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If publlihed diflri ( Sundays excepted,) by
" ' ,. PB0PBIBT0B8.
IIIOI-K. U WS rilltl lllHT.
TH FIHBT PBK88U delivers to inbjcrlUri la
Cincinnati, Oorlngton and Newport, ud its.
rounding eltlM and towni, at th ex-
tremely low pries of
in tIIk'T8 A VIIK,?1UBL1 10 CAEBIIB.
men or uiuk:
Single copies Jo.; 1 montk Oo.; 1 months 111 1 roar t4.
coins sixth ako vixb-stsibts.
Jon A. Iium, J B.,...Bole Lessee and Manager.
' last week of the engagement of
Mr. Anderson and Miss Ellsworthy.
THIS (Monday) and TO-MORBOW (Tuesday)
EVSNINOS, October 31 and November 1, will be
Iirsaented the original play, in four aols, entitled
. Ob, Lovi'i Bivimob, ' 1 :
WwSSt" Brolt"'. An-l-Kon
Plana (Dueheas of Nairn)... Miismiiwnrlhy
The Marquis rle Mrcly -....Sir. L.ngdon
Chevalier d Luslgnau. ............. Mr. Hall
Iiuk. de Richelieu Mr. Read
lavid Leslie Mr. Ell.ler
C'ounteaa Dunols ........... ...... .Mre. Gilbert
Clemence ............ ...........,.......,........ilii D.nhain
Dance, by Hiu Kate Pennoyer.
To conclude with the fares called
On, Skitchu in Ihsia.
Sir Matthew Bcraggs Mr. Klleler
(tally Screggs........ iMiat lfanur Denbam
WDoora open at IX; Curtain rises at'K o'olook.
Pbiobi or Admission Dret Circle and Parauette,
80 conta; Gallery, Mcenta.
Friday Evening, Nov. 4.
Farewell Concert,
' ' C. KUNKEIi,
Mr. COLMEBE will slog and declaim
The Maiseillaise.
Admission. .., 50 Cents.
,' aw Concert to commence at 8 o'clock' ,,
tier Ticket for sale at the Muslo Storea. 4 OcM
Xeaaee and Proprietor...
Thla new and beautful TEMPLE OP THE MUSES
ioiesnid for the season on '
I f-:- . THURSDAY. OCTOBER at. , .'
-With a fnll and talented DBAMATIO AND CON
CERT TROUPB, selected rrom trie ainerent tnea,
aer. Anil nnnra mm nan lea of the Dillon.
Admission 10 cent. For particulara aee assail
bills. .
The " Olympic Saloon " will be open at nil honra
during tbo day. The Bare are atooked with choice
n ines, Aimuors ana Uigurs. ocai
Take, pleasure In announcing to ber friends, and the
public lu general, that ber
Grand Vooal and Instrumental
Will take place at
Tliursilay Evening. Nor. 3.
On which occasion .he will be assisted by Mr. M. H.
MORGAN, tliediatinrd.btd Basso.froni New York
city; Mr. J. 10SS0 Mr. UHA8. KUNKb and Mr)
,1. H.DREW.
Tickets Mcente. Dooraopenat 7M o'clock; Con
fer to commence at 8 o'clock. oc36h
(Opera Home.)
Last week, commencing MONDAY, Octo
ber II, J. lnsco Williams's celebrated Bible Pnno
rnran, Tbia magnificent Painting commences with
Chaos and continues down, in historical order, to
tin' Babylonish Captivity, containing morn than fifty
of the most suDlliue and Interesting ecenes in the
4 Utile. Exhibition every evening. Door, open at 7.
'o commence at M to 8 o'olock precisely. Ticket! X
' oonts; children nnder 10 yeara of age 15 cent.
Also, Exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday Af
ternoona; doors open at 2, to commence at 3 o'clock.
Kxplalned by Dr. Tibbitta. oc22
Snap Fcrfanicryi Faney Goods. See.,
Which I will tell cheaper than any other place In
the city. Yon will find a large aaaortm.nt of EX-
TBACTd at 2ft cente per bottle. ocM
No. IT Btuio-atreet, Colambma, Ohio.
ISAN, ocll-am
(Ifrontlug the Bteamboat Landing.)
Nortb-eait Corner Broadway and Front.
, P. LEVERING, Proprietor.
' t oc7-cmJ f
That can be mad In the olty go to ,
VM WBlnut-at.,bet. Third and Fourth,
(Next door to the M'aaonlo Temnle.l
R. M. P. haa tbrea Dlplomaa awarded him for the
beet work
Book Binding
Ponrtb-ttreet. between Main and 8; oamore, Cia
clunati, . ow-Be-blndlng In every Ityle. Mask Books neat.
It and dojubly bound. 0. OBOPPEM.
"'" " D.'' OE FOREST, i
Book Binder aud Paper Ruler,
Third atory llm Balldlng, vrilldo all work in hi
nop who miwlw uiu qispaicn. jyzn-lv
-m-m i am tnia aay receiving loma of
ine aoove unrivaiea i-ianoa. Also,
aomt of Wllliani Knabe A Co.. and
' ether goad makera-all oX which I
will aeli ut sreat reduction, for oaah.
er will rent and let the rent pay for tbe
, u. jb. muauu, 7 neat nvnrth-atreet
Thd largest atock of MeloneOna In the city. ocJi
BTBHET. Hallet, DaviiA Co,
llaileton A Brothers : Patera. (Iraae:
Co. ; Kuvon, Bacon A Oo.-AU will
w uvi i wimii, oacoa w.ail win T1.A
be sold at prices that can not fail to J j g
anit, for caah, or will rent anil let ' '
the rent pay for the Piano,
The largest stock of MelodVona In the city. oc24
Boots and Shoes Just Received.
t J. H. DETERS, ' j
No. 53 West Fonrth-Ntreet,' 1
'aaaortment of the renowned Philadelphia
HOOTS and moll, for maa't wear. Call uodst
VOL. 2. NO. 61.
pines oNEjEyr.
