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Ii published dally, ( Bnnday eicepted,) by
Olllal 10. H till rOOlTB-STBIIl.
THE PBNNT PBES81 delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington nd Newport, and sur
rounding cities and towns, at tho ex
tremely low pries of
prices or mailino:
Single copies 2c.; 1 month Oo.; i months tl; 1 year U.
I1L...J .
John A. Blums, Ja.......Sole Leasee aud Manager.
Mr. Anderson and Miss Ellsworthy
Will hots appear to-night In Shakspearn "Mac
loth," farming an unprecedented cast of (baracter.
THIS (Saturday) EVENING. Oct. 29, the perform
ances will commence with Shakspeare's live-act
tragtdy of
Macbeth Mr. Anderson
Macduff Mr. Langdon
Kinn Duncan ...... Mr. Williams
Banqur, Mr. Hann
Malcolm (King's ton), llr. Bead
First Witch iur. Adanis
S-oond WitJi Hiss Fanny Deahaun
Hecate Mr. Jhn Ellsler
Lady Macbeth....... Miss Ellawortby
Geutlewonian MIbs Julia Irving
Dance, by Hiss Kaie Pennoyer.
To conclude with the laughable farce of
Col. Capstick ..Mr. Smyth
Chriatopher Capatiek Mr. Hall
bally Smart Mine U.nliam
Mrs. Capstkk Miss Irving
tlrtr I preparation, the great pluy of "Cloud and
Sunshine. '
Mrluurs open atO6; Curtain rise at 74 o'clock.
l'KicBH or Admission Drees Circle aud Faranettu,
OOeenta; Gallery, 25cents.
r$UE O LV M P I C.
IdeBsceand Proprietor. ......JNO. BOWORTH.
Thin new and boautful TEMPLE OV THE MUSIS
opened for the season on
With a full and talented DRAMATIC AND CON
tlKHV TBOUPB, selected from the diflorent thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 cents. For particulars see small
The ' Olympic Saloon " will be open at all hours
(luring the day. The Bars are stocked with choice
Wines Lliiuorannd Cigars. oc24
Takes pleasure In announcing to her friends, and tho
public in general, that her
Grand Vocal and Instrumental
Will take placo at
Thnrsday Evcniug, Nov. 3,
On which occasion she will be assisted by Mr. M. H.
MOKOAN, the distinguished Basso, from New York
city: Mr. J. TOSSO Mr. tllAS. KCNKKL and Mr;
j m niiKW.
1 ickets mi centa. Doors open at VA o'clock ; Con
cert to commence at 8 o'clock. oc26h
Smith & Nixon's Hall.
Positively one Week only, Commenc
ing Monday, October 24.
f. ' TROUPE, and tho only Campbell's;
5U3Mjjnow iuoxislenco; all others nssuniing
lis1- ilia name are nothing more than
mountebanks ami Impostors, not to bo trusted,
can i ion tile putmcasainsr an mien.
The ndvnutages the 0 A M P B n LL3 enjoy above any
other Minstrel organization, arises from their win
tering the last twelve yeurs in tho Souttiei u country.
Their delineations of Negro characters are tsken
from natural srenes and incidents in African life,
and aim at presenting the Musical and Comical pecn
liarltimi of the Southern Negro, and elevating him to
his proper R audard of natural wit aud musical tal
ent, presenting the phases of Negri) Life on ttxi Plan
tation, aurl representing tho muikal capabilities of
the more refined Negroes of cities and villugos. In
representing t ruthfully thn shades anil peculiarities
of Nauru Life, t,h universal accord has tamped
the Uumpliell Artists unapproachable aud defying
IW Free Balcony Serenade nightlyby theOAMP
BKlil, BttaSS BAND, led I'y the Wizard Bugler,
Angust Achi,
Doors open at a q. arter to 7 o'clock ; commence at
a quarter to A o'clock. Admission HO corns.
ocislt Agent and Business Director.
nuw mum
Nitlionnl Hall, Vine-street, above Fifth.
Loader of Orchestra 0. H. Bolcemfe.
CLASSES Thursday, from 2 to i P. M , for Ladies.
Saturday. 9 to 12 A. SI., and 2 to P. M., for Misses
and Masters,
Gentlemen- Wednesday and Saturday, at7P M.
Wall zing Class, for Lames and Gentlemen, Friday
Lessons fob Gentlemen In order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whose business or social
engagements often interfere with their punctual at
tendance, our arrangement is, that tickets are pur
chased, oneof which is delivered at each lesson, and
ran ho used during the wholeseason of seven months.
The lasaone are so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. ootS-bm-W&S)
(Opera House.)
Now open EVERY EVENING, for a shout timb
only. J. Insco Williams's celebrated Bible Pano
rama. This mttgniilceut Painting commences with
Chans and continues down, in historical order, to
the Babylonian captivity, containing more t dun titty
Lt tne niosi euonnie arm interesting scenes in tne
llhle. Exhibition every evening. Doors onen at 7.
To commence at H to 8 o'clock precisely. Tickets 26
cents; children under 10 roars of age r cents.
Axo, Exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday Af
ternoons; doors open at 2, to commence at 3 o'clock.
Kx plained by Dr. f ibbitta. oc2i
Stationery !
Stationery !
Printing 1
Printing !
