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Vtr a una if a a limit I ft f HUUlttl
"FUUWU,"ftc.,In thlicolaran, occitpyiuf dto udh
or lew, two lDBertioDi, tweptr-flre onU.
.- t i .
jDf w w by Forwntcn gooa western rana win ne
" exchanged at reasonable ratal. Address box 1,060,
Cincinnati, Ohio. oc26b
DBV'B, Ohio, and Bacon'sffleholarshlpa, good
lur book-keepfng and day and foiling study. Young
men save mnnoy by buying it. Apply at Tafft's Ex
change Office, Sycamore and Third-atreet. W. H.
w w Oerman, (well acquainted In the city) to drive
-wagon-peddlor's preferred. Addreaa II. B thia
"' oil)
w man, as porter, or In any capacity where ho
n make himself useful. Address CHRISTOPHER
WOLb, Union Bxehaiigyi, 1 7ft Kant Frunt-at. ocaib
WANTED Famtlioa wanting ohoioe help
can he suppled with good cooks or girla to do
rhsmber-work. Alao, girls for general houae-wor.
please call av MRS. WARNER'S Intelligence Office,
Jiflh-etrTOt, 30S, between Western-row and John.
Aprentlcoa wanted to learn dreaa making, ocmb
ateady boy of K yeara, speaking English and
criiian. may apply between III A. M. and 4 P. M., at
7.1 Went Third, street, up alalia, front room, over
a tie Inaiirance Company. ocaib
WANTED Clerks, salesmen, book-keep-era,
puriem, bar-keflpere, coopers, mechanics,
laborers and otliera, can And situations at the Mer
chants' -lerka' Registry Office, No. 391 Weat Fifth-
jocX-v HA LB ft CO.
WANTED Two good Chambermaids.
V Apply at the MADISON HOUSH, Covington,
K v. oc26b
other need annlv. for central houae-work. at
4s7 Weat Boveuth-slreet, botween Lynn and Bay
nillvr. oc26b
WANTED BOARD By gentleman
and wife, with two children, in a email fam
ily; would not object to go a ehort dlataace out of tba
iiy on the line of an omnibus or horae-rallroad. Ad
dross box 1 ,3a), I'oaloffice. oo26b'
WANTED TO SELL-$3,100 of booka,
and 2,WJ of jewelry. Twenty per cent, in
h, the balance It Indiana, Illinois or Iowa landa
taken In payment. Aildreaa N1MROD, at the of-
V vrANTED-SITUATlolj-T( d ,,ook-
s1 lug or hnnse-work in a amall family, Kofer-
wires givea. Addreaa M. U, at Ihia office, ocloh
TKR8 Two girls Hint Hilly understand fl. ling
i".1 1,11,1 employment by making application at 484
J"hn-s'iest, between Everett and David. To good
hiJjHJj steady employment will bo given. ocafli
, man, with a thorough knowledge of Mercan
tile artaira. Speaks English, Fronch and Gormm.
Can giveaiitiBfactory reference. Addreaa W.'A. II U M-
''Altv' thia office. oc2ob
t VANTD-l?ITUATI0N-:By a Drus-
l - ki-i. vn si- t,in,v,ii-. i. n iinaieniau.
uironni ciihiibii. vrorwmi auu r reucn,KUU nas aconi-
i menial education, .'lease addreaa O, A. (I., thla
To trim their Kara lnaurwrioratyle.---b
Will keep them a week if neceeaary attbeatatilea on
lliirnot-etreet, between Vine and Itateund Third and
f lfiP; OCib
"lMf ANTED SITUATION. By a young
- - uina nu eppHKB nngiian anu uerman, ne por
iiM hi a wlinleaale dry gooda atore. Good reference
gi't'li. Addreaa H. B., thia office. 002W
WANTED TO RENT A amall house of
Hooiii lour rooina, in good neighborhood, fur
h small family. Good references given. Addreaa J.
A. 0., Mothocliat ileok Concern. ocl'Sb
nan from thuconntry, In aom businniiahoiMe
'ii tlila cily haa had two yeara' experience in tho
Kry (iouda hihI Orocery business, and la a good ac
connlant. Heat of reference given aa to character
and ability. Addreaa U. 0. S..thii office, or imjulro
of M. T. Bnrdaail A CJo., south -east corner of Main
anu oevenin-aireeia. oc2.ib
Hcniia preremit. Apply at 58 flxth-atreet,
lft ween V tne and Walnut-ioonia Noa. 10 and 1 1,
chamber, nnrae, aewlng, and dining-room
km la, n aaliwoiuen, anil glrla for general work. Alao,
cli'ika, Pin ters, salesmen, gardenera, carriage driv.
t, apprentlcea, errand boya i men and boya for all
line of work, at my office, W7 Kim and Niuth-etreeta,
about aix rooms, rant from $200 to J.tM per
yvni. iKiurees tsiaiiiig sunaiion ana lermBjll. K. 8 .
at thia office, or i'ottolTlce box 6M, oc8Sb
w amall lamlly, containing about three or four
i noma am kitchen. Dietaiico not toexcrad ten min
iilpa' walk Irom Fifth-atreet Marknt. A.ldr or
call personally ut Mo.l2 Jf IftU-atreot, in the cigar-
"LTANTEDAGENTS and others to call
, 1'' hxamine the coru-lmaker, gato-fuatenliig.
wgR-i'Wier, kiilfo-poliaher, acisaora-aharpenera, and
y.j ioty ol otlicr things, first-rate to travel with, at
-HAST, I'lTTMAN & C08.,
t)irixldw No. a Weat Third-street.
MjIOR SALE A corn-meal, family flour,
JB. or chopped stuff grinding opparatus-consisting
ol one socund-kand (well worn, but yet good and
strong) Mir horso threshing-power. Thirty feet ol
new keltiug, and one of tioilgea,' Freo A Oo.'a nne
iinileil Turn riinnib Grist Mills, nearly new, and all
in complete running order without further expense
lor lixtum. Having no use for the above. I will eell
th whole for $5,oud deliver at railroad, river or
t'linal, or will exchange for abafe family horse, and
pay uiiiereuce. uju, n. KJii&nti, uo, aw Jfoiirtlx-
atreet, Cincinnati.