Rates of Domestic Postage.
lBTTXB-ror each half ounce, nnder 3,000 mllea,
pre-paid, 3 oenta; OTer3,io miles, pre-paid, 10 ceuta.
All letters mint be pre-paid byaiainps, or lucloaed in
a tamped envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Sc., to any part of the United Stiitw, not weighing
over 3 ounces, 1 cent; and 1 cent for each additional
Boors, ere-aaid. not weialiiua over 4 noun.!.. 1 rent
per ounce, for any distance In the United State, un-
usr n.i.wmiiea. anaacentn BernuncenvAF.l.niMlinlla..
BF..IUVmAllt ruilil A II IhaiI... MU.kA.. .
U be COnntAfl MJI an Kilftltlrtnal i.itnnu . . i
N.m.i... ..... d., r. . o . I, : i.
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly In advance,
and circulated in the State whure publlshed-dailv,
Mi; seiul-wekly,8X; weekly, 3 M; em. monthly, 1J;
monthly, K. NewHoapui'. and periodicals wheu;
Small Nr.wiPAPiaa, published mouthly oroftener,!
Kill Mmmltld. I.n. n. . . .. I I - I. . .
jawiiuiDH '. WtflllBllllUe I111IIW .UtU 10 UUIUVO
Pakp. in BSokauea of a ouncea or over. U cant ur
W"""tiT Niwspapiu, within the county whers
publishtxl, Free.
Quarterly payments, in advance, mar be made
either where published or received.
Arrivals of Trains.
IrouNArtius) A CiNOuriATi-ftiO a. .; 1:35 . sr.;
OraoiNflTATi.IlAiirivTort amd Davttom-7;45 a.m.; Itoil
A faff t A. Ah B u ICi. 11 an u "
Iiittlii MiAiii-7:30 A.i.;'l:30 r.M.;7:18 r.ii.; 10:44
M.niBT. llnnnnH,mll.ai ,a.li. w
Ohio and Missisbippi 7:1a. u.-.i-nu'r. u.; iol V
OovisoroM and Lixikotom 10:30 A. st.i 7:06 r.u.
Departures of Trains.
Oihoimnati, Habultom aB )ATTig-Indianaeolla
aud Cleveland, 6:U) a. a.; Uanduuky Mall,B:00 A. a.;
u.uuw.;,,dv r. H.. avl.WUlll.Uiinill.il, U.lAf r. Bl,
Littlb Jttum Cleveland aud Pittabug, 6:00 a. M.l
Uleveland, PltUbnrgandBellair,8:30a.a.;Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:0 P. a.; Cleveland, Pitta-
wu.a aui. ajciii.ii, ii,du r. ra.
Ohio and Mississippi-St. Louis, 9:00 A. .! Lonbj.
vllle, 3:00 p. M.; St. Louis, 8:30 p. a.
PiTimuau.CoLijiinus and Cincinnati (Stenbenville
Rllnp. T.lri- L' .... tr,. . 1 . . . A.ru, . .
:00a.m.;11:0p. a. '
OtiSviLAun, CoLuuBca ud Ci.iuihrati last Vront
street 9:ijO A. u.; 8,30a. m.; 11:30 r. a.
OlNOINKATI AND MABISTTA (1:1ft A. M.J 3.80 1. H.
Ciktbal Ohio Vrom East Vront-straet Depot 810
a. a.; 11:30 p. a.
Oovinotom AMD Lsxinoto-:38 A. a.i 1:30 r, a,
EffThero are in Salem, Ala., fourteen ar
tesian wells, which have an average depth
of about four hundred feet.
SfA well-preserved colonial bronze bust
of Cloero. has been recently disooverei Bear
Pompeii.: . ; ... ..., ,'.:. s-
fyDon't believe half of what you hoar
bat mage sure that yea bolleve more than half
of what yoa lay. .. ..i ;;:,)
TBishop Onderdonk has deoided to bring
a legal action to reoover damages which he has
mstained through the deprivation j)f his offlos
and its immunities.
''-pB- Robert P. Danlap,r Ex-(Jovatndr of
Maine, and a member of Congress from 1843
to 1847, died at Ms residence, in Iirunswiok,
Maine, a few days since.
J&r "Ah, are yon alive?" sail a fellew on
meeting one whom he had grossly injured.
"Tea, and kicking," replied the other, using
the appropriate gestnre with his right foot.
iffiSr Have yoi found a verdict 7 said a
Judge to the foreman of a jury. . No, your
honor, we have hunted in every corner or tho
room, and there isn't one there. . . . '
John Wise is out with another long
letter on ballooning. What with John Wine's
ballooning manifestoes and Gov. Wise's proc
lamations, we are having an unusual quantity
of gas let loose about this time.
It was cousidered a great achievement
to make hot air ns n. mntivA hava.. lint a 0111
greater one haa iunt l.pan nntarl
O , , J "we vvuipDooi,U
cold air is now used in New York city to set
m motion some twenty sewing machines.
