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"IOCND,,,4o., In this column, ocoapylag Ave line
or lee, two insertion. twnty-Bv oenti.
WANTED Clerks, salesmen, book-keep-rs,
porttra, bar-keepers, coopers, mechanic,
laborer ana other, oan find sitnatlon at the Mer
chants' Clerk' Registry Office, No.2Vl West Fillh
tret. looa-o) BALK t OO.
ANTED AGENTS. Aotivo men can
find emolovment bv actlnff mm aaent In the
ale of an article which will pa; them well, and for
lTuiuu mere a gooa aemaua, Apply at itn wei-nut-tret,
room No. 1. oci-b
man, aged eighteen, a situation M light
Sorter, itore bur or meeaenger. Can writ a tall
and. Address ). Edwarda, at thl office. ocM-b
diately, a good Scroll Sawyer and an Ex
tenilon Table makar. Good wa(H and steady em
ployment. Apply at No. 57 West tiecond-atreet.
man girl, oapable of doing general home
work ; the muat be a superior was tier and lroner.
Inquire to-day at No. IK Collage-street. ocM-b
WANTED A good stout Boy, who is
not afraid to work, at the " CALEDONIAN
SHADES," 1W Vine-street. ociff b
To do general house-work and cooklug for a
mall family. Hone need apply that do not under
Hand cooking. Apply at 190 Harrntreet. ocg7b'
llshed business, payiug $o,000 per annum
cash capital required, $3,juj. Address V. 1., Post
olho box 111, with rual name. oc27o'
WANTED A man who oan write a plain
hand. Also, helpof various kinds ; male and
female. Apply at the goneral information Ageucy,
No.HM Western-row, A. P. OAKaON ft CO. oo87b
WANTBD GIRL A small girl to take
oaroof c . Apply at 22V W out 1'ifth-st.
man who speaks English and German, aa por
ter in a wholesale dry goods store. Good reference
glron. Address H. ., tula otuce. oc&d
small family, containing about three or four
rooms and kitchen. Dlstauco uot to exceed ten mlu
utes' walk from lfltlb-streot Market. Addroes or
sail personally at No, I'M i'ifth-Blreot, iu the clgar
tore. oc24-a
ANTED AGENTS and others to call
egg-beater, knife-poliahar, scisiors-shurpeners, and
vurieiy ok otuer tinugs, nrsi-raio 10 travel wnu, ai
USAAii ruiiMn a wo.,
No. 8 West Third-street.
FOR SALE The right to Da. KARSH
tor Hamilton County, Ohio, for terms, oall or ad
dress the Patentee, at Ills Barr-strost, Cincinnati,
Ohio. oc?7b
FOR SALE A five year old black horse,
16 hand high, warranted gentle and sound. A
Darling two-hors power and saw-table, complete,
having been used only two months; are a good as
new. Also, a cord wood cart. All of which will
be sold sepnrute or together, inquireatgrooery, Wont
corner of fifth aud 1'iersou-slreets. oc2Sil
a bakery aud grooerr stand. Inquire South
west corner of! runt aud Plum-streets. oc25aw
"OOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler 'Wagons,
jsl opring wagons auu Buggies.
J. M.
Bank -street Omnibus factory.
No. II Race-street, will ba ronted soparate or
together. Inquire on the premises, between the
hours of 10 A. M. and 2 P. M., or of Mr. J. UOR
B00K8, 31 East Front-street. ocMb
FOR RENT SHOP A good work hop,
17 by 0 feet, oentrally located, aulable for a good
nianufactn lug shop, near Third aud Main. Apply
at Press Office. oelffb
FOR RENT A LOT 30 feet front on
Broadway, running through to canal basin 1M
feet. Also, one M feet front, and ISO feet deep, with
Salt-sheds thereon, ou same street, between Klghh
and Ninth-street. Apply to ilr Ames, Weat coruer
Front aud 8ycnior-struote, or at 124 Kaut Fourth
street. oc26d
BOARDING. A few gentlemen can be ao
omtnodated with good board and pleasant
rooms, in a private family, at H. u MoFarland
street. uc2ab'
BOARDING. A few respeotable mechan
ics can b aceommodated with board and
pleasant rooms at Mo. 188 Front-street. ocltib
BOARDING Several gentlemen oan be ao
oommodsted with board at 181 Kroadway, be
tween Fifth and Sixth-street. A second-story front
room vacant. Also, accommodation for a few day
boarders. 0027b
LOST A pair of EAR-RINGS, tome plaoo
lu the western part of the city. The finder
will be rewarded by leaving them at No. 131 itverett
street or at No. Ml Ninth-stieol. ocMb
THOS. W. FIMII & (0.
tbatthey are selling lumber at their yard or
iau-etreet, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton and
n Railroad,
Than any other Lumber Dealers in the city.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits"
They submit the following Hat of prices:
ChiIi. 4 Mo'r,
Clear lumber, all thlcknesse, In. mass 4.17 60 $40 1
Best Common, H and Inoh Plank... 38 00 30 ;
Best ' 1 inch Boards 23 79 iUy
Second " all thicknesses...... 16 60 17 Is.
Third " Boarda 11 SO 12 0
Grub Plank, face measure 22 90 25 0
Hemlock Joist, Scantling and Timber.... 11 SO 12 ou
Poplar " ' 12 60 14 00
First Common Flooring Boards 3.1 U) 37 60
Hecoud " " " ....v 83 7 at on
Third " " .............. 18 SO 20 00
First Common Weather Boards 16 oo 17 50
Second ' " " 12 00 13 (XI
Cedar Post, 4 by 4, a feet, per hundred.... W (10 60 Ml
Cedar " for fenolng, " " ... 30 00 S3 M
Loonat ' " ' ' 2u HO 22 W
A further redaction of 24 per cent, will be made on
bill of tsooor more.
We have one of the largest and best selected stocks
of Lumber In the Cincinnati markot, which we offer
for sale at the above price.
Stationery !
Stationery i
Stationery J
Printing I
Printing !