SALE A five year old blaok horse,
. IMianda high, warranted gentle and sound. A
Darling two-hoi-ii power and saw-tablo, coniplute,
having been used only two months; are as hoi id as
)iuw. A lao, a M cord wood cart. All of which will
lie sold separate or together. Inquire at grocery, West
ourner of Fifth and 1'lerson-slreela. ocftil
6 OR SALE OR TRADE A magnificent
slcam and water-power flooring and saw mill;
CJui reaof land in Highland County, Ohio;) only run
ciKiiteen mouths, and now doing a good bueiueaa to
Uaile fur dry goods orclothing.
Also.aNo. I steam eaw-mill, with 208 acroa of land,
iu HnftH (Jounly. Ohio.
A Iho, liirms of nil descriptions lu Ohio and Indiana,
lor "ale anil trade,
A Irn, landa In Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and
Iowa, lo trndo for jewelry, books, liquors, or dry
aioods. A. U. McMANAMA,2lK Main-at. oc25b
U. a bakery and grocery aland. Inquire South
Mi nt corner of t rout and rluin-atreeta. ocjaw
. I.')TS. 1110 feet on north aide of Fourth-street;
IIih north siilecf Ninth-street; 23 feet on the
north aid of Seventh-atreot; 122 fieton the south
hide of Sixth -stre it. Those Lota are offeroi 2 per
ml. leaa than former prices. O. P, HULL, 171
Walnut-street, uext to Gibson House. ooUof
IilOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
J Spring Wagons and Buggies.
j. . rvuoir. ,
oclJ-ameoil Bank-street Omnibus Factory.
C10R RENT A LOT 30 feet front on
Broadway, running through lo canal baain 150
feel. Also.oueM feot frsnt, and 150 feet deep, with
Sall-shoda thereon, on aatne street, between Eighth
and Nintli-alroata. Arply to Dr. Amea, Weat earner
Front and Sycainore-atreeta, or at 124 East Vonrth
street. oc2td
IXOR BENT Front office and second floor
for rent e,t No. 22 Front-atreet, between Main
and Walnut. ocldht
BOARDING One or two gentlemen can
have board in a private family. (Apartments
if required.) Apply at 67 Nlnth-s.tr.et, between Wal
nut and Vine. ocXb
BOARDING Several gentlemen can bo ao
commodatnd with boarefat 191 Rreadway, bn
twrvu Fifth and Sixth-streets. A aeoond-atnry front
room vacant. Also, accommodation for a few day
boarders. oc2Ab
BOARDING Two gentlemen oan obtain
a pleasant furnished room, with good board, In
a private family, where there aro a few seleot board
ers, at 107 Lntigworth-slreet, between Kim and Plum.
TVrmB moderate. ocftvb
I Tall ears, kelit balf an inch: tan sdoI:
on hack, near tail. Answers to the name or ilKN. A
suitable reward will lie given by returning him to
no. ii -lereon-atreei, near -tamuuin ana ayua
AT LAW, Chase Bulldlaia.No.SKast Third.
.trset. aen4-ay
SkmriuiAU h. Baldwin, attorney
and Oonaaellor at law, Onaae's Bnlldloi
bird atreel, I doors Seal of Mala. 171
Ir yon want a lervani, advertise in - . .
Ir you want a house, advertise in
Ir yon want to eell anything, advertise In
Ir yen want to buy anything, advertise In
In fact, every want aupplled by advertising In
-Ill -JLjaj-
Unhid Statu Coobt. In the United States
Court, yesterday, William Ferguson, who had
been indioted by the Grand Jury for pasting
oonnterfoit ooin, was discharged; the jury
deeming him innocent of the charge.
C.bi Of Illkoil Votino. John Roith, who
was charged with illegal voting some time ago,
bnt whose oase has been continued, from time
to time until yesterday, was discharged the
jury having rendered verdiot of not guilty
after oareful hearing of the testimony, and
an absenoe of half an hour for oonsultation.
Tmpsichoh.ak. The first party given by
the pupils of Mr. and Mrs. Shank, this season,
will take plaoe at National Hall to-morrow
evening. An exoellent tinui is antioipated,
and those who are fond either of " tripping the
light fantastio toe," or of he tring good music,
will find It a capital plaoe in whioh to spend
the evening.
Rmiqnatioh and Appmntmbht. Mr. Chas.
M. Steele has resigned his position as news
agent on the Cinoinna'.i, Hamilton and Dayton
Railroad. Mr. S. has oooupied this plaoe for
some years, and beside rendering himself a
favorite with the ofHoers on the road, has been
quite snooessful. The vacancy thus caused
will be filled hereafter by Mr. H. M. Ste
phenson. . .
Mm's Abu Bbokkn. A man, whose namo
we were unable to learn, while engaged lb lift
ing a very heavy stone yesterday afternoon, on
the corner of Third aad Raoe, had his arm
broken and his hand so orushed that it will, in
all probability, have to be amputated. Tho
stone, after it had been partially raisod, slipped
from his grasp and fell upon his arm, Injuring
it aa we have stated.
Thi Council Invrstioatino Coioiitths.
The committee appointed by tho City Council
for the purpose of investigating tho ohargos of
corruption iu regard to the passage of the
Street Railroad ordinanoe, met last night, and
examined ono witness only. It will moot
again on Thursdayevenlng noxt, and, as it has
determined to attach all witnesses who havo
been summoned and failed to appear, it is quite
likely the mooting will cause some develop
ments. An Old Labot Cask Finally DisroB.H
or. Margaret Foly, as our readers are al
ready awaro, was arraigned bofore Justico
McFall charged with stealing soiuo money
from a man named Riley, while he and hor
husband were asleep together in her house.
The Magistrate yesterday heard the testi
mony in tho case, and hold tho woman to bail
in the sum of $300 to auswor tho chargo bo
fore the next terra of tho Court of Common
Si-loos, Pbobablt Fatal, Accidbbt. A
man named George Hoskett, while at a ball
on the oorner of Pearl-street and Western
row, night before last, foil from tho seoond
story window to the pavement beneath, and
injured himself to such nn oxtent that It will
be Impossible for him to reoover. His ankle
was very badly fraotured, and beside, this he
was severely injured internally. He was taken
to the residence of his brother-in-law, where
he now lies in a wholly insensible, and, it is
thought, moribund condition.
Fockbt-Buok Found. A large pooket-book
containing sundry bills and papers of value
was found floating in the oanai near the
Brighton-house, yesterday, by Martin Leagol,
and given to Offioer Williams of the Twelfth
Ward, who took it to the Ninth-stroot Station
bouse, where the owner may now find it.
Among the papers it contained was a passport,
granted by the Fronoh Government through
the Prussian Embassy, to Theodore John Knik
kink, and dates October 25, 1856. How it
happened to be in the canal, or whether its
owner was not also in a similar predicament,
is not known.