Vine-street, opposite the Postoffice,
JLi I am th i day receiving some of
the above nnrivaliHl Pianos. Also. frvSUWyM
some of William Knahe Co.. anil FVVa'!Vl
other good makers-all of which I J I S'J 1 1
will sell at great roilnctiou, for cash,
or will rent and ltt the rent pay for tne FInno.
CM Mt'KOIl, 74 wost Koiirth-street.
Thd lareest stock of Mslodeons In the city. oc34
HTR1CKT. Ifftllet. Pavlst Co. :
Ilatleton Brothers! Peters, Cragg
a IO. 5 imreili oncuu m w. n 11 win vrfTA
1,1 be sola a
f' suit for
f the rent
V . The lai
be sold at prices tnat can not. tan to J s?
vnflll, vr win twiiH uw ,c.
nai fnr the Piano . J. CHUROIT. Jr.
largest stock of Helodeons in the city. Of 24
And )oniisllor At Lw. Ohtue'a' Bnlldina
' blrdsh
): tlrt tre(. t doon Km. of MMu, 171
VOL. 2. NO. 60
Rates of Domestic Postage.
Letters For each blf ounce, under 3,(00 miles,
pre-paid, 3 cents; over 3,mu miles, pre-paid, 10 c-uts.
All letter, must be pre' paid by siamps. or In. lined in
tamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Tbansiemt Newspapers, Fekiodioals, Cihcuubs,
Ac., to any part of the United States, not weighing
over 3 ounces, I cent; and I cent lor each additional
ounce; pre-payment required.
Books, pre-said, nut weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
per ounce, for any distant, in the (Jutted States un
der 3,111X1 miles, and cents per ounce over 3,eou miles,
pre-paymuut required All fractions over the ounce
to be counted as an additional ounco,
Niwspapebs and Periodica, s, not exceeding IX
ounces in weight, when paid q.uartrl in advance,
ud circulated in ths State where publlabed-dttily,
per quarter 22)4, tlx times per week 1VV, tri-weokly
VH; eni. weekly, 6; week ly,3!S, semi monthly, 1M;
monthly, Newspapers and periodicals when
weighing IH ouncos, double the above rates.
Small Nkwhpapeus, published mouthly oroftener,
and pamphlets uot containing more than 16 ociavo
pages, in packages of 8 ouuees or over, t cent per
Wkebxt Newspatisbs, within the county where
published. Free.
Quarterly payments. In advance, may be made
either where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
Indianapolis 1 Uimoibnati 9mu a. .: t:s6 r. M.I
tt:3& p. H
Cincinnati, Uamiltoh and Dattom 7:46 a. m.; 10:47
A. u.; 6:40 p. M.; lo:IU r. B.
Little Miaiii-7;Su a. m.; 1:30 p. .i7:18 r.u. 10:46
p. H.
Mabietta and Cincinnati lotiiO a. h.; 9:16 p. h.
Ohio anu Mississippi 7:15 a. u.; J:ii0p. .; ld l p. u
OoviNOTON and LaxmuiON 10:20 A. at.; 7:06 r. u.
Departures of Trains.
Indianapolis and Cincinnati S:So a. a.: 12:00 st.i
6:(K) p. m.
Cincinnati. Hamilton and Datton Indianapolis
aud Cleveland, 6:041 A. H.; Sandusky Mail, S:0l) A. H.j
Sundnsky, 4:30 p. .; Accommodation, 6:iW?. H.
Little Miami Cleveland and 1'ittsbug, 6:00 a. m.;
Cleveland, Pittsbnrg and Bellulr,8:30A.M.; Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:40 p. if.; Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Bellair, ll;30p. It
Ohio anu Mississippi St. Lonls, 9:00 A. If.; Louis
ville, 2:00 P. B.; St. Louis, 8:30 P. H.
Pittssdbo, Columbus and Cincinnati (Stenbenville
Short Line) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. H.j
8:00 A.M.; 11:30 P. M.
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Kast Front
street 6:00 A. M.; 8,30 a. h,; 11:30 P. M.
Cincinnati and Mabietta 6:16 a. m.; 3:30 P. v.
Oentbal Ohio From last Front-street Depot-43:IO
a.m.; 11:30 p.m.
OoviNtiTON and Lexinotos :2 A. .! 2:30 p. M,
Omnibus Stands.
East Walnut Hills. From corner Sycamore and
Fifth streets every half hour.
West Walnut Hills (Lane Seminary,) From N.
138 Sycamore street every boHr.
Wescebn Row and Ba hi h ton. From Main aad
Fourth streets every teu minutes.
West End Line. From corner Fourth and Main
to Freeman and Hopkins streets.
Uiveb ItnAD and SeDAMBViLLE.-From corner
Broadway and Pearl, and corner Fifth and Sycamore
streets every ten minutes.
Fulton, Penuleton, and Columbia. From corner
Broadway and Luwor Market- every ten minutes.
Tuiud Street Line. From Newport Ferry to
Fifth street Ferry.
Mount Aububn. From corner Main and Fourth
Streets every hour.
Vine Street Hill and Chpton. From comer
Main and Fourth t roots every half hour.
Cumminsville. I'rom corner Sixth and Main
streets every half hour.
Covington. From corner Fifth and Walnut streets
ovory hour.
Post Opfice, Westers Row and Clinton Street.