Vine-street, opposite the Postofiice,
haNnriCTU&XBS or
Wood-Working Machinery,
Carner Joltotand Water; ta.,Cluelrao.tl,0.
XiM Just received, two boxes extra genuine Italian
jnacoaroni and vermicelli. For sal ty
a. McDonald & co
ocg4 Wos. 86 and 219 West fourth-street.
CEIVED, U bbls. fresh English Crsckoells.
for sal by A. McDOS AID CO.,
ocai No. 56 and 2(V Weat fourth-street.
FRIDAY . ........ OCTO II KK. !S
Is- yon want a servant, advertise In
Ir yott want boon, advertise In
Ir yon want to tail anything, advertise In
Ir you want to bur anything, advertise la
Is) fact, every want supplied by advertising In
iu ss i iunuLrVVIuMJ vuo aur i uio a. ui wu w
Penny Prut, bj Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 7
West Fourth-street
totobar 27, W.
Bar. Ther.
A. U ,. W....2V.2A 43
11 ...2.35 44
P. M ...........W.4l 41
Fatal Aooidbnt Child Killid bt Falling
raou a PoBca. Quito a bright little girl, of
five year of age, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Necly, who reside on Pike-itreet, near Co
lumbia, fell from a porch in the rear of the
buildinir. Hav before vasterdav. and was in
jured so seriously that she died yesterday
morning at five o clock.
In company with some ohildren, about the
same age, she was play in i? on the porch, the
balustrade of which was defective, some of
tne rounds having been broken out. Sne nad
teen one of her companions pass through
these apertures, and holding on by the rail
ins walk round the outside; but when she
attempted it, she became frightened, lost her
noiuancl ion to tne pavement boneatn, lrao
turing her akull, and, as we have said, caus
ing her death.
Although the smoereit wishes of the heart
seldom escape from their imprisonment, once
in a while it sigh will burst through the in
olosur of the lips, and a prayer, fashioned in
words, asoend to Heaven. This is not often
the case ; for the best prayer Is a heart-throb
or the upward looks of a tearful eve ; but the
sontenoe sometimes is hear J" Father 1 Let
the beautiful ever live." Who will say that
the fact is not mirrored In the wish ? Here
and hereafter it exists, ever young and lovely,
like Psyohe, and not all the arrows of the
arober Death oan destroy it.
This we offer to the mother: The delicate
face and sunny eyes of thy golden-halrod babe
are merely invisible, and in a better sphere,
when thou, too, hast faded from the sight of
those thou bast loved, and by whom thou bast
been loved, the rosy voioe of thy angel ohild
will bid thee welcome to a land where beauty
resides forever, unohanged and unchanging,
Bubolabt on LiBKBTT-STBSBrr. Burglaries,
just at present, in this oity, at le ast, seem to be
the moat popular metnod of thle ring. Almost
nightly some dwelling is invaded by aooundrels
and raniaoked. Ordinarily.- they carry off
notning but money, and thus they elude deteo
lion, while, if tney happen, daring thetr oper
stioni, to be discovered, the chances for esoape
are all In their favor. Night before last a
house looated on Liberty-street, near Syoantore,
oooupied by a German tailor, named John
Holtshelmer, was feloniously entered anii
robbed of $40 in money and several half-made
garments. The burglars climbed through a
window at the rear of the building and found
their booty in a bureau-drawer, whtoh con
tained some other valuable artiofos they did
not happen to discover, or if they did, thought
it would not be best to take. They escaped
deteotion, and not until yesterday at noon did
tne lauuiy become aware that they bad been
honored by tne presence of nootuirnal visitors,
Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railboad.
We are pleased to know that the amount of
travel over the Indianapolis and Cincinnati
Railroad is large for the season, and that tho
aggregate business Is not to be exoeeded by
that of any other road of same loDgth in the
West. The management is awnke to all the
improvements of the day; consequently, the
rolling1 etook is of the best and most approved
kind, and in keoping with the oharaotej of a
first-class road. Their passenger cars, in
oharge of attentive conduotors, are controlled
by the patent brake, enabling the engineer to
stop a train under full headway iu a run of
sixty feet, and are pleasant, comfortable oofl
vejanooi. The Conduotors, Hall, Eustis, Bar
ringer, Lord and Wents, are never forgotten
by thoee so fortunate as to travel with them,
and aid, by their uniform oloverness as d gen
tlemanly oonduot,to give the Indianapolis and
Cincinnati road a reputation at home and
Dubino thb Pbbbbnt Momth. From the book
in the office of the County Auditor we have
been permitted to copy the following table of
the receipts and disbursements of that offico
during the present month, from the 1st to the
22d, inolusive:
Disbursements. Eecelpta.
County Fund .....811,17838 688 33
Bridge Pund 1,22241
Union Bridge lmioo
Harrison Uriilge 1 ,383 73
County Infirmary 7HIIHI 100 0(1
l.uiiatln Asylum S.fMHH
Road Fund V26 ?
Sharpsbiirn ttoad r7'Jl 81 Oil
Carthage Koad 462 10 423 on
Winton Road 32a'l 24 00
Refundere 148 31
Building Fund 2,333 00
Htore License C71 M
Peddler's Liceuse 17 oo
O. M. Bhort, Treasurer 334 83
Joaoph Cillry, Treasurer 1,300 OU
Township Fund 1,313 II)
School Fund 2,202 (A
..,26,142 M $3,304 37
Finale of the Row on the Boulbvaed dr
Sausage. Our issue of yesterday contained
an account of a fight whioh oocurred in a drink-ing-honse
in Sausage-raw, kept by a man
named Patrick Brown, In whioh James O'Neill
was severely injured. The parties were before
the Police Court yesterday morning, although
O'Neill was still very weak from the loss of
The man who had been Injured took the
stand, but refused to testify in regard to the
facts in the case, saying he knew nothing of
the affair. Some other witnesses were called,
who related the oireumstanoes which we have
already plaoed before our readers. In view
of the provocation which had been given,
Brown was fined only $10 and costs, while
O'Neill, for contempt of Court, was mulcted In
a fine of $20 and costs, and ordered to be con
fined in the County Jail nntll they were paid.