The extension nf t.ha (Iran A TniiV
Railway from Quebeo to Riviere-du-Ionp,
one hundred and fourteen miles, wai informally
opened on the 17th instant, temporary rails
being laid down for the last eight or ten miles.
ffi&A ICentnokv erlltn nvni tin in haulHA
3f J " - V.TUB H. WV tiaiiu
eaten a beat that mAiumreil alvtaAn Iviah.a ;n
oiroumfereuoe, and weighed over two and a
j . . . . ...
uan pounus. . xiis capacity is oara to beat.
lie a be the ruin of a vegetarian looiety.
.... sw.u. " . V H U ATA l.DICjai ll 1
election show a Democratic majority of 25,105
votes. 1 In the Legiilnture the Opposition
have four members in tho Senate, and four
teen in the House. Tbe majorities in the
five coneroBBlonal districts rantre from VAAd
to 7,301: , , . .
Artemui Ward lavs he couldn't write
about autumn, because some Irreclaimable
wretch, who was doubtless in some way con
nected with the Harper's Ferry Insurrection,
stole his "Book of Popular Poetio Quotations,"
and he hasn't anv aotiroDriate and "lemon.
oholy" versei.
& A mar, wVll linrl morln a. IVivhina kw
. V " .V. "UUU uw
fniill.trv onrl nloaa ninnmv in a VAtn.l ki.,
ness, at length retired from trade and uied
to loan money on interest One day, in mid-
fltiryiTncir. a irianA nnTlnaii.il in at it UIm
........ . J .wuu VJ,J,VHVU WV M, VU 1A11LI,
" How pleasant it is to have such long bright
Jin.. 1 sinrkw -. - - -..,!:. 1, , i, .. i ai.
long days the interest come in so slow I"
JSB The Indian girls at the Osage Mission
sehool have sent to the President of the Uni
ted States a memento consisting of a couple
of purses of eilk and buckskin, beautifully
worked In beads. The package is inscribed
in the handwriting of Victoria White Hair,
Ann nf friA Indian rrirla. M frnm IK. n.flI,n
girls to the great father."
9f A letter from Rio Janeiro tn the Vata.
Tork Cnurittr savs "a few rlava nun .f,a mw.i
mail steamer Tynt left here for Southampton,
unviug uu ions iuuu aeven nunurea ana tilty
thnn.nnil dnllava wnrlh nf diamnnrl. filla.l
- - " Hl-IHVUUI, VVlllbKIII
within a very brief period from the exhaust-
u.. im... f tj...:i m . .
.voo u..oui.g ui Ajiaait
V A favorite oat of a snbnrhan hnn.a.
wife, at Portsmouth, was disoovered a short
time since with its head fait in the cream-
pitcher. Here was a dilemma for the good
woman. To kill the cat would not get the
head out of the pttoher, and so the eat waa
spared and the pltoher broken.
JtTOnr azehanffea. from vartnn. niinWar.
bring accounts of reoent froits and snow.
Snow fell at Detroit on the 21st inst., and at
Port Huron on the 10th. to the denth of eioht
inobes. There was snow at Calais and East
port, He., Chloago, 8t. Paul, and various
localities in this State and Michigan. At
Dallas, Texas, there was froit on the 3d and
4J 1 A A
ou uuuiut. .
5ff"Tha treneral Imnremlnn In Panama
is that about all the golden images that were
nuriea in ine aisiriot or uninqm nave been
fnnnd. fitlll ihanh ara rhn.a k 1.11..- 4V
. ..... .- " win,, ma,
large quantities will be taken out of the huaoaa
aa iiuin .1 tha itw aaa.An .ara In ipii.
ment has completely died out, and an arrival
from Chiriqui exolted no more interest than an
arrival from any other point on the coast.
alaSP A mill namail fifillranll ' W.a amui.l..l
AA uiau a.uu.ww ........ Tina .IICDICU.
in Alexandria, Va., on Monday, for expressinjr j
U.UAt A A- TA -1 J P I
nuuuuuu Bwuiuiiouiio. ai apponrea in evi ,
dence that he had said among other things,
4 Via f. a nrnvpn maa Mai trfi aba wnViitas v.n ..-.,1
that slaves did right when they cut the,
throats of their masters. At the conclusion
Of tha ttiaj. .Tnafina fllimmav.. af. tk a in.ln...
of the Commonwealth's Attorney, required
Ki.iiinnii H kiio socuruy jor nis gooa oenn-
viuur lur vweive mourns in toe sum 01 fftllU ;
wuicn ne tuu aocoruingiy.
NEWS AND GOSSIP. Murders on the Plains-Emigrant Train
Plundered-Four Bodies Discovered
Plundered-Four Bodies Discovered-Emigrant Shot Dead.
[Correspondence of the Leavenworth, Times.]
BEACH VALLEY, Santa Fe Road, Oct. 10.
t Tbe mail from the West arrived here this
morning, bringing the news of another horri
ble massacre by the Indians j Tht mall men
found the bodies of four persons three men
and one woman murdered and soalptd, lying
by the road tide. Around them lay scattered
leveral letters, but as they were written in
trench no one In the party oould read them,
and it still remains to be ascertained who they
were or where they were from. Beside the
body of the woman sat a dog, watching eagerly
her faoe, as if to oatch a smile cr word of re
cognition. Enoiroliog his neok was nest col
lar bearing the name of "Haase."
