman bad leased some
promises from Oudoman, aud that some of
the provisions of tho lease had not been com
plied with, which fact had caused consider
able ill-foeling between the parties. This
has been in existence for some time past, aud
on Saturday last they met near their resi
dences, in Colerain Township, and had some
difficulty, during which Houseman was shot
in the arm, and this circumstance gave rise
to the suit. Whether wo have heard tho
true state of the case, we are not prepared to
say; but the facts will doubtless trauepiro at
the trial on Wednesday.
An old Larcent Case Resurrected. A
woman named Margaret Foley was before the
Police Conrt, a few days ago, charged with
petty larceny, but the prosecuting witnoss did
not appear, and she was discharged. The caso
will be reopened and heard, we bcliovo, some
time to-day, at the court of Justice MoFall,
when, we presume, tho matter will bo finally
settled. It is said that the stole $30 from
man named Riley, while be was asleop in her
house; but she says the money was nut stolen,
Dot that sue iound it in tne bed in wtnob r.iley
and her husband had slept off a fit of drunken
ness the night before. Sbo paid some bills
with a part of it, and when aoouaed of the
theft offered to refund the balance, which was
$12, and promised to pay that which she had
used at the first opportunity. Riley, however,
preferred to make this eharge, and seems to be
inclined to punish the woman rather than
watt for Bis money.
Serious Accident in a Lumber-YAnn.
Quite a serious sccident occurred yesterday
morning, in a lumber-yard in the Seventeenth
Ward. A large number ot boards, which
some men had rather cuefully piled in one
the wagon-pitas in tne yard, lell and broRe
the leg and arm of a man named George
Trunio, and erusbod almost to death another
named Andrew Easton. It is laid that the
latter eannot survive, as sevoral his ribs were
broken, one of which entered his Incgs and
causing such internal injuries as will rentier
impossible lor him to recover. Me resides, we
believe, a short distance above the Little
Miami Railroad Depot, and has a wife and
several children who are entiroly dependent
npon his exertions for their support. The ac
cident will thus be quite as disastrous to their
comfort as to his life.
Fatal Acoiiet Death CAuasn by Injury
Received from a Kerdlc One of those
singular circuuistanoes wbioh have erer the
tendency to beset and Increase a belief in the
doctrine of fatalism, occurred a few days ago
on Western-row. A eeamstrois, named Mar
garet Dickson, residing on the thoroughfare
have named, near David -street, one day last
week accidentally thrust a needle Into the
hollow of her left hand. The pain at the
instant was quite severe,' but she thought
nothing of it, and as it did not bleed she con
tinued her work until Friday last, although
the wound continued to give her some trouble.
On the morning of Friday the pain became
almost unbearable, and, after suffering until
Saturday morning, she died. The case entirely
baffled the skill of her physioian, and is almost
without a parallel. A pin point, It has often
been said, may oause death, and this circum
stance would seem to substantiate the assertion.
The Late Kidnapping Affair—Examination
of the Implicated Parties.
Michael Weaver and William Stewart, the
parties Implicated in the late kidnapping affair,
were, yesterday morning, before the Police
Court. These men, it will be remembered,
were arrested on Wednesday last, having been
previouily accused of unlawfully returning a
negro boy to Kentuoky. The case, as It was
developed before the Police Court yesterday
morning, was simply as follows:
One night, a short time ago, Stewart hap
pened to be on John-street, near Clark, when
a negro boy, with a carpet-sack in his hand,
approached and asked him If there was not a
depot in the neighborhood. He directed him
to the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Rail
road Depot, and the negro left, but returned a
moment after, and Wished to know whether
there was not another in that direction, point
ing to the East. To this he also received an
affirmative reply, with the statement that the
speaker Stewart was going right to it, and
that they might accompany each other.
On the way the boy gave his name as
Samuel Wagner, and said he had run away
from his muter, Jacob Wagner, who resided
in Taiwell County, Kentuoky, and that he
wanted to take the train to Canada. Upon
reaching the Little Miami Depot, Stewart told
the boy that no train would leave that night,
and requested him to go to his home in the
Seventeenth Ward, promising that he might
sleep there until morning. This the boy
agreed to do, and, and aftor reaching the
place, threw himself upon a comfort which
Stewart gave him and seemed quite con
tented. Stewart then went across to Jamestown,
Kentuoky, and, accompanied by Weaver, re
erossed to the Seventeenth Ward, and awoke
the negro. At this time about one o'olook in
the morning the boy, according to the state
ment of the defendants, had oonoluded to go
to his matter, and wished to be directed to
Eentnoky. The parties then took the fugitive,
put him in a skin, as tbey say, at his own re
quest, and went to Jamestown, where they
confined him In Weaver s cellar, from which
he was taken to the Newport Jail, where he
tin lias.