Requisition from Kentucky for the Des
perado Kennedy. Sheriff Kessler received
a message from Governor Chaso yesterday,
accompanied by a requisition from the Gov
ernor of Kentucky, authorizing him to deliver
the body of George Kennedy, the burglar,
who, a short time ago, shot George Ballage on
the corner of John and Clinton-streets, into
tho hands of an officer from Frankfort, Ken
tucky. Kennedy, it appears, owes our sister State
eome service, having escaped from the peni
tentiary there some time ago. He undoubt
edly deserves all the punishment ho will
get; for the man whom he wounded here
has not yet recovered from his injuries, and
for this offense and the circumstances con
nected with it, when brought to trial, he will
receive, in all probability, a sentence for a
few years service at Columbus.
Recovery or' a Stolen Watoh. A man
named Forbus had his pooket picked at the
Opera-house, a month or two ago of a valuable
gold watoh and ehain. The different pawn
brokers were notified of the faot, but during
all this time, until day bsfore yesterday, it was
not seen. On Wednesday, however, an indi
vidual offered It at an ofBoeon Vine street, and
it was immediately reoognlied. The pawn
broker Immediately sent for the offioeri, but
when they arrived the man had vanished.
Mr. Forbus was visited, and yesterday morn
ing received hi watch after paying for It a
munifloent reward. , r , ,
cusroL CoNriDSMci Oaue. A man named
David D. Haven, a Pittsburger, stopping at
the Gait House, In this oity, was yesterday
swindled out of $19 50, nearly all the money
he had, in the following manner: He was
met at the Little Miami Railroad Depot by a
man who, after introducing himself, became
so friendly that be was induced at last to
walk up town with him. Upon the way they
talked of business, and just as they reached
the Burnet House, Haven was informed by
nis companion mat ne nan purchased a
lot of books, and that the clerk of the estab
lishment at which they were bought was ap
proaching with the bill, which was $22.
This amount he asked H. to lend him, but
he gavo him only $19 SO, which the swindler
said ho would refund as soon aa he had seen
his uncle, who was in his room at the Burnet.
He passed into the house and thorueh it, out
at the private entrance and disappeared.
Tne poor tellow wnom tie naa so easily sold,
waited long; hut in vain "saw the sun go
down, but still he came not," and then told
his Btory to the officers at the Ninth-Btieet
Convintion or Railboad Tiokbt Agkkts.
The Convention of Tioket Agents yesterday
adopted the rates of passenger fares which
we published yesterday, and after passing
the following resolutions, adjourned, to meet
at Pittsburg on the second Wednesday of
April, I860 :
w niBBAB, The payment of commissions to
outside persons for the purpose of soliciting
passengers is still carried ou to a great extent,
especially by roads in the Eastern States, by
many roads here represented ; therefore,
Mtiohei, That we regard the payment of
commission by railroad companies to runners
and others, as a virtual reduotion of fare by
the company employing them.
Meiohed, That we disapprove of the prac
tice, and will discountenance it to the utmost
on the part of the companies wo represent.
Man Killid bt thb Aocidrntal Dischabgs
or a Gos. A man named Henry Lybarger,
residing near Millwood, in this State, was shot
dead on Wednesday last by the accidental
dischargo of a gun. He was using the butt of
it for the purpose of knooking apples from a
tree, not thinking there was any danger in so
doing, although he know it was loaded. While
In this aot, however, the gun was discharged,
and tho contents entered his breast, killing
him almost iuitantly. He was forty-five
years of age, had a family, and in the neigh
borhood in whioh he resided was highly re
speoted. Sad Apfaib An Old Ladt Bvbnt to
Diath. Mrs. Mary Miller, a lady ninety
eight years of ago, mother of Judge Miller, of
Mount Vernon, Ohio, was burnt to death a few
days ago, at the residenoe of her son. In
passing a hot stove her olotbes oarne in oontact
with it, and oaught fire, while she, being quite
feeble, the result of the extreme age, oould not
exert herself sufficiently to quench the flames,
and before emistanoe reaohed her she was so
badly wounded that she died in a few hours.
Thb Bubnbt House. The following well
deserved compliment to the gentlemanly
proprietors of the Burnet House and their
comfortable establishment we take from the
Cleveland Bttald. It says :
" The Burnet House, Cincinnati, under its
present management, is oertainly one of the
best appointed and managed hotels in this
or any other oountry. Messrs Johnson, San
dors & Co. are constantly on tho look-out for
all the attentious necessary to the comforts of
their numerous guests. The arrangements
of their meal hours are admirable for the con
venience of business men and the departure
and arrival of trains.
Police Coubt. Business was dull as could
be wished at the Police Court yesterday morn
ing, and although twenty-two eases were ex
amined, no inoident cf importance was de
veloped. Math las Miller, who was charged
with the larceny of some unmade eoati, by
Leonard Kobn, of Main-etroet, was discharged
by Judge Lowe. The prosecuting witness was
not certain in regard to his identity, and the
defendant asserted positively that for ten years
past ho had been working for a firm on Pearl
street. A man, whose name we have forgot
ten, was brought in upon two different charges
of assault and battery. A large number of
witnesses were examined and the oases consol
idated. Ho was deemed guilty and sentenoed
to pay a fine of $1 and costs the whole amount
reaohing $18. Rather a large prioe for the
pleasure of going through a "little mill."
Man Dbownrd nbib MillCbebc A man
named Thomas Joyoe, while in an intoxioated
eonditlon, attempted, yesterday about noon, to
ei'OM the river in a skiff, just below the mouth
of Mill Creek. When about half-way across,
he triad to change his position, but in doing so
fell overboard, and before assistance couldreach
him, was drowned. The.unfortunato man, we
beliere, has l wife and family who reside near
the pliioe where he was drowned, to whom he
Has be.n a pest for some years, In oonsesuenoo
of his habits. Every effort has been made, but
up to a late hour last evening the body had
not been found.