The officer in command of the eioort that ac
companied the mail took the dog by force
away from the place where they had buried the
dead, and was bringing him in with the in
tention of keeping him, bat when they bad
proceeded about twenty-five miles he eaoaptd
and started baok toward the place from
whence he bad beeu taken. When the mail
again pasted, the faithful creature lay dead on
the grave of his mistress. The troopi took
oharge of the wagon and the goods that were
left, and will take them to Fort Riley.
P. S. Since writing the above I have heard
of still another murder. The murdered man
was coming in with a small party that wore
returning from the Peak. He was riding about
a quarter of a mile in advance of the wagons
whon hit party heard a terrible shriek. This
makes eleven perions that have been mur
dered within a short time by theee terrible red
meD'' i;V: 11 ' 1 . j .
A Sbhsation Stout Spoimo The other
day we read a statement that a New England
clergyman had " abducted" a beautiful young
girl, aged only thirteen, but accomplished
beyond her years, and that tho twain had
made their escape to parts unknown. Ver
sion number two of the story places it in a
n aw liokf ThA Akj. ...... . ai
man'sown niece., find wharAvni. ai.,m.i:.U
ments she posseises she owes to him, since
she has been an inmate in his family almost
...... A.O. uiiu.. ouo waa presented W mm,
and adopted by him as his own child. Her
father after a dozen vnara .llnmnt. .a m
, - - - .wjuijjio Ad-
Claim her, and he who has been mere than a
lo.ucr resists, ana mat is tne whole truth
about the "Abduction by a Clergyman."
We certainly do not appreciate the wisdom
of seeking by absconding to resist the prooess
oflaw.i Kor ean we think that such an' in
troduction to life will enhanontha
happiness. But it was worse than absurd
is was criminal to give tne foolish flight a
surmises, without foundation in faot, or c olor
aa ytvuuuu uy.
' ' 'l ' . ' SMj '
' FlBEa OV TUB Pft ATDTP ' )..a. a.I.JJ
- - ...... w uuoa va vuuaiu"
erabio damage done by fires on the prairies in
Livingston and the nhnr nart Af MaT.-
counties. Between seventy and eighty tuns of
haw h.T.K.I-. A. mr r t t ...
""j uAougiug hi iucmra. o. jj. iianoy ana b.
Bush, of Chenoa, were destroyed on Saturday
last. In tha smith no... nf r.lv,'nnvnn riAn....
on Sunday, the fire raa thronrh tha In
fieW of Mr. Benjamin Jlerr, taking all the-
husks of the corn. , Fortunately the fire was
fl.lTnH m!LU .HHU r L iL , . .. . .,
TiuviAB. Liitni.iiHr wu.n xnn laarrae ann vrtsa wfnne
-...uiA .i tu P.U1 iuruo oj ice winn tnat tne
atalks and corn wa laft nninii,it. Tf u
that there is no case on reoord where so large
u amuuui, oi oorn was completely "BnuoReoJ '
in so short a period as this ; nearly everv ear
beinir left bftre; and rannivlnn. nut. ln v..
o -7 -.-.. vu.; w u.
broken off and conveyed to the crib. Mr.
iiioAouuor yy lisoD, nvmg east oi uridley sta
tion, had a large amount of hay destroyed
his entire stock for the winter. One or two
iarm norses narrowly escaped destruction.
Rslattvss of Grneral Wasbisojton. A cor
respondent of the Frederioksburg (Va.) Jfe
carder says:
It is an error that Col. Lewis W. Washing
ton, or Jeflorson, is "the nearest relative of
General Washington alive." The venerable
Daingerfiald Lewii, of King George, is one
degree nearer. Mr. Lewis is a grandson of
jieming .Lewis and Uettie, the Bister of Wash
ington, while Col. Washington's father, tbe
vm. uiv, v. iTBBiungcou, was only tne ion
of a nephew. All the nephews of the Genoral
were bequeathed swordi in his will, and two
are in tha possession of the Lewis family, tbe
orauuooK s aeioat, Denaes other
relics. hAiTiap nnur at fn.minn nr.- t
: ' o ,jiui a'aio. jjanirvnoe
Washington, of Westmoroland, is an aunt of
rui t. ir HT..L! i. . .
iraauiagua,ana oi oourse, also a
nearer relative.
Hknry CtAvpAia on OxdBbowh. H. Clay
Tate, the border-ruffian hero of Black Jack,
has published a card in reply to the eharge
of having showed the white feather tohig old
Kansas conqueror, Ossawatomie Brown. His
letter closes with the following allusion to the
imprisoned insurrectionist :
Ai to old Brown, ho haa been an outlaw all
his life. ' Professing to be a zealous Chriitian,
ha la a fanatical hypocrite. Living at dif
ferent times in almost every State in the
Union, ho has been everything by starts and
nothing long, except as mean a nan as a
a horse thief can be, and as treacherous aa an
heir of hell and a joint heir of tbe devil.
A Dkthrsuhrd Sdioidr. Some few weeks
linos a young man by the name of Snyder
Butts, living near West Davenport, Otsego
County, New York, ws taken insane, and
when laboring under this state of mind at
tempted suicide by cutting his throat, while at
wo-k in the field plowing, but 'It did not prove
fatal, and the gaih whioh he out healed op,
and lince that time he has 'attempted to hang
himself, but being watched his designs were
frustrated. But a few days ago he jumped
into a well, head foremost, his feet etioking
out of the water; in this plaoe he wag fonnd in
the morning by a person going to the well to
draw water. Before jumping into the well he
took off all hit olothea but bis shirt and folded
them up in a very eareful manner.
ana- . ..i ; a J
liBODMicg's SoociseoB. A San Franoisoo
correspondent says: , ' , ;
Gov. Weller, it ia thought, will appoint no
sneaeniop tn Mr. nmitarlaWa In Ah.
