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If jeWlshed deny, X feulays SioeeUo',) V -FRAKCI9CO
errioi-ao. H im to vbt it bbbt.
TBI PINHT PBE88l deUTer(ltofqUn!r In
Wnclnnatl.OpvlogtoAandHewport, aadaur.
rounding title and towns, at th
tremely low price of .' , . .
uicn or m ailuo:
Blag 1 otmlet Jo.) 1 month Mo.; s months llj 1 m ft
Jon A. 1mm, Ja...Bol Imsse and lUnager.
Last week of th engagement of ,' 1 -
Mr. Anderson . and Miss Ellsiorthy.
THIS Crnesday) I5V1MNO, November 1, will b
presented the original play, la four acta, entitled
; i Oa, liOra'i BivaKOB.
BSSSlS;wt Brother, .....Mr. Anderson
Diana (Ducheuof Halrn)......,...lllssmiwortbr
The Marquis da Hardily.... Mr. Lengdon
(!hevlier da Lulgnan........M...Mr. Hall
Duked Blchelieu. at see a estttse ( Mr. Bead
David Leslie
I tt S SeM 1 1 1 1 Mr. Ellsler
Uonntea DunoU.. ................. Mra. Gilbert
Olemenoc Mlai Denham
Danoe, by Mlai Kate Pennoyer. .('
To conclude with the faroe called
Bkbtchu in Ibsu.
Sir Matthew Scrag gs. ....... ......... Mr. Xllsler
Belly Scraggs................... ....Mlas Fanny Denham
HJ-Douri open at X; Onrtaln rieeeat7 o'clock,
Psioas or Admiwiok Dres Circle and Paro.nette,
Moentaj Gallery, ioont.
Third night of the engagement of ih dlitln
guiahed and popular actrew, , ,
Mrs. JulU Dean Hyne, ' .
And th popular tragedian, ' '' . . .
Mr. Marcna Elmore.
THI9 (Wednesday) EVININfJ, Noramber 2, will
be acted the graafly admired play of
LOVX; O, T Lady aan Biar. :i , -
Oonntea .J.........-......:............lri. Jnlla Dean Hayne
Huon...... I I a MM t IB1HHHI Mr, Marcaa Elmore
lllrio ,,t,,t,,M,tMMifi,,Ma,m,MM,Mt,..Mr. Bwlft
Suke Mr. Vanderea
Frederick ...... at eua ! at Mr. Jenninga
Hlr Ktipert..,............. .....Mr. 0. Stuart
Hir Otto Mr. Henri
3mpreM. ., .,,, m(.m.,h ...HMra. Lawa
Catherine.. .w. MH. ........ Mrs. 0. Henri
A aplendid Dance M Ira Jennie Higbt
Tc conclude with the laughable farce called
Whlttlngton Wtdgetta ............Mr. Bernard
Alary Wlilt.M.....-...-......-.-....Mr. 0. Henri
Theater, is now open for the reception of gueeta.
Booma can be obtained by the day or week, and
meala furnished at all houra. ,
NOTICES. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any article for the tlieater with
out a written ordor, signed by the Manager.
Friday, Evening, Nov. 4. j
Farewell Concert.
,i-X'.,-'. .. C. KUNKEK.
Mr. OOLLIEBB will slug and declaim ' "
The Marseillaise.
Admission SO Cents.
Mr Concert to commence at 8 o'clock.
W Tickets for ale at the Music Store. oc31
Iiessee and Proprietor...,.
This new and boautful TEMPLK OP THE MDSB8
opened for the season on
With a full and talented DRAMATIC AND CON
OB RT TBOUPK, (elected from the different thea
ters and opera companies of the Union.
Admission 10 centa, For particulars aee small
The "Olympic Saloon" will be open at all hours
during the day. Th. Bars are stocked with choice
Wipes, Liquors and Cigars. ocM
Take pleasure In ansonncing to her frlerllls, and the
publio Id general, that her V -
Grand Vocal and V Instramentai
, .3 Will tak place at -y ,,
Thursday iiveainy, Nov. 3,
On which occasion abo win be assisted by Mr. M. H.
MORGAN, the distinguished Basso, from New York
city; Mr. J. TOSSO Mr, OHAS. KUNKEL and Mr
J.B. DBEW. -'
Tickets 60 cent. Doors open at VA o'clock i Con
cert to commence at 8 o'clock. oc26h
I dinging mm A
Notional Hall Tlae-itreet, abare Fifth.
leader of Orcheetra.,......-.......-..0. H. Holcomb.
CLASSES Thnrsday, from to fl P. M , for Ladies.
Saturday. 9 to 13 A. M., and 2 to t P. M., for Misses
and Masters.
Gentlemen Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 P. M.
Waltzing Class, for Ladle and Gentlemen, Friday
Tenings. . ...
Lkiwons tor GssTMMKlf. In order to meet the
convenience of gentlemen whose business or social
engagements often Interfere with their punctual at
tendance, our arrangement Is, that ticket are pur.
chased, one of which is delivered at each lesson, and
can be need during the whole spason of seven months.
The lessens aro so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. ' oct6-bm-WtB
(Opera House.)
Last week, commencing MONDAY, Octo
ber 81. J. Insco Williams's celebrated Bible FamM
mm a. This magnittcent Painting commences with
Obao and continues down, In historical order, to
the Babylonish Captivity, containing moretfaaa fifty
of the most tnbllme and interesting scene in the
Bible, Exhibition every evening. - Doors opea at 7.
To commence at A to 8 o'clock precisely. Ticket 36
cents; children under 10 year of age 15 centa.
Also, Exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday Af
ternoons; doors open at 2, to commence at S o'clock.
