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It publlahed daily, (Sundays excepted,) by
1' ' PB0PBIBF0E8.
iirin-ii. it wnt roitii-iiiiit,
THX PINKY PBESB Is delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and sur
rounding" eltles and towns, at th ez
, ...... tremelylow price of
Single copies Jc.i 1 month 40c.; 3 mintha$l;lrear$4.
Jon A. Ellslib, Jb....m..J8o1o lessee and Manager.
Benefit of Mr. Jas. Anderson.
" Vint appsarance of Minn KLL8W0ETHY since
her arrival from Europe, when "he will appear, lu
conjunction with Mr. Anderson, til ghakescarn'fl
comedy of "Much Ado About Nothing" and the
stalling eoraedy of " .Matrimony."
TH13 (Friday) EVENING. Oct. a, the perform
ance will cotnmeuce with
Benedict ........Mr. Anderson
Beatrice Miss Ellworthy
Don Pedro Sir. Langdon
Leonato H....Mr. Hami
Dogberry . ....Mr. Kllnler
Hero Mis Annie Waite
La Bayadere, by Mine Kate Ponnoyer. 1 - ,
To conclude with tbe excellent cemedy
Pelavee. Mr. Anderson
Clara Alias Ellsworthy
WT Iu preparation, the great play of "Cloud and
Bnnshlue. '
awrDoors oponatOX; Curtain rlsos at 7X o'clock.
Pbioes or Admission Dress Circle aud Paruuette,
SQcente; Gallery. Mcenta,
Lessee and Proprietor JNO. H0WORTH.
This new and beautful TB51PLJC OF THE MUSES
opeasd for tbe senseu on
With a full and talon ted DRAMATIC AND CON
CERT TROUPE, (elected from the different thea
ter and opera companies of the TJulon.
Admission 10 cent. For particular! ace small
The " Olymplo Saloon " will be open at all houra
during the day. The Ban are stocked with choice
Wines, L Ignore and Cigars. oo2s
A TROTTING RACE will como off over this
Clourse THIS DAT, Oct. 28, for purse and atakeof
2ti0 -two-mile heats, to wagons.
J. . Fish enters g. g. " Gray Harry," ef flhlrago.
0. W. Dlinlck enters 10. m. "Molly Brooke," of
James Rocky entora b. m. " Fanny Hopn," ef Cin
cinnati. 1
' Race comes off nt 3 o'clock.
(Jars will leave tho Hamilton and Dayton Itnilroad
Depot at 1'A e'clock Tor the Connie.
ocM TH09. J. BTEPHKNS, Proprietor.
Takes pleasure In announcing to her friends, and the
public in general, that her
Grand Vocal and Instrumental
Will toko placo nt
Thursday Evening, Nov. S,
On which occasion slie will bo assisted by Mr. M. E.
MOHOA N, the distinguished Basso, from Nw,York
City, and by othertalented Artists, who will be duly
Announced. I
Tickets 90 centM. Doors open at 1'A o'clock; Con
cert to commence ate o'clock. oc26b
Smith & Nixon's Hall.
Positively one Week only, Comm eno
ing Monday, October 24.
Si-WTROOPE. and the only Campbell's
Alt'1 now in existence; allotlters assuming'
2rf- the name Are nothluir morn than
mountebanks and impostors, uot to bo truate
caution tne pnunc aguuiHr an sucn.
The advantages the (JAM I'D KLLS enjoy above any
other Minstrel organisation, arises from their win
tering tho last twelve years in tho Souther n country.
Their delineations of Negro characters are taken
from natural scenes and incidents in Af rican life,
anil aim at preventing the Musical and Comical pecu
liarities of the Southern Nogro, andelevati no: him to
his proper standard of natural wit and nuaBioal tal
ent, presenting the phases of Negro Life on. tbe Plan
tation, and representing the. musical capabilities of
the more refined Negroes of cities and villages. In
representing truthfully tho shades anil peculiarities
of Negro Life, the universal accord has flumped
the Campbell Ariista unapproachable and defying.
assy Free Balcony Serenade nightly by the CAMP
BELL BKASS HAND, led by the Wizard Bugler,
August Achl.
Doors open at ai nrter to 7 n'clotk ; commence at
ft Quarter to 8 o'clock. Admission 20 cents.
ocl8k Agent and Bnslnoes Diret tor.
' . : (Opera House.)
Now open EVERY EVENING, for a shout time
only. J. iusco Williams's celebrated Ilible Pnnn
rniiui, This magnificent Painting comineniles with
Chans and continues down, In historical o.tdor, to
the Babylonish Captivity, containing moreth an rilty
of the most sublime and interesting scenes in the
Bible. Exhibition ovnry evening. Doors opem at 7.
To commeuco at M to 8 o'clock precisely, Tic kots 25
cents; children under 10 years of age is cents.
Also, Exhibitions) on Wednesday and Saturday Af
tornotns; doers open at 2, to commence at 3 o'. clock.
Jixpialueo by Dr. Ttbbltts. ,k22
SMOKED HALIBUT Some very nioe
Hmeked Halibut just recnived and for sale bir
ocS2 J01IM yKROUSU. Cor. l)th and Vine.
and Uonnsellor at Law, Chase's Building
bird street. does f Main. , 171
-aa-4 I am this day receiving some of
the above unrivaled Pianos. Also,
mm. .f Wllllum lTnal.A & 1A I
othor good inakers-all of which I S I (J?
will sell at ffreatroductlon. for caeh.
or will rent aud let tho ront pay for the Piano.
. ' O. M. MUUOH, 74 West Foprth -street.