Senate, in the hope that whan the anbjeot
wium uviure we Aiegisiavure, ne ( tveuer) win
be Bleated tn fill tha vaaanav TTn ftr a
Latham, the Governor elect, will be quite sure
vu viipoaai uuv. n ener, ne nimseit aspiring to
the Senate as suooesior of Dr. (twin, whose
term of office will expire March 4, 1861.
1 r. i i i hi anna ,i n .
fifirTTMBB V PiniVTil VAtl DAin Ami rpwaa.
a... m bbv a iv 4aiU4ivaviVUU QAUX
ATOhtltl ITAf felrlM 4VlAk IvSkWal imm AA V.. J
that the State suit had been dismissed, and Br.
xo wines was DuBiiy engaged in paying off the
safAlM rAta aaytmtniiai
the construction of the track, begin, generally,
w P gouos aeu oi attention to tne BOltth
em Paoiflc Railroad. Its nonllinn
piati. They appear to have faith in its pro
gress, and the people of Texas, it wonld leem,
begin to share in these lentimenti.
IOllP PAAdavahava man ika Him ..... 1IM
' - .... luBiwiu igwuuj
published in thla paper concerning a burning
wall in Richland fjanntv.
County papers we learn that the man on whose
laiuiiiie rruii in ouuhicu Has B pipe BOJUItOa
to convey the gas to bis home, where, ef
eourae, it's atill a burning ttl.
Two Days Later from Europe.
Two Days Later from Europe. ARRIVAL OF THE NOVA SCOTIAN.
Two Days Later from Europe. ARRIVAL OF THE NOVA SCOTIAN. FARTHER POINT, October 29.
,'The ilesmshlp Nova Section passed this
point this morning. Herdatei are to Wednes
day the 19ih inst, two, days later than by
the Jaton at St. Johns, JTv F.
The eommerolal advices by the aW Smtian
are to the 18th inst. Cotton, breadstuff, and
provision markets are all generally unchanged.
Consols closed at (a)Kyj.
The treaty ef peace between Franoe and
Austria was signed on tha 17th last.
The Paris correspondent of the London
7tms states that in addition to the five great
rowers, Sardinia, Spain, Sweden, Portugal,
Naples and Rome will be represented in the
European Congress.
It is Hated that the treaty between France
and Sardinia would be signed in a day or two,
and that a tripartite treaty would be signed
The Grroi Eaihr remained at Holyhoad.
Prinoe Albert visited the ship on the 17th,
during the sojourn of the Royal family at
Bangor, but the Queun did not aooompany
The reports ai to her visit to America are
indefinite, but a meeting of her directors was
to be hold on the 19th, when it was thought
the final arrangements would be made,
A report is current of approaching ohanges
in the French Ministry. Morocco has ten
dered all the satisfaction demanded by Spain,
i The London Stock market was bouyant, at
daily improving prices. The Money market
continued easy, and the supply abundant.
The London. Timet says that the terms of
tho Zurich Treaty are almost identical with
those agreed upon at Villa Franca.
The rumor that France demands throe hun
dred millions of francs from Piea'mont aa a
war indemnity !b pronounce'! false. She
claims only a reimbursement of sixty milli
ons advanced to that Government in arms
and provisions.
It waa reported that the Archbishop of Bor
deaux will vlait Rome to press on tha Pope
the necessity of reform.
It is asserted that Franca will not recall her
troops from Rome until the form of govern
ment there renders its presenoe no longer
' 1 Deputations from Parma and Tuscany had
had a satisfactory interview with Napoleon.
Several fruitless attempts had been made to
revolutionise Venetia and Southern Tyrol.
It is asserted that the Pope, in oonnection
with Napoleon, is about addressing a mani
festo to the States of theChuroh.
Great activity prevails in the Naples arsenal,
the army being placed on a war footing.
Letters from the China Mail oonnrin the fa
vorable reception of tbe American Minister at
Pekin. The steamer Minmippi wag at Shang
hai, the Povhattan In the Gulf of Pecheti, and
the Qermantovsn at Japan.
Trial of the Virginia Insurrectionists.
CHARLESTOWN, VA., October 28.
' During afternoon proceedings in. the
trial of Brown, several witnesses were called
for the defense, and, not answering, Mr.
Brown Lore arose from his mattress, and. ev
idently excited, standing on his feet, ad
dressed the Court as follows:
May it please the Court. I discover that.
notwithstanding ell the assurances that have
been made of a fair trial, nothing like a fair
trial is to be given me, as it would soom. I
gave the namen, as soon as 1 could gel at
them, oi the persons I wished to have called
as witnessos, and was assured that thev
should be subpenaed. I wrote down a mem
orandum to that effect, saying where these
parties were; dui it appears mat they have
not been subpenaed, as far as I can learn, and
now, I ask, if I am to have any thing at all
deserving the name and shadow of a fair
trial, that this proceeding be deferred until
to-morrow morning. 1 am in hopes that
counsel may arrive who will attond to seeing
that I get the witnesses who are nocossary
for my defense.
I am myself unable to attend to it. and have
given all the attention I possibly could to it,
but am unable to see or know about them, and
can't even find out their names, and I have
nobody to do any errand, for my money was
all taken from me when I was tacked and
stabbed, and I have not a dime. I had two
hundred and fifty or sixty dollars in gold and
silver taken from toy pockets, and now I have
no possible means of getting any body to go
my errands for me, and they have not been
done, nor have all tha witnesses been sub
penaed. They are not within reach, and are
not here.