Judge Lowe heard the testimony atten
tively, and reviewed it carefullv. Thore
seemed to be no doubt in regard to the fact
that the boy had been carried over the river
by the defendants, which was the main point
;.. il-- ti . . l . r , j
m me cHso. it requireu a process oi law to
do this without the consent of the negro, and
thev havintr no such authority, were deemed
guilty under the second section of the statute
referring to cases of this kind.
According to a certain decision of tho Su
preme Court a certain man had been justified
in this act; but he happened to be the owner
of tho slave, and it was thought this ruling
might alo apply to the agent of the master;
but no uch defense had been set up in this
case. Under all the circumstances, there
fore, ho would hold the defendants in the
sum of $2,000 each for their appearance to
answer tho charge at the next term of the
Court of Common Fleas.
6cnooL Board. Mr. Stratton moved to
suspend the rules, in order to admit a motion
that the hour for the meeting of the Board be
changed from half-past seven o'olock to seven,
The rules were suspended and the change
Mr. Von Segern moved to confirm the ap
pointment of Miss Kate Ashler as toaoher in
tne night scnoois in tne rirst, uisinoi. ton
firmed. Mr. W. II. Morgan was appointed teacher in
tho Third District, at a salary of $25.
Messrs. Harvoy and Filmore were ap
pointed in the Seventh District, at salaries of
C. 0. Guilford, George F. Sands, B. J. Flint
and E. T. Moore were appointed in the
Eighth District night sebools, the former at a
salary of $38 per month, and the others at $25.
The Committee on Lots made a report in
favor of accepting the following propositions
fr the ealo of luls :
1st. From Mr. H. Maltin, for the sale of 125
feet front, on Main-street, at $100 per foot.
21. From the Messrs. Kemper, for the dona
tion of one hundred feet square, noar Mount
3d. From the " Friends' Soolety of Cincin
nati," for the sale of 86 feet on Poplar- ctroet,
at $40 per foot.
4th. The Committee further report In favor
of purchasing the lot adjoining the Eighth
street DiBtriot School at $90 per foot, subject
to an annuity of $100, payable to Mrs. Ann
On motion, the report, with the exception of
the third proposition, was referred back to tho
The third proposition was aooepted.
Mr. Kelly offorod a resolution allowing the
Janitor of the Soventh District Night Schools
the sum of $6 per month.
Mr. Powers moved to lay it on the table.
Mr. Payne presented the proposition of Mr.
Hiram Gudgeon to purchase from the Board a
lot in the Seventeenth Ward, not necessary fur
school purposes, offering $2,000 in aash for tho
same. Aucepted, provided the City Council
concur. Adjourned.
Sccoesmful Confidence Swindle Another
Stbanoer Taken lit. The worst thing that
oan happen to some men is to find themselves
in a strange place. There are persons who
should never leavo their homesteads, and yet
they are the very ones to first ny from them,
We bear of such every day, and are surprised
each time; for, although, aware that stupidity
is indigenous to every I soil, wo have heretofore,
we oonfess, been somowhat mistaken in regard
to the extent of theerop.
A bucolic Kentuokian, at the Burnet House,
on Saturday afternoon.was swindled out of $118,
in the following manner: Some persons who
were conversing near him upon business mat
ters, asked him to ohange a $500 bill for them.
This he could not do, but offered to lend them
what he had the amount we have named
until one of thorn went to his room, promising
to roturn in a few minutes, whioh promise, of
oonno, he never kept.
After waiting tome time for their return, our
Kentucklan eonoludedhe had beon taken In,
and then, foolish enough, he told the world of
his stupidity. He has learned, he says, that
oitiet are wicked places, and affirms, so great
is his chagrin, that he will never again leavo
the blue-grass fiolds of his native State.
Receipts and Expenditures or the City
Dubino the Past Week. From the bocks in
tbo ofrtce of the City Auditor ws take the fol
lowing exhibit of the receipts and disburse
ments of the city for the week ending on Sat
urday last:
Ooneral Fund $o31 30
Light Fund ft) 00
finking Fund m
Total $1,4 '7 SO
General Fund ?3,i.17
Police Court Jfuud, m Si
Watch Fund . .........-... 3,S(.U ft)
Interest Knud 10 00
Superior Court Fund 179 M
Fire Department 3,IM tt
Light Fund s'lO 00
Sinking Fund ..........-....... 1,000 (Kl
Common School Fund III,?") M
Colored School Fund... ... Ml 31
Total S2I.9M 37
New Boors. We have received from Rickey,
Mallory Co., Main-street, "Tk Corner
Cupboard, or ttcrt or Eotrjibocly," by the
author of that popular work, "inatnre Wtfai.''
It embraces facta about things that are not
generally known, things that ought to be
known, and things worth knowing, illustrated
by over a thousand eogravings. It is a com
plete encyclopedia of useful knowledge, and
should have a place in every family library.