Cincinnati Trottino Park. There will be
a raoe over the Cincinnati Trotting Park to
morrow afternoon at three o'clock, with one of
the most attractive entries of the season. The
purse and stake 1b $200, and the raoe two-mile
heats to wagons. From what we have heard in
regard to the horses whioh have been entered,
this is likely to prove one of the best-oontested
"horse disputes" of the season. The extra
J train ove.' the Hamilton and Dayton Railroad
will leave the depot at halt-past two o ulook
for the aaoe -course
Body Iden tified. The body of the man
found in the river near Milicreek, mentioned
iu our issue of yerterday, has been identified
aa that of the ltackman Neiloss, who, it will
be remembered,- was drowned a few weeks
ago at the foot oi' Walnut-Btreet. The man
leaves a wife and two children, who reside
some plaoeon Jackwn-street, and are in quite
a needy condition.
Meeting or City ISoakd of Equalie ation.
The City Board of Equalisation met yesterday
and received the resignation of Hiram Clear
water. Ely C. Baldwin was reoommended to
fill the vaoanoy, and Gounod at its next session
will In all probability mak the appointment.
The Board now consists of the following
persons: George Wiltshire, R. R. Springer, N.
Bartlett, Wm. Cameron, Charles Bohmldt,
Howard Matthews (ex-nffioio) per his deputy,
John E. Bell.
A Cincinnati Bbewer in Indianapolis.
The Indianapolis Sentinel says that a wealthy
German gentleman from Cincinnati has pur
chased a fourth of a squa re of ground on
Woodson- street, between Delaware and Kast
streets,in that oity, on whicli he Intends erect
ing a larfre brewery, and tha t he has already
commenced with a large foroe of bands exoa
vatingfor thecellars and foundations.
Euvropban RiuiTTtNOiB. Messrs. James F.
MellneACo., No. IT West Third-street, are
Prepared to attend to remittances' to England,
r'iland, Sootland and WaleB, lu soma of 1
and upward, as will be seen by .reference to
their advertisement in another column. This
firm is well known in this oommunlty as being
An Acknowledgment. We acknowledge
the receipt from John Clingman, of the firm
of B. M. Ayrca fc Co., Dayton, of a myste
rious package, ordered to be opened in the
presence of friends and "in the new of the
moon." Our thoughtful friond may rest as
sured that the injunction will be faithfully
complied with.
a i
Proceedings or tbe ' County Couura
sionbbs. At the session f the Board of
County Commissioners yes terdny morning,
orders were pastaed amonnting'ia the aggregate
to 26l IS, of whioh $163 i6 was paid to
John Malone, for stone for thi I Carthage-road.
Apart from this no business wt m transacted.
Batis House, Indianapolis. Tha above
house, sow under the supervision of "mine
host" Judson who ha aa will atu,oetl tho
proprietorship it the most popular hotel lu
Indiana. It has a large patron ige, c l being
conducted on a plan similar to the Utstoru
hotels, cannot fail to have a cor. linuanoo of tbo
same. Captain Hartwell, olot -V, nnd Charley
Judson, Jr., assistant, aroouurttfusaml affable
gentlemen, aod we commend the in to the
traveling publio as such. '
Death or a Fibiman. Benjamin Franklin,
who for some time past has been engineer of
the steam nro-engine "Marion," died yester
day oi consumption. His funeral will take
plaoa front his residence, to-day, and will
be attended by the firemen and Odd-Follows,
of which body he was an esteemed member.
Fibsonal. Edward Crapaey, Xiq., who,
alnoe the resignation of Dennis J. Tooby, has
oooupied the poiition of Clerk of the Probate
Court, was admitted yesterday to practice at
the Bar. Mr. C. is a young gentleman of out
tnre and ability, and, in the profession he has
chosen, will doubtless meot with succois.
Phillips House, Datton, Ohio. This
r jular hotel, under the management of Mr.
R. Hubbell, has gained an extensive repu
tation among the traveling publio, and may
truly be set down as A No. 1. An attentive
landlord, spleudid table and polite servants
may always be found at the "Phillips."
TJnitrd Statbs Court. la the United
States Court yesterday, in the case of the
lessee of John 0. Parish ri. George S utiles (.
al, salt for ejectment, a verdiot was rendered
for the defendant.
Stiahboat .Sold at Auction. The steam
boat Diamond was sold yesterday at auction
for the astounding sum of $500. At this rate,
one of these days, every family be able to own
a boat and take indiscriminate pleasure exour
sions. Family Siwino Macbinb. Bartlett's paUnt
improved Novelty Sewing Machine, advertised
in another column, is within the reach of every
Oystbes Evbbt Dat. Waggoner's Import
ing oyster house, JOJ Western-row, above
Filth, is reoelvlog splendid oysters every day.
do sura to ouy oi wo
vaggoner if you want your
oysters right fresh,
Oybtebs That Abe Oysters. Oysters are
an institution, deoidedly, and we know of no
better place in the oity to purohase a good
artlole than at the establishment of Mr. F.
Cavagna, No. 81 West Fifth-street.
Wood's Thpjatbb Bknsfit or Mb. Andbb-
ION. Aa mtabt have been ffrnantad. VmniNiim rfra,
a capital house to Wood' Theater. Whenever Mr.
ADderson appear we may expect to see a fin per
formance, and in some rosDecta better than of uioat
actor. Although ba has taults, b ha also great
merit, and hn give to every tbioghe undertakes a
beautiful finish, whll hia powers aa an elocution Int
set tbe poetry of bla author to music.
That his Vixuinius Inst night was remarkably fine
I all that we have time or space to aay, and even
tills aeeme superfluous. The 'Virginia'1 of Mrs.
Kfflo Klleler was a weeter creature than wo had ox
peoted to soe, although fully aware of her merit.
Mr. Langdon enacted ue part of "Iolllue" elaverly,
and tbe play aa a whole waa admirably rendered.
To-nlulit baa been set apart forth benefltnf Mr.
Anderson, and the bill Is Mdch ado About Nothing
and Matkihoht, in both of which Mr. A. aud Mlsi
Kllswortliy will appear. With such attractions aa
these, there will, doubtless, be an overflowing bouse.