I ask at least until to-morrow mornlnir to
have something done, if anything is designed;
if not, I am ready for anything that may
come up.
Brown then laid down again, drew his
blanket over him and appeared to sink iuto
tranquil slumber. Mr. Hoyt, Brown's ooun
el from Boston, asked for an adjournment till
morning, on the ground that Judge Tilden
would probably arrive during the night and be
able to appear auoouniel. Heexoused himself
from ooaduoting the defense because he waa
not aoqulanted with the Virginia criminal
After further conversation ' between the
counsel, Mr. Green arose to state thst Mr.
Botts and himself would now withdraw from
the case, and could act no longer in behalf of
the prisoner, he having got up aud declared
that he has no confidence in the counsel who
have been assigned to him. Feeling con
scious that I have not been able after this
statement, and should feel myself an intruder
upon this case were I to act for him frnm this
time forward, I had not the disposition to un
dertake the defense, but accepted the duty
imposed upon me; and I do not think, imdnr
theae oircumstancei,when I fuel compelled to
withdraw from the case, that the Court could
insist that I should remain in such an unwel.
come position.
The Court would not compol the gentlemen
to remain in tha case, and accordingly granted
their request.
The proceedings at this point were post
poned, and the Court adjourned at six o'clock.
Great excitement prevails in the town, and
the guard has been inoreased, the conduct of
Brown being regarded as a trick.
CHARLESTON, October 29.
The Court met at ten o'clock this moraine.
The Judge announced that he had received a
note from the new counsel of the prisoner, re
questing a delay of a few minutes, to enable
him to nave a brief interview with the prisoner.
ne wouia accordingly watt a snort time. I
Soon after Brown was brought in and took j
his usual recumbent position in bed. I
Samuel Chilton, of Washington City, ap-
peered as additional couniel for the prisoners,
and waa qualified. Henry Griswold, of CUve- ,
land, was also qualified as counsel for the pris-.
oners. ,
Mr. Chilton made an explanatory statement. ,
He was unexpectedly called upon, yesterday, ,
to aid in the defense. He oame with the ex- ,
pcotatton of merely assisting the gentlemen
who were conducting tho defense, but upon !
reaching here he found they had withdrawn i
from the case. He then determined to do hia I
host, not fooling at liberty to refuse under the j
circumstance!. However, it would beimpMsi- I
ble for him to discharge the fall duly of eonn
sel, not Uvisg bad time to read tho indictment '
or examine the evidence already oiven. He
mado no motion, but he wouldNdvl e a delay
ot a few hours, in order that hioisjl and bii
Mother counsel oould make to prej laration.
Tha Pahb iliMitail tkat tha trial ma. t SO Oil.
No more delays oould be granted.
i ne tnni inen prooeeaeu.
tf. 11... A IV- 41.. -.-I .k...l..l tft M.
jur. AiojA, lur ma pii.vu.i , uwjuvw.
ceiving a evidence the letter of Qerrit B. mith,
1 a.i L , I l .1 . 1 . - iL..Hi.LI... Bnh.
oerviviuro puouvnou, aisu. uiu euwuiugs, -r-
of Brown, written by himislf. , Both '.were
ithdrawn. ;,
Several witnesses were .then exauiiined by
II A J . . .1 1 Vm H.
rir. jivj., anu - uruDS-iuesuuuDiA vj
irisoner, while lying on his bed, wrapped upl
a a blanket. The testimony was mainly'
relative to Brown's kind treatment of hia
LJtiai'UBIO. ' t
At one o'olock a recesi was taken for di nner.
Soveral witnesses for the prisoner were ex
amined, all proving that Brown had treated
his prisoners with humanity, and frequently
expressed his regret that bloodshed should
li.wa U ... n a. d It. kin, la- ..11 .l.!,...
The dofense closed their testimony aln.olt
four o'clock and the State desired to give, tne
esse to tho jury without argument :
Captain Brown insisted that, his oo ansel
bta.-i.it 1 .-1 nta.aiiafA 4 riA ABM
After the opening sneech for the Sta te tha
Court adjourned till Monday morning, wbva
tbe counsel Tor the prisoner will proiteod, i i.
FPSILANTI, October 29.
The State Nofnml School building, wit! i two
libraries, furniture and laboratory, wm con
sumed by tire last night'. Losb $25,001. . In
ured for $10,000.
BOSTON, October 29.
A fire broke out this morning in the rear
of No. 202 Cambridgo-stiMset, which dei.troyed
six buildings, most of the n of no gr eat vnluo.
Robert Perkins, furniture deal or: White
& Kinney, restaurant-keep era; J. C. Carr and
George W. Learned, are Rmong tho sufferers.
Western News.
ST. LOUIS, October 29.
A special dispatch in the llrpuhtican says
that the Salt Lake mail, with advices to the
7th inst., reached .Ytchison yesterday.
A party of seventeen emigrants tmui Bu
chanan County, Iowa, had been attacked by
the Indians near Kinney's Cut-oil', and Mr.
Kline, Mr. Miltimore, wife and six children
killed. The two oldest Bona and the remain,
der of tho party escaped, aud aro now at
Camp Floyd in a destitute) condition.
Colonel Stambaugb, Survoyor-General of
Utah, arrived out on the 2itb ult.
River News.
PITTSBURG, October 29—M.