AnnEST or a Gkrmam Tailor. A Gorman
tailor named Matthew Miller was arrested
yestorday and taken before Judge Lowe upon
a warrant whioh had been issued at the re
quost of a man named Kraft, who, we be
lieve, keons a clothing store at No. 137 Main
street. Kraft charges that Miller went to
his store in August Inst and took away four
coats, which he agreed to make and thon re
turn, giving as his residence No. 193 Flum
street. M. replies that he never had such
transaction with It.; that ho has resided at
No. 450 Plum-street, and workod for Mon
dcrson & Frohman, No. 23 Poarl-streot, dur
ing all that time, and can bring sufficient
testimony in regard to his character. In
view of those circumstances Judge Lowe
held him in the sum of $100 to make his as
sertions good this morning, whioh we doubt
not he will be able to do.
Smuoua Accidrnt from tqb Explosion of a
Camphbnk Lamp. Camp-en o as a burning
fluid has been so often adversely advertised by
the aooidenta it has oauscd and tho lives it has
taken, that every new phase of suffering caused
by its use, or rather abuse, seems, in some
sort, a surprise. Yet they oontinue to occur,
and we aro oompeiied to record them in the
discharge of our news paporial duties.
A servant girl nauiod Ellen McGinley, resid
ing in a family sonio place in Harrison-street,
was injured in this way quito eeveroly night
beforo last. Aa is usual in cases of aooidenta,
she was in the act of filling the lamp while it
was yet burning, when the liquid took Are and
the flames being thus oommunioaied to hor
clothes, burnt her arms, chest, neok and jaw in
a shocking mannor. Fortunately she was not
alone at the tiino, and the assistance she re
ceived from those who were near undoubtedly
saved her life.
At latest accounts she wag Improving, with
a fair prospeot of recovery. The relation of
these aooidents and tbe slightest burn reoelved
in this way 11 extremely painful week after
week, should certainly teaoh all who use the
article the greatest care.
County Cohmibsionrbb' Frocrrdinss. At
the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, yesterday morning, they passed orders
amounting in the aggregate to $496 05. After
having examined the bids for bridges and cul
verts, they made the following awards of con
tracts :
Brldgo over Howard's Crerk, near Shaker
Tillage ; superstructure to 0. A F. E. Sator at
$6 00 per foot, and masonry to John Dorsoy
at $2 87 per porch.
Bridge over Howard's Creek, near New
Haven ; superstructure to John Williamson at
$6 75 per linoal foot, and masonry to John
Dorsey at $2 87 per perch.
Bridge over same river, near Barney Simon
son's ; superstructure to 0. A F. E. Sator at
$6 4 per lineal foot, and masonry to Mr. Bos
wick at $2 9b per peroh.
Bridge over Syeamoro Crock, at Porter's
Mills: superstructure to John Goodrich at
$6 85 per linoal foot, and masonry at $1,000
per job. "
Aroh eulvert on road leading east from Read
ing Pike to John Dorsey, at $2 06 per peroh.
' Two bridges on road loading from Pleasant
Run to Spslngdale, Springfield Township;
superstructure to J. D. Jamison, at $3 24 per
lineal foot, and msionrv to John Dorsev. at
3 73 per perth.
Attempted Suicide—An Injured Wife
Seeks Reparation in Poison—An Old
Story Retold.
- To those who carefully note the ourrent
events of the day, as recorded In newspapers,
it muat sometimes appear that Instances of love
and desertion are not more frequent than those
of marriage and misery. It is possible that the
former oftenest appear before the publio, and
that the latter oftenest happen; but whioh is
saddest it is difficult to determine) for both
cause a wreck of hopes and oftentimes an
abandonment of life.
There la always an Unutterable ladnesa about
an attempted suiolde, whether it be suooessful
or otherwise. This Is not because an indi
vidual has raised his hand against his life, but
beoause the evidence it furnlsbea that some
griefa are too great to be borne, would item to
be incontestable. A oase was related to us a
few days Ago by a physioian of tbla oity, which
we propoae briefly to lay before our readers.
A oouple, boh of whom were young, and so
far as persona bould judge froas outward ap
pearanoee, admirably adapted to each other,
about four years ago were married, and for
some time lived together quite happily and
contented In a oomfortabls dwelling-house, on
Eighth-street, bolow Mound. The business of
the man was in good condition; ho seemed fond
of his wife, and she was devoted to him. Sun
shine fell from his smile upon her heart, and
flowers in the pathway of life sprang up In
their footprints!
But this was not destined to continue. With
out any apparent cause, the husband almost
entirely deserted his home, his evenings, often
times his nights, Were spent at gambling and
drinking-housea,and at last the trusting orea
ture who had linked her life with his was in
formed that her husband visited worse places,
in the eyes of sooiety, than either of these. He
came home intoxicated night after night, and
during these fits of lunacy certainly it was
nothing else abused and even struok the ten
der plant he had sworn to oherith.
Her tears, her prayers, her entreaties, were
all without avail, and whether they appealed
to him or to the Deity, bdth remained alike un
answered. No children had been given them
by tho benolloont hand of nature to strengthen
their union, and the poor wife had no one ex
oept this man upon whom to lavish the wealth
of her young and affectionate disposition. Her
parents had been torn from her by the hand of
too ruimoss aestroyer, and altnougn there were
those Who called themselves friends, that sym
pathy whioh a loving heart forever and forever
oraves was not to be found among them.
Under these oiroumstanees what wonder is it
it that her coo. rage failed What wonder that the
sunshine fled from her eyes, and her hopes be
came blighted and withered? In all the garden
of life there wasnotnowaaingle flower.audthe
roBy atmosphere with whioh her life had been
surrounded, became murky, dull and baneful.
The perfumed breath of vouth was ohanaed to
a pestllontial vapor, and the halo whioh her
fancy had painted about existenoe seemed
now tbe leaden oloudi of adversity.
Weary of life, a couple of weeks ago, she
determined to abandon it, and for this purpose
prooured a heavy dose of strychnine, which
she immediately took and laid down to die.
Within a few momonts thereafter, although at
an unusual hour, her husband oame home and
found hor in spasms. He ran for a physioian,
who, by the application of proper remedies,
saved the life whioh had become so hateful to
its possessor.