From corner Fourth and Vine every ten minutes,
SHAaON, Mason, Lebanon, and Moness, Daily, at
2 P . M.-froni ir9 Walnut street.
Harbison. Daily, at S A. M., and 2 P. M,, (Sab
bath excepted) from 169 Walnut sireet.
Bbookville Daily, iSabbath excepted,) at 8 A.
M.-from 169 Walnut street.
Bataviaand Guorobtown. Dally, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 2s, P. M. from Broadway and Lower
Venice and New London. Dally, (Sabbath ex
cepted,) at 2 P. M. from 169 Walnut street.
Montoomert From corner Ninth and Sycamore
streets Daily, (Sahbat h excepted,) at 2'i P. M.
Avondale. From 171 Walnut street, 8, 10, II, A. M
2.4a. 6.P.M
Church Directory.
Baptist. First llaptlst Church, North side Court,
between MouDd und Cutter.
Uieh Street Baptist Church, East of City Water
Ninth Street Baptist Church, South side Ninth,
between Vineaud Uace.
Freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
foxtof F ifth street.
Welsh Baptist Church, North sldo Harrison.
Baker Street Bap 1st Church, (colored, ) South side
Buruet, between Waliiu and Vine.
Third Street Bnptitt Church, (colored,) South side
Third, botween Hace and Kim.
Christian. Finit Christian Church, Longworth,
between Weatern Row and John.
tougregiilioiml First Orthodox Cougrega
tional uhurcb, North sido Seventh, between Wester
Bow aud John.
Second Ur bodox Congregational Church, East side
Vine, between Kighth and Ninth.
Welsh Con gregatloual Church, kVestslde Lawrence,
between Third aud Fourth.
Disciples ol Christ. Christian Church, South
west corner Walnut and Eighth.
Christian Ohurch.Sixth, betweenSmitb and Mound,
Christian Church , betweeu T. P. 13 and 14, Fulton.
Christian Church, (colored,) North aide Harrison
Frieuds.-First Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be
tweeu Western Bow and John.
First Friends (Ulcksite,) Fifth, between Western
Bo. and John.
JewWIiHynngonges. HolyCongregation,Ohll.
dren of Israel, Suuth-tst corner Sixth aud Broad
way. Holy Congregation, Children of Joshurun, Lodge,
between Filth and Sixth.
Holy Cougrcgation of United Brethren, Race, be
twoen Fourteenth and Fifteenth,
Polish Cougregat4on ol the K. K. Adat. Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearith Israel, corner of Seventh and Walnnt.
Methodist rtplscopnl. Kabt Cincinnati Dis
teict. Wesley Ciuipel, North side Fifth, between
Sycamore and Broadway.
Ninth Street Chapel Is now called Trinity.
Asnury Chapel, South side Webster, between Main
and Sycamoro.
McKoudrle Chupol, (Seventeenth Ward,) Front
West Cincinnati Dihtbict. Morris Chapel, West
side Plum-street, between Front and Columbia.
Christie Chapel, North side Court, between Mound
and Cutter,
Carr-street Chapel, vest side of Carr-street, be
tween Eighth-street aud Hamilton and Dayton
Railroad Depot.
Kit per Chapel, West side Elm, North of Findlay.
Park Street Chapel, South-west corner Park and
York Street Chapel, South-west corner Baymiller
and York.
Find lay Chapel, South side Clinton, between Cutter
and Linn.
Union Chapel, North side Seventh, between Plum
and Western liow.
lUethodlHt Protestant. First Methodist Fret
eBtant Cb"rch. Sixth, betwoen Vine and Race.
Second Methodist Protestant Uhurch, Elm, be
tween Fifteenth and Liberty.
George Street Church, Georgo, between Cutter and
New Jerusalem. Temple, Longworth, between
Race and Kim.
Prebyterlnn Old School. First Presbyterian
Church, fourth, betwoen Main and Walnut.
Fourth -Presbyterian Church, North side High
street, near Fulton line. Z
Fifth Presbyterian Church, South west corner of
John and Clark.
Seventh Presbyterian Church, WestsIdoBroadway.
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
Barr and Mound,
Ninth Presbyterian Church, Cutter, between Clin
ton and Betts.
Presbyterian New School, Second Presbyte
rian Church, South side Fourth, brtweon Vine and
Third Prejbylorian Ohurso, South-west corner
Fourth and John.
Eighth Presbyterian Chorah, Seventh, between
Liun and Baymiller.
Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, corner John and
Protestant Episcopal. Christ'sOhnrcb. North
side Fourth, between Syoaniore and Broadwav.
St. Paul's Church, South tide Fourth, between
Main and Walnut.
St. John's Church, South-east corner Plum aad
Trinity Church, corner Pendleton and Liberty. .
Church of tho Advent,(nobolldiug,) Walnut Hills.
Churcbof the Atonement, corner Richmond and
church of the Redemption, 01inton,between West
ern Bow and John.
Hnmnnrnlhnlln. St. Augustlnea. Bank stmt.
St. Peter's Cathodral, South-west corner Plum aad
St. i
Francis Xavter'a. West side Sycamore between
Sixth and Seventh.
St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Mill. '
St. Michael's Wi st side of MiUcreek.
Christ's Church, Fulton. .
Holy Trinity, South side Fifth, between Smith and
St. Mary's, South-east corner Jackson and Thir
teenth, St. Panl'a, South-oast corner Spring and Abigail,
St. John Baptist, corner Bremen and Green.
St. Joseph, South-eaat corner Linn and Laurel.