Explained by Dr.Tlbbltta. " oca -
M-A I am this day receiving some of. . "Va;
the above nnrivalmi Pianos. . Also; ftfmml
some of William Kaabe A Co., and tSmiii
other seed makers-all of which J I I 1 1
will sell at great rednctlon, for cash, " -.riV-or
will rent and let therent pay for the Piano, 'f n.
0. M. MUKOU, 74 Wet Fourth-street..
Thd lariest stock of Melodeons la the elty. ocM .
STBlET.Hallet.Davia A Oe.t - -- -
Haxletoa A Brbthera; Peters. Omma f-"
A Oo. : Baven, Bacon Qom-AU lYVa I
be sold at price that can not fall to I I f
epit, for oaah,o; will rent and lei i '
the rent pay for the Piano; - J. CEuBOB. Jiv '
The largest stock of Melodeons In the clly. ooM -
vLV very superior Havana Cigars . For aale by .
a. Mcdonald co.,! '"
oc24 1 Scm. M and M West Fourth street. "
XlM. Just received, two boxes extra genuine Italian
Meccaroniand yprraloelll. for gala p
t i . - A. McDOK ALD A 00.,. .
XA CKIVED, 18 bblt, freed Kngllsh Crackneu.
For sale br A. McDONALD A CO., '
oc34 Noi.Mand 149 West Fourth-atreet ,;
Sm t ! C JIILtlJ IIP II II 111 111 II H
v m 1 1 J a g av ar j r mm bv jsw a i m n i w i um t mm
)L.;2. NO. 63.
' 1
Rates of Domestic Postage.
. "Tf.aj-For each half onnjee, tmder 8.000 mil,
5'iS' 3 ": over 3,006 mile, pre-paid, 10 cents.
All letters mint be pre-paid by stamp, or Inclosed in
tampea envelopes, or they will not be forwarded.
Teaotimt NawspAnas, Pcaiomcau, CiaovLiu,
ate., to Kny part of the United State, not weighing
oversquaoes, 1 cent; end 1 cent for each additional
Ounce; pre-payment required.
Book, pre-sald, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent
r ooce, for any distance in the Dnfted States un
der 9,0(1) miles, and J centa per ounoe over S.OtiO miles,
t re-payment required. All fraction over the ounce
be counted as an additional Ounce. c
NiwgpaFsa and PaaioDioAXi, not exceeding lit
ounces iln weight, when paid quarterly In advance,
and circulated in the State wfiere publlehed-daily,
per quarter 22),, six times per week HHi trl-weekiy
ni senj.weekly,6; weekly, 3Mi aeml. monthly, lHi
month B, r Newspaper and periodical when
welghiag 1,4 ounce, double the abom rate..
Small Nhwspapses, publisheel monthly or oftener,
and pamphlet nor containing more than 18 octavo
pages, In package of 8 ounoe if over, )t oent per
ounce. I I
WsLT NiwarAPBig, wltola'the county when
publiahed, Free. . ..
Quarterly payment. In advance, may be mad
either there published or recelTed. i t
Arrivals of Trains.
m CioiHATi-f.W i. n.j IM r. m.
CigwATi,HAiiii,TO and Darroi 7:tJA.M.10:17
Lrmij Muiu-fiW A. .l 1:10 P. aj. 7:18 . M .) Uhil
MaVuim iroOwoiBKATi UJO A. .) t:U . .
Oho ais MiMiaaim 7:11 a. .; 1:09 r. m.i lOtl p,
OotuatoBjap LauasToi KhA,M.i 7;r. a. . .
Departures of Trains.
RntAHAKUl AID CiacuHATi-t:M A. M. 12:00 M.I
8:00rjM. -r ' I .
Oikcissati, Hamiltob And DAttoh Indlanapoll
and Cleveland, 6:00. .; Sandaiky Mall, 8:00 A. a.;
Banddsky, 4:80 r.u.i Accommodation, t-Mr. u.
IiIttuMiai Cleveland and Pittsbug, :00 A. K.
Cleveland, Pittsburg and Bellalr, 8:30 a. n.; Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:40 P. M.; Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Bellalr, 11;30 p. m. a
Ohio and Mississippi Bt. Lonls, 8:00 A. X.; Lonls
ville,2:00 r. .; St. Louis, 8:30 r. m.
PlTTSBuao, Coldhbu Ann CsNciNNATl (BtenbenviUa
Short Line) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. a.;
8:00 a(m.) 11:30 p. sr.
OLavLABD,UoiDiiBin and CiNOUM ati last Front
stree-:00A..;8,3OA.a.2 11:31) p. t
OiNoiaiAt i asd Mabibtta 6:15 A. if.; 3:30 r. .
Omtkai. Ohio From Kaat Front-atreet Depot 8:10
A. m.i 11:30 P.M.
OovmsVoa amp Lixikotok-:18 A, m.: 3:30 p. a, '
' $& If a Yankee should moot Death on th
pale, horse, he would certainly banter him to
awap ? orittera." .
' TIhere are paid to be over six thousand
bale of cotton now lying on theMemphia
bluffa waiting ahipment. ' ; : .:.. , .:
never wonder," Bald Dean Swift,
"to aee men wioked, bat I often wonder to tee
them qot ashamed."
John Mitchell writes that one-third of
the women in Parts are In mourning for rela
tions lost In ' the Italian oampaign. Their
weeds, however, are .the only ladioatlons of
sorrow they manifest.' ' ' - 1 - - -
IPS' Tsgore, the famous Calcutta merchant,
died of a broken heart became his fortune,
during the panto of '57, was reduced to ton mil
lions of dollars. Poor fellow 1 .