Tho wife is now well and tho husband re
pentant; but how long this will remain, of
course, can not be determined. be story is
an old one, although none the less sad for
having beon so often repeated; but as strong
diseases require strong remedies, lot us hone
that the husband, awakened to a full sense of
tbe ruin be has wrought, will now, at least,
iu-g an euon to repair i.
Nativity or Pbisonbrs Confinbd id Thb
County Jail on CbiuinalCbaroeb. Through
the courtesy of Jailor Shooklev we havo re
ceived the following exhibit of the nativity of
tno prisoners now under oonunoment in tho
tounty Jail, upon oriminal charges:
Murder in the First Degree Americans 8;
Irish 4; Italians 2: Germans 1: Negro 1. To
tal 16.
Highway Robbery Irish 8; Germans 1;
Americans 1. Total 6.
Grand Laroony Irish 3: Fronch 1: Germans
1. Total 6.
Assault with Intent to Kill Irish 4; Amer
icans 4; German 1. Total 0.
Horse Stealing German 1; Irish 1; Amori
eans 1. Total 3.
Burglary Irish 2; German 1. Total 8.
Kidnapping Americans 2.
Illegal Voting Americans 1; Irish 1. To
tal 2.
Having and Passing Counterfeit Money
Americans 4; Irish 1; German 1. Total 6.
The above reoord is rather a sad ono, and is
probably without a parallel in the country.
The spirit of crime seems to have overshad
owed our beautiful city with his dark and ter
rible wings, while his peace destroying breath
has, apparently, tainted the moral atmosphere
of the entire community.
Board or City Iupboveuintb. At the
regular semi-weekly session of the Board of
uuy improvements, bold at their rooms yes
terday morning, the Clork was direoted to pre
pare and transmit to the City Council ordin
ances to assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding and abutting on the following streets:
Dayton-street, from Western-row to Lynn;
Thorp-alley, from Elm to Plum-Btreet.
He was also direoted to prepare ordinances
to establish the erade of Biden-allev from
Wade-street to a point 267 feet south of it; to
repave witn Dowmeni,-ilberty-street from Main
to Walnut; and to gradoand nave theunnaved
I sidewalks on Everett-street, from Lynn to
Tho following repairs for accepted bowldered
streets were ordered: Fifth-street from Main
to Butler, for $55; Vine-street from Hamilton'
road to the Miami Canal, for $60.
The sealed proposals which had been offered
wore opened, and the following award reoom
monded: To A. R. Smith, to pave with brick
tho unpaved sidewalks on the south side of
nintn-street, iroi .reeman to Uarr, at 4U
oonts per square yard.
The Board also looatod gas lamp-posts as
follows: On Bank-street, from Baymillor to
Freeman, vo posts; Longworth-street, from
is tone to uoauiey, six posts.
Past Wrer. Mr. Charles Betts, the Mayor's
Clerk, informed us that he had reoeivoil and
paid into the City Treasury, during tho week
euuing yesterday, seiu on, which ho Had re
oeived for Iloens.es from the following sources:
vnyn.. . f 6 00
Furniture (Jars............................. so
Hxproea Wagons - 3 oil
Hackney (Joaches t CO
Cincinnati Street Kailroad Company Cars 60 Ml
Oity Passenger ' " " 911 on
Cincinnati Ht, Itailrnad Co., (tax per capital) 171 06
ftiuiuiuoiiaauu ua.
11 uckstera'......,.....N.
..,.$ei 06
Man Robbrd in a Bagnio. The Chief of
the Police, Captain Wilson, reoeived a letter a
day or two ago from a man named George
Denham, who stated that he had spent the
night, a short time ainoe, in a houso on Main
street, whose inmates were noted for the re
markable elasticity of thoir chastity, and that
while there his compagnon it unit had relieved
him of four twenty-dollar gold; pleoes. Ue
also said that he would pay half of it to got it
out of the possession of the woman who had
stolen it from him. Officer Bleaks was depu
tized to investigate the affair, and arrest the
parties, but upon arriving at the plaoe desig
nated, he found no suoh establishment, i He is
still on tho lookout, and may yet possibly find
the guilty party. .
Funrral. The members of Washington
Fire Company No. 1, of 8 ton's Township, yes
terday afternoon attended the funeral of Mr.
John Snyder, one of their number, who died a
day or two ago quite suddenly. They have
determined to wear badges of mourning for
thirty days as a tribute of respeot to the mem
ory ol their departed eompanton.
Wood'b Tbbatbr Third Nioht uv Mr.
Absim. liiUenneaiidlenrslat night attended
Wood a Theater to' witness Mr. Anderson's imper
sonation of "Hamlet." It waa a beautiful portrai
ture in many parts, and the cloaet aeeno was aupiirb.
Ths "Onholla ' of Mrs. Kinder was ai'lwr perform
ance, and tho sweet music of the pert was sang touch
logly and with effect. To-night Mr. Anderson will
appear as "The Strangor" in the play of that name,
and as ."Cuke Aran," lu the Hum.i moon.
Smith k Nixon's Hall. Rumsey and
Newcomb'a Campbell Minstrels drow a splendid
audience last niiht; both in numbers and quality.
Their performances wore good in every pari, and
those who heard them were undoubtedly del iybtanl.
They again appear this oveulng.
Conorrt by Mrs. Drew. This exoellent
vocalist will give a Conrort at Smith A Nixon's Hall,
on Thursday evening tho .Id pro., assisted by Mr.
M. II. Morgan, a basso from Mew York, where it Is
said he haa considerable reputation.
A policeman named James Bailey, who is a
substitute at the Pearl-streot Station-house,
Was charged before Judgo Lowe yesterday
morning with passing counterfeit money.
The facts in the ease, as developed by the
testimony which was elicited, woro as fol
lows: Bailey had in bis possession a quantity of
counterfeit money which had boon taken
from Leonard Fowler, who, it will be remem
bered, was arrested a short time ago, and
with a ten-dollar hill of this money he paid
a gambling debt of $4, which he owed a man
named Holcomb, receiving in return $6.
When it was ascertained that the bill was
spurious, B. was asked to redeem it, but after
promising to do so, he waited so long that II.
became liilpatient and threatened to have
him arrested, which ho subsequently did.
After hearing the case carefully he was held
to answer the chargo bofore the noxt term of
the Criminal Court in the sum of $350.
This ciroumstance would seem to suggest
the thought that all counterfeit money found
upon the persons of prisonors should be des
troyed, rather than distributed to the police.
It does not appear entirely just to punish
aaen for offenses of Which the vory persons
who arrest them are guilty; and just such a
circumstance aa this, once or twico repeated,
would bring odium upon the wholo force.