St. Phiiomeua, North side Pearl, between Pikeaid
St. Thomas, West side Sycamore, between Fifth
and Sixth.
Unltnrlrtn.-Flrst TJnltorlno Chnrch, South-west
corner Fourth and Race. ...
Unlversallst. First Univonallst Chursh, Kai
side Plum, between Fourth and Fifth.
Second Universalist Chursh, ternsr Sixth tt4
Mound. ..
Quill and Scissors.
Andrew Jackson Davis, the "Pougnbeepste
Seer," has taken up hit realdenoe at Orange,
New Jersey, lira. Luoy Stone Blackwell, who
is a resident of the lame town, has juat re
turned home after aa absence of six months at
the West.
Sohamyl will probably be assigned a resi
(Jetioo at K&looga, in the palace occupied by
the widow of Alexander I, after her return from
Taganrog. He will have a pension of $8,000
a year, and three of his wivea.
A telegraph diepatoh from Chateaugay, Now
York, of the 21st inst., tays that two feet of
snow had fallen at that place, and it was (till
falling. Chateaugay is in the northern part of
New York. We learn also that an inoh of
enow fell at Calais, Me., on the night of the
20 th.
Win. C. Jones, a promising young citizen of
Spotsylvania County, Va., who had won liter
ary distinction at the Univenity of Virginia,
and Columbia Colltge, committed sujoido on
the 18th inst., by shooting himself. The aot
was the result of "an affair of the heart."
K. C. Stedman having written a satire on
the recent great wedding in New York, the
father of the bride. Lieutenant W. A. Bart
lett, sent him a challenge a few days ago, but
subsequently determined to enter a suit for
Mr. Burton, the African and Arabian trav
eler, has written a letter to the London Times,
in -which he states that the great lake sup
posed to occupy the center of Equatorial Af
rica is in reality four lakeB the Ujiji, vis
ited by him in May, 16;57; the Nyanza, vis
ited by Captain Speke in July, 1857; the
Chama, whose Position was fixed bv Dr. La-
cerda in 1799, and a fourth, the position of
which had just been fixed by Dr. living
stone. They lie ranged in crescent shape,
with the horns toward the ee.Bt.
Theodore Parker writes from Switzerland,
September 26: "I intended to paBS the win
ter in Rome, from the end of October to the
end of March. In many respects I am bet
ter than when I left New York. I have
gained nearly twenty pounds of flesh Bince" I
reached Europe, if tho scales are correct, go
ing up from 140 to 158 M pounds. The in
crease in strength ie quite equal to the gain
in weight. But the ugly cough is a good
deal worse than when I left New England,
and the voice feebler and yet more good-for-nothing.
Iam always cheerful, but do not
run over with animal life aa formerly, wihen
I had rather run than walk, and rather jut np
than run. 1 shall never preach again, I bu p
pose." The weather has been very propitious to tho
vintage in France ; the wine of 1859 will be
excellent in quality, and average in quantity.
Large quantities of well-oxoouted oounter-
teit gold and silver coin have been in circula
tion at Washington for tome time. The polioe
have just obtained a due leading to the arrest
of J. B. Warder, a wood-dealer, and John
Shaw, batter-dealer in Washington. Two
hundred dollars of oountorfoit money were
found upon them. They have each given
$2,000 for their appearanoe before the Justice
for final examination. It is believed that sev
eral other business men are implicated in the
affair. An officer received word that a large
amount of bogos coin would arrive at Wash
ington on Thursday, by Adams it Co.'a Ex
press, and took measures to interoept it.
The Erring Brother.
Gov. Willard, of the State of Indiana ., has
repaired to Harper's Ferry, to aid by his legal
advice and his powerful eloquenoe, to sa re the
life of Capt. Cook, one of the misguide d and
desperate Ossawatomie insurgents, recen Uy ar
rested. The Captain is the erring brother of
the Governor's wife. The position of a Gov
einor of one sovereign State straggling to
secure the release of an offender against the
peaoe of another sovereign State, and the
offender his own brother-in-law, is another
peculiarity of this romantio story of folly an d
crime. Don. J. E. MoDohald and D. V f.
VooBHBBSaooompaniedGov.WiLiAFiD, Wedne g
day evening, to Charlestown, Va.
Ahebioan Ripled Cahnob. A trial of a
riBed six-pounder was made on Mop.day lust :,
at Flushing, L. I., before several -n-tltary of ficers
of fhe Mexican Constitutional Goven
ment. The firing was extraordinary, and
rivals that of the most complex English :and
Frenoh pieces. The gun is aJOmmonbronaie
cannon, five feat long, weighi? Jg fivo hundred
and eighty pounds, and rl fled with eight
grooves. The tarret, five by seven feet,
moored at a mile diatanoe, received six out of
eight shots fired after Ota -gun WM brought to
bear upon it, five of whioh were within twenty
inehes of the center of tla bull's eye. This
suooess i8 atttibuter; to nnewcoDBtruottonof
projectile, invented by th , late Andrew Hotels
kiss, of Conneortioat, an d said to have been
recently much improve'd. After the target
practice, the 'jauzsle of the gun was elevated,
and several shots thrown to distances varioutly
estimated between three and four miles. The
projeotilea are oblong, weighing rjWe und.
three-querter pounds eaoh, and wM fired on.