Also, "Bxrlor Theatricali, or Winter Evening'
Entertainm'nte,'' by the author of "The Magi
dan' i thin Book." Horn theatricals . are
becoming quite popular.
Tu Landlords' Associatiow. The next
meeting of the association for the better pro
taction of hotel-keepers and landlords will be
hell on Wednesday evening of the present
week at the Broadway Hotel.
Wood's Theater. Wood'd Theater was
crammed with an enthusiastic mi l discriminating
audience last night, to witness Mr. James II. An
dersoii'a renderingof the character "f "I buries," In
Taafctucg llaOTHxa. it was a cinwte and beautiful
Impersonation, and was chnncKii-od !y all mat
gentleman's excellencies, and btil IV- of nl faults.
As a representative of character, .toy tnlug be un
dertakes 1) admirably done, and In . lery part in his
repoitoim he has "won golden opinions front all
sorts of people."
To night he will appear as "the pale aud pensivo
Prince of Elslnore," and will represent llila intel
lectual incarnatlou In his own peculiar and excel
lent atvlA. As his stav Is limited to ono week, wa
expect hia Hami.it to-night to all the Uouso to re
Pike's Oprra-Hoi'Se. Norma, a favorite
opera with all poreons who are fond of delicious
ntetoutes ana aeucate initrumeniaiiou, was renaoren
last night in oxcellent style, to a very brilliant audi
ence. Fitrodl sang the part of " Adalglsn,"and wo
suggest that when she next sings it, the opera be
cabed by that nmuei for with hr iu it, this part be
came the principal one. The f-ict thut she at all con
sented to sing in a secondary character, b (tood evi
dence that her heart is as great aa her ability, and
both seem bouinllcaa.
Alalmii sang the part at " r,'orma" in good stylo,
and with excellent taste, and masters it admirably,
ttbrlglia saug with more spirit than wo ever heard
bim uelore, while tho performance, as a whole, was a
complete success, The priticipul performers were
called before the curtaiu at the end of each act, and
throughout they wore rapturously and vehemently
To-night, they will sing to onr Covington neigh
bors a very brllllaut aud carefnlly selected pro
gramme. The beauty and fashion of our sister cities
will doubtless assemble at theOdd-Followi' Hall, and
we are sure the tweet voice of Harodt will make their
dark eyes more brie lit. The house will bo crowded
if tho company receive their desortd,
Rumset & Newcoub's Campdkll Mi.vstbels.
This excellent company of performers drew nn im
menso andiesce, last ulsbt, to Smith ic K ilou's Hall,
and what is better delighted it. Thoy sing letter
than wben'ibey last visited Xus, aud have many
new thiius Iu their reportoire, which it bubooves all
the lovers of this kind of nmuaeuient to hear. Uy-the-wayonr
friends at the Woat End need not hesi
tate to visit them ; for arrangements have been inado
with the Stroet Knill-ond Comnunv to crrv pnssen-
gera from the hall ouch tilKht, both eust and wust
on iniru aua rouriu-sireeM, nnu west on ruin
street. This will acconnnodite nil, and will doubt
less meet with the reward which the enterprise de
Personal, We saw Mr. J. B. Roberts, the
excellent trngedlan, In tho city yesterday, and Infer
rom tins flint we will soon ueiaTorea wuuasignr m
"MeDhistonhilea." He looks unite well?uiiif will
undoubtedly meet with each a reception aa bis merit
would seem to ueiuaua.
Amateur Concert in the Seventeenth
Wabb. An Amatenr Concert will be held this even
ing, in the Seventeenth Ward, at Christian Chapel,
as will be seen by our advertising columns. The
object is good and the mnsic will be worth hearing
For this reason lot It bo well attended.
To tht Editor of the Penny Prtn:
Mr. Edward Woodman, formerly of Alba
ny, New York, but of Jute years a citizen of
this city, died suddenly at Columbus, Ohio,
on the 21st inst. lie had been a conductor
on tho Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
Railroad, and possessed ti large circle of
friends in Cincinnati.
About fifteen months since Mr. Woodmau
started for Arizona with the train of the Santa
Rita Silver Minintt Company. Ho shared
cheerfully in all the fatigues and dangers of
tho lournoy across tne plainB. We were to
gother in the same " mess" for many months,
not onlv on the road, but after we arrived in
Arizona, and I knew him well. He was a
kind-hearted, frank, honorable man, of great
intelligence aud sturling worth. We came
homo together on tho overland mail, and ho
burned away to visit ma irionds in tne liaat,
liut. alter uuuorzoluj; tne iiurdsmus and
perils of his journey, and a long exile from
kindred and friends, ho has met his death
almost on the threshold ol houiel wo had
seen many hard times uud many good times
together, end I could not forbear a few words
to bis memory. His decease took: place at
the house ot nis friund, -Mr. it, ii.unumpiou
E. E. C.
Interesting: to Street Railroad Com
panies. Tho County Auditor yestorday noti
fied the different street railroad companies that
they would be required to make their assess
ment forthwith, or that lcg;tl step would be
taken to compel tbem to do so. Too law, we
believe, requires that suoh return should bo
forthcoming; and the taxes upon them paid
within thirty days after the orgnnizution of
the company a restriction which, so tar as
we are aware, has not been complied with as
yet in any instance. The circumstance has
already created some talk, and may, probably,
cause trouble.