Thd largest stock of Melodeons In tho city. oc24
JSL HTREET. Hallet, DavisA Oo. ;
B sfdoton A Brothera ; Pelers. Crsgg
A (Jo. ; Ravnn, Bacon & Co. AH w ill
be sold at prices that can not fail to
suit, for cash, or will rent and let
the rent pay for the Piano. J. CHURCH, Jr.
The largest stock of Molodeons .in the city. oo24
it i.n0irJ,? "1,lBv0twee? wlnut ai id Main; r'sldenc.
United States Hotel. . I am now ready to pulnt all
kinds of Ficluros in ell colors, anysle reailrod, 'In
flne stylo at hortnotico, and on falrterms Persons
llvlna at a d stence who nniMfMu utn.i .r m
of themselves or frlonds, living or deceased, nan cely
on havinsr them accnratelv enwiMi nj..ii . ,.i
Kiuiling tlioni 01 mail to uiy address. Also furiala
tho Hue Oolore.l. Llfe-sl7.e, Lithograph of our Lord
' original painting, Price, t.i a copy. Relerenceoan
Iiehado(theoiti;.onscf01ncinnatl generally, wheiro
I have resided nnd practiced aiy profeiulon tho hist
twelve years.
Editors frltndly to Art, who will give this adver
tisement one or two insertions in their paper, wi ll
receive a copy or tho Christ by applying to me i
' ' oc2Miw "
NEW BUCKWHEAT Another lot of '
Ane New Buckwheat, "real Pnnnntvanla i.
i reoeivea ana lor sale oy JOHN FEROUHOrt,
i.woi, uoruer niniu anu vine,
fllEAS A large anil well Mioxted ttook bf
, -k. extra urssn ana uiacg Teas in store and for
aJeby ,, JuBN JJEBUUHON, ,
a.o Corner Ninth and Vine. ,
VOL. 2. NO. 59.
Rates of Domestic Postage.
Lbtisbs For each half ounce, under 3,000 miles,
pre-paid, 3 ceuta: over3,0ilo miles, pre-paln, 10 cents.
All letters mnst he ere-natd br .ariinn. i,r 1iion.l In
stamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Transient Nkwsps pbbs, P.riodioals, Cibculaes,
Ac, to any part of tbe Unltod States, not weighing
over3onnces, I cent; and 1 oent for each additional
ounce; pre-psyment required.
books, preaia, not weighing ever 4 pounds, 1 cent
tier ounce, for anv rilstanca In thn lTnftAt HfAtn. nn.
der 3,imi miles, and centB per ounce over 8,nOU miles,
pre-payment reiuird. All fractions over the ounce
to De counted as un a'laittonal ounce.
NBWflPAPKBfl ANO PBRIonfOAl.fl. not AVCAnHlnir IU
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly in advance,
and circulated in the State where publlshed-daily,
nap nimrtAr UVt alv .1 in no, nulr luu, tl,nl.l
iH; seml-wuekly.ilH; weekry,3X;seml-n!onthly, ljj,;
monthly. NowsnaDers and Deriotlicals whan
weighing 1 ounces, double the above rates.
Shall Nswspapkbs, published monthly oroftener,
and pamphlets not containing wore than 16 octavo
pages, in pacaages 01 a ounces or ovor, X cent per
ounce. -
Wkeklt NxwsPAPlBg, within tbe county where
published, Free.
Oou-larl- nA.,n.n. I . J l.. 1 .
wUa..D1 iinjuiDuu,. 111 Buvnui-tj, may uo mnutf
either where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
iHOIAIfArOLIg t CINO1NNAH-9M0 A. M.l 1:35 P. St.!
9:3b p. M.
a.m.j 6:40 p.m.; 111:10 p.m.
Littlb MiAMi-7:d a.m.; 1:30 P.M.; 7:18 P.M.; 10:45
p. at.
Makiktta and Oinoinmati 1:30 a. m.; 9:15 p. M.
Onto and Mississippi 7:15 A. u. i:W p. M. 10:1 p.
Covington and LEXiNStoN 10:21) a. m.; 7:05 p. u.
Departures of Trains.
IllnlANAPOLIg AND ClN0I.MNArl-6:IVj A. M.i 12:00 M.t
6:00 p.m.
Cincinnati. Hamilton and Dittos Indianapolis
aud Cleveland, 6:00 a. m.; Sandusky Mail, 8:00 A. M.i
Handusky,4:30 p. M.: Accommodation, 6:00 p. m.
Littlb JIIiami Cleveland and Pittsbug, 6:00 a. m.i
Cleveland, Pittsburg and Uellair, 8:3u a m .; Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:40 P. a.; Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Bellair, 11;80P. M.
Ohio and Mississippi St. Louis, 9:00 A. M.i Louis
ville, 2:00 P. M.; St. Louis, 8:30 P. M.
Pittsbuho, Ooldmsvs and CiiciNNATi(BteubenviHe
Short Lino) Kant frout-itreet Depot-6:00 a.m.:
8:00 a. m.; 11:30 p. m.
Cleveland, Columbus and Cinoiitnati East front
street-e:(WA.M.;a,30A. M.; 11:30 p. M.
Cincinnati andMabietta 6:16 a. u.; 3:80 p. m.
Ointbal Ohio From East Front-street Depot s-M)
A. M. 11:30 P. H.
Covinqton and Lexinqton-6:2J a. m.: 2:30 p. M,
Omnibus Stands.
BIast Wainut Hum. From corner Sycamore and
Fifth streets every half hour.
Webt Walnut Bills (LaneSemlnary.)-FromN.
138 Sycamore street evory hoMr.
Wehtebn Row and BuioiiToif. From Main and
Fourth streets every ten minutes.
West End Line. From corner Fourth and Main
to Freeman and Hopkins streets.