, , . .... ' v
S Thomas Gibbons, a laborer in the em
ploy of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com
pany, was found murdered near Altamont on
Sunday. , ,, . .,
St. Ambrose says that idleness is tha
Devil's pillow; ' wherefore many good Chris
tians, who think the Devil deserves none, take
It away from him, and put it under their own
heads. ..- , .-. , . , ,, ,T., - .,
JSTThe first Lord Littleton was very absent
minded in company, and whon he fell into a
river by the oversetting of a boat at Ilagley,
it was said of him that "he had sunk twice
before he reoolleoted that he could swim."
r :"j .,..:..
"Aa oid man "in Indiana recently cow
hided his daughter, ninoteen years old, for
wearing hoops. Another father in the same
State, turned his daughter out of doors for the
same offense, , .
In the advertisement of thetoplos in the
last number of the New American Cyclopaedia,
there occurs the following funny collection of
names : "Fanny Elsler, Elysium, Emerson."
The great danoer and the philosopher, with
"Elysium" between them I i
-Th U.S. frigate' WalasK left Mar
seilles prior to the 14th Inst., to carry our new
consul at Tunis, Mr. Nioholson, and from
thenoe she goes to Messina, and the ports of
Italy. Crew heaithy. . j.. , -i ,
Twenty years ago the number of ne
groes in Canada 'West was 3,40Oj now there
are more than 40,000.- In four' months after
the passage of the fugitive slave law 10,000
poured into the country. ' . J '
&Aman not a thousand miles' off, onoe
asked another who he liked best to hear preach.
"Why," said he, "I like to hear Mr, B-
best, because," said he, "I don't like to hear
any preaching, and his oomei the nearest to
nothing of any that I ever heard." ; , i
ja-Gay thus describes m barber's shop of
the olden time: ' . . , ' . , ' ;
. v Hla pole with pewter baains hung, S,;'-
V Black rotten teeth in order strong,
'-, Banged cups that In the window stood, .
- Lin'd with red rag to look like blood; ' .
Did well bis three-fold trade explain,
Who ahav'd, drew teeth, and breathed a vein.
S9A few days since, at Camden, Wiloox
County, Alabama, a bully armed with a olub
attacked Hon. Robert Dougherty. The bully
struck at the Judge with his stiok, when the
latter fending off the blow, exclaimed "Plain
tiff's motion auashod: judgment for defendant,
for damages and oost" adding a few light
taps on the cranium, in settlement oi me latter,
$Bk writer in Blackwood'i Magazine, com
plaining of the march of intellect, saya:
"Crossing Qrosvenor-square, I was followodby
one of those wretohed beta its who volunteer
sweeping the pave. He had some pieoesof
leather on his hand. ' The polite mendioanti
Aa he held it out for the penny, 'exouae my
glove,' said the Chesterfield of the mire."
eTh auooeas of Dr. Palmer's 'translation
of Miohelet'a L'Amtmr it the great fact of the
nuDllshing vear. Pull twenty thousand copies
have been sold, and the favorable reoeption of
the book has lad to aome base imitations, wnion
are seeking eurrenoy under its name.'. It must
not be oonfounded with the work: of Legouve
on The Social md legal Selatioiu of Women,
now in press in an English version by the tame
translator. - , ''" -'
The piles under London bridge havo
been driven tva hundrod years, and on ex
amining them in 1845, they were found to be
a little decayed. They are principally eira.
Old Savoy Place, in the city of london, was
built 050 years ago, and the wooden piles,
feonsistint of oak. elm.' beach and chestnut,
were found upon recent examination, to be
perfectly Bound. 2 .U' 1 . . '. . .
i iX&" Edward Everott, having? boon re
quested to preside at a mooting in behalf of
the Indians, ana toio tnat ue spirit ot uanioi
Webstar had requested him to do so. replied
"that a very long and ardent friendship had
existed botwoen himself and Mr. Webster,
and ho could not oonsent to receive any com
munication from him through a third party."
jA letter from Ploreno in the Providenoe
Journal says: "An order has been given for an
annaatrlan atntna In bronze of Victor Emmanuel.
and another of Louis Napoleon, both to be
plaeed in one of the publio squares of Flor
ence. Two statues in bronse, one of Charles
Albert and the other of Vlotor Emmanuel, have
also been ordered as ornaments for the oity
of Leghorn. Several large pictures are to be
painted, Illustrating some of the reoent bat
tles." 'f " :: . . , ;
1 Tf
Extraordinary Attempt at Murder in
On Monday morning of last week, It will
be remembered, an extensive robbery of gold
and silver watches was committed at the
jewelry store of Mr. Fintuch, on Chnrch
street, Toronto, Canada. Considerable mys
tery surrounded the affair. On Sunday morn
ing last, a telegraphio dispatch was received
at Toronto, from the Mayorat Oakville,whioh
afforded not only the long-sought informa
tion, but communicated the intelligence that
the possession of the booty by one 'of the
thieves had led to an attempt on the part of
one of them to murder the other by shooting
him. It appears that three men were con
cerned in the robbery. Their names are
Andrew Adams, Edward Short and Thomas
Cummins. They were all in Toronto on
Saturday, drinking. In the evening, Adams
and Cummins started for Oaivllle. Short
was rauoh intoxicated. Cummins had In bis
possession eight of the stolen watches, some
of the lockete and chains, and also tome
money; Adams had none of the plunder, but
he was furnished with a double-barrelled
pistol, loaded with, slugs.. t y. , .' .
Whether he then first oonoeived the horrid
design of murdering his eompaoJon for the
purpose of securing the plunder to himself. It
is impossible to say, but would appear that
the act was premeditated, for it was atated
that Adams was heard to say to Cummins, "I
wonder if this pistol was discharged at my
head, as it Is now loaded, whether it would
kill me." Cummins was lying down when he
was shot, the slugs entering the right side of
his faoe one about the region of the temple,
and the other just below the eye. Adams find
ing that he had not killed the man, and be
coming alarmed for bia personal safety, im
mediately took to his heels, without attempt
ing to get possession of the property. Cum
mins, although so seriously injured and suffer
ing from the loss of blood, managed to crawl
to some habitation In the looality, and give in
formation of what had happened. 1 The polio
were apprised of the matter, and a dlspatoh
was lent .to Toronto giving a description of
Adams and Short
Adams and Short were soon afterward ar
rested. Adams's real name is now said to be
William Whitney, and that he is a deserter
from the United States Army. II is about
twenty-one years of age.