Counterfeit ur Abrested. Officers Ilatloy
and Bleaks arrested a counterfeiter named
Golden, yestorday morning, near tho Pearl
street Station-house, in which plaoo ho was
subsequently confined. $10 on the Holley
Falls, Massachusetts,Ilunk; So on tho Mcclian
ios Bank, of the same State; $17 in gold, and
Boms silver ohange, all spurious, were found ou
his person. The police had been watching
bim for some time, and at lsngtn saceoeded i
arresting him under suoh circumstances a
leave no doubt as to his guilt.
Proceedings of the County Commissioners
The Commissioners, at their session yesterday
morning, passed Bit u dry orders amounting i
tho u8roeatn lo $065 39, Thoy also passe
a resolution nuthorizintr the Auditor lo em
ploy a competent person to act aa clerk for
the Oity Board of Equalization ut a salary
not to exceed $j0 per month.
George King, one of tho chain-gang con
victs, was discharged aud sent to the Com
mercial Hospital in consequence of illness.
Apart from this do business of importanoo
was transacted.
Tolicr Court. Judge Lowe, yesterday
morning, examined thirty-Beven cases. Tho
Monday morning's business at tho Polico
Court is unusually heavy, but seldom con
tains anything of any spooial interest. The
charges and persous disposed of yosterday
wero not of a olasa to oxoite nny curiosity
but those oases whioh) jy no d to be worthy
notice are related elsewhere.
Case op Highway Robbery Disposru ok.
A paragraph in our issuo of yesterday staled
that Martin Richardson hod boon arrested
upon a charge of having robbed a slightly in
ebriated physician with whom he was riding
to tho city from tbo racos on Friday last,
The caso was called yesterday morning at
Polioe Court j but as tho physician would not
appear the prisoner was dismissed.
The UniroRV or the Police, Mayor
Bishop yesterday gave directions to the Chief
of Polioe, Capt. Wilson, requiring the mem
bers of the force under his obarge to pruvido
themselves with ororooats of uniform style and
color. The new ooat will be made in frock
Btylo, with caps, and will doubtless present
quite a neat appearance.
fThe Investigating Committee of Coun
cil met lajr light and got through with the
cxamlP"' . of three witnesses. Anothor
mooting ,ill be hold to-night, when it is ex
pected that those who have been subpenaed
attend and have not answered, will be
hand to make "startling developments."
Ratheb Too Strong. The strength of
remarks of Mr. Strong, whioh o rested so much
sensation in polltieal circles a short time ago,
caused him in all probability to lose his situa
tion upon tha police force. He was discharged
yestorday by Mayor Bishop, and Jainos
Franklin was appointed in his stead.
. si
Appointment. Joseph Hahn was yestorday
appointed to the police force In the Twelfth
Ward vite Sayber, who a short time
resigned. The appointment is said to bs
good one, and the appointee, It is thought
those who know him best, will make in excellent
Job Wobk. Business men will find it
tbeir advantage to bring their job work,
every description, to the Peiny Press ofiice.
Our terms are reasonable and satisfactory.
We are prepared to execute ball tickets, culars
and programmes iu a superior style.
Give us a call.
A Relic A lady, now on a visit ti this oity,
informs us that tho frame building at the south
west corner of Fourth nod Pliim-ctroots,
erected in the fall of 1H15. It li in an excel
lent atute of preservation.
CosrioKfirB- Ga'hb An Ex-Member op he
Kentcckt Lr.aisi.ATu re IVs't Take t Pa
pers A verdant cx member of the Ken
tucky LeirUlature, from tho seiehbormtr
couuty of Pendleton, minted William Brand,
was yesterday wendjng his way along Scott
strcet, when he was accosted by a good-look
ing, weii-dreased man, wno told turn that
they had met once in Lexington. Mr. Brand
protested that he could remember nothing
about it, but upon the stranger insisting, the
partita became lamumr. lie staled to Mr.
B. thut he had made a purchase of iron at
the rolling mill. Just at this moment a
person cntue np who represented himsolf a
clerk in the rolling mill, and presented a bill
for $72 to the strancrer, who took out a hun
dred dollar note, which the "clem was un
ublo to change. Mr. B. Was then asked bv
lh dm,,,- (7 lnnn him ttiA Amount wbicli
tho strnuger to loan nim ine amount, wmcn
ho did, giving him a dua-bill, Which ho i
promised to redeem as soou as he could cot
. . , Yr m . . , ,
some time for his return, but waited in vain.