Biveu Road and cIrdamsville. From corner
Broadway and Peurl, and corner Fifth and Sycamore
streets every ten minutes.
Fulton, Pendleton, and Columbia. From corner
Broadway and Lower Market-every ten minutes.
Tiiiro Btkkf.t Line. From Newport Ferry to
Fifth street Ferry.
Mount Auburn. From corner Main and Fourth
streets every hour.
Vine Street Bill and Clifton. From corner
Main and Fourth streets every half hour.
CtiMMiNsvii.LB. From corner Sixth and Main
streets every half hour.
Covinqtom. From corner Fifth and Walnut streets
every hour.
Post Oppioe. Westebn Row and Clinton Stbeei.
From corner Fourth and Vine every ten minutes.
Siabon, Mason, Lebanon, and Monrob. Daily, at
2 P . M. from 169 Walnut street.
Habbison. Daily, at 8 A. M and 2 P. M., (Sab
bath excepted) from 169 Walnut sireet.
Bbookville Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 8 A.
M. from 169 Walnut street.
Bataviaand Geoboetown. Dally, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 2H, P. M. front Broadway and Lower
Venici and New London. Daily, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 2 P. M. from 169 Walnut street.
MoNiaoMEaT. From corner Ninth and Sycamore
streets Daily, (Sabbath excepted,) at 2X, P. M.
Avondale From 171 Walnutstreet, 8, 10, 11, A. M
2, 6, P. M.
Church Directory.
Baptist. First Baptist Church, North side Court,
between Mound and Cutter.
Hlgb Street Baptist Church, East of City Water
Ninth Street Baptist Church, South side Ninth,
between Vine and Race.
Freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
font of Fifth street.
Welsh Baptist Church, North side Harrison.
Baker Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Burnet, between Walnui and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Third, between Race and Elm.
Christina. First Christian Church, Lougworth,
between Western Row and John.
t'ougrcgnttonnl. First Orthodox Congrega
tlonal Church, North side Soventh, between Wester"
Row and John.
Second Orthodox Congregational Church, Eastslde
Vine, between Eighth and Ninth.
Welsh Congregational Church, Westslde Lawrence,
between Third and Fourth.
Disciples ol Christ, - Christian Church, South
west corner Walnut aud Eighth.
Christian Church, Sixth, WtweenSmlthandMonnd,
Christian Church, between T. P. 13 and 14, Fulton.
Christian Church, (colored,) North sido Harrison.
Friends.-First Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be
tween Western Row aud John.
First Friends (Ulcksite,) Fifth, between Western
Bow and John.
J flwiahMynngoimcs. Holy Congregation, Chil
dren of Israel, South-east corner Sixth and Broad-
"ifiily Congregation, Children of Jeshurun, Lodge,
between Filth and Sixth.
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Race, be
tween Fourteenth and Fitteenth.
Polish Congregation of the K. K, Adat. Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearith Israel, corn or of Seventh and Walnut.
Methodist Uliisropal, Eaht Cincinnati Dis
tbiot, Wesley Cliapel, North side Fifth, between
byoaniore anu uroauway.
Ninth Street Chapel a now called Trinity.
Asbury Chapel, South side Webster, between Main
and Sycamore.
McKendrie Chapel, (Seventeenth Ward,) Front
West Cincinnati DiSTBiCT.-Morrls Chapel, Wost
side Plum-street, between Front and Columbia,
Christie Chapel, North side Court, between Mound
and Outtor.
Carr-streot Chapel, west side of Carr-street, be
tween Eighth-street and Hamilton and Dayton
liallroad Depot.
Buper Chapel. West side Elm, North of Findlay.
Park Street Chapel, South-west oorner Park and
York Street Chapel, South-west corner Baymlller
and York.
Findlay Chapel, South side Clinton, betwoen Cutter
and Linn.
Union Chapel, North aide Seventh, between Plum
and Western Row.
illelliodlHt Proteatnnt.-Flrst Methodist Prot
estant Unrcli. Sixth, between Vine and Race.
Second Methodist Protestant Church, Elm, be
tween Fifteenth and Liberty.
George Street Church, George, between Cutter and
New Jerusalem. Temple, longworth, between
Race and Kim.
Presbyterian Old School. First Presbyterian
Cburch, ("ourtli, between Mala and Walnut.
Fourth Presbyterian Church, North side High
street, near Fulton line.
Fifth Presbyterian Church, Bouth-east oorper Bov
enth and Elm.
Beveuth Presbyterian Church, West side Broadway,
between Fourth and Fifth.
, Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
Burr and Mound.
Ninth Presbyterian Church, Cutler, between Clin
ton ami Betts.
Preaftyterlnn Nbw Bobooi.. Second Presbyte
rlau Church, South side Fourth, brtween Vine and
Third! Presbyterian Church, South-west corner
Fourth Bind John.
Eighth Presbyterian Ohnnb, Seventh, between
Lino and Baymlller.
Tabernstcle Presbyterian Oaqrcb, oorner John and
Protest ant Episcopal. -Christ's Obnrob.North
sloe Fourt li, between Kycsmere and Broadway.
St. Paul's Church, South side Fourth, between
Main and Walnut.
St. John' a Church, South-east corner Plum and
Trinity Church, corner Pendleton and Liberty.'
Church of the Advent, (no but Iding,) Walnut Hills.
Ohurchof the Atonement, oorner Richmond and
Ohurchof the Redemption, Ulluton.betwecn west
ern Row and John.
ItoinnuOnrliollc St. Angustines, Bank street.
St. Peter's Cathedral, South-west corner Plum sail
St. Francis Xavler's, Westslde Sycamore between
Sixth nud Seventh.