Alleged Literary Discovery-Pilgrims
Progress a Plagiarism.
The Courier dei Etait Unit contains the fol
lowing singular announcement under the head
of Fail Divert . , . . ,, ,
"There is not in Groat Britain a more re
markable book than ' Pilgrim's Progress.' It
is a sort ot xeiemaohus of r roteetant religious
literature, and is more highly esteemed by the
English than Pension's chef d'aemrt. Hith
erto this work has been attributed to John
Banyan. ; But a younz woman, named Catha
rine Isabella Curt, has just published in London
a translation or an old rrenoh manuscript In
the Brisish Museum, whioh is, almost word
for word, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. The
manuscript la the work of a olergyman, O. de
Oreville, who lived in the fifteenth century.
Its title, in Norman English, is ' Pylegremage
of the Sowlo.' The printer, Caiton, who oc
cupied the same caosition ' In London as the
jstiennes in 1'nrls, published in 1843 a transla
tion of this manuscript, of which , the authen
ticity appears inoontestlble. ' It would seem;
therefore, that the credit of this celebrated
book belonca to Franoe, although Franoe hith
erto has shown less appreciation of the original
than England has bestowed on theoopy."
We know nothing of the authority on which
this statement, which looks liko a canard, Is
founded ; but if tho story should happen to be
true, it will oreato no little hubbub in the lit
erary world. ; r l' ,'
An TJn8As Sam. The CWani gives the
following instance of spontaneous combus
tion, which recently occurred in Hartford:.'
A safo, which-, had for twenty years been
the receptacle of the funds and confidence of
Lyman Btookbridge, Esq., and for a fow
months past those of his successor, Mr. Wil
liam B. Smith, was observed to Bond out
small whiffa of smoke on Wednesday. The
attempt to got at the fire was unsuooessful, as
it appeared to be lodged between the inner
and outer coatings of the safe. Tho books
and papers were removed,!, and .too ' sale
turned out of doors, where its filling of saw
dust, plank, or Bhavings, smouldered away,
and the thine collapsed, . The remains-, still
smoking, drew a curious crowd around them
moat of the day. , Appropriate inscriptions
noi. nuuvuuau u ib, tooiai y luu w ltd com
plete- protection from fire and robbers of
every tning which nad oeen entrusted to its
keeping lor twenty years., it nad taken fire
from the heat of a stove which stood a few
inches distant, and the result was the dotec-
tion ol about as mucn ot a cheat aa is often
developed. ,; 4 , , : , . .
VY . .. . -Maw 'i,
Death or Old Montagus. J. B. Mentacne.
one of the most singular oharaoters of our oity,
was found dead on Sunday morning in his shop
on 'Chartres, opposite Jefferson-street. The
old man has been a resident of New Orleans
for ever forty years, engaging his time princi
pally in selling birds and speculating In eggs,
ue was eooenurio to tne extreme on some points.
and baa brought several .claims against the
city of amounts from $500,000 to $1,500,000,
une oi these was lor discovering a supposed
oure for cholera, another for furniture alleged to
have been destroyed by a mob, and another
for vrocertv belonging to him used in the
making or extension of street. : He had pla
cards in jfrencn.epanian and Jsneitsn nunguo
in his shop window, offering these claims for
sale at enormous prices. The old man died of
lockjaw, alone in his miserable little . retreat.
It is believed he has large quantities of gold
and silver hid away in his ahop.-Ktfno Or (sans
jyeev .... . - ,;
A Sihqulab Affaib. The Lawrence Jour
nal is responsible for the following:
On Monday night. October 17, Mr. Hiddle,
tne necromancer ana ventriloquist, gave an
exhibition to a mixod audience of gentlemen
and ladies, . at Hilleville, in this county.
ADout tne close ot tne entertainment a gen'
eral muss was got up by some rowdies, ex-
hiblting their skill in pugilism, whioh very
much alarmed the more peaceable and sen
ile portion or tne audience. Alter ue attair
was over, ana tne people nad dispersed, a
gontleman who had lost his pocket-book was
searcnins lor it, wnen.to nia surprise, ue dis
covered on the floor a small Infant, dead. ' It
bas not been ascertained whence it came.
Undoubtedly it has been lost. t; ; ' ;
Ths .Appointmsbt o Midship!. T"he
Washington Cbmriluftott saya that applications
to the President are frequently made from all
parte of the Union for midshipmen's appoint
ments, and friends of the applicants Sometimes
eome to wasnineton rrom a oonsiaeranie die
tanoe to nrge their claims. It is,' therefore,
atated that the aot of Congress of August 31,
1852, expressly provides that after its date,
"no appointment ot midshipmen, acting mid
shipmen or pupil at any naval sohool la the
fiavy, shall be made unless recommended by
the member of Congress representing the dis
trict in whioh the applicant resides, la ths
aame manner that cadeta at West Point are
new appointed." , The President has power to
appoint ten cadets at large, but not one mld
hipman. . sLi i . i,
"'J't , : ,, . X. . "' "' ' 'XTY
Progress a Plagiarism. An Enthusiastic Admirer of the Drama-
Playing to an Audience of One.