Pieb'b Opera-Housi Thb Pabodi Opeba
TaoDPS.-Tbia really excellent company sang It
TaoVAToaa lest night to a fwhlonaUle but rather
small audience. The parts and tbe opera through
out wore admirably snug, aud the artlit wero liber
ally and sometimes vehemently applauded. It was
the last night of their appearance in this city, and
instead of speaking of the performance, which we
enjoyed very much, and which was excellent, we will
bid them adieu.
They have not been half ao well patronised a they
deaerve, ami their vialt to the city ha been somewhat
disastrous, pecuniarily. Personally, we hav taken
great pleasure from those portloua of their represen
tatlon we hav been able to witneen, and therefore,
IM under an obligation to them, and will bail with
delight the next opportunity we shall have of again
bearing und witnessing their purfurmaucva. '1 tint
they may have better auccess In the South, in which
they intend to spend tha winter, many friends will
wish them, but none more heartily thau we.
Gbnbbal Tbrii. The J udges tat in General
Term, and beard an argument in tlieoase of The
Nile Worka against The City, a proceeding In error
to reverse the judgment at special Term, which wsa
rendered in favor of tbe city,
The action below was to recover for aloas sustained
by the Mies Works by tbe falling of their building,
alleged to hav resulted from tbe Insufficiency of a
sower constructed by the city, and tbe error claimed
was chiefly In the charge to the jury by Judge Ubol
son, who instructed tbem, In substau.", that when
the proprietor of ground through which a stream
flowed changed tbe uatural channel, so as to die
charge the water on the party below him at a differ
ent plsc and In a different manner from that in
wbicb it was aocustomed to flow naturally, and the
proprietor below undertook to continue that work
aoas to carry the water uH from hiuiiolf, (aa was
alleged to be the case of the city in continuing Mr.
Lonaworth's cuWert.l he was bound onlv to use.
good faith and ordinary skill and diligenc in hla
work, and if he did use such, and an Injury accrued
to the flrat proprietor, he waa not liable therefor.
A great many nloe ooints aroe in the caan. whtrh
was argued by Mr. Perry fur the plaiutiff lu error,
anu oy dir. liayes lor iu city,
Warden vt. Starbuck & Co. The entire of
yesterday wn occunled In hearing the rebutting tea
tlmony adduced on the pun ef the plaintiff in this
libel suit. Among the witnesses called to the stand
were tbe plaintiff and defendant. Tbe case is still
good for another day or two.
Habeas Corpus. A writ of habeas cornus
was sued out on behalf of Lewis Schlelalnger. The
fietitionor waa arrested on tne oath or Wui. Itainy,
one of the Uetective Follcn of the oity,) which
chargod him with having by false pretense obtainod
from 111. Wilkeraon. of Clinton County. SIO, with In
tent to defraud him of bla goods aud chattels and
the petitioner's attorney (8. Clark) claimed that the
introduction of the words "goods and ehattels"
J showed here a variance between tbe charge in the
f. -m.i. I .v.. i nuii, ,. I. ...An.,.i ...
HIUUUV lb, tUU LU, in. UII.IOI WIlllU lb 19 1I bVHUCM bU
have been issued. It 1 claimed ftl'o that at the time
of the arrest of the party tlu affidavit was not made.
Judge Hilton said that tbo words "goods and
chattels " might be regarded as mere eurplusHge, aud
mat wnen a siioBtantiai onargo waa uiaue a lecunicai
oojecuon or mis neecription coiuti uot oe pieaneu,
. .a, i it n .1
Ai iu i ue eewuu 'jLijuvbiuu. nil bun vuiii i wi buueier
mine was, whether he was held tinder a legal warraut,
and find what lathe ground of detention. Tliecbarge
indicates a violhtion of the 97th aectlon of t he Crimes
Act, nd tbe affidavit eotnplieisnbstaiitlally with the
reuuiitlon of the statute.
TueC'oiirt refused also to accept bail, remarking
that luia waa tne province oi tne rouce uourt.
The eetition was then remanded.
LuNAor. A woman named 8. Johnson, anatlve of
Hew Korantate, won sent u me. Aay mm.
fin the District Uourt Edward Crapsy was admitted
to'practlce as an attorney at law.;
wheat. The wheat market was more
aotive yesterday than on any previous one,
Immense quantities are constantly arriving,
and the result will be that unless there be a
good foreign market the demand will be over
supplied, and prioes will experienoe a re
verse. Intends to Leavr Us. We understand
that Kemp Q. Carter, Esq., the aooompllshed
and gentlemanly Deputy Clerk of the County
Court, intends to resign his position and leave
the city. We, in common with all our oiti
sens, regret this exceedingly, and we can as
sure him that, go whither he may, he will be
accompanied by the good wishes of all his nu
merous acquaintances.
BrKOiAL Election. A special eleotion will
be held on the second Saturday in November
next, the objeot of whioh is to vote on oortain
propositions submitted by the City Counoil
whioh greatly affeot the welfare of the oity.
We give them in full thus early that thoy may
become gonorally understood and fully dis
cussed previous to the eleotion,' thereby
enabling voters to act intelligibly. Thoy are
as follows:
1st. To give power to the City Council of
Covington to sell the bonds of the oity to the
amount of $30,000, payable twenty yean after
date, with seven ptl centum per annum
interest, payable semi-annually at seme place
in the oity of Covington, to pay tbo liabilities
of the oity due and to become due by the 15th
of Jane, 1800.
2d. To authorise the City Counoil to levy
an additional tax of ten eenti on the one
hundred dollars worth of taxable property in
the oity from 1802 to 1860, inclusive, in addi
tion to the taxes whioh may be levied for those 1
years, according to the charter aa it now stands,
to enable the oity to pay the Interest on ber
bonds, and to provide means for the payment
of tbe Marcus Smith bonds;
8d. To give ti.er to the City Council of
Covington t. fell i he publio real property in
the city of Covington, and to .buy other real
property, with the view of locating the publio
buildings in a nun eentral part of the oity.