Polici Court. Yesterday Judge Lowo ex
amined and disposed of forty-three oases, of
whioh the following are the most important:
A fellow named John Smith, a short time
ago took passage at Madison on the steamer
Prtartu for this City, in company with Philip
Moses. On the way he managed to steal five
gold watches from his companion, and dispose
of two of them. When the boat arrived at the
wharf he was arrested and committed to the
Station-house, at whioh time the three remain
ing watches were found upon his person.
After a eareful hearing of the testimony, he
was held to bail in the sum of $500 for his ap
pearance at tho next term of the Court of Com
mon Pleas, to answer the charge of grand
Stephen Golding, who was mentioned in our
issue of yesterday as having beon arrested on a
ohargs of passing counterfeit money, was held
to bail in the sum of $1,000, to answer the
obarge beforo the Polioe Court, on Thursday
next. - : . .
BbRGLAR Caught. thero is nothing more
true than that every crime will be followed by
its appropriate punishment. The way of the
transgressor is hard, and however great the
enorts to conceal tne crime, its perpetrator sel
dom esoapes detection. An instance tending
to prove the truth of this theory ocourrod in
our oity yesterday. Some two or three months
ago the book-store belonging to Mr. Laird, on
8oott-street, was entered by soma person un
known, and an amount of valuables, consist
ing of opera-glasses, gold pens, gold pencils,
Jto., to the value of about $350, carried off.
The proprietors of the store kept the matter as
seoret as possible, and carefully avoided
makiog any open search ; but at the namo time
kept a close look out for any circumstance
whioh might lead to the detection of tho thief.
For some days suspicion has rested on a young
man named William I) welly, who is a manu
facturer of instruments in this oity. Yester
day he was -nested by Marshal McLaughlin,
and brought to tbe jail. When there he con
fessed his guilt, and promised to restoro such
artioles as were still in his possession. What
that amount wilt be we were unable to learn.
He will probably have an opportunity to try
his meohanioal skill at the State Capital, in the
servioe of the State. ,
COVINGTON, October 25, 1859.
attention has been drawn to an ordi
nance, dated April 10, 1856, that it shall be
the duty of the Street Commissioner to keep
the w!l$ in good order in the different parts of
the oity." This ordinanoe passed nndor the
adininistrarion of W. Ernsst as Presidont of
Council, and Mr. Shrock as Secretary.
In looking around and about, we oan not find
any suoh wells, but npon the other hand they
are found to be oovered up, and of but little
use to the community at large.
It is hoped that the Street Commissioner's
early attention will be called to this small mat
ter, whioh interests tho drying up portion of
ine residents oi our flourishing and commercial
South-wbst Part of thb City. We yester
day took a stroll some distance up Russell,
Bank Lick and other streets in that vicinity,
and wore agreeably surprised at the progress
of improvement evorywnereexhibitod. Rus
sell has recently boon Macadamized from the
stock-yards at Drovera' Inn, to Eloventh
streot, and tho sidewalks are all undergoing
a thorough renovation. The dwellings are
of a substantial character, and display great
taste in construction. The yards form a con
spicuous feature, nearly every dwelling hav
ing one in front, beautil'ullv ornamented with
shrubbory, Ac. To such as aro desirous of
possessing a home in a pleasant, and at the
samo time retired part of tho city, we would
recommend this locality.
ISTTGeor.e Goodman, one of lh ennfi.
donee men arrested on Monday ovouing lost,
wub uruugnt ueioremo ronco uourt yestorday
morning, but not being prepared for trial,
tho case was continued till Thursday next.
Roiibkry. The eonfoctionery establishment
of Mrs. Boyies, on Fifth-street, waa robbed of
about $40 night belore last, by some person
who broke in from the baok way. No due to
the perpetrator has yet been discovered.
air An election for officers of the Konlon
Cadote will take place at the armory on the
otn oi noxt montn, at seven o clock v. si.
Captain Wm. Air, Captain Uoonle.
Major Charles Buchanan, Corporal Dun lap,
rroiessor otein ana ut. ceuam, nave just re
turned from the Ohio, about Berlin, Sholby
County, where they have boen hunting and
fishing for the last week. The express wagon
loaded with ducks, squirrels, snipe, quail, fish,
and a " little goose," and other " little tricks,"
too tedious to mention, prove them regular
Nimrods. They nor their friends do not ex
pect to have to buy much fresh moat for some
time to come. Ibey recommond Berlin as a
place for sport of every description. Success
to the Newport sharp-shooters.
Tib Nrw Jail. The stone foundation for
this necessary institution has been completed,
and the walls will soon be erooted. It will be
large, commodious and capable of holding a
great number of pridoners. Its walls and bars
will, we opine, be proof against the attempt of
any prisoner, unless he be indoed a modern
Jaok Sheppard. At present our prisoners are
all taken to Alexandria for safe keeping; caus
ing both trouble and expense to the cily and
arOurs is a city of Nitnrod. Indeed we
doubt if ever that famous hunter delighted
more in his favorite sport, than do our citiians
in theirs. Yesterday at least twenty or thirty
young man left for the woods, some miles baok
of this, for the purpose of killing game, and
there is scarcely a forest in tho West but has
been visited by a dologation from Newport.
Uabaab Cobpu.A Charor or Contrmft.
I. ,1.1. . 1 - .1.1.. I . . I .
In a proceeding in tho I'.oliHte Court, at the suit of
Stabler k Co.. he i rreni li) Mug the rvapondaat ia
saidHiilt. was eonimiiteUiM for a contempt of Court
iu not imiii plying wlih an order of said Court, to psy
over (lo W. s. Brown) a sum of money received by
nun assignee, anu, claiming inui said committal
was illeffal, ho now asked to be discharged. -
Judge -holson aniufttncod the opinion of the Court.
Tho Court dud from lepripera handed up that a sum
nf, money l$.,aui was collected by I he trustee, (Sir.
i-leiim auu mnniiieoj irs ms nanus; aim meqlies
tion arising is whether tho payment of that amount
by tile trustee can lie enforced by the aroceas ol eon.
tempt. Wo aro unanimously of opinion that It ran
not tbnt it is nut competent for any Court in the
State to enforce a payment in that way. In the lint
piaco, uecause oi tne constitutional provision that
nrotccis the norson from arrest fiir deb in,lnM. in
cases of fraud; and in the uext place, it la uotclaimml
mat mis money was mo luentlcat lunil collected.