Governor PoSbsr. tll wnll.lrnnnn ,t.n.U t
, -- uvtiu .ug.uinu
manager, some time ago organlied a theatrical
wu,nu tu pmj euuri engagements in various
towns and cities of the West. A week or two
eon thev arrived at Prnnmi fil u...
were issued, a hall rented, properties arranged,
and everything put in order for a short engage
ment During their stay a novel Incident oc
curred, whioh is told so graphically by the
Journal ct that village that we give it in its
ownworda: '
Mr. Foster was sitting in the hotel, ruminat
ing, in ail probability, upon the full house he
" m n evening, wnen a stranger
entered the room, with the bill for the evening's
entertainment In bis hand.' ' '
"Are you the manager of the TheaterT"
quoth the stranger. '
' i.am, sir," replied Mr. Poster.
"You are to play Richard III, to-night?"
"Yes, sir."
"I am. anrl .1.... V..n' l
fond nf thaatvfaala. Vnt I. J
portunlty of seeing Richard III." '
ery wmi, sir, oemo in to-night." '
"Unfortanatelv. I leave tnwn !,
OB tin 0:4A train. Va ha. MM.k
- vwn aavvr aUIIUU 1UVU9T
would induce your company to play Richard
iva au iuu BIliVrLlAiar - - - -
- ; , O -w sawuav TIM JVaVlUK
replied that he would do it for twenty-five
"" Diraagor looiiea at tne oill again,
and inquired what would be the extra charge
for the Rnnirh Uto
--- o w VBXIV UU U1B
Joke, Foster replied ten dollars. To his utter
orpnae, mo stranger "pulled his weasel,"
counted out thirty-five dollars, and handed it to
him, remarked that he would Uke to have the
play commence no later than two o'clock.
. Foster got the company together, and related
theoircumstanae. ' The Me r
-wa tWjtUfj Atiuumu
to an audience 6f one, was soexoeauivelj ridio-
taivu-j. oaiu bu uott iq ifloir ezpertenoo toat
iuwt wurauwu ' -
1 Two o'olfvnk Mnm.Mil .Tia
assembled. Choosing an eligible position, and
eooklng his feet upon the back of the seat in
front of him. he wallnd .l.tUnM. ix. .i.. ...
formanoeto begin. The bell rang, up went
h 114 r. In AM J lL. 1 .
.umu, .uu ma yiaj commenoea. never
did actors do better. They all exerted them
selves to artva their nafrnn m
cj i v- vuwimiuiuoub
fuUv worth the pnoe paid for it, and they suo
teeded. The straneer apnlauded vlrmrnni
at different tinlnt. and at. Am ia'-rfi i.l
called Mr. Fannin before the curtain, whn
renponded In a neat little speeoh. A danoe
and a song followed, aftor which the farce of
the Rnllffh Dlamnnil w. ni.-.j . rnk. ji
a ijvu. ,u. a uui-
ence laughed, roared and applauded, and. aa
mw wmw wv v. win UlOb I1UCC, CallOU OUl I0e
leading actora. Who this liberal patron of
the drama is we know not, but a more eccen
trto operation we never witnessed. Pittibura
Ditpatth, October 31. "
The Currency of China.
The only eurrenoy of the empire is the enfot
or; cash, a copper or brasa ooin somewhat
smaller and munh thlnnnpfbnn & TTntt.j ct.i..
" , - vu.wu uwm
oent, bearing on one side a Chinese and on the
- iLr . i , . ...
uvuoi iusuwuuu .uBoripuon, ana portorated
with a RfliiAPA hnli, en,--....!, nM Hb ,
hundreds on lengths of rice-straw, and ten of
uinittuuiueui, terming a t(rtnirare jequal to
one ounce or dollar's worth of silver.. The
bundles of one hundred are seldom untied, and
thus it happens that cash of high antiquity
aw frequently discovered by the few foreign
ers who have interested thnmnAlv.a In .hid
most anoient of existing coinage. The cash of
ue seven.a century ot our era differed only in
the inscrlnttnn from thru nf h
and are sometimes found in circulation. Tho
debased cash, to which I have already alluded,
are euiuoit in immense quanilUOS by ulShOUOSt
mandarins, as well as by private speoulatora,
and are mixed with the government oash in as
large a proportion as possible.
In some of the Northern provinces ch'ao, or
Iarea cash, worth 10. SO nr inn nf th .mail
coin, are in circulation. Foreigners, however,
unless they especially seek it, seldom soe the
oash. . The only currency acknowledged by
the people at present la the Mexican dollar,
which, however, haa entirely lost the faoti
tiona value it onoe bore'. It circulates at its
oomraeroial value of 4s. 2d. sterling. The
Carolus dollar, whioh was once worth 7s. 6d.
sterling, will now scarcely oirculato at par, and
United States and South American dollars are
not in favor. Small ohango is supplied by
English 'shillings and American halves and
quarters ; below this, the Byoee, or broken sil
ver, comes Into play ; and when small change
is aoaroe, as it very often 1b, one either goes
without, or acoepts oheroots as a oiroulating
medium. '.
Pere La Chaise.
Pere la Chaise, as is well known, is the
great burying-ground of Paris. ; The New
Orleans Fieayme'i correspondent of that oity
mentions the following Interesting particulars :
I visited Pere la Chaise a few days ago, and
the Jewish Cemetery beinr open. ( which la
something unusual,) I entered it to visit poor
Rachel's tomb; like most other French tombs,
it is in tne lorm ol a chapel, it and the vault
of the Rotohsohild family are approached
through a row of flowers about eight feet long,
planted m oeas set in stone, and raited four
feet from the ground; the effect is striking.
The chapel is literally crammed full of yellow
wreaths and bouquets of flowers, all aa fresh as
if placed there an hour ago; they must be re
newed daily. I was aurprised to see on the
ledge (if it was a Papist chapel I should say
alter) twenty or thirty letters, which' had evi
dently eome through the malls. ' What can be
th meaning of this T They were placed there
by the family. In the Rotsohild's chapel
there wag a visiting card on the ledge. Isn't
i a strange custom r me la Uba.se has re
cently received some masnlfioent tombs.