4th, To give power to the City Council of
Corlngton ts make new Wards In the olty
whenever a majority of tbe members thereof so
vote, after taking a census oi tha Wards,
Police Coust Ywterdat. George Good
man, tbe"conl!dence man," was held to bail
in the suia of $500 for hi appearance at the
next term of the Circuit Court, and was com
mitted in default.
Marshal Griffin, ' who 1 escaped from the
Work-house a few days linoe, and who was
re-arrested last night, was ordered to bis old
Kentucky Csntral Railroad. Next Satur
day is the day on whioh ttie Fayette County
Cirouit Court, called for the purpose of con
firming her sale of the Kentucky Central Rail
road, will oommenoe its session. Great pre
parations are being made to resist the confir
mation by such of the atookholders as are cut
off by the sale. - The attorneys for Cincinnati
and Covington hav had oonsultations on the
subjeot, and will leave to-day for Lexington.
Of course, no one oan forsee the result, but the
general impression among all parties is that
the sale will be confirmed. . As a matter of
general Interest, we append the amount of the
earnings of the road for the eleven months
elosing with September last, and alio compare
It with the corresponding months of the pre
vious year :
. , 1M7-'S. lSHS'-e. Inoressc
Earnings....... .......tSJ6,M IS 8149,101 17 f.',3.86 M
Citt Council. Mr. Battesby presented a
olaim from Mr. Herod, for boarding prisoners
and Inmates of the poor-house. Referred.
Mr. Battesby presonted a petition from Mrs.
Welsh, asking that the fine of $23, recently
imposed upon her son, be in whole or In part
remitted. Referred.
Mr. AUnut presented a petition from the
members of the Gorman Protestant Association,
stating that they intend giving a ball on Mon
day evening next, at Odd-Fellows' Hall, for
the benefit of the widows and orphans of the
oity, and asking tbe privilege of "selling ale,
beer and porter on the oooasion."
This proposition gave rise to a lengthy dis
ousslon, in whioh father Allmut, (though he
presented the petition,) enlarged greatly on
moral philosophy, and deolared he never heard
of such an unreasonable request. " Brink ale
and beer at the Odd-Fellows' Hall I Mon
strous 1"
Mr. Momies stated that he had attended a
masquerade at that plaoa at one time, and that
Mr. Allnut was present too, and that though
there was no ale or beer, yet there was plenty
of champagne and bourbon.
Mr. Moore stated that he had drank some
thing at Odd-Fellows' Hall once that Welled
like whisky, and also something that tasted
like vinegar, whioh was oalled wine. It was
no violation of law to sell liquor, if for ohar-
iiaoie purposes, and if tne venders made noth
ing by the trasaotion.
Mr. Cambron said It only aiked a privilege
to oo wnat otners naa done without leave.
Mr. Stevenson thought ale and beer made
more widows than it ever supnorted.
Father Allnut, who had spoken twice, was
seen to be laboring under a state of violent
agitation, so much so tbat Counoil suspended
the rules to allow him to give vent to his
pheelinfo a third time, doubtless believing If he
were "gagged" be would not survive It, ana
his servioes thus be for ever lost to the olty
and his wisdom to the Counoil. He deolared
that when some of "them Germans and Amer
icans got two or three barrels of beer in them,
me woum raise tbe devil; ' and then sat down
completely overcome.
The prayar of tha petitioners was granted,
yeas 9, nays 3.
The committee on Public Buildings wore
ordered to renew the policies of insurance on
city buildings and two eneine houses.
The petition of the property-holders for the
improvement of Robins-street was taken up
and referred.
No other business of iinportanoo was trans
acted.. Adjourned.
Cobreotion. In relating the theft of the
pumps, yesterday, we inadvertently said
"Taylor & Brother," instead of "Miller it
Newport Council. Council met last night
at seven o'clock, being half an hour earlier
than heretofore; President Conlan in the
chair, and Messrs. Caldwell, Allen and Solar
Mr. King submitted to the Board a lot of
redeemed city orders, amounting to over $400,
They were ordered to be destroyed, and the
Treasurer credited with their amount.
Mr. McCracken offered a resolution empow
ering the Committee on Improvements to
have Southgate-alley graded and paved in
front of St. Paul's Church at the expense of
vne city.
This was objected to by Mr. King, who was
not in favor of placing the city furthor in
debt thau she is at present.
Mr, Hayman was in favor of the resolu
tion, because the city had paved in front of
other churches at her expense.
After some little debate, and upon motion
of Mr. Gideon, tho subjeot was laid over for
two weeks.
Tho foregoing is about the amount of busi
ness transacted by our wise dads, and we are
almost certain that a ropetition of last even
ing's work would be apt to place some of our
"hard-worliug" members hore du combat.
Notwithstanding all this, Newport would
possess no attractions without hor Council
and we say, "long may thoy wave."
Chicksn Stbalino, Tho chiokon thieves
have changed the venue of their depredations
from Newport to Brooklyn and Jamestown.
Mr. Charles Stone, of Brooklyn, has recently
lost a number of shanghais by tbe hands of
some villain. The man who will steal chiokens
will do anything that Is mean.
Heavy Will Cask. A man named John
Lee, a baoholor, departed this life some time
since, leaving behind an estate valued at
about $25,000. Of course a great struggle
took place among those olaiming to be his
heirs, and some from Cincinnati entered suit
for the property. The venue was changed
from Campbell to Pendleton County, and the
oise tajed day before yosterday, aud the jury
allowed .tha claimants $11,000. The verdiot
was set aside by Judge Moore, as contrary to
the law and the evidence. It is a case that
will make the hearts of the lawyers rejoice.
Bor Lost. A small boy, named Mark
Thomson, who resides at No. 7 Monmouth
street, has been missing for several days, and
fears are entertained that he has been drowned.
He was about eight years old, had on light
pants, green jaoket, ana shoes.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 27—P. M.