the long range with fourteen ounce of Du
pont'i powder. , j
Thi PiNALTr or Bhino First Cl isi.- .Tomb
ago tho old State-house fronting on Tni,. street
Colnmbus,in whioh assembled annv ally so me of
the ablest men in Ohio, was inffie t.at r.l Ohio
Legislators. The men of that dav have tit tly
passed away and the buildinf ; alio; fct m
small appropriation paid all the expenses '
the State; now the saa and hi atinir blls al la'
otuer expenses oi tilt Btots-hl ,use, exoied all"
the State expenses of a genera ion ago. ' There
are copper reservoirs around, the eaves' of the
State-house Intended to ree sive h .
plies of water, whioh is n-l0i e difficult to pro-
ouregoon in uoinmous tltari a ilmllar quality
of whisky. These are vet nnfilij th..
artesinn well now boret'i to the depth of 2,310
leet, within JU0 leet.jf b.alf a mile, having ;
failed to reach an available stream f wt
The ost of ur groMAess Is
-Madame Steffannne. well-known to tha
musioal public of New York, is now singing at
pfTTht Emporor of Brazil has irrantorl to
an Amerioan the exolusive right of mining and
converting into oil a vegotable turf discovered
by him in one of the northern provinces of the
TIt is eaid that a fumn of suo-ai rtnnrlv
about the size of a hazle nut, if taken when
going to bed, will put a person to sleep in short
order. Better then that, it is a hartnloss nar
cotic i
tfT-S-The total vote of Tennessee at tha late
eleotion was 144,444, boing 13,459 more votes
tuan were cast in the gubernatorial eleotion of
1857, and 4,628 more thsn in the Presidontiul
eleotion of 1856,
fet-Deer skins are eettlnir to bemunh In
vogue for foottnattings, and many of our house
keepers are adopting teem in preference to
any other kind now in nse. They are much
softer and easier to clean than wool,
gBT An exchange paper says: "If you would
keep yourchildren in health, give them plenty
of fresh air." This is well enough; but now-a-duys
children put on so many airs of thoirowa
that it is almost impossible to give them a
fresh one every day.
SfThe veteran traveler, Kohl, Is engaged
upon a new book, the result of his wan
derings in North America, particularly in the
country round Lake Superior. It is to be pub
lished early in November, under the odd title
of "Hitchi-Gami."
rTwo Bheet iron cars are in course of
oonstruotion nt the machine shops of the Illi
nois Central Railroad, for the purpose of carry
ing powuer an ii oiaor aangoroua oombUBti
ble materials. They have India rubber joint
ings, and close up perfcotly air tight.
9Captaln MoCllntookhas been presented
by the officers and crew of the Arctio steamer
Fox with a handsome gold chronometer, "in
tosen oi ineir esteem ana regard during a
service of two and a-balf years under his com
mand in tho Arctio seas."
An unfounded report of the death of
xo m eayors, the English champion, had been
in oiroulation. Savers is in Newmarket suf
fering from an injury sustained in the recent
encounter, by a puncture in the leg caused by
the spikes in Brettle's boots, from which he
has sunered some pain and lameness.
fiB" Isaac G. Roberts, deputy warden of
tne Maryland renitentiary,nad a narrow es
cape from death a few days since, at the
hands ot a rebellious convict named John
Brown, who rushed at him with a knife and
inflicted a severe wound near the shoulder,
Mr. Robert's life was Bavedby the timely in
terference of a man armed with a-pistol.
jpST It is stated, eaya the Oswego Palla
dium, that Mrs. Wm. P. Daoa, of Perry, Me.,
has preserved and put up the past season,
5,700 lbs. of strawberries. Three tuns of pre
served strawberries I Add the same quantity
of sugar, and we have nearly six tuns of pro
serves, enough to fill six or eight hogsheads.
j&l" We have received some bananas from
gardens in this oity, superior in size and qual
ity to any we have ever had imported. Ac
cording to present appearances bananas are
likely to become tho most common fruit in
Galveston that is, provided they succeed as
during the past year or two. They may now
be seen growing quite luxuriantly inmuny of
our gardens. (Julvttion Nevi,
$2B" Mr. Anderson, who only a few weeks
s.'noe married a daughter of Minister Mason,
at Paris, had just returned from a bridal trip
to Switterland, and was on the very point of
dent '-rture for the Uoited States when his father
in la v w&s attacked by paralysis and died.
The lt tgation is left in charge of M. W. B. Cal
houn, fir.'t Seoretsry, until the Government
makes it ne.w appointment.
"'.rho yo ung man, Cook, soncerned in the
late insprreotioL1 ftt Harper's Ferry, and distin
guisbed with th tit,e o "Captain" Cook,
was, some six or se ven years ago, a resident of
Philadelphia, and .employed at the Ledger
office, wnere, fur nearl.v a year, he "held oopy,"
as the printers oall i for the proof reader.