. St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Hill, '
St. Michael's West side of Mllloreek. ,. ,
Christ's Church, Fulton. 1 '
Holy Trinity, South side Firth, between Smith sad
St. Mary's, South-east corner Jackson and Thir
teenth. . St. Paul's, South-east corner Spring and Abigail,
St, John Baptist, corner Bremen and Oreen.
St. Joseph, Bouth-esRt corner Linn and Laurel.
St. Phllomena, North side Pearl, between 1'lkeasd
-' St. Thomas, West aide Syoaraore, between Fifth
and Sixth, :
Unltarlan.-Flrat Unitarian Church, Sooth-wesi
corner Fourth ana Race,
Slnlveraallst. First rtnivnrsallst Chnrshf Say
s Plum, between Fourth and Fifth,
Second Dalvsrsalist Oaarek,' seraer Sixth sad
Law of Newspapers.
First. Subscribers who do not give express aetlcs
to the contrary, are considered as wishing to con
tinue their subscriptions to the paper.
Second. If subscribers order the discontinuance
of their periodicals, the publisher may oentlnue to
send them until arrearages are paid.
TillRi.-tf subscribers ueglect or refuse to take their
periodicals from the office to which they ars directed,
they are held responsible till they have settled the
bill and ordered them discontinued.
Fourth. If subscribers remove to ether places
without informing the publishers, and thepapsrsare
sent to the former dlreetion, they are held respon
sible. FirTH.-The Oeurte have decided that refusing to
take periodicals from the office, or removing and
leaving them uncalled for, Is prima PAciEovidsuceof
iutontloual fraud.
Jp9Mr. Falrbraln estimates tbe total steam
power at work in the British Empire ai equal
to that of 8,000,009 horses, besidoa 3,000,000
horse power afloat.
fliTA. locomotive when blowing off ateam
has a greater apparent weight on the rails,
owing to the roaotion of the ateam against the
aHr. Brackott, the Boston sculptor, baa
j ut completed the model of a boat of Rufua
Gboate. It la prepoaed to reproduce it in
marble for the Law Library.
jCSrSouthwark Bridge contains 5,560 tana
iron; The Brittania Bridge contains 10,570
tans. The groat tubes in thia latter bridgu are
raid to deflect but of an ineh under the
passage of an ordinary train.
Tho Masons of San Francisco have
purchased a lot on the oorner of Montgomery
and Post-streota for $92,000, and will erect a
building worth $100,000 on it.
Burne oaloulated that a locomotive
to draw a train of 101 tons at sixty miles an
hour, should have 2,246 squaro foet of heating
surface. Less than one-fifth of that amount
baa been found auffioient.
ff"The aervant girls in New Yorkoity
have struck for higher wages they want $10
a month. The Journal of Commtrte says it ia
in consequence of assessments for the new
Fourtb-avenue Cathedral.
rLooomotivea with three cylinders have
been occasionally bnilt. Messrs. R. Stephen
son & Co., England, have made locomotives,
eaoh with one cylinder of U lneb.es diame
ter and 22 inches stroke.
The Boston Traveller says : " We are
to have an inspeotor of mills in Boston at
$200 a year. Kather a watery salary, that.
Does the government expect good milk at that
figure T"
S'ln one year on the Eastern Counties
Railway 1,112,570 tuna of passenger enginei
and earriagea were ran in the conveyance of
but42,644 tuns of passengers, estimating flfum
paasengera to the ton;
JSf"Laoy Stono pronounces tho letter pur
porting to be written by Senator Douglas to
her, in regard to a " woman's rights meeting
in Chicago, a " maliolous hoax." She denies
ever having written a line to, or reoeived one
from Mr. Douglas. .
tfgftht first railways were laid down on a
guage five feet from outside to outside of rails,
i'he width of the latter being 1 inch, the
inside guago was 4 feet 1 inches, whioh was
necessarily retained when the rails were after
ward widened.
plf When Mr. Jefferson waa asked respect
ing his religion, his memorable answer was:
" It ia known to God and myself. Ita evi
dence before the world is to be known in my
life; if that has biea honest and dutiful to
society, the religion which has regulated it
can not beabad one.'
!Lewi8 Baily, of Steuben County, New
Tork, says that he planted of Peaoh-blow
potatoes, one eye in a hill, three feet apart,
and plowed and hoed twice, and made thirty
nine pounds form one seed potato. Of Ber
muda potatoes he made one hundred and sixty
tubers from one planted, ono hundred and forty
of which weighed fifty-eight and a half pounds.
Where seed is costly, or new varieties are
wanted from a distance, this one-eye system
of planting is worthy of attention.
0fTho following ia a list of (he persona
who have been killed in duels in California:
Edward Gilbert, by Denver, in 1852; Dr.
Crane, by a Mr. Tobey, in 1853; Major Wood
leaf, by Aohilles Kewen, in 1853; Dr. Dickson,
by P. W. Thomas, in 1851; Mr. Tevis, by C.
E. Lippinoott, in 1854; W. I. Ferguson, by G-.
P. Johnston, in 1858; D. C. Broderiok, by D.
S. Terry, in 1859; and Dr. P. Qoodwyn, by W.
J. Gatewood, in 1859.
Governor Weller, of California, pur
chased a fine farm in Alameda County, and
will make his home there after the olose of his
official term. He purchased tbe farm of Mr.