Flour market opened to. better and elosed
dull and heavy: tales of lo.nnn brie, at (4 8i(&4 05 for
tiperflii Htte: ;iptt 10 tor ex tractate; Sf 111
for superfine Western; $6 for common to
medium extra Weatern; Si 6ikS 70 for Inferior to
good shipping brand round-hoop Ohio closing dull
and tendency downward. Uauailn Flour firm: sales
ofHotl brls. at 93 Glti$t', 40 for common to choice extra.
Rye Flour In fair demand atgS foefrt 30.
W heat very haavy and JoJ4c. lower: sale of 33,000
bushels at $1 (nkotl 10 for Chicago spring, part to
arrive; $1 3.1 for good white (.'anuria, aud $1 no for
white Indiana Rye dull anil heavy at K.V. Barley
nominal at :'iW!Uc. for newi sales of 1,(100 bushels old
at 7IIC, Corn heavy and lower: sales of 13,000 bushels
at 'JVC. for mixed Weatern, and ftsc.tatfl for Northern
anil Jersey yellow. Oat heavy at 44c. for Stats, and
U&Uic. for Western.
heavy and drooelns: sales of 3W barrels
at io.
Pork heavy and lower: sales of brls. at $15 10
(881 ' for niesaj tie 87(ll for prime, including
1,000 rneas, buyer's option all the year, at f IS 29, Beef
lower: Hles4.,i0 brls. at & for prime; $5 for
nuns; $.V41tl for packed mess, and $11(5113 extra do.
Beofllaius in moderate supply and quiet at JlKai6
t r now Western; prime aies do. nominal. Cut
Moat out of market: Sc. for uliotililer and Wo. for
Haras. Bacon quiet end unchanged. Lsrd In mod.
rate requeat: aale of 3M brla. at lnHftlDso. .
Butter aelling moderately at llt(WIBo. for Ohio,
and l, for State. Cbceae in fair demand at
(Jottou dull: aale of (1,000 bait at 11 for
middling Upland.
Sugar active: Muscovado at M0Xo.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
THURSDAY EVENING, October 27, 1859.
- market tu dull lint n rm. and full
rata war rllxed Wuuy aolil, though thedSnTtnT
UgulWlUht. The M up Ml brla.atti 7K
4 Oforauparfln. and ?v4 30 forextra. S.tlPbrls.
w,frSv ,!'"" iweuty-iour Hour.
WUIKY-1 be receipts ara light and the demand
ralr, sect pi-Ice h'her: lra of 1,100 btl. at d)
io -the latter r.ta for wg,n.
PBOVIHIONS-Th demand for me Pork con
tinue good, with alaof son barrel bI$I3 7.v-holi!eu
aakedju. At th clcwe 40 hhda. Bacon old at 7
and 9IC.; the market, however, i dull at thee rate,
aud more Belters thn buyer.
UKUUltlllKB-Ttie demand In the regular way l
rood, aud price atuady at 7(d)7!lc. for luaar; tortile.
tor Molaaa,and IH4I2V. forCofle.
OIL-A aale of 3n barrel Linseed at Ml He.
WHEAT ThedammdcniiLinnaa aotlva mri i,tra.
are firm: sties of l,Mu bushel prime whit at SI 21:
i.nai an. hi si m; s7i ao. guoa do. at 1 IS; 4U0du.
prime red at (1 13.
(JOHN -The market for new la Arm with nn,l
demand at 43c.; old La dull at(WaMo.
OATS There Is a good damaud aud price ars firm :
sales of l.noi buabela at 4e.
UAHI. al-The market continue dull and prioes
are unchanged: sales 9H0 bushels prime fall at 60c.
KYIC-Tlio market ia steady with a good demand,
and prices are ft rm at SOiaKlc.
uutlcaK-Trje market la Arm with an active de
mand and light receipt: sal of iM boxe Western
Beeerve atc.; eOO do. at 8Vc; 100 do. English Dairy
at lie; 20U do. Nutmeg at la,c.
riiiaiuu-Tsa maraet is ami prim aocha
nocks are worth 4530o. on arrival.
APPLEa-Ther is a fair demand, though the
recetnle in IIImmI. ! ,.f oiui h.i, t-i ,... rj, a..
tl 40; 80 do. mixed at it.
Steamboat Register.
ABBivAM.-Miro, Maytvllle; Aurora, New Or
leans; Poland, Nanhvflle; MesMiiger, Memphis: Bos
ton, Loiilsvlll; Denmark, Portsmouth; Dnnleltli,
fteville; Virginia Horn, licvllle; Prior, Madison.
usirABTtiasi.-iiaootak. Hew Orlesna; Conewago,
mouth; Afelro, Hayavllle: Hickman, Memphis;
I'rioresa, raaillaon; Dunlelth, Kevlll; Virgini Hume,
Naville; fiellanc, Marietta.
VtHisos Btbais. As a matter of conveni
ence to th publio, Mr. TL. Eeitb Is prepared to fur-
uiah Venison Steak on short notice, together with
all kinds of wild game, eto. Give him a oall by all
means. Hiistand Is No. 81 Fifth-street, near Walnut.
Spbaqdb k Co. It is now time for gentle
men to bo preparing for cold weather, and such as
have not don so already In th way of wearing ap
parel will do wall to visit the Merchant Tailoring es
tablishment of Messrs. Sprague ft Co., outh-aat
corner of Tin and fourth-streets, where may be
found a flue assortment of Franoh and English Oloths.
Caaslmere and Vestlngs, whioh they will m'ake tip
In the latest fashion, at uniformly low price.
Fbibl and McQdibb. One among tbe best
places in thl city to obtain Clothing mad to order,
from thbt materials, lst that of Messrs. Friel
McOuIre, No. 2M Walnut-street. These gentlemen
have a reputation, whioh la extremely nattering, for
making a food and substantial garment.
pt A. A. Eyster, Clocks, Watehes and
Jewslry, Mo. 141 and 271 Western-row.
&" Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, ovr Hannaford'a
drug store. Picture taken and put In good casta
for twenty cent. Warranted to plena.
A CO. large Bale of Furnltur.-Wlll be sold
at Auction on SATURDAY MOKNINQ, October IV,
t o'clock, at our store, tto. 18 JLaai Fourth-afreet, n
large aeanrtment of Furniture, Stovaa, Show-oases,
lo. ALgO A Melodeon.
oc JACOB GRATF. Auctioneer.