He was then about eigh.'-een or nineteen years
The uteamer New World met with an
aooident Wednesday, while o J Fort Washing
ton, on her way to Albany; by the breaking of
her onneoting rod a portion of ber machinery
wad driven through the bottom of the boat,
causing ber to sink before the freight or bag
gage eould-ba removed. The passengers,
ho wever, took refuge on the steam tug Ohio,
and on a sohooner which happened to be in
the vioinity, and were put ashore.
pifk correspondent of the St. Louis i?e
putoart writes that tho family of Jo. Smith,
the Mormon "Prophet," still resides in Nau
voo. No per suasions can prevail on them to
remove to Uh. His widow has married
again, and, wi'th her husband, keeps the
Mansion Houss, the only house of entertain
ment that the t'lty affords. The oldest son,
who bears his fath er's name of "Joseph," is a
justice of the peace', and a useful and very re
speoted citizen. Groa t inducements have been
offered him to remove to Great Salt Lake
City, but he steadily resists all such importu
nities. ffiS-Tbe city of New York, in order to give
a fat job to some favorite pt'litioians,- deoided
on enlarging tho Battery, by filing up Beveral
aores, and thus enoroaching on tho harbor.
As a oonsequenoe, ProfeaBor Daooe ininKs mat
the oontinuanoe of the harbor as a first-olaBB
..a.nnrr. la iennarded. and several vessels have
actually grounded off Castle Gartlen, in water
wWch was formerly deep enough to float the
Unrest shipB in. the world. ISince old mother
- . ... . - . . 1 , J . 1 1 .1 n
(loo Be kutiea ner otru mat ibiu iuu utuo sbi
rerhaa such folly been exhibited sb tne
wis men of Gotham have committed in tais
3When Hamilton was Washington's
militpjy Secretary, he was ordered to meet
the (3om.mander-in-Chief one morning at
sunrise. Washington was first at the spot,
and waited five minutes before Hamilton ap
peared. The Secretary apologized by Baying
that "something must be the matter with his
watch." Another appointment was niade for
the next morning, which was similarly
broken. Hamilton again covered his negli
gence with a complaint against his watch;
to which the punotual soldier replied,
"Then, sir, you must either get a new watch,
or I must get a new Secretary."
Mr. H. S. Sandford, the gentleman
who, aa Secretary of Legation at Paris, dia
tinguished himself by woarlng a blaok coat at
Court, having been named as a eandidate for
the Frenoh Mission, publishes a oard laying
that be ii no oandidate, and, regarding the
....tarn nf an American lerresentative at a
foreign Court, he says :
X hope this question of livery will reotive at
t be rropor time due altontion from the Ad-
m iniSUBUPn uu. IUV www u.u,oiwi. vww.
art rtions of delicacy and.of respect to the mem
ort of the dead would refrain me from doing
mi. e now than rofor to this quostion, and to
iT t hat I have not changed the opinions
oritert 'neu 011 ,ai" txAi',ct nt time 1 re"
signed my pout nt Paris. It is as worthy
the Go vernmeut's attunlion now aa it was
when thv ' fu-wm' innrtictlona rwiieotinjj it were
The Snail Mania in Paris.
A Paris correspondent of the Boston Trav
eller says:
Snails are crawling down more and more
throats here annually. Ten years ago ne
body but apothecaries and herb doctor shops,
and a little dirty, diner restaurant in the
K-ue Saint Honore kept them, and now thoy
nave a place ot tneir own at tne great mar
kets, and the restaurateur that does not keep
them ia considered decidedly "slow." A
million and a half snails crawl down our
throats every season; at Dijon alone they
unug ii. uuc. per nunarea, ana o,uuui. worm
are sold, which every Frenchman vow, by
their Cocker and other reckoners, are equal
in aliment to one hundred and fifty ordinary
calves don't ask me, please, for the equa
tion. Snails have one great virtue in tho
Papist's eyes; when you can eat nothing else,
you may fill yourself full of snails until you
feel like an a.unconda after he swallowed an
ox, without breaking your fast or ceasing to
inoriny your nesn ana via jmick. snails are
"fish" in Papists' dictionaries. Apicius gives
an excellent recipe for cooking them. We
eat them (now that the Saint Honore restau
rant has joined Troy) cooked on the spider or
in an oven after they have been boiled in
their sbnll and seasoued with fresh butter
and parsley chopped fine. They cause great
ravages in vineyards, and cure consumption
in man.
In 180, they did moro damage in Lower
Charente vineyards than the odium, and no
way is known by which they can be driven
from vineyards and orohards exoept by re
moving them forcibly and eating them with
fresh butter and chopped parsley, after the
" spider " has given them a " shake down."
Miohelet, in his book on insects, quoted with
eulogy the public spirit of a French professor
at Rouen, who came into his lecture room one
day, bearing in one hand a whito porcelain
soup plate filled with cockroaches, lice and
chinches; " MosBieurs," said the patriot, these
inseots have for centuries preyed upon man,
let us prey upon them." Following Hamlet's
advice, he euitod the action to the word, and
commenced devouring them ; cockroach, louse
and cbinoh were tossed into his mouth, and
crunched to pieceB with professional adroit
ness. He avowed they were delightful ; the
eookroach had tho flavor, if I remember
rightly, of sandwich, trout and pine-apple,
the louse smacked of truffled partridge, (be
neficent louse, to come ready truffled to our
lips I) and the chinch wnsjust like ripe veni
son and plover, married by Soyer and put to
bed in some rich thick sauce. What aa epi
cure " poor Tom " was.