John Ludling, who belongs to a party of So
cialists and iree-lovers, and it is said that the
funds obtained by tho sale of his farm are to
be spent in carrying tho party to Nicaragua,
and establishing them there. The climate of
that country is supposed to be congenial to
tbe doctrinea of freo-love.
jjJTEdwin Forreat is lying on his oars,,
dramatically speaking. He has informed
the managers, and some of bis personal
friends, when urged to accept engagements
and again appear in public on tbe Btage,
that he will not do so until all his difficulties
are settled with his former wife. Thia means
that ho will sot again perform until ho baa
broken down the divorce grauted to her, and
is relieved from the payment of the $3,000
jSS-Tho Boston Trantcript denies the as
sertion that the Emigrant Aid Society waa in
any way connected with the recent disturb
ances in Virginia. It Bays: "Tho direct
charge that the arms of the Company were
used by Captain Brown in his insurrection at
Harper's Ferry, is equally devoid of truth.
We nave the best authority for stating that
the Company has never invested a dollar in
cannon or rifles, in powder or lead, or in any
of the implements of war, for use in Kansas
or anywhere elBe."
E3The corn orop has matured pretty gen
erally throughout the entiro West, and none
of consequence has been injured by the late
frosts. In Illinois there is no doubt that tbe
orop is a large one; some correspondents esti
mate it three times as large as that of last
year. In Missouri there is no doubt that the
oroo is very good, both as regards quantity
and quality; andlettera from various parts of
the State indicate that tne yield is aouoie mat
of lait year, and the quality of oorn very su
perior. pg M. Bouieson, a Frenoh writer, has
marie some very remarkable researches npon
the danger of smoking. He states that oanoer
in tho mouth has grown so frequent from the
use of tobaooo that it now forms one of the
most dreaded diseases in the hospitals. From
1645 to 1859, he has bimeelf performed sixty
eight operations for eanoers in the lips in the
Hospital St. Elol. The ubo of tobacoo rarely
produces lip oanoer in youth. Almost all of
Bonlsson's patients bad passed tbe age of lorty
The disease Is also more frequent with Individ
uals of the humbler elans, who imoke short
vines and tobaooo of inferlorauallty, while with
tne orientals, who are oaroiui to preserve tne
coolness of the month-piece by the transmis
sion of the smoke through water, itis unknown;
showing that it ia generated mors by the eon
stantapplioation of heat to tbe lipt than by the
inhaling oiBioeunt, hi.. , . .
Brussels Lace.
Some idea nmy be formed of what a sumDtu-
ona article of dress in thia laoe, from the fol
lowing pargraph in a letter to the Boston
Tho peculiarity of this laoe. in addition la
lis fineness, which distinguishes it, is that
many of the ohuicest pattorns are worked
separately, with the most mlorossopis minute-
ueis, anu are sewer on. ine flax employed
mi ius uiauuiaoiure grows near a place called
Hal; the very best, however, comes from
Bobeque, and eosts from $60 to $80 per pound.
We were told that much denends unon the
tennity of the fibre. We were offered a yard
of the most expensive quality of the laoe for
tne mortost aum ot fiv, but a very good quality
oould have boon purchased for $12. We saw
some even aa low us $3. Handsome sets, em
bracing ladies' collars and sleeves of point
lace, are sold from $12 upward.
Beautiful applique sets are Bold as low
as $6. The prioes perfectly astonished our
ladies, who had so often been sold by the
American venders. The persons who spin the
thread for the laoe, and also for French earn
brios, are obliged to work in confined dark
roomB, into which light ia only admitted par
tially by a small aperture, and by being thus
compelled to pay more oonsant attention to
work tbey discipline the eye and attaiu tho
faculty of spinning the flax of that weblike
fineness whioh oonstitutes the excellence of
these two fabrloa. We are told that the girls
employed in these establishments can only
earn from twenty to fifty cenls per day on an
ffiff Garrit Smith, whose n nrrtA Iiah liann na-
aociated with the Harper's Ferry riot, though
nothing criminal has yet been found impli
cating him in it, comes with fresh intorost
Al . ... - -
Deiore me puDiio. " uccaaional," of the Phil
adelphia iVsst, thus prscribes him as he ap
peared at Washington when In Congress from
1853 to 1855 :
Gnrrit Rmilh. wln'la ! 11 Pnlin.nla ma.1.
very favorable impression. His appearance
was exceedingly striking. A very handsome
man. of about fifW.fivt, VAflitl itf1 ann milk
'J w j vui a iA aguj tvivu
hie shirt collar laid broadly over his neck ; a
fine healthy. fWirl fnr on I n.ti,,
- -, xv, w.u .TOUJ, CIOl.
and dignified form, he was a study. Having
Bessed of uncommon advantages as a popular
orator, he was quite a Cicero in debate. He
dolighted in the most elegant hospitalities,
spending his money with a frequonoy and
"vuuu,u fcAuu uo ttouirjui;t oi general remarK.
He waa roArlV in trmtFv AVafTJ at tinntiln nv
- - iumo ex
cept that which expected wines or spirite,
a nil tin nMdIJnJ -.l.: 1- 1 . 1 . i . .
!, jw ,icoiucu ui, his uuara wtin tne aigui
ty of King Arthur at his "round table." The
most welcome guests at his table were South
ern men, and they, with their generous, out
spoken warmth, spoke of Smith as one of the
best fellows in the capital ; as one, although
t3ii jvuunu ua nu AUUJ111UD1BI, Still R8 01-6 CO
be tolerated. I thntirrht. tha nnr,tmaamAw.
- - -- o - ""uuLHiiucni
that he had assisted in tho late movement at
narpera nerry was a mistake, uutil one of
hid Ahnlitinn ffi'nna in 'a nU
. ...,uw iu vuib vii.jr vmittu :y
attoDtion to his letter, written on the 27th of
A 1-A 1 l. - . .1 . ...
Auguofc luofc, irom nm resilience in flew lorlc,
in whioh it nrmoara that triA naanaftrt nnH.:
rf - v " v wv Luavvtui J al lib
Smith really contemplated, if he did not ad-
.icsi, bjibcu nuu MK'uujr cnu iu me slavery
Marriage Portions for Everybody.