Prinoe Demldoff has spent $20,000 on his
mother's tomb, which, except General Qobort'.
Is the finest In the cemetery: and this sum of
money nas been absorbed by merely embel
lishing the old tomb. Th other oostly now
tombs are one to Marshal Marmont'a widow:
one to Alfred de Musset; one to Souvestre, the
novelist; one to de Balzac; one to Pradier, the
oulptor: one to Viaoonti, the architeot of the
new Louvre. Beranger Is buried in the same
vault with Manuel, and his friends have con
tented themselves with cutting his name on
Manuel's tomb; that la oheap, certainly.
Brutal Murder in Pennsylvania.
' ;'A young man, sixteen years of age, was
brought to the prison of Chester County,
charged with the murder of a young girl aged
nine years. - The child was found in the Ooto
raro Creek, in West Nottingham Township,
Chester County, with her head mashed and
battoredin a moat horrible manner. The young
man arrested was aresldentof West Nottingham
and was engaged plowing in an adjacent field.
Some blood was found on his clothes, whioh he
accounted for by stating that the plow-handle
struck him in the faoe, causing his nose to
bleed. Hit aame it Reyburn. The girl waa
dragged one hundred yards to the creek near
the field in which Ryan waa working. Rev-
burn alleges that he. saw two black men, on
the 35th, hear the place where the brutal
murder was committed. Tho aupposltion is
that an attempt had boen made to perpetrate
a rape upon the body of the child. The mur
der occurred on the 25th ult. An inquest waa
held on .the 26th ovor the body, by Esquire
Speare, of Oxford Borough. . The prisoner had
a nearing before the aame ' magistrate. The
name of the young1 girl waa Susan Emma Kim
ble, daughter of Larew Kimble, of Lower Ox
ford, Cheater County. iVist Chuter Record.
l iiiiu.-'. ; J i '
!) e ': r '
Noon Dispatches.
Trial of the Virginia Insurrectionists,
CHARLESTOWN, VA., October 31.
The argument of the counsel in the case
of John Brown being ooncluded, Mr. Chilton
asked the Court to instruot the jury that if
they believe the prisoner was not a eitlzen of
Virginia, they, can not convict him on the
count of treason, , . . .
The Court declined, saying the Constitu
tion did not give rights and immunities alono,
but also responsibilities. Mr, Chilton asked
another instruction to the effect that the jury
must be satisfied as to the place where the
offense was committed, whether within the
boundaries of Jefferson County, which the
Court granted." A recess for half an hour
was taken, when the iurv earns in wiUi thai
verdict. . . .
An intense excitement TirtTVfl liftI 111 trie.
Court-room. Brown sat up In his bed while
the verdict was rendered. The lury find him
guilty of treason, advising conspiracy with
slaves and others to rebel, and of murder in
the first degree. Brown lay down quietly, he
said nothing, and there was no demonstration
of any kind. Mr. Chilton moved an arrest
of judgment, both a account of the errors in
the indictment and errors in the verdict. '
The objection in regard to th indlotment
haa been already atated. The prisoner has
been tried for an offense not appearing on the
record of the Grand . Jury. . The verdlot was
not on each oount separately, but a general
verdiet on the whole indictment. The prisoner
has also boen found guilty of both counts for
mnrilflf Af tha a ma . 1 . .
. . irainu,: zb wtts luaniiesa
that he could not b guilty of both. By agree
ment the points will be argued to-morrow
morning. Brown was remanded to jail.
Mr. Harding announced that he was ready
to proceed with the trial ot Coppee, who was
brought In, the ceremony of passing between a
file of armed men having been dienenaed with.
Coppoe took his seat between Griswold and
iioyt, wno appeared aa his counsel.
He . seemed calm and composed. The re
mainder of the day was spent in endeavoring
to obtain a jury. The panel waa not com plete,
when, at five o'clock the Court adjournod. -'
From New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS, October 31.
It is reported that another Vigilance Com
mittee is forming In the city to superintend
the election to take place on tho 7th of No
vember, i A deputation of "Plug Uglies" from
Baltimore is also said to have arrived. .
Twenty-five deaths from fovor occurred at
tho Charity Hospital. ' '
' The steamship Grenada has arrived, with
Havana dates to the 26th. Two cargoes of
slaves, numbering twelve hundrod, are re
ported to have boen landed near Havana last
week. ; . - -
Mexican News.
WASHINGTON, November 1.
from Mexico received by tho steam
ship SVnneasse, at Now Orleans, state that the
bark Laura, taken for a slavor on tho coast of
Africa, under Mexican colors, by an English
cruiser, was brought into Vera Cruz on the
18th ult., . , , '
The Liborais claim to hold Tepio and Loon.
Tho expedition contemplated agaiust the
city of Mexico is atiil spoken of as being of
a formidable character. '" 11 '
Curious Freak of Nature.
Mr. E. T. Bond, of Livingston County, ex
hibited to us yesterday a vegetable curiosity
whioh instancos the occasional wildness of Nav
tura'a freaks of imitation, the most singularly
of anything that we ever witnessed; 1 1t was a
perfect model of a human hand Bad arm below
the elbow, oast if we may use the expression
-In corn eob. It was simply aa " ear? of the
Indian staple, from which the kernols had
been romoved, leaving an infantile hand and
arm, somewhat pook marked In appearance,
from the indentions of the grain thatgloved it,
but perfect in shape, as though, a soulpture had
wrought it. The exaotnees of the imitation
will not be eonooivod, except by those who
have seen it. With the exception of tho fingers
to whioh the fteaky Cdame" coold not pos
sibly, with the olumsieet material she used, give
quite due length and Slendernest there was
nothing for the artist to take exception to,
The thumb waa fashioned and set preoisely as
it should bo, the hollow of the palm was ex
act, the wrist was flattened . and tho arm
rounded, as a sculptor would have dona it. and
to all its lines and proportions there was not
the slightest deviation from the human model.