This onlor of the Probate Court ia in tha nature of a
demand which arista from a past transaction, and ia
not in the nature of a rouuisilion to deliver specinc
properly, while ths statute contemplates only the
delivery of specific property. We have assumed tho
powor to exist In tho Probate Judgo to inquire Into
this matter of the assignment; but be had no right
to use tho particular process tbat has been used in
thia case. This nroceedlns bvooutemet was not only
an extraordinary power, but waa in the nature of a
piiuisiiuieui, anil was never, mienaeu as a reiuooy w
accomplish the purposes of the suit. The Court cited
cue caso oi .Ki mill, eej.j
The potltiouor waa accordingly discharged.
Oliver Drown and P. T. Wllliama for netitionor: T.
J. Gallagher on the other aide.
Ai noa rua LtDEt,. William Wallace Warden vs.
Calvin Htarhuck ami Caleb Clark. Thia waa an
action brought to recover damages (laid In ths peti
tion at sivuuj or injury wnicn tne piatntiit claimed
to banc unstained In hie position as a business man
by reasouot the publication of two articles published
lathe Daily Times -one on the Uthof July and one
on th.i isth of July, lSM-and both alleged to be of a
libelous character.
The following Jury was eworn: Jamea Oirnn, Timo
thy Maphct, A. IlirroW, J. If. Merritt, J. Winter,
Kmihen H (Imnntim. 11. H. fiver. 0. V. Bnltiiian. J.
WiiBill, I). L. lliuh, M. Glenn, E. It. I'ugh.
The petitiou and answer ware read; tbe lattor con
tained elffht statement, of defenafiiu the first nlace
admitting the publication of the llbei., bnt denying
ine mauce, ami pleading aa a justification tuai me
waiters sei lortu in me petition were true.
Tho evidence opened with a presentation of the
artioles complained of. The Brat, which was headed
"Caution to the Public," aud signed "(J. Clark ft
Co," stated that the publishers having had pecu
niary transactions with Mr. Warden hail no hesita
tion In stating that they believed him to he destitute,
of tbe feelings of bonur and principle indispensable
to security in business matters, and advised the
public to repudiate Ihecredlt system In their ileal,
ingswith him. Tti second article purported lo give
a history of his career, mado ulliiaiou to his return
ing to Cincinnati to repair hia fallen fortune, and
remarks that his extravagant babitadld not come
within the category of an honest and laborious
struggle for that purpose. J t proceeded to state that
he had obtained their labor and money upon false
representation, and to prevent future attamptato
enlarge the circle of hla dupee," they had cautioned
lbs palillc to beware of him, Ac.
Hindu teatiried that lis had allowed Hi.
Warden to have aouie $J'si worth of fancy gooda on
lime I what waa not sold to be returned after a certain
lime); but a dor reading the article in Hie Times he
concluded lo make fun her iii'iuiry-made inquiry
then at a mercantile agenoy-lhe report waa not
favorable to Mr. M allien, and witness then
demanded his goods back, and received them. The
plaintiff here closod.
Mr. .1. Mender examined fur the defense Htaled
that a contract was made with Mr. W. to hava press .
work, A'. dune at the Times Job Cllico at csali
trices. Uo bad made repeated promises which
ediduot fulflllas to payment. Tho evidence oi this
witness had not closed when lbs Court aitjourned.
J. T. Worlhington and Judge Johnston for
plaintiff; Chas. Jfox and Judge Caldwell for defense.
Bauin tia. Springer, alias Beck, alias Cohen.
Button sroniissory notes and on Immlaeoount. Tried
before J udge Storer.
Theideletidatit'a attorney asked him while on the
stand to explain an. i he came to be known by other
than tbe name of tlpriuiter.
The witness said that ths nick-naine of "Itin k"
was given lo his fathers family in Germany, aad I hat
on coniiug to this country his (witness1) ebleat
brother adopted the ulrk-iianie and waa called Heck.
Attorney But Ueckia not iltiek how came thai
Wltiieaa-That canio frtitn a recullar Polish pro
iioiinrlution ol tho letter it.
Question What docs the word Buck menu? "
Answer It la understood among the Hermans to
mean a male goat. The witnessl urther slated that
he never went by tho name of Cohen.
'1 he piaiutiir recovered a verdict for $100.
J. 11. Parker, jr., for plaintiff; J. Wolf Tor defense.'
McCiillough, vs. The Home Insurance Company.
Tried before Judge Uoadly Action on a policy of
insurance, taken out on a biildlng on Westorn-rOW
lietween Wade and Liherty-atreut, which waa burnt
in Wit. Tbe principal defense relied upon Is a re
fusal to 'comply with the conditlonnol the policy.
Thia ia asecond trial. Tho former finding was re
versed. J. W. Caldwell, for plaintiff; Burrowes and Ward
lor defeudatit. . . i. , ,
Attrntion. We would call the particular
attention of the publio to the advertisement of
Mr. J. B. Owings, No. 27 West Fifth-street.
Mr. 0. will furnish every variety of game, &o.
during the season at reasonable rates.
New Hall. The Marian Gymnastio As
sociation have so faf completed their new hall,
on Belts-street, that it will be ready for ded
ication in a few days.
, rf ). '.' -' i ''. r, r t
SS A. A. Eystor,' Clocks, Watches an '
Jewelry, Nog, 311 and 271 Western-row,
JZ3 Daguerrelan Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford's
drugstore. Pictures taken and put in good cases
or twenty cents. Warranted to please.
jZSS- Bloom's Photographs never fail t
please. Call on him and have your Photograph, Me
lalnotype cr Ambrotypo taken, at tho Central Gal
lery, coruor of Fifth and Wcslorn-row.
fisT Strangers visiting the oity, and desir
ing a good articlo of elothlng, should not fail to leave
orders wilh Meaars Uriel A McGuIre, No. ) Walnut
street. They manufacture their own clothing from
materials of the very best quality, at prices unpre
cedented. p3 We learn from one of tho city agents
for Madame KIUb's niodioiues, that they are having
a large sale, aud are rapidly gaining a reputation, aa
they perform all that is claimed for tliem.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
TtiKSnAT Evsnino, October 21, ISM.
FLOUR, -Tho market was less firm to-day under
tho news from Now York, but prices did not undergo
any change. The Kales were con lined to 709 lirls. nl
(Xig.l 41) iorextrn;superline may be quoted at (1 ti&'j.
.,7(s brls were received tho last 21 hours.