At length a streak of light dawned upon tho
obtiiio intellect of the ex-logislator, and he
realized the fact that he bad been victimized.
We understand he immediately subscribed
for a newspaper.
Live Stock Market. Cattle are more brisk
this week than for some months previous, and
have still an upward tendenoy. Common are
worth lrt.ui 2 to 3c, and good bring 4o. The
demand is good, no doubt occasioned by the
oool woather, which favored packers, but should
tho present warm spoil continue, it will, no
doubt, have a tendency to check tho demand
temporarily. Tho heavy drain ot rat cattle,
which the Blue-grass rogion experienced during
tho !n?t spring and early part of the summer, I
will.no doubt, materially enhance prices 1
during the coming winter. Sheep are worth
from & to HUc. and hoM jo.
. . .
Police Court Uonjannn Brookshaw was
yesterday fined $4 SO and costs for playing at ;
1 ... . .. M r . . .
tnutuiii sM il iiiviT svuatVHis sa m tt aaasvas. wo a .
AAlhial In U'illrtur llnrtnm nn Miitilan' air i
Our boyi and young men must remember that
we have a city ordinance requiring thorn to
observe proper deoorum on the Sabbath, and
in one Instance, at least, it has been enforced.
John Flavin, for breach of the peaoe, was
fined $10. Offenders must remember that tho
Mayor shows tbem no mercy. In this, we
thick, the citizens generally suspeot he is
about right. Our Polico regulations can only
bo sustained by certain and rigorous punish
ment. Hit It -hat Time. A letter came to the
Postonice yesterday, directed to the "Most
Honest Mnn in Covington." It might be sup
posed that our ollioers would be in a quandary
as to tne proper person to wnom to aoiiver it,
but such was not the ease; without hesitation
they put it in our box, believing us to fully
answer the description.
Why is Ir? The records of our County
Clerk shows a material falling off in hymeneal
matters for the past two or three weeks. During
the last weok.only four marriage licenses wero
issued, and that, too, when all wno are weatner
wise, predict that the coming winter will bo
one of extreme cold. If any of you voung
men freezo tu doittli this wintor, don't blaino
any but youraokes.
A Few Wobds ro our City Council. AV ere
we the only sufferers from one of our oity or
dinances we should not complain; but we are
only one of sevoral who are made victims ol'
wnat we must deem ins consummate luiiy oi
our City Council. The ordinance of which wo
complain is the one which prohibits the sale
of ardent spirits on Sunday. We do not
mean no friends, do not harbor such a sus
picionthat we wish to get on a regular
"tare" on Sunday; far from it. Against this
inoonvenienca, or rather privation, we leave
our ootemporaries of the quill to protest; but
the great difficulty is, it atones prevents rows,
fights and fust driving, and, of course, place?
our oity far behind its neighbors, and tho re
suit is, when Munday comus round Monday,
that In most places brings with it a busy ses
sion in the Polico Court; Monday leaves our
Mayor without a fen and the locals without an
Do we wish to tuko our stand among the
"fast towns?" Nono in this age but ardently
desire Newport to stuud firat among cities, and
the only way to accomplish this is to got up
sensation murders, sensation riots, or some
thiDg else of the obaraotor. How is this
to be done?' Open the on Hoe houses men
have nothing to do but drink on that day thoy
Will imbibe, get glorious, fight, ttub Hnl
shoot. Considering the privations we won
compelled to undergo yesterday, in tramping
the whole oity over for " nary item," and con
sidering our Marshals and Mayor were left
without a fee, we do beseech tbo Council to at
once repeal the odious ordinance to whioh wo
refer. And, further, if our hutnblo petition is
notheedod, look out for us to come down with
our wrath.
Ijipbovbmbnts The approaching winter U
not without its effeots upon our citUens. Tb
dread of muddy streets has induced our City
Council to take measures for the Improvement
of our sidowalkson several of the principal
streets of tho oity. By tbeir order, advertise
ments were yesterday posted np in different
plticeB for the following improvements : For
the paving of all the unpaved sidewalks on
Bellvue, fiom York to the Licking Elver ; on
York-streot, between Jefferson and Mayo ; on
Madison-street, botwecu East-row and tbu
Licking. The bids are to be opened on next
Thursday evening.
fiSTk meeting of the President and Direc
tors of the Alexandria, Turnpiko Company will
tuko place at Persimmon Grove, on the Gth day
of November. It is desirable that all tbc
stockholders should be present.