It was certainly the strangest Imm naturae
that wo ever expect to aee. It has been ex
tensively shown, in a private way, in various
parts of the country, and has everywhere ex
cited the utmost wonder and Interest. ' It seems
to every one impossible , to asorihe it to
" chance ;" a oause appears to be almost an
unquestionable necessity of a consequence so
definite ; and the theories it has provoked aro
as curious as Itself. Botton Ejpretty v' ''
Feualb Target Company. A target com
pany, composed entirely of ladies, turned out in
Hartford on the 21st Inst... They used Sharp's
rifles. The following were the luoky shooters: ,
First prize, cameo set, pin and earrings, Miss
Luoy Mills; second prize, gift book, Mrs. Mary
Coles; third prize, framed picture, Miss Sarah
Bartlett; fourth prize,- gift book,' Miss Kate
Smith; fifth prize, gift book, Miss Amanda
Moore; sixth prize, ambrotype oaao, Miss Mary
Warner; seventh prize, lady's ring, Miss Jenny
Winahip; eighth prise, lady's gauntlets, Mrs,
Vibberts; ninth prize, Stuart's Lift of lYttia
bull, Miss Elizabeth Baker; tenth prizes gift
book, Miss Jane Clark. .' , , .,., ..,.-,..
rThe editor of the Louisville Journal hat
been the occasion of a blunder as amusing as
any of his own witticisms. The London Boole
teller, a monthly organ of the publishing trade,
commenting on a list of American announce
ments, says ; "We observe a book announced
on an almost forgotten subject, Prentioiana.
Mrs. Ellis may be reminded by this that the
'prenticot of England have never yet been the
aubjeot of a history." This exquisite uaoon
soiousnesa of the nature of the work (which, we
need soarcely say, is a collection of good things
from the paragon of 'Western wits) is Inimita
ble. ; ,. .. j... ' .... .
- , 'll . ' ri
p3 An eeoentrio, but amiable and respected
olergyman, ia Aberdeenshire, on sitting down
to compose his first discourse after having oora
mitted matrimony, resolved to. aeleot a text
whioh could not be twisted by his hearers into
the remotest allusion to the oonneotion he had
ao recently formed. But " the best laid lohemes
of nice and men gang aft agleg." , To the great
amusement of the less serious part Df his con
gregation, the reverend gentleman gave out as
the groundwork ef his sermon i " For I would
that ye all were even as I am this day, except
these bonds." ... ; v r -. ;-..,; WT-,
ft&'k Southern caner having annonnoed
that there waa no occupant of the jail in that
district, except the jailor, a neighboring
journal remarked "it was very good' to bo
mro, that nobody is in jail that 11, if there
Is nobody In the diitrict who oujui to be la
jail.", Whereupon the first-named editor re-
Inlna fViafc ha rtan fuunra hia,.AAtAmnna.
.u : iv.j:.,.i . , . .
vuero id iiyuou , w, uu.ut ,w cugiu w
beinjaii, "ana," ne aaaa, "we trviat will
not pass tnrouga tne place and , disturb ,the
nlBaaantrnfleotion""- .
'-t f u. i: "r" : : n . J-, r
, ii-r. l'v.i.--"U -.-.r .lv,lwi'l.:
v. ;: .-rtTJ , ' i mi ,. , ."iii ;a
r TEHM8.--CA3.H.-- 7 .
-J m 4 C t , - ' i
Advertisements not exceeding live line UetA P "
OnelnrtloaV B g ITrna m- - ,r at ea -Two
m ....... 1 u j Una pnh.,u, ,, 2 M . .
Larger advertisements Inserted at the following'' "
; . ratfor square of ten line or lesuj
One Insertion.....! Ml Two weekf4J 08
Eackaddl'nal Ins.. IS Three weefiZZZI SO
Uuearaefcj... Ha tOna ainnlk ,l -
Job Printing;" J
la all Its tranche, lob with neatness and flltyatcb,
J 'Wf"'i"w W)II-tt
' ".HiM aaZlo'l
Premium Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking; Store, '
.. la without a rival. Call on
Inrentors and Manufacturers, ,
Novelty Iron Poundery,' "
. Q Q Q it -.no-.. :
' Ui an fcUBiJ' '! 1..- !.-. .:
Fonrth'itreet, West of Smith.
Ahd 8ee one In OperatloH,. . .
i - btfW.f . r - , -
, , ft lait just what the Ladle have long needed
and looked for in vain, the Dterine Elixir. , "
The Uterine Elixir 1 warranted to cure all die.
eases of a Uterine Natnre; Inflammation of th
VVorab,th aidnejrj, the sjvarie, nd the TJiethra. i
Prolaniiuj or Vailing of the Womb. Tainful Menstru,
ation, (Jhloro!. Amenorrhea; In fact, a perfect cor 1
'J saan-aateed by the ass of irom two to five bottle
ot thelllxlr, of anv disease whatever of the fannr.
ative and Urinary Organs, of male or female, n
Hiatter or now long stauding. Price tl per Bottle.
u.uu. aumo uaiia aarucuiar attention to tlie
followlDK Uardof oneof the moat prominent Drug
gists of Cincinnati, a.. , .
(fT0 TH PlIBLlONDTHa T.AnTT. 1 Pi.i.ni .