WHISKY The foeline iu the market, waa lienor
to-day, and the domaud moderato at 212rtc; the
nviier imuior wnjnil.
GHAIN An active demand fur Wlieut will, aulas
of 8,1)011 bushels at $1 lh(rtl V, for White; $1 lnl 12
nir iwu. imriey unit at kc. uaia active anu nrin at
454A llic. live sold at t04&S2c.
P 110 VISIONS-A moderate demand for Mes.Pnrk
at (14 3Diil4 7.1. Willi sales of 7ml hrls. Bacon Sides
nrni at Diw?o. witn sales oi snu inula., Holders ask
'J'iv. NotlliD- doneiu Laid: it is aaleabla at loo.
SKED Clover very dull with sales of Old at (4 50,;
new is unurou ai wo wiiuoui nnuillg uuyers.
POIATOICS-The market ia dull; luo brla. Nesha
uocks aolil at SI Ml.
CHKKSK Tho demand ia active and prices have
nilvaueod to$9ei9,4 lor.ood to extra W. It.
BUTT KB A lairdamand and utlriu market at 16(
i,v. iii'ii, nuv ,,i!Vif iui vi, int. ... iv.
(JIWCKItlKS-Tlie market ia unchanged and
ateady. W quote Sugar ul Jg)7?4. llolasnes (tHotllc.
aud Coffee ll '4(fflV.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 25—P. M.
Flour ia leaa active and ,Vd)lis:. lower, sales IJ.tsNt
oris. e.ioni tsi aiipernuo atato; o. extra mate;
$4 'jo,'i01auporfltie Western; $.1 liro5 III common to
medium extra Western; ff.'i j ti5 iulerior to uood
shipping brands; extra It. 11. ()., closing heavy
and tending strongly downward ; Canada Hour
less active; sales .tno oris. f?i .'xvn hi common to
choice extra; Uyo flour in fair request, Ai 604 CM),
Wheat t(i&?e. better witn good milling and fair apecu
lativo demand. Shippers are not in the market to
any extent; sales ,ri,issi bushels Si ((jl l.", Chiracs
Spring; SI Hin;l 17 Mil. Club: $1 4.'fi)l M White
Michigan, and Si .T Whito Canada. Ilye active and
lower: sales Iti.ono bushels, S,ViW)C., chiefly at inside
prices. Hurley scarcely ao firm; Bales 2,n00 bushels,
7o33o. Htate, and Sta. Canada and Western. Corn
dull and heavy: aatca 4,ft)) bushels Southern and Jer
sey yellow. $1 IV(.7I (VI Western mixed. Cats nomi
nal, UMilo'iC. State. Western and 4 'anada.
Whlalty inoro active and lewerali'. Pork Armor
for prime aud ateady for meaa: aalea n,M brls., SI6 2)
riBl.lsOfor meas;HII prime, and Slit:) prime moss
including I,. WO mesa sellers to 1st Dec, 814 M; and
is) brls. meas. deliverable 1st Nov., Si.'. 2j. Reef un
changed, sales :kf hrls. f l44 .V) prime; $.',"('' jo
meaa Biifiiii) repacked meas, aud SlkdilU mess. Lleef
llama droplng: sales l.'iObrls, SlftfttUii Now Western.
Cut Meats scarce and linn: 8c. fur Shoulders, (iHc. for
Hams, ilaren quiet and unchanged. Lard dull and
drooping: sales aoo brls. 10!i((a41V. Hiitter, 1U4(UIH
Oblu, li20? tale. Cheese stoady 6,SI04C
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, October 25—M.
flour firm at 8 .' '-''. Wheat buoyant: sales 10,000
bushels at SI tdi : for White, and SI Hn.l a for
Red. Cum firm nl. OrlftOTc. for While and Yellow.
Provisions quiet: Meas Pork $lft5.H; prime, 111 2.".
Bacon aides lOHc. Whisky dull at Mo.
Steamboat Register.
Arrival, Denmark, Portamouth i Melroaea,
l. ,.,. . ir.ll.. D:ut..l,, Bn.lnn 1 .m,l. il l .
Hit,, ..ill,,, u mil, i iiiquiii.il, ....,,
Clipper, Big Bandy; Prioress, Madison I Duoleilb,
DKPAnTOBB. Cambridge, Now Orleans; Boston,
Louisville; Helroae ; Maysvlllc: Undiiie, Ht. Louaa;
n . i bI.1i - I, I..1.I. U 111- . ailll- ll,--..
l lioness, einuisuu , uiiiiii'iiu, ut'iiiiv, xrouiv itcuv,
Now Orleans : Clipper, Big Bandy.
Auction 'Vale. by a. bra
tlHKAlU A CO., Bales-rooma Noa. 57 and r.9
Main-atreet. firoceries Ac, at AnVlion. We will
sell on THIS (Wednesday , MORHLNU, Ocloher ,
at nine o'clock, a general assortment of (irnoerits,
consisting of 71 brla. Hyrup; A) half de. do.; 1UU kegs .
6 Iwtat Tobacco; I.MI boxes, 11. and Ve do.
Also, Boap, Korea, Bed conla. Indigo, Nutmegs,
Nails, Sugar, I'oHoe. Spices, Wooden-ware, (ilaaa-i
ware, Wush-boanl-, Ac . ftr.
oc2 ii. UltASIIKAItH t Co., Auctioncera..
A CO., No. 33 Mnin-elreet-Grocerles, Glass
ware. Wrapping-paper, Boots, Shoes, and Lienors, at '
Auction. -Ve will sell on Til U Belt) AY MtlltMNd,
Octolier .7, at!) o'clock, a general variety of staple
Groceries, Glassware, Wrapping-paper, Uovta,lioea,
Also, U0 brls. He". ned Hyrup; 30 half do. dj. do.; Ml
tierces Rico; 3) brla. iloiirlxin Whisky; 10 quarter
casks Brundy; Tdo. do. Ilollaud (iiu. ocie
BHEARH ft CO., Hnles-ronins Noa. .',7 and Ml
Main-street. We will sell, on Til UIISIIAY MllltN
INU, Oct. .7. commencing at o'clock, without re
serve, for rash, Dtai rases Men's, Boys', Youths',
Women's, lllaaes' and Children's Boots, Shoes and
Brogoua good assortment, aud must be sold.
OC21 O. IIKASflBAfttt CO., Anc'nv.