Potato Starch There are five starch man
ufactories in the town of Stowe, Vermont, eaoh
of which eonsutnes from seventeen to twenty
thousand bushels of potatoes yearly, yielding
about eight pounds of star oh to a bushel,
The cost of the potatoes dolivered at the man
ufactory is only one shilling per bushel. These
Vermont hills seem to take to potatoes as natur
ally as an Irishman, and five hundred bushels
to the acre is reported as a common yield there
thin year. The kind chiefly cultivated for
starch is the California potato, large and
ooarse. The process of starch making is very
simple. The tubers, after being washed, are
grated fine by machinery, and the pulp, diluted
with water, is pumped into a large vat and
allowed to remain for twecty-four hours, or
until tuo Bturcn has eoltled to tho bottom; a
part of the water is then drawn off, and the
Btarch stirred with the remainder, which is
then pumped into smaller vats, when having
again settled, the water 1b drawn away en
tirely, leaving the clean, white Btarch in a solid
mass at the bottom, oovered with a residuum
of dirt; this soraped off, it is ready for tha drv-ing-houe.
The large, floe-grained lumps are
placed on a platform of slats in a room where
the atmosphere is kept at a very high tempera
ture until the lumps become dry and soparate
into cylindrical crystals, small enough to press
through the interstioea to a second platform
below, whence, after cooling, it is ready to be
transferred to barrels and a mnrKet. Spring
Held Mepublicm.
Oman Steaming Onb Hundred Milts an
Hour. A letter is published in the Buffalo
papers signed by Ex-President Millard Fill
more, Hou. 8. G. Havens, and a number of
influential citizens, addressed to Rollin Ger
main, requesting him to make a public ex
planation of his principles of oonstruotion for
atoam navigation. He proposes to establish,
among others, the following propositions
That steamers may be constructed to run one
hundred miles an hour, and so strong that the
greatest oceanio forces would not endanger
their safety ; that the economy of their move
ments will bo such as to reduce the cost of
transportation to loss than one-fifth of the
present rates ; that when loaded with a large
freight, a full passenger list, and fuel enough
for a voyage around the world, it would not
draw over twenty-two feet ; und that as
war ship one would be an overmatch to all
existing navies. Mr. Germain has made the
aubjeot his study for thirteen years, and now
makes it public for the first time. Eminent
engineers of the United States pronounce the
plan practicable, ami destined to work a com
plete revolution in steam navigation.
Spanish Assaults upon Shipping British
Vessels Fired upon at Tarifa. The Liver
pool 1'ost says: The Ocm of the Sea, which has
arrived at this port from America, was fired
upon when passing the Spanish batteries at
Tarifa; and yesterday a twenty-eight-pound-shot,
which was received on that occasion,
and whioh was lodged in her hull, was ex
hibited at the Underwriters' Rooms. Several
other British vessels have been similarly as
sailed; and no doubt it the attention of the
British Government has not already been
called to the oircumBtanoe, they will Boon
apprised of it and take the necessary steps
procure explanation and satisfaction from the
Spanish authorities.
Thk Lati Prize Fight in Canada. The
Grand Jury of Welland County, Canada, have
presented Price and Kelley, who were engaged
in the late prize fight. After Betting forth the
outrage committed by the ruffians npon persons
and property, they say: The Grand Jury fur
ther present that this unlawful invasion is the
third or fourth of a like nature whioh has taken
5 lace in that part of the eountry. The Grand
ury further present that it li their wish that
your Lordship be pleased to bring the same
before the government, in such manner as
your Lordship may teem fit.
Affair or Honor. Lieut. A. Klebor, the
military instruotor of the Chasseurs-a-pied
this city, fought a duel early yesterday morn
ing back of the Half-way House, with Mr.
Gonzales, of the Second Distriot police. The
weapons were colichemardeB, or small short
swords. Liout. Klober received two wounds,
ono a flesh out in the right arm, and the
other a deep punctured wound in the left
breast above the nipple the latter aerioui
but not mortal. Mr. Gonzales was not in
jured. Nno Orleant Bee.
FnsR NxnaoES ok Railroads. A bill has
been introduoed in the Tennessee Legislature
to prevent free negroes traveling on the rail
roads in that State, which passed at the first
reading. The bill provides that the Preatdent
who shall permit a free negro to travel on anv
road within the jurisdiction of the State, under
his supervision, shall pay a fine of $500; any
conductor permitting; a violation of the
shall pay a fine of $250, provided such free
negro Is not under the oontrot and care of
free whito oitizen of Tennessee, who vouohes
for the oharaoter of said free negro ia a penal
bond of i,uuu. W(mot4 ivo.; ftm.
Advertisements not exceeding five lines (Agnte.)
Ore Insertion...... ...I a I One week.. 84 Oft
Two weeks., 1 50 I tins m,tfc 2 ttl
Larger advertisements Inserted at the following
rates for square of ten lines or less:
One lnsrtion..4 M I Two week. . ,, ,,,, 1 m
Each addl'nal ins.. '& Three wiw.ii. ,,,, , , iyj
On week......... I 76 On month j oo
Job Printing,
In all Its branches, don with neatness and dispatch.
Premium Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking Stove,
Is without a rival. Call on
Inventors and Manufacturers,
Novelty Iron Foundery,
3 o a
Pourth-street, West of Smith,
&And See one iu Optratioug
iv-st. at last just what th Ladles have long needed
und looked for in vain, the Uterine Elixir.
The Uterine Elixir is warrauted to cure all dis
eases of a Uterine Nature; inflammation of tho
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and tho Urethra
Prolapsus or Failing of the Womb, Taluful MenstriL
ntion, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea; in fact, a perfect cure
is gaarranteed by the use of irom two to Ave bottles
of the .Elixir, of any disease whatever of the Gener
ative aud Urinary Organs, of male or fomale, no
matter of how long standing. Price 1 per Bottle.