,KSCantain8 Air, Hopper and party, wb
have beon some days at Berlin, Ohio, chasing
the door, sent home one of their species yes
terday. It will bo quite a luxury here.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
MONDAY EVENING, October 24, 1859.
F tl)C R The market was again buoyant to-day,
under the news from New York and England, and
prices advanced fully We. per hrl. on oily and Ohio
niiperliue. Ko change ill extra, or Ut. Louis snpxr
tlntc tho sales add up a.lm hrls., at Si iiVrf,4 S, for SI.
Louis superfine, $i iM(o .'. for Ohio, lndlanaand Ken
tucky mperlino and (ji Wift-S M for extra, Ihfl lutb
an extreme rate for a l im y bnmd ; a.iitu brls. weie
received the last IB hours.
WHISK. Y Tho market for this ariicle opened veiy
nueeitled aud the price declined 2e. per gallon,
compared with tho rnlo current Saturday: tl.o
Biles were .ssi brls. nt ale, including wagon.
PftOVlSlONrf An improved demand lor Bacon,
7o. and u'jc, but holders ask '.iW-A higher ;
lil-ls. Mess I'orK soul at l.i o, aim i.si iiiiub. ntuji
at ii'a&'JH lot Sides. Nothing douoiu lard.
tiltiX'KltlKS-Mo change In prices. The demand
is tint moderate. ..... m. , .
OIL-in bids. Linseed sold at 670, The market
dull atS.W7o.
WHEAT The market Is very firm, with a good de
mand, and light rece.pts: sales iisi bushoia prime
wnite at il 20; out) do, fair do, nt $1 1:1, aud Ton do. in
ferior nt $1 07. , ,,, , . .
UOltS The innrkot Is very dull for new, but prices
are unchanged: sales MHl bushels at inc., and Ms) do.
oi" at oic. - , , ,
BAHLEY Thire Is a moderate demand and prices
are stnadv: sales M0 bushels good ran albso.
R YK A good demaud, and prices stoady at 0c.
OATH The market is quiet and lirm at 40c.
POTATOKS-baloe 30O. bushels prime Ncehanocks
at siic. In bnlli at depot.
BUTl'k.R-s'aleste kegs prime W. R.at le.Sc
CHEESE Tho market is very Arm, wlthaooctl
demand, and light receipts, und dealers are selling
only to their regnlarcustoiners at , It is generally
hi,iat (in.: sails Soil boxes at 8i(aUu.. and aaiilo.
Si; 60 do. English dairy at Hi'u. and 50 do. do.
at Ho.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
NEW ORLEANS, October 24.
hut prices aro unchanged: enles of j,irjn bales.
Sugars firm: fair to fully fair tHHt- Flour Arm:
f1 2ih 21 tor superitue. Corn closed buoyant
il 0.yil 10 for prime whilo.
Whisky ifcifiWe.!.
Exchaugu on Mow York ,'s pemium.
Steamboat Register.
AaxtvLS.-Snnday-Fa!ry Queen, llayavllle; Ohio
Ko. 2, Mnrletla J lloelon, Louisville i Swallow, Pom
eroy: Defender, New Orleans. Monday Dunlelth,
7jurtll- tirtlliu white. Pittshiirtf: Forest Oueen. ilad.
lsou : W. I. llcClay, St, Lome; Key West, I'ltlaburgj
Surwrlor, Lonisvnie.
iipe.D'rnava- hniidav Hoston. Loutavii a. Mon
il.xy Fairy tt'iaeii, M;irsvUI- ; Forest Viucwn, Madi-
Ion ; riiirxiw, l.oiiisvine; imiio no. a, .unrietta
tsaac Shelby, AiUaiik. lilver; Duulvitb, Seville,
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 24—P. M.
Flour excited and lotibsic. better, but closed heavy
and drooping: sales 16,uu0 brla. at St '( form
porfiiieSlale; Hi liVfV ! for extra State; $va isfur '
super-line Vesterii 41- So for common to me
dium extra Weiteru; f 5 bi75 for interior to good:
shipping brands extra K. H. O., market cloring dull '
and the tendency downward. Canadian a shade bet
ter: sales hisi hrls. nt -"go id for counuon to choice
extra. II ye Flour is at Inlr renneet at (a tadA tu.
Wheat liic. better, but the demand is chiefly
speculative, and market closed heavy: salsa 36 ou0
bushels at Si I :(,! 16 for con.mon b choice; Milwau
kee Club SI Kiil 'Hi white Canada SI Hi; white Ken
lucky Kye luwtr: SHleao,0jii bu-helsat Barley
moiHUittve and lu inei: sales ;m,ii bu-hela ataoo.;
U. 11 e-'H. C. W. Coru stead) : nates SM.uov bushels at
Si 03 tor mixed Western: bl lMai&.l (rtlor Northern,
and Jersey yellow. Uats better at ingstio. fur State; it
0,m. for Western and Canadian,
whisky heavy and lower: sales fnfjbrla at 2c.