WlLLIAMH-Sale-rooins W aud 24 East Third
street. Large and Kxtnnsive Hale of Pawnbrokers'
Ooods.-On TIUJIISDAY and F B I D A Y, October 27
and -4, at!),, o'clock each day, mm packages, bundles,
trunks, Ac, of Gents' and Ladiaa' Wearing Apparel
of every variety rich and liueUooda.
A I.SU A very large stock aud good assortment ol
Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry of all kinds, and
instruments of a variety.
At 11'. o'clock on Tliurailay-12 Kngllab Imported
Guns, Pistols, Ac; ono large Camera, Ae.
O0-4 A. KKLLOUU, Auctioneer.
tliatthey areeclllng Inmher at their yard on
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Ilauiltou aud
Dayton Ballroad,
Than any other Lumber Sealers in the city.
"Quick Sales and Small Prolils"
They submit the following list of prices:
Cash. 4 Mo'a.
(Hear Inmber.nllthlckneaaea, I In, meaa i7 Ml tinea
Best Common, I ' and 2 Inch Plank... ZH no jitv :
Beat " I inch Hoards. a 75 is (la
Kecond "' all thicknesses,,.,. 16 fit) 171.-
Third " Boards II m 121,
Grub Plank, face) measure . n HI Will
Hemlock Jolat, Hcantling and Timber.... II AO 12 mi
Poplar " ' " " VI fa) 14 Otl
First Common flooring Boards............. 3A m ,17 mi
Second " " , . " 21 7!i Oil
Third ' " ' ,.. IK Ml 20 (
Klrst Common Weather Boards......... 16 no 17
Second " " " 12 00 1:1 in
Cedar Poets, 4 by 4, 8 feet, per hundred.,.. .v oil so no
Cedar " for fencing, " " ... 30 00 M W
Locust " ' " " . 20 mi 22 so
A further reduction of i'A per cent, will be made on
bills of foOOor more.
Wo have one of the largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber In ths Cincinnati market, which we oiler
for sale at the above prices,
Ofllce OS BraadY-ny, New York. :
j - emirv pronio, eio iuui, miiiviik iiiiuiiv, n..,,i
ers, legal interest (7 per cent, only) Is paid on it
stock, which may, by Investment, reproduco about
that amount, thereby giving the assured all tbe ad
vantages of the Purely Mutual System, with tho
pledge of a Perpetual Capital Slock and the added
aecurity that its Board of Directors have a Perma
nent Moneyed Interest lu conducting ilsj affairs with
prudence and strict economy.
Its rates are based upon the moat approved Kugliali
I aides of mortality, verified by American experience
lo the present time.
By the Chnrtor, Dividends to tbe Aaattred are to be
H-hireil everv rive years, and may be anvlled to the
reduction of premium, or will bo credited upon the
nelli-v. thereby increasing the amount insured.
Parties desiring to insure will be furnished with
the Society's publlnationa, rates, Ac, gratia, upon ap
plication to the Agent.
HENRY B. HYDK, Vice Freeident.
1 ElWAKD P. WILLIAMS, Secretary.
GKO. W. PHILLIPS, Actuary.
We, the undersigned, take pleasure in stating that
"The Equitable Life Assurance Society," ol New
Yoik.roprosen ted In tb Is city by David A. Truax, Ksii . ,
la entirely worthy the confidence of this community,
and that the combination of the Mutual and Joint
Stock principle aa by them presented render this
Company one of the moat desirable for insurers iu
the country: '
ftedman, Carlisle A Shaw, Stanhope 8. Howe, '
.1. S. Cheneweth A Co., B. 8. L'Hommadien,
Hl-e.hlev. Stmnaon A Co.. D. W. Corwlii.
Thompson A TaafTe,. IL. E. Spencer.
Hi West Third-street, Basement Masonio Temple.
oc2l ' ' 1 Examining Phyalcian.
Glycamyl of Roses,
of Chapped llanila ntnl face, Sore Lips, Rough
ness ol the Skin, Ac This ia the most elegant and
effectual compound ever prepared lur tho purpose,
being fiir mporior lo cold cream, lotions, Ac, as it
does not soil or become rancid, and may be readily
removed from tondor surfaces by water alone. La
dies and gentlemen will find It a really superior arti
clo, and one that thoy should uot fail to use.
Prepared aud for snlo by
oc2l -o Opposite the rostomco.
Compound Chlorine Tooth
wash. :
JL WASH effectually cleanses the Teeth and
Moulli, speedily removes all canker and soreness;
likewise the suiell or taste from the uaenf tobacco,
and all that In offensive in the broath. It preserves
the teeth aud mouth, in all respects, in a clean aud
healthy condition, - or sale by
neaitiiy couu SUIltK, KOK8TK1N A CO.,
oc24o Opposite the Postoflk e.
Keith & Co.'s Concentrated
for the sale or Keith A Co.'s Concentrated
Medicines, we are now prepared to furnish them at
manufacturers' loweat pricea.
oc24o ' Opposite the PostuBice.
Glycorole of Arnica.
Burns, Scalds, Ac, tl.e Glycerols of Arnica is
unrivaled. It Is more than lliiee times Hie strength
ot the tincture, and causes neither pain nor smarting
in Iho application.
Prepar ed and Bold by
oc24-o , Opposite the Postumce.
"Congress Water.
t3W just received direct from the Springs.
For sale by HU1BB, ECKSTEIN A CO.,
oel'lc Opposite the PostolBco.
J. W. FRT,
J. W. 3. UALPIN,
iV CHANTS, io.:ll Sixth-atroet, Bear Walnut,
Cincinnati, Ohio, will sell and make cash advances
on all kinds oi merchandise.
Regular sale daya: TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS.
ALSO Kvnrv Kvenlnn. OCZIC
Just received, two boxes extra genuine Italian
Maccaruui and Vermicelli. For sale by
a. McDonald a co.,
oc24 ' Nos. ,Vland-241) West Fourth-street,
S' CEIVED, Is bbls. freali .nqliah Crarkneils.
L'orsHio oy A. JUl'l'Vn A lu ai vii,,
oc24 Noa. 96 and 24!) Weat Knurth-atreel .
very superior Havana Cigars. For Bale by
ocM Noa. 56 and 219 Weat Fourth-street.
NEW BUCK WHEAT Another loTo? extra
fine New Ruckwlieat, "real I'ennaylvanla." juat
received and for aalv by i . JOIIN FERUUSOn,
oc21 ., Grocer, corner Ninth and Vine.
CJM0KED HA LIBIT T Some vory nice
K-V Smoked Halibut just received ana lorsnie n-
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