Many yeara ago, Oliver Smith, an old bach
elor who resided in one of the towna in Hamp
shire County, Mass., left the bulk of his prop
erty to be managed by trustees until it should
amount to $400,000, when one-half the inoome
was to be annually given to twenty-one boy a
who should faithfully perform oertain con
ditions of the will, one-fourth to eighteen
girls, one-eighth to fifty-four young women
tor marriage portions, and tbe remaining
eighth to the same number of indigont and
deserving widows. The required aum waa
reached last week, and accordingly abont ten
thousand eight hundred dollars will hereafter
annually be distributed among the boys about
five hundred and fifteen dollars apiece making
quite a prize for those who are lucky enough
to eeoure the prize; and as this distribution is
to be an annual thing, an army of boys will
in time be furnished with a handsome Bum to
start life with. The sum of $5,400 will be dis
tributed among the g'rls $300 apieoe; $2,700
for marriage portions making $50 apieoe,
which will pay for many of the neoessBry
"Aixinsj" and the same aum ($50 apiece) to the
widowB. The trustees of tbefund areannually
elected, like all other town offioers, and the
principal of the fund is mainly loaned npon
real estate in ths various towns of the county.
We are unacquainted with the prescribed re
quirements for obtaining tbe priiea.
The Fish Trade. Lake Miohigan ia quite
oelebrated for the excellent quality of the Sab.
oaught in its waters. One village that of St.
J osepha, Michigan, has thirteen fishing amacks,
and the produot this season baa been an aggre
gate, aooording to the Chioago Democrat, of
20,190;half-barrels of fish, netting the round
sum ef $100,800, or nearly $8,000 to each
boat. " At New Buffalo, in the Bame county,
about 4,000 half-barrels have been oaught the
present season, making $170,000 as tbe value
of the fishing interest of two villages alone for
a single season," The principal portion of tbe
fish are white, though many are trout, and
other excellent varietios. Nearly every city
and village bordering on the lako has its fish
ermen, and, oould ths statistics of tbe fish
trade of Miohigan be colleoted, we have reason
to think that they would make an exhibit
somewhere in the vioinity of fifteen hundred
thousand dollars.
Ely S. Parker, Chief of the Six Nation
and an engineer in the employ of the Federal
Government, at Galena, Illinois, started on the
13th Instant for Buffalo, to pay hla annual
visit to the Six Nations. Tbe Dubuque Ilwald
says :
Captain Parker gooa every year, dl vests him
self of the habiliments of civilization, puts on
the garb of the Red Man, and as their Chief,
listens to their complaints, adjusts their griev
ances, and harmonizes their diverse opinions.
Captain Parker looks about half-and-half In
dian j he is portly, aa if fed upon turtle soup,
has a dark but pleasant eye, long atraigbt hair,
the copper complexion, highly softened with
white, and generally dooa not present any ap
pearance suggestive of tomahawks or soalping
Otstsrs and thkib Eskmiis. -Oysters have
but three formidable enemies, namely : The
wire-worm or drill, the inseot whioh has honey
combed so many of tbe Great . Eastern or
Eaton's Neok oysters j the star flab, and in
some oountries the monkey, who, at low tide,
walks out to their beds, and thriftting a stone
between their two shells, readily scoops them
out with his paw. We have heard the same
etory related in regard to the crab aud lob
ster. When the wire-worm reaches tbe body
ef the oyster, probably boring tbe shell by aid
of some aeid seoretion, be stops, and never
leaves it till be entirely eonsumea It by suc
tion. The star-fish fixes blmsolf ovor the end
of the oyster, and patiently waita for It to
open, whioh it must occasionally do. At each
and every such time tbia insidious enemy ex
hausts, npon pneumatio principles, a portion
of the air within tbe bivalve, until it literally
diet for want ef breath.
Monument to Maffit.
Tbe Mobile Xriluns contains an article en
titled "Monument to Maflit," It says that
the Nashville Chrutian Advocate- declarea that
there ia evidenoe of a disposition in the public
mind to revive the memory of John Newland
Malfit, and that many are bold to say that the
verdict wbich doomed his last days to ob
scurity, and leaves his name unhonored, was
"wrong, all wrong."
A lady passing through Mobile, on her way
from South Carolina to Texas, writes as follows
on this subject:
"At Mobile, Rev. Mr. Andrews, the pastor
ui mo ot. cranois-sireet tnuron, was ao mna
as to bring a carriage and take us to aee poor
Maffit's grave. It was sad to stand (beside it,
and tee tbe grave of him who peculiarly loved
the beautiful, marked only by a few bricks,
and not even a rose or a violet or a forget-me-not
planted there. Aa I gated npon it the
thought noourred to me, 'If every peraon whom
Mr. Mailt has received into the church, or who
has In any way received spiritual beneQtfrom
ma pro&umng, anouia oontribute tna email
sum of one dollar, I wonder if it would not
build him a very nioe monument; aomething
better, at least, than this briok pavement?'
Would not the experiment be worth trying?
And as be reoeived me into the ohuroh, may
I not have the pleasure and the privilege of
subscribing the first dollar? If there are any
among the thousands who onco sat enraptured
while he spoke, who are now willing to contri
bute one dollar to this monument, let them
send tbe money to Kev. A. S. Andrews, pastor
of the St. Francis Churoh, Mobile."
The Chrutian Advocate also gives the' fol
lowing characteristic anecdote of an old Ken
tuckian, long familiar with hunting and border
warfare, who, being present at a conversation
wbero MaSt's name was mentioned in con
nection with those of other distinguished Meth
odist ministers, exclaimed: "I tell you what it
is, gentlemen, aay what yon please about your
BaBOombs and Waugha and Capersea, but in
the big day coming Maffit will bring aa many
ileelpi as any of 'em."