Pork Arm, with sales of 1,7 brla. at $1." aoM IS Sfl
r.. u.. , A,,1 lirli nrime at f IA AOrfWllA Al. llnslla-
pected. (Hose Beef unchanged: sales aa brla. at $4
4 Ml: ! v nrime 9 SUM fit Mesa fttiaxtl: rrBacked
MossllKrf.r.'; extra MesBe.-f Haws only In limited
rccjuratat SIO&IS W new Western prime Mesa Beef
u ,,i,t ,Ud uonnnal nt Ji7ai9. Cut Heat are
scarce and tlrm, with trilling sales: Sc. fir Shoulders,
? for Han" B."0? nJn,''.!'tI?:
juuuer sieauy al I i7tiu.teo, lur ouii iwvyt'iv w
Htate Cheese: sale steadv
t r.Vrf.'OJu. Lard dull
and lower: sales 2oo bria. at lo.
Cotton is ouiet but steadv: safes of u0 bales Upland
Middling at Hit.:
tju gar active: Mnienvsdr) IH to 7c; Havana
IU, Coffee quiet at liSt,l2.S.
[By Telegraph.]
Philadelphia Market.
more inquiry, both for export aud home consump
tion: sales l.isMbrls. at 1.1 VJ'i for superfine; 95 Sl3s
M It) for extra, and $ 75.'l Ml for extra family.
Hupplies come forward slowly, aud the stock Is much
less than at this period lastyoar. Bye Flour aJarca
and wauled at Si ' Corniueal comes in vary slowly
and coiumanda SI. Wheat active and advanced uaJ',:
sales 111 iM bushels at $1 1 (it, 26 for for good and
prime lied, and $1 30(4,1 to tor common and choice
White; l.issl bushels Uye sold at Mic. for Delaware and
'JOo. for l'unnsylvani. Corn active and haa again ad-
....,..l. ...uK. K...1.AU V.llnM hl.flv Qfe.
i tats dull: sales s.mXibnshelaHoutliernets'jc , which
1" decline, Coifeo flnrt, the stock of Bio being re.
maud: sales a hlids. Cuba at 6)sti7o. The stock now
I t-onsisia VI 4, aw nuns., o,nsi uuae., uu ,ouu un
Mnlnso.s nulet. Mesa Pork sellini at S!672alA 60.
con steady: iiamsaeii at iiai3o.; Sides luHianoHo.,
and Shoulders at sVasJso. Whisky not to nrm: aales
flhifi lariat ol'KLl
Madame Blanche.
Sakviu.c, Kt., October It, ISM.
Mauaue Blanche: It is with great pleasure
1 hasten to Inform you of my good fortune In the
numbers you solocted for mo in the Shelby Lottery
drawa In Delaware, and yon need not be at all sur
prised when I inform you that I drew, in one prise,
the capital ono ten thousand dollars ; and to too,
and you alono, do I feel grateful for my good fortune,
for now 1 can again bs able to commence business
for myself, and not be the slave of task-masters.
Send me ono of your celebrated talisman, for Uoai.
ness purposes.
Hoping you may be the instrument of helping
others on to fortune, youra trUr,
Te Madiue Ki.anchh.-
Ji.il, The aiatianie is now in Cincinnati, tun lor
all persous born in March, April, may, June, Sep
lumber, October and December, the will select num
bers that will draw capital prizes lu any of the legal
ized lottories. Parents having children born In those
months can got their numbers and draw capital
prl7.es on tlwui. .
" Lottery numbers scut to any part of the conn
try by mull, ou rccvlpt of correct date of birth and
l'ee- All uecessury information sent with the
nnui tiers. All letters of Inquiry must contain ten
cents In postago stamps. Addreas MADAME
BLANCH t, Cincinnati, Ohio.
' jT For a nice venison steak, a fresh lib, .
game of all kinds, or a can of good oysters, go (o B.
Kelth'a, No. 81 Filth-street, between Walnut aud
Vine, aonth side. Every article warranted No. 1.
Sf Daguerreian (iallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth aud Western-row, over Hannaford's
drug-store. Pictures taken and put In good oaasa
or twenty cents, Warranted to please,
$23" A. A. Bystery Clocks,. Watches and
Jewelry, Kos. 311 aud 271 Western-row.
A UCTlON 8.41iKi BY H.
8. MILE8
1. Ac CO., No. M Uain-street-Urocerlea, Boots,.
Shoes, Ao .at Auction. We will sell on this TUES
DAY MOUSING, October 25, at o'clock, a general
ussjrtment of staple Groceries, Boots, Shoes anil
B' H. S. MILKS & 0.. Auctioneers.