We, the onderaigned, are not in the habit of giving
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing well the
tailv Physician; and the medicine called the Dtsrluo'
Kllxir, we cheerfully recommend it to all female
uttering from lemale Disease of any kind; it 1
purely vegeUble, and la no ease can do Injary; wa
nay to all try, and our word for it, you will Und relief-
. i F. D. HfLX, Drngglat, '
sepz7 . , ,v. "Oornerof Firth and Uace-atnets,' .
cures, without fall, pains In the Breast, Buck, ,J
Hide or limbs; Coughs, Colds, Uoernencss, Dllll.'
culty,of Breathing, lloadache, KlKtulency, Heurt
Jrn, Ohronio Bheumatism, BiUioua Cholic.Uraup
tholic, Griping Pains of the Bowels, Dullneae,
Stupor, InaeUvity, Lva of Appetite, and In Pain
I ill Menstruation It ia a certain oure, and gives
mmedlate relief. 'In any of the above dlaease
It will give relief in twenty minntua, and a purma
ueut cure by the nsoot two bottles. Only ro cents
por bottle-so cheap that every person can get it, .
N. B.-ror salo ky F. D. HILL. Dnwgist, corner
nf Baceaud Fifth-streets: J. 1). I'AllK, corner of
Fourth and Walnut; BUIUK. KOKSTK1N It Co.,
corner Viaw and Fourth; JOHN DICKSON, corner
of John and Biths PAUL ltKIMLaiN, corner t
hjghtliand Freeman. Also, EDWARD BCANLAN
V9tf cor"w"I -Mala and.,Vourthand Madame ,
KLLI8, 2i Knt Fourth. ; sop27-ay
- BAU8, tat Orocern, Drnggtat. Tea Dealera and
oinore. mtiue irom extra aualiL
m. it
of W
rapping, Mu
uiiiaanu ttdif leai-nper.
200,oiiKo. l Wrapping and Manilla:
5no,ooi)No, a . -
MWNO. 3 ',;;r'- "l-". '
am.ono No. 4 . . ", . .
,:I , su,ewNai.' . -.' : . '
. .. m,VUt No, . 8 . " - .
aio.ooo No. w ..'" '
2IMI.IKI0 No. 12 . ' ,
. .' am.ooo No. 15 . "
W,0O0N. 18
soo,onoNo.a) - .1 .
. , . .' 300,0110 No. J5
' ,ouoNo. 1 White Tea Bags; '
I!- : MMMDMo. 2 "
' 200,000 No. 3 " "
' The above are put up in packages of 600 bag eaoh.
We are manufacturing from sixty to suv.uty-lWo .
thousand Bags per day.
Paper Bag MnnufiictiirerH,
a UllATr lSbD,
And Wholeeale Paper Dealer,
77 and 711 aluut-lreot.
i . ' .ia .... '
M-rja VUII1 HUjr . Ill WIIUID HUU alrall Lttltti. V
All Oyotere Bold Wrtrrautd froHh And of
mo very bot quulity. J. it. OWlMiS, .
a a ai o-r ar: -au a . i.j. u
.-aiAuui. Aiu. 6i sr iituabrro. uuie laaia
and Waliiut-streein.
, IS. It.-Tho trade sapplied on the' men t libomi
terma. ' : : ; . . ocarcm
Agency for the sale of Hatch, Mann A Co, 'a
HUell, Reg, and Cau Oysters Also, KresliCove and
Sp.ced Oyalers, Ac. My many friends and patrons
will find only choice articles, and at as low prices as
those cuarged tot Inferior elsewhere,
. Oyster cooked in Eastern style at our usual mod.
erate charges.
Ueaieinlier, Z Walnnt-ftreot, fifth door aliove
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. ,--.,; oclS
T. i f;; yiaowo. manony a vo.'t Olehrated
PlanbHl OmorH.wldch 1 am soiling at unprecedented
low prices by case or dozen. Dealers and Famlliea
A1 : INR daily,
wanting a vory large, fresh .Oyster, wilt please send ,
their onlers. Attached to this Pstnblishnient is a
nice, quiet, reapectablo Baloen, where you can have
Oysters Cooked in every style, nud sorvml up in a
elea and auperior manner.' Charges less than at any
other plaee. , .ocWJ i. , . JOU NA1U. ,
.,.! fi A XT A XT A CM
Oyster : Importing House.
IMO dailyi per Xxptesn, his aolbndlrl Oyalers:
Having completed arrangement In Baltimore, on ,
thsaiost extensive icalo, I will at all times during
Uieeaittm be P.repaced to furnish my friends, "and
H1.e,??8.t.,t,S1,,"kl"Ul wth tin most Dh'LlUIOUS
BIVALViamperled to the Qneea Utyv Hone but
the very best Imported. Qreat , lnducemonU offerud
attb islm porti nf -bause.
Order sieUottot and promotly filled. Terms cash.
. , ' ' " ' o FETKR CAVA UNA,
seplet-. ..,) Bole importer and Proprietor.
; DtiixaiH
ts& -j li COVB ,!ivi ,
' Snicei'Oyrtflril'
nv.aIN0,?AIljT'b!'i,'?.,Ad,,,, " MALT.
Bx S world-renowned Baltimore - ,r ,,, ,
Frest Cn,i leg and Shell , Ovsterii
yoDQKtf west Fifth, -street,
in sailb.-i i
fresh :;E,iSHr
I f Ne, D06 Viae-u bet. JPhTta aad Sixth. ; ', .
, : that be ha established a regular dent for the
sale of all kinds of aals-water Fish, fresliTrom New
York ; also Lake Fish from Cleveland and ttaiiduaky i , .
together wltn (llama and Oyatera in the shell, Loo-
I "tors. Crab. Kelvullve). ant
Oame and Can Orirtere. lie will hiish thTir.. 1
a"a Ol eeaanianw ,d
laamcd particle chkapm than , any THum"'1'
I it...i S i mXii 1i87-Slnl 9 ,y?
f Xtf'0?1. . M, rree or charge;' Pleaa'T -c
hiied f ia'i on aci tf ata ri al w.u''

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