River twenty-seven inches at Glass-house
Ripple, and falling slowly. Weather cloudy
and cold.
LOUISVILLE, October 29—P. M.
River about stationary, with -two feet ten
inol.es in the oanat.
PITTSBURG, October 29—P. M.
River unohanged since noon. Weather clear
and cool.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
MEMPHIS, October 29.
The Overland Mail, with advices fr 0m S?j.
Francisco to the 7th inst., ha3 arrived here.
Business was improving.
A shook of an earthquake was orperiencei
at San Francisco on the Mh inst.
Arrival the U. S. Sloopof-War Saratoga.
Tha U. S. sloop-of-nar Saratoga has arrived,
with important dispatches from .Malta and
Tsjida. ' - ' 1
From Mexico.
NEW ORLEANS, October 29.
The private letters received by the Phnyuiu
from Mexico oonfirm the cold-bbMded murder
t ;
ot jur. unase, tne American Lone ul, by (iener
aiarquez. if
BOSTON, October 29.
The United States gan-boat A 'arragamelt, at
wo Aiav-jiaiu, wa puiin oomcaissioa to-dav.
i v v..:..j i i . a .. . . r J '
auu uaa iiumui nor peiiuani 1017 me nrBt time
Death of Ex-Governor Jones.
MEMPHIS, October 29.
Ex-Governor James C. Jones died in this
oitv to-dav of a li'mrarhiff iHQnau '
Louis Napoleon and Hungary.
Tho London correspondent of the .li. Y.
rimes says:
Mr. Kossuth has returned to England. He
nas recovered his equanim ity, and speaks
" - .... j.. ... vi uu , iuuAl UlllUVIor. Ale
acquits him of bad faith to ilhe Hungnrians,
but of course treats the poaco. of Villa Franca
us iorine time ruinous to the hopes of bis
rnuntrT. ITil rlnen nnt.. nnrnana no.. lUl 1
1 J ...J.v D, UUIl 1
am assured by one who ecldom has mialed
mo iiuouu but mttuer 01 laci in WHICH lie
snAnha enn firfnTitl v rhni. nf. fna lu.i
I . ..j , ,. .uu ,ns. .AlbClVlCVV
M. Kossuth had with Louis Napoleon before
,1 1 .ai r n . , f ... t. .
mo uaiuu ui eouenuo, ma Ximperor said em
nhntinallv. " Remernhnp I nan nut h; ...
1 ,, , " - VI.. . FVU
tall vniir rnnntrvmnn Mviaaln m.ii t
J " .. .uvu WIIBU1W1VTUII LI U 111 X
get to Vonice, for-1 do not know whether I
may not have to conclude the war before I
am half way thither." It it stated that the
French were to send 40,000 men into Hun
gary when they had obtained possession of
that city.
Indiohatiow Aoaikst Gov. Wisg, The
Harper's Ferry people are indignant at the
language employed by Governor Wise in cen
suring them for allowing the armory to be
taken, and think the papers have not given
them proper credit for tholr eflorta to repel the
invaders. Tho citizens, thoy say, did all that
was done drove Brown's party Into the en-glne-house,
and kept them there, and not a
filibuster was killed, wounded or captured by
the uniformed militia, to whom all the credit
has been given by the newspapers. They talk
of holding a meeting to vindicate the honor of
the town.
jEtfThe St. Louis Iitpublicon reports that
Major Floyd is making fair progress in remov
ing tbe obatructioni of tbe Del Moines Rapids,
in tho Mississippi River, near Keokuk. He
hai nearly removed the rocks known as the
"Omega Patch," and has opened a channel
through the patch above, two hundred feet
wide, and six feet deen at tha kmu i.
' f 1 . . a.wvu. AV,
stage of water. The Major believes that, with
naif a million or dollars, be can, in three sea.
sons more, render the navigation ef these rapids
perfectly free from hasard. These and the
rapids at Rock Island have oooupiod the at
tontion of the government since the year 1838,
and large sums of money and infinite toil hare
been expended upon them, but with little
success until recently. -
asSrA wvirnrnf tha K.. V..I, I :.-L. :
hulTbeen .Vudybglhc I new WelstTrUna-
bridged Dictionary, regrets that the lexicon
grapher'a definition of thoword "boll" had not
met the eyes of the new version people before
they translated the book of Job.lai 11 would
...wwHiniitfua, U U BA avba,, 1 AOU U
pointed pustular tumors, and ipppuratlng wit1
central oorei.' "
1 i
Two vvucki " "JSC a"I -J,r
1 -v a uun UIVUIU..M m I
larger advertteeoieaa Inserted ttth. tbllowiug
j rates for square of ten line, or bee
ytie lnaertion.....M..S
lach aiidi'nf.1 in.
Oo week
I 13 1 Oh. tngnih.J,'""'.! t W
Job Printing.
I branches, done with neatn. aa and dispatrh.
Preiiiiniii -Awarded!
moke-coasuinyng Cora CookinffStoTe.
I J w.Mi.nl a, rini, oaii, ,
! "Inventors and Manufacturers,
! .Novelty Iron Foundery,
, 3 o e
Fourth-street, West of Sniitli,
..WArid See one la Operation,
! tocnn
. . fJ","' mt what tue '"'dins have long rjeadad
and looked (or in vain, the JUirl as Kilalr.
Hie Uterine i:iilr ia narrantwl In cum all dls.
vttu liflln Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidneys. I lie Ovarlfa.and iho Urethra,.