Fbznch SnpsasTiTioM. The Paris eorre
ipondent of tbe London Star writes: 1
The death of the Cure d'Ars at Lyons has
caused the whole devout population of tbe
Empire to hurry In crowds to his tomb. The
Abbe L'aoordaire, who has remained with him
for several months, was with him at his dying
hour, and promises the most wondrous revela
tions oonoerning the passage from life to death
of the Saint, wlioso canonisation alroady oc
cupies tho authority of the Church. The
miracles already wrought at the tomb of the
Cure d'Ars exceed, if one may bolieve the tale,
both in quantity and quality, those j once
enacted at tho grave of the Diacre Paris.' The
blind are made to aee, the lame to walk, and
every human ill Is set at nought by a prayer
at the stone which covers the remains of the
Cure d'Ars.
Tho Empress, wbo publicly deolarcd the
birth of the Prince Imperial to be owing to
thia holy man'a intercession, is said to have
been ia olose correspondence with him during
the whole of the war. To show the fanaticism
inspired by the event of his death, the omni
bus service from Lyons to tha village wbero he
lived, and whioh was started to drive straight
to his door, has been doubled since his death,
and drives nowhere but to tbe cemetery where
his corpse reposes. A nine days' vigil is estab
lished for tho different eonreret throughout
France, in order to fuoilitato tho transmission
of miraoleB for the convenience of those who
can not make the journey to Lyons.
The Best Fuel.
Wood is the healthiest, because it contains
a large amount of oxygon; coal has none,
hence, in burning it, the oxygen necessary
for its combustion must be supplied from the
air of the room, leaving it "closely" oppres
sive. A coal fire will go out uulesa it has a
constant and large supply of air, while wood,
with comparatively little, having a large
supply within itself, turns to "live", coals.
Close-grained heavy woods, like hickory and
oak, give out the most heat, while pine and
poplar, being open-grained, heat up the
quickest. Tbe value of fuel aa a heating ma
terial, is determined by the amount of water
which a pound will raise to a given tempera
ture; thus, one pound of wood will convert
forty pounds of ice to boiling water, while a
pound of coal will thus heat near eighty
pounds of ioe-cold water; hence, pound for
pound, coal is as good again for mero heat
ing purposes, and wood is aa good again aa
peat, which is tho produot of sodges, seeds,
rushes, mosses, Ac.
But, if a tun of coal, that is, twenty-eight
bushels, or twenty-two hundred and forty
pounds, cost $5, it is about equal to the beBt
wood at $2 25 a cord. Coal, at $12 50 a tun,
is as cheap as wood at $5 50 a cord. It would
be moro equitable, if wood was dry, to sell it
by tho pound. Such is the custom in France.
For heating sleeping apartments, wood Bhould
be used.
The City of Mexico.
It Is thus desorlbed by Humboldt, who vis
ited it in 1803:
The oapital, reconstructed by tbe Spaniards,
exhibits, perhaps, a less vivid, though a more
august and majostio appearance than the an
cient Tenochtitlan. Mexico is undoubtedly
one of the finest cities ever built by Europeans
in either hemisphere. With the exception of
Petersburgh, Berlin, Philadelphia and tome
(u&rters of Westminster, there does not exist a
oity of the same extent which can be oompared
to the oapital of New Spain for the uniform
level of the ground on whioh it stands, for ths
regularity and breadth of the stroets, and tbe
extent of the publie places. Tho architecture
is generally of a pure stylo, and there are even
edifices of a very beautiful structure.'1 The
exterior of the houses is not loaded with orna
ments. Two aorta of hewn atone, the porena
amygdaloid, called telzontli, and especially a
porphyry of vitreous feld apath, without any
quarts, give to tbe Mexioan buildings an air
of aolidity, and sometimes even magnificence.
There are none of tboae wooden balconies and
galleries to be seen whioh disfigure ao muoh
nil tbe European cities ia both the Indies. The
balustrades and gates are all of Biscay iron,
trnamented with bronzo, and tbe houses, in
ctead of roofs, have terraces, like those in Italy
(.ad other Southern eountries. . '
A Clibgviiah Elopiso with His Friend's
Daughter A correspondent of the Bangor
Union states that gteat exoitement exists in
Dexter, in oonsequenoe of the absoonding on
Thursday last, from that plooe, of Rev. Wm.
B. Cilley, taking with him the daughter of
Kev. J. F. Wetherell, a lovely and interesting
j irl, about thirteen years of age. Mr. Weth
irell has been in pursuit, but has not been able
t get any trace of them beyond Augusta, which
place they left on Friday. We understand
that Cilley oame by the lower route to Yar
mouth, t ieu took the Grand Trunk road, and
met tbe girl at Danville Junction. He there
mado application the eon duo tor for a ticket
t j St. Louis. ibrliiaa! Argm, October 21.
ZSJ-Snme Glpsov, recently, who bad been
loitering about tbe house of Mr. Thou. Holmes,
near Brentsville, Prlnoe William County, Vs.,
ii is said Lerauaded him to look iuto the caro
tf a watch in which w.ia chloroform, and,
while ho was laboring nnder the effects of tbe
inhalation, they took from him the key of his
bureau and stole therefrom a thousand dollars
in gold, with whioh the; decamped.
Advertisements not exueding five lines (Agate.)
Onelnsertto"..f ?s One wek.M..-....l 00
Two weeks 1 Co I One month .. 2 Ml
Larger advertisements inserted at ths following
rates for square of ten lines or leaa :
One Insertion... 50 1 Two weeks ...tl 00
Kach addl'nal ins.. 26 1 Three -.it.,r i 00
One week..... 1 79 1 Una month,, s on
Job Prittting; , .