A CO. -Fur I Furs I Fnrsl-WIII ba aold on
TUESDAY, November I, commencing at Vo clock
In the morning, and to continue untllall la sohl, tb
lurijest invoice of ladle' and Gentlemen's Futv,
Kobea, Ao., ever offered at auction In this city.
Among them will be found French ami St.oe Mar
ten, Foi, Lyox, JHiok, Gormen aud Russian Fitch
Vlctorlnea, Oane, Cuffs, Mull, Qlove and Collar.
AL80-A flu assortment of Oeutleuien's Gtnnet,
Baccoon, Wolf and (tray Fox Robe, with a great
variety of other artioles in the Fur line.
W The epeaial attention of the ladies and dealers
is called to thi sal. Th Furs ar all w, freah
and faahlouable. JAOOU eUAff, Auctioneer,
ocS Mo. IB West Fourth-street.
A CO., No. M Main-street Boots, rthoea. Gro
ceries, 4o., at Auctlon.-TlllS (Friday) MORNING,
October 28, at 9 o'olook, a general variety of ataplo
Groceries, Boots, Bhoes, Wrapping Paper, Glassware,
Jo. 26 brls.aud half brls. Keflnad Sirup.
QC28 H. 8. MIL KB A OU., Auctioneers.
SHEARS ft CO., Sales-rooms Nos. 57 and .19
Main-street. Groceries o . at Auction. We will
sell THIS (Friday) MOKNINf), October 2A, at
o'clock, a general assortment of Groceries, consisting
of AlolAssee, Tea, Coffee, Bugar, Malls, Ground!
Spice, Hope, Snap, Paper. Wooden-ware, Bedoords,
Twine, Indigo, Nutmegs, tc.
ocaa Q. BBABHKAK8 ft Co., Auction!.
xm. BARD, at Trade Salee-rooms No. 21 West Fifth
street, up-stair. New Medical Books and Private
Library at Auotlou.-On BATUBDAY EVENING,
October M, at 7 o'clock, will lie sold by catalogue a
valuable collection of standard medical worka lu the
vnrious systems of practice, with a large private Li
brary, which smbraces a variety oi popular autl
standard works in Literature aud Science from many
of the best authors.
N B. Catalogue will be published and the Book
will be open for examination on Saturday morning.
oo38-b S. Q. HUBBARD, Auctioneer.
(Enquirer copy.)
BARD, at Trade Sale-room, No. 21 Wt Flft li
st rest, upstairs. A private library of choioa Book
In (In blndiniis, at Auction by catalogue. Will bo
aold on KUIDAY BVKMNU, October , at7n'olook,
a laraB Private Library of choice Enallsh and Amer-
1 loan iCiiitlona, in full calf, half calf, and Turkey mo-
rocoo antiauu uinaing, moat ot wnicn are as gooa
as new. Among them may be found Preaott's
works, 14 vols.; Cooper's novels, 34 vols.: Waverly
Novels, 37 vols.; Irving'a works, It vols.; Walpole's
Letters and Correspondence, 14 vols.; Chauoer. 6
vols.; Pickering' edition Hawthorn's work. 8 vols.,
eto, Catalogue will be-ready Friday morning, and
books open for inspection.
oc27b 8. G. HUBBARD, Auctioneer.
WILLIAMS-Sale-rooms 22 and 24 East Third
street. Large and Kxtenaive Sale of Pawnbrokers'
Uooda.-On THUU8DAY and FRIDAY, October 27
and 2d, at 1 o'clock each day, 300 packages, bund les,
trunks, Ac, of Gent' and Ladler Wearing Apparel
of every variety rich and line Good.
ALSO A very large atock and good aasor (men t of
Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry of all kinds, and
Instruments of a variety.
Atim o'clock on Thursday II Kngllsh imported
Guna, Pistol, Ao. : one large Camera, Ac
0034 A. KELLOGG, Auctioneer.
Office OH Broadway, New York.
rriius company divides the
JL entire profit, pro rata, among it Policy Hold
er, legal interest (7 per cent, only) ia paid ou it
stock, which may, by investment, reproduce about
that amount, thereby giving the assured all the ad
vantages of tb Purely Mutual My stem, with the
pledge of a Perpetual capital Stock and the added
security that ita Board of Director hav a Perma
nent Moneyed Inureat In conducting It affair with
prudeuce and strict economy.
I ts rate are based upon tbe most approved English
table of mortality, verified by American experience
to the present time.
By the Charter, Dividends to the Assured are to be
declared every Sve years, and may be applied to th
reduction of premium, or will be credited upon the
policy, thereby increasing th amount Insured.
Partle desiring to Insure will b furnished with
the Society's publications, rates, fto., gratis, upon ap
plication to the Agent.
HENRY B. HYDK, Vice President.
KuWARD P. WILLIAMS, Secretary,
GIO. W. PHILLIPS, Actuary.
locit, boabo or Biraaancs roa cihoinsati.
We, the undersigned, take pleasure In stating that
"The Equitable Life Assurance rioclety." of New
York.represented In tills oltv by David A.Tmax.KBq.,
IsHnlliely worthy thecoufldeucoof tbin community,
nml that the combination of tho Mntuul tol Jolut
Stock principle iu by them presented- reuder this
Company oue of th moat deslrubie lor lusurme lu
the) country:
Rtedman, Carlisle ft Bhaw, Stanhope B. Bowe,
J. S. Cheneweth ft Co., 8. S. L Homrnedisu.
Dlachley, Simpson ft Co., D. W. Corwln,
Thompson ft Taatfe, B. E. Spauoai,
3t Wast Third-street, Basement Masonic Tempi
ocil Biamlnlng Physician.
TIONS from a very choice atock.
Mnaufnotured Aram New and Well eaeonetl
Izprtssly for our retail trade, comprising all
the tyle and gra) of Fur wobr, if- reasonable
No. 14V rtlalu-ntrrct.
' ' One dool below Fourth,

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