Prulapsna or Falling ef (ha Wouib.Valaful Mens"
atlon, Chlorosis. Arueuorrliea: in fact, anerfocteur.
la guarrantevd by the use of Irom two to live bottlaa
ol tliehlixir.uf any Ulncajo utmluvor of the Qaner
alive and llriuary Organs, of male or female, lie
matterof bow long standing. Price $1 per Bottle.
Madame EM, It calls particular attention to tbe
following Card of cue of the moat prominent Irrng
gistnof Cincinnati.
We, the undersigned, are uot in the h.litt of giving
our name to Patent Modiclne.; butkuowing well the
fcady Physician, and tliemodlclne called the Ilttriuw
tllxlr, w i cheerfully recommend It to all femalea
suflerlng from Female Diseasoa of any kind: it la
purely vegetable, and in no case can do Injury; we
any to all trj-, aud our word for it, yon will find re-"of-
.. lc. I). HIliL, Dmnglst,
scp27 , , . ."OorneyuT Fifth and iiaoe-stroets.
f.ATrMfl I'fll'na inn T.i.A.i, . j
....uu wvuu AAA.AI bllAn UAUnaa
enrea, without fail, pains in the llreaai. llaok.
OHIO or jjiroos: loughs, Golds, lioarseueis, Dlffl
culty of Breathing, TU'ailach.i. Klamlency, Heart
','"' Obfonic Itheumatlsiu, Billions Chollc, Cramp
uiipiu. rain, ui ine j-toweis, yniinetn.
f 'W'i Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, aud lu Paln-
.... Un..un.,u,i ln n winsin cure, sou aivea
imnieUiate re lief. In ony of tha aUvo diseaata
It n-111 tTiVai fnliut 1. 1 . . . i .
bent cure ty tht usuof twu battles. OnlyWw.
m uuii.e-riu viifiap mat every pri,on can pet It
N. II ITn a Ijlr V 1 Lli I t. t..a. a
of Ba aud Kmn-.tret a"1l)1JPABK.r "5
VVmrih .mi u.'.i.,,.,. uiiri. d 'V.'..,.m, . corner ol
ciirncrVine and Fourth: 6ltN lUO'.-sfrir
oi jonn ana ntxtn; PAVJI. KKlJiv u?S "
KLLIS, M Kast FourTh. r . and Madame
-aevtav i mnrn a'i-.. .
Jl BArorGr,";-, At '
nilla and White Tha V ,""t' ot Wrapping, Jtf..
VKI.Ik.l Mi
1 Wrapping and Manilla;
5" ,mxo. s ' ...
. AWHo. -.
; ,. )0,(i00Ho. 10
Jim.OiiONo. 12
i ifliu.ooo No. 15
m,m se. in
'I , ni,ijoo No. ai ' ,.,.
, iil,tIO)So. 21
'' an,onONo. I White Tea Bars;
soo.oonuo. a ,
200,010 Ko. 3 "
Tho above ore put up in peckngewof ino bags ta.h.
1'umi. Uu. A1niitiVu.......u
And wholesale Pitiwr Uealefs.
77 and 711 Walnut-street.
oc 112
ir--r - .
All ttvutara u.il.l ir .i r-t-. . 4 i
tllO Trv hi-of niiulaawv T D fblfl V.il)
. '"' W 1 ' J V . -J, ' 'V JaTUUi
land Waliinttertr.
I( fTW
A' ND WHOLHSAtR AWT' v. a t t
for the nnla of HaiVlv im a
.eg.andCjan Oystora, Also, Itresh Ceve ai'nl
"iirii . . . ""."7 iriirnna B
will hud only choice ariiclea.and atwJNo
IVl.i. nnarooil f..H laT.-ln. A I
aiy niany rrli.n,,a end patrons
prions as
ft I i , "i.fwneraar
erife chaws. "rU " 0Ut 0"ul1
ItumaamtkAV. 'A ValHHl..at a awl a
n, .1?,i,1"ilv' Ilnwej Mahony to,
Planted Oy sters, which I nm eelling at ui
ii. a Oli-hratml
lnw prirea by cane or doiou.
tHwa uUiUiu. A7.aieraaiii
Dealers and Kamlli
nlAAiaml u,.:..-Z....:"
I'filAn I aTanlrtMi (pa .... a ' . :
7V.,,iT.Y27. mttm, IIIU NITKI up in
vhtwr pilaw. tOClOl
. ... eAISIIUlT.
Oyster Importing House.
NO. 31 WEST P'lPTH.fciTinii'iii
HTvi?i:.r.L;'..,.Dlf,f."'1 "
-7 - r . a..,ui.VIUvu, j Il.llllUOre, fj
the most exienaire scale, I will at all llin.durlr
me season no Pcepirjyl to luruleh my frleuils, "and
ilIVAI.Vl.1, imported to the (Jne.a Ulty. None bot
the i vory best Imported. Groat luducemonia offered
at thia Imnortinu.lMinHn
Order aloliciie
leu aud nroingt r Hllwl
Terms cash.
' A a , At A
Bole Importiirand Pmprletor.
nrAiEa in
Spiced Oysters.
Fresh Can, Keg and Shell Oyiten.
JflI:.;jl5L?t, 11 West Flfth..tTM.t.-
J'.'J J -I'V -AT -il I i. M... I
J!lN" S00 Vlneeu. betj rtnii and Blxth.
,"Vu.iij!' !aa.eatabii.hed a regular depot for tne
n ai......
auel. te aad sent Bene .r elraTf
call aad leave yenr order. eol
(41 iO
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