In all Its branches, done with neatness and dispatch.
Premium Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking Stove,
Is without a rival. Call on
Inventors and Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Foundery,
....330 X".
Fourth-street, "West of Smith,
Ett-Aud See one In Operation,.
foc7tf ' ' '
at last just what (he Ladiea have leng needed
and looked fur in vain, tha Jterlne Elixir.
The Uterine Elixir is warranted to cure all dis
eases of a Uterine .Nature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra.
Prolapsus or Falling of the Womb, Tainful Menstru
ation, Chlorosis. Amenorrhea: in fact, a perfect cure
is guarrantoed by the use of from two to nve bottles
of the klixir, ot any disease whatever of the Uener
utlvo aud Urinary Organs, of male or female, no
matter of how long standing. JJrloe tl per Bottle.
Madame liiLLIB culls particular attention to the
following Cord ot one of tbe most prominent Drun
iacs of Cincinnati.
We, the undersigned, are not in the habit of giving
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing well the
Lady Physician, and the medicine called the Utsriun
Kllxlr, we cheerfully recommend it to all females
Honoring from Female Diseases of any kind; it la
purely-vegetable, and in no case cau do Injury; we
say to all try, and our word for it. you will nnd relief-
. ' JV. D. HILL, Druggist,
sepl'7 , "Corner of Fifth and Knee-street.."
cures, without fail, pains in the Breast, Back,
Side or Limbs; Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Diffi
culty of Breathing, Headache, Flatulency, Heart
burn, Chronic Bheutnattem, Blllluua Chullc, Cramp
!liolic, Griping Pains of the Bowels, Dulluesi.,
rtiupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and iu Pain
Hit Menstruation It is a certain cure, aud gn. s
immediate relief. In any of the above diseases
it will give relief in twenty miuutes; and a perma
nent cure by the use ot two bottles. Only Ml cvuts
per bottle so cheap that every person can get it.
N. B.-For sale by F. 1). HILL, Druxglst, corner
of Uaceand Flflh-Btreem; J. D. PARK, corner of
Fourth and Walnut; 8UIRE. JCK8Th,IN A Co..
corner Vine and Fourth; JOHN DICKSuN, coruor
ol John and sixth; PAUL BKlNLhIN, vomer ot
Eighth and Freeman. Also, KMVAltD aCA N LAN
I'Vaj corner of Main and JVourtb; and Jladauio
JtLLIS, 24 East Fourth. sepCT-ay
BAGS, for Grocers, Druggists, Tea Dealers aud
others, made from extra quality or Wrapping, Ma
nilla and W bit Tea Paper.
2iki.ioNo. 1 Wrapping and Manilla:
JSMNjii No. 2 . . ' ,
2on,(iisi No. 8 '
2u,vWNo. 4 ' - "
2oU,iK Nu. A -
am,(iONo. 8 ...
i(,mhi No. in i'
am.lXMJ No. 12 ;
200,HI0 No. IS - '
2nu,nuM No. 20
00,000 No. 25
a',l")0 No. 1 White Tea Bags;
2nu,H0ii No. 2
200,000 No. 8 ". .
The above are put up in packages of DOO bags eaoh.
Wo are manufacturing from sixty to sevouty-nve
thousand Bags per day.
Paper Bag .Manufacturers,
, And wholesale Paper Dealers,
oc22 77 aud 79 Walnut-street.
Celebrated Baltimore (lis
ters, received daily by iht
Adams Express Company,
in whole and half cans. All
'rtcrs sold warranted fresh and of the very beet
lUi.ltty. M. B. OW IN08, Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street,
between Main and Walnut-streets.
N. B. The trade suppled on the most liberal terms.
i oc2ttcm I i - '
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann A Co 's
Shell, Kes, and Cau Oysters Also, EreshCove and
Sp.ra-d Uysters, Ac. My many friends and patrons
will find only choice articles, and at as low prices aa
tuose cnarged for inferior elsewhere.
Oysters cooked in Eastern stylo at our usual mod-
linmember, 2f3 Walnut-street, fifth door above
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. oclj
1 ING daily, Howe, Mahony A Co.'s Clobrated
i lauieu usiers,wnicn lam selling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will please send
their orders. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can have
Oys'ers Cookod in every atyle, and served up In a
clea i and superior manner. Charges less than at any
othor plane. , oclOJ . JOHN NAIKN.
Oyster Importing ' House.
ING dally, per Express, his soleudid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scale, I will at all times durlug
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "ana
tue rest of mankind," with the most DELICIOUS
II I VALVES Imported to ths Queen Oity. None but
i he very best imported. Great inducements offered
at this Impnrtlng-bouse.
a)rder siollclted and promptly filled. Terms cash.
applet Bole Importer and Proprietor,
- Spiced Oysters.
E. ING DAILY, by the Adams Express, 11 ALT-
BY '8 world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters.
-.- ALSO
EOfiEET ORE, Agent
p7-tf , Depot. 11 Went Fifth-street.
No. JOt) Vine-at., bet. Fifth and Sixth.
that he has established a regular depot for tha
saleol all kludsof salt-water Flak, fresh from New
York ; also Lake Fish from Cleveland and Sandusky;
together wtui Jlams and Oysters in the shell, Loo
sters, Crabs, Eels (alive), and all kinds ot seasonable
Uumoaud Can Oysters. He will furnish thea'sive
iiamed articles CHEAPER- THAN ANY OTfiEB
I' LACK IN THE CITY. Family orders promptly
attended to and aeut home free of charge. Please
call and leave your orders. ' ocli-tf
-ii-ri ..l eilj j, jdiiMj-ui, edj

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