Madame ELLIS calls particular attention to the
following Card of one of the most prominent Drug
gists of Cincinnati.
"To tub Public and tub Ladies in Pabtioblab.
We, the undersigned, are not in the hahit cf giving
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing well the
Lady Physician, and the medicine called the Utrino
iilixir, we cheerfully recommend It to all female
sntfering from Female Diseases of any kind; it Is
purely vegetable, and in no case can do Injury; we
nay to all try, and our word for It, you will iind re
lief. F. D. DILL, Druggist,
aop27 "Corner of Fiftb and Race-streets."
cures, without fatl, pains in tho Breast, Buck,
Side or Limbs: Cougbj, Colds, Hoarseness, Diffi
culty of Breatlilug, Headache, Flatulency, Heart
burn. Cbronio Rheumatism, Billions Chollc, Cramp
Obollc, Griping Pain of the Bowels, Dullness,
httipor, Inactivity, Lou of Appetite, and iu Paiu
Iill Menstruation it is a certain cure, and gia
Immediate relief. In any of the above diseases
It will give relief in twenty minutes, aud a perma
nent cure by the nseortao bottles. Only fSi cents
per bottle so cheap that every person can get it.
N. B.-For sole by F. D. HILL, Druggist, corner
nf Race and Fifth-streets: J. D. PARK, comer of
Fourth and Walnut; SUIHE. ECKSTKIN & Co.,
corner Vine and Fourth; JOHN DICKSuN, cornor
of John and Sixth; PAUL KE1NLMN, corner ol
Kighth and Freeman. Also, HOWARD SCANLAN
,(r ML corner of Main and Fourth; and Madame
KLLI8, 24 East Fourth. sop27-ay
BAGS, for Grocers, Druggists, Tea Dealers and
others, made from extra quality of Wrapping, Ma
nilla and White Tea Paper.
200,000 No. 1 Wrapping and Manilla;
ai,ouo No. 2
2(10,(1110 No. 3
2lJ0,Ot)0No. 4
2U0,UH)No. 6
200,000 No. 8
200,K)No. 10
200,1)00 No, 12
200,0110 No. IS
200,0(10 No. 18
20(1,0110 No. 20
200,000 No. 24 -
2im,(si0 No. I White Tea Bags',
2O0,uno do. 2
200,0410 No. 3
The abovo are put np in packages of MO bags each.
We are Biaoutuotiiring from sixty to seventy-five
thousaud Bugs per day.
Paper Bag Manufacturers,
And Wholesale Paper Dealers,
oc22 77 aud 7S Walnut-street.
"the "oystrtra1dk""-
Celebrated Baltimore Oys-i
tore, received daily by the&,M
Adams Express Uompany,
In whole and halfcans. All
Oyster sold warranted fresh aud of the very beot
Quality. M B. OWINGS, Agent, No. 27 Fifth-street,
between Main aud Waluut-atrtets
N. B. The trade suppled on the most liberal terms.
Agency for the sale of Hatch. Munn A Co 's
.Shell, Keg, and Can Oysters Also, Kresh Cove and
Sp.ced Oysters, lie. Illy many friends and ptmn
u-ill find only choice articles, and at as low prices aa
those cnarged for Inferior olsuwhere.
Oysters cooked iu Kastern stylo at onr usual mod
erate charges.
tieruemljer, 2S3 Walnut-stroet, fifth door abovo
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. no 13
I IVn .1 .. : i xi , , . i l . -.. , -i . v -.1
Planted O) sters, which lam selling at. unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dealers and Families
wanting a very large, fi eHh Oyster, will please send
ibeir order. Attached to this establishment is a
nice, quiet, respectable Saloon, where you can have
ilv.ra.-a I'W..! in , .... 1 . , ..,.1 ., ,n
clou i and superior manner. Cnargcs less than at any
outer piave. iocioj juuxt piAina.
Oyster Importing House.
jA ING daily, per Express, his snlendld Oystors.
Having completed arranseinenrs In Baltimore, on
the most extensive scalo, I will at all timea during
the season be prepared to furnish my friends, "aud
the rest of mauklnd," with the most DELICIOUS
BIVALVES Imported to the Queen City. None but
the very best imported. Great inducement offered
at this Importiug-honse,
Order slolicitea and promptly filled. Term rash,
epl6t Bole Importerand Proprietor.
Spiced Oysters
M. ING DAILY, by the Adam Express, MALT
BY'S world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oysters.
Fresh, Hermotically-sealed COVE, 8FIOKD and
BOfiEBT ORB, Agent
Depot, 11 Wert Flfth-street.
No. SOS Vlncsks bet. Fifth and Sixth.
that he has established a regular depot for th.
sale of all kinds of salt-water Fish, fresh from hew
York ; also Lake Fish from Cleveland and Sandusky;
togother with Clams and Oysters in the shell, Lon
slors. Crabs, lie I. (alive), anil all kinds of seasuiiulile
Game and Cau Oysters. Ho will furnish tlnutovn
named articles CHEAPEB THAN ANY O'I'HKM
PLACE IN THE CITY. Family orders promptly
attended to and sent home free of charge. Plt-usa
oall and iaT, yea orders. oea-tf

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