JOHNSTON, In Sales-rooms, T!o.9S Main-street,
(next to Trust Company Lank).-Extensive and
Valuable Stock of Dry Goods, Hoots, Bhoen, Hata,
flips, Ac, at Auction.-Ou TCE8DAY MOKNIAG.
October i&, coniruouciug ut tlH o'olock, will be sola,
without any reserve, four hundred tola of maple ana
kiincy Dry Goods, comprising; n vory desirable aa
soi tmeut lor city and oouutry aales.
ALaO-15 btles heavy Drown theotlngs, 150 pieces
lied and Yellow Flannels, li pieces 4-1 w bite Shake'
Flannels, 0 piece Calicoes, assorted; with line,
hbuwls, rich Dress Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Hlbbcns.
Couilorts, Hoods, Wool Jackets, Vo.
also-lJOoaacs Meu's and lioya' Bootsand Shoes,
fine ilrotrans ; Women's, Misses' and Cblldreu'a
bboe.i, Oxiord Ties, Couitiea Ualtere, Overshoes, 4c.
ALbO-Caaea of Hats, Caps aud Bonnets, with 29
pieces Carpetinif, .
oc-'4 XiluMAB J0H8BT0S, Auctioneer.
VlJC'flON S Al, E BY G. BRA-
XI. SHEARS & CO., Sales-rocina 'os. 07 and M
Maiu-streot.-We will sell, ouTUURBUAY MUKN-
ISO, Oct. 27, commencing at "J o'clock, without re
serve, for cash, 31.0 cases Mun's, Boys', Youths .
Women's, Misses' and children's Boota, Shoes and
Broxons good nssoitnient, and must be sold,
oclit O. BUABHKAB3 & CO., Ano'rs.
WILLIAMS-Salo-rooms 22 and 24 East Third -street.
Large and Hxtensive Hale of Pawnbrokers'
Ooons.-Ou 'I'llUBSIiAY and FBID AY, October 3T
und -', at 9X o'clock each day, 800 packages, bundles,
trunk, Ac, or Gents' and Ladles' Wealing Apparel
of every variety rich and fine Goods. '
ALSO A very large stock and good assortment of
Gold and Mlvor Watches, Jewelry or all klnda, sad
Anstriiments of a variety.
A 1 1 1 ' o'clock on Thursday 12 English Imported
Guns, iiatolH, &.; ono larga Camora, So.
W-A A. KELLOUa, Auctioneer.
WiLLlAMS-Sales-rooms kos. 22 and 24 fcaat
Iiird-strcet.-Variety Halo of liry Uonds. t'l'-thiu g,
itlery, Hardware, c ,on TUESDAY MORMNG,
' t'l!
i October 2ft, nt d.'j o'clock. ,
o ! Atlti.'s o'clock A general assortmcut of Parlor,
Chamber and umco s iirnitnre new.
A L80 tfecona-nanu surniiureoi aiaiuny ruuiuv
n(j. uci; A. KELLOGCi. Auetionsr.
l'osltive snl of seven lota on Vine-street,
above Hamilton Bond. Will lie sold at Publia
Atmtion.on TliESDAY AFTKENOOM, Octobers.
le-VJ, at three o'clock, on the premises, that valnabw
nronerly or.lohu At. Lowis, on tne ncstaiueus vm
street, above Hamilton Road, being 180 feet front on
the West side of Vine-street by lfd to 194 feet deep to
Olilo-avenne, divided into seven lots! one lot i 40
feet trout ny tin n et ueop,wuu u gouu ijuiuo
of rooms; the other six are e.tch to feot front. Tilly
perfect. fnio positive, leruis-, oiip-ush., wi
balance one anil two years, with interest secured.
. . IOC.1SJ
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
Froeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton Railroad,
Than any other Lumber Dealers In the.olty.
"Quick Sales and Smll Profits "
' 18 THE1B MOTTO. .
Thoy submit the following Hat of prloea:
Cjwh. 4 Mo's.
Clear lumber, All thicknesses, I in. meaaf.,7 SO ftOS"
Best Common, 14 and 2 Inch Flank.
Iiest i men coams.
Second " , all thlcknesaea
Third " Boards
23 it
1 'SI
13 M
36 00
23 79
29 S)
34 0
12 60
14 OA
97 SO
20 00
17 00
ui na
Ilrnli I'lank. faru tneaaure.
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber,
I'onlar " ' " " ..
First Common flooring Boards,,
Second " " "
Thlril " " .
First Common Weather Boards,
IS 00
It 00
90 00
Oslur Poets, 4 by 4, S feet, per hundred
Cedar " for foncing, " '
i..u,.a it '
22 911
A furtner reduction of art pes sent, win osi nan oas
tills of JJOOor ntnre. , J .. w
W e have one of t he largest and best selented etoeke
of Lumber in the Cinciuuatl market, whioh weoie
for sale at